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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Match 1 – CM Punk and Kid Kash © vs. Matt Striker and Christopher Nowinski – Raw Tag Team Titles

I didn’t think this match would start the PPV off but it was a good pick nonetheless. Two good tag teams I especially like the team of Nowinski and Striker. It’s simple with one being a teacher and the other going the Harvard but it works well.
I like the start of this match with the team of Striker and Nowinski using there intelligence to gain the upper hand. Some nice quick counts to start the match with roll ups from reversals and then a suplex. Just a query “what was the suplex” there are loads of suplex’s German, vertical, snap, exploder, brainbuster …………….. you need to be more specific. It’s nothing big though. Like I said I like this match start as it really gets you into the ppv with its fast pace and quick counts. I like the added touch of having the heels making the faces look stupid it creates heat for the team in a different way. The match seems to flow pretty well but I see your keeping up with the quick counts even after the start of the match. I would have liked to have seen a nice long period in this match to break it down from the rest of the match. Oh well I guess the fast pace throughout the match will be okay for an opener.
Wow Melina pushes Kash off the turnbuckle just when he was going to pull off the 450 splash. MNM hits the Snapshot on Punk and as a result they cost them the Tag Team Titles with a little help from the belt from Nowinski showing they can use heel tactics too. Good finish here with the interference from Mercury and Nitro and I’m looking forward to the new champs reign. Nice to start the show off with a title change by the

Match 2 – The Coach © vs. The Sandman - Hardcore Title

I loved the beginning of this match with Coach pleading with his opponent to not hurt him then collects a mini bar as a peace offering. LOL. I can just imagine Sandman looking at all this beer and cigars and contemplating if to take them then Coach takes the Kendo stick and cracks it against his head. Coach picks up the fist pin but doesn’t get the count he wants. He doesn’t want to give up but the second doesn’t do the job either. This match was okay considering Coach was involved but the finish was pretty surprising. I liked the referee running to the ring and hitting Sandman with the beer bottle he wanted from the start hence Coach picking up the win. Steven Richards is the referee and RTC come to pick up the pieces on Sandman. The finish was the highlight of this match with also the start when Coach offered Sandman the mini bar.

Match 3 – Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas – Pure and No DQ match

I liked how this began as a tie with all the confusion and then with the final decision to mix the stipulations into one. It adds that extra spice to the show. The match itself was as fast paced as the others but the quick fall kept going throughout. I don’t mind them at the start, I actually encourage them as it keeps the reader interested but this didn’t really have a period where they really slogged it out without making the cover. Other than that this match flowed well and both men’s move set was utilized to it’s full. I liked the finish of this match pretty well as it came out of nowhere. With all the quick counts it worked well with the match and the missed splash into the T Bone was great. The T Bone suplex itself is a move that can be pulled out of nowhere like a Diamond Cutter or the Stunner. So this fit in well with the contest! I was kind of hoping for Jindrak to pick up the win but I don’t see this feud ending here. I might be wrong but I hope I’m not! The failed second T Bone into the Super Kick from Jindrak gets my hopes up as he demanded another match. Another stipulation will probably be added…..Maybe a ladder match!

Match 4 – AJ Styles © vs. Mohammed Hassan vs. Daivari – Intercontinental title

The Triple Threat wins it which is great. I wonder if Daivari will go for the win or keep with his friend Hassan? This will be interesting to see as the Intercontinental Title is on the line! Lots of pinfall’s in this match with AJ giving it his best against both men. This might as well be a handicap match but things can always change! Daivari tries his best to get into the match and help Hassan but is failing. I like the small touch in this match of having both Hassan and Daivari lose there head and begin to grow angry. This is shown as they keep making pins as soon as Styles kicks out. This adds something more to the match which is going smoothly. It’s kept clear which can be difficult sometimes when there are more that two competitors. The match really goes to a draw with the count outs which shows just how much the match is taking out of both men which is really well done. The match however keeps going which is great, the fact that Daivari and Hassan are tired even when working together shows just how much AJ is battling. I loved the ending of this match with AJ Styles hitting the Styles Clash on Hassan and then making the cover all the while knowing Daivari is going for the Magic Carpet Ride. He moves and shows his ring awareness and the Magic Carpet Ride is hit on Hassan!! Daivari apologises for his mistake and takes a Styles Clash for his troubles. Great Finish for a good solid match. There could have been a little more added in some tag team aspects for Daivari and Hassan but AJ picked up the win and really pushed himself in the fans eyes tonight. I thought this contest really added some prestige to the Intercontinental Title and its holder. I wonder if this will affect the team of Hassan and Daivari or if it will keep going as it has been.

Match 5 – Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam – 30 minute iron man – ECW Rules

30 minute iron man match wins it by the majority this should be interesting. The match is broken down well between pin falls and keeps a steady pace. The suplex picks up the first pin but doesn’t make it. There are a lot of rolls ups in this match which keeps the suspense which is needed in a match of this length. The match keeps to a tie for a long time until Angle jumps to the barricade and completes the Angle Slam through the announcers table and onto the concrete floor. Great spot which hasn’t been done before and is welcomed into an ECW style match. Great way to get the first three count which was needed at this point in the match. The match goes for a nice length before the next pin fall which is cool and was needed for a 30 minute iron man match. RVD picks it up by dodging the chair shot and completing the small package. This pin fall was perfect in this match as you’ve already had the big spot pin with the Angle slam into the announcers table off the barrier. This kept the match unpredictable and made you wonder who would win this bout. Another lengthy sum of wrestling before the next pin with some quick pin fall to keep the people’s interest. Some nice close counts which where needed but it was RVD who picked up the three count with 43 seconds to go. The Five Star Frog with help from the chair earns the pin fall. This creates a huge amount of tension as the clocks runs down and the thought of RVD winning reaches its highest point. The ending was great with this match usually with Angle or any other wrestler with a submission finisher an Iron man match will usually finish with the submission begin locked in and the count clocking down. This was different as the finish was the pin after the Angle Slam. I could just imagine watching this on TV or live in the audience. It would feel like the fastest count in wrestling history. Rob Van Dam kicks out however and ultimately wins the match with one second to go. This match was really written well and I liked the focus on the ankle. It added more suspense when the Ankle Lock was put on him. Great win for RVD as any win over Angle is a big push and well in a match like this it’s even better. I wonder if the ankle of RVD will see an injury angle? If so I wonder where both Angle and RVD will go from here.

Match 6 – Paul Heyman vs. Eric Bischoff – Stone Cold Steve Austin as the referee

Wow loser has to wrestler opponent of the winner’s choice. I thought loser had no control of next Raw had that won. Oh well this still should be interesting. This isn’t a classic by a long shot and well it’s not up like watching a Benoit match. The match is what you’d expect with comical fighting and well just plain cringe worthy wrestling. Coach pulls referee Austin out of the ring to stop the count and tries to help Bischoff out with the Hardcore Title. Even with his best efforts Coach is unable to provoke Austin until he hits him in the back of the head. He gets a Stunner for his troubles and Heyman hits Eric with the Hardcore Title. Paul Heyman wins and Bischoff has to fight an opponent of his choice. Heyman celebrates Austin style and Bischoff gets another Stunner to another pop. Classic Rattlesnake! I wonder who Heyman will pick for Bischoff’s opponent? Anyway this was a match that didn’t have very high expectations. It served it’s purpose by creating pops and having Bischoff fight someone on Raw of Heyman’s choosing.

Edge vs. Matt Hardy – Ladder Match – MITB Contract

The match hasn’t even started yet and there’s already tones of action. Edge thinks he’s outsmarted Matt Hardy until Hardy runs into the ring from the opposing side of the arena and begins to climb the ladder. Edge runs to the ring as the rungs are counted down. This creates great suspense as Matt comes closer and closer towards the contract. Edge stops Matt Hardy and the match goes on. There is some great spots in this match like you’d expect in a ladder match. I like how you count down the rungs, it creates a feeling of suspense and also helps break up the long paragraphs. Matt Hardy looks likely to win the match until Lita enters the ring and costs him the match. Great stuff! I don’t see Lita picking up Edge however I know she’s pretty strong for a woman but come on! The match keeps going at a great speed and the spots keep on coming well. Throughout this match the length between ladder attempts has been nicely done and has worked well with the flow of the match. The finish was great with Matt Hardy trying desperately to reach the ring but to be hit by the woman who cheated on him Lita with a steel chair. Great stuff which led to Edge reaching the contract and cause another blow to his enemy Matt Hardy. I wonder if this is the end of the feud between both superstars???

Match 8 – Trish Stratus © vs. Melina w/Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury – Women’s Title

So Melina wins it by the majority and gets a shot at the Woman’s Title! MNM at ringside has to play a factor in this match unless the referee sends them backstage. The match starts off a little soft with the clothesline reaching two. The match keeps a nice speed at the beginning and remains pretty stiff for a woman’s bout. MNM finally get involved by pushing Trish off the top rope and costing her a winning situation. It was only a matter of time before Nitro got involved. Melina takes her opportunity well and connects with a cross body which reaches the count of two yet again. The match keeps producing pin falls with an okay array of moves such as the neck breaker and the snap suplex. I like the added touch of having Melina lose her patience with Trish as she makes the cover straight after Stratus kicked out of the last. It shows the personality of Melina and keeps the reader interested. I thought Mercury and Nitro would be involved more in this match but I like that your letting the girls go at it in a surprisingly okay match. Well MNM have got involved and delivered the Snap Shot to Trish it has to be over and we have a new Woman’s Champion. Wait no we don’t Trish kicks out!!! I know people can kick out of moves but I just don’t ever see this happening in the real world. I think it would have been more believable if you had Mercury of Nitro hit I don’t a normal DDT or something to that affect. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I just don’t see Trish kicking out of the Snap Shot. MNM try to get involved again but Punk and Kash help Trish out. I thought that Trish had the match won at this point but Trish misses the Chick Kick and gets hit with the Woman’s Title for her troubles. Melina gets the three count and IMO a major upset has been achieved. Overall this match was up to standard. Nobody really knows what Melina can do in the ring seen as though she’s not had a match so it’s hard to write for her but you did well FD. I’m looking forward to Melina’s reign and I wonder where Trish will go from here, I don’t see her without the title for long! I didn’t really like the kick out from the Snap Shot but that’s just me. Overall this was a solid woman’s match seen as thought Melina doesn’t usually enter the squared circle.

Match 9 - Chris Jericho (c) vs John Cena vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H vs The Undertaker vs Christian - Elimination Chamber- Raw Heavyweight Championship

Easy pick here with the Elimination Chamber and it won by all the votes. Not really a big surprise but still looking forward to what should be a great match! A nice little video package to open things up which is always a good way to hype up the up coming match. There isn’t really a weak wrestler in this chamber so it adds to the atmosphere. It’s always better when you can choose from all six wrestlers that you know have a chance of winning instead of maybe 3 or 4. Jericho and Shawn Michaels start things off and the roll up achieves the first pin fall. The match begins pretty well as most of the time a chamber is all about the wait for the next wrestler but this was okay. Not the best start to a match I’ve read but up to standard. Another roll up gets the second pin fall and not surprisingly it doesn’t reach the three. Another roll up for the third pin fall which adds to the pace of the match which is pretty fast and keeps the image of someone being eliminated before the third entrant enters the ring. The countdown begins and both men remain as The Undertaker enters the squared circle. The next count doesn’t really make much sense as Jericho works on the leg and suddenly makes the cover. Taker’s leg is the main focus of this match so far which has lowered the momentum of the match. Taker finally manages to take control of the match and Triple H enters! The match does become a little confusing with four men but it’s not too confusing that you are completely oblivious to what is going on. Triple H doesn’t get off to the best of starts but finally manages an offensive mover on the already beaten Taker. The Deadman has easily been singled out in this match especially with his leg being a prime target. A spinning heel kick completes the next cover which is pretty cool. It’s a little surprising to see four men enter the ring and not one high spot has been made. Especially since Jericho and HBK have been in there from the start. John Cena is next in the match and is nearly hit with his own move. This part of the match has some quick falls as maybe a way of compensating for the lack of spots. I think we need to see an elimination at this point of maybe something like a finishing move with a kick out. I get my wish as there are moves galore happening after every minute. Close counts begin to happen and when Christian is finally released he sees a line of body’s on the floor! Excellent! Great first elimination with Ric Flair’s music hitting and Triple H turning towards the titan tron in shock. Then when no one appears the music hits again until no one appears. Triple H begins to grow in nerves and finally calls out Flair in anger this sets him up for The Unprettier after Christian stalked him from behind. The first elimination is on one of the favourites Triple H and is pulled off by an unlikely suspect Christian! Then when things can’t get worse for Hunter Flair comes charging to the ring and attacks The Game. The pair finally break there fist fight up as security let there presence be felt. The match continues with some great close calls with the FU on HBK and the foot on the rope to stop the count. Taker is catapulted into one of the chambers and the glass shatters with the impact. The Deadman is bleeding something like this was needed at this point in the match. Taker is the next to go which wasn’t much of a surprise considering he’s taken a lot of punishment on the leg. The FU is the foundation and it’s the three men who pile on top that finish him off. This is a good decision as it doesn’t make Taker look weak which could happen as he is the second to be eliminated. The match doesn’t go for too long before the next elimination happens and it’s Christian who takes a surprising Sweet Chin Music to part ways. This quick elimination was well timed and didn’t make Christian look weak. This match showed that he’s considered a big talent in you’re roster and a title challenge could be on the table for the future. Some big spots happen which where needed in this match but even when Cena nails the FU off the chamber he gets hit with the Sweet Chin Music. There’s just a little problem with this bit of the match. You state that Cena is crawling to make the pin and then straight away gets nailed with the super kick. It’s nothing big just thought I’d mention it to you FD. Well John Cena is eliminated which is great I had this dreaded feeling he was going to win. Good choice in at least eliminating him before the last two. The match keeps the momentum of an elimination chamber even though there’s only two competitors left. The moonsault off the chamber was great but I don’t think in reality HBK would be able to pull that off any more I could be wrong however. He did it off the turnbuckle and to the outside at Wrestlemania! He hurts himself I the process of the move and this leads to him only managing the two count. Jericho keeps on fighting and manages to lock in the Walls Of Jericho. I would of likes to have seen HBK keep on for a bit longer but seen as though he’s been in the match from the start and taken a huge bump off the chamber I thinks it’s more believable the way you had him go. Jericho wins…..Great Decision! Overall this was a great match and kept me reading throughout. The match never really lost its momentum and when it felt like it was the big shock happened with Triple H being eliminated first!!! The bigger spots happened near the end of the match which was a surprise but a good choice in the end. Jericho retaining the Title was the cherry on the top for an excellent Elimination Chamber.

In conclusion this PPV was really good with some nice title changes and a killer main event. There was only one big problem and that was the fact you stated just suplex throughout the PPV. No explanation was given for which it was. But it doesn’t really amount to anything really, I guess I’m just being picky! Melina as new woman’s champ was a big surprise and I’m looking forward to where she will go from here. The MOTN was of course the main event but special mention must go to the Edge and Hardy Ladder match. The only contest that didn’t really impress was the Eric Bischoff vs. Paul Heyman match but that was never really supposed too. I’ll be reading and reviewing raw to see who Heyman picks for Eric to fight. I’ll give this PPV a ………………………………….. 95/100
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE


Thanks for the review

I guess i just write suplex instead of the actual type of suplex because firstly it is easier to type, and i guess that most of the time when i do it, i am indicating a normal, vertical suplex. I usually indicate if it is a snap suplex, or a german suplex, but i guess i may have intended to type it, but forgotten to.

Snapsnot on Trish - i think i had her kick out of the move, as i think that melina had recieved one of trish's finishers just beforehand, and so it would take a bit of time for her to crawl over to trish and cover, allowing her the time to kick out, but i dont think i explained that clearly enough i guess. I suppose i should have had her put the foot on the ropes instead

Your SS review will be up tomorrow, as at the moment, i am still writing it, with me being in the middle of tazz/edge currently.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

WWE Smackdown from Indianapolis, IN Conseco Fieldhouse-11th November

Some pyros go off from the ramp as the Smackdown theme tune plays. We then pan around the arena before being sent over to Cole and Tazz

Cole: Welcome to WWE Smackdown! From the Conseco Fieldhouse here in Indianapolis. I’m Michael Cole and alongside me is Tazz. And Tazz what a night we have in store for the guys at home tonight

Tazz: This night is gonna be off the hook, we have a top quality line up to show these Rocking Indianapolis fans.

Cole: We have a big Main Event for you folks as Carlito goes one on one with Rey Mysterio. And also Booker T and JBL will team up to face Rock and Kane.

Tazz: That one is gonna be huge and we have heard since last week that Kane has joined team Batista for the 10 man tag at Survivor Series.

Cole: Not only that but we see the Tag Team Titles on the line as the Mexicools defend their titles against the Number one contenders the Dudley Boyz, and Randy Orton goes one on one with Eugene.

Tazz: Well lets start the action

“Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennnnnnneeddyyyy…Kennnnnnnedddyyyy” Ken Kennedy’s music hits and he comes out to some big heat despite being relatively new

Cole: Well Ken Kennedy has made easy work of his last few opponents but he will have his toughest task to date tonight as he faces the Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit

Tazz: Sure Cole, and Chris Benoit must be very angry after what happened to him last week as Booker T turned on him and Joined the Cabinet. So Chris Benoit will be wanting to send Booker a message by defeating the undefeated Ken Kenneddy…..Kennnnneddy

Tony Chimmel, obviously not learnt to not announce Ken Kennedy tries to announce him, but Kennedy snatches the mic off him and tells him to get out of the ring

Kennedy: Bloody Hell Chimmel haven’t you learned yet. Your crap at announcing, give in your day Job. Come on with that much stupid ness your showing it makes you look like Eugene’s Dad. Anyway………………….The Following contest is for ONNNE fall. With a Twenty minute time limit. Firstly announcing the man who is better than each and every one of you. I hail from GREEN BAY WISCONSIN(Crowd boos)………and I have gained a whole One Pound since last week ………………… but don’t worry it is not an emergencyyyyyy....... Mrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennnnnnnnnnnedddddddddyyyyyy………….Kennnnnnnneeedddddddyyyyyyyyy

“Whatever” Chris Benoit’s music hits and he comes out to a very big pop.

Match 1
Singles Match
Ken Kennedy v Chris Benoit

Summary: A great match put on between the two great athletes in which showed Ken Kennedy’s true abilities in a very back and forth opener to the show. Both men neither seemed to gain the advantage as Kennedy’s cocky approach to the match failed to work, and Benoit’s went to wrestle Kennedy in his style of match, but Kennedy disallowed him. Kennedy finally took advantage as he caught Benoit with a Powerslam, but started taunting again too much and Benoit got back into the match with a German Superlex. Benoit went for the early win via the Cross face, but Kennedy kept himself on his feet and hit a back superlex onto Benoit. Kennedy then started to dominate Benoit trying to slow him down by working on his back. But Kennedy start taunting too much again, and it came back to haunt him as Benoit started to come back into the match hitting some stiff chops. Benoit then went for three German Superlex, he hit two but when he went for the third, Kennedy low blowed him with a back to the Crown Jewels. He then lifted Benoit onto his shoulders and hit a Samoan Drop and he got a two count.

Finish: Kennedy goes for a clothesline but Benoit ducks and comes back off the ropes with a shoulder block. He then connected with another one. He then hit some stinging knife edge chops to the chest, backing Kennedy into the corner as the crowd meet each cop with an “Oooooooo”. He then whipped Kennedy into the opposite corner, he charged up at Kennedy and got a face full of Boot. Benoit staggered away and then charged back at him but Kennedy caught Benoit with a flapjack, causing Benoit to go face first off the top turnbuckle. Kennedy then rolled up Benoit 1………………….2……………Kickout. Kennedy then hit some hard punches to Benoit backing him into the corner. Kennedy then taunted to the crowd before going for a big hard right hand but Benoit ducked and starts fighting back with some hard right hands of his own. But Kennedy pulls out a trick out of a book with a poke to the eye. Kennedy then charges up at Benoit, but Benoit catches him by the arm, takes him down and locks on the Crippler Cross face! Kennedy looks like he is about to tap but he then rolls Benoit over 1……………2…………... Benoit rolls the submission back in, but is now too close to the ropes and Kennedy grabs the ropes. Benoit goes to pick up Kennedy but Kennedy hits him with an elbow to the face. Kennedy then goes for a clothesline but Benoit ducks and he hits three German Superlexes to the newcomer. He then does the Cross Throat taunt and it looks like the Newcomers Undefeated streak is in big jeopardy here. He goes for the Diving Headbutt to Kennedy but he then sees Booker T, JBL and Sharmell walking to the ring. The Cabinet and Benoit have a verbal war between each other distracting Benoit from the match and Kennedy bounces off the ropes causing Benoit to fall on his crown Jewels. Kennedy then climbs onto the second rope and gets Benoit onto his shoulders, and he hits Benoit with the Green Bay Plunge. He then hooks the leg 1……………………….2………………….3!

Winner of the match Ken Kennedy

Cole: And Ken Kennedy has won thanks to JBL and the new members of the Cabinet JBL and Sharmell, what a disgrace

Tazz: Are you trying to ruin Ken Kennedy’s moment here Tazz. He has just beaten quite possibly one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and what do you do, you ruin his moment and blame it on the Cabinet. I’m Ashamed of you Cole.

In the ring Ken Kennedy snatches the mic of Tony Chimmel

Ken Kennedy: And the winner of the match, the man who knocked another four teeth out of that boring Robot (points at Benoit). Mrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennnnnnnneeeedddyyyyy………..Kennnnnnnnnedddddddyyyyy


Backstage we see Ken Kennedy arriving backstage and Brock Lesner walks into him

Brock Lesner: Hey your Ken Kennedy…….

Kennedy: Kennnnnnnnnedddddyyyy

Lesner looks at Kennedy confused

Lesner: Yeahhh…… anyway I have been impressed by your recent performances Kennedy……

Kennedy: Kennnnnneddyyyyy

Lesner looks even more confused

Lesner: Yeah I get it your name is Ken Kennnnnnnnnedddddyyyy

Kennedy: Kennnnnnnnnedddddyyyy

Lesner: Will you stop?

Ken Kennedy shrugs his shoulders

Lesner: Okay……………..As I was saying I have been impressed by your recent performances and I would like you to Join Team Lesner.

Kennedy: Really?

Lesner: Yeah

Kennedy: Yeah okay sounds good………But one thing

Lesner: What

Kennedy: I think we should change our team name. Team Lesner?..................It sounds like a bunch of Porn stars from the 80’s

Lesner: Oh really what would you call it

Kennedy: I would call it team………………...Kennnnnnnnnedddddyyyy

Ken Kennedy then walks off, but then walks back and says in Lesner’s face..

Kennedy: Kennnnnnnnnedddddyyyy

Ken Kennedy then walks off as Lesner looks at Kennedy looking more confused than before and saying to himself What the Hell.

Tazz: Ha-ha Kennnnnedddddyyyy

Cole: Yeah but big news there, that the newcomer has joined team Lesner for Survivor Series

Tazz: No its Team Kennnnnnnedddyyy

Cole: Will you stop! your beginning to get on my nerves now.

“ Children music” Some Children music hits and outcomes Eugene accompanied by his Tag Team partner Heidenreich

“Burn in My Light” Randy Orton’s music hits and he comes out to some big heat.

Match 2
Singles Match
Eugene with Heidenreich v Randy Orton

Summary: A solid match between the athletes in which Orton dominated most part, putting on a Good Performance showing why he deserves to have a Title Shot at Survivor Series. Orton dominates the opening part of the match, not letting Eugene an inch in getting into the match. But he takes a big risk going up top and he goes for a diving crossbody, but the momentum of the crossbody sends Eugene over Orton, Orton kicks out. Orton then bounced off the rope but Heidenreich tripled Orton up. This distracted Orton as Eugene rolled up Orton and Orton kicked out again. Eugene then started to take control of Orton copying moves of his favourite superstars including the Junkyard Dog’s head butts and then hitting Jim Duggan’s clothesline.

Finish: Eugene goes for the Stone Cold Stunner but Orton blocks it by pushing him off the ropes, and he catches Eugene off the ropes with a side slam. He then hits a snap superlex onto Eugene and he hooks the leg 1……………2………….Kickout. Orton then hits Eugene with some more hard right hands backing him into the corner. Orton then grabs Eugene by the hair and smashes his head off the turnbuckle, but to no affect. He does it again, but again to no affect. Orton looks shocked and he does it again, but still to no affect. Eugene then puts on an angry face and pulls at his hair, he then points at Orton. Orton goes for a hard right hand, which is blocked and Eugene hits one of his own, Orton tries again but again to no avail and Eugene starts pounding away at him against the ropes. He then bounces Orton off the ropes and hits him with a big boot. He then starts ripping off Hulk Hogan even more doing Hogan’s legendary taunt. But he taunts too much and it comes to haunt him as he goes for the Leg Drop but Orton moves out of the way. Orton then jumps onto his feet and connects with the RKO onto Eugene. He hooks the leg 1…………….2……………3

Winner of the match Randy Orton

Cole: And Randy Orton gets the win

Tazz: Now that was an impressive performance by Orton and Mysterio will have to bring his A Game to get past Orton at Survivor Series.

“Booyaka 619” Rey Mysterio’s music hits and the crowd erupts. Orton leans over between the second and third rope and he dares Mysterio to come out. But Mysterio comes out through the crowd, he jumps over the barricade and goes into the ring. And he hits the unaware Orton with the 619. Mysterio then starts taunting Orton who is holding his face on the ground.

Tazz: What a cheap shot

Cole: Call it what you like Tazz, but tough luck Orton deserved it.

Tazz: How did he deserve it

Cole: Ok he hit the RKO onto Mysterio’s uncle, he……

Tazz: Okay that’s enough your boring me now.

Backstage we see Batista, The Rock and Kane standing next to Josh Matthews

Josh: Rock, Batista and Kane you are just weeks away from your 10 Man Tag Match at Survivor series. And you still have two partners to find, can you tell us who else is going to be in your team.

Rock: Know your role and shutttt……your mouth. Josh you’re a crap interviewer. So go pootang your ass out of here and find something which you can do good

Rock then kicks Josh Matthews away

Rock: You see we know we have to find some partners for our match. But the thing is we don’t need to find two people. You see we have brought in a man who last week had a beating from the Man who thinks 2 + 2 equals Thomas Jefferson and a thing which is a 10 dollar, no 5 dollar…………. no 1 dollar.………………. no one quarter…………..bargain basement half price slut.

The crowd cheers.

Rock: So here is our forth partner…..

We then see Chris Benoit step in the scene and the crowd give him a big pop.

Batista: You see, Brock Lesner you think your gonna get is easy. With you, the Cabinet and Ken Kennedy you think your gonna get it easy huh. Well you’re not because standing before you is four of the toughest SOBS on this planet. We have probably the greatest technical wrestler of all time in Chris Benoit, we have one of the most Psychotic specimens living today in Kane, we have a former 7 time WWE Champion in the Rock, and you have me Batista. Brock you might aswell kiss your career goodbye because at Survivor Series your gonna get the asskicking of a life time.

The crowd cheers as Batista hands Benoit the Mic.

Benoit: Booker T you joining the Cabinet is one of the biggest mistakes of your life. But crossing with me is the biggest mistake of your life. You might get a few million pounds better of at the Cabinet. But everyone who has ever joined the Cabinet have turned out gutless. You might be able to hit me with a Steel Chair but what would happen if you go face to face with me Booker. Well I will tell you what, you will tap out. And that is what you are going to experience at Survivor Series.

Benoit offers to give the mic to Kane to let him speak but Kane just stares straight through him, so he hands the mic to Rock.

Rock: Brock Lesner at Survivor Series the Millions…………….and millions of the Rock’s fans……………the Batistamaniacs………..the Wolverines……………….and the uhhhh…uhhh what do you have again?

Rock holds the mic to Kane's mouth but Kane just stays quiet and looks on at Rock.

Rock: Okay and the..........The Kanenites will be chanting our names as we eliminate all your Candy asses from the match. If you smelllllllllllllllllll what the Rock……..Batista………….Kane and Chris Benoit are cooking


“ Random Generic Music” Some Generic Music plays and Orlando Jordan comes out to the ring to a mixed reaction.

Cole: Well Orlando Jordan will finally get a chance to get revenge on the Cabinet as he goes one on one with Mike Awesome.

“ Longhorn” The Cabinet’s music hits and Mike Awesome comes out to some big heat. He gets in the ring and does the Cabinet taunt right in front of OJ’s face which slightly angers him.

Match 3
Singles Match
Orlando Jordan v Mike Awesome

The timekeepers rings the bell to officially start the match. Both men are about to lock up but from behind JBL clobbers Orlando Jordan with the Steel Chair.

Winner of the match via DQ Orlando Jordan

Awesome, Booker T, Sharmell and JBL then start a four on one attack on Jordan. Mike Awesome then kicks OJ in the Mid section and hits him with an Awesome Bomb. Booker T then hits Orlando with a Scissors Kick. And JBL then hits him with a Clothesline from hell. But the ambush doesn’t stop there as Mike Awesome grabs the steel steps in from the outside as JBL places a Steel Chair over the arm of OJ. Mike Awesome then raises the Steel Steps above his head, and drops it straight onto the arm of OJ which has a steel chair placed on it. OJ screams in pain holding onto his arm as JBL takes the chair off his arm. Mike Awesome then holds OJ’s arm out as JBL repeatedly hits OJ With the steel Chair off the arm. We then see Chris Benoit and Batista sprinting into the ring. The Cabinet quickly clear the ring as Paramedics rush down as we see OJ screaming in pain holding onto his arm. Chris Benoit and Batista look down the Cabinet down the ramp as the Paramedics bring OJ to the back, who tells them that he thinks his arm is Broken.

Cole: That is a disgrace the Cabinet have destroyed Orlando Jordan’s arm before the match can even get going.

Tazz: Well I think that’s smart thinking from the Cabinet. OJ most likely would have been team Batista’s fifth member and they take him out so now there is not many people who can take his place.

Cole: How do you know the fifth partner would be OJ.

Tazz: It’s just obvious. Why did they come out here to help out OJ?

Cole: Because he was getting ambushed he needed help.

Backstage we see Mick Foley playing in his office playing Pool. And the phone rings. Instead of picking the Phone up Foley just leaves it, and lets it ring. We then someone speaking on the Answer Phone and it turns out to be Vince McMahon.

Vince: (On Answer phone): Where the Hell are you Mick. Your not picking up any of my calls. Who the hell do you think you are, I am your boss Damni…………

Foley unplugs the Phone.

Foley: Shut up Vinny, don’t you see I am playing Pool.

We then see Foley’s assistant entering the room

Assistant: You wanted to see me?

Foley: Yeah could you get me a soda.

Assistant: You called me all the way over here to order me to get a Soda.

Foley: Yes I did. Actually that’s a bit cruel. You don’t have to. But if you don’t you are fired.

Assistant: Fired?

Foley: Yes now go get me a Soda or you know what will happen to you

The Assistant reluctantly walks out to get Foley his soda. And we then see Randy Orton barge into the Office.

Foley: Oh Randy……………..This is the life. Randy I recommend being GM. It is fantastic, do what you want and even better…………….Free Soda!

Randy: I don’t care about free stinkin soda. Did you see what happened out there Mick. I think…………….

Foley: You want a game of Pool, okay that’s fine man but beware I am the Master of Pool.

Randy: I don’t want to play Pool. But did you see what happened out there.

Foley: Oh yeah I did see that fit chick on the front row. I better introduce myself.

Randy: No Foley. Rey Mysterio attacked me. And remember what you said last week that if I touched him I would be fined and my title shot won’t happen. So I order you to fine Rey and strip him off the WWE Title.

The crowd boos.

Foley: That’s true I did say that if you attacked him I would fine you and tell you your title shot won’t happen. But Randy, Key word for ya………………You. I didn’t say that to him, I said that to you. So no your little attempt to get the WWE Title without wrestling for it will not happen. Nice try though

Randy: That’s favouritism, that’s not fair……

Foley: Wa,Wa,Wa go get your dummy. I have never liked you Randy. And what you have done to Rey Mysterio and his Uncle the last few weeks, he deserves revenge. So If I was you I would watch out because you can’t touch him until Survivor Series but he can touch you.

Randy: That’s stupid I could sue you over that……..

Mick: You do want your title shot don’t you Randy

Randy:Yeahhhh (Randy says it looking puzzeled)

Mick: Well shut up and get out my office.

Randy begins to walk off

Mick: And on your way if you see my assistant tell her to Hurry with my Soda. And also Randy have a Nice Day

We then see Foley carrying on playing his game of Pool.

The Dudley Boyz entrance music hits and they come out to a good pop from the Indianapolis fans. They signal to the fans that they will become Tag Team Champions before getting into the ring and waiting for their opponents to come down

The Mexicool’s entrance theme hits and all three of them come down to the ring.

Cole: Why the Hell should Juvi Guerrera and Tajiri come to the ring. It is a Tag Team match not a 4 on 2 Handicap match.

Tazz: Don’t worry man, Tajiri and Juvi are only out there to cheer on their buddies.

Cole: And help them win the match on the way

Tazz Your way too paranoid Cole

Match 4
Tag Team Championship Match
Mexicools v Dudley Boyz

Summary: A solid Tag Team title match between the two teams who desperately hold the titles. The Dudlyz showed their experience over the Mexicools, dominating from the ring bell overpowering the Mexicools not letting them do any fancy stuff. But the Numbers game came to play as Tajiri held onto Bubu Ray’s leg as he bounced off the rope, and this distracted Bubu Ray, long enough so that Psychosis could attack him from behind. The Mexicools then started to use some cheating tactics, Double Teaming, or some time triple teaming on one Dudley while the referee was tied up with the other Dudley. Bubu Ray started to fight back after a little while, but when he bounced off the rope, Tajiri held down the top rope causing Bubu to fall to the outside. Then Super Crazy hit a Corkscrew Somersault Senton over the top rope onto Bubu on the outside. Then in the ring Super Crazy started distracting the referee as Tajiri held back Bubu as Juvi Guerrera hit him with his Cruiserweight Title. Psychosis then rolled him into the ring and hooked the leg but D-Von saved the match for his partner.

Finish: Super Crazy goes for a spinning wheel kick but Bubu rolls out the way and he tags in D-Von. D-Von starts cleaning house taking both Psychosis and Super Cray down with Clotheslines, Elbow smashes and then he takes down both men with back body drop. D-Von bounces Psychosis off the rope, and when Psychosis comes back off them, D-Von catches him by the hair and tosses him over the top to the outside. He then ducks a clothesline by Crazy and he hits him with the Saving Grace. He hooks the leg 1…………….2…………..Kickout by Crazy. D-Von then slams Crazy to the mat before shouting Whazzzup. Bubu then goes to climb up onto the top rope but Juvi yanks on his leg and Bubu falls face first on the Turnbuckle and falls to the outside. The referee is now paying attention to Juvi questioning what he did. And while that is happening, Tajiri gets in the ring and hits the Buzz saw Kick onto D-Von. Tajiri gets out of the ring and Super Crazy slowly makes his way over and hooks the leg 1………………….2…………………Kickout by D-Von. Super Crazy looks on in shock, surprised to see D-Von Kick out. Crazy then lifts D-Von onto his feet and irish whips him accidentally straight into the referee. Super Crazy using the advantage tells Juvi to hand him his Tag Belt, which Juvi obliges to. Super Crazy then places the title over the face of D-Von and he then climbs onto the top rope. He signals for a leg drop but outcomes Chavo, Kidman, London and Kazarian. Kazarian gets into the ring and grabs the Tag Title belt off the face of D-Von and he clobbers Super Crazy with it. Super Crazy falls down onto the mat. The Four Cruiserweight faces then brawl with Psychosis, Juvi and Tajiri on the outside while the referee gets up onto his feet. D-Von and Super Crazy after a while get onto their feet, Super Crazy goes for a clothesline but D-Von ducks and lifts him up and Bubu comes from behind D-Von and the two drop Super Crazy with the 3-D. D-von turns Crazy onto his back and he hooks the leg 1…………………..2………………..3!

Winner of the match and New Tag Team Champions the Dudley Boyz

Cole: And we have New Tag Team Champions!

Tazz: By god those Damn Dudleyz have done it again but the two Cruiserweight groups feud just got even hotter as Kidman, London, Kazarian and Chavo have cost the Mexicools the Tag Team Titles.

Cole: Well never mind the interference Tazz, the Dudley Boyz have become 19 times Tag Team Champions. That’s unbelievable.


When we get back from commercial we see the Mexicools and Tajiri complaining about the Tag Title loss to the Dudleyz. And they walk into Mick Foley.

Juvi: Did you see that Mick, My boys Super Crazy and Psychosis lost their Tag Team Championships. Thanks to those American Pretty Boyz. They deserve a rematch holmes.

We then hear Tajiri complaining in Japanese. While the Mexicools and Mick Foley look at Each Other in a What the Hell type of Manner.

Mick: Yeahhhhh………Well I am not going to give you your Tag Team Titles but at Survivor Series we will have a little match. You see it will be you four. Juvi, Psychosis, Super thingy and Tajiri against Billy Kidman, Paul London, Frankie Kazarian and Chavo Guerrero in an 8 Man Elimination Tag

The crowd cheers as the Mexicools and Tajiri look around each other pleased about the announcement.

Cole: Great match announced there for Survivor Series Tazz.

Tazz: That one should be a blockbuster Cole. 8 great Cruiserweight’s in the ring in what should be an off the hook match.

“The Cabinet” The Cabinet’s music hits and Booker T and JBL come out to big heat. They come out accompanied by Booker T’s wife Sharmell.

“ Explosion” An explosion is heard from the ramp and Kane comes out to a big pop. He comes down looking Psychotic as ever with his United States Title Belt over his shoulder.

“If ya smelll” The Rock’s music hits and he comes out to a thunderous ovation. He comes down looking very confident and calm. He gets onto the middle turnbuckle and salutes the fans while staring at the Cabinet.

Match 5
Tag Team Match
JBL and Booker T v The Rock and Kane

Summary: A good effort by both teams as they go for a win for their team at Survivor Series. As soon as the bell went a brawl occurred between the two teams on the outside. The match did finally calm down when Kane and JBL got in the ring and started off the match. Kane was all over JBL in the opening part of the match not letting him get into the match. Kane started playing it very risky choking about JBL a lot and just a few milliseconds away from getting he and the Rock disqualified. JBL did finally get into the match when he caught Kane off the ropes and hit him with a Fall Away Slam. JBL and Booker T then took advantage over the big red monster cornering him in their corner and using some Double Team Tactics. But Kane used his power to fight back at both men taking both men down with a clothesline when they went for a double clothesline. Kane then hit both men with big boot before tagging in the Rock. And the Rock starts cleaning house on both men. A few minutes later the Rock catches Booker with a spinebuster. He then goes for the People’s elbow but JBL gets in the ring and flattens him with a Clothesline from Hell. Booker T went for the cover but Kane saved his partner, breaking the count at 2.

Finish: The Rock ducks a clothesline by Booker T and he starts to fight back with some stinging hard right hands. He then bounces off the ropes, but runs into JBL who clobbers him with a hard right hand to the back of Rock’s head, and Rock staggers into an Ax Kick by Booker T. Booker T then bounces off the ropes and hits a running knee drop across the throat of Rock. Booker then hooks the leg of Rock 1……………2……….Rock kicks out. Booker T picks up Rock onto his feet and hits him with some stiff chops, backing him into the corner. Booker then whips Rock off the ropes, but Rock explodes from the ropes with a Flying Forearm smash. Both men jump onto their feet and Rock pounds away at Booker T with hard right hands, and he then takes down Booker with a Spit Punch. Rock then bounces Booker of the ropes and catches him with a Samoan Drop. Rock hooks the leg 1…………….2………….Kickout. Rock then goes to pick Booker on his feet but Booker pokes him in the eye. He then follows that with an Enzuigiri. Booker T then waits for Rock to get up and he goes for the Scissors Kick. But Rock, moves out the way, Booker lands on his feet though and he goes for a clothesline, but Rock ducks and sets him up. And he hits Booker T with the Rock Bottom. Rock goes to hook the leg 1……………..2………….JBL breaks the count.. Kane gets in the ring and goes to hit JBL with a big boot but JBL ducks and Kane nails the referee with the big boot. JBL then gets out of the ring and goes to the timekeepers table as Kane follows him. JBL then smashes the steel chair off the skull off Kane, JBL then throws the chair in the ring to Booker T and then slowly goes to wake the ref up. Booker T grabs the chair and nails Rock in the gut with it. He then drops the chair and bounces off the ropes, and hits a Scissors Kick to Rock who falls face first onto the steel chair. He then throws the evidence out the ring just before referee turns around and he hooks the leg 1………………..2………………..3

Winners of the Match Booker T and JBL

Cole: The Cabinet stole one!

Tazz: That is smart teamwork there by JBL and Booker T and that is why they are on Team Lesner and that’s why JBL has picked Booker T to be the new member of the Cabinet.

Survivor Series Commercial

Cole: We are back and coming up is our Main Event.

Tazz: This one is gonna be off the hook

“I spit in the face” Carlito’s music hits and he comes out to some big heat. He comes down throwing an apple up and down. He sees a man at ringside who has a Rey Mysterio T-Shirt on, he begins to chew the Apple and he then spits it in face. Carlito then goes in the ring and waits for his opponent to come down as he gets booed heavily due to his actions just then.

“ Booyaka 619” Rey Mysterio’s music hits and the World Champion comes out to a huge reception. He pops out of the ground and points to some of his fans. He then makes his way into the ring and salutes the fans at each side of the ring.

Match 6
Singles Match
Carlito v Rey Mysterio

Summary: An excellent effort by both men in what turned out to be a great encounter. Rey Mysterio used his quickness at the start of the match ducking any strikes Carlito gave to him and hitting him with some spinning wheel kicks and Hurricarana’s. But Mysterio’s mistake was when he went for an high impact move as when Carlito was on the outside, Mysterio went for a Springboard Crossbody suicida. But Carlito moved out of the way last second causing Rey to crash and Burn onto the concrete Floor. This caused Rey to hurt his knee and Carlito saw this and he started taking advantage over it, working on Rey’s knee. After a while of working on Rey’s knee Carlito went for the Killer as he went for the Figure four leg lock but Mysterio countered it into a Roll up. Carlito kicked out at two. Despite Mysterio’s knee being in agony, it didn’t slow Rey too much and he started to use some Cruiserweight style moves on Carlito. Mysterio leaped onto Carlito’s shoulders, he went for a\ Hurricarana but Carlito blocked it by holding onto his legs. Carlito then fell down onto Rey and he locked on a STF. Rey screamed in pain as Carlito put more pressure onto the move and it looked like Mysterio was going to give in, but Mysterio showed his resiliency by getting to the ropes.

Finish: Carlito goes to whip Rey off the ropes but Rey reverses it and sends Carlito to the ropes. Rey then goes for a Bulldog out of a body scissors but Carlito counters it into a backdrop before Rey drop a Bulldog on Carlito. Carlito hooks the leg 1……………..2…………..Kickout by Mysterio. Carlito then gets onto his feet and stomps away at the face of Mysterio. He then picks up Mysterio onto his feet and hits him with some stinging hard right hands backing Rey into the corner. He then whips Rey into the corner, he then charges up at Rey who leapfrogs him and catches him with a Sunset Flip 1……………….2…………….Kickout. Both men get up and they exchange hard right hands with Carlito getting the better of Rey. Carlito bounces Rey off the ropes and he goes for a Tilt a Whirl backbreaker but Mysterio lands on his feet, and he hits Carlito with a hard right hand to the jaw. Rey then bounces off the ropes and hits Carlito with a Tilt a Whirl backbreaker. Carlito gets onto his feet and staggers into Mysterio who hits Carlito with a Tornado DDT. Mysterio then bounces off the ropes and hits a Snap Leg drop across Carlito’s throat. He then picks up Carlito, who quickly punches him in the face. Rey then runs up at Carlito, but Carlito moves out the way, and before Rey crashes into the Turnbuckle he leaps onto the top rope. He then hits a Frankensteiner onto Carlito 1…………….2……………Carlito rolls Rey over 1……………..2………….Rey rolls Carlito over 1………………2………….Carlito rolls Rey over 1…………….2………….Rey kicks out. Both men get up and Carlito runs up at Rey, who trips him up onto the bottom rope. Rey shouts out 619, and then goes to do it but before he is about to hit it……………….

“Burn In My Light”

Randy orton’s music hits and Rey Mysterio quickly stalls and goes to look for Orton down the ramp. But no one is coming down, and from behind Carlito rolls up Mysterio and holds onto the tights 1………………….2………………3!

Winner of the Match Carlito

After the match we see Carlito celebrating his massive victory over the WWE Champion. Randy Orton’s music once again hits and he comes down to the ring with a smirk on his face. He grabs Rey Mysterio’s World Title from the timekeepers table and brings it into the ring with him. Knowing that he can’t touch Mysterio, he tosses the title into Carlito’s hands and he tells Carlito to hit Rey with it. Carlito obliges and he smashes the title belt off the skull of Mysterio. Orton then leans down over Rey and starts trash talking to him, mentioning that he will be the Next World Champion.. He then spits at Rey showing the Champion No respect. Smackdown ends with Randy Orton raising Rey Mysterio’s World Championship in the air.

The WWE Logo is shown and Smackdown fades to Black

Current WWE Survivor Series Card

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels - World Heavyweight Title

Team Bischoff (Chris Masters, Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin and 3 more) vs. Team Heyman (Charlie Haas, Rob Van Dam, John Cena and 3 more)

Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton - WWE Title

Team Batista (Batista, The Rock, Kane, Chris Benoit and 1 other) v Team Lesner (Brock Lesner, JBL, Booker T, Ken Kennedy and 1 other)

Juvi Guerrera, Psychosis, Super Crazy and Tajiri v Paul London, Billy Kidman, Frankie Kazarian and Chavo Guerrero in 8 man Tag Elimination Match
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Kennedy and Benoit to open the show is a great start, and gets the night off to a bang. Very good opening match, and another big win for Kennedy, probably his biggest so far in the WWE. Although this one he needed help from the cabinet for. Looks like Kennedy and Benoit will be on the SS teams

Kennedy on team Lesnar is now confirmed, and will be a big move for him. Loved this promo, and the renaming of the team part was brilliant.

Good win for Orton over Eugene, although it had to be expected. Rey comes out and hits the 619 afterwards, and finally he gets a bit of revenge on Orton

Good promo from the face SS team, and having Benoit on their side is always a good thing to have. Interesting to see who the final members for each team will be though

OJ/Awesome never gets going due to the fact the cabinet come down and destroy OJ. Good stuff from them here, which puts them over as a top faction, and OJ gets beaten down. Benoit and Batista make the save, and I guess this means that OJ was to have been on the team, but might not be any more

Foley ignores Vince, and instead plays pool and drink soda. Loving it! But maybe vince will show up on Raw this Monday, and have something to say to the other gm’s? (hint hint) Foley is a great gm, and the rules he puts on Orton are great. Rey can attack him, but Orton cant attack Rey, and then tells him to find the assistant – brilliant! Maybe Orton/Foley could be down the line somewhere?

Dudleyz take the tag titles, and they begin another reign with the belts. Nice to see the titles changing hands a bit, and especially as it adds fire to the cruiserweight feud now the mexicools have been screwed out of the belts. 8 man match at SS is finally announced, and will be a great one

Good teamwork by the cabinet, as they steal a win over the Rock and Kane, although they have to cheat to do so. Cabinet have done nothing wrong since Booker joined it seems, and the heel team have all the momentum at the moment, and team Batista need to do or find something from somewhere

Very good main event match, and a good way for the match to end, with Orton distracting Rey as he goes for the 619, leading to Carlito rolling up Rey. Orton and Carlito seem to be on the same page as well, with Carlito taking orders from Orton after the match. Good build up to SS, and it looks as if Rey days with the belt may be numbered
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Taboo Tuesday

Once again, I am only going to give a short review. I will return your Wretlemania review with a SS review.

Heat was heat, Masters gets over some.

One of your best opening videos, you got the point across, I have the power!

Eight – five pages is phenomenal! 10/10

Spelling and Grammar
Random spelling mistakes, and you kept making the same grammatical mistake. You always said the crowd erput. Crowd is singular, so it would be the crowd erupts as they act in unison. 9/10

I like the pairing of Nowinski and Striker. I will be using Nowinski in my thread soon too.

Match 1 – CM Punk and Kid Kash © vs. Matt Striker and Christopher Nowinski – Raw Tag Team Titles
I like how the smart ones gave out pencils, that was awesome. Striker and Nowinski using heel tactics easily establishes them as heels. I like how Striker saves his team many times. MNM interferes and causes the tag team titles. That was a good move as it does not make Punk and Kash look weak. Striker and Nowinski and tag champs will work because they can cut some great promos. The match was very solid for an opening one, set the tone well. 8/10

Stone Cold as guest referee is going to be crazy! Six on six elimination match will be hard to do as it will be hard to find twelve main event guys, but I am sure that it is possible.

Match 2 – The Coach © vs. The Sandman - Hardcore Title
Minibar is quite creative. Ha, Coach fooled Sandman. A referee costs the match for Sandman though!! Stevie Richards!! The Coach will have to drop the title soon, you will run out of things to do. 5/10

Pretty good interview with Jericho, it will be a surprise if he can retain.

Match 3 – Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas – Pure and No DQ match
That is sort of redundant, is it not just a NODQ match?
You are combining the two of them well. The steel steps plus lots of good wrestling, especially many counters. Both men are doing very well. The weapons add another level to this match as well. I never knew there was a three ropebreak limit. This match is just crazy. The moves are just phenomenal. Haas has reversed the T – Bone in so many ways. T – Bone on a chair is the way to end it because it uses the rules of this match, and it makes Haas look good. This match is one of the best I have ever read of yours, everything was in it. Shame it was early in the card. Haas will want another match after the aftermath I guess. 9/10

The Maria parts were not funny, but Cena got the point across. I think there will be a Cena and Austin match at Wrestlemania.

Match 4 – AJ Styles © vs. Mohammed Hassan vs. Daivari – Intercontinental title
It was two on one for the majority of the match, but it is something that you had to do. I must compliment you, you are very knowledgeable in your maneuvers. You do not overuse anything, you always find variety. AJ gets some time do too his stuff, but Hassan and Daivari are too much. AJ misses the shooting star press!!! That is perilous!! I am watching the Angle / Benoit steel cage match. Angle missed a moonsault off the top of the cage, so this is almost nothing. Oh, tension between Hassan and Daivari when Daivari tries to filch the win. At least Hassan saves his partner after the Styles Clash. Another Styles Clash does it though. It made Hassan look good after Daivari is the one pinned, but I think Hassan will say that Daivari should not count. This was a better match than I expected, very well done. 8.5/10

Match 5 – Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam – 30 minute iron man – ECW Rules
Thirty minutes of ECW will be hell, good thing is not the conventional hour long iron man. Five star is early so it is good that Angle moved. RVD and a chair are in the same match. I forsee a Van Daminator to come soon. You are combining the weapons with the match well, just like the Shelton / Haas match. Ouch, a belly – to – belly suplex on the concrete floor. Surprised to see that RVD kicked out of that. Now that is the way to score a fall, Angle Slam through a table, makes RVD look good.
Angle is completely dominating RVD, but now Van Dam is making his comeback. He scores the fall with small package. I would have preferred something else, but it still shows Angle will not succumb to Van Dam’s moves.
RVD was in control here, but Angle powerbombs RVD on the barricade!! RVD is back in the match and weapons are in the ring. Oh my, Angle saves himself after the Van Terminator. Once again, RVD misses the five star, causing himself to go through another table. Now RVD is saved from a finishing move. Thank you, RVD finally hits the five star and he even gets the pinfall to be ahead. I am going to be bold and say that the Angle lock is upcoming.
Yup, the Angle lock is in! Angle gives it one more shot, but RVD saves himself in a dramatic finish. This match is the best so far. The weapons were combined well, though I think it would have been the same even without them. Great match, I see the feud to come to an end here. Good spots here too. This will be a tough act to follow. There were a few minor qualms here, 9/10

Trish was kind of short, but meaningful.

Match 6 – Paul Heyman vs. Eric Bischoff – Stone Cold Steve Austin as the referee
Who cares about those two, I want to see Stone Cold stun some people. Long match for those two, but Stone Cold plays a role in the end result after intervention. I will not rate this, but it was decent for these guys. Now it is just Stunner and beers.

I want to see Lita and Trish. Edge and Hardy for the final time tonight. Good way to introduce Boogeyman I guess.

Match 7 – Edge vs. Matt Hardy – Ladder Match – MITB Contract
You have overdone the gimmick matches, but it is Taboo Tuesday. You are using Lita as a valuable asset to Edge. This match was fantastic. Better than all the other battles between these two. You did not over do it on the spots, there was some real wrestling combined here too. Sometimes it was hard to follow, but I guess that is due to the structure. Everytime that Hardy or Edge climbed the ladder, I felt the climatic feeling. I am glad that this feud is over though, Edge needs to cash in the Money in the Bank and Hardy needs to go back to being a mid – carder. Another job well done as you garner another impressive grader from me, 9.5/10

The showdown between HHH and HBK got the point across, but I would have liked two other people in it. They have had too many showdowns in the past, and I want to see something fresh.

Match 8 – Trish Stratus © vs. Melina w/Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury – Women’s Title
The junxtapostion is horrible, but I can live with it. No idea why the women’s match would ever be eighth. I know you are trying to separate great matches, but that is not necessary. MNM gets involved too. By the way, the matrix move is called Ma – Trish. Oh no, Kid Kash and CM Punk have to ruin a good women’s match because MNM did the same to them at the start of the night. Two matches in a PPV with full interference is pushing the envelope, (Coach in the GM match does not count). The job is not done, Melina ends the eight month reign of Trish. I wonder where you will go from here, I want Trish. 6/10

Poor Maria, she cannot get her dates correct. The Christian and HBK part works well because they had a match at Unforgiven.

I knew Hassan would be upset.

Originally Posted by Clairvoyancey
HBK, Undertaker, Cena, Christian, HHH, Jericho = Six men

Six men = ELIMINATION CHAMBER! I am calling it right now!
Yes, Arjun predicted it a long time ago.

Match 9 - Chris Jericho (c) vs John Cena vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H vs The Undertaker vs Christian - Elimination Chamber- Raw Heavyweight Championship
This should be one heck of a main event. HBK and Jericho starting it off for the second time in the four time history of the chamber. Jericho always starts, his chances of retaining are low. Undertaker in third is surprising. I think he will make an elimination before getting eliminated himself, starting a new feud. Undertaker starts hot until he is grounded. I hope this is not how all the entries work. HHH is now in, making things very interesting. I like reversals of finishing moves, they keep things exciting. Cena is in with full speed ahead as expected. Now the kicks out are coming in from the finishers. Just do not bury the moves too much. So Christian just prematurely enters? Not very heelish to enter early, but it is heelish to take advantage of the situation. F – U on the steel would have been devastating, the DDT on the steel is just as devastating. Oh no, you are committing a rookie mistake, you are bombastic with DDTs. Flair is here now!! Do you not think that you interference has run too rampant. Out of nine matches, six have had interference, including the last four. Scratch, it makes me happy to see HHH gone with the combo of Jericho and Flair. Some kind of brutal match for Flair and HHH at SS.

Elbow drop from the top of the chamber is quite probable. Undertaker does the last ride and Christian kicks out!!!! You should have had him touch the ropes. I have never seen anyone just kick out. SCW but Taker sits up!! That does not matter, Taker goes through the glass!! Taker will not give up!! F – U, and four men pile on him to ensure that he is gone. Takes out another veteran from this match. I suspect he will be in the 6 -6 match. Nevermind, with Hassan and Daivari beating him down, it will be Hassan vs. Taker, it still maybe in the match, but unlikely.

HBK with Sweet Chin music ends Christian’s night. They had a match at Unforgiven and I suspect they will be on opposite sides during the six on six match.

Oh goody, I am so privileged to witness a John Cena comeback. The passing out thing works for me, you are not overusing it like you did at Unforgiven. HBK eliminates another stud with Sweet Chin Music!!! The heel turn is in full effect.

I guess this means Jericho has an equitable shot at winning. Jericho saves himself from the superkick!! The two men who started the match are going to end it, coast to coast. What is a flying burrito?? Taco Bell menu?? HBK taps!!! How does he know he will get a re – match at Survivor Series?? He was not the champion. Is this a slip of the keyboard??

Nonetheless, a brilliant match to end a brilliant PPV. You had some problems, 9/10.

I wish I had been there, my kind of PPV, 9/10

The Bottomline
You ameliorate so much by each PPV. The more you write, the better you get. Your match writing keeps improving by leagues. I will mention the problems I found though: there were nine matches, six of which had interference, that is a bit high, the DDT was overdone, and some finishers were buried while some looked great still. Those are only three flaws, all which can be changed. Survivor Series is going to be great with you and Kane.

Overall score = 92/110 – Great job!

I am sorry that I could not give you the full thing. I hope you still review my Wrestlemania as I will keep an eye out for Survivor Series.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Thanks for the review.

HBK knew he had a rematch for the title at SS because he won a number 1 contenders match the previous night on Raw.

I can see the point you made about interference to be honest, and it was maybe one of the few problems that i felt the ppv had, but hopefully it didnt ruin it.

Flying burrito is the proper name for the flying elbow move that HBK does usually before he nips up when he does the comeback in the match
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Thank you for clearing that much up, I still have another question, where did this rule of three ropebreaks come up? I have never heard of it and never heard a commentator mention it.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

The three rope break rule is a rule that is used in pure wrestling, which is a style of match that is used in Ring of Honor. I dont think the WWE has ever had a match incoporating these rules, so thats probably why you havent heard it
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Thank you once again. I repped you by the way. Here is a suggestion though; your dropbox is really wide, causing your posts to be wide and anomalous. For those elimination matches, put the people involved on the next line. It makes the presentation better.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Heat – 6th November

The Hurricane and Rosey def. The Heartthrobs win they nail the superhero splash on Romeo

William Regal def. Simon Dean when he forces him to tap out to the regal stretch

MNM def. Val Venis and Viscera when they nail the snapsnot on Venis

Shelton Benjamin def. Johnny Parisi after nailing the T-Bone suplex on him

WWE RAW Preview

Just 13 days away from Survivor Series, what will happen when Raw rolls into Minneapolis, Minnesota?

And tonight, Vince Mcmahon will be in the house, as both Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman have to have their Survivor Series teams finalised. Will they get their teams complete, and if so, who will join John Cena, Rob Van Dam and Charlie Haas on team Heyman, and Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters and Kurt Angle on team Bischoff?

And in the main event tonight, we see a huge tag team contest, as Shawn Michaels. and HHH take on Ric Flair and Chris Jericho. What will happen when these 4 men get into the ring together? And after last week’s challenge laid down by Ric Flair for an I Quit match at Survivor Series, will HHH accept?

Plus, Mohammed Hassan has promised to call out the Undertaker

And in action tonight will the raw tag team champions, when they are in 6 person action, as Matt Striker, Christopher Nowinski and Alexis Laree take on CM Punk, Kid Kash and Trish Stratus

Plus, Kurt Angle will take on Charlie Haas, and Chris Masters will face John Cena, as the build to Survivor Series continues

And finally, the peep show returns tonight, as Christian hosts, and he wants some answers. Will he get them, and who will his as of yet unannounced guest be?

Find out, only on Monday Night Raw

Raw will probably be up on either monday evening or tuesday
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