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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Like Grendrill said, JR and King were on point, good job.

Opening promo was pretty good. Nice way to start off the show and all three men were in character.

Shelton-Christian match was descent. I loved the little beef Tomko and Christian got into, and the mini-promo with JBL was nice and in character. I wonder if this could lead to any future beef with the two or a Christian and Tomko feud.

The ''new'' evolution is interesting, suprised me a bit there, and it'll be interesting to see what's in store for them in the coming weeks.

can't wait for Marty Jannety vs. Muhammad Hussan next week, should be interesting.

Shelton Invitational should also be interesting as long as you keep it away from him fighting jobbers.

Orton-JBL-Batista was a little confusing, but I think more of a good way than bad, gonna be interesting to see how this plays out.

Can't wait for next week. good luck with your next show.

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Randy Orton's main grudge is with Batista, JBL was not against Orton he was merely making an excuse for his loss in typical JBL fashion, there is no cabinet its just JBL with Matt Morgan really. Orton for the second night running was trying to screw Batista out of the championship.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Cheers for clearing that up Event....

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

good RAW Main Event, I liked the Main EVent (lol, that was the same words repeated)

Hassan vs Rhyno was a joke, Rhyno got punished, but Hassan was venting some frustrattion so thats OK. Benoit/HBK vs Orton/Falir was good booking, and this new Evolution is crazy, got everything in it, and no HHH! Brilliant.

I wonder who the tag team will be? I am guessing maybe a New Age Outlaws return, or maybe AMW, guesses only. Big Show vs Rosey and Y2J vs Morgan were decent filler matches. Tomko/Christian going seperate ways....not sure what to think. It was a pretty good RAW.

Length - 9/10
Grammar - 10/10
Booking - 8.5./10

Thats a really good looking 27.5/30.

There is your review, will you return the favour in my show?


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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Once, just once, I wish you'd deliver a bad JBL promo. Obviously though, this Raw wasnt the one. This might'nt make sense, but you do JBL better than JBL does JBL. I cant see JBL coming out with the title tonight, but I hope he sticks around the main events after this. 10/10.

Glad to see Christian breaking out, and although I know what you have planned for him, I'm really excited to see how it develops. Brilliant after match promo too with JBL. Glad you didnt have Christian being bogged down in a meaningless feud with Tomko, but where Tomko goes from here is a question to be answered. 9/10.

Big Show squashes Rosey. Okay. It appears that the Kane - Big Show feud is just something your doing to keep both men around, which is okay, I guess, seeing as I care for neither of them. 7/10.

Orton now reforming Evolution is nice, although, I expected JBL to reform the Cabinet to take over on Raw. Nice though. Not sure if Matt Hardy fits in, seeing as he's already a breakout star waiting to happen, with his own gimmick, really, he doesnt need Evolution, and could be big enough on his own. I do like the inclusion of Mark Jindrak and Chris Masters though, two guys who need the 'rub' from established guys like Orton and Flair. 8/10.

Jericho - Morgan didnt seem neccessary, but was a good filler match anyway, with a good victory for Y2J. 6/10. Just average.

Great Hassan promo, although, his PPV debut was at NYR against King. Glad to see this feud continuing, although, it appears Hassan's focus is now just Jannetty but I do see the feud ending with a tag match, maybe as far down the line as Bad Blood. 9/10.

I like the announcement of the Intercontinental Invitational, and this can only make Benjamin stronger and stronger as Champion, until he finally loses, and steps up to the Main Event scene. Should see some great match ups with this. Great idea. 10/10.

Not sure what to think about the Tag Match, but at least Chris Benoit has a feud. And, by the looks of things, Hassan isnt after HBK anymore, with no run in here, so it looks like Michaels and Benoit to feud with Evolution, along with Batista - Orton, there are some great feuds lining up right now. 8/10.

Nice way to book Batista, the dominating, never say die champion. Its hard to think of when he'll drop the belt at this rate, with a run coming along as strong as this, you'll need to do a great job of beating the guy, when you eventually do, as he took one hell of a punishment this week, yet survived. Hope JBL doesnt disappear, but it looks as if you're heading towards a definite Orton - Batista feud. 10/10.

78/90. Not the best show you've ever produced, with a little bit of filler bringing you down, but every show needs it, and wouldnt be the same without it. No Edge, after winning the MITB contract was odd though.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Yeah I forgot that about Hassan, that match bored me to death when I watched it. I'll post a Raw Preview later and the shows will only get better
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

wow awesome Raw!

JBL-Bischoff-Batista promo was amazing, JBL came off as an arrogant ass as always but thats good

Christian-Benjamin was cool and I like the JBL-Christian confrontation afterwards, I see a Christian face turn but kinda sucks, I like him as a heel

Orton and Flairs new Evolution is good but I dont like Chris Masters

Muhammad Hasan vs Jannety, thats a good match and I cant wait for it, Hassan is a good character and he has a bright future

Jericho vs Morgan, yay! Morgan doesnt stutter lol, Jericho winning was a must and I cant wait to see what you do with him

JBL vs Batista was awesome, with Orton almost costing him the match but Batista winning in the end

All around a good show and cant wait for next week
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

- Nice opening with JR and King, realistic, nothing much to note here.

- JBL/Batista/Bischoff promo was fantastically written, Batista interrupting as he does to Triple H in real life was brilliant, although I still hate Batista as champion. I hate to admit this, but I see JBL as a stronger champion than Batista, no matter how hard you push him. Great opening promo.

- Christian is in line for a BIG push, I can feel it. Around SummerSlam, this guy is going to peak, and hopefully it’s against Orton for the belt. He needed to ditch Tomko, who just seems to hold him back from his full potential, which is, with the right push, the Main Event scene. Also, the little bump with JBL may be the start of a feud, with Orton taking the Main Event scene from Bradshaw to face Batista anyway.

- Simple, boring, Big Show needed a dominating win over an established face, I’m not sure Rosey was the guy for it, but seeing him manhandle a 400 pounder is still pretty impressive.

- Orton’s promo introducing the new Evolution seemed a little short for my liking, and I would have liked to see each one of them get a turn on the mic to explain why they had turned to Evolution, but I suppose that’s still to come.

- Finally, Jericho wins a match, and I suppose Morgan was suitable enough to go over, although he still needs a push to elevate him back up to upper midcard. Currently id say he’s just come out of lower midcard, but we’ll see what you can do for him. Relatively boring but necessary match.

- Brilliant Hassan promo, was his strongest yet, although I would have liked to see him mention HBK somewhere, as there is still something left in that feud, even if HBK is capable of bigger things, Hassan has a bright future.

- Hassan winning was predictable and necessary, nothing to note here at all.

- IC Title Invitational, your best booking idea yet in this thread, this looks extremely promising and could be very successful for you. Hopefully this can elevate the IC Title again, as it has taken a small dip with Masters challenging.

- Evolution interference and beat down was completely necessary and predictable, but worked really well, putting all 3 new members over very well, this should be interesting to see where you go with this young stable. (Minus Flair :P)

- Would have been nice to see a promo in here, maybe from Edge, telling people “he told them so”, still, it’s something to improve on. I just feel Edge should be in here somewhere, boasting and rubbing it into Jericho that he beat him, then a long term Edge v Jericho feud could play out very well.

- You’re the first person that I’ve seen that has used Coach in a loooooong time, and I’m glad he has got something to do, as he does have bags of charisma. (His interviews with The Rock we’re hilarious) Should be interesting to see which team comes in, AMW? Heart Throbs? Shane Twins?

- Man oh man is Batista being put over as a monster, kicking out of a Clothesline From Hell is enough, but after being hit in the head with the Title belt as well? Whoa, Batista is looking like he is gunna be tough to beat. (Sorry but I still hate him though, he has no in-ring ability and can’t cut a promo for toffees.)

Realism – Can’t imagine Edge not being there. Seems ridiculous, 8/10

Length –Seemed to be missing a match and maybe another promo, 8/10

Quality/Entertainment –Great entertainment, just missing a comedy moment, still great stuff, 9/10

Spelling/Grammar –Absolutely perfect, 10/10

Matches/Booking –Might have been nice to see Hassan win convincingly for a change, instead of cheating so badly, 9/10

Overall 90/100

Definitely not your best show, but I can understand after being burnt out after Backlash, Grade A-

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Sorry Main Event, like i've told numerous people my internet has been screwing up so I was unable to review.I'll have the review up by tonight.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Here is my review of Raw

MBLegend's Legend Factor

Opening promo between JBL and Batista was well written and a great aftermath to Backlash. JBL vs. Batista tonight will be a good addition to the show and I love the way you used JBL in the promo aswell as the interuption from Batista which made it a little more interesting than just a basic want and give title shot. Spot on with this segment.

The two most important titles on the line on one Raw! This would have been a great match to watch for real and as much as I like Christian, Benjamin retaining was a good move. The ending has been done before even by Shelton if I recall right but it is better than Christian being pinned cleanly after a finisher. Good opening match!

Tyson Tomko and Christian breaking up was a huge shock to me, it's going to be interesting how you use Tomko by his own. I would love to see him as a monster or something along those lines. I didn't really get why you had Christian bump into JBL, I guess I will find out sooner or later. Is Christian a face now or what?

Big Show vs. Rosey = Squash. Nothing more to say.

I liked the Evolution segment even though there should have been more suspension for who will be named as members of Evolution. Matt Hardy was a weird but somewhat a good choice, Jindrak was a bit surprising but Masters was the easy pick. I liked Randy Orton's lines and this group should be a force on Raw in the near future.

Jericho vs. Morgan wasn't anything special but I'm glad Y2J won and hopefully you have something planned for him soon.

Muhammad Hassan's lines were gold, you used his language to perfection. There is no way I could write a Hassan promo like that one. I don't even know what some of the words mean.

Hassan vs. Rhyno was decent and Hassan winning was even better. This man has talent and great to see you expliding it to the fullest. Hopefully another high profile fued for Hassan coming up.

The announcement of the Intercontinental Championship Invitational got me thinking. I wonder who's going to be involved and if we will crown a new champion. One huge announcement to make us look forward to next week already.

Orton/Flair vs. Michaels/Benoit was a great match. The ending was also a highlight with a classic beatdown from Evolution. I loved how you didn't make either team cleanly lose the match and look weak instead planting Evolution in the scene as major heels.

A new tag team debuting soon maybe, I guess we will find out in two weeks time.

Batista vs. JBL would have been a classic Raw main event and the near falls in this match were exciting as hell. I thought Orton had screwed Batista but I was wrong, The Animal kicked out yet again. Can't say I'm happy to see Batista retain but it's okay, you should save that for a PPV anyway.

Realism: 8/10 Just a bit too much of Orton and a ew other weird things here and there.

length: 9/10 Promo's were good and it seemed like a 2 hour show

Quality/Entertainment: 8./10 Found it entertaining except for a few fillers that lead to nowhere.

Spelling/Grammar: 10/10 I can't see anything wrong but I might have missed a thing or two.

Matches/Booking: 9/10 Spot on if it wasn't for a couple of fillers and Orton appearing three seperate times in the ring in a close period of time. Three great matches were booked for the show and nothing else to complain about.

Overall: 45/50 = 90/100 and an A!

Exellent show, keep up the good work.
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