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Learning to break kayfabe
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Quick Summary

I am going to be starting this BTB in February 1998. I think everything is bang on. Champs, stables, tag teams etc. I apologize if I'm slightly off. Hope you people enjoy and All critique is welcome.



Brad Armstrong
Chavo Guerrero
Juventud Guerrera
Rick Fuller
Steve Armstrong

La Parka

Johnny Swinger
Lanny Poffo
Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker
Silver King
CW Anderson

Lower Midcarders

Bobby Eaton
Greg Valentine
Lenny Lane
Norman Smiley
Prince Iaukea
Rocco Rock
Stevie Ray


Hugh Morrus
Michael Wallstreet
Rick Martel
Scott Norton
Sick Boy
Steven Regal
Van Hammer


Chris Benoit
Dean Malenko
Disco Inferno
Ernest Miller
Jim Neidhart
Marty Jannetty
Rey Mysterio Jr
Steve McMichael
Ultimo Dragon


Barry Darsow
Brian Adams
Buff Bagwell
Fit Finlay
Perry Saturn
Scotty Riggs


Bill Goldberg
Booker T
Davey Boy Smith
Diamond Dallas Page
Jim Duggan
Rick Steiner
Scott Steiner


Chris Jericho
Curt Hennig
Eddie Guerrero

Main Eventers

Bret Hart
Lex Luger
Ric Flair
Rowdy Roddy Piper
The Giant


Hollywood Hogan
Kevin Nash
Scott Hall
Macho Man Randy Savage


Dusty Rhodes
J.J. Dillion
Larry Zybysko


Kevin Sullivan
Paul Orndorff


Arn Anderson
Miss Jacqueline
Ted Dibiase


Eric Bischoff
Jimmy Hart
Rick Rude
Sonny Oono

Development deals
Alex Wright
Aj Styles
David Flair
El Dandy
Hector Garza
Jerry Flynn
Joey Maggs
Kendall Windham
Kenny Kaos
Lizmark Jr
Louie Spicolli
Low Ki
Mark Starr
Mike Enos
Ray Traylor
Robbie Rage
Super Calo
Vilano IV
Vilano V
Yuji Nagata

Current Champions

WCW Tag Team champions - The Steiner Brothers

WCW Cruiserweight champion - Ultimo Dragon

WCW TV Champion - Booker T

WCW United States champion - Diamond Dallas Page

WCW World champion - Sting


New World Order Hollywood

Leader(s) - Hollywood Hogan & Eric Bischoff

Members - Buff Bagwell
Curt Hennig
Kevin Nash
Randy Savage
Rick Rude
Scott Hall
Scott Norton

Alignment - Heels

The Flock

Leader - Raven

Members - Kidman
Perry Saturn
Scotty Riggs
Van Hammer
Sick Boy

Alignment - Heel

Tag Teams

Team 1

Name - The Armstrongs

Members - Brad & Steve Armstrong

Team 2

Name - The Outsiders

Members - Scott Hall & Kevin Nash

Team 3

Name - The Steiners

Members - Scott & Rick Steiner

TV Shows

Monday Nitro currently shown on TNT in direct competition with WWE Monday Night Raw shown on USA Network. Both primetime slots

WCW Thunder shown on TBS in a late evening slot with no direct competition

WCW Saturday night shown on TBS in a graveyard slot in direct competition with ECW's Hardcore TV and WWE's shotgun shown on America One & Local network respectively.


Jan - Souled Out

Feb - Superbrawl

March - Uncensored

April - Spring Stampede

May - Slamboree

June - Great American Bash

July - Bash At The Beach

Aug - Road Wild

Sept - Fall Brawl

Oct - Halloween Havoc

Nov - World War 3

Dec - Starrcade

Ok, I think that is all the info we need. I will be starting in week 1 feb. So my first ppv wont be that far into my BTB. Any questions or anything fire away. I will be starting my 1st show very shortly but not quite sure how long it will take to get up.

I have a show almost ready to go right up. Literally just proof reading, then I will throw it up. I really would appreciate all and every feedback. I will also return. I'm new to this, so i will appreciate all feedback. The more constructive the better.

Example of the artwork used in the fed is in the above thread. Give it a look.

The greatest e-fed on the internet. Always taking on new members. A great community, poser fed. One roleplay a week with a word limit. A place for people who love wrestling but don't have the time to churn out huge rps. HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON
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Learning to break kayfabe
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Posts: 208
Points: 227

We are here live at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado and tonight it's WCW Monday Nitro. Lets go straight over to the commentary desk where Tony Schiavone and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan are standing by....

[Tony Schiavone] - “Hello and welcome folks to the Pepsi Center. Tonight's Monday Nitro promises to be explosive."

[Bobby Heenan] - “That goes without saying Tony, Nitro is always like a Denver country road. Full of twists and turns and the odd surprise as well.”

[Tony Schiavone] - “Um... Great analogy there Brain. We have a huge match a little bit later in the show when Booker T, our current TV champion will be going one on one against the New World Orders very own Curt Hennig. That one promises to be a classic.”

[Bobby Heenan] - “That it does Tony. That it does.”

Interrupting the commentary team is the music of J.J Dillion, the spokesman for WCW. J.J comes out onto the ramp way to a moderate pop.

[Tony Schiavone] - “And here he is Bobby, the spokesperson for WCW. The man who is entrusted with getting WCW back in order and ushering in a new era. Whilst also getting rid of the virus that is the nWo.”

[Bobby Heenan] - “What are you talking about Tony? Virus? nWo? I have it on very good authority that the New World Order is very close to securing WCW. They would own it, trust me my sources are very rarely wrong.”

[Tony Schiavone] - “Your sources are almost one hundred percent wrong. I fail to remember a single time you and your sources have ever called anything correctly, Bobby. Not one single time.”

[Bobby Heenan] - “You’ll see Tony.”

By this time J.J. Dillion has now reached the ring and is standing centrally in a grey suit with a microphone down by his side. He lifts and begins....

[J.J. Dillion] - “Denver, Colorado.”

This gets a huge pop, a cheap one, but huge none the less.

[J.J. Dillion] - “Yes Denver Colorado. You are the lucky people, here tonight, who get to witness the ushering in of a new era of WCW. You see World Championship Wrestling is now thee number one promotion in America hell.... The World.”

Another pop from the WCW marks.

[J.J. Dillion] - Thats right, WCW has reached the pinnacle of this industry. Riding high at the very top. Now up north they got very comfortable and they started slipping. Week by week, we here at WCW clawed our way closer taking a little bit of the pie, with each passing week.. Now there are a lot of men in the back who we couldn't of done this without. Of course there are also a lot of men in the back who helped very little, that's right I’m looking at you Eric and your New World Order. Yet still tonight we are going to have ourselves a little celebration, and nobody in the back will be able to ruin this moment. So, in this very ring, I have arranged a few of your very favourite superstars to come out here say a few words about the chapter that is closing in WCW’s life and its just generally gonna have a real nice atmosphere to it. So I have handpicked 3 of your favourites to come out, so without further ado. I give you the first gentleman to come out here. It is none other than the current TV champion, Mr. Booker TTTTTTTTTT”

Booker T’s theme music flares up.

[Tony Schiavone] - “It looks like were going to be getting a visit from Booker T here Bobby.”

[Bobby Heenan] - “You’re clever Tony.”

Booker T comes out onto the ramp way to a very decent cheer. TV title draped around his waist, he does his normal entrance works and then leaps into the air when his pyro’s go off. Reaching the ring he slides in and shakes the hand of J.J. Dillion.

[J.J. Dillion] - Welcome Booker, welcome. Tonight is all about WCW so I thought this little get together could not go ahead without our current television champion.”

[Booker T] - “Y’all know summit, Ya see I’m proud to be this here television champ, in fact I’m damn proud to be representing the dubya cee dubya. It has a rich history playa. To look back and know I’ve been part of that is some damn feat J.J. Know though, we gotta look forward man and we gotta keep this high standard up and let the next 10 years be just as damn good as the last playa. Ya See this here gonna be the era of World Championship Wrestling. Nobody gonna stop us now. Not those asses up north and certainly not no nWo.”

The crowd boo loudly at Booker mentioning nWo.

[Booker T] - “Yeah, you got that right. The nWo ain't nothing but a bunch of wannabee’s and hasbeens. The guys in the New World order ranks aint got nuttin on guys like me or guys representing WCW in the back, hell no. I’mma prove that tonight, when I take Curt Hennig’s ass and hand it to him on a plate. Now I dont like nuttin better than showin da new world order just what dubya cee dubya is all about, you better believe dat. You see when I beat Curt tonight, and beat his ass good there aint gonna be a thing him or his lil nWo buddy can do about it.... Sucka!”

[J.J. Dillion] - “Ha Ha, There isnt many more entertaining than you Booker, that is for sure. Thank you so much for being part of this historic night here in WCW, me and all the fans here appreciate it.”

The crowd pop for Booker T and him taking part in this segment.

[J.J. Dillion] - Now the fun does not end there folks, I promised you WCW stars, and WCW stars is what you shall get. I think Booker summed up exactly what it means to be part of WCW but lets see what these guys have to say. I give to you your WCW Tag Team champions..... Scott & Rick Steiner..... The Steiner Brothers.”

The crowd give a slightly louder pop than what Booker received. Their music has been playing for approximately 30 seconds when the champions step out onto the ramp way, the noise continuing. Scott has the belt around his extra large frame while Rick’s is draped over his shoulder. Being sure to high five fans on the way down. Upon reaching the ring they enter using separate ring stairs, once inside they climb a turnbuckle each and raise the gold above their head high and with pride. Jumping down Scott gets the mic off J.J.

[Scott Steiner] - “Holla if ya hear me!”

The Steiner fans in attendance go mental.

[Scott Steiner] - “Me and Rick know exactly why we are here. To celebrate WCW and its rich history and rise to the top. Now we are not under any illusions, me and my brother know we played a big part in this rise to the top and thats not cockyness thats just fact. By playing a big part though we obviously succeeded in beating off the parasites that are the New World Order so its all good.”

[Rick Steiner] - “Me and Scotty are guaranteed to keep a hold of these babies when you look at our only direct competition, The Outsiders, you fail to see how me and Scott could ever lose these babies.”

[Scott Steiner] - “Not only that but the desire within us is as strong as ever, holding these belts mean we are representing WCW and it makes us proud as can be to be part of that. To be part of this companies past, present and the future can only lead to great things for us. The Steiner Brothers are just about the best in the business and rest assured the best in the business is fighting for world championship wrestling. To quote a group of old, washed up past it wrestlers, from a group that will soon be confined to WCW’s history, were fighting for WCW...... For life.”

The crowd love Scott Steiner using nWo’s own saying to emphasize a point about sending them packing.

[J.J. Dillion] - “Scott.....Rick, a pleasure as always. I have one more guy left for you and this man is what working for this company is all about, this man oozes WCW. This man is your World Heavyweight champion. This man is......... Sting!!!”

The roof absolutely comes off the Pepsi Center at the sheer Mention of Sting’s name. He appears at the top of the rampway in his normal black attire, long black hair and white face paint, the noise level not shifting from the highest decibel. Reaching the ring, he follows suit of the other 3 men and shakes J.J. Dillion’s hand before taking the mic and beginning.

[Sting] - “Owwwwwwww”

Not even a word in the English dictionary and the fans in attendance go absolutely ballistic.

[Sting] - “The Stinger is here, in this very ring in the Pepsi Center, Denver Colorado and I am so happy to be here. J.J done me the proudest honour with his introduction there but you know in some ways its true, I am Mr.WCW simply because all you fans here in attendance allow me to do so, for that I thank you all greatly. You guys here are the very reason I come out here week in week out and put in one hundred and ten percent time after time. It’s all to put a smile on your faces. If a few heads i.e, the new world orders, hafta roll in the process then so be it. Leaving the current era behind and entering the new one as your World Heavyweight champion, well that just damn near chokes the Stinger up, I could thing of no greater honour to be bestowed on such a man. Thank You..... Thank You.... Thank You.”

The noise level hasn't really died since Sting’s ring music started, but just in case it had a thought of doing so Sting just knocked out the old “I could not of done it without you speech” to keep the noise going.

[Sting] - “Its true, I do put my body on the line every night I come out here.... It’s true we do work in a very dangerous sport and yes it is also true that when I reach the level I have reached, World Champion, there is a sense of personal pride, a sense of real achievement. Now I give you a Stinger promise that this here belt will never leave my reach and it certainly will never fall into the hands of someone like Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall the list goes on, this is the WCW World heavyweight championship and that is how........”

Sting is cut off by the familiar sound of guitars playing over the PA system. The New World Order must of quite simply had enough listening on in the back. Eric Bischoff comes out first his usual strut with his arms out wide and crouched down slightly. Following behind is Hogan mimicking playing the guitar. Hall and Nash are joking around as they step out from behind the curtain and the rest of the nWo follow behind them, Buff Bagwell, Curt Hennig, Elizabeth, Konnan, Randy Savage, Rick Rude, Scott Norton and finally Vincent. Everyone of them has on the black and white nWo shirts on. Going no further than the top of the ramp Eric has a microphone and begins to speak.

[Eric Bischoff] - “Each and everyone of you have spoken about how WCW has risen to the top and how you all feel personal pride and a sense of achievement for doing so, you all acknowledge the New World Order but seem to not acknowledge us having played any part in this whole company reaching the top malarkey. How wrong you are, people tune in to see these guys wrestle, people tune in to see what these guys behind me are going to be getting up to and yes people in there droves tune in, to see what I, Eric Bischoff have to say, all the god damn time.”

Scott Steiner looks mad, he goes to raise a microphone to his mouth but is cut off by Scott Hall.

[Scott Hall] - “Hey Yo....... Dont you even think about it Scotty boy, Me and Nash sat back patiently listening while you and that ugly ass bro of yours laid into us, and now its our time chico. We have the making of you each and everytime Scotty, me and Kev are the reason a tag team division even exists. without us it would be bland, boring, full of robotic no hopers like you and your bro there Scotty boy.”

[Kevin Nash] - “My boy Scotty H ain’t far wrong there Steiners. We can reclaim those tag team championships off you two pussys just about any damn time we want, ain’t that right Eric.”

[Eric Bischoff] - “Sure is Big Sexy.”

[Kevin Nash] - “So dont you two be getting two comfortable with our belts over there as the moment me and Scotty decide we are gonna want them back. We're taking 'em.

Scott Steiner can be seen trying to get between the ropes, incensed at whats just been said. The men in the ring stop him and he can be seen Mouthing into the camera “any place any time.”

[Hollywood Hogan] - “Woah there Scotty brother. You just calm yourself down before we have to come and hand out some of that rough justice to you and those guys in the ring there with you, man. Tonight the New World Order is going to show you just how much of a dominant force we are. We are going to show you all that what we say goes. Tonight we personally guarantee that Curt will beat Booker T to a pulp, and not just Curt but all of us will be there to share in the glory and of course the beating of Booker T and if any of you 3 want to try and run down and save that little punk, then please do so, be my guest as you will be greeted by 12 of the baddest men this industry has to offer.”

The 5 men in the ring seem powerless to say or do anything until J.J. Dillion pipes up.

[J.J. Dillion] - “They would be hard pushed to interfere in that match Hogan.

[Hollywood Hogan] - "Oh yeah? And why's that brother?"

The 4 men in the ring look at J.J Dillion in a confused manner.

[J.J. Dillion] - “....................................... Because that match has been cancelled, its no longer on the card Hogan.”

The crowd in attendance boo at a scheduled match being cancelled.

[J.J. Dillion] - “Now hold on, lets not jump the gun just yet. You see that match has been replaced and I’m sure you are all gonna love this new match, a heck of alot more. Now Hogan, Nash, Eric the rest of you jumped up little piss ants. You come out here like you own the place, you come out here as if you have some sort of power around here. Well newsflash, you don't, not one of you. I, on the other hand, have all the power. So tonight in place of the Booker T vs Curt Henning match its now gonna be Booker T...... Teaming up with The Steiner Brothers...”

The crowd get excited at this.

[J.J. Dillion] - “and the three of them will also have one more partner, that partner being the WCW World champion. The Stinger!”

The roof explodes

[J.J. Dillion] - “So Booker T, The Steiners and Sting are gonna be teaming up to take on the team of nWo consisting of Curt Henning, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall and....."

nWo are not amused by Dillion's match making skills. Its four on three at the moment though, until.....

[J.J. Dillion] - " HOLLYWOOD HOGAN"

Hogan paces the stage, not happy he is in action tonight. Much less against four men who want to rip his head off.

Tonight's main-event has been announced, what a main-event it will be. The New World Order are going mental on the ramp way.

[J.J. Dillion] - “And just to make sure there is no funny business all the remaining nWo members will be barred from ringside. If I see so much as even a foot of one of you troublemakers, bar the ones who are scheduled to fight out here in our main-event then that will be it. I will award the win to these 4 fine gentleman standing right here next to me. You got it?”

The nWo are standing on the top of the ramp way going mental, furious with what J.J. Dillion has just announced.

[Tony Schiavone] - “What a hell of a way to start tonight's show, huge announcement there from J.J. Tonight's main event promises to be one of the biggest in WCW history, be sure to stay tuned for that one folks.”

[Bobby Heenan] - “It sure is Tony, my money is on the New World Order all the way. They are such a talented bunch that they dont even need to resort to underhanded tactics to win that match anyway”

[Tony Schiavone] - “Yeah right Brain, sure thing. We’ve gotta go to a short commercial break but be sure to stay tuned here at WCW Monday Nitro, already an explosive show.”

~~~~~~~COMMERCIAL BREAK~~~~~~~

We come back from a commercial break and CW Anderson is already standing in the ring ready for action. Latino theme music flares up and a very small pop is given for Chavo Guerruero. He makes his way down to the ring dressed in his wrestling shorts and head band, he looks focused tonight. Reaching the ring he stands up on the apron and plays up to the crowd, getting small to decent pops.

singles match
Chavo Guerrero vs CW Anderson

Chavo goes to climb between the ropes but before he is even fully through CW has rushed over and lands a double handed chop straight onto the back of Chavo which sends him tumbling through the ropes and into the ring, crumpled on the floor in a heap CW takes advantage and starts laying into Chavo with the boots. After 3 or 4 gruelling boots to the mid drift CW anderson backs off and plays up to the crowd crucially turning his back on Chavo. Clawing himself back to his feet one rope at a time, Chavo is finally standing yet quite clearly dazed from the surprise attack at the hands of Anderson. Stalking Anderson like a bit of meat Chavo strikes when CW is not expecting it, wrapping his hands around his waist from the back he pulls out an inch perfect German suplex, not wasting a second Chavo carries on with the pursuit and delivers a flawless elbow drop right to the forehead of CW, which has him rolling around the mat in agony. Chavo goes for the pin.




Undeterred from the kick-out Chavo picks up CW anderson and delivers a spinning elbow straight to the chin of CW, and another and a final one for good luck. SWINGING DDT!!! Chavo delivered that with such force that the mat is still shaking, he goes for the cover again




The ref’s hand was about a millimeter away from the mat and chavo could taste the victory, he’s stunned. Taking a couple of seconds to him self Chavo leans on the ropes regaining his breathe. This gives CW Anderson time to recover, getting to his feet he begins to charge at Chavo, but Chavo realises this in advance and drops to his feet pulling the top rope down with him which sends Anderson crashing over the rope and down to the floor outside with a thud. Chavo climbs the turnbuckle, surely not, with one swift motion he dives to the outside and lands squarely on top of CW anderson with a sickening sound of there bodies smacking against each others. Both men lay motionless and the ref begins a count.







Chavo is back to his feet looking very groggy, picking CW Anderson up by his neck he proceeds to toss his opponent into the ring and the action resumes in the ring. Lifting CW to his feet once more he whips him into the corner. Standing at the opposite end of the ring Chavo begins pelting toward Anderson.... only for Anderson to lift a leg and hit him with a huge boot to the face which sends Chavo stumbling back, almost the length of the ring..... CW Anderson runs at Chavo, Chavo dodges and hits CW with the Brainbuster..... what a move....




That is it. chavo wins and there is nothing nobody can do about it.

[Tony Schiavone] - “Huge win there for Chavo Guerruero Brain. Just when CW Anderson seemed to be gaining the upper hand Chavo came out from nowhere and hit a devastating brainbuster for the 1,2,3. What a match.”

[Bobby Heenan] - “Sure was a great opening match here on Nitro Tony, as always it wet the appetite for the rest of the show, it promises to be great.”

[Tony Schiavone] - “I’m sure it will be, now lets not forget about the tag team lottery that will be taking place very shortly, we have very few details on that one guys so be sure to catch that. Right now though we have more ring action. This one promises to be high action, fast paced, heck just a hell’va match up when Rey Mysterio Jr will be going up against our cruiserweight champion in a on title match. Its up next folks.”

Rey Mysterio’s ring music hits and he comes down to a moderate pop. This guy has all the potential in the world. Upon reaching the ring Rey get in extravagantly, showing off just what an exciting competitor he is.

[Bobby Heenan] - “I’m excited for this one man, it should be great.”

With Rey now in the ring Ultimo Dragon’s theme hits and he comes out to a slightly louder pop than that of Rey’s, although both guys are loved. Dragon has the Cruiserweight championship belt draped around his waist, making his way down to the ring being sure to acknowledge the fans on his way down.

Cruiserweight non-title singles match
Rey Mysterio Jr vs Ultimo Dragon

The match starts with both competitors meeting in the centre of the ring and shaking hands, a mark of respect for two huge players in this division. After the handshake they lock up, the lock up goes on for about 20 seconds, neither being able to out strength the other or gain an upper hand. They release the hold and take a step back, Rey nodding his head in respect, realizing this one is going to be tough.

Eventually Ultimo Dragon begins to get a slight upper hand and takes advantage of this with a kick to the stomach of Rey. It takes the wind out of Rey and this allows Ultimo to hit him with a rolling sole butt which sends Rey to the Mat. Heading to the top rope Ultimo cancun Tornado..... MISSES! ouch. Both men are laid out in the middle of the ring Rey Rey clawing his way back to his feet at almost the same time as Ultimo. Both men, at opposite sides of the ring are back standing and just look at each other. Neither of them is going to resort to underhanded tactics to gain the upper hand in this one, there is just too much respect between the competitors.

In a flash Rey has ran across the ring and lands a cross body on Ultimo taking him down and landing in a cover position.



Rey hasnt done nearly enough damage yet to get a 3 count. Rey picks a dazed Dragon up and hits him with a huge hurricanrana which sends Ultimo flying across the ring and against the ropes facing inwards. Running once more Rey hits a huge low drop kick to the face of Ultimo, you heard that one 3 states away. Going to the top rope Rey is looking for a high risk move here but Ultimo clocks this and charges at Rey, clipping his feet. Rey loses his balance and goes dropping to the outside. On the outisde Rey is clambering to his feet. In the ring Ultimo dragon signals for the Asai moonsault, a springboard moonsault to the outside but hold on a minute. Somebody has just wiped out Rey Mysterio.

It’s Raven, leader of the flock, he clocked Rey on the top of the head with Ultimo’s cruiserweight championship. The ref rings the bell and awards the win to Ultimo via disqualification. Inside the ring though Ultimo is very unhappy with this, He looks to be trying to get out the ring to help Mysterio, unaware that behind him is Kidman, Van Hammer, Scotty Riggs and the rest of the flock. Scotty Riggs charges at Ultimo and floors him with a huge clothesline from behind, Ultimo crumbles to the floor in a heap. Raven meanwhile picks up the concussed Rey Rey and throws him back into the ring.

This does not look good. Kidman climbs the turnbuckle while Riggs and Lodi pull Dragon over the corner. Throwing him to the floor.... Shooting star press from Kidman right onto the lifeless body of Ultimo Dragon. In the centre of the ring, Perry Saturn has locked the limp and lifeless Rey into the rings of Saturn and Van Hammer is lifting and dropping Rey rey’s hands in a mocking motion like a referee. Releasing the hold Saturn and Van Hammer drag Mysterio to the opposite corner to where Dragon is laying motionless and put him in an identical position to which Riggs and Lodi placed Ultimo Dragon, Kidman does the same and climbs the turnbuckle, Bang! Second shooting star press of the night. The flock have dominated and destroyed right here. Raven slumps himself into the corner with a mic in hand, he puts his feet and legs, crossed, on the chest of the motionless cruiserweight champion.

[Raven] - “The wrong match took place here tonight. The wrong two men you see in one corner.”

Raven points over to the opposite side of the ring where Mysterio is

[Raven] - “We have Rey Mysterio Jr, the high flying, all action cruiserweight and then in the other corner, the very corner I’m sitting in, we have the current cruiserweight champion..... Thee Ultimo Dragon. No mention off the current best cruiserweight this company has to offer. No mention of the very man who just decimated these two men right before your very eyes. No mention of Billy Kidman.”

The crowd boo not only Raven but the fact this match with huge potential was destroyed.

[Raven] - “Boo all you want, your just as bad as WCW itself. You are part of what we.. the flock... call the sheep factor. You see one of you idiots here said this would be a great match and the rest of you all followed and decided this would be one of the greatest matches in WCW history without any cold, hard, evidence to back this fact up. That makes you as bad as WCW itself. How WCW can justify over-looking a man with the ability and potential of Kidman is beyond me. It’s the exact reason why we formed the flock. Men who can not fall foul of the sheep factor and men who are indeed sick and tired of WCW over-looking us each and every time. The reason we cant fall foul of the sheep factor is quite simply because we are the black sheep of the fold. We are the outcasts, the sheep nobody wants anything to do with and the schedueling of this match here tonight, it proves just what we suspected. It proves what I have just said. Billy should of been in this match and not only that. Billy would of dominated this match and showed everyone just how good he is, but no, he was robbed of that opportunity by the so-called powers that be. No longer shall that happen, no longer shall the flock be looked upon as misfits or outcasts and that starts right here tonight. Here Billy I believe this is rightfully yours..”

Raven throws the crusierweight title, that he used to knock out Rey, to Billy Kidman. Kidman accepts with a smile on his face, fastening it around his waist.

[Raven] - “No longer shall the flock be the followers but the flock shall be the followed. Hear the Raven, nevermore.”

Raven’s theme music hits and we go back to the commentary box.

[Tony Schiavone] - “Just what in the hell is their problem, they just robbed us all of what could of went on to be a heck of a match between those two, that behavior is just not acceptable.”

[Bobby Heenan] - “Aww come on Tony, give them a break. There just like my teenage son, going through a tough time and nobody seems to understand them, come on it ain’t easy for those guys.”

[Tony Schiavone] - “The only difference is there not teenagers Brain and you cant just act like that whenever you feel like it.”

[Bobby Heenan] - “Meh”

[Tony Schiavone] - “Meh indeed Brain. We’ve gotta go to a quick break folks, be sure to stay tuned though as the tag team lottery will be taking place as soon as we come back.”


Nitro comes back on air.

[Tony Schiavone] - “Weclome back folks, we’re gonna head straight backstage WCW legend Larry Zybysko is standing by ready to take part in the WCW Tag team lottery.”

We go backstage and we see Larry standing there with what looks like a lottery machine in front of him.

[Larry Zybysko] - “Hello everyone, I’m Larry and welcome to our tag team lottery. Now I know there is a lot of mystery surrounding this whole thing but let me shed a little bit of light. First of all in this machine I have 16 balls, numbered from 1-16 each one of those numbers represents a wrestler within the WCW, and dare i say it nWo, ranks. We are gonna draw 1 ball at a time and every 2 balls is going to make a tag team. Once we have our 8 full tag teams there will be a tag team tournament to crown the number one contenders to the world tag team championships. The WCW Tag division has always been an integral part of this company and recently its went to pot with only 2 major contenders in the division. Tonight that all gets put right. so without further ado lets have our first number.”

The balls start spinning and a tube shoots out with one ball attached to the top of it.

[Larry Zybysko] - “Number 6..... Thats Norman Smilley will be teaming with.”

The next ball is drawn.

[Larry Zybysko] - “Number 2.... Thats Disco Inferno. So the first team is Smilley and Inferno and there opponents will be.”

Next ball.

[Larry Zybysko] - “Number 12... Oh-oh. The Giant.”


[Larry Zybysko] - “ Number 3.... Oh my god. The Giant and his partner, Bill Goldberg, will be going one on one with Smilley and Inferno. Good luck guys.

The next number to be drawn is number 8.... Scott Norton and his partner will be number 5... Buff Bagwell. Team nWo there, there opponents will be.... Number 1, Davey Boy Smith and the final of these four is number 15... Steven Regal. So Bagwell and Scott Norton will go 2 on 2 with Davey Boy Smith and Steven Regal, that one promises to be some match.

The 3rd match will be contensted between... Number 13 Marty Jannetty and his parnet will be number 4.... Dean Malenko... There opponents in this first round match will be... Number 16 Perry Saturn and his partner number 7.... Fit Finlay. Malenko and Jannetty, what a team versus Perry Saturn of the flock and Fit Finlay.

Our fourth and final match of the competition will be number 9 Stevie Ray tagging with number 11...Ernest Miller going up against number 10.... Chris Jericho and the final man of this lottery is number 14 Eddie Guerrero. There we have it, Stevie Ray and Ernest Miller versus the dynamic team of Jericho and Eddie Guerrero. Be sure to join in next week on Thunder when this Tag team tournament gets underway. Thats all for now folks, I’m Larry Zybysko and thank you for watching.”

We go back to the ring where Tony and Bobby are sitting.

[Tony Schiavone] - “That was extremely interesting, it threw up some great tag teams. What about Giant and Goldberg huh Brain, those two have to be big favourites I cant see many people over-throwing them.”

[Bobby Heenan] - “ I think you under-estimate some of the teams in there Malenko and Jannetty, Saturn and Finlay and of course Jericho and Guerrero are all oozing with potential. this ones gonna throw up some match-watering stuff, you can bet your ass I’m gonna be tuning in on Thunder to catch tha start of that.”

[Tony Schiavone] - “Thats right Brain.. You will be, given that you will be commentating on most of the matches. Not only will we be starting that tournament on Thunder but be sure to tune in for the US championship match where crowd favourite Diamond Dallas Page will be putting his United States championship on the line up against the mat technnician that is Chris Benoit, we sure spoil you here at world championship wrestling. Right now though we have more ring action for you.”

Wrath’s theme music hits over the PA system and he gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Making his way down to the ring, high fiving the odd fan.

[Tony Schiavone] - “The fans arent quite sure just what to make of Wrath tonight.”

[Bobby Heenan] - “There is a good reason for that, when you see who his opponent is.”

[COLOR=REDWrath is in the ring now, waiting for his opponent. The Hitman’s theme tune hits over the pa and the roof is lifted off this place.[/COLOR]

[Tony Schiavone] - “Okay Brain, you are right this time. That explains it. Although make no mistake Wrath is a huge mountain of a man, this wont be a cake walk for Bret, He’s gonna have his hands full.”

Pre-main event singles match
Bret Hart vs Wrath

Both men are now in the ring, the bell rings and this one is underway. After a bit of throwing back and forth Wrath begins to get a slight advantage over his opponent and hits him with gutwrench suplex, followed by a standard suplex. The wind has been knocked out of Bret here. Taking advantage of this Wrath locks in an inverted boston crab, almost wrenching Bret’s leg out of his socket. Bret is struggling here, surely this one wont be over this quickly, this would be a huge win for Wrath. Hitman seems to get a second wind and starts clawing his way along thee mat to the ropes. He makes it, what a show of strength and will there from the Hitman. Wonder just how much that has took out of him though. Wrath does not lay up, putting big boots all over the body of Bret though... He smells the win here. Picking Bret up he goes to lock in the cobra clutch slam, but what a reversal, Bret Hart seemed to slink down and through Wrath’s legs, hooking them as he went down and dragging Wrath face down on the mat, massive impact. Bret is fumbling around here, he’s done it, hes locked in the sharpshooter. From nowhere, 5 seconds ago he was about to be cobra clutch slammed through the mat and now he’s locked in the sharpshooter, what work from Hart there. Wraths tapping, this ones over, great work from the Hitman there.

[Tony Schiavone] - “The hitman showed us just how to fight on the back foot there. I think that was actually his first offensive and he locks in the Sharpshooter for the victory.”

[Bobby Heenan] - “You’re telling me Tony. I thought Wrath had that match sown up there Bret couldnt get a move in edge ways but you hafta say, what a reversal from Bret he flipped it from a miserable loosing position to a bonafide winning position, great showing there.”

[Tony Schiavone] - “It sure was Brain. Ok we’re gonna head backstage now as we hear there’s some interesting developments.”

We head backstage and into a locker room, its littered with New World order members. Everyone of the 12 is there.

[Hollywood Hogan] - “Brothers, tonight is a huge night for the New World Order, we’re gonna kick the daylights out of 4 prominent members of WCW and you and the rest of the boys are gonna have our back right Eric?”

[Eric Bischoff] - “Erm... We’ll Hollywood you heard what J.J had to say out there earlier Hogan, New World Order is barred from ringsi....”

[Hollywood Hogan] - “When in the hell has that stopped the New World Order before.”

[Eric BIschoff] - “Yeah... Well... I know that Hollywood but....”

[Hollywood Hogan] - “No but’s Eric. I Will ask you again. You and the rest of the boys will have our back out their right Eric?”

Hogan shoots Bischoff and intimidating look.

[Eric Bischoff] - “Um yeah sure Hogan, We’ll come out if need be. I’m sure you, Big Sexy, Hall and Curt wont need any help though, this ones in the bag man.”

[Hollywood Hogan] - “That could quite possibly be true Eric but we dont want to give those 4 guys the chance to gain an upperhand in this war now Eric do we?”

Eric nods his head in a manner that says no.

[Hollywood Hogan] - “No I thought not. Tonight will be monumental brother, in the war that rages on. Tonight will show a big portion of just what sort of path this war is on and just where this war is at. It’s essential brother that the New World Order win this, at any cost possible Eric.”

[Eric Bischoff] - “At any cost possible Hogan.”

[Hollywood Hogan] - “Now you’e talking Eric. See you out there Bisch.”

[Eric Bischoff] - “ Yeah sure, see you Hogan.”

Hogan walks away as the camera pans in on Eric who has a nervous look on his face. Back at ringside.

[Tony Schiavone] - “Well it certainly looks like the New World Order are looking to get up to there usual tricks, I’ve no idea how that will go down with Mr. Dillion though after what he announced tonight with nWo being barred from ringside.”

[Bobby Heenan] - “It’s not there usual tricks Tony, its just good tactics, always keeping one step ahead of your rivals. I like it.”

[Tony Schiavone] - “You would Brain. We are gonna go to our last commercial break but dont go anywhere as up next is tonights huge main event.”

~~~~~~Commercial Break~~~~~~

We come back from the ads and almost instantly Booker T’s entrance theme flares up. Booker T dives out from behind the curtain with his TV title draped over his shoulder.

[Tony Schiavone] - “Here he is Brain, the current TV title holder, Booker T. This guy has a huge future ahead of him here in world championship wrestling.”

Entering the ring Booker riles the crowd up. The Steiners theme hits and out comes the two brothers, Scott and Rick to a very loud pop.

[Tony Schiavone] - “This team wont be easy to beat. Booker T is an excellent competitor but then throw into the mix the technical ability of both Scott and Rick Steiner and of course the intensity that is always in the eyes off Scott Steiner and that becomes one hell’va task.”

The Steiners stand centrally in the ring and place there tag team belts on the mat below them. Posing above there championships.

[Tony Schiavone] - “One man left and well we all know who that is”

Sting’s music hits and the lights cut out. The fans go wild, as always, for the stinger.

[Tony Schiavone] - “Its this man, the WCW Heavyweight champion of the world. The Stinger.This match just got huge.”

Sting enters the ring and shakes hands with his 3 partners before leaping up a turnbuckle and hoisting the championship belt high in the air.

[Tony Schiavone] - “Thats our first team all thats left is for the nWo to come out here and were in business.”

Instead though J.J.Dillions music flares up and he steps out from behind the curtain with a microphone in hand. He makes his way down to the ring and follows Sting’s lead by shaking the hands of the 4 members of WCW,,he begins...

[J.J. Dillion] - “I’m going to keep this short. I know you are all dying to see the WCW hand the New World Order there butts tonight.”

This brings a huge pop from the crowd.

[J.J. Dillion] - “The only reason I’ve came out here is to follow through with the little stipulation I made tonight. That no New World Order members, bar the ones scheduled to fight, will rear their ugly head out here, this is going to be a straight up, fair 4 on 4 match-up.”

J.J climbs out the rings and nods at the four members of WCW in a good luck fashion.

[Tony Schiavone] - “Jay Jay is really following up with what he said tonight. How will that effect just what we saw Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff talking about earlier tonight.”

The nWo’s theme music flares up and the fans boo wildly. Out comes Hogan, Nash Hall & Hennig. Talking there sweet time at the top of the ramp lapping up all the boo’s, all the heat.

[Tony Schiavone] - “And here they are, the New World Order. The nastiest men in wrestling. This one promises to be a classic that is for sure.”

The New World Order reach the ring and the four men have a little quiet word between themselves. Nash, Hall and Hogan get out the ring and it looks like Curt is going to be the first member of nWo to start us off.

Four on Four Tag Team Match
Team nWo vs Booker T, Scott & Rick Steiner and Sting

Curt is starting us off against Rick Steiner. Before the bell is even rang Curt charges at Rick and hits him with a huge elbow to the forehead which catches him off guard and sends him to the mat. Taking full advantage he puts the boots into Rick before locking on an arm-bar. He’s got that locked in tightly and Rick looks in pain. Scott Steiner manages to sneak in the ring and a big boot to the head of Hennig forces him to let the hold go. The ref tries to usher Steiner out the ring, Curt though whips Rick into the nWo corner and all 4 men start beating on Rick with the ref’s back turned. Smart move by nWo here. Curt wraps his arms around Rick’s waist and delivers a belly-to-belly suplex, there’s the tag to Hall.

Scott Hall stepping through the ropes waists no time and gets on top of Rick throwing wild punches all connecting on the upper reaches of Rick. Rick really needs to make the tag here but it looks like he has no chance at the moment. Hall picks Rick up by the neck and goes for a huge short length clothesline but Rick ducks and when Hall spins around he is hit with a huge dropkick which rocks Hall back. This is Rick’s time can he make the tag. All 3 of his partners are stretching their arms out of the sockets trying to reach for the tag. Rick starts crawling along the floor, not far to go now...... but a big boot to the back sends Rick sprawling back out across the mat. Picking Rick up once again, he whips him back to the nWo corner and makes the tag to Hogan. Scott opens rick up and locks him in so Hogan can deliver a few kicks to the gut. On the corner you can see his brother starting to lose it.

That’s it he’s had enough. Scott Steiner rushes into the ring to save his brother and takes Hogan down with a huge clothesline. Nash jumps in followed by Curt. Not to be left out Sting and Booker jump in as well. It’s chaos in the ring. All eight men are going at each other. Sting has Curt Hennig in the corner. STINGER SPLASH!!! Curt stumbles about a bit before dropping to the floor, Nash and Booker T are trading blows, Nash seems to be getting the upper hand another right but Booker ducks, BOOK END!!!! two members of nWo are down. The four members of WCW gang up on Hogan and hall and all 4 pound the two men into the ground, They kick Hall and Hennig out of the ring and down onto the arena floor. Sting looks at Hogan and points, he locks in the scorpion deathlock, Hogan is motionless. A quick glance to the right shows Scott Steiner has Nash in the steiner recliner. Nash & Hogan are both limp. Sting and Scott Steiner locking in their respective submissions for each and every fan in attendance. The Ref ruled this one a no contest along time ago.

[Tony Schiavone] - “Team WCW may not of won tonight, but they have certainly dominated.”

The New World order come out onto the rampway.

[Tony Schiavone] - “Oh-oh this one isnt over yet.”

J.J. Dillion just walks around the ring and stops at the bottom of the rampway, hands crossed and shakes his head at Eric Bischoff and the rest of the nWo crew. Eric motions for the likes of Vincent, Randy Savage, Bagwell etc to stop and not go any further. The crowd cant quite believer there eyes.

[Tony Schiavone] - “What is going on, never before have I witnessed a look of fear and nervousness in the eyes of Bischoff before.”

[Bobby Heenan] - “It sure is crazy Tony. It seem’s like this one man has struck fear into the hearts of the New World Order, they wont go any further. Come on, come save your men Bisch.”

[Tony Schiavone] - “I’m sure this noe aint over but thats all we have time for tonight folks, be sure to tune in for Thunder as I’m sure the fall out of this one will rumble over into that show. Thanks for tuning in people.”

Nitro fades to black and the last image we see is a limp Nash and Hogan locked into the steiner recliner and scorpion deathlock, limp, and J.J. Dillion standing at the top of the ramp.

Example of the artwork used in the fed is in the above thread. Give it a look.

The greatest e-fed on the internet. Always taking on new members. A great community, poser fed. One roleplay a week with a word limit. A place for people who love wrestling but don't have the time to churn out huge rps. HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON
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