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How I Would Of Booked Royal Rumble Match

#1 Roman Reigns (c)
#2 Curtis Axel
#3 Dean Ambrose
#4 Rusev
#5 Jack Swagger
#6 Finn Balor
#7 Stardust
#8 Goldust
#9 Erick Rowan
#10 Bad News Barrett
#11 Kane
#12 Heath Slater
#13 Luke Harper
#14 Kevin Owens
#15 Big Show
#16 Mark Henry
#17 Braun Strowman
#18 Dolph Ziggler
#19 Chris Jericho
#20 Alberto Del Rio
#21 Sheamus
#22 Bray Wyatt
#23 Brock Lesnar
#24 Titus O'Neil
#25 DDP
#26 Undertaker
#27 Kofi Kingston
#28 Triple H
#29 AJ Styles
#30 Sami Zayn

-Axel talks about how he was never eliminated from Rumble 2015- as he's talking Reigns throws him out.
-Dean and Reigns slug it out before Reigns spears Ambrose
-Swagger gets some offence in but Reigns throws him out
-Stardust and Goldust trade punches before Stardust throws Goldust out
-Rowan beats down Ambrose and Balor
-Balor hurricanranas Barrett out
-Slater gets cocky and gets chokeslammed over the top rope by Kane
-Ambrose and Owens fight it out before getting double speared by Reigns
-Kane and Show square off before Show eliminates Kane.
-Show and Henry fight before Big Show KO punches him and throws him over.
-Strowman eliminates Stardust
-Reigns eliminates Rusev
-Owens eliminates Balor
-Del Rio and Sheamus beat down Reigns
-Wyatt family beat down and eliminate Big Show
-Wyatt family eliminate Dolph Ziggler
-Lesnar eliminates Rowan
-Haper and Strowman beat down Lesnar and throw him through second rope
-Strowman puts Lesnar through announcers table
-Bray Wyatt eliminates O'Neil
-Reigns elimates Del Rio
-Dean Ambrose eliminates Owens
-Taker elimates DDP
-Wyatts beat down Taker
-Bray elimates Jericho
-Triple H eliminates Harper
-Styles gets a HUGE pop
-Styles eliminates Kingston
-Vince orders the L.O.N to attack Reigns
-Bray eliminates Reigns, meaning there will be a new champion
-Lesnar gets back in the ring and manhandles Strowman
-Lesnar eliminates Strowman
-Sheamus eliminates Sami Zayn
-Lesnar eliminates Sheamus
-Aj Styles tries to eliminate Bray but gets tossed over by Taker
-Taker and Bray eliminate Dean Ambrose
Triple H
Bray Wyatt
Brock Lesnar

-Bray eliminates Taker
-Lesnar throws Wyatt over
-Triple H and Lesnar beat the hell out of each other but Lesnar F5's HHH out
WINNER; Brock Lesnar

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