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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Nice Heat results, good choice for the winners.

Also a very good Raw preview, this is looking to be a good show. I will get my review up when you post it.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Raw looks good. You can definitley expect a review from me F-D.

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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Raw will be up later tonight. Just got one more promo to finish up at then it will be up.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

A couple of the backstage promos on this show have been summerized but are still in a reasonable amount of detail. I believe that after this show, the final card for Survivor Series will be up, as I don’t think Kane 01 has any more matches to add on the smackdown side

WWE RAW – November 21st

The pyro explodes, and then we scan around the crowd, who are going mad with the fact Raw is in Ottawa tonight.

We then cut to the ring, and then, *5…4…3…2…1… Break the Walls Down* hits, to an amazing pop from the crowd, as out to the ring comes Chris Jericho with his World Title Belt. He slowly comes down to the ring, in his usual cocky manner, but this time, the fans are cheering him, due to the fact he is a Canadian, and tonight, we are in Canada

Jericho: Ottawa, Raw is Jericho!

Huge pop from the crowd

Jericho: It sure is great to be back in Canada, a place which recognises greatness when they see it

Another pop from the crowd

Jericho: I mean, here in Canada, when I go into music stores, I find Fozzy CD’s actually positioned where people can see them. Unlike in America, where you have to have a degree in criminology to have any idea where the store would put them

Pop from the crowd

Jericho: And right here in Canada, you people cheer me

Pop from the crowd

Jericho: You people cheer the man who is the World Heavyweight Champion


Jericho: And the man who will still be the World Heavyweight Champion next week on Raw


Jericho: Because at the Survivor Series, I know full well that I will be defending the World Title against the world’s largest assclown, Shawn Michaels

Huge Heat for the mention of HBK

Jericho: And Shawn, you may have gotten a victory over me last week on Raw, but when the World Title is on the line, and I have 20,000 Jerichoholics screaming my name, there is less chance of you winning the World title, than there is of finding a single Canadian, just 1 Canadian who doesn’t want me to beat the living hell out of you at the Survivor Series

Huge pop

Jericho: And speaking of Survivor Series, this year it comes to you live from Montreal, home to the infamous screwjob

Small Heat

Jericho: But trust me Shawn Michaels, although ever one in this arena knows that you like to screw guys, in fact, I hope the two male strippers that I sent for you were satisfactory

A few laughs from the crowd

Jericho: You will not screw me!

Huge pop

Jericho: It doesn’t matter what you bring with you, whether it is a crooked referee by the name of Earl Hebner, a timekeeper to ring the bell as soon as you walk into the ring, your own personal servants, the strippers, hell, even bring every single one of the bible brigade that you seem have joined recently, because it aint going to make a blind bit of difference

Huge pop

Jericho: Because I am walking out of Survivor Series with the belt wrapped around my gorgeous waist, and HBK, you try to stop me, then you never, ever be the same again!


Jericho: But now we have to forget about that match, because right now, I am out here to host the greatest talk show of all time, the Highlight Reel!


Jericho: So let me introduce to you the guests on tonight’s show. Firstly, we have a man who has been the 10 time World Heavyweight Title, the man who calls himself the cerebral assassin, and the man who holds the world record for a) the world’s longest nose, and b) for boring the most number of people in 1 hour

Laughs from the crowd

Jericho: Please give a huge Canadian welcome for Triple H

*Time to play the game* hits, and out to the ring comes Triple H to a huge number of boos from the crowd, but surprisingly, the odd pop with Triple H residing close to the Canadian border. He comes down to the ring, and then he steps into it, and picks up a microphone, before sitting on one of the chairs

Jericho: Welcome to the Highlight Reel. And firstly Triple H, I have to ask you, what is like to see someone else holding the thing you hold most dear to you around their waist

Small pop

HHH: Once…

Jericho: And I don’t mean the filthy, dirty, disgusting, brutal, bottom-feeding, trashbag ho of a wife you have

Huge pop from the crowd

HHH: Your really full of yourself aren’t you Jericho?

Jericho: Let’s get on with the questions shall we? Well Triple H, in 6 days time you will face Ric Flair in an I Quit match with your career on the line. How exactly are you feeling about this match?

HHH: Ric Flair was my idol, he was the man I always wanted to be when I was growing up. When I started wrestling, I always pretended I was Ric Flair, because he was the man at the time. He was the greatest wrestler that there ever was. And when he came to the WWE in 2001, I was so excited, in fact, I just couldn’t wait to meet my idol. But Ric Flair was a shadow of the man he used to be, in fact, he was even a fraud.

Heat from the crowd

HHH: But with my help, I made him something again. I made him something that people cared about again. And me and Ric, we were best friends, but we were lethal. We did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and there wasn’t a damn thing that anyone could do about it. But then Ric turned on me

Huge pop

HHH: And ever since that day, he has been paying for it


HHH: I don’t want Ric Flair to go down in history for being the man who was brutalised so badly in the ring that he was forced to retire. No, even though I despise the man Ric Flair has become, I loved the man that he was. But Ric Flair, he isn’t the man anymore. No, I am now the man

Huge heat from the crowd

HHH: And at Survivor Series, I will end Ric Flair’s career by making him say I Quit


HHH: And this way, he can go out in dignity, by being beating the greatest wrestler alive today, and there’s no shame in that. But Ric Flair will be the one who says I Quit


Jericho: You sure do like the sound of your voice don’t you?

Huge pop for Jericho

HHH: Well instead of talking about what I will do to Ric Flair, I’m going to just show. Roll the footage

Jericho: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a second, I’m the host here, and you go by my lead. And here on the Highlight Reel, we watch footage on the obscenely expensive Jeritron 5000. Monkeys in the truck, roll the footage

We see the same video that Triple H has shown about a million times in his career, which mainly involves him nailing people with the pedigree and the sledgehammer. However, the video then slows down, and we see in detail the attacks that Triple H has put on Ric Flair. We see the first beatdown, which took place on a Raw in July, with HHH pedigreeing Flair in the middle of the ring, and after a sledgehammer shot. We then see the Unforgiven match between the two, with HHH getting the pinfall after the sledgehammer shot and the pedigree. And finally, we see the aftermath of the match at Homecoming, where Triple H destroyed Ric Flair, with a series of pedigrees
HHH: Pretty damn brutal, wouldn’t you say?

Jericho: Yeah, to have to endure. I mean, that must be the millionth time that that video has come out. Tell me Hunter, do you have anything original or are you still in the year 2000?

HHH: At least I’m not in the 1980’s like a certain….

*Woooooooooooooooo* hits, to a huge pop, as out from the back comes Ric Flair. He struts down to the ring, and he enters it, and then picks up a microphone.

Flair: Wooooooooooooooooooo!


Flair: Triple H, you really think that showing me that video has any effect on me? Hell Hunter, I was on your side for most of those clips. I was cheering you on. I know exactly what you are capable of. But Hunter, I am the nature boy!

Woooooooooooooooo chants from the crowd

Flair: Hunter, I have been wrestling for over 30 years now, and I sure as hell don’t want to give up right now. I’ve given everything that I have in this business, I have done everything, been in every kind of match that there is, and not once, not once I tell you have the words I Quit even been a thought in the back of my head

Huge pop from the crowd

Flair: And Triple H, remind me what happened when we went one on one at Homecoming?

Pop from the crowd

Flair: Because as I remember it, you tapped out.


Flair: And at Survivor Series, I am more than willing to do everything that I can do keep my career alive.


Flair: Triple H, you may claim to be the game, but don’t you forget that I am the dirtiest player in the game, and I know every single trick that there is to winning the match


Flair: And Hunter, you better be prepared for the fight of your life, because at Survivor Series, I can guarantee you, that I will not be the one to say I Quit

Huge pop

Jericho: Hunter, your response please, but keep it short, we only have 2 hours to fill

A few laughs from the crowd

HHH: Ric Flair, you know exactly what I am about, and I know exactly what you are about, but at Survivor Series, you will find out why I am that damn good!

HHH drops the mic, and then turns to leave the ring. However, he then turns around again, and picks the mic back up. He walks over to Flair, and he wooooo’s in his face. He smiles at him, and then Flair smiles back. HHH then goes to leave the ring, but Flair nails him with a right hand, to a huge pop from the crowd, as Flair continues to open up on the game. Flair and HHH then trade right hands across the ring, before HHH manages to score with a low blow, and then he goes for the pedigree on Flair. However, Flair manages to block it, and then nails HHH with a back body drop. He then picks up one of the chairs in the ring for the highlight reel, and then he swings it at HHH, who ducks the shot, before rolling out of the ring. As he is retreating back up the ramp, he picks up a microphone

HHH: Flair, Flair, you may be standing right now, but come Survivor Series, things will be different. Because at Survivor Series, for you Ric Flair, it will be game over!

HHH leaves to go backstage to a huge amount of heel heat, whilst Flair stands tall in the middle of the ring, alongside Chris Jericho


We return from the commercial, and we see Chris Jericho walking back to his locker-room, when he is approached by Todd Grisham

Todd: Chris, Chris, can I have a quick word please.

Jericho nods his head, but then his mobile phone starts ringing, and he tells Todd to wait whilst he answers the call

[COLOR="Dark Red"]Jericho: Heya… yeah I’m fine, you?... good, good, did you see me out there earlier tonight?... I thought you like that bit about Shawn Michaels… yeah I’ve got him covered. There’s nothing to worry about… what? You want to meet up tonight do you? Yeah I’ve got no problems with that… and then you want to come to Montreal this Sunday? Sure that’s wise?... no I’d love you to come, but I don’t think that certain people will be pleased to see you… but then again, who cares about the has been kid anyway. Especially not you….look forward to seeing you there, it will be an honour. And after Survivor Series, the WWE will never, ever be the same again![/COLOR]

Jericho puts the phone down, and then just walks off, leaving Todd standing there

We come back to the ring to find that Striker, Nowinski, Laree, and MNM have already come out to the ring.

Then, *Miseria Cantane* hits, to a nice pop as Kid Kash comes out to the ring, with CM Punk and Trish Stratus alongside him. He runs down to the ring, and enters it, as the match begins

Match 1 – Matt Striker w/Christopher Nowinski and Alexis Laree vs. Kid Kash w/CM Punk and Trish Stratus vs. Joey Mercury w/Johnny Nitro and Melina

Summary – A solid, fast paced opener to the night’s action, which is basically a match used to give a little bit more build into the 3 on 3 on 3 elimination match for SS. With there being 6 people at ringside as well, there is a lot of distractions and interference in the match, with people getting involved at all kinds of intervals. The end comes when the referee has been knocked down due to a missed clothesline by Striker, and Striker is down in the middle of the ring. Kash climbs to the top rope, and he goes for the 450 splash. However, at the last second, Striker is pulled out of the way by Nowinski who enters the ring, causing Kash to crash and burn. Nowinski celebrates, but he is then nailed by the shining wizard from Punk who has entered the ring. However, he turns around, and is nailed by the snapsnot by MNM, who then stand over them in the ring. Melina starts to talk trash to him, when from behind, Trish nails her with a clothesline, and then the two divas start to brawl with each other. But the brawl is stopped quickly by MNM who pull Trish off, and then go to give her the snapsnot, when Alexis Laree nails Melina with her title belt, which knocks her back into Nitro, which causes the snapsnot attempt to fail. Trish then manages to hit the chick kick on Mercury, but he falls back into the grasp of Striker, who rolls him up as the referee regains consciousness, and counts to 3

Matt Striker wins by pinfall

Striker quickly grabs Alexis and then they slide out of the ring, where they are met by Nowinski. They start to retreat up the ramp, with the tag titles in hand, after once again, out smarting the other teams. They leave MNM and the Punk/Kash/Trish combination in the ring fuming at what happened, and swearing that at SS, the result will be different

Todd tries for his second interviewee of the night, and this time gets more luck as Charlie Haas does want to speak to him. Todd asks him about his match with Shelton tonight, and how he is feeling about it. Charlie says that ever since he came to the WWE, people have considered Shelton to be the better of the two. But at Homecoming, he proved them wrong when he beat Shelton without having to resort to a steel chair. He says that tonight he will prove that he is the better man of the two when he pins Shelton for the three count in the middle of the ring, and then at Survivor Series he will do the same to take him out of the elimination match. He is asked whether the no holds barred stipulation will help Shelton, but responds by saying that even though Shelton has lost his respect, and has turned into a no good son of a bitch, he will take advantage of the rules and he will win the match


*Playas Club* hits, and out to the ring comes The Coach, to a small amount of heat, as he comes out with the hardcore title in his hand, ready for his title defence

Then, *Enter Sandman* hits, to a largish pop from the crowd as the Sandman comes out through the crowd, with his usual entrance as he is ready for his match

Match 2 – The Coach © vs. The Sandman – Hardcore Title

Summary – A rematch from Taboo Tuesday, and the Coach has to once again try and hold onto the Hardcore title. This is the shortest match on the show, with it only going for a few minutes, and everything that the Coach throws at the Sandman doesn’t seem to be working. He even tries to give the Sandman beer, but after the Sandman drinks it, he relies by nailing the Coach with a right hand, and then after a short beating with the kendo stick, the Sandman hits the powerbomb on the Coach, and then pins him, getting a three count

The Sandman wins by pinfall and is the new Hardcore Champion

The crowd erupt as we have a new champion. The Sandman is given the belt, and he holds it up in the air, and then he celebrates with the belt, before going backstage, where he is presented with a beer from the rest of Team Heyman.

We go backstage, and we are told by Maria that she is about to interview the band Breaking Benjamin. Unfortunately for her, it actually turns out to be Shelton Benjamin, who isn’t best pleased about not being introduced correctly. Shelton then snatches the mic and then he tells out exactly how badly he is going to beat Charlie Haas. He says that with there being nothing illegal, then there is nothing that he can’t do, and nothing that he won’t do. He says that after the match, people will forever be asking Charlie who? But for Shelton Benjamin – there will be no stopping him.

*Arabic* hits, and out to the ring comes Mohammed Hassan, to a very interesting reaction from the crowd, as he gets the usual levels of heat, but there are amazingly a small amount of pops for him from the crowd, as Hassan comes out to the ring, but this time it is on his own. He gets into the ring, and he picks up a microphone from the announcer

Hassan: It is great to finally be out of America

Pop from the crowd

Hassan: But why oh why does it have to be to go to Canada

Huge heat from the crowd

Hassan: I mean, me and Daivari get into this country, hoping that there would be a change to all the usual bigotry we get targeted at us, but as soon as we stepped into Canada, we were immediately searched by the armed guards, and we were frogmarched like we were terror suspects.


Hassan: And after being searched, we were finally allowed to leave to go to our hotel, but when we got there, we were told that our booking was cancelled, because the hotel didn’t want ‘our kind of people’ staying there. And this is just outrageous


Hassan: What kind of a country doesn’t allow people to stay in a hotel just because of how they look? And why do we get this kind of prejudice? Because me and Daivari are Arab-Americans

Heat from the crowd

Hassan: And some of you may have noticed that Daivari isn’t here tonight

Pop for the lack of Daivari

Hassan: And that is because right now, he is still searching for somewhere for us to stay tonight, because nowhere in this racist country seems to allow people like us to stay


Hassan: But tonight, I am here for one reason only, and it’s not to do anything for any of you here in this arena tonight


Hassan: Because tonight, I am here to call out the Undertaker

Pop for Taker’s name

Hassan: So come on Taker, come out here and accept my challenge for a match at the Survivor Series

The crowd starts up a Taker chant, as eyes are turned towards the titantron, as the crowd await the appearance of the Undertaker. However nothing happens, and the Undertaker doesn’t come out

Hassan: Exactly as I thought. The Undertaker doesn’t have the guts to come out here and face the great Mohammed Hassan!

Hassan stands in the ring, and looks to be on the verge of leaving it, when *Graveyard Symphony* hits, to a huge pop from the crowd. The arena goes dark, and it looks as if the Undertaker is coming out. And he does come out, but soon the crowd reaction dies down, when they see that “The Undertaker” is about a foot shorter than usual, 100 pounds lighter, and looks suspiciously like Daivari dressed up as the Undertaker. He comes down to the ring, with the usual Taker entrance, as the crowd are giving this huge heat. He enters the ring, and then he is given a mic

“Taker”: Mohammed Hassan… the Great Mohammed Hassan… I have to bow down to your greatness… at I can’t face you at Survivor Series… as I know that you would make me rest in piece…

Hassan then nails “Taker” with the fingerpoke of doom, and then he stands tall over “Taker”, as the crowd are giving this huge levels of heat. However, suddenly, the lights go out in the arena, and then the gong goes off, to another huge pop from the crowd. When the lights come back on, Hassan and “Taker”, who nails now revealed himself to be Daivari are staring at the entrance, waiting for Taker to come down and fight them. However, he is standing behind them, and when they turn around, they get the shock of their life. Hassan pushes Daivari towards Taker to try and fight him. Daivari nails a right hand, but it has no effect at all on Taker, and then Taker plants him with a chokeslam. Hassan goes to attack Taker, but he is also overpowered, and Taker goes for the chokeslam on him as well, but Hassan manages to wriggle free, and he then rolls out of the ring. And then he goes back up the ramp, away from the Undertaker, not wanting a piece of him tonight. Taker just stares at him, and then he picks up Daivari from the ring, and he nails him with the Last Ride, signalling to Hassan that at Survivor Series, it is on.


We come back to the ring, and we find that Chris Masters has just entered the ring

Then, *Medal* hits, and out comes Kurt Angle to the usual “you suck” chants, as well as a reasonably large amount of heat from the crowd. He ignores the chants as he comes out to the ring, and then enters it, and stands with Masters

Then, *One of a Kind* hits, and out to the ring comes RVD to a big pop from the crowd. He comes out with the RVD thumb taunt, and then he gets into the ring, and waits for Cena to join him

*My Time Is Now* then hits to a huge pop from the crowd, as John Cena comes out to the ring. He throws his jersey down, and then he storms into the ring, and the contest is on

Match 3 – John Cena and Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Masters and Kurt Angle

Summary – A highly charged tag team contest, with all 4 men giving a lot of effort to try and give their team the momentum going into SS. The match starts out with the usual tag team brawl, before settling into a more normal pace, as RVD is isolated in the heel teams corner. Angle and Masters take it in turns to wear down RVD using a mixture of power moves from Masters, and a series of suplexes and submission holds from Angle. However, after Angle goes for the angle slam, RVD manages to slip out of the back of it, and then nails the standing hurricanarana on Angle, taking both men down. They both then crawl across the ring, and they make the tag, with Cena and Masters coming into the match. Cena comes in on fire, nailing Masters with a series of clotheslines, shoulder blocks and right hands. He nails the killswitch on Masters, and then he hits the 5 knuckle shuffle. He pumps up, and goes for the F-U, but Angle comes in from behind, and nails a huge german suplex to Cena. Angle then starts to stomp away on Cena, and nails some right hands, until a spinning heel kick from the top rope from RVD takes him down. However, Masters has recovered, and he locks in the masterlock on Cena. Masters has it locked in, and how ever much Cena tries to get out of the move, he can’t do so. He is on the verge of passing out, when RVD re-enters the ring, and he hits a spinning heel kick on Masters, which forces him to break the hold. The crowd erupt, as RVD continues his assault on Masters, but an attempted clothesline hits the ref. Angle sees this, and re-enters the ring with a steel chair, and he swings at RVD, but he ducks and Angle nails Masters between the eyes. Angle turns around, and Cena hits him with the F-U. RVD then leaps off the top rope, and hits the 5 star frog splash to Masters, who was the legal man, and then Cena covers, and gets the three count

John Cena and Rob Van Dam win by pinfall

Cena and RVD stand tall in the ring, celebrating the win, as team Heyman have all the momentum at the moment

We see Todd Grisham who is ready to interview Christian and Tyson Tomko who get huge face pops from the crowd, almost as big as Jericho. He asks Christian about the match he has tonight, and what it will be like to team up with Edge again, but before he can answer the question, Edge and Lita show up, and Edge fields the question. He tells us that it will be a huge honour for Christian to team up with Edge again, as it will make a change for Christian to be around someone who has achieved something and someone who will be a future world champion. Christian then responds by telling Edge that his peeps believe that he will be a future champion, and in fact, in 1 week’s time, he will have the belt around his waist, after team Bischoff wins at SS, and then he wins the belt the following night on Raw, because that’s how he rolls. And then Christian tells Edge to hold onto the MITB contract for as long as possible because at least if he has the contract, he has a chance of winning the belt. As soon as he uses it, then it’s worthless, as you don’t have the ability to be the world champion. Edge responds by telling Christian that he will be the champion, and he will be the champion before Christian is. Oh, and tonight, I’ll be the one who wins the match, and you can bank on that! The two of them look as if they are about to brawl with each other, when Vince McMahon himself shows up. He tells them that they better be on the same page, as they have a tag team match coming up next, and we don’t want the Canadian fans to be screwed out of a match. He tells them all to get ready for the match, as he wants to be interviewed. Todd asks Vince whether he will be at Survivor Series. Vince says of course he will be, and he has the feeling that someone will be in for a big surprise. He then walks off, but is met by the boogieman who tells Vince that he is coming to get him. Vince then has a horrified look on his face, as the segment ends.


We return from commercial, and then, *I Am* hits, and out to the ring comes AJ Styles, to a nice pop from the crowd as he comes out with his Intercontinental Title. He comes down to the ring, and then holds the belt up high

Then, *Oh Yeah* hits, and out comes Matt Hardy to a similarly good pop from the crowd. He comes down, playing to the crowd, and then enters the ring and gets ready for the match alongside AJ

We wait for a second, and then *Metalingus* hits, as out comes Edge and Lita, to a mixed reaction from the crowd, with the cheers and boos being split about 50/50. He comes out to the ring, and then he kisses Lita, as he waits for Christian to come out and partner him

The crowd goes silent, and then, *Just Close Your Eyes* hits, and out comes Christian and Tyson Tomko to a huge pop from the crowd, a pop rivally that of Jericho from earlier tonight. He comes down to the ring, saluting the crowd, and then the match can begin

Match 4 – Edge and Christian w/Tyson Tomko and Lita vs. Matt Hardy and AJ Styles

Summary – A strange match here, compounded by the crowd, who are cheering for Christian and Edge due to them being Canadian, whilst Hardy and AJ, who are the faces in this match are actually still getting pops from the crowd, but at times are being booed, especially when they go after Christian, who along with Jericho, is getting the biggest pops tonight, despite both being heels. The match happens at a high pace, with 3 of the 4 men in the match have worked countless matches together, whilst AJ effectively fills in for Jeff Hardy, with him doing double team moves with Hardy, such as the poetry in motion. The match is back and forth for the whole match, but the end comes when Matt goes for the twist of fate on Edge. He hits it, but Tomko gets up and the apron, and he distracts the referee. This allows Christian to enter the ring, and he goes for the unprettier on Matt, and he does so. Edge then gets the shoulder across on Matt, but the count is broken by a shooting star press from AJ. The crowd love the move, but the match doesn’t go on for much longer after this. AJ goes for the pin, but Tomko enters the ring, and goes for the big boot to AJ, but he ducks, and then AJ nails the pele kick to Tomko. However, he turns around, and Edge spears him, and then Christian covers AJ, getting the win

Edge and Christian win by pinfall

Edge and Christian celebrate the win, which gets a pop from the crowd, who are behaving in a typical bizarre Canadian way. Edge and Christian then start tall in the ring, signifying that this will be the scene at SS, whilst AJ and Matt are left lying in the middle of the ring.


We come back from the commercial break, and then *Sexy Boy* hits to an enormous level of heat from the Canadian crowd, so loud that it is difficult to hear the entrance music. HBK comes down to the ring in his usual fashion, and then gets in the ring, and picks up a microphone


However, he is drowned out by the “You Screwed Bret” chants

HBK: Your damn right I did

Huge heat from the crowd

HBK: And I’d do it again if I could

Even more heat more heat from the crowd

HBK: See that’s what you people just don’t understand. In this business, you do whatever you can to get to the top. And if I have to screw someone to get the title, then I’ll screw them as hard as I can

Huge heat

HBK: And I guess that you mothercannuckers here tonight don’t like that?

Huge heat

HBK: Well go and do the only thing that you do well. Go and bitch and whine and complain for the next 8 years

Huge heat

HBK: And then maybe, just maybe, someone might actually give a damn about you


HBK: And that’s the problem with you fans – being liked doesn’t get you anywhere. I tried being the guy that everyone cared about, but what did I get from it? Nothing at all! And then I thought about what I have done in the past, and then it occurred to me, why aren’t I like this any more? And then it hit me – the fans let me down

Huge heat

HBK: I thought back, and when I was at my best, was when everyone hated me. I mean, what I am most famous for? Wouldn’t you say a certain Montreal Screwjob?

Huge heat from the crowd, with more “You Screwed Bret” chants

HBK: Is that the best you can do?

More heat

HBK: We’ve been through this many times before – yeah I screwed Bret, and to think about it, I screwed his sister as well

A few laughs, but a lot of heat from the crowd

HBK: So I went back to being the man who made me – the man who cares about no-one but himself


HBK: And who would have thought it – I am main eventing a pay per view again. And in just 6 days time, the heart break kid, will climb to the top of the tree again at the scene of his finest hour


HBK: I will show everyone why I am the showstopper, the main event, the icon, and the next World Champion


HBK: And Jericho, I would say bring you’re a-game, because believe me, your going to need it. And I will accept, I will accept that you did beat me at Taboo Tuesday. But only because I let you


HBK: I could have won the title that night, but I decided to wait, because there will be no sweeter sight that having the belt put around my waist right in front of every single person in Canada.


HBK: Because all it will take is just one dose of sweet chin music, and bam, new champion just like that. And this Sunday, Chris Jericho will find out exactly why it is me, not Bret Hart who is the best there….

He is interrupted by *5…4…3…2…1… Break the Walls Down* hitting, to a huge pop from the crowd, even bigger than the one that Jericho received earlier tonight. He comes down to the ring, enters it, and gets in the face of Shawn Michaels

Jericho: Would you please, shut the hell up!

Huge pop from the crowd

Jericho: I mean, if that record you like was any more broken it wouldn’t even exist


Jericho: We’ve heard it all before from you Shawn, the old I screwed Bret and I’m proud of it crap


Jericho: But Shawn, that was 8 years ago – and that is all that you come out here to talk about. How about some new material Shawn, like an excuse for the bad cowboy outfits, or maybe for why you like screwing guys so much, or better still, the excuse for when I kick your ass all over Montreal this Sunday

Huge pop

Jericho: Because believe me Shawn, it will happen, and I will have millions and millions of Jerichoholics cheering me on


Jericho: And all you will have is a couple of alcoholics

Laughs from the crowd

Jericho: Because Shawn, this Sunday, it’s you and me punk, just you and me, and the question that everyone here wants to see answered is this – how the hell are you going to survive the biggest embarrassment of your life?


Jericho: Because after Survivor Series, Shawn Michaels will never, ever be the same again


HBK: Embarrassment hey? How about Wrestlemania 19 Jericho – find that embarrassing being beaten by the so called has been kid? Or what about having to come out here and pretend that you actually care about these fans here tonight? But you want to talk embarrassing – then you only have to look at your latest album


HBK: I mean, I did the unthinkable, and I actually listened to the whole album, and I think I got some kind of message from it which concerns our match this Sunday. I mean, we start with a track called Nameless Faceless, which can only be describing you after you lose the belt on Sunday


HBK: Then we have Enemy, which I what I will be to all of Montreal. And then there is Wanderlust. Now I don’t know what that means to be honest, but I guess it will be about your lust for the title, and you wondering how you are going to ever recover from it.


HBK: All That Remains, well, all that remains of your title reign will be the fact it is written down on some paper saying that it happened, as there are only 6 more days to go before the heart break kid takes the belt


HBK: Following this we have The Test. But the only Test for me this Sunday will be to try to break the record for the fastest title win ever


HBK: Following this with have a track called It’s a Lie, which I think accurately describes the statement – Chris Jericho will win at Survivor Series.


HBK: And well, I can’t be bothered to tell you about the rest of the album because I am Shawn Michaels, and I do what the hell I want to do


HBK: And Chris, if you don’t believe me, then just go and ask Bret the Hitman Hart

Jericho: Shawn, I might just do that


Jericho: And trust me when I say this assclown, this Sunday, Survivor Series, only one of us will survive will the title. But believe me when I say this – that man will be me!

Huge pop, as Jericho puts the mic down and stares straight at HBK, as he then starts to walk out of the ring, only for HBK to tap him on the shoulder and to spin him around. HBK then goes for the sweet chin music, but Jericho catches his leg, and then he looks to lock in the walls of Jericho on HBK. He almost manages to get it in, but HBK keeps blocking it, and then escapes the hold, before rolling out of the ring. He then walks back up the ramp, telling Jericho he will see him at Survivor Series, whilst Jericho stands in the ring, telling HBK to bring it on.


We return, and then *Worlds Greatest* hits, as out comes Charlie Haas, to a nice pop from the crowd. He looks to be pumped for the main event tonight, as he slowly comes down to the ring, and enters it, waiting for Shelton

Then, *Aint no stopping me now* hits, to a decent amount of heat from the crowd as Shelton comes down to the ring, but before he can reach it, Charlie is on him as the match gets under way

Match 5 – Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin – No Holds Barred

Summary – A very good main event to the show, which is used both to promote the 6 on 6 match for SS, and to act as the probable final match to the feud that these two have had over the last few months. The match starts of being a very technical encounter, with the pair of them using the wrestling ability that they have, before the hardcore elements of the match become more used. We see spots such as a missed stinger splash from Shelton and he ends up hitting a trash can placed there by Shelton, a german suplex from Haas onto a steel chair, and the suplex countered into a neckbreaker from Shelton, but this time over the top rope, and to the outside. The match is coming to an end though, and it looks as if Shelton is in control. He nails the dragon whip to Haas, but only gets a 2 count. He then goes for the T-Bone suplex to Haas, onto the steel chair, just like he did at Taboo Tuesday, but Haas counters the move, and he then pushes him into the ropes. Shelton comes off them, and is nailed in the head with the steel chair. The crowd pop, as Haas then goes for the Haas of Pain. He locks it in, and Shelton is in the middle of the ring, and he can’t escape from the hold. The crowd are loving it, as it appears that Shelton will have to tap out. He is on the verge of doing so, when KURT ANGLE runs through the crowd, and he comes from behind Haas, and he plants him with the Angle slam, to huge heat from the crowd. Angle starts to celebrate, and he does the Olympic dance that he does, but turns around, and into a kendo stick shot from THE SANDMAN. The Sandman stands tall in the ring, but not for long, as he is suddenly nailed with a huge spear from EDGE, as it appears that the ring is being flooded by the superstars in the 6 on 6 match. Edge tries to drag Shelton over Haas, but before he can do so, JOHN CENA arrives, and he nails a clothesline on Edge, and then he plants him with the F-U. Cena momentarily stands tall, but only until CHRIS MASTERS comes from behind him, and he manages to lock in the masterlock on Cena. Cena is on the verge of passing out, when suddenly a chair is thrown at Masters by ROB VAN DAM. Masters instinctively catches it, but soon regrets it, as RVD nails the van daminator to him. RVD momentarily stands tall, and he tries to put Charlie Haas on top of Shelton Benjamin, but before he can do so CHRISTIAN comes from behind RVD, and he nails him with the unprettier. He stands tall, and taunts to the crowd, but he then gets taken down by the styles clash from AJ STYLES. Unfortunately for AJ, he turns around and is taken down by a recovering Shelton Benjamin with the T-Bone suplex. Shelton then picks up Haas, and he goes to finish him off with the T-Bone, as amazingly, the match is still going on. But before he can do so, MATT HARDY comes out, and he manages to nail Shelton with the twist of fate. Hardy stands tall, to a pop from the crowd, as Haas crawls across and he covers Shelton, getting a three count

Charlie Haas wins by pinfall

Hardy stands tall momentarily in the ring, and he picks up Haas, as out comes Paul Heyman to celebrate the win in the main event. But through the crowd runs THE COACH and ERIC BISCHOFF and with them they have a steel chair. He enters the ring, but before he can use it, Cena gets up, and plants the Coach with the F-U, and then Heyman nails Eric with the chair. RVD, AJ and the Sandman also slowly get to their feet, and team Heyman is momentarily standing tall in the ring, when *No Chance in Hell* hits, to a mixed reaction from the crowd, as despite Vince being a face, the Canadian fans haven’t all forgiven him for what happened in 1997

Vince: Well, well, well, it looks as if Team Heyman are on fire tonight, and it is great to see that you have had a night to remember. And Heyman, hopefully Survivor Series this Sunday will also be one to remember, not just for you, but for every single one of the fans. But there’s an old saying that goes around, which I feel that come Survivor Series, especially with it coming from Survivor Series is very appropriate – he who laughs last, laughs loudest!

*No Chance in Hell* hits again, as he leave Raw, with Heyman standing in the middle of the ring, with his team, and everyone trying to work out what exactly Vince meant by he who laughs last, laughs loudest
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

I really enjoyed the opening segment with Jericho, then HHH coming out followed by good ole Ric Flair to top it all off. Funny parts coming from Jericho which i enjoyed as well.

Matt Striker v. Kid Kash v. Joey Mercury
Really nice match to set up you 3 on 3 on 3 at SS. Loved how everyone really got involved in the match at the end as the ref. got knocked down. Ending with Striker getting the win.

Liked the nice little interview Todd had with Charlie Haas. I'm liking his character so far.

The Coach v. Sandman
Much happier to see The Sandman as the new hardcore champion.

Nice intensity by Shelton Benjamin in the interview.

Haha nice Hassan promo with the fake Taker and all. Then the actuall Taker coming out to actually take out Hassan.

John Cena and Rob Van Dam v. Chris Masters and Kurt Angle
I actually really liked this match seeing I couldn't really predict the outcome towards the end and was almost sure Cena was going to tap till Angle's bad antics backfired on him and Cena landed the F-U.

Edge and Christian v. Matt Hardy and AJ Styles
Another very nicely written up match, liking the outcome and how you had the crowd re-actions going for Edge and Christian because of them being in Canada and all.

Really liked the heat between Jericho and HBK. Really looking forward to this matchup at the Survior Series. Really built up very nicely.

Charlie Haas v. Shelton Benjamin
Very intense match that seemed to have gone on for a while. Loved how everyone involved in the match at SS came in and did some damage to each other. Really like how it played off and everything.

8/10 for a very excellent RAW. If you wanna return review favor, I got my first RAW up on the first page. thanks. and keep up the good work.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Review coming either later tonight, or tomarrow. Looks good
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Raw Review

A great opening promo with Jericho running down HBK using some good lines. And his guest for the HR is HHH. Some intresting comments by HHH and out comes the Nature Boy. Good ending to the HR with the two having a little brawl and HHH running out the ring after Flair grabbed the chair.

Intresting promo there and i am sure i know who Y2J is talking to.

Good opening contest with Striker getting the win after some interferance by all teams.

Good promo there by Haas and i look forward to the match

Good match here with Sandman finally taking the title off Coach.

Good promo here with Hassan complaining about the way he is treated in Canada and then calls out Taker. And out comes a fake Taker who rejects Hassan's offer. The real Taker then comes out and the match is made. The match should be very good and i somehow see Hassan getting the victory.

Great Tag Team Match here with Team Heyman getting one over Team Bischoff after RVD beats Masters to win. Team Bischoff are going to habve to prove themselves before SS as most victories are going to Team Heyman

Good promo here with a little confrantation with Edge and Christian before their Tag Match.

Good match here and a good win here for Edge and Christian getting a win for Team Bischoff heading to SS

Great promo here, very well written. Builds up their feud nicely and i can't wait to see the outcome of that match

Great win here for Charlie Haas, beating Shelton after a ton of interferance leading to the outcome. It will be interesting to see what Vince means by that?

Overall a great show here building the Raw Feuds up nicely for SS. Smackdown should be up on Thursday but it will only be Highlights of the show
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

WWE RAW – November 21st

Terrific Jericho promo from Bizarro Land, ripping into HBK, which is always something sweet to do. I always love the shows from Canada, for obvious reasons, because they're just totally different. Triple H and Flair the guests on the Highlight Reel should be awesome.

Broke Kayfabe a little, having Jericho mention Triple H's wife, even though on TV, he and Stephanie arent together. Although, thinking about it, you never actually mentioned her by name, so I guess it doesnt count.

Awesome cut downs from Jericho on The Game, making fun of the video footage. I actually laughed out loud when I read this...
HHH: Pretty damn brutal, wouldn’t you say?

Jericho: Yeah, to have to endure. I mean, that must be the millionth time that that video has come out. Tell me Hunter, do you have anything original or are you still in the year 2000?
Honestly had a laugh with that. Terrific. Well timed for Flair to come down, with the promo really motoring, and not getting to a boring stage. After the necessary back and forth talk from HHH and Flair, the fight comes, and it was nice to see Flair standing tall, heading into Survivor Series.

The mystery phone guy has to be Bret Hart ... has to be.

Nice triple threat match, as a slight preview of whats to come at SS. That should be a very entertaining mid card match, with so much at stake. The Teachers will be my pick for victory, as the last few tag champions have been rather short reigns.

Would've been a decent interview with Haas there, building up his match with Shelton Benjamin. I think there will be one more match to come from that feud after SS too, to end it all.

Good time to crown a new Hardcore Champion. The Coach had an entertaining run, but at some point you had to put the belt on a hardcore wrestler. Didnt expect Sandman to stick around, but he's become a useful part of the roster.

I could be wrong about the Benjamin - Haas thing, as having both men get interview time makes me think they are building this as the final encounter.

Typical Hassan promo, but still very entertaining. Daivari dressed up as Taker was a hoot. Having Taker eventually make his presence felt was good too, although I would've predicted his return to come at Survivor Series. I dont envy you having to write that match though. Should be quite a task.

Another face win in the Bischoff - Heyman series this evening looks to be an interesting development to look at, and a decent finish, with RVD hitting the move, and Cena scoring the pin.

Why do I get the feeling Edge and Vince McMahon will play some part in the Survivor Series main event?? This wholse Screwjob scenario has me thinking in about 100 different directions. Could Edge cash in on MITB as the screw job?? Could McMahon and Hart try to get involved. AAARRRRRRRRHGGGGGHHHH!!!

Edge and Christian team up and win, just like old times, with a similar finish to the last match, with the illegal man hitting the finishing move, and the legal man scoring the pin. 2-1 now between Bischoff and Heyman tonight.

Awesome promo between Michaels and Jericho. Just terrific. Loved the run down of Jerichos album from Michaels, really ripping it to shreds. Tremendous stuff. Brilliant comebacks from both men, with some truly great lines, and ending with what the Canadians want to see ... HBK tap out. I just think this would've been better suited to close the show.

Great finish to the main event, with all six men from both teams in the ring fighting it out, and Heyman going 3-1 on the night over Bischoff.

Very cryptic finish to the show with Vinces final words. I'm not even going to speculate what it could mean, because my brain is fried from going into conspiracy theories as to who will screw who, and who will screw the other.

Bizzare Show from Bizzaro World ... but in the best way possible. Event with some segments recapped, this was truly a great Raw, with perfect build into the PPV. I picked out one fault, and that was that I would've preferred Jericho and HBK to close the show.

I'll leave predictions after SD. But no doubt I'll be thinking in overdrive about the two main Raw matches.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

I will get you a review Forever Delayed. I have been so busy since Thursday that I havent even had the time to think it seems. I owe KOPV1 a review for his RR first, and then I will get to this. Probably tomorrow night. I wont read any reviews etc, so I dont spoil it.

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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Hey FD, sorry I haven't been reviewing lately.

Hilarious start from Jericho tearing into HBK and HHH, really funny stuff during HHH's introduction. You have Jericho down to a tee in his promo's, they are all so funny and life like. And even when the Highlight Reel starts, he's still tearing into the Game. Ha, agree with Wolfy on the video comment, funny stuff. And here comes the Nature Boy. Very good HR here and the ending gives the sure sign for a HHH victory, but I am still unsure.....

Another good promo from Jericho. It's gonna be huge at SS.

This is a unique conecpt, 3 vs 3 vs 3 elimination match as SS for the Tag titles will be awesome. I hope the Teachers lose, as Punk/Kash deserve them, they only had the belts for a month at best, then again MNM didn't have them for much longer, and Nowinski is rubbish. I look forward to the match.

Would've been a strong message from Haas to Benjamin. Love this feud, as Shelton is actually the heel this time

Thank God! Finally a new Hardcore champion, I couldn't bare to see Coach hold it any longer. Nice change of pace with some Coach comedy added to the match, and now we can see some good Hardcore matches.

HAHA! Breaking Benjamin. Had a big laugh on that.

Awesome Hassan promo, taking the piss out of Taker, only to have Taker return and beat the hell out of them.

Team Heyman keep the momentum, but this prolly means we are going to have Team Bischoff win at SS I hate Bischoff. RVD & Cena team would get a major reaction.

Hmmm, I wonder is a screwjob really on the cards again? It could very well be, and give you Moment of the Month in the BTB awards.

Sweet tag match and E/C get the win like the old days, and damn that Tomko, because Styles/Hardy were really rolling for a moment there. Very good matches tonight.

What a great promo from HBK ripping into the fans, Jericho, Hart and others and terrific ending having Jericho show up and the two trade some top insults and comebacks. Contender for promo of the month. Always nice to see HBK tap in Bizarro land.

A sensational match between Haas/Benjamin and the GM's soldiers interfere for both sides and breaks out into an insane brawl, I loved it. This was a spectacular end to the night. This SS match is going to be a biggun!

Interesting end to the show from Vince, keeping me wondering about the screwjob. Edge using his MITB is an option, maybe Bret Hart or Christian get involved somehow? You have me guessing.

Brilliant RAW, the first time you get a 9/10 from me in a long time.


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