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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Nice Heat Results and Raw Preview,

I am looking forward to see who all joins Team Bischoff and Team Heyman, plus the main event sounds to be good as well. Also Angle vs. Hass should be a great one.

Looking forward to Raw as i will get my review up for this one.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

I would love to see Haas beat Angle. That would be a shocker! Good preview, ill be reviewing RAW

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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Whats crackin Forever-Delayed? I am back man, full time. Raw preview looks good, and I will review it. Survivor Series looks great as well, and I cant wait to see what you come up with there. It should be interesting to say the least. Shawn Michaels in a title match; at Survivor Series; In Montreal, almost ten years later...? Smells a bit.

I have my thread up and running again. I have posted a Raw Homecoming summary show. Check it out dude!

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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Here is Raw

Personally, i feel that some parts of this show are a little weaker than for some previous shows, but hopefully it will still be accpetabel

WWE RAW Ė November 14th

The pyro explodes as we open up on Raw, and then the camera scans around the arena, before cutting to the ring

Then, *Just Close Your eyes* hits, and out to the ring comes Christian, alongside Tyson Tomko to the ring, as the peep show is about to be hosted. He comes out to the ring to a decent amount of heat from the crowd, with their being some cheers from Captain Charisma as well, but they are for the main part cancelled out by the boos. We gets into the ring, and he sits down on the chairs provided for him and his guests

Christian: Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Cheap pop is heard from the crowd

Christian: Captain Charisma is in the house. And for all you peeps out there, it must be an honour for you to see someone like me in your home town

Mixed reaction from the crowd

Christian: Because Minneapolis isnít exactly known for the talent that comes out of it

Heat from the crowd

Christian: But never fear, as the peeps champion is here!

Heat from the crowd

Christian: But tonight, Christian isnít in a jokey mood. He isnít going to be coming out here to play up to his peeps. He isnít going to come out here and tell stories of just how wonderful and great he has proven to be in the past. Like the time me and Tomko went out on the pull last night. And amazingly, I managed to find the only decent looking girl in the whole of Minneapolis.

Heat from the crowd

Christian: And well Tomko, sorry to say this man, but there more chance of you pulling a hamstring than a decent girl last night

A few laughs

Christian: But then again, unless you have the charisma of moi, youíll never find anything worth having in this town

Huge heat from the crowd

Christian: No. Tonight, Christian is going to come and out and ask for some answers

Heat from the crowd

Christian: You see, at Survivor Series, it should be me that is wrestling in the main event. Not that washed up has been kid, Shawn Michaels, the man I beat at Unforgiven without having to resort to using a steel chair to win the match. I beat him using just my wrestling skills, my brain, and the unprettier

Mixed reaction from the crowd

Christian: And Chris Jericho, the man I have beaten so many times it just isnít funny. Well, perhaps it is when you look at it, but still, how can someone like him be the champion?

Pop from the crowd

Christian: And yes, I may have lost the match at Taboo Tuesday

Pop from the crowd

Christian: But what I did do in that match was pin Triple H in the middle of the ring, 1Ö2Ö3. And seeing as he normally gets a title shot if he wins any kind of match, surely he beating him has to be worth something?

Pop from the crowd

Christian: So what I want right now is for somebody, anybody from the back to come out and give me the answer to the question that I want, Tomko wants, and all the peeps right here in Minneapolis, Minnesota want, and that is when will Christian get the title shot that he deserves?

Christian waits in the ring for a moment, seeing if anyone will come out when *Metalingus* hits, and out to the ring comes Edge and Lita, to huge heat from the crowd, as they slowly come out to the ring, and then enter it, and Edge picks up a microphone

Edge: Well bro, ainít this cosy? Iíve got Lita here, and youíve got Tyson Tomko

A few laughs from the crowd

Edge: But you wanted someone to come out and tell you when you get a title shot, didnít you? Well the answer is simple, nobody cares!

Heat from the crowd

Edge: You see Christian, you arenít important to anyone around here. Youíve done nothing to signify that you should deserve a title shot. And hell, the only reason that people ever cared about you was because of me

Heat from the crowd

Edge: Yeah, all those days when we were together as tag partners, you knew that the team was all about me. You knew that I was carrying that team, and that I would be the one who became a star. And look, that is exactly what has happened

Heat from the crowd

Edge: Iíve got a beautiful girl on my arm, my own brand of clothing on my body with the Rated R Superstar range, and the money in the bank contract in my hands. Iíve got a guaranteed title shot at the world champion whenever I want it, and just like that, I could become the champion.


Edge: And you Christian, want exactly have you got? Well, youíve got your own talk show which I guess must mean something to you. But then again, talk shows have always been about the guests anyway, so no-one really cares about the host

Heat from the crowd

Edge: AndÖ andÖ. Thatís about it, isnít it?


Edge: And Christian, Iíve got 1 thing to say to you. Do something about it! Stop complaining and whining about not having a title shot. If anyone should be complaining, then it should be me, with all the crap I have had to put up with for this (holds up MITB contract). But if you go and do something, make an impact, then there is no way that you will not be able to get a title shot. And trust me, if you do that, then you will become a star, just like I am. Of course, you will never be as big a star as I am, but then again, who can be?

Heat from the crowd

Christian: Edge, trust me, I will become a star. And all it will take for me to become a star, is just 1 opportunity, 1 chance, and 1 unprettier, and them I will be the next Raw Heavyweight Champion. And you want me to make an impact, then an impact is what I will do. Because tonight, I am challenging Chris Jericho to a match for the Raw Heavyweight Title

Pop from the crowd, wanting to see a title match

Christian: And tonight we see a new champion, because thatís how I roll!

*Iím Back* hits, to huge levels of heat, as out to the ring comes Eric Bischoff, as he strolls out, and gets into the ring with the 4 people already in it

Christian: So Eric, do I get my title match tonight?

Eric: Well Christian, you know that I would love to give you a title shot, in fact, I was going to offer you one tonight, but Iím afraid I just cannot do that. You see, I wasnít aware of this until this afternoon when I found out that the contract for the Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels match at Survivor Series had already been signed, which means I am unable to offer any title matches until that match has taken place. So Christian, if you want someone to blame, then Paul Heyman is the man

Heat from the crowd

Eric: However Christian, I can offer you a shot at the world title, but there could be a condition attached to it

Groans from the crowd, as they know exactly what Eric is going to do

Eric: You see on Monday 28th November, the night after Survivor Series, Raw comes from Toronto, Ontario, and there might be the opportunity for you to wrestle in the main event for the Raw Heavyweight Title. However to have this opportunity, I need you to do one thing, I need you to be on Team Bischoff for the Survivor Series match

Heat from the crowd

Eric: Now what to you say to that offer?

Christian: Eric, youíve just recruited the next member of your team

Heat from the crowd

Christian: And at Survivor Series, I will be doing all I can to help you remain the general manager of Raw, and end Paul Heymanís career.

Eric: Itís been a pleasure doing business with you Christian. And Paul Heyman, Iíve got a message for you Ė just look at what youÖ.

*Extreme* hits, and out to the ring comes Paul Heyman to a huge pop from the crowd, especially seeing as he interrupted Eric Bischoff

Paul: What Eric? You going to tell me how much I should be fearing your team were you? You going to tell me how you have assembled the greatest team of all time? Well Eric, it doesnít matter to me who you have got, because when it comes down to it, I have a team which is more spirited, more together, and most importantly of all, most willing to do whatever it takes to win the match

Huge pop from the crowd

Paul: And now you have gone and recruited Christian to be on your team. And the way you did it proves the point that I am trying to make here. Why is he on your team? Not because he wants to be on the team, not because he will do anything to prove he is the man for the job. No, he is on the team because you bribed him with a world title shot.

Heat from the crowd

Paul: And Eric, if you want to play it like that, then fine, do that, but we will test the loyalty of the biggest whining crybaby there is on Raw, well, apart from Edge by giving him this offerÖ.

Edge: So Iím a whining crybaby now am I Paul? Is that right? I donít think so

Heat from the crowd

Edge: Paul, you come out here and you talk about how your team respects you, but honestly, I donít think you would know respect if it came and bit you in the ass

Heat from the crowd

Edge: You see, ever since I met you, I have had nothing by disrespect off you. At ECW One Night Stand, you stand in the middle of the ring and have the temerity to slag me off for what I did to Matt Hardy. And then, when you come to the WWE, you force me to face Matt Hardy in not 1, but 2 matches, after he kidnapped me, and held me hostage at gunpoint. Do you really think that those are the actions of a general manager who does a good job? And right now, you go and insult me again, calling me a crybaby. Paul, from someone who claims to be extreme, I thought you would be able to come out with a better insult than that. But anyway Paul, I have had enough of this, and I am going to make sure that it comes to an end. Because at Survivor Series, I am going to put my name down to be the 5th member of team Bischoff.

Heat from the crowd

Edge: And yes, you were right earlier, Iím not joining because of team spirit, or togetherness or a respect. No, Iím joining because of something much more important than that Ė the fact that I hate your guts!

Heat from the crowd

Edge: And your gm stint will come to an end very soon Ė Bank on it!


Paul: Edge, do you think that I care that you are on team Bischoff? Like I said earlier, I prefer to think about my own team, which are more than able to win the match. And you hate my guts do you? Well thatís just fine, as I have people on my team who hate yours. And Team Heyman will take you to the extreme!

Huge pop from the crowd, as Heyman drops the mic, and leaves to go backstage, leaving Christian, Tomko, Edge, Lita and Bischoff standing in the ring, fuming at the fact Heyman isnít interested in their team, but secretely smiling, as it seems that team Bischoff is looking very strong at the moment


We return, and we see Charlie Haas making his way down to the ring, to a decent pop from the crowd as the firts match of the night is about to begin

Then, *Medal* hits, and out comes Kurt Angle, to a large amount of heat from the crowd, as he comes out to the usual you suck chants. He gets into the ring, and then he stares at Haas, and then the match gets underway

Match 1 Ė Kurt Angle vs. Charlie Haas

Summary Ė A very good and technical match to open up the nightís wrestling. We open with some chain mat wrestling, before Angle, frustrated that Haas can keep with him, nails a low blow to him to gain the advantage. He then takes control of the middle part of the match, using his usual array of suplexís and submission holds to wear Haas down. However, after a top rope belly to belly is reversed, and Haas nails a missile dropkick, the momentum shifts. Haas takes control of the match, and almost scores a pinfall after a german suplex, and manages to lock in the Haas of Pain, but Angle gets to the ropes. He then goes for the superkick, but Angle ducks, and then nails the Angle slam, but Haas gets his feet on the ropes. Shelton Benjamin runs down to the ring, and tries to interfere in the match, but the referee stops him, and does not allow him to enter the ring. Angle goes for the ankle lock, but before he can get it locked in, AJ Styles comes from nowhere, and plants Angle with the Styles clash to a big pop from the crowd, as Haas crawls across and covers him for the 3

Charlie Haas wins by pinfall

Haas celebrates his win, as the crowd erupt with happiness at the result. He has his hand raised, but then Shelton comes from behind at nails him with a clothesline. He sets him up for the T-Bone suplex, but AJ re-enters the ring and he trips Shelton from behind. He goes to nail the Styles clash on him, but Angle nails him with the Angle slam. He celebrates nailing the move, when he walks into the twist of fate from Matt Hardy, who also appears to have team Heyman, who are standing tall at the end of the match

We go backstage, and we see Todd Grisham, who is standing by with Triple H

Todd: Triple H, last week Ric Flair challenged you to an I Quit retirement match at Survivor Series. My question to you is; will you accept the challenge?

Triple H: Do you know what, Iím actually quite glad that Ric Flair made the challenge. Yeah, thatís why last week I walked off with a smile on my face. Because Ric Flair it seems, no matter how badly I beat him down, no matter how much pain and torture I put him through, keeps coming back for more. And frankly, beating down Ric Flair night after night can get just a little bit tiresome you know. But the 1 thing that I donít want to see happen to Ric Flair is see his legendary career tarnished. I donít want Ric Flair to be remembered as the man who was damaged and beat up so badly that we was forced to retire in a wheelchair. I want Ric Flair to be remembered for what he was, the best wrestler of all time, the man that I had as an icon. And he was going to be remembered for that, until the day he decided to cross me. And Ric Flair off all people should have known that nobody crosses the game at gets away with it. So at Survivor Series, when I face Ric Flair in an I Quit match, with the loser having to retire, I will be doing everyone a huge favour. When I make Ric Flair say I Quit, which he will do, it will be the end of his career. And he will be remembered as the man who gave all he had to keep his career alive, but just didnít quite have enough to survive. Ric Flair, at Survivor Series, I will survive the match, I will survive with my career intact, and you Ric, you will survive with at least some what of your legacy intact. Because I am the game, and I am that damn good!

Triple H then starts to walk off whenÖ

Todd: Triple H, just one more question Ė what will happen if you lose?

Triple H just looks straight through Todd, as if he is ridiculous for asking such a stupid question. He then carries on walking, and he walks straight into Shawn Michaels, the man who will be his tag team partner tonight

Shawn: Hunter

Triple H: Shawn

Shawn: I donít think I need to tell you what you need to do tonight, do I?

Triple H: Shawn, you should know that I always know what to do. Damnit, Iím the game arenít I? And tonight, tonight, we get a glimpse of Survivor Series, with me beating the holy hell out of Ric Flair, and you, well, you, have a chance to get one over Jericho for the second straight week.

Shawn: Exactly. Last week I left him lying in the middle of the ring after the sweet chin music, and tonight, I think all signs point to it happening again. Because when you look at it, I am the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be. See you out there tonight, partner

Shawn walks off in one direction, and HHH walks off in the other, both of them smiling

We go back to the ring, and *Miseria Cantane* hits, and out to the ring comes Kid Kash and CM Punk to a decent pop from the crowd. They come down to the ring, and enter it, awaiting their partner

Then, *Ooh, its time to rock and roll* hits, and out comes Trish Stratus to a pretty good pop from the crowd. She comes down to the ring, slapping hnads with the crowd, and then waits for the opponents

Then, *Striker* hits to a reasonable amount of heat, as the tag champions come out to the ring, along with the classroom assistant, Alexis Laree. They come down to the ring, and this time, they are giving out rulers to the fans in the front row, but they are only plastic and the 15cm ones so they dont use them as weapons

Match 2 Ė CM Punk/Kid Kash/Trish Stratus vs. Matt Striker/Christopher Nowinski/Alexis Laree

Summary Ė The heels make their first wrestling appearance on Raw in this match, in which they work well as a team, with them all sharing the same feelings. The match opens with a kind of chaos with everyone going after each other, before the match settles down to a normal pace and rhythm, with Kash isolated in the heel teamís corner. The heels work on him, and wear him down, but eventually, he manages to get the tag to Trish, who wants in against Alexis. Trish enters the ring, and takes down Alexis with a series of clotheslines, and then she goes for the chick kick. However, Alexis ducks, and then is pulled out of the way by Striker, allowing Nowinski to nail a back suplex to Trish. However, he is then chased out of the ring by Kash and Punk, and then Striker is nailed with the shining wizard. However, MNM then hit the ring, and they start to take out all 6 people in the match, drawing a double DQ

Double DQ due to interference by MNM

MNM nail the snapsnot to Striker, and then to Kash. Punk walks into a belt shot, and so does Nowinski, as they have destroyed everyone in the ring. Trish tries to go after Melina, who is the womenís champion, but only succeeds in being planting with the snapsnot, whilst Alexis is taken down by a brainbuster from Melina. MNM then stand tall in the middle of the ring, looking down on the chaos they have caused on the other teams


*Arabic* hits, and out to the ring comes Mohammed Hassan, alongside Daivari, to a huge level of heat from the crowd. The pair of them slowly make their way down to the ring, before stepping in, and then taking the mic

Hassan: Well tonight we stand here in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Pop from the crowd for the home town reference

Hassan: But frankly, I donít know why I even bothered to come here


Hassan: Because ever since I arrived in this hell-hole of a town, I have received nothing but prejudice and discrimination from every single one of the assholes that live here


Hassan: I mean, me and Daivari, we step off the plane, only to find that our luggage is not with everyone elseís. And when we asked the helpdesk what had happened to our bags, we were told that they had to be inspected, due to their being something suspicious about them. But it doesnít take a genius, or in fact, a resident of Minnesota to work out that the only reason our bags were taken away, was because we are Arab-Americans

Heavy Heat from the crowd, with a few boring chants

Hassan: Oh believe me, Iím not leaving this ring until you have heard the full story

Huge heat

Hassan: Finally, finally, after a wait of over an hour, we were given out bags back, only to find that my wrestling boots had been stolen by the security guards. And when we asked them about this, one of them was going to lock me up in a prison cell.


Hassan: But when a white, middle class family approached the same people, they helped them, and they solved their problem. Now what does this say about the attitude of the people in this town?


Hassan: And when we were taken in a taxi to the hotel room, the taxi driver deliberately drove the wrong way, and then he had the nerve to charge us double the usual fare, just because we gave him the wrong directions. Now let me tell you this Ė the chances of those directions being inaccurate are about the same chances as George W. Bush becoming a member of Mensa

A few laughs, but some heat from the crowd

Hassan: So when we get here tonight, I find that I am not booked on the card to wrestle. Not on Raw, and hell, Iím not even considered good enough to be put on Sunday Night Heat.

Heat from the crowd

Hassan: And I have had it up to here with the lack of respect that I have got in the WWE

Heat from the crowd, as Daivari takes the mic, and starts to scream at the crowd in Farsi

Hassan: I have held the intercontinental championship for 4 months. I have never been pinned since I came to the WWE. And I am the man who left the Undertaker lying flat out on his back at Taboo Tuesday, after destroying him.

Heat from the crowd

Hassan: And yet, after all this, I am still not treated as the main eventer that I should be.


Hassan: And last week, Eric Bischoff told people to go and make an impact, and that is exactly what I am going to do. At Survivor Series, I am challenging The Undertaker to a match.

Slight Pop from the crowd, with the match on the cards

Hassan: Now of course, I donít expect the Undertaker to show up, as every few weeks, he has to take some time off

Heat from the crowd

Hassan: But after I have finished with him at Survivor Series, he will be taking a lot longer off than he normally does. Because at Survivor Series, I will not only beat the Undertaker 1Ö2Ö3 in the middle of the ring, but I will tear him apart, and destroy him


Hassan: And hopefully, this will finally get me the respect that I deserve.


Hassan: But it will show the world, that I am the great Mohammed Hassan!

*Arabic* hits again, as Mohammed Hassan and Daivari both leave the ring, to huge heat from the crowd, as they make their way back up the ramp

We have gone backstage, and we see MNM who are with Maria

Maria: I am standing here with American rap star Eminem. And I have to ask you, are the rumours that you are retiring true? Because I hope not, as I am a big fan of yours, and I donít want you do go

Melina: Do I look like I am Eminem?

Maria: ErÖ.no

Melina: Does anyone here look like Eminem?

Maria: ErÖ. I donít think so

Melina: Then why the hell did you think that you were interviewing Eminem?

Maria: Because I was told I was interviewing Eminem

Melina: No Maria, you are interviewing MNM. We have Mercury and Nitro, the greatest tag on Raw today, and the team who will be the next tag team champions, and Melina, the best looking, most intelligent and all round most amazing diva on Raw, who is also the womenís champion. So if you donít have anything useful to ask, then get the hell out of here

Maria: UmmÖ. Do you like MNMís, you know, the chocolates? BecauseÖ.

Maria is interrupted by a hard right hand by Melina, which knocks her down to the floor. She then grabs her by the throat, and lifts her back up, before throwing her down to the floor, and then standing over her, signifying what will happen to you if you cross her

Melina: Poor little Maria. And I bet she doesnít even realise whatís happened to her. Come on guys, lets go celebrate with the stars of desperate housewives

MNM walk off, but they walk straight into Paul Heyman

Heyman: What the hell do you think you are doing attacking my staff? Yeah, Maria may not be the sharpest knife in the draw, but at least she tries to do her job. And Melina, you think you are the best diva on Raw, and that your boys, if thatís what you want to call them are going to be the next tag team champions?

Melina: Yeah, thatís right

Heyman: Well at Survivor Series, I am going to give them a tag title shot.

MNM start to smile at this, as getting the title shot is what they want

Heyman: But the womenís title will also be on the line.

The smiles start to disappear off their faces

Heyman: Because at Survivor Series, it will be the first ever triple threat 3 team intergender elimination match. It will be MNM vs. The Teachers vs. Punk/Kash and Trish Stratus

Melina: What? You canít do that to us Hollywood stars?

Heyman: Oh yes I can, and I just have. Oh, and say hi to Eva Longeria for me. She knows who I am

Heyman then walks off smiling, whilst MNM are left there with a mixed reaction, as although they have a tag title shot, the womenís title will also be on the line.

We go back to the ring, and we see RTC standing in the middle of it

Then, *Enter Sandman* hits, to a good pop from the crowd, as out to the ring comes the Sandman with his usual entrance through the crowd. He drinks a quick beer, and then he enters the ring, ready to start the match

Match 3 Ė The Sandman vs. Steven Richards w/Test, Rob Conway and Stacy Kiebler

Summary Ė A shortish match here, which is a half filler match, but also half to give the sandman a chance to get some revenge for what the RTC has done to him over the past two weeks. Richards gains control in the early going, and he manages to stay in it for the major part of the match, partly due to the help from the fellow RTC members. However, the Sandman manages to turn the tables, and despite some interference from RTC, he gains the win after nailing Steven with a pumphandle slam, after nailing Test and Conway over the head with a kendo stick.

The Sandman wins by pinfall

The Sandman celebrates his win, and he makes his way to the back, when he is presented with a beer by Paul Heyman

Heyman: Sandman, Sandman, I have a question for you. How would you like to be the final member of Team Heyman at Survivor Series?

Pop from the crowd

Sandman: Is there a beer involved?

A pop from the crowd with a few laughs

Heyman: If you join, then you can have all the beer you want

Sandman: Iím in

Big pop from the crowd

Sandman: And Team Heyman will take it to the extreme!

Huge pop from the crowd, as Heyman and the Sandman leave to go backstage


We return to Raw, and we see Eric Bischoff on the phone, sitting in his office

Bischoff: What do you say? ... NO !... Whatís gotten into you? Ö well forget then, Iíll find someone else to me on the team

Bischoff slams the phone down

Coach: Another rejection?

Bischoff: I didnít really want them on the team anyway. They didnít have the skills I was looking for

Coach: So whose next on the list then?
Bischoff: Letís have a look shall we.

Bischoff scans over a list he has in his pocket

Bischoff: Thatís everyone. Iíve tried everyone on the list. How the hell am I going t find a 6th member of the team?

Coach: There must be someone you havenít tried? There must be someone here tonight who wants to be on your team, and can do a good job

Bischoff: But who exactly? Half the roster told me that they wanted to Paul Heyman to win. And out of the other half, most of them are either on the team, or already in a match. I need to find a 6th member to the teamÖ

At this point, the door swings open, and into the room walks Vince McMahon

Vince: Well, well, well, look at what we have here. Eric Bischoff is failing in his duties yet again. I mean, how difficult can it be to find 6 men, just 6 men to wrestle a match for you Eric? I mean, the man who almost destroyed this company, now canít even find 6 men to represent him? What the hell is going on here Eric?

Eric: Well Vince, Iím still trying to getÖ

Vince: Shut up! You not being able to do your job properly was the reason why I gave Paul Heyman the co-general mangership of this brand, and Eric, it looks like the same failings could well cost you the 50% that you still have. I mean, heís got 6 men, so why canít you get them? Eric, by the end of the night, you will have found a 6th man, or else, YOUR FIRED!

Vince then walks out of the room, leaving Eric and the Coach shocked at the announcement

We go back to the ring, and *Masterpiece* hits, and out to the ring comes Chris Masters. He does his usual entrance with him posing to the crowd and showing off his muscles, which gets a decent amount of heat from the crowd

Then, *My Time Is Now* hits, to a huge explosive pop from the crowd, as out to the ring comes John Cena. He comes down to the ring, playing up to the fans as he usually does, before running into the ring, and starting to take on Masters

Match 4 Ė John Cena vs. Chris Masters

Summary Ė Not the most technically pleasing of matches, but the fans are into the match, with the presence of John Cena, who is competing in a match which isnít the main event for the first time since July 4th. The match is a brawl for the most part, with Cena in total control for the early part of the match, until Masters manages to switch the momentum, and uses an array of heel tactics to keep Cena down. However, after a suplex attempt is blocked, and then Cena scores with one of his own, they way the match goes changes again. Cena then takes control, knocking down Masters with a series of clotheslines and shoulder blocks, and then he hits the 5 knuckle shuffle, but only gets a 2 count. He goes for the F-U, but Masters slides off him and then nails the polish hammer shot, but only gets a 2 count. He goes for the masterlock, but before Masters can get it locked in, Cena manages to escape it by grabbing hold of the ropes. He has to let go, but Masters goes for the move again, and as he does so, Christian and Tomko run down to the ring. Tomko distracts the referee, whilst Christian enters the ring, and he goes to nail Cena with the ring bell. However, Cena manages to duck, and Christian hits Masters instead. Cena then goes for the F-U on Christian, but he turns around to be nailed by a big boot from Tomko, as Christian is this time distracting the referee. However, this allows Rob Van Dam to come down to the ring through the crowd, and as the referee is forcing Tomko and Christian to leave and go backstage, RVD leaps off the top rope, and he nails the 5 star frog splash to Masters, and then Cena can roll over and cover him, after nailing the F-U to Masters as well, which gets the three count

John Cena wins by pinfall

Cena then celebrates the win over Masters with RVD in the ring, as team Heyman have got the upper hand in both the matches that have happened so far tonight. Cena and RVD challenge another member of team Bischoff to come out, but nobody does so, and they just stand tall in the ring


We go backstage, and we see Todd Grisham, who is ready to interview Chris Jericho

Todd: I am standing here with Chris Jericho, who in just a few moments time teams up with Ric Flair to take on Shawn Michaels and Triple H, two men who have teamed together on a number of occasions beforehand. How are you feeling as you go into this match up?

Jericho: How do I feel? Do you know what Todd, I couldnít care less if I tried whether Shawn Michaels and Triple H have teamed together before. It doesnít make a blind bit of difference as to whether I have ever teamed up with Ric Flair before. What matters to me is who I am, and what I can do. I am Chris Jericho, the King of the World. I am the lead singer in Fozzy, the greatest rock band in the world. But look Todd, what I have here is the World Heavyweight Title. You see this, this signifies what I am. In this company, I am the man. I am the man who beat John Cena for this belt not once, not twice, hell, not even a third time. No, I beat the jackass that is the world worst rapper for this belt 4 times. I went from start to finish, coast to coast in the elimination chamber, the most brutal match there is, and I came out of it with my title still around my gorgeous waist. And tonight, Shawn Michaels and Triple H are the men who stand in my way. But just like what happened at Taboo Tuesday, neither of them have a hope in hellís chance of picking up the win. Because tonight, just like at Taboo Tuesday, and at the Survivor Series, Shawn Michaels is going to be on the end of a beating he will never, ever forget again!

Jericho walks off, leaving Todd standing there, to a mixed reception from the crowd


We return, and we see Paul Heyman sitting calmly in the office, standing there with Vince McMahon calmly having a chat and watching the television which is showing Raw, when Eric Bischoff walks into the room

Vince: Well Eric, whoís it going to be then?

Eric: Whoís what going to be?

Vince: Do I have to spell it out to you or not? Whoís the final man in team Bischoff then?

Eric: Ahh. Well Vince, I was on the verge on conforming the final man for my team, but then terrible luck struck. You see, I was on the phone to them, when the battery on my mobile phone ran out, and because I left my charger at the hotel room, I havenít been able to recharge the phone, and complete the call. So if you will just give me another hour or so, then I will be able to complete the team

Vince: Yeah sure Eric, have another hour. No better idea, have another week, or maybe 2 weeks, or hell Eric, how about we have the match first, and then you announce who you want on your team

Eric: I take it thatís a no then?

Vince: Hell yeah itís a no! Eric, I didnít want to have to do this, but you have left me with no choice, Eric BischoffÖ

The door suddenly opens, and the Coach comes through the door

Coach: Eric, Eric, Iíve found the final man for your team

Eric: Who?

Coach: A man who has always been loyal to you when you needed them. A man who has past experience of winning crucial matches on pay per view. A man who is the greatest hardcore champion of all time Ė The Coach

Eric: You?

Coach: Why not Eric? Look at what Iíve done over the last few months. I am the hardcore champion. I have pinfall victories over John Cena, the captain of team Heyman. Whenever you have needed me, I have been there, and I have always succeeded.

Eric: I tell you what Coach, how about I give you the final spot on team Bischoff.

Heyman who has been watching this discussion suddenly bursts into laughter, and the fact the Coach will be in the match

Heyman: Eric, the Coach is the best you can do? Oh all the guys in the world, I didnít think you would be relying on your slave boy to keep you in a job. Eric, what happened to the master negotiator?

Eric: Titles held by the Coach 1. Titles held by Paul Heyman 0.

Coach: Yeah

Eric: Oh and trust me Paul, I still am the master negotiator. Just the trick I have up my sleeve is just too clever to explain to you

Vince: Thank you very much gentlemen, itís great to see that both of you have your teams announced. And itís even better, because next week, every single member of the teams will be in action. And if that isnít enough to get you to watch Raw, then the fact that yours truly, Vincent Kennedy McMahon will be in the building. Oh and Eric, Coach, Paul, best of luck for the future.

The camera then cuts out of the room, with Eric and Paul locking eyes, and then itís cut to the ring.

We return to the ring, and *Sexy Boy* hits, to a decent amount of heat from the crowd, but with there being the odd pop in there as he hasnt completely turned heel yet. He dances down to the ring, and then he enters it, awaiting the rest of the competitors

Then, *Time to play the game* hits, to a large heel reception, as Triple H slowly comes out to the ring. He makes his way down, and then he spits the water in the air, before entering the ring

Thirdly, *Wooooooooooooooo* hits to a big pop from the crowd, as Ric Flair comes out to the ring. He makes his way down to the ring, and then he starts straight at HHH, wanting a piece of him

Finally, *5...4...3...2...1... Break the Walls Down* hits, and out to the ring comes Chris Jericho, to a mixed reception from the crowd. Despite being a hell, the fact he is teaming with Ric Flair has got him a few more cheers. He comes down to the ring in his usual cocky manner, before entering it, as the match can begin

Match 5 Ė Chris Jericho and Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels and Triple H

Summary Ė A long main event match, which must go over 20 minutes in length. The match begins with Flair and HHH brawling with each other, and the same with HBK and Jericho, until the match settles down to a normal pace, with Flair being isolated in the other teams corner. HHH and HBK take it in turns to wear him down, with HHH doing most of the work, wanting to get his hands on Flair, and give him more of a beatdown. There is a lot of work done on the back of Ric Flair, trying to do some damage to the back of him, which was once broken in a plane crash. They keep getting some near falls, but every time either Flair manages to kick out, or Jericho makes the save. Eventually though, Flair manages to fight his way back into the match, and after a superplex that he hits on HHH off the top, both men are forced to make the tag, which brings Jericho and HBK into the match. Jericho explodes out of the corner, and immediately is on the offence against HBK, taking him down with a series of clotheslines, right hands, chops, and then the enzeguiri, which only gets a two count. He goes for the bulldog, but HBK manages to move out of the way, and then he scores with the flying burrito, which leads to the usual HBK comeback. He nips up, and then he catches Jericho with the inverted atomic drop. He then scores with a clothesline, and then the body slam, as he goes to the top rope, and for the elbow drop. However, Flair manages to drape the ropes, which causes HBK to fall down, and to crotch himself. Flair then pushes him off the top rope, and into the middle of the ring, and he is then prone to be hit with the lionsault from Jericho, who hits it and then covers. However, the count is broken at two by HHH, who then throws Jericho into the ropes, and after the knee smash, goes for the pedigree. He tries to hit it, but Flair nails HHH with a huge clothesline, and then he starts to open up with a huge series of right hands on him. He just continues his assault, and he brutalises him, with HHH giving Flair just as much of a beating as well. The two men continue to trade right hands, and they start to leave the ring, and they continue the brawl out of the ring, and into the crowd. Back in the ring, this leaves Jericho and HBK. Jericho goes for the breakdown, but HBK counters it, and then he goes for the sweet chin music. He goes for it, but Jericho ducks, and then he locks in the walls of Jericho. The crowd actually pop for Jericho at this moment, but HBK is near to the ropes, and he manages to get to them. Jericho is disappointed, but he picks HBK back up, and he goes for the double powerbomb on HBK. However, before he can hit it, HBK low blows Jericho, and then he rolls him up, grabs the tights with one hand, and the ropes with the other, and this is enough to get a three count

Shawn Michaels and Triple H win by pinfall

The crowd boo, as Shawn Michaels takes the win over Jericho. HBK quickly leaves the ring, leaving Jericho looking stunned inside it at the fact he lost the match. HBK starts to motion that the same thing will happen at Survivor Series, and motions as if to say the title will be his. Jericho just stands looking at him, as the two men start to talk trash to each other, before HBK just leaves, with him now having the advantage going to SS
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

FD, Review is coming up soon by me.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Raw Review-Great opening promo to start off the night. Edge and Christian part of Team Bischoff is right and Team Bischoff looks quite strong at the moment.

Massive win here for Charlie Haas getting a win over Kurt Angle with a bit of help from AJ Styles. Good aftermath with AJ saving Hass from Shelton and he goes for the Styles Clash but Kurt Angle gets some revenge hitting him with the Angle Slam.

Good promo here and Triple h thankfully accepts the offer from Flair and now we get an I Quit Match at SS. Then he walks into HBK who intresting uses Bret hart's trademark line.

Good 6 man tag match here which ends with MNM interfering and attacking all 6 people causing it to be a Double DQ.

Good promo here with hassan with some good lines about how people are treating him different because he is Arab-American. Hassan v Taker would be a great match

Good promo here with Maria getting herself confused between Eminem and MNM, and then asking Melina if she like MNM's but then she gets attacked by Melina. 3 Way Tag Team match at SS should be very good

Good win here for Sandman getting some revenge over what happened at Taboo Tuesday. Good choice there for heyman bringing Sandman to his team at SS

Whoa big news there with Bischoff having to the end of the night to find a 6th man or he is fired.

Good win here for John Cena over Chris Masters after interference by both teams getting another win for Team Heyman over Team Bischoff.

Haha Boschoff is about to be fired but then Coach comes in and joins Team Bischoff.

Great Main Event to end the night with HBK getting a win over Chris Jericho with some cheating tactics by holding the ropes.

Overall a good building your Main feuds nicely and the Raw side of things for SS looks very good.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Matches/Booking: Your Matches/Booking was great. I like your Summary Length and your Main Event. 9.5/10.

Promo's: That Hassan promo was awsome. So were a few others but that one is the best. 9/10

Length: 18 Pages is truely amazing! 10/10

Spelling/Grammer: Caugh a couple of Spelling Mistakes and a few Grammer Mistakes. 8/10

Entertainment: I really liked this show. It was believeable but as you said some parts were weaker than others. But this was still an entertaining show to read. 8/10

Overall: 89/100. SS is looking good. I'll be reviewing that but let's see what the SD! side has to offer. Kane01 I'll return that review in my BTB by reviewing your next Smackdown.

I'm watching you...

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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

I have to give you a short Review this week because i am really busy.

Kurt Angle vs. Charlie Haas - Wow, this seemed like it was a great match to open the show with, Haas wins it which is a surprise, but a little disapointing seeing Angle loose to him.

CM Punk/Kid Kash/Trish Stratus vs. Matt Striker/Christopher Nowinski/Alexis Laree - A double DQ finish, you just don't see those that often, it was a good way to end the match with MNM coming in and interfere.

The Sandman vs. Steven Richards - I am glad that you had The Sandman win this one, because a loss to Richards would be very dispointing. So a very nice win for the Sandman in this match.

John Cena vs. Chris Masters - I kind of expected John Cena winning the match, going over Masters. Looks like team Heyman has got a promising team on his side.

Chris Jericho and Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels and Triple H - This seemed to be great main event match up here. Seemed to be very realistic. And a win for HBK cheating is great, i like HBK as a heel, that is why i do it in mine. But anyways great main event here.

Your promos are great and you seem to have alot of them, this is my weak spot, but maybe i can read some more of yours and hopefully get better at it. Some things that I like are the Two teams. Team Bischoff and Team Heyman, both of these teams look to be very strong with the addition of Christian and Edge to Team Bischoff, this looks like a hard team to beat. But coach? Well i guess it is just a friend trying to save another friend from being fired. Also Sandman going to Team Heyman sounds to be a good choice for Heyman.

Overal: 8.5/10 - Seemed to be a good show here.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Due to my time restraints, I am going to have to give you an original Arjun review.

Length: You are really working hard, all your shows are very long; the match summaries are detailed. 10/10

Spelling and Grammar: This was weaker than usual. There were the minor mistakes, but some major grammar mistakes. By the way, the adjectible form of joke, is jovial. 8/10

Matches: Haas and Angle is amazing!! Aftermath is leading to SS. Main event was set up well too. Maybe too much aftermath, as you did it more than once, but some great match ups, Cena and Masters would not be bad. 9/10

Promos: Hassan and Christian had the best ones. You are excellent at working with heels. Finally, the end of the Co gms. 8.5/10

Entertainment: I enjoyed it. You said that it was not up to par with your former shows. I will agree, but still solid. 8/10

This review is quite pathetic, but it is the way I used to review. I will be adminstering a normal one next time.

Overall = 43.5/50 = 87%

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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

WWE RAW – November 14th

Good way to kick off the show, with Edge on The Peep Show. Nice comments from Christian early on, mocking the women on Minneapolis. Loved the lines from Edge though, even more. Christian has Tomko, Edge has Lita, lol. And the comment about people only caring about Christian when he was with Edge was great too.

Excellent way to bring out Bischoff, and have him sweet talk Christian onto his Survivor Series team. Brilliant use of Heyman here too, and the build up for the elimination match is really picking up steam now, adding Edge to the mix. Loving the build up for that match.

Unbelievable win for Charlie Haas over Kurt Angle, with Benjamin, Hardy and Styles getting involved. More decent build up for SS, and it looks like more names in Team Heyman then.

Decent interview with HHH, having Hunter accept the I Quit Match. There looks to be only one winner coming from that one, although a swerve could be on the cards, as everyone will likely think Triple H.. I noticed a Bret Hart catch phrase coming from the mouth of HBK … heh.

LMAO. Nowinski and Striker handing out rulers. LOL. I love this team already for some reason. Give them a name though, please. This all looks to be heading to big three team match at Survivor Series. Perhaps the 1st ever Inter Gender SS elimination match?? 3 vs. 3 vs. 3??

Typical Hassan promo, and I’m a little surprised he is challenging Taker to a match at SS, as I expected that one to drag out to NYR. Wont be a pretty match, but it should be interesting to see how Hassan is handled in the match, and whether he is being built up to be a main eventer.

I predicted it!!! … almost. I got the three teams bit right, although I was expecting it to be an elimination style match. Still, should be a good addition to the card, although that makes it 4 matches from Raw, and a possible 5th, should Hassan face Taker. Hopefully though, its no more than that.

Good win for Sandman, but it isn’t really much more than a filler. Very surprised that Sandman is part of Team Heyman, as everyone else is pretty much a main eventer. I guess, it makes sense as Sandman has history with Heyman, although I doubt he will be anything other than the 1st to go.

Interesting development, and I expect The Coach will make up the last place on Team Bischoff, as a quick addition, for Eric to save his job.

Seems like too many matches with run ins tonight. Cena with the win over Masters, after a bunch of run ins. Would be a decent little match to have, and helps give a biggish match feel to the show.

Whatever happened to Jerichos phone calls?? They seem to have disappeared since Taboo Tuesday. I’m sure you arent dropping that angle, as I’d guess it pertains to Survivor Series, which has been built up for a long time in the thread.

As expected, Coach is on Team Bischoff. Coach goes first along with Sandman for each time will be my pick, but most likely, one of them will survive slightly longer.

Another win for HBK over Jericho?? Michaels certainly has all the momentum heading into SS, and it’s either going to be a Bret Hart screw job of HBK, or some swerve, with HBK screwing Jericho. It’s hard to call now, and it’ll be just as hard to call when SS is up.
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