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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Masters; Personally, I wouldnt have started the show with Masters. It's always better imo to kick things off with a really decent match, and I dont even think Shelton Benjamin could carry the Masterpiece to a good match. I'm just glad Shelton won, and it should be interesting to see where you go with both men. 7/10.

Big Show interview - Glad to see the big man is'nt happy about being left off the show, and he shouldnt be. Interesting to see what exactly he does later, at this point I'm thinking he'll get involved in either the MITB match or the WHC match. 9/10. Great intensity, and a lot of character to come from this methinks, and I'm not even a Big Show fan!!

La Resistance vs Dudley Boyz - I would've kicked the show off with this one, even though the Dudleyz are quite stale, they are still pretty over. This feud has a good bit to go I reckon with the shady finish. I guess it;s the only bankable feud in the tag division on Raw. Hopefully you start to pair a few more guys up to boost the tag ranks. 7/10

Eric Bischoff & Christian - Loved this segment. Your portrayal of Captain Charisma is getting really good. I dont know why but I brought a big grin to my face when he said about rubbing the I.C Title in Eric's face on Raw, probobly because I could picture him actually doing it, lol. Nice announcement for Raw. 8/10. Christian is starting to come into his own in this thread, and thats he how rolls.

Texas Death Match - Not sure what inspired you to pick this match, but it's a nice change from the other matches we get, so I was quite pleased in the end to see it appear. The finish reminded me a lot of the Rock - Mankind I Quit Match in 1999, which I loved, and it;s been long enough since it happened for it to happen again, so it;s not like a rip off imo. A Kane - Big Show feud wont be pretty, but I'll give it a chance. 9/10. I'm estatic to see VEEEEONNNNNNEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHH pick up the victory, and can only hope this leads to a great push, although, at this point, it appears to me that you have a lot of strong heel characters, with few strong faces. Orton, JBL, Hardy, Edge, Christian, Hassan, Big Show and even Masters are getting great pushes, while only Batista appears to be getting pushed hard from the face side of things.

JBL interview - Oh yeassssss. Lets sit back and enjoy the promo...that one sucked though...heh. Nah, I justed wanted to say that once though. Very intelligently written, and well vocabularized (if thats a word...if its not, it is now, yuh). Bringing in Edge was strange, but it made sense, to build some tension, and give the impression that JBL may well walk away with the title tonight. Well done as always with JBL. 10/10. No faults, and no way to improve it.

Michaels vs Hassan - I have enjoyed this feud a lot, and you have done really well to make it as personal as possible in the last week or so, I still have that last Michaels promo in my head, it was that good, and really had me wanting to see this match. The Jannetty run in was the last thing I expected, and was done really well. Not sure where it'll go, because I cant see The Rockers make a full time reunion, with HBK way too good for tag team wrestling, but I see the feud continuing for a few more weeks. 10/10. Faultless once again.

Money in the Bank Cage Match - I expected Edge to take the MITB contract here to be honest, but it makes Jericho look a total schmuck for putting it on the line now in the first place, unless I'm wrong that is, I remembered Jericho just putting it up for grabs willy nilly, from his own choosing. Hopefully you resurrect something decent from this situation. 6/10. Great match, but the way the MITB contract was dealt with in the build up left a lot to be desired.

Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit - Was looking forward to this one a lot too. Orton is really being pushed hard, and it was difficult to picture anything but an Orton win here. I'm delighted to see him back with the Nature Boy, and this should only help him to move on to bigger and better things. Great win for the Legend Killer. 10/10. Made up for the MITB match, and then some.

Batista interview - Promo of the month, NO DOUBT!!! Line of the year, too.
Batista grabs the T-Shirt from Orton and looks at it

Batista: Let’s take a look at this shall we, let’s see who’s on it, The Undertaker, that’s fine he’s a legend, lets see, wait a minute…Booker-T…RVD, this isn’t a Legend Killer T-Shirt it’s more like a match record

Orton begins to get annoyed

Batista: Can I keep hold of this T-Shirt?

Randy Orton: Why, are you a big Randy Orton fan?

Batista: No but they’ve ran out of toilet paper and someone might need it
That had me in stitches. On the bigger picture, it also begins a slow burning feud now between Orton and Batista. I've seen them go at it in the past, and have been pretty impressed, so a showdown between them on PPV will be a great match imo. 10/10

Main Event - Delivered once again in putting the Animal over. Expected him to overcome the odds anyway, but you went about the match in the way that there was always a chance of JBL getting the victory. Orton getting involved was also a nice little suprise. 9/10. Leaves the question of what now for JBL?? And more importantly, who next for Batista??

95/110. I didnt follow the grading system this time, I'm gonna give this a little whirl for a few weeks of rating each segment, and see if I like it. IMO it gives a better view on the show, rather than deducting points for spelling and shat. Great PPV, despite the lack of full matches, it was still a great entertaining read. Keep it up Main Event.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

- Nice opening with JR and King, realistic, nothing much to note here.

- Great way to open up the show, Benjamin v Masters, I would have LOVED to see Masters win, as you have been pushing him so much, and I think Shelton has run with the IC Belt as far as he can. I think he needs to drop the belt and move into a long-term feud with someone like Christian, to elevate both to somewhere near Main Event scene. Still, nice match which was well played out.

- Big Show interview was short and boring, but got the point across, looking forward to seeing Big Show climb his way up the ladder to get back to the Main Event scene, where he can function very well. Good stuff.

- Tag Team Titles, hmm, need some new teams in to freshen up this division, as the Dudleys are boring, and La Resistance have no charisma, id love to see you bring back the New Age Outlaws, by favourite tag team ever. Still, well written and a decent ending.

- Great Christian promo, really showing his desire to win, and he deserves to. I’m 50/50 about Captain Charisma winning the IC Belt, as Benjamin needs to move on to bigger things, but so does Christian, I’d prefer to see Tomko battle for the IC Title, and Shelton and Christian move up to Main Event scene. One more good point, Christian and Bischoff we’re perfectly in character.

- Yay! Hardy can now go on to bigger things, wait, I have an idea! Hardy for IC Title! Kane losing was a must, I don’t think you have any plans for him, whereas Hardy can go on to be VERY successful. Show attacking Kane certainly did make an impact, and a big one at that. A Kane/Show feud to come in the future, sounds good. I just wonder what will happen to that Slut Lita now, hopefully she gets jobbed in the womens division, where she deserves to be. Hopefully Shannon Moore can come back to partner Hardy.

- Brilliant JBL promo, once again, really in character, building up heat for the main event. Edge intervening was interesting, maybe a feud between the two to come, although I don’t think either can function very well as face. Still, great showdown.

- Interesting, Jannetty returning to save Shawn. What will become of Hassan now? I’d like to see him rebound and challenge HBK to a 1 on 1 gimmick match at Vengeance. As for Jannetty, it’s good to see him back, I’d like to see him screw HBK over though, since that would be a cruel twist. Great booking here.

- Now I know there was a small showdown between Orton/Flair, but I still feel there should have been an interview in here, preferably from Chris Benoit. But still, an interesting showdown between Randy and Ric, definitely hinting at involvement in the Benoit/Orton match.

- Really disappointed to see Jericho lose, since he is effectively now being buried in the mid-card. Although there is a good think coming out of this that Edge has a title shot, id save it for SummerSlam or Survivor Series methinks. Hopefully you can redeem Jericho in the months to come and get him back up to Main Event scene.

- Once again, needed a promo in here, maybe from Edge, telling people “he told them so”, still it’s something to improve on.

- Brilliant news that Orton’s ball keeps rolling and also Flair and Randy are reunited, which is also brilliant. Major blow though, that Benoit is buried again, just like Jericho. Both of them now need a MAJOR push. 50/50 about this as well.

- Batista’s promo was brilliant, you’ve made him acceptable on the mic. And Orton was vintage as well. Can’t wait for this Orton/Batista feud, should be brilliant.

- Main Event went down perfectly. No problems here, and Randy Orton’s interference was needed and well played out. Interesting to see where JBL goes now, should be worth reading.

Realism – Cannot detect a thing actually, 10/10

Length –Missing two promos between two matches, 9/10

Quality/Entertainment –Great entertainment, just missing a comedy moment, still great stuff, 9/10

Spelling/Grammar –Absolutely perfect, 10/10

Matches/Booking –Perfect, only thing that bothers me is Jericho and Benoit being buried, hopefully both can come back, 9/10

Overall a magnificent 96/100

Grade A
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Masters; I hate Masters but I like Shelton and I think hes a force to be reckoned with good to see that he won though 7.5/10

Big Show Promo: Good to see you havent forgotten him will be nice to see this storyline pan out 9/10

Dudleys vs La Resistance-I hate both teams but meh 7/10


Texas Death Match: Cool to see Hardy over Kane Mfer 4 life 8/10

JBL/Edge: Nice promo builds tension 9/5/10

Jannetty returning! wooo told ya on MSN 10/10

Money In The Bank: BOOOO JERICHO WHY!!!! 6/10

Orton vs Benoit:Greatness has entered the ring 10/10

Awesome Big Dave promo the toilet paper thing was hilarious 10/10

ME: Delivered an Orton/Batista feud eh? looks spectacular 9/10

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Sorry man, dont have time for the new system, I have a lot of shows to get to today.. But lets try the quick version of Wolfy's system.

Nice way to kickoff the show with the IC title on the line. Estatic about Shelton retaining, but Im not big on Masters getting a shot just yet. 8/10.

Big Show interview was intense. Making an impact, curious as to which match he will interfere in. Nice interview, but a little on the boring side, then again, got the point across. 8/10.

Tag match.. not a fan of this match. Done to many times with these two teams. Woulda liked something different. 6/10

Bischoff/Christian was a great segment. Happy that you got Christian on the show. Shelton/Christian on Raw? 9/10.

Still cant figure out why its a Texas Death Match, but it was still good. Show destroying Kane, and I guess turning heel was a nice touch. But not as nice as V1 winning. 9/10.

JBL promo was great. Very in character, as was Edge. 10/10

HBK/Hassan- Not to keen on the match, but got me good with Marty Jannety saving the day. 9/10

Edge/Jericho- Knew Edge would win, but sad to see him do so. Wanted Jericho to get a title shot again. He needs a push 8/10

Orton/Beniot. Greatly done. Would have liked to see this fully written, but still delivered. Like where you are going with Orton. 10/10

Orton/Batista promo- Fantastically done. Both very in character. 10/10

JBL/Batista- Great way to have Batista truly an animal, and overcome three obstacles. Like how you are using the big man. 10/10

Overrall- 97/110. I think, may want to check again. Either way great show.

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Masters; Shame Masters opened the show as he isn't quite ready yet, he maybe needs taking under the wing of someone (like an Evolution firgure) before being PPV ready.

Big Show interview - Nice interview, with the IMPACT later that night.

La Resistance vs Dudley Boyz - Filler, ok match I suppose, La Resistance needed the win and got it.

Eric Bischoff & Christian - Great that Christian is finally getting a push, he definately needs to be in the WHC rankings though, nice promo too.

Texas Death Match - Great to see Matt winning, with a HUGE IMPACT! Big Show and Kane should eb an interesting while difficult to write rivalry.

JBL interview - As usual you pull off another great JBL interview. Well done.

Michaels vs Hassan - Surprisingly good rivalry from Hassan and the return of Jannetty making this great!! I see Rockers vs Hassasn/Daivari at Bad Blood, with a possible heel turn from Jannetty.

Money in the Bank Cage Match - Glad Edge won, however Jericho needs the push as well. Maybe a draw to get them both the contract would've been an interesting situation, but glad Edge won anyway.

Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit - Good win for Orton, great match too. Legend Killing continues.

Batista interview - Great, Orton delivered great as well as Batista, loved the toilet paper line and these two should have a great rivalry up to BB

Main Event - Much needed win on Batista's part, and he got one. But the Orton-Batista rivalry getting spiced up more, this one should be a classic.

dont have time for the number stuff today, but it would probabnly be in the 90's.

Read the rules.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Wow, Backlash was amazing, you really outdid yourself Kev

Main Event was great, glad to see Batista retain, so there all you Batista haters here in btb

I thought Masters would beat Benjamin but I was wrong, eh it happens

Maybe you shouldve done Hogan vs Orton as that would be a real egend vs legendkiller match, Benoit jobbing again, damn!

Edge winning the money in the bank, wow, i actually liked Jericho for the one month he had a title shot lmao

Rockers reunion! HBK kicks the arabs ass and that(in the words of Carlito) thats cool

The only complaint is that they werent full matches, meh maybe from now on they will be...............

The matches are the only thing that bring the score down as thats the thing I look forward too at Backlash and every other PPV
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Just got around to this thread and glad I did. I really enjoyed Backlash alot. I don't have the time currently to write up a full review, but I promise I will for the next show. I have my hands full now. I just wanted to type a reply to let you know I read it and I enjoyed it alot.

I was happy to see Benjamin with in the opening match, Masters with a win there wouldn't have been a good decision IMO.

La Resistance cheating may be a way to continue the feud and perhaps a rematch in the near future with maybe The Dudleyz going over.

It was very interesting to see a Texas Death Match on the card. It is something new, good match and I like how Matt Hardy picked up the win with Show delivering the HUGE chokeslam to Kane.

Marty Jannetty helping out Shawn Michaels was awesome, glad to see Hassan did not win.

The one thing I did not like was Edge winning the money in the back cage match. I think Jericho would have been a better candidate to win the match.Maybe you have something up your sleeve with this one though.

Excellent, add another name to Orton's list. Cool to see you carrying the legend killer gimmick. The interaction with Batista afterwards was pretty funny too. I liked that. Perhaps setting up a feud or future match. Maybe a Orton and Batista title match at the next pay per view seeing as Batista retained against JBL.

Like I said sorry for the lackluster review but I am short on time today. Overall I give Backlash a 9/10.

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Backlash was a great PPV, full review coming your way tomorrow. I have soccer training tonight and my sister is bugging me to get off the computer so she can do her homework. Make sure to return the review, thanks!
Main Event, If you want to post Raw then do so, I'll post a double review tomorrow for Backlash and Raw.

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

As promised here is my review for Backlash.

MBLedgends Ledgend Factor

I actually didn't mind you starting the show with Benjamin vs. Masters. It wasn't the greatest of openers but any match with Shelton in it is always top class. Perfect move with Benjamin retaining and I have to wonder who will take the belt off him?

The Big Show promo wasn't the most entertaining thing to read but Big Show was in character and not every part of a show is perfect.

The Tag Team title match was pretty decent, The finish was a vintage La Resistance screw job. Good to see The Dudleys title attempt a failure because they are getting really dull and I agree, you need some new tag teams on Raw. Try to add a couple of unique teams to spice the division up a little.

Good segment between Christian and Bischoff. I am a huge fan of Christian and you played him very well in this confrontation. Shelton vs. Christian for Raw is great even though I don't see Christian winning the belt.

Texas Death match? I agree with most people, what inspired you to chose that stipulation is beyond me. Still a very good choice and Big Show interfering and costing Kane the match is gold. Big Show vs. Kane fued coming, I have been planning something like that with my show......oops given too much away. Anyway can't wait to see where you go with this. Matt Hardy winning was nice to see even though it was from interference.

JBL and Edge promo was the best one on the show and you wrote JBL's lines fantastic once again.

Michaels vs. Hassan has been my favourite fued over it's duration and the final match really delivered although I would have loved to read it in full! Rockers Reunion, I didn't see that coming. I think you should reunite them as the Tag Team division needs a huge boost. Damn Michaels won, I was really hoping for a Hassan win to further push him as one of Raw's top heels.

Edge vs. Jericho was most exciting match of the night in my view. The cage match stipulation really helped and the ending was great, I always like to see a good swipe of the brass knuckles. Edge now has the title opportunity! Wow that was a shocker and as much as I would have loved to see Jericho keep it I'm sure you will do something even better with Edge.

Randy Orton wins! I know there are alot of people that don't like Orton in or out of the ring but I really do. Great to see you continue his legacy as the ledgend killer and Chris Benoit under his belt is great. The ending has been over used so many times and I would have loved to see a clean win for Orton but I guess that would have made Benoit look weak.

Batista/Orton promo, wait a minute I take back what I said earlier. This was the promo of the night!

Batista vs. JBL has been an entertaining fued and good to see Batista retain his title. Matt Morgan with JBL is useful and it looks as if we are about to see Batista/Orton or maybe even Batista/Orton/JBL for the title. Good main event.

Backlash gets an 8/10 from me, if you wrote out the matches in full it would have been a perfect 10
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Cheers for all the replies, and anyone who's thread I've promised to rate will be rated tomorrow. Raw will be up in a few days time.
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