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WWE Crisis

There have been some changes in the roster so here is the latest roster...

WWE: Crisis (Latest Roster)

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Re: WWE Crisis

Looks like a pretty good roster, although I'll probably take Kidman and the Hardyz out of the Part-Timer roster.

Check out my Be the Booker Thread!

WWF Attitude: Road to Wrestlemania 2000

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE Crisis

thanx for pointing that out, I fixed that and added the general manager and owner.
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: WWE Crisis

Roster looks good. Good luck with your shows.
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Re: WWE Crisis

Looks promising. Looking forward to it I'll be reading your show, good luck
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: WWE Crisis

seems good- get the show up!
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE Crisis

Monday Night Raw (May 2, 2005) Chicago, Illonois

Raw starts with Kurt Angle's entrance music. Angle makes his way to the ring with plenty of "you suck!" chants from the crowd to his music. An invitationalist is already in the ring. Once Angle enters the ring he grabs a mic.

Kurt Angle: I'm an Olympic gold medalist. And we all know Chicago isn't a city of champions...
(crowd boos)
The Chicago Cubs? Bears? A goat? A cow? Steve Bartman...?... The only thing you had was Michael Jordan, and even he wanted to leave this place.
(crowd continues to boo)
oh it's true, it's true... but tonight I will have yet another Kurt Angle invitational to see if some worthless scum-bag can give me a descent match. So kid what's your name?
Invitationalist: um.. Josh...
Josh, huh? well Josh, do you really think you can beat me?

Angle pretends to hand the mic to him for another response just before Kurt Angle gives a worthless cheap shot to the kid and angle slams him. Before you know it Angle has the ankle lock on him. The kid taps out immeadeatly, but Angle keeps going. Referees and security head down to the ring to take Angle off and do so successfully.
JR: This is just pathetic.
King: oh JR, shut up, Josh should've known better than to step in the ring with an Olympic gold medalist.


Match 1: Super Crazy vs. Paul London
Both enter the ring with descent pops from the crowd.
The match begins.. This wasn't a long match at all, but it was a descent match to kick off Raw. Paul London starts off in dominating fashion with a flying leg drop on Super Crazy. It looked as if the match was all but over, but the momentum shifted once Super Crazy clothes-lined London off the ropes. Super Crazy finishes the match off with the trifeata.

Winner by pinfall: Super Crazy


Christian runs into Teddy Long's office..

Teddy Long: What's up playa.
Christian: yea, yea, look man, I deserve a title shot against Triple H, tonight! There's nothing like seeing Captain Charisma as the Heavy Weight champ, right? whadda ya say?
Teddy Long: Hold on a minute playa. There's a whole lotta other guys out there that want a shot at the title just as much as you do, but I can give you a match tonight.
Christian: you can!?!
(Enthusiastic and happy)
Teddy Long: yes I can playa, but not with HHH.
Christian: What are you talking about?
(smile turned to frown)
Teddy Long: This past week I got some phone calls from someone who's been away from the ring for a while now and well, he said he wants to be back in action. So, I guess you'll be facing him tonight.
Christian: well, who is he?
Teddy Long: that's for me to know, and for you to find out playa.
Christian: What? wait, wait, wait, you expect me to fight someone when I don't even know who he is?
Teddy Long: If you want a shot at Triple H, then yes I do playa.
Christian: Atleast give me a hint..
Teddy Long: well, he's a legend, one of the greatest wrestlers to step in a ring.

(Christian doesn't even respnd, and walks out of Long's office, then Christian begins to talk to himself)
If I beat a legend,... I'll be a legend... yea!(smiles and walks away)


JR: Folks, you heard it yourselves, tonight a so-called "legend" will be facing Christian.
King: JR, tonight is the night Captain Charisma becomes a legend and FINALLY gets his shot at the title

Match 2: MNM
(Tag Team Champs) vs. Hurricane and Rosie
MNM enter the ring in their paparatzi fashion. The lovely Melina did her usual split to entertain the men in the crowd.
The match starts...
MNM dominated this match that lasted less than two minutes. Mercury side-walk slams Hurricane and Melina strip teases Rosey as Mercury gets the count on Hurricane.

Winner by pinfall: MNM

King: I'm tellin you JR, this team's a force to be reckoned with

(As MNM celebrates, their music gets cut, interupted by Muhammad Hussan's music. Muhammad Hussan has a mic in his hand and is not accompanied by Devari.)

JR: Another ignorant interuption by Hussan

Muhammad Hussan: This is a perfect example of the discrimination and prejudice that goes on in the WWE. I have yet to be pinned in a match, yet I don't get any respect. You guys on the other hand... are the perfect example of ignorant and spoiled Americans, thinking your stars. Less than two weeks in the industry and your tag team champions? this is pathetic!

Muhammad Hussan attacks the tag team champs, punch after punch, eventually tossing them over the ropes and chasing them off to the backstage, leading to a commercial break...


Carlito's Cabanna with Edge

Edge makes his way to the ring, with Carlito already in the ring. Edge comes in, in usual fashion showing off his money in the bank briefcase.

Carlito: So, Mr. Money in the bank... when do you plan to use it?
Edge: None of your damn business...
Carlito: no need to get all mad just cause I ask you a question.
Edge: Look "Mr. Cabanna", you wanted me to be in your little stupid segment, and well here I am..
Carlito:your..... not COOOL.
(crowd cheers)
it's funny how you won the money in the bank match.
Edge: Funny? you think that's funny? lemme tell you something nappy boy, I am the most under-rated talent in WWE history, and I finally have my shot.
Carlito: yea, yea, that's all cool, but you screwed Matt.
Edge: what are you talking about?
Carlito: You think nobody knows? Everyone backstage knows you and Lita got Matt Hardy fired.

(Edge in shock)
see, getting somebody fired for no reason,(shakes head) that's not cool.
but you know what is cool?.. that you'll be facing Matt Hardy at Judgement Day.

(crowd goes crazy, as Edge is in shock.)
Edge smacks Carlito. Carlito angrily kicks Edge in the gut and DDTs him. Carlito stares at him on the ground and takes a bite of his apple, and spits it in his face.
Carlito's music plays as he exits...


King: What was that all about JR? Did you know Matt Hardy got fired becuase of Edge?
JR: I had my speculations but I didn't know for sure, but something I do know for sure is that at Judgement Day Edge will be facing Matt Hardy, meaning Hardy is back in the WWE.

Match 3: Gold Dust vs. Rikishi

Gold Dust enters the ring first in his theatrical fashion, followed by Rikishi making his comeback in the ring.
Rikishi enters the ring with the "Too Cool" music.
The match starts...
Gold Dust pokes Rikishi in the eyes, and goes off the ropes and does a running bulldog, Rikishi quickly gets up and as Gold Dust comes off the ropes he gives him a kick to the chin. Rikishi pounds Gold Dust with punches on the ground and then lifts him up and body slams him. Rikishi taunts the crowd to make some noise, but while he's doing that Gold Dust low-blows him, something the ref doesn't see. Gold Dust attempts to do the Director's Cut, to finish the match up, but Rikishi is able to move out of the way. Rikishi headbutts Gold Dust and sends him off the ropes to catch Gold Dust in the Rikishi Driver, he does the move successfully to take the pinfall.

Winner by pinfall: Rikishi


JBL's music plays in the arena as a limo enters towards the ring. A limo driver comes out and opens the door, out come the Bashams followed by JBL, and Orlando Jordan. All four hit the ring, not scheduled for a match. JBL grabs the mic as the other three members of the Cabinet do their Cabinet signal.

JBL: Chicago... you are witnessing one of the most elite groups in WWE history. The Cabinet has taken the WWE by storm. As Orlando Jordan as Intercontinental Champion, and the fact that I will take the Heavy Weight Championship away from Triple H. And the Basham Brothers will be fighting for the Tag Team Championship belts next week on Raw. It just so happens that every member of the Cabinet can be holding a belt in the coming weeks, just to assure our spot as the GREATEST, most respectable, and elite group of talent in the history of the World Wrestling Entertainment.

(crowd boos, as the lights turn off.. a fairly long pause takes place as no one knows what is going on. The lights begin to flash as the attention goes to the big screen, the lights now dimmed, not completely on or off. On the big screen shows up The Undertaker with three people behind him. The three are dressed in black cloacks and unable to know who they are.)

Undertaker: JBL... for years I have reaked havoc in the WWE... and to make such a claim that you have the most elite group in history is obsurd. The Undertaker has reached the point where I must end such pathetic statements made by such a coward as you. Behind me are the three men that along with me form The Ministry, and on Thursday Night, I will team up with one of these men to face you and one of your chief of staff members. It is time to unleash what I've been planning my whole career, to end this industry once and for all. JBL... prepare for your death certificate.

Undertaker rolls his eyes back as the screen goes black and the lights go back up. The members of the Cabinet along with JBL are in complete shock as a torch of fire unlit, stands on all four corners of the ring. They are all visibly frightened and attempt to leave the ring, as soon as JBL tries to leave the ring, the torches light in tremendously large fires. The cabinet run out immeadiately as the show heads to a commercial break


Chris Masters' music goes on and he does his own theatrical entrance, and goes to the ring. He grabs the mic once he's in the ring, and begins to talk..

Chris Masters: Nobody has ever gotten out of my masterlock, so I'm offering one...

Before Masters can even finish his first sentence he gets interupted by none other than the rabid wolverine; Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit, walking towards the ring, begins to speak...

Chris Benoit: You know what kid.. I;ve been watching you backstage for the past couple of weeks and its time someone shuts you up.

Benoit jumps into the ring as Masters begins to pound on him. Referee Earl Hebner runs down and rings the bell to signal the beginning of the match...

Chris Masters continues to pound Benoit, and then picks him up and attempts to put the masterlock on him, just before Benoit breaks out of it before it was even put on. Benoit begins to irish whip Masters. Benoit throws Masters off the ropes as Masters ducks from a clothes-line and delivers a kick to the gut to Benoit. Chris Masters attempts a powerbomb, just to
get it reversed for a pin count.

JR: 1...2...and he's up. What a great match up, seeing Chris Benoit, one of the better wrestlers today up against a future star in Chris Masters.

King: sorry JR, but Masters is going to be a legend, as for Benoit, he's only good for lying through his tooth!

Chris Benoit steps to the top rope and attempts a flying headbutt, but Masters is able to move out of the way leaving Benoit down in agony. Masters slowly gets up and tosses Benoit over the top rope. He gets out of the ring and throws Benoit to the metal railing. Masters then goes to look for a chair. He pushes Lilian Garcia out of the way and gets a chair. Earl Hebner attempts to stop Masters, warning him that he will be DQ'd. Masters tosses Benoit into the ring and then steps in himself with the chair just to recieve a drop kick, with the chair adding even more pain.
Benoit then gets up, visibly exhausted and taunts the crowd with his cutting the neck gesture. He then puts the crippler crossface on Masters. Masters eventually taps out.

Winner by submission: Chris Benoit

JR: What a match king!
King: Good match but the outcome wasn't the way I wanted it to be
JR: well folks, still to come tonight is Christian vs. an unknown legend according to Teddy Long, that's up next!


Christian's entrance music plays as he makes his way to the ring accompanied by Tomko. After he enters the ring a long anticipation waits on who his challenger is. A long pause adds to the anticipation but all of a sudden the sound of two cars crashing happens and the crowd goes wild. And the music plays of Mic Foley!

JR: Oh My God! It is a legend folks. It's Mic Foley!
King: Now this was something I didn't expect!

Mic Foley enters the ring with a huge standing ovation. The bell rings as the match starts. Its starts off as both engage in a grapple, and for the first thirty seconds both start off in grapple fashion. Christian than sends Mic Foley off the ropes and gives him a drop kick, but Foley gets up quickly and smiles. He then gives Christian a kick to the gut, and grabs him in a headlock, Christian is able to get out of it and sends Foley off the ropes once again and clothes-lines him. Christian then attempts the pin..
1...2... Foley breaks out.
Foley uppercuts Christian and sends him hard to the turnbuckle. Mic Foley looks around and then pulls out... MR. SOCKO!
Foley applies the mandable claw on Christian, until Christian sends a knee to the mid-section. Christian then spits on the side of the ring and then attempts to throw Foley off the ropes but instead all he does is knock the referee out. Tomko then grabs a chair and makes his way to the ring and smashes Foley's head with it. Foley, who's still standing though hurt, gets bulldogged by Christian.

JR: This is obsurd king, we get to see one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time and instead we see a bunch of cheap shots by Christian and Tomko.
King: Come on JR!, Christian gives it his all and'll do anything to get the win. That's why he's captain charisma!

As the referee begins to get up Tomko leaves the ring. Christian finishes it off with the unprettier, and gets the pinfall.

Winner by pinfall: Christian

Tomko enters the ring and congratulates Christian, as Mic Foley lies down on the ground.

JR: This is not a pretty site folks. Christian defeats Mic Foley in unproffesional fashion.
King: JR.. I think we may soon have a new Heavy Weight Champion!
JR: I guess we'll just have to wait and see, King, wait and see...

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Re: WWE Crisis

Excellent show for your debut, good promos, very good matches. I think you can write BTB with flying colors. Good job. One ques., why did you put the show in Quotes?
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Re: WWE Crisis

thanx, interested to see what other people think, since it was my first show. Smackdown will be up in the coming days.

lol @ the quote thingy. Trying to be different and thought it would take up less space. guess not lol.

anyways uppin on further feedback.
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Re: WWE Crisis

WWE.COM- Teddy Long has announced that Chris Benoit will be facing Shelton Benjamin for a shot at the number one contender for the intercontinental title next Monday Night on Raw.

uppin for more feedback on Raw, my first show..


Check out my BTB...WWE Crisis

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