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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

All.. I can say.. is fantastic job. 9/10

Just kidding

The JBL promo was fantastically written and great way to kick off the show. Although I find it hard to believe that the Texan would diss Dallas that much. Only flaw.

The tag match was good and I cant say Im unhappy that Regal and Tajiri aren't champions.

Orton promo was amazingly written. Calum has it right about how good you are with Orton. One of the best I have seen. Randy Orton is not that great on the mic but you made him great and still kept him in character. Fantastic.

Happy that Trish won but two title changes in one show?

V1 is back and Im happy. Dont understand why it will be a Texas Death Match though. Backlash must be in Texas?

Masters beats Beniot! You are using The Masterpiece well. Orton and Masters now friends? Or is this just a one time thing?

Highlight Reel was great and you had Edge 100% in character in my book. Match at Backlash will be explosive.

Having Hassan attack HBK before the match was a smart decision. Im not to pleased that the two will fued though.

Masters/Benjamin segment was good. Hope Masters doesnt win the title.

JBL getting a clean win over Shelton makes me dissapointed. But then again, Im a huge fan of Shelton and may be a tad bias. LoL. Could have had Masters be involved?

Batista interview was also in character. You are great with promos.

Batista hitting the Batista Bomb to Big Show is a great move. Prove how Batista is so dominant.

Realism- 8/10. Must of stuff was in character, but two title changes is to much. And Hassan and HBK fueding is to much of a ripoff in my mind.

Length- 10/10. Perfect.

Spelling- 10/10. I didnt see any mistakes.

Quality/Entertainment- 9/10. Very entertaining but could have had just a couple minor adjustments.

Match/Booking- 8/10. Great stuff here but the two title changes hurts you again. I would have also liked to maybe see a Big Show interview? COuld have enhanced the thought that maybe Show could win.

Overall- 90/100. You have got me hooked.

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Originally Posted by 10mikebibby10
Realism- 8/10. Must of stuff was in character, but two title changes is to much. And Hassan and HBK fueding is to much of a ripoff in my mind.
Aww but I had all of the Backlash stuff planned like a month before HBK-Hassan ever started.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

He's telling the truth there
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

^ Oh. LoL. Well then I take back a comment and your new score is.. drumroll please..

91/100! . All I know is that both you guys thread has already become one of the best threads in BTB.

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Thanks for all the great replies, I'm pleased with my ratings this week. Keep track with this thread because there's a lot more to come.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

JBL promo to open to show was realistic and he was in character throughtout. From the insults to the personal boasting I can't see any flaws in this segment. Keep up the good work on JBL and hopefully he doesn't get lost in the shuffle and is allowed to remain a major player for months to come.

Nice to see La Resistance pick up the win as there are much more face teams to challenge so having them as champs allows for more opportunities in future months.

Orton promo was terrific and your week in week out great use of the Orton character is one of the best utilizations on this forum. Hopefully you keep with the Legend Killer gimmick and eventually push a heel Orton as World Champion.

Glad to see Trish get the belt back and can't say I am upset to see Christy injured. Hopefully you can now build a good Women's Division using Trish as a long term heel champion.

Hardy interview was well delivered but you need to get his character down as I couldn't see him challenging Kane to such a brutal match but announcing a Texas Death Match in Texas was a nice touch.

Not sure about Masters beating Benoit but I could legitimately see Benoit putting him over especially with the interference. Should be a good fued with Benoit and Orton which may even go past Backlash. Also it might be good for Masters to hold such a victory over an established superstar as you push him towrds the IC Title.

Highlight Reel was well written although it would have been nice to see Jericho mess with Edge in regards to putting the MITB contract on the line. Regardless both seemed in character and their match should be a good one.

Bischoff pomo was good considering the amount of matches made throughout the show. Nice to see some stipulation matches added to add excitement to Backlash which is sure to increase match quality.

Can't see anything wrong with the HBK Hassan segment and their fued is a solid one. Would have been nice to see some sort of interview or in ring promo but regardless the fued has been booked well thus far.

Nice little segment with Benjamin and Masters which sets up a decent match for Backlash. Hopefully you can make the fued work as neither are strong on the mic and Masters is an inexperienced wrestler.

JBL beating Benjamin clean sort of buries him and the IC Title but it was good to see JBL made out to be a decent threat to Batista and his World Title. No Masters interference was suprising but necessary in building up JBL.

Batista interview was well delivered and he seemed a more stronger mic worker than he truly is. His garuntee was good and it adds interest to a match between two workers lacking wrestling ability.

Not surprsing to see Batista follow through on his promise and it makes him look very dominant. Can't see JBL taking him off his feet let alone take his title but none the less the two should clash nicely.

Realism: 9/10 - Jericho putting up his MITB contract so easily seems unrealistic.

Length: 10/10 - Perhaps a little more focus on the HBK Hassan fued and or some usage of Kane.

Quality/Entertainment: 9/10 - Solid matches throughout with lots of meaningful stuff happening throughout. A little comedy could be added but it isn't necessary.

Spelling/Grammar: 10/10 - Can't recall any mistakes.

Matches/Booking: 9/10 - Not sure about two title changes so close together but otherwise I see no faults and could see all other things happening.

Total: 94/100 A very well written show which delivered in all aspects.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

OMG Marvelous show

The JBL and Orton promos were pure gold your making me worship Randy in this thread

I hate Masters and didnt like him beating Benoit but it made sense yet, I like where HBK vs Hassan is going and I guess La Rez is okay

JBL vs Shelton was purely bad ass I was expecting a run in tho

BATISTA BOMB TO SHOW!!!! great work soldified Batista
Realism: 9/10 - Jericho putting his shot in the line meh

Length: 10/10 - Perfect

Quality/Entertainment: 9/10 - This had plenty of quality, and lot's of entertainment, but I still think you have more, thats why its a 9 and not a 10.

Spelling/Grammar: 10/10 - Nothing

Matches/Booking: 8/10 - Masters over Benoit wasnt nice to read for me,

Total: 92/100 Thats still a marvellous show. The build up for backlash is being done just right.

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

The SmackDown Intro plays followed by the explosive pyrotechnic display. The crowd is on their feet and are cheering, until “The Game” by Motorhead begins to play over the PA System. HHH makes his way to the ring to make his speech.

HHH: “Last week…everyone watched in shock…everyone watched in awe…everyone watched me…Triple H…become the number one contender! Last week…I proved that I am…The Game! That I am…the Cerebral Assassin! That I am…That…Damn…Good! I did so…by defeating the deadman…the phenom…The Undertaker. Not only did I beat The Undertaker…but I also took out the WWE Champion! John Cena…I proved that you are weak! I proved that you are vulnerable! I proved that you are not worthy of the gold belt around your waist! Let’s take a look…

Clips are shown last week as Cena and Triple H are mouthing off towards each other. HHH strikes Cena with a right hand then steals the chain and uses it on The Undertaker. Cameras go back to ringside.

HHH: “You thought you could get away with mouthing off to me? I shut your fat mouth! Then…I took the chain wrapped around your neck and used it as a weapon! I nailed Taker with it and claimed my position at the top of the mountain. And Cena…when I reach the peak…I’m gonna knock you so far down that mountain…you’ll never be able to climb back to the top! Cena…when you picked my name on Raw at the lottery draft…you picked your poison! You picked the guy who’s going to crush your dreams! You picked the guy…”

"My Time Is Now" blasts over the PA system and the WWE Champion, John Cena makes his way to the ring. He grabs a mic from out of his shorts and begins to speak.

Cena: “Yo…what up Detroit?”

The fans cheer loudly after Cena sneaks in the cheap pop.

Cena: “The Champ…is…here!”

The fans continue to cheer on.

Cena: “Triple H…Triple H…Triple H! Friend…old pal…old buddy of mine…you know there’s a saying…you can pick your friends…and you can pick…your nose…but you can’t pick your friends nose. And it’s a good thing too because with the size of your beak, I could lose my whole arm in that thing!”

HHH: “Cut to the point Cena!!!”

Cena: “Calm down a little there Hunter. Now as you know, I’m not here to talk about picking noses…”

Cena gets right in Triple H’s face.

Cena: “I’m here to break them!”

The fans cheer as both competitors stare each other down with evil intentions in their minds.

Cena: “You see Hunter…last week…you took my property…and where we come from…we don’t take none of that! So what I’m sayin’ is…I’m here to represent the Chain Gang! And I’m here to show that OUR time is now! And I’m gonna do that by kicking your teeth all over the city of Detroit!”

The crowd breaks into huge cheers and Cena begins taking off his jersey, hat, and WWE Championship. Triple H seems ready too as he takes off his jacket and nice shirt. They circle the ring for a while then begin a staredown in the center of the squared circle. Triple H backs out all of a sudden and takes a microphone with him. The crowd boos because they’re not getting a match out of this right now.

HHH: “Not tonight. I’m the number one contender…I choose when I get my match! I think I’ll hang onto my opportunity for a while…”

Triple H begins leaving until a giant bolt of lightning strikes near Hunter’s feet. Triple H jumps back as the lights go out and then they flick back on and The Undertaker is standing right in front of Triple H. The Game shows fear in his face as he crawls back towards the ring. Cena however, climbs out of the ring and slowly begins stalking HHH. The Cerebral Assassin is caught in between The Undertaker and John Cena as the fans are on their feet! General Manager, Theodore Long’s music begins to play and he makes his way out with a microphone.

Long: “Cut it out! All three of ya! Now…Undertaker…I understand that you were screwed out of a title shot! And John Cena…I understand that you wanna take out Triple H! So…here’s the deal…tonight…in that very ring…it’s gonna be John Cena…teaming up with…The Undertaker! And they will take on the team of Triple H and…a mystery partner. So Triple H…good luck on finding somebody to say yes because nobody in the back wants to be friends with the likes of you! And yes…I was paying attention last week! And yes…I did see you use that chain! So I hope you’re prepared for next week because in a rematch from last week…it’s going to be Triple H…going one on one…with the Undertaker! And Triple H…this match will determine…the REAL number one contender! Ya feel me? Now when you find your partner…just holla holla!”

Theodore Long’s music begins to play. John Cena and The Undertaker stare each other down, wondering if they can trust one another as Triple H escapes from the beating he was about to suffer at the hands of his two rivals.


Backstage we see Kurt Angle stretching in his locker room. The door busts wide open and it's Luther Reigns that steps in the doorway.

Angle: "What do you want?"

Luther: "I want a rematch!The SmackDown Intro plays followed by the explosive pyrotechnic display. The crowd is on their feet and are cheering, until “The Game” by Motorhead begins to play over the PA System. HHH makes his way to the ring to make his speech.

Angle: "A rematch? Were you in the same match I was last week? Hell...I wiped the floor with you! You know why? Because I'm a superstar! You...are nothing more than an oversized rookie with an oversized ego! You want to make a name for yourself? It's not going to be through me! It's not going to be through any big stars here on SmackDown! It's gonna be the way I did it...start from the bottom...and work your way to the top! That's the real way to get it done here! So can impress making an impact! So go ou there and do something special tonight!"

Angle slaps Luther on the chest and Luther feels motivated now. He cracks a smile and leaves as cameras head to ringside.

Eugene Vs. Maven



Maven has Eugene in position for a superplex. Eugene is in trouble until he punches Maven in the mid-section a couple of times and shoves him off the top turnbuckle. Maven looks up top and waves his finger towards the crowd, like Randy Savage used to do. Eugene drops the elbow and goes for the cover...
Eugene picks up Maven and gets rolled up with the small package...
Eugene kicks out!
Maven goes for a standing dropkick but Eugene evades it and tries locking in a sharpshooter. Maven counters by kicking Eugene back into the turnbuckle. Maven nips up and performs a running closeline into the corner. Maven goes to pick up Eugene for a bodyslam however, Eugene counters by picking up Maven himself. Eugene has his opponent up in position for a powerslam. He runs to the opposite side of the ring to deliver the running powerslam, shades of Davey Boy Smith. Eugene goes for the cover...

Winner: Eugene

Eugene Dinsmore begins barking like a dog and crawling around until Luther Reigns comes in and beats down Eugene. Maven decides to join him and they beat the holy hell out of Eugene. Luther Reigns delivers a thunderous spinebuster and then shakes hands with Maven. Maven picks up Eugene and goes for what looks like a suplex until...

Can You Dig it...Suckaaaaaaaa!!!!

Booker T races to the ring and immediately hammers away at Luther Reigns and Maven. The 5 Time WCW Champion launches Maven over the top. The big man gets up to his feet and is closelined over as well. Booker T tends to Eugene as Maven and Luther storm off in anger.

Backstage, Chief of Staff and United States Champion, Orlando Jordan is talking on his cell phone and walking through the hallway.

Orlando: "What's that?..You did! That's great!...Mr. Layfield...thank you very much....I can't even tell you how happy I am!...That's why you were the boss!...2 weeks?...Fine by me. Thanks again and good luck on Raw. Remember...the Cabinet is rooting for you! Bye."

Orlando places his cell phone in his pocket and walks into the Cabinet's Locker Room. The Basham Brothers are getting ready for their match.

Orlando: "Guys...I just got off the phone with JBL. He says that he's found a new leader for the Cabinet...and he's going to make his SmackDown debut...two weeks from tonight!"

Doug: "That's great! But who is he?"

Danny: "...Yeah...who is he?"

Orlando: "What did I tell you two about that echo thing! Stop it! It's annoying! We have to impress the new boss! He's going to want to manage winners! He's going to want to manage champions! That's why're going to defeat Rey Mysterio...and you're going to defeated Eddie Guerrero...and you're going to win those tag titles again! For the Cabinet!"

Bashams: "Yeah!"

The Bashams continue their warm-ups now as cameras go to a commercial break.


Tag Team Championship Match: Eddie/Rey Vs. Basham Brothers



Doug and Danny Basham switch spots as Eddie tags in Rey Mysterio. Rey goes to pick up Danny but gets nailed with a hard right hand in the mid-section. Danny sets up Rey Mysterio for a powerbomb now to end the match. He hoists Mysterio up but Rey counters with a hurracarana with the cover...
Doug Basham comes in now and is sent flying over the top rope by Mysterio. Danny is slowly rising to his feet so the cruiserweight delivers a dropkick which sends him to the middle rope. Rey calls for it and delivers the 619! Rey Mysterio does a little cheering then Eddie Guerrero tags himself in and delivers the Frog Splash! Eddie goes for the cover...

Winners: STILL Tag Team Champions, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio!

Rey Mysterio immediately shoves Eddie Guerrero and argues with him. Eddie fires back with a right hand and the battle rages on between the tag team champions! Chavo Guerrero and Billy Kidman race to the ring to try and break up the fight but it only works for so long. Finally, some officials get to the ring and separate both combatants. Just then, the titantron changes to General Manager Theodore Long's office where he is currently standing.

Long: "Eddie Guerrero...Rey two are supposed to be partners! And then I see you fighting like this? I'll tell you what that're going to try and settle the score...once and for all! It will be a rematch from WrestleMania...Eddie Guerrero versus Rey Mysterio! Holla!"

The crowd is excited as Rey and Eddie are still trying to go after one another.

Backstage, we see The Game searching around for a partner. He taps a man in short blonde hair on the shoulder and he turns around. It's Charlie Haas.

HHH: "Good...Charlie Haas. I've seen your work out there. You were a part of the World's Greatest Tag Team. can be a part of the Best Damn Tag Team...Period."

Charlie Haas looks up and down, thinking about what his decision will be. He doesn't stare at The Game until he finally finds an answer.

Haas: "No!"

HHH: "What? What do you mean no?! Do you know who I am? I am The Game...I am the greatest wrestler alive today...and you don't want to be in my corner?"

Haas: "No I don't. And frankly, I don't think anyone wants to. Nobody likes you. On Raw...when you held that World rarely defended it...all you had for backup was Ric Flair. I mean...look what you tried doing to my friend, Shelton Benjamin. You're probably the most hated guy in the let me tell you this about your search for a partner..."

HHH: And what is that?"

Haas: "Good luck...because you're gonna need it you selfish prick!"

HHH stares down Charlie Haas for a while then takes off looking for another partner. As he walks, cameras follow him and he bumps into the WWE Champion, John Cena.

Cena: "Well...well...well...look who's got no friends! You see...on SmackDown...we're like a family. We work together...and help each other out. Nobody's gonna team up with you! You know...I'll never forget what happened last week...when you attacked beat me down...and stole my chain. You really woke me up to the dangers of being the champ. You taught me a lesson...and I have to thank you for that. But...if next become the number one way or're gonna learn a lesson too. You're gonna learn that...payback's...a..."

HHH: "You hold on a second! I am a 10 Time World have no right to speak to me like that! You know...I've been watching you Cena...ever since you started out. And from the first time I saw you...I've learnt your weakness! Theres one secret that no one else has realized yet. You wanna know what that weakness is?"

Cena: "Knock yourself out."

HHH: "You never learn from your mistakes! I've watched your matches...and you make those same mistakes over...and over...and over! And when I get in the ring with you...that will be your downfall!"

Cena: "You know what's funny? I remember watching on the television...around 1996 when the WWE was hitting the big time! They had the showstopper...the hitman...the phenom...the rattlesnake! But you know what I remember? I remember Hunter Hearst American Blue Blood with a bodyguard by the name of Chyna. That's right...the shemale! She looked like a man and dressed like a woman! Hell...back then even you had bigger boobs than her! You see HHH...that's what you were in the beginning...and look at now! You're 10 time World Champ like you said...but look at me now! Here's your wake up call...the! But back to more important business...I have to tie my shoe."

Cena bends down and begins tying his shoe. Triple H chuckles a little.

HHH: "That's right Cena...bow the next WWE Champion! Bow down to the ruler of SmackDown! Bow down to the.....ahhhhh!!!"

Cameras look down and we see that John Cena has just low blowed Triple H.

Cena: "No! You bow down! You bow down to the real champ!"

Triple H looks down trying to gasp for air. Cena lifts up HHH by the head and forces his rival's head against the title around his waist.

Cena: "And if you'd be paying'd notice that the!!!!!!!!!!"

Cena walks away, leaving Hunter drop to the floor and gasp for air as cameras cut to commercials.


Carlito Caribbean Cool is sitting in the ring. There are fake palm trees in the corners with a hammock on the one side. There are lawn chairs and a bucket full of apples by Carlito's seat. Carlito stands up and begins to speak.

Carlito: “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome…to Carlito’s…Cabana. Now…unlike the Highlight Reel…there’s going to be a couple of rules. Rule number 1…only cool people are allowed on my show. Rule number 2…Carlito decides who’s cool. And finally rule number 3… …to watch…you have to be cool! But all of you trying to be cool…is like trying to make puke look good!"

The fans begin booing loudly and chanting some vulgar language towards Carlito.

Carlito: “I said quiet! See…this is what I’m talking about! This…this is not cool! Now listen up…my first guest…the cocky…the charismatic…the cool…Kurt Angle!”

Medal hits the PA system as the fans chant along singing, “You Suck!” Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring in classic fashion and does his jumping twirl then shouts, “Wooo!”. Kurt Angle picks up a microphone and the segment begins.

Carlito: “Now Kurt…last week…you defeated Luther Reigns, and two weeks ago…you defeated Mark Jindrak. Why would you attack the two guys who were on your side?”

Angle: “Why would I take out those two? Because they didn’t listen! And you know who’s going to be next if they don’t listen to what I have to say tonight? General Manager, Theodore Long! If anything…I should be in the number 1 contender’s match next week…not Triple H…not The Undertaker! I’ve beaten each and every one of them…including John Cena! All he talks about is how people can’t see him when they’re in front of his face. How the champ is here when we already know that. But Cena…here’s a message for you…you’re not gonna be champ for long. And as far as I’m concerned…nobody…not the General Manager…not the number one contender…not even the champion! I’m going back to the basics…the three I’s. Integrity…Intensity…and Intelligence!”

Carlito: “Which brings me to my next point…what are your plans for the future?”

Angle: “Plans? What plans? I don’t plan…I do! And you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to win the WWE Championship! I’ve been busy ever since the Royal Rumble. My goal was to walk out as WWE Champ…but that didn’t turn work…then my goal was to win the Royal Rumble and go to WrestleMania…but that didn’t work either. I then set myself on a mission to prove who the real Mr. WrestleMania is…and that worked! Now…I’m back on my winning streak! Now…I’m getting myself ready for the WWE Title. So John Cena…Triple H…Undertaker, hell, even the Brooklyn Brawler! Whoever’s WWE Champ when my shot comes around…watch your back because a simple Ankle Lock will not only break your freakin’ ankle…but it’ll be your last look at the WWE Gold. It’s true…it’s damn true!”

Carlito: “Very well said Kurt. You, WWE Champion? Now that…that’s cool. But now…”

Stand Back…There’s A Hurricane coming through! The superhero makes his way out to the ramp.

Hurricane: “Holy Monopoly! It’s Kurt Angle and Carlito…Caribbean Cool! Now…I have one question…Kurt Angle…you always seem to pick on rookies just to show how much of a bully you are…WATZUPWITDAT???!!!!”

Kurt Angle is irate after hearing that and wants to tear Hurricane apart.

Hurricane: “And Carlito…that’s your…Cabana? Now…two guys in a hut…seems a little…come ci…comme ca…if ya know what I mean?”

Hurricane makes a hand gesture that signals he questions Carlito and Kurt’s sexuality. Kurt and Carlito are ready to explode. A “Hurr-I-cane” chant starts up but dies down so the superhero can continue.

Hurricane: “Now…my hurrisenses tell me that you two…want to pick on…me. Am I not correct?”

Kurt and Carlito are nodding and preparing for a fight.

Hurricane: “Well…who wants to go toe to toe…with the superhero…first?”

Carlito rips off his hawaiian shirt and gets ready for the fight. Kurt tells him to back down so he can have him first.

Hurricane: “Well then…Kurt Angle…prepare for the Hurri-beating of a lifetime!”

The Hurricane races to the ring and slides right in between Kurt’s legs. Carlito gets out of the ring and Hurricane rises to his feet followed by right hands to the head of Kurt Angle. A referee races down to the ring and calls for the bell.

The Hurricane Vs. Kurt Angle


The Hurricane flies off the top and takes down Angle with a crossbody block. The Hurricane signals for his finisher and goes for the Eye of the Hurricane however, Kurt counters by turning around and shoving Hurricane to the direction of Carlito who spits an apple into his eye. Hurricane staggers backwards, trying to clean his eyes but gets nailed with an Angle Slam by Kurt who then follows up with the cover…




Winner: Kurt Angle

Backstage, we again see Hunter searching for a partner. This time he seems to be in the boiler room. He's a little frightened of the noises but finds someone lurking in the shadow. The man comes out from the darkness and it's Heidenreich!

HHH: "You're the man I'm looking for! Look at you! You're're're huge!"

Heidenreich: "My Heidenreich!"

HHH: "Damn right it is!'ve already cost The Undertaker the WWE Title twice...and you almost beat him in his specialty, the casket match. You're the man that's going to be in my corner. You're the man that's going to be by my side. You're the man that's going to help me win tonight! we have a deal?"

Heidenreich: "No!"

HHH: "What? You can't say no to me! I am a ten time World Heavyweight Champion! Together we are unstoppable! Why do you not want to help me?"

Heidenreich: "Because...because...I can't beat The Undertaker! I faced him at Survivor Series....and I lost. I faced him in Iraq...and I lost. I faced him at the Royal Rumble...and I lost. I hit him with a truck...and he survived! He is...unstoppable! I can not...defeat...The Undertaker!"

HHH: "You see...that's where you're wrong! Did you see last week? I...that's right...I beat...The Undertaker. And with my, you...can beat...The Undertaker. It's payback time for the deadman tonight! He's going to feel more pain than he ever has in his life! He will never forget the name...of Heidenreich! So what do you say....partner?"

Heidenreich thinks about making a decision before extending his hand and shaking with Triple H.

Heidenreich: "Sure thing...partner."

HHH: "There...that's better. Now let's get out of here...this place gives me the creeps. We'll talk over strategy. Come on..."

Heidenreich follows HHH out of the boiler room and slams the door shut. A figure appears in the's The Undertaker! He has a demonic smile on his face as cameras go to commercials.


United States Championship Match: Orlando Jordan (c) Vs. Kenzo Suzuki



Kenzo Suzuki locks in the Clawhold and tries to knock the champion unconscious. Hiroko gets up on the apron and begins yelling at Kenzo to finish him off. Orlando uses his own strength to remove Kenzo's hand from his skull and irish whips Kenzo right into Hiroko. The Japanese female falls off the apron as Kenzo stumbles backwards in recoil. Orlando turns Kenzo around and hits a flatliner followed by the cover...

Winner: STILL U.S. Champion Orlando Jordan

Backstage, cameras cut to Paul London who is being interviewed by Josh Matthews.

Josh: "Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing by with the Cruiserweight Champion...Paul London! Now, Paul...last week you were able to retain the Cruiserweight Title. What motivates you to keep going?"

London: "Well's plain and simple! It's desire! It's the fans! It's the gold! Everyone dreams of being a champion in professional wrestling and right now...I'm sitting on top of that mountain. Billy Kidman...Rey Mysterio...they all have nothing on me! At least not at the moment! You see Josh...each man sets a path for him to walk for the rest of his life...and sometimes they're taken a little off track but once they regain their focus...they get back on track...and back on the path! Right now...I'm on the path. This is only the beginning for Paul London and all the Londonites out there who have cheered me on, each and every week. They've driven me to stay on path! They don't care if it's Velocity...SmackDown...or even a house show...they've always been there for me! for..."

Paul London looks to his left. The cameras follow what he sees, it's the General Manager.

Long: "Paul London. How's it coming playa?"

London: "Great. But...why are you interrupting me?"

Long: "Why? Let me tell you me...the Cruiserweight division has become a little...stale. Like and old cracka! So what do you do with that cracka? can one...throw it away. Or two...lay down some cheese and chow down! And that's what I'm planning doing! I'm gonna add some liveliness to the Cruiserweight Division. And here's how we're going to do it...I'm going to pick a name out of a hat...then you face whoever I pick."

London: "Sounds good. Let's go."

The General Manager starts reaching in the hat.

Long: "Starting next week...your opponent will be............Billy Kidman!"

The crowd bursts in excitement.

Long: "But you see...I'm feeling a little generous. Since everyone's already seen you two tangle up...I figure, let's thrown in the former Cruiserweight Champ into the mix...since he wants to use his rematch clause. So next week in a Triple Threat Match for the Cruiserweight Championship...Paul London...Billy Kidman...and Chavo Guerrero!"

The crowd is once again cheering.

Long: "Now holla back! Ya feel me?"

Theodore Long takes off as Paul London seems a little worried.


John Cena/The Undertaker def. HHH/Heidenreich



The Undertaker tags in Cena now and HHH refuses to be tagged in from Heidenreich. The champ races in the ring and beats down his opponent. Triple H continues to walks away from the ring. Cena irish whips Heidenreich to the opposite side and takes him down with a flying shoulder tackle. Hunter laughs at Heidenreich but his happiness turns into worry when he bumps into The Undertaker. Taker knocks HHH down on the floor with a hard right hand as Cena delivers the 5 knuckle shuffle. The deadman and The Game continue to exchange lefts and rights as the WWE Champion awaits for Heidenreich to get back up on his feet. Heidenreich staggers to his feet and receives a huge FU! Cena goes for the cover...

Winners: John Cena and The Undertaker

The WWE Champion takes his title and stage dives off the guardrail into the electric crowd. Meanwhile, HHH attempts to run away from The Undertaker by sliding into the ring. The Game trips over his feet in the ring and the deadman catches up to him. The Undertaker attempts to pick up his rival but gets low blowed instead. HHH now attempts a pedigree to get the last word however, The Undertaker counters with a huge backbody drop. Triple H rises to his feet and receives a tombstone! The Undertaker celebrates to his music.

Cole: "Will we see the same thing happen next week on SmackDown?"

Tazz: "That's a good question, Cole."

Cole: "We'll have to stay tuned next week to find out the number one contender. Goodnight everybody."

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Cena/HHH Promo – Good promo here both were kept in character. I’d like to maybe see a Triple Threat between Cena/Taker/HHH but I don’t think it will happen.

Luther/Angle – A little mistake with the Luther line but a decent promo none the less

Eugene vs. Maven – Made for Luther to come out and attack Eugene, I think we will see some sort of feud between Luther/Eugene whether it be singles or tag

The Cabinet Promo – Using the cabinet well, Orlando has almost begun to takeover himself, it’ll be interesting to see who the new leader is

Eddie/Rey vs. Bashams – I would’ve liked to have seen a little more of Eddie/Rey not being functional as a team then prevailing, however the aftermath covered a lot of that up

Haas/Cena/HHH – Some could say Charlie Haas was a little bit out of character at the end, but well…Charlie Haas doesn’t have a character does he

Carlito’s Cabana – Best segment of the night, Carlito is totally cool of course, I see your using Hurricane pretty well, that’s cool

Kurt vs. Hurricane – Kurt Angle has been on an awesome role, hopefully you can continue it, a win over Hurricane here marks his dominance, I think it won’t be long before Angle challenges the champion for the title.

Heidenreich/HHH – You used Heidenreich well at the start but at the end it was a little iffy, HHH good as always, the show seems to be revolved around him though

Orlando vs. Kenzo – No real need for the match, just to put Orlando over some more and defend his title

London interview – Decent here, nice to see the CW Champ having some airtime, good luck in fixing the cruiser division, it needs major revamping

Cena/Taker vs. Heidenreich/HHH – I expected Cena and Taker to win, no real surprise here, can’t wait to see what happens next week

Realism – A few things were a little weird but they don’t affect your grade too much 8/10

Length – The length here is fine, a show mostly filled up with segments, nothing to fault with the length 10/10

Spelling/Grammar – One little mistake with the Luther line so I won’t be that harsh on a minor thing like that so I give you 9.5/10

Quality/Entertainment – The show was written well, the Carlito’s Cabana was its best feature I know you can improve it though, 8/10

Match/Booking – Orlando vs. Kenzo seemed pointless and well Kenzo is heel so Heel vs. Heel I don’t think it would work with these two especially when there’s no aftermath 8.5/10

Total: 88/100
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

The Cena - HHH feud looks to be brewing nicely. I dont see them getting it on one on one too soon though. IMO, it'll be a triple threat at JD, and somehow, this feud will boil over up to Summer Slam. It's building nicely though. It hasnt gotten personal yet, just mainly one upmanship so far, but I see it changing in the coming weeks and months.

Luther Reigns made a heck of a blunder with his line, but Angle's reaction kinda helped in seeing what it was Luther said.

Eugene beating Maven was good. The run in's afterward made it worthwhile, and I see two singles matches coming up at Judgement Day, which should be decent mid card matches at the PPV.

The Cabinet getting a new leader in two weeks?? I dont see it being an active superstar, but more of a manager, in the mould of Paul Heyman, or even Bobby Heenan. I had a nice little chuckle when O.J remarked on the echo thing from the Bashams.

Eddie and Mysterio retaining, was what I expected, but I thought it would've been by some kind of fluke, with Eddie looking to hit Rey, but missing or soemthing like that. I see this ending up at JD, with Los Guerreros vs the Filthy Animals, to crown the champs.

I hope that reaction from Charlie leads to something for him. He's a terrific athlete, and I hope it's the beginning of a push for him. Liked Cena getting one up on HHH again too.

Carlito’s and Hurricane could really end up having some great promo's with each other. Hoping to see Hurricane as a guest on the cabana soon!!!

Kurt Angle looks on the brink of contendership again. Perhaps he will be next in line for a shot after JD. Not sure who he'll be feuding with until then though, as Luther appears to be tied up with Eugene and Booker T now. Good win over Hurricane.

Have to say Heidenreich is one weird cookie. Was expecting him to read a poem to HHH though. Stayed in character enough for this promo to be good.

I'm getting the feeling OJ could be in line for a face turn soon, or at least a sustained push. Good win here.

Excited to see Paul London and the CW division get the attention it craves. Hopefully this is the beginning of something big in the division.

I was expecting Triple H to prevail again in the main event, with some sort of fighting between Cena and Taker. This poises things nicely for next week now.

Realism – Luther Reign promo was an obvious mistake, but apart from that, there was nothing that seemed totally out of whack. 9/10

Length – Fine imo. 10/10

Spelling/Grammar – The Luther Reigns line again comes under fire, but thats about all. 9/10

Quality/Entertainment – From reading your shows in the past (CCWF, and the Raw Brand show you done) I know you are capapble of even better work than this, which was still of an excellent quality though. 9/10.

Match/Booking – I agree with Main Event about the fact that Orlando vs Kenzo was heel vs heel, and that dynamic never works. The tag title match seemed a little strange too, with Rey and Eddie working pretty much like a well oiled machine. 8/10.

Total: 90/100

Anything in the 90's is of a marvellous quality. Well done.
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