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World Wrestling Entertainment 2007

Wrestlemania 23 Results

Money in the Bank ladder match
Mr. Kennedy defeated CM Punk, Randy Orton, Finlay, Matt Hardy, King Booker (with Queen Sharmell), Jeff Hardy, and Edge

The Great Khali defeated Kane

WWE United States Championship
Chris Benoit (c) defeated Montel Vontavious Porter

World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker defeated Batista (c)

Eight-man tag team match
The ECW Originals (Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and The Sandman) defeated The New Breed (Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von, Matt Striker,and Kevin Thorn) (with Ariel)

Hair vs. Hair match with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee
Bobby Lashley (with Donald Trump) defeated Umaga (with Mr. McMahon and Armando Alejandro Estrada)

WWE Women's Championship – Lumberjill Match
Melina(c) defeated Ashley

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) defeated Shawn Michaels

~~ Hall of Champions ~~
WWE Champion: John Cena
Intercontinental Champion: Umaga
World Tag Team Champions: John Cena and Shawn Michaels
WWE Women's Champion: Melina

Charlie Haas
Chris Masters
Jeff Hardy
Jim Duggan
John Cena
Johnny Nitro
Kenny Dykstra
Lance Cade
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Robbie McAllister
Rory McAllister
Shad Gaspard
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Super Crazy
The Great Khali
Trevor Murdoch
Triple H - Injured
Val Venis

Candice Michelle
Mickie James
Torrie Wilson

Stables & tag teams
Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard and JTG)
John Cena and Shawn Michaels
Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch
The Highlanders (Robbie McAllister and Rory McAllister)
The World's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas)

~~ Hall of Champions ~~
ECW Champion: Bobby Lashley

Balls Mahoney
Bobby Lashley
CM Punk
Elijah Burke
Hardcore Holly
Kevin Thorn
Little Guido Maritato
Marcus Cor Von
Matt Striker
Mike Knox
Rob Van Dam
Stevie Richards
The Sandman
Tommy Dreamer

Kelly Kelly

Stables & tag teams
The ECW Originals (Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, The Sandman and Rob Van Dam)
The New Breed (Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von, Matt Striker and Kevin Thorn with Ariel)

~~ Hall of Champions ~~
World Heavyweight Champion: The Undertaker
United States Champion: Chris Benoit
WWE Tag Team Champions: Brian Kendrick and Paul London
Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero
Money in the Bank Briefcase: Mr. Kennedy

Brian Kendrick
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Dave Taylor
Gregory Helms
Jamie Noble
Jimmy Wang Yang
King Booker
Matt Hardy
Montel Vontavious Porter
Mr. Kennedy
Paul London
Rey Mysterio - Injured
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
The Boogeyman
The Miz
The Undertaker
William Regal

Jillian Hall
Kristal Marshall
Michelle McCool

Stables & tag teams
Deuce 'N Domino with Cherry
Paul London and Brian Kendrick with Ashley Massaro
William Regal and Dave Taylor

PayPer View Schedule

Backlash 2007 - April 29, 2007
Philip's Arena - Atlanta, Georgia

Judgment Day 2007 – May 20, 2007
Scottrade Center – St. Louis, Missouri

One Night Stand 2007 – June 3, 2007
Jacksonville Veteran's Memorial Center – Jacksonville, Florida

Vengeance: Night of Champions – June 24, 2007
Toyota Center – Houston, Texas

The Great American Bash 2007 – July 22, 2007
HP Pavilion – San Jose, California


Been a long bloody time since I have even attempted to do this sort of stuff. I got some stuff written but hey, lets see if I can stick to something after about 4 years.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007

Ah, always nice to see a new thread pop up. You're definitely looking to contribute to the section Best time to start is post-Mania. I'll be reading.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007

Good luck, mang. I'm glad you chose a period pre-2012. I look forward to seeing what you do.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007

This looks good my man. Glad you kept ECW around-- most people that do this time period it seems trashes ECW and I was always a fan of it. I'll be reading!
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Thanks CHAMPviaDQ for sig and avy
^^ My BtB, hoping to get it off the ground but it's still pretty new!
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007

Intrigued. Very intrigued. You've got yourself a reader
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007

Pro Wrestling Observer - April 2, 2007 - The WWE Report

- With Wrestlemania over and done with there are said to be many changes headed the way of the WWE with some creative and general show run changes coming into effect. It's reported that the shows will become more wrestling focused but the stories between the superstars will be the main focus. So instead of having a number of four minute matches on the card, wrestling will now take up more time on each show.

- On a more specific note, many of the creative members are split on what will be coming next for Mr. Kennedy. After winning the Money in the Bank briefcase, it's reported that a number of people backstage want him to cash in straight away - win or lose - while others are saying to hold it off until Wrestlemania 24. The downside to this of course is that Kennedy would struggle to get a proper, number one contender's match while he holds onto the briefcase. Vince McMahon is reportedly one of the hold-outs on Kennedy cashing in straight away, which makes it much less likely to happen.

- While the Shawn Michaels and John Cena feud is likely to continue after Wrestlemania, they aren't likely to hold on to the World Tag Team Championships much longer. While it made for an interesting storyline heading into Wrestlemania it doesn't seem to hold up going into Backlash, where the titles are likely to be defended. On that same note, The Hardys, World's Greatest Tag Team and the Redneck Wrecking Crew are the three most likely recipients of the championships, although many are pushing for Kendrick and London to hold onto both of the Tag Team Championships.

- Jeff Hardy and Edge are reportedly going to be involved in a feud leading up to Backlash, playing off of the events in the Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania. The two are said to work well together. On the Jeff Hardy note, expect him to get some more screen time, as management look to decide if he is worth to be a part of the WWE Championship scene.

- Ric Flair is looking to take a break from the WWE. Sources are telling us that he's pulled up a bit sore from the last few times he has been in matches and is looking to be able to take a long break. Whether this involves taking a break from the ring or from the WWE as a whole is another matter, but he is not scheduled to be apart of any shows following the two weeks after Backlash.

- The ECW Championship could be seeing a lot of changes over the next few weeks. There is talk that Vince McMahon wants the title off of Bobby Lashley for "storyline" reasons and that it could be going to a member of the New Breed. There are a ton of people that are fans backstage of many of the members of the New Breed and they are the current favorites to win the belt from Bobby Lashley.

- Over on Smackdown, it's business as usual with the Undertaker winning the World Heavyweight Championship. He is set to go into a long feud with Batista, with the two pegged to carry the brand forward. It's undetermined who is supposedly going to come out on top or who the challenger will be after, but it looks like that will dominate talks going forward.

- The Cruiserweight and Women's divisions are definitely on creatives minds moving forward, with the two divisions supposedly getting a good push forward. The two divisions have been on the back foot as of late with the Women's Championship match at Wrestlemania lasting only 3:40 without much build up all. Expect more changes and new arrivals in both scenes within the next few months.


What's true? What's not? I'm still not sure! RAW Preview up in the next couple of days.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007

Previews are over-rated. As I said earlier, I'm still coming back to this after a long arse time and I think I made a number of character mistakes but I think they get ironed out over the next few shows.

Monday Night RAW
Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio
April 2, 2007

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please...”

Eight man stand in the squared circle. The tension was palpable. Then the action explodes quickly. Ladders are quickly involved. Finlay flying off the top rope into a pack of superstars. CM Punk copping a step ladder to the face. Continuous spears to all the superstars from Edge.

“For a feast for your eyes to see...”

Followed by one of the biggest spots of the evening. Jeff Hardy dropping his leg across Edge; breaking the ladder in half. We follow this up by seeing the two RKOs that Randy Orton did from the middle of the ladders.

“Like nothing you've ever seen before...”

Bookend from the ladder. Greenbay Plunge from the top of the ladder onto Hornswoggle. Mr. Kennedy grabbing the briefcase from the top of the ladder.

Jim Ross: Mr. Kennedy has won the Money in the Bank briefcase!

“After this you will be begging for more...”

The Undertaker hits the Chokeslam on Batista. The match is surely going to be over. Batista kicks out! Batista kicks out! Last Ride to Batista. Batista Bomb to the Undertaker!

“You've seen that seeing is believing...”

Tombstone Piledriver to Batista! The pin! The Undertaker has become the first person to ever win both the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. 'Taker does his signature pose, tongue out, World Heavyweight Championship in hand...

“Hold tight, cause the show is not over...”

Mr. McMahon alongside Umaga make their way out to the ring for the “Battle of the Billionaires.” Donald Trump and Lashley do the same thing. Both the wrestlers are all business. The barber's chair is to the side of the ring.

“If you will please move in close...”

Austin is take out by Umaga. Shane gets stunnered by Austin. Another stunner to Umaga from Austin followed by a Spinebuster from Lashley and the pin.

“You're about to be bowled over...”

Mr. McMahon gets shaved bald by Donald Trump and Bobby Lashley. Donald Trump also receives the Stone Cold Stunner.

“Welcome to the show...”

Shawn Michaels and John Cena both making their respective entrances. Both of them are focused on the task at hand. The sound of chops resonate in the background as we see multiple missed opportunities for Sweet Chin Music. We see the two superstars working their way up by leaning on each other. FU! Reversed! Shawn Michaels goes for one last Sweet Chin Music... STFU! Michaels taps!

Jerry Lawler: John Cena is still the champ!

“Do you want it...”

“Do you need it...”

“Let me hear it...”

“Ladies and Gentlemen!”

At the end of the video package, the usual RAW introduction is played to the sounds of Papa Roach's 'To Be Loved,' before we enter the arena. The crowd is packed, as we see all the signs of the various fandoms, and the pyrotechnics show that opens the Monday Night RAW following Wrestlemania 23.

Jim Ross: We are just twenty-four hours removed from one of the biggest Wrestlemanias in recent history! Eighty-thousand packed Detroit's Ford Field stadium to witness the granddaddy of them all. My name is J.R, Jim Ross, joined as always by Jerry “The King” Lawler and King, what a show!

Jerry Lawler: We wanted a show and a show was what we got. We saw it all and more! New champions were crowned and old champions retained. Blood was spilled. Rivalries were settled and some were re-ignited. I can't wait for more J.R!

Jim Ross: Could not have said it better myself King. Tonight is another matter as we catch the fallout from the biggest show of them all. What will John Cena have to say? What about Mr. McMahon?

Jerry Lawler:
I hope he bought himself a hat after last night.

Jim Ross: There is going to be hell to pay for Bobby Lashley and maybe even Umaga later tonight, but that's not all. We're going to see Edge in action later tonight against the man that almost broke him in half in the Money in the Bank ladder match last night, Jeff Hardy.

Jerry Lawler:
Both man are going to be black and blue all over after what we saw last night but they've been cleared to compete and you can't keep a good competitor down.

Jim Ross: Something tells me Edge was looking forward to a night off.


Inspiring an impressive mixed reaction, the WWE Champion bursts out from behind the curtain, championship in hand and raised to the rafters, proud as hell to still be in his hand. Cena takes his time making his way down the ramp, clapping hands with fans, and even stopping to talk to a few of the younger 'Cenation' members.

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels and John Cena put on a clinic last night, King, and either one of those men could have walked out with the WWE Championship over his shoulder.

Jerry Lawler: I don't know about you, J.R, but I'm amazed that Cena can still stand after the fight last night.

Jim Ross: These are finely tuned athletes, King, you should know that better than anyone.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, please let me welcome your WWE Champion and World Tag Team Champion, John Cena!

Cena has a microphone as Lillian climbs out of the ring. He smiles as he looks around at the mostly cheering crowd. He shrugs slightly speaking softly at first.

John Cena: The Champ is here...


John Cena: The CHAMP is here!

With a lot more vigour this time, Cena gets a major cheer from the crowd this time.

John Cena: Last night, Shawn Michaels and I, we put on a show. We... WE stopped the show. Everything we had, we left it in Detroit. That match, it could have gone either way. There ain't no other way to put it. Unfortunately for Shawn Michaels, last night, I was the better man.

A mixture of some cheers and some boos come in for this comment.

John Cena: Unfortunately for Shawn Michaels, I grabbed his leg, I tripped him up... and I made him tap out. After twenty minutes of John Cena throwing himself at Shawn Michaels. After twenty minutes of Shawn Michaels throwing himself at John Cena. The Champ survived.

This garners another Cena chant. Cena smirks at that, as he looks around.

John Cena:
The Heartbreak Kid...

Cheers for the Michaels' signature nickname.

John Cena: The Showstopper...


John Cena: Mr. Main Event...


John Cena: Mr. Wrestlemania...


John Cena: Fell, before the champ.

Cena holds up the WWE Championship and his World Tag Team Championship as the fans begin their Cena chant once again.

** SEXY BOY **

The Cena chant quickly dies out as a very adamant and serious looking Shawn Michaels make his way down to the ring. A smirk comes to Cena's face as he looks at his Wrestlemania 23 opponent. The fans continue to go nuts as Michaels slides into the ring, grabs a microphone and comes face to face with Cena.

Shawn Michaels: Thank you John.

He doesn't really mean that, you can see it on his face. Cena responds with “You're welcome” with some rather grandiose hand movements and bowing.

Shawn Michaels: And you know what, you're right. Either one of us could have won last night... and that's what sickens me. I failed last night to go toe to toe. I failed to be the better man at Wrestlemania. I FAILED to be Mr. Main Event. Mr. Wrestlemania.

Michaels looks a tad upset with himself, looking down at the ground before meeting the eyes of Cena again.

Shawn Michaels: So last night, you didn't beat that man. You DIDN'T beat the Heartbreak Kid. You didn't even see him in the ring. That was not the Shawn Michaels that you expected. That was not the Shawn Michaels that these fans wanted to see. And you know what, it's not the Shawn Michaels that I had in mind when I pictured the 'Mania main event.

Once again shaking his head, Michaels as a pained look on his face. Cena, ever the antagonist, simply asks: “who was it.”

Shawn Michaels: That man out there was a shell of his past. A man that would do anything, a man that could do anything, all for this business... all for what is over your shoulder.

Michaels jabs his finger into the spinner belt.

Shawn Michaels: So for that I say thank you John. You gave that man a wake-up call.

The crowd begins to get hype again, they can see where Michaels is going with this.

Shawn Michaels: Thank you John Cena. Last night, you saw the all that the WWE Tag Team Champion could give. You saw the all that the man that you teamed with at No Way Out could give.

Michaels pauses for another moment as Cena continues to smirk.

Shawn Michaels:
But there's one thing that you haven't seen. No John, you haven't faced that Heartbreak Kid. You haven't seen the Showstopper face to face. And you haven't been in the ring with Mr. Wrestlemania when he is on song.

Another small cheer, Michaels beginning to smirk again.

Shawn Michaels: Do you feel it John? Do you feel the electricity in the air? That's the return of Mr. Main Event. You say that our match last night could have gone either way, but that you were the better man.

Michaels smirks again, staring at Cena, who's smirk begins to drop and the microphone comes to his mouth to speak, but Michaels cuts him off.

Shawn Michaels: Prove it!

The crowd pops off again, the hype for the two men in the ring being way too real. Cena just nods, mouthing: “bring it on” as the two strip down to their wrestling gear.


As the two in the ring begin to go at it, The Coach makes his presence known as he makes his way out to the ramp, looking sharp. Coach shakes his head as the two 'Mania Main Eventers stare him down.

Jonathan Coachman: John, Shawn, this isn't happening tonight.

The crowd launch into hurling insults and jeers towards the Assistant to the Chairman of the WWE.

Jonathan Coachman: Mr. McMahon, although he can't be here after last night's... debacle... of a match, has requested that the two of you settle another matter: the World Tag Team Championships.

The crowd give a little cheer to this one.

Jonathan Coachman: Now Shawn, despite the fact that you said you were done with John Cena after Wrestlemania, Mr. McMahon and myself, we don't agree. As you two are still the champions, you are required to defend the championships... together. And you said it yourself a few weeks ago, you have stabbed every partner you've ever had in the back. To prevent that from happening: Mr. McMahon has requested if you do “stab” John Cena in the back tonight, or for the next three weeks, you will not be given another shot at the WWE Championship.

Michaels looks almost physically pained at that idea.

Jonathan Coachman: To add to that, if the two of you are not able to defend your World Tag Team Championships over the next four weeks... until Backlash, then Shawn, there will be no guarantee of you even being invited to Backlash, let alone competing in my main event.

The crowd boo a bit harder then when Coach made his way out to the ring as the two in the ring lift the titles a bit higher on their shoulder.

Jonathan Coachman: Which brings me too tonight. Mr. McMahon has requested that you two defend your championships against the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions, Paul London and Brian Kendrick...

The crowd cheers for the two popular superstars.

Jonathan Coachman: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch... and Johnny Nitro and Kenny Dykstra.

The crowd give a few jeers for those two teams.

Jonathan Coachman: IF you can make it through those three teams, you'll have something special waiting for you next week.

With that, Coach is done. He walks back behind the curtain smugly as the two men in the ring continue to stare each other down, wishing, praying, that they could settle it right here, right now.


We return from the break to see Rory McAllister waiting in the ring, with his cousin Robbie at the side of the ring. Rory is rolling his shoulders, waiting to do his job (heh).


** COOL **

Carlito makes his way out towards the ring, with Ric Flair and Torrie Wilson at his side. He looks confident, cool, his trusty apple in his hand. He gets a small cheer as he puts both hands in the air with plenty of vigour.

Jim Ross: Ever since taking Flair on as “his” mentor Carlito has been on somewhat of a roll. The pair even defeated Chavo Guerrero and Gregory Helms before the show last night.

Jerry Lawler:
It might be a bit of a stretch to say roll.


Carlito and Rory put on a surprisingly good match. Despite being a face at this time, Carlito does a bit of a number of Rory for the majority of the match. Rory, to his credit however, does rally in the last couple of minutes of the match, including hitting a sickening headbutt to the Caribbean superstar. Ric Flair is clapping at ringside while Torrie is cheering away as Carlito makes his way to his feet. Rory looks ready for this, bouncing off the ropes and looking for a lariat. Carlito dodges underneath however, taking no pause and hitting the Backcracker on McAllister. He quickly makes the pin and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Carlito at 5:23 via Pinfall

Carlito bounces up to his feet as Flair and Torrie climb into the ring. Flair raises Carlito's hand as we head backstage.

We go backstage with Todd Grisham standing by, all professional like.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, Johnny Nitro, Melina and Kenny Dykstra.

The camera pans to reveal the two former tag team champions (albeit with different teams.) And Melina with the Women's championship over her should, of course.

Todd Grisham: You two were revealed by Jonathan Coachman as part of the four way tag-team dance tonight in the main event. You're the only... non-established team to be par...

Melina: Now I'm going to stop you right there Grisham. You're no longer needed here.

Melina takes the microphone from Grisham as she pushes him away. Smiling, she turns towards the camera as Nitro and Dykstra continue to smile at the camera.

Melina: These two boys haven't been partners for long, that's true. But they both bring something that you cannot PAY for. You have to be born with it. Something that John Cena doesn't have. Something that Shawn Michaels never had. PURE talent. Those two, they go on and on about hard work, and to that I laugh. My boy Johnny, and Kenny over here, they haven't had to work hard a day in their lives. For years they've got by on their talent. On our hands, we have two former tag team champions. Johnny... Johnny reigned for longer than some even last in this company. It was beautiful.

Melina smiles as she strokes Nitro's chest a little seductively.

Melina: Now... imagine these two as a team. Joey Mercury was good. He's still good but this is a new start for Johnny Nitro and Melina. This is a new start on RAW.

Pausing a second, Melina looks back at the two men who are basically just standing around.

Melina: PURE talent. That's where this comes from. Shawn Michaels and John Cena, they're not going to see what is coming for them. Nitro and Dykstra. These two, they're the future of this business. Imagine if pure talent works hard. Imagine if pure talent realises their potential. Nitro, Dykstra and Melina, THE Women's Champion. We're unstoppable.

Melina screams into the microphone... for some reason. The trio goes to walk off. As Melina walks ahead, Dykstra can be heard saying: “does she always do that?” With Nitro replying: “you get used to it.”


As we come back from the break, we see Jonathan Coachman in his office for the night. He has a strained look on his face, phone up to his ear.

Jonathan Coachman: Yes, Mr.McMahon, we can make that happen... Of course, don't worry about it.

The Coach puts the phone down, taking his head in hands and rubbing his temples. Suddenly, the door bursts open and in walks... wait for it... The “Rated R Superstar” himself, Edge. When I say walk, he's a tad ginger from going through a ladder and having to be stretchered out of the event last night. There's a noticeable bulge underneath his shirt, implying his midsection has been taped.

Edge: What the hell are you thinking? Putting me in the main event against that psycho! Jeff Hardy... he wasn't even trying to win last night. Last night, he wanted to “steal the show”. I... I, an innocent bystander, was on the wrong end of that. Instead of putting him in the ring with me, he should be out in the unemployment line.

Edge is visibly flustered, making numerous hand movements as he speaks. As he finishes, he pushes his hair back and stares at Coach, who has looked up.

Jonathan Coachman: Are you finished?

Edge stares blankly at Coach, who shakes his head, before getting up from his desk.

Jonathan Coachman: You're telling me you didn't know what you were getting into in the Money in the Bank ladder match last night? You've won the damn thing before! Don't give me that “innocent bystander” shit.

Coach is mad.

Jonathan Coachman: Truth of the matter is, you were cleared to compete tonight: thus, you're in a match.

Coach goes back to sit down, he's a tad stressed.

Jonathan Coachman: Is that all, Edge?

With that Edge, a bit angry but not really in a position to do anything about it leaves the Coach to stress even more.


Elsewhere backstage, Mickie James is seen walking towards the ring, but is stopped by Candice Michelle. The two eye each other for a second before embracing.

Candice Michelle: We got this...

Mickie nods as we cut back to the ringside where..


Melina and Victoria make their way out to the ring. While Melina poses with her title a bit more, Victoria is much more serious as she marches her way down to the ring, a truly imposing figure.

Jim Ross: Last night, Melina easily dispatched of Ashley in a battle for the WWE Women's Championship in a Lumberjill's match. It didn't even look fair for the Smackdown diva.

Jerry Lawler: As it should be J.R. Melina is the Women's Champion and everyone knows that the best divas are right here on Monday Night RAW!


The pair of women that we saw embrace earlier make their way out to the ring, Candice Michelle and Mickie James. Both are fairly hyped up and make sure to clap hands with as many fans as possible on their way down to the ring, to face the two sinister divas.

Jim Ross: Melina might have been talking her boys up early in the night, but believe me when I tell you that she isn't anything to be messed with. With that said, Mickie James is one of the best divas you will find on the roster and as a former Women's Champion herself, she won't be holding back tonight.

The two climb into the ring as we get underway.


Victoria and Mickie James start off the match as arguably the two better wrestlers in the match. James gets the other hand quickly, laying into Victoria with a few forearms. James and Michelle quickly exchange tags in and out of the ring, landing a few moves onto Victoria each. Eventually, Victoria lands a back body drop on Candice Michelle and brings in the Women's Champion. From here, Melina and Victoria dominate Michelle, leaving her unable to make the tag. Eventually, she is able to trip up Melina and tag in Mickie James. James goes to town on Victoria first, knocking her off of the apron and landing a few clotheslines on Melina. Eventually, she lands a suplex onto Melina. Victoria looks to enter the ring to get payback on James, before Michelle comes around and pulls her off the apron and attacking her. A Mick-kick later and a pin, and Mickie James gets the pin on the Women's Champion.

Winners: Mickie James and Candice Michelle via pinfall at 6:47

Candice on the other hand is getting the raw end of the deal on the outside of the ring, copping a lot of strong hits from Victoria. Mickie sees this and climbs out of the ring to help her friend.

Victoria, getting wind of this, turns her attention to her fellow former champion. She lands a few strong forearms to the back of James, before whipping her into the barricade at the side of the ring. Melina is up as well as she climbs to the outside as well, wailing on James. Victoria has turned her attention back to Candice though, as she lands a few more harsh punches before hitting the WIDOWS PEAK on the mats. Candice writhes in pain as Victoria smiles.

Mickie James on the other hand as escaped into the ring as Melina follows. She replies with a few shots of her own on the Women's Champion. Victoria watches on from ringside as the two trade blows. Eventually, Mickie James gets the upper hand, landing the second Mick-kick of the night onto Melina. Victoria watches on from the outside of the ring, as James stares at her. Eventually, Victoria walks around to the timekeeper, getting the championship and raising it above her head as the two continue to stare each other down with the other two divas out of it.


We come back to Melina stomping around the backstage area. Eventually as she turns the corner, we catch a glimpse of Victoria with the Women's Championship sitting on the bench next to her. Melina walks up and snatches at it.

Don't touch my championship again.

Melina turns back and storms away. She does grab at her head slightly as she walks, but not much to notice.

Victoria: It won't be yours for long.

Victoria smiles seductively and stares at the backside of Melina as she mutters those words.


Elsewhere, we're back with Todd Grisham who is standing once again in the interview space. Beside him is none other then Jeff Hardy.

Todd Grisham: I'm standing here with former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy, Jeff, last night, you stole the show when you jumped from the top of a 17ft high ladder, onto Edge, through another ladder. Perhaps the most important question is: how are you holding up?

Jeff smiles and looks at Todd as he pushes his hair back behind his head.

Jeff Hardy: I guess I did steal the show last night. And I suppose that I did take Edge out of the match. But you know what Todd... I'm holding up great. There is nothing like going out there... at Wrestlemania none the less, and doing what we do best. Ladders are my thing. Ladders are the Hardy thing. The whole world knew what they were getting in to when they put The Hardy Boys in a ladder match together and boy did we give it to them.

He pauses and looks up to the sky again.

Jeff Hardy: We gave it to them like you would not believe. Jeff Hardy. Matt Hardy. Hell, even Edge deserves his props for what he did last night. The Money in the Bank match stole the show. Not off my back, but off all of those superstars.

Another pause, another deep breath.

Jeff Hardy: But I suppose that what I did, it was something special. I broke a god-damn ladder man.

Hardy begins to laugh, a tad maniacally.

Jeff Hardy:
Tonight, McMahon saw it fit to put me into a match with Edge because of what I did last night? Alright. Tonight, I want to show all of these fans here in Dayton that I ain't just a one trick pony. I ain't all ladders and chairs and tables. I ain't just a tag team star. I ain't just a former Intercontinental Champion.

Another moment, as Jeff Hardy holds up his signature finger pose.

Jeff Hardy: I'm Jeff Hardy. Future. World. Champion.

Hardy smirks again as he walks away from the interview zone.


Back into the arena, Val Venis is standing in the middle of the ring. His music begins to die down as the crowd look towards the ramp.


And for the first time in a long time, Umaga makes his way to the ring without the McMahons by his side, Armando on the other hand, as always, is with him. Umaga stomps down to the ring, taking the time to do his scream as he makes his way to the ring.

Jim Ross: Umaga can't be a happy monster after what happened last night at Wrestlemania. He let down Vince McMahon and he lost to Bobby Lashley.

Jerry Lawler: With Steve Austin as the guest referee it was never going to be a fair fight last night. Give Umaga another run at Lashley in a fair fight and he wins nine times out of ten.

J.R sighs as we head into the match.


The Samoan Bulldozer makes light work of the sex symbol, taking out his Wrestlemania frustrations on a man who didn't have anything to do with any of it. The commentators talk up the Intercontinental Champion as the wrecking ball that he is; as he has his way with Venis. Venis manages to land a few rights and lefts to Umaga, but eventually loses out as Umaga floors him with a big right hand. Umaga scoops him up and hits a Samoan drop. Picking the unfortunate Venis up, he hits his signature Samoan Spike before pinning Venis and taking the win.

Winner: Umaga at 3:12 via Pinfall

Rolling into the ring, Armando Alejandro Estrada has a microphone in his hand ready and raring to do go. Of course, Umaga is still riled up and ready to fight as he slaps the Intercontinental Championship over his should.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ju' see, last night, last night was a fluke. Ju' see, Bobby Lashley, he had a little too much help from outside of the ring. When he and Umaga get the chance to go one on one, ju' fans will no longer be cheering for “Lashley.” The arena. She would be silent. Bobby Lashley, he would be broken. Ju' Bobby Lashley, ju' got lucky at Wrestlemania; but you won't get lucky no more.

Umaga lets out a vicious roar at the end of Estrada's sentence as the fans let out a big jeer.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ju' Steve Austin, ju' are the reason that Bobby Lashley won at Wrestlemania. Ju' are the reason that the great and esteemed Vince McMahon had his dignity taken away from him. So Steve Austin, Umaga wishes to issue you a challenge.


Armando Alejandro Estrada: Next week on RAW, you will meet Umaga in the middle of this wrong.


Armando Alejandro Estrada: And ju' will fall to the might of THE SAMOOOOAANNNNNN BULLLLDDOOOOZZZZEERRR.


Umaga once again roars, letting us know that he is indeed still in the ring. As the Samoan Bulldozer continues to stand menacing in the ring.

Jim Ross: Umaga just made one hell of a statement, and challenging Steve Austin? Austin never backs down from a fight, but I think he might have some reservations about facing that monster.

Jerry Lawler: Monster is an understatement, J.R. Umaga isn't happy after he lost last night and I don't very well blame him. He probably copped a reaming from the boss after that one.

Jim Ross: I've been on the other side of that, King, and let me tell you it ain't fun.


Back from the break and we're straight to the backstage area. Carlito, straddling onto Torrie Wilson, walks into screen.

Carlito: You see that babe. You see how awesome I was out there.

Torrie Wilson: Phenomenal.

Carlito nods a little bit as Torrie Wilson plays it up a bit. Its pretty obvious that she doesn't exactly think that but hey, anything to keep her man happy.

Carlito: I think we're in need of a little celebration, champagne sounds great.

Torrie Wilson: Did you want me to call Ric, have him come to the locker room.

Carlito looks a little pained, before shaking his head.

Carlito: Don't worry about Flair, he wouldn't be interested.

The two keep walking as we go to where Todd Grisham is standing.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time, Mr. Money in the Bank, Mr. Kennedy.

The camera pans over to show the blonde haired dynamo standing in his own merchandise, his shit eating grin on his face, chewing gum as always.

Todd Grisham: Fans at home and here in the arena might be wondering Mr. Kennedy. You're a Smackdown superstar, what are you doing here on RAW tonight?

Kennedy holds up his brand new, shiny briefcase.

Mr. Kennedy: This. This right here is why I am here tonight.

And with that, Mr. Kennedy leave the interview area, leaving Todd a bit gobsmacked as he gets shunned for the second time tonight.

Back into the arena now, where:

** LOADED **

Bursting out from behind the curtain, Jeff Hardy makes his way down to the ring, doing his usual finger taunt and getting a decent enough reaction from the crowd.

Jim Ross: Hardy certainly made an impact last night in the Money in the Bank ladder match last night, but he was unsuccessful in winning the match. I wonder if what Kennedy says means he will cash in his guaranteed title shot here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: It could very well be the perfect opportunity, with Cena having to go through three teams and his own partner if he wants to hold on to that championship.

Jim Ross: Two other men that competed in the Money in the Bank last night, Jeff Hardy and Edge, are about to go head to head in the ring. From what we saw last night, King, neither of these men will be at 100% tonight!


In what is pretty much the polar opposite of Hardy's entrance, Edge makes his way down to the ring pretty gingerly, favoring his taped up hips in a big way.

Jim Ross: By the looks of it, Edge definitely got the downside of the match last night, being the only superstar to be escorted away from ringside at Wrestlemania last night.

Jerry Lawler: I agree with Edge, J.R, Hardy should be suspended after what he did last night.

Jim Ross: I don't know if I would go that far with it, King, but from what we've seen, Edge would go even further.

Edge climbs into the ring, shrugging off his trademark trench coat as the 'Rated R Superstar' looks set to begin the match, albeit a bit tentative.


Being two of the better superstars on the roster, the two get a decent amount of time in the middle of the ring in what could have been the main event on any other night. The two former Tag Team Champions take turns laying into each other early on, before Hardy takes advantage of the injured Edge, getting a cheap shot to the ribs of the Rated R Superstar. This leads to Edge escaping from the ring and clutching at his ribs. Of course, Hardy isn't one to let up, as he comes flying over the top rope and putting both men down for the count. The match continues with Hardy throwing the injured superstar back into the ring and getting a quick two count. From here, we cut to commercial break.

We return with Edge having an opportunity to go after the older Hardy. Targeting Jeff's own ribs, Edge hits gutbusters and inverted atomic drops among other things, screaming out at one point “HOW DOES IT FEEL?” Eventually, the younger Hardy brother rallies back, hitting forearm after forearm before taking Edge down with a monster clothesline. It takes Hardy a few seconds, before setting up for the Twist of Fate! Letting out a scream, Hardy goes for his brother's signature move but Edge wriggles out! He pushes Hardy towards the ropes. Hardy manages to orientate himself before he bounces back off the ropes, turning right around into a spear! Edge pins! 1...2...3! Edge has pulled it out somehow.

Winner: Edge at 13:21 via pinfall

Edge is slow to get up after his victory though, throwing his hands up in the air in celebration as the crowd lets him know how they feel about the win of the 'Rated R Superstar'. Edge doesn't look real happy though as he slides out of the ring and looks under the apron...


The classic Edge weapon, as he slides into the ring on the still downed Hardy. He waits, patiently, calculating his next move as Hardy stumbles to his feet. The crowd try and warn him, but it's to no avail as Edge rushes in with a massive GUT SHOT with the chair. The crowd are going off their heads as they jeer the 'Rated R Superstar'. Hardy stumbles back after the stomach that was attacked so often during the match is punished once again. Edge then moves in for the killing blow, landing a devastating head shot on Hardy who is floored instantly.

Jim Ross: WHAT IS EDGE DOING!? He's going to end that man's career!

Jerry Lawler: I think he might be getting revenge for last night J.R!

Edge looks down at his fallen foe as EMTs and Road Agents come rushing down the ramp. Hardy is tended too while Edge is, well, forced to leave the ring.


We get another clip of one of the teams in the Tag Team Championship match tonight as we see Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade both warming up. Murdoch is rolling his shoulders over as Cade grabs his black cowboy hat.

Lance Cade: These boys, they ain't gonna know what 'it 'em.

Trevor Murdoch: It's like leading cows to the slaughter, we ain't never gonna have an easier chance to become the tag team champions.

Murdoch laughs, cracks a smile and looks at his partner, who grins as well.

Trevor Murdoch: Let's get 'em partner.

We see Murdoch and Cade leaving their locker room.


Elsewhere backstage Kendrick and London, with their WWE Tag Team Championships around their waists are in their own locker room.

Brian Kendrick: What do you think they will call us if we win tonight?

Paul London: What the hell are you on about?

Brian Kendrick: I mean, we wouldn't just be the WWE Tag Team Champions, we would also be World Tag Team Champions. So which one would we go by? Would they have to say that we're both. How about “Unified Tag Team Champions?”

Paul London: That sounds pretty good.

They both grab a hold of their masks.

Brian Kendrick: So would that make us Smackdown or RAW superstars?

Paul London: I suppose we could take the belts to ECW.

The two laugh as they also look to leave their locker room for the main event.


Once again, we're in a locker room. This time we're with Dykstra and Nitro, as well as Melina, who has her championship back.

Melina: When you two win tonight, we're going to become three of the most powerful superstars on this show. Women's Champion and the Tag Team Champions, teaming up. We're going to be unstoppable.

The other two stare into space a little bit, before Dykstra smirks.

Kenny Dykstra: Unstoppable...

Continuing to dream, Melina leaves as the other two follow her out, these guys getting their promo time with the interview earlier.


Of course, we've done all the teams so far so we might as well do the tag team champions themselves. Cena is in his own locker room, garbed up in his “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” gear and looks ready to fight. He has his WWE Championship belt over his shoulder and his tag team belt around his waist.

Shawn Michaels comes into the room without saying a word. Cena nods and follows him out of the room.


And we're back, Cade and Murdoch already in the ring with Dykstra and Nitro just finishing their entrance into the match.

Jim Ross: All eight of the men that will be in the ring have been Tag Team Champions in the past and I don't like his attitude, King, but I have to give props to Nitro for all he did as champion over on Smackdown.

Jerry Lawler: He's focused on his number one, J.R. Surely even you can respect that.

Jim Ross: I'll respect it when it stops coming at the expense of others.

As Melina settles into her place at ringside, the crowd looks again to the entrance ramp.


Thankfully after such a long Nitro and Dykstra intro, we're treated to the fast paced duo as they sprint down to the ring. Together, they slide into the ring, tear their masks off and toss them out into the crowd.

Jim Ross: These two have be impressive over on Smackdown as the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions and it doesn't look like they'll be slowing down any time soon.

Jerry Lawler: But that's Smackdown, J.R. This is RAW. The calibre of competitor is much different!

As J.R shakes his head, we once again look to the ring for the entrance of the World Tag Team Champions.


John Cena, the WWE Champion receives his customary mixed reaction from the Dayton crowd as he stops at the top of the ramp.

Jim Ross: There's still tension between the two Tag Team Champions, but after their collision early in the night, both of them want another shot at each other.

Jerry Lawler: I don't usually like to compliment Coach, but the stipulations in this match are great.

** SEXY BOY **

Joining the WWE Champion at the top of the ramp, Michaels skips his customary praying entrance as he stares over at his partner, before turning to the men in the ring.

Jerry Lawler: I don't think Shawn Michaels will be doing anything to jeopardise getting another shot at the WWE Championship, but when you look at his past, he might not be able to help himself.

Jim Ross: The two put on a clinic last night but it was a tough match, I don't know if either of them will be able to give it their all tonight.

As the pair head to the ring, trying to stay in step, the teams all enter the ring, ready to go.


For a match with so many competitors, this match starts surprising amicably. The four men in the ring pair off, with Kendrick going after Nitro while Murdoch and Cena trade blows. The match is rather chaotic, with a couple of pins here and there, but eventually two heel teams team up to work over London and Michaels. This is a rather long period the match as London struggles to reach Kendrick and Michaels, well, Michaels just takes it.

Eventually, Michaels makes the tag to Cena who explodes into the ring taking out Nitro and Cade, driving his shoulder into the pair of. This also brings Kendrick in the ring as London gets time to breath. Nitro and Cade roll out of the ring after copping it from Cena. They don't get a chance though as Kendrick dashes off of the ropes and dives out onto the pair of competitors. Before Cena can get out of the ring, he is rushed by Murdoch and Dykstra, who knock him back. London is still down and can't help the WWE Champion. The referee, trying to break up the now illegal brawl also gets knocked out. Outside of the ring, Kendrick is up, throwing Nitro into the ring and going for the pin, not noticing the referee. With their being no count, he quickly wises up to what is going on. With London having recovered, the WWE Tag Team Champions turn their attention to the illegal men in the ring, taking one each and laying into them, before they hit a leg lariat onto their own men.

Now the only men left and no referee remaining, they point to the two turnbuckles. Both of them climb up, but are quickly stopped as Cade and Nitro knock them off and to the outside of the ring. The heels are back in control, but they now go at with the rest of the men down, as well as the referee still struggling. Cade has an inherent advantage over Nitro though, even hitting the Red Neck (sitout spinebuster), but a desperate Michaels breaks up the very slow count.

Back up to his feet, Cade turns his attention to Michaels. He lifts him to his feet and also hits him with the Red Neck! He goes to pin him, but the referee doesn't make the count! Michaels is not the legal man. Cena is up and into the ring to help his partner, knocking Cade back with some reeling right hands, before bouncing off the ropes and hitting him with another flying shoulder charge! Cade is down. Cena goes back to the ropes... FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!

Cena looks poised to take the victory, when suddenly Melina grabs the referee's attention as she sees another man running down the ramp... RANDY ORTON. Cena is trying to get the referee to notice, before noticing and walking right into an RKO! CENA IS DOWN. Dykstra pounces as the only man now up. As Murdoch looks to rush into the ring, the referee makes the count! 1...2...3

Winners: Johnny Nitro and Kenny Dykstra at 18:54 via Pinfall on John Cena.

Randy Orton, looking smug on the outside of the ring walks back up the ramp, staring at John Cena in the middle of the ring. On the outside, Michaels looks distraught as he realises he might have just lost his chance at the WWE Championship.

Nitro and Dykstra are given their new titles by Melina as the three raise their hands and their championships in the air as they head up the ramp and to the back.



The crowd continue their disappointment as Mr. Money in the Bank comes walking out to the top of the ramp, briefcase in hand. He's dress to compete. Cena, in the ring, looks distraught as Kennedy smirks. He puts his hand up in the air as his customary microphone is lowered down. The rest of the teams, bar Shawn Michaels of course, are outside of the ring, looking on.

Mr. Kennedy: From Green Bay, Wisconsin, weighing in at 236 pounds, he is Mr. Money in the Bank... Mr. KENNNEDY!

The crowd boos as Kennedy looks around.


The usual drawn out thing, you get the idea. Kennedy holds the mic in his hand as it follows him as he walks towards the ring. He stops halfway though.

Mr. Kennedy: Cena, I fully... FULLY intended to come out here tonight and cash in. I FULLY intended on taking that championship away from you, right here... tonight! But I suppose you got lucky because I had a change of heart.

The crowd actually cheer this time around.

Mr. Kennedy: Because I don't want to win the WWE Championship in Dayton, Ohio. Oh god no. I don't want to win it on Monday Night RAW. I don't evenwant to win it at Backlash. I want to win it when all lights are on me. I want the spectacle. I am Mr. Money in the Bank.

Back to the boos.

Mr. Kennedy: I am... MR. KENNEDYYY

I'm going to get real sick of writing this schtick.

Mr. Kennedy: KENNEDY!

And with that, a Kennedy with his briefcase up in the air and a whole new host of things happening, RAW goes off air.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007

I want to preface my comments by saying right away, I enjoyed this show. For someone who hasn't written a show in a number of years, this was good - like you said yourself though, there's a few odd character things. A real good starting off point though. But there were issues for me, and it's only fair if I focus on that.

Right off the bat, I think it was crazy to book Edge in a match on this show. I know you sold he was injured, but he should've been kept out of action for at least a week after he was stretchered out of the building at WrestleMania. You could've accomplished your end goal of kick starting an Edge/Hardy angle by having Edge attack Hardy after Jeff faced someone else - and in a short match too, to sell his own injuries from the night before. I do like this direction though - Edge and Jeff have a lot of history, and the spot from WrestleMania was pretty epic, and certainly deserved follow up like this.

I didn't like Shawn Michaels underselling his WrestleMania performance. And it was probably the thing that bugged me most about the show. HBK saying he didn't give Cena his best at WrestleMania instantly undersells that event for me. Mainly because it undercuts what Cena accomplished at WrestleMania and makes his win over HBK feel like less than what it was. With what Michaels said, he puts himself and Cena UNDER, when he should be trying to put both of them over.

I think, had you gone with Michaels saying he DID give Cena his best, he was The Showstopper, Mr. WrestleMania etc, and Cena rose to conquer him, and give Cena credit for beating the best Shawn Michaels, and then say he realised after he lost last night, that to beat Cena he needs to be better than that - "... And next time I will be" or something like that, you accomplish a lot more.

The promo between Cena and Michaels - writing wise - was fine. It could've been fleshed out a little more, but for a first show in a long time, this was fine, and something nice to build on. I really liked the idea from Coach that Cena and Michaels would have to team up every week toward Backlash, and for HBK to get his rematch he'd have to be a perfect partner ... so seeing that angle ended on the same night was pretty disappointing.

Nitro & Dykstra make an interesting team, and could be great tag team champions, but winning the belts on their first night as a team with no build up isn't ideal. I understand you probably want to get things in place for taking things in your own direction, and getting angles in place to build for Backlash ... but I would've preferred for the Cena/HBK tag team series to continue for at least another week or two, before dropping them to the new team on the block - and ideally in a one on one (or two on two, I guess) match.

The other issue I had with the tag main event was that you also included the Smackdown Tag Champions, and they lost. There must've been another team that could've filled that role, rather than having London & Kendrick there to fill the gap - or just go with a three way tag main event.

Surprised you didn't have Vince on the show after being part of the most talked about WrestleMania moment of last nights show - but it should build some suspense for next week or the week after when he does come back. I'll be interested in what kind of backlash is in store with Vince being bald - and what lengths he'll go to in order to cover his bald head ... or if he embraces it.

Umaga calling out Austin next week is huge. Not sure what you'll be aiming for with it, as I cant envisage Austin wrestling, but I'm intrigued to see what happens with the pair. As a big advocate of Umaga, I'm keen to see what direction to take the Bulldozer as I.C Champ. The squash over Val was self explanatory, and fine for this show.

Building interest in the womens division will take time, but given your earlier post, I suspect you've got plans to make the division much more important than what it is right now.

Kennedy turning up was cool. Even though he's a Smackdown guy, he's keeping his eyes open for Raw, and looks like he'll be hanging around like a shadow for the champion on both shows. The closing moments of the show I enjoyed too. Orton inserting himself into the title picture is fine with me - Orton/Cena wasn't the overdone passe angle then than it is now. Though the way you wrote his run in made it sound like Orton teleported from the ramp to the ring to hit Cena with the RKO. Cena spotted him coming, tried to get the referees attention - knew Orton was coming, and still wasn't ready for the RKO?

Despite the issues I pointed out, like I said earlier - I did enjoy this. You should be pleased with this after a long time out of things. The world title picture is getting interesting for sure, with Orton obviously wanting to insert himself, and with the tag titles gone, HBK could be left on the outside looking in, so I have to wonder what he'll do to keep himself in the picture. A fine starting off point.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007

Previews aren’t really overrated, not many bookers utilise them these days...

WrestleMania recap video was written pretty well. I know a lot of people don’t take notice of these videos when giving feedback, or from a booker standpoint, they just write a bland couple of sentences. Written in this form is so much more refreshing/enjoyable to read, I’m really not sure why more people don’t do this. Good start.

Opening the show with John Cena is fine. I would have loved to see a bald Mr. McMahon given centre stage, but this was probably the next logical choice. Everything Cena said was fine, there was no real complaints and he really pumped up the match as a great one. My issue in the beginning was with the inconsistency of the crowd reaction for Cena. In the beginning he got the big, typical Cena mixed reaction, yet once he started speaking he got nothing but big time cheers. This definitely irked me. Shawn Michaels was always interrupting this one, and I won’t go into too much detail with HBK’s bit. Basically re read everything that Wolfy wrote regarding Michaels under selling the occasion which isn’t great, and you have my opinion as well. The Coach interrupting before anything could go down was fine, and the idea of HBK being forced to team with Cena still, really playing on the whole ‘stabbing people in the back’ angle that they were pre Mania is smart stuff. Big time main event announced to which is awesome, although I don’t like the idea of Dykstra and Nitro realistically just being put into the match with no explanation at all. Opening did the job of putting over the tension between Cena/HBK and booking a big time main event, but there is a lot of work to be done in between. Still was far from terrible, solid opening to the show.

Carlito > Rory McAllister in every way. Carlito, especially with Flair hanging around can be a great commodity to have. I hope you book him well, this was a good start.

It definitely makes sense to give this random new team some microphone time, although it still doesn’t make sense that The Coach booked them in the main event before that. Melina pissing Grisham off and dominating the interview makes sense. I actually liked the idea of the pure talent Dykstra and Nitro have, however claiming that Cena and Shawn Michaels don’t have any talent is a fair stretch. The little bit of conversation after Melina screamed was pure gold though. Nice way to build some on screen chemistry for the new team.

Edge not wanting to compete after what went down last night makes sense. Again, as Wolfy said, Edge really shouldn’t be in a match tonight despite the fact you’re still acknowledging the injury. The Coach was probably a little too aggressive towards Edge for my liking, and him saying “shit” was terrible. It just wouldn’t happen, that struck me as some lazy writing to be honest.

Standard divas match but as you mentioned in your news and notes post, there wasn’t really much going on with the divas at this time. Mickie getting the pin over the women’s champ is huge and must automatically put her in contention for a title shot. The aftermath was done well, with Mickie getting another one up on Melina, and Victoria looks like a beast. It’s only early stages but you’ve already made this segment the most interesting divas segment in months, good stuff.

In the previous segment you never actually wrote that Vickie took the title backstage, so I was a little surprised when I read this. Melina’s actions were typical and what you’d expect. Again, a nice way to build tension. Why would Victoria smile seductively? Were you thinking of another word? Segment served its purpose but could have been prepared better by events in the previous segment and the “seductively” thing annoyed me.

I would have liked to have seen Jeff Hardy selling some sort of injury by his mannerisms, much like Edge was earlier in the night. Everything else was solid enough from Hardy as he signals his intent to become a champion. Please keep Jeff out of the main event scene though, he sucks. Solid interview though.

Smart to give Umaga the squash win. You’ve really got to work hard on building him up as losing to Cena twice and Lashley all within three months of 2007 doesn’t keep him having that monster aura. This is a good start.

AAE’s bit on the microphone was actually pretty good. The way he tried to cover the Lashley loss was done well, and the call out of Austin is big news. In the middle of the “ring” not “wrong”. Lol jobber. Still, a good little promo to continue the rebuild of Umaga and I’ll definitely be tuning in next week for this alone. Great booking to make me want to read again, you need to really nail this next week though.

Carlito heel turn? Awesome. This triangle between Carlito, Torrie and Flair can be the shining light of your mid card. I’m interested in it for sure, nice start.

Nice with the Kennedy tease. Really nice. I don’t know why more people don’t do this with the MITB winner more often. Creates so much excitement.

I’m not the biggest Jeff fan so couldn’t be happier to see Edge pick up the clean victory. The aftermath playing off the huge MITB spot is just really smart booking. The attack is vintage Edge as well. My only real issue is that two chair shots isn’t really that much to bring out the EMT’s. Probably should save the EMT’s for more severe attacks.

Decent snapshot from all the teams playing up the big time main event tonight. No dramas at all, and at Londrick talking about potentially taking both sets of titles to ECW.

Main event was obviously a big time match. Again, echoing some sentiments from Wolfy, not sure why the WWE Tag Team Champions were booked into this match just to lose. There were two things with the writing in the main event that irked me. Firstly, the way you glossed over the referee being knocked out. That’s a huge turning point into the match and a little more context as to how it happened was necessary. The other issue is another one Wolfy brought up, the sentence where Orton came in to land the RKO was really bad. It’s good to see new tag team champions though and this match shows you have a pretty good division to work with. You have put yourself into a bit of a corner where it’s going to take a lot of work to make Dykstra/Nitro come across as credible champions. I’m intrigued to see what Orton’s attack was for as Cena/HBK 2 seemed to be the way, but now, maybe not.

Again, Kennedy tease was pretty interesting... Interested to see how you continue to build that from here. Fun times ahead.

A lot to work on but the show was still solid. Not only was it solid, but you seem to have a firm handle on what direction you want to take everything. A good starting point, I can see something strong coming from this. Keep at it, Gards.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007

Can't wait for your next show! I like the team of Dykstra and Nitro and I am excited to see how you book HBK/Cena!
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