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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

WWE RAW Preview

Just 24 hours removed from one of the greatest ppv’s of all time, Survivor Series, what will happen when Raw rolls into Cleveland, Ohio.

Already signed for tonight is a WWE Title match, as Chris Jericho defends the belt against Christian, who cashes in his favour tonight to challenge for the belt. Will Jericho make another successful tonight defence, or will Christian, 24 hours after pinning John Cena to remove Paul Heyman from his position as co-gm pick up another huge win?

And speaking of the 12 man tag, Eric Bischoff is now the sole king of Raw again. How will he be when he has sole power again, and will any more of his team cash in a favour tonight?

HHH defeated Ric Flair in a bloody and brutal I Quit match last night, causing Ric Flair to retire. Tonight, we will hear from the game, but what will he have to say?

And will the new World Heavyweight Champion, Edge be in the house? After cashing in his MITB contract last night to win the title from Rey Mysterio, will Edge still be a Raw superstar, or will he have moved to Smackdown?

Plus, the Teachers classroom makes it’s Raw debut. What will Matt Striker, Christopher Nowinski and Alexis Laree have to say, now they are the tag team and women’s champion?

And finally, AJ Styles defends the Intercontinental title against Mohammed Hassan, who defeated the Undertaker at Survivor Series

Find out what happens, only, on Monday Night Raw
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Arrow Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

I know this review is a bit late as you have already posted your Raw preview but here it is anyway.

Just to let you know this is the first time I have read this thread and what an excellent introduction Survivor Series was! I will definetly keep reading!

I liked the Heat segment as it gave me a brief idea of what was going on in the fed.

I like Rey as champ. I doubt it will ever happen in real life but its good to see it here!

The opening match was good as it was a very exciting fast paced match! I would have liked to see Trish win the match and gain the gold but o well, the match was good anyway.

I thought your Jericho segment was spot on for the character and was also quite funny!

I feel the way you right your text for the Smackdown matches takes away some of the suspense in the matches as when you see the black text you know there will be a victory......

I feel you have Tazz and Cole spot on, as well as all the characters used in the Team Lesnar segement which was also very funny.

The Tables match was also very good and I particularly liked when the bashams mocked the dudleyz. Also good to see the dudleyz retain in their specialty match.

The Team Bischoff segment was OK, not as good as the other segments, but Christian was spot on.

I liked the Hassan win over Taker by cheating. It will be interesting to see if he can beat A.J for the title on Raw!

The Rock was fucking hilarious! Excellent work!

Good match between Flair and Helmsley though I do think it was obvious that the much older Flair would lose and retire....

I liked the Rey, Orton and Kurt segment and at first made me feel Rey winning was going to be obvious but this made the MITB match even more shocking!

I liked Cena's rap and was glad Bischoff won over Heyman. Good to see Christian pushed!

The main event was an excellent way to cap things off and I can't wait to see what effect Bret's return has on storylines!

There were a few typos throughout the show but that can't be helped when writing a peice of this length!

Overall an excellent pay per view which all beginners should read to find out what a BTB should be like!

Jack Flash

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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

I promised a review, and I will now deliver Forever-Delayed.

Survivor Series Review:

Good opening package.

Good match to kick off Survivor Series. A little shocked "The Teachers" won though.
Your Jericho interview had me rolling on the floor laughing. Good job.

Great Crusierweight SS Elimination match. Good to see London and Guerrero win here.

Pretty funny Team Lesnar promo.

Good tables match. Glad to see the Dudleyz win.

Wow Christian seemed in character and spot on in this promo.

Wow Hassan winning? That shocked me a little. Let's see if he can beat A.J. though.

ROFLMFAO at The Rock in this promo.

Triple X is coming. Cool.

HHH winning was not surprise here.

Good interivew with Orton/Rey/Angle.

I'm shocked Team Lesnar won with the whole Rock thing earlier.

Great match here. Christian pins Cena, maybe a push here???

Where the hell did Edge come from? And he's the new champ? Where have I seen that before?

BRET HART IS BACK!!! And helps Jericho! Great match.

Overall:90/100 Great job F-D.

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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

HEAT served it's purpose as always, and we get a decent match from Holly & Awesome by the looks of things. Lets get into the most unpredictable PPV of recent times

Interesting video package, nothing spectacular, but good enough for me

Kash/Punk/Trish vs MNM vs Teachers
Pretty good way to kick things off, interesting how the eliminations went down, and surprised that MNM was the first time in it's entirety to be eliminated, I was hoping that honour would go to the Teachers. Man, we get down to Trish vs Striker. It would've been something special if Trish had somehow gotten the win, and Striker wins it for the shoddy Teachers, whom I do not like at all. Solid opener though. ***

Ah, an early birds interview with Y2J, who seems ready for what is looking to be the MOTY candidate

Chavo/London/Kidman/Kazarian vs Mexicools/Tajiri
Let me just say that you both seem to have put in an even effort, as the match lengths seem to be around the same, which is a good improvement on arjun/HBKicon's WM.
This match was everything you'd expect off an 8 man cruiserweight match, real good high flying spots. Not off to a good start with Kazarian gone, and Kidman following soon after. 4 vs 2, I smell an underdog comeback....
And there it is, a lucky elimination of sorts, but there goes Super Crazy.
And Psicosis goes moments later! Wow, the turn around is on.
Huge spot with the Shooting Star onto Juvi & Tajiri. And a mistke between Juvi & Tajiri, and there goes Tajiri! What a comeback! London scores the win, and finally this huge fued is over, in the right way. ***1/4

Some tension in the Lesnar team, which could perhaps be the undoing of their team tonight?

Dudleyz vs Bashams vs Eugene/Heidenreich
I was suprised that this one didn't open the night, and was left to the 3rd place, as it would be the ideal opener, but your choice fellas.
Nifty sorta brawl, I knew and I think everyone else did that Eugene/Heidenreich were gonna go first, and leave it down to the two good teams to duke it out.
Haha, the Bashams trying to mock the Dudleyz, gets turned against them and the Dudleyz score win, and keep their titles. Sorta reeked filler, but did it's job. **3/4

Odd, OOC promo really from the Bischoff team, I mean Bischoff was in charatcer, but some of the others weren't, especially Christian sounded really off at times

Undertaker vs Hassan
Decent match, thought it might have gone longer, but the huge shock was HASSAN WON! Thanks to Daivari yes, but he actually beat Taker. You can just see the next few weeks on RAW, with bragging speeches from Hassan, I was assured that Taker would win it. Big surprise. ***1/4

Funny promo from The Rock, ripping into Team Lesnar

XXX are coming? Hopefully to RAW, so they can knock off the Teachers, and we don't have to see them again

Ric Flair vs HHH
This is gonna be brutal. Ouch, suplex across the barricade. Finally, Flair begins his fight back after being brutalised for a fair bit of time. Whoa, catapult through the table! Something you don't see too often, actually I don't think I've ever seen that. OW, Flair goes through the table. This is a terrificly brutal contest, like I thought it would be. 3 PEDIGREES! And Flair won't quit. This is unbelievable. Flair is coming back again, this is crazy. Multiple chair shots, and the Figure 4. NO! Flair is finished. What a match. ****

Ha, we may be getting the start of a Rey/Angle fued going here, setting up for WM?

Team Batista vs Team Lesnar
Another big match, and it had to be coming off the back of the I Quit match. And that's huge, Kennedy eliminates Batista first! Major shocker. And then Lesnar gets rid of Big Show with an F5! Team Batista are in some trouble. And Carlito goes, things are looking slightly better for TB. Kane gets rid of Booker? So two faces go, then two heels. Odd way to do it, but I'm all for it. Man, Kane didn't last much longer. Lesnar is on fire here, wouldn't be surprised if he wins it. Haha, Kennedy done in by the countout, after recieving the Crossface on the outside. And once again, a quick elimin on the face, as Benoit goes and Rock is facing two men now. There goes JBL, but in the end, Lesnar has too much for Rock, nontheless a good match. ***1/2

Vince is right, this is going to be huge, the main event will change everything

Team Heyman vs Team Bischoff
As predicted, Sandman is gone first, and please god have Coach go next. Ha, Coach goes, thanks to the STFU. Like that name, it's nifty. Haas goes thanks to Benjamin, another thing I thought that would happen. Edge is gone, and he's smiling? Hmm, maybe becayse his MITB can still be utilized later tonight. AJ is gone, and once again, the heels have the advantage, in what has been a great match so far. VAN DAMINATOR! RVD gone, and now Cena & Hardy have a huge task on their hands, things don't look good for Heyman's future. LOL, there goes Masters. Funny. And Shelton is gone, and now things are looking better for Heyman. 2 vs 2. Hey, Tomko is in, and eats a Twist of Fate, and Hardy is gone! Robbery, this is unfair, but that's how Bischoff likes it. Cena gets rid of Angle! O YEAH, could he win it for Heyman? O man, Christian is left. The man that everyone is pushing, wins it for Bischoff, thanks to Tomko to some extent! Great match, sad but obvious ending with Heyman's GM run ending. ****

Rey vs Orton
Strong match, went for a long time, and had a few surprising things in it, I didn't expect to see Rey retain, that's for sure. As I said, the length of this match was excellent, and a very good SD! main event. Wait a sec! EDGE IS HERE! He cashed in his MITB! And now Edge is the champion on SmackDown!, a big twist I never saw coming. ***3/4

Edge is the champ, and he's gonna hold that belt for a long time methinks

Jericho vs HBK
Boy o boy, this is it. The BIG match of BTB so far for me. It's gonna be so unpredictable, but one major angle ruled out is Edge and his MITB contract.
What a super match this has been, and wait a sec, here comes Earl Hebner! I smell something big going down soon. WTF? Hebner hit HBK! Hebner is beating up HBK, wow, this is weird. The refs are brawling. What is going on here? SCM to both refs! Whoa, what an insane match this is. HBK puts the Sharpshooter on, and THE HITMAN IS HERE! Man you can picture the crowd, the noise they'd make. WHAT! Bret shook Shawn's hand? No, Hart nails HBk and slaps the Sharpshooter on him! OMG this is crazy. Hart is a referee! Jericho's gonna win! NO! Hart stopped the count? What the fuck is going on here, more twists than a bag of twisties. SCM, and Y2J is up! Unbelievable! Hart stops HBK from tapping. You've gotta be kidding, NO HART MAKES HIM TAP! What an ending you certainately didn't disppoint. ****3/4

Great PPV FD & kane01, give yourselves a pat on the back, and FD, terrific ending with Bret Hart. 93/100


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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Thanks for the reviews

Just to say that XXX will be on smackdown in the near future, not raw. I guess that wasnt made entirely clear in the show.

All reviews are appreciated, and if there are any more to come then i look forward to reading them.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

/\ Yeah SD! doesn't have alot of top tier tag teams in your thread, they'd be a good addition not only to the tag division, but also for the cruiserweight division.


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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Here is Raw. Personally, i feel that there are parts of this show which are not very strong, and some of the promos aren't that good, but i havent had a lot of time to work on this, and if i dont post it today it would probably be another few days before i could post it

WWE Raw – November 28th

The show opens with a video package from last night, highlighting all the big events that happened, just in case for some reason you didn’t buy the ppv of Survivor Series. We show clips of the opening match, where the Teachers retained the tag titles and gained Alexis Laree, the assistant the women’s belt. We see Mohammed Hassan cheat to gain the biggest win of his career over the Undertaker, when Daivari threw taker’s leg off the ropes. We see the brutal and bloody battle between HHH and Flair, which ended with HHH just winning and keeping his career. We see highlights from the 12 man tag match, beginning with the rap from John Cena, and ending with Christian pinning Cena in the middle of the ring, with a touch of help from Tyson Tomko. We see Edge cash in the MITB contract against Rey Mysterio, and become the new world Heavyweight Champion. Finally, we see a video package from the main event match, with the majority of the last few minutes shown, when Bret Hart screwed over Jericho to begin with, but then changed his mind and cost HBK his chance of winning the title.
The pyro then explodes, as Raw is on the air, live from Cleveland. We scan around the arena, as we are shown the fans in the arena who are screaming for the show to begin.

Then, *Time to play the game* hits, and out to the ring comes Triple H, to a huge amount of heat after the beating he gave to Flair last night. Triple H strolls down to the ring, bottle of water in hand, and makes his way to the ring, ignoring the jeers of the crowd, as he gets into the ring, and grabs a mic off the announcer

Triple H: Wooooooooooooooooooooo!

Huge heat from the crowd, who start up a * Flair* chant

Triple H: You want Ric Flair do you then? Well too bad that I retired him last night


Triple H: But didn’t I tell every single one of you hear tonight that that was exactly what I was going to do? Didn’t I tell you that you should never bet against the game? And didn’t I tell you that Survivor Series was the last time that you would see Ric Flair in a WWE ring?


Triple H: But I have to give it Flair. Last me, me and him, we put on one hell of a match up. We went back and forth for near on 30 minutes. We went to a level of brutality that I have never been to before. And Ric Flair almost, almost had enough in him to claim the victory. He almost made me say I Quit, but almost just isn’t good enough.


Triple H: Look at it this way, Ric Flair, the man who is perhaps the single greatest wrestler in this history of this business, the man who I looked up to was made to say I Quit by me


Triple H: And as Ric Flair always said, to be the man, who have to beat the man. And after last night, I don’t think there is any question of who the man is


Triple H: The man is Triple H

Huge heat

Triple H: Look what I have achieved in my career. Not only have I retired Ric Flair, I also retired the man running smackdown at the moment, Mick Foley.


Triple H: I have been in the main event at not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4 but 5 wrestlemania’s. I have won the royal rumble, I have won the king of the ring tournament. I have been tag team champion, I have been European champion, intercontinental champion, and the 10 time WWE champion.


Triple H: I have beaten all the big names in the business. Ric Flair, Mick Foley, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Kane, Randy Orton, The Big Show, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho; every single one of them has been into the ring with the game, and every single one of them has got their ass kicked


Triple H: But I still don’t seem to get any respect from the WWE fans. Everywhere I go, I get booed, I get shouted at, I get treated as if I was an outcast from society. But for all of you people, I’ve got a message for you, I just don’t give a damn!


Triple H: Because I have my million dollar motor home. I have my beautiful wife. And I don’t know whether you know this or not, but I have a child on the way. But there is something else that I want, I need, and I damn well deserve, and that is the WWE championship


Triple H: You see, the time has come for me to become an 11 time champion. The time has come for me to rise back to the top of the show. And I think that the time has come for the king of kings to go back on his throne


Triple H: And here’s a message to whoever the champion is, but frankly it doesn’t matter to me because I will beat you whoever you are – keep the belt warm, beat the belt close to you, and shine it up real good, because very soon, that belt will be mine again, and I will show you just why I am that damn good!

Huge heat, as Triple H starts to leave the ring, looking very pleased with himself. He is about to exit the ring, when *Just Close Your Eyes* hits, and out to the ring comes Christian and Tyson Tomko, to a mixed reception from the crowd, with about a 50/50 split between cheers and boos. They come down to the ring, and Christian takes a mic

Christian: Great speech Hunter, great speech. I mean, it was just so polished, so perfect, everything seemed to fit just so well with. How many times did you practise Hunter, because for it to be that good, it has to be repeated quite a few times?

A few laughs from the crowd

Christian: But there were two things that did strike me about it, something that just weren’t quite right, two things about the list of names that you so expertly read out. You see, you didn’t mention the name of John Cena


Christian: So it seems that you have never beaten John Cena, never pinned him in the middle of the ring, unlike me

Mixed reaction

Christian: You see, for those of you who didn’t catch Survivor Series last night, you would not have seen me beat John Cena in the middle of the ring, to win the Survivor Series match up for Team Bischoff, and thus firing Paul Heyman


Triple H: Oh trust me Christian, Cena’s name will be on that list at some point in the future


Christian: And secondly, that list did not contain the name Christian.


Christian: And that Triple H is something I like the sound of. I mean, you have never beaten me have you?


Christian: But if we go back to a certain Taboo Tuesday and the elimination chamber match, I can remember someone getting pinned by me in the middle of that ring. Now Tomko, I know you don’t look the smartest, nor may you be the smartest, but can you remember who that was?

Tomko: You know what Christian, I think it was Triple H

Christian: Triple H hey? Now isn’t that int….

Triple H: That loss was only because of Ric Flair getting involved in the match, and we know full well what happened to him as a result of that don’t we? I mean, unless you also want to be in hospital, suffering from a concussion, severe blood loss, and a knee so badly damaged that he might not ever be able to walk again, I suggest you do something that I don’t think you have ever done before and shut up!


Triple H: You don’t seem to realise something Christian, you don’t seem to understand who I am. I am the game, if I want something done, then I get that thing done. If I want to beat someone, then that is exactly what will happen. If I want to add your name to that list Christian, then that is exactly what I will do.


Christian: Hunter, do you realise that less people are actually listening to you then who listen to an Ashley Simpson record

A pop from the crowd with some laughs

Christian: And let me guess, the next thing you were going to say is that if I want to WWE Title, then I will go and get it? Well to do that, you’ll have to go through me


Christian: You see, tonight I will be facing Chris Jericho in the main event, with the WWE title on the line. And I will become the next WWE champion, because that’s how I roll!

*Metalingus* hits, and out to the ring comes Edge, to a huge level of heat from the crowd. He is with Lita, and they stand up on the ramp, as Edge raises the World Heavyweight Title to the crowd, drawing boos from the crowd

Edge: Your new World Heavyweight Champion, Edge

Huge heat

Edge: Christian, Hunter, it’s so good to see that you to are out here tonight, squabbling about who the next champion is going to be, talking about what you are going to do, when what you should be doing is acting upon your thoughts. Not waiting around, hoping that someone will give you want, because it just doesn’t work like that. You see, for years, I waited around, hoping for a title chance, but everytime I got one then I was screwed out of the match. So last night, I finally decided to take matters into the own hands.


Edge: I sat and watched Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton fight their asses off, knowing full well that whatever they did would be futile. You see, I knew that after that match was the right time to cash in my contract, and to become the new World Heavyweight Champion


Edge: And tonight, tonight is the last time you will see the Rated R Superstar and Lita on Raw. Yeah, that’s right, the time has come for me to go and tear up the shows on a Friday night instead. I’m moving to Smackdown, and I will be the man that the show is all about. And you can bank on that!

*Metalingus* hits again, to a large amount of heat as Edge and Lita leave the staged area, with Edge holding the title belt up in the air. Christian and Triple H are left in the ring, not quite knowing what to think, but staring straight at each other


We return to Raw, and we see Eric Bischoff and the Coach in the GM’s office, celebrating the win from last night, as Chris Masters walks into the room

Eric: Chris, I’ve got to say, last night, you did an amazing job on my team. You were awesome, in fact, I think that you looked to be the single greatest wrester alive today when you wrestled last night. So what can I do for you?

Masters: You know Eric, I was thinking of cashing in my favour tonight. You see, I feel that the time is right now the masterpiece to have a bit of gold around his waist. And tonight, I was thinking that Chris Masters should go one on one with AJ Styles for the intercontinental title.

Eric: Chris, you know I would love to give you that match, but AJ Styles is already booked for tonight, defending his title against Mohammed Hassan. How about I make the match for next week?

Masters: Eric, I want my title shot tonight, so why don’t you just replace Mohammed Hassan with me? Because if you don’t, then you will feel the masterlock

Eric: Okay, okay Chris, you’ve got your match tonight. And Chris, I know that you have what it takes to become the intercontinental champion

Masters: Of course I do, and tonight, the masterpiece goes gold

We return to the ring, as *Aint no stopping me now* hits, and out to the ring comes Shelton Benjamin, to a decent amount of heat from the crowd. He comes down to the ring, and he enters it, ignoring the heat he is getting from the crowd, and awaits his opponent

Then, *Oh Yeah* hits, and out to the ring comes Matt Hardy, to a good pop from the crowd, which reflects the strong showing he gave in the 12 man tag last night. He comes out, and he gives the v1 sign to the crowd, as he enters the ring, ready for his match

Match 1 – Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy

Summary – A great high action wrestling match here. Hardy continues off from his strong performance in the 12 man tag match last night, and in the early going is unstoppable, but Shelton manages to fight his way back into the match after a rake to the eyes. Shelton then controls the middle of the match, wearing Hardy down with a series of technical moves, as well as a few submissions thrown in for good measure. But eventually Hardy fights his way back into the match, throwing right hands, and then he gets a two count after a side effect. He goes for the leg drop, but Shelton moves out of the way, and then Shelton climbs to the ropes, and hits the springboard bulldog, but only gets a two count. He goes for the T-Bone to Matt, but as he goes to hit it, Charlie Haas’s music hits, which distracts Shelton. He goes to the ramp to see him, but no-one is there, which allows Matt to nail the twist of fate to Shelton, and pin him getting the three count

Matt Hardy wins by pinfall at 13:16

Matt celebrates the win, whilst Shelton once he manages to get back up is furious at what has happened to him. He stares at the ramp, telling Charlie to come out and face him, but nothing happens. Shelton then leaves to go backstage, not happy about the fact Haas has screwed him out of the match


We go backstage, and we see Shelton Benjamin storm straight into Eric Bischoff’s office

Shelton: Damn that son a bitch, damn him. I had that match won if it wasn’t for Charlie Haas. I want to make him pay for what he has done to me

Eric: I think we can do that if you want to. But I can’t just go around making matches because people want them to be made. I need a reason as to why I should let you go one on one with Charlie Haas again

Shelton: Why? Well firstly because I have a favour that I can cash in with you to get me anything that I want, and next week, I want Charlie Haas. And secondly, ever since Charlie Haas came to Raw in the draft earlier this year, he has done nothing but get in my business, and he has lowered me to his level. I was the intercontinental champion before he came, and now, I don’t have anything, and this is all down to him. He held me back, making me team up with him, and that got me nowhere. And the son of a bitch kept costing me matches, and even after I have beaten the guy to hell and back, and still hasn’t learned his lesson. Does that satisfy you?

Eric: Okay, okay, next week, on Raw, live from London, England, in the main event, it will be Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas, in a feud ending match. After this match, there will be no more matches, got that?

Shelton: I like that idea, because Charlie Haas won’t be in a state to have any more matches after next week, because it will be a STRETCHER match. And after I put Charlie Haas on a stretcher and throw him out of the arena, there won’t be no stopping me!

We go to the ring, and we see Johnny Parisi already in the ring

Then, *Medal* hits, and out comes Kurt Angle to the ring, to a decent amount of heat, and then usual ‘you suck’ chants. Angle ignores them though, as he comes down to the ring, with the pyro going off behind him, as he ready for his match

Match 2 – Kurt Angle vs. Johnny Parisi

Summary – No more than a squash match really, which allows Angle to get a win under his belt again after being pinned by Cena last night. Angle dominates the whole match, other than a brief flurry of offence by Parisi near the end. Angle destroys him with a barrage of suplexes, and then ends the match with the angle slam and then the angle lock, forcing Parisi to tap out

Kurt Angle wins by submission at 2:01

Angle then keeps the hold locked in, in an attempt to break his opponents ankle, as it appears that he has a bit of his mean streak back


*Arabic* hits, and out to the ring comes Mohammed Hassan, alongside Daivari, to a huge amount of heat from the crowd. The two of them stroll down to the ring, looking very confindent, and Hassan motions to put something around his waist, obviously thinking that his IC title shot is still on. He gets into the ring, and then he takes a microphone

Hassan: Finally, finally Mohammed Hassan is going to get some recognition. Because last night, Mohammed Hassan defeated the Undertaker


Hassan: I pinned The Undertaker in the middle of the ring, and I did it all by myself. Now how many wrestlers in the WWE can say that?


Hassan: And yet again, I remain undefeated in the WWE. Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Hulk Hogan, Chris Benoit, AJ Styles, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, and now the Undertaker. Every single on of them has faced me in the ring, and every single one of them has failed to pin me or make me submit

Heat, and then Daivari screams at the crowd in Farsi

Hassan: But now, now is the time for me to regain my intercontinental championship. So AJ Styles, get your ass out here, and prepare to be beaten by the great Mohammed Hassan!

*Masterpiece* hits, and out to the ring comes Chris Masters, with his usual entrance of posing and showing off his muscles to the ground. He slowly comes down to the ring, to a decent amount of heat, while Hassan and Daivari in the middle of the ring have no idea what is going on

*I Am* then hits, to a nice pop, as the intercontinental champion AJ Styles comes out to the ring. He salutes the crowd, and slaps hands with them, before entering the ring. As he enters the ring, the referee whispers something into the ear of Hassan

Hassan: What? Oh this is just typical isn’t it? It seems that I have been replaced in this match by Chris Masters. And we all know exactly why this is don’t we? Because I am an Arab-American


Hassan: And I have had enough of this prejudice against me, so tonight, I am going to make a stand. Me and Daivari, we will not be leaving this ring until we are treated as equ….

*Graveyard Symphony* hits, as the arena goes into darkness. The crowd pop, as they think that the Undertaker is on his way out. The lights come back on, but the Undertaker has not come out. However, Hassan and Daivari are also not in the ring, which gets a pop from the crowd, as the IC title match can now begin.

Match 3 – AJ Styles vs. Chris Masters – Intercontinental Title

Summary – A keenly fought contest here, as both men put in a good performance to give what could possibly be Masters’s best one on one match in the WWE so far. AJ’s speed around the ring gives him the early advantage, allowing hit and run attacks to be used on Masters, but after a cross body in caught and reversed into a fallaway slam, Masters’ powers takes control. He wears AJ down, using his power, focusing on trying to remove the agility that AJ has. He goes for the masterlock on a few occasions, but each time, AJ is able to avoid the move, and eventually, this pays dividend for AJ, as a masterlock attempt is reversed into a pele kick, but AJ cannot capitalize. AJ is the first to his feet, and using his high offence attacks, he takes down Masters, and almost pins him after a diving hurricanarana. He then goes for the styles clash, but Masters ducks it, and then locks the masterlock in on AJ. AJ is in trouble, as no-one has escaped the hold before, and he has to do anything he can to escape. He tries to get to the ropes, but the power of Masters stops him from doing so. AJ looks as if he is going to have to give up, but he manages to nail a low blow with his foot to Masters, causing Masters to break the hold. Masters then doubles down in pain, as AJ nails the styles clash to him, and gets a three count

AJ Styles wins by pinfall at 11:37 and retains the Intercontinental Title

AJ has his hand raised in victory to a good pop from the crowd, as he retains his title, but he realises how close he came to losing the match. He has the title, and he holds it up to crowd as he celebrates his victory. He is about to leave the ring, when Chris Masters relocks the masterlock in on AJ, as Masters looks to be bitter about losing the match. He has the hold in, but Matt Hardy comes running down to save AJ, which causes Masters to release the hold and flee the ring. Matt stares at Masters, who retreats up the ramp


We return, and we see Chris Jericho standing by with Todd Grisham

Todd: Chris, last night you defended the WWE championship against Shawn Michaels, although you did receive some help from Bret Hart. Was Bret Hart the man who you were talking to on the phone?

Chris: Yes Todd, I can confirm that Bret Hart was the man who have been having phone calls with for months, and yes, we did have a plan to screw Shawn Michaels out of his title shot. And Todd, as you well know, that is exactly what did end up happening. I mean, Shawn Michaels tapped out to the walls of Jericho, maybe with a bit of help from Hart, but hey, who cares?

Todd: Although at one stage, Bret Hart did look as if he was going to screw you?

Chris: You fell for that did you? Of course he wouldn’t screw me, as simply nobody can possibly screw the ayatollah of rock and rolla. No, no, no, what you are forgetting Todd is that I am the king of the world, and basically Todd, that means that I am untouchable. But more importantly Todd, I still have the WWE title sitting around my gorgeous waist

Todd: And tonight, tonight you will defend the title against Christian, who is hot of the heels of a big win last night.

Chris: Your damn right that Christian had a big win last night, I mean, he pinned John Cena, a man who I have beaten not once, not twice, not three times, no, a man who I have beaten 4 times for the WWE title. So Todd, I wouldn’t consider him to be that much of a threat to me tonight. But tonight, I am going to face of with Christian once more, and yet again, I will beat the jackass just like an American soldier beats an Iraqi. And Chris Jericho will never, ever, be doubted as champion again

We then cut back to the ring, where Rene Dupree is already standing, and we can also see that William Regal is on his way out to the ring, as he gets a small pop from the crowd. He comes down to it, and enters, ready for his match on Raw

Match 4 – William Regal vs. Rene Dupree

Summary – An average match here, which is mainly carried by Regal. With Raw going on tour in the UK for the next two Raw’s, Regal is given a match on Raw to put him over a bit before the tour, as with him being from the UK, he is going to have a part to play at some point. The match is relatively formulaic, but Regal gets the win after he pins Rene with the regal slam

William Regal wins by pinfall at 2:45

Regal has his hand raised as the winner, and he waves to the crowd, who give him a nice pop after winning the match

As Regal walks up the ramp and to the backstage area, *My Time Is Now* hits, and out comes John Cena to a huge pop from the crowd. Cena comes out, all guns blazing, and he plays up the crowd as he usually does. He comes down to the ring, and enters it


When we return, we see John Cena saluting the fans, as he has a microphone in his hand

Cena: Yo, yo, yo, Cleveland, Ohio

Huge pop

Cena: And I’m so glad to see that the chain gang is out in force tonight

Huge pop

Cena: Now firstly, I have to say that at Survivor Series, I didn’t quite manage to get the job done. And I have to hand it to Christian, he did beat me fair and square in the middle of the ring. He hit me with the unprettier, and he pinned me, and believe me, I don’t think the creepy little bastard will let you forget that


Cena: But what he won’t tell you is how Tyson Tomko had entered the ring beforehand, and stopped me from getting the pinfall on Christian. But I’m not one to sit and dwell on the past, and I’m certainly not one to moan and complain about how I was screwed out of match


Cena: No, what John Cena is going to do, is to get a little bit of payback, a little bit of revenge, and John Cena is going to let his aggression out on someone, right here, right now


Cena: So Christian, or Tyson Tomko, I don’t care which one of you brings your ass to the ring, but come out here, so we can have a rematch from last night, to show you what would have happened if the match had gone down the way it should have


Cena: And if you want some, then come freakin’ get some

Huge pop, which soon turns into a huge amount of heat, as *I’m Back* hits, and out to the ring comes Eric Bishcoff. He strolls out to the stage, with a microphone in his hand, ready to address John Cena

Cena: Eric, Eric, Eric, come out to fight me tonight? Or do you not have the balls to do so?

Huge pop

Eric: Cena, I have you exactly where I want you. Last night, you had your chance to get rid of me, you had your chance to never have to suffer the wrath of Eric Bischoff again, but bluntly, you failed


Eric: You had your chance to get the job done, but you couldn’t do it Cena. You didn’t have the guts, or maybe, the ability to win that match


Eric: And now Cena, I am the sole king of Raw again. That means no Paul Heyman to try and check all my creative ideas. No-one interfering and getting in the way of my plans. And no way in hell that you will be able to rise to the top of Monday Night Raw again

Huge heat

Eric: John Cena, from now on I will make your life a living hell. I will make sure that you are going to have to suffer for what you did to me.


Cena: Whoa, whoa, whoa Bisch, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. How about we rewind the clock a few months. Didn’t you try to do this to me once I first came to the WWE? Didn’t you try to make my life hell back then, I don’t mean by making me listen to Chris Jericho sing?


Cena: And Eric, what happened then? Two things happened. One, Vince McMahon hired Paul Heyman as a co-general manager, and two, you got hit with the F-U

Huge pop

Eric: Your right Cena, that is what happened last time, but lightening will not strike twice in the same place. You see, in that contract for the match at Survivor Series there a little clause. A little clause which stated that the winning general manager will have sole power for at least 6 months, and cannot in any way, shape or form be replaced.


Eric: So for the next 6 months, John Cena will be Eric Bischoff’s bitch!

Huge heat

Eric: And if you can’t see that Cena, then believe me, you can’t see me!

Huge heat, as Eric starts to laugh to himself, especially when we see RTC come from behind the ring, as Test and Conway attack Cena, and Bischoff tells the referee to ring the bell, as we have a handicap match right now.

Match 5 – John Cena vs. The Right To Censor w/Stacy Kiebler and Steven Richards

Summary – A normal handicap match here, with Cena getting the early advantage, but the numbers of RTC and the fact they have two people on the outside work in their favour. Test and Conway take it in turns to beat down Cena in the middle of the ring, but they cannot get a pinfall. Eventually Cena manages to work his way back into the match, and after he reverses a superplex attempt from Conway, he gains the control again. He nails him usual set of moves on Conway and on Test, and he manages to nail the F-U to Conway. He goes to cover him, but Stacy gets on the apron and distracts the referee. This allows Steven into the ring, but as he goes for the Steven kick, Cena ducks it and then nails the F-U to him. Test goes for the big boot to Cena, but Cena ducks at Test nails Conway. Test then gets hit with the F-U, and Cena covers, getting the win

John Cena wins by pinfall at 9:15

Cena celebrates the win, as Bischoff is clearly furious that his plan to destroy Cena didn’t quite work out as planned. Bischoff is enraged, as Cena stares straight at him, telling him that it doesn’t matter what is thrown at him, he will prevail.

Cena: Bischoff, you may have the power, but the champ is here!

Huge pop from the crowd, as we go backstage, and we see Todd Grisham you is standing by with Rob Van Dam

Todd: Rob, last night at Survivor Series you were a member of team Heyman, which ended up losing the match. With Paul Heyman being a personal friend of yours, do you have any comments on the situation?

RVD: You know what Todd, I’m not the happiest man alive at the moment. I mean, my best friend in this business is now out of a job, but worse than that is the fact that I couldn’t do anything about it. I was eliminated early on in that match, because of the fact that I was illegally taken down by Christian, and frankly, that sucks. But I’m not going to lie down like some people would do and moan and bitch about that until the cows come down. No, what RVD is going to do is take his anger and frustration out on whoever gets in his way. RVD is going to show everyone exactly what he is capable of, and when RVD is in this mood, he gets whatever he wants. So what’s next for Rob Van Dam? Two things – firstly, I will take out my aggression on the next person who gets in my way, and secondly, it’s time for Rob Van Dam to become the next WWE champion, and show everyone he is the whole damn show

RVD walks off, to a decent pop from the crowd


We return, and *Just Close Your Eyes* hits, to a mixed reaction from the crowd, with a 50/50 split on the boos/cheers ratio. Christian comes down to the ring, with Tyson Tomko along side him, as Christian comes down to the ring, acting in a cocky manner and gesturing to the crowd that the title is about to be his

Then, *5…4…3…2…1…Break the walls down* hits, and out comes Chris Jericho, with the title around his waist to a mixed reaction from the crowd as well, in a similar vain to Christian. He comes down to the ring, in the manner he always does, acting as if he is the king of the world, before getting the ring, ready for his title defence.

Match 6 – Chris Jericho vs. Christian w/Tyson Tomko – WWE Title

Summary – The match never really gets going, although this is all planned out in reality. The two of them manage to get a few minutes of wrestling action in, including a couple of walls of Jericho attempts from Jericho, and a reverse ddt from Christian, before Shawn Michaels storms the ring, steel chair in hand, and blasts Jericho, Christian, Tomko, the referee, the timekeeper, and the ring announcer with the chair, as HBK appears to have lost the plot

Match declared as a no contest at 4:10

Shawn Michaels then gets a microphone, and he starts to speak in the middle of the ring

Shawn: Bet you weren’t expecting to see me here tonight were you? I mean, after the way I was screwed last night, I bet you were thinking that I would go and do a Bret Hart.


Shawn: You know, never appear in the WWE again, and maybe even run off to a second rate promotion. But seeing as WCW aren’t around any more, if I was going to do a Bret Hart, you would see me in TNA soon

Mixed reaction, with the crowd not knowing how to respond to the TNA reference

Shawn: But that’s not what I’m going to do. No, what I’ve got planned is a much better idea. You see, I may not have won that title last night, but trust me, I will take that title again.


Shawn: You see, the heartbreak kid thrives on the underdog story. Just like when I won the royal rumble from entry number 1. Just like when I beat Bret Hart in the ironman match to claim my first WWE title. Just like when I beat the Undertaker in the first hell in the cell match. Just like when I returned from a 4 year absence to win the first elimination chamber match. If it can be done, than the heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels will do it


Shawn: And I guess you’re all thinking, what’s Shawn going to do now? What plan does he have up his sleeve to win the title like he said he would? And when will he give Bret Hart the beating that he deserves to get?


Shawn: Well I know the answer to all of those questions, but there is not a single person in this arena that deserves to know it


Shawn: Which begs the question, why the hell am I even here? I mean, you people don’t give a crap about me, and I don’t give a crap about you


Shawn: And I’ve done everything that there is possibly is to do in this business. You name it, I have done it. Except for take revenge on Bret the Hitman Hart


Shawn: So right now, I have an announcement to make concerning the future of Shawn Michaels. Until Bret Hart comes back to the WWE and shows his face again, then Shawn Michaels as a WWE wrestler is no more!

*Sexy Boy* hits again, as Shawn Michaels walks out of the ring, and up the ramp, to a strange reception from the crowd. Some of them are booing Shawn, because he is a heel, whilst others are cheering as he appears to be leaving the WWE. Others however appear to be in a state of shock, and simply don’t know how to react. The show closes with Shawn Michaels walking up the ramp and out, seemingly of the WWE
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Survivor Series 2005 Review

Opening video was good and as it said, tonight is all about Survival. I've always loved Survivor Series shows and well, this could be one of the best ever. Anyways, nice to see some of the superstars getting their thoughts in on surviving tonight and I have a feeling that we are going to be in for a long and very good show from both of you

Very fast paced match to get the night started off with and CM Punk and Kid Kash taking control early in this match but Punk is first to be gone! Ah, I hate to see Punk leave so early and good way to eliminate him with MNM and The Teachers teaming together with Striker nailing him with the belt. Little bit of payback right there for Nowinski and Co. whenever Kash rolls through eliminating him. Women's action now and we've got a new Women's champion guaranteed! With Stratus and Laree left, I see you giving the title to Laree now. Different turn there with Laree getting eliminated by Stratus and MNM stopping Striker from coming in. Mercury is now gone courtesy of Striker sort of a payback from the Teachers from letting Stratus eliminate Laree huh? 450 Splash by Kash onto Nitro and now it's down to KK and Stratus vs Striker, should be good! Ah Kash is gone and I don't like this now. Striker vs Stratus, we obviouslly know whom is going to win. Ah Trish almost had the upset with the Chick Kick but Striker is able to pull it out and retain the titles and Laree wins the Women's title

Jericho seems ready for tonight and I'm thinking that something is going to be up since we are in Montreal and the rumors going around. Not sure what role but I have a feeling Bret Hart is going to be coming here to Survivor Series tonight!

Very fast paced match and what not to expect from the Cruiserweights. Nice plancha to the outside onto all three of the Mexicools by London. First elimination goes to Juvi as he gets help from the Mexicools and Tajiri allowing him to roll up Kazarian. Heels are up 4-2 as Tajiri nails the Buzzsaw Kick on Kidman getting his team a even better chance now. Nice elimination with Super Crazy going for the Cross Body but London catches him and rolls him up! 3 on 2 now and I see the faces winning this match overcoming all of the odds tonight! Guerrero doing a little bit of lying, cheating, and stealing when he rolled up Psicosis and used the ropes, nice! London is insane, a Shooting Star Press off of the top ropes onto the outside, he is a insane man to say the least. The Mist by Tajiri goes all wrong followed by the Buzzsaw Kick and Guerrero nails the Gory Bomb for the elimination, 2 on 1. Guerrero nails another Gory Bomb on the blinded Juventud and London follows up with the Shooting Star Press and it's over, what a great match these cruiserweights put on

Team Lesnar backstage and well, it was a intresting promo. All of the members seem to disagree on whom should be the World-Heavyweight Champion. At some times, I think some of them were out of character such as Lesnar at times but owell.

Time for some tables! All three of those teams are showing that they definently want to become the champions tonight. Towards the first elimination, nice to see Eugene start to "Hulk Up" trying to scare off the Bashams but to no avail. Dang, Eugene goes for the Elbow Drop but Doug Basham comes out of nowhere and shoves Eugene off of the turnbuckle onto the outside through the tables and now it's down to the Dudley's and Basham's. Bashama's are taunting the Dudley's with the "Get the Tables" and by the way it shows Danny saying all three of the lines just so you know. As predicted it fails for the Bashams and now we get the real "Get the Tables" The Dudley's end up nailing the 3-D onto the fallen Doug Basham and now everybody in Dudleyville is rejoicing! Nice way for the Dudley's to retain their titles tonight.

Should be intresting to see what Bischoff has to say right now. Well all six of the team members get their thoughts in but Christian put the icing on the cake. A brilliant promo in many thanks to Christian for running down the other team!

Daivari getting ejected from ringside before the match even gets started, whoa! And now both are going to say it is discrimination, haha! Hassan is willing to do anything that is necessary to get the big win tonight over the Deadman I can see. Hassan is now working on the leg's trying to wear down the Deadman and it could very well help him in this match. Figure Four around the ringpost, very well choice by Hassan and wears down the leg even more but I thought Daivari got ejected? Spinning DDT by Undertaker takes Hassan out of the equation for a little bit, I've always liked that move by the way. Old School fails whenever Daivari interferes but Undertaker nails a Big Boot for a two count. Hassan's trying to do anything he can to win and it's not his luck right now. Hassan kicks out of the Chokeslam, wow! Last Ride, it's bound to be over here but no, Daivari puts the foot on the ropes! Hassan nails him with the brass knucks but Undertaker sits up. Tombstone is coming but Daivari helps even more followed by the Flatliner and the foot on the ropes removed by Daivari and what a win for Hassan.

Batista seems ready for tonight for the ten man tag and is threating Brock Lesnar but here comes The Rock! Rock picks out every team member and has something to say about every one of them, what a match that is going to be come later tonight!

Nice video package to start the match off and Flair is going to go out in style tonight by losing to Triple H as this is predictable. A new side of Flair tonight doing anything and everything he is going to need to win this match tonight. Weapons are starting to come out now, wonder what Flair will find? Damn, a trash can shot to the head onto Flair, this is getting brutal. Flair slingshots Triple H through the table, what way for Flair to get back in it. Oh no, Flair crashes through the announcer's table, Flair really is doing anything to save his job tonight! Camera to the head, that's unique. Pedigree! Triple H doesn't want to end it here right now though. Well no wonder why, Pedigree onto the steel steps. Flair smashes HHH with the chair to the knees, Figure Four time! Triple H is tapping but it doesn't matter, Hunter surely isn't going to give it up here right now. The sledgehammer has saved Triple H once more with the shot to the head of Flair and now Triple H is back in the game. Pedigree onto the chair, that's gotta sting! Sledgehammer shot ends it all and Triple H wins!

Mysterio interview went decent but then his opponent Orton interrupts. I think the kid and midget jokes went a little overboard though. Anyways Angle comes out and with this showdown, we could be seeing Angle vs Mysterio at WM!

Kennedy and Rock to start it off, battle of the mics! Looks like the heels are taking it to the faces right now and focusing on Benoit mainly. Crippler Crossface this early! But Lesnar breaks it up saving his partner, Booker T. It's on now, Batista vs Lesnar, the encounter! Dang it, Lesnar chickens out and tags in Booker. The captain is gone, Batista has been eliminated thanks to Lesnar, Kennedy, and a chair! Scissors Kick and Clothesline from Hell can't do it but the F-5 sure can, it's now down to 5 on 3 for Team Lesnar. Rock Bottom and that's all she wrote, Carlito's gone! Booker T does the Spin-A-Rooni and then shortly after Kane chokeslams him eliminating him. Quick elimination shortly after Booker's as Lesnar disposes of Kane with a F-5! Kennedy nails the Green Bay Plunge, is this it for The Rock? NO! Benoit makes the save with the Diving Headbutt, nice save Benoit! Kennnedy gets counted out and wonder how Lesnar would feel now? Clothesline from Hell out of nowhere and now, it's down to The Rock vs JBL and Lesnar, can Rock overcome the odds? Steel Chair shot won't keep a bloodied Rock down! Rock Bottom onto JBL and now it's down to two, Brock vs Rock, what a match! Sharpshooter! It could very well be over for Lesnar now! People's Elbow is coming but Lesnar gets up, another F-5 and it's over!

Maria seemed pretty funny there but could have added a few more things in. Anyways, McMahon guarantees that the ending is going to be big. Probably will be seeing Bret Hart play some part in the match later tonight!

Cena comes out to get the match started with a rap running down all of the members and a great way to get it started. Great right there with Coach tossing Sandman a beer! Edge then nails the Edge O Matic and now Sandman is gone. Cena is trapped in the Masterlock but broken up by Styles and RVD and Coach tags himself in! Coach ends up paying by being F-U'd and being locked in the STFU. T-Bone Suplex off the top rope from Benjamin with help from Bischoff and now it's 5 on 4, not looking too good for Heyman. Edge goes for Spear but Hardy moves and nails the Twist of Fate followed by Leg Drop! Team Heyman is trying to make a comeback here. Styles Clash on Christian! No but Tomko comes in, Styles ducks the Big Boot and nails the Styles Clash on Tomko! Low Blow from Christian and Unprettier to boot and now Team Bischoff is back on top. Five Star Frog Splash from RVD onto Masters but Masters gets help from Bischoff saving him. Crossbody onto Bischoff on the outside, Angle brings a chair in but Van Dam nails the Van Daminator! Christian then comes in and nails Unprettier and everything is out of control but Masters gets the pin to eliminate RVD. And just like that, it's back down to 3 on 2 with Hardy rolling up Masters real quick. T-Bone reversed into F-U, wow! Cena eliminates Benjamin and he has closed the gap back into 2 on 2. Ankle Lock, come on but Cena is able to stay in the game. Tomko comes in again and Hardy nails the Twist of Fate but out of nowhere, Angle Slam! Hardy is gone! F-U but Cena has nothing left, what will he do? Angle's playing possum, Ankle Lock! Cena reverses it and Angle is going to have to do something to get Cena out. Cena reverses the Top Rope Angle Slam into the F-U, WOW! And now it's down to Cena and Christian. Unprettier! Christian is going to do it but Heyman pulls Christian out! Another F-U by Cena but Bischoff pulls him out! And now the Gm's are fighting to which Tomko enters once more and nails a Big Boot! Unprettier! It's over and Bischoff has sole control of Raw!

Video Package does good job of recapping this feud and it seems more based around Orton attacking Mysterio just about every show. Dropkick to the Jaw, that should put Orton down for a little amount of time. Orton gets slingshoted into the steel steps, looks like Orton is going to be taking a lot of the abuse this early on in the match. Arm Wrench from Orton reversed into Arm Drag from Mysterio was a sweet reversal right there! Orton goes for Tilt a Whirl but Mysterio lands on his feet, Mysterio is trying his best to overcome Orton tonight. Early RKO attempt but Orton gets pushed off by the World-Heavyweight Champion keeping the match going. Springboard Hurricanrana and Mysterio feels the time is right, 619! but Orton moves and a devastating clothesline! Spinning Wheel Kick off the ropes is failed and Orton then takes advantage with a vicious DDT, Orton could become the champion tonight! Orton catches Mysterio with the Tornado DDT and rams him into the corner! A Moonsault and Guillotine Leg Drop still won't even get it done for the champ. Boston Crab, this could be it for the champion, but no Mysterio is finally able to reach the ropes. Orton focusing on the leg with repeatedly smashing the leg against the steel steps, nice plan for Orton. Power Slam reversed into Hurricanrana, nice! Diving Hurricanrana? Sounds good to me as Mysterio pulls it off. RKO! RKO! RKO! It's all over now, Orton is walking away with the title but no, Mysterio gets the foot on the rope. How Orton got out of the Springboard Hurricanrana, I don't know but Mysterio wants this match. Orton grabs the belt, he wants to hit Mysterio but the ref takes the belt and a kick to the privates! Another RKO but no ref, Orton is getting screwed repeatedly. Orton gets a chair and smashes Mysterio with it but another Hurricanrana and this time, Mysterio retains! What a match that was indeed right there. RKO onto the title belt afterwards, Orton is going to want a rematch very soon! It's Edge, he is using Money in the Bank! Spear! Edge has won the World-Heavyweight Championship!

He definently is the Rated R Superstar! Hopefully you will have a promo on Raw clearing up as to what he is going to be doing soon. My guess though is that he is going to Smackdown with the title and at Armageddon, Mysterio vs Edge.

It's time for the main event. Perhaps one of the most awaited matches in btb history is going to go down right here with so many possibilites, what will happen? Early Sweet Chin Music attempt from Michaels but Jericho catches the foot and goes for the early Walls of Jericho! Somehow Michaels is able to prevent that from happening too. Another Sweet Chin Music attempt but Jericho reverses this one once more, Michaels is coming out fighting for the title. Low Blow and the ref saw it from Michaels, next time he is going to be DQ'ed. Four consecutive pins from Michaels and on each one of them, Jericho is able to kick out of them, Jericho is staying in this. Jericho going for the Axe Handle but Michaels moves and he collided with the barricade! Michaels is crazy, Moonsault off the ring onto the table, he really does indeed want that title. Another SCM attempt but this time Jericho gets a small package, this has been a very good wrestling match. HBK is pulling out everything even nailing a Hurricanrana onto the WWE Champion right now. Michaels pulls out some old school moves right there nailing Jericho with the Fame-Ass-Er and he could have it. Enizguri and that could take Michaels out for a little bit. Moonsault from Jericho but he misses and collides with the mat, that's gotta hurt! Too many Sweet Chin Music attempts, this happened to be Michaels fourth and he hasn't nailed one yet, plus another one is probably coming soon. Lionsault but Michaels gets his knees up. Sharpshooter, that's a slap in the face right there for all of the Montreal fans and Bret Hart. Plancha but Jericho nails his Double Powerbomb combination and only gets a two count, that used to be his finisher too! Walls of Jericho! Jericho is going to make Michaels tap but he can't as Michaels gets away until another Walls of Jericho and Michaels does tap but no ref. Another Sweet Chin Music and this time he comes away nailing it. Earl Hebner! Here comes the original ref for the Montreal Screwjob and Michaels has the Sharpshooter locked in but Hebner slaps him and brings the fight to him, and he gets chased around the ring. Another Sweet Chin Music and he nails Hebner this time and another one (the seventh one, way too many) and HBK nails the other referee. Another SCM was coming but the Sharpshooter locked in once more but Bret Hart's music hits!What the hell a handshake between both Hart and Michaels? Hart floors HBK with a clothesline and Sharpshooter! Michaels taps out giving Hart a little bit of revenge. Lionsault and Hart is the referee now but only a two count. ANOTHER Sweet Chin Music (that was eight and nine, you need to cut down on these, I didn't like that at all) as Michaels goes for it once more! But Jericho gets the Walls of Jericho and Hart screws Michaels over by making him tap out, revenge is all Hart needed.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Few comments, by the way, I am three matches away from completeing your review.

I read the show. It was not bad, but it was rushed. The opening promo was gold with Christian, but Edge seemed terriblely out of place. I thought something big would happen with Edge, but simple changes also work. Just stay away from Matt Hardy there.

Hassan stuff was usual.

Haas and Benjamin ending the feud works well, but I would have perfereed Survivor Series. Look forward to seeing these two do something, in a stretcher match, which a booker did before, I believe Bartman.

I am guessing there will be a Cena and Bischoff feud. It is fine, but it has been rendered hackneyed already. Hopefully, you can add some spice to it.

HBK leaving till Hart comes back? My guess is that they wrestle at Wrestlemania.

Working on SS, I am slow.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

/\ Arj, I did a Stretcher match between Shelton and Haas also, and so did KOPV1 a few months later.

Who the hell is Bartman anyways?

FD, review up tomorrow.


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