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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

I'll post a full review tomorrow. Backlash was pretty interesting, but the matches I feel are going to bring your score down because they weren't written out in full.


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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory


A video recap plays highlighting everything that happened at Backlash including Edge beating Chris Jericho, Randy Orton beating Chris Benoit and Batista beating JBL to retain the World Title. After the video the Raw theme plays throughout the arena and fireworks go off.

Jim Ross: Welcome to WWE Raw, we are just 24 hours removed from Backlash, what a night it was last night at Backlash

Jerry Lawler:: It was a huge night with a few surprises as well

Jim Ross: We witnessed the return of Marty Jannetty and also Batista survived JBL and his chief of staff Matt Morgan

Jerry Lawler:: This Batista is something special, it was essentially a handicap match and at the end it was a three on one situation with the interference of the Legend Killer

Jim Ross: I was very impressed with Batista and I firmly believe that we are now into the Batista era, the dominant display by the Worlds Heavyweight Champion last night was something special

Jerry Lawler:: Also last night, Randy Orton did what he said he was gonna do and defeated Chris Benoit

Jim Ross: Not without help though from Nature Boy Ric Flair, who last night reunited with the Legend Killer

“Longhorn” plays throughout the arena to huge heat from the crowd as JBL appears at the top of the ramp wearing a black suit. He walks down the ramp to the ring with a sour look on his face.

Jerry Lawler:: Where is the limo JR?

Jim Ross: I have no idea King

JBL climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone from Lillian Garcia, he takes his hat off and there is a plaster covering the cut caused during the first blood match at Backlash. The crowd begin a huge “JBL sucks” chant.

JBL: Shut your mouths and show me some damn respect!!

The crowd begin to boo JBL

JBL: A few weeks ago on Raw I guaranteed victory against Dave Batista, I guaranteed that I would become the World Heavyweight Champion, and those things didn’t happen…

JBL looks down at the mat before raising his head up to talk again.

JBL: But I did not lose last night to Batista, it was a first blood match and the rules in a first blood match state that the match ends when you beat your opponent so bad that he begins to bleed…last night it wasn’t Dave Batista that busted me open, it was Randy Orton which means that I did not lose that match!

The crowd restart their “JBL sucks” chant

JBL: So I demand that Eric Bischoff gives me the match that I deserve, a one on one match with Batista right here tonight!!!

After a moment of silence “I’m Back” hits to a mixed reaction from the crowd and Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring, Bischoff climbs in the ring and gets a microphone from the ring announcer.

Eric Bischoff:: JBL with all do respect, in the rules there are no disqualifications which means if Randy Orton wanted to interfere then he could, if Randy Orton had busted open Batista then tonight here on Raw you would be standing in this ring as the World Heavyweight Champion…

JBL: If that had happened, you would have given Batista a rematch here tonight and you know it, now you show me some respect little man and give me my rematch!!

Eric Bischoff:: Do not take that tone with me JBL, I am the General Manager so if anyone has to show some respect it’s you…as for the rematch it is not going to happen because…

Bischoff is cut off as “Unleashed Rage” hits throughout the arena to a thunderous pop from the crowd and the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista makes his way to the ring wearing an all white suit. He climbs into the ring and Bischoff gives him the microphone.

Batista: I just came out here to tell you two to hurry the hell up

Batista laughs

Batista: These people paid their hard earned money to come here and watch a wrestling show they didn’t come here to…

JBL cuts him off

JBL: Hard earned? Begging on the street corners is not hard work son…

Batista cuts him off

Batista: Wait a minute…Begging on street corners isn’t hard work you say, well JBL by the looks of that suit, I’d say you’re talking from personal experience right?

The crowd laughs, as does Batista

JBL: I am a self-made millionaire, this is a very expensive suit, I have earned my fortune, unlike these people, I have multiple books released…

Batista cuts him off again

Batista: You know what, if I did what you did and well paid for someone to write a book for me, I guess I’d be a millionaire too…

JBL begins to get pissed off but then begins to smile

JBL: You see Batista that is exactly my point, you and these people are alike, you would have to pay someone to write a book for you because you sure as hell can’t read or write!!!

Batista laughs

Batista: Really…Well I’ll tell you why I really came out here, I didn’t want the night off tonight, I wanted to perform in front of these people here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I wanted to put my title on the line, now JBL if you want a rematch, then you got it!!!

JBL nods his head and goes face to face with Batista as Bischoff gets another microphone.

Eric Bischoff:: If you two want it so bad then it’s official, right here tonight on Raw, for the World Heavyweight Championship, JBL against Batista!!!

”I’m Back” plays and Eric Bischoff heads to the back, we cut to a commercial break with JBL and Batista staring straight into each other’s eyes.


Jim Ross: We’re back here on Monday Night Raw and what an announcement a Backlash rematch right here tonight for the World Heavyweight Title!!

Jerry Lawler:: That’s huge I can’t wait for it

”Just Close Your Eyes” plays throughout the arena to heat from the crowd as Christian makes his way to the ring accompanied by Tyson Tomko

Jim Ross: Well it’s now time for our first match tonight, Captain Charisma one on one with Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Title!!

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Christian (w/Tyson Tomko) vs. Shelton Benjamin ©

A great match between these two men with neither gaining a sizeable advantage.

Match Ending: Christian kicks Shelton in the midsection and goes for a DDT but Shelton counters with a Northern Lights Suplex then covers 1-2-kickout by Christian. Shelton gets up and then runs at Christian but Christian drop toeholds him into the middle rope. Christian then distracts the referee allowing Tyson Tomko to choke Shelton but the referee turns around and catches him, the referee sends Tomko to the back. As Christian looks on annoyed at the referee, Tomko comes back down the ramp and gets up on the apron to complain, Shelton Benjamin then from behind pushes Christian into Tyson Tomko then rolls him up for the 1-2-3!!
Winner: and still WWE Intercontinental Champion…Shelton Benjamin!!!!

Christian looks up in shock as he sees Shelton Benjamin rolling out of the ring and taking the belt then raising it into the air. He looks over at Tomko in a rage, Christian rolls out of the ring and Tomko tries to console him but Christian shoves him away as we head up the ramp.


We come back to see Christian backstage walking and Tomko running after him.

Tyson Tomko: Wait up man…

Christian: No I won’t wait up, you keep costing me matches Tomko, that’s it, you’re on your own now, and it’s finished

Tyson Tomko: Fine whatever!

Tomko heads off in the opposite direction from Christian who turns around and walks straight into JBL!!

JBL: Watch where you’re going…loser

JBL tries to walk off but Christian stops him

Christian: Who the hell are you calling a loser?

The fans are heard cheering in the background.

JBL: Well if memory serves me correct, you did lose that match there didn’t you

JBL laughs and Christian laughs mockingly

Christian: You’re really funny, but do you know what’s even funnier, how bad you lost last night!!

JBL’s smile quickly disappears and he begins to get angry

JBL: I did not lose that match, Dave Batista did not bust me open, but look son, here’s some advice, if you want to learn a thing or two, I’d advise you to watch my match tonight, a chance to see a Wrestling God in action, there’s a good piece of advice for you…

Christian: Look, if I ever want to bore someone to death…then you’ll be the first guy I ask for advice but until then, I’m on my own, because that’s how I roll!!

Christian walks off leaving JBL looking mad. We then cut back to JR and King.

Jim Ross: An interesting confrontation between JBL and Christian

Jerry Lawler:Tyson Tomko and Christian going separate ways, that’s shocked me JR

Jim Ross: No doubt, but let’s take you back to last night at Backlash, during the Texas Death Match, The Big Show interfering and taking out the monster Kane

A video recap plays of Show chokeslamming Kane off the stage.

Jerry Lawler:: That was absolutely unbelievable

Jim Ross: We have no update on Kane, we do not know when Kane will be back here on Raw, we’ll just have to wait and see about that one

Big Show’s music hits throughout the arena to huge heat from the crowd as Show makes his way to the ring for this following match.

Big Show vs. Rosey

Rosey gets no offence in this match as Big Show dominates from the start.

Match Ending: Big Show whips Rosey across the ring and then delivers a huge big boot to the head. Big Show then picks up Rosey and then picks him up into the air with ease and delivers a huge sidewalk slam. Show then signals that its over and grabs Rosey by the throat and picks him up to his feet, then into the air and chokeslam’s him, Big Show covers for the 1-2-3.
Winner: The Big Show

Jim Ross: An emphatic victory by the Big Show, we’ll be right back after this commercial break!


“Burn in My Light” plays throughout the arena to huge heat from the crowd as Randy Orton and Ric Flair make their way down the ramp to the ring. Both men enter the ring and Randy Orton gets a microphone.

Randy Orton: When I first started in this business…it was with a group…called Evolution…

Orton nods his head.

Randy Orton: In that group at the time, there was Ric Flair, who is the past…

Ric Flair nods his head

Randy Orton: There was Triple H, who was the present, and there was me Randy Orton who was the future…

Orton smiles as the crowd begin to chant “Batista, Batista”

Randy Orton: Yes, you’re right, Batista was in the group, physically he was like a bodyguard for Evolution, but mentally, he was the child of the group

Orton laughs, as does Flair

Randy Orton: Well now I have fully evolved, Evolution is back!!!

Orton nods his head.

Randy Orton: Once again, Ric Flair is the past; this time Randy Orton is the present!!

Orton smiles

Randy Orton: Now let me introduce to you, the future…

Evolution’s music hits throughout the arena to a mixed response from the crowd as three wrestlers walk out, first Matt Hardy leading them to the ring, on his left side Mark Jindrak and on his right side “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters. They enter the ring and shake hands with Randy Orton and Ric Flair. Randy Orton then once again begins to talk.

Randy Orton: This is Evolution, we are the future of this business, we will make the Raw Brand more money than that entire locker room put together, the Chris Benoit’s of this world, the Chris Jericho’s of this world, the Batista’s of this world and now even the Kane’s of this world…

Orton turns around and smiles at Hardy

Randy Orton: They are no more, Evolution is the future and Evolution will dominate Raw…

The Evolution music plays throughout the arena again and the group head to the back all talking about their new alliance.

Jim Ross: What a shocking development here on Monday Night Raw, Evolution is back!!!

Jerry Lawler:: I can’t believe my eyes, this is truly going to shake the foundations of the Raw Brand

Jim Ross: It certainly will do, up next, Chris Jericho takes on the Secretary of Defence, Matt Morgan, when we come back from this commercial break


Chris Jericho vs. Matt Morgan

Jericho starts off brightly and on fire but Morgan soon gains control using his power and size to his advantage.

Match Ending: Morgan tries to go for his Stalling Suplex Slam but Jericho manages to counter into a small package 1-2-kickout. Morgan gets up a moment quicker than Jericho and goes for a clothesline but Jericho ducks then delivers a hard right hand that causes the big man to stagger. Jericho then rapidly delivers quick right hands as fast as he can but Morgan manages to stay on his feet, Morgan then shoves Jericho away, Jericho then comes running at Morgan but Morgan hits a Samoan Drop then covers Jericho 1-2-kickout. Morgan picks up Jericho and goes for an F5 but Jericho counters in midair into a DDT. Morgan lies flat out in the centre of the ring as Jericho runs and jumps up onto the ropes then flips back hitting the lionsault for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Chris Jericho

Jim Ross: Chris Jericho, making up for his loss last night against Edge by defeating Matt Morgan here…

Jerry Lawler:: During that match I watched Jericho closely, he was so angry last night after losing the Money in the Bank Match, tonight he was so focused, he seems to be on a mission

Jim Ross: Certainly Chris Jericho would love to get back to the Promised Land, now we have to go backstage to Maria…

We cut backstage to see Maria looking into the camera.

Maria:: My guest at this time is Muhammad Hassan and his manager Daivari

Hassan and Daivari enter the picture.

Maria:: After your loss to Shawn Michaels last night at Backlash, Muhammad, you must be very angry with Marty Jannetty

They both look at her like she is stupid then look back at each other confused. Hassan then snatches the microphone off her and she runs away.

Muhammad Hassan: Typical American Media…

Daivari shakes his head.

Muhammad Hassan: Last night at Backlash, me losing to Shawn Michaels, was a travesty, I had beat Shawn Michaels so bad, until Marty Jannetty came to his aid, he robbed me of my pay per view debut!!!

Hassan tries to compose himself after shouting

Muhammad Hassan: These people had the audacity to cheer Marty Jannetty as he came down the ramp, and cheer him as he attacked me, that is typical of you Americans, always stereotyping, always against us Arab-American’s

Hassan shakes his head.

Muhammad Hassan: Well unlike you, we are not afraid to voice our opinion, we do not back down from fights, that brings me to my next point, Marty Jannetty, if you have the guts, I challenge you to show up and face me next week here on Raw, I am challenging you to a match, I want to put things right, I want to exact revenge, next week Jannetty, if you decide to show up, I will beat you down like every other opponent I have faced, including the man I face tonight, Rhyno, next week Jannetty, I bring justice to Monday Night Raw!!

Hassan throws the microphone down and walks off with Daivari at his side.


Muhammad Hassan (w/Daivari) vs. Rhyno

A short match with Muhammad Hassan taking out his frustration on Rhyno after seizing the advantage due to a Daivari distraction.

Match Ending: Hassan delivers a right hand to the head of Rhyno but Rhyno delivers a hard shot back then begins to open up on Hassan. On the other side of the ring Daivari distracts the referee on the apron allowing Hassan to deliver a low blow followed by the modified STO. Hassan then pulls Rhyno into the middle of the ring and applies the Camel Clutch for the submission victory.
Winner: Muhammad Hassan

Jim Ross: An impressive victory by a determined Muhammad Hassan

Jerry Lawler:: I hope Marty Jannetty does show up next week and shut Hassan’s mouth for good

Jim Ross: I think that may be impossible

We cut backstage to see Eric Bischoff sitting in his office; Shelton Benjamin comes in with the Intercontinental Title on his shoulder.

Shelton Benjamin: You wanted to see me?

Eric Bischoff:: Yes Shelton I did as a matter of fact, you see Shelton I’ve come up with this great idea, with you holding that belt for as long as you have, the bigger tests have yet to come, should there be a week were you do not have a specially assigned match by me, then I am going to place you in an what I am going to call, the Intercontinental Title Invitational…In this invitational, you will not know who you’re opponent is going to be, it could vary over a wide range of styles, different types of matches and even a various number of opponents…it will be a very big challenge for you, starting next week, what do you think?

Shelton Benjamin: It doesn’t matter to me who I face for the title, I’ve said it for months, if anyone wants me, they know where to find me…

Shelton turns around and walks out of the office, leaving Eric Bischoff smiling. We cut back to JR and King.

Jim Ross: An Intercontinental Title invitational sounds interesting

Jerry Lawler:: It sounds like a genius idea to me; I can’t wait to see it

“Whatever” plays throughout the arena to a huge pop from the crowd as Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring for the following match.

Jim Ross: A huge tag team match here, Chris Benoit teams with Shawn Michaels, to take on Evolution’s Randy Orton & Ric Flair!!

Tag Team Match
Randy Orton & Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels & Chris Benoit

A great tag team match between these two teams with Michaels being isolated by Evolution.

Match Ending: Ric Flair goes for the Figure Four Leg Lock on Shawn Michaels but Michaels counters with a small package 1-2-kickout. Michaels and Flair get up as quick as each other and Michaels tries to kick him but Flair catches the foot and smiles but Michaels jumps up and delivers the enziguri. Flair and Michaels both crawl to their respective corners, Flair manages to tag in Orton first but Michaels also manages to tag in Benoit!!! Benoit climbs into the ring and runs at Orton and delivers a clothesline, Flair gets up and Benoit clotheslines him down too. Benoit then grabs Orton and delivers a German Suplex, Michaels then gets up and clotheslines Flair out of the ring then follows. Benoit decks Orton then locks in the Sharpshooter, Orton screams in pain and tries to move towards the ropes but Benoit sits back on the Sharpshooter. The rest of Evolution are shown running down the ramp, Matt Hardy gets to the ring first, Benoit breaks the Sharpshooter and stomps him on the way in, Masters and Jindrak both enter the ring and the numbers game starts to catch up on Benoit and the referee rings the bell for a DQ.
Winners: via disqualification…Shawn Michaels & Chris Benoit!!

Michaels enters the ring to try and save Benoit but Orton recovers and low blows Michaels. Orton then hits the RKO on Shawn Michaels. Benoit begins to fight back delivering right hands on Masters, Jindrak and Hardy but Ric Flair enters the ring and delivers a hard shot with a steel chair to the back, Masters then holds Benoit allowing Ric Flair to deliver a hard shot to the head with a chair. Evolution stand tall as we cut to a commercial break.


We come back to see Eric Bischoff in his office once again, there is a knock on the door and then it opens and Coach walks in smiling.

Eric Bischoff:: Ah…Coach what can I do for you?

Coach: I just wanted to say boss, this Intercontinental Title Invitational Idea, I love it, absolutely great idea, well done on that

Eric Bischoff:: Why thank you Coach, as a matter of fact I have another idea, you see next week on Raw, La Resistance will defend their Tag Team titles against The Dudley Boyz in a rematch from Backlash, in a Table Match…but you know after that I’m a little short on tag teams to challenge the champions…

Coach: True…

Eric Bischoff:: Therefore I have a job for you Coach, I want you to get on that phone of yours, do whatever you must, find me a tag team to face the new champions in two weeks time…

Coach nods his head

Coach: I’m on it

Coach smiles then leaves the office as we cut back to JR and King.

Jim Ross: Eric Bischoff seems more and more determined to improve Raw

Jerry Lawler:: You’re right, I’m loving it, hopefully Coach finds a tag team to face our champions whoever they may be in two weeks time

Jim Ross: But coming up next, for the World Heavyweight Championship, Batista against JBL

Jerry Lawler:: I’ve been waiting for this all night long, it’s going to be a good one!!

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista © vs. JBL

Longest match of the night with neither man getting a clear advantage.

Match Ending: JBL signals for the clothesline from hell and then runs at Batista and tries the move but Batista ducks and JBL accidentally nails the referee. JBL then turns around and Batista kicks him in the midsection and sets him for a Batista Bomb but JBL counters with a low blow. JBL rolls out of the ring and grabs the World Title belt and rolls back into the ring. JBL sets Batista, Batista gets up and turns around and JBL tries to nail him with the title belt but Batista ducks and delivers a huge spine buster. Randy Orton comes running down the ramp to huge heat from the crowd. He gets in the ring and grabs the title belt. Batista gets up and turns around and Orton nails him with the belt right to the head. Orton tries to help JBL recover, JBL covers and Orton revives the referee.

Jim Ross: No!!! Not this way!!!





………...kickout by Batista!!!!!

Jim Ross: Yes!!! Yes!!! He kicked out!!

Orton looks stunned, he gets into the ring and goes after Batista but Batista stands up and delivers a right hand causing Orton to stagger back, Batista grabs Orton and throws him over the top rope and out of the ring. Batista then turns around and JBL nails him with the Clothesline from Hell!!!! JBL then covers Batista and hooks the leg




Jim Ross: By God I can’t believe it, Batista kicked out again!!!

Jerry Lawler:: What does it take to beat him?

Randy Orton climbs back in the ring and grabs the title belt and signals that he’s going to nail Batista again but the fans begin to cheer as Chris Benoit comes running down the ramp. Benoit slides into the ring and Orton tries to nail him with the belt but Benoit ducks and knocks Orton over the ropes and out of the ring, Benoit then follows and brawls with Orton up the ramp. JBL then picks up the title belt, Batista gets up to his knees and JBL runs at him but Batista delivers a hard shot to the midsection. Batista then stands up and jumps into the air and screams in a rage, shaking all the pain off. He grabs JBL then delivers a huge Batista Bomb!!!! Batista covers




Jim Ross: Yes!! He did it!!!

Winner: and STILL the World Heavyweight Champion…Batista!!!!!

Jim Ross: Batista once again overcomes the odds, Batista is still the World Heavyweight Champion!!!!

End of Show.


Ratings Please?

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Great show man, i'll post a full review soon. Busy at the moment but i'll be sure to post.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Originally Posted by Jushin Liger
Great show man, i'll post a full review soon. Busy at the moment but i'll be sure to post.
There is absolutley no way you read that in two minutes

But still I can't wait for you're review.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

great show, sorry about this but will post full review later.

Read the rules.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

This RAW was a really good show. Props to you for the last JBL vs Batista match. That got me excited. Sorry Ill write a full review later but I have to go.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Hopefully I'll get some of those reviews

Any full review that someone gives Raw will be returned. I wasn't as consistent in the past with this but now I'm getting a bit more time I can do it.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Got school in a few minutes so I'll post a full review some other time. Looks good for what I've read though, the opening promo was great.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory


JR and King were perfect in the show, they weren't out of character at all....

Nice opening segment with JBL / Bischoff / Batista, I see this feud continuing or ending tonight..... JBL was spot on but I didn't like Batista's first words didn't really seem him... But I liked the crack about the suit and the book, nice going with that.
I didn't see Backlash (sorry) but tonight looks promising to fill me in.

I see maybe a Christian / Shelton feud happening here, either that or a Christian / Tomko feud happening... NIce way to have it end BTW, I see maybe Tomko turning on Chriatian and they both feud with Shelton and which elads to a three way dance but then Tomko re-unites with Christian and then they both beat down on Shelton till Eugene makes his return and comes in and then he turns on Shelton and then a new stable is made and then Christian wins the World Title....
If any of that happen's I'll be really stoked

Maybe I should have read the next segment before I wrote that, damn.... But it still could happen. Nice little promo with Christian and JBL, I liked the little crack about 'if i want to be bored to death I'll come and see you', great promo, I guess Christian is face now? I guess that's how he rolls....

I see Show in for a big push, I like where he's going.... Maybe a push to a title and then Kane will return?

Orton now going after Batista? Hmmm I do see this becomming big, but I thought he and JBL were gonna go at it..... Anyways...
Whoa, a new stable, sweet. Never saw that comming, but a nice choice of who to have to join. I see each of them dominating thier particualr division.... I see them dominating the whole of RAW, not just the Main Event, no pun intended....

Jericho winning, nothing really specail here...

I see Muhammed and the Rockers ignitng a fued, unless your keeping Janetty singles... Which ever you choose to do will be good. He seemed great in him promo, Keep this feud going.
Nothing special in Muhammed's match, he had to win.

IC Invitational sounds really cool, love the idea.... I see some big matches and names for it.... Wait maybe Show's push...... hmmmm Keep this going, the longer it goes the more interesting it will be.

Nice way to build up a feud between Evolution and Beniot / Michaels.... looks to be promising... Can't wait to see where this goes next week.....

WTF????? I thought Orton was against JBL...... Now I'm lost..... but in a good way....
Can;t wait to see where you take this next week, it'll be great. Explanation will be good to hear... Is there an alliance stating between Evolution and the Cabinet????

Great show Event, you know I don't like numbers...... hope you cehck out Unforgiven....

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Great show man. 10/10!

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