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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory


The SmackDown Intro is played followed by the explosive pyrotechnics. The fans are on their feet cheering as Cole and Tazz welcome everyone to the show.

Cole: "Welcome everyone to SmackDown! Tonight is one of the biggest nights in history."

Tazz: "That's right Cole because tonight we have a WrestleMania rematch between the tag team champions...Eddie Guerrero...Rey on more time!"

Cole: "Also...the Cruiserweight Title will be on the line in a Triple Threat Match...the champion, Paul London defending the title against both Billy Kidman and Chavo Guerrero! There's a lot of history between those three athletes."

Tazz: "But don't forget Cole about our main event."

Cole: "Exactly. In a rematch from two weeks ago...a number one contender's match...The Undertaker...taking on...Triple H!"

Tazz: "That'll definitely be a rocket buster!"

My Time Is Now echoes over the PA System as the fans get really loud for their hero! Cena makes his way to the ring with a microphone in hand. However, he doesn't have the WWE Championship around his waist! He slides into the ring.

Cena: "Yo...yo...yo...yo...yooooooo!!!!! Salem,'s my chain gang doin' tonight?"

The crowd erupts into a frenzy.

Cena: "That's good! Well kick off the show...I have a few HUGE announcements...first off...the!"

The crowd starts a "Cena!" chant.

Cena: "But as you can tell...I don't have the gold belt around my waist. Well...that brings me to my second big announcement tonight. Everyone remember my United States belt? Well say the NEW WWE Championship belt!"

The championship is lowered from the rafters. It's a belt full of gold with diamond studs everywhere. The WWE Logo in the center spins and has John Cena's name on the nameplate. Cena takes it off the buckle.

Cena: "Now this is how you represent!!!!"

The crowd is cheering and taking pictures of the new title.

Cena: "And now...for my third announcement..."

Time To Play The Game!!!! Triple H makes his way to the ring, ready for action. The Game steals a microphone from Tony Chimel and gets in Cena's face.

HHH: "Listen...punk! You can talk to your...homies...on your own time! Tonight...isn't about you! Tonight isn't about the chain gang! Tonight isn't about the new WWE Championship! about...Triple H!"

The crowd boos emphatically.

Cena: "Oh right...I completely forgot. It must have slipped my mind. about Triple H! Yup, that's right. Tonight is about Triple H...getting his rear end handed to him by the deadman!"

The fans cheer as Triple H is furious.

HHH: "You see...that's where you're wrong. You remember two weeks ago? I defeated The Undertaker! What makes this time so different huh?"

Cena: "I was actually getting to third huge announcement regarding tonight. Theodore Long has appointed me...a spot in the main event match!"

HHH questions what Cena just said.

HHH: "That doesn't make sense! How can you be in the match? You can't be the number 1 contender and champion!"

Cena: "Why not? You seem to think so week in and week out."

The fans start cheering.

Cena: "Now listen numb skull! My spot in this match...isn't as a...wrestler. Theodore Long has appointed me as...the special...referee!"

The fans are off their seats cheering as Triple H is frustrated.

HHH: "That's not fair! You're gonna make sure I lose!"

Cena: "Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! Are you accusing me of cheating? I'm gonna be there to make sure you don't use any weapons...I'm gonna call it right down the middle! Because when you were over on Raw getting beaten by Shelton Benjamin, Goldberg, and Chris and The Undertaker...hated each other's guts! And I'd love to personally settle the score with him at Judgment Day! Now listen up...I'm gonna be wearin' the stripes whether you like it or not...and I'm gonna watch both of ya give it all you got! But here's your hit me...I'll hit ya back! I ain't cuttin' none of you boys some slack! The champ is here...and I'm king of the World!"

The fans start cheering as Cena tries to finish off his rap.

Cena: "And tonight...Taker's gonna treat you like a lil' school girl!"

The fans are laughing as HHH is ready to strike the champion.

Cena: "Do it! Do it! You hit me...and I will tear your head off! And then I will make sure you never get a shot at the WWE Title ever again!!!"

Triple H thinks about it then drops his hand. Both competitors stare each other down until a gong is heard. Both competitors look around the ring as a purple haze fills the arena. The lights go out and the Undertaker's music begins to play. The deadman appears out of the haze and turns on the lights by raising his hands. The deadman removes his coat and hat then steps into the ring. Triple H immediately goes after him but is stopped by a big boot. Cena watches on as The Game gets pummeled in the corner by Taker. Triple H starts fighting back with right hands but to no avail. The Undertaker chokeslams HHH with authority and signals that the end is near! Undertaker looks around and see Cena laughing. Cena gets very serious and worried all of a sudden. John Cena nails The Undertaker out of desperation with the WWE Championship! The Undertaker is out cold as Cena celebrates. All of a sudden, the deadman sits up! He gets to his feet and quickly strikes at Cena then tombstones him! The fans begin booing the deadman until he picks up Triple H and delivers a tombstone to him as well! The Undertaker celebrates his "victory".

Cole: "The Undertaker...dominating both John Cena and Triple H! Will they suffer the same fate later tonight in the main event?"

The Undertaker grabs a microphone from off the mat.

Undertaker: "John Cena...Triple H! You both...have awakened a dragon...that I once thought was slain many years ago. But now...I have risen from the ashes and you will all! For tonight...before I become the number one contender...there will be...a sacrifice!"

Tazz: " heard him. The Undertaker plans on having a sacrifice tonight. I wonder who it's going to be?"

Cameras cut backstage where we see Carlito enter his locker room. He removes his shoes and hears a loud banging noise from the locker behind him. Carlito seems a little confused then continues to remove his shirt. Carlito now wraps a towel around his waist and he hears the noise again. Carlito removes his pants and boxers from underneath the towel. Carlito faces away from the camera and looks at himself with the towel opened.

Carlito: "Now that...that's cool!"

The banging noise is heard and The Hurricane pops out of the lockers and is shocked. Carlito lets out a girlish scream and tries covering up quickly with the towel.

Hurricane: "Holy small bologna! My Hurri-vision is blinded forever! You, Carlito...checking yourself out? WAZUPWITDAT?!!!!"

The crowd is laughing loudly.

Carlito: "What's up with that? I'll tell you what's up with that! You wish that you were half the man that Carlito is!"

Hurricane: "Half? Half?! From what I have seen...rabbits have more you do!"

Hurricane uses his fingers to show what he's talking about. Carlito gets angry.

Carlito: "You wanna talk about being a man? What kinda guy hides in another guy's changeroom? That...that's not cool!"

Hurricane: "Actually...I came here to issue a challenge...a challenge to you Carlito! Now, from what I've seen, you don't but I'll ask you accept my challenge?"

Carlito is furious now.

Carlito: "I'll tell ya wanna sneak into my room to watch me change? That's not cool! But you and the ring...that's definitely cool!"

The crowd is excited from the announcement.

Hurricane: "Then it's week...Carlito versus the Hurricane!"

Carlito: "Fine! That way...after becoming United States Champion...I can prove who the bigger man is between us!"

Hurricane: "Fine. But as for who the bigger man is...that's like comparing Tiny Tim to Paul Bunyan! And my Hurripowers tell me...I'm not Tiny Tim!"

Hurricane flies off screen as Carlito turns around and stares at himself again.

Carlito: "Don't are much bigger than a rabbit!"

Someone begins tapping on Carlito's shoulder. It's the Hurricane! Carlito turns around.

Hurricane: "POW!!!"

Carlito is scared and backs up into the lockers. Apples fall off the top shelf of the locker onto Carlito's head. Carlito eventually falls after the last apple bounces off his head.

Hurricane: "Haha! How do you like them apples?"

The superhero picks up one of the apples and bites into it.

Hurricane: "Now that...that's cool!"

Hurricane spits the apple out on Carlito and walks out of the locker room.


Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Paul London(c) Vs. Chavo Guerrero Vs. Billy Kidman


Chavo Guerrero just got taken out with the BK Bomb as Paul London is still on the outside from the devastating dropkick that sent him flying off the top and to the outside. Kidman climbs up to the top rope and looks to the fans. He gets a cheer and goes for the Shooting Star Press. Kidman goes for the cover…



London breaks it up by flipping over the top rope onto them! Kidman and London exchange rights and lefts. London fires back and takes his opponent over the top with a dropsault! London climbs up to the top rope and delivers the 450 Splash onto Chavo Guerrero now! He goes for the cover…




Winner: Paul London

The Cruiserweight Champion celebrates his successful title defense. Just then, Akio sneaks into the ring and attacks Paul London from behind with a karate kick to the back of the head. London slowly gets to his feet and Akio blows a great ball of fire into the Cruiserweight Champion’s eyes. Akio celebrates with the title. General Manager, Theodore Long appears on the titantron from his office.

Long: “Paul London…I regretfully inform you that Akio was drawn as the number one contender for next week. I’ll get the ‘meds out there in a flash. I expect a call when you’re 100% to know if you can compete next week. So when you can see…holla holla!”

The cameras cut to commercials as paramedics attend Paul London who’s screaming in pain and holding his eyes.

Backstage, we see Charlie Haas talking with Hardcore Holly and Funaki among numerous other SmackDown superstars. He finishes lacing up his boots then stands on a bench.

Haas: "Excuse me...guys. Can I have your attention please! ...Thank you. Now...remember Team Angle? Remember the World's Greatest Tag Team? Yeah...that's right...I was a part of it! But ever since Kurt ditched us and Shelton got traded to Raw...nothing has happened with me! And as far as I'm concerned...I'm sick...and I'm tired...of being ignored! I'm a World Class athlete! I deserve to be a champion! That's why instead of fooling around...I'm going to find a way to stand out among everyone else! Just like I am now on this bench! I'm going to reach new heights! I'm going to be something! I'm going to be somebody! Shelton's popularity on Raw won't even compare nearly to half of the popularity...and success like I'm going to do on SmackDown! So pay attention! Starting next're going to be seeing a new Charlie Haas! Does anyone want to challenge me?"

Through the crowd, out steps Rene Dupree.

Rene: "Sure...I shall challenge you. I am the French Phenom! You can run your mouth about being something...but when you get in the ring...I'm going to treat you like a dumb American pig! Viva La France!"

Charlie Haas and Rene Dupree stare each other down as cameras go to a commercial break.


Eddie Guerrero Vs. Rey Mysterio


Eddie Guerrero delivers the third suplex in his Three Amigos combination move. He looks to the crowd for some respect but just gets booed emphatically. He climbs quickly to the top rope and busy more time by taunting the crowd. This allows enough time for Rey to race against the ropes and cause his opponent to land in a precarious position. Mysterio now delivers a double jump hurracarana from the top rope onto Guerrero! Both competitors are down now as the official begins the 10 count.







Rey gets a hand over Eddie’s chest!…



Eddie gets the left shoulder up! Rey Mysterio picks up Eddie only to be elbowed in the mid-section. Eddie races to the ropes now only to be tripped into the middle ropes. Rey calls out to the fans to get a standing ovation as he delivers the 619! Rey stands out on the apron now as Eddie is out in the center of the ring. Rey goes for it and misses dropping the dime! Eddie Guerrero hooks the arms of Mysterio and pins him in a backslide position…



Rey kicks out! Mysterio gets up first and rolls Eddie up in a small package!



Eddie kicks out this time! Eddie dodges a right hand and rolls his opponent up with a hook of the tights…




Winner: Eddie Guerrero


When we come back from the commercial break, Booker T, Eugene, Luther Reigns, and Maven are all standing in the ring. The General Manager's theme music hits and Theodore Long struts his way to the ring with a microphone in hand. He steps between the ropes and looks at everyone.

Long: "Playas...I called you out here for a purpose. As of do not know that purpose. But I'm gonna tell ya now so listen up crackas! Next's going to be Luther Reigns...and Maven...teaming up to take on Booker T and Eugene!"

The crowd cheers after hearing this announcement.

Long: "But that's not see...because at Judgment Day...we're going to crown ourselves a number one contender! That's right...and we're gonna do so in a number 1 contender's 10 man battle royale! And four of those ten men...will be you!"

The crowd erupts as all four competitors stare each other down. Kurt Angle's music hits and the Olympic Hero makes his way out to the ramp with a mic.

Angle: "Woah! Woah! Woah! A number one contender's battle royale? Without me? Listen Mr. Long...if you do not put me in this match immediately...I'm gonna put myself in it! Because everyone knows...that Kurt Angle is the next WWE Champion! It's true! I mean...look at you have in there? Just a bunch of no-talent Kurt Angle wannabes! We have Booker T who hasn't had a Heavyweight Title since WCW went bankrupt way back when! You have Eugene...who can't even tie his own shoes never mind a Title belt! A rookie...who thinks he's perfect! And you have Luther Reigns who...much like Eugene...can't tie his own shoes!"

The crowd laughs as Luther Reigns is angry.

Long: "Alright, Kurt. You're the fifth entrant into this battle royale at Judgment Day! And since you think that you're on a role so much...I think that..."

The lights go out and the infamous gong echoes throughout the arena. The titantron switches over to The Undertaker's titantron and the ramp fills up with smoke as the lights turn blue. All the wrestlers and the General Manager try to hide. The lights go back on, showing it was just a false alarm.

Cole: "What an announcement by Theodore Long!"

Tazz: "I still wonder who the sacrifice will be?"

Cole: "We'll find out soon. But folks, we'll be back after this commercial break!"


United States Championship Match:
Orlando Jordan (c) Vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool

Before the match gets underway...

Orlando: "Hang on! Hang on! Hold it Carlito! Before this match starts...I have a huge announcement to make! The new leader of the cabinet is..........................................
.................................................................................................... .........
.................................................................................................... .........
showing up next week on SmackDown!"

The crowd is excited after hearing this announcement but get even louder when Carlito steals the Chief of Staff's microphone.

Carlito: "You...with a new boss? That's not cool! You with two brothers...that share the same clothes and copy each other? That's not cool! You growing your hair out like Carlito? That's not cool! United States Champion? That's definitely cool!"

The fans cheer for Carlito surprisingly as the bell rings for the match to get underway.



The referee is down and out as Carlito attempts the modified swinging neckbreaker (which he likes to call the Coolest Move In History) but the Bashams get on the apron and distract him. Carlito moves over to the apron and knocks both the Basham Brothers off the apron and onto the arena floor. Carlito then goes over to Orlando Jordan and hits the Coolest Move In History. Just as Carlito goes for the cover...


The lights dim out and the gong is heard! The lights go on and Carlito stands up. He looks around the ring and finds The Undertaker right in his face! Carlito Cool desperately tries to back off but The Undertaker grabs him by the throat and gives him a thunderous chokeslam! The deadman's not done yet as he Tombstone Piledrives Carlito into the mat. The Undertaker makes his way to the outside and finds a steel chair from out underneath the ring. He climbs up the steps and picks up what remains of Carlito. He places the chair across Carlito's throat and delivers the Guillotine Chairshot to Carlito! The lights go out and when they go back on, Taker has disappeared. Orlando Jordan slowly gets up and covers Carlito as the referee is just getting to his feet...

Winner: STILL United States Champion Orlando Jordan!!!

Cole: "What a vicious chairshot by The Undertaker!"

Tazz: "I think that the deadman just lost a lot of respect from the boys in the back and the fans from his actions tonight."

Cole: "We'll have an update on Carlito as soon as possible, hopefully he won't lose any time in the ring for this."

Tazz: "Well hoping is one thing...happening is another."

Cole: "Nonetheless, we will continue with the event tonight and coming up next..."

Tazz: "It's go time! Triple H versus The Undertaker to determine the number one contender! And don't forget...the WWE Champion, John Cena is the special referee!"

Cole: "Triple!"


#1 Contender's Match:
HHH Vs. The Undertaker



The Undertaker starts firing back with right hands and sends The Game reeling. The deadman runs to the ropes and tries for a flying forearm however, HHH ducks and Cena gets taken down! The Undertaker doesn't seem to care as he begins exchanging clubbing blows with Triple H. Cena shrugs off the blow and seems a little angry. The Undertaker gains the advantage with punches and irish whips Triple H to the ropes. The Game dodges a closeline and almost bumps into Cena but stops himself. Cena begins arguing with the Cerebral Assassin who shoves him into the ropes. Cena is really angry now and he bolts to the outside of the ring. HHH turns around and receives a chokeslam from his opponent! Cena now looks around the ring and finds a steel chair then brings it into the squared circle! The Game is slowly getting up after the maneuver as Undertaker gets ready for the tombstone. John Cena winds up and swings at HHH. The Game ducks and Cena nails the deadman square in the head with the weapon. Triple H climbs onto Taker and goes for the cover...


The WWE Champion refuses to count because it's his fault that Taker's down. Triple H gets up and begins arguing with John Cena. It quickly descends into a shoving match then into a fist fight! Both men go at it head to head and Cena gains the advantage. He whips The Game to the ropes and hits him with a flying shoulder tackle! The Undertaker sits up as John Cena prepares for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena bounces off the ropes and gets caught by The Undertaker. HHH gets up as well and is caught also. The Undertaker delivers a chokeslam to both men at the same time! The Undertaker taunts the crowd and gets booed which is a different response from earlier. The Undertaker picks up The Game and delivers the tombstone to him and pins him. John Cena gets to his feet and refuses to count. The champion goes to the outside and grabs his WWE Title then gets back in the ring. Meanwhile, Carlito Caribbean Cool comes out from the crowd and begins hammering away at The Undertaker despite his injuries from earlier tonight. The deadman gets up to his feet, without the blows affecting him and launches Carlito out of the ring. Taker turns around without noticing Cena and gets clocked with the WWE Title! John Cena gets the crowd riled up as HHH awakens and steals Cena's chain which is on the corner turnbuckle. The Cerebral Assassin wraps it around his fist and nails the champion with it when he turns around, knocking him unconscious! The Game delivers the Pedigree to The Undertaker on the WWE Championship then covers him...


Triple H uses John Cena's hand to make the count...

Winner: Triple H

HHH bolts out of the ring to celebrate before either man wakes up angry at him. The Game takes the title with him as The Undertaker sits up. He rolls his eyes into the back of his head and seem to be permanently fixed that way because of his rage! The Undertaker sets off a lightning bolt just in front of Triple H then they set off everywhere, on the turnbuckle posts, on the ramp, near the titantron, and right by the commentator's booth! Hunter runs away scared to death of what he has done. The Undertaker notices John Cena getting up and delivers a tombstone to him! The Undertaker, not finished, picks up John Cena again and delivers another tombstone! Now, The Undertaker places the steel chair neatly and tombstones John Cena onto that now! The Undertaker does it twice more on the steel chair, making it five tombstones in total!!!

Tazz: "Talk about concussion city!"

Cole: "Concussion? Cena could have a broken neck!"

The Undertaker grabs Cena by the throat, ready to tombstone him but Carlito gets back in the ring and starts hammering away at the face of The Undertaker.

Tazz: "He's got more guts than brains right now Cole!"

Carlito desperately tries taking The Undertaker off his feet but gets caught with a chokeslam! The Undertaker picks up Carlito and tombstones him on the WWE Championship! The Undertaker celebrates with his victims lying in an unconscious state.

Cole: "It looks as if The Undertaker has turned into pure hating evil now! He's a deadman on destruction! Who's gonna be the savior of SmackDown from this demon? Goodnight everyone!"

The show comes to an end.

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

great Smackdown! Like the Undertaker dominance throughout the show. I hate Cena, and I hate him as WWE Champion, not to mention his custom championship. Cruiserweight Championshipand US Championship succesfully defended in good matches (cept Jordan), the Eddie-Rey match was well booked and a good victory for Eddie. I like the idea of the 'new' Haas. Great Smackdown.

Read the rules.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

I'll give a reply later just incase you're wondering why I haven't, little busy atm with a few things.
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Thanks for your opinions so far. Hopefully I get more soon. Anyway, I'm here to post all the awards we have won the Be The Booker Awards after just starting out. On behalf of Main Event and I, I'd like to thank everyone who nominated us.

Category 2 - Shows
1) Show of the Month: Draft Lottery Raw - The Main Event

Category 6 - Promos
1) Best Promo of the Month: JBL promo upon his debut on Raw - Main Event
2) Best Promo Writer of the Month: Main Event
3) Most Realistic Promo Writer of the Month: Main Event

Category 9 - Best New....
1) Best New Thread of the Month: Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Category 10 - Most Valuable...
2) Most Valuable Wrestler: Randy Orton - Main Event
3) Most Valuable Feud: John Cena vs. Triple H - Juvy

That's 7 awards!!! Wow! Thanks again everyone and we hope you keep reading as Backlash is coming up soon then it's on to Judgment Day! Remember, replying with ur thoughts just makes our shows better.

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

that was a great smackdown, will post a full review later as I hav footy on in abou 5 mins.


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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Full Rating as Promised

Cena/HHH/Taker Promo – Good promo, Cena owned HHH in this, Taker attacking Cena and the fans cheering is a sign from you that Cena is way over with the crowd although I’m not sure if they would actually boo the deadman atm.

Hurricane-Carlito – You use Hurricane as well as I have ever seen him used imo good job there

CW Triple Threat – The CW division is picking up and I see you putting over London as a fighting champion

Charlie Haas Promo – It’ll be interesting to see if you can make use of Charlie Haas as a singles competitor because so far nobody has

Eddie vs. Rey – Good that Eddie was put over here as he needed it after his losses previously to Rey.

US Title Match – Heel vs. Heel but with the promo before it I guess it made it work so good job this time round, shame to see Carlito as Taker’s victim

Main Event – Taker turning heel after this was good, Carlito looks like he’s in for a mega push if he’s going to feud with Taker, Cena vs. HHH at JD is also gonna be cool, lets hope Cena beats him

Realism – 10/10 everything perfect

Length – Maybe just one more segment needed, otherwise perfect 9/10

Quality/Entertainment – 8/10 here for me as the show was well written but some things wouldn’t have been really interesting to watch.

Spelling/Grammar: Perfect 10/10

Matches/Booking: A little better but the way the US Title defence was booked I didn’t like even though there was a promo beforehand I just can’t see heel vs. heel unless it’s something big 8/10

Overall: 90/100

Nice work!
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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Cena/HHH/Taker Promo – Good promo, Taker attacking Cena and the fans cheering is a sign from you that Cena is way over with the crowd so good work there
Hurricane-Carlito – Hurricane is awesome lol!
CW Triple Threat – Buisness is picking up
Charlie Haas Promo – Push CHarlie!
Eddie vs. Rey – Good that Eddie was put over
US Title Match – Heel vs. Heel? Meh but the opening segment explained it

Main Event – Carlito Push?Das Cool
Realism – 10/10 everything perfect

Length – Another Angle maybe? 9/10

Quality/Entertainment – 9/10 well written show

Spelling/Grammar: Perfect 10/10

Matches/Booking: Cool but I am not a fan of heel vs heel
Overall: 90/100

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

The heel vs. heel is happening right now to establish Orlando Jordan as a champion. I don't think you'll have to worry about that anymore though.

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

SmackDown Preview:

The Undertaker is on a rampage now! He seems to be hellbent on revenge for everything that has happened to him! With Triple H as the number one contender and possessor of the WWE Title, what's he going to have to say now? Speaking of the championship, what the condition of the WWE Champion, John Cena? And what about Carlito? He's become a fan favorite almost over night because of his heroic efforts to save John Cena and is scheduled to face The Hurricane! We also heard that the WWE Cruiserweight Championship will be on the line as Paul London defends against Akio. Will Paul London be in any shape to compete after the fireball was blown into his eyes? What about the Cabinet? Orlando Jordan announced that the new leader will show up this week! Who could it be? It looks like Charlie Haas will take on Rene Dupree in one on one action. Will Charlie Haas live up to his words and become a star? Or will he be denied by the French Phenom? Now that Eddie Guerrero has finally beaten Rey Mysterio, even though he cheated to do so, will the problem with the Tag Team Titles be resolved? Or will this only make things more complicated? Speaking of tag team, we learnt that it was going to be Booker T and Eugene taking on Luther Reigns and Maven as a preview for the Battle Royale at Judgment Day. Will anyone else be entered into the Battle Royale Match? You'll have to stay tuned this week for another great SmackDown!

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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory


The theme “Always” by Saliva plays throughout the arena whilst showing video highlights on the Backlash tron replaying key moments over the past couple of weeks featuring Batista, JBL, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, Edge and Chris Jericho. After the video stops, pyro goes off throughout the arena and the camera cuts and shows several fan signs including “Backlash is Jericho”, “Edge sucks” “The Animal” and several huge “Peeps” signs and letters.

Jim Ross: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to WWE Backlash, what a huge night we have in store for you, several huge matches including the one we’ve all been waiting for

Jerry Lawler: That’s right, the World Heavyweight Championship on the line, JBL guarantees he will win the title but can he defeat the Animal?

Jim Ross: We’ll find out later tonight, also it will be Legend against Legend Killer as The Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit takes on Randy Orton

Jerry Lawler: Randy Orton has been on a huge role and tonight I think that will continue

“Ain’t no Stoppin Me!!!!!” hits throughout the arena to a big pop from the crowd as Shelton Benjamin makes his way down to the ring for his Intercontinental Title defence.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall is for the Intercontinental Championship, making his way to the ring Orangeburg South Carolina, weighing in at 245 pounds, the Intercontinental Champion…Shelton Benjamin!!!!!!!!!

Jim Ross: We’re in for a treat now King, Shelton Benjamin perhaps the best pure athlete in the WWE will take on a young man who is making quite the impact, “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters.

Jerry Lawler: It’ll be interesting to see if Shelton Benjamin can avoid the Master Lock because I don’t think he’ll be able to break out of it.

The Music of the Masterpiece hits and he is shown at the top of the ramp, he stands up and pyro goes off behind him, he then does several poses before walking down the ramp then entering the ring.

Lillian Garcia: Introducing the challenger, from Los Angeles, weighing in at 275 pounds, The Masterpiece, Chris Masters!!!!!!!!!!

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin © vs. Chris Masters

Fast paced match with Masters working on the back of Benjamin. He tries to lock in the Master Lock on several occasions but Benjamin finds a way to counter before he can get it locked in.

Match Ending: Masters whips Benjamin against the ropes and Masters then delivers a hard powerslam then covers 1-2-kickout. Masters then picks up Benjamin and tries to go for the Master Lock but only gets one arm in allowing Benjamin to hit a side suplex. Benjamin then climbs the turnbuckle but Masters gets up and trips him, Benjamin lands on the turnbuckle. Masters climbs up the turnbuckle and grabs Benjamin in a front face lock position then delivers a big Superplex from the top rope. Masters covers 1-2-last ditch kick out by Benjamin. Masters then picks up Benjamin and delivers a hard right hand to the forehead but Benjamin delivers one back causing the Masterpiece to stagger. Benjamin then begins to battle right back, with several right hands then Irish Whips Masters. Benjamin delivers a spinning wheel kick to the head sending Masters down. Masters rolls over into the corner and uses the ropes to pull him up. Benjamin runs at him and delivers the Stinger Splash then rolls him up for the 1-2-kickout. Masters gets up just as quick and Benjamin and tries a clothesline but Benjamin ducks then catches Masters with the T-Bone Suplex and covers for the 1-2-3.
Winner: and still Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin!!!!

Jim Ross: Shelton Benjamin has retained the Intercontinental Title once again

Jerry Lawler: The key factor in that match proved to be indeed The Master Lock but for all the wrong reasons because The Masterpiece couldn’t get it locked in on Shelton Benjamin

Jim Ross: Well you may be right about that but we’ll never know now

Jerry Lawler: What a way to kick off Backlash, I loved that match

Jim Ross: There’s still a lot more to come tonight, but we understand that Todd Grisham is standing by with The Big Show

We cut backstage to see Todd standing next to Big Show.

Todd Grisham: Big Show a couple of weeks ago here on Raw you were drafted to Raw from Smackdown in the Draft Lottery, but you weren’t included on tonight’s Backlash Pay Per View, what are your thoughts on that?

Big Show: Last time I was here on Raw a few years ago, I was left off Pay Per Views, Eric Bischoff didn’t bother doing anything with me, when I went onto Smackdown it proved to be a turning point and I dominated over there, and I’ll be damned Todd if I let Bischoff leave me frozen out again, so since he has done here tonight, then I will be taking matters into my own hands

Todd Grisham: So tonight Show, what do you intend to do?

Big Show: Tonight Todd, I make an Impact!!!!

Big Show storms off

We cut back to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Jim Ross: Strong words from the Big Show and I shudder to think what he might do

Jerry Lawler: Well I agree with the Big Show, you seen how good he was on Smackdown, yet he isn’t on Backlash, by the sounds of things he will never be left off another PPV again

Jim Ross: Up now we have a match for the World Tag Team Titles, the new champions La Resistance against The Dudley Boyz, let’s take you back to last Monday Night on Raw where the Dudley Boyz became number one contenders defeating the former champions William Regal & Tajiri

Video footage shows of the Dudley Boyz win against William Regal & Tajiri then the attack afterwards by La Resistance

Jim Ross: Then afterwards it was La Resistance attacking their challengers and taking them out using those flag poles

Jerry Lawler: Those damn Dudleys are going to be looking for some retribution tonight, and also to become the tag team champions for the nineteenth time

”Final Force” plays throughout the arena to heat from the crowd as the Tag Team Champions make their way to the ring waving the Quebec flags.

Lillian Garcia: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the World Tag Team Championships, introducing first, from Montreal Quebec Canada, at a combined weight of 480 pounds, Robert Conway and Sylvain Grenier, La Resistance!!!!

“Drop the Bombshells” plays throughout the arena and The Dudley Boyz come running down to the ring and immediately start the fight with La Resistance.

World Tag Team Titles
La Resistance © vs. The Dudley Boyz

A good tag team bout between the two most experienced teams on Raw. La Resistance wear down D’Von Dudley and do several double team moves throughout the match.

Match Ending: Robert Conway has D’Von Dudley in a front face lock. D’Von tries fighting over to his corner to tag Bubba but gets worn down in the hold, Bubba tries to rally the crowd behind D’Von and does so, D’Von fights to his feet and fights closer to his corner, Grenier comes in the ring and distracts the referee, D’Von manages to fight out of the front face lock and to tag in Bubba who comes in and starts beating up Conway delivering hard right hands. Grenier exits the ring and the referee turns around and tells Bubba to leave the ring because he didn’t see the tag. Conway then tags in Grenier who comes in and tries to suplex D’Von but D’Von counters and lifts up Grenier into a suplex position but drops him forwards onto the mat. D’Von then slowly crawls to his corner, Grenier tries to grab his foot back but D’Von reaches the corner and tags in Bubba. Bubba quickly enters the ring and clotheslines Grenier, then clotheslines Conway who had entered the ring. Bubba delivers a scoop slam on Grenier then D’Von climbs the turnbuckles, Bubba holds Grenier’s legs open but gets attacked from behind by Conway, D’Von jumps off and then goes after Conway and knocks him out of the ring and follows. Grenier rolls out of the ring on the otherside and grabs a tag team title belt. The referee is distracted by the fight on the outside between D’Von and Conway allowing Grenier to strike Bubba in the head with the belt. Grenier gets rid of the belt and covers Bubba for the 1-2-3.
Winners: and still the World Tag Team Champions…La Resistance!!!!

Jim Ross: Damn La Resistance have stolen this match here, the Dudley Boyz have been robbed!

Jerry Lawler: Well I’d disagree with you there because I think La Resistance are a team that do whatever it takes to win, and it’s a successful way to do it, not popular but successful

Jim Ross: Well you’re right it isn’t a popularity contest but I don’t agree with it

We cut backstage to Eric Bischoff’s office where he is on the phone.

Eric Bischoff: Yeah that’s a great idea…

There’s a knock at the door and Bischoff looks up then hangs up his phone as Christian comes in followed by Tyson Tomko.

Eric Bischoff: Christian, what can I do for you?

Christian: Now you’re asking me?

Eric Bischoff: What do you mean?

Christian: I’ll tell you what I mean, I am captain charisma, and I am a main eventer, yet I am not on the Backlash Pay Per View, now I don’t know if you realize it or not but if I was on the card tonight, the buyrate would be doubled, but seen as I am not, then all my loyal peeps will probably have boycotted this pay per view, and I don’t know if you watched when this show went on the air, all the peeps signs, they out numbered the signs for Batista, Chris Jericho and well as for Chris Benoit, there wasn’t even any signs for him anyway

Eric Bischoff: Are you quite finished yet?

Christian: No I’m not Eric, I want to prove myself, there is no way in hell I should’ve been left off this Pay Per View

Eric Bischoff: First of all do not take that tone with me, secondly if you want a chance to prove yourself, then tomorrow night on Raw, it will be Christian one on one with Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship!!!

Christian: You know what Eric, it may not be the World Heavyweight Championship, but I will defeat Shelton Benjamin and win that title, and when I do, I’ll be straight back in your office to rub it in your face…because that’s how I roll!!!!!

Christian and Tomko leave the office leaving Eric Bischoff looking annoyed.

Jim Ross: What a match we have tomorrow night on Raw, Christian against Shelton Benjamin

Jerry Lawler: Captain Charisma is right, he should’ve been on this show as well, what are the peepulation gonna do in his absence?

Jim Ross: What a shame, I can’t say I care, our next bout will be a slobber knocker, a Texas Death Match between Kane and Matt Hardy, not for the weakened heart, let’s take a look back at the history between these two men

A video plays showing the major things that have happened in the Kane/Lita/Matt triangle including their battles at Vengeance and Summerslam and the Wedding.

”Slow Chemical” plays throughout the arena to a huge pop from the crowd as Kane makes his way to the ring with Lita by his side.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is a Texas Death Match, to win this match you have to pin your opponent then they have to stay down for the ten count, introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Lita, weighing in at 326 pounds…Kane!!!!!!

Jim Ross: Kane looks focused he looks ready and that might be a bad thing for Matt Hardy

Jerry Lawler: A huge understatement there JR, it is definitely a bad thing for young Matt Hardy

”Oh Yeaaah” hits throughout the arena to heat from the crowd as Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring, Kane meets him half way up the ramp and they start brawling.

Texas Death Match
Kane vs. Matt Hardy

A complete brawl between these two, Kane pins Matt Hardy on two occasions but Hardy gets up at around the 7 or 8 mark.

Match Ending: Kane grabs Hardy by the throat and tries to chokeslam him but Matt delivers a low blow. Matt then rolls out of the ring and grabs the ring bell, he climbs back into the ring and strikes Kane in the head with it. Lita gets up on the apron and Matt grabs her and pulls her into the ring over the top rope. He picks her up in the Twist of Fate position to a huge chorus of boo’s from the crowd, he hits the move knocking her out, Hardy stands up then smiles at the almost lifeless body of Lita but then to his horror Kane sits up. Hardy meets him with right hands but Kane grabs him by the throat but instead of choke slamming him he shoves him through the ropes to the outside. Kane climbs over the top rope to the floor then delivers a right hand on Hardy causing him to stagger backwards. Both men head up the ramp with Hardy trying to distance himself from Kane. Kane then begins to run after Hardy and catches him at the top of the ramp. He clotheslines Hardy to the ground then signals that it’s over. Kane grabs Hardy by the throat and picks him up and moves towards the edge of the stage. He picks Hardy up but before he can drop him The Big Show attacks him from behind!! Show grabs Kane by the neck and chokeslams him off the stage through the table and the stage equipment at the bottom causing a few sparks to fly. The Big Show smiles at the wreckage of Kane’s body as Hardy climbs off the stage. Hardy covers Kane for the 1-2-3 then distances himself from him as far as possible leaving the referee to count 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 to give Hardy the win.
Winner: Matt Hardy

Jim Ross: Matt Hardy wins this bout, Matt Hardy beats Kane due to the interference from the seven foot two, 500 pound Big Show

Jerry Lawler: I can’t believe the destruction he has caused

The camera cuts to Kane who is being taken away on a stretcher with a neck brace on.

Jim Ross: We don’t know how long he’ll be out for but we’ll bring any updates we get straight to you folks

We cut backstage to Todd Grisham who is standing by a grinning JBL.

Todd Grisham: Tonight JBL you face Batista in a First Blood Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, what are your thoughts?

The fans begin to chant “JBL sucks”

JBL: Do you hear those chants Todd? Listen to them…JBL…JBL…JBL…get used to them, because tonight after I become WWE Champion, there will be a lot more of them, the people’s role model will be restored, when John Cena luckily stole my WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, the people were exposed, but they were more exposed by this fraud of a champion known as Batista, Batista is no role model, when I am champion, I represent the things that are good about this country, I’m a self made millionaire, I was a champion that people respected, Dave Batista does not hold any of the same qualities that I do, and Dave Batista is not in my league and he knows it, by saying that he is “The Animal” when he walks around wearing those stupid looking t-shirts, when you people hold up those signs, that is you saying that Batista is not in JBL’s league, because Batista is an animal, but tonight, he is my pet, I command him, I decide when his title reign is over, and it ends tonight! After tonight I will continue to build my legacy, After tonight…

Voice: You become a marked man

Edge walks into the picture smiling at JBL who’s grin turns to a frown

Edge: You see tonight I will beat Chris Jericho to win the contract that is rightfully mine, a contract that will give me a chance to face the champion at any time of my choosing up until next years Wrestlemania, so JBL if you win tonight, I would put your celebrations on hold because I will be waiting to strike at any time, it could be tomorrow night on Raw, it could be at Summerslam, it could be at next years Wrestlemania!!

JBL: Next years Wrestlemania, you and me huh? At next years Wrestlemania…

Edge nods his head and then JBL begins to smile

JBL: Well I’m glad to see you are a JBL fan too then son, you see Todd that just proves that it is common knowledge that I will beat Batista tonight, it is common knowledge that JBL is a Wrestling GOD, and it is common knowledge that I will go on to become the longest ever reigning World Champion because there is nobody in the locker room that can beat me, including you Edge, after I win tonight I win the big one for the second time, how many times have you won it Edge?

Edge begins to get mad

JBL: You see Edge, after tonight you may have that little contract of yours, but it is much better having the real thing!

JBL smiles at Edge and walks off leaving the camera to zoom in on a frustrated looking Edge.

We cut back to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Jim Ross: An interesting altercation there between JBL and Edge

Jerry Lawler: As much as I like Edge, I hate to say it but JBL is right, Edge has never won the big one but to be honest, some of the chances he had he was screwed in, and in Edge’s opinion he hasn’t had a fair match for the World Championship.

Jim Ross: What a shame…coming up next a rivalry that’s been brewing since after Wrestlemania, between Muhammad Hassan and Shawn Michaels, tonight they go one on one, let’s show you whats been happening over the past couple of weeks between these two men.

A video package plays highlighting the key stages in the feud between Muhammad Hassan, Daivari and Shawn Michaels.

Muhammad Hassan’s music hits and he comes to the ring to huge heat from the crowd with Daivari.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall introducing first accompanied to the ring by his manager Daivari, from Detroit Michigan, weighing in at 243 pounds…Muhammad Hassan!!!

”Sexy Boy” plays throughout the arena to a huge pop from the crowd as Shawn Michaels makes his way down the ramp posing for the crowd.

Lillian Garcia: Introducing his opponent, from San Antonio Texas, weighing in at 225 pounds, “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels

Singles Match
Muhammad Hassan (w/Daivari) vs. Shawn Michaels

Michaels starts off on fire but soon falls victim to the dirty tricks of Hassan following a distraction from Daivari.

Match Ending: Muhammad Hassan goes for the Modified STO but Michaels hits a back elbow. Michaels then fights back with right hands on Hassan. He runs at Hassan and clotheslines him down. Hassan gets up quickly and Michaels delivers a scoop slam. Michaels then quickly climbs the turnbuckle and comes off with a Diving Elbow Drop. Michaels then gets up after the move and goes over to the corner and warms up the band. Hassan eventually gets up and turns around and Michaels goes for Sweet Chin Music but Hassan ducks and then Michaels goes for a clothesline but Hassan ducks again and accidentally nails the referee sending him to the mat. Hassan tries a right hand but Michaels blocks it and fires back. Daivari climbs into the ring and jumps on Michaels back allowing Hassan to gain the advantage. Daivari and Hassan then stomp away at Michaels relentlessly.

Jim Ross: Hassan and Davairi taking advantage of the fact that the referee is down here

Jerry Lawler: Come on HBK try to battle back

Hassan and Daivari keep kicking away at Michaels until the fans begin to cheer and they look up the ramp.

Jim Ross: Wait a minute!!!

Jerry Lawler: That’s…That’s…

Jim Ross: It’s Marty Jannetty!!!!

Jannetty slides into the ring and delivers a right hand on Hassan then a right hand on Daivari. Jannetty delivers a hard shot knocking Hassan down. Jannetty then clotheslines Daivari over the top rope. Jannetty goes back to work on Hassan delivering several more right hands to the head causing him to stagger back, Hassan then turns around and walks straight into Sweet Chin Music from a recovered Shawn Michaels. Michaels covers and Jannetty jumps out of the ring. The referee slowly stirs around to count the 1-2-3!!
Winner: Shawn Michaels

After the match Marty Jannetty climbs back into the ring and hugs Shawn Michaels, they then taunt with the crowd before leaving.

Jim Ross: Marty Jannetty making his return assisting Shawn Michaels against Muhammad Hassan and Daivari here at Backlash

Jerry Lawler: Nice to see the odds even for once with these two, I don’t think this will be the end of this though

Jim Ross: I think you’re right there

We cut backstage to see Randy Orton leaving his locker room, he walks down the corridor and then stops, looking up and straight into the eyes of Nature Boy Ric Flair. They stare at each other for a moment before Orton heads off leaving Flair looking on.

Jim Ross: Well I don’t know quite what to make from that encounter, but there is an even bigger one coming up next isn’t that right King?

Jerry Lawler: It sure is, Chris Jericho putting his Money in the Bank contract up on the line against Edge.

Jim Ross: Let’s take a look back at what’s happened so far between these two men

A video package plays highlighting the feud between Chris Jericho and Edge showing various clips including the Money in the Bank Match at Wrestlemania.

“Break the Walls Down” plays throughout the arena to a huge pop from the crowd as Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is a Steel Cage Match, in this match you can win by pinfall, submission or escaping the Cage, introducing first, from Manhasset New York, weighing in at 231 pounds…Chris Jericho!!!!

“Alter Bridges” plays to huge heat from the crowd as Edge makes his way to the ring, he climbs into the ring and waits for the steel cage to lower.

Lillian Garcia: Introducing his opponent, from Toronto, Ontario Canada, weighing in at 240 pounds…Edge!!!!!!

Money in the Bank Rematch – Steel Cage Match
Chris Jericho vs. Edge

Great Cage match with both men utilizing the cage to hurt their opponent. Both men get busted open.

Match Ending: Chris Jericho and Edge exchange right hands in the middle of the ring. Chris Jericho gets the better of the exchange and whips Edge across the ring, and then clotheslines him down. Jericho then picks up Edge and delivers a vertical suplex. Jericho picks up Edge and tries to kick him in the midsection but Edge catches it and Jericho delivers an enziguri. Jericho tries to crawl over towards the cage door. The referee opens the door up waiting for Jericho to try and get out but Edge grabs the foot and pulls him back. He uses all the energy he can muster to stand up and deliver an elbow drop in the back of Jericho’s head. Edge then rolls over to the ropes and uses them to pull him up. He signals for the spear as Jericho gets up, Jericho turns around and Edge runs over and hits the Spear!! Edge covers 1-2-kickout at the last second by Jericho. Edge can’t believe Jericho kicked out and then goes into his tights, he pulls a pair of gold brass knuckles out of his tights and puts them on his right hand. Jericho uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. He turns around and Edge tries to deliver a right hand with the Brass Knucks but Jericho ducks and sweeps Edge’s legs away and goes for the Walls of Jericho but Edge pulls Jericho’s head close to him and nails him with the brass knucks then rolls him into the Small Package for the 1-2-3.
Winner: and now in possession of the Money in the Bank Contract…Edge!!!!

Jim Ross: Edge steals the win there, Edge steals the Money in the Bank Contract from Chris Jericho using those damn Brass Knucks

Jerry Lawler: It’s legal JR anything goes remember

Jim Ross: Coming up next, from one huge battle to another, Chris Benoit against Randy Orton, Legend against Legend Killer

Jerry Lawler: I’ve been waiting for this one all night, I can’t wait to see it

Jim Ross: Well you won’t have to wait long, let’s take a look back at the rivalry between these two men

A video package plays highlighting the history between Benoit and Orton including the matches last year at Summerslam and the following night on Raw.

”Whatever” plays throughout the arena to a huge pop from the crowd as Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, now residing in Atlanta Georgia, weighing in at 220 pounds…Chris Benoit!!!!!

”Burn in My Light” hits to huge heat from the crowd as Randy Orton slowly makes the way to the ring keeping his eyes fixed on Chris Benoit.

Lillian Garcia: Introducing his opponent, from St Louis Missouri, weighing in at 245 pounds…”The Legend Killer”…Randy Orton!!!!!

Legend vs. Legend Killer
Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton

Match of the night between these two, Chris Benoit works on the arm of Randy Orton in the early going but Chris Benoit hurts his leg allowing Orton to work on it.

Match Ending: Randy Orton stomps away at the leg of Chris Benoit before picking him up to his feet. Orton tries to deliver a Vertical Suplex on Benoit but Benoit lands on his feet then delivers a German Suplex on Orton. Benoit keeps his grip and delivers a second German Suplex. Benoit keeps ahold of Orton and gets to his feet then hits a third successive German Suplex. Benoit then lets go and makes his way over to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle then comes off with the Swandive Headbutt and covers Orton 1-2-kickout. Benoit picks up Orton who appears to be dead weight, he picks Orton up to his knees but Orton springs up and tries to hit the RKO but Benoit counters and goes for the crossface but Orton counters with a back elbow sending Benoit crashing into the referee knocking the referee through the ropes out of the ring. Benoit then grabs Orton and applies the Crippler Crossface. Orton taps out in the Crossface but Benoit keeps it applied as there is no referee. The Camera then shows Ric Flair running down the ramp with a Steel Chair in hand to a series of “Wooo’s” from the crowd. Benoit sees him and immediately breaks the crossface but it’s too late and Flair delivers a hard steel chair shot to the head. Flair throws the chair away then helps Orton cover Benoit. Flair climbs out of the ring and then throws the referee back in. The referee slowly makes the count 1-2-2.99999 last ditch kick out by Benoit to the delight of the sold out crowd. Orton looks over to Flair not knowing what to do. Orton picks up Benoit but Benoit sweeps Orton’s legs away then locks in the Sharpshooter, Ric Flair climbs up on the apron meaning Benoit has to break the hold to go and knock Flair off. The distraction allows Randy Orton to recover and hit the RKO on Benoit after he turns around. Orton then covers Benoit and hooks the leg for the 1-2-3.
Winner: “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton

After the match Ric Flair and Randy Orton shake hands, Flair then raises Orton’s arms in victory as they are going up the ramp leaving a recovering Chris Benoit to look on in the ring.

Jim Ross: Thanks to help from Ric Flair, Randy Orton picks up another victory over Chris Benoit

Jerry Lawler: Another huge win for Randy Orton, he has been on such a role lately I don’t know if anyone can stop him

Jim Ross: It’s time to go backstage to Todd Grisham who is with Batista!

We cut backstage to see Todd standing next to Batista

Todd Grisham: I am now standing with the World Heavyweight Champion Batista who is preparing for his first pay per view title defence against JBL, what are your thoughts?

Batista: Well Todd, I’ve heard JBL run his mouth ever since he arrived here on the Raw Brand, calling me his pet, a circus clown, well JBL can do all the talking he wants, he can bring Matt Morgan to ringside if he wants because nothing and I mean NOTHING is going to stop me from leaving here tonight still the World Heavyweight Champion…

Batista looks away from Todd and straight into the eyes of a smiling Randy Orton who has Ric Flair at his side.

Randy Orton: It doesn’t matter what you do Dave, you will still always remain miles behind Randy Orton, you’re finally figuring things out, you’re finally trying to catch up, but I was World Champion last year at Summerslam, something that’s took you nine months more to do, if you should retain that title tonight, I’m coming for it, I’ve beaten you twice this year Dave, and it’s just a pity that I can’t add you to this T-Shirt right here

Orton shows Batista a Legend Killer T-Shirt with his list of Victims on the back

Randy Orton: As you aren’t a legend…

Batista grabs the T-Shirt from Orton and looks at it

Batista: Let’s take a look at this shall we, let’s see who’s on it, The Undertaker, that’s fine he’s a legend, lets see, wait a minute…Booker-T…RVD, this isn’t a Legend Killer T-Shirt it’s more like a match record

Orton begins to get annoyed

Batista: Can I keep hold of this T-Shirt?

Randy Orton: Why, are you a big Randy Orton fan?

Batista: No but they’ve ran out of toilet paper and someone might need it

Orton grabs the T-Shirt back from Batista as the fans laugh in the background.

Batista: I am not trying to do any of the things that you have done Randy, because tonight this is my first pay per view defence for my first reign as World Heavyweight Champion, and unlike you Randy, I won’t flop at the first hurdle, I have plenty more defences to come and as I said before, I will leave here tonight, the World Heavyweight Champion!!

Batista walks off leaving Randy Orton and Ric Flair shaking their heads.

We cut back to JR and King

Jim Ross: Strong words from the World Heavyweight Champion Batista there

Jerry Lawler: Did you hear those comments to Randy Orton, he had no right to say things like that…

Jim Ross: Well…Coming up next is our main event, Batista one on one in a First Blood Match with JBL for the World Heavyweight Championship

A video plays showing several key moments in the Batista-JBL feud including Batista pinning JBL in a tag team match and JBL attacking Batista on Raw.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is a First Blood Match for the World Heavyweight Championship!!!!!!!!!!!

”Longhorn” plays throughout the arena to huge heat from the crowd and the limo pulls in on the left side of the stage, the limo driver quickly stops and runs around to open the door for Matt Morgan and JBL.

Lillian Garcia: Introducing first he is the challenger, from New York City, weighing in at 290 pounds, John Bradshaw Layfield!!!!!!!!!!!!

JBL waits in the ring as his music stops. A big “Batista” chant breaks out.

“Unleashed Rage” plays throughout the arena to a thunderous pop from the crowd who all immediately stand up as Batista makes his way to the ring.

Lillian Garcia: Introducing next from Washington D.C. weighing in at 318 pounds, the World Heavyweight Champion…Batista!!!!!

World Heavyweight Championship – First Blood Match
Batista © vs. JBL (w/Matt Morgan)

Almost an unofficial handicap match here with Matt Morgan getting involved in the match on several occasions. JBL tries to work on the cut of Batista but finds himself unable to open the wound.

Match Ending: Matt Morgan slides a chair into the ring for JBL, JBL picks up the chair and smiles at Batista who is using the ropes to get himself up. JBL delivers a shot to the back of Batista that brings him to his knees. JBL then taunts Batista and tries to nail him in the head with the chair but Batista pops up and delivers a huge spine buster on JBL, driving the air out of the challenger. Batista then stands up and tries to pick up JBL but sees Matt Morgan running at him with the World Title belt in hand. Morgan swings the belt at Batista’s head but Batista ducks and then spinebusters Matt Morgan. Batista then grabs the steel chair that JBL had and waits on Morgan to get up. Batista delivers a hard shot to the head of Morgan sending him staggering backwards out of the ring. Batista smiles at Morgan who appears to be out on the outside.

Jim Ross: A thunderous shot to the head of Matt Morgan

Jerry Lawler: But wait JR, look who’s in the ring

Jim Ross: Randy Orton, the Legend Killer in the ring

Randy Orton runs over to Batista and delivers a low blow on the champion from behind. He grabs the World Title belt and sets up Batista.

Jim Ross: Randy Orton attacking his former Evolution Team-mate here, we seen these two have a backstage altercation earlier on tonight.

Jerry Lawler: If Orton nails Batista with this belt it’ll bust him wide open…

Batista gets up and turns around, Orton runs at him and tries to nail him with the title belt but Batista ducks and Orton accidentally nails JBL to the delight of the crowd. Orton turns around quickly and Batista kicks him in the midsection causing Orton to drop the title belt. Batista then grabs Orton and delivers a thunderous Batista Bomb on Randy Orton!!! Batista then walks over to JBL and grabs him and sets him up for a Batista Bomb. Batista gives the crowd the thumbs up then turns them to thumbs down. He picks up JBL and once JBL is in the air the referee sees the bloody face of JBL and rings the bell as Batista brings JBL down in the Batista Bomb!!!!
Winner: and still the World Heavyweight Champion…Batista!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Ross: Batista has done it Batista retains the title!!!!!!

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know how he managed it JR, everything was against him, Matt Morgan, Randy Orton…

Jim Ross: At Backlash 2005, it is clear, there is a new era and that is the era of the Animal!!!!!!!

The show goes off the air with Batista holding up the World Heavyweight Championship on the turnbuckle.

End of Show
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