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Learning to break kayfabe
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Global Force Wrestling

This is a brand new show I've written based on Jeff Jarrett's new company, Global Force Wrestling and him trying to bring it onto the same level first as his old project, Total Nonstop Action before trying to take on the beast itself, World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE.

This is the first show I've written in years, and will continue to add more detail and depth depending on what people want and from the comments. The Roster I will be using was a roster than a couple of months ago where all free agents or signed to the GFW brand. I've used this and added other wrestlers along the way. The Roster is as follows:

Jeff Jarrett, Magnus, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Bobby Roode, John Morrison, Mr.Anderson, Tommy Dreamer, Justin Gabriel, Evan Bourne, Matt Morgan, Chavo Guerrero, Homicide, Hernandez, Rey Mysterio, Shad, JTG, Gunner.

Heel: MVP, Kenny King, Shelton Benjamin, Bull Dempsey, Rhyno, The Brian Kendrick, Brad Maddox, Mason Ryan, Ezekiel Jackson, Samuel Shaw, Eric Young, CJ Parker, Manik.

Female: Melina, Awesome Kong, ODB, Cameron, Mickie James, Taryn Terrell.

Later Signings Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Adam Rose, Carlito.

Hopefully I can stay loyal to this and continue to write a show people are remotely interested in. Look forward to hearing any feedback and any comments anyone has. Will try keep the format as simple as possible so would appreciate any comments on anything to do with that as well. Many thanks!
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Global Force Wrestling

WEEK 1: Global Force Wrestling - The Beginning

The opening credits play and the camera cuts to the fans in attendance waiting on eagerly anticipating Global Force Wrestling - The Beginning and a brand new era of wrestling they have ben promised all over social media from the founder, Jeff Jarrett. A serious of tweets and footage are shown to the fans before we cut across to our commentators, Alex Riley and Matt Striker who welcome us to GFW!

The show begins and Jeff Jarrett's music hits as he walks down to the ring absorbing the atmosphere as the fans chant "GFW!" and "Thank you Jeff," before he silences them with a loud 'No thank you' He then explains the structure to the fans that we will have weekly shows right here in Vegas and at the end of the month they will have a PPV special. He breaks the massive news that GFW has a home and that home is due to his past connections so GFW will now be live every Wednesday night on SpikeTV. He then points to the tron and explains as well as the fans he owes a lot to these men and women who have signed up for less money and taken a risk on him and GFW. Pictures of the whole roster are shown with brief bio's. He explains all titles will be vacant. This cues MVP's music to hit and he is followed by Shelton Benjamin and Kenny King. He demands to be crowned the first ever GFW World Heavyweight Champion right here, right now. He informs Jeff he is the only MVP on this roster and without his star name attraction, none of these fans would be here. Jeff Jarrett laughs MVP off telling him no before MVP instructs him that he either accepts his demands or the BeatDownClan will come knock some sense into him. They make their way to the ring and surround the Owner before Magnus hits the ring with a steel chair chasing them off. Jarrett announces the Main Event for tonight will be MVP and a partner of his choice vs. Magnus and himself.

1 - Singles Match: Rhyno vs. Alex Shelley.

The match begins and the fans are split in their cheers. Rhyno manages to take control after a massive clothesline followed by tossing Shelley out of the ring and then into the barricade. Bull Dempsey then walks down to the ring just after Rhyno hits a massive belly to belly suplex. Rhyno becomes confused and begins shouting at Bull allowing Shelley to get back to his feet and hit Rhyno with a Sliced Bread, 1 .. 2 .. but Bull Dempsey breaks the count and begins attacking Alex Shelley. Rhyno gets back to his feet and both men continue the assault. Chris Sabin hits the ring to make the save but Rhyno hits a massive GORE. Bull hits a second rope Big Splash on Shelley as the duo leave together.

Winner - No contest.

Match 2 - Singles Match: John Morrison /w Melina vs. Brad Maddox

John Morrison doesn't take Brad Maddox seriously at first and continues to show off tossing him around the ring and ordering Melina up to the apron for a kiss. Morrison is unloading on Maddox in the corner but Maddox hits him with a hard elbow followed by a jumping DDT from the second rope for a close count. Maddox continues his assault until Morrison rolls out of the ring taking a second to figure out what just happened. He rolls back in and offers his hand to Maddox who has surprised him, Maddox accepts before Maddox cheap shots Morrison and continues his attack.
Later in the match, Morrison hits Maddox with a Flying Chuck and sets him up for Starship Pain when Samuel Shaw climbs over the audience barricade and begins stalking Melina around the ring. Morrison is on the second rope shouting at Shaw then Maddox springs to his feet and hits a powerbomb using the ropes as leverage for a 3 count. Samuel Shaw then retreats back through the audience as his message has been sent.

Winner - Brad Maddox @ 4:56.

After the match, The Brian Kendrick approaches Maddox backstage and told him he was impressed with his victory. He told him he should watch his match tonight and he could learn a thing or two. Kendrick is followed by Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson.

In-Ring Promo: Eric Young walks to the ring and tells the GFW fans to shut up and listen, he isn't here to make the fans happy or to give the fans entertaining wrestling, he is here to hurt people. He tells them he is the most dangerous man on the GFW Roster and that he has been asking Jeff for someone to fight him all day but nobody in the back has the balls to take on Eric Young so he's out here to issue an open challenge. Petey Williams walks out to a mild cheer and reminds everyone of their time together in Team Canada, he reminds Eric he used to be a man of the people but now he's some deranged lunatic, well Petey is here to give you a reality check.

Match 3 - Singles Match: Eric Young vs. Petey Williams

Before the match can even begin, Eric Young attacked Petey Williams as he tried to remove his t-shirt. Young ripped off his shirt and began slapping the chest of Williams before strangling him with his shirt. He tossed him to the outside before into the steel steps then into the barricade. Young then lifted up the security mats and Piledrivered him straight onto the concrete floor as a bunch of referees finally hit the ring and pushed him back up the ramp as they called for EMT's. Young took a microphone and demanded more serious competition.

Winner - No contest.

Match 4 - Tag Team Match: Evan Bourne and Justin Gabriel vs. Low Ki and CJ Parker.

The faces used quick tags and managed to keep CJ Parker in their corner using a number of tag team moves. Bourne and Gabriel kept fast offence as Low Ki became more and more frustrated on the outside. Finally Parker managed to get his knees up on Bourne's standing shooting star press and made his way for a tag but Low Ki jumped off the apron and walked out on his partner. This left Bourne to tag in Gabriel and both men hit Parker with a double Superkick followed by a Shooting Star Press and a 450 Splash to keep the fans happy.

Winners - Evan Bourne and Justin Gabriel @ 6:08.

Backstage: John Morrison and Melina are in the lockeroom after his loss to Brad Maddox earlier in the evening. Morrison is telling Melina he has searched high and low for Samuel Shaw but he's left the building. Melina tells Morrison to relax and to join her in the shower, he says he will but he's going to speak to Jeff Jarrett to demand Shaw face him next week. As she leaves for the showers, the lights go out and Samuel Shaw lays out John Morrison with his signature chokehold. He then picks up a towel and walks towards the showers.

Match 5 - Singles Match: The Brian Kendrick /w Ezekiel Jackson vs. Rey Mysterio.

Kendrick announced before the match he had strained a muscle warming up and Ezekiel Jackson would be taking his place in this match. Mysterio continued to be distracted by Kendrick on the outside giving Big Zeke the advantage keeping Rey grounded not letting him use his fast offence. Zeke hit a massive spinebuster on Rey before lifting him above his head with a military press slam straight to the outside. He then distracted the referee allowing Kendrick to attack Rey but the referee caught glimpse and ordered Kendrick to the back. The match continued and Zeke continued to be on top of Rey until he went to spear Mysterio in the corner and he moved crashing straight into the ring pole allowing Rey to hit a springboard take down followed by a serious of kicks to his chest. He dropkicked him onto the ropes and hit a 619 and went for the follow up but Zeke caught him in the powerbomb position but Rey managed to reverse it into a hurricanrana straight onto the ropes again for another 619 followed by a splash for the pinfall.

Winner - Rey Mysterio @ 11:47

After the match Mason Ryan came down to the ring followed by Kendrick but Mysterio hit a suicide dive onto both men taking them down. Brad Maddox then followed down and pushed Mysterio head first into the ring pole before all 4 men assaulted Rey. Kendrick took a microphone and announced them as 'The Cocky Pricks.'

Main Event - MVP and Shelton Benjamin /w Kenny King vs. Jeff Jarrett and Magnus

The heels managed to keep Jarrett away from Magnus, allowing double heel tactics and distracting the referee whilst Jarrett was assaulted. The end of the match finally came when Magnus clotheslined MVP over the audience barricade and both men began fighting through the crowd leaving Jarrett with a two on one assault. The referee tried to stop Kenny King entering the ring but was knocked out. Bobby Roode then ran down the ramp holding Jeff's guitar and smashed Shelton Benjamin across the head before fighting with Kenny King to the outside. Jeff shook the referee to make the 3 count.

Winners - Magnus and Jeff Jarret @ 13:19

The show went off air with Bobby Roode and Jeff Jarrett celebrating on the ramp. As the camera cut to MVP running away from Magnus and jumping into the back of a limo and speeding off.
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Re: Global Force Wrestling


The opening credits play and clips of last week when Bobby Roode saved Jeff Jarrett from the BeatDown Clan whilst MVP sped off in a limo during his fight with Magnus. We are then welcomed to the show by Alex Riley and Matt Striker. They inform us that Jeff Jarrett has announced through Twitter that we will have a tournament to crown the first NEX*GEN champion starting tonight. We then cut to MVP who is in the ring alongside Shelton Benjamin and Kenny King.

Opening Promo: MVP is in the ring and informs the crowd that he wasn't the one who was pinned last week so he still deserves to be World Champion. He also tells the fans the only reason he left in the limo last week was because he had a VIP party to be at and if he'd stayed any longer he'd have ended Magnus pathetic excuse for a career. He makes Shelton Benjamin and Kenny King say sorry to him for losing the match last week to a crippled old man such as Jeff Jarrett. Bobby Roode's music hits and he walks out laughing at MVP excuses. He informs MVP that after Magnus victory last week, Magnus will be the first competitor fighting for the World Title at GFW - The Beginning. The other competitor could be MVP, all he has to do is beat Bobby Roode tonight. Roode then quotes James Storm and tells him, 'Sorry about your damn' luck.'

Match 1 - Tag Team Match: Gene Snitsky and Mike Knox vs. Motorcity Machine Guns

As the MCMG make their way out to the ring, Rhyno and Bull Dempsey attack them on the ramp and lay both men out before Rhyno hits a massive Gore on Sabin and Bull hits a Samoa Drop on Shelley straight on the steel ramp. They then drag both men down to the ring and toss their bodies into the ring before leaving the way they came. Shelley and Sabin struggle to their feet and tell the referee they wish to start the match when Mike Knox knocks Shelley straight off the apron before Snitsky and Knox hit a Big Boot straight into a Clothesline From Hell combo for an easy squash victory due to the pre-match assault.

Winners - Gene Snitsky and Mike Knox @ 0:56

Commentators: We head over to Matt Striker who explains the NEX*GEN title tournament and we are shown the quarter-final matches involving Evan Bourne vs. CJ Parker, Low Ki vs. Manik, Brad Maddox vs. Justin Gabriel and The Brian Kendrick vs. Rey Mysterio.

Match 2 - NEX*GEN Title Tournament Quarter Final Match: Evan Bourne vs. CJ Parker.

CJ Parker got a flurry of punches and kicks on Bourne as soon as the match started but he whipped him against the ropes and Bourne responded with a running knee strike followed by a standing moonsault. Bourne then lifted him and hit a powerbomb straight into the corner before laying him out with an elbow smash and finishing him off with a Shooting Star Press.

Winner - Evan Bourne @ 2:16

Backstage Promo: Backstage interviewer Cameron caught up with Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin who explained they were sick and tired of Rhyno and Bull Dempsey thinking they can bully them around, they explain they've wrestled all over the world as a tag team and they are twice the wrestlers they two animals will ever be. They begin joking around with Bull's weight and poking fun at Rhyno being Bull's illegitimate father, and Bull's mum being an elephant before Rhyno and Bull attack them again laying them both out once again. They tell Cameron they tag team division is no place for two little crusierweights and as long as they continue to team, they'll be squash them like the parasites they are.

Match 3 - NEX*GEN Title Tournament Quarter Final Match: Low Ki vs. Manik

Low Ki started the better and was trying to make quick work of Manik, laying him out with a multiple chops, kicks and headbutts. Ki set Manik up for the Ki Krusher but he reserved it with a swinging neckbreaker followed by a tiger suplex and Ki rolled out the ring and walked straight up the ramp. The referee had no choice but to count him out and award the match to Manik.

Winner - Manik via Count-out @ 4:36

In-Ring Promo: Eric Young walked out to massive heat as he couldn't be heard on the microphone with the amount of boo's he received. He lifted up the mat exposing the concrete flooring and pointed shouting 'This is the spot where Petey Williams career was ended.' He challenged anyone brave enough in the lockeroom to face him and have their careers shortened for five seconds of fame. Grado danced his way onto the ramp and told EY that he was nothing but a 'fucking walloper' and that he accepted his challenge to a 'square go.' He danced all the way down the ramp and Eric Young took him down with a baseball slide when he reached the ring. Young continued to attack him with punches and elbow smashes before he lifted him up and Piledrivered him straight onto the concrete flooring. Referee's quickly hit the ring trying to stop him as he tried to do it for a second time when Gunner hit the ring and over a pile of referee's attack Eric Young who quickly retreated back up the ramp as Gunner was held back.

Match 4 - Tag Team Match: Rey Mysterio and Justin Gabriel vs. Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson /w The Brian Kendrick and Brad Maddox

The end of the match came when Maddox, Ryan and Kendrick continued to attack Gabriel whilst Big Zeke distracted the referee. Mysterio then ran round the apron and senton bombed all three men to the floor before unloading a flurry of punches on Kendrick. Mason Ryan then tossed Gabriel into the ring and straight into The Book of Ezekiel for the victory. After the match 'The Cocky Pricks' continued to attack Rey Mysterio and Jackson and Zeke put him through the announcers table with a double chokeslam.

Winners - Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson @ 9:31

Backstage Promo: John Morrison and Melina leave Jeff Jarrett's office and Cameron asks him what has happened. Morrison explains that Jeff Jarrett has told him Samuel Shaw is not in the building and has not turned up all week. He is MIA but when he returns Morrison will have his chance to fight him but as for tonight, he has a match with Chris Masters and he wants Melina to be at ringside.

Match 5 - Singles Match: John Morrison /w Melina vs. Chris Masters

As Morrison took Masters down with a huge hurricanrana off the top rope leaving both men on the canvass. Samuel Shaw then came through the audience with a microphone telling the world that Melina was the most beautiful girl in the world and that John Morrison didn't deserve her. She should be with someone who would appreciate her each and everyday and that person was him, Samuel Shaw. Morrison got to his feet and tried to leave the ring but the distraction allowed Masters to apply the Masterlock for the victory.

Winner - Chris Masters @ 6:57

Backstage Promo: Magnus enters Bobby Roode's changing room and tells him if he wins because it would be an honour to fight him for the GFW World Heavyweight Title. He tells him he has his back if the BeatDown Clan get involved tonight. Roode thanks Magnus and tells him it's not if he wins, it's when he wins tonight Magnus should be watching because he's got the IT Factor and that's something that will guarantee he's the first ever World Heavyweight Champion.

Main Event - Number 1 Contenders Match: MVP vs. Bobby Roode

Shelton Benjamin and Kenny King tried to get involved as Roode was taking advantage of the match. Magnus hit ringside with a steel chair in hand and chased both men back up the ramp and backstage. Low Ki then came from underneath the ring and smashed Roode with a steel pipe as the referee dealt with MVP faking a knee injury. MVP then quickly pushed the referee aside and hit the Drive-By-Kick for the victory. Benjamin and King then dragged Magnus back out onto the ramp and down to the ring. They delivered chairshots to both Roode and Magnus and held each others arms high in the air as the camera cut to Jeff Jarrett looking concerned in his office.

Winner - MVP @ 14:13
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Re: Global Force Wrestling


The opening credits role and footage of last week is shown as Low Ki joined the Beat Down Clan and delivered thunderous chairshots to the skulls of Magnus and Bobby Roode. We then headed over to Alex Riley and Matt Striker who told us Bobby Roode and Magnus were not here tonight as neither were medically cleared by GFW doctors so they have been told to stay at home this week. They discuss what impact that could have on tonight's show and if the inmates will run the asylum due to strength in numbers and it looks like The Beat Down Clan have the numbers.

In-Ring Promo: Low Ki is in the ring surrounded by the Beat Down Clan. All four men are wearing matching t-shirts and taunt the crowd to massive heat.

Low Ki: Shut up and listen. Last week I walked out on the NEX*GEN tournament because I had to focus on the bigger picture, making sure this man, MVP becomes the first ever Global Force Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. The success of this group outweighs the success of individuals. I am solider in this war against Jeff Jarrett and I am ready to fight for the cause.

MVP: Jeff, you had the chance to side with the right group. You had the chance to join forces with the winning side. But just like your WWE career, just like your WCW career and just like your ownership of TNA, you screwed up. You chose the wrong side so you will forever suffer at the hands of The Beat Down Clan.

Jeff Jarrett's music hits and he walks onto the ramp.

Jeff Jarrett: Hold on a god damn minute. I screwed up? I've been WCW World Heavyweight Champion 4 times, I've been TNA World Champion 6 times, I'm in the TNA Hall of Fame, I've been European, Intercontinental, Tag Team Champion. This is the second company I've owned. That's more that any of you's have done in your careers. Like my good friend Ric Flair always said, to be the man, you got to beat the man so the MVP, let's do this.

Match 1 - Singles Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. MVP /w The Beat Down Clan

Low Ki jumped on the apron as soon as the match began distracting Jarrett long enough for MVP to take him down with a massive boot to the side of the head. MVP then hit a belly to belly suplex followed by an exploder suplex as got up. MVP then began slapping Jeff in the head before delivering a Drive-By-Kick for a close 2 count. He began taunting him and delivered the 'Ballin Elbow' before rolling him out the ring and distracting the referee as the rest of The Beat Down Clan continued the assault. MVP then left the ring and went to toss Jeff into the ring pole but Jeff countered and tossed MVP head first then straight into the steel steps. Jeff tossed MVP into the ring but Low Ki rolled into the ring distracting the referee long enough for Benjamin to hit a Superkick to the back of Jeff's head. King rolled him into the ring and MVP hit the Playmaker for the victory.

Winner - MVP @ 5:32

Match 2 - Tag Team Match: The MotorCity Machine Guns vs. Bull Dempsey & Rhyno

As soon as the bell rung this stopped being a match and instantly became a fight between the two teams. Sabin and Shelley started unloading their frustrations onto Bull and Rhyno in separate corners both hitting running dropkicks followed by taking a leaf out of the Hardy Boyz with a poetry in motion to each man. They then double superkicked Bull out on the ring before walking into a Double GORE from Rhyno but both men rolled out of the ring and all four men were down. Abraham Washington then walked onto the stage and introduced two men who were about to 'Bring the Hood 2 U' Crime Time. All three men began watching on as the man continued. As Rhyno and Bull began to take control after Bull countered a springboard crossbody into a huge fallaway slam, Crime Time began making their way down to the ring and sat at commentary. They began dissing Bull Dempsey in his saying his leotard looked like it was about to split and why anyone would want to sit front row to see his fat ass is beyond them, they were out front trying to front row tickets but nobody would pay because of that reason. Bull jumped off the apron and got in Shad's face as Rhyno became distracted, Shelly got the roll-up victory.

Winners - The Motorcity Machine Guns @ 13:17

JTG then knocked Bull down with a cheap shot before Shad hit a huge big boot knocking him over the barricade. Rhyno then tried to get involved but JTG smashed him with Abraham's microphone several times before Shad hit a massive powerslam onto the announcers table before they had a stare down with the MCMG.

Match 3 - Singles Match: Chris Masters vs. John Morrison.

In a rematch from last week Morrison wanted avenged his loss. Morrison ordered Melina to stay backstage as he didn't want any distractions and he locked her in a room as to keep her safe. Morrison hit Masters with the Flying Chuck and was about to set up for the Moonlight Drive when the titantron showed Melina lying unconscious in a car boot with Shaw turning around to the camera with his face painted like The Joker screaming 'WHY SO SERIOUS MORRISON??' allowing Masters once again to attack from behind and apply the Masterlock for the victory.

Winner - Chris Masters @ 5:22


Matt Striker: Samuel Shaw seems to really have John Morrison's number. That is three weeks in a row he's managed to get the upperhand and use Morrison's love for Melina against him.

Alex Riley: It's disgusting, it shows Samuel Shaw is not a man. He is a coward, he better pray John doesn't get his hands on him. You'll be delighted to hear we've heard from Jeff Jarrett and he's announced that since Low Ki wants to get involved in everyone else's matches, tonight he'll face up against GFW's newest signing, Matt Morgan.

Matt Striker: I would not like to be Low Ki right now. Having to face up against the 7 foot tall Matt Morgan.

Alex Riley: I'm sure The Beat Down Clan will be close by keep things going in Morgan's favour. Right now we've got the next series of Quarter Final matches in the bid to crown our first ever NEX*GEN champion with Brad Maddox vs. Justin Gabriel.

Match 4 - NEX*GEN Quarter Final Tournament Match: Justin Gabriel vs. Brad Maddox /w Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson

As Brad Maddox began acting too cocky and showboating to after the help of Ezekiel and Mason Ryan, Justin Gabriel hit a massive superkick followed by a schoolboy roll-up for a 3 count. Big Zeke and Mason Ryan tried to attack but Gabriel quickly escaped through the audience and celebrated with the fans.

Winner - Justin Gabriel @ 4:11

Match 5 - Tag Team Match: Crime Time /w Abraham Washington vs. Shelton Benjamin and Kenny King /w MVP.

As Crime Time made their way out to the ring, Bull Dempsey and Rhyno attacked but Motorcity Machine Guns ran out to make the save before Mike Knox and Gene Snitsky helped continue the assault. All four teams continued to brawl on the stage, through the audience and backstage as MVP grabbed a microphone.

MVP: You see what happens when Jeff Jarrett is in charge, this place will fall to the ground under his control. You all seen what happened with TNA, Jeff Jarrett is the cancer of professional wrestling and I am the cure.

He dropped the microphone and all three men made their way backstage.

Winners - No contest.

Match 6 - NEX*GEN Quarter Final Tournament Match: The Brian Kendrick /w The Cocky Pricks vs. Rey Mysterio

The numbers game proved too much for Mysterio as Mason Ryan tried distracting the referee as Maddox entered the ring. He received a hurricanrana into the ropes followed by a 619 and a huge splash. He then followed it up by taking out Ezekiel and Mason Ryan with a sommersault seated senton. He rolled back into the ring and Kendrick delivered an elbow smash to the back of his head followed by The Kendrick for the victory.

Winner - The Brian Kendrick @ 7:08

In-Ring Promo: Gunner made his way to the ring to explain his actions when one of the camera men smashed him in the face with the camera before revealing himself as Eric Young. He continued to stomp all over him before ripping up the mats exposing the concrete flooring but Gunner managed to flip Young over who quickly retreated back up the ramp.

Main Event - Singles Match: Matt Morgan vs. Low Ki /w Shelton Benjamin and Kenny King

As Matt Morgan was about to deliver a thunderous chokeslam, Benjamin and King got in the ring but Morgan tossed Ki into both men. He then pumped himself up and hit a massive Brogue Kick to both Benjamin and King sending them out of the ring. He then lifted Low Ki got another chokeslam when MVP came down the ramp and smashed him with his chain across the back of the head as all four men got back into the ring and began attacking Morgan. On the titantron we see an ambulance pulling into the car park and both Roode and Magnus getting out with Singapore canes in hand. They run towards the ring as Benjamin and King meet them on top of the ramp but are quickly taken out before Low Ki and MVP quickly escape as they help Morgan to his feet.

Magnus: Just so you know MVP, you can run all you want but next week we've got a contract signing in this very ring so I'll see you then. And bring as many of the Beat Down Clan as you like, I'll bring the cavalry too.

Bobby Roode: And Low Ki, don't think I've forgotten about last week. At The Beginning, I'm challenging you to a steel cage match. That means no more running, no more hiding and no interferences. Just me and you.

Winner - Matt Morgan via DQ @ 6:57
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Re: Global Force Wrestling


The opening credits air and we are shown a sell out crowd in Vegas all chanting 'GFW.' We cut across to Alex Riley and Matt Striker who run us down tonight's card with a massive 8 man tag match with Crime Time and MCMG vs. Bull Dempsey, Rhyno, Mike Knox and Gene Snitsky plus the Semi Final's of the NEX*GEN tournament with Evan Bourne vs. Manik and Justin Gabriel vs. The Brian Kendrick. We then air the footage of last week Roode, Magnus and Morgan chasing off The Beat Down Clan and promotional footage of tonight's Contract Signing. We see clips of Magnus arriving today with his wife, Mickie James and MVP arriving in style with a limo and the rest of the BDC all dressed in sharp suits.

Match 1 - Singles Match: Chris Masters vs. Samuel Shaw /w Melina

Before the match, we are shown clips of Morrison and Shaw's rivalry and we are shown Jeff Jarrett catching up with Shaw ordering him to fight tonight or be indefinitely suspended. He agreed but not to fight Morrison, anyone else. Samuel Shaw brought Melina to ringside strapped to a chair and then entered the ring and Masters took him straight down with a clothesline as Shaw continually was distracted checking on Melina. Morrison came through the crowd and tried to release Melina while Shaw low blowed Masters and rolled out the other side of the ring. Shaw grabbed his signature steel pipe and smashed Morrison in the back and ribs and tossed him into the ring before dragging Melina back up the ramp. Masters tried to attack Morrison but was hit with the Flying Chuck as Morrison grabbed a mic.

John Morrison: If you are the gentleman you say you are and you think Melina deserves better than me, why don't you take off that gag and ask her what she wants?

Samuel Shaw: Oh believe me I have John, and she's told me time and time again how you are the most self centred human being she has ever come across. You don't care for her, you only care for yourself. I've opened up her eyes to see she deserves much more than your love John.

John Morrison: Well how about you fight me this Sunday. If I win, I want you gone from this company, I want you fired.

Samuel Shaw: And when I win John, I want Melina and I want you to leave us alone to live happily ever after just like we deserve to be. I'll take great pleasure in choking the life out of you and suffocating that egotistical personality of yours until it longer remains.

Samuel Shaw creepily laughs and walks off to the back dragging Melina as Masters managed to get back to his feet and attacks Morrison again before he can leave to help Melina.

Winner - No contest.

Match 2 - 8 Man Tag Match: MCMG and Crime Time /w Abraham Washington vs. Rhyno, Bull Dempsey, Mike Knox and Gene Snitsky.

Rhyno tagged himself into the match as Mike Knox was smashing JTG with forearm smashes. Rhyno got in the ring and began spearing JTG in the corner but Mike Knox pulled him away and the two began arguing before Snitsky knocked Bull off the corner and both Knox and Snitsky took out Rhyno with a Clothesline from Hell and Big Boot combo before leaving back up the ramp. JTG tagged him Shad and the pair hit G-9 for the 3 count.

Winners - Crime Time and MCMG @ 9:47

Match 3 - NEX*GEN Semi-Final Tournament Match: The Brian Kendrick vs. Justin Gabriel

We are shown from a video clip from earlier this evening, Kendrick was telling The Cocky Pricks the plan for tonight when Jarrett approached and told them they were all banned from ringside and if anyone got involved, Kendrick would be disqualified. The match finished when Kendrick pushed the referee into the ropes as Gabriel set up for the 450 Splash sending him to the outside. The referee checked on Gabriel as Kendrick crouched down beside the ropes and pulled a pair of brass knuckles from his tights but out of nowhere Mysterio hit the ring and nailed Kendrick with a 619 and then escaped through the crowd as Gabriel pulled himself back to the top rope and hit the 450 Splash to advance to the finals.

Winner - Justin Gabriel @ 8:02

Backstage: Rhyno and Bull Dempsey caught up with Mike Knox and Gene Snitsky backstage and all four men began brawling. Rhyno hit a GORE on Mike Knox as Snitsky chokeslammed Bull through a buffet table. Referees and security guards had to pull all four men apart as Crime Time and MCMG looked on laughing.

We then cut to Jeff Jarrett's office who announces this Sunday, all four teams will compete in a four way match to crown the first ever GFW Tag Team Champions. He also announced Rey Mysterio would fight against The Brian Kendrick and all The Cocky Pricks were once again, banned from ringside. He also confirmed both the Bobby Roode vs. Low Ki inside a steel cage and John Morrison vs. Samuel Shaw matches.

Match 4 - NEX*GEN Semi-Final Tournament Match: Evan Bourne vs. Manik

After a hard fought contest between both men, Evan Bourne managed to seal the victory with a running knee smash followed up by a massive Shooting Star Press. Once the match finished, Manik raised Bourne's hand signalling the better man won.

Winner - Evan Bourne @ 6:11

Match 5 - Singles Match: Gunner vs. Low Ki

Low Ki managed to defeat Gunner with a low blow behind the referee's back followed by a Ki-Krusher for the 3 count. After the match Eric Young tried to attack Gunner again but Gunner managed to fight him off before challenging him to a match this Sunday. Eric Young accepted and told Gunner, 'Welcome to The Devil's Backyard.'

In-Ring Promo: We are shown highlights of the feud between MVP and Magnus leading up to this point. Magnus is in the ring with his wife, Mickie James and GFW Owner, Jeff Jarrett. He picks up the contract and signs it.

Magnus: This is a massive moment for myself and my wife, Mickie. Not only am I fighting to become the first GFW World Heavyweight Champion but I can announce that Mickie has just penned a contract to become the first women here in GFW and will be the face of the division. Soon this company will have a World Champion and a Women's Champion they can be proud of. Two fighting Champions at the top of their game. I could not be prouder of my wife or myself and we owe it all to this man, Jeff Jarrett. Jeff I promise you this Sunday I will not let you down.

Jeff Jarrett: I know you wont Magnus, I brought you to TNA because I saw something special and it's the same thing I still see and that's the reason I want you to be the face of this company and Mickie to be the face of the Women's division, you stole the words right out my mouth. To guarantee we let the best man win on Sunday I have decided that I will be the special guest referee. Their will be no favouritism, their will be no preferences, I want a fair match and whichever man deserves to win, will walk out Champion.

MVP's music hits and he walks out with all 3 other members of the BDC.

MVP: This is straight up bullshit. This is a conspiracy. Well since I'm bout to be screwed on Sunday, I might as well try even the odds right now.

He points up at the titantron which shows both Matt Morgan and Bobby Roode laid out. All four members of the BDC make their way to ring and Jeff Jarrett rolls out and tries to assure MVP but it taken out with a superkick from Benjamin. They surrounded the ring and Magnus tries to take the fight to MVP but he is overpowered by all four men before MVP nails him with the Drive-By-Kick. MVP then assisted powerbombs him through the contract signing table before he picks up the contract, signs in and tosses it on Magnus. They all leave 1 by 1 as Mickie James checks on her husband when MVP runs back into the ring and nails her with a Drive-By-Kick as the fans look on in horror.
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Re: Global Force Wrestling


The opening credits hit and the pyro goes off as Alex Riley and Matt Striker welcome us to 'The Beginning.' We are shown the full card for tonight and then we cut across to Magnus entering the building tonight and instantly going looking for MVP with a baseball bat in hand before Jeff Jarrett stops him in the corridor along with Bobby Roode and Matt Morgan instructing him the best way to seek revenge is kick MVP's ass and become World Heavyweight Champion. We then see MVP arrive in style and is surrounded by a team of security guards and the BDC. He is approached by Cameron for an interview but he brushes past her like she isn't even there refusing to answer any questions.

Match 1 - Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match for the GFW World Tag Team Titles: Crime Time /w Abraham Washington vs. Bull Dempsey and Rhyno vs. Mike Knox and Gene Snitsky vs. Motorcity Machine Guns

The match was filled with spots after Chris Sabin dived from the top rope through the announcers table with a elbow drop to Bull Dempsey taking both men out. Mike Knox had the titles won when he pinned JTG but Abraham Washington broke the count before Knox and Snitsky delivered the Big Boot/Clothesline from Hell combo taking him out. Shad then erupted and clothesline Knox over the ropes and both men fought up the ramp and backstage. Gene Snitsky took out JTG with a big boot before turning into a GORE from Rhyno, 1 .. 2 .. but Shelley hit a Frog Splash to break the count before pinning Snitsky for the 3 count. He helped up Chris Sabin from the carnage of the announcers table as both men celebrated an underdog victory with the tag team titles.

Winners - New World Tag Team Champions Motorcity Machine Guns @ 16:58

Match 2 - NEX*GEN Title Final Tournament Match: Justin Gabriel vs. Evan Bourne

After what was described as a Match of the Year candidate and had all the fans in the arena on the edge of their seats as both men gave it everything, Bourne managed to pick up the victory after managing to spring up during Gabriel's 450 splash and hit a Diamond Cutter followed by a huge Shooting Star Press for the win. After the match Bourne helped Gabriel to his feet as the fans gave both men a standing ovation.

Winner - New NEX*GEN Champion Evan Bourne @ 10:23

Match 3 - Singles Match: Samuel Shaw /w Melina vs. John Morrison (If Morrison wins, Shaw is fired. If Shaw wins, he gets Melina).

Shaw drags Melina out strapped to the chair once again. He sits her at the bottom of the ramp. Morrison attempts to hit Flying Chuck but Shaw moves out of the way and he hits the referee instead. Shaw then drops Morrison with a neckbreaker before grabbing the steel pipe but he turns around straight into a Flying Chuck from Morrison and the pole flies outside the ring. During the fight Melina has managed to escape from the chair and she grabs the pipe, Morrison asks her to give him the pipe but she tells him he doesn't need it to win. They argue and this allows both Shaw and the referee to get to their feet and Shaw takes advantage taking Morrison out with a chokehold. Melina looked on in horror before trying to escape but Shaw caught her and choked her out staring lovingly into her eyes before dragging her to the back.

Winner - Samuel Shaw @ 8:44

Match 4 - Singles Match: Rey Mysterio vs. The Brian Kendrick

In a pretty quick match, Kendrick dominated from the start continually trying to rip the mask off Mysterio's face. Kendrick kept trying to choke Mysterio out on the ground and was focussed more on beating Mysterio down than the match itself. Mysterio then out of nowhere hit a hurricanrana onto the ropes and went for the 619 but Kendrick caught his legs and pushed him to the outside before he grabbed a steel chair and smashed Rey as the referee called for the bell. He smashed Mysterio several times across the back in succession before he rolled him back into the ring and nailed him with The Kendrick. Kendrick then focussed on Mysterio's mask and was about to rip it off when Manik hit the ring and tried to fend off Kendrick. Manik dropped him with a spinning heel kick but Kendrick ended up eye-raking him and hit The Kendrick before he unmasked Manik, exposing TJ Perkins. He picked up the steel chair and smashed Mysterio a couple more times across the chest and stomach until Chavo Guerrero's music hit and Kendrick challenged him to a fight before rolling out the other side of the ring and retreating up the ramp to join the rest of 'The Cocky Pricks.'

Winner - Rey Mysterio via DQ @ 4:35

Match 5 - Singles Steel Cage Match: Bobby Roode vs. Low Ki.

Both men fought a grudge match inside the steel cage using the cage to drag their opponents face across and beat their skull against. Roode hit the Roode Bomb and tried to escape through the door but Shelton Benjamin smashed the door back against his face. Low Ki got back to his feet and thought about escaping but instead hit the Ki-Krusher got a 2 a close count. He continued beating down on Roode as Benjamin and Kenny King urged him to escape. He ordered they pass him a steel chair which they did. Matt Morgan hit ringside and took both King and Benjamin out with a double clothesline. Ki then tried to escape and he hit the Helluva Kick on the cage door which smashed back against Ki's face. Roode then hit Pay Off onto the steel chair for the victory.

Winner Bobby Roode @ 18:03

Match 6 - Singles Match: Gunner vs. Eric Young

A hard hitting brawl came to an end when both men where on the top turnbuckle fighting it out exchanging rights and lefts. Gunner began getting the better of Eric Young and and burst his right eye wide open with a headbutt. Gunner set up for a Piledriver off the second rope but Young managed to avoid by biting Gunner in the crotch as he screamed out in pain and EY dragged him off the ropes and nailed him with a Piledriver of his own for the win.

Winner - Eric Young @ 9:59

Main Event - Singles Match for the GFW World Heavyweight Championship: Magnus vs. MVP. Jeff Jarrett is the Special Guest Referee.

As soon as the referee rang the bell, Magnus attacked MVP who tried to run from the ring as he smashed him against the ring post, the barricade, the steel steps before clotheslining him into the audience as they fought through the crowd and back over the barricade to the top of the ramp. Magnus powerslammed MVP onto the steel ramp before smashing him against the steel barricades. Shelton Benjamin made his way out as Jeff Jarrett was not making the count but Magnus dropped him with Tormentum on the steel ramp. Low Ki and Kenny King stood on top of the ramp but did not dare move as Magnus looked like a man possessed and Jarrett ordered them not to get involved. Magnus lifted up the steel steps and crashed them against MVP's back before tossing him into the ring. Kenny King got on the apron and Magnus took him out with a forearm smash as MVP hit a big boot as both men lay on the canvass. MVP struggled to his feet and Magnus went for a corner running splash but MVP moved and followed it up with a belly to belly suplex. As the match went on, MVP continually got in Jarrett's face for what he believed were slow counts. Magnus got to his feet and went for a clothesline on MVP but hit Jarrett instead as MVP ducked. The BDC then hit the ring and began the 4 on 1 assault on Magnus before Roode and Morgan hit the ring and chased them off. Magnus hit MVP with Tormentum and the crowd counted for 3 but Jarrett was still struggling to his feet. King got in the ring and hit Magnus with a superkick before Jarrett clotheslined him out the ring and grabbed his signature guitar. He went for MVP then turned and smashed Magnus, ordering a confused MVP to make the count, 1 .. 2 .. 3.

Winner - New World Heavyweight Champion, MVP @ 24:52
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Re: Global Force Wrestling


The opening credits air as we are shown a recap of what happened at Global Force Wrestling's The Beginning when Jeff Jarrett turned on Magnus smashing him with a guitar aligning himself with MVP, helping him become World Champion. We head over to Alex Riley and Matt Striker.

Alex Riley: I am still in shock about what happened on Sunday. I cannot believe what has happened. All week I've been dying to hear what Jeff Jarrett has to say about his actions. How can he live with himself after what he has done to his friend Magnus?

Matt Striker: I don't think we'll have to wait to long as Jeff Jarrett is already making his way out to the ring I'm told. All week I've had fans asking me what the hell was Jeff Jarrett thinking? Joining forces with The Beat Down Clan.

Alex Riley: Well we have that to look forward to tonight. But as announced this week we will also have a rematch between Rey Mysterio and Brian Kendrick. We also have Samuel Shaw in action and I'm sure John Morrison will not be letting Shaw off with stealing his girlfriend.

In-Ring Promo: Jeff Jarrett is in the ring with Karen Jarrett. They are receiving massive heat and the whole crowd are going wild as Jeff just laughs it off. Jeff Jarrett is holding the World Heavyweight Title and he calls over MVP and places the belt over his shoulder as he raises it high in the air as the rest of the BDC start to applaud.

Jeff Jarrett: Shut up. I'm trying to speak. I can do this all night, you's have all paid for your tickets, I'm still making money, so shut up and just listen and I'll explain myself. I saw real Champion material in MVP, someone who was willing to do anything to become Champion and he is the man to lead GFW into the future. This man right here was willing to deliver a thunderous kick to his opponents wife's head in order to gain the advantage and do you know who he reminds me of? ME. The King of the Mountain, Jeff Jarrett. Magnus didn't have what it takes to lead a company, he couldn't deal with the pressure of carrying a company on his shoulders, but MVP, he can.

MVP: Thank you Jeff, those were kind words, words from the heart. Shut up you parasites. You's cant see a genius when he's right in front of you and ladies and gentlemen this man is a genius. Tonight Global Force Wrestling starts moving towards the future and the future is the Beat Down Clan and The Jarrett's working side by side to put GFW on the map. We couldn't do that with second rate wrestlers like Magnus, Matt Morgan, Bobby Roode. Should I tell them the good news or should you?

Jeff Jarrett: Be my guest, you've earned it.

MVP: Tonight The Beat Down Clan will hold all championships as Shelton Benjamin and Kenny will face up against The Motorcity Machine Guns for the Tag Titles and Low Ki will face NEX*GEN Champion Evan Bourne for the title. We will finally..

Tommy Dreamer's music hits as the fans go wild chanting 'ECW!' 'ECW' 'ECW' and 'Thank you Tommy.' He has a singapore cane and microphone in hand as he slowly walks down the ring.

Tommy Dreamer: Sorry to interrupt this new bromance and ass kissing we've got here but I couldn't sit backstage any longer. I felt sick listening to you guys. Jeff Jarrett some people will never change, you've never be anything but a pussy, a snake and backstabbing son of a bitch. I know what it feels like to run a company as well and I know fine well this company would have been honored to have someone like Magnus as their World Champion.

Jeff Jarrett: I don't think House of Hardcore can quite call itself a company? A second rate ECW would be a compliment. Since you clearly have come out here to fight, tonight you will face up against me....and MVP in a handicap match. Better bring more than just that cane because if not, you'll be leaving in the back of an ambulance.

Tommy Dreamer smirks as he walks back up the ramp pointing the cane directly at Jeff Jarrett swinging it side to side.

Match 1 - Singles Match: Samuel Shaw /w Melina vs. Justin Gabriel.

Justin Gabriel layed Samuel Shaw out with a superkick and made his way to the top rope signalling the end when Melina got up on the apron and distracted him long enough for Shaw to pull himself together and get his knee's up countering Gabriel's 450 Splash. He then locked him in a Chokehold as Gabriel lost consciousness and Shaw was declared the winner. John Morrison then rang to the ring as Shaw quickly grabbed Melina and left through the crowd.

Winner - Samuel Shaw @ 5:31

Match 2 - Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Titles: Shelton Benjamin and Kenny King vs. The Motorcity Machine Guns (c)

As soon as the referee rang the bell for the match to begin, Bull Dempsey, Rhyno, Mike Knox, Gene Snitsky and Crime Time all made their way out to the ring and all five teams began fighting against each other all over the ring, audience and even up the ramp and backstage.

Winners - No contest.

Backstage: Cameron pulled aside Jeff Jarrett, MVP and Karen Jarrett.

Cameron: Jeff, tonight..

Out of nowhere Mickie James knocked Karen Jarrett to the floor before beginning to pound away at Jeff as MVP pulled her off and tossed her into the wall. Jeff got right up in her face.

Jeff Jarrett: Just the girl I was looking for. I want you to know I did see you as the face of the Women's division. That was until I met this women.

Awesome Kong walks onto the screen and drags Mickie up by the air and powerbombs her onto the concrete flooring as she just stares down the camera.

In-Ring Promo: Bobby Roode is in the ring.

Bobby Roode: Last night MVP cheated his way to the title, hats off to the sneaky prick, he should enjoy it while it lasts because if he watched me fighting against his second in command he'll know I'm coming for him and his days as Champion are numbered.

Before he can continue, Matt Morgan walks down to the ring.

Matt Morgan: You make a good point Bobby, I'll give you that. However you wouldn't have won your match last night if it hadn't been for my help. So if anyone is going to be the number one contender, it's me.

Eric Young then walked out to the stage.

Eric Young: I'll stop you both right there. Last night I destroyed Gunner. Weeks before that I ended both Petey Williams and Grado's careers. I'm the number one contender and you's should count yourselves I am not coming for you's and cutting your careers short.

Chris Masters then walks out onto the stage next to Eric Young.

Chris Masters: I'm still undefeated here in GFW and it's time I grabbed the brass ring. I'm the number one contender!

All four men begin arguing until Karen Jarrett walks out onto the ramp accompanied by Awesome Kong as her protection.

Karen Jarrett: You's all make a good case and MVP is a fighting Champion. A Champion this company can be proud of. So for that reason next week we'll have a fatal four way between all of you with the winner going on to face MVP at Over the Edge. But don't worry, that's next week. For now, it'll be Matt Morgan and Bobby Roode versus Eric Young and Chris Masters.

Match 3 - Tag Team Match: Chris Masters and Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode and Matt Morgan

Morgan and Roode were in control as Masters and EY struggled to work together and neither man wanted to tag into the match, trying to keep themselves fresh for next week. However as Masters and Young began arguing in the ring and Roode attacked EY from behind pushing him into Masters. He then set Young up for the Roode Bomb but Masters then tried to applied the Masters Lock. Morgan came out of nowhere with a Helluva Kick however Masters pushed Roode into it. EY then tossed Morgan shoulder first into the ring post whilst Masters won the match with a huge Jackhammer Suplex on Roode.

Winners - Chris Masters and Eric Young @ 12:12

Match 4 - Singles Match: The Brian Kendrick /w Cocky Pricks vs. Rey Mysterio /w Chavo Guerrero

As soon as the bell rang, Mysterio who was holding his injured ribs was attacked by all four members of The Cocky Pricks. Chavo Guerrero tried to even the numbers but was taken out as they destroyed both men as each member hit their finishing moves leaving them motionless in the middle of the ring.

Winner - No contest.

Match 5 - Singles Match for the NEX*GEN Title: Evan Bourne (c) vs. Low Ki.

After a hard fought contest, Evan Bourne managed to reverse the Ki-Krusher into a roll-up for the sneak victory. Low Ki could not believe it after controlling most of the match. He then attacked Bourne as he celebrated using the belt as a weapon. He nailed him with the Ki-Krusher before taking a microphone and ordering the referee to restart the match which he did by orders of Jeff Jarrett.

Winner - Still NEX*GEN Champion, Evan Bourne @ 8:19

Match 6 - Singles Match for the NEX*GEN Title: Evan Bourne (c) vs. Low Ki

Low Ki didn't even allow Bourne to get back to his feet, he nailed him with another Ki-Krusher and mockingly placed his foot over Bourne's chest ordering the referee to count to three.

Winner - NEW NEX*GEN Champion, Low Ki @ 0:32

Backstage Promo: The Cocky Pricks celebrating drinking glasses of milk in the lockeroom after destroying Chavo and Rey. TJ Perkins, previously Manik, walks into the lockeroom as they all rise to their feet.

TJ Perkins: Wow, chill I come in peace. I just wanted to thank you Mr.Kendrick for unmasking me last night. I've been hiding this beautiful face under that mask for far far to long and now thanks to you, the world gets to see the real TJ Perkins.

Ezekiel Jackson: And that's why you're here? To thank us?

TJ Perkins: Not exactly. I'd like to join The Cocky Pricks. I think I'd bring something else to the table and as you can see, I'm a fine specimen of a man.

Brian Kendrick orders the cameraman out of the lockeroom as he sits TJ Perkins down.

Main Event - Handicap Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Jeff Jarrett and MVP.

Dreamer was fighting courageously but the numbers game kept screwing him over until he managed to nail MVP with a DDT out of nowhere before setting his sights on Jarrett who he knocked off the apron then into the steel steps. He pulled a singapore cane from underneath the ring as Benjamin and King rushed out and each received a shot to the stomach and head for their troubles. This allowed Jeff to hit him with a low blow before he ripped off Dreamer's shirt and began smashing him across the back with the cane. The referee called for the bell but Jeff told him this match was to be restarted as a hardcore match. All four men watched on as Low Ki entered the ring with the belt over his shoulder kicking Dreamer across the face. Evan Bourne, Matt Morgan and Bobby Roode all rushed to the ring to even the numbers but EY and Masters came out to help the BDC. Then the Machine Guns hit the ring and everyone was having a brawl all across the arena, including Crime Time and the rest of the tag teams. Karen Jarrett and Awesome Kong watched on from the top of the ramp as Magnus ran straight past them and chased Jeff Jarrett through the crowd. MVP watched on before turning around straight into a DDT on a steel chair for the 3 count.

Winner - Tommy Dreamer @ 21:49
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Re: Global Force Wrestling


The opening credits air as we're shown all the fans in attendance as we cut straight to a video message from Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett: Unfortunately for you parasites in attendance tonight you will not be blessed with the attendance of myself tonight. I am taking a well deserved break in my hotel room tonight and leaving my beautiful wife, Karen Jarrett in charge. After all my hard work ensuring MVP won the World Heavyweight Title. Tonight we shall see a tag team tournament with four teams we seen brawl last week take place tonight, as well as Magnus and Mickie James will be in action tonight teaming up to take on Samuel Shaw and Melina. Samuel, choke Magnus out and I'll owe you one and you always want to be in the bosses good books. Enjoy the show or don't, I don't care I'm still being paid.


We cut back to Alex Riley and Matt Striker who cut it short as The Brian Kendrick is in the ring with the rest of 'The Cocky Pricks,' and TJ Perkins.

In-Ring Promo:

The Brian Kendrick: I have continued to be a thorn in the side of Rey Mysterio due to that Mexican immigrant who crossed the border illegally decided to cheat me out of winning the NEX*GEN title. Rey is jealous, he is jealous of my talent, my confidence and most importantly my looks. I mean he is hiding behind a mask because he is hideous. He has now decided to bring in cousin who has forever lived in his shadow, Chavo Guerrero to back him up. Chavo, if your listening, ditch Rey. He's a washed up loser.

The fans continue to boo Kendrick whilst the rest of the Cocky Pricks try to hush them.

The Brian Kendrick: Last week TJ you asked to join The Cocky Pricks and I have taken my time in making this decision. Brad Maddox step forward please. You have yet to impress me since defeating John Morrison way back in the first week of GFW. That is not acceptable. I have arranged for you and TJ to face up against Rey and Chavo and I'll make my decision on both of your futures after the match. Do you both understand?

Both Brad Maddox and TJ Perkins nod their heads as Rey and Chavo make their way to the ring to massive cheers. Rey hands a kid his t-shirt and points straight at Kendrick who slowly retreats after Rey and Chavo have entered the ring. He stands on the ramp with a good view.

Match 1 - Tag Team Match: Brad Maddox and TJ Perkins vs. Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero

TJ Perkins impressed in the early stages of the bout taking down Chavo and keeping him grounded showing a new side to him unleashing a lot of untapped anger. He pushed Chavo into the corner and continued to stomp away on him and slapping him across the face. He tagged in Brad Maddox who hit a double footed stomp from the top rope. Maddox tossed Chavo back across the ring and told him he wanted Rey who quickly springboarded over the ropes and took him down with a huge crossbody before he began several kicks across his chest. Rey then springboarded off the ropes and hit a huge DDT. As Maddox struggled to his feet Rey dropkicked him onto the ropes and followed it up with a 619 as Kendrick ordered TJ to leave the apron and join him on the ramp as Rey hit a splash before tagging in Chavo who hit a huge Frog Splash to finish it off.

Winners - Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero @ 7:02

After the match Rey grabbed a microphone and told Kendrick, "This wasn't over. Once you mess with Family, there's no going back."


Match 2 - Tag Team Tournament Match: Kenny King and Shelton Benjamin vs. Crime Time /w Abraham Washington

During the match Low Ki came over the barricade and took Washington out with a huge clothesline. Shad then jumped off the apron and chased him over the barricade leaving JTG victim of a Benjamin superkick followed by a T-Bone Suplex for the 3 count.

Winners - Shelton Benjamin and Kenny King @ 5:12


MVP entered the ring and announced he had the option to pick any opponent for himself and he wanted a good warm-up match.

MVP: Well, well, well...tonight the highest paid superstar on the Global Force Wrestling roster has the option to pick his own opponent. I would love to pick that old wrinkly ass fool Tommy Dreamer but I have to break the sad news that Karen and Jeff, who do know best, have decided that he deserves to be included in tonight's fatal four way match to crown a number one contender since he pinned me. Which he did by a fluke. I actually hope he wins tonight so I can put him back in his place and show him...

He was interrupted by Tajiri, former ECW original alongside Tommy Dreamer, who walked down to the ring without saying a word, rolled into the ring and nailed MVP with a superkick as he rolled out and Tajiri challenged him to get back in which MVP accepted his challenge.

Match 3 - Singles Match: MVP (c) vs. Tajiri

The match began and Tajiri proved to be too quick for MVP hitting him with kicks to the legs and chops to the chest. Tajiri speared him into the corner before delivering several other kicks before locking him in the tarantula as the referee counted to 4 as he released. Tajiri hit a snap DDT as MVP rolled out of the ring, Tajiri went for a baseball slide but MVP moved before delivering a huge exploder suplex straight into the barricade. MVP continued to stomp on him on the outside hitting several knees to the chest as Tajiri crawled to the steel steps and MVP delivered a Drive-By-Kick straight to The Japanese Buzzsaw's skull. He rolled him into the ring and began doing a lap of honor and taunting the fans before Tajiri got back to the outside performing a springboard moonsault. Tajiri rolled MVP into the ring and went for the Buzzsaw Kick but MVP ducked and pushed him straight into the ropes as he countered with a springboard back elbow but MVP again countered with a huge boot to the back of his head. MVP finished him off with Pay Off for the win.

Winner - MVP @ 8:49


Match 4 - Tag Team Tournament Match: Mike Knox and Gene Snitsky vs. Bull Dempsey and Rhyno

Rhyno and Bull got a face reception as they were the less hated of the both teams. Bull and Rhyno played the role of a comedy face team continuing to try outsmart both Snitsky and Knox. The two monsters eventually snapped as Snitsky nailed Rhyno with a huge boot knocking him off the apron before Knox nailed Bull with a running crossbody. Snitsky went to attack Rhyno on the outside but Rhyno pushed him against the barricade before hitting a huge Gore straight through it. Knox finished Bull off with a sitout spinebuster followed by Knox Out.

Winners - Mike Knox and Gene Snitsky @ 8:45


Backstage Promo: Cameron was doing a backstage interview with Brian Kendrick and The Cocky Pricks, including Brad Maddox.

Brian Kendrick: Tonight Brad received the tough love punishment. He tried to impress us by taking on Rey one on one when we had Chavo exactly where we had him. He cost us the match and he accepted his punishment. Sometimes in wrestling people need to be taught a lesson and Rey Mysterio, if I can do this to people I class as my friends, just wait until you see what I'll do to people I hate.

Kendrick and The Cocky Pricks walk off as Low Ki approaches with the title over his shoulder.

Low Ki: I want people to tune in next week because I have massive news about the NEX*GEN title that I'll reveal next week. As for tonight, it's nice to have a night off Cameron, maybe you could take a night off as well and we could..

Evan Bourne runs in and attacks Low Ki taking him out with a running knee smash. He picks up the NEX*GEN title and drops it on Low Ki's waist. Before walking off arm in arm with Cameron.


Match 5 - Inter-gender Tag Team Match: Magnus and Mickie James vs. Samuel Shaw and Melina

The end of the match came when Mickie James was about to put Melina away and John Morrison pulled her from the ring and began carrying her back up the ramp. Samuel Shaw grabbed his steel pipe and chased him up the ramp knocking Morrison down. Shaw locked him in a chokehold on the ramp as Magnus and Mickie James regrouped in the ring. Out of nowhere Jeff Jarrett came from underneath the ring and smashed Magnus with the guitar leaving him knocked clean out. Awesome Kong's music hit and she walked straight to the ring but Mickie tried to take the fight to her but was quickly overpowered and tossed straight into the ring post before hitting an Implant Buster. Jeff and Kong left looking down at their rivals.

Winners - No contest.

Main Event - 5 Way Dance to become Number One Contender: Tommy Dreamer vs. Bobby Roode vs. Chris Masters vs. Eric Young vs. Matt Morgan.

Matt Morgan and Chris Masters fought up the ramp and continued to pound away on each other with forearm smashes and punches. Masters continued to try lock in his finishing hold but Morgan kept shrugging him off and pushing him back. Morgan tossed Masters against the titantron before hitting a Helluva Kick. Morgan then picks Masters up and tosses him straight off the stage into the electrical equipment. Gene Snitsky and Mike Knox came onto the stage and began attacking Morgan and dragged him to the back leaving three opponents in the ring. Eric Young went for a Piledriver on Bobby Roode when Dreamer pulled him off and went for a Piledriver of his own which he connected with, 1..2..but Roode broke the count. Roode then tossed Dreamer out of the ring and went for a cover but Dreamer pulled him from the ring and tossed him into the barricade. He got back into the ring and Young rolled him up for a close 2 count. All three men began exchanging blows until EY eye-raked both men, he went for a Piledriver again but Roode managed to lift him onto his shoulders and nailed him with the Roode Bomb. Dreamer then grabbed Roode and went for the Dreamer DDT but Roode managed to reverse that into the Roode Bomb as well and he pinned EY for the win.

Winner - Bobby Roode @ 26:19
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Re: Global Force Wrestling

Posted week 6 twice, just deleted sorry!

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Re: Global Force Wrestling


The opening credits play as the camera spans over the wild crowd as we play highlights of Magnus being attacked by Jeff Jarrett last week and highlights of Bobby Roode becoming the number 1 contender to MVP's title. We head over to Alex Riley and Matt Striker who explains tonight we shall crown the number one contenders to the World Tag Team Titles and as announced on Twitter, John Morrison will get his chance for revenge on Samuel Shaw.

In-Ring Promo: MVP is in the ring accompanied by The Beat Down Clan. Low Ki and MVP hold their titles high in the air as they draw massive heat off the crowd.

MVP: Boring. We get the same dumb ass response every week we're out here. Do you idiots not realise by now that we're not going anywhere? This is the Beat Down Clan, the most feared group in professional wrestling. If I want to come out here and run my mouth for 3 hours I'll do that because I hold this. I'm the World Champion. I'm the man. Tonight, Benjamin and Kenny King become number one contenders to the tag titles and at Over the Edge, we'll hold all the gold here in Global Force Wrestling. We'll be the most decorated team ever.

Shelton Benjamin: I never expected anything less from this group. Look at us. I SAID LOOK AT US. Each of us are what I call, Gold Standard.

Kenny King: Alex Shelly. Chris Sabin. We are born winners. We are The Beat Down Clan. That title itself makes us better than you.

Before MVP can start talking again, Bobby Roode walks out onto the stage.

Bobby Roode: Are you assholes serious? The only reason any of you are Champions or in the position you are in is because of Jeff Jarrett. Well that all changes at Over the Edge when I prove to you that even with Jeff Jarrett on your side, you don't got the IT Factor. I'm walking into that ring, kicking your ass all over it then walking out World Heavyweight Champion. And finally, these fans can have someone who earned the title rather than kissing ass to get to the top.

MVP: Why don't you come down to MY ring and say that to MY face?

Bobby Roode: I thought you'd never ask. Oh, but before I do, I thought I'd bring a little company.

Evan Bourne and The Motorcity Machine Guns join him as they all make their way to the ring but The Beat Down Clan slide out as they slide in and quickly escape through the crowd laughing to themselves. Roode stands on the turnbuckles signalling he's the next, World Champion.


Match 1 - John Morrison vs. Samuel Shaw /w Melina.

Samuel Shaw walks out to the ring and is holding Melina's hand, she looks uncomfortable and Morrison immediately suicide dives onto Shaw who pushes Melina to safety. Morrison continues to hit Shaw with lefts and rights before rolling him into the ring. The referee rings the bell as Morrison spears Shaw to the floor and continues to pound on him over and over again. Shaw manages to push Morrison off and tries using the ropes to pull himself up but is hit with a Flying Chuck. Morrison then rolls out of the ring and takes out Shaw's signature pipe before returning to the ring. He smashes Shaw in the stomach as the referee calls for the bell but before he can deliver a blow to Shaw's skull, Melina low blows him from behind. She helps Shaw to his feet who picks up the pipe and smashes Morrison across the face bursting him wide open. He then chokes him out as Melina watches on smirking before he stands and they kiss passionately.

Winner - Samuel Shaw via DQ @ 2:57


Backstage Promo: MVP is with Jeff Jarrett in his office. He is demanding that Bobby Roode be punished for ruining his opening segment. Jeff informs him that tonight, Low Ki and MVP will take out Magnus and Bobby Roode. Low Ki asks about Evan Bourne and MVP reminds him that Jarrett and MVP's problems are dealt with first. They'll deal with Bourne later. Awesome Kong enters Jeff's office and demands to finish what she started and take out Mickie James. Jeff makes the match for tonight.

Match 2 - Finals of the Tag Team Tournament: Shelton Benjamin and Kenny King vs. Gene Snitsky and Mike Knox.

Snitsky and Knox proved to be in control with sheer strength and brutality after the referee ordered Low Ki to return to the lockeroom after trying to help the BDC gain the advantage on numerous occasions. Knox and Snitsky had Benjamin in the corner and continued to pound away on him as Matt Morgan walked to the ring. He rolled in the ring and ducked underneath Knox's clothesline before hitting Benjamin with the Helluva Kick as the referee again, called for the bell costing Knox and Snitsky the shot at the titles. King helped Benjamin out the ring as the pair celebrated whilst Snitsky and Knox continued to beat down on Morgan. Gunner's music struck as he ran straight to the ring and clotheslined Knox over the ropes allowing Morgan to fight back Snitsky and toss him through the ropes. They retreated back up the ramp as Gunner and Morgan dare them to come back and fight.

Winners - Shelton Benjamin and Kenny King @ 6:02


Match 3 - Singles Match: Mickie James vs. Awesome Kong

As soon as the referee rang the bell Kong charged at Mickie who dropkicked Kong's knee's away from her. Mickie then got up on the ropes and quickly took Kong down with a huge missile dropkick before hitting a serious of explosive kicks to her chest before another running dropkick. Mickie then went back up to the top rope and went for a huge crossbody but Kong caught her and hit a huge powerslam followed by a huge splash. Kong big booted Mickie in the chest straight into the turnbuckle before Kong then dragged her up and continued to smash Mickies head against the turnbuckle before the referee pulled her off. The referee checked on Mickie but Kong charged and hit a huge splash on both of them before dragging Mickie and setting her up for the Implant Buster. Taryn Terrell ran to the ring and climbed the turnbuckle as Kong dropped Mickie but Terrell hit her with a diving elbow drop taking her down. Mickie sprung up to hit a Mick Kick whilst Terrell shook the referee who made the cover.

Winner - Mickie James @ 7:54


Backstage Promo: Backstage Tommy Dreamer was with Cameron.

Cameron: Tonight Tommy, you go one on one with Eric Young? How are you feeling about stepping into the ring with a man who describes himself as a deranged lunatic and who is only out to hurt people?

Tommy Dreamer: I think you are forgetting I am an ECW Original Cameron. I have dealt with people like Eric Young all my life and I've always been able to tell a real lunatic from someone who is all talk and believe me, Eric Young is all talk.

Eric Young then attacked Dreamer from behind knocking him to the floor and began dragging him towards the ring after smashing him a trashcan lid.

Match 4 - Singles Match: Eric Young vs. Tommy Dreamer

Eric Young continued to assault Dreamer from the back all the way out to the ramp smashing him into walls before smashing him against the titantron. Eric Young left Dreamer on the stage as he went backstage and brought out a shopping trolley filled with weapons. He pulled out an iron and smashed Dreamer across the face before using the wire to strangle him with. He then pulled out a road sign and placed it over Tommy's ankle before stomping on it multiple times. Referees ran out and pulled Eric Young away backstage as he tried to get through and kick Dreamer whilst shouting, "I'M ALL TALK?" The referees then helped Dreamer up as Young came back out with a Singapore cane and smashed Dreamer as the referees retreated as he threatened to hit them. He then hit Dreamer with the Piledriver on the stage before leaving looking crazed at the carnage he had created.

Winner - No contest.


In-Ring Promo: The Cocky Pricks are in the ring drawing heat as the whole team have the cameraman in the ring as they flex their muscles and Kendrick orders different poses. He then pulls out a 'Cocky Pricks' calendar and tosses it into the audience.

Brian Kendrick: To all the desperate ugly ladies in attendance that don't stand a chance with any of the fine specimen in the ring, you can order one of our calendar's off the GFW website. You can do whatever you please with them and pleasure yourself in any way because we like to look out for the less fortunate. We might be cocky and we might be pricks, but we are not evil. Ugly ladies need love too. Just not off us.

Rey Mysterio's music hits and he and Chavo Guerrero walk out onto the stage. The crowd are going crazy.

Rey Mysterio: Am I hearing this right? Five dudes went and got a topless photoshoot together? Is this for real cuz?

Chavo Guerrero: And are my eyes deceiving me or am I watching five topless brainless juiced up morons be led by a fat dwarf in doing a Yoga class for these fans? I mean Kendrick, you make us feel tall.

Brian Kendrick: Shut your mouths. Shut your dirty mouths. I am taller than both of you's. I am not fat. I am gorgeous. I know that I am, all my friends in the ring think I am and all these fans in attendance know that I am. You two go home at night and wish you were Brian Kendrick. I might actually start a petition for Chavo to start wearing a mask because at least Rey has the decency to cover his hideous face.

Rey Mysterio: It looks like you've touched a nerve Chavo.

Brian Kendrick: No I am glad you two are out here. I have spoken to Jeff Jarrett and he has granted me a match at Over the Edge. Me and a partner of my choosing to fight against you two and if I win, I want you both to join The Cocky Pricks as oil boys. You's will be forced to cover us in oil before our matches to really showcase our physiques. Shut up it is not weird. This is 2016 people, equality exists. I forgot we were in a redneck backwards country.

Rey Mysterio: I am all about one love, people can love whoever they want but that doesn't mean I will you use us to play out your fantasies. We accept your challenge but if we win, I want a match with you locked inside a steel cage with no interferences.

TJ Perkins grabs the microphone from a hesitant Kendrick.

TJ Perkins: We accept.

Kendrick looks in horror and disgust as Ezekiel takes the mic from TJ.

Ezekiel Jackson: The Cocky Pricks are a brotherhood. A brotherhood for good looking people that none of you in attendance could ever dream of joining. Tonight we put that brotherhood tonight as we fight amongst us to be Kendrick's partner for Over the Edge.

Mason Ryan: And maybe you two should stick around and witness the fitness, of The Cocky Pricks.

Match 5 - Fatal Four Way Match: Ezekiel Jackson vs. TJ Perkins vs. Mason Ryan vs. Brad Maddox

Kendrick joins the commentators on one side of the announce table as Rey and Chavo on the other. They bicker throughout the match. Mason Ryan is clotheslined over the top rope by Ezekiel, before he picks up Maddox and tosses him on Mason. TJ then dropkicks Ezekiel over before springboarding over the ropes and taking them down with a shooting star press. TJ rolls Maddox in the ring but Ezekiel tries to stop TJ on the apron but receives a superkick followed by a moonsault for his troubles. Mason Ryan gets into the ring as Maddox is getting to his feet and applies a bearhug into a running powerslam. TJ and Ezekiel get to their feet and Big Zeke attacks Chavo and Rey. Mason Ryan then rolls out the ring to join him in the assault leaving TJ free to hit a Frog Splash on Maddox for the win.

Winner - TJ Perkins @ 8:43

They continue the assault after the match tossing Chavo in the barricade before Ezekiel hits him with the Book of Ezekiel, then Mason Ryan places him in the Torture Rack. Zeke then places Rey in the Torture Rack at the same time whilst Kendrick raises Perkins arm in victory. Maddox shakes Perkins hand before Kendrick hits him with The Kendrick. They leave Chavo and Rey as Zeke carries Maddox to the back after he disappoints Kendrick again.


Backstage Promo: Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin and Evan Bourne are shown backstage attacked and laid out. The camera cuts to the wall which has been spray painted 'BEAT DOWN CLAN.'

We then cut to Samuel Shaw and Melina who are leaving the building together with a bottle of champagne. Taryn Terrell stops them.

Taryn Terrell: Hi Melina, I thought I'd introduce myself as I'm new to the Women's division around here. I watched your little stunt earlier tonight, abandoning your boyfriend for him? You aren't anything but a bed hopping slut who is only with the flavour of the month in her bid to stay relevant.

Melina knocks her to the floor with a forearm smash as Shaw pours the champagne over it as they laugh uncontrollably.

Main Event - Tag Team Match: MVP and Low Ki vs. Bobby Roode and Magnus.

Roode and Magnus watch the titantron seeing their friends left knocked out as all four members of the Beat Down Clan and Jeff Jarrett walk to the ring. They surround the ring before Magnus and Roode take the right to them taking down each man with a flurry of punches and tossing different members out of the ring trying to keep the numbers at even for as long as possible. Magnus has Jeff by the throat as he is screaming in his face that he is a traitor but Benjamin hits Magnus with a superkick before both men attack him on the floor. MVP, King and Low Ki finally manage to overcome Roode's attempt and finally both men got beaten down as MVP ordered the BDC to bring him two steel chairs. He then placed a chair underneath Magnus and Roode's heads as he ordered them for another chair. He delivered a con-chair-to on Roode before Jeff delivered one to Magnus as the show went off air with all five men raise each others arms in the air.

Winners - No contest.
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