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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

WWE RAW – October 24th

The show opens with the usual Raw highlights video, and then the fireworks go off, and Raw is on the air. We pan around the arena, and then he focus onto the centre of the ring.

Then, *Metalingus* hits, and out comes Edge and Lita to the ring, to huge levels of boos from the crowd. They make their way out to the ring in their usual fashion, and then Edge puts his briefcase down in the corner, and awaits the rest of the competitors in the match

Then, *Arabic* hits, and out to the ring comes Mohammed Hassan and Daivari, to a similar level of heat from the crowd. They come down to the ring, and then they go and wait with Edge for the opponents

*I Am* hits, and out comes AJ Styles, with the intercontinental title to the ring, to a big pop from the crowd. He comes down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans, and then holds the belt up high in the air

Finally, *Oh Yeah* hits, and out comes Matt Hardy to the ring, to an even bigger pop than the one received by AJ Styles. He comes out to the ring in a similar way to AJ, making contact with the fans, and then he stands in the ring, alongside AJ, and then they go after their opponents

Match 1 – AJ Styles and Matt Hardy vs. Mohammed Hassan and Daivari and Edge w/Lita

Summary – A strong opener to the night, with the handicap match being a reasonably strong match, with it going for a decent amount of time. After a quick and flurried opening from the team of AJ and Hardy, the numbers of the heels manage to overwhelm them, and AJ gets isolated in the corner of the heel team. The three men take it in turn to wear him down, with a series of double and triple team moves being used on him. However, after an attempted brain buster from Hassan is countered into a ddt, AJ manages to tag in Hardy, whilst Hassan tags in Edge. Hardy flies into the ring, and he takes down Edge with a flurry of right hands, and then a clothesline over the top rope. Daivari then is hit with a snap suplex, and then he goes to the top rope, looking for the leg drop. However, Hassan pushes Matt of the top rope, and then he gets into the ring, and goes for the camel clutch on him. But AJ takes him down from behind, and then he throws him over the top rope. He then continues to brawl with him on the outside. Edge rolls back into the ring, and then goes for the spear on Matt. However, Matt moves, and Edge spears Daivari. Edge turns around, and is nailed with the side effect from Matt. He covers, but only gets a two count. He then lifts up Edge, and goes for the twist of fate, but Edge blocks it, and then goes for the edgeacution. However, Hardy counters this, and then nails the twist of fate, and then covers, and gets the three count

Matt Hardy and AJ Styles win by pinfall

Hardy has his hand raised after picking up the win, as AJ rolls back into the ring after he took down Hassan on the outside. The two faces celebrate in the ring, whilst the heels are left on the outside, ruing the fact that the did not pick up the win


As we come back, *Just Close Your Eyes* hits, and out comes Christian, as the peep show is about to begin. He comes out with Tyson Tomko as usual, as he comes out to a pretty large amount of heat from the crowd, but there are a few cheers in their from the peeps in the audience

Christian: Peeps of Fresno California

Pop for the home town reference

Christian: Make some noise for Captain Charisma
The response is a majority of boos

Christian: Obviously you don’t appreciate real talent in this town, do you?

Boos from the crowd

Christian: Because what you are looking at here in this ring, is the next Raw Heavyweight Champion

Boos from the crowd

Christian: And no disrespect Tomko, but I don’t mean you.

A few laughs from the crowd

Christian: You see in 8 days time, I will be involved at Taboo Tuesday, in the main event for the Raw Heavyweight Title, and I will be the one walking away with the title

Boos from the crowd

Christian: Oh you don’t believe me, do you? Well it is finally Captain Charisma’s time to shine, and time to take the title, which I have deserved ever since I came into this business. And when you look at it, there is no way that I cannot walk out if the match as the champion. I mean, who actually is there? Shawn Michaels? Come on, I beat him 1, 2, 3 at Unforgiven, and I will have no problems repeating the trick again at Taboo Tuesday

Boos from the crowd

Christian: And heart break kid, I still want my match with you that I deserve, after you cost me my match in the gold rush tournament. So I am personally challenging you to a match, next week on Raw, me against you. And I promise that I beat you so badly that your hairline will retreat all the way to Mexico

Heat from the crowd

Christian: And then we have John Cena.

Pop for the mention of Cena

Christian: And I don’t expect to have any problems with him, as his wrestling is even worse than his musical skills.

Heat from the crowd

Christian: And what about Triple H? Now he might be a little bit harder to defeat. You see, if he starts talking before the match, then he might be able to beat me, because he would have put me to sleep.

A few laughs from the crowd

Christian: But even that wouldn’t be enough to beat me, because I don’t think his ego will be able to fit into the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit

A few laughs from the crowd, but a bit of heat and a few cheers from a mixed crowd

Christian: And then there is the Undertaker.

Pop for the name

Christian: But after I have finished dishing out a dose of vitamin C to him, he will have to undertake a new job

A few laughs from the crowd, but mainly boos are heard

Christian: And then there is the champion, Chris Jericho.

Boos are heard

Christian: Now how long have we got? Just how many reasons do you want me to give you as to why I will beat him, again? Wrestlemania 20, I pin Chris Jericho in the middle of the ring. Just before Summerslam this year, I pin Chris Jericho in the middle of the ring. At Summerslam, I would have beaten Chris Jericho, if it wasn’t for the inability of marky mark to hold up Chris Jericho. And when I get to face Chris Jericho at Taboo Tuesday, I will not only bring some pride back to the title, but to the nation of Canada as well

Heat from the crowd

Christian: Because at Taboo Tuesday, I will become the new Raw Heavyweight Champion, because that’s how I roll!

Heat from the crowd

Christian: But now it is time to bring out my guest for tonight. She is the WWE Women’s champion, Trish Stratus

*Ooh… it’s time to rock and roll* hits, and out comes Trish Stratus to the ring to a reasonably good pop from the crowd. She comes out, and holds her title belt up in the air, as she enters the ring

Christian: Trish, welcome to the peep show

Trish: Thank you Christian

Christian: Now Trish, you are here tonight to make an announcement about Taboo Tuesday, aren’t you?

Trish: Well yes, I am

Christian: Well how about we let me have a guess at what that announcement is? Because I remember that when we were together, you used to like playing games didn’t you? I remember one in particular, you know, the one where you would…

Trish: I don’t think that these people here want to know about what went on between us, do they?

Tomko: Well I do

A few laughs from the crowd, as both Christian and Trish stare at Tomko with a look of amazement on their faces

Christian: Tomko, I am trying to conduct a serious interview here, so if you don’t mind. Now where we? Oh yeah, me guessing your announcement. Using the expert powers vested upon me, I guess that you are going to announce that… Christian will be the next world champion!

Boos from the crowd

Trish: I see that you’ve still got your head up your ass, haven’t you?
Pop from the crowd

Trish: But Christian, I wasn’t going to say that. In fact, I am out here to announce that at Taboo Tuesday, I will defending my women’s championship, the championship which I have held ever since New Years Revolution. I will be defending it against any member of the women’s roster on Raw, so fans, get voting to see who you want to see me face

Christian: Wow! That announcement is just so exciting that it makes me want to have to listen to one of Chris Jericho’s records.

A few laughs from the crowd

Trish: Well maybe Christian, but at least I am a champion, unlike someone here?

Pop from the crowd

Christian: After Taboo Tuesday, I will be a champion, so how about so come and see me again then, and say it to my face. And if your lucky, I might bring a tenner if you know what I mean

A few laughs from the crowd

Christian: And Trish, and the moment, you are becoming a bit of a problem to me. And I think this problem needs solving, doesn’t it Tomko?

Tomko and Christian nod heads at each other, and then Tomko starts to stalk Trish. He is about to nail a right hand on her, when John Cena comes running down into the ring to save Trish. He sprints into the ring, and this causes Tomko and Christian to divert their attention to Cena. Tomko runs at Cena, but he is nailed with a flurry of right hands, and then he is thrown over the top rope. Christian runs at Cena, but is quickly knocked down with a shoulder block, and then he rolls out of the ring, wanting no more of Cena. Christian and Tomko go backstage, whilst Cena stands in the middle of the ring, alongside Trish, you is staring back up the ramp

We cut backstage, and we see Eric Bischoff in his office

Eric: Just look at him, who does John Cena think he is? Anyone can see straight through the phoney rapper act, can’t they? In fact, I would say he is a bit like a certain Stone Cold Steve Austin, but I can’t compare them, as Austin isn’t in the building. And why would that be again? Oh yeah, I banned him permanently. And that goes out as a lesson to any superstar who is on Raw. You do not mess with Eric Bischoff. And Paul Heyman, I have a little message for you…

Suddenly the door opens, and into the room walks Paul Heyman

Paul: Well come on and tell it to me to my face.

Eric: Well that’s exactly what I will do. Paul, at Taboo Tuesday, I am going to kick your ass just like WCW kicked ECWs’ back in the day. And Paul, I am so confident that I will be able to beat you, I am even going to let you decide on the stipulations for the match

Paul: Do you know what Eric, you won’t regret doing that. Because the loser of the match has to either be the other ones servant the following week on Raw, has no power over the next Raw or has to wrestle an opponent of the winner’s choice on Raw

Eric: Well be prepared to do one of those things Paul, because you are going to be no match for the kung-fu skills of the greatest general manager of all time

Paul: Oh, and there is one more thing I forgot to mention. I just got off the phone with a certain Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and he gave me two things to say to you. Firstly, he will be at Taboo Tuesday himself, and secondly, he said something about a certain Texas Rattlesnake being at Taboo Tuesday

Eric begins to have a slightly worried look on his face

Paul: And I think he said he would be a part of one of the matches, in fact, it was our match. Because at Taboo Tuesday, it will be Eric Bischoff vs. Paul Heyman, with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee

Huge pop from the crowd

Paul: And Eric, we will take you to the extreme!

Heyman walks out of the room, with Eric having a very worried look on his face


We return, and we here *Paparzzi* hit, and out comes MNM to the ring, to the usual paparazzi and red carpet entrance from the crowd. They get a reasonably good level of heat as they come down to the ring, and await the opponent for Joey Mercury

Then, *Miseria Cantane* hits, and out comes CM Punk, who is accompanied by Kid Kash to the ring to a pretty decent pop from the crowd, as they come down to the ring, and get ready for the match

Match 2 – CM Punk w/Kid Kash vs. Joey Mercury w/Johnny Nitro and Melina

Summary – During the match, it is announced that at Taboo Tuesday, the tag titles will be on the line when CM Punk and Kid Kash defend them against either MNM, the Right To Censor, or a new debuting tag team who have not yet been revealed. The match is a high paced match, with a lot of high flying and high impact moves being used. Mercury develops a period of control in the middle of the match, with a bit of help from his MNM partners, but eventually, Punk manages to wrestle back control of the match. He goes for the pepsi plunge, but Nitro pushes him off the top rope. This leads to Kash going after him, and chasing him around the ring. Mercury then rolls up Punk, and with the help of Melina as leverage, manages to get a three count on Punk

Joey Mercury wins by pinfall

MNM quickly scamper backstage, celebrating the victory, and perhaps showing again why they are the best team to be voted into the tag title match, whilst Punk and Kash look at bit pissed off at the fact they got screwed out of the match

We go backstage, and we see Todd Grisham, who is about to interview Chris Jericho

Todd: Chris Jericho, tonight you are…

Chris: Yes junior, I think I know exactly who, what, where and how I am involved in a match tonight, and I don’t need a jackass like you do come up and me and tell me. But there is one thing that I want to know, I want to know what is going on at Taboo Tuesday. I want to know how I am supposed to be defending my world title. I mean, am I facing all 5 men, or are we letting all the jerichoholics of the world decide who I have to beat on the night? And if I have to face all 5 of the assclowns, what type of match will it be in? Bischoff, Heyman, I want some damn answers, and as the world champion of the company, I damn well think I am going to get some.

Suddenly, Paul Heyman walks past, and he grabs a mic

Paul: Jericho, you want answers, then answers are exactly what you will get. Keep your eyes and ears open champ, because by the end of the night, you will have your answer

Heyman then walks off, leaving Jericho just standing there. Jericho then goes to walk off in the other direction, but in doing so, he bumps straight into Shawn Micheals

Shawn: Whoa, whoa, whoa watch where you are going there boy.

Jericho: And what are going to do if I don’t hasbeen kid, screw me over just like Bret Hart?

Shawn: You Canadians, all the same. Just can’t move on from the past can they? And Jericho, maybe you should be worried about being screwed over. I mean, if I done it before, what makes you think that I won’t do it again? Especially if it means that I can get my hands on the richest prize in the game. Just a word of caution Jericho, and if I were you, I would take it on board

Jericho: You don’t scare me Shawn, in fact, I don’t give a flying monkeys about anything that you have to say. But Shawn, I think there is somewhere else who will think the same thing. A certain place called Montreal, where we will be in a few weeks for Survivor Series. Be prepared; be very prepared, for them to give you the loudest abuse that you have ever received. Just a word of caution Shawn, and if I were you, I would take it on board

Shawn: Montreal, my finest hour…

Shawn then walks off, looking straight through Jericho, leaving Jericho just standing there, trying to think about what Shawn just meant


We come back, and *World’s Greatest* hits, and out comes Charlie Haas to the ring, to a decent sized pop from the crowd. He comes down to the ring, and he grabs a microphone

Charlie: Shelton Benjamin, get your ass out here right now. Come on Shelton, come down here and listen to what I have to say

The crowd pop at what Haas is saying, and then wait for Shelton to come down to the ring

Charlie: Come on Shelton, what are you scared of? Stop being such a chicken, and come out here and face someone with balls

Pop from the crowd, and then, *Aint no stopping me now* hits, and out comes Shelton Benjamin to the ring, to a chorus of boos from the crowd

Shelton: Well, well, well, it looks as if Charlie Haas has finally grown some balls

Heat from the crowd

Shelton: I mean, calling me out here in the middle of this ring. So Charlie, what is that you have to say? Come on here to say how you need me as a partner? Going to ask Shelton to sort out all your problems as usual? Oh I know, you've come out to cry when life gets hard just like you always do?

Charlie: Shelton, I have come out here to challenge you to a match at Taboo Tuesday.

Pop from the crowd

Charlie: Yeah that's right, I'm challenging you.

Shelton: What makes you possibly even think that you deserve to even be in the same ring as me?

Heat from the crowd

Shelton: I mean, look at what I have achieved here in the WWE. I have been the intercontinental champion, and you haven't. I have defeated superstars such as Triple H, our current champion Chris Jericho, hell Charlie, I have even defeated you. So why don't you give me 1 good reason why I should even waste my effort getting into the ring with you, when I already know that I will beat you?

Charlie: Shelton, you want a reason, then I will give you a reason –

Pop from the crowd

Charlie: Do you remember it Shelton, remember going 1 on 1 with me. And do you remember the outcome, because me and every single one of these fans in Fresno California tonight do. Yeah, because at homecoming, I beat you 1, 2, 3

Pop from the crowd

Shelton: Charlie, you just got lucky

Heat is given

Shelton: I had the match totally under control, I beat you down, and I made sure that you didn't manage to walk out of that building. And yeah, for 3 seconds, my concentration slipped, and you somehow, managed to get a pin over me. But hey, I think I remember the aftermath of the match a little bit more. You see, I think, no, I know that I T-Boned your ass to hell

Heat from the crowd

Shelton: And if you want me again, then I will just do exactly the same thing to you again

Charlie: Really?

Shelton: Yeah really

Charlie: So why don't you accept my little challenge then, or are you just afraid that Charlie Haas will defeat Shelton Benjamin again?

Pop from the crowd

Shelton: Because…

Charlie: Because what Shelton, you're a chicken!

Pop from the crowd

Shelton: You know what Charlie, I will accept your challenge, but you will find out exactly why there aint no stoppin me now

Shelton throws the mic down, and then he walks back up the ramp, away from Charlie Haas, who is standing in the ring, screaming at him to come back, and have a little preview of the Taboo Tuesday match. As this is happening, the commentators inform us that the match will either be a normal match, a no dq match, or just like at Homecoming, a pure wrestling rules match

We go backstage, and we see Todd Grisham, who is standing along side Matt Hardy

Todd: Matt Hardy, earlier tonight you picked up a pinfall victory over Edge, the man you face in 8 days time at Taboo Tuesday. What are your feelings on the match, which will be for the money in the bank contract?

Matt: Me and Edge, it’s not going to be pretty, it’s not going to be for the weak of heart, and it will be a brutal and bloody contest. And with a chance at the world title on the line, neither one of us will want to give up that opportunity. But in truth, it is about much more than that. It is about proving to the other who is man enough to take the challenge. It is about getting revenge for the months of torture that him and his slutty girlfriend Lita put me through. It is about proving to him that I am worthy of being a superstar, and that I do have what it takes to perform at the highest level. It is about showing to all the Mattifers who supported me through and got me back into this company that their efforts were not wasted. Because at Taboo Tuesday, when I fight Edge in a money in the bank contract match, I am putting my career in the hands of the fans again. So whether me and Edge face off in a tables match, a steel chair on a pole match, or in the match that we made our names in, the ladder match, then I will do everything that I can do make sure I win the match, because Matt Hardy will not die!

Hardy walks off, to a pop from the crowd

We cut back to the ring, and we see Val Venis standing in the ring, awaiting his opponent

Then, *Masterpiece* hits, and out to the ring comes Chris Masters, doing his usual masterpiece entrance, showing his muscles off to the crowd, to a decent level of heat from the crowd. He gets into the ring, and he flexes his muscles once more, to show his arrogance.

Match 3 – Chris Masters vs. Val Venis

Summary – Pretty much a filler match here, but also used to give Masters a win which he could do with. The match is kept short, and Masters controls the majority of the match. Venis fights back, and almost scores a three count with a fishermans suplex, but Masters manages to lock in the Masterlock after a missed money shot, which makes Venis pass out

Chris Masters wins by submission

Masters has his hand raised, and he celebrates the win by looking down at Venis


We come back to the show, and we hear *Medal* hit, and out comes Kurt Angle to the ring, to the usual You Suck chants as well as the boos from the sold out crowd. He gets into the ring, and he grabs a microphone, and starts to speak

Kurt: …

He tries to speak, but the crowd just respond with you suck chants, meaning that Angle is unable to get a word in

Kurt: That is not how you speak to an Olympic gold medallist

Boos from the crowd

Kurt: I am a man who has done things that you people here can only dream of

More boos from the crowd

Kurt: I have not only competed in the Olympics, I have won a gold medal. And I did it with a broken freaking neck

Heat from the crowd

Kurt: I come to the WWE, and in my first year, I become the king of the ring. Then, at No Mercy, I defeated the Rock to become the new world champion.

Boos from the crowd

Kurt: You people just do not get it, do you? You should be giving me the respect that I deserve, rather than booing me for the achievements that I have. And unlike your ECW hero, I have some achievements

Heat from the crowd

Kurt: I have defeated the Rock, unlike Rob Van Dam

More heat from the crowd

Kurt: Then, in my rookie year at Survivor Series, I successfully defended my world title against the Undertaker. I pinned the deadman, right in the middle of the ring.

Heat from the crowd

Kurt: Oh it’s true, it’s true. Then, at Armageddon, I beat the Undertaker, The Rock, Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Rikishi inside hell in the cell, to cap off the most amazing rookie year in the history of the WWE.

Heat from the crowd

Kurt: I have been the 4 time world champion, and then let me ask you this question, what exactly is it that Rob Van Dam has done?
Heat from the crowd

Kurt: He has done absolutely nothing

Heat from the crowd

Kurt: So why the hell was he facing off for the world title last week on Raw? Why did he get a title shot in preference to a man like me, a man who truly deserves it is something that only Paul Heyman can possibly understand. So Paul, I would like you to come out to this ring right now, and explain your sorry ass to me

*Extreme* hits, and out comes Paul Heyman, to a big pop from the crowd. He comes out, and he grabs a microphone, and then gets in the ring

Kurt: Well Paul…

Paul: Do you really think I am going to come out here and explain myself to you?

Pop from the crowd

Paul: Do you seriously believe that I am going to let you talk to me like that after all the crap I have had to take from you?

Another pop

Paul: Kurt, I gave RVD the match because he deserved it. I gave him the match because it is what he had the right to have. And Kurt, I gave him the match because of the respect that he has earned. And that is something of mine that you will never have!

Huge pop from the crowd

Paul: And Kurt, when you face off against Rob Van Dam at Taboo Tuesday, you will be doing it by my rules. And when I say that, I mean it will take place under ECW rules

Huge pop from the crowd

Paul: And it will either be in a 1 fall to a finish match

Pop from the crowd

Paul: But then, I thought about it, and decided, I don’t think that RVD will have had enough of you by then. So I decided that the second option will be a 2 out of 3 falls match

Another pop from the crowd

Paul: But then I had a third idea. You see, I decided that even after 2 falls, RVD might not have had enough of you. So then it struck me, how about we have the option of the match going for 30 solid minutes, in a 30 minute iron man match

Another big pop from the crowd

Paul: And Kurt Angle, ECW will take you to the extreme!

Angle turns around, and he is nailed with a chair shot by an oncoming RVD, to a huge pop from the crowd. RVD then climbs to the top rope, and he throws the chair to Paul Heyman, who puts the chair on top of Kurt Angle. RVD leaps off the top rope, and he nails the 5 star frog splash to Angle from off the top rope. RVD struggles back up, and him and Heyman puts their hands in the air to a huge pop from the crowd, as an ECW chant starts up

We go backstage, and we see Eric Bischoff in his office, when suddenly, Mohammed Hassan and Daivari storm through the door

Hassan: This is just an outrage, typical of what I would expect in America these days. How is it that everyone else is being told the options that the fans can vote for, expect for 1 match, the match which happens to concern me, Mohammed Hassan. And I think I know exactly why, it is because I am an Arab-American.

Eric: Mohammed, I am sick and tired of your rants, and I have had it up to here with them. So I have come to a decision. AJ Styles vs. Mohammed Hassan at Taboo Tuesday has been cancelled

Hassan: What? Oh that’s just so typical…

Eric: Hold on a second, how about you let me finish. It has been cancelled, to be replaced by another match. Because it will be AJ Styles defending the intercontinental championship in either a triple threat match..

Hassan: Oh come on…

Eric: A triple threat match against Mohammed Hassan… and Daivari

Smiles suddenly appear on the faces of Hassan and Daivari

Eric: Or, a 2 on 1 handicap match against you two. Or the third option is for the match to be a 2 on 1 handicap tag match.

Hassan: And I will use this chance to regain my intercontinental title, and show everyone I am the great Mohammed Hassan!


We come back from commercial, and we see that all the divas expect Trish Stratus are already in the ring

Then, *Ooh, it’s time to rock and roll* hits, and out comes Trish Stratus to the ring to a big pop from the crowd. She comes out with her women’s title belt, and she slaps the hands of the fans as she comes to the ring. She gets in the ring, and she holds the belt high in the air

Match 4 – Victoria/Lita/Melina/Stacy Kiebler vs. Christy Hemmie/Candice Michelle/Trish Stratus/Maria

Summary – An okay match, which is carried for almost the whole time by Lita, Melina, Victoria and Trish. After an opening 8 diva brawl, the match settles down, and surprisingly, Trish plays the face in peril. Victoria, Melina and Lita are the three who do the most of the work for the heel team, working over Trish and keeping her from making the tag. However, eventually she reverses a superplex attempt from Victoria with a sunset flip, and then makes the tag to Christy. Christy comes into the ring, and she manages to briefly take down some of the heel team, and she goes for the reverse twist of fate on Lita. However, Lita counters it, and nails the reverse twist of fate on Christy. She goes to cover, but Trish flies in, and she tackles Lita, and takes her out of the ring. However, Victoria re-enters the ring, and she nails the widow’s peak on Christy, and pins her, picking up the win for the heel team

Victoria/Lita/Melina/Stacy Kiebler win by pinfall

Victoria celebrates her win, by picking up Christy and throwing her over the top rope. Candice Michelle then accidentally bumps into Victoria, and this results in her being nailed with the widow’s peak as well. Lita then leaps off the top rope, and hits the litasault on Candice, and then Lita, Melian who re-enters the ring and Victoria look at each other, and then they turn to look at Trish, who is on the outside of the ring, as the three most likely contenders to face her at Taboo Tuesday face off with her.

We cut backstage, and we see John Cena making his way through the hallway, preparing for the main event, when he is suddenly met by Shawn Michaels

John: Shawn man, ready for the match tonig…

Shawn: John Cena man, I saw what you did earlier tonight, running down to the ring to save Trish when it looked as if Christian and Tyson Tomko were going to beat her down, and man, I respect you for that. It must have taken some guts, as I mean there were two guys down there, against the one of you, and even though you have the talent to be the best in this business, you were still outnumbered. In fact, what you did reminded me a bit of me in my earlier days, expect I would have scored with the women, as only the heartbreak kid could do. But yeah, I respect you, I like your style, and I can see something in you. But tonight, when we step into that ring as partners, you follow my lead, you do as I say, because although you are good, you ain’t nothing on the heartbreak kid. See you out there, kid

Shawn Michaels carries on walking, leaving John Cena standing there, with a slightly confused reaction, with him not really knowing what to think


We return, and then, *5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Break the walls down* hits, and out to the ring comes Chris Jericho to a huge level of heat from the crowd. He has the belt around his waist, and he makes his entrance to the ring in a cocky fashion, and then he stands in the middle of the ring, awaiting the rest of the competitors in the match

Then, *Time to play the game* hits, and out comes Triple H to the ring to a huge amount of heat, as he makes his usual water spitting entrance to the ring. He gets into the ring, and then he looks at Jericho, but doesn’t really make contact with him

Thirdly, *Just Close Your Eyes* hits, and out comes Christian to the ring. He comes out with Tyson Tomko as usual, as he comes out to a pretty large amount of heat from the crowd, but there are a few cheers in their from the peeps in the audience. He gets into the ring, and then he stands in the heel corner with HHH and Jericho

There is a short silence, and then *Sexy Boy* hits, and out comes Shawn Michaels to the ring, in his usual fashion, to a predominant of cheers, but there are scattered boos, and they are definitely increasing in volume

Then, *My Time Is Now* hits, and out comes John Cena to the ring to a huge pop from the arena. He comes out to the ring in his usual fashion, playing up to the crowd, before entering the ring, and waiting for the final man in the match

Finally, the arena goes dark, and then the gong plays, as *Graveyard Symphony* goes out across the arena. A huge pop happens, as the Undertaker comes out to the ring, and he slowly gets into the ring, takes off his hat and coat, and the match is about to begin

Match 5 – Chris Jericho, Triple H and Christian w/Tyson Tomko vs. The Undertaker, John Cena and Shawn Michaels

Summary – Another long main event, with the match going on for roughly 30 minutes, to make up for the lack of matches in the earlier part of the show. The first part of the match is basically just a big brawl with all 6 men just randomly fighting with each other, and there being no real structure to the match. But eventually, the ref manages to calm things down, and the match proper begins with HHH and Cena fighting each other. Cena gets in a period of domination at the beginning of the match, but then the heel team manage to gain an advantage, and he is isolated from his team. The three men take it in turns to work on him, and do so in an effective manner. However, after a missed clothesline from Y2J, Cena manages to escape, and goes to tag in HBK, but he supposedly slips of the apron, so he can’t tag him in. But he does manage to tag in the Undertaker though. Taker storms into the match, and briefly dominates, using his power, until the combined force of the 4 men, including Tomko takes him down, and then there is a large amount of leg work going on, with HBK, Jericho and Christian all trying to disable Taker from standing. And it is a pretty successful tactic, as Taker is unable to stand on his leg properly. However, after Taker catches Christian with a cross body attempt, and then plants him with a body slam, the tide turns. Taker makes his way to the corner, and tags in Cena, as yet again, HBK ‘slips’ on the apron. Cena enters the ring, and he nails a big right on Christian, and then a clothesline and a shoulder block. HHH enters the ring, but is nailed with a back body drop, and then is thrown over the top rope. Jericho enters the ring, but he hit with the shoulder block, and then whipped into the corner, where is tripped by HBK, who then throws him into the barricade. Christian stumbles up, and is hit with the killswitch, and then the 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena covers, but can only get a two count. He picks up Christian, and goes for the F-U, but HHH nails a low blow on Cena, and then goes for the pedigree. However, Cena reverses it, and nails a back body drop to HHH, who is the nailed with a chokeslam from Taker. Jericho runs into the ring, and nails the bulldog on Cena, and then sets up for the lionsault, but sees Taker, and then decides he has had enough, as he leaves the ring, gets his title belt, and starts to walk up the ramp. Taker is distracted by Tomko, but this just angers Taker, and he goes over the top rope, and he starts to chase him up the ramp. Cena stumbles back up, and he nails the F-U on Christian. But as he does so, HBK blind tags him. He gets into the match, and nails the sweet chin music on HHH, and then covers Christian for the three count

The Undertaker, John Cena and Shawn Michaels win by pinfall

HBK celebrates his win in the middle of the ring, as he takes full credit for the win, despite doing absolutely nothing in the match. He totally ignores John Cena, and stands tall in the middle of the ring, whilst Cena just stares a hole through him. Christian and Triple H are laid out in the ring. The Undertaker is chasing Tomko on the outside of the ring, whilst Jericho is walking up the ramp with his title belt, when he is stopped by Paul Heyman

Paul: Jericho, you wanted some answers, well I will give you some answers. At Taboo Tuesday, you will defend the title in either a 6 pack challenge, an elimination match, or… an elimination chamber!

The crowd erupt, as we see the looks on the faces of everyone change, when they hear this announcement.

(out of character now)

The next Raw is the last one before Taboo Tuesday, and then i will ask people to vote for the match that they want. At the end of the show i will post all the matches with the stipulations available, and then i will ask people to pm me what they want to see happen. I will go with the majority vote in all of the matches, even if it goes against what i want. (there is 1 match where i need something to be chosen, so i may fix that category if i cant find a way to incoporate what you choose) I will then give a deadline for the votes to be made, but it is likely to be a couple of days or so from when raw is posted. Actually, thinking about it, you can cast votes now, as i'm sure that i have at some point given the options for all of the matches on the card (there are 9 matches), and i may allow people to vote more than once like the real WWE do.

The new Raw will probably be done in a recap form because i would like to get Taboo Tuesday written by christmas, but it will be the long, extended recaps that i have done before.

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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Been looking forward to this ...

Nice to see the show open up with a big advertised match, and one that should a great read too, with the feuds in this one at boiling point.

Clean win for Hardy makes him look mighty strong, and a legitimate threat to the MITB Contract of Edge, especially in a 3 on 2 environment. Both AJ and Hardy come out looking strong here, and have a big move of momentum heading into TT.

Lovely promo from Christian, running down his five opponents at Taboo Tuesday, with some really funny lines, but the ones that really had me, where the digs at Michaels and Taker. Excellent witty stuff.

Finally, he gets to Trish, and Tomko shows his own peeping tom traits, lol. Trish defending the womens title is a nice addition to the card, and it may well be the night that Trish is beaten for the belt, after a long reign as champion. Christian probably shouldnt have referred to British money with the show in the States, but at least I understood what he meant.

Nice way to rap the segment up, with John Cena cleaning house, saving Trish from Captain Charisma & Goat Boy.

Nice stipulations for the GM vs GM match at Taboo Tuesday, with the loser taking a forfeit. Austin as Guest Referee is an interesting twist too, and it should ensure Heyman wins.

Oh. Darn it. For me, it'll either be MNM or the mystery team that gets my vote to face Kid Kash and CM Punk. Glad to see you giving us a tough choice anyway, rather than an easy one. I think I'll end up voting for the mystery team.

Good singles win for Mercury, which gives MNM good reason for a shot at the belts after taboo Tuesday if they dont get voted in. My mind is starting to go into over drive thinking of who the new team might be. Cade & Murdoch?? The Dicks (lol)??

Finally, we'll get some answers for Taboo Tuesday tonight. Nice annoyed promo from Jericho, before bumping into HBK. Which has to be the beginning of a set up towards Survivor Series. I smell a screw job a mile off. Interested to see if HBK gets a taste of his own medicine this time though.

Home run promo between TWGTT. Absolutely terrific stuff. Looking forward to an in depth match between them at TT, but the match types were a little bit of a disappointment, although then again, they all cant be major matches.

Another good promo, this time from Matt Hardy. Nice options for TT, although I reckon The Ladder will run away with the voting, for the simple reason its always one of the best matches you can have.

Here he is then, The Masterpiece. Glad to see him back on the show, with a dominant win. Wonder what the future holds for Masters.

Captured Kurt Angle well in this promo, with some typical bigging up of himself, before running down his long term adversary, then calls out Heyman, who really turns up the heat for Taboo Tuesday with an amazing match announcement for RVD vs Angle at Taboo Tuesday. 1 Fall to a Finish wont get many votes, but it should be close between an Iron Man and 2/3 Falls.

Heh, nice twist to the Intercontinental Title Match. Should definately be interesting to hear Hassan rant when things dont go his way. Nice way to stack the odds in his favour too.

Nice multi diva match, and Victoria getting the win should boost her chances of facing Trish at Taboo Tuesday.

Smelling a permanent heel turn from The Showstopper in the coming weeks, with a good old fashioned HBK cocky promo to Cena. Made me smile when he said he'd have scored with the chick.

Brilliant main event, with Michaels doing nothing, blind tagging in, and stealing the pin, taking all the credit. All this seems to be moving just in time for Montreal, which I'm eagerly anticipating to see. Good melee, and nice match build up for Taboo Tuesday.

Now, finally we get to see the outcome for what we'll see at Taboo Tuesday ...

Elimination Chamber wins by a landslide. Absolutely no question in my mind whatsoever. Great way to close out the show. I'll try and PM my votes to you on like Sunday, or if I remember to, I'll do it tomorrow.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Raw Review

Good win here for AJ and Hardy, building some momenutum for both guys, for their matches at Taboo tuesday.

Great promo here with Christian insulting his oppoents at Taboo Tuesday with some Golden Lines. The Peep show then starts and Trish announces that she is defending her title at Taboo tuesday against any other Diva. CC and Tomko are about to attack Trish but the ex champ saves the day.

Good announcement there with Austin announced as the referee for heyman/Bischoff match, this should surely be a Heyman win now

Good win here for mercury giving them some reason to be the team to face Kash and Punk at Taboo Tuesday.

Intresting promo here and me too feels a Screwjob of somesort will happen at SS

Another match made for Taboo Tuesday, Haas v Shelton should be great.

Good intense promo here hyping the match at Taboo Tuesday.

Good squash win here for Masters and it will be intresting to see what feuds you put him in.

Good promo here with Angle running all his achivements in Order once more, and Heyman comes out. Good choices there and RVD gets one up on Angle hitting him with a chair and then the 5 star frog splash.

Intresting choices there for the IC Title match there, and Hassan has a big advantage here now.

Good Divas Match here and look forward to find out who Trish will face at TT

Good promo and a HBK Heel Turn is near definate now

Great Long Main Event with some good back and forth action. Intresting Heelish action from HBK during match apparantly slipping on the ring apron not to reach the tag. And then takes credit as he gets the pinfall despite doing nothing the whole match. Good Announcement after the match and an Elimination Chamber match is certain
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Even though there is still 1 raw before Taboo Tuesday, i have decided to post here all the matches and the options so it is easier for anyone wanting to vote at this early stage

Raw Heavyweight Title
Chris Jericho (c) vs John Cena vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H vs The Undertaker vs Christian - Elimination Chamber/6 pack challenge/6 man elimination match

Intercontinental Title
AJ Styles (c) vs Mohammed Hassan vs Daivari/ AJ Styles (c) vs Mohammed Hassan and Daivari (Handicap)/AJ Styles (c) vs Mohammed Hassan and Daivari (Handicap Tag)

Raw Tag Team Titles
CM Punk and Kid Kash (c) vs MNM/RTC/New Debuting Tag Team

Women's Title
Trish Stratus (c) vs Victoria/Lita/Melina/Christy Hemmie/Maria/Candice Michelle/Stacy Kiebler

Hardcore Title
The Coach (c) vs Any Ex ECW Superstar

MITB Contract match
Edge vs Matt Hardy - Tables/Steel Chair on a pole/Ladder

Kurt Angle vs Rob Van Dam - ECW Rules - 1 fall to a finish/2 out of 3 falls/30 minute iron man

Shelton Benjamin vs Charlie Haas - 1 fall/No DQ/Pure match

Paul Heyman vs Eric Bischoff - Stone Cold Steve Austin as the referee - loser of the match has to either be the other ones servant the following week on Raw/loser has no power over the next Raw/loser has to wrestle an opponent of the winner’s choice on Raw
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

very good way to kick things off with a TT preview tag match, and a good win for the faces, which might however discredit them for the PPV as the heels might have the motivation now.

The Peep Show was very funny, you, like Wolfy, have <C> down to a tee and you showed it here. Tomko also was pretty funny, I always seemed to like Tomko for some reason. And just when things looked bad for Trish, here comes the champ.

Stone Cold as guest ref between Heyman/Bischoff? Good work, nice bit of booking here, and I see Bischoff being Heymans servant after TT.

Meh average matchup, and a win for Mercury gives MNM a little bit of luck for the tag titles match, if they are selected.

Big words from HBK "My finest hour" I think he has summin special planned for those canucks.

Good confrontation between haas/benjamin perfectly setting up a match at TT. I would love to see a No DQ, but I guess it'll be a Pure matchup.

Strong words from Matt Hardy. We will see if he can fulfill them.

Masters needs more than squashes, because they are degrading Val Venis.

30 minutes ECW rules match? That is sensational, RVD vs Angle will be MOTN, bar the title 6 pack. What a huge matchup, great announcement.

Nice to see the divas part of things getting a push. Melina vs Trish I hope for.

Man good main event, whats up with HBK? And we will be getting an EC matchup! YES! I know it will clearly outvote the other matches. Good ending to a good show.



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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Matt Hardy/A.J. Styles vs. Mohammad/Edge - A great way to open up the show. I am glad to see A.J. Styles and Matt Hardy walk away with the victory.

Peep Show - This was a very good and pretty funny Peep Show. Tomko's line was really funny. I never was a really big fan of either Christian, Tomko or the Peep Show, but this was good.

Nice segment backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin as special ref should be good.

Joey Mercury vs. CM Punk - Pretty good match-up here, but I have never seen CM Punk wreslte and I am not a big fan of MNM but still was an ok match, good win for Joey.

Nice promo backstage with Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels, "Montreal, my finest hour" got me thinking a bit.

Good segement with Charlie Hass and Shelton Benjamin, that match outa be a good one, I would like a No DQ match.

Nice promo with Matt Hardy too.

Masters vs. Val Venis - Squash match is predicted. But still good.

Good promo with Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman, that 30 minute ironman match sounds great.

Also a good promo with Mohammad Hassan in the back with Eric. Those stipulations all sound in favor of Mohammad which is expected.

Divas Match - Pretty good. I am hoping for Trish and Victoria.

Main Event - This was an awesome main event, defiantley Match of the Night. Shawn Michaels is acting really strange though. I wonder why? But still this main event was great the announcment after the match was great, I am really hoping for an Elimination Chamber.

Overal: 9/10 - Can't wait for next week's Raw and Taboo Tuesday.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Raw Review

Matches/Booking: Great Match Summaries. They were descriptive enough. 9.5/10

Promo's: You had great promo's. 9.5/10

Length: Wow. 17 pages worth of work is awsome. 10/10

Spelling/Grammer: The mistakes most of the time seem to avoid me. 10/10

Entertainment: It was a great Raw. Very Entertaining matches with promo's. 9/10

Overall: 96/100. A. Awsome Raw man. This one was a great one. This BTB i9s better than I thought.

I'm watching you...

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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

WWE Smackdown from San Francisco CA Cow Palace-October 28th

The Smackdown theme music plays as some pyros go off from the ramp. We Pan around the arena before going over to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Cole: Welcome to WWE Smackdown live from the Cow Palace in San Francisco California. I’m Michael Cole and alongside me is Tazz

Tazz: What a night we have tonight Cole, as we have some off the Hook Matches.

Cole: Yes the Main Event for tonight is a 6 man tag as Rey Mysterio teams up with the Rock and Batista to face Randy Orton, Brock Lesner and JBL.

Tazz: Plus Kane will have his first title defence as he defends his United States Championship against Mike Awsome.

“Whatever” Chris Benoit’s music hits and he comes out to a thunderous ovation. He comes down to the ring looking very confident.

Cole: What a way to start off the show as here comes the Rapid Wolverine Chris Benoit.

Tazz: Chris Benoit is looking very confident Cole. But last week he didn’t look Confident when he walked away from the tag and made Booker T do the work all on his own.

Cole: Oh will you please stop. Benoit was defending himself from Orlando Jordan and Booker T turned around and saw that and thought that he walked away from the Tag.

Tazz: I just think he was scared of getting into the ring with Mike Awsome

Cole: Please shut up, I don’t know how I am going to cope with you for two hours.

“Mexicools” The Mexicool’s music hits and Psychosis comes out to some big heat. He drives his Lawn Mower to the ring, and then starts off a Mexico chant which gets booed by the crowd.

Match 1
Singles Match
Chris Benoit v Psychosis

Summary: A great match between the two men with their two styles meshing nicely. Benoit used his technical side to side to try and slow the Cruiserweight, Psychosis down. But when Benoit went for a Powerbomb on Psychosis, Psychosis countered it into a Hurricarana. Psychosis started to take control hitting a few dropkicks to Benoit. And then hitting a Crossbody off the top rope onto Benoit. But when Psychosis tried to hit a 450 splash from the top, Benoit scurried onto his feet and took Psychosis off the top rope with an armdrag. Benoit then locked on the Sharpshooter. Psychosis looked like he was about to tap but Super Crazy came to ringside and puts Psychosis’s hand on the bottom rope. The referee goes to the outside to tell of SC, Benoit meanwhile looks on and from behind Psychosis hits Benoit with a Low Blow.

Finish: Psychosis goes to whip Benoit off the ropes but Benoit reverses it and bounces Psychosis off the ropes. Benoit goes for a clothesline but Psychosis slides through the legs of Benoit. He then takes Benoit down with a dropkick. Psychosis then bounces Benoit off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, Benoit ducks and goes for a German Superlex, but Psychosis counters it into a roll up 1…………………2…………..Kickout. Psychosis bounces off the ropes and catches Benoit with a spinning wheel kick. Benoit gets up but walks into a scoop slam by Psychosis. Psychosis then goes to the corner and climbs onto the middle rope. He goes for Leg Drop but benoit moves out the way. Both men get up and Psychosis goes for a hard right hand but Benoit ducks and hits a German superlex. He keeps hold of Psychosis and hits two more German superlexes. Benoit then hits a snap superlex. Benoit then does the cut throat taunt before climbing onto the top rope. Super Crazy then gets onto the ring apron and starts taunting Benoit, who kicks him down. Psychosis then bounces off the ropes causing Benoit to fall onto his crown jewels. Psychosis then goes to Snapmare Benoit off the top but Benoit blocks it and then hits a bulldog to Psychosis off the top and he then locks on the Cross face. Psychosis tries to fight out of it but eventually taps out.

Winner of the Match Chris Benoit in 8:34

Cole: And what a win for Chris Benoit. Another good win for Benoit.

Tazz: Psychosis tried his best but the more experienced and technical wrestler got the win over the Cruiserweight


Backstage we see Chris Benoit arriving backstage after his match with Psychosis and then Booker T and Sharmell walk up to him.

Benoit: What do you want Booker

Booker: Hey don’t get so fussy.I have just come to say sorry.

Benoit: Sorry?

Booker: Yeah I was out of order last week I didn’t fully see what I happened so I shouldn’t of done what I did.

Benoit: No Problem Booker. Anyway Booker I got a match signed for us next week. We are teaming up to face Mike Awsome and JBL.

Booker: Great.

Benoit: Anyway see you later

Benoit walks off

Sharmell: I can’t believe it

Booker: Believe what?

Sharmell: That man is holding you back Booker. You deserve to be fighting for the World Title and not teaming up with that toothless Piece of trash

Sharmell then walks off leaving Booker.

“ How Do You Like me now” Hardcore Holly’s music hits and he comes out to a decent pop

“ Mrrrrr Kennnedddyyyyy” Ken Kennedy’s music hits and he comes out to some heat. He gets in the ring and stops Tony Chimmel announcing him and then tells Tony to get out of the ring. A Mic falls from above him, Kennedy catches it and a spotlight comes over him.

Kennedy: Tony Chimmel shut the Heel up you ugly piece of crap. The only thing you should be doing is getting some plastic surgery and then get a Job which you are talented for, something like a Bin Man Suits you. This contest is for ONE fall with a twenty minute time limit. In the ring my Opponent………….actually I’m not even gonna introduce him because all he does is lose to Newcomers and 1995 is phoning for him. However, the man with the mic, I hail from GREEN BAY WISCONSIN (Crowd boos), weighing in at a outstanding 242 Pounds! Misteeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennnnnnnnedddyyyyyyyyy…………………..Kennnnnnnnnedyyyyyyyyyy.

Match 2
Singles Match
Ken Kennedy v Hardcore Holly

Summary: A pretty good match between the two great athletes. Hardcore Holly took advantage at the start pounding away at Kennedy with vicious lefts and rights. Holly hit a dropkick which got a two count. Holly went for the early win, thinking Kennedy would be an easy win for him, as he went for the Alabama Slam but Kennedy countered into a sunset flip and Holly Kicked out at 2. The Newcomer then took control of the match hitting Holly with some big impact moves.

Finish: Kennedy hits some hard right hands to Holly backing him against the ropes. Kennedy then bounces Holly off the ropes, but Holly comes back off the ropes with a dropkick to the jaw. Holly then picks up Kennedy and hits some hard right hands backing Kennedy into the corner. Holly then whips Kennedy into the opposite corner, Holly runs up but gets a face full of Boot. Holly staggers back, Kennedy explodes out of the corner and goes for a clothesline but Holly ducks and hits him with a neckbreaker. Holly then drags Kennedy into the corner and lifts him onto the turnbuckle. Holly climbs on with him, but Kennedy holds onto the top rope. Holly hits some hard right hands to Kennedy taking his hands off the rope. Holly goes for it again, but Kennedy blocks it and hits some hard right hands to the ribs of Holly. Kennedy then lifts Holly onto his shoulders, and he hits the Green Bay Plunge onto Kennedy. Holly hooks the leg 1…………………2……………..3

Winner of the Match Ken Kennedy in 6:56

Cole: And what a victory for the new boy Kennedy over the much experienced Hardcore Holly

Tazz: Well this Kid looks better every week he goes out there and he is a future big name star

Backstage we see Orlando Jordan getting prepared for his match and Mike Awesome walks up to him

Mike: hey you ready for your match Orlando

Orlando: Why would you want to know.

Mike: Because I’m your bud man. We’re part of the Greatest Group in the World, the Cabinet.

Orlando: Us two buds. Well after what happened between us last week I don’t think so.

Mike: Hey that’s in the past man, this a big night for us you know. JBL has a 6 man tag, I will become the new United States Champion and……………

Orlando: Do you know I don’t give a damn if this is a big night for the Cabinet. I don’t care that you have a United States Championship Match later. I have done more for the Cabinet than you ever have. I deserve that title shot, but instead what do I get. Blamed for your losses, and matches with pieces of crap like Booker T.

Mike: Calm down Man. Anyway do you want me to come down to the ring with you

Orlando: No you big oaf. I am gonna prove to the world why I am the greatest athlete in the WWE today, and I am going to do that by myself.

Orlando Jordan walks off leaving Mike Awesome looking very pissed off about what Orlando said to him

We then cut to Josh Matthews backstage who is standing by the Rock.

Josh: Rock………Tonight you will be involved in a 6 man tag as you……….

Rock puts his hand next to Josh’s mouth, shutting Josh up.

Rock: Finally the Rock has come back to San Francisco Californiaaaaa.

The crowd cheers

Rock: Tonight is the night Josh when I team up with two other guys to face the three biggest pieces of crap on Gods Green Earth. Firstly the Rock is going to face JBL. He thinks he is a big man with his millions of pounds, his little Gay Column on Well I tell you what JBL. You can take your Money and every other piece of Finance crap you have going. You can shine it up really nice, lick it like it like you do with Mikey Awsome’s left testicle, turn that sumbitch sideways and stick it straight up your Candy Ass!

The crowd cheers

Rock: Next we have Randy Orton. The so called Legend Killer. The man who apparently killed my career at No Mercy. But just like my Grandfather whooped Randy Orton’s Grandfathers ass. Just like my Dad beat Randy Orton’s Dad’s ass. I am going to whoop that Jabroni’s ass. Randy Orton, tonight is the night when you will beg for Mercy because you had your Candy Ass kicked all over San Francisco.

The crowd cheers

Rock: And finally we come to ape man himself Brock Lesner. He was introduced to the world when a Monkey stepped into the centre of the ring, had a big crap and out came Brock Lesner.

Crowd laughs

Rock: I am talking about the man who sold out to the WWE. The man who sold out to become a Football player. But the problem is that since Brock Lesner has a mind of a Monkey. He thinks Football is when you lick Testicles and pick nits out of people’s hair. And of course he failed because he was a pile of Monkey Crap, so he came back here to get a second chance of success. But that won’t happen. Because the Roc…………………..

From behind Brock Lesner attacks Rocks with some clubs to the back. He then grabs a steel chair, he swings it back and hits Rock off the head with it. He runs off while the camera shows Blood Running down Rock’s face.

Cole: What the hell was that for

Tazz: He had no reason to do that Cole. And now there’s a big risk that Rock might not be in tonight’s Main Event.

“Can you Dig it Sucka” Booker T’s music hits and he comes out to the ring to a good pop, accompanied by his wife Sharmell

“Cabinet” The Cabinet’s music hits and Orlando comes out to some little heat. He comes out looking very pissed.

Match 3
Singles Match
Booker T v Orlando Jordan

Summary: A decent match between the two men who also met up at No Mercy. Booker dominated most part of the match after gaining his momentum back after recent wins in the last few weeks. But when Booker went for the Book End, Orlando elbowed Booker away and then hit him with the Overdrive. Orlando then starts to take control of Booker hitting some of his signature moves. Orlando came off the top with a crossbody but the momentum of the crossbody sent Booker over Orlando who kicked out at 2. The two men had a flurry of pin falls over the other man before Orlando low blowed Booker and dropped him with a DDT

Finish: Orlando pounds away at Booker in the corner and hits him with some hard right hands. Orlando bounces Booker against the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. Orlando then hits a snap superlex. Orlando then taunts to the crowd, knowing he is in full control. He then bounces off the ropes but Sharmell trips him, and he walks into Booker whom catches him with a back body drop. Booker bounces Orlando off the ropes and hits him with an ax kick to the side of the head. Before taking Orlando down with a spinning wheel kick. Booker then bounced Orlando off the ropes and catches him with a big impact spinebuster. Booker then gets onto his feet and signals for the end of Orlando Jordan. He kicks Orlando in the midsection before bouncing off the ropes, and he attempts a scissors kick, but Orlando quickly moves out the way and pushes Booker against the ropes. Orlando goes for a clothesline but Booker T ducks and then hits the Book End to Orlando. Booker hooks the leg 1…………………2……………………3

Winner of the Match Booker T in 9:02

After the match Booker T celebrates in celebration getting another victory over Orlando Jordan. But Orlando, the angry man he is at the moment snaps and starts attacking Booker T. But Booker T starts fighting back. Booker kicks Orlando in the mid section and he bounces off the ropes and goes for the Scissors Kick but from out of nowhere JBL hits Booker with a Steel Chair. Mike Awesome then appears and he tosses Booker to the outside. In the ring Orlando gets onto his feet and Mike Awesome comes to him and raises his hand. The two men then shake hands and apparently make friends, but Mike won’t let go of Orlando’s hand. And instead he whips Orlando straight into the path of JBL who nails him with the Clothesline From Hell! JBL then tells Awesome something. Mike Awesome then raises Orlando onto his feet and holds him back as JBL picks up a Steel Chair. JBL then smashes the Steel Chair off the skull of Orlando!

Cole: What the Hell! JBL and Mike Awesome just double crossed Orlando Jordan

Tazz: Hey to be part of the Cabinet, you have to be one of the best. And Orlando Jordan is completely the opposite.

Cole: Well what in the Hell is going to happen to the Cabinet now

Tazz: No Idea but I sense something big will happen


Cole: Just before the break folks we saw Orlando Jordan destroyed by his own team mates. Tazz I still can’t believe it

Tazz: Well as we know anything can happen in the WWE

Cole: For Sure.

“Mexicools” The Mexicool’s music hits and the Cruiserweight Champion Juvi Guerrera comes down to the ring to some big heat.

“ Ohhhh Chavo” Chavo Guerrero’s music hits and Chavo comes out to a good pop.

Match 4
Singles Match
Chavo Guerrero v Juvi Guerrera

Summary: A great match between the two cruiserweights The two wrestlers had a pretty back and forth opening few minutes with both men using lots of counters, unallowing their opponent to hit a big move. Juvi tries to get the momentum on his side as he went for the Diving Hurricarana but Chavo moved out the way and then hit Juvi with a Tornado DDT, which got a two count. Chavo then started to slow down Juvi down getting him in some submission moves. But when Chavo went for the Boston Crab, Juvi grabbed the head of Chavo and rolled him over. Chavo kicked out and charged up at Juvi who ducked down and back body dropped him over the top rope. Juvi then hit a Somersault suicida over the top rope onto Chavo on the outside. Juvi went to pick up Chavo, who quickly raked Juvi’s eyes. He then ran towards Juvi who tripped him face first off the steel steps. Juvi got him in the ring and got a two count.

Finish: Juvi stands on the middle turnbuckle and hits the ten punch manoeuvre. He then starts a USA sucks chant which gets some big boos. But he had taken too long taunting, and Chavo uses this to his advantage as he hits a running sit-down spinebuster. Chavo hooks the leg 1……………..2…………..Kickout. Both men get up and Chavo pounds away at Juvi into the corner. He then whips Juvi off the ropes, but Juvi comes back off them with a tilt a whirl Hurricarana. Juvi then bounces off the ropes, but Chavo this time catches him with a tilt a whirl Backbreaker. Chavo hooks the legs once more 1……………..2………….Kickout. Chavo picks up Juvi onto his feet and hits him with a snap superlex. Chavo then picks up Juvi and drags him to the corner. He gets him into a front facelock and stands on the Middle rope. He goes for the Tornado DDT, but Juvi blocks it by holding onto the ropes and pushing Chavo away, and Chavo lands on the ref who is taken down. Both men get up and Juvi goes for a clothesline but Chavo ducks and then hits the Gory bomb onto Juvi. He then hooks the leg…………..but the ref is down. Chavo goes to wake him up. Chavo then gets onto his feet and turns around into Tajiri! Who spits mist on his face and nails him with a Buzzsaw Kick. Tajiri wakes up the referee and gets out of the ring as Juvi comes off the top with a 450 splash. Juvi hooks the leg 1……………….2……………..3!

Winner of the Match Juvi Guerrera in 10:27

Cole: Damnit Tajiri screws Chavo Guerrero out of the match

Tazz: Well Tajiri is obviously angry about his loss last week against Chavo.

After the match the rest of the Mexicools run down into the ring, and they and Tajiri do a 4 on one attack on Chavo in the ring. But then Billy Kidman, Paul London and Frankie Kazarian run down to the ring to save Chavo and the Mexicools and Tajiri scurry out the ring.

Cole: Thank God for Kidman, London and Kazarian god knows what would of happened to Chavo Guerrero

Taboo Tuesday Promo

Backstage we see Mick Foley in his office playing darts and the door knocks

Foley: Come in.

The door opens and the Basham Brothers step into the room

Foley: Hey Dave and Dan the Basham Brothers how you doing

Danny: It’s Doug and Danny

Foley: Yeah whatever. What do you want?

Doug: The thing is we haven’t had a title shot for ages now. And I think it is time you gave us a chance

Foley: You want a title shot Danny

Doug: Firstly it’s Doug and secondly yes.

Foley: Ok a title shot is what you get.

Danny and Doug celebrate knowing that they have a Tag Team title shot.

Foley: Okay the match will take place next week, and as you wanted it will be Doug Basham v Kane for the United States Championship

Doug: What! We didn’t want a United States Title shot. We want a Tag Title shot

Foley: Oh really…..I will have to think about that.

Danny: Come on if you let him have a US Title shot you should give us a Tag Title shot.

The door opens again and Eugene and Heidenreich walk in

Eugene: Oh my god is Hulk Hogan.

Foley: You talking to me

Eugene: Yeah

Foley: Well Eugene I am not Hulk Hogan I am Mick Foley.

Eugene: Who?

Foley: Your boss.

Eugene: My Boss?

Foley: Yes your boss


Heidenreich: Just leave it to me Eugene…….Mick as our friends we are asking for a Tag Team Title shot.

The door opens once more and Billy Kidman and Frankie Kazarian enter the room

Kidman: Foley I am getting fed up of those damn Mexicools. They keep on interfering in our darn matches. Me and Frankie want some payback Mick. So we are asking for a Tag Team Title Match against them.

We then see the Dudley Boyz step in.

Bubu: No offence to you guys. But me and Dvon are the greatest Tag Team in this room. We have won more Tag Team Title than everyone in this room put together including yourself Mick. And me and Dvon think it is about time that we get one more Tag Title run. So we want a shot at the Mexicools.

Danny: What the Hell, the only team in this room that deserves a title shot is the Bashams.

The crowd boos and then we see Mick Foley lying down on the couch eating some Popcorn.

Danny: Lets look at the other teams shall we. We have a Mentally Retarded team. We have a team who just had their chance and blew it. And we have a team who is years past their prime.

The Four Teams then start to squabble and shout at each other

Foley: Shut up!

The Four teams then quiet down

Foley: Next week on Smackdown it will be the Basham Brothers……….versus Eugene and Heidenreich……….versus Kazarian and Kidman………….versus the Dudley Boyz in a elimination tag match. And the winners will face the Mexicools two weeks today. Now get out my office………….and have a nice day.

The Four teams leave the room and we see Foley picking up his dart and continuing his game.

We then cut to the backstage area where we see Batista walking, Batista then notices Brock Lesner and Batista comes up to confront him.

Batista: I bet you’re pleased with yourself

Lesner: Yeah I am actually

Batista: Yeah……… You think your such a big shot attacking a man from behind. Making the Main Event a bit easier for yourself by taking a man out. Well I have just checked up on Rock and he will be wrestling tonight.

Crowd cheers

Batista: So it seems like your plan failed then. How about you make a plan two then. Come on take your best shot or are you two scared to go face to face and you would rather attack me from behind. Yeah I know you wouldn’t do anything else. But I will give you a chance here Brock. Take your best shot

Batista points to his face

Lesner: The thing is Dave. I don’t need to punch a Roided piece of crap like you. I am gonna wait for the Main Event to take you out and prove why I am the next big thing.

Lesner starts to walk off.

Batista: Why wait till then Brock, are you Scared.

Lesner continues to walk off.

Batista: Fine then be the Bitch that you are!

Lesner then stops. He thinks things through, asking himself if he should attack Batista, but instead he continues to walk off.


“Cabinet” The Cabinet’s music hits and Mike Awesome comes out to some big heat. He looks very confident knowing that he could become the new United States Champion

“ Explosion” An Explosion is heard and Kane comes out to a big pop.

Match 5
United States Championship Match
Kane v Mike Awesome

Summary: A quite good match between the two big men. Mike Awesome showed that he could fight with Kane and have a good chance to win tonight’s match giving a tough fight for Kane. Awsome went for the early win, as he went for the Awsome Bomb but Kane back body dropped him over the top rope. Kane then hit a flying clothesline off the ring apron onto Mike Awsome on the outside. Kane showed his psychotic self as he went for the Chokeslam to Awsome through the announce table but Awesome quickly raked Kane’s eyes and threw him shoulder first into the steel ring post. Mike Awsome got Kane in the ring and went for the Military press but Kane is too big, Kane bounced off the ropes and Awesome caught him with a big boot which got a 2 count. Awsome went onto the top rope, but Kane had got up and he throws Awsome down to the mat. Kane then starts taking advantage hitting some power Manoeuvres.

Finish: Awsome pounds away at Kane into the corner with some vicious hard right hands into the corner. Awsome then bounced Kane off the rope and went for a big boot, but Kane ducked. Kane then grabs Awsome by the throat signalling for the Chokeslam, but Awsome rakes Kane’s eyes and then hits a DDT onto Kane. Awsome hooks the leg 1……………..2………..Kickout by Kane. Awsome picks up Kane looking a little angry and hits a Powerslam onto him. Awesome does the Cabinet taunt which gets a lot of Heat, but Kane sits up. Awsome looks at Kane in shock, he takes him down with a kick to the face. Kane sits up once again, Awsome goes to pick up Kane, but Kane grabs him by the throat. He tosses him into the corner and starts pounding away at him with hard right hands, but Awesome saves himself by Kicking Kane’s crown jewels. Awsome then sets up Kane and hits an Awesome Bomb onto him. Instead of covering Kane, Awsome climbs up onto the top rope. He goes for the Awesome splash, but Kane sits up and Awesome crashes down to the mat. Both men get up with Awsome looking Hurt and he walks into Kane who grabs him by the throat. And he hits a huge Chokeslam onto Awesome. Instead of covering Kane does the Cut throat taunt signalling the end is here. Kane picks up Awesome and hits him with a devastating Tombstone. Kane then hooks the leg 1………………….2……………..3

Winner of the Match and still United States Champion Kane in 11:50

Cole: What a win for Kane and he has successfully defended his title in a very tough contest.

Tazz: What a match that was, Awesome gave Kane all he had. But Kane was too tough for and viscous for the Cabinet member.

Cole: And I have just heard a huge announcement for next week folks. After what happened to the Rock earlier on tonight. Rock will be able to get some revenge as he goes one on one with Brock Lesner next week on Smackdown.

Tazz: That should be off the Hook Cole. The last time these two men met at Summerslam 2002 was possibly one of the greatest matches of this Decade and I am sure they will top it off next week

Backstage we see Josh Matthews standing by JBL

Josh: JBL………………..Earlier tonight you attacked your friend and fellow member of the Cabinet

JBL: Let me tell you this Josh. Don’t dare refer to me as JBL……….Nothing gives you that right you ignorant fool.

Crowd boos.

JBL: But as for Orlando Jordan…..He is not My friend. I never needed that worthless piece of lowlife trash. He was just a person who hooked along my legacy. Face it he was a nothing Josh. He lost so many times I have lost count. And the Cabinet does not accept having losers such as Orlando Jordan. It only accepts winners such as myself. And tonight I decided to take out the trash. And what a great way to take it out, as we took it out in another piece of trash called San Francisco California.

Crowd boos

JBL: And next up Josh I am going to prove why I am Great. As the Wrestlinnnggg God will win the match for his team in the Main Event.

Crowd boos

Josh: Just one more Question JBL. What is going to happen to the Cabinet now

JBL: See that trap

Points to Josh’s Mouth

Josh: Uh..Uh..Yeah

JBL: Shut it. The Cabinet Josh is nowhere near Extinction Josh. It is gonna be around for a long time and next week the Cabinet will have a very big surprise


Cole: It is time Tazz for our Main Event.

“ Longhorn” JBL’s mucis hits and JBL comes out in his limo to big heat. He steps out the limo and raises his hat in the air and smiles showing his toothy Grin.

“ Here comes the Pain” Brock Lesner’s music hits and Lesner comes out to the ring to some big heat.

“ Burn in My Light” Randy Orton’s music hits and he comes out to some big heat. He does the Destiny Pose at the top of the ramp before heading down to the ring.

“Demon” Batista’s music hits and the crowd erupts. He flexes his muscles at the top of the ramp and pyros go off. He gets in the ring and lock eyes with Brock Lesner.

“If Ya Smelllllllllllll” The Rock’s music hits and he comes out to a thunderous ovation. He comes down looking very pissed, not like his normal self. He tries to go after lesner but the referee gets in the way and calms Rock down.

“Booyaka 619” Rey Mysterio’s music hits, and the WWE Champion gets another Thunderous Pop. He pops out of the ground and points to his fans. He then comes down to the ring looking very confident.

Match 6
6 Man Tag
Rey Mysterio, Rock and Batista v Brock Lesner, Randy Orton and JBL

Summary: As soon as the bell rings Rock clotheslines Lesner to the outside, wanting to beat Lesner up after what Lesner did to him earlier on in the show. After a little brawl between the two teams, the match properly starts. After a little back and forth few minutes, the Heel Team starts to gain advantage using some heelish tactics on Rock who is already weakened after the attack by Lesner earlier on in the show. Batista tries to get in the ring to help out his partner but the referee makes him get to his corner, with the referee turned around, Lesner’s team starts triple teaming on the prone Rock. Lesner grabs Rock around his waist and hits a belly to Belly Overhead superlex over the top rope to the outside. Lesner distracts the referee as Orton goes to work on Rock. Orton grabs Mysterio’s World Title and goes to hit Rock with it, but Rock ducks and he throws Orton head first into the steel ring post. JBL goes after Rock, but Rock catches him with a clothesline. Rock then pounds away at Lesner before tagging in his partner Batista. The face team then dominates the next few minutes not letting Lesner tag in.

Finish: Orton goes for the RKO on Mysterio but Mysterio pushes him off the ropes and catches him with a spinning wheel kick. And Mysterio finally tags in Rock. Rock gets in the ring and immediately goes to work on Orton hitting him with some hard right hands. He then spits his hand, changes direction and takes Lesner off the ring apron with a spit punch. And he then hits another spit punch onto Orton. Rock then bounces off the ropes but JBL catches him with a knee to the spine. And he walks into Orton who goes to kick Rock in the mid section, but Rock catches his leg and hits a dragon screw leg whip. Rock then locks on the Sharpshooter. After a little while, Orton looks like he is going to give up. He puts his arm in the air and is about to drop it onto the mat but Lesner gets in the ring and hits a clothesline to the back of Rock’s head breaking the hold. Batista then gets in the ring and takes Lesner to the outside with a spear. JBL then goes in the ring but gets hit by a Hurricarana from Mysterio. The Four illegal men brawl it out on the outside, as the referee looks on. Lesner quickly grabs a steel chair and throws it into the ring as the ref goes to the outside to separate the four men, which doesn’t seem to work. Orton and Rock get up and they exchange hard right hands, Orton gains the advantage with a rake to the eye. Orton bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Rock catches him with a spinebuster. Rock throws an elbow pad out to the crowd and bounces off the ropes signalling for the People’s Elbow, but JBL trips Rock up. Orton jumps onto his feet and Rock staggers straight into him, and Orton hits an RKO to Rock onto the steel Chair. The referee sees Orton covering Rock and he goes to count 1……………………..2………………..3

Winners of the Match Brock Lesner, Randy Orton and JBL in 17:23

Cole: Damnit, Orton uses the steel chair to get the victory over the Rock

Tazz: Well it is not cheating if you don’t get caught and Orton was not caught so that is a clean victory

After the Match, the Heels start attacking the faces. Orton bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline to Rey, who trips him up onto the Bottom Rope. Rey then bounces off the ropes and hits the Legend Killer with a 619. He then comes off the top rope with a Springboard hurricarana, but as he is about to land on Orton, Lesner nails him with a steel chair shot. Lesner hits Batista in the gut with the chair and picks Batista onto his shoulders, and he nails Batista with the F-5. Meanwhile Rock is pounding away at JBL in the corner, but from behind Orton hits Rock with a Low Blow. JBL then bounces off the ropes and hits a Clothesline From Hell onto the People’s champ. And to finish the brawl Orton picks Rey onto his feet and drops him with a devastating RKO. The Heels stare look down at Batista, Rock and Mysterio as the show goes off air.

The WWE Logo is shown and Smackdown goes off air
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Okay Ill only review your latest Raw & Smackdown. The other shows are pretty good.

But now for Raw

Opening Promo - There is none so that is a 0/10. I always look for an Opening Promo because that highlights the big stars of your show / brand
Grade : 0/10

Styles/Matt vs Hassan/Daivari/Edge
- I like the fact you've brought in non WWE Talent such as AJ Styles. Nice to see you using Daivari in matches.
Grade : 8/10

CM Punk vs Joey Mercury
- Nice to see you've debuted CM Punk but I think he isn't up to MNM's standards yet but you are obviously pushing him and Kash. Maybe have a Mixed Tag with MNM & Melina against Punk, Kash & Vicki Adams (Mickie James)
Grade : 8/10

Chris Masters vs Val Venis
- Nice to see Masters winning but I dont like Val jobbing. Hes a former Intercontinental have Maven or Simon Dean job to Masters.
Grade : 6/10

Eight Woman Tag Match - I love how you use the divas in a match like this. Bring in another face like Mickie James to replace Maria as a face in the matches. Its nice if all the women are skilled and at the same level. Maybe also have Angel debut and replace Candice. I dont like the Trish vs Stacy feud, its happened and i found it boring.
Grade : 10/10

Main Event - Nothing to say but that was great
Grade : 10/10

Overall : 7/10


Opening Promo - Since there wasn't one (0/10)

Benoit vs Psychosis - (8/10) I hate the Mexicools and its good to see them job

Kennedy vs Hardcore - (8/10)

Booker vs OJ (8/10) The match was good but I dont Like OJ, just release him

Chavo vs Juventud - 5/10 Like ive mentioned. i dont like the mexicools winning. Havo Chavo win next time

Kane vs Mike Awesome - 8/10

Main Event - 10/10

Overall - 6/10

Ill rep you for Raw but not Smackdown. Keep up the good work.

Check out my BTB:
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Meaning: You review my show, I review your show - I review your show, you review my show
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

I am busy right now, so I cannot review, but I might review later. Here are the Taboo Tuesday votes for me.

Raw Heavyweight Title
Chris Jericho (c) vs John Cena vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H vs The Undertaker vs Christian - Elimination Chamber/6 pack challenge/6 man elimination match

Intercontinental Title
AJ Styles (c) vs Mohammed Hassan vs Daivari/ AJ Styles (c) vs Mohammed Hassan and Daivari (Handicap)/AJ Styles (c) vs Mohammed Hassan and Daivari (Handicap Tag)

Raw Tag Team Titles
CM Punk and Kid Kash (c) vs MNM/RTC/New Debuting Tag Team

Women's Title
Trish Stratus (c) vs Victoria/Lita/Melina/Christy Hemmie/Maria/Candice Michelle/Stacy Kiebler

Hardcore Title
The Coach (c) vs Sabu

MITB Contract match
Edge vs Matt Hardy - Tables/Steel Chair on a pole/Ladder

Kurt Angle vs Rob Van Dam - ECW Rules - 1 fall to a finish/2 out of 3 falls/30 minute iron man

Shelton Benjamin vs Charlie Haas - 1 fall/No DQ/Pure match

Paul Heyman vs Eric Bischoff - Stone Cold Steve Austin as the referee - loser of the match has to either be the other ones servant the following week on Raw/loser has no power over the next Raw/loser has to wrestle an opponent of the winner’s choice on Raw
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