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EWF: Extreme Wrestling Federation

After reading so many great BTB, i have decided to start my own, EWF.
The background story of this is in the Summer of 2005, Paul Heyman and Shane McMahon both left the WWE and started a new Wrestling Promotion known as the EWF: Extreme Wrestling Federation. They together have been recruiting superstars, officials and road agents from promotions all over the wrestling world. There will be two weekly shows, one on Monday Nights, to compete with Raw, once again reviving the Monday Night Wars, and another on Thursday to compete with Smackdown.

I will have the name of the shows, the roster of EWF and the PPV line up soon.
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Re: EWF: Extreme Wrestling Federation

Breaking News from EWF.com
Shane McMahon and Paul Heyman joint owners of EWF released this press release earlier: "We look forward to working with each other, show names and PPV listings will be revealed later, but our roster is as follows."
-Chris Benoit
-John Cena
-Shawn Michaels
-Kurt Angle
-Brock Lesnar
-Randy Orton
-Chris Jericho
-Shelton Benjamin
-Eddie Guerrero
-Rey Mysterio
-AJ Styles
-Val Venis
-William Regal
-Charlie Haas
-Rob Van Dam
-Ron Killings
-Lance Storm
-C.M. Punk
-Marty Jannetty
-Low Ki
-Ken Shamrock
-Tommy Dreamer
-The Hurricane
-Billy Kidman
-Chavo Guerrero
-Paul London
-Christopher Daniels
-Petey Williams
-Sonjay Dutt
-Essa Rios
-Frankie Kazarian
-Juventud Guerrera
-Bubba Ray Dudley
-D-Von Dudley
-Joey Mercury
-Johnny Nitro
-Chris Harris
-James Storm
-Jeff Hardy
-Matt Hardy
-Mark Briscoe
-Jay Briscoe
-Andy Douglas
-Chase Stevens
-Trish Stratus
-Tracy Brooks
-Alexis Laree
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Re: EWF: Extreme Wrestling Federation

Nice roster, so far so good.

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Re: EWF: Extreme Wrestling Federation

“Let the Bodies Hit The Floor” Goes Off at EWF HQ in New York City

Pyro’s go off at the stage.

Michael Cole: Welcome everybody to EWF at HQ in New York City I’m Michael Cole alongside Tazz.

Tazz: EWF making its debut tonight, in a special broadcast in which our rosters are to be defined, now to our ring announcer Howard Finkel.

Howard Finkel is standing in the centre of a ring, with a box, and the entire EWF roster on the outside of the ring.

Howard Finkel: Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to EWF special debut as tonight the two owners will each take control of either of EWF shows, Monday Night Chaos or Thursday Showdown, and tonight they will draft superstars to identify their roster. Introducing first, he is joint-partner of EWF, Shane McMahon.

Here Comes the Money Goes Off-Crowd Cheer-Shane enters the ring.

Shane McMahon: Now just before you introduce the co-owner, I have a few things to say. Firstly dad, thank you, you taught me all about the wrestling business and that is why EWF exists, secondly the EWF promotion will be like no other promotion around and I’ll be sure you all will enjoy.

Howard Finkel: Introducing Next, joint-partner of EWF, Paul Heyman

ECW Goes Off-Crowd Cheer-Paul enters the ring

Paul Heyman: Now like Shane just said EWF is like no other promotion in Wrestling, and we promises you that this promotion is going to set the Wrestling world alight.

Howard Finkel: Now Gentleman, required first you both are to choose a show in which you will manage, so Shane, can you choose your show.

Shane Puts His Hand Inside a Box

Shane McMahon: Fink, I will be manager of Showdown.

Howard Finkel: Therefore Making Paul Heyman manager of Chaos. Paul Heyman, you get the first picks of the draft, you are required to pick out a superstar the box, then Shane you do exactly the same until the draft is complete.

Paul Heyman Puts His Hand Into the Box
Paul Heyman: Chaos have drawn “The Animal” Batista
Shane McMahon Picks
Shane McMahon: Showdown have “The Next Big Thing” Brock Lesnar
Paul Heyman: Kurt Angle
Shane McMahon: Chris Benoit
Paul Heyman: “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton
Shane McMahon: John Cena
Paul Heyman: “Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels
Shane McMahon: Edge
Paul Heyman: Shelton Benjamin
Shane McMahon: “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles
Paul Heyman: “Y2J” Chris Jericho
Shane McMahon: “Latino Heat” Eddie Guerrero
Paul Heyman: “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam
Shane McMahon: Rey Mysterio
Paul Heyman: “The Monster” Abyss
Shane McMahon: “Captain Charisma” Christian
Paul Heyman: “The Man Beast” Rhyno
Shane McMahon: Val Venis
Paul Heyman: Sandman
Shane McMahon: William Regal
Paul Heyman: Sabu
Shane McMahon: Charlie Haas
Paul Heyman: Tommy Dreamer
Shane McMahon: Ron Killings
Paul Heyman: Low Ki
Shane McMahon: Marty Jannetty
Paul Heyman: “The Worlds Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock
Shane McMahon: The Hurricane
Paul Heyman: Tajiri
Shane McMahon: Akio
Paul Heyman: Billy Kidman
Shane McMahon: Paul London
Paul Heyman: “The Playa of the Himalaya” Sonjay Dutt
Shane McMahon: “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels
Paul Heyman: C.M. Punk
Shane McMahon: Petey Williams
Paul Heyman: Essa Rios
Shane McMahon: Frankie “The Future” Kazarian
Paul Heyman: Lance Storm
Shane McMahon: Psicosis
Paul Heyman: Americas Most Wanted
Shane McMahon: Juventud Guerrera
Paul Heyman: Hardy Boyz
Shane McMahon: Chavo Guerrero
Paul Heyman: The Naturals
Shane McMahon: MNM
Paul Heyman: Trish Stratus
Shane McMahon: Dudley Boyz
Paul Heyman: Lita
Shane McMahon: Briscoe Brothers
Paul Heyman: Victoria
Shane McMahon: Melina
Paul Heyman: Alexis Laree
Shane McMahon: Tracy Brooks

Howard Finkel: Now the rosters of Chaos and Showdown are as follows:

Kurt Angle
Randy Orton
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Chris Jericho
Rob Van Dam
Tommy Dreamer
Low Ki
Ken Shamrock
Billy Kidman
Sonjay Dutt
C.M. Punk
Essa Rios
Lance Storm
Chris Harris
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Andy Douglas
Chase Stevens
Trish Stratus
Alexis Laree

Brock Lesnar
Chris Benoit
John Cena
AJ Styles
Eddie Guerrero
Rey Mysterio
Val Venis
William Regal
Charlie Haas
Ron Killings
Marty Jannetty
The Hurricane
Paul London
Christopher Daniels
Petey Williams
Frankie Kazarian
Juventud Guerrera
Chavo Guerrero
Joey Mercury
Johnny Nitro
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Jay Briscoe
Mark Briscoe
Tracy Brooks

Howard Finkel: Now before the managers of both shows leave to prepare for the debut of Monday Night Chaos, Championship Belts for each Show have to be issued.

8 Security Guards Come Down to Ringside with Briefcases

Howard Finkel: On the Chaos Brand there will be the EWF World Heavyweight Title, EWF Hardcore Title, EWF Tag Titles and EWF Women’s Title.

Titles are displayed

Howard Finkel: On the Showdown Brand there will be the EWF World Title, EWF T.V. Title, EWF World Tag Titles and EWF Cruiserweight Title.

Titles are displayed

Howard Finkel: Also both Managers need to select their 4 Road Agents and officials.

Paul Heyman: Well the Road Agents that I will employ for Chaos are Macho Man Randy Savage, Michael PS. Hayes, Ricky “Dragon” Steamboat and Dean Malenko. Officials I choose are Earl Hebner, Andrew Thomas, Charles Robinson and Jack Doan

Shane McMahon: The Road Agents employed for Showdown will be, “Fit” Finlay, Arn Anderson, Ted DiBiase and Ron Simmons. Official I choose are Rudy Charles, Mike Chioda, Nick Patrick and Jim Cordaris

Howard Finkel: Well this has determined the Rosters of both Chaos and Showdown, as well as the Championship Belts, Chaos will be on soon where the era of EWF begins. Thank you for tuning in to this EWF special.

EWF Special Goes off the Air.

Confirmed Shows are:
Monday Night Chaos
Thursday Showdown

PPV are:
January: No Limit (Chaos)
February: St. Valentine Day Massacre (Showdown)
March: Spring Justice (Both)
April: Barley Legal (Chaos)
May: Ultimate Jeopardy (Showdown)
June: King Of The Ring (Both)
July: Against All Odds (Chaos)
August: Summer Bash (Both)
September: Cold Day In Hell (Showdown)
October: Halloween Havoc (Chaos)
November: Gangz Rulz (Both)
December: Final Destination (Showdown)
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Re: EWF: Extreme Wrestling Federation

Hmm both rosters are equally balanced and i'll be reading your shows good luck and also very good names of the PPVs
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Re: EWF: Extreme Wrestling Federation

Thanx for the feedback all, i will be working to get Monday Night Chaos Up very soon.
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Re: EWF: Extreme Wrestling Federation

Monday Night Chaos 6/6
Let the Bodies Hit the Floor plays- Pyro’s at the entrance go off.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to the debut of Monday Night Chaos from EWF.

Tazz: That’s right the start of a new era tonight, with EWF Chaos and what a show we have lined up for you tonight.

Michael Cole: That’s right with a joint-brand PPV in 3 weeks the King Of The Ring, excitement is high here tonight.

*Medals Hits*-Kurt Angle enters the ring and takes the microphone

Kurt Angle: Now I am here in front of all these EWF fans to tell you, that I a Olympic Gold Medallist, should be crowned the EWF Vacant Heavyweight Champion, because of who I am. And if General Manager Paul Heyman knows what is good for him and for Monday Night Chaos, he will award me the Championship.

*Batista Hits*-Batista stands at the stage with a Microphone in hand.

Batista: Kurt, what in the hell makes you the EWF Heavyweight Champion, you weren’t even No.1 Contender in the WWE, whereas I was the World Heavyweight Champion, so if anyone should be given the Championship its me!

Kurt Angle: What a giant ape like you, what wrestling skill have you got apart from your Spine buster and Batista Bomb. Unlike me, I have an arsenal of wrestling moves, I am a true wrestler at an amateur and professional level.

Batista drops the microphone and begins to move closer to the ring as Kurt Angle drops his microphone and waves his hands towards Batista.

*ECW Hits*-Paul Heyman stands at the entrance.

Paul Heyman: Now to both have made a valid point, but I have decided that neither of you will be granted the vacant EWF Heavyweight Title. (Kurt Angle and Batista both stare at Paul Heyman, looking pissed.) The reason for this is at the King of The Ring the Chaos side of the tournament is to crown a new Champion, as you two have both made valid points, both of you will get an automatic bye into the King of The Ring first round, along with Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels. But as for the remaining four places, there will be four qualifying matches tonight, where the winners will also qualify for the King of The Ring first round. These matches are, Shelton Benjamin vs. Ken Shamrock, Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm, Rob Van Dam vs. Low Ki and my personal favourite Abyss vs. C.M. Punk. (Michael Cole: What an announcement four matches signed tonight for King of The Ring qualification.) And also Batista, Kurt, I need you to clear my ring, because up next is a Hardcore Battle Royal, to determine the EWF Hardcore Champion, so unless either of you want to be the Hardcore Champion, Get out of the ring!

Paul Heyman leaves as does Batista who stares down at Kurt Angle, and Kurt Angle follows after.

-Commercial Break-

Howard Finkel: The Next Match is the Hardcore Battle Royal to determine the EWF Hardcore Champion, there is a 10 minute time limit, in which the first superstar who gain a pin will become the Hardcore Champion and they will defend that title until the time limit has expired.

*Rhyno Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Rhyno

*Sandman Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing The Sandman
*Sabu Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Sabu

*Tommy Dreamer Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Tommy Dreamer

*Tajiri Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Tajiri

*Billy Kidman Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Billy Kidman

*Sonjay Dutt Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Sonjay Dutt

*Essa Rios Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Essa Rios

Match 1
Rhyno vs. Sandman vs. Sabu vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Essa Rios
Battle Royal to determine EWF Hardcore Champion

Bell rings and the ECW Contingent all team up on Billy Kidman, Sonjay Dutt and Essa Rios and beat them down. Tommy Dreamer and Sandman go on the outside and begin to throw in weapons, including chairs, tables, ladders, kendo sticks, trash cans and signs. Tommy Dreamer then using the Kendo stick begins to take out the ECW contingent with shots to each of them and then using the steel chair on Tajiri and Sandman. Tommy Dreamer then gets taken down by Sabu, who springboards himself of the ropes and hit’s a spinning tornado ddt onto one of the steel chairs bought in the ring, Sabu makes the cover, 1,2,3.

Winner: Sabu at 2.53

Sabu celebrates winning the EWF Hardcore Title, but as he turns round he is gored by Rhyno, Rhyno makes the cover, 1,2,3.

Winner: Rhyno at 3.24

Rhyno then begins to measure up Billy Kidman who is slowly getting up in the corner, and then Rhyno gores Kidman, who falls to the outside. Rhyno then measures up the Sandman who has his back to Rhyno, but is holding a trash can lid, when Sandman turns around, Rhyno goes for the Gore, but Sandman counters with a trash can to the head of Rhyno. Essa Rios from the top rope then hit’s the moonsault onto Rhyno, but as he makes the cover Sandman hits him with the same trash can lid. Sandman makes the cover on Rhyno, 1,2,3.

Winner: Sandman at 5.15

Sandman then picks up a ladder and runs it straight into Sonjay Dutt who is taken to the outside, clutching his stomach on the floor. Sandman then places the ladder in between the top and middle rope, but while he is doing that Tajiri from the top rope jumps onto the ladder what is hanging on the outside, with bounces up and knocks out Sandman. Tajiri who hurts himself in the process is unable to makes the pin, but Tommy Dreamer who is inside the ring does, 1,2,3.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer at 6.56

Tommy Dreamer then takes a steel chair and lays out Sabu and Billy Kidman who tries to re-enter the match. Tommy Dreamer then goes onto the outside and sets up a table near where Tajiri and Sonjay Dutt are laid out, Tommy Dreamer then sets up a second table and places Tajiri on one table and Sonjay Dutt on the other. Tommy Dreamer then climbs onto the apron and looks to be going for a body splash on to Tajiri and Sonjay Dutt, Tommy Dreamer turns around and looks in the ring and Essa Rios is bouncing himself of the rope at the opposite end of the ring, Tommy Dreamer pulls down the top rope and Essa Rios does a Swanton bomb over the top rope and lands onto the tables where Tajiri and Sonjay Dutt is, all three are out. Tommy Dreamer then climbs down the steel steps and looks at the fallen bodies, where out of nowhere Rhyno gores Tommy Dreamer into the steel steps, though Rhyno going head first into the steps. The clock ticks down as all 8 men are down and out, 5,4,3,2,1.

Winner of the Hardcore Battle Royal and New EWF Hardcore Champion: Tommy Dreamer.

Michael Cole: What a Hardcore Match that was, this is true EWF, that was to the extreme.

Tazz: I have not seen a match like that for ages, Tommy Dreamer the EWF new Hardcore Champion.

EMT come down to ringside, checking on all eight superstars who are all completely out of it, the fans give each superstar a huge cheer as the leave ringside.

-Commercial Break-

*Ain’t No Stopping Me Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Shelton Benjamin.

*Ken Shamrock Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Ken Shamrock.

Match 2
Shelton Benjamin vs. Ken Shamrock
King of The Ring Qualifying Match

Bell rings, and Shelton Benjamin and Ken Shamrock lock up, each trying to get the upper hand but neither does. They both try this three times before Shelton Benjamin gets the upper hand locking a side headlock, Ken Shamrock irish whips Shelton Benjamin, who responds with a flying lariat onto Ken Shamrock. Ken Shamrock and Shelton Benjamin quickly get up and Ken Shamrock runs at Shelton Benjamin, who responds with a release arm drag, Ken Shamrock runs at Shelton Benjamin who this time responds with an arm drag and locks in an armbar. Ken Shamrock does a back roll and reverses the armbar, and locks his legs around Shelton Benjamin arm. Shelton Benjamin then counters the armbar into a school boy pin, 1,2, Ken Shamrock kicks out. Shelton Benjamin quickly gets up but as he does Ken Shamrock hit’s a drop toehold and Shelton Benjamin is again grounded, Ken Shamrock rolls onto Shelton back and locks an armbar on one of Shelton Benjamin arms and locks a armbar leg-lock on the other arm, Shelton Benjamin refuses to give up as Ken Shamrock applies more pressure. Shelton Benjamin then using his strength gets up and hit’s a samoan drop onto Ken Shamrock, both men are down until Shelton Benjamin flips himself up. Shelton Benjamin then urges Ken Shamrock up and hit’s a spinning heel kick onto Ken Shamrock taking Ken Shamrock to the outside. As Shelton Benjamin hangs over the top rope trying to grab Ken Shamrock, Ken Shamrock hit’s a hang time and Shelton Benjamin throat bounce of the top rope. Ken Shamrock then climbs onto the apron and climbs up the turnbuckle, but Shelton Benjamin using his athleticism jumps onto the top of the turnbuckle and hit’s a modified suplex, taking both men down. The referee starts a ten count, at 8 Ken Shamrock and Shelton Benjamin both get up, Ken Shamrock backs into the corner of the ring and Shelton Benjamin launches himself onto Ken Shamrock connecting with the stinger splash, Shelton Benjamin then goes for the T-Bone Suplex, but Ken Shamrock fights out of it and locks a belly to belly waistlock on Shelton Benjamin and then hit’s a belly to belly suplex. Ken Shamrock then quickly locks in the Ankle Lock, and tries to force Shelton Benjamin to tap, Shelton Benjamin refuses to tap and manages to turn himself around and with his other leg kick Ken Shamrock away, Ken Shamrock then lunges at Shelton Benjamin who is on his feet but Shelton Benjamin counters and connects with the T-Bone Suplex, Shelton Benjamin makes the cover, 1,2,3.

Winner of the King of The Ring Qualifying Match: Shelton Benjamin

Michael Cole: What a match we have just witnessed between to great athletes.

Tazz: Shelton Benjamin and Ken Shamrock put on a hell of a good match just, with Shelton Benjamin qualifying into the first round of the King of The Ring.

In the Backstage Area

C.M. Punk is walking what looks towards the entrance where Abyss comes out and attacks C.M. Punk (Michael Cole: What the hell is Abyss doing, he is due to face C.M. Punk later tonight) Abyss assaults C.M. Punk throwing him through a table and then into a wall head first. Abyss then begins to stomp onto C.M Punk who has been busted open, until referees and Michael Hayes and Ricky Steamboat try to pull Abyss away. But Abyss manages to fight them off and still get to C.M. Punk and drags C.M. Punk onto the aisle, (Michael Cole: What is Abyss Planning to do here, Tazz: No, No, Not the black hole slam on the aisle!) Abyss then holding C.M. Punk arm pulls C.M. Punk toward him and hit’s the Black hole slam and then leaves pointing at C.M. Punk.

Michael Cole: I can’t believe I saw just saw that Abyss just planted C.M. Punk with the Black Hole Slam right on the aisle.

Tazz: C.M. Punk must be in a lot of pain after being blindsided by Abyss in the back and I doubt he will make it into the match against Abyss tonight.

EMT come out to check on C.M. Punk and stretcher him away.

Michael Cole: Well I am getting word from the back that C.M. Punk is suffering from serious injuries to the back and he will not be in the match tonight against Abyss, and Abyss has been given a bye into the First Round of the King of The Ring.

Tazz: Lets just take a look at that again, what a viscous attack by Abyss.

Video plays of Abyss attacking C.M. Punk

-Commercial Break-

*One of a Kind Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Rob Van Dam

*Low Ki Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Low Ki

Match 3
Rob Van Dam vs. Low Ki
King of The Ring Qualifying Match

Bell rings and Rob Van Dam and Low Ki lock up, Rob Van Dam gets the early advantage locking a side headlock, Low Ki counters by breaking out and locking in a wristlock , Rob Van Dam tries to use his elbow to break free, but Low Ki ducks under the elbow and has Rob Van Dam elbow behind his head as he goes for a back suplex, while in the air Rob Van Dam uses his legs and wraps them around Low Ki neck and hit’s a hurracarrana on Low Ki, but Low Ki is quickly back up as is Rob Van Dam. Rob Van Dam and Low Ki have a quick stare down as they go to lock up again, but just before they lock up Low Ki kicks Rob Van Dam in the side, and then using his martial art abilities begins to kick Rob Van Dam who tries to cover up. Rob Van Dam does eventually grab one of Low Ki legs and jumps of Low Ki caught leg and hit’s a spinning heel kick onto Low Ki. Rob Van Dam wasting no time then bounces himself of the rope and hit’s the rolling thunder on Low Ki. Rob Van Dam goes for the cover 1,2 Low Ki kicks out. Rob Van Dam then hits his spinning leg drop on Low Ki and again goes for the cover at which Low Ki kicks out again at 2. Rob Van Dam then goes to the top rope and waits for Low Ki to get up, when Low Ki does Rob Van Dam hit’s the sternum kick which sends Low Ki to the outside. Rob Van Dam then vaults himself over the top rope onto Low Ki. Rob Van Dam tosses Low Ki back into the ring, but as Rob Van Dam slides under Low Ki begins to stomp heavily on Rob Van Dam back. Low Ki then picks Rob Van Dam up and hit’s a snap suplex. Low Ki then measures Rob Van Dam up who gets up slowly and begins to attack him again with his Martial Art Kicks, Low Ki then connects with a martial art kick to the sternum of Rob Van Dam, who is laid out on the floor. Low Ki, then climbs the turnbuckle and goes for the 450 splash but Rob Van Dam rolls out of the way as Low Ki lays in the middle of the ring down. Rob Van Dam then climbs the top rope and goes for the 5 Star Frog Splash, which connects, Rob Van Dam makes the cover, 1,2,3.

Winner of the King of The Ring Qualifying Match: Rob Van Dam

Michael Cole: What a match we have just witnessed between two Martial Arts Experts.

Tazz: I know, tell me about it Cole, Low Ki and Rob Van Dam legs where like they had a mind of their own.

Rob Van Dam celebrates in the ring and Low Ki gets up and stares down Rob Van Dam, then Low Ki gives his hand and Rob Van Dam and Low Ki shake hands and celebrate.

Michael Cole: Now that’s great sportsmanship between Low Ki and Rob Van Dam, well after the break folks we have our main event between Chris Jericho and Lance Storm.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage Area-Paul Heyman office with the Hardy Boyz inside.

Matt Hardy: Paul you have to let me and Jeff be the EWF Tag Champions, where the best team on the roster.

Jeff Hardy: Believe us Paul, with the Hardy Boyz as Tag Champion we will draw ratings for Chaos.

Americas Most Wanted enter

James Storm: Paul don’t listen to these two has been, the future of the Tag Team Division is AMW, not the “Hardly” Boyz

Chris Harris: Yeah Paul, I mean at least James and I look like real men, who can actually wrestle, unlike these two, who are still “Boyz”

Matt Hardy: Hey AMW you want to take on the Hardy Boyz, we have no problem with that.

Paul Heyman: Gentleman, Gentleman! If you continue to argue in my office I will have you both suspended, if you didn’t know there is also a third team here on Chaos, The Naturals, so as General Manager, the main event next week on Chaos, will be to determine the EWF Tag Champions, it will be the Hardy Boyz vs. America Most Wanted vs. The Naturals, in a match that the Hardy Boyz are familiar in a TLC match (Crowd Cheer) and it also is a match that America Most Wanted are familiar with a steel cage match (crowd cheer) Next week will be the first ever TLC Match inside a steel cage to determine the EWF Tag Champions. Now leave my office before I re-consider.

Michael Cole: What a match set up for next week America Most Wanted, The Hardy Boyz and The Naturals in TLC Steel Cage Match.

Tazz: Oh boy I can’t wait for that match next week, that is going to be one hell of a match with 3 great teams.

Michael Cole: I also have been told that next week the Women’s Champion will be determined in a Fatal Four Way Match between Trish Stratus, Lita, Victoria and Alexis Laree.

Tazz: Cole that is four of the best looking women in EWF, and that is sure to be one great match.

Michael Cole: Also announced for next week after their confrontation earlier, Batista vs. Kurt Angle.

Tazz: These two look ready to go at it in a fight, but General Manager Paul Heyman instead done the right thing and scheduled them for a match.

Michael Cole: Well folks after our last commercial break up next is the main event Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm.

-Commercial Break-

*Break the Wall Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Chris Jericho

*Lance Storm Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Lance Storm

Match 4
Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm
King of The Ring Qualifying Match

Bell rings. Lance Storm and Chris Jericho have a stare down before locking up. Lance Storm quickly locks in a waist lock, in which Chris Jericho reverses and locks in his own waist lock. Lance Storm tries to wriggle free, but eventually reverse the waist lock into a fireman carry, and locks in a headlock. Chris Jericho then begins to lift himself up and drills his elbow into Lance Storm waist until he releases the headlock. Chris Jericho bounces himself of the rope and connects with a flying forearm to Lance Storm. Chris Jericho then picks Lance Storm up and hit’s a snap suplex. Chris Jericho then locks in a reverse chin lock on Lance Storm who refuses to give up. Chris Jericho then breaks the hold and picks Lance Storm and hits Lance Storm with knife-edge chops across the chest twice, Lance Storm clutches his chest as Chris Jericho hit’s a snap mare takedown and a boot to the back of Lance Storm. Chris Jericho immediately begins to go to work on the back by locking in a surfboard of Lance Storm, Lance Storm still refuses to tap and Chris Jericho breaks the hold again. Chris Jericho then climbs the top turnbuckle and waits as Lance Storm slowly gets up. When Lance Storm is on his feet Chris Jericho hits Lance Storm with a missile dropkick, sending Lance Storm to the outside. The referee starts a ten count and at 6 Lance Storm is slowly getting up onto the apron, as Chris Jericho hit’s a springboard dropkick onto Lance Storm sending him face first into the security barricade. Chris Jericho then follows Lance Storm to the outside and rolls Lance Storm into the ring who goes to the second rope, to recuperate. Chris Jericho though enters the ring and pumps up jumps onto Lance Storm who is resting on the ropes. Lance Storm slowly gets up Chris Jericho hits him with the running enziguri taking Lance Storm down again. Chris Jericho makes the pin, 1,2, Lance Storm kicks out. Chris Jericho is furious and confronts the referee about the count. Lance Storm the slowly gets up and when Chris Jericho turns around Lance Storm hits him with a super kick taking Chris Jericho down and the momentum taking Lance Storm down. The referee starts a 10 count at 7 both men stagger up and ensue in a fist fight. Lance Storm takes the advantage and irish whips Chris Jericho and connects with a back body drop. Chris Jericho gets again as Lance Storm runs to the nearest turnbuckle and connects with a springboard clothesline taking Chris Jericho down, Lance Storm makes the cover, 1,2, Chris Jericho kicks out. Lance Storm then grabs Chris Jericho leg and locks in the Boston Crab, Chris Jericho writhes in pain, but refuses to tap out. Chris Jericho manages to draw himself to the rope as Lance Storm breaks the hold. Lance Storm then goes to grab Chris Jericho, but Chris Jericho kicks Lance Storm away, and then with Chris Jericho gets up and connects with a double leg takedown. Chris Jericho then tries to lock in the Walls of Jericho as Lance Storm tries to wriggle free, but Chris Jericho locks the move in. Lance Storm refuses to tap, and tries to edge closer to the ropes, but Chris Jericho drags Lance Storm back into the centre of the ring, and sits on top of Lance Storm so that he can’t move. Lance Storm still refuses to tap, but eventually does after holding on for about 2 minutes.

Winner of the King of The Ring Qualifying Match: Chris Jericho

At the end of the match Chris Jericho begins to check on Lance Storm, but then kicks Lance Storm in the ribs, who lays in pain as Chris Jericho looking cocky leaves ringside.

Michael Cole: Why did Chris Jericho just do that, he won the match he qualified for the King of The Ring first round.

Tazz: Chris Jericho I think was sending out a message to everyone in the King of The Ring tournament, that he is going to be no pushover.

Michael Cole: Well folks this is up for the debut of Chaos, Tazz and myself will be calling Showdown on Thursday, so stay tuned. Good Night Everyone.

Chaos goes off the air with Chris Jericho walking the aisle looking very cocky.
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Re: EWF: Extreme Wrestling Federation

Thursday Showdown Preview

Shane McMahon show Showdown will be making its debut. All four titles that belongs to the Showdown roster are vacant, what is Shane McMahons plans to do with the titles. Also with the first PPV, a joint-brand King of The Ring with Chaos, will Shane McMahon announce any matches. Tune in to find out more and see superstars like Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Paul London, Petey Williams and Many More.
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Re: EWF: Extreme Wrestling Federation

Thursday Showdown 9/6
Let the bodies Hit the floor plays-Pyro’s at entrance go off

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to Showdown, I’m Michael Cole alongside Tazz.

Tazz: Thank you Cole, like Monday was the debut of Chaos, tonight is the debut of Showdown and what a show we have lined up tonight.

*Here Comes The Money Hits*
Shane McMahon enters the ring and takes the mic.

Shane McMahon: Welcome folks to Showdown, and what a show Shane ‘O’ Mac has for you tonight, after seeing a great episode of Chaos the other day. Now in the EWF we are going to utilise our superstars to their full potential, so tonight I have decided that on Showdown, the EWF Cruiserweight Championship will be decided in an eight man Cruiserweight Turmoil match. Also the EWF World Tag Titles will be decided between the teams of MNM and Dudley Boyz in a special rules match which will be announced later tonight which I am sure all you great fans will love, and also tonight will be the beginning of the King of The Ring qualification tournament, which for Showdown is a four man tournament, with the Semi-Finals and Finals. Though to make it interesting and competitive I have decided that the overall winner of Showdown King of The Ring will become the EWF World Champion and the runner-up will become the EWF T.V. Champion. So without further adieu, I’m sure all you fans want to see some Wrestling, so lets get on with some Cruiserweight Turmoil!

Shane McMahon leaves ringside.

*Stand back a Hurricane is coming through Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing the Hurricane.

*Akio Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Akio

Match 1
Hurricane vs. Akio vs. Paul London vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Petey Williams vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Chavo Guerrero
Cruiserweight Turmoil to determine Cruiserweight Champion

Bell Rings (Michael Cole: The object of this match is to pin your opponent and eliminate him from the match, though your next opponent will enter immediately after.) Hurricane and Akio tie up with each trying to push each other into the corner. Hurricane and Akio break the hold and stare down as Akio lunges for Hurricane who moves out of the way and slaps Akio across the face shouting “What’s up with dat!” Hurricane then irish whips Akio but Akio ducks under Hurricane clothesline and whips himself of the rope and connects with a headscissor on Hurricane. Akio then begins to attack Hurricane with his martial art kicks to the back. Akio then picks Hurricane up and irish whips him into the turnbuckle, Akio then does a kick across Hurricane chest as Akio flips in the air, Hurricane falls down to the canvas. Akio then picks Hurricane up and does a modified Tarantula across Hurricane throat, the referee makes the count, 1,2,3,4, Akio breaks the hold and re-enters the ring. Akio then picks up Hurricane and does a spinning heel kick right into Hurricane head, who rolls to the outside. Akio not wasting time rolls out to the outside and throws Hurricane back into the ring. Akio then goes up to the top turnbuckle and waits for Hurricane who slowly gets up, Hurricane then turns around and Akio goes for a flying clothesline from the top rope but Hurricane counters with a shot to the waist as Akio flips over and lands on his back and Hurricane stumbles to the ring. The crowd begin to cheer loudly for Hurricane who begins to get a second wind, as Akio slowly gets up, Hurricane bounces himself of the rope and connects with a flying lariat, Akio gets up as Hurricane then jumps onto Akio and connects with a hurracarrana sending Akio across the ring to the other side, Akio looks shaken sits up while still on canvas, where out of nowhere Hurricane connects with a Shining Wizard across Akio chest, Hurricane makes the cover 1,2,3.

Akio is eliminated.
*Oh Chavo Hits*
Howard Finkel Introducing Chavo Guerrero

Hurricane stands in the corner trying to recuperate after a gruelling match up with Akio when Chavo Guerrero runs into the ring and immediately jumps onto Hurricane back and locks in a sleeper hold, Hurricane stumbles around trying to break free, but cannot Hurricane falls to one knee and then falls completely to the ground as Chavo Guerrero wraps his legs around Hurricane. Hurricane looks to be fading, the referee lift Hurricane arm up it drops, the referee indicates 1, the referee again lifts Hurricane arm up and again it drops the referee indicates 2, the referee does it a third time and just as it seems Hurricane arm is about to drop, Hurricane manages to keep it in the air, (Michael Cole: Look at the Hurricane he is trying to will himself with the help of the crowd back into the match.) Hurricane slowly gets up as Chavo Guerrero still has the sleeper hold applied, Hurricane then begins to ram his elbows into Chavo Guerrero and tries to irish whip Chavo Guerrero but Chavo Guerrero counters the irish whip and bulldogs Hurricane, who looks completely out of the match. Chavo Guerrero stands in the middle of the ring taunting, as the crowd boo him, when,

*Juventud Guerrera Hits*
Juventud Guerrera comes down to ringside and has a stare down with Chavo Guerrero, who both point at each other trash talking, Chavo Guerrero looks irate from the appearance of Juventud Guerrera, when Hurricane comes from behind and puts Chavo Guerrero into a school boy, 1,2,3.

Chavo Guerrero is eliminated

Chavo Guerrero looks furious and begins to beat on an already tired Hurricane stomping away on him, (Michael Cole, what the hell is Chavo doing this for, he’s been eliminated, get him out of there.) Chavo Guerrero then picks Hurricane up and sets him up for the Gory Bomb, which connects. Juventud Guerrera then slowly walks towards the ring and looks to enter when Chavo Guerrero leaves ring and chases after Juventud Guerrera, who runs backstage with Chavo Guerrero in tow. The referee then makes a quick check on Hurricane and the commences with a 10 count, 1.…,2.…,3.…,4.…,5.…,6.…,7.…,8.…,9.…,10.…

Juventud Guerrera is eliminated
*Christopher Daniels hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels walks slowly down to ringside, looking extremely cocky. He slowly takes off his robes and slides into the ring and covers the Hurricane body (Michael Cole: Not this way) 1,2, Hurricane kicks out, and Christopher Daniels is shocked as anything. Though Christopher Daniels does not lose composure and picks Hurricane body up from his arms which seem lifeless and connects with Angel’s Wings, Christopher Daniels makes the cover, 1,2,3.

Hurricane is eliminated
*Frankie Kazarian hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Frankie Kazarian.

Frankie Kazarian wasting no time slides into the ring and Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian ensue into a fist fight, which looks as Frankie Kazarian is getting the upper hand, but Christopher Daniels lifts his knee into Frankie Kazarian mid-section winding him. Christopher Daniels the snapmeres Frankie Kazarian and locks in a sleeper hold, Frankie Kazarian though is quickly on his feet and reverse the sleeper hold into a belly to belly waistlock, Frankie Kazarian then goes for belly to belly suplex but Christopher Daniels holds on. Frankie Kazarian then goes for another belly to belly suplex but Christopher Daniels blocks it and goes for his own overhead suplex which Frankie Kazarian counters into a ddt. Frankie Kazarian then wasting no time bounces off the rope and dropkicks Christopher Daniels right into the face, taking Christopher Daniels down, Frankie Kazarian makes the pin, 1,2, Christopher Daniels kicks out. Frankie Kazarian then urges Christopher Daniels to get up as he does Frankie Kazarian springboards himself of the turnbuckle and goes for a ddt, but Christopher Daniels counters the springboard ddt and connects with a Northern Light Suplex, 1,2, Frankie Kazarian kicks out. As Frankie Kazarian slowly gets up Christopher Daniels bounces himself of the rope and connects with a flying lariat, taking Frankie Kazarian down again. Christopher Daniels then signals towards the top rope and climbs the turnbuckle from inside the ring. Christopher Daniels looks down at Frankie Kazarian and goes for a moonsault, though just before he connects Frankie Kazarian gets his knees up which winds Christopher Daniels. Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels are both out, as the referee starts a 10 count. At 7 Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels both get up, Christopher Daniels lunges toward Frankie Kazarian who responds with a spinning heel kick, taking Christopher Daniels down. Frankie Kazarian then goes for a pin, but at 2 Christopher Daniels kicks out. Frankie Kazarian then picks Christopher Daniels up, but Christopher Daniels quickly pushes Frankie Kazarian back and kicks him in the mid-section before hitting a swinging neckbreaker. Frankie Kazarian is down as Christopher Daniels again climbs the turnbuckle but this time from the outside, but as Christopher Daniels gets to the top of the turnbuckle Frankie Kazarian is up is trying to stop Christopher Daniels. Frankie Kazarian climbs the turnbuckle from the inside as Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are jabbing each other. It seems that Frankie Kazarian has the advantage and looks to go for a superplex, but as he does Christopher Daniels blocks the move and punches Frankie Kazarian in the ribs, Christopher Daniels then grabs Frankie Kazarian by the arms (Michael Cole: Oh my, don’t do it, an Angels Wings from the top rope.) Christopher Daniels hits and Angel Wings on Frankie Kazarian from the top rope, both men are down and out, but Christopher Daniels rolls his arm over onto Frankie Kazarian, 1,2,3.

Frankie Kazarian is eliminated
*Paul London hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Paul London

Paul London wastes no time and sprints into the ring and begins to beat down Christopher Daniels who is still down from the Angels Wings. Paul London picks Christopher Daniels up and jumps up and connects with a hurracarrana. Christopher Daniels falls towards the corner of the ring, as Paul London leaves the ring and climbs onto the turnbuckle and stomps onto Christopher Daniels back from the top rope. Christopher Daniels slowly gets up and is hit by a dropsault from Paul London, sending Christopher Daniels to the outside. Christopher Daniels is near the aisle looking out of the match and staggers around, when Paul London bounces of the rope and suicide dives through the middle ropes right onto Christopher Daniels but also takes a nasty bump. The referee starts a 10 count, 1.…,2.…,3.…,4.…,5.…,6.…(Neither men have got up, but Paul London is stirring as Christopher Daniels seems out of the match.) 7.…,8.…

*Petey Williams hits*
Petey Williams accompanied by Scott D’Amore come to ringside and Petey Williams begins to attack Paul London resulting in Christopher Daniels being eliminated.

Christopher Daniel eliminated via DQ

Petey Williams continues his attack on Paul London, and throws him shoulder first into the steel ring steps before throwing him into the ring. Petey Williams then picks Paul London up and from the side connects with a side Russian Leg Sweep. Petey Williams makes the cover 1,2, Paul London kicks out. Petey Williams then starts to pummel on Paul London as the referee pulls Petey Williams away. Petey Williams then waits for Paul London to get up, who slowly does with his back to Petey Williams. Petey Williams bounces off the rope and connects with a bulldog onto Paul London. Petey Williams makes the cover 1,2, Paul London kicks out again and Petey Williams is becoming irate and starts to argue with the referee. When Petey Williams stops he turns around and goes to pick Paul London up again, but Paul London fights back with shots to the mid-section of Petey Williams and then Paul London bounces off the ropes but Petey Williams counters with a hip toss and locks in an armbar. Paul London though quickly rolls through the armbar reversing into his own armbar and then leg drops Petey Williams trapped arm. Paul London then picks Petey Williams up and chops Petey Williams right across the chest, but before he does it a second time Petey Williams rakes Paul London eyes and bounces off the rope and goes for a clothesline, but Paul London ducks underneath and dropsault Petey Williams who falls onto the referee taking him out. Paul London then spinning heel kicks Petey Williams into the head and Petey Williams falls near the corner. Paul London signal to the top rope and climbs the turnbuckle looking to go for the 450 splash. But as Paul London crouches down to connect with the 450, Scott D’Amore smacks the Canadian flag pole across Paul London head who falls down of the turnbuckle and is knocked out. Petey Williams then gets up and picks up Paul London lifeless body and signals for the Canadian Destroyer, which he connects with. Scott D’Amore revives the referee as Petey Williams makes the cover 1.…2.…3.

Winner of Cruiserweight Turmoil and New EWF Cruiserweight Champion: Petey Williams.

Michael Cole: What a match we just witnessed in Cruiserweight Turmoil, though I can’t believe Petey Williams and Scott D’Amore resulted in cheating to win.

Tazz: I know Cole, but Petey Williams is now the EWF Cruiserweight Champ, and I’m sure Paul London and Christopher Daniels who was screwed by Petey Williams, will be gunning for his title.

-Commercial Break-

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Showdown folks, well coming up in just a moment is the start of Showdown King of The Ring Qualification.

Tazz: That’s right Cole and what we know, the tournament for Showdown will be a semi-final and final tournament, the winner becoming EWF World Champion and the runner-up becoming EWF T.V. Champion.

Michael Cole: And the eight superstars selected by General Manager Shane McMahon to compete are, Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, John Cena, Edge, AJ Styles, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Christian.

Tazz: And what makes their matches really interesting, is that they will have no idea who their opponent is until they are introduced.

Michael Cole: Well tonight we have two of the quarter final matches and the remaining two will be next week on Showdown.

Backstage Area: Mean Gene Okerlund with Petey Williams and Scott D’Amore.

Mean Gene Okerlund: Now Petey, congratulations on becoming the new EWF Cruiserweight Champ (Petey Williams hushes Mean Gene Okerlund)

Petey Williams: I am not EWF Cruiserweight Champion, now as I have won this championship, proving that I am the greatest Cruiserweight in this promotion, I have decided to re-name my title to the EWF Canadian Cruiserweight Champion, because as you saw tonight, it was not Americans or Japanese, or even Mexicans who won this title it was a Canadian.

Scott D’Amore: Now with Petey the Canadian Cruiserweight Champion, with me in his corner, we are going to show EWF and the entire world what Canadians are made off, Petey Williams outlasted 7 different superstars, 7.

Mean Gene Okerlund: But he only defeated one.

Scott D’Amore: Well your not going to rain on our parade, Petey and I are going out to celebrate.

Petey Williams and Scott D’Amore leave
Back at ringside

*Who’s That Jumping Out The Sky Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Rey Mysterio

Michael Cole: So who is Rey Mysterio opponent tonight-Crowd wait Anxiously.

*AJ Styles Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing AJ Styles

Match 2
Rey Mysterio vs. AJ Styles
King of The Ring Qualification Match

Bell Rings. AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio stare down at each other then slap each others hand in a mark of respect. AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio lock up and AJ Styles looks in a side headlock, Rey Mysterio grabs AJ Styles arms with his hands and tries to lift AJ Styles arms up, Rey Mysterio struggles to do this but put in a second effort and manages to lift AJ Styles arms while in the side headlock and reverse the headlock into a wristlock. AJ Styles looks round trying to get out of the wristlock, but instead catches Rey Mysterio off guard and flips him over his back and locks in an armbar. Rey Mysterio is down on the floor as AJ Styles holds him in an armbar, Rey Mysterio though rolls back and locks AJ Styles head in a scissors with his legs and pulls AJ Styles down to the canvas as AJ Styles breaks the wristlock. AJ Styles keeps the scissor leg-lock applied to AJ Styles with both superstars lying on their back. AJ Styles though uses his strength and rolls over and lifts himself up, but Rey Mysterio keeps the scissor leg lock held on. Rey Mysterio is lifted up by AJ Styles who is attempting to break the hold with his arms, though Rey Mysterio who is resting on the canvas by his hands rolls forward and AJ Styles falls out of the ring to the outside. AJ Styles is getting up as Rey Mysterio watches on and as AJ Styles turns around, Rey Mysterio springboards himself of the top rope right onto AJ Styles and both men fall onto the security barricade. Both men are down as the crowd chants “Holy S***.” The referee then proceeds with a 10 count, at 6 Rey Mysterio rolls into the ring, Rey Mysterio sees that AJ Styles is still trying to get up bounces himself of the tope and goes for a baseball slide, but AJ Styles moves out of the way and Rey Mysterio slides onto his feet on the outside, where AJ Styles dropkicks Rey Mysterio who falls into the steel steps. AJ Styles rolls Rey Mysterio back into the ring and elbow drops Rey Mysterio in the back. AJ Styles then locks Rey Mysterio in a bow and arrow submission, but Rey Mysterio refuses to give up, AJ Styles then begins to arch Rey Mysterio back more, before breaking the hold. AJ Styles then picks Rey Mysterio up and lifts him up into a suplex position and holds him in the air for about 10 seconds before dropping Rey Mysterio down to canvas. AJ Styles makes the cover, 1,2, Rey Mysterio kicks out. AJ Styles then again picks up Rey Mysterio in a suplex position, but slowly brings him down backwards and hit’s a neckbreaker onto Rey Mysterio. AJ Styles makes the cover again, 1,2, Rey Mysterio kicks out. AJ Styles then irish whips Rey Mysterio and goes for a clothesline which Rey Mysterio ducks under, Rey Mysterio then bounces off the rope and connects with a headscissor takedown. AJ Styles sits up while still on the canvas and Rey Mysterio bounces himself of the rope and dropkicks AJ Styles in the face. Rey Mysterio then runs to the rope and from the second rope lionsault toward AJ Styles who rolls out of the way, but Rey Mysterio lands on his feet, but Rey Mysterio staggers backwards, AJ Styles then quickly gets to his feet and as he is near the rope, springboards himself of the rope and connects with a reverse ddt onto Rey Mysterio. AJ Styles then goes outside onto the ring apron and looks set to climb the turnbuckle, but Rey Mysterio begins to get up slowly in the ring, so AJ Styles holds onto the rope, until Rey Mysterio is up to his feet. AJ Styles then springboards himself of the top rope and connects with a fist right to Rey Mysterio head, AJ Styles makes the cover, 1,2, Rey Mysterio again kicks out. AJ Styles has a looks of disbelief across his face as AJ Styles again picks up Rey Mysterio and kicks him in the midsection and then sets up Rey Mysterio for the Styles Clash, AJ Styles picks Rey Mysterio up from the waist but Rey Mysterio counters the Styles Clash and hits AJ Styles with a hurracarrana. Rey Mysterio then dropkicks AJ Styles who falls into the corner of the ring at the turnbuckle and Rey Mysterio signals to the crowd and runs at AJ Styles and connects with a bronco buster. Rey Mysterio gets up and encourages AJ Styles forward. AJ Styles gets up and runs at Rey Mysterio who ducks under AJ Styles running clothesline, though when AJ Styles turns around Rey Mysterio drop toeholds AJ Styles into the middle rope and again signal to the crowd. Rey Mysterio bounces himself of the rope on opposite side of the ring and connects with the 619, AJ Styles falls in the ring, but gets up slowly clutching his face, as Rey Mysterio waits for AJ Styles on the turnbuckle. AJ Styles turns around and faces Rey Mysterio who springboards himself of the top rope and goes for the West Coast Pop, Rey Mysterio wraps his legs around AJ Styles, but AJ Styles counters the West Coast Pop, with the Styles Clash, AJ Styles rolls Rey Mysterio over for the cover,1...,2...,3.

Here is your winner of the King of The Ring Qualifying Match: AJ Styles.

Michael Cole: What a performance that was just put out by these two amazing athletes.

Tazz: This is one of the best matches I have ever seen in the wrestling business, AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio should be extremely proud of themselves, they both just went at it in such an equal match.

AJ Styles celebrates in the ring and gets a huge crowd cheer, as does Rey Mysterio when he gets up a waves to the fans. AJ Styles then goes over to Rey Mysterio and extends his hand, Rey Mysterio shakes AJ Styles hand and then raise AJ Styles arm in victory as the crowd cheer for both Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles.

-Commercial Break-

*MNM Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing MNM

*Dudley Boyz Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing The Dudley Boyz

*Here Comes the Money Hits*-Shane McMahon stands at the entrance
Shane McMahon: Now I tonight promised all you great fans that tonight the EWF World Tag Titles will be decided in a special rules match, well the stipulation is this, I see MNM have a great double team finisher the Snap Shot and the Dudley Boyz have the 3D, so I have decided that this match will be a No DQ match and the only way to win the match is for either team to execute their finishing move on 1 of their opponents to be crowned EWF World Tag Champions. And one other thing, the opponent must go through a table for victory from either finishing manoeuvre.

Shane McMahon leaves ringside.

Match 3
MNM vs. Dudley Boyz
Finishing Manoeuvre through a table to determine the EWF World Tag Team Champions

Bell Rings. Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley have their back to Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro who both go and attack the Dudley Boyz from behind. Bubba Ray Dudley is thrown to the outside of the ring as Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro beat down on D-Von Dudley with punches and kicks to D-Von Dudley. Johnny Nitro undoes the tag rope from the turnbuckle and begins to choke out D-Von Dudley, while signalling to Joey Mercury to get the tables from the outside. Joey Mercury rolls outside and lifts up the ring apron and begins to remove tables from underneath the ring, while Johnny Nitro chokes out D-Von Dudley with the tag rope. Joey Mercury slides a table into the ring and re-enters the ring and begins to set up the table as Johnny Nitro stops choking D-Von Dudley. MNM then set up D-Von Dudley for the Snap Shot, but Bubba Ray Dudley re-enters the ring with a trash can lid in hand and drills the trash can into Joey Mercury waist and Johnny Nitro head. Bubba Ray Dudley checks on D-Von Dudley before setting up a table into the corner of the ring. Joey Mercury gets up but Bubba Ray Dudley smacks him across the head with the trash can lid and Joey Mercury is down on the canvas again. Bubba Ray Dudley then picks up Johnny Nitro head first and throws him throw the table in the turnbuckle, Johnny Nitro goes through the table and rolls to the outside. Bubba Ray Dudley then turns around but as he does Joey Mercury low blows him with the trash can lid. Joey Mercury then stands above Bubba Ray Dudley and prepares to hit again across the head with the trash can lid, when D-Von Dudley spears down Joey Mercury and begins to beat on him. D-Von Dudley then irish whips Joey Mercury and clotheslines him down. Bubba Ray Dudley is up again and scoop slams Joey Mercury and holds his legs in position and calls for D-Von Dudley to climb the turnbuckle. D-Von Dudley begins to climb the turnbuckle and when he reaches the top and prepares to launch himself, Johnny Nitro pushes D-Von Dudley down who lands crotch first on the turnbuckle. Joey Mercury then rolls over a reverse Bubba Ray Dudley hold so that it is Joey Mercury holding Bubba Ray Dudley, Johnny Nitro then climbs over D-Von Dudley and hit’s a diving head butt onto Bubba Ray Dudley in the crotch. Bubba Ray Dudley writhes in pain as Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro go over to the corner where D-Von Dudley is still resting on, they both climb from the second rope and middle turnbuckle and superplex D-Von Dudley. Both Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro then go to the outside and begin to slide tables into the ring, 4 tables are slid into the ring, and then Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro begin to set up the tables. As Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury are setting up the tables near the ropes Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley are both up again. Bubba Ray Dudley goes up behind Johnny Nitro and connects with the Bubba Cutta, and D-Von Dudley goes behind Joey Mercury and connects with a Saving Grace. Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley begin to move the tables into the centre of the ring, as Johnny Nitro gets up, Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley position themselves for the 3D and they connect putting Johnny Nitro through the table with the 3D.

Here is your winners of finishing manoeuvre through a table to and New EWF World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz

Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley are handed the title and they hug celebrating and leave ringside as Melina checks on Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury fallen body.

Michael Cole: What a match we have just witnessed after the Dudley Boyz out Johnny Nitro through the table with the 3D.

Tazz: That was a great match, Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley the new EWF World Tag Team Champions.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage Edge walks into Christian

Edge: Hey Christian, I’ve heard that your part of King of The Ring.

Christian: Yeah and what’s it to you.

Edge: Well I was thinking, if I was to say that say for example I help you when you have your match you return the favour through out the tournament.

Christian: What are you getting at?

Edge: Its simple, I help you win your matches, you help me win my matches and the final at King of The Ring, Edge vs. Christian, winner takes the World Title, Runner-Up the T.V. Title.

Christian: Hey that don’t sound to bad, well I tell you this Edge, me and you in the final I guarantee I’ll win, because That’s How I Roll!

Christian Leaves

Edge: I wouldn't Bank on It!

Back at Ringside
Michael Cole: What has just transpired between Edge and Christian are they going to cheat their way to victory in the King of The Ring.

Tazz: Edge and Christian would never do that, I for sure am going to look forward to their matches, heck one of them could be next.

Michael Cole: That’s right partner Tazz, but before we get on with our Main-Event, lets just look at next weeks Showdown, we already know the remaining two quarter final King of The Ring matches are next week, but we don’t know who will be competing.

Tazz: Yeah, but I can wait, we have six great superstars remaining, and if they were anything like Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles earlier, well we have treat.

Michael Cole: Also next week General Manager Shane McMahon signed up a No.1 Contender Match between Paul London and Christopher Daniels for a shot at the EWF Canadian Cruiserweight Championship held by Petey Williams.

Tazz: Yeah both superstars where somewhat screwed by Petey Williams tonight, and I am sure that these two are going to have a great match.

*Chris Benoit Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Chris Benoit

The crowd wait anxiously to see who his opponent is.

*Brock Lesnar Hits*
Howard Finkel: Introducing Brock Lesnar

Match 4
Chris Benoit vs. Brock Lesnar
King of The Ring Qualification Match

Bell Rings. Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit tie up, Brock Lesnar using his size and strength advantages backs Chris Benoit back into the corner as the referee tries to break them up. Brock Lesnar goes for a cheap shot in the corner but Chris Benoit ducks underneath and switches places with Brock Lesnar and begins to chop Brock Lesnar across the chest with Knife Edge Chops. Brock Lesnar tries to cover up, but cannot so Brock Lesnar grabs Chris Benoit by the throat and throws Chris Benoit back into the corner and knee him in the mid section. Brock Lesnar looks pleased with himself and irish whips Chris Benoit with such a force, Chris Benoit ricochets of the turnbuckle. Brock Lesnar then stands over Chris Benoit and lifts him from the neck and tosses him across the ring. Brock Lesnar then picks Chris Benoit up and picks him up in a slam position, but starts to ram Chris Benoit ribs into his knees, Brock Lesnar does this three times and then slams Chris Benoit hard to the canvas. Brock Lesnar then locks a front headlock onto Chris Benoit and begins to proceed to ram his knees into Chris Benoit shoulders. Chris Benoit is then picked up by Brock Lesnar and irish whipped and Brock Lesnar catches Chris Benoit and connects with a release power slam. Brock Lesnar then backs away from Chris Benoit who slowly gets up, when Chris Benoit does Brock Lesnar running straight at him connects with a powerful lariat clothesline almost taking Chris Benoit head off. Chris Benoit is down hurt and Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar then picks Chris Benoit up and drags him to the middle of the ring and locks in a bear hug, and begins to shake Chris Benoit body and occasionally stops. Chris Benoit looks as if he is fading, the referee grabs Chris Benoit arm and it falls to his side, the referee indicates one, the referee does it again and again it drops to the side, the referee indicates two, the referee does it a third time but Chris Benoit arm remains up, Chris Benoit then begins to punch Brock Lesnar to try and break the bear hug, and even begins to proceed to head butt Brock Lesnar, Brock Lesnar then tosses Chris Benoit across the ring and clutches his face. Chris Benoit though quickly gets up and hits Brock Lesnar with a double leg takedown and tries to lock in the sharpshooter, but Brock Lesnar using his strength kicks Chris Benoit away and gets up, Brock Lesnar then goes to clothesline Chris Benoit, but Chris Benoit ducks underneath and german suplexes Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit holds in the waist lock and german suplexes Brock Lesnar a second time, Chris Benoit still holds on and german suplexes Brock Lesnar a third time and still holds on and suplexes Brock Lesnar a fourth time, and yet is still holding on as Brock Lesnar is trying to claw to the rope, Chris Benoit connects with a fifth german suplex. Chris Benoit then signal and cut the throat and climbs the top turnbuckle and connects with a diving head butt. Chris Benoit makes the cover, 1,2, Brock Lesnar kicked out, Chris Benoit, then picks Brock Lesnar up from the head, but Brock Lesnar breaks out of the hold and hoist Chris Benoit up onto his shoulders for the F5, but Chris Benoit begins to pull on Brock Lesnar arms and Brock Lesnar falls to the ground as Chris Benoit counters the F5 into a Crippler Crossface, Chris Benoit manages to lock the crossface in but Brock Lesnar refuses to tap, Brock Lesnar falls in the middle of the ring and is finding it difficult to reach the ropes. Though all of a sudden Brock Lesnar gets back up with Chris Benoit still on his shoulders and Brock Lesnar reverses the crippler crossface into the F5. Brock Lesnar makes the cover 1,2,3.

Here is your winner of the King of The Ring Qualifying Match: Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar celebrates his victory and stares down at Chris Benoit body before leaving and posing at the entrance.

Michael Cole: What a match we just saw, Brock Lesnar the mammoth monster just F5 Chris Benoit all the way to hell and back.

Tazz: Brock Lesnar has to be a favourite for the King of The Ring, did you see how dominant he was, against a veteran like Chris Benoit as well.

Michael Cole: Well folks were out of time here now, tune in next week for more Showdown and this Monday Night for Chaos.

Showdown closes with Brock Lesnar celebrating at the entrance and Chris Benoit still down in the ring.
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Re: EWF: Extreme Wrestling Federation

I would appreciate if i could get some feedback regarding the shows please. Thanx
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