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The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

After a long debate with myself, I've decided to return with a new show as obviously there are some here who have forgotten what I did a few years ago as evident by being left out of the Hall of Fame so its time to remake the impact it seems and make you realise you made a mistake

I will be doing WWE, both Raw and Smackdown.

So here are my WM results

Eddie Guerrero defeats Rey Mysterio after help from Chavo Guerrero J.R

Big Show defeats Akebono in the Wrestlemania Sumo Match

Christy Hemme defeats Trish Stratus to win the Womens Championship after using the Twist of Fate

Chris Jericho defeats Chris Benoit, Christian, Edge, Kane and Shelton Benjamin in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match after reaching the top just a second before Edge.

Kurt Angle defeats Shawn Michaels after a Top Rope Angle Slam, both men shake hands at the end of the match.

Randy Orton defeats The Undertaker after a steel chair shot and a Third RKO to end the streak of The Undertaker at Wrestlemania

John Cena defeats John Bradshaw Layfield to win the WWE Championship after the FU

Batista defeats Triple H to win the World Heavyweight Championship with the Batista Bomb.


Ok and since my Raw is ready to post here it is. Be kind I gotta work off some rust people


A video recap of the Raw half of Wrestlemania is played with highlights from Kurt Angle defeating Shawn Michaels, Christy Hemme defeating Trish Stratus, Randy Orton defeating The Undertaker, Chris Jericho winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and Batista beating Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Raw theme plays throughout the arena and the pyro goes off and the camera shows the fans all around the arena with their signs.

Jim Ross. Welcome to Monday Night Raw, we are just 24 hours removed from Wrestlemania!!!!

Jerry Lawler: What a night it was last night, I will never forget it any time soon

Jim Ross: It was a momentus night indeed and after months of waiting, Batista finally got his hands on his former mentor Triple H and captured the World Heavyweight Championship

Jerry Lawler: But if Batista thinks that this feud with Triple H is over, he has another thing coming, Triple H will not stop until he gets his hands back on that World Championship again

Jim Ross: I think you’re right about that, also last night at Wrestlemania, it was a history making night for young Randy Orton, ending the streak of The Undertaker but not without controversy

Jerry Lawler: What do you mean controversy JR, the history books will not show anything controversial, they will just show that The Undertaker went 12 matches unbeaten at Wrestlemania and was stopped at Wrestlemania 21 by The Legend Killer Randy Orton

“I’m Back” hits throughout the arena to a mixed reaction from the crowd as the General Manager, Eric Bischoff makes his way down the ramp with a smile on his face.

Jim Ross: You gotta wonder what Eric Bischoff is smiling about King

Jerry Lawler: I don’t blame him from smiling, Raw had a great night last night at Wrestlemania

Bischoff climbs into the ring and gets a microphone from Lillian Garcia. He walks into the middle of the ring and waits for his music to cut.

Eric Bischoff: Last night at Wrestlemania, it was one of the biggest nights in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment, and Raw stole the show, and right now I would like to congratulate the Raw superstars on their special efforts last night, proving again that they are the superior brand…

Bischoff nods his head

Eric Bischoff: I mean, first of all we had Christy Hemme with all the odds against her, defeat Trish Stratus to become the Women’s Champion

The fans give that a mixed reaction

Eric Bischoff: Then in a tremendous effort, Shawn Michaels matched Kurt Angle in every department, but Kurt was the better man on the night, unlucky to Shawn on that

The crowd begin to boo

Eric Bischoff: Then Chris Jericho won what must have been the greatest ladder match in the history of the industry, to win a contract that means he can face the World Heavyweight Champion, anytime within the next 12 months

The Crowd Cheers

Eric Bischoff: This next one is a real big one, this will go down in history for years to come, last night at Wrestlemania, Randy Orton defeated The Undertaker to end his 12 match win streak

The crowd boo’s heavily following that statement

Eric Bischoff: That alone was enough to out perform Smackdown, but in what was one of the greatest main events in Wrestlemania history, Batista defeated Triple H to win the World Heavyweight Championship

The crowd erupts and a Batista chant breaks out

Eric Bischoff: Next week on Raw, history will be made again, as for one night only, both Raw and Smackdown superstars will assemble right here on Raw for a Brand Lottery, where 5 superstars from Raw will be traded to Smackdown and vice versa, nobody is exempt from this draft right down from Good Ol’ Jim Ross to the World Champion Batista, or even WWE Champion John Cena

The fans cheer

Eric Bischoff: But that’s next week, as for tonight…

Bischoff smiles

Eric Bischoff: In a block buster six man tag team main event, Gene Snitsky will team up with Ric Flair and Triple H, to take on Kane, Chris Jericho and the new World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!!!!

The fans erupt following the announcement

Eric Bischoff: Now lets get this show underway with none other than The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels!!!!!

”Sexy Boy” plays throughout the arena to a huge pop from the crowd as Shawn Michaels makes his way down the ramp and Bischoff leaves.

Jim Ross: What a blockbuster announcement by Eric Bischoff, a draft lottery next week on Raw

Jerry Lawler: That means we could lose a star such as Shawn Michaels

“Just close your eyes” plays throughout the arena to heat from the crowd as Christian makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Tyson Tomko

Jerry Lawler: Or even Christian

Jim Ross: We could lose both

Jerry Lawler: Don’t say that JR, I couldn’t imagine Raw without both of these men

Jim Ross: Momentarily folks we have Shawn Michaels taking on Christian, after we come back from this commercial break


Match #1
Shawn Michaels vs. Christian (with Tyson Tomko)

Even match up with Tomko being ejected from ringside after throwing Shawn Michaels into the steel steps.

Match Ending: Christian nails a reverse DDT then covers 1-2-kickout. Christian slams the mat in frustration of being unable to put Michaels away. Christian picks up the Heart Break Kid and tries to deliver the Unprettier but Michaels shoves him face first into the turnbuckle and rolls him up for the 1-2-kickout. Christian gets up and gets met with a right hand from Michaels, Michaels kicks Christian in the midsection and delivers a DDT, then climbs to the top. Michaels hits the Diving Elbow Drop then stands up and fires up the crowd. Michaels stomps over in the corner as Christian gets up, Christian gets to his feet and turns around and Michaels delivers Sweet Chin Music then covers for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels stands up and salutes the crowd but from out of nowhere is attacked from behind by Muhammad Hassan. Hassan delivers repeated hard right hands to the forehead of Michaels. Hassan then kicks Michaels in the midsection then delivers a Modified STO leaving Michaels out in the centre of the ring. Hassan taunts the crowd then spits on Shawn Michaels to huge heat before leaving. Hassan makes his way up the ramp with Daivari at his side smiling at Michaels while Daivari shouts at Michaels.

Jim Ross: What the hell is that about?

Jerry Lawler: I haven’t a clue JR

Jim Ross: Why did Muhammad Hassan just attack Shawn Michaels?

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know what their agenda is but I’m sure there will be hell to pay for it

Jim Ross: Well we are going to go backstage to Maria who has caught up with Muhammad Hassan

We cut backstage to see Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari standing with Maria.

Maria: Well Muhammad, everybody wants to know, why did you attack Shawn Michaels?

Muhammad Hassan: No, let me ask you a question Maria, why was I left out of Wrestlemania?

Maria: I…

Muhammad Hassan: I’ll tell you why, because of that spineless General Manager Eric Bischoff, who picked 6 other people instead of me, why? Not because they are more talented, but because I am Arab-American, this blatant discrimination kept me from being on Wrestlemania, and the man I just attacked right there, Shawn Michaels

The crowd cheers

Muhammad Hassan: He was on Wrestlemania, and he got his ass kicked by Kurt Angle, If I had faced Kurt Angle, I would’ve beaten him, but I wasn’t given that opportunity, so from now on around here, I’m not going to wait on Eric Bischoff to make decisions, I am going to take matters into my own hands…

Khosrow Daivari then shouts in a foreign language then the two leave looking disgusted as we go to a commercial break.


Jim Ross: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, moments ago after Shawn Michaels defeated Christian in a one on one match, Michaels was attacked by Muhammad Hassan

The footage is shown of Hassan attacking Michaels and hitting the modified STO

Jerry Lawler: Well obviously Hassan was jealous of Michaels because Michaels was on Wrestlemania and he wasn’t

We cut backstage to see Batista entering the building to a huge pop wearing a black Armani suit, with the World Title belt over his shoulder.

Jim Ross: A massive main event has been assigned by General manager Eric Bischoff that was announced earlier in the evening, Gene Snitsky, Ric Flair and Triple H taking on Batista, Kane and Chris Jericho

Jerry Lawler: Go on you can say it JR

Jim Ross: That one will be a slobber knocker

“Ain’t No Stoppin Me” hits throughout the arena to a big pop as Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring for the upcoming match

Jim Ross: Shelton Benjamin is perhaps the most gifted athlete here on Raw, and has certainly been a fighting Intercontinental Champion but he may have his work cut out tonight

Jerry Lawler: I couldn’t argue with that JR

Match #2
WWE Intercontinental Championship
Tyson Tomko vs. Shelton Benjamin ©

Tyson Tomko controls most of the matchup working on Shelton Benjamin

Match Ending: Tomko signals that the match is over and sets Shelton Benjamin waiting on him to get up. Tomko tries a big boot but Benjamin ducks and nails a superkick. Shelton covers but only gets a two count. Tomko tries to make his way to his feet but Shelton leaps over him and tries a sunset flip but Tomko counters and tries to punch Shelton but Shelton rolls out of the way and Tomko hits the mat. Shelton sets Tomko then hits the T-Bone Suplex and covers for the 1-2-3.
Winner: and still WWE Intercontinental Champion…Shelton Benjamin!!!

Jim Ross: After a hard fought match, Shelton Benjamin retains the Intercontinental Title!!

Jerry Lawler: The reign of Shelton Benjamin continues here on Raw

A video package-hyping Backlash in 5 weeks time plays on the titontron.


Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw

“Burn in my Light” plays throughout the arena to huge heat from the crowd as Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring with a huge smile on his face, wearing the Legend Killer T-Shirt.

Jim Ross: Here comes the Legend Killer Randy Orton who last night at Wrestlemania defeated The Undertaker

Jerry Lawler: The man is greatness JR, it was his destiny to defeat The Undertaker, he was the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history

Orton gets a microphone from Lillian Garcia and stands in the middle of the ring as the music cuts.

Randy Orton: Last night at Wrestlemania 21, I proved to all the doubters, I proved to all the critics, I proved to everyone around the World, that I am indeed the Legend Killer

The fans start an Orton sucks chant

Randy Orton: I did what many couldn’t do, I did what names such as Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Diesel, King Kong Bundy, Triple H and Kane couldn’t do

Orton smiles as the crowd continue their chant

Randy Orton: I beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania ending his 12 match win streak, Ladies and Gentlemen, the legacy of The Undertaker now is nothing more than a mere myth, he entered the ring last night with an already tarnished legacy and he left with it destroyed

Orton laughs as the crowd gives the statement heat

Randy Orton: Courtesy of the Legend Killer Randy Orton

Orton raises his arms into the air and smiles but is cut off by “Stand Back, there’s a Hurricane coming through” to a decent pop as The Hurricane makes his way to the ring.

Match #3
The “Legend Killer” Randy Orton vs. The Hurricane

Orton dominates the entire match up with Hurricane not scoring with any offence at all

Match Ending: Orton scouts Hurricane waiting on him to get up and lands the RKO for the 1-2-3.
Winner: The “Legend Killer” Randy Orton

After the match Orton stands up and raises his arms into the air celebrating. Then the lights go out and a gong is heard throughout the arena, after about a minute the lights go back on and The Undertaker is standing behind Randy Orton. The fans begin to cheer as Orton turns around; Taker grabs Orton then delivers a chokeslam. Security runs down to arrest Taker but the lights once again go out then when they come back on, Taker is nowhere to be seen.

Jim Ross: An attack by The Undertaker on Randy Orton

Jerry Lawler: What a sore loser the Undertaker is JR, he loses at Wrestlemania then attacks The Legend Killer

We cut backstage to see Triple H pacing about the locker room with Ric Flair sitting on a steel chair.

Triple H: I can’t believe it…

Ric Flair: Don’t worry Hunter, you’ll win the title back from Batista, he got lucky

Triple H: I wasn’t talking about that, I can’t believe Eric Bischoff, booking us against Batista, Kane and Jericho, just after Wrestlemania

Ric Flair: Come on Hunter, You’re the Game, you can lead your team to victory tonight

Triple H looks away

Ric Flair: You are the greatest wrestler alive today! A ten time World Heavyweight Champion

Ric Flair sighs

Ric Flair: Or maybe the greatest wrestler alive today isn’t you at all

Triple H turns around

Triple H: What the hell are you talking about?

Ric Flair: Maybe the greatest wrestler alive today is the current World Heavyweight Champion…Batista!!

Triple H stands up and gets in the face of Flair then begins to shout

Triple H: I am the greatest, I am the ten time World Heavyweight Champion and tonight I will prove once and for all that Dave Batista is not in my league!!!!!!!

Ric Flair: That’s the Triple H I wanted to see, that fire I wanted to get out of you, that’s the Triple H that will lead his team to victory tonight in the main event, wooooo!!

Triple H walks over and continues to get ready as Snitsky enters the locker room, Flair walks over and tells him to go out, then follows and shuts the door

Flair: Gene, Hunters just a little upset right now about losing his title…

Snitsky: That wasn’t my fault

Flair: So I have to fire him up just now I don’t think you coming in would be best right now, see you out there Snitsky

Snitsky nods his head and walks away; the camera zooms in on Flair who looks concerned

We cut back to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Jim Ross: It looks like Ric Flair is having a few problems right there with Triple H

Jerry Lawler: Well The Game isn’t happy about having to compete in such a huge match the night after Wrestlemania

Jim Ross: Well I think The Game realizes that the new Worlds Champion Batista has his number King

“You think you know me” hits as Edge comes out for his up coming match.

Jim Ross: Edge in action, when we come back


Match #4
Edge vs. Rhyno

Rhyno gets the early advantage but Edge soon battles back.

Match Ending: Rhyno sets Edge and waits on him to get up, Edge turns around and Rhyno goes for the Gore but Edge gets out of the way. Edge then delivers the Spear on Rhyno followed by the Edgecator for a Submission win, following the match it takes several referees to get Edge to break the hold.
Winner: Edge

Edge finally lets the hold go and storms backstage

Jim Ross: Edge is still obviously disappointed from not winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match last night but come on, there was no need for that

Jerry Lawler: What more can he do JR? He’s been screwed time and time again in his quest to get a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship, what more does he have to do to get a fair opportunity

Jim Ross: Well he could’ve won the Ladder Match last night and could’ve had a chance at the World Champion anytime up until Wrestlemania 22

We cut backstage to see Coach running towards Edge

Coach: Edge, Edge, wait up

Edge stops and turns towards Coach

Coach: Moments ago after your victory in your…(cut off)

Edge: Victory? That was no victory that was a pratice match, that didn’t even matter to me; the only thing that matters to me is the World Heavyweight Championship!!!

Edge begins to breath heavily

Edge: I had a chance to win a contract that would give me a one on one opportunity at the Champion, anytime of my choosing and Chris Jericho took it away from me!!!

Edge looks around almost set to explode

Edge: Chris Jericho made my life hell by taking away my opportunity at the World Title, so I’ll just have to make his hell…

Edge storms off as we cut back to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler: Quite frankly I can’t blame Edge JR, he deserves his chance at the World Title more than anyone else here on Raw

Jim Ross: He didn’t win the ladder match King, Chris Jericho won it so Edge doesn’t deserve a damn thing!

We cut backstage to see Chris Benoit walking down the corridor, he bumps into someone and the person turns around and turns out to be Chris Masters.

Chris Masters: Watch were your going man

Chris Benoit: What did you just say to me?

Benoit gets in the face of Masters who backs off a little

Chris Masters: Now I don’t like to brag ok, but you just bumped into greatness, you bumped into The Masterpiece

Chris Benoit: Oh really?

Chris Masters looks down at Chris Benoit’s top

Chris Masters: The crippler crossface huh?

Chris Benoit: What about it?

Chris Masters: Impressive, I guess that must be the second best submission...(cut off)

Chris Benoit: Wow, Wow, Wow, what the hell do you mean second best?

Chris Masters: Well obviously my submission move The Masterlock is the greatest submission in World Wrestling Entertainment, I mean nobody has ever escaped it…

Masters stops bragging as he sees the look Benoit draws him; he backs off then quickly rushes away

We cut back to Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Jim Ross: Chris Benoit not impressed with the claims that Chris Masters made about the Masterlock

Jerry Lawler: Yeah well, he is arrogant but he is right when he says nobody has ever broke out of that hold JR

“Time to Play the Game” hits throughout the arena to huge heat from the crowd as Triple H and Ric Flair make their way to the ring for the upcoming match.

Jim Ross: The six man tag team main event, when we come back from our last commercial break


Main Event
Triple H, Ric Flair & Gene Snitsky vs. Batista, Kane and Chris Jericho

Even match although Evolution and Snitsky gain the upper hand by isolating Chris Jericho, eventually they get the tag to Batista.

Match Ending: Batista comes into the ring and shoulder blocks Ric Flair then goes after The Game but gets levelled by Snitsky, Kane comes in and knocks Snitsky out of the ring then follows. Triple H kicks Batista in the midsection and goes for the Pedigree but Batista backdrops him over the ropes to the floor. Ric Flair runs at Batista but Batista delivers a hard spinebuster then raises both his hands into the air then gives the thumbs down. Batista picks up Ric Flair and hits the Batista Bomb for the 1-2-3
Winners: Chris Jericho, Kane and the World Heavyweight Champion…Batista!!!!

Jim Ross: Once again, Batista remains one step ahead of Evolution see you next week

The Show goes off the air with Batista in the ring staring at a frightened looking Triple H who is on the ramp.


I would've liked to add some bold and italics but the first time I did it, the browser crashed and I've had to redo it so I couldn't really be bothered, I'll add it for future shows.


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Re: WWE: The Real Rise of Glory

Great show man! A few spelling errors but that's always ok. Really like the characters you're building rather than storylines right away. Looks like we'll be seeing more Orton Vs. Taker which is always good but I'm not a fan of HHH Vs. Batista. Can't wait for the Lottery Draft either...should be interesting who gets traded. Overall, 8/10. But like you said...just working some rust off.

Chat with me via Facebook or Twitter I'd love to hear your opinions!
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Re: WWE: The Real Rise of Glory

Great show man, I can't wait to see what comes from this thread as it looks to have alot of potential. Liking where you might go with Masters and Benoit maybe a submission match at Backlash? Can't wait as Juvy said for the lottery draft either. Good luck with this.


Credit: Bro
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Re: WWE: The Real Rise of Glory

Aw, damn that was hard to read without bold and italics

Anyway, onto the show, great stuff, great promos, particularly Orton's, that was definitely believable, you really have him down to a tee. The the next best promo was definitely The Masters/Benoit one, i love Chris Masters, his gimmick and his submission. I hope you can go far with him.

Some great match bookings, although i would have liked to see HBK do something to get revenge later in the show after Hassan's attack. The Edge promo was good as well, i hate Edge as heel, unless hes his dorky "cool" self as part of E+C

I don't personally like the idea of Batista as champ, as i dont rate his mic work, or in-ring ability, however, hopefully you can win me over. Benjamin is a strong IC Champ, and Tomko is a strong challenger, i want a CLB/Benjamin feud yo, that would be way cool.

Can't wait for the draft, should be cool to see if any big trades occur, all in all, 9/10 for your first show back, maybe a little longer next time, although im not sure how to make it longer
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Re: WWE: The Real Rise of Glory

Lovely stuff.

Loz on the thread name btw. Cant help but think I've heard it somewhere before...

Anyways, this is how I remember you when I first joined this forum, the guy that inspired me to write, and that was excellent.

The Bischoff in ring thing was mandatory I guess, didnt do too much, but got the point across.

I like the Hassan - HBK feud, and the Hassan promo was fantabulous. Some may say you're stealing this from WWE, but I can back you up, as I remember you telling me about this feud a good few weeks ago. I like the Hassan character, and feuding him with Michaels helps him in the ring.

"The Legend Killer" Randy the fact your using that as part of his in ring name more so than WWE do.

I dont like Chris Masters, but I thought you done an excellent job with him here, and Benoit can get good matches out of mops, so if they should meet, it wont be too bad.

Snitsky: It wasnt my fault. Classic...line of the month IMO. Yeah, he's used it before, but this was the most funny situation I've heard him use it with.

Batista shows his dominance with a win over Flair. Triple H just cant one up The Animal. Will it change next week?? who knows.

Draft Lottery next week should be superb. Looking forward to SD too.
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Re: WWE: The Real Rise of Glory

Smackdown Preview

At Wrestlemania, John Cena ended the nine month reign of former champion John Bradshaw Layfield. To find out what both John Cena and JBL have to say on their championship match, check out Smackdown.

In one on one action Rey Mysterio will meet Chavo Guerrero who cost Mysterio his match against Eddie Guerrero at Wrestlemania leading to a viscious beatdown by Los Guerreros on Mysterio. Will Rey get his Wrestlemania Revenge? or will Chavo Lie cheat and steal his way to victory? Check SD! to find out.

Also what will Kurt Angle have to say about his Wrestlemania win over the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. This week Kurt Angle competes in his hometown challenge against an un-named opponent. Check out Smackdown to see what the Olympic Gold Medalist has to say.
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Re: WWE: The Real Rise of Glory

Great preview! Can't wait! This is looking good!

Chat with me via Facebook or Twitter I'd love to hear your opinions!
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Re: WWE: The Real Rise of Glory

ME, a great match. My only problem is with the match endings. I think you should write longer so we can get better observed action. But that was ONLY mistake you made. Everything else kicked ass. 8/10. Could have been higher but you should write longer on your matches.

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Re: WWE: The Real Rise of Glory

Great Matchups. If only you were writing the show for real! Can't wait for the lottery!
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Re: WWE: The Real Rise of Glory

Wrestlemania Results
-Eddie Guerrero versus Rey Mysterio: didn't matter who won this because their both great.
-Big Show versus Akebono: Good to see Big Show win, because you're actually going to be using the Big Show.
-Christy Hemme versus Trish Stratus: WWE Women's Title means nothing.
-Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Again, didn't matter who won, but nice to Jericho going to the main event spot.
-Kurt Angle versus Shawn Michaels: Again didn't matter who won.
-Undertaker versus Randy Orton: Absolutely no way in hell should Orton have defeated Taker, even in a booking thread.
-John Bradshaw Layfield versus John Cena: No way should John Cena be WWE champion.
-Triple H versus Batista: No way should Batista be World Champion.


-No bold.

-Nice build up between Muhammad Hassan and Shawn Michaels.
-Having Shelton Benjamin defeat Tyson Tomko.
-Good to see you are at least carrying on with the Undertaker/Randy Orton feud.
-Nice to see Ric Flair motivating Triple H.
-Confrontation between Chris Benoit and Chris Masters.

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