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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

Thanks for all the new predictions and comments that have been thrown out about the show, and I have some good and bad news about Wrestlemania...

The good news.... the show is finished (except for a little bit of touching up in a couple of matches)...

The bad news.... there is 1 match where I have 2 different versions of, 1 for each winner as I just cannot decide which way to go with it... so until I decide which version to use to go with the future storylines the show won't be posted.

But until then.... here's a bit of backstage news and notes to keep you interested...

The current plan is for both the WWE and World Title feuds to carry on after Wrestlemania until at least the next ppv. Obviously with neither Edge or Christian having turned heel yet, the feud will clearly carry on with one of them turning heel. There have been a lot of rumours flying around about Tyson Tomko turning heel on Christian tonight, but that is currently not a plan that has been discussed, as they want both men to remain faces after tonights match.

John Cena is the heavy favourite to retain the WWE Title tonight to keep his undefeated record at Wrestlemania alive, as well as the storyline favours him to keep the title. There were brief discussions about giving HBK a short reign, especially as Michaels has been promised that he will win a world title this year, but it looks as if for the moment that reign will have to wait, unless they go with the shock of ending Wrestlemania with a heel victory.

The Lesnar/Undertaker match is the other one that is causing a lot of interest backstage and over the internet as a lot of people are starting to believe that Lesnar could be the one to end the streak. The Undertaker has requested some time off this year, so this could be a way of giving him the time off he wants, but there are a lot of writers who don't think the streak should be ended by Lesnar after he walked out on the WWE before. Lesnar is not currently planned to leave the WWE after Wrestlemania, so it will be interesting to see how this is worked out.

But the Vince/Bischoff match is the one that has seen non-stop arguements and discussions about how the match should finish. The original plan was for Vince to win the match, but that was until a creative proposal was drafted to allow Eric Bischoff to win the match, obviously involving a heel turn from at least 1 of the McMahon family. The storyline was shown to Vince and he loved it, but then someone came to him with an updated version of the Vince winning plan which he loved as well. There has been 2 plans written for the match, as well as 2 different storylines to come off the ppv while the creative team makes their decision, as well as to stop any spoilers being given out.

Ric Flair is expected to win his final match and will be given an on-air in the following weeks after Wrestlemania as well. Triple H has given the go ahead for Flair to beat him in the match, but HHH has been involved in the discussions surrounding the match as not to look too weak. HHH is probably going to be interjected back into the title scene to make a triple threat with Cena and HBK at some point, so he doesn't want to come off too weak in losing to a 50 plus year old who hasn't wrestled in over a year

Wrestlemania to come in a few days....
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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

Final Wrestlemania 23 Card

WWE Title
John Cena (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

World Heavyweight Title
Edge (c) w/Lita vs. Christian w/Tyson Tomko and Maria

Intercontinental Title
Umaga (c) w/Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Rey Mysterio

Money in the Bank and United States Title Ladder Match
Matt Hardy w/Shannon Moore vs. JBL vs. Chris Jericho vs. Gregory Helms w/Shelley Martinez vs. Kane vs. Rob Van Dam w/Paul Heyman vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito (C)

Tag Champions vs. Tag Champions
MNM (c) w/Melina vs. Londrick (c)

Hell in a Cell
Retirement Match
Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

Street Fight for control of the WWE
Stone Cold Steve Austin is the Special Guest Referee
Vince McMahon w/The McMahon Family vs. Eric Bischoff w/Jonathon Coachman

No Holds Barred
Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton

Ric Flair's Final Match
Ric Flair vs. Triple H

Kurt Angle vs. Batista

The Rock vs
. Ken Kennedy

CM Punk vs. Kid Kash

1 - What match will open the show?
Punk vs. Kash.

2 - What match will be the main event?
Cena vs. HBK

3 - How many titles will change hands?
1-2 titles

4 - What will be the match of the night?

5 - What will be the biggest shock on the show?
Edge remaining the World Heavyweight Champion

6 - Will there be any surprise appearances?

7 - What will be the biggest spot of the night?
A huge spot in the MITB or Street Fight

8 - Will there be any heel/face turns? If yes, who?
Yes, but not sure who will be turning heel or face or vice versa.

9 - How will Ric Flair's career end?
Defeating Triple H in a classic match.

10 - Who will be the 'star' of Wrestlemania 23?
Ric Flair and/or Mr. Kennedy
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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

WWE Title
John Cena (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

World Heavyweight Title
Edge (c) w/Lita vs. Christian w/Tyson Tomko and Maria

Intercontinental Title
Umaga (c) w/Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Rey Mysterio
Money in the Bank and United States Title Ladder Match
Matt Hardy w/Shannon Moore vs. JBL vs. Chris Jericho vs. Gregory Helms w/Shelley Martinez vs. Kane vs. Rob Van Dam w/Paul Heyman vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito (C)

Tag Champions vs. Tag Champions
MNM (c) w/Melina vs. Londrick (c)

Hell in a Cell
Retirement Match
Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

Street Fight for control of the WWE
Stone Cold Steve Austin is the Special Guest Referee
Vince McMahon w/The McMahon Family vs. Eric Bischoff w/Jonathon Coachman

No Holds Barred
Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton

Ric Flair's Final Match
Ric Flair vs. Triple H

Kurt Angle vs. Batista

The Rock vs. Ken Kennedy

CM Punk vs. Kid Kash

1 - What match will open the show?

2 - What match will be the main event?
Cena vs. HBK

3 - How many titles will change hands?
1-2 titles

4 - What will be the match of the night?

5 - What will be the biggest shock on the show?
Flair losing

6 - Will there be any surprise appearances?
Yes, The Four Horsemen.

7 - What will be the biggest spot of the night?
Chokeslam through the cell.

8 - Will there be any heel/face turns? If yes, who?
Matt Hardy

9 - How will Ric Flair's career end?
In a loss

10 - Who will be the 'star' of Wrestlemania 23?
Ric Flair

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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

*Take 2 at posting the show - the website crashed last time I tried*

Wrestlemania 23

The show began with a preview video of Wrestlemania. It saw all of the main protagonists in tonight’s ppv talking briefly about what Wrestlemania means to them, and what they plan to do at Wrestlemania 23 to become a legend. The video ended with Ric Flair saying that tonight, all of them get a chance to join him in being a legend....

Match 1 – Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton – No Holds Barred

The show began with Mick Foley’s music blaring across the arena to get the ppv off to a huge star with a big match to start off the show. Foley didn’t wait for Orton to complete his entrance to the ring and attacked him on the entrance ramp with a huge clothesline and then nailing him with several right hands. Foley beat down Orton to the floor and then he drilled him with a running knee to the face. Foley then picked up Orton and brought him back down to the ring, only for Orton to fight back and throw him into the steel steps, and then again for good measure. Orton then brought Foley around to the commentary tables and smashed him head onto one of them, before taking a wire from the cameraman and choking out Foley with it. Orton continued to choke Foley until he managed to elbow him in the face, only for Orton to throw Foley into the ringpost. Foley was then rolled into the ring and Orton followed him, but he brought in a steel chair with him. Orton then cracked the chair over the head of Foley, but only got a 2 count from it.
Orton then picked up Foley and started to nail right hand after right hand to the face of Foley, busting him open as the Legend Killer was showing his ruthless streak. Orton continued to beat him down, but he couldn’t get the 3 count that he was looking for. Orton then rolled out of the ring and decided to bring in some more weaponary to the ring. He threw in a trash can lid, followed by a stop sign, before also bringing a table out. Orton brought went to hit Foley with the trash can, but Foley blocked it with a low blow, before starting to open up on Orton again with right hands, before lifting up the trash can lid and hitting Orton over the head with it time and time again. He then threw Orton into the corner of the ring, before putting the trash can over the top of Orton, before driving his knee into the trash can and into Orton’s face.
Foley was now on a roll, and as Orton stumbled out he hit him with the double armed ddt, only for Orton to kick out on a 2 count. Foley then went back under the ring, only for this time to bring out the 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire. Foley saluted the crowd as he brought it into the ring, ONLY FOR ORTON TO DUCK THE SHOT AND THEN HIT FOLEY WITH AN RKO OUT OF NOWHERE
Orton then taunted the crowd, taking him time over making the cover... only for Foley to kick out and 2. Orton couldn’t believe this, but instead he picked up the steel chair and smashed Foley over the back with it, and then again. Orton then set up Foley for the football kick to the head, ONLY FOR FOLEY TO DUCK THE FOOTBALL KICK AND THEN PICK UP THE 2X4 COVERED IN BARBED WIRE AND HIT ORTON OVER THE HEAD WITH IT.
Foley then hit Orton with it again, and then again as the crowd loved what they were seeing. Foley then went to hit Orton across the head with it, only for Orton to duck it and then use Foley’s momentum to throw him over the top rope. Orton laughed at managing to throw off all that Foley could throw at him, only for Foley to throw a back of thumbtacks back into the ring at Orton.
Foley then re-entered the ring with the 2x4, only for Orton to come at him. However, Orton got hit with the 2x4 and fell down into a few of the thumbtacks that were in the ring. The crowd erupted as Foley covered Orton, only for Orton to somehow get the kickout.
Foley was in disbelief, only for him to reach into his pocket and bring out Mr. Socko. Foley waited for Orton to stumble to his feet, AND THE LOCKED IN THE MANDIBLE CLAW ON ORTON. Foley keeps the hold locked in on Orton who was struggling to get out of the move. Orton started to fall down to his knees as it looked like Foley could have to make Orton tap out here. Foley continues to drive Orton down, ONLY FOR ORTON TO RKO FOLEY ONTO THE THUMBTACKS. ORTON THEN LIFTED FOLEY UP TO HIS FEET BEFORE RKOING AGAIN ONTO THE TUMBTACKS. Orton then covered Foley, and got the 3 count to win this hellacious match

Randy Orton wins by pinfall at 17:49

As we saw Randy Orton and then Mick Foley crawl away from the ring after this brutal opening match to the ppv, the ring had to be cleared up, so we were shown a video of the WWE Fan Access weekend that was held before the ppv.

We then cut to seeing Eric Bischoff in his office with the Coach talking about the Street Fight that would happen later on in the show. He said that tonight he does the most shocking thing in WWE History and takes it out of the ownership of the McMahon family. He tells Coach that he knows at least one of them is prepared to accept the offer that he made on Raw... but that isn’t the biggest surprise that he was planned for tonight. Bischoff and Coach laugh at what he just said, before finishing by saying this man, like him, hates Vince McMahon, and would love to put him out of business.

We then cut over to the McMahon family, where Vince is furious at what Bischoff had just said. Vince said that tonight is the most important match of his life, and not only does he have to deal with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the referee, he has to deal with Bischoff threatening all kinds of surprises, and the possibility of his family turning on him. Vince asked Stephanie, Shane and Linda all whether they planned on screwing him tonight, with all of them saying no. He then told Bischoff that he doesn’t care what he has to say, because he guaren-damn-tee’s that after tonight, the owner of the WWE will be Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Undertaker at Wrestlemania moment #1 – the Undertaker def. Jimmy Snuka at Wrestlemania VII in his Wrestlemania debut

Match 2 – CM Punk vs. Kid Kash

The commentators start the match by mentioning that last year the two of them were teaming up, and now they are facing each other. The match begins with Punk and Kash locking up and Punk showing his technical wrestling ability by keeping Kash grounded by locking in a headlock on him. Kash though began to show why he’s been the cruiserweight champion for 7 months by throwing Punk into the ring post and then dropkicking him in the shoulder to keep him in the corner. Kash then went to work on him in the corner, nailing a series of right hands to him before eventually lifting him out of the corner, but with the sole purpose of planting him with a ddt.
Kash continued to beat down Punk, not allowing his former tag team to get any inkling of offenced on him, until Kash decided to take down Punk with the Superplex. Kash went for the move, but Punk managed to dig deep and block the move, before managing to hit Kash with the Sunset Powerbomb.
Punk then went on the offensive, hitting Kash with 3 successive running knees to the face, before flipping Kash into the corner. Punk then ran at him before hitting an hurricanarana off the top rope, only to get a 2 count. Punk then set up Kash for the Shining Wizard, but as he went for it, Kash rolled away and then rolled up Punk from behind, but only managed to get a 2 count.
Punk then ran at Kash again, but Kash caught him with a shot to the stomach, before hitting the backbreaker to him. Kash went for the cover, but Punk managed to kick out on two. KASH THEN LOOKED AT PUNK BEFORE LIFTING HIM INTO THE AIR WITH THE BRAINUSTER. HE GOES TO HIT THE MOVE, but Punk slips out of it and then dropkicks Kash into the corner of the ring.
Punk then went after Kash and lifted him onto the top rope as he appeared to be looking to hit the Pepsi Plunge to Kash. He climbed the top rope alongside Kash, and tried to lock into the move, but Kash fought back against him, before knocking him off the top rope with another right hand. Punk was then left lying in the middle of the ring AS KASH LEAPS OFF THE TOP ROPE LOOKING FOR THE 450 SPLASH, BUT PUNK MOVED OUT OF THE WAY AS KASH CRASHES AND BURNS.
As Kash tried to stumble back up to his feet, PUNK LEAPT AT HIM WITH THE SHINING WIZARD, connecting with it, before hooking the leg and getting the win over his former partner

CM Punk wins by pinfall at 7:04

After seeing Punk celebrate the win, we went backstage to see a limo show up, and out of the limo out stepped Ric Flair, which got a huge ‘wooooooooo’ from the crowd. Flair showed up in his suit as he walked towards the building for what seems likely to be the last match of his career. As he entered the building Todd Grisham tried to get a few words out of him, with Flair just saying that tonight he shows Triple H exactly why throughout his 30 year career he has been known as the man.

Undertaker at Wrestlemania moment #2 – The Undertaker def. Sycho Sid to become the WWF Champion at Wrestlemania 13

We are then shown a brief video package for out next match which focuses on the beating that Rey Mysterio has received in the past from Umaga, with the question being posed as to how can Rey even match up to this man

Match 3 – Umaga (C) w/Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Rey Mysterio – Intercontinental Title

Rey Mysterio had come to the ring with bandages across his ribs after still suffering from the assaults that Umaga had put on him over the last few weeks, and he seemed to be a step slower than usual as well. The match began with Estrada simply taking out a cigar from his pocket, and breaking it in half, signifying that he just wants Umaga to destroy Rey and he thinks it is going to be that easy. Umaga went to take down Rey with his power early in the match, but Rey managed to duck all the clotheslines and right hands that Umaga threw at Rey, with Rey hitting dropkicks to the legs of Umaga as he tried to take him down to the floor.
Umaga did eventually catch up with Rey and whipped him into the ring ropes. As Rey came back off the ropes, Umaga ducked so he could deliver a back body drop, only for Rey to see it and try to hit a tornado ddt, but Umaga had too much strength for him and he simply slammed Rey to the ground, and that seemed to be the end of the match as a contest for a while, as Umaga simply and methodically destroyed Rey, choking him out as well as using the huge power advantage that he had over him to beat the hell out of Rey. Rey was hit with a chokebomb from the top rope, but managed to kick out on 2, before Umaga slammed him down with a series of powerful body slams. Umaga couldn’t get the 3 count though, so he decided to go to the top rope and hit the splash to Rey. UMAGA LEAPS OFF THE TOP ROPE, LOOKING TO HIT THE SPLASH TO REY MYSTERIO, BUT REY ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY OF IT LEADING TO UMAGA CRASHING AND BURNING.
This was the break that Rey needed to get himself back into the match as he somehow managed to find the strength to nail a series of right hands to Umaga, and then a couple of running clothesline, but he couldn’t knock down Umaga. Rey then leapt to the top rope to hit a cross body to Umaga, only for Umaga to catch him in mid air. UMAGA GOES FOR THE SAMAON SPIKE, BUT REY COUNTERS IT AND ROLLS UP UMAGA.
He got a 2 count, but Umaga broke the pinfall by trying to hit the butt splash to Rey... only for Rey to move and the run into the ropes and dropkick Umaga in the back of the head. He then covered, but Umaga threw Rey into the air on 2. Umaga then got to his feet and took down Rey with a huge headbutt, before Estrada once again told him to go for the Samoan Spike as he broke another cigar. UMAGA GOES FOR ANOTHER SAMOAN SPIKE BUT REY DUCKS IT AND THEN KICKS UMAGA IN THE GROIN, before kicking Umaga with a dropkick, knocking him into the ropes and into position for the 619.
Umaga then covered Rey, but he managed to get a foot on the bottom rope. Umaga didn’t believe this as he dragged him to the corner of the ring. Umaga then kicked Rey in the head to keep him down, before he went to destroy him with the running splash. He went for the move, but again Rey moved and Umaga crashed into the turnbuckle. Rey stumbled to the top rope before leaping off at Umaga, ONLY FOR UMAGA TO HIT HIM WITH THE SAMOAN SPIKE IN MID-AIR. Umaga covers Mysterio, as this match is over

Umaga wins by pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Title at 12:56

Umaga is presented with the title as he and Estrada celebrate winning the match on his Wrestlemania debut, while Rey Mysterio looks to be knocked out in the ring, with him unable to get up after losing this match.

We then go backstage where we see Mickie James standing with her Women’s Title belt. She says that she’s disappointed that she’s not on the Wrestlemania card this year but admits that over the last few weeks she’s beaten every single WWE diva there is. She says that as much as she would have loved to have been on the show, she reluctantly has to admit that there wasn’t a challenge for her. She then turns around to leave but walks straight into TRISH STRATUS, who hasn’t been seen this year on WWE TV. Trish tells Mickie to keep hold of that title for as long as she can, because unfortunately for her she’s back on Monday Night Raw and has some unfinished business.

We then go backstage and we see a preview of the next match... which is the MITB/US title ladder match. We get clips of all the 8 men involved in the match, alongside a comment from them, all of them saying they will go on to win the match.

We are then shown a video of the previous 2 MITB ladder matches, with Edge winning in 2005 when he hit Chris Benoit with the chair, and then Matt Hardy winning last year and also becoming the Intercontinental Champion when he used the title belt to knock AJ Styles off the ladder

Match 4 – Matt Hardy w/Shannon Moore vs. Gregory Helms w/Shelley Martinez vs. JBL vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kane vs. Rob Van Dam w/Paul Heyman vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito (C) - Money in the Bank and United States Title Ladder Match

The 8 men in the ring all look at each other before looking up in the air at the title belt and the briefcase that are hanging in the air, before they start to brawl with each other in the middle of the ring. The 4 Raw Superstars go after the 4 Smackdown stars, with Matt and Carlito, Helms and Jeff, Jericho and Kane and JBL and RVD pairing off in the ring to start with. But after only a few moments the action spreads to the outside of the ring and the ladders come into play. Helms whipped Hardy towards one of the ladders, but Jeff Hardy showed his experience in ladder matches as he ran up the ladder instead, BEFORE HITTING THE WHISPER IN THE WIND OFF THE LADDER TO TAKE DOWN THE OTHER 7 MEN IN THE MATCH
Jeff was then the first to his feet as he picked up a ladder and slid it into the ring, before going to set it up in the middle, only for Kane to get to his feet first and pull Jeff Hardy down. Kane then nailed a few right hands to Jeff, before whipping him into the corner of the ring. Kane then ran at Jeff, but he ducked out the way as Kane hit the corner. Matt Hardy then re-entered the ring with another ladder and threw it into the face of Kane. Matt then got in position for the Poetry in Motion, which Jeff Hardy did, driving a ladder into the face of Kane.
Two more ladders were then brought into the ring by Jericho and JBL meaning that the ring now had 4 ladders in it. We saw a few minor spots with the ladders, such as Jericho nailing a bulldog onto Helms onto the ladder, and then JBL put the ladder on his arm and use to Clothesline for Hell to Carlito and Matt Hardy.
The 4 ladders were then set up in the middle of the ring as all 8 men begin to climb the ladders to go up and try to reach the MITB contract or the US title. They all start to climb the ladders, and all 8 men get to the top of the ladder... only for all of them to fall to the floor in turn, including RVD and Carlito flying over the top rope and onto the floor. The last two to fall were JBL and Chris Jericho who both used the title belt and the briefcase to swing at each other, knocking each other off the ladder and to the floor.
The first man to his feet was Matt Hardy, who slowly tried to set up one of the ladders, and then climb it as Jeff Hardy gets to his feet as well. The brothers look at each other as the only two men on their feet at the moment and Matt tries to reason with Jeff to go and share the prize... only for Jeff to nail Matt with a right hand, saying that was for the Royal Rumble. Jeff hit the twist of fate onto Matt, and then climbed to the top rope looking for the Swanton Bomb, only for Helms to push him off the top rope... and onto a recovering Carlito outside the ring. While back in the ring we saw JBL try to climb the ladder, ONLY FOR KANE TO REACH UP THE LADDER AND TAKE JBL BY THE THROAT BEFORE CHOKESLAMMING HIM OFF THE LADDER TO THE RING.
Kane then went on a rampage, chokeslamming Helms, Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho, but as he went to climb the ladder he was nailed over the head with a chair shot from RVD and then another one as Kane got sent reeling backwards. RVD then threw the chair at him and nailed him with the Van Damninator. Kane stumbled backwards... and into a backcracker from Carlito who re-entered the ring.
Carlito then ducked a chair shot from RVD, and then nailed the backcracker to RVD. Carlito then started to climb a ladder, only TO BE PULLED DOWN BY JERICHO WHO THEN POWERBOMBED HIM OFF THE LADDER. Jericho then started to climb the ladder, as Matt Hardy and JBL got to their feet as well. Jericho reached up to try and get hold of the MITB contract, only for JBL to pull him down, and then Matt Hardy nail the Twist of Fate to Jericho from the top of the ladder. JBL then reached up to try and decide what to pull down... AS JEFF HARDY MANAGES TO GET BACK INTO THE RING AND HE THROWS A LADDER AT JBL, KNOCKING HIM OFF THE LADDER AND TO THE FLOOR.
Everyone was in down and out except for Jeff and Helms, only for Gregory Helms to hit the ddt to Hardy. Helms started to climb the ladder... looking like he is going to win the match, ONLY FOR KANE TO GET TO HIS FEET AND PULL HELMS DOWN OFF THE LADDER. Kane lifts up Helms and delivers a thunderous chokeslam to him, before throwing Helms over the top rope and to the outside. Kane started to climb up the ladder, as Carlito got to his feet as well. Kane and Carlito climb the ladder, with Kane hitting him with right hands as he does so. Kane and Carlito make it to the top of the ladder and as Kane reaches up, Carlito rakes him in the eye. CARLITO REACHES UP TO PULL DOWN HIS US TITLE, BUT KANE GRABS HIM BY THE HAIR BEFORE THROWING HIM OFF THE LADDER. Kane looked as if he was going to win the match... BUT SHANNON MOORE, MATT HARDY’S FRIEND ENTERS THE RING AND PUSHES THE LADDER OVER, SO KANE CRASHES TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING.
Shannon Moore then starts to climb the ladder to retrieve the prizes for Matt Hardy and he gets most of the way there when Jeff Hardy pulls down Moore and nails him with the Twist of Fate. Jeff Hardy then starts to climb the ladder and he gets his fingertips on the MITB contract... when JBL pulls the ladder away from underneath him. JEFF HARDY IS LEFT HANGING IN MID-AIR, JUST LIKE HE WAS AT WRESTLEMANIA 17. Hardy is trying to pull down the MITB contract, but it just won’t come down. JBL though cannot do anything about this and Jericho gets back to his feet and hits him with the breakdown. Hardy manages to get his feet on the ladder, only for Jericho to pull the ladder away just like at Wrestlemania 17. HARDY SWINGS THROUGH THE AIR, AS ROB VAN DAM LEAPS OFF THE LADDER IN THE CORNER OF THE RING AND CONNECTS WITH THE SPINNING HEEL KICK TO JEFF HARDY WHO FALLS FLAT ON HIS BACK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING.
Jericho then sets the ladder back up, only for Paul Heyman to trip his leg from behind and pull him out of the ring. RVD slowly makes it to his feet, with everyone except Jericho (with Heyman pulling him down) and Matt Hardy (just trying to get to his feet) out of the match it seems. RVD climbs the ladder, as Jericho gets back into the ring and Matt gets to his feet. RVD sees that the MITB contract is still swinging all over the place, BUT THE UNITED STATES TITLE ISN’T SO HE TAKES DOWN THE US TITLE WHILE HE HAS THE CHANCE.
Jericho though is attacked by Hardy who slams his head into the ladder. Matt Hardy then climbs the ladder, but Chris Jericho tries to follow him up the ladder. Hardy reaches up to get the MITB contract, but Jericho pulls his legs down to allow him to catch him up. Jericho then takes the MITB contract... AND HITS HARDY OVER THE HEAD WITH IT, KNOCKING MATT HARDY TO THE FLOOR, USING THE EXACT SAME METHOD THAT MATT HARDY USED LAST YEAR. JERICHO PULLS DOWN THE BRIEFCASE AND WINS THE MITB CONTRACT.

Chris Jericho wins the Money In the Bank Contract, Rob Van Dam becomes the new United States Champion at 24:20

Jericho holds the MITB contract up in the air as he stands on top of the ladder to celebrate his win, allowing him a guaranteed title shot at some point throughout the next year. The camera then pans down to see Rob Van Dam lying in the ring with the US title next to him, as Paul Heyman enters the ring and gives it to him, as RVD has become the US champion for the first time

As the ring is cleared of the weapons and bodies, we go backstage where we see Todd Grisham ready to interview... Ken Kennedy. Grisham asks Kennedy about facing the Rock at Wrestlemania, but Kennedy responds by saying that everyone seems to think that this match is a bigger deal that it really is. Kennedy makes the point that it’s not as if he hasn’t beaten the Rock before and in fact, looking at the record you should be asking the Rock about being the underdog in this match. But then Kennedy changes his mind, and says that this match is a big deal, because it will be the last time that you ever see the Rock in a WWE ring. He says that tonight he doesn’t just plan to beat the Rock, as that is a given, but he plans to send the Rock back to Hollywood with the knowledge that he should return to the WWE as long as Mr. Kennedy is there. He finishes by saying that the Rock used to be the people’s champion, he used to be the most electrifying star in sports entertainment... but that man is now Mr. Kennedy.............. Kennedy!

We then pan to another backstage area where we see more clips from the fan access weekend, but this time it focuses on Batista, which leads us in nicely to the next match

Match 5 – Kurt Angle vs. Batista

As the match begins, the commentators remind us that Kurt Angle has focused his attacks in the last few weeks on Batista’s ankle, and so it must be damaged. Angle starts the match by immediatewly trying to wrestle Batista to the ground, but Batista uses his power advantage to throw Angle into the corner of the ring. Batista nailed a couple of shoulder blocks to Angle, but Angle then slipped to the floor and tripped the ankle of Batista, before standing on it. Angle then continues to go straight for the ankle of Batista, and stomps away on it for a while, before taking the ankle and slamming it into the ringpost.
Angle then drags Batista into the middle of the ring and goes for the cover but Batista manages to kick out. Angle then started to work on Batista again, but Batista found something and took down Angle with a huge clothesline, and then another one, before planting Angle with a body slam in the middle of the ring. Batista then went for the bearhug on Angle, but Angle managed to battle his way out of it, before taking down Batista with a ddt. Angle then goes back to work on the ankle of Batista, locking in a leg lock on him as he wretches the lower leg and ankle of Batista apart, with Angle knowing that this is the best way for him to win the match. ANGLE THEN WENT FOR THE ANKLE LOCK, BUT BATISTA KNOWS HE IS RIGHT NEXT TO THE ROPE AND SO REACHES OUT AND GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE.
Batista then found another wind when Angle went back to the ankle lock, kicking him across the ring, and then as Angle ran back at him Batista back body dropped him across the ring. Batista then started to find something, although he was hobbling around on his injured ankle. He nailed a series to clothesline to Angle, before slamming him to the floor. He then went for a vertical suplex to Angle, only for Angle to slip out of it and then nail Batista with a german suplex, and then a second one, and then a third.
Angle started to stalk Batista from behind for the Angle Slam, but as he went for it, Batista slipped out of it and then nailed Angle with a running powerslam, but the pressure the move had put on his ankle meant that he couldn’t get the cover straight away. He eventually crawled over to Angle, but Angle kicked out on 2. Batista though had the advantage when he got to his feet, and this time he did manage to hit Angle with the vertical suplex. BATISTA THEN LIFTS KURT ANGLE TO HIS FEET BEFORE GOING FOR THE SPINEBUSTER, WHICH DESPITE THE BEST EFFORTS OF ANGLE, BATISTA MANAGES TO HIT.
Angle then took down the straps on his outfit before going for the ankle lock on Batista. ANGLE LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK ON BATISTA who is now writhing in agony. Batista tries and tries to battle his way towards the ropes, but Angle keeps pulling him back. Batista reaches out with one last effort AND GETS HIS HAND ON THE BOTTOM ROPE.
Angle couldn’t believe it, and so he went straight back for the ankle lock again. He locked the hold in... but Batista tried to kick Angle away with his one good leg. Angle then tried to pull Batista towards the middle of the ring, BUT BATISTA GRABBED THE LEGS OF ANGLE AND ROLLED HIM INTO A SMALL PACKAGE, AND GOT THE 3 COUNT WITH IT.

Batista wins by pinfall at 11:27

Kurt Angle is livid at the fact he has been outsmarted by Batista who managed to roll him up when Angle least expected it. Batista celebrates stealing the win over Kurt Angle as he hobbles out of the ring and up the ramp.

Undertaker at Wrestlemania moment #3 – The Undertaker def. Kane after 3 Tombstones at Wrestlemania 14

We then go backstage and we see Mene Gene Okerlund, which gets a huge pop from the crowd. He says that it wouldn’t be Wrestlemania without an appearance from Mene Gene, and it wouldn’t be Wrestlemania without his guest... THE ROCK. The Rock then takes the microphone and says that finally the Rock has come back to Wrestlemania. He says that Wrestlemania is the grandest stage of them all, the grand-daddy of sports entertainment, and tonight, the Rock is going one on one with Mr. Kennedy.... Kennedy. He says that Kennedy thought that he could get one over on the Rock when he attacked him with the steel chair, when he put in on the shelf for a few weeks, but the Rock wasn’t going to Kennedy stop him from making it to Wrestlemania. He says that this is the biggest match of Mr. Kennedy’s career, and it’s going to end the way it did on Smackdown with him lying flat on his back (a position he hears he is used to) after getting his candy ass kicked by the Rock and the millions (and millions) of Rock fans in the building tonight. He says that Kennedy may be a rising star, he may have his undefeated Wrestlemania streak of 1, but tonight the Rock is going to take that microphone he introduces himself with and stick it straight up his candy ass... if you smelllllll.... what the Rock is cooking!!!

We are then shown a hype video detailing the Rock/Mr. Kennedy feud, which leads us into this match.

Match 6 – The Rock vs. Mr. Kennedy

The Rock and Mr. Kennedy lock up at the beginning of the match, and the Rock comes out on top, leading to Kennedy ducking out of the ring to avoid having to take the Rock on. The crowd boo Kennedy as he doesn’t seem interested in facing the Rock at the moment, but eventually he does get into the ring with him, only for the Rock to nail him over the top rope with a right hand. The Rock and Kennedy then start to brawl on the outside of the ring, with the Rock trying to whip Kennedy into the barricade, only for Kennedy to reverse it and then smash the Rock’s head onto it. Kennedy then throws the Rock into the steel steps, before rolling him back into the ring.
Kennedy then starts to wear down the Rock again, pounding on him in the corner of the ring, not allowing him a chance to escape and get to his feet, before working on the shoulder of the Rock that would have crashed straight into the steel steps. Kennedy tries a variety of submission moves to wear down the Rock and force him to tap out, but the Rock shows no interest in doing that whatsoever, which is getting to Kennedy. Kennedy then nails a big kick to the shoulder of the Rock, but that isn’t enough to get the win either. KENNEDY THEN SETS UP THE ROCK FOR THE MIC CHECK TO HIM, but at this point the Rock starts to fight back with a series of right hands to Kennedy, before nailing him with a ddt, but that gets a 2 count.
The Rock then keeps the momentum of this going, nailing Kennedy with some more hands, forcing him back to the corner of the ring. The Rock then knocks Kennedy into the air with a huge right hand, before setting him up for the Rock Bottom. THE ROCK GOES FOR THE ROCK BOTTOM, BUT KENNEDY RAKES THE EYES, before taking the Rock and throwing him straight into the turnbuckle. Kennedy then drives his knee into the head of the Rock, but again can only score a 2 count.
Kennedy then goes to the top rope and looks down on the Rock AS KENNEDY IS LOOKING TO HIT THE KENTON BOMB. KENNEDY LEAPS OFF THE TOP ROPE, BUT THE ROCK MOVES OUT OF THE WAY SO KENNEDY CRASHES AND BURNS. The Rock is then first to his feet, and starts to lay the Smackdown on Kennedy, and then catches him with the Spine Buster. THE ROCK THEN GOES FOR THE PEOPLE’S ELBOW AND HE CONNECTS WITH THE MOVE. He covers Kennedy, but Kennedy gets a shoulder up on the 2 count.
The Rock is shocked by this, but then sets up Kennedy for the Rock Bottom. He stalks Kennedy as he makes his way to his feet AND GOES FOR THE ROCK BOTTOM BUT KENNEDY REVERSES IT INTO THE MIC CHECK AND PLANTS THE ROCK WITH IT. Kennedy though doesn’t go for the cover after hitting his finisher, but instead removes his a wrist band and throws it into the crowd as he appears to be going for his version of the People’s Elbow. As he comes off the ropes, he taunts the crowd... ONLY FOR THE ROCK TO SPRING TO HIS FEET AND PLANT KENNEDY WITH THE ROCK BOTTOM. The Rock then covers Kennedy, and gets the 3 count.

The Rock wins by pinfall at 11:01

After the match the Rock grabs a microphone before announcing that the winner of the match is the Rock...... Rock, before throwing the microphone down at Kennedy, who looks enraged as he realises that he has lost the match.

We then go backstage to see the World Heavyweight Champion Edge in his dressing room along with Lita. Edge seems to be very stressed about this match, saying that he can’t lose the title at Wrestlemania 2 years in a row and he can’t let Christian beat him for the title tonight. He says that it’s unfair that Christian has Tyson Tomko and Maria at ringside with him and it swings the odds in Christian’s favour. Lita tells Edge that he hasn’t come this far only to lose the title tonight. Lita says that she is going to be able to take care of Maria tonight, and she’ll take care of Tomko if she has to. Lita tells Edge that he is the World Heavyweight Champion for a reason, and tonight he is going to show everyone that reason. Edge seems to be perked up by this pep talk and responds by saying he is going to retain the title tonight, no matter what he has to do in order to do so.

We then go back to ringside where we are informed that next will be the street fight for control of the WWE between Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff. We are then show the hype video for this match, which takes us back through all the history between the two, showing clips of WCW vs. WWE confrontations, Eric being hired and fired by Vince, and then all the recent moments between the two of them, with Eric showing Vince all the times he has embarrassed his family and promising the other McMahons 50&#37; of the WWE if they help him tonight.

The commentators then remind us about the fact Eric said someone unexpected is going to help him tonight, and he has convinced one of the McMahons to help him

Match 7 – Vince McMahon w/The McMahon family vs. Eric Bischoff w/Jonathon Coachman – Street Fight for Control of the WWE – Stone Cold Steve Austin as the Special Guest Referee.

The match begins with Vince and Eric trying to lock up and wrestle properly to begin with, but this doesn’t last long at all as Vince nails a right hand to Eric and then another as he tries to pound him down into the corner. Vince then nails Eric with a clothesline and gets a 2 count when he goes for the cover. Eric then manages to find back and throw Vince into the turnbuckle before taking him down with a chop to the chest. Eric then throws Vince over the top rope to the outside, and then slams his head into the apron before taking him around towards the announce tables. Eric picks up a steel chair and goes to nail Vince over the head with it, but Vince kicks him in the balls with a low blow, and then Vince picks up the chair and hits Eric over the back with it.
Vince then hits Eric again with the chair, and goes for a third shot, only for the Coach to take the chair away. The crowd boo as Coach goes to hit Vince with the chair, but Austin then takes the chair away from the Coach before smashing him over the head with it, saying that this is a 1 on 1 match. Vince then drags Eric towards the Spanish Announce table, before laying him on top on top of it. Vince then reaches under the ring and pulls out a ladder which he sets up in front of the table. VINCE LEAPS OFF THE LADDER WITH A LEG DROP AS HE TRIES TO PUT ERIC THROUGH THE TABLE, BUT ERIC MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AS VINCE CRASHES STRAIGHT THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE.
Eric smiles as he tries to drag Vince back into the ring, and then he rolls over Vince and makes the cover... only for Vince to kick out on 2 to a huge pop from the crowd. Eric cannot believe it, but he picks up the chair that Austin threw into the ring earlier, and then he cracks Vince over the head with it, surely knocking him out. Eric then goes for the cover again, but he cannot do so because Stephanie McMahon rolls into the ring and lies over the top of her father. Eric starts to stalk Stephanie with the chair, asking her about the deal they had as Shane McMahon enters the ring. He has a Kendo Stick in hand AND GOES TO NAIL BISCHOFF WITH IT, ONLY FOR BISCHOFF TO DUCK AND SHANE TO HIT AUSTIN OVER THE HEAD WITH THE KENDO STICK. Shane looks shocked at what he has just done, but he then hits Bischoff over the head with the Kendo Stick.
Shane then drags Eric to the middle of the ring and climbs to the top rope, looking to hit the elbow drop ONLY FOR JONATHAN COACHMAN TO PUSH SHANE OFF THE TOP ROPE. Shane crashes and burns onto the floor, as Vince rolls over Eric and makes the cover, only for there to be no referee in the ring with Austin still knocked out. The Coach then gets into the ring and stares straight at Vince... ONLY FOR STEPHANIE TO LOW BLOW HIM FROM BEHIND. The Coach falls to the floor as Vince picks him up and throws him over the top rope.
Vince then sees Eric lying on the floor... and he goes for the leg drop... AS... *REAL AMERICAN* COMES OVER THE SPEAKERS AS HULK HOGAN MAKES HIS WAY OUT TO THE RING. The crowd erupt as Hogan comes out, but the question is as to which side he is on. Hogan gets into the ring and points straight at Vince, who is shocked by Hogan’s return to the WWE. Hogan is soaking up the reaction from the crowd as Eric starts to get to his feet, AND HE TELLS HOGAN TO SCREW VINCE JUST LIKE HE SCREWED HIM OUT OF HIS WWE CAREER.
Hogan goes to hit Vince, but HE CHANGES HIS MIND AND HITS ERIC BISCHOFF WITH A RIGHT HAND, and then another one, and then a third as the crowd love what they are seeing. Hogan then whips Bischoff into the ropes as he is going for the Big Boot, but Bischoff is pulled out of the ring but the Coach to a lot of heat from the crowd. Hogan then poses for the crowd, just because he is Hogan and can do whatever he wants to do, ONLY FOR VINCE TO HIT HOGAN OVER THE HEAD WITH A STEEL CHAIR.
The crowd don’t quite know what to do with what they have just seen, as Vince tells Hogan he doesn’t want his help to win this match. Vince tells Hogan to get out of his ring as Bischoff climbs back into the ring. Vince goes to nail Eric Bischoff with the chair shot...ONLY FOR STEPHANIE MCMAHON TO LOW BLOW HIM FROM BEHIND. Vince falls to his knees as his own daughter has turned on him, as Linda McMahon looks on in shock. Eric has a huge smile on his face as he takes the chair from Vince and crashes Vince over the head with it. Linda tries to enter the ring to help Vince... ONLY FOR STEPHANIE TO SLAP HER ACROSS THE FACE.

Eric Bischoff wins by pinfall at 10:57

Eric Bischoff realises that he has won the match and is now the owner of the WWE as he gets a load of heat from the crowd. The Coach comes off to him and raises his hand in victory and points at him, as Eric calls for Stephanie to join their celebration... AND THEN ERIC AND STEPHANIE KISS EACH OTHER.

Shane McMahon then re-enters the ring and starts to berate his sister for what she has done... ONLY AUSTIN TO STUNNER HIM AS REVENGE FOR THE KENDO STICK SHOT EARLIER IN THE MATCH. As this is happening, Vince McMahon slowly gets to his feet as he realises what has happened and that he has lost the match. Vince looks around and then looks straight at Stephanie and tells her she is a bitch. Vince slowly gets to his feet...BUT AUSTIN DECIDES TO STUNNER HIM OUT OF THE RING AND THE WWE IT SEEMS.

Eric, Stephanie and the Coach then continue to celebrate, ONLY FOR AUSTIN TO NAIL THE COACH WITH A STUNNER JUST BECAUSE HE CAN. Stephanie sees what is happening here and goes to leave the ring, but Bischoff is pulled back by Austin... who calls for some beers to be thrown into the ring. Austin insists that Bischoff shares a beer with him, but as Bischoff starts to drink his beer, AUSTIN DROPS HIM WITH THE STONE COLD STUNNER.

This just leaves Stone Cold and Hulk Hogan standing in the middle of the ring... with competing Hogan (as the fans still will chant for him) and Austin chants from the fans. Austin calls for more beers to be thrown into the ring, and offers one to Hulk Hogan, which he accepts. Hogan and Austin then share a beer in the middle of the ring, which the commentators say will go down in history as a great moment in Wrestlemania history.... ONLY FOR AUSTIN TO DELIVER A STUNNER TO HULK HOGAN. The crowd erupts for the most part as Austin calls for more beers to be thrown into the ring for him to celebrate with. It looks as if Austin has created another Wrestlemania moment, this time with him Stunnering Hulk Hogan.

Undertaker at Wrestlemania moment #4 – The Undertaker def. Triple H with the Last Ride at Wrestlemania X7

We then go to a backstage area where we see Triple H and Shawn Michaels, both seemingly preparing for their matches later in the night. HHH and HBK are seen talking about the legend that is Ric Flair, with HHH saying how much he respected Flair... until he decided to double cross him. HHH says that he hates to have to end the career of Ric Flair again, but tonight that is exactly what he is going to do. HBK looks at him and tells him that Flair’s career is ending anyway as this is his last match. HBK tells HHH that his match with Flair has be historic, but it’s not as important as his title match against John Cena. HBK tells HHH that whenever you think back over Wrestlemania, all that you will remember will be the image of 1 man holding the WWE Title in the air at the end of the show... he tells HHH that they’ve both done it, and so know just how important it is. HBK wishes HHH luck in his match against Flair, but tells him that all he’s interested tonight is superkicking the title out of John Cena. HHH says he wishes him luck in doing that, and tells him that after he’s beaten Flair, he’ll be out to support him in the main event. HBK though looks outraged at that, and tells HHH that he doesn’t need his help. HBK says that he’s never lost to John Cena, while HHH has. He then reminds that HHH he didn’t need anyone’s help to get in the main event tonight, and he isn’t going to have any help when he’s out there. He says that tonight... he’s going to the ring alone... and coming back as the WWE Champion... and if HHH isn’t down with that, then he’s just two words for him... suck it! HBK then walks away, leaving HHH a little shocked at the attitude that HBK has taken tonight.

We are then shown a clip from Sunday Night Heat where MNM requested that tonight they were given a shot at Londrick's World Tag Team Titles. Acting GM Stone Cold Steve Austin allowed that to happen, but also put MNM's WWE Tag Team Titles on the line tonight as well

Match 8 – MNM w/Melina (c) vs. Londrick (c) – WWE and World Tag Team Titles

With both teams only having a couple of hours to prepare for the fact that their titles were on the line, the commentators weren’t quite sure how they would react to the news. Nitro and London started the match off and gave us a minute of technical wrestling, ending with London coming out on top by hurricanaraning Nitro out of the ring. Mercury tried to get involved in the early stages of the match, only for Kendrick to leap over the top rope and take down Mercury with a dropkick. London then threw Mercury out of the ring. London then went for a suicide dive over the top rope to take out MNM, only for Melina to pull them out of the way and London crash and burn into floor.
The referee then started to argue with Melina about her interference, but all this meant was that MNM could attack London on the outside, stomping on him before throwing him into the barricade.
Kendrick then tried to get involved as he leapt off the apron and took down Mercury with a diving cross body. But Nitro had moved out of the way of this, and then threw London back in the ring to try and score the win. He covered him, but London kicked out. Nitro then continued to work on London as Kendrick and Mercury recovered outside of the ring.
Mercury managed to get to his feet with the help of Melina and then got the tag from Nitro as MNM then decided to work on London in the corner of the ring, double teaming him with a series of shots to London which kept him away from making the tag to Kendrick. MNM then teamed up to hit a double superplex to London... but Kendrick came into the ring to bring up the count. London though was looking as if he had nothing left to give as the crowd roared him on to try and make the tag. Nitro lifted up London to hit him with the brainbuster WHICH LED TO LONDON COUNTERING THE MOVE WITH A TORNADO DDT, and then crawling across the ring to make the tag to Brian Kendrick.
The crowd exploded as Kendrick came into the ring and opened up on Nitro and Mercury, taking both of them down before nailing ddts to both of them. He then went for the Sliced Bread #2 on Mercury, but Nitro came from behind him to trip his leg, meaning Kendrick bounced off the turnbuckle. MNM THEN HIT THE SNAPSNOT TO KENDRICK, as Mercury makes the cover to Kendrick, ONLY FOR THE COVER TO BE BROKEN BY PAUL LONDON HITTING A LEG DROP OFF THE TOP ROPE. . Nitro then pulled London away, but Kendrick rolled over to make the cover, only for Melina to pull the referee out of the ring.
The referee is once again distracted by Melina, AND THIS IS THE LAST STRAW FOR HIM AS HE SENDS MELINA BACKSTAGE. The crowd erupt as Melina complains about this, while back in the ring London has thrown Nitro over the top rope, and KENDRICK GETS BACK TO HIS FEET AS HE GOES FOR THE SLICED BREAD #2 ON MERCURY, AND THIS TIME HE HITS THE MOVE.
Nitro and London then start to brawl on the outside of the ring as Melina finally starts to go backstage, releasing the referee to make the cover... WHERE HE COUNTS TO 3 AS MNM STEAL THE MATCH AS MERCURY HAD GOT AN ARM OVER KENDRICK, while Nitro pulled London back as he tried to break the cover.

MNM win by pinfall to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles and become the new World Tag Team Champions at 8:39

MNM celebrate how they have stolen the match and become double tag team champions as it looks as if their plan had worked. London and Kendrick look furious that they have had the belts stolen from them, while MNM continue their 6 &#189; month reign as tag champions

Undertaker at Wrestlemania moment #5 – The Undertaker def. Ric Flair in a street fight at Wrestlemania X8

We then cut across to Ric Flair who is seen leaving his dressing room for the final time in his career. He opens the door... to find every single WWE superstar (except for HHH, MNM and Londrick (who haven’t gotten back from the ring yet), Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker (who are due to compete later tonight (and it wouldn’t fit their characters to be there) standing there to form a guard of honour for the Nature Boy. Ric Flair walks down the line of everyone, all of them applauding him as he makes his way towards the ring, including John Cena and Shawn Michaels, who are the last two men he comes across... who both wish Flair the best tonight... before HBK looks straight at Cena and his title. Flair then walks off, only to met by the 4 Horsemen, as we see Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson and Tully Blanchard. The Horseman wish Flair the best in his match tonight as they tell him that they know he can go out on a high. Flair is then confronted by a load of other legends such as Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka who all wish Flair good luck in his final match.

We then cut back to the commentators who talk about how that must be an emotional moment with Ric Flair as he is shown a huge amount of respect by all the WWE superstars... except one man, that being HHH. This then leads us into a preview video of the match, which shows the history of the Ric Flair/Triple H rivalry, which is interspersed by comments from various WWE superstars about what Ric Flair means to them. The video ends though with HHH saying that you should forget all the nostalgia and tears because tonight, for Ric Flair, it is GAME OVER!!!

Match 9 – Ric Flair vs. Triple H – Ric Flair’s Final Match

The match begins with Flair getting a standing ovation from the crowd, but as he soaks up the reaction from the crowd, HHH decides to the get the match underway by nailing a big right hand to Flair, before driving him back into the corner of the ring. HHH then continues to pound on Flair in the corner of the ring, only for Flair to begin to fight his way back, nailing HHH with a series of chops across the chest. Flair nails chop after chop to HHH in the corner of the ring, as HHH begins to reel at the punishment he is suffering. Flair knocks HHH off his feet, leading to him doing a strut across the ring, before throwing HHH to the outside of the ring.
Flair then followed HHH outside the ring, and leapt off the apron to hit HHH with the double axe handle. The crowd love it, as Flair takes HHH and throws him into the steel steps. Flair then picks up HHH again, and goes to throw him into the steps again, only for HHH to reverse it and throw Flair into them. HHH then picks up Flair and takes him across to the Smackdown announce table and smash his head into it. HHH then takes one of the monitors from the table, before threatening to hit Flair around the head with it. The referee tells HHH not to, but HHH asks him whether he wants Flair’s last match to end in a DQ. HHH goes to nail Flair round the head with it, BUT FLAIR DUCKS IT AND THEN TAKES THE CORD OF THE MONITOR AND CHOKES HHH AROUND THE THROAT WITH IT. Eventually Flair is told to let go or he will be DQed, and he does so, before throwing HHH back into the ring, only to get a 2 count.
Flair then picks up HHH, and nails a suplex to him, and then another one. Flair then whips HHH into the ropes and then goes for the back body drop, only for HHH to knee him in the face. HHH then immediately goes back on the offensive and pounds away at Flair.
HHH then decides to do his best Flair impression and chops away the leg of Ric Flair, before locking in a leg lock on Flair. HHH keeps the hold in on Flair and wrenches away, trying to end the career of Flair by taking his legs out. He gets the move locked in and Flair’s face begins to look more pained by the second. Flair though manages to right back, nailing a right hand to HHH which forces him to break the hold. HHH tries to stay on the offensive, but Flair blocks HHH’s attacks and then chops him across the chest. Flair continues to go on the attack and chops HHH off his feet. Flair then drops the knee to HHH, before covering him, but HHH kicks out on 2. Flair then gets ready to go for the figure 4 leg lock, but HHH kicks him away before he has a chance to lock the hold in. Flair then tries to go back on the attack, only for HHH to catch him with a huge Spinebuster. HHH then looks at Flair, before picking him up and going for the Pedigree. HHH GOES FOR THE PEDIGREE, BUT FLAIR COUNTERS IT AND HITS THE BACK BODY DROP TO HHH.
RIC FLAIR THEN GOES FOR THE FIGURE 4 LEG LOCK AGAIN, AND THIS TIME HE MANAGES TO LOCK THE MOVE IN ON HHH. HHH screams in agony and he looks as if he is going to have to tap out. He screams out as he tries to reach the ropes, but Flair increases the pressure on the hold. HHH cannot reach the ropes and he cannot connect with any of the shots he aims at Ric Flair. HE LOOKS AS IF HE IS ABOUT TO TAP OUT, ONLY TO FIND SOME STRENGTH LEFT IN HIS BODY AND REVERSE THE MOVE. HHH now has the figure 4 leg lock in on Flair, pressurising the damaged legs of Flair as Flair begins to scream out. Flair tries valiantly to reach the ropes, but HHH seems to have too much for Flair who is now beginning to look as if he could pass out from the pain. It looks as if HHH is going to make Ric Flair tap out to his own submission hold in his final match. The referee goes over to Flair and begins to drop his arm, and there is no response from Flair. He then drops the arm again, and there is no response. HE DROPS IT FOR A THIRD AND FINAL TIME, BUT THIS TIME FLAIR RESPONDS AND KEEPS HIS HAND IN THE AIR. The crowd erupt as Flair holds his arm up in the air, and then reaches backwards AND GETS HIS HAND ON THE BOTTOM ROPE. HHH has to break the hold, which he is furious about, but eventually he has to release it.
Flair though has had a lot taken out of him, and as he tries to get to his feet, HHH KICKS HIM IN THE MIDSECTION BEFORE HITTING HIM WITH THE PEDIGREE. The crowd boo as HHH lets out a huge wooooo, before thinking about the cover. He then does the Flair strut around the ring, before hooking the leg of Ric Flair. THE REFEREE COUNTS, BUT RIC FLAIR KICKS OUT ON 2. HHH cannot believe it, only for him to go for the Pedigree again. He lifts Flair up and he HITS A SECOND PEDIGREE to Ric Flair, but doesn’t go for the cover. Instead, HHH lifts Flair back to his feet again, before saying this is the final moment of his career. He puts Flair in position for a 3rd and final Pedigree, taking his time over it as he savours the moment. HE GOES FOR THE PEDIGREE, ONLY FOR FLAIR TO ROLL OUT OF IT AND ROLL UP HHH WITH A SCHOOL BOY. THE REFEREE BEGINS TO MAKE THE COUNT AS FLAIR GRABS THE TIGHTS OF HHH AND GETS A 3 COUNT!

Ric Flair wins at 23:28

The crowd erupt as Ric Flair has stolen the win in his last match and proven he is still the dirtiest player in the game. Flair realises that he has gotten the win and begins to celebrate the fact he has won the match, only for HHH to realise what has happened to him. HHH looks insanely mad at Flair and cannot believe that Flair got the best of him. HHH looks straight at Flair before walking over to him....and offering out his hand as a way of saying congratulations to Flair. Flair shakes the hand of HHH, before HHH raises Flair’s hand up in the air. HHH then leaves the ring, shaking his head at the fact Flair beat him, but also shows enough respect for Flair to allow him to have this moment in the ring.

Ric Flair then stands alone in the ring, taking in the reception of the crowd who are giving him a standing ovation. Flair then asks for a microphone, which he is given... and simply says THANK YOU, before letting out 1 final WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!. He then slowly walks back from the ring for the last time, as the camera pans around the arena to see everyone standing up and applauding Flair out of the ring.

Undertaker at Wrestlemania moment #6 – The Undertaker returns as the deadman to def. Kane at Wrestlemania XX

We then cut to see Josh Matthews, who is backstage ready to interview Brock Lesnar. However, before Josh can even ask a question, Brock takes the microphone and says how fitting it is that the Undertaker has had all these videos tonight about his Wrestlemania moments. He says that just because the Undertaker is 14-0 at Wrestlemania, it doesn’t mean he’s going to be 15-0... in fact, he doesn’t have a chance in hell of going 15-0. He says that what these videos are showing is all the memorable moments in the Undertaker’s career, because after tonight they are all that will be left of his career. Brock says that he isn’t scared of facing Taker inside Hell in a Cell as he has done it before... and beaten him before. He says that he isn’t afraid of facing the unbeaten Taker at Wrestlemania, because all things come to an end at sometime. And he isn’t afraid of having his career on the line, because he knows that it isn’t going to end tonight. He says tonight he provides one more memorable Wrestlemania moment for the Undertaker... the image of Brock Lesnar standing on top of the Cell, looking down on the Undertaker having just ended his streak, his legacy, and his career!

The camera then pans across to see Christian, along with Tyson Tomko and Maria making their way out of the dressing room and towards the ring for the World Heavyweight Title match. Tomko and Maria are seen talking to each other, with them wondering to each other when tonight they are going to the start the routine of making a load of jokes, only for Christian to tell them that tonight that isn’t going to happen. He says that tonight is too important for that... tonight is about winning the World Heavyweight Title. Christian says that ever since he lost the title at Summerslam he has dreamed about winning back a world title. He says that last year at Wrestlemania he learnt the feeling of winning a title at Wrestlemania. He asks Tomko and Maria to think back to the end of Wrestlemania 22 and that Wrestlemania moment where the 3 of them stood tall with the title in the middle of the ring. He says that is the proudest moment of his life, and tonight, he wants to produce the sequel. He says that Edge may be his brother, but that doesn’t matter to him as far as tonight is concerned. He says he’s willing to do all he can to take back the title, because tonight he will be taking back the title... BECAUSE THAT’S HOW HE ROLLS!

We then get a video package highlighting the feud for the World Heavyweight Title, showing clips of Edge and Christian as kids before going onto show what has happened since Christian moved to Smackdown, with the two of them teasing a heel turn on each other, but neither actually doing it.

Match 10 – Edge w/Lita (c) vs. Christian w/Tyson Tomko and Maria – World Heavyweight Championship

Edge and Christian start the match by shaking hands with each other to show the brotherly love that exists between them, while their respective charges stay on the outside of the ring. Edge starts the match by coming out on top of the lock up they have and throws Christian into the corner of the ring and then chops away on him, until Christian spins out of the corner and replies with a series of chops of his own. Christian then whips Edge across the ring and then scores with a clothesline as he gets the first fall of the match, only for Edge to kick out. Christian then goes into a little spell of dominance, only for Edge to get back into the match when he reversed an attempted suplex of Christian’s into one of his own. Edge then took down Christian with a neckbreaker as he starts to take control of the match for a small period, but cannot get a fall.
The match spills onto the outside of the ring when Edge goes for a spear on Christian, but Christian moves out of the way and then uses his momentum to throw him through the ropes and to the outside. Christian then leaps off the top rope, and takes down Edge with a diving cross body. Christian then slowly gets to his feet before suplexing Edge into the barricade as he works over Edge, before throwing him back into the ring. Christian goes for the cover, only for Edge to kick out again. Christian then continues his offence by throwing Edge into the corner of the ring and going for the superplex, only for Edge to counter it and throw Christian to the floor. As Christian gets to his feet, Edge leaps off with the missile dropkick and connects with it, but only gets a 2 count. Edge then decides to work on the arm of Christian, realising that he cannot hit the Unprettier if he only has one good arm. Edge then begins to ground Christian with a series of submissions that are applied to his left arm, but clearly they don’t seem to be enough on this night to get the win over the challenger. Edge does slam Christian’s arm into the turnbuckle, before climbing to the top rope, looking to hit an arm drag off the top rope, ONLY FOR CHRISTIAN TO REVERSE IT INTO THE TORNADO DDT, but because of his injured arm he cannot make the cover.
Eventually Christian does cover, but Edge kicks out on 2 due to the delay. Christian though is the stronger of the two when they get to their feet, using his 1 good arm to nail shots to the head of Edge, before planting him with the reverse ddt. Christian hooks the leg, only for Edge to kick out on 2. CHRISTIAN THEN TRIES FOR THE UNPRETTIER, BUT HIS ARM IN STILL IN PAIN AND HE IS UNABLE TO LOCK THE MOVE IN. Christian goes back to try and lock it in again, BUT EDGE COUNTERS IT AND PLANTS CHRISTIAN WITH THE EDGECUTION. He makes the cover, BUT CHRISTIAN KICKS OUT ON 2.
Edge realises he is so close to retaining the title as he sets up Christian for the spear. HE GOES FOR THE SPEAR, BUT CHRISTIAN MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AND EDGE SPEARS THE REFEREE. Edge doesn’t believe it, as he turns around and CHRISTIAN THIS TIME MANAGES TO HIT THE UNPRETTIER TO EDGE. Christian hooks the leg, but doesn’t realise that the referee has been knocked out. Christian waits for the count but of course it isn’t going to come. He gets up to revive the referee, ONLY FOR LITA TO JUMP OFF THE TOP ROPE AND TAKE DOWN CHRISTIAN WITH A HURRICANARNA. Lita screams at Edge to match the cover on Christian who seems shocked at what Lita has just done. Lita stares at Christian ONLY FOR HER TO BE SPEARED BY MARIA. Maria and Lita then start to brawl across the ring, while Christian gets to his feet. He calls to Tomko to help him revive the referee, and they try to get the referee back to his feet. They get the referee up, but they don’t see that Edge has risen to his feet behind them. CHRISTIAN TURNS AROUND AS EDGE GOES FOR ANOTHER SPEAR, BUT TYSON TOMKO DOES HIS JOB AS THE PROBLEM SOLVER AND HE TAKES THE BULLET FOR CHRISTIAN, AS HE TAKES THE SPEAR FROM EDGE.
Edge doesn’t believe that he missed Christian, AND HE TURNS INTO ANOTHER ATTEMPTED UNPRETTIER, ONLY TO REVERSE IT INTO THE EDGE-O-MATIC. He makes the cover, but again can only get a two count. Edge cannot believe it and starts to complain to the referee about it, reverting for a moment to his old, heel ways. Edge slides out of the ring and goes towards the timekeeper and picks up the World Heavyweight Title and brings it back into ring. EDGE GOES TO HIT CHRISTIAN WITH THE TITLE BELT, BUT CHRISTIAN DUCKS IT, AND THEN SUMMONS UP THE STRENGTH TO USE HIS INJURED ARM TO HIT THE UNPRETTIER TO EDGE. Christian makes the cover BUT EDGE GETS A FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE.
Christian thought he had the match won and looks shocked at it. This time Christian starts to argue with the referee about the decision, more out of surprise than anything else. Christian then looks over and sees the title belt in the corner of the ring. He thinks about hitting Edge with the title, but instead sets it down again. Christian then looks at Edge who is struggling to get to his feet again. CHRISTIAN THEN GOES FOR A SPEAR TO EDGE, BUT EDGE SEES IT COMING AND MOVES OUT OF THE WAY OF THE MOVE. Christian though uses his momentum to leap onto the top rope. Christian looks to jump off the top rope with a crossbody at Edge, ONLY FOR EDGE TO SPEAR HIM IN MIDAIR. Edge falls onto Christian as the referee makes the cover and gets the 3 count.

Edge wins by pinfall to retain the World Heavyweight Title at 24:31

Edge celebrates along with Lita in the middle of the ring at retaining his title. Edge holds the belt in the air as this year he retains the title. Christian then slowly gets to his feet and sees Edge holding the belt in the air. He looks straight at his brother, before half heartedly congratulating him on winning the match. Edge continues to celebrate winning the match, while Christian walks off backstage looking very pissed off at not winning the title belt tonight, ignoring both Tomko and Maria as he goes backstage

We then go backstage and we are told that standing by with Todd Grisham is WWE Champion John Cena. Todd opens by commenting that since the brand split there has always been 1 new world champion at Wrestlemania, and seeing that Edge has just retained the World Title, history would dictate that Shawn Michaels would win the WWE Title later tonight. Cena just looks straight at Todd, before asking him whether he cares about history. Cena says that maybe the record books saythat we will see a new champion, but he doesn’t give a damn about the records books... he gives a damn about the here and now. He holds up his WWE Title, and says that this is what tonight is about. He says that over the last year he has overcome obstacle after obstacle to get into the main event, and he this piece of history is just another obstacle for him to overcome. Cena says that he respects HBK as a competitor, but he isn’t going to allow Shawn Michaels to have the Wrestlemania moment that he really wants. He says that when the match is all said and done, he will be holding up the WWE title in the air, and will be able to say that THE CHAMP IS STILL HERE!

Undertaker at Wrestlemania moment #7 – The Undertaker def. Rob Van Dam with the Tombstone Piledriver to go to 14-0 at Wrestlemania 22

We are then shown a preview video for the Undertaker/Brock Lesnar match, starting with Lesnar costing the Undertaker his match with Matt Hardy for the WWE Title. We see everything up to the match becoming a HITC match, as well as the loser having to retire from competition. It finishes with a clip of the HITC structure, saying that tonight is the last match for 1 of these two.

Match 11 – The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar – Hell in a Cell – Retirement Match

The cell lowers as the Undertaker and Lesnar are locked inside the cell for what will be the final match of their career for one of them. They look each other in the eye, before Lesnar smiles at Taker, and then does the cutthroat taunt at him, signalling that the match is on. Lesnar gets the first shot in on Taker and then begins to drive him back across the ring towards the corner of the ring as he elbows him in the face in the corner. Lesnar continues to drive the elbow into the Undertaker, until Taker grabs Lesnar and throws him into the corner before opening up with right and left hands to him, driving Lesnar down to the floor. Taker then takes Lesnar by the head and takes him across the ring before smashing his head into the top turnbuckle. Taker then drags Lesnar to another corner, and then a 3rd corner to do the same thing, before completing the set by knocking Lesnar’s head into all 4 turnbuckles. He then goes back to the right hands to Lesnar, knocking him out of the ring.
Taker then goes outside the ring after Lesnar and goes to whip him into the steel, only for it to be reversed and Taker crashes into the cell. Lesnar then follows up with a clothesline as Taker is crashed into the cell. Lesnar then works over Taker in a simple and effective manner on the outside of the ring, throwing him into the steel of the cell, and then throwing him into the apron of the ring, and then back into the cell. Lesnar then throws Taker into the steel steps, before searching under the ring for a weapon. He brings out a steel chair and goes to nail Taker with it, only for him to fight back and big boot the chair into his face.
Taker then stumbles to his feet before picking up Lesnar and throwing him into the side of the cell again, and this time takes Lesnar’s face and rubs it into the steel as he screams out in pain. Taker then takes Lesnar back into the ring and makes a cover, but Lesnar kicks out. Taker throws Lesnar into the corner of the ring before hitting him with a series of running clotheslines to ground him again. Taker then climbs to the top rope as HE DECIDES TO GO OLD SCHOOL ON BROCK LESNAR, ONLY FOR LESNAR TO COUNTER IT AND HIT THE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX TO THE UNDERTAKER OFF THE TOP ROPE. Lesnar then covers, but Taker kicks out. Lesnar though continues to attack Taker, and now decides to use his amateur skills by nailing suplex after suplex to him as he is trying to take the wind out of his sails. LESNAR THEN LOCKS IN THE BEARHUG TO TAKER as he tries to squeeze the life out of him. Taker tries hard to get out of the move, but it looks as if Lesnar could be on the verge of destroying him in the same fashion he did to Hulk Hogan in his first run in the WWE. Lesnar increases the pressure on the hold, but eventually Taker summons up the strength to nail a series of right hands to the back of Lesnar’s head which forces him to drop him.
Taker though has had a lot of strength taken out of him, so cannot do anything when Brock suplexes him out of the ring as the younger man is in control here. Brock then moves the steel steps into a better position for some reason BEFORE SUPLEXING TAKER OFF THE STEEL STEPS AND INTO THE WALLS OF THE CELL. Brock then looks down at Taker who is left lying on the outside of the ring. Brock then drags him into the ring, before laying the steel chair that was around on top of him. Brock then climbs to the top rope, before signalling he is going for the Shooting Star Press. HE IS ABOUT TO LEAP OFF AT HIT THE MOVE, BUT TAKER SITS UP AND THIS STOPS LESNAR IN HIS TRACKS. Lesnar still jumps off the top rope, BUT TAKER CATCHES HIM AND PLANTS HIM WITH A CHOKESLAM.
Taker doesn’t make the cover immediately, and by the time he does, Lesnar has had enough time to recover and kick out of the move. But this has given Taker the chance to recover and he comes off the strongest when the two of them get back up. He nails him with an array of right hands, before planting him with the ddt. Taker then leaves the ring and searching underneath before coming out with the LEAD PIPE that Lesnar used on Taker at No Way Out. Lesnar sees that Taker is planning to nail him with the pipe and he tries to escape from him. He makes his way to the door of the cell, but finds that it is locked and cannot get out. Taker then goes to hit him with the pipe, but Lesnar rakes the eye to change momentum for a second. Lesnar then realises he has to get away so climbs the cell to escape from Taker (this is on the inside of the cell). Lesnar tries to get away but Taker grabs his foot to pull him down. TAKER THEN THROWS LESNAR OFF THE CELL AND ONTO THE CONCRETE FLOOR.
Taker throws Lesnar back into the ring to try and finish him off. HE GOES FOR THE LAST RIDE TO LESNAR, BUT LESNAR HAS PICKED UP THE LEAD PIPE AND SMASHES TAKER OVER THE HEAD WITH IT. Lesnar then falls on top of Taker and the referee makes the count, but the Undertaker kicks out on 2. Lesnar cannot believe it, but signals for the F-5. HE LIFTS TAKER ONTO HIS SHOULDERS BEFORE PLANTING HIM WITH THE F-5. He goes for the cover, BUT THE UNDERTAKER KICKS OUT ON 2.
Lesnar simply cannot believe it as he was sure that he had the match won. He shouts at the referee and the Undertaker, saying why won’t he just give up and lose. Lesnar then lifts Taker up to his feet again before going for the Tombstone Piledriver, trying to finish Taker off with his own move. HE LIFTS TAKER UP, BUT TAKER MANAGES TO FIND SOME STRENGTH TO REVERSE THE MOVE AND HIT LESNAR WITH A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER OF HIS OWN. THE UNDERTAKER MAKES THE COVER, BUT LESNAR KICKS OUT OF THE MOVE ON 2.
No-one can believe it as Brock Lesnar has kicked out on the Tombstone after all this punishment. Even the Undertaker looks shocked at what has happened as Lesnar has managed to kick out of his finisher. Taker slowly gets to his feet and waits for Brock Lesnar to get to his feet. HE SEES LESNAR GETTING UP AND THEN HITS HIM WITH ANOTHER TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER. He covers him again, BUT AGAIN LESNAR MANAGES TO KICK OUT.
Taker looks shocked again as Lesnar refuses to give up. He doesn’t quite know what he should do next as Lesnar has kicked out of all his finishing moves. Taker sees the lead pipe in the ring and picks it up before going to hit Lesnar with it. HE GOES TO HIT LESNAR WITH THE LEAD PIPE, BUT LESNAR DUCKS IT AND THEN SOMEHOW MANAGES TO HIT AN F-5 TO THE UNDERTAKER. Lesnar slowly goes over to Taker and hooks the leg BUT THE UNDERTAKER KICKS OUT ON 2 WHEN IT LOOKED AS IF HE WAS GOING TO LOSE THE MATCH. Lesnar though picks up the lead pipe and crashes it over the head of the Undertaker, laying him flat out on his back.
Lesnar then slowly makes his way over to the top rope, before looking down at Taker and going for the shooting star press for the second time in the match. This time though Taker doesn’t sit up and he leaps off through the air at Taker BUT TAKER CATCHES HIM WITH A FIST AROUND THE NECK OF
LESNAR. Taker gets to his feet AND HOISTS LESNAR INTO THE AIR WITH A CHOKESLAM. TAKER THEN MANAGES TO HIT ONE MORE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER TO LESNAR, before making the cover and this time getting the 3 count to win the match, go 15-0 at Wrestlemania and keep his career alive

The Undertaker wins by pinfall and so Brock Lesnar must retire at 30:29

The crowd erupt as Taker’s name is announced as the winner and Taker’s hand is raised in the air. Taker celebrates the win as he keeps his career alive for the time being as he has come out the win in this hellacious battle. Lesnar slowly gets to his feet as it dawns on him that he hasn’t won the match and so has to retire. He looks incredibly pissed off as the crowd start to chant Na Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye at him as he leaves the ring. He walks off backstage to avoid the chants as for the moment it appears that his career is over.

We go backstage and the camera scans into the office of the WWE Owner... Eric Bischoff. We see him punching the air in delight at the win whilst celebrating by drinking champagne alongside the Coach and Stephanie McMahon. He looks at everything that he has gained tonight after winning the match, before telling everyone that all this is finally his.

We then go to the ring and see Howard Finkel standing with a microphone and he says that it is now time to introduce this year’s inductees into the Hall of Fame. Dusty Rhodes, Jim Ross, Jerry the King Lawler, Verne Gagne, Sensational Sherri, Mr. Perfect and Bret Hart are all introduced to the crowd (or someone to represent them) and all get good pops, especially Bret Hart in his first WWE appearance since last year’s Wrestlemania where he tapped out to the Sharpshooter to Shawn Michaels. We are also shown clips of last night’s Hall of Fame ceremony, purely as a way of calming down the crowd before the main event match

We are then shown a hype video for the main event involving John Cena and Shawn Michaels. We see clips of their feud, including John Cena’s Royal Rumble win and his subsequent title win over HHH. We also see HBK winning the match against HHH to get his spot in the main event. The video finishes by showing HBK superkicking Cena through the stage on Monday Night Raw, before then showing in split screen both HBK and John Cena celebrating their previous title wins at Wrestlemania

Match 12 – John Cena (c) vs. Shawn Michaels – WWE Title

The two men look each other in the eye ahead of the main event match with this being the first one on one meeting between them ever. Cena and HBK lock up with each up, with HBK using his years of experience in the ring to come out on top and wrestle Cena to the ground before locking in an armbar on him. Cena keeps trying to fight out of it, only for HBK to go back to locking in an armbar on him each time. HBK then takes down Cena with an arm drag before throwing him into the ringpost. HBK then wails away on Cena in the corner of the ring before locking in the armbar on him again.
HBK then goes to suplex Cena, but he manages to fight back and nail one of his own. Cena then starts to dominate the match, nailing 3 suplexes in a row to HBK before taking down HBK with a series of clotheslines. HBK is then thrown into the corner of the ring, and Cena goes to follow up with a big clothesline, but HBK moves and Cena crashes into the turnbuckle. HBK then drags Cena’s arm down again before working on a series of covers, each time forcing Cena to use his injured arm to kick out. HBK then tries to suplex Cena out of the ring, only for Cena to fight back and suplex HBK over the top rope to the outside, just like what happened at the Royal Rumble. Cena then leaps off the apron and takes down HBK with a diving clothesline.
The match then spills to the outside of the ring as Cena takes HBK and throws him into the barricade before dropping him face first onto it. Cena then tries to suplex HBK into the barricade, but in midair HBK manages to fight out of it and land on his feet on the other side of the barricade. Cena then goes to continue the fight to HBK, BUT HBK LEAPS OFF THE BARRICADE AND TAKES DOWN CENA WITH THE ROCKER-DROPPER.
Cena has crashed face first into the floor as HBK takes him and drags him over towards the announce table area. HBK throws Cena into the steel steps first, just to wear him down a bit more before taking him back towards the Raw announce table. HBK pounds away with right hand after right hand to Cena to make sure that he is knocked out on the announce table. HBK THEN MAKES HIS WAY TO THE TOP ROPE BEFORE LOOKING DOWN AT CENA AND LEAPING OFF, DRIVING JOHN CENA THROUGH THE RAW ANNOUNCE TABLE WITH AN ELBOW DROP.
Both men are knocked out from the move as the referee ignores the fact he should count them both out. HBK slowly gets to his feet first, but it looks as if Cena is completely knocked out and has nothing left. HBK looks at Cena and realises this and sees that he has to drag Cena back into the ring if he wants to win the match and the title. He gets him into the ring before making the cover, ONLY FOR CENA TO REACH OUT AND GETS HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE.. HBK though drags Cena a bit further into the ring, taking the ropes out of play, but this time, Cena manages to get a shoulder up.
HBK is disbelieving at the fact Cena is still in this match, but then we hear him tell Cena that this time it will be over. He goes over to the corner of the ring, only to start to tune up the band for the sweet chin music. He stomps his foot into the floor as Cena slowly stumbles up to his feet. CENA TURNS AROUND TO SEE HBK GOING FOR THE SWEET CHIN MUSIC AND MANAGES TO AVOID IT BY DUCKING. CENA THEN USES EVERY OUNCE OF STRENGTH HE HAS LEFT TO PICK HBK UP AND PUT HIM ON HIS SHOULDERS BEFORE HITTING HIM WITH THE FU. However, Cena hasn’t got enough left to make the cover as both men lay flat out in the middle of the ring.
Both of them slowly make it to their feet eventually, but it is Cena who is first to the punch with HBK, blocking his attempted right hands and then nailing some of him own. Cena then hits HBK with the shoulder block, and then he hits another one as he runs off the ropes to add some more momentum to it. HBK then stumbles to his feet, only to be hit with the Killswitch from Cena who plants him in the middle of the ring. Cena then lifts his hand to the crowd, BEFORE RUNNING OFF THE ROPES AND HITTING THE 5 KNUCKLE SHUFFLE TO HBK. He hooks the leg, but HBK kicks out on 2.
Cena though isn’t worried as he pumps up the sneakers before looking to hit his second FU of the match. HE WAITS FOR HBK TO GET TO HIS FEET BEFORE LIFTING HIM INTO THE AIR AS HE GOES FOR THE FU, BUT HBK SLIPS OFF THE BACK OF HIM AND THEN BLASTS CENA IN THE FACE WITH THE SWEET CHIN MUSIC.... but HBK has taken enough out of him with the move and is unable to make the cover.
HBK is the first to his feet as he nips up, only to see John Cena copy him seconds later, but HBK gets on the attack first by nailing him a chop across the chest and then another one and then a third one to knock him to the floor. HBK then nails 2 clotheslines to Cena, before hitting the atomic drop to him, before flying off the ropes with the flying burrito. As Cena gets to his feet, HBK takes him down with the body slam, before making his way to the top rope. HBK THEN LOOKS DOWN AT CENA BEFORE LEAPING OFF THE TOP ROPE AND HITTING HIM WITH THE ELBOW DROP.. HBK hooks the leg, but Cena kicks out on 2.
HBK looks at the referee in a way which suggests that he got the 3 count, but the ref tells him it was only 2. HBK THOUGH GOES TO TUNE UP THE BAND AGAIN FOR THE SWEET CHIN MUSIC. He waits for Cena to get to his feet and as he does he charges at him, BUT CENA SEES HIM COMING AND HITS A DROP TOE HOLD TO HBK BEFORE LOCKING IN THE STFU TO HIM.
HBK is in agony as Cena has his submission move locked in on him in the middle of the ring. HBK then tries to fight out of it, but Cena is using all the strength that he has to keep the hold locked in on him and to increase the pain that HBK has to endure. HBK tries to reach out and get to the bottom rope, but Cena is pulling him back as much as he can to stop this happening. HBK looks as if he may have to tap out which would ruin his Wrestlemania dreams. HBK LOOKS TO BE ON THE VERGE OF TAPPING OUT WHEN HE REACHES OUT AS FAR AS HE CAN DO SO AND MANAGES TO GET A FINGER ONTO THE BOTTOM ROPE, FORCING CENA TO BREAK THE HOLD
Cena cannot believe it as he sure that he had done enough to win the match, but apparently that would not be the case. Cena looks at HBK as he tries to figure out what he needs to do next to win the match. He waits for HBK to get to his feet, before lifting up into position for the FU. HE GOES FOR THE FU, BUT HBK SLIPS OFF HIS SHOULDER AGAIN AND AGAIN HITS THE SWEET CHIN MUSIC. HBK falls on top of Cena as the referee makes the count, BUT CENA KICKS OUT ON 2 to keep the match alive.
HBK is crestfallen at the decision as his best move wasn’t enough to finish the match off. He doesn’t know what to do, but he then has a bright idea and GOES FOR THE SHARPSHOOTER, the same move he used to put away Bret Hart last year. He goes to lock the move in on Cena, ONLY FOR CENA TO COUNTER IT AND CRADLE UP HBK, but again can only get a 2 count from him.
They both get to their feet as HBK goes for a superkick to Cena, ONLY FOR CENA TO DUCK THE SHOT AND PLANT HBK WITH THE FU. Cena makes the cover, sure he is about to retain his title, BUT HBK MANAGES TO KICK OUT ON 2. Cena looks shocked at this, BUT HE LIFTS HBK TO HIS FEET AND HITS HIM WITH A SECOND FU IN A ROW. Cena falls onto HBK, and hooks the leg, AS THE REFEREE COUNTS TO 3 AS JOHN CENA RETAINS THE WWE TITLE.

John Cena wins by pinfall to retain the WWE Title at 27:00

The crowd erupt as Cena has retained the title and has won in the Wrestlemania main event. He is presented with the title which he holds in the air to the crowd as the confetti begins to fall from the ceiling to join in the celebration of John Cena’s win. As Cena is celebrating the win in the ring, HBK gets to his feet and realises that he has lost the match. Michaels just looks straight at Cena before leaving the ring, obviously disappointed that he couldn’t get the job done this evening. Cena is left in the ring to hold the WWE Title high in the air as Wrestlemania 23 comes to an end.

Wrestlemania 23 Results

Randy Orton def. Mick Foley at 17:49
CM Punk def. Kid Kash at 7:04
Umaga def. Rey Mysterio to retain the Intercontinental Title at 12:56
Chris Jericho def. Carlito, Jeff Hardy, JBL, Kane, Gregory Helms and Matt Hardy to win the MITB contract at 24:20 – Rob Van Dam became the new United States champion at 22:01
Batista def. Kurt Angle at 11:27
The Rock def. Ken Kennedy at 11:01
Eric Bischoff def. Vince McMahon to become the new owner of the WWE at 10:57
MNM def. Londrick to become the new World Tag Team Champions and retain the WWE Tag Team Titles at 8:39
Ric Flair def. Triple H at 23:29
Edge def. Christian to retain the World Heavyweight Title at 24:31
The Undertaker def. Brock Lesnar in a Retirement match at 30:29
John Cena def. Shawn Michaels to retain the WWE Title at 27:00
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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

I am quite shocked no one has dropped comments. I can't leave a full review, but Bischoff winning control was shcoking. Truly. Cena winning is eh, SO BLAND. And as for the rest, great HIAC recaps and the MITB was great too. Thank you for Rock > Kennedy. There is no way talentless, overrated ring men like Kennedy should beat Rock in a match at mania. Thank you. hardcore match seemed good. Punk going solo is gonna be good in my view, I think he has the IC title in his future. Y2J as MITB man is good, he craves main event status tbh.

Overall, enjoyable recap.


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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

Sorry mate, I completely forgot about this. I'll start a review and have it up by the end of the week.
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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

Forever, you are certainly getting shafted in terms of responses. Sorry for that, as I am guilty of it too. I've read most of the show, and agree with about half, and disagree with about half. I liked a lot of booking decisions, and disliked others. For instance, some of the match placements were off in my eyes. But of course, to each is own. A few things stand out as having been truly memorable, while others were a bit over the top. Nonetheless, overall, it was a very good effort for a recap. I can't help but tell you though, the layout is really rather taxing on the eyes. You've always had that issue imo. And you'll likley never change, and rightfully so sir. So be it.

I can guaruntee you that I will get you a review of the show. It may be four days to a week or so. But you always treated me with respect, and along with Wolfy and Renegade, you really helped me gain my positive rep. So for that, I cannot deny you a review. I have promised Mac, KOP and even Kane01 reviews first though. So again, 4 days to a week, imo.

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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

I certainly didnt expect to be the first to leave comments... it wont be the most in detail review you've ever got, but it's been a long time since I've actually done a review. I never even finished your last WM review, so I owe you one ... or five.

Opening up with a real bang, came as a surprise. No Holds Barred, Orton vs Foley. Heck of a Mania opener, if I do say so. Explosive opening match, as you'd expect with the build up it got, the two involved, and the stipulation strapped on to boot. Foley and his bag of toys makes it's regular hardcore match appearances (trash can, 2x4, thumbtacks etc). The thing I really enjoyed about this recap was the fact it was a totally different contest to the Backlash '04 match, despite many similar themes to the match. I see you're giving Orton the punt kick now. Unfortunately, I havent followed all the recaps, but did he just add it, or was it added as part of a storyline?? Anyways, nice to see the Claw make an appearance, before a grisly finish, with the RKO onto the tacks. Ouch. Heck of an opener.

I think Vince will be a very lonely man after WM tonight. Bischoff is gonna adopt the McMahons .

Nice touch with the Undertaker WM moments. I still say he wins.

Punk over Kash wasnt a big surprise, although I went for a shock Kash win. I guess there are big plans for the straight edge superstar with a WM victory.

More UT moments. I'll not comment every time. It's a nice touch. That is all.

I.C Title match certainly has the makings of a truly great Mania mid carder contest. I'll be enjoying this one.

Enjoyable formula big man - little man match, with I guess, a surprising win for Umaga. And boy do I love that result. Excellent finish too. Hopefully there are big things to come for the Samoan Bulldozer, and I'm sure Mysterio will remain in the hunt for the title.

I thought maybe you'd have had the womens segment in the ring at least to make it seem a little bit more important. Surprised there wasnt a match on the show, as it looked to me (well, last summer), that you were beginning to really put some effort into that division. I guess there was too many matches already on the card though here.

Enjoyed the little throwbacks to the last MITB matches, I felt like it added the importance to this one.

I'm just gonna list my favourite spots from this match, and dont be surprised if I just list them all . Whisper in the wind off the ladder, innovative CFH with the ladder, Hardy boys going head to head (I'm hoping you let this develop into a long term feud, as it's had the right build up over the last few months in brief recap encounters), Twist of Fate to Jericho from the ladder = nasty landing. Shannon Moore screwing Kane out of victory , Too many twist of fates imo, but you more than make up for it, with RVD nailing Jeff with the spinning heel kick in mid air. Van Dam surprisingly picks up the US Title, whilst Matt suffers a twist of fate , as Jericho uses his move from last year to take MITB, which I found surprising too. Heck of a match, and to me, it actually didnt come across as just a spot fest, which is good too - told more of a story than a stunt spree.

Surely this is Kennedys night... isnt it??

This one just seemed like a bit of a filler match / something for them to do at Mania match. Nothing wrong with it, but it just lacked the emotion or anticipation other matches have had so far. I certainly wouldnt have expected Batista to win via a tricky pin, very rare for Big Dave - and I like it. This one could well develop further post WM, as a roll up doesnt settle nothing.

This one also left me a little flat. Maybe just a mid show lull. Was really expecting more for some reason, and the winner of the match really took me by surprise. I was honestly expecting a convincing win for Kennedy to set him up on his road to glory, and The Rock could run off into the Hollywood sunset, but I guess I was wrong. Kennedy loses as clean as a whistle, and it'll be worth watching to see which direction both men go on Smackdown.

Allrighty. Time for what I'd expect to be the over booked match of the night - at least it should be. Surprised Vince went for the ladder leg drop ala WM 19, but it was a heck of a sight once, so why not twice. Bischoff moves though, and things swing in his favour. Oh boy ... lets see where the swerve is coming. Steph saves her dad, Shane saves his sis, but accidently nails Austin. Shane takes out the Bisch, but Coach comes to the rescue. Vince has the thing won, but no Austin ... and Steph low blows Coach. HOGAN!!!!! Heh, this is becoming rather reminicent of WM 19, with Hogan in the Piper role sort of. Coach saves his boss, and YEE-HAW Vince nails The Hulkster!!! Classic. WTF moment of the night so far. HEEEEEELLLLL TURN!!!! Steph screws Daddy, slaps Mommy, as her and Easy E obviously have a connection. Hogan gets his own back on McMahon, and Austin doesnt give a crap, giving Bischoff the WWE to run into the ground. Raw better start being booked on the fly now, stop planning anything in advance too. It'll have to be authentic Bischoff . Which means you can draft in a 'B' lister from Hollywood to be WHC on Smackdown . I loved this match. It HAD to be overbooked, and FD, you did it in style. Great, great entertainment. The Kiss I couldve done without though . Austin goes on a stunner spree, and I wonder ... could that be a seed planted for an almight Austin vs Hogan match down the line - possibly with Austin representing Vince, Hogan representing Bischoff, for control of the WWE?? Hmmmmm. I'll wait and see for that one.

More seeds being planted methinks. A DX break up looming...

Pretty much a dead spot for the tag title match. Something had to follow Bischoff and McMahon. This was probably a good choice. Nice to see the titles unified. I actually hope they stay like that, and you can migrate both tag rosters onto one show for one pretty good tag division.

Excellent moment for Flair. Guard of honour was a perfect send off.

Pretty good match, a nice send off for Flair, winning his final match, and Triple H doesnt lose too much from it, by falling foul of the dirtiest player in the game. I'd have loved Flair to win via submission, but I can see your reasoning for not wanting to do it. It could've made for a heck of an angle post WM though, with The Game trying to redeem himself against whoever and anyone after tapping to Flair in Naitchs last match. Handshake was fitting too. Sometimes it just seems right for a heel to break character like that, and this was one of those moments. Again, I'd have liked to have seen a final 4 Horsemen reunion or celebration of some sort for Flair, but there is a lot of reasoning to be said for the simple bowing out here which makes it fitting too. No complaints really.

Well, this one isnt a match I'm really interested in tbh. Edge vs Christian has been done to death in BTB - albeit for the first time in this thread - and I'm just not into it. And usually, it culminates at WM too. Anyway, as for the match, for me, it was a rather tepid affair, up until the ladies got involved, which cranked it up a little. Loved the writing for Tomko taking the bullet for Christian, accepting the spear from Edge. Enjoyed that. Clean win for Edge, and the finish wasnt too bad, with the mid air spear. I guess this one could develop further, especially given that Christian left, ignoring Tomko. I hope out of the two it's not Christian who turns heel. Edge sucks as a face imo. Really in his element as a really bastard. BTW, I'm really pleased the much predicted Tomko heel turn didnt come about. That would've really sucked imo. Following up a big time heel turn (Stephanie), with a lamish, not so good heel turn here would've been poor.

Call my cynical, but that interview imo, pretty much guarantees Cena retains. Playing on the history of one title switching hands at WM, just makes me think - it's Cena - he'll slap history in the face, then give it the FU. I predicted Cena anyway, so maybe thats why.

This one was the one that irked me most. Not that I have a problem in general with Lesnar vs Taker, and I really actually like the retirement stipulation. But these two already had a heck of a HIAC match in 2002. A HIAC rematch four and a half years later doesnt click with me. Especially given the fact the opening match was also a rematch of a gimmick match from 3 years ago. I also think NB made the point that HIAC doesnt really fit with WM. Perhaps thats done to the god awful HIAC at WM 15, but HIAC is usually the selling point of a PPV, whilst WM sells itself. IMO it's a waste of a HIAC match. Issues aside, I'll probably still end up enjoying it.

Real 'barn burner' as they say, knock down, drag out brawl, type of match, certainly fitting with the Cell as a brutal contest. When you mentioned Lesnar hitting the concrete floor, did you mean the mats?? Anyways, final few paragraphs were pretty awesome. The fact there were near, near falls on both sides actually made it more the enjoyable, as had it been Lesnar dominating every near fall, Ray Charles could've telegraphed the winner. Having both men come a second from winning was a great twist, as it really had me guessing. In the end, Undertaker pulled through, and keeps the streak alive. Thank you. It leaves the question of what happens to Lesnar. Will you actually just write him out?? Or will he make a comeback through some loop hole??

Okey dokey, main event time. Cena vs HBK. Their WM main event really didnt excite me in real life, so lets hope you can do better. Heh, Rocker Dropper from Michaels. I love it. Table spot was well timed, but the first FU doesnt pay off, as Cena cant capitalise. The same thing happens to Michaels!!! He cant capitalise on SCM. Double nip up?? I can imagine that one splitting an audience. Another attempt at SCM gets blocked, which leads to the STFU, but that wont finish it, with HBK getting himself into the ropes. Cena then kicks out of SCM, before two FU's end this one, and Cena retains.

I guess a lot of people (the anti Cena crowd) wont like that, but it makes most sense imo. Michaels has had his WM moments, Cena needs his now. Didnt strike me as a MOTY contender, and probably not MOTN either, although it's hard to really pick one out to judge it fully in a recapped sense. My favourite though had to be McMahon vs Bischoff. I really love over booked matches - when done right - and FD, that was done, perfectly. At least in my opinion anyway. MITB looked great too, and not just a throwaway stunt match.

Looked an excellent show, but it's full potential cant be measured in a recap form. Best of luck with getting yourself up and running here again. The two sore points for me, was of course the spiel on HIAC, and Kennedy jobbing to The Rock. I'd also maybe have liked to see a couple of Ric Flairs greatest moments in place of one or two of Takers WM moments, as in the grand scheme of things, it almost seemed like Flairs final match was glossed over a little, and pushed aside for Takers streak nearly ending. Having said that, if that were the case in the WWE, they'd have went the route of dedicating more videos on Taker, being that he was a WWE creation. So, I guess I cancelled out my own argument. Hmm.

I'll really look forward to seeing how you handle Bischoff running the WWE. And I'm calling it here ... Austin vs Hogan at some point (WM 24?) with the WWE on the line .
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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

Thanks for all the comments left so far (well, the few that have been) and they are very much appreciated. Just to say there is no rush to get any reviews up as the next show probably won't be posted for a week or so anyway.

I'll explain some of the decisions tomorrow and answer some of the questions/issues that have been raised from Wrestlemania to hopefully clear up anythings that weren't universally liked (which I have no problem with at all... if everyone loves what I'm doing and agrees with everything it would be boring)

I know I haven't gotten around to commenting on anyone else's shows over the last few days so I'm going to try and get to them tonight or tomorrow and give some comments back on your shows

And that reminds me... the winner of the Prediction contest will be informed shortly along with the prize they have won, so keep an eye out on your PM's
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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

Paranoir i will begin working on a review, Wont be up for another few days though at best. Just incase you are wondering why i am randomly reviewing your show it is because i am going to review the people that i feel are best at booking before i post my BTB


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