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WINNING 04-03-2005 12:08 AM

NWF: The Return
(pryos go off)

JR: Welcome to UWEF Horizon. Tonight, we have a slobberknocker match. We are live from Los Angeles, California.

King: That's right. It's a 15 men Royal Rumble match to decide who will get Triple H's title.

JR: Plus, the tag team titles are on the line as Axis Powers (Hassan and Dupree) will face Tagiri and Regal, the tag team champions.

King: And, Paul Heyman has an announcement. I can't wait.

JR: It's gonna be huge tonight as we are close to our Pay Per View event, UWEF Global Warming, May 7th.

(Triple H's music plays and and he comes out with his suit on)

Finkel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the UWEF Heavyweight Champion, Accompanied by Evolution (Batista, Randy Orton, and Ric Flair), he is Triple H.

JR: Triple H is the UWEF champion and he was handed the title by Paul Heymen.

King: You always are an idiot. You always make him a bad guy while he is the champion. What's the matter?

JR: Paule Heymen just gave it to him. No tournament, no match. He just got the title.

King: And?

JR: Never mind.

(Triple H grabs the mic and before he can speak, the crowd chants, "You suck". Ric Flair tells them to shut up but they get louder and louder by the second.)

HHH: Well, well, well. If it isn't the place where their hero is a rapist.

(The crowd chants "asshole" and boo heavily)

HHH: It doesn't matter what you say, I am the UWEF champion. You see, ever since the WWE was bought out by UWEF, I was pissed at first but when I heard Paul Heymen was the one who bought it, I was happier than a fat kid at Baskin Robbins. Then, since Paul owed me that "favor', he gave me in return, the UWEF Heavyweight championship belt. Ya see, no matter what federation I go to, no matter which belts they have, no matter how many superstars they have, I am still #1. You all need to respect me. All of you!

(Y2J's music hits and the crowd cheers and chants "Y2J")

Y2J: I'm sorry but I couldn't help but to tell you to SHUT THE HELL UP!

(Y2J gets a huge pop from that and Flair looks like he is gonna go fight Y2J but Batista holds him)

Y2J: Nobody cares about you assclowns and especially the biggest one of them all, Triple H! You see, we go way back from 2000 when you screwed me and told Hebner that it never happened. Well, you succeeded. Then at Wrestlemania 19, you beat me for the Undisputed title and played as a good guy. Well, this is 2005, not 2000. This is my show, this is MY DOMAIN! And as for you Triple H, when I step into that Royal Rumble tonight with 14 other men, I will become the King of my World!

(The crowd loves it and gives a huge pop)

HHH: Well, this is UWEF, NOT the WWE! You see, no matter what you say, I will always be.......

Y2J: Are you dumb? You sound like a VCR. Rewinding your crap over and over again. These people in LA......

(Crowd cheers loudly and we pan to a sign saying "Jericho country" then back to Y2J)

Y2J:...came to see Y.....2......J!

Flair: Shut up! This is why you will never become the champion because you are inferior and you talk a lot of crap untill someone shuts it up for you and if you go after Triple H, the greatest champion alive.......

(Crowd boos heavily)

Flair:......you will be put up to shut up, once and for all!

Y2J: Well, I guess I'm sorry......sorry that I have to kick your ass!

(Y2J pulls out a nightstick from his pocket. the crowd loves it. Orton and Batista block HHH and Flair in position. Y2J makes it to the outside of the ropes and Orton and Batista charge but Y2J swings it on Batista and Orton. He enters the ring. He hits the nightstick on Batista and Orton. HHH and Flair make their escape. Jericho does his running bulldog on Orton and does the lionsault on Jericho. Batista does a clothesline on Jericho. He picks him up and does an Irish Whip on him but ducks Batista's clothesline and does a spinning kick. Jericho is trying to get Batista in the Walls of Jericho but Orton pulls him out and Evolution are in the entrance ramp taunting Jericho while Y2J is in the ropes telling Evolution that he's coming!)

JR: Jericho is not afraid of Evolution or HHH!

King: Oh stop it! I think if Jericho didn't use the nightstick, it would have been a whole different story.

JR: Rest assure, Jericho will be at the Royal Rumble tonight but coming up next.....

(We see the VS. things with the Axis Powers (Hassan and Dupree) joined with their normal poses and then Tagiri and Regal with their tag team poses)

JR....the Axis Powers, Rene Dupree and Muhammad Hassan, meet the Tag Team champions, William Regal and Tagiri, next here on Horizon.

Fire Wolf 04-03-2005 12:16 AM

Re: UWEF (United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) H
use more colours

WINNING 04-03-2005 12:56 AM

Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon
^^^Thanks for the tip.

Fire Wolf 04-03-2005 01:07 AM

Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon
Your story's top-notch

WINNING 04-03-2005 01:11 AM

Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon
Thank you very much. Rep 4 you! Your the first to say a positive thing about my show.

#1Stratusfan 04-03-2005 06:38 AM

Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon
Yeah great keep adding more to it though!

WINNING 04-03-2005 05:44 PM

Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon
JR: Welcome back to UWEF Horizon as we have a 15 men Royal Rumble match tonight. Also, Heymen has made it

official. It will be Shawn Micheals vs. Christian in a Royal Rumble Qualification match for the number #15 spot.

King: I can't wait. HBK vs. Captain Charisma. I know all of the peeps are in the arena tonight chanting his name.

JR: Yeah, like a fourth of them.

(Hassan's intro plays then we hear La Resistance's song mixed with the Arabian voices on Hassan's music without

the rock driffs. The crowd boos and chant "USA". Hassan, Daivari, and Dupree wear their original ring/entrance


Finkel: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is for one fall and is for the UWEF Tag Team championships. Coming to

the ring, accompanied by Daivari, they are the team of Muhhamed Hassan and Rene Dupree, the Axis Powers.

JR: Two young superstars that are not really much of favorites here in LA because of their critizism of America.

King: These guys have no respect. I mean, you can have your opinion about the USA, but don't hate it for it's

history and respect.

(Hassan grabs the mic and before he can speak, the crowd chants, "USA" and Daivari yells at them with his

language and the crowd chants "USA" more louder.)

Hassan: You people disgust me. I am sick and tired of people saying that the USA care about countries like ours.

Your supreme court let a woman lose her feeding tube and die two weeks later! This is not the home of the free.

This is the home of the racist!

(The crowd boo heavily)

Hassan: Me and Daivari are Arab Americans and Rene Dupree, the French Phenom, is a French-Canadian and you

don't show us respect?! We deserve respect just like everyone of your citizens! Remeber Martin Luther King? He

said don't judge the person of their skin but just because he's black, you can't listen to that!

(Hassan gives the mic to Daivari who speaks his language yelling at them untill Tagiri's music hits and the crowd

gives a normal pop for them.)

Finkel: Making their way to the ring, they are the UWEF Tag Team champions, Tagiri and Regal.

JR: These two are also from different countries but they show respect for where they live.

King: At least they shutted those idiots up and we can start the match.

MATCH ONE: The Axis Powers vs. Regal & Tagiri for the UWEF Tag Team titles

(The bell rings as Tagiri and Hassan start. They lock up and Hassan with a knee lift on Tagiri and starts to punch at

him but Tagiri fights back and he starts his low kicks on Hassan. He Irish whips Hassan to the turnbuckle to do his

flip elbow but misses and Hassan with a clothesline. Hassan drags Tagiri and he tags Dupree who stomps Tagiri

down. He picks Tagiri up and goes for a powerslam but Tagiri does a hurricarana on Dupree. Tagiri then goes for his

low kicks at Dupree gets up and does a quick uppercut. He tags in Regal and Regal picks up Dupree with his

punches and does an Irish whip and does a knee lift on his head. Regal goes for his own Irish whip but Daivari

holds Regal, making Regal fall down. The crowd boos and Daivari yells at them with his language. Dupree picks up

Regal and does a powerslam on Regal. He does his French Tickler taunt and the crowd are booing heavily on him.

Dupree tags in Hassan and he puts Regal in an Irish whips and does a clothesline. He then picks up Regal's head

and does a throat slash taunt on him causing heat from the crowd. he then puts Regal in a Triangle headlock.

Tagiri is making the audience clap for Regal to get up. Hassan tightens it some more. The crowd gets louder on

their clapping. The ref realises the Regal is fading so the ref raises Regal's hand and it goes down for one. He does

it again and Regal holds it up in the air and starts to get up. He elbows Hassan's stomach and Regal Irish whips but

Hassan with a dropkick. Hassan picks up Regal and gets ready for his special STO move but Regal revserses it,

punches Hassan's stomach a couple of times, and clotheslines him. They are both down with Regal the weakest.

Hassan starts to crawl to Dupree and Regal does little crawling to Tagiri. Hassan get the tag to Dupree as Regal

does with Tagiri. tagiri does his low and mid kicks on Dupree and dropkicks him. Hassan get knocked off the ropes

and onto Daivari outside. Dupree Irish whips Tagiri and Tagiri does his handspring on Dupree. Hassan with a cheap

shot to Tagiri but Regal clothesline Hassan outside. Dupree does a solo version of the Au Revoir and Tagiri

reverses it and he does a green mist on Dupree and Dupree kneels down. Tagiri gets in the Deadly kick position

and nails Dupree. The ref starts to count as Tagiri pins Dupree. Hassan tries to go back to the ring but Regal holds

Hassan's legs and Tagiri got the win. The crowd loves it and they chant "USA" and give Tagiri and Regal a standing


Finkel: The winners of this match and still UWEF Tag Team champions, William......

(Before Finkel could finish, Hassan and Daivari from behind get a cheap shot on Regal and Tagiri. Hassan and

Daivari beat down Regal and Tagiri untill Eugene's song plays and the crowd gives a huge pop and Eugene wears

his tradition jacket/ring attire)

JR: Oh my gawd! It's Eugene! He's back! I thought we wouldn't see him again!

King: What!!!!? I'm surprised he knows where he is going.

(Eugene comes to the ring and fight Hassan and Daivari all on his own. Hassan and Daivari retreat with Dupree

still hit with the green mist. The crowd loves it. He helps up Regal and Tagiri and they raise their hands together.

JR: What a standing ovation for Eugene.

(Eugene tries to get a high five from Regal but Regal leaves with Tagiri and they are talking. Eugene is confused on

why is Regal ignoring him. Eugene follows Regal and Tagiri and Regal and Tagiri still don't notice Eugene.)

JR: Well, tonight, the main event......

(They show the men in the 15 men Royal Rumble doing their solo taunt in this order: Simon Dean, Rhyno, Chirs

Masters, Kurt Angle, Silvian Greinier, Johnathan Coach, Ron "the Truth" Killings, the Hurricane, Gene Snitsky, Chris

Jericho, Shelton Benjamin, Chirs Benoit, Kane, Edge.)

JR: It's the 15 men Royal Rumble tonight.

King: Then one of these men will join them as well as it will be......

(They show HBK and Christian w/Tomko doing their poses)

King:......HBK vs. Captain Charisma aka Christian for the number 15 spot at the Rumble tonight.

JR: But up next......

(They show Paul Heymen's pose)

JR:.......Paul Heymen has some announcements to share, including at UWEF Global Warming, next live on UWEF


Well, what do you think? Give me the positives and negatives.

Jushin Liger 04-03-2005 05:56 PM

Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon
Pretty good show, try and mix the colour i little bit and use some bold and italics.

WINNING 04-03-2005 06:06 PM

Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon
^^^^Thanks man. I'll use different colors and styles next time. Thanks.

WINNING 04-03-2005 08:58 PM

Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon
JR: We're back and we are live at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. This episode of UWEF is brought to you by.....

(They show the logos each one)

JR:.......Snickers. Eat a Snickers and you could be famous.

King: Also by the new PSP system. You can play games, music, TV, and movies in there as well. Available in stores now.

JR: And by UWEF Magazine. This month's cover features Y2J and how he became what he is today. In stores April 12th.

(Triple H and Ric Flair are talking at the Evolution's locker room)

Triple H: That idiot! Jericho has the oddasity to come challenege me and Evolution? This is why I always beated him before, because he was superior like others.

Flair: Don't worry. You are the champion. The UWEF champion. The greatest wrestler alive. You know that! WOOOOOOO!

(In the background, you can hear "Woooooo" from the crowd)

HHH: I know but I will make sure he doesn't win the rumble tonight and I'll have the last laugh.

(We pan back to JR and King)

JR: Well, HHH is not happy from what happened earlier tonight.

King: He should be angry cause I guarantee you he won't make it out alive tonight.

(The ECW song plays and Heymen comes out)

Finkel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the General Manager of UWEF, Paul Heymen!

(The crowd boos normally as Paul ignores them)

JR: The GM of UWEF has said he had announcements for UWEF Golbal Warming. What does he have to say?

King: I think he's gonna say the Triple H won't defend his title there.

JR: What world do you live in?

(Paul grabs the mic and we hear "ECW" chants)

Heymen: Well, UWEF is gonna be changing as we head to Global Warming. So I decided I have a few announcements. Obviously, the winner of the Royal Rumble will face Triple H at Global Warming but I want to make a stipulation. The winner of the Rumble will face Triple H for the UWEF Heavyweight Title in a Three Stages of Hell match.

(The crowd gives huge pops)

Heymen: This is how it will go. The winner of the Rumble will pick the first stipulation. Then, Triple H will pick the second stipulation. After they pick their stipulations, I will decide a, if possible, thrid stipulation matching theirs.

(The crowd loves it and they pop for them.)

Heymen: My second announcement is that next week on Horizon, it will be Regal, Tagiri, and Eugene vs. The Axis Powers, Hassan, Dupree, and Daivari.

(The crowd has mixed reactions, but mostly soft booing)

Heymen: My final announcent is that we have a UWEF Heavyweight title, UWEF Tag Team titles, and UWEF International title. I will watch the Rumble tonight, and three people that can impress me, besides the winner of the Rumble, will be in a Triple Threat match for a new title which will be called the UWEF Ironman title.

(The crowd loves it but Evolution's instrumental music plays and Randy Orton comes out and the crowd are booing and chanting "Orton sucks")

JR: What the hell? What is Orton doing out here?

King: Don't matter. He is a limo riding jet flying son of a gun.

JR: Orton, at the WWE, was an Intercontinental champion for 7 months and beat the Undertaker, killing the Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak.

King: What a night that was. He did it and shocked the world. That is a true legend killer.

(Orton takes his mic and the crowd chants "Orton Sucks". Orton smiles evilly and is about to speak.)

Orton: You know, Heymen, after what I did to the Undertaker and making him rest in peace here in this stupid low-rented arena......

(The crowd makes more heat as Orton laughs)

Orton:....I made myself a legend.

(Crowd boos)

Orton: My accomplishments are endless: I was the youngest World Heavyweight champion, I was the WWE Intercontinental champion for 7 long months, I killed legends from RVD to Stone Cold, from the Rock to Mick Foley, from Jake Roberts to the Undertaker, I killed them all!

(Crowd makes louder booing)

Orton: Now, you gave Triple H the UWEF Heavyweight title. And with my accomplishments and all, I think it is only fair for me and Evolution if I get the UWEF Ironman title.

(Crowd gives massive boos and chants "U suck")

Heymen: Well, with those accomplishments, I think you should get the UWEF Ironman title.

(Crowd still giving massive boos)

Heymen: All right. Next week on Horizon, it's Randy Orton vs. the three men I pick from the Rumble.

(Orton is confused)

Orton: Wait, I don't think you understand what I meant. I just want the title, not fight for it.

Heymen: I'm not giving the title to you just because of that. You have to earn it like other from the WWE.

Orton: Well, Heymen, you were the owner of ECW, making yourself a legend. Since you are a legend, I think you should know your on a critical risk if I don't get that title!

(The crowd knows what's gonna happen and mixed reactions are made.)

Heymen: I said no and that's final It will be you vs. my three randomly picked men from the Rumble.

Orton: Fine, you asked for it, legend.

(Orton is about to do the RKO but Shelton Benjamin comes out and fights Orton as Heymen runs back to the backstage area. Shelton with massive chops. He Irish whips him for his Special Exploder but Orton pulls out and goes to the ramp as Shelton taunts him for more action. Randy Orton is pissed and says I'll be back. Shelton benjamin's music plays)

JR: Shelton saving Heymen from Orton's RKO. Wow, it's Orton vs. three other picked men from the Rumble for the UWEF Ironman title next week!

King: I think Orton should have gotten the title as he did all those accomplishments and Shelton hasn't done squat!

JR: He must earn it to win it!

King: Jeez, JR, when have you waiting to say that?

JR: On another note, HBK vs. Christian is tonight and so is the Rumble but up next, the UWEF International title is on the line as John Cena faces Maven up next on UWEF Horizon.

So, give me the positives and negatives. Thanks!

(John Cena's new song plays and the crowd is booing. The crowd boos even more when Cena wears a Kings


Finkel: This match is for one fall. Introducing first, he is the UWEF International champion, John


(Crowd boo at him)

JR: We're back from Los Angeles, California and Cena, the UWEF International champion is making fun

of the Lakers wearing a Kings jersey.

King: It's priceless!

(Cena grabs the mic)

Cena: YO! Hello, Lakers.

(Crowd boos knowing Cena's sarcasm. Cena gets ready for his rap)

Cena: I got to fight Maven and thinks he's a star
I'm gonna make him embarassed like Kareem Abdul- Jabar

(Crowd boos massively)

Cena: I'm so untouchable I'm richer than real pearls
Maven trying to be like Kobe, trying to rape some white girls

(Crowd is chanting "Cena sucks" and boo more loudly)

Cena: Kid you ain't gonna win cause I'm like bling bling
Me vs. You will be like the Lakers vs. The Sacramento Kings

(Cena is laughing while the fans are at abrupt and feel like socking Cena)

Cena: So don't start with me just cause I'll be rich
Maybe after this match, I'll let you be my-

(Crowd yells out the "word" and boo at Cena as Cena takes off his Kings jersey. Maven's new song, $1 million

dollar Tough Enough song, plays and Maven gets some pops from the crowd)

Finkel: And coming into the ring, he is-

MATCH TWO: Maven vs. John Cena for the UWEF International Chapionship title

(Before Finkel can finish, Cena attacks Maven. Cena goes for punches on Maven and stomps on Maven, violently.

Cena taunts the crowd. The crowd boo massively. Cena picks him up but Maven counters with chops on the chest.

Maven Irish whips Cena and does a neckbreaker. The crowd loves Cena getting beat down. Maven does an Elbow

drop on Cena. Cena is down and Maven goes to the turnbuckle. He does a spinning legdrop and got it. He pins

Cena but didn't get it. Maven get Cena up and does a neckbreaker again. Maven then gets Cena up and Irish whips

him but Cena with a jumping clothesline. Cena gets up Maven and he piledrivers him. Cena gets out of the ring and

he has the title. He is about to nail Maven with it but Maven dropkicks Cena and Cena knocks the ref from behind.

Maven then does his knee backbreaker special on Cena and pins Cena but the ref is down. Maven wakes up the ref

but no waking up. Cena then uses his chain, wraps it around his fist, and lowblows Maven. Cena gets up and he

does the FU, the dangerous one, to Maven on the International title. Cena throws his title outside and the ref

wakes up and Cena pins Maven and the ref counts solwly to make Cena the winner. The crowd boos as Cena's

song starts to play.)

JR: Damn it to hell!

King: I knew he could do it!

Finkel: The winner of the match and still the UWEF Heavyweight champion, John Cena!

JR: I'll be damned

King: Your just jealous cause he is the future. Admit it!

JR: Stop it!

(We see HBK, in the entrance attire, walking down from the backstage to the ring)

HBK, Shanw Michaels faces Christian with Tyson Tomko in the corner, next on UWEF Horizon!

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