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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

I dont have enough time to write as much as I normally do but Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton was great. The masterlock challenge was pretty good, as usual. The grade for RAW is 9.5/10.

You guys explain everything so well. Keep going and Ill keep reading.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

*Sniff* I just wokeup in hospital..... But hey atleast I got two tickets to Jugement Day out of it.... But it was a great show indeed Kev, big ups..... Nice show for the Aussie fans to see.... I had a feeling I would be involved in the show somehow....

Although before i forget:

Originally Posted by The Main Event
I’ve been waiting for this one all night JR, Can Chris Benoit break his duck over Orton?
The funniest typo I've seen in BTB, classic...

Nice way to open up the show with the Orton / Batista promo, both were on character, both went over nicely. 'he can’t screw someone out of a match…', loved that comment, read it just before I left for the bus this morning. Nice little comment about the Orton era being a flop.

Well there wasn't much to see in the Janetty segment, but i have the feeling Hassan might have something to do with it, but then again you might be making us all think that way but it actually was travel problems..... I confused myself....

Loved the Edge promo, completely on character there was nothing wrong with the promo at all. I have a feeling Edge will start his match right after Batista has had a huge match with someone else at a PPV, or maybe on RAW?? But good promo.

Me sad about the IC Invitational When mesaw RAW last week I thought it was the Invivtational but then I realised it was on here and not on WWE
But anyway, nice match.... Saw Shelton winning and see him doing it for a while at that. BTW, if they participate in one of the matches does it mean there under contract or one night only's?

Maybe Hassan had nothing to do with Janetty.... But then again I could be, and probably am wrong.

Liking Show's push, not much to say about the match cept Show's on a roll.... Wonder where you'll take him? Maybe to a belt or just keep him going steadily taking out everyone on RAW..... We'll wait and see.

Loved the rap by Christian, I see a JBL and Christian feud in the mix. Be good to see where you go from here. Nice rap.

I see Morgan and Jericho on the horizon..... That wouldn't be a bad feud IMO.... Too bad Morgan isn't the stuttering type in RoG otherwise I'm sure you would have come up with some classic ideas lines for Jericho ripping on Morgan.

Instant WCW falshback for me, as soon as Bischoff bought out the bin I instantly though WCW and Madusa when she first arrived with the WWF Womens belt.... Maybe I sence the womens division moving to Smackdown!? But I'll follow on with this just to see what happens with it.

Nice to see the Dudley's retain in the classic match....... New World Tag Champs.... Wonder who the next team will be?

{Sigh}........ Masterlock Challenge

Surprised to see Orton lose to Beniot..... I'm liking the Batista / Orton feud.... Be good to see what follows next week...

great show for OZland this week, wou;d have been great to have seen it, too bad I missed the main event. A Solid show with a solid effort..... Looking forward to the Supershow comming up, will be a good one to see.... well read.....

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Scott thats not a typo that is actually used in speech so yuh, the funniest typo is still "soup bowls".
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory


The SmackDown intro is played followed by the explosive pyros. Lots of Chain Gang and Carlito signs are overshadowing the excited fans.

Cole: "Welcome everyone to SmackDown! We are just two weeks away from Judgment Day but tonight...we have a huge announcement!"

Tazz: "That's right Cole because tonight we're going to get an update on the condition of John Cena."

My Time Is Now blares over the PA System by surprise and the fans are on their feet. We see Triple H coming out with the WWE Championship and John Cena-like attire on. He acts like John Cena as he walks to the ring and taunts the crowd with the you can't see me gesture. He grabs a microphone and holds it up to the crowd. He begins his speech.The crowd is booing.

HHH: "Pheonix!!!! The!"

The fans boo emphatically with hatred towards Triple H.

HHH: "What's the matter? You don't recognize me? I'm the champ! I'm here to represent!"

The fans continue to boo.

HHH: "How's my chain gang doing tonight?"

The fans boo wtihout caring what he says.

HHH: "Fine. Screw you! John Cena was on borrowed time before as champion...and now he's on borrowed time for his life! He's sitting in a hospital! Probably still unconscious! You know why? Because he's an idiot! He wanted to get involved in that match! He wanted to nail The Undertaker! He got tombstoned! But then he wanted to pick the fight again...and look where he is now! He isn't gonna representing anything except the parapallegics! He's washed up! And MY now! The new here! And you can all bow down and worship me like a god because that's exactly what I am! I get traded to SmackDown and I'm on top of the game before I even become champion! So here I stand in front of all you miserable low lifes!"

The crowd continues to boo.

HHH: "What? You don't like what I say about you? Well how do you think I feel? I'm rich...I can afford a computer! I can afford the internet...I see what you all say about me! You're all whining and complaining...HHH is always the champion. Well here's news for you...I'm not here because I slept with the boss's daughter! I'm here because I made myself what I am today! I'm here because I am that damn good! I'm here because I am a great wrestler! Not because I know how to use my...tool. Now you can sit here and boo me all you want! But when you accuse me of being a crappy wrestler...when you accuse me of being a bad performer. Sure...I hang out backstage and voice my saw that each and every week when I talked with Bischoff! Sure...I used to date the boss's daughter. Was it for power? No! It was for revenge...and you know what...that's one more girlfriend than all of you fat...disgusting...geeky...pathetic...basement losers who still live at home with their mommy when they retire! You say what you want! But I am the real deal! I am The Game! I am that for a reason! While all of you sit here...bitching...complaining...week after after day...I get better! I get stronger! I get smarter! You know what I did when I was a fan? Hell...I used to be like you...sitting in the stands...watching on television...Ric Flair! Whoo! Harley Race...Buddy Rogers...I've seen em all! But I didn't boo...I clapped...I cheered...I respected the guys who came out there and tried to put on a show of athleticism for me! And I also studied them! I learnt from watching them! I learnt how to do those moves and look where it got me! Sitting on there...filling up your blogs...voicing your complaints...starting online petitions to ban me from being World Heavyweight Champion...will get you nowhere in life! Ten...twenty years from now...I'll be inducted into the hall of fame! You guys however...will be sitting there...your mom cooking your meals...remote in one in the other...watching...waiting...for something interesting to happen in your lives. Then you'll watch Raw and complain that Triple H's cousin's father's roommate is sleeping with Vince's nephew's best friend and say it's because he slept to the top for where he is today! Let me tell you something...face!"

The crowd has become silented by Triple H's long speech.

HHH: "That's finally have opened your eyes. You've finally grown up and shutup!"

No Chance In Hell begins to play over the PA System. The fans are cheering once again as Vince McMahon makes his way out to the squared circle. He has a microphone in hands and speaks.

Vince: "Triple H...I've been sitting in the back for a while. And I've noticed that there hasn't been any wrestling yet! I think there's a problem. I thought we've went through're supposed to ignore the fans. And usually...I take these kinds of things into account. And you trashing the fans...that's okay...I'm fine with that. There's just one thing that ticked me off. You see...I knew that you were married to my daughter. I remember that day quite clearly...watching on the titantron as you drugged her and went through the drive-by wedding chapel. But I grew to liking you. You were like a son to me! But what I didn't know which was brought up by you the fact that you...slept with my little girl!"

Triple H seems a little scared now as Vince has an evil look on his face and backs The Game into the corner.

HHH: "Vince...uh...calm down. Let's handle this like gentlemen. I got an idea...punish me...put me against anyone you want in a match. I'll...defend...the WWE Championship!"

Vince: "No! You'll be defending your career! That's right! In the main event! You're going to be taking on a man you've never beaten one on one on your own! A 5 Time! 5 Time! 5 Time! 5 Time! 5 Time! WCW Champion! Booker T! And if you help us god that you do...YOUUU'RRRRE FIIIIIIIIIREEEEEEED!!!!!!!!"

The fans are cheering loud as Vince McMahon walks out and Triple H is worried.

Tazz: "Did you hear that Cole?"

Cole: "Yeah! It's Triple H veruss Booker T in the main event! And if Triple H loses...he loses his job!"

Backstage, we see Torrie Wilson walking and dropping her keys. She bends over and picks them up, facing the camera. The camera sees her major cleavage with the shirt she's wearing but between her legs, we see Carlito watching on with approval.

Carlito: "Now that...that's cool!"

Torrie, startled, jumps up to her feet and turns around to talk with Carlito.

Torrie: "Pervert!"

Carlito: "Hey...I just happened to be in the right the right time. Not like Undertaker! You see...he costed Carlito the United States Championship! I should have the gold right now!"

Torrie: "I'm sorry to hear about that...but I...I gotta run!"

Torrie begins running off but Carlito grabs her by the arm.

Carlito: "Where ya running to?"

Torrie: "I have a photo shoot and I got to catch a taxi and..."

Carlito: "Shhh! Don't go on...just give straight facts. You wanna know the straight facts? The Undertaker will pay for what he has done! The Undertaker...he's definetely not cool! You're very cool! I were in Playboy not once...but twice! I mean...that's incredibly cool!"

Torrie: "Thank you Carlito. You know...that really means a lot to me. The girls backstage are just always fighting and then...."

Carlito: "Shhh! Remember...just the facts. And yes...the rest of the girls....they're not cool! They only wish they were cool! Cool like...Carlito! And you! I'll tell you what...after the photo's about you and I...go out sometime. You know...hang out with the cool maybe? Huh?"

Torrie: "Sure. Sounds like fun. I'll talk to you later though, I really can't be late."

Carlito: "Bye."

Torrie Wilson runs off as Carlito watches her leave.

Carlito: "Now that..."

Carlito tosses an apple and catches it.

Carlito: "That's cool!"

Carlito Caribbean Cool bites into the apple as cameras go to a commercial break.


The Cabinet Vs. RVD/Hurricane/Hass



The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase is standing on the apron, distracting the official as Doug and Danny Basham double powerbomb the Hurricane! They revive Orlando Jordan and hide as the ref turns around. Jordan picks up the Hurricane who tries out of desperation to kick the United States Champion in the mid-section. Orlando catches his foot though and starts mocking him. Hurricane fires back with an enziguri to the temple and he is down. The Hurricane slowly crawls towards his team's corner as the official starts the ten count...

Hurricane tags in Charlie Haas! Orlando Jordan is finally getting up to make the tag but Haas catches him with a dropkick to take him down. The Bashams run into the ring now but are stopped by RVD who performs a springboard suicide dive onto them from the top rope. Charlie Haas locks in the Haas of Pain on the United States Champion, Orlando Jordan! Orlando screams in pain as Dibiase encourages him to make it to the ropes. The Bashams retreat to the outside and the Hurricane steps into the ring. Hurricane fakes the suicide dive to the outside by skinning the cat. However, it was only a distraction as RVD leaps over the Hurricane and suicide dives right onto the Basham Brothers. The Hurricane follows up by climbing to the top rope and crashing down on all three men on the outside. The official checks on the well-being of them which allows Dibiase to step in the ring. He takes a money bag from out of his pocket and nails Haas in the head with it. Dibiase reveals that it's full of coins as Orlando Jordan rolls onto Charlie for the cover. The referee turns around as Dibiase escapes and makes the count...

Winners: The Cabinet

The Cabinet begins celebarting their victory but it's ended short by General Manager Theodore Long who is shown in his office on the titantron.

Long: "Listen playas! I will not let you get away that easy! So I'll tell ya what I'm gonna determine who will face Orlando Jordan for the United States Title at Judgment Day...a sort of...preview of Judgment Day itself with an over the top battle royale! So the winner of that match next week...will challenge you Orlando Jordan for the title! Holla! Holla!"

Orlando Jordan and the rest of the Cabinet seem frustrated over the decision as they escape with a victory. Cameras go back to Theodore Long who's still in his office. A production man walks in and seems to be very worried.

Production Guy: "Mr. Long! Mr. Long!"

Long: "What's happenin' cracka?"

Production Guy: "It's Torrie Wilson! She's late for her taxi and her plane ride! She was supposed to on the plane ten minutes ago and never showed up!"

Long: "Hmmm...Torrie Wilson missing. I think I know what's going on around here. I'm gonna get to the bottom of this! Thank you very much for the information."

Cameras focus on Theodore Long thinking before cutting to commercials.


In the ring, we see Carlito's Cabana set up with Carlito already sitting down.

Carlito: "Now...I was thinking of who would be the perfect guest for Carlito's Cabana. And I realized...everyone's starting to like me around here. So...Carlito was thinking...and he thought of getting the most liked guy in the back. A guy who makes everyone laugh. Because that's what I want to do for all of you! I want everyone here to smile and! So without further guest tonight is....Eugene!"

Eugene makes his way out to the ring smiling and waving to the fans. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone. The music dies down and Eugene begins to speak.

Eugene: "Carlito's Cabana...that's cool!"

Eugene makes his way over to the bucket and bobs his head into it. He digs around and then looks up with an apple shoved in his mouth.

Carlito: "Eugene! Smarten up! We're trying to conduct an interview here! Now...I understand...that your birthday!"

Everyone cheers as Eugene seems very excited.

Carlito: "And I thought...why don't we celebrate your birthday early on the Cabana?"

Eugene seems to be even more excited after hearing that news.

Carlito: "Then I thought to myself...what could I do for Eugene? Usually there's a pin the tail on the donkey...or, duck, goose...but I thought...nah...that's not cool! But a pinjata...that's cool!"

Carlito looks up and we see something being lowered from the ceiling. It's a doll of some sort. The cameras finally get around to focusing on it and we see that it's a doll of The Undertaker!

Carlito: "Haha! Okay Eugene...I got a stick here...and a blindfold. I'm gonna spin you around a few times then you have to try and nail the pinjata. Okay?"

Eugene is very anxious to play as Carlito puts on his blindfold and makes him hold the whacking stick. Carlito spins Eugene around about 10 times as the fans cheer on.

Carlito: "Now go Eugene!"

Eugene begins stumbling around trying to find his way to the pinjata. He swings around and nearly hits Carlito with the stick. Eugene swings again and nails the top rope, it bounces back and nails Eugene in the head, causing him to crash to the floor. Carlito picks him up.

Carlito: "You okay Eugene?"

Eugene nods his head as Carlito helps him towards the pinjata.

Carlito: "Okay swing!"

Eugene swings the stick and nails the pinjata but it doesn't break.

Eugene: "I hit it!"

Eugene removes the blindfold and sees that it's not busted.

Eugene: "Carlito's turn!!!"

Eugene puts the blindfold on Carlito even though the host of the show seems very reluctant.

Carlito: "Okay Okay...I'll give it a whack!"

Carlito grabs the stick and nails the pinjata. It breaks off the string and Carlito continues to beat it. He removes his blindfold and finally breaks it with a hard stomp on it. The candy explodes out and Eugene throws it around in the crowd and eats some too.

Carlito: "Take that deadman! But anyways...Eugene...back to your party..."

Theodore Long's music begins to play and the General Manager makes his way to the ring.

Long: "I know Carlito that I shouldn't get involved in your But I have a question for you! Where is Torrie Wilson?"

Carlito wonders what he's talking about.

Long: "You heard me right! Where's Torrie Wilson? I know you took her! You were the last one to see her! Now tell me where she is!"

Carlito: "Theodore Long...I don't know what you're talking about."

Long: "Listen you ungrateful playa! I'm tired of playing games! You're the cracka that wanted some action well...if you're not gonna tell me...I'm gonna have to take some action! And I'm gonna have a lot of pleasure doing it too! I'll fire you!"

Carlito: "I'm serious. I don't know where she is! But let me tell you come out here...on my show? You come out here and blame me? That's not cool!"

Long: "No! That might not be cool to you! But I'll tell you what really isn't cool! Kidnapping Torrie Wilson! Now you can go on and lie all you want Carlito...I'm not falling for it! Now give her to me!"

Carlito: "Eugene...pass that apple over here. This is going to be a rough night..."

Eugene tosses the apple to Carlito and he catches it. Carlito takes a big bite into it and starts munching on it.

Long: "Carlito! If you even dare to think about spitting that apple out at me...I will have you arrested on the count of..."

Carlito shoves an apple into Theodore Long's mouth so he can't talk.

Carlito: "Hey Theodore Long...didn't your mama teach you not to talk with your mouth full?"

Carlito nails Theodore Long with the Coolest Move In The World then spits the apple remains on him and rolls him out of the ring as the people are cheering.

Carlito: " that he's out of the way...I thought to myself...what present can I get Eugene that he will never forget. And then I thought of this..."

Eugene looks on in amazement. The lights begin blinking two different colors: Red and Yellow. Real American Blasts over the PA System and we see "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan make his way to the ring in his ring attire. He takes off his feather boas and then rips his shirt in half! The fans are going nuts as the music dies down and Eugene is jumping up and down. The fans start a massive Hogan chant that lasts about 5 minutes. They finall quiet down in respect to the Hulkster who asks them if he can speak.

Hogan: "Well let me tell ya something Hulkamaniacs! It's great to be back here on SmackDown! Now...I got a phone call a few days ago from Carlito...and usually when people ask me for an appearance I tell them flat out no. But when Carlito called me up...and said it was for Eugene's birthday...I couldn't refuse!'re my biggest fan! And Eugene...I mean this when I say it...I am your biggest fan!"

Eugene lifts up his microphone to his mouth.

Eugene: "'s...Hulk...Hulk...Hulk Hogan! Say your prayers and eat your vitamins! Aaaaaargh"

Eugene rips off his jacket, impersonating The Hulkster and Hogan laughs.

Hogan: "I'll tell you what Eugene. You're going to have the opportunity of a and you...we're gonna pose to all the screaming Hulkamaniacs! What do you say?"

Eugene: "Yeah!"

Hogan and Eugene start flexing to Real American to all the fans who are cheering very loudly. Carlito exits the ring and looks on in satisfication for pleasing Eugene and the fans. The music suddenly dies down and the lights go off. When the lights turn back on, The Undertaker's face appears on the titantron.

Undertaker: "Carlito...your games are over! At Judgment and I will meet. And I shall seal your fate! I will be the judge...jury...and executioner for you Carlito! I also have something...that might belong to you."

The camera zooms out and we see Torrie Wilson tied to a chair and gagged. She is very scared.

Undertaker: "You wanted to have a little fun instead of worrying about me. Well it is I who will have the fun! And come Judgment Day...I will have the last laugh!"

Carlito: "Undertaker...give Torrie to me! She's not the one who picked the fight...I am!"

Undertaker: "Don't worry Carlito...she will be unharmed. I'd be more worried about your fate...because you"

Hogan: "Undertaker! Hey...over here brother! You wanna pick on Carlito? Not without me getting involved! I won't be here next week...and I won't be here the week after that...but let me tell ya something brother...I will be there at Judgment Day! And I will be there in the corner of Carlito! So what'cha gonna do brother? What'cha gonna do when the 24 inch pythons...all the Hulkamaniacs...and Carlito run wild on you!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Undertaker: "Haha! Old never learn! Survivor Series 1991...I defeated you! Judgment Day...2002...I defeated you! Hogan...not only will I put Carlito's soul to rest...but I will bury...and end Hulkamania...once and for all!"

The Undertaker starts to laugh as cameras fade to black. Hulk Hogan and Carlito are kind of worried now as cameras go to commercials.


Cameras come back from commercials and we see an outdoor setting with many people with cameras huddled around. A red carpet is rolled out and it looks like the red carpet to an award show. A black limo pulls up and cameras start taking photographs of the vehicle. The door is opened by the driver and out steps a gorgeous young woman. She steps out for everyone to see and take pictures of her as she struts her stuff. She stops in a pose and out come two muscular men in fur coats and sunglasses. The photographers take pictures over and over again. They begin to introduce themselves.

Woman: "I am...Melina! And along with me are...Mercury...and Nitro! Together...we are...M...N...M!"

The paparazzi "Oooh!" and "Aaah!" as they continue to take pictures. A camera man gets really close to them to take a picture.

Melina: "Get that camera outta my face!"

Mercury and Nitro assault the camera man. The letters MNM flash on the screen as cameras return to the backstage area. We see The Hurricane and Rob Van Dam looking eye to eye.

Hurricane: "Mr. Thursday Night you may be...but Judgment Day happens on a Sunday! That will be the night of the Hurricane!"

RVD: "No way...everybody knows who's gonna win that 10 man battle royale...R...V...D!"

Just then, Kurt Angle arrives.

Angle: "Well, well, well...if it isn't the superhero that sucks...and the wrestler that...puffs!"

Hurricane: "How dare you insult I and..."

RVD holds Hurricane back.

RVD: "Let me take care of this, dude. How dare insult I and The Hurricane! Look...I'll admit it...I was a drug user...and I got help. I'm man enough to admit it. But're not man enough to admit the truth either!"

Angle: "Admit to what truth? I'm not a drug user! I've had nothing to do with them! Except for...well...if you're suggesting I break my neck on purpose for morphine're dumber than you look! And trust me...that's harder than it sounds!"

RVD: "I'm not talking about drugs! Dude...I know it...The Hurricane knows it...everyone in the back knows it...heck...even the fans know it..."

Angle: "What are you talking about?"

RVD: "It's been haunting you for the past few years Kurt. You should know what I'm talking about..."

Angle: "Alright! Alright! Alright! It's true! I use the internet to fulfill my fantasies! I have a fetish of women's feet! There's just something about them. I download pictures...videos...I buy movies...anything! I just love feet!"

The fans are grossed out as are RVD and The Hurricane.

Angle: " happy now?"

RVD: "Dude...that's not what I was getting to. should also get help for that. I mean...serious help! The truth that I'm talking about suck!"

The fans break out into a "You Suck!" chant.

Angle: "Oh know...I was just kidding about the whole foot fetish thing...I love with feet? Come on, that's ridiculous! Now beat it! Before I break your ankles!"

RVD and The Hurricane take off. Kurt Angle makes sure nobody is around then reaches down into his wrestling tights. He pulls out a picture. He begins looking at it strangely.

Angle: "Oohhh baby...Brittney've get the sexiest pair of...(Kurt looks around)...feet I've ever seen!"

The Hurricane pops out from out of nowhere.

Hurricane: "WATZUPWITDAT???!!!!!"

Kurt Angle, scared, falls down on the floor and is embarassed after being caught.

Hurricane: "Pervert! My hurrisenses tell're a loser!"

The Hurricane flies away as Kurt Angle continues to look on in embarassment. Cameras go to ringside for the next match.

Eddie Guerrero Vs. Billy Kidman



Billy Kidman climbs up to the top rope. He looks around to get the crowd excited and gets in position for the shooting star press! Guerrero shoves the official in the ropes to knock Kidman off his feet. Eddie climbs up and superplexes Kidman. Eddie looks around to the fans and receives loud boos. He climbs up to the top rope and drops the frog splash! The official makes the count...

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Backstage, we see the Cabinet without Ted Dibiase. Orlando Jordan begins to give instructions.

Orlando: " guys have to take care of everyone in that battle royale! We have to ensure that one of you walk out as the winner! We don't need someone like Charlie Haas...The Hurricane...or even...Rob Van Dam winning that match now do we? We need to protect what we have...we have to pay full attention to the contenders for the United States Title!"

Just then The Million Dollar Man steps in the door.

Dibiase: "Hey guys...great match out there tonight. You guys make me proud! Now...I've been watching the Guerreros and those two other guys...why are guys like them competing for the tag team titles? It should be you guys! Doug...Danny...I want you guys to focus on becoming tag team champions! You've done it shouldn't be hard to do it again! Don't worry about the Battle Royale next week...whoever wins it, Orlando Jordan will take care of him. I can trust him. Not like that punk Virgil! So remember...two focuses! Basham Brothers...tag team titles! Orlando Jordan...hang onto your title! Simple? That's what I thought! The SmackDown roster is going to learn...just like those three did tonight...that everybody's gonna pay!"

Dibiase breaks into his signature laughter before he's interrupted by a knock on the door. A guy walks in with a tray full of coffees and gives one to each member of the Cabinet.

Guy: "Excuse me...but could I get my tip now and go?"

Dibiase: "Tip? You serious?"

The guy nods his head. The Basham Brothers step in the guy's way and spill their coffees on him. He runs off screaming and the Bashams shut the door on him. The cameras cut to commercials.


Rey Mysterio Vs. Chavo Guerrero



Chavo Guerrero locks his opponent in position for the Gori Bomb. Rey counters by rolling through Chavo's legs with the cover...
Chavo kicks out!

Rey Mysterio quickly gets to his feet with Chavo and delivers a drop toe hold into the ropes. Rey calls out as the fans are on their feet and Rey Mysterio hits the 619!!! Rey looks to the crowd for approval then gets ready to drop the dime but misses! Chavo rolled out of the way and now he's back up to his feet waiting for Mysterio in the corner. Rey gets up and Chavo has him set up for a tornado DDT. Mysterio counters when Chavo's in the air by dropping his opponent on his gut. Chavo gets up and holds his gut in pain as Rey rolls him up for the count...

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Before Rey Mysterio can celebrate his victory, the General Manager Theodore Long makes his way out to the ramp with the tag team titles over his shoulders.

Long: "Now...Rey Mysterio...Billy Kidman...Los all have to listen up what I have to say. At Judgment Day...we're going to crown ourselves some new tag team champions! And we're gonna do it with the four of a ladder match!"

The crowd becomes explosive after hearing the announcement.

Long: "Now, if y'all like the sound of that...gimme a holla holla!"

The crowd hollas back and Long makes his way backstage before going into a commercial break.


"WWE Championship Match": Triple H Vs. Booker T



Booker T hits the Book End on The Game and both competitors are now down after a very competitive match-up. The official begins the ten count now.

Tazz: "So this is a real WWE Championship Match Cole?"

Cole: "I'm sure in Triple H's mind it is. But John Cena is still the WWE Champion. He's in a hospital right now with a concussion and serious head injuries but he'll be back and ready to defend that title. I'm sure he wants revenge on Triple H even more so than before!"

Booker T is the first one back up to his feet and HHH is getting to his knees. Booker gives Hunter a few chops then irish whips him to the ropes. Booker hits a kick to the gut which causes The Game to bend forwars and clench his stomach in pain. Booker T calls for it then comes off the ropes and attempts a scissors kick however Hunter gets out of the way. Booker T turns around and receives a pedigree followed by the cover...

Winner: Triple H

The Game celebrates with the title shortly until cameras turn their attention to Carlito and Hulk Hogan who are running in the parking lot.

Carlito: "Undertaker! Give her back!"

Hogan: "Come on bro! Give it up!"

Cameras focus on where they are looking at. Torrie Wilson is placed in a casket and the lid is shut. She's then hoisted into the back of a hearst which The Undertaker climbs onto the back of. Carlito and Hogan begin catching up as the vehicle pulls out of the parking spot. They stop and see that the Hearst is coming their way so they jump out of the way. Carlito is pissed and Hulk Hogan rips his shirt off.

Hogan: "Undertaker! This...means...war!"

The cameras watch the hearst drive off into the darkness of the night as SmackDown comes to an end.

Chat with me via Facebook or Twitter I'd love to hear your opinions!
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

WWE Smackdown

A great opening segment with Triple H. A long winded speech and going at the fans as well, very in character. It's good to see Vince McMahon around, but I'm not sure about having a match with Triple H's career on the line. I would expect Triple H to win.

A good backstage segment with Carlito Caribbean Cool and Torrie Wilson. Hopefully Torrie Wilson will become Carlito's manager and help Carlito defeat the Undertaker.

Great to see Ted DiBiase around and helping the Cabinet out. The announcement of the Battle Royal was okay, but I think a normal match would have been better.

Wonder who stopped Torrie Wilson from getting in the taxi. Hopefully it's a set up by Carlito and Torrie to try and lay out the Undertaker.

A great segment with Carlito Caribbean Cool, Eugene, Theodore Long, Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker. Not to sure about having the Undertaker kidknapp Torrie Wilson, but the match between the two at Judgement Day should be good.

Great to see that you are introducing MNM to Smackdown.

An okay segment backstage with the Hurricane, Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle. I think it made Kurt Angle look pathetic though, with a crap gimmick.

Not surprised that Eddie Guerrero got the victory over Billy Kidman.

A good segment backstage. It's nice to see that your having Orlando Jordan under a coward like gimmick, and that DiBiase is a more confident character, similar to John Bradshaw Layfield.

Not surprised to see Rey Mysterio go over Chavo Guerrero, considering that Eddie defeated Kidman earlier in the show. The ladder match should be great.

Not surprised to see Triple H defeat Booker T, because it wouldn't really make sense to have the WWE Champion fired. Hopefully you will continue a Triple H/Vince McMahon feud.

Great to see the show end with a Undertaker/Carlito/Hogan segment. This looks to me to be a great feud.

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Raw ruled!

I dont have much time this summer to reply(I can hardly get my shows up as I've been moving from Arizona to Florida) but Ill just say that the Orton-Batista promo was awesome and Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Sabin would be a match noone would forget for a long time to come, but the best part was Scott in the Masterlock hahahaha, Can you imagine him breaking it?

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory


Coach’s face appears on the tron then the Raw theme begins to play throughout the arena and pyro goes off.

Jim Ross: Welcome to Monday Night Raw, what a night this will be, tonight ladies and gentlemen Eric Bischoff is away on a trip and he has left his friend Jonathan Coachman in charge of Raw!!

Jerry Lawler: God knows what’ll happen tonight with that idiot in charge

Jim Ross: Tonight in one on one action, Chris Benoit takes on Christian in what is bound to be a great one on one match

Jerry Lawler: Captain Charisma has been trying to get to the main events and there is no better way to make your mark than by beating Chris Benoit!!

Jim Ross: Also tonight we will see the second instalment of the Intercontinental Title invitational match, last week Chris Sabin debuted on Raw by accepting the challenge and what a match he had with the champion Shelton Benjamin

Jerry Lawler: It was a brilliant match, what a great idea by Eric Bischoff, I can’t wait to see who the next challenger is tonight!!

”No, No, No” hits throughout the arena to heat from the crowd as the interim General Manager Jonathan Coachman makes his way to the ring.

Jerry Lawler: Look who it is!!

Jim Ross: It’s our esteemed…(coughs)…General Manager for the night Coach…

Coach gets in the ring and gets a microphone from Lillian Garcia.

Coach: You people sit down and shut up, as the Coach has something to say!!

Coach smiles as the crowd give that heat.

Coach: I know how much you people really want to see Batista tonight, but you won’t because tonight for one night only, Raw is The Coach’s show and that means every single member in that locker room is under my authority and as an example of my authority, The Coach has barred Batista from the building tonight so Batista will not be here!!!

The crowd gives that huge heat

Coach: Also Eric Bischoff has asked me to announce that next week on our special three hour super show…there will be a one night tournament featuring six superstars, the winner gets to go to Vengeance to face Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title…

Coach smiles and the crowd start a “Coach sucks” chant, which makes him angry.

Coach: The men in these tournament will compete first in a singles match then the winners will advance to a Triple Threat Match later on that night…the competitors in this will be…

Coach pauses as the crowd waits in anticipation

Coach: JBL!!!

The crowd gives that huge heat

Coach: The Big Show!!

The crowd also gives Big Show heat


The crowd boo’s even louder upon hearing his name

Coach: Shawn Michaels!!

The crowd gives that a huge pop

Coach:…Chris Jericho!!

The crowd gives that a huge pop again

Coach: and…Chris Benoit!!!!

The crowd erupts upon hearing Benoit’s name and a huge “Benoit, Benoit, Benoit” chant starts.

Coach: Now as for tonight, you’re next World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton will be in action and he will kill not one but two legends…

The crowd buzzes in anticipation

Coach: In a handicap match Randy Orton has agreed to take on Jerry “The King” Lawler and his partner Jim Ross

Coach laughs as the camera cuts to a stunned pairing of JR and King.

Coach: I know what you’re all thinking, one major question is crossing your mind and yes to answer that, I have accepted to call this huge main event…all by myself!!!

Coach laughs as his music hits and he leaves the ring as we cut to a commercial break.


Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw…what are we going to do later on tonight King?

Jerry Lawler: That damn Coach…don’t worry about it JR, you just stay on the apron and I’ll do my best

Jim Ross: Well…coming up in our first match of the night, JBL will be in action as he takes on Chris Sabin!!!

Singles Match
Chris Sabin vs. JBL

Chris Sabin pushes JBL very close on several occasions using his speed to his advantage and high flying moves to wear JBL out.

Match Ending: Chris Sabin comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick and covers quickly for the 1-2-kickout. Sabin gets up quickly and climbs the turnbuckle again, he waits on JBL to get up and tries to come off with a Hurricanrana but JBL catches him and drills him with a powerbomb. JBL then waits on Sabin to get up and delivers the Clothesline from Hell and covers for the 1-2-3.
Winner: JBL

JBL stands up and celebrates but his celebration is cut short as Chris Jericho runs down the ramp to the delight of the crowd. He gets into the ring and spears down JBL and mounts him hammering away with right hands until several referees and officials come out and restrain him.

Jim Ross: Chris Jericho trying to gain retribution on JBL because last week JBL and his Chief of Staff did a number on Chris Jericho during the match when the referee was down

Jerry Lawler: An unprovoked attack it was JR, unprovoked!!

Jim Ross: I understand we can now go backstage to Todd Grisham who is standing by with Chris Jericho

We cut backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by with an angry Chris Jericho.

Todd Grisham: Chris Jericho you attacked JBL moments ago after his match with Chris Sabin, why did you do it?

Chris Jericho: Lately Todd, I’ve been off the ball, you haven’t seen the real Chris Jericho as of late, I thought I was on a role when I won the Money in the Bank contract but then I lost it to Edge, then last week on Raw, JBL and Matt Morgan beat me down in the ring…well I’ve had enough, I am in the one night tournament next week to crown a number one contender and Todd, I have to win that tournament, I need this title shot more than anyone, I am going to redeem myself by winning this tournament and winning the World Heavyweight Title!!!

Jericho then looks past Todd as Coach walks into the picture.

Coach: Is that right?

Chris Jericho: Yeah that’s right ass clown, what do you think because you’re General Manager for tonight that you’re important, I don’t think so Junior!!

The Coach laughs

Coach: Let me tell you Chris Jericho, if you’re so sure you’re going to win the tournament then it won’t matter that in the first round who you face will it?

Jericho shakes his head

Coach: The first round matches have been announced, next week Chris Benoit will take on JBL, Edge will take on Shawn Michaels…(Coach laughs)…Yes Chris, that leaves you to go one on one with the seven foot two, five hundred pound Big Show!!!!

Coach laughs and walks off leaving Chris Jericho looking stunned.


We come back to see Shelton Benjamin in the ring waiting on his next opponent in the Intercontinental Title Invitational.

”It wasn’t my fault” hits throughout the arena to heat from the crowd as Gene Snitsky makes his way to the ring.

Intercontinental Title Invitational
Gene Snitsky vs. Shelton Benjamin ©

Snitsky uses his power to dominate the majority of the match but he isn’t able to put away Shelton Benjamin.

Match Ending: Snitsky Irish Whips Shelton against the ropes and then delivers a huge big boot and covers but only gets a two count. He then signals that it’s over and picks up Benjamin. He goes for the Pumphandle Slam but Shelton counters and rolls up Snitsky but only gets two. He gets up quickly and delivers a spinning wheel kick knocking Snitsky down. Shelton then sets Snitsky, Snitsky gets up and tries to clothesline Shelton who ducks and then hits the T-Bone Suplex and covers for the 1-2-3
Winner: and still Intercontinental Champion…Shelton Benjamin

Jim Ross: Shelton Benjamin defeats Snitsky, managing to retain in another Intercontinental Invitational match, that is the unpredictability of this type of match, the first week we had the high flying Chris Sabin, this week we’ve had the brutality of Gene Snitsky!!

Jerry Lawler: Once again though Shelton Benjamin retains his title!!!


We come back and “Burn in My Light” plays throughout the arena to huge heat from the crowd as Randy Orton makes his way to the ring, he smiles at JR and King as he walks past them. He climbs into the ring and gets a microphone.

Randy Orton: Rise to your feet and greet your next World Heavyweight Champion!!!

Orton smiles as the crowd gives him major heat

Randy Orton: You see in Batista’s absence I have bravely accepted to take on the legendary tag team of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler…

Orton laughs

Randy Orton: I am going to prove a point to Batista, to JR and King, to you people, you can all sit there and drink you’re stupid beer and eat you’re stupid hot dogs, but none of you can be as good as Randy Orton

Orton smiles again but gets mad as the crowd start chanting “Orton sucks”

Randy Orton: Next week in this very ring I will embarrass Batista, I will humiliate him, I will destroy him, you can call him the Animal if you want, but he isn’t tougher, he isn’t badder than Randy Orton!!

The crowd start chanting “Batista, Batista” and Orton nods his head.

Randy Orton: Chant his name all you want, he isn’t coming here tonight, and even if he did I would beat the living hell out of him, like I am going to beat the hell out of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler tonight, like I beat the hell out of Chris Benoit at Backlash, like I beat the living hell out of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, because there is nobody tougher than Randy Orton!!!

Orton smiles

Randy Orton: And if anyone in that locker room, thinks they are tougher than Randy Orton then I suggest they come out here to this very ring right now and prove it…

Orton waits but nobody comes out, he turns around and starts smiling to the crowd when all of a sudden Glass Shatters and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music plays throughout the arena to an enormous pop from the crowd. Austin makes his way to the ring and climbs in and barges straight into a stunned Randy Orton before climbing up on all four turnbuckles and saluting the fans. He then gets a microphone from Lillian Garcia.

An “Austin, Austin” chant breaks out throughout the arena.

Stone Cold: I was sitting in the back there…


Stone Cold: Having a beer…


Stone Cold: Eating a hot dog…


Stone Cold: Enjoying Monday Night Raw


Stone Cold: Until you started flapping you’re gums


Stone Cold: If I heard you correctly, you made fun of these people because they drank beer, what’s wrong with drinking beer?

Randy Orton: It’s (Stone Cold cuts him off)

Stone Cold: Don’t talk in my ring unless I tell you to talk

The crowd laughs instead of chanting what.

Stone Cold: When you insult beer, you insult Stone Cold


Stone Cold: You don’t wanna insult Stone Cold Steve Austin


Stone Cold: You insult Stone Cold Steve Austin and he might just beat the living hell out of you


Stone Cold: You then said there was nobody tougher than Stone Cold…


Stone Cold: Make no mistake about it, I am the toughest SOB in the World and if you say otherwise…well that’s you insulting Stone Cold


Stone Cold: You then challenged anyone in the locker room to prove they were tougher than Randy Orton…


Stone Cold: So consider this, challenge accepted!!

Austin kicks Orton in the midsection and then delivers a stunner!!!!! His music then hits throughout the arena and he celebrates by drinking beer on all four turnbuckles before leaving.


Jim Ross: Moments ago we saw an appearance by Stone Cold Steve Austin and what an impact he made delivering the Stone Cold Stunner on Randy Orton!!

Jerry Lawler: I loved that moment and hopefully Randy Orton is weakened for later on tonight

“Drop the Bombshells” plays throughout the arena to a pop from the crowd as The Dudley Boyz make their way to the ring.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen two weeks ago on Raw Eric Bischoff told The Coach to find him a team to take on the tag team champions and we’re about to see who that team is

Dance music plays throughout the arena as a blonde headed man and a brown headed man make their way out to the ring dancing on their way.

Lillian Garcia: Introducing their opponents from Panama City, weighing in at a combined weight of 445 pounds, Antonio and Romeo, the Heart Throbs!!!!!!

Jerry Lawler: The Heart Throbs?

Jim Ross: I haven’t heard of this team before…

World Tag Team Titles
The Dudley Boyz © vs. The Heart Throbs

An impressive debut by the tag team of the Heart Throbs who isolate D’Von

Match Ending: D’Von manages to get the tag in to Bubba, Bubba comes into the ring and clotheslines Antonio then clotheslines Romeo. Bubba delivers a scoop slam on Antonio, Bubba then delivers a scoop slam on Romeo. D’Von then clotheslines Antonio over the top rope and out to the floor. He then sets up Romeo alogn with Bubba and the Dudley Boyz hit the 3D and Bubba covers Romeo for the 1-2-3.
Winners: and still Tag Team Champions…The Dudley Boyz


Muhammad Hassan’s music hits throughout the arena to heat from the crowd as Hassan makes his way to the ring along with Daivari. Hassan gets a microphone and stands in the middle of the ring as a “USA” chant breaks out.

Muhammad Hassan: I came here tonight, to have a match…I came here tonight to exact revenge…I came here tonight to bring justice to Monday Night Raw…I came here tonight to face…Marty Jannetty!!!

Hassan looks at Daivari who shakes his head.

Muhammad Hassan: But once again Marty Jannetty had the audacity not to show up and face me…Marty Jannetty is like you American’s, he is a coward…so since I cannot face him tonight…I am challenging anyone in the locker room to a match…but not just anyone, I am challenging any American to a match!!!

Hassan throws the microphone down and waits for someone to answer his challenge, eventually “Sexy Boy” plays throughout the arena to a huge pop from the crowd as Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring to face Hassan.

Singles Match
Muhammad Hassan (w/Daivari) vs. Shawn Michaels

A brawl between these two with Daivari interfering at any point possible

Match Ending: Michaels tries to clothesline Hassan but he accidentally gets the referee knocking him down. Hassan tries a low blow but Michaels counters and delivers a right hand knocking Hassan down. Daivari enters the ring but gets Sweet Chin Music. Hassan runs at Michaels but Michaels delivers a powerslam. Edge is shown on camera running down the ramp with his briefcase in hand, he slides into the ring and clocks Michaels in the head with it, knocking him out. Edge slides out of the ring and watches Hassan pick up Michaels and hit the modified STO and covers him and the referee stirs around to count the 1-2-3.
Winner: Muhammad Hassan

Jim Ross: Edge making a statement to his opponent next week, Shawn Michaels!!!

Jerry Lawler: That is a huge understatement JR, he knocked him out with that metal briefcase of his

Jim Ross: We’ll be right back after this commercial break!


We come back to see Todd Grisham standing next to Chris Benoit.

Todd Grisham: Chris Benoit, next week you compete in the tournament to crown a number one contender to the World Heavyweight Title, what are your thoughts?

Chris Benoit: At Wrestlemania 20, when I beat Triple H and Shawn Michaels to lift the World Heavyweight Title, it was one of the greatest moments of my life, it was the greatest feeling ever to know that I had made it to the top, and I want to get back there, I want to relive that moment Todd, I am the best technical wrestler in the World today and nothing will stand in my way and I will once again become the World Heavyweight Champion!!!

Chris Benoit walks off as we cut back to JR and King.

Jim Ross: Strong, heartfelt words from the Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit, up next folks Chris Benoit goes one on one with Christian

“Just Close Your Eyes” hits throughout the arena to a mixed reaction from the crowd as Christian makes his way to the ring for his following match.

Singles Match
Chris Benoit vs. Christian

Great back and forth match between these two.

Match Ending: Christian goes for the Unprettier but Benoit counters with a German Suplex and he keeps his grip, he hits a second German Suplex and keeps his grip again and then hits a third German. Benoit signals for the headbutt and climbs to the top turnbuckle, he tries to hit a Swandive Headbutt but Christian moves and Benoit hits the canvas. Christian quickly covers Benoit for the 1-2-kickout. Christian then picks up Benoit and once again goes for the Unprettier but Benoit counters with the Crossface in the centre of the ring, Christian quickly taps out!!
Winner: Chris Benoit

Christian then attacks Benoit from behind as he is celebrating and nails the Unprettier and stands tall over Benoit as we cut to a commercial break.


We come backstage to see Christian walking down the corridor holding his shoulder; he stops and looks up straight into the eyes of a smiling JBL.

JBL: Remember you rapped to me last week, well I’ve been thinking of payback for you and I’ve come up with something…you wanna hear it?

Christian: No I don’t

Christian tries to walk away but JBL stops him.

JBL: Well tough…it goes like this…did you just see that last bout? That little guy called Christian…he tapped out!!!

JBL bursts out laughing as Christian looks at him and mockingly laughs.

Christian: You know JBL…you are almost as bad at rapping as you are wrestling…

Christian walks off leaving JBL annoyed, we then cut back to JR and King.

Jim Ross: Another confrontation between Christian and JBL, and a pathetic rap attempt by JBL

Jerry Lawler: That has been an interesting rivalry in recent weeks, but onto more important things, we’re up next JR

Jim Ross: I don’t even have wrestling gear here tonight, I have to compete in my suit

Jerry Lawler: Well fortunately I always wear my gear out here and hopefully you don’t have to enter the match.

Jim Ross: Folks we’ll be back after this commercial break


We come back to see JR and King standing in the ring. “No, No, No” hits throughout the arena to heat from the crowd as Coach makes his way out to the announce position, giving JR and King a mocking wave as he walks down. He puts on the headset and begins to talk.

Coach: Well Business has just picked up ladies and gentlemen, The Coach is here to commentate this huge match all by myself, I know it’s a tough task but there is nobody better to do this than…The Coach

”Burn in My Light” hits throughout the arena to huge heat from the crowd as Randy Orton makes his way to the ring.

Coach: Here comes your next World Heavyweight Champion, the Legend Killer…Randy Orton!!!!!

Handicap Match
Randy Orton vs. Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

King stays in for the full match leaving JR on the apron. He starts off brightly but Orton begins to dominate and busts King open.

Match Ending: Orton mounts King and begins to deliver hard right hands to the head. He continues to further open the wound in the head of King but stops when JR comes into the ring. He tries to plead with Orton to stop, Orton then slaps JR and tells him to shut up. JR uses all his strength to deliver a stiff right hand on Orton which causes Orton to stagger back into a rollup by King for the 1-2-kickout. Orton then quickly gets up and nails an RKO on King. He then walks over to JR and delivers a hard right hand knocking him out. Orton then covers King for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Randy Orton

Orton then goes over to JR and continues to beat him up until he pleads. He then stands tall making signals that he is the next World Heavyweight Champion as we go off the air.

End of Show


Once again ratings appreciated and will be returned. I don't think I've missed anyone out before if I have PM me with a good moan lol.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Good opening segment with Coach giving his promo to set the stage for the night. The announcement of that tournament is HUGE. That will be one hell of a Raw and three hour special? I can not wait. Also Orton vs King and JR should be interesting and entertaining.
Good opening segment. 9/10

JBL defeats Sabin is what I thought would happen. I was pulling for Sabin but JBL was the logical choice to win right now. Jericho doing the run in after the match was intense as he beat the living hell out of JBL. 8/10

Jericho right back backstage for an interview just after attacking JBL seemed a bit weird. Still a pretty good interview though where we find out he will have to overcome The Big Show to advance past the first round of the tourny. 7/10

I am liking this Intercontinental invitational. It makes for some interesting matches, such as Sabin and Benjamin last week. Thank god Benjamin beat Snitsky though this week. 8/10

Randy Orton flapping his gums untill...GLASS SHATTER!! Awesome, Stone Cold shut him up with a good ol stunner. Good segment, both were pretty well in character. 9/10

Cool to see the Heart Trobs debut, although beating the Dudleyz would have been a bad move and made the Dudleyz look weak. So it was good you had the Heart Throbs lose. Hopefully you can use them pretty well. 9/10

Hassan in character and cool to see HBK accept the challenge to Hassan. Damn Edge costing Michaels the match. Great though seeing as this builds up Edge and HBK for next week and that will no doubt be a great match. Looking forward to that. 10/10.

I thought Christian was going to win the match but I can see a rematch in the future after the post match unprettier. 8/10.

LOL at JBL and Christian, cool little rhyme by JBL to get under Christians skin. Then Christian returned the favor and insulted JBL. 9/10

I thought maybe Batista would somehow make it to the arena and help out but he didn't. Showed Orton's sadistic side with a cruel beatdown. Pretty good. 8/10

Overall a good Raw, no complaints really.


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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Really good show. I should start cutting down on my matches too and doing more promos and stuff. Save the big drawn out matches for PPV's. Your Raw was really good.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Coach Promo- Great way to start off Raw, loving Coach as GM. No Batista though 9/10.

JBL/Sabin- Yay, Sabin is still on Raw. Nice little win picked up by JBL. 8/10.

Y2J Segment- Nice little interview about Jericho being back in the hunt. Good stuff. 9/10.

IC Invitational- I like the idea, but kinda let down that it went from Sabin which was great to Snitsky. If ole' Gene would have won, I would have killed you. 9/10

Orton promo- Good promo turned awesome with Austin coming out. Fantastic stuff. 10/10

Tag Match- HeartThrobs debut, eh nothing special, but good to see the Dudley's victourious in the first defense. 8/10.

Hassan/HBK- Meh Ok match, done to many times though. 8/10.

Benoit Interview- Excellent stuff, glad to see Benoit eager to get the title back.10/10

Christian/Benoit- Great choice of match, Benoit HAD to win. 9/10

Christian/JBL segment- Good little segment with these two arguing again. Loving it. 10/10

Orton/Jr,King- Meh nothing bad, surprised Batista didnt end up showing up. But let down Austin didnt come out. I mean he was already angry with Orton, and Orton was beating down his best friend. 8/10.

Overrall- 98/110. Fantabulous Raw

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