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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

it will be interesting to see who you draft to both shows
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

It will be VERY interesting!

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Sorry I didnt review this weeks shows guys. I have been really busy. I will tell you that you two are some of the best at Promos I have ever read. I promise to review both Raw and Smackdown this week. Raw is looking like a classic already.

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Raw was a classic in my eyes.

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

SmackDown Preview:

What will all go down this Thursday on SmackDown following the Lottery Draft from Raw. Which superstars of SmackDown are gone and which ones will be coming? Also, if any of the following superstars are still signed for SmackDown...they are scheduled for matches. Rey Mysterio is teaming with a mystery opponent to get revenge on his fellow tag team champion/partner Eddie Guerrero and his nephew Chavo. And, Carlito Caribbean Cool is scheduled to make his return this Thursday to try and get revenge against John Cena for putting him out of action. Carlito has beaten Cena before, can luck strike twice? It may be a little hard for Carlito considering Cena is a lot wiser than before and is the current WWE Champion. What else could happen? Stay tuned for SmackDown this Thursday!

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory


A video recap is played of last week on Raw, the announcement for the draft lottery as well as Batista pinning Ric Flair with Triple H looking on.

The Raw theme plays throughout the arena and the pyro goes off

Jim Ross: Welcome to Monday Night Raw, what a night we have in store for you, tonight folks we have the Draft Lottery

Jerry Lawler: I’m looking forward to this lottery JR, I’ll not lie about it, I hope we steal a few of those guys from Smackdown I can’t wait JR

Jim Ross: Now over to our Smackdown colleges who are also here for one night only, Michael Cole and Tazz

We cut down to ringside where Michael Cole and Tazz are at they’re table

Michael Cole: Thank you JR, it’s a pleasure to be here on Monday Night Raw for this draft lottery Tazz

Tazz: Indeed it is Cole, as King says, they want some real top guys from Smackdown, we also want some from Raw, your Chris Jericho’s, Randy Orton’s, Edge’s, hopefully we can get some of those guys

The camera cuts to Lillian Garcia who is in the ring with a microphone.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for the first picks for the Brand Lottery, first of all please welcome the General Manager of Raw, Eric Bischoff!!!

”I’m Back” plays throughout the arena to a mixed reaction as Eric Bischoff walks out to the raw podium with a concerned look on his face.

Lillian Garcia: Now, please welcome the General Manager of Smackdown, Theodore R. Long!!!!!

Theodore Long makes his way out to the Smackdown podium to a small pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: Well as you know tonight here on Raw, both Raw and Smackdown superstars are in the house, and in some cases tonight they will be competing against each other

The fans cheer

Eric Bischoff: Now listen carefully please, here’s what goes down, in a moment I will pick a name out of this glass bowl, the bowl contains the names of every member of Smackdown from John Cena to Michael Cole, this will be followed up on by Theodore Long who will pick from the Raw bowl until we pick 5 superstars each, so as of right now I will make the first pick

Bischoff puts his hand into the bowl then picks out a piece of paper, he opens up the paper and looks at it, he looks reasonably pleased with his pick.

Eric Bischoff: And the first superstar to be traded to Raw is…MARK JINDRAK!!!!!

We cut backstage to the Smackdown locker room where Jindrak stands up seeming pleased to be traded as he walks out the door Luther Reigns and Kurt Angle wave goodbye with a smile on their face.

Jim Ross: Well that is a good gain for us, Mark Jindrak who was traded to Smackdown last year, now going to be back on Raw, an amazing young athlete with huge potential

Jerry Lawler: I was disappointed when he was traded last year, but I’m glad he’s back now

Jim Ross: Let’s go over to see what Michael Cole and Tazz think about this

Michael Cole: Well JR and King, we are disappointed to lose Mark Jindrak to Raw ain’t that right Tazz

Tazz: Yeah that’s right Cole but hopefully our draft will make up for that loss

Michael Cole: Now over to the Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long

Theodore Long: Ladies and Gentlemen I will now make the first pick for (cut off)

“My Time is now” plays throughout the arena to a huge pop from the crowd as John Cena comes to the ramp. He walks over towards Theodore Long and asks for the microphone.

John Cena: Alright Houston…

The crowd pops

John Cena: The Champ is HERE!!!!

The crowd start chanting “Cena, Cena, Cena”

John Cena: Yo Theodore, you know I’ve been on a bit of a role recently and of course last year I had the Midas touch so to speak so…why don’t you let me pick for Smackdown

Theodore Long nods his head then steps back and points at the bowl. Cena puts his hand into the bowl and picks up a piece of paper then hands both that and the microphone back to Long. Cena salutes the fans and walks off backstage. Long opens up the bit of paper and begins to grin.

Eric Bischoff: Well…who is it?

Theodore Long: The man that will be drafted from Raw to Smackdown is…TRIIIIIPLEEE H!!!!!!!

We immediately cut backstage to the Raw locker room where Triple H stands with his mouth wide open next to Ric Flair. The rest of the Raw locker room are celebrating the draft. We then cut back to Bischoff who has his head down on the podium.

Jim Ross: Well what a trade ladies and gentlemen, The Game to Smackdown

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know what Raw is gonna do now without the Game JR

Jim Ross: Let’s quickly cut over to Michael Cole and Tazz

The camera shows a delighted pairing of Michael Cole and Tazz

Michael Cole: We are delighted to add Triple H to the Smackdown Roster JR, what a coup that is for Smackdown

Tazz: You’re damn right, it’s a big coup and well once again John Cena did have the Midas touch I guess

“Ain’t No Stoppin Me” hits throughout the arena to a big pop as Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring.

Jim Ross: Shelton Benjamin in action when we come back!


Jim Ross: We are back live here on Raw as Shelton Benjamin is set to defend his Intercontinental Title

“The Simon System” plays throughout the arena as Simon Dean makes his way to the ring, carrying his bag filled with Simon System products.

Jim Ross: against this man…Simon Dean

Match #1
WWE Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin © vs. Simon Dean

Fast paced match-up between the two. Simon Dean isolating the bad ankle of Shelton Benjamin.

Match Ending: Shelton Benjamin tries to kick Simon Dean in the gut but Simon Dean catches his foot, Benjamin tries to counter by lifting the other leg up for the Enziguri but Simon Dean ducks and Benjamin accidentally nails the referee. The referee drops down and Shelton Benjamin tries to revive him. Simon Dean crawls to the corner and grabs his blue bag and scouts Shelton Benjamin. Simon Dean nails Benjamin with the bag then slides it out of the ring. Simon Dean pulls the referee closer to Benjamin then covers him.




Simon Dean sits up looking stunned that Benjamin kicked out. Simon Dean picks up Shelton Benjamin then tries to Irish Whip him but Benjamin counters and manages to hit the T-Bone Suplex then covers:




Winner: and still the WWE Intercontinental Champion…Shelton Benjamin!!!

Jim Ross: Despite Simon Dean’s best efforts, Shelton Benjamin retains the Intercontinental Title!

We cut backstage to see Triple H pacing up and down the corridor back and forth, with Ric Flair standing watching.

Triple H: I can’t believe I got drafted to Smackdown, because of John Cena!

Ric Flair: I know Hunter, but it happened last year, maybe you’ll get traded back

Triple H: Nah Ric, you seen the look on Theodore Long’s face, he knows what he’s gained now

Ric Flair looks down

Triple H: Don’t worry Ric, now Evolution will dominate the WWE, like we should’ve done when Batista won the Royal Rumble, you, and me Evolution!

Ric Flair begins to smile

Triple H: But as for tonight, my last night here on Raw, I want to make an impact, I wanna make a real impact and I’ll show you exactly what I have planned…

Triple H puts his arm around Ric Flair and they walk away from the camera, we then cut back to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Jim Ross: I wonder what his plan is…

Jerry Lawler: Well one thing for sure, it probably will involve Batista

The camera shows Eric Bischoff who looks miserable following the loss of Triple H to Smackdown.

Eric Bischoff: It is now time for me to choose the second man tonight that will be drafted from Smackdown to Raw so here we go

Bischoff puts his hand into the hat and tries to go to the bottom, he then picks out a piece of paper and opens it up.

Eric Bischoff: BUBBA RAY DUDLEY!!!!

Bischoff smiles as the camera goes backstage. Bubba doesn’t look happy but shakes hands with D’Von then leaves the Smackdown locker room.


We come back to see Theodore Long standing with the microphone in hand.

Theodore Long: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time to find out the next man to be drafted to Smackdown…

Theodore Long puts his hand into the bowl and picks out the first one he gets his hand on. He opens the paper up and reads it.

Theodore Long: EUGENE!!!!!

The camera shows Eric Bischoff throwing his arms into the air; delighted that Eugene is off to Smackdown.

Jim Ross: Eugene off to Smackdown folks, we’re gonna miss him right King?

Jerry Lawler: Speak for yourself, look at Eric Bischoff; he’s estatic to have got rid of Eugene

“Childs Play” plays throughout the arena to a decent pop as Eugene makes his way to the ring wearing a Smackdown shirt. He waves goodbye to Eric Bischoff then continues to walk to the ring but his attacked from behind by Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari

Jim Ross: Oh wait a minute here, what are those two doing here?

Jerry Lawler: Well Muhammad Hassan and Eugene are supposed to have a one on one match here

Jim Ross: Looks like they are seeing to it they get an advantage early over poor Eugene

Match #2
Eugene vs. Muhammad Hassan

Muhammad Hassan controls the match working on Eugene’s leg until Eugene tries to battle back

Match Ending: Muhammad Hassan tries to go for the modified STO but Eugene counters with a hard right hand to the forehead. Eugene starts fighting back with rights and lefts then Irish Whips Hassan across the ring and then delivers a back drop. Eugene then hits a powerslam on Hassan then mimics The Rock by scouting him, waiting on him to get up. Hassan gets up and turns around, Eugene goes for The Rock bottom but Hassan hits the back elbow. Hassan tries a clothesline but Eugene ducks then nails the Stone Cold Stunner. Eugene tries to cover but Daivari climbs into the ring and pulls him off then starts stomping away at his leg. The referee calls for the DQ
Winner: via DQ, Eugene!

Hassan and Daivari stomp away at Eugene then pick him up, Hassan then delivers the modified STO on Eugene then they try to go for the Camel Clutch but stop it as they see Shawn Michaels running down the ramp. Michaels enters the ring and they immediately attack him and start stomping away. Hassan and Daivari pick up Michaels and Irish whip him across the ring, they go for a double clothesline but Michaels ducks then delivers a double clothesline of his own. Both Hassan and Daivari roll out of the ring and quickly run up the ramp away from Michaels who helps Eugene to his feet.

Jim Ross: Well Shawn Michaels trying to get retribution for the attack last week by Muhammad Hassan

Jerry Lawler: I wish someone would shut these two up JR

Jim Ross: Your not the only one King, well ladies and gentlemen, now it is time to go to Eric Bischoff as he drafts the next superstar for Raw


The camera cuts to Eric Bischoff who picks up his microphone off the podium

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time to draft the third member of the Smackdown roster, to the Raw Brand

Bischoff puts his hand into the bowl, hoping for a good pick, he picks a bit of paper out of the bowl and opens it up. A big grin immediately appears on his face, almost from ear to ear.

Eric Bischoff: The man that will be drafted from Smackdown to Raw…will be none other than…JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD!!!

The camera quickly cuts to the Smackdown locker room where JBL looks stunned, standing next to his cabinet. He looks at them, and leaves the locker room they all follow.

Jim Ross: JBL to be drafted here to Raw, what a huge coup for Eric Bischoff

Jerry Lawler: Earlier on we lost Triple H, JR drafting JBL makes up for that loss

Jim Ross: Indeed it does, a former WWE Champion, a former tag team champion, the longest reigning WWE Champion in the last ten years, lets go over to Smackdown’s Michael Cole and Tazz

The camera shows Michael Cole and Tazz at the ringside table.

Michael Cole: Extremely disappointed to lose JBL, he was a great WWE Champion but we have to look on the bright side at what we’ve gained in Triple H

Tazz: Yeah exactly Cole, and who’s to say the next person that comes out of this bowl isn’t going to be a Randy Orton or a Shawn Michaels?

Michael Cole: Over now to Theodore Long

The camera cuts over to Theodore Long who is ready to make his next pick, he puts his hand into the bowl and picks out a piece of paper. He unfolds the paper and reads it.

Theodore Long: The next man to be drafted to Smackdown is…MAVEN!

Jim Ross: Well it’s not Randy Orton and its not Shawn Michaels, it’s Maven

Jerry Lawler: What’s wrong with Maven?

Jim Ross: Well…nothing, lets go backstage to The Coach who is standing by with Randy Orton

We cut backstage to see Coach smiling into the camera

The Coach: The man I am standing next to is one of the greatest superstars we have ever had here on Raw, he is the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history, and he is undefeated at Wrestlemania, he is the man that ended the twelve match win streak of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, ladies and gentlemen…The Legend Killer…Randy Orton

Randy Orton walks into the picture with a huge smile on his face to huge heat from the crowd.

The Coach: Well Randy, you requested this interview, what is it you have to say?

Randy Orton takes the microphone and looks straight into the camera

Randy Orton: Tonight will be a night that you people witness history, tonight you people will watch me valiantly defeat The Undertaker for the second time in 15 days, the only man in history ever to beat The Undertaker twice in such a short period of time, this moment will be so great it is probably the greatest thing you have ever witnessed and the greatest thing that’s ever happened right here in Houston

The crowd gives heat to the statement by Orton

Randy Orton: At Wrestlemania I beat The Undertaker against all the odds, the crowd were against me, his Wrestlemania record was overwhelming, apparently I didn’t stand a chance, and I beat him with the RKO, just like I will tonight, in his own backyard, in his own home town!

Orton laughs

Randy Orton: But I’ve realized something, I might’ve created a Wrestlemania moment for myself, I mean I know I’ve already created a place in the record books, but I don’t want to be known as just another Hall of Famer, by the time I finish my career I want to have the biggest plaque in the Hall of Fame, and to do that, I need to keep the momentum going, so next week, whether it be on Raw, or whether it be on Smackdown, I will announce the next legend, that I am going to kill!!

We cut back to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Jim Ross: I’ll tell you what King, strong words from Randy Orton there, promising to beat The Undertaker again here tonight

“Whatever” plays throughout the arena to a huge pop as Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring for the following match.

Jim Ross: Next we have a treat for you folks, Chris Benoit against Kurt Angle, when we come back


Match #3
Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle

A classic technical bout between the two, both men exchanging various suplexes and submission holds. Benoit works down on Angle’s shoulder and Angle works on the Ankle of Benoit.

Match Ending: Kurt Angle locks in the Ankle Lock but Chris Benoit manages to reverse it into the Crippler Crossface. After a minute with the hold locked on, Angle manages to counter with the Anklelock then sits back on it making nearly impossible for Benoit to get away. After several attempts of getting to the rope, Chris Benoit has no other choice than to tap out.
Winner: via submission…Kurt Angle!!!


Backstage we see Chris Benoit limping backstage as well as holding the back of his head, all of a sudden he stops and looks up, Chris Masters walks up to him with a smile on his face.

Chris Benoit: What the hell do you want?

Chris Masters: I just watched your match, before there had been talk saying that The Masterpiece was no match for Chris Benoit, that the Masterlock was inferior to the Crippler Crossface, well after that match, it is quite obvious to me that you are not in the same league as The Masterpiece

Chris Benoit starts squaring up to The Masterpiece

Chris Benoit: Not in the same league huh?

Masters smiles

Chris Masters: If you think that your in the same league as me, and want to prove that The Crippler Crossface is better than The Masterlock, then why don’t you prove it next week, but before you make that decision and incase you haven’t been watching my matches, nobody has ever broke out of my masterlock, which is why it is the best submission in the WWE, now I’m offering you the chance to back out now, or you can be the latest victim of The Masterpiece

Masters begins to laugh at Benoit

Chris Benoit: It’s on

Benoit stares deep into the eyes of Masters who backs away and smiles then eventually walks away leaving Benoit looking on.

We cut back out to the announce booth to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Jim Ross: Chris Benoit against Chris Masters the Masterpiece next week on Raw, what a match King

Jerry Lawler: Chris Masters finally gets to make a name for himself, so far here on Raw, the fans haven’t been appreciative of this magnificent athlete

“Break the Walls Down” plays throughout the arena to a huge pop from the crowd as Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring.

Jim Ross: Chris Jericho on his way to the ring folks, the first ever undisputed champion set for a big one on one match against the Nature Boy Ric Flair

Jerry Lawler: This one will be huge!

Match #4
Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair

Very even match with Ric Flair doing his usual trademark moves, trying to soften up the leg of Jericho. Jericho manages to seize control and build momentum.

Match Ending: Jericho tries to kick Ric Flair in the midsection but Flair catches his leg, Jericho brings up his other leg delivering the enziguri sending Ric Flair down, Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho and almost gets it locked in as Edge enters the ring, Jericho lets go of the hold, Edge delivers a hard spear on Chris Jericho then starts hammering away with right hands. The referee calls for the bell and several more referees come down to try and restrain Edge. Eventually a combination of refs and backstage officials manage to take Edge to the back.
Winner: via DQ…Chris Jericho!

Jim Ross: By God King, what has possessed Edge?

Jerry Lawler: Chris Jericho won the Money in the Bank Ladder match, therefore stopping Edge gaining his rightful opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship that’s why he’s ticked off

Jim Ross: Stay tuned folks; we’ll be right back!


We cut backstage to see Eric Bischoff heading out towards the ring, a voice is heard shouting on him in the background, Bischoff stops and turns around as JBL approaches him.

Eric Bischoff: Ah…JBL, what can I do for you?

JBL: I’ll tell you what you can do for me Eric, you can trade me back to Smackdown, how about that?

Eric Bischoff: I’m sorry that’s just not going to happen

JBL: Let me make this clear to you, by coming here to Raw, I lose everything! You see I may have lost to John Cena in the Basic Thuganomics match on Smackdown but I checked my contract and it stated that if I lost my WWE Championship then I have a rematch clause and it states I can choose where I want the match and what type of match it is going to be, so I got on the phone to my lawyer and he said that the rematch clause still stands because I did not pick the match, that little piece of garbage is not getting away without facing me!!

Eric Bischoff: Well JBL, I cannot trade you back to Smackdown, but I see your unhappy, so to make you happy, I have this great idea for a match, this match will take place at Backlash, one on one for the World Heavyweight Championship it will be Batista against JBL!!!!

JBL smiles

JBL: You know what Eric, I think I’m going to be happy here after all

JBL laughs as Bischoff heads out for the next trades. We cut back to JR and King.

Jim Ross: What a huge announcement, at Backlash in four weeks time, Batista will go one on one with JBL

Jerry Lawler: I can’t wait for that, that’s going to be huge

Eric Bischoff: It is now time for the fourth superstar to be drafted to Monday Night Raw

Bischoff puts the microphone on the podium and this time picks up the bowl and mixes it around. He then puts his hand in and picks out a piece of paper. He opens it up and reads it and to his delight he gets on the microphone and announces the draft.

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and Gentlemen, coming to Raw, from Smackdown is…THE BIG SHOW!!!!!!

The camera shows Theodore Long who looks concerned by the draft of The Big Show.

Jim Ross: Theodore Long looks extremely concerned at Smackdown’s loss of now not only JBL but also The Big Show

Jerry Lawler: Raw is getting better and better JR, there’s no doubt we have picked up momentum from this draft lottery

Jim Ross: Let’s go over to Theodore Long now and see who is the next raw superstar to head over to Smackdown

Theodore Long at this point has already picked a piece of paper out of the bowl and is about to read the superstars name.

Theodore Long: It is my pleasure to welcome now to Smackdown…THE HURRICANE!!!

Jim Ross: The Hurricane will now head to Smackdown, he’s certainly a young star with a massive amount of potential

Jerry Lawler: You’re right about that

“Longhorn” hits throughout the arena to huge heat from the crowd as JBL and Orlando Jordan make their way to the ring for the upcoming tag match.

Jim Ross: The Cabinet, teaming together for the last time, when we come back


Match #5
John Bradshaw Layfield & Orlando Jordan vs. Batista and John Cena

JBL and Orlando isolate Cena to try and keep Batista out of the match, they hit several double team moves. Eventually Cena works his way back into the match and gets a tag into Batista.

Match Ending: Batista enters the ring and delivers a shoulder block on Orlando then a shoulder block on JBL. Batista delivers a backdrop on Orlando followed by a backdrop on JBL. Batista kicks Orlando in the midsection and is ready to go for the Batista Bomb but JBL delivers a shot to the back of Batista. Cena gets back into the ring and runs at JBL and clotheslines him over the ropes. Cena grabs Orlando Jordan then picks him up and to the fans delight delivers the FU. Cena points at Orlando and tells Batista to powerbomb him. Batista puts both hands into the air with the thumbs up then puts the thumbs down and grabs Orlando. Batista pulls Orlando in as JBL runs up the ramp. Batista then delivers the Batista Bomb and covers Orlando while keeping his eyes on JBL for the 1-2-3.
Winners: Batista & John Cena!!!!!!

Jim Ross: Batista sending a message to the man he will meet at Backlash, JBL!

Jerry Lawler: A pretty emphatic victory there for both Batista and John Cena

We cut backstage to see Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas shaking hands.

Shelton Benjamin: So how have things been going man?

Charlie Haas: Great, what about you?

Shelton Benjamin: I’m good, still got this belt though

Charlie Haas: Yeah I seen your match it was pretty good

Voice in the Background: Come on…

Chris Masters walks into the picture next to Charlie and Shelton.

Chris Masters: Don’t lie to him, I watched your match too and coming from The Masterpiece, It wasn’t good

Shelton Benjamin: Really?

Chris Masters: Yeah, you should really think about watching my match next week, when I teach Chris Benoit some respect, when I teach Chris Benoit how to wrestle, and once again prove that my Masterlock submission cannot be broken out of and that it is the best submission in World Wrestling Entertainment

Shelton Benjamin: Why don’t you shut your mouth before I shut it for you?

Benjamin walks towards Masters who backs off and smiles before walking away


Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, over now to Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff: It is now time for the final superstar from Smackdown to come and join Raw, that superstar will be…

Bischoff puts his hand into the bowl and picks out a piece of paper, he opens it up and reads the name then smiles

Eric Bischoff: D’VON DUDLEY!!!!

We cut backstage to the Smackdown locker room where D’Von jumps up, delighted to have joined Raw and to reunite with Bubba.

Theodore Long: Now this will be the final draft for tonight and it will be for Smackdown, the superstar that will be coming to Smackdown from Raw will be…

Long puts his hand into the bowl and picks out a piece of paper.

Theodore Long: VAL VENIS!!!!!!!

Jim Ross: Well it is now time for the final match of the night, Randy Orton one on one with The Undertaker

Jerry Lawler: Say it JR

Jim Ross: This will be a slobberknocker, not for the weakened heart, a rematch from Wrestlemania 21!!!!

Street Fight Match
“The Legend Killer” Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker

The Undertaker controls most of the brutal match but Orton starts to make his way back into it.

Match Ending: Randy Orton goes for the RKO but Undertaker manages to throw him off. The crowd start booing as Triple H walks down the ramp with a Sledgehammer in hand. He stands at ringside and watches the action

Jim Ross: What the hell is Triple H doing here?

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know but he said he was going to make an impact earlier on tonight

Jim Ross: There’s no love loss for either of these men for the Game, which one does he want to hit more, Orton or The Undertaker?

The Undertaker sets up Randy Orton and delivers a chokeslam then signals for a tombstone much to the delight of the fans. Taker picks Orton up and is ready to go for the tombstone, he has Orton ready to drop but Triple H gets into the ring with the sledgehammer and runs at Taker delivering a hard shot the head. Taker drops down and lies flat out in the centre of the ring, Orton rolls towards the ropes, Triple H quickly climbs out of the ring and heads up the ramp with a big smile on his face. However the smile quickly dispels as The Undertaker sits up.

Jim Ross: Oh my God, The Undertaker has just sat up from the Sledgehammer shot!!!

Taker stands up and looks at Triple H who looks stunned

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but JR look behind him, look at Randy Orton

Taker turns around and Orton jumps up and nails the RKO

Jim Ross: The RKO!!!! No not this way

Orton covers Taker




Jim Ross: No!!!

Winner: “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton

Jim Ross: With a little help from Smackdown bound Triple H, The Legend Killer has once again defeated The Undertaker, see you next week folks!!

We go off the air with Randy Orton staring down Triple H.

End of Show


Feedback Plz

Worked hard on the show. Hopefully it lives up to the expectations
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

pretty good show, like the dudley's coming back to raw and cena drafting hhh for long this year just like he did in real life last year. sending jbl and big show to raw will help in the longterm and good luck with the new rosters, great show, 8.5/10
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

good show, a great show for the draft, full of interpromotional matches which were great match ups. Nice to see Masters getting in everyones faces and annoying them, and you do a good Masters, but your Orton is even better. Once again it was spot on and a great backstage segment leaving me in suspense for who he will strike next week.

Read the rules.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

GREAT SHOW I like how Masters is getting built up oh and btw

Prince Midas And The Golden Touch-ratings

9/10 brilliant work

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Oh goodness, I'm afraid of typing this incase my computer self destructs, but...I like Chris Masters (only in this thread though)


Anywho, Orton's promo is gold once again, cant wait to see who his next legend is, and I'm very pleased to see him beat Taker again. It's about the future, and Undertaker is in the past.

In terms of the trades, looks like Raw got the best of the action. Two main event players with JBL and Big Show, along with a tag team, and, Mark Jindrak, who if used properly, could be a success. Meanwhile SD got Triple H, which is a major coo, along with Val Venis, Eugene, Hurricane, and Maven. One main eventer and four mid carders / jobbers, but there is potential with the majority of them.

As for the show, well, it doesnt really get much better than this. Every promo delivered, although the TWGTT - Masters showdown seemed kinda awkward, but it got the point across for Chris Masters being a big head, loz.
A set of top drawer matches too, all PPV quality, which made the show seem that much more special.
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