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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Solid promo from both Batista and Lesnar to open the show. Some good lines from Lesnar, and the way he explained his football career was done pretty well. 5 on 5 match for SS was a little surprising, but I guess you want to hold off the 1 on 1 meeting until either armaggedon, or perhaps even RR/Mania.

Big win for Chavo over Psychosis, which puts him over nicely. 4 on 4 cruiserweight match for SS will surely be announced soon, and it will be a solid and strong addition to the card, and a good way to end this feud

Carlito returns and he does so with the cabana. Nice nice work from carlito on the mic, and it looks as if this has done a bit to help set up Rey/Orton for the ppv. Nice comeback by Rey, and nice to see him get some offence in on Carlito until Orton comes down and nails another RKO on Rey

Very good tag match between the cabinet and benoit/booker, and a good win for the cabinet, who have been on a bit of a roll of late. Heel turn from Booker and Sharmell was coming, but them joining the cabinet was a bit of a shock, but he will make a good member methinks.

Rey/Carlito next week will be a good main event match, and Rey/Orton for SS is announced. Interesting to see how this is built up from now, and how the match goes

Rock on team Batista isn’t a surprise, and is a good move

Good stuff from kennedy, who seems to be being pushed well in this thread. Win over Jindrak was no surprise, but was still a good win for him

Good promo from Booker explaining why he is in the cabinet, and then him and JBL join up with team lesnar. Liking the team so far, and I would guess that awesome might be added to the team as well, and maybe kennedy or carlito as the 5th man

Good win for the dudleyz, and the tag title match next week will be good, and we could well see another title change here.

Strong main event between the rock and lesnar, which was an even contest, until the dq happened. The cabinet attacking the rock was expected, and a nice way to build to the 5 on 5 match. Batista obviously makes the save, and the Kane comes out to even the odds, and I guess the US champ will be on the team as well, which will be a strong addition to the team. I guess benoit will be on the team as well, and the final man could be anyone really, but perhaps Orlando Jordan, as I cant think of anyone else off the top of my head

No Heat this week because of the pay per view

WWE RAW Preview – November 7th

What will happen when the fallout from Taboo Tuesday takes place?

After a brutal elimination chamber, Chris Jericho manages to retain his world title. But tonight, he hosts the highlight reel, and his guest is none other than the man he made submit to retain the title, and then man he defends against at Survivor Series, Shawn Michaels. What will happen when the two men are in the ring together?

Also he know that Eric Bischoff, the co general manager will be action, after his defeat to Paul Heyman at Taboo Tuesday. Who will he have to face tonight? And after Vince’s announcement that there will be a 6 on 6 match at Survivor Series, who will Heyman and Bischoff pick to fight for their cause? Will we find out any names tonight?

Ric Flair returned to the WWE at Taboo Tuesday, and he cost HHH his chance at the world title. Surely HHH will be looking for revenge tonight?

And Melina defends the women’s title against Trish Stratus in a rematch from the ppv

And the new tag team champion, Matt Striker and Christopher Nowinski will be on the show, as they debut the teacher’s classroom. What will they have to say?

And finally, in 6 man action, The Right To Censor will take on The Sandman, Matt Hardy and AJ Styles

Find out what happens, only on Monday Night Raw

Raw will be up in a few days time, and due to the fact i have exams coming up at the beginning of this and next week, it will be in the detailed summary format i have used before.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Here is my TT Review sorry it is late.

CM Punk and Kid Kash vs. Matt Striker and Christopher Nowinski - I didn't expect these guys as a tag team but of coarse since they are new they will win the tag titles, still a good match.

The Coach vs. The Sandman - I was very surprsied to see that coached retained even with Steven Richards help, I kinda wanted to see Sandman win the title, but oh well.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas – Pure and No DQ match - I am glad to say that this was in the contenders for MOTN, next to the EC Match, i am happy to see Benjamin pick up the win as I am not to big on Haas.|

AJ Styles vs. Mohammed Hassan vs. Daivari - This was an okay match, but it is kind of hard to follow up that Haas/Benjamin match, glad to see A.J. retain though.

Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam - This was a great match, I loved to see RVD pick up the win here, this match had alot of high spots in it.

Paul Heyman vs. Eric Bischoff - This match was as good as it was going to get, kind of expected to see Paul Heymen win with Austin as the ref.

Edge vs. Matt Hardy - Another really good match here, I really enjoyed reading it. I was sort of rooting for Hardy to win, but I guess having Edge win was good.

Trish Stratus vs. Melina - This was a pretty good match, to bad that Trish lost the match and the title, i am interested in seeing to where you will take this.

Elimination Chamber Match - I has no doubt in my mind that this was in deed the Match of the Night. I was really hoping that Taker could pull it off and become Champion but I guess Jericho retaining is alright.

Overal: 10/10 I really found no flaws at all
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

I just thought i'd tell you FD that my review for Taboo Tuesday is half finished just so you know I havn't forgot. I've had the flu for the past week and a half so I havn't been on the computer alot.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

My review is simple. TT is brialliant. Best I've ever read. You should be very proud young man, you are talented. Well done. I'm giving you a first 98/100. You should feel ecstactic. Well bloody done. I will be reading for months too come
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Could you do me one favour and help us improve our shows on BTB at WWEawn of a new Era. Reviewing would be fantastic and with skills of yours, we will all improve!
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Hey F-D! Don't think I forgot about your Taboo Tuesday review! Ah, I've got to do review for Wolfy on SS and then you are next so expect sometimes this week up!
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Big main event for tonight, as you always manage to pull out, with Lesnar tackling The Rock. Some other strong matches planned for the show too.

Awesome match signed for Survivor Series, with Team Batista to face Team Lesnar. This also allows the inevitable Lesnar - Batista match to be drawn out until WM with this 10 Man. I'm sure you'll put together some great names for this match.

I get the feeling we'll be seeing a 4 on 4 Survivor Series Match, with the Cruiserweights involved. (Mexicools and Tajiri vs Chavo, London, Kidman, Kazarian) Glad to see Chavo pick up a win, overcoming the odds, thanks to help from the other three faces.

Excellent post match reaction from Tajiri and the Mexicools, with Tajiri taking out his frustrations on Josh Matthews. Always love the mist.

Pleased to see how you've had Carlito out for a few weeks, and still on crutches, selling his injuries from No Mercy vs Kane.

Cabana was okay. Not a great promo, but was okay. Pleased to see Mysterio get air time again, and his feud with Orton getting more build up. Not sure though if Rey is on his final few weeks as Champion, or if he'll pull through and continue his successful reign. I'm sure Carlito will be playing a part in the feud now in some way, with him helping Orton on this occasion.

Interesting development with Benoit and Booker T. Very heelish of Booker to just watch and smile, as Benoit loses to JBL. Not liking Booker T as part of the Cabinet. He just doesnt seem like someone who would fit in with the group, especially, with JBL in charge of it, and Booker in a secondary role.

Orton vs Mysterio at Survivor Series, as expected. That'll definately be a magnificent contest for the belt. Carlito vs Rey next week should be a strong main event too.

Awesome statement made by Batista, getting Rock in as his first partner for Survivor Series.

Another win for Kennedy, and I see you getting some steam behind him, with a big winning streak. Hopefully you dont keep him in just a win streak for too long, as he is someone you can use as a strong mid carder early on in his career.

Nice rebound from Lesnar, adding Booker T and JBL into his SS Team. I dont really like Booker as part of The Cabinet, the gimmick doesnt suit him at all. I'd prefer him just as a heel, rather than another face in a stable.

Quite a few spelling mistakes in the 4 Way, especially with The Dudley Boys, calling them the Dudlyz, and calling Bubba, Bubu. Glad to see the veteran team getting another shot though, as the others have either had enough shots lately, or just arent good enough for it.

DQ finish for the main event was okay, as it keeps both men strong, and with JBL causing the DQ, it means they get to build the SS Match even more.

Also, looks like Kane will be part of Team Batista, with him coming to Rock and Batistas aide, which also leads me to think that Carlito will be a part of Team Lesnar, wanting to get some revenge on The Big Red Machine.

Good show, and did a solid job of building up the main SD matches for SS.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Raw is in the recap form this week for reasons i have explained earlier in this thread. Next week it will be back to being in full

WWE RAW – November 7th

The shows opens with a video recap of Taboo Tuesday, highlighting all the key things that happened on the show, before ending with the shot of Jericho holding the title up high in the air.

We then cut to the ring and out walks Eric Bischoff and The Coach. The Coach takes the mic to open the show, and he talks about his victory over the Sandman at the ppv, and how this continues to make him the greatest hardcore champion of all time. Eric Bischoff then takes the mic, and says that even though he lost to Paul Heyman at the ppv, he couldn’t care less, as he knows that there is only 20 days of Paul Heyman being left on Raw. He says that he will assemble the best 6 man team ever seen in the WWE, and he will not only beat Heyman’s team, he will destroy him. And tonight, he will announce the first members of that team, but before that, he has a little recruiting to do, and so he challenges all the Raw superstars to show him what they have got. They go to leave the ring, when Paul Heyman’s music hits, and out he strolls, with mic in hand. He tells them they recruiting wont be the only thing on their mind tonight, as they will both be in action tonight. He tells them that later on tonight, they will team up as a tag team, when they face the first two members of his survivor series team, when they face John Cena, and Rob Van Dam. And then Heyman tells them that they will be taken to the extreme!

We return from a commercial, and we get out first match of the night, as Chris Masters is to go one on one with Charlie Haas. We get a good solid match here, with both men doing the best they can, to produce a solid match. The end comes when Haas goes for the superkick on Masters, but he ducks, and then he nails the referee. The allows Shelton Benjamin to come down to the ring, and he nails Haas with the T-Bone suplex, and then Masters can lock in the masterlock on Haas, forcing him to submit, and giving Masters another win. Masters then stands tall in the ring, as Shelton gets in it, and nails another T-Bone to Haas, before just leaving him there.

We go backstage, and we see Todd Grisham standing with Edge. Todd tries to ask him a question, but Edge just rips into him, just because as the MITB contract holder again, he can do whatever he likes. He then tells everyone that he took care of Hardy, just like he said he would do, and that he would end Hardy’s time in the sun. He then goes on an ego trip, describing in a lot of detail just how he ended the match, and what he did to Hardy. He then says that to him, Hardy no longer exists, and he will do whatever he wants to, because he is Mr. MITB, and he when he decides to use the contract he will take the title. Bank on it!

Our next match is the 6 man tag match between RTC and Sandman/AJ/Matt. RTC come out to the ring, and Steven Richards cuts a promo on the Sandman, and why they had to cost him the hardcore title. They say that they disagree with his drinking and his smoking habits, and they cannot allow him to be used as a role model to the youth of today. However, before they can finish, he comes out to the ring, and so do his partners. We get a decent length match, which ends when AJ nails the Styles clash to Conway, and then Hardy nails the leg drop to him, which gets the pin for the face team. However after the match, RTC beat them down, and then they leave the ring, with the faces down in it

We go backstage, and we see the Coach and Eric Bischoff in the GM office. They are discussing the match tonight, and how they are going to survive the match. Then they start to discuss who Eric wants on his team for SS, when Kurt Angle walks into the room. He tells them that he is exactly the kind of man that he would be looking for. He is former WWE champion, he is extremely focused, and he hates everything about ECW, including Paul Heyman. Eric is impressed by what Angle is saying, and he hires him to the team, as long as he can win a match that he has lined up for him later on tonight. He then tells him that by the end of the night, he wants him to find someone to be on the team. He immediately suggests not 1, but 2 other people to join the team. He says that you want people on the team who make an impact, then what about Chris Masters? This guy has been on a great run as of late, with him winning every match, and if he locks in the masterlock, then they are a gonner. He also suggests Shelton Benjamin, for making yet another impact on Charlie Haas tonight. Bischoff tells him that he likes what he is saying, and tells him to get them to come and see him later tonight, and he will finalise the deal

After a commercial, we go to the ring, and we see Kurt Angle coming out, ready to face the man that Eric has selected for him to face. It turns out to be none other than Doink the Clown, to signify that Paul Heyman as the gm is a joke. Angle quickly squashes Doink, not having to exert to much energy, and quickly wins with the ankle lock, forcing him to tap out. However, Angle refuses to let go of the ankle lock, even after the bell has rung, and he keeps it in, until enough security men and referees have to come out and separate Angle from Doink. Angle then leaves, alongside Eric who has come out to support him, whilst Doink is taken away on a stretcher, with a possible broken ankle

We go back to the ring, and Ric Flair’s music hits, and out he comes to the ring. He tells the fans that it is great to be back in a Raw ring, but even better to not return with HHH having the title around his waist. He tells them even after HHH’s sadistic assault on him at Homecoming, the nature boy still had a little bit left to give, and didn’t want to end his career like that. He says that after HHH has brutalised him as much as he has, and HHH has vowed to end him, it is only fair to see if HHH is good enough to be straight with his word. He calls out HHH, and out to the ring he comes, but with a sledgehammer in hand. Flair tells HHH to give him exactly what he has got, as he is still standing. HHH just looks straight at Flair, and then he swings the sledgehammer at him. However, Flair ducks the shot, and then he nails a low blow on him, and then he throws HHH out of the ring. Flair then picks up the sledgehammer, and he holds it high in the air, challenging HHH to come back at face him. HHH just seems to ignore, as he then walks back up the ramp. However he is stopped by what Flair says next. He tells him that the only way that he will stop fighting HHH, will be when he is unable to any more, because he will never give up, but HHH, will you? Because at Survivor Series, I am challenging you to a match, with both our careers on the line, where the loser has to retire. And this will not be a normal match, oh no, it will be an I quit match. The Game just smiles back down at Flair, and he continues to walk up the ramp, without giving a definite answer

We come back from a commercial, and we then have our next segment of the night, which involves Mohammed Hassan and Daivari standing in the middle of the ring. Hassan takes the mic, and says although he didn’t regain the intercontinental title at the ppv, he is still undefeated, as he has never been pinned. But more importantly, he showed everyone just what he can do, by beating down the Undertaker. He tells the crowd that after he has finished with the Undertaker, he will be just like the American ideas of freedom – dead! He then starts to talk about how he has been disrespected in America, but all this will change, when he is interrupted by the Hurricane and Rosey, who appear to be fed up with his ranting, and they challenge them to a tag team match. The match is kept short, and ends after the flatliner to Rosey, and then the magic carpet ride to Rosey from Daivari, who covers for the win. The Arab-Americans then celebrate the win, by nailing the flatliner on the Hurricane, before leaving the ring

We then see Shawn Michaels making his way into the arena, stepping out of a limousine. He walks into the building, ignoring Todd Grisham as he tries to ask him a question, and then he walks into his locker-room, where he discovers that someone has already been there, as the tv is on, and there is a video tape of him tapping out at Taboo Tuesday to Chris Jericho

We then go back to the ring, and Melina vs. Trish Stratus is about to start in a women’s title match. Melina has Nitro and Mercury along side as back up, whilst Trish is accompanied to the ring by CM Punk and Kid Kash, who want revenge for the tag title match at Taboo Tuesday. The match is a pretty decent match, with some good women’s action, and some brawling between the men on the outside. The match appears to be coming to an end, as Trish looks to be on the verge of regaining the title, when she nails the stratusfaction to Melina, and she goes to cover, when the music of Matt Striker and Christopher Nowinski hits, and they come out for the edition of the teachers classroom, ignoring the fact that it is in the middle of the match. They say that today’s lesson will be about timing, something that they have perfected. Their timing was perfect at Taboo Tuesday, when they won the tag team titles, and again, it is perfect tonight, as they have come out to stop this women’s match. They ask the fans whether they think it is good timing, but they wouldn’t know as they can’t even tell the time. Meanwhile MNM, Trish, Punk and Kash are watching this in the ring, and they don’t seem to have a clue what is going on. Striker then tells us that timing is a very important thing for anyone to have, as if you have got it, then you know exactly what to do. And he says that the time is right to remind everyone who the tag team champions are, and then they roll a little bit of video footage, and tell everyone to make some notes on it. They show the ending of the tag title match at TT, and then he tells everyone just how much he enjoyed the ending. Then Nowinski takes over, and says that at Harvard, if someone costs you a match, you have to use your intelligence to get back at them, and to get even. He tells Punk and Kash they have to be smart against MNM, but whilst they are listening to them, MNM attack them and Trish from behind. Striker then says that what you are watching is an example of timing, and that you are about to see another one, as we are your teachers. Striker and Nowinski then run down to the ring, and they join in the attack on Kash and Punk. They hold up Punk so he can be hit with the women’s title belt, and then Kash is nailed with the snapsnot. Melina then calls for the snapsnot to be hit on Trish, and it is administered to her. The two teams then stand together in the middle of the ring, as the teachers then attack MNM, and throw them over the top rope, after title belt shots. Melina is then left in the ring with them, and she tries to use her charm to get out of the situation. However, she is nailed from behind by a mystery women, who turns out to be Alexis Laree, who appears to be on the same page as the teachers. She throws Melina out of the ring, and they Striker reveals that every teacher has a classroom assistant, and this is Alexis Laree, his assistant.

We then come back from commercial, for out main event match, as RVD and Cena take on Coach and Bischoff. The early part of the match is pretty much a squash for the faces, with them toying with Coach and Bischoff, but still taking them out. They go to finish the match off, when from nowhere, Kurt Angle runs down to the ring and he starts to fight with Cena and RVD. He runs down to the ring, and he goes for a clothesline, but ducks and nails the referee. He goes for the angle slam on RVD, but Cena pulls Angle off him, and then nails a right hand to him. He goes for the F-U, but down to the ring come Chris Masters and Shelton Benjamin, who have obviously joined Bischoff’s Survivor Series team. Shelton nails RVD with the T-Bone suplex, whilst Masters goes to lock the masterlock in on Cena. Cena tries to fight it, but there is nothing he can do, and the hold has been locked in. Angle then slaps him across the face, whilst Shelton talks trash to RVD. However, Charlie Haas then runs down to the ring, and he starts to fight with Shelton, and he superkicks him out of the ring. Masters runs at him, but Haas nails a superkick to him as well, but Angle nails the angle slam to him. He celebrates, but walks into the F-U from John Cena, as he throws him over the top rope. The Coach tries to score a cheap shot on Cena, but he just gets hit with the F-U, and then the 5 star frog splash from RVD, who covers, as the referee recovers to count the three count. RVD and Cena then celebrate the win, and then they nail Bischoff with the F-U and the 5 star frog splash as well, before standing tall in the ring with Charlie Haas and Paul Heyman, as his team is taking shape

We then go backstage, and we see Maria, who is ready to ask Christian and Tyson Tomko about Taboo Tuesday. She introduces the new champion Christian, but although Christian likes sound of being called the champ, he has to tell her that he didn’t win the match, like he told Maria he would. This upsets her, as she says she doesn’t like being lied to, and then she starts crying and runs off. Christian then just shrugs, and says she wasn’t that good anyway. Tomko then buts in, and says that he thought she was the best he has had in a while, until Christian reminds him just who he has had. Christian then says that although he didn’t win the elimination chamber, he felt that he should have won it, and that he lost was not fair. He has he should be going to Survivor Series in the main event, and next week on the peep show, which by the way, he is hosting, he is going to want some answers from people, because that’s how he rolls!

We then get out main event, which is the highlight reel, with Chris Jericho interviewing Shawn Michaels. Chris Jericho comes out, and he reminds everyone just what happened at Taboo Tuesday, with a highlights package of his own, which is of course set to the latest Fozzy single. It is a very biased video package, which shows Jericho on the offensive, and Shawn Michaels being beaten down, and then it repeats over and over again the ending, in which HBK tapped out. He then calls out Shawn Michaels to the ring, and asks him what he thought of being forced to tap put to Chris Jericho. Michaels takes the mic, and he then says it didn’t matter to him that he tapped out, because when it comes down to it, he could beat you any time that he wanted to. He could have got out of the submission, but then it dawned on him – if he did that, then he wouldn’t have the chance to win the world title in Montréal, which is an experience that he just can’t wait to repeat. Jericho then takes the mic back, and tells him that the match at Survivor Series will be interesting, and it looks very much just like 1997, with a Canadian as the champion, and HBK as the challenger. And who knows, there could be a screwjob just like last time as well, but Jericho won’t get screwed. HBK then tells everyone just like last time, he will be leaving with the title around his waist, and he will do whatever it takes to do that, and if it means screwing you, then he will have no problems doing just that. Jericho replies by saying that if you try to screw me, then just like your attempt to win the title at Taboo Tuesday, you will come up a bit short, which is something you are used to. HBK then nails Jericho with the sweet chin music, knocking him down and out. He then tells him that all you have is 20 days, until the heart break kid takes back what is his, and if anyone tries to stop him, then he has just 2 words for you – screw you!


Chris Masters def. Charlie Haas
AJ Styles/Matt Hardy/Sandman def. RTC
Kurt Angle def. Doink the clown
Mohammed Hassan and Daivari def. The Hurricane and Rosey
Melina vs. Trish Stratus ended in a no contest
RVD and John Cena def. Eric Bischoff and The Coach

Survivor Series Card

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels - World Heavyweight Title

Team Bischoff (Chris Masters, Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin and 3 more) vs. Team Heyman (Charlie Haas, Rob Van Dam, John Cena and 3 more)

Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton - WWE Title

Team Batista (Batista, The Rock and 3 others) vs. Team Lesnar (Brock Lesnar, JBL, Booker T and 2 others)
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE


Coach and Bischoff vs Cena and Van Dam should be fun. Cena and RVD on Heymans team indicates there will be plenty of star power in the match, as I had expected it would anyway.

Surprised to see the Benjamin - Haas feud continue, but I guess they need a match to settle it at some point. Good win for Masters, and I see at least Benjamin and Haas on the SS Teams.

Wonder when Edge will decide to cash in on his MITB contract?? Glad his feud with Hardy is now over, as it has went far enough.

Surprised to see Sandman hang around Raw, as I expected last night to be a one off. He's a decent addtion though. Glad Hardy got the pin, but I was surprised that the RTC was on top afterwards, leaving two of the top faces and Sandman down.

Angle on Bischoffs team is awesome. He'll make a great leader, and should Masters and Benjamin get a spot, it'll make for a terrific team to oust Heyman from Raw. Decent squash win for Angle, without having to bury any current stars on the roster.

Excellent challenge from Flair to The game, for an I Quit Match at Survivor Series, with both careers on the line. That'd have to favour Triple H, as his career obviously isnt near its end.

Decent win for the Arab Americans, over Raws jobber team. Wonder when Taker will return again, maybe in time for Survivor Series, or possibly NYR???

Excellent debut for Alexis Laree, as the assistant for Striker and Nowinski. I see this team being a big part of Raw for some time, and this might eventually lead to a three team inter gender tag match, again, possibly at SS??

Glad to see Cena and RVD win, as well as the SS Elimination Match beginning to take shape. It's a hard one to call right now.

Interested to see where you go with Christian, as it doesnt appear he has a definate opponent lined up for SS. He may end up as part of the Elimination Match though, I guess.

Awesome build up, just awesome, for the Survivor Series main event. Most definately it'll finish with a screw job, but it'll be interesting to see how it eventually pans out, and just who gets screwed. It's been built up terrifically, and I have no doubt it will deliver.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Very good Raw Recap building your main feuds very nicely. Good Main Event with Cena and RVD pinning their GM and Coach. Hopefully HHH accepts the offer and we get to see the I Quit match at Survivor Series as i'm sure it would be a great match. Would if loved to see that last promo written out because it looked an excellent one building some more heat between the two and it makes it even more clear that a Screwjob will go down at Survivor Series.
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