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Re: NWF: The Return

NWF Championship
Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

#1 Contendership for the NWF Championship
Shawn Michaels vs. Big Show

NWF Hardcore Championship
Edge(c) vs. Christian

The Hardy Boyz vs. Mexican United

Kendo Stick Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

NWF Lightweight Championship
Lightweight Tournament Finals
Abismo Negro vs. Carlos Colon

The New Brood vs. The SAT


1. Which match will open up No Boundaries? - The Lightweight Championship match

2. Who will be pinned or who will tap out in the main event match? - Randy Orton to tap out

3. *Spolier* A recently signed wrestler will make their debut appearance at No Boundaries. Who is it? - Rey Mysterio, I think he'll interuppt the Hardy/Mexican match and help the Mexicans

4. Which match will be the match of the night? - Christian Vs Edge

5. Which match will be the worst match of the night? RVD Vs Bigelow

6. Will any NWF wrestler make a return at No Boundaries? - no

I'll post a review for the show when I have time.
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Re: NWF: The Return

NWF Championship
Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

#1 Contendership for the NWF Championship
Shawn Michaels vs. Big Show

NWF Hardcore Championship
Edge(c) vs. Christian

The Hardy Boyz vs. Mexican United

Kendo Stick Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

NWF Lightweight Championship
Lightweight Tournament Finals
Abismo Negro vs. Carlos Colon

The New Brood vs. The SAT


1. Which match will open up No Boundaries? - The Hardy Boyz vs Mexico whatever they're called.

2. Who will be pinned or who will tap out in the main event match? - Randy Orton to get pinned

3. *Spolier* A recently signed wrestler will make their debut appearance at No Boundaries. Who is it? - You sign a different superstar practically everyday, but I'll go with Rey

4. Which match will be the match of the night? - Negro/Colon

5. Which match will be the worst match of the night? Shawn Michaels/Big Show

6. Will any NWF wrestler make a return at No Boundaries? - no

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Re: NWF: The Return

NWF Championship
Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

#1 Contendership for the NWF Championship
Shawn Michaels vs. Big Show

NWF Hardcore Championship
Edge(c) vs. Christian

The Hardy Boyz vs. Mexican United

Kendo Stick Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

NWF Lightweight Championship
Lightweight Tournament Finals
Abismo Negro vs. Carlos Colon

The New Brood
vs. The SAT


1. Which match will open up No Boundaries? - Hardy Boys vs mexican united

2. Who will be pinned or who will tap out in the main event match? - Chris Jericho to be pinned

3. *Spolier* A recently signed wrestler will make their debut appearance at No Boundaries. Who is it? - not sure

4. Which match will be the match of the night? - Edge Vs Christian

5. Which match will be the worst match of the night? Shawn Michaels/Big Show

6. Will any NWF wrestler make a return at No Boundaries? - yes idk who though

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Re: NWF: The Return

After the preshow comes to a close hyping up the event, we fade to black and the FBI warning is shown. NWF Intro video plays and we cut to a video package.

NWF No Boundaries Introduction Video

We see a dark room with one spotlight on the center as ominous music plays. All of a sudden, Brock Lesnar steps into the spotlight.

Lesnar: Tonight, no one can stop me. I will become a force to be reckoned-

We fade to Jericho standing in a spotlight

Jericho: -reckoned with. My goal, tonight, is will show the world that I am the best-

We fade to Randy Orton standing in a spotlight

Orton: -best it has to offer. After tonight, when it is all said and done, I will become-

Cut to show Lesnar, Jericho, and Orton in splitscreen saying simutaneously

All three: -A CHAMPION!!!

Footage of the Jericho/Lesnar/Orton feud is shown, chronicaling the feud to tonight's match. After the footage, The Big Show comes to the spotlight.

Big Show: I am the largest athlete to step into a professional wrestling ring.

We see Big Show destroying numerous wrestlers

Big Show: Tonight, I will destroy an icon...

We see HBK posing

TBS: ...a showstopper...

We see HBK Sweet Chin Music TBS

TBS: ...a legend.

We see Big Show destroy HBK's legs. Afterwards, HBK is on the spotlight.

HBK: I have fought the best this business has to offer...

We see HBK's encounters with Austin, Bret, Taker, HHH

HBK: ...I have accomplished winning many titles in my career...

We see HBK's World title wins over the years

HBK: ...except one...

We see a shot of the NWF Championship belt

HBK: ...tonight begins the road to success as I shine once more.

We see Edge, Christian, RVD, Bigelow, and The Hardy Boyz on the spotlight saying their piece.

Edge: Tonight, I make a name for myself.

Christian: Tonight, I cement my career as the greatest.

RVD: No more games. No more playing.

Bigelow: No more running. No more hiding.

Jeff Hardy: No more forgiveness.

Matt Hardy: No more compassion.

Shawn Michaels: No more rejoice.

Randy Orton: No more rules.

Big Show: No more confidence.

Chris Jericho: No more time.

Brock Lesnar(intense): No more boundaries!!!!

We fade to see a man turn his back on the spotlight but turns around and it's Hakeem Johnson. We close up to his face as he's smiling with doubtful intentions.

Hakeem Johnson: NO...MORE...BOUNDARIES!!!

Hakeem laughs as we fade out.

The No Boundaries graphics start to appear.

Narrator: And now, New Wrestling Federation, NWF, proudly presents to you...NO BOUNDARIES!!!

The graphics are gone and we enter the live feed in the arena as pyro starts to come off the stage. The crowd is excited as the camera makes different camera views. The stage is set with a big skull set on the center as each side of the skull's mouth is an entrance with a ramp.

NWF No Boundaries
The Target Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Styles: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the very first ever Pay Per View of the NWF!!! Welcome to No Boundaries here in Minneapolis at the Target Center!!! Tonight, three major titles will be up for grabs in one explosive night.

Camera cuts to signs like 'Jericho: Next NWF Champion', 'The Big Slow', 'The Heartbreak Kid', and other signs of drawings of superstars. We cut to Joey Styles and Johnathan Coachman at the announcer's table.

Styles: Hello, fans, I'm Joey Styles, alongside with my partner, The Coach. Coach, tonight, NWF is going to reach towards new heights!

Coach: Joey, you're absolutely right. This is the NWF. This is the promotion that will go place and the superstars will show you why we are the most talked about promotion today!

Styles: Can't argue with that statement. Well, let's take to Dave Penser as we get set for our opening bout.

*Lucha Rock* plays and the crowd start shouting heat as Abismo starts to come out and is wearing his red tights and red tight shirt as the Mexican colors blend all throughout his attire. Of course, Armando is right behind him.

Penser: The following contest is schedule for one fall and is the Lightweight Tournament Finals match. The winner of this match will become the NWF Lightweight champion! Introducing first, from Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico, weighing in at 210 lbs. Accompanied to the ring by Armando, Abismo Negro!

Coach: Folks, you are looking at your new NWF Lightweight Champion. Abismo has the look, talent, and experience of a wrestler.

Styles: Abismo is a man of great talent that has come very far in this tournament. He will face Carlos Colon here in just a few minutes but let's show you how he has advanced...

We see clips of Abismo Negro defeating Robbie Lawler and Jose Maximo to advance to the finals.

Coach: Styles, you're mistaken. Abismo came into this to become a champion. Carlos came into this to try to gain face, which he hasn't yet.

Styles: Not that there is nothing wrong with that.

Coach: Well you have to actually have to be talented to pull that off.

Abismo enters the ring with Armando but the referee intervenes and shouts at Armando. The referee is shouting and motioning Armando to go backstage, to the crowd's approval. The referee then tells Penser something and nods his head with the mic.

Pensar: I have just been informed that if Armando does not comply with the referee's decision to be banned from ringside or if Armando interfers during the match, Abismo Negro will be disqualified, awarding Carlos Colon the NWF Lightweight Championship!

The crowd give decent pops to the announcement as Armando cannot believe it and is stunned at the decision. Abismo gets in the ref's face but knows to back off or else he'll be DQ'd. Abismo calmly tells Armando to leave as the crowd chants "Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye". Armando walks up the ramp, insulting the crowd and all over the place. Abismo is upset but tries to regain focus for this match. *Cool* plays and Carlos comes out to decent pops. Carlos has on short light blue trunks and long light blue boots. Carlos is giving high fives to the crowd.

Pensar: And his opponent, from Miami, Florida, weighting in at 210 lbs, Carlos Colon!

Coach: This is a travesty! Abismo is already getting screwed just because the referee is biased and wants to see this little bottomfeeder to win the title.

Styles: Oh will you get off your high horse! The referee made the right call by sending Armando backstage. Armando has been known to interfere and cause trouble for Abismo's opponents.

Coach: Give me a break! What has Carlos done in his career? Win the top title at his old man's rinky dinky promotion? Abismo is a former UWEF Tag Team champion and has wins over the Rock and Eddie Guererro.

Styles: This isn't the UWEF, remember?

Coach: Well-

Styles: In any case, this match is for the NWF Lightweight Championship. The Lightweight title has a lot of lineage with former champions like Taka Michinoku, Essa Rios, Dean Malenko, X-Pac, and Jerry Lynn before being retired in 2001.

Carlos enters the ring as Abismo stares him down. Carlos warms up his legs and arms as the bell rings.

Match One
NWF Lightweight Championship
Lightweight Tournament Finals Match
Abismo Negro vs. Carlos Colon

Abismo and Carlos circle around the ring, looking to see which man will make the first move. Abismo tries to swiftly grab the leg but Carlos hops backwards. Abismo gets up and both are circling the ring. Carlos tries grabbing Abismo's arm but Abismo swipes it off. Carlos and Abismo circle around for a third time. Abismo and Carlos finally grapple as Abismo, from behind, twists the arm towards Carlos. Carlon falls back and nips up. Carlos grabs the arm and twists Abismo's arm. Abismo, tapping his twisted arm, rolls forward and nips up. Carlos is forced to let go of the arm. Abismo rushes for a dropkick but Carlos swipes it off and covers. 1===. Abismo is up quickly and Carlos goes for a dropkick but Abismo swipes it off and covers. 1===. Carlos gets up quickly and goes for a clothesline but Abismo rolls under the clothesline. Abismo goes for a clothesline but Carlos does a backflip over the clothesline. Both Abismo and Carlos quickly turn to one another and get in a stance as the crowd give a roaring ovation for both men showing athelticism. Abismo and Carlos quickly grapple again but Abismo grapples Carlos's head into a headlock, grpping it tight. Carlos irish whips Abismo off him and ducks under Abismo rushing him. Carlos heaves over but Abismo goes for sunset flip pin. 1=======. Carlos rolls backwards to get out of the pin. Carlos irish whips himself and tries a basement dropkick but Abismo ducks under and Carlos lands on his back. Abismo gets up quickly and irish whips himself to nail a body splash on Carlos. Cover 1========. Carlos kicks out.

Abismo picks up Carlos and does a sweetening chop to Carlos. Carlos holds his chest as Abismo does a stiff punch to Carlos's face. Carlos then gets another punch to the face. Abismo then looks for a spinning wheel kick but Carlos ducks as Abismo lands on the canvas. Carlos then does his fury of chops towards the luchadore and one more final chop that sends Abismo near the ropes. Carlos then runs towards him for a front dropkick, sending Abismo over the top rope. Abismo goes down as Carlos rallies up the crowd for support. Abismo stands up, trying to catch breath, but Carlos nails a lighting body splash on Abismo from the top rope! The crowd approve of Carlos's quick offense. Both men are down as the referee starts the count. 1==========2==========3==========. Carlos gets on the apron, but from nowhere, Abismo swipes Carlos's legs from apron with his arm and Carlos lands his head on the apron, face first. Abismo picks up Carlos and irish whips him to the corner of the barricade. Abismo, from there, runs to Carlos and nails a striking knee strike to Carlos's face. Carlos is down as Abismo gets in the ring by eight. As Carlos tries getting back up, Abismo taunts the crowd, getting a decent amount of heat. Abismo, as Carlos is back up, goes to the turnbuckle and nails a forward roll to Carlos on the outside. The crowd are in an estatic frenzy as light chants of 'Holy Sh*t' can be heard. The ref starts the count again. 1==========2==========3==========4==========5==========6==========7. Abismo is up and picks up Carlos to toss him in the ring. Abismo goes back to the ring and makes a cover. 1==========2======. Carlos kicks out.

Abismo, while Carlos's down, takes Carlos's arm and but it between his legs. Abismo then drops his knees on his arm, as Carlos rolls in agonizing pain. Abismo then stomps on Carlos's hurt arm for a while until he drags his arm to the ropes. Abismo then goes to the outside and slams Carlos's arm on the bottom rope. Carlos holds his arm in pain while Abismo slides back in and covers. 1==========2====. Carlos kicks out. Abismo then applies an armbar on Carlos. Carlos tries to reach the ropes but Abismo has the hold tight. Carlos delivers some punches to Abismo with his other arm until Abismo lets go. Carlos gets up, favoring his arm, and does a yakuza kick to Abismo. Cover 1==========2======. Abismo kicks out. Carlos picks up Abismo and does a snap suplex. He then goes up the top turnbuckle and looks for a flying headbutt but Abismo gets up and nails a quick enzuguri, sending Carlos down. Abismo covers Carlos. 1==========2======. Carlos kicks out. Abismo then grabs the arm and lies it on the mat. Abismo then drops a legdrop to the arm and Carlos rolls around in pain. Abismo then rolls Carlos in his La Magistral pin. 1==========2=======. Carlos is able to kick out as Abismo starts to get nervous that he can't put him away. Abismo cuts his throat, signalling the end.

Abismo picks up Carlos and looks to nail the Martinete as he has him in position. Carlos, however, is able to wiggle out of the hold and, from behind, nails an unexpected Back Cracker!!! Abismo goes down but Carlos is holding his arm favorably. After about a few seconds, Carlos crawls to Abismo and gets the cover. 1==========2=======. Abismo kicks out. Carlos is stunned that his finisher didn't get the win. Carlos then stomps down Abismo as Carlos goes to the turnbuckle. Carlos then hits a high elevated moonsault! Carlos gets the cover. 1==========2======. Abismo kicks out. The crowd is on their feet as Carlos then signals for another Back Cracker. Abismo is up and Carlos looks for the move but Abismo turns around and holds Carlos's knees. Abismo then flips Carlos into the Martinete position and hits the move!!! Abismo and Carlos are both down on the floor. The referee starts the count. 1==========2==========3==========4==========5==========6==========7==========8==. Abismo covers Carlos. 1==========2=========. Carlos kicked out in the last seond. Abismo's face is in shock as the crowd chants 'This is awesome'. Abismo starts hitting mat in anger. Abismo then picks up Carlos and goes for the Martinete once again but Carlos leans Abismo back and has Abismo in the Martinete position and nails the move. Carlos covers Abismo. 1==========2=======. Abismo kicks out. My goodness, the crowd and Carlos are both stunned at the kickout.

Carlos catches his breath, thinking what else he has to do to get Abismo down. Carlos grabs Abismo's legs for a figure four but Abismo pushes Carlos towards the turnbuckles. Carlos turns around and Abismo get a hurricarana pin. 1==========2=========. Carlos kicks out. Abismo runs to the turnbuckles and nails a flying senton splash on Carlos. Abismo covers Carlos. 1==========2=======. Carlos kicks out. Abismo then quickly picks up Carlos and looks for a double arm backbreaker but Carlos, in mid air, has a hurricarana pin. 1==========2======. Abismo kicks out. The crowd are in anticipation as Carlos picks up Abismo and nails a DDT. Carlos then runs towards the ropes and richochets off to hit a legdrop on Abismo. Cover 1==========2======. Abismo kicks out. Carlos then signals it's time to end this. Carlos picks up Abismo and looks for the Back Cracker but Abismo lifts him up in an Eletric Chair position. Carlos rolls forward, trying to get a roll up pin but Abismo locks in the Martinete position and violently nails the move. Abismo and Carlos are both down. After a few seconds, Abismo crawls to Carlos and covers him. 1==========2==========3!!! Abismo Negro has FINALLY WON THE MATCH and is the NWF Lightweight champion!

Winner and NEW NWF Lightweight Champion: Abismo Negro via Martinete

Styles: Wow, what a match, ladies and gentlemen. Whether you love or hate him, Abismo Negro deserves every single praise he is getting from the crowd!

Coach: Write it down, Styles! I told you Abismo would be the Lightweight champion and you know why. He stands for honor, respect, and class, which is what he will bring to the title.

Styles: But Carlos Colon deserves the same amount of praise for hanging on and inching is way close to becoming champion.

Coach: But he's not the champion, is he? Although I will say Carlos worked his butt off in this match. But his blatant inexperience cost him the title.

Aftermatch Notes
: We see the replay of the close nearfalls and impact moves in the match, including the ending. Cut back to Abismo on the ramo, holding the Lightweight title. Armando, from behind, runs to Abismo and celebrates with him.

Coach: See, Joey, Abismo didn't even need Armando's help, that's how good he is!

Styles: Well, a great victory for Abismo as he is the NWF Lightweight Champion!!!

The Beast Within

We see Scott Hudson backstage

Scott: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Beast of the East, Bam Bam Bigelow!

We cut to BBB who gets decent heat

Scott: Bam Bam, tonight, you will go one on one against Rob Van Dam in a Kendo Stick match. Kendo sticks are legal to use in the match. Bam Bam, if I may ask, why Rob Van Dam?

BBB gives Scott a menacing look

BBB: Why Rob? WHY ROB?! Simple. Rob Van Dam looks at himself as the Whole Damn Show. He calls himself Mr. Pay Per View!

Huge pop

BBB: Mr. Pay Per View? Whole Damn Show? I took that as a damn insult!

Huge heat

BBB: I may be a big man, but I am a big man that has more talent within his fingers than RVD has in his whole entire body!

Huge heat

BBB: Tonight, I'm going to teach that boy a lesson! I'm going to inflict pain to RVD in the form of a kendo stick. I am the Beast of the East!

Bigger heat

BBB: These idiots can boo all they want...

Bigger heat

BBB: ...but you know what, after tonight, I will rid of the legacy and career of RVD, thanks to...

BBB mocks RVD's thumb pointing taunt

BBB: ...B..........B..........B!

BBB leaves as the crowd give decent heat. We cut back to Styles and Coach.

Styles: Well, ladies and gentlemen, Bam Bam Bigelow laying down the law on RVD tonight that a world of pain is knocking at RVD's door.

Coach: Joey, RVD has continously dogde and sneak attack Bam Bam but tonight, RVD has no place to hide because Bam Bam will take him out.

Styles: Oh, stop it. RVD has never run from a challenge. Not in his whole career he has.

Coach: So, not smoking the doob was not running from a challenge?

Styles: *sighs* Folks, it's time for our next match. The SAT have made a big splash in NWF but the constant attacks and...bloodbaths, yes bloodbaths, from the Brood have derailed their goals.

Coach: The Brood are an up and coming team that are being distracted from the tomfoolery of the SAT. Those two little runts run around in the ring and that's it! Well, no more running tonight.

*Brood* plays as the lights go red. Gangrel comes out with Dinero and Maestro right behind him. Dinero and Maestro wear matching long black tights with the Brood logo on the sides. The crowd give some light heat to the team as Gangrel carries around the gold goblet.

Penser: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a tag team match. Introducing first, from the depths of hell, at a combined weight of 447 lbs. Accompanied by Gangrel, they are the team of Dinero and Maestro, the Brood!

Styles: Well, if anything, this must be the most intimidating tag team in the NWF.

Coach: Joey, you gotta understand. This is the team to beat right now here in NWF and the SAT will learn that doing flashy moves will only get you to failure.

Gangrel is on the apron, drinks the goblet, and spits out the mist of blood as Dinero and Maestro embrace under the mist. Dinero and Maestro goes inside the ring as the lights come back to normal. *In Da Hood* plays and gets some decent pops from the crowd as Jose and Joel Maximo come out to full bodied red attire with black lighting desgin on the side.

Penser: And their opponents, from Brooklyn, New York, at a combined weight of 370 lbs., Joel and Jose Maximo, the SAT.

Coach: What the hell does SAT mean anyways? Are they so pathetic that they didn't finish high school and have to take the SAT test? I mean, they ARE from Brooklyn.

Styles: Well, jackoff, if you ever gets your facts right, the SAT stand for the Spanish Action Team.

Coach: That sounds like a damn Univision show!

The SAT enter the ring and pose for the crowd. The Brood, from behind, ambush the SAT as the bell rings.

Match Two
Tag Team Match
The Brood w/ Gangrel vs. The SAT

The Brood attack the SAT as the referee tries to gain control. The Brood irish whip the SAT at the same time but the SAT, simutaneously, do a dropkick. Dinero rolls out of the ring and gets back up but Jose Maximo uses the rope and does a flying body splash on Dinero. Maestro gets up as Joel does a couple of chops to the chest. Joel irish whips Maestro and nails a spinning wheel kick. Cover 1==========2=. Maestro kicks out. Joel picks up Maestro and goes for a suplex but Maestro reverses it from behind and goes for a back suplex but Joel flips back and does an enzuguri as Maestro turns around. Cover again 1==========2===. Maestro kicks out. Joel irish whips himself but Dinero does a cheap shot from the back. Joel does an enzuguri on Dinero, sending him off the apron. Joel turns around and Maestro does a back toss. Maestro irish whips himself and drops his knee on the head of Joel. Maestro then holds the knee on his head until the referee tells him to let go of the hold. Maestro drags the hair of Joel's to his corner and does knee shots to the head. Maestro taunts Jose as Jose comes in but the referee pulls him back. As the referee is distracted, Gangrel outside chokes out Joel. After the ref gains focus, Maestro tags in Dinero. Maestro holds Joel and Dinero does an elbow strike on Joel's chest. Dinero scoop slams Joel and follows it up with a legdrop. Cover 1==========2==. Jose stops the count with a dropkick to Dinero's face. Jose goes back to his corner as Dinero picks up Joel and nails a russian leg sweep. Dinero goes for another cover. 1==========2==. Kickout by Joel.

Dinero drags Joel and tags in Maestro. Maestro goes to the turnbuckle as Dinero holds him in a backbreaker position. Maestro hits a double knee drop to Joel's chest, almost snapping him in half. Maestro goes for the cover. 1==========2=====. Joel kicks out. Maestro picks up Joel and irish whips him for a belly to belly suplex but Joel, in mid air, nails a DDT. Joel and Maestro are both down. Joel crawls to his corner and tags in his brother, Jose. Jose gets in and is fired up as he clotheslines Maestro down. Jose dropkicks Dinero out of the apron as he hits his head on the announce table. Jose screams out his intensity as the crowd approves. Jose picks up Maestro and irish whips him. Jose hits a headscissors takedown into a armbar submission, which shocks the fans who have never seen a move like that. Dinero comes in the ring and breaks up the hold. Dinero picks up Jose and tries a powerbomb but Jose hurricaranas Dinero over the top rope. Jose lands on the apron but Maestro looks for a baseball slide onto Jose's legs. Jose jumps up and Maestro hits Gangrel instead. The Brood are down and slowly get up but Jose, from the apron, jumps on the ropes and does a high Asai moonsault on all three Brood members!!! The crowd go on a frenzy of this as Jose and the Brood start to slowly get up but then, out of nowhere, Joel runs from the ring and nails a corkscrew on all four men!!! The crowd are just in a thunderous roar as the crowd chant 'SAT'. All five men are down outside.

The ref starts the count. 1==========2==========3==========4==========5==========6==========. Jose gets up and slowly slides in the ring. 7==========8=========9===. Maestro finally makes it to the ring. Jose irish whips himself but Maestro is waiting for him and nails a vicious snap belly to belly suplex! Jose goes down pretty hard as Maestro clears his head. Maestro picks up Jose and swings Jose into a neckbreaker but turns that into a DDT. Jose is down as Maestro goes for the cover. 1==========2=====. Jose kicks out. Maestro tags in Dinero. Dinero sees Jose getting up and does an STO, which plants Jose's face on the mat. Dinero then goes up top on the turnbuckle and does a double foot stomp on the chest. Dinero covers Jose. 1==========2=. Joel breaks up the pin. Dinero gets in Joel's face, distracting the referee. Meanwhile, Maestro comes in and and gives Jose a sickening German suplex. Dinero turns back to Jose and does swift kicks to the sides followed by a running yakuza kick. Jose bends down as Dinero makes the cover. 1==========2=====. Jose kicks out. Dinero gets up and, swiftly, does a cheap shot to Joel. Joel quickly gets in but the ref stops him. Meanwhile, Maestro comes in as Dinero holds Jose in a STO position. Maestro nails a superkick as Dinero hits the STO! Dinero covers Jose. 1==========2===. Jose kicks out. Dinero tags Maestro in and Maestro runs to Jose for a tornado DDT but, in mid air, Jose push Maestro back to his feet. But Maestro quickly nails a spinning kick on Jose taking him down. We cut to a shot of Gangrel smiling, menacingly. Maestro then hooks a camel clutch submission on Jose. Jose's face is shown as compressing as it can get. Joel slaps the pad for support as the crowd tries to help as well. The referee can see Jose passing out fast and raises his arm. ONE! The referee will try it again. TWO-NO!

Jose gets his arm up and slides under Maestro's legs. Jose gets up and dropkicks Maestro's back, sending him hanging on the middle rope. Jose gets on the apron, along with Jose, and both do a big boot on each side of Maestro's head. Maestro sinks back into the ring as Jose gets on the apron, jumps on the top rope, and nails a moonsault! The cover by Jose 1==========2=====. Dinero breaks up the pin. Jose gets up and looks to signal for the Skull Crusher! Jose has Maestro up for the Skull Crusher but Maestro flips behind Jose and locks in the Tazmission. Jose feels the pain but runs to the turnbuckles, hitting Maestro's head. Jose jumps on the middle rope and does a calf kick! Jose and Maestro are down on the mat. Jose and Maestro crawl to their respective corner. Dinero enters the ring and grabs Jose's leg, preventing him from tagging his brother. Jose rises up and kicks Dinero back. Jose jumps up and tags Joel. Joel gets on the top turnbuckle and dropkicks both Dinero and Maestro, one leg apiece. Joel comes in the ring and dropkicks Dinero. Maestro gets up but Joel dropkicks him as well. Joel waits for Dinero and hits a tornado DDT. Maestro, from behind, attacks Joel. Maestro, with Joel down, has a sidewalk slam, looking for the Flux Capacitor Joel wiggles out of the way. With Jose in the ring, Joel dropkicks Maestro's face while Jose does a karate kick to Maestro's back head. Maestro goes down. Joel for the cover. 1==========2==========. Dinero stops the count. Jose does a front dropkick to Dinero, sending him through the ropes and outside the ring. Dinero gets back up but Jose, leapfrogging a heaving Joel, does a flying splash to Dinero! Joel turns around and Maestro hits a springboard back elbow smash. Maestro then taunts Joel and looks to hit Hellish Fate, aka the Wave of the Future, but Joel elbows Maestro and holds him as Jose comes in and they look to nail the Spanish Fly and execute the move. Gangrel immediately gets up in the apron but Jose baseball slides Gangrel's legs, making him fall on Dinero on the outside. Joel goes for the cover. 1==========2==========3!!! The SAT win the match!!!

Winners: The SAT via Spanish Fly

Styles: The SAT have won the match. After about a month of evil intentions towards them, the Brood finally get what they deserve.

Coach: Can you imagine that, Joey? If these guys are that fast in the ring, imagine how fast they can get my lawn and bushes done too?!

Styles: Will you stop that? How inapp....wait a minute, what the?

Aftermatch Notes: The lights go out as *Brood* begins playing. After about fifteen seconds, the lights come back on and there is a tub of blood at ringside. The SAT are also knocked out as well.

Styles: Um, what is going on? I see blood and the SAT unconscious.

Coach: Must be the swine flu that been swarming around the blood.

Dinero and Maestro roll Jose and Joel out of the ring and into the tub of blood. Jose and Joel both sink onto the blood as Dinero and Maestro roll the tub upwards the ramp. Gangrel follows behind them, laughing wickedly.

Styles: Wait, where the hell are they taking Jose and Joel?

Coach: Hopefully, back to the minor leagues. Just because you jump around like your on crack doesn't mean you're better than the other team. That's what the SAT are. A bunch of crack inducing jumping beans!

As the Brood roll the tub towards the stage, the lights go back to red with a red spotlight on them.

A Offer He Might Refuse

We cut backstage to Orton's locker room with Orton placing his stuff in his locker. The crowd give huge heat to Orton as the door opens violently. Brock Lesnar comes on screen, getting mixed reaction, light heat since he's a heel but huge pops since this is Lesnar's hometown of Minneapolis. Orton and Brock have a stare down.

Orton: You've got a lot of balls coming into my locker room. I guess you want your beatdown sooner than later.

Lesnar(scoffs): Heh. Like you could ever try to beat me down. Not even on your best day. But listen, I'm not here to fight or challenge you, I'm here..........to help you.

Orton smirks arrogantly

Orton: I don't need anybody's help, especially from a neanderthal like you. I take care of my business and I suggest you stay out of it!

Some "ooohs" come from the crowd as Lesnar slightly laughs

Lesnar: Actually, it's both of our business. See, it's about Chris Jericho.

Huge pop for his mention

Lesnar: He is the only person that doesn't belong in this match. You know it, I know it, he knows it, even those losers in the arena know it.

Mixed reaction, heat gets more louder

Lesnar: Tonight, I say we take out Jericho and pummel him into a bloody mess. Then once monkey boy is out of the equation...

Lesnar gets even closer to Orton

Lesnar: You and me will finish what we both started.

Orton gives an angry but interested look to Lesnar

Orton: Tonight, I will become NWF champion and I will show both of you how to look like one..........but your offer makes sense. Let's be honest, Jericho's only accomplishments in his wrestling career are being the first WWE Undisputed champion and being an UWEF champion. But guess what? Both companies are nonexistent and irrelevant, just like Jericho's accomplishments and career!

Huge heat

Orton: He knows that he's over the hill and can't compete like he used to. As for you and me, we're in our 20's and in our prime.

Lesnar: Exactly. You and me are the future of this business and for Jericho to hold that NWF title is a spit in our faces. So..........what's your answer?

Lesnar extends a hand as Orton looks at it then looks at Lesnar, smiling with cockiness

Orton: I'll see you in the ring, tonight.

Orton walks pass Lesnar and exits his locker as Lesnar looks back, with confidence and frustration.

Promise Of A Big Show From HBK

We see Jim Cornette and HBK talking backstage in Cornette's office, talking about the good old days.

Cornette: And then you came back and super kicked the bejewels out of him, winning your first return match back from injury.

HBK: Yeah, well, I told myself and the whole world that only I can stop the game.

Cornette: So how's the leg?

HBK: It's still aching but nothing that won't stop me from starting my journey to the NWF Championship. You know me, Jim. I won't rest until I want something.

Cornette: Well, can't argue with that. I mean it was only-

The door opens stopping Cornette as both look back with HBK showing dissapointment and Cornette showing surprise in his face. It's Hakeem Johnson, who gets decent heat, with some light pops.

Hakeem: Ah, Jim, Shawn. How's it going?.

Cornette: Hakeem, I-I didn't know you would be here tonight.

HBK(with a sarcastic but serious tone): Yeah, neither did I.

Hakeem: Well, it's our first Pay Per View for NWF and I wanted to see how good it has delivered. Um, Jim, I need to speak to Shawn for a minute. Do you mind?

Cornette: Uh, no I don't mind. Besides, I need some coffee, anyways.

Hakeem: All right. Hey, drink decaf. It'll keep you less erratic.

Cornette smiles as he walks out his office.

Hakeem: So, Shawn, tonight a big night for you. You're taking on the Big Show. Now, if I remember correctly, whoever wins the match will be the number one contender for the NWF Championship, right?

HBK looks deeply to Hakeem with disgust and knowledge

HBK: I know what you're trying to do, Hakeem. You're going to try and play mind games with me. You come over here and try to throw me off my game. My focus. Well, on Horizon this week, you tried to send Gangrel at me and I defeated the odds.

Hakeem: Well, I can see that-

HBK: No, I'm not done. Then after that, you send the Big Show out to attack me and hurt my leg. Well, my leg is not 100% but it's good enough to compete and take out Big Show.

Hakeem: First off all, I didn't send out the Big Show. I had already left by then. Second of all, I don't see why you're complaining? You've fought big men in the past before. Kevin Nash, Undertaker, Sid Vicious, Vader. You've gone through them all. You know, you're so busy wrapped up inside your own world, you can't realize that you can defeat the Big Show. But your arrogance and ignorance-

HBK: Stop right there. It's no secret. I have arrogance and ignorance. So what? That's me and it's arrogance and ignorance that have gotten me far in my career. Few weeks ago, you said you want to see an all star performance from me? Well, tonight, the showstopper will prove to you and everybody else why I still got it!

Huge pop

HBK: You can try to take me out with obstacles and continue to screw with my destiny, but tonight, I'm going to screw with your ambitions and become the number one contender for the NWF championship.

Crowd pops large for HBK

Hakeem(shaking his head in disbelief): Okay, Shawn, you do that but don't blame me when you screw yourself of an opportunity. You only have yourself to blame. Remember that.

Hakeem gets up and leaves as HBK looks on with intensity as we fade out.

Video Package: Perry Saturn
We see an empty dojo training facility with a man standing in the middle but too far to see it.

Saturn: I am independent.

We see clips of Perry Saturn t-bone suplex people, mixed in with Saturn close ups with intensity.

Saturn: I am a revolutionary.

We see Saturn training, beating down a boxing punching bag and punching the walls.

Saturn: I am a radical.

We see clips of Saturn brutally assaulting people in the ring.

Saturn: I am..........Saturn!!!

Saturn finishes training and turns to the camera.

People: Believe the hype!!!

It then says "Perry Saturn: Believe the hype next week!"

Finally, we see Saturn do a Capture Suplex on someone in fast motion three times as we cut to black.

We cut back live as we see an outside shot of Target Center.

Styles: We're live here in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Target Center as...

We see the No Boundaries graphics

Styles: ...NWF presents NWF No Boundaries!

Coach: What a night it has been so far and we're just getting started too, baby!

We see a vs. graphic of RVD and Bam Bam Bigelow with two kendo sticks in the background.

Styles: Well, Coach, it's about to get brutal here as Rob Van Dam takes on Bam Bam Bigelow in a kendo stick match. Kendo sticks are legal to use in this match.

Coach: What's also legal in this match is Bam Bam Bigelow's massacre of Rob Van Dam and I'm going to love every minute of it.

Styles: Well, let's take you back how these two started their rivalry.

Video Package of RVD vs. Bam Bam Bigelow rivalry
NWF Neo House Show: RVD comes out for an in ring promo. Bam Bam Bigelow comes out and attacks RVD. BBB does an elevated splash to RVD on the table.
NWF Neo House Show: Raven vs. Bam Bam Bigelow. After the match, RVD comes out from the crowd and attacks BBB with a kendo stick. RVD nails a Five Star Frog Splash on BBB, who has a trash can over him.
NWF Horizon (Week 1): Bigelow lays down a challenge to RVD at No Boundaries
NWF Horizon (Week 2): Bigelow waits for answer. RVD comes out and attacks BBB. RVD accepts challenge and puts a stipulation on the line, a Kendo Stick match.
NWF Horizon (Week 3): Hakeem Johnson makes match official. RVD vs. Chris Jericho. BBB interferes in the match. RVD and BBB brawl until RVD hits a suicide dive on Bam Bam.
We come back live as *Beast* plays. The crowd give huge heat as Bam Bam Bigelow has on his traditional full bodied attire. Bam Bam is rolling a shopping cart full of Kendo Sticks.

Penser: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a kendo stick match. Kendo sticks are permitted to use in this match. Introducing first, from Asbury Park, New Jersey, weighting in at 325 lbs. He is the Beast from the East, Bam Bam Bigelow!

Styles: A force to be reckoned with here in NWF as Bam Bam Bigelow has been a main attraction in every promotion he has ever been in.

Coach: That's right, Joey, and he'll be one here in NWF. See, RVD needs to realize that being a failure doesn't cut it here. Bam Bam Bigelow has main evented in every promotion he's been in. RVD will learn why Bam Bam is a beast.

BBB enters the ring, carrying two sticks in each hand. BBB hits them both intensely as the crowd give him more heat. BBB waits as his song fades out. The crowd is in patience during the silence. After ten seconds, *One Of A Kind* plays, giving RVD huge pops as he comes out with his red singlet with zen symbols all around the singlet.

Penser: And his opponent, from Battle Creek, Michigan-

Styles: Hey, Bam Bam is rushing ahead.

Match Three
Kendo Stick Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

BBB leaves the ring with his sticks and rushes to RVD but RVD ducks under BBB and nails and spinning heel kick on BBB. RVD does a high karate kick to BBB's head. BBB drops one stick as RVD picks up and looks for a swing to BBB's head but BBB blocks it with his other stick. BBB uses the stick to push RVD back to the apron. BBB rushes to RVD but RVD moves out of the way, making Bigelow hit his gut on the apron. RVD grabs a kendo stick and wails it on Bigelow's back a couple of times, getting pops from the crowd. RVD tosses BBB into the ring and RVD gets in as well as the referee finally orders the bell to ring, which it does. RVD does a couple of stomps on BBB. BBB gets up and RVD looks for a spinning wheel kick but BBB cradles him and lifts him over his head as RVD crashes down the mat. BBB picks up RVD and does a suplex, to add more pain to RVD's back. BBB goes for a cover. 1==========. RVD kicks out. BBB gets up and does a falling headbutt on RVD's chest. RVD holds his chest as BBB does another falling headbutt to his chest.

BBB picks up RVD and lifts him up high over his head. RVD tries wiggling out of the lifting but BBB drops him behind, making RVD land gut first. BBB picks up RVD and looks for a powerbomb but RVD rolls over BBB with a sunset flip pin. 1===. BBB quickly kicks out. RVD gets up and does a dropkick, sending BBB back but not down. RVD does another dropkick, sending BBB down one knee. RVD then irish whips himself, charging towards him, but BBB quickly gets up with a clothesline. BBB covers RVD. 1==========2==. RVD kicks out. BBB then drags RVD in the middle of the ring, irish whips himself, and does a jumping body splash on RVD, crushing his body. RVD holds his sides as he's stomping the mat in pain. BBB smiles at this destruction as he picks up RVD and irish whips him to execute a double arm backbreaker. BBB covers again. 1==========2=====. RVD gets a shoulder up. BBB then exits the ring and goes to his shopping cart. BBB starts throwing numerous amounts of kendo sticks to the ring, as the crowd cheers for the introduction of kendo sticks. BBB then goes back in the ring and grabs a kendo stick. RVD gets up but BBB swings the stick on RVD's stomach. BBB then swings it on RVD's back as RVD goes down. BBB then wails the stick on RVD's legs a couple of times as well. BBB goes for a cover. 1==========2===. RVD gets a shoulder up. BBB taunts the crowd, mocking RVD's thumb pointing taunt as the crowd give huge heat. BBB picks up RVD and looks for a powerbomb but RVD swims to the corner and grabs the ropes.

BBB pushes RVD out of the ropes and looks for the powerbomb but RVD leans back and does a hurricarana. BBB goes down but gets back up. RVD ducks around BBB and legsweeps his legs. RVD irish whips himself and does a carthweel, followed by a moonsault. RVD gets the cover. 1==========2=====. BBB kicks out. RVD picks up BBB and irish whips him to the corner, only for BBB to reverse it. RVD hits the corner as BBB rushes to the corner but RVD moves out of the way. BBB is dazed as RVD jumps up the top turnbuckle and hits a flying thrust kick. BBB goes down one knee as RVD irish whips himself and does a front dropkick on BBB's face. RVD does his thumb taunt, getting huge pops. RVD then picks up two kendo sticks, one in each hand. BBB gets on one knee as RVD swings one stick on the side of BBB's head and the other stick on the other side of the head. RVD continuosly does this until BBB grabs both sticks under his arms and does a vicious spike headbutt towards RVD's chest. BBB quickly picks up RVD and does a double underhook belly to belly suplex. BBB goes for the cover. 1==========2======. RVD barely kicks out. BBB then picks up RVD and sends him to the corner. BBB sets RVD up in a tree of woe position. BBB then grabs a kendo stick, smiling wickedly. BBB points towards RVD's groin, which gets the crowd in worry of what's going to happen. BBB tries out the stick like a baseball bat before wailing the stick on RVD's groin. RVD yells in pain, trying to break from the position. BBB swings the stick to his groin again! BBB then swings the stick on RVD's sides as RVD is trying to duck and break off the position he's in. BBB then drops the stick and rushes to RVD, nailing a flying headbutt on RVD's head.

RVD, finally, drops from the turnbuckle and lands on his back. BBB covers RVD. 1==========2======. RVD has his foot on the ropes. BBB then signals the end of RVD. BBB irish whips RVD to the turnbuckle corner but RVD lifts himself off the turnbuckle as BBB hits the corner. RVD then does two shoulder thrusts, back handsprings himself, and rushes up to BBB for a monkey flip but BBB is able to turn it into a powerbomb as RVD's back hits the mat with impact. BBB then climbs up the turnbuckle and looks for a flying headbutt but RVD rolls out of the way as BBB eats canvas. RVD rolls out of the ring and looks at the empty shopping cart. RVD then tosses the shopping cart over the top rope, slightly hitting BBB. RVD then crawls back in the ring and places the cart over a fallen BBB. RVD then grabs two kendo sticks and wails on the cart with BBB inside. RVD starts smiling and even toys around with the stick, even portraying a drummer as the crowd are eating it up. RVD stops the assault as BBB takes the cart off. RVD irish whips himself and nails his signature Rolling Thunder! RVD then looks around the arena and jumps up the top turnbuckle, signalling the Five Star Frog Splash but BBB is up and picks up RVD while RVD looks for it in mid air. BBB sets him up for the Greeting from Ashbury Park but RVD holds the ropes, stopping the move. RVD elbows BBB's head and RVD gets out of the hold. RVD then grabs the stick and looks at it, as if he has a plan. RVD tosses BBB the stick towards his face and nails a quick VanDamninator!!! BBB's face cracks open the stick as RVD goes on the top turnbuckle and does another flying thrust kick. RVD then quickly gets on another corner and nails the Five Star Frog Splash!!! RVD holds his stomach in pain as he crawls around the ring. RVD, then, gets to BBB and covers the beast. 1==========2==========3!!! RVD wins the match!

Winner: Rob Van Dam via Five Star Frog Splash

Styles: What a vicious match as Rob Van Dam comes out as the victor.

Coach: So, shopping carts are legal to use too? This is a sham! RVD used an illegal weapon to assist him with a win. Typical Rob.

Styles: You can't deny that, on this night, Rob Van Dam was the better man against Bam Bam Bigelow.

Coach: I'll deny it with great pride because RVD had to rely on weapons for most of his offense to beat BBB. Bam Bam didn't need the weapons most of the time.

Styles: Unbelievable. Anyways, lets take a look how this all ended...

Aftermatch Notes: We take a look at a recap of the match with the ending. Afterwards, we cut back to RVD posing and celebrating with the crowd as Bam Bam his holding his knees as the referee checks him out. Bam Bam could be legitimately hurt or is selling his knees well.

A Moment Of Flash Photography

We see Scott Hudson and Christian backstage near the titantron area. The crowd pop huge for Christian

Scott: I'm joined with a man that will face Edge for the NWF Hardcore Championship later on tonight, folks, Christian.

Another pop for his mention

Christian: You know, it's finally great to be back on Pay Per View, Scott.

Scott: Well, Christian, tonight-

Christian: Hold on. First off, I have to congratulate you, Scott. You must have the most cleanest, shiniest, clearest bald head I have ever seen.

The crowd laugh as Scott seems embarrassed at first but then dignifies the comment, even rubbing his head of grace.

Scott: Thanks, Christian. You know, having a bald head is a symbol of beauty.

Christian: Heh, heh........no it isn't it. Sure, the greats have been a symbol of the bald. Goldberg..........Stone Cold Steve Austin..........Elmer Fudd..........Squidward.............

The crowd laugh even louder as Christian then looks at Scott, who is embarrassed then gains his focus back.

Christian: I'm just joshing. In all seriousness, tonight, I face my brother Edge. You know, it's been a long time since we've seen each, nonetheless fought each other. You have to give him credit though, he defeated two men to earn the Hardcore Championship. But I'm not those guys.

Decent pop

Christian: See, I know every trick Edge has up his sleeves. I know every tactic Edge will use. I know every move Edge can execute. I am his foil. Me and him act the same, wrestle the same, and fight the same. Tonight, I'm going to prove that Edge's luck will, fortunately, run out.

As Christian finishes that statement, Edge enters the screen to huge heat as Scott transparently leaves.

Edge(confused): Luck? Luck is for losers.

Huge heat

Edge: Luck is for failures. Luck is for pathetic people that can't get by with talent. Like you.

Huge heat as Christian gets nose to nose with Edge

Edge: In case you forgot, I carried the team. I provided the humor. And I injected the talent. You may be my brother but I won't deny the fact that you were always my lackey.

Huge heat

Edge: All these sophmoric jokes and secondary humor have always held you back and made you a failure. You grab an opportunity but you fail to step up and own it. As for me? I dropped the stupidity and abandoned the Edge that was a puppet to all those inbred animals out there.

More huge heat

Edge: Where did that get me? Defeating the likes of Mick Foley, Raven, and Rhyno. Becoming the first NWF Hardcore Champion. Becoming a hardcore legend. What have you done since? Nothing!

Christian(intense): I'll tell you what I'll do. Tonight, I'm going to embarass you in front my coalition of peeps...

Huge pop

Christian: ...I'm going to use all my strength and will to beat you. Once it's all said and done, I will walk out of Minneapolis as the Hardcore champion.

Huge pop as Edge smirks arrogantly

Christian: You know me as much as I know you. You know I could beat you and tonight, I will. Because, brother, that's how I roll!!!

Christian walks away as the crowd pop. Edge shows a disgusted look to Christian, who is off screen.

A Phenomenal Debut

We cut to Jim Cornette signing some papers in his office untill a knock on the door.

Cornette: Come in.

The door opens and coming on screen is the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles! The crowd give a huge pop as they recognize him from his TNA days. AJ has on blue jeans and black shirt.

Cornette: Mr. Styles, I've been expecting you.

AJ: Jim, first off, it is great to be apart of NWF. I've been an avid watcher of Horizon as of late and I've come to love the promotion. Once I had an opportunity of leaving my former promotion, I knew I had to be here.

Cornette: Well, that is great to hear, AJ. Well, next week on Horizon, to officiate your spot in NWF, we are going to have a public contract signing for our new member to the roster, AJ Styles!

The crowd pop huge for that announcement

AJ: Once again, thank you-

Before Styles can finish up his sentence, someone barges in the office.

???: Mr. Cornette!

Armando, with the newly crowned Lightweight champion Abismo Negro, come on screen, gaining decent heat. They pretend Styles isn't there as they charge in front of Cornette.

Armando: Nice try, Cornette. But your plan failed. You tried to take me out the match but this man proved to everybody that he is the premier lightweight in NWF. He is phenomenal. He is-

AJ stops Armando talking with his hand to Armando's face

AJ: Um, I don't mean to interrupt, but there is only one man who is phenomenal. You're looking at him.

Decent pop

Armando: Is that so? My partner Abismo Negro went through a tournament without breaking a sweat and won the prestigious Lightweight championship. If you were to face Abismo, you would only be a stepping stone to Abismo's rise of success.

Crowd boos that statement as Abismo steps forward in front of Armando and face to face with AJ.

AJ: Well, it looks like your partner is willing to fight. Tell your buddy that anytime, anywhere, I'll be waiting. And uh...

AJ looks at Abismo's Lightweight title, which is dangling from his shoulder

AJ: ...I would take care of that belt because it'll be only a matter of time before the Phenomenal One..........become a phenomenal champion.

AJ and Abismo stare down as the crowd pop huge for a future AJ/Abismo match. We cut to a video package.

Video Package of the Hardy Boyz vs. Mexican United rivalry

-NWF NEO House Show: Tables Match - Hardy Boyz vs. Mexican United: Winners: Mexican United by aereal Legdrop/Frogsplash combo
-NWF Horizon: First Round Lightweight Tournament Match - Shelton Benjamin vs. Jeff Hardy: Winner: Shelton Benjamin via T-Bone Suplex (Mex United interefere untill Matt Hardy makes the save.)
-NWF Horizon: Singles Match - Matt Hardy vs. Psicosis: Winner: Psicosis via Top Rope Leg Drop (Mex United double team Matt Hardy)
We cut back to the stage as *Mexicool* plays and Chavo and Psicosis comes out to decent heat. Chavo is wearing red tights, red boots, with fiery designs on the side whil Psicosis is wearing his red mask, green, red, and white under armor with no sleeves and white tights with green and red lines on the sides, with black boots.

Penser: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a tag team match. Introducing first, from Tijuana, Mexico and El Paso, Texas respectively, at a combined weight of 410 lbs. The team of Psicosis and Chavo Guerrero, Mexican United!

Coach: Along with the Brood, Joey, this is another team that will represent the future of the NWF Tag Team division.

Styles: You may be right...but you're also known to be wrong too. Back to them for a minute but what a debut for the Phenomenal AJ Styles.

Coach: AJ has the audacity to question Abismo's talent and Armando's knowledge? Well, he'll find out soon enough that no one can match up to the greatness that is Abismo Negro!

Chavo and Psicosis enter the ring with arrogance towards the fans. The fans boo continuously as both men go on opposite turnbuckles and taunt the crowd. Suddenly, *Loaded* begans playing and the crowd are on their feet as the famous Hardy Boyz come out and poses with the crowd. Matt is wearing his black shirt and black pants while Jeff has on a long white shirt and black pants.

Penser: And their opponents, from Cameron, North Carolina, at a combined weight of 461 lbs. Matt and Jeff Hardy, the Hardy Boyz!!!

Styles: Quite possibly the most popular and greatest tag team of all time, the Hardyz look to come to the NWF to show the world why that claim can be made true.

Coach: Greatest of all time? What, did Matt and Jeff give you money and you gave them weed? What a ludicrous statement. Matt and Jeff have always been overrated and will continue to be overrated. Chavo and Psicosis are going to expose them like the frauds they are.

Hardyz enter the ring as Mexican United scurry out of the ring and look back in disgust. Jeff and Matt do their poses on the turnbuckles as we get started.

Match Four
Tag Team Match
Mexican United vs. The Hardy Boyz

Matt and Jeff go to their corner as Chavo and Psicosis, cautiously, enter the ring. The bell sounds and Matt will start off for his team and Chavo will start off for his team. Matt and Chavo come face to face as Chavo says some negative things towards Matt. Matt starts wailing Chavo with some punches. Matt irish whips Chavo and does a clothesline. Chavo gets back and Matt does another clothesline. Chavo is back up again and Matt does a missle dropkick, sending Chavo rolling under the ropes and out of the ring. Chavo is pissed off for his lack of defense as Psicosis tries to calm him down. Matt rallies the crowd up for him as the crowd cheer. Chavo then, cautiously, enters the ring again. Chavo and Matt grapple but Chavo, quickly, does a knee strike to Matt's gut. Chavo then nails another knee strike to the gut. Chavo then irish whips Matt and goes for a body toss but Matt kicks Chavo's face upward. Matt irish whips himself and does a flying crossbody. 1==========2=======. Chavo kicks out. Matt twists Chavo's arm and drags him back to Matt's corner, tagging Jeff. The crowd, mostly women, screech for the more popular Hardy as Jeff comes and takes over Matt's position of twisting Chavo's arm. Jeff takes Chavo down followed by a leg drop to Chavo's arm. Jeff then locks in an armbar but Chavo quickly is able to reverse it with a modified crucifix pin. 1=======. Jeff kicks out. Chavo goes for a kick but Jeff grabs it and twists Chavo around. Jeff kicks Chavo's gut and looks for the Twist of Fate but Chavo drops down and out of the ring, rolling.

Chavo gets grand heat for dodging the move but when Chavo turns around, Jeff nails a baseball slide. Chavo goes down as Jeff goes outside. Jeff climbs on top of the barricade, making some fans cheer crazy near him. Chavo gets up and Jeff runs the barricade, colliding Chavo with a clothesline. The referee is counting up to four as Jeff picks up Chavo and tosses him in the ring. Jeff goes for the cover. 1==========2. Chavo kicks out. Jeff irish whips himself but Psicosis pulls down the top rope and Jeff leans over the top rope all the way to the outside. Jeff hits the padding hard as Chavo distracts the ref. Psicosis gets in a couple of shots on Jeff before Matt scurries him away from Jeff. Jeff climbs the apron but Chavo suplexes him back in the ring. Cover by Chavo. 1==========2==. Jeff kicks out. Chavo picks up Jeff and uppercuts him all the way to Chavo's corner. Chavo tags in Psicosis and both Mexican United members stomp on Jeff as the referee tries to get Chavo out. Psicosis takes over and puts his big boot right on Jeff's throat. Psicosis irish whips Jeff and does a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Jeff. Psicosis covers Jeff. 1======. Matt enters the ring and breaks up the pin, getting a light pop.

Psicosis picks up Jeff and nails continuous chops to Jeff Hardy. Psicosis then drags Jeff to the corner and nails a Tornado DDT from the top turnbuckle. Psicosis, showboating to the turnbuckle, climbs up and nails a moonsault and covers Jeff. 1==========2. Matt, once again, breaks up the pin, which irritates Psicosis. Psicosis then picks up Jeff and looks for a suplex but Jeff reverses behind him and does a roll up from behind. 1=======. Psicosis kicks out as Jeff and Psi are back up quickly. Psicosis goes for a spinning kick but Jeff ducks under, kicks Psicosis's gut, and nails a sitout jawbreaker. Jeff then hurriedly tags in his brother, Matt as Matt comes in and starts hammer punches to Psicosis's back. Matt then picks up Psicosis in a powerbomb position but instead nails the Splash Mountain, Crucifix, Bomb with a pin. 1==========2=====. Chavo comes in and dropkicks Matt's face to break up the pin. Jeff comes in but the ref stops him, being distracted. Chavo and Psi pick up Matt. Psicosis has him on a suplex position while Chavo places Matt's legs between his head. Both then jump and knee down to do a double tag vertical jawbreaker. Chavo goes back to his corner as Psicosis covers Matt. The ref makes the count. 1==========2===== Matt gets the shoulder up.

Psicosis then runs to the ropes and ricochets off to do a corkscrew senton. Psicosis goes for the cover again. 1==========2====. Jeff breaks up the pin with a punch. Psicosis then grabs Matt's leg and does a single leg lock. Matt tries to crawl but Jeff, once again, breaks up the submission hold. Matt crawls to his corner but Psicosis drags Matt back to Mexican United's corner and tags in Chavo. Chavo gets in and locks in a ground headlock. Matt tries getting up but Chavo's upper body pressure prevents him from doing so. Jeff rallies the crowd as Matt crawls backwards and finally lands his foot on the bottom rope. The referee tells Chavo to break the pin but Chavo doesn't let go. The ref starts counting and Chavo lets go at four. Chavo then, blindly, does a forearm smash on Jeff, knocking him down from the apron and hitting the steel steps. Chavo then picks up Matt and looks for a German suplex but Matt goes behind and locks in. Chavo runs to the ropes, casuing Matt's neck to hit the top rope. Matt staggers as Chavo stand behind Matt's right side and hits a Saito suplex out of nowhere!!! Matt lands on his neck and shoulders as Chavo smiles, looking to end the match. Chavo covers. 1==========2========. Matt gets his foot on the bottom rope. Chavo cannot believe it as he thought it was over. Chavo then signals for the end. Chavo picks up Matt and sets up the Gory Bomb but Matt wiggles out of the way and nails the Side Effect on Chavo. Both men are down as Jeff and Psicosis cheer for their partner to crawl towards their corner. Chavo slowly gets up and turns to Matt while Matt is inching close to a tag to Jeff but Chavo dropkicks Jeff off the apron, sending him down again. Chavo drags Matt to the center and locks in a cross legged STF, a modified version of the STF.

Matt is wretching in pain as Matt crawls to the ropes but Chavo bends the back even more backwards and Matt is struggling to find a common purpose to get the ropes. Matt, however, with the crowd's cheers, crawls inch by inch to the ropes and eventually grabs the ropes. Chavo lets go but is furious that Matt didn't tap out. Chavo then goes to the top turnbuckle and looks for the frogsplash, but from behind Jeff pushes Chavo off the turnbuckle, landing in, face first. Both men are down as Matt crawls to Jeff as Chavo does the same to Psicosis. Chavo tags in Psicosis as Matt is almost close but Psicosis drags Matt back to the center, getting huge heat for the failed anticpation of a tag. Psicosis does a hurricarana and Matt hits the bottom turnbuckle and lies back down. Psicosis shouts something out in Spanish, apparently signifying the end is near. Psicosis goes up and looks for his patented diving guillotine leg drop but Matt rolls out of the way as Psicosis holds his thighs. Matt then jumps up and tags in Jeff, getting a huge pop as Jeff dropkicks Chavo off the apron. Psicosis is up but Jeff hits a front dropkick to Psicosis, sending him back to the Hardyz' corner. Matt comes in and gets in a doggie position as Jeff runs on the opposite corner. The crowd knows what's about to happen as Jeff runs to his corner, runs on top of Matt and hits the Poetry in Motion! Jeff gets the cover. 1==========2=======. Chavo breaks it up.

Matt, however, fight Chavo and clotheslines him and himself over the top rope. Jeff picks up Psicosis but Psicosis kicks Jeff's gut and nails the Stunner, getting pops for the Stone Cold reference but heat because Psicosis applied the move. Psicosis then jumps on the middle rope for a guillotine legdrop but Jeff rolls back and Psicosis hits his thighs on the canvas again. As Psi gets up, holding his thighs, Jeff kicks the gut and goes for a Twist of Fate but Psicosis reverses it looking for a Stunner but Jeff pushes Psi to the ropes and kicks Psi's gut to attempt the Twist of Fate again and, this time, executes it. Psicosis goes down as Chavo tries to enter the ring but Matt drags him back out and gets a Twist of Fate on the padding, outside. Jeff takes off his shirt, getting women to screech highly, and tosses it to the crowd. Jeff goes up the top turnbuckle and nails the Swanton Bomb!!! Jeff covers Psi, hooking the legs. 1==========2==========3!!! The Hardy Boyz get the win over Mexican United as the crowd, in unision, thunderously pop for the win.

Winner: The Hardy Boyz via Swanton Bomb

Styles: The Hardy Boyz finally get a win against the Mexican United!

Coach: Screw the Hardy Boyz! Matt just crippled Chavo! I seen it with my own two eyes! We need medics out here to assist him. Damn the Hardyz!

Styles: Well, the Hardyz will take the win here-

Coach: You have no compassion for the future of tag team wrestling. If these two are paralyzed, I'll blame you and the Hardy Boyz for killing tag team wrestling. Damn it!

Aftermatch Notes: We look at a recap of all the action in the match. Afterwards, Matt and Jeff embrace as the crowd give them a standing ovation. Chavo is seen grunting and holding his head while Psicosis is rolling in pain on the outside. Matt and Jeff leave the ring with the crowd clapping for them.

The Year of Jericho

Todd Grisham is with Chris Jericho backstage at the titantron area.

Todd: Ladies and gentlemen, one of the men that will challenge for the vacant NWF Championship, Y2J, Chris Jericho!

Thunderous pop as Jericho smiles at the reaction.

Todd: Chris, this week on Horizon, you fought RVD in the main event until Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton interfered. If we can, let's take a look at the titantron.

Todd and Jericho look at the titantron as we cut to the titantron feed

Brock Lesnar runs to the ring with a chair and gets on the apron. Jericho sees this and dropkicks the chair towards Brock's face, making him collapse on the floor. Jericho leaves the ring and lays punches on Brock.

Jericho looks on but, from the crowd, RANDY ORTON comes out and stalks behind Jericho. Jericho turns around and Orton delivers a sick RKO to Jericho. Orton taunts Jericho as the crowd give him huge heat. Orton then sets the chair near the ropes and puts Jericho's legs on the middle ropes and holds Jericho's head in a headlock. Orton then has a sadistic face and spike DDTs Jericho on the chair. The chair is bent as Orton is up and taunting the crowd.
Todd then turns to Jericho.

Todd: Now, Chris, you are going to facing, not one man, but two men in a match for the NWF Championship. What are your thoughts about tonight?

Jericho is about to speak but the crowd build up on "Y2J" chants.

Jericho: Hear that, Todd. Those are chants of Y2J. Tonight, my jericholics are going to have my back as I become the NWF champion.

Huge pop

Jericho: You know, I have done a lot in my career. In every promotion, I have won a major title. I was the first ever Undis-

Jericho stops and thinks about his statement

Jericho: You know what, every time I come here and talk, I always mention being this and being that and whatever. Well, not tonight. Tonight is where Chris Jericho stops living in the past and starts heading to the future.

Thunderous pop.

Jericho: I may have done huge accomplishments and won huge titles and that's fine. But here tonight, in the NWF, at No Boundaries, all that means nothing. It's a new start of my wrestling career and what better way to refresh my career than winning the most prestigious title in this industry, the NWF Championship!

Huge pop as another "Y2J" chant breaks out

Jericho: Orton, Lesnar, sure they have the youth that I once possessed but they don't have two things: experience and determination. Those two things alone will get me where I want to be, which is the NWF champion.

Huge pop as Jericho looks directly to the camera

Jericho: So for all the doubters and critics that say Y2J isn't "entertaining" anymore? That Jericho is "over the hill"? That Chris just can't wrestle "as he used to"? I will prove them wrong and defeat the odds, once again.

Jericho gives a motivated look at the camera as the crowd cheer. Jericho then leaves Todd. We cut back to Styles and Coach.

Styles: An intense Jericho, looking to become the NWF Champion here tonight at No Boundaries.

Coach(sarcastic): I'm sure that was a heartfelt speech...but Jericho needs to wake up to reality. The reality is that Jericho is washed up. He isn't the young, energetic, humorous guy as he once was. Orton and Lesnar are the future and will prove that to Chris Jericho.

We cut backstage and see The Big Show and Shawn Michaels, split screen, warming up in their lockers as Styles and Coach continue talking.

Styles: Well, up next, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to determine where Shawn Michaels's career goes from here. He will take on the largest athlete in professional wrestling, the Big Show.

Coach: Speaking of washed up, it's time for HBK to hang up the boots, throw in the towel and the Big Show will gladly do that for him.

Styles: You just know Hakeem Johnson will be watching this match closely as we take a look how this all came to be.

Video Package of Shawn Michaels vs. The Big Show rivalry
NWF Neo House Show: HBK cuts a promo. Hakeem lays down the law for HBK to face Big Show at debut of Horizon. Big Show attacks HBK
NWF Horizon (Week 1): HBK vs. Big Show. HBK wins. Hakeem reverses decision due to HBK using the chair for assistance. TBS attacks him and knocks down Hakeem.
NWF Horizon (Week 2): Christian vs. TBS. HBK interferes and knocks out Big Show. Christian wins.
NWF Horizon (Week 3): Hakeem talks to HBK about him. HBK vs. Gangrel. HBK wins. TBS attacks afterwards, injuring HBK's leg.
We cut back live as *Crank It Up* plays, gaining instant heat. The Big Show comes out with his one shoulder black singlet, looking furious.

Penser: The following match is scheduled for one fall. The winner of this match will be the proclaimed number one contender for the NWF Championship. Introducing first, weighting in at 485 pounds, from Aiken, South Carolina. The largest athlete in professional wrestling, The Big Show!

Coach: Look at the massive feature the Big Show brings to this arena. You're telling me, Joey, that Shawn Michaels can defeat this man? Not a chance in hell!!!

Styles: Like Hakeem said earlier, Michaels has fought Vader, Kevin Nash, Sid Vicious, The Undertaker, just to name a few.

Coach: So what? This is the BIG SHOW!!! Those guys are subpar compared to him. Tonight, Big Show will prove it.

The Big Show enters the ring, going over the top rope. The Big Show does his arm raising taunt, getting big heat. TBS waits as the crowd chants "HBK" with anticipation. After twenty seconds, *Sexy Boy* hits the stage and the crowd goes on a frenzy as Shawn Michaels comes out with white tights with HBK symbols all over it. HBK is wearing his glitter belt jacket as well as he comes out with energy!

Penser: And his opponent, weighting in at 225 pounds, from San Antonio, Texas, the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!!!

Styles: The showstopper has one thing on his mind. Becoming the NWF Champion and in order to do that, he has to pass through the Big Show.

Coach: All these sheep in the audience are cheering and chanting for HBK but by the end of this match, they'll be disappointed that their little hero won't be getting that NWF Championship spot.

HBK enters the ring as Show looks at him with menacing expressions. HBK takes off his glitter belt jacket and watches his back on the Big Show. The bell rings.

Match Five
#1 Contendership Match for the NWF Championship
The Big Show vs. Shawn Michaels

Show yells at HBK that he won't make it far. HBK just smiles arrogantly as HBK gets in a swift stance as Big Show just stands there like a menacing giant. TBS goes for a clothesline but HBK ducks and does a sharp backhand chop. Show gets angry as HBK keeps his stance. Show gets in a hovering stance and tries to grapple HBK but HBK ducks under and does another chop. TBS is getting mad as his rushes towards HBK but HBK pulls the top rope down, sending the Big Show over the top rope and crashing down. HBK gets the crowd rallied up as TBS is having a tantrum outside. HBK waits for TBS come back in as TBS climbs up the apron. HBK, however, springs up and dropkicks TBS off the apron. TBS falls down, pissed off at HBK's quick advantage. TBS climbs back on the apron but HBK does several chops. TBS, with one hand, pushes HBK far to the other side. HBK does several ineffective punches and chops on TBS but Show again pushes HBK off with one hand. Michaels then charges for a third time, but Show nails a big boot, making HBK go down. TBS picks up HBK and does a body punch on HBK's ribs. TBS does another body punch on his ribs. TBS does a third body punch, sending HBK all the way to the corner. TBS then stands in front of HBK and does his knee thrusts to HBK's gut. HBK goes down when Show finishes. TBS covers HBK. 1==========2====. HBK kicks out. Show then irish whips HBK and lifts him up over his head. Show then tosses HBK over the top rope and HBK's hurt leg lands on the padding very hard. HBK starts favoring the leg as Show leaves the ring. Show then picks up HBK and, viciously, irish whips HBK's leg to the steel steps, with HBK going over the steps. HBK is yelling in pain as he holds his knee. Show then starts to smile for the first time in this match. HBK uses the barricade to assist him up but Show rushes to HBK and does an avalanche splash to HBK on the barricade.

HBK goes down as Show gets in the face of certain fans in the audience. HBK tries crawling away from Show but Show follows him quick and picks up HBK to slam him on the barricade. Big Show then picks up HBK and shushes the crowd. Show then does a hard forward chop on HBK's chest. The smack echoes through the arena. Big Show picks up HBK again and does another forward chop. HBK holds his chest in pain as Show picks him up. Show then holds HBK's waist with his arms and drives HBK's back to the spanish announce table. Show then looks at the steel steps and rips off the top half. Show then goes back to HBK and picks him up, looking to powerslam him on the steel steps. HBK slides of Show's shoulders and kicks Show's hind leg, making Show drop one knee. HBK then does a bulldog on Show on the steel steps!!! Show's head can be heard smack dab in the steps. HBK, however, can't capitalize since his leg is acting up again. HBK limps back into the ring as Show is still down. The referee starts the count. 1==========2==========3===========4==========5==========6. Show slowly rises up and rolls in the ring at eight. HBK takes the opportunity to stomp on Show's head. HBK then waits for show to get up to hit the Lou Thesz press but Show carries him up and pushes him to the turnbuckles. Show rushes ahead but HBK ducks and Show feels groggy, hitting the pad. Show turns around and HBK finally hits the Thesz press on Show with loaded punches. HBK covers Show. 1==========2=. Show lifts HBK off as HBK shows some disbelief in his face.

HBK then stomps his foot, signaling for the Sweet Chin Music. Show is up and HBK looks for it but Show grabs the foot and spins HBK around into a sidewalk slam! HBK is down as Show starts to walk around the ring arrogantly. HBK is flat on his back but Show put one foot on HBK's gut and walks on HBK! HBK is in pain as Show laughs, enjoying this. Show, just for the hell of it, does another walk on HBK's back! Show then picks up HBK and puts him in a powerbomb position but HBK does a sunset roll, trying to take down the behemoth. Big Show doesn't give and tries a Sumo Sit Slam but HBK moves out of the way. Show holds his butt on one knee as HBK, quickly, does a enzuguri on Show. Show starts wobbling as HBK irish whips himself and does another enzuguri. Show almost falls as HBK, irish whips himself and does a front dropkick, taking down the Big Show. HBK then goes up the top rope, although his leg is just bothering him. HBK goes up and nails his picture perfect elbow drop! HBK covers Show. 1==========2===. Big Show kicks out.

HBK then goes back to the turnbuckle pad and looks for a moonsault but Show carries Shawn and has him on a powerbomb position and does a reverse powerbomb. HBK lands on his face. Show then picks up HBK, furiously, and has him on a suplex position. Show, however, stalls the suplex for about eight seconds until he finally executes the move. Show then covers HBK. 1==========2===. HBK kicks out. Show then smiles and starts to get ready for the chokeslam. Show picks up HBK and goes for the chokeslam but in mid air, HBK nails a DDT. HBK and Show both go down. HBK, however, starts getting up and grabs Show's legs. Shawn applies the Sharpshooter, which gets a mixed reaction, but has trouble flipping Show over. HBK, however, is able to flip him over and sit on it. Show, with his strength, however, pushes HBK off. HBK then gets back up and does a flying forearm smash on Show, taking him down with both knees. Shawn kips up and tries a flying crossbody but Show picks him up and, violently, does a military press slam. HBK comes crashing down the mat as Show picks up HBK. Show applies the cobra clutch hold on Shawn as HBK fights the hold but Show knows that HBK is fading fast. HBK, indeed, shows his face fading as Show crunches the hold even more vicious. HBK then passes out as Show tells the ref to check him. The ref rises HBK's arm and drops it for one. The ref does it again and HBK's arm drops for two. One more and Big Show is the number one contender. The crowd thunderously cheer for HBK as the ref lifts the arm and HBK, at the last second, lifts up the arm. HBK then starts swinging up his arms as the crowd chant "HBK". HBK then does numerous elbow strikes on Big Show's gut. HBK then limps but irish whips himself for an attack but Big Show gets a bearhug on HBK.

Big Show squeezes the waist as HBK is trying to hold on but Show is squeezing the life out of him. HBK, once again, starts passing out as the referee checks the arm for one. The referee picks up the arm but HBK holds his arm up as Show is in shock. HBK then hits both arms between Big Show numerous times until Show lets go. HBK holds his back more so than his leg and does a stomp to Show's gut and another and another till Show goes down one knee. HBK then backs himself up and NAILS THE SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! Show goes down but HBK doesn't cover immediately due to his leg. HBK, trying to ignore the pain, crawls to Show and goes for the cover. 1==========2=======NO!!! Show gets a shoulder up as the crowd and HBK are in shock and disappointment. HBK then goes up the turnbuckles and does another picture perfect elbow drop!!! HBK goes for another cover. 1==========2========NO!!! Show kicks out once again as HBK is still shocked.

HBK, with an angry ambition, stomps his foot and looks for the Sweet Chin Music. Show is up and HBK tries it but Show moves out of the way. HBK turns around and Big Show executes the chokeslam!!! Show stumbles a bit from the Sweet Chin Music but goes for the cover. 1==========2=========NO! Shawn has his hand on the bottom rope. Show is getting pissed off as he starts yelling at the referee at the turnbuckle corner. HBK is up and looks for a rushing attack but Show ducks. HBK stops his tracks and doesn't hit the referee. However, Show goes for an avalanche splash but HBK moves out of the way but squashes the referee. The crowd is in astonishment as there is no referee to call the match. HBK goes for a flying back elbow smash but Show stops it and bends HBK backwards for the Showstopper, an inverted facelock leg drop! Show then notices there is no referee. Show goes over the top rope outside and picks up a chair. Show then looks ready to swing the chair as HBK gets up very slowly. Show swings but HBK ducks and executes a SECOND SWEET CHIN MUSIC with the chair covering Show's face. The big giant goes down like a pillar as HBK covers Show. But there is no referee.

Shawn has the cover for about ten seconds until Hakeem Johnson comes out with a referee, telling the ref to rush down there. The ref starts the count. 1==========2===. Big Show kicks out. Shawn pounds the mat as Hakeem stays at ringside. Big Show slowly gets up as Shawn goes for another flying forearm smash but Show ducks, hitting the other referee. The referee rolls out of the ring. Show gets up and looks for right hand knockout hook but HBK ducks and does a drop toe hold on the flat chair!!! HBK then picks up the chair looks at it. HBK then looks to smack the chair on the Big Show but Hakeem comes in the ring and grabs the chair from HBK. HBK turns around and yells at Hakeem as the crowd give major heat to Hakeem. Hakeem yells at him, saying do the right thing. HBK tries forcefully to grab the chair but Hakeem holds it until Hakeem, accidentally lets go of the chair making HBK hit himself HARD with the chair! HBK wobbles around the ring, pushing Hakeem out of the ring. Show is back up and clobbers HBK with a thunderous right hand rook, sending HBK flat on his back! Show goes for the cover as the original ref starts waking up and sees the pin. The ref slowly makes the count. 1====================2====================3!!! The Big Show wins, becoming the number one contender to the NWF Championship!!!

Winner: The Big Show via Knockout Hook

Styles: This is ridiculous. Show, using all the advantage within him, picks up the win. What the hell is going on here?

Coach: Once again, HBK tried taking the easy way and using a weapon, just like last time. Luckily, Hakeem tried stopping him but accidentally hit Shawn with the weapon. What do you expect Show to do? Lose? Hell no, he capitalized and won.

Styles: I'm just shocked how everything just went down. HBK had this match but a bunch of questionable occurances caused him to lose. I-I just don't understand.

Coach: The only questionable fact is HBK's integrity. The man just tried cheating again!

Aftermatch Notes: We look at a recap of the match. Afterwards, Show exits the ring and laughs at both Hakeem and HBK, who are in the ring. Hakeem is pissed and shocked at Show's win and HBK's loss. Hakeem tries to help up HBK but Shawn angrily pushes Hakeem back.

Styles: Uh oh. I think Hakeem just pushed the wrong buttons on HBK.

Coach: Hey, Shawn, you better watch it! That's the boss you're messing with. Unless you want your family to eat on a daily basis, you'll back off or he'll fire your ass!

Hakeem tries to explain himself but HBK turns to exit but tricks Hakeem and nails a sharp SWEET CHIN MUSIC, to the crowd's approval! HBK then yells at a fallen Hakeem as *Sexy Boy* hits, getting huge pops. HBK exits the ring, while limping his leg and holding his back.

Styles: It looks like HBK reached his breaking point with Hakeem. Something tells me that this relationship between Shawn Michaels and Hakeem Johnson is far from over.

Coach: Let me tell you something. HBK will rue the day he attacked our boss. The arrogance and ignorance of HBK WILL be his downfall, to quote our boss. HBK is a dead man, I assure you!

HBK gets onstage and does the "Suck It" taunt, getting thunderous cheers, referencing the DX days. We fade to black.

NWF Global Warming Video Promo

We look at stock footage of the sun rising and the wates flowing

Announcer: It is a force that cannot be stopped...

We see Chris Jericho covered in blood

Announcer: ...it is a force that cannot be contained...

We see HBK giving a superkick to the Big Show

Announcer: ...it is a force that cannot be duplicated...

We see Brock Lesnar F5ing Randy Orton

Announcer: ...you can only let it take nature's course...

We see RVD, Orton, Raven, and Edge posing respectively

Announcer: ...this is your final warning...

We see various superstars executing their finishers in fast motion

Announcer: ...your global warning!

We see NWF Global Warning graphics with PPV and ticket text info

Announcer: Pepsi and NWF proudly present to you, Global Warning, live from Montreal, Quebec, Canada at the Olympic Stadium, this July on Pay Per View!

Leaving The Scene

We cut back live backstage as Shawn Michaels, still wearing his tights but wearing a HBK t shirt, walks quickly to his parked car, carrying his two bags. Todd Grisham runs quickly behind HBK.

Todd: Shawn! Shawn! Excuse me, Shawn!

Shawn stops next to his car and turns to Grisham

Todd: Shawn, why did you superkick Hakeem Johnson, your boss, in the face? I mean, what's the motive? What's the purpose?

Shawn stares at Todd for a while until cracking a smile and pats Todd on the shoulder. Shawn opens the car door and tosses his bags on the passenger's seat as he enters. HBK closes the door and starts the engine of the car. The car engine is on and HBK drives off out of sight of the camera view!

We cut to a vs. screen of Edge and Christian with barb wire in the background

Styles: Shawn looks to be in an erratic state! Well, that will be for another day but coming up next, the NWF Hardcore Championship is on the line under Hardcore rules as the champion, Edge, will take on his brother, Christian.

Coach: This is the symbol of brotherly love here. Although Edge and Christian are close, Edge will prove, once again, that he is a hardcore legend and will go through his brother to prove it.

*Metalingus* plays and the crowd give huge heat as Edge comes out with the Hardcore championship around his waist. Edge is wearing black jeans and blue jeans vest. Edge is basically in his hardcore attire as the crowd continues to boo him.

Pensar: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the NWF Hardcore Championship, contestsed under hardcore rules! Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada now residing in Temple Terrace, Florida, weighting in at 250 pounds. He is the Rated R Superstar and the current, reigning and defending NWF Hardcore Champion, Edge!

Coach: This man has defeated many people to get where he is tonight. Edge defeated the hardcore hack known as Mick Foley in Japan. He took out Raven on the debut of Horizon to become the Hardcore champion. Raven hasn't even been seen since. Then, this week on Horizon, Edge destroyed the Man Beast Rhyno to retain the belt. This man is going to carry this company to new heights!

Styles: Coach, how much do you get paid kissing certain superstars' asses? Edge is a good champion, yes, but his attitude towards people is of question. How can he be a respectable champion if he doesn't respect others?

Coach: Edge doesn't need to gain respect from losers. That's how Edge has been successful as of late. Taking no crap from anybody.

Edge enters the ring and poses with the belt on all four corners to the heat of the crowd. Edge doesn't want to give the belt to the referee but, eventually, does. As Edge does give the belt, *Just Close You Eyes* plays and the crowd are cheering in unison as Christian comes out with a white Christian t-shirt and short blue jeans with long black boots. Christian does his "peep searching" taunt as he walks down the ramp.

Pensar: And his opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada now residing in Tampa, Florida, weighting in at 235 pounds. The Instant Classic, Christian Cage!

Styles: Christian has made an impact here in the NWF so far as he pinned the Big Show in his first debut match. As a result, he gets a Hardcore title shot.

Coach: I don't want to even hear about that! HBK, that little degenerate, interfered and gave Christian the win. Christian, otherwise, hasn't done squat but he'll being doing tonight is become another victim of Edge.

Christian comes in and does his Peep taunt on the turnbuckle, getting decent pops. Edge looks at his brother with confidence and sarcasm. The referee orders the bell to be rung.

Match Six
NWF Hardcore Championship
Hardcore Match
Edge(c) vs. Christian

Edge and Christian starts walking towards each other and get in each others face, trading insults to each other. Edge then pushes Christian back. Christian then turns around and pushes Edge back. Edge then cockily smiles and slaps the mess out of Christian! The crowd go "ooooo" as Christian holds his face, in anger. Christian then tackles Edge down and lands in some punches towards Edge. Edge tries covering his face but Christian's stiff punches prove to be effective. Edge gets back up and leans on the turnbuckle corner as Christian follows suit and continues the punches. Edge tries covering up but still proves to be worthless. Christian irish whips Edge to a corner and does a clothesline to follow up. Christian then nails a bulldog immediately. Christian then picks up Edge and goes for a fireman's carry position but Edge falls behind him and rakes the eyes from behind. Christian holds his face as Edge nails a big boot. Edge then taunts over Christian, getting big heat. Edge then picks up Christian and irish whips Christian to a corner. Edge then lifts up Christian on the top turnbuckle pad. Edge then climbs up and nails a super hurricarrana! Christian goes down as Edge covers Christian. 1=========2==. Christian kicks out. Edge then stomps on Christian for a while untill he rolls out of the ring. Edge goes under the ring and pulls out a trash can. Edge throws it on the ring. Edge goes back in the ring and carries the can as Christian is up. Edge looks to hit it but Christian does a drop toe hold, causing Edge's face to smack on the can, bending it. Christian then irish whips himself and does a leg drop on the back of Edge's head to continue hitting the can. Christian goes for the cover. 1==========2===. Edge kicks out.

Christian then goes on the top turnbuckle and nails a flying cross body on Edge as Christian gets the cover. 1==========2==. Edge kicks out. Christian then picks up Edge and looks for the Unprettier but Edge pushes Christian towards the turnbuckle pads and Edge drives the Edge-O-Matic! Christian goes down as Edge grabs the badly bent trash can and covers it over Christian's upper body. Edge then goes on the top turnbuckle and nails a legdrop on Christian's trash can covered body. Edge looks to have hurt his leg from doing that but covers Christian. 1==========2=====. Christian kicks out. Edge then rolls out of the ring and goes under the ring. Edge then grabs two more trash cans and throws them in the ring. The crowd start chanting "We want tables!" as Edge looks at the crowd. Edge starts pulling out the table but mid way, Edge smiles and tucks it back in the ring, getting huge heat from the crowd and chants like "Edge sucks!" Edge gets back in the ring and places one trash can between the top and middle turnbuckle can and places the other can on the opposite side. Edge picks up Christian and looks to irish whip Christian on the trash can but Christian reverses it and Edge's head spikes on the can. As Edge is kneeling down, Christian, from behind, dropkicks Edge's face to the trash can. Edge is down as Christian grabs Edge's legs and locks in the Cloverleaf but Edge pushes Christian off him and Christian's head hits the other trash can on the other side of the corner. Both men are down as the crowd are cheering for this match.

Edge and Christian start getting up as Christian irish whips Edge and grabs Edge in a fireman's carry position and drops at gutbuster on Edge! Christian goes for the cover. 1==========2=====. Edge gets a shoulder up. Christian then rolls out of the ring and goes under the ring. Christian then pulls out a table, as the crowd go crazy as their request has been fulfilled. Christian then tries getting the table in the ring but Edge baseball slides the table on Christian, knocking him down. Edge catches his breath as he goes outside of the ring. Edge brings Christian up and irish whips his back on the steel steps. Christian arches his back in pain as Edge starts to dismantle the spanish announce table! Edge then picks up Christian and does several chops to the chest before irish whipping Christian on the barricade. Edge taunts the crowd as Christian starts getting up. Edge turns around and Christian runs up and does a Tornado DDT on the mat padding. Edge goes down as Christian looks at the dismantled spanish announce table. Christian then drags Edge to the table and tosses him on top. Christian climbs up and picks up Edge. Christian then looks for the Unprettier but Edge pushes Christian on top of the NWF announce table. Christian rushes back to the spanish announce table for a clothesline but Edge ducks and turns around to spear Christian on the spanish announce table, cracking the table to pieces!!! The crowd is going ballistic as "Holy Sh*t" chants starts growing each chant. We take a look at the move in replay. We cut back live as both Edge and Christian are down.

Edge then crawls to Christian and covers. 1==========2=======. Christian kicks out. Edge is stunned as he gets back up and grabs his Hardcore title. Christian starts to get up as Edge swings the belt but Christian ducks and nails a falling inverted DDT on the canvas. Christian is still dizzy from the spear onto the table but covers Edge. 1==========2=====. Edge kicks out. Christian then picks up two chairs and tosses them in the ring. Christian picks up Edge but Edge goes for a lowblow. Edge then tosses Christian to the steel pole, face first. Edge rolls back in the ring as Christian goes down, busted wide open on the forehead. Edge catches his breath as he goes outside again and grabs the table Christian pulled out earlier in the match. Edge sends it on the inside and crawls back in. He sets up the table, making it lean back on the turnbuckle corner. Edge then goes outside and picks up a bloodied Christian and tosses him in the ring. Christian starts to get up as Edge is in the turnbuckle corner, opposite of the table covered side, looking to spear Christian through the table. Christian is up and turns around, as Edge rushes for the spear. Christian, however, moves out of the way but Edge stops his tracks near the table. He turns around but Christian drives Edge with his own spear through the table!!! The crowd get riled up again and begin the "Holy Sh*t" chants again.

We see a replay of the move about three times in different angles. Christian slowly drips his arm over Edge's body for a cover. 1==========2=======. Edge gets a shoulder up as both men are down. Christian then picks up Edge and, from behind, does an inverted backbreaker with a facelock! Edge goes down, holding his back as Christian goes up and does a diving headbutt on the skull of Edge! Christian then covers Edge again, hoping the he just ended Edge right there! 1==========2=====. Edge kicks out again! The crowd and Christian are in shock as Edge rolls around the ring.

Christian then rolls out of the ring and goes under the ring. Christian then pulls out a huge STOP sign and slides it under the ring. Christian then goes under and pulls out a barb wire covered 2x4 wood! The crowd pop huge for the barb wire stick. Christian tosses that in the ring. Edge, however, grabs the stick as Christian comes in the ring. Edge gets in and swings the stick on Christian's gut! The crowd are in shock and disgust at the display of Christian's skin stuck in the barb wire and the skin being displayed in the barb wire. Edge gets up and whacks the stick on Christian's back! Edge then drops the stick and goes for the cover. 1==========2=========. Christian lifts up a shoulder in pain as Christian yells out the pain. Edge then starts getting irritated that Christian will not go down. Edge then picks up the STOP sign and lays it on the center of the ring. Edge picks up Christian and both stand over the sign. Edge hoists Christian on his shoulders and does an electric chair facebuster on the STOP sign!!! Christian is busted open more as Edge shakes his head in dissatisfaction. Edge picks up Christian and tries another eletric chair facebuster but Chrstian does a reverse hurricarana on the STOP sign!!! Christian and Edge are both down as the referee can't do anything about it like do a count. Edge and Christian, bloodied now on his body, are breathing very hard as both try getting up very slowly. The crowd give both men a standing ovation as both men are up.

Edge delivers a slow punch to Christian but Christian comes back with a punch of his own. Edge and Christian then exchange punches until Edge eye rakes Christian's face. Edge then gets out of the ring and grabs his belt. Edge quickly gets back in the ring and tries to swing the belt on Christian but Christian ducks and kicks Edge's gut. Christian then finally executes the Unprettier! Christian, although slow and taking in the pain from bleeding, crawls over and covers Edge. 1==========2======. Edge kicks out at the last second as the crowd are simply stunned that this match certainly not over yet! Christian then grabs the belt as Edge, sneakingly grabs the barb wire stick and hides it. Christian waits for Edge to get up and misses swinging the belt on Edge. Edge turns and whacks the stick on Christian's groin. Christian yells very sickeningly as Edge grabs the belt and smacks the belt on the face of Christian. Edge and Christian are both down again. After about a minute, Edge gets up and covers Christian. 1==========2========. Christian kicks out as the crowd are, once again, shocked and hooked into this match.

Edge then grabs Christian's legs and locks in the Edgecator, an inverted Sharpshooter! Christian is screaming in pain as Edge locks the move with a sick smile on his face. After about a minute and a half, Christian starts fading away and drops on the canvas. The referee cannot check on his consciousness or raise his arm due to Hardcore rules. Edge keeps reeling it in as the crowd clap and stomp for Christian to revive himself. All of a sudden, Christian rises up with his arm and screams with determination! Christian then spins himself, causing Edge to let go of the hold. Christian grabs a chair as Edge gets up. Edge turns around and Christian nails a wicked sounding chair shot to Edge's head! Christian and Edge both collapse as the crowd give them another standing ovation.

Christian starts to get up as Edge is showing busted open as well. Christian then gets up and looks around the crowd, pointing all around the crowd as the crowd chant "Christian"! Christian then shakes his head and heads outside of the ring. Christian then pulls something out that looks hard to get. Christian then pulls out a twenty five foot ladder, getting a thunderous pop. Christian slides the ladder to the ring. Edge gets up as Christian kicks his gut and snap suplexes Edge onto the ladder! Edge arches his back in pain as Christian goes for the cover. 1==========2=======. Edge kicks out! Christian then sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. Christian climbs up, looking to hit an aerial move but Edge, on the other side, follows pursuit and starts climbing. Once both men reach to the top of the ladder, they exchange punches as the crowd anticipates what going to happen next! Christian then rakes Edge's eyes and turns around, hooking Edge's arms with his and nails an Unprettier FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER TO THE CANVAS!

The crowd are going nuts as the crowd chant "This is awesome!" Edge rolls out of the ring as Christian is down, letting the blood flow all over his face. After about three minutes of lying down, crowd reaction, and shocked fans, Christian climbs back up on the ladder and stops three steps from the top step. Edge gets up from the outside but Christian does a flying crossbody from the ladder to the outside on Edge! This is getting crazy as Edge and Christian are both down once again. Christian starts crawling very slowly towards Edge and slowly drapes his arm over Edge. 1==========2========. Edge gets a shoulder up very slowly. The crowd is still stunned! Christian then gets up, with holding the apron for assistance, and tosses Edge back in the ring. Christian slowly rolls himself in the ring and grabs the belt. Christian then wraps the belt in front of the top turnbuckle pad and locks the belt around.

Edge starts getting back up as Christian looks for another Unprettier but Edge drops down and does a low blow on Christian. Edge then throws the standing ladder on top of Christian. Edge then sees his belt on the turnbuckle pad and picks up Christian, shooing away the ladder. Edge then tries irish whipping Christian to the belt covered pad but Christian reverses it and Edge hits his back on the belt in pain. Christian looks for the Stinger splash but Edge ducks and assists Christian's head hitting the belt! Christian is dazed as Edge turns Christian around and nails the Edgecution!!! Edge covers Christian. 1==========2=========NO! Edge lifts Christian's head and shakes his head with a wicked, bloodied smiles. Edge grabs one chair and places the chair under Christian's face. Edge then grabs the other chair as he looks with a sick passion on destroying Christian. Edge lifts the chair up and blasts Christian with a one man version of a Conchairto. Edge isn't satisfied and does, at least, six more Conchairtos to Christian with every Conchairto getting louder and sick sounding. Christian, in each Conchairto, shakes his body and little blood actually squirts out of his face! Edge then kneels down over Christian and starts laughing as the crowd give huge heat. Edge covers Christian. 1==========2==========3!!! Edge finally ends this sick and twisted match and retains the NWF Hardcore championship as *Metalingus* plays!

Winner and still NWF Hardcore champion: Edge via multiple One-Man Conchairtos

Styles: OH MY FREAKING GOD!!! What a match. No, screw that. This wasn't a match. It was a war!

Coach: In all my years of commentating and involving myself in the wrestling business, I don't think I have ever seen a disgusting display of violence in a wrestling ring before in my life. I truly mean that. These two men sacrificed their livelihood and careers for only one reason. To become a champion.

Styles: When you know the Coach is giving respect to both men in that ring, that just shows how this match will be a turning point in both of these men's career.

Aftermatch Notes: We see a recap of this brutal match. Afterwards, Edge grabs his belt off the pad and tries to raise it high but his legs just collapse in pain and just rolls out of the ring and lies down. The crowd give both men a standing ovation, once again. Bunch of referees come out of the stage to check on both men. Christian, with the chair still under his face, has not responded since the bell rung the match over. Two referees help up Edge, with one arm of Edge's over their shoulder. Edge has the belt over his shoulder, walking back backstage as his song fades. Meanwhile, we cut to the referees checking on Christian's condition.

Styles(serious tone): Ladies and gentlemen, this could be serious. I mean, we saw the brutality both of these men displayed in that ring but I think tonight the brutality may have been too much for Christian.

Coach(serious tone): You know, I gave Christian a lot of flack for stepping up against Edge. And while I may have been right, I think the real story is that is Christian in a serious condition. Was tonight Christian's last match in NWF, let alone professional wrestling.

Styles: Now EMTs are rushing in the ring, checking Christian's head, trying to move the chair off Christian's head.

The crowd, some worried, some shocked, some concerned, chant Christian's name. We cut to some random audience fans is shock, covering their mouth, talking to other people next to them if they think Christian will be all right. Other EMTS start rolling down the stretcher as refs and EMTs carefully place Christian on the strecher. The EMTs buckle up the belts around him as the crowd stand in unison and give him a thunderous standing ovation. Even Joey Styles, Dave Penser, and THE COACH~!! give a standing ovation. *Just Close Your Eyes* plays and the crowd go on an uproar as chants of "Thank You Christian" take over the crowd. We cut to Christian's body being carried to the stage as he raises one of his arms, which gets a huge pop. We cut to black.


NWF StarCade Video Promo

We see nineteen sliver stars flash through the screen as intense, Wrestlemania-like epic production music starts playing

Announcer: Nineteen events...

We see Shawn Michaels hold the UWEF Championship

Announcer: Nineteen moments...

We see Sting celebrate with WCW wrestlers as he carries the WCW Championship

Announcer: Nineteen endings...

We see Goldberg's career ending kick to Bret Hart and its after effects

Announcer(more intense): All culminating into twenty years of a destiny...

Behind what looks to be Roman columns, the superstars do their poses. We see Randy Orton do his signature pose

Announcer: ...twenty years of a dynasty...

We see Shawn Michaels get fired up in front of the camera

Announcer: ...twenty years of a legacy...

We see RVD does his thumb pose

Announcer: ...twenty years of a dream...

We see The Hardyz pose simutaneously

Announcer: ...as warriors become legends...

We see Chris Jericho do his signature pose

Announcer: ...as legends become icons...

We see Bam Bam Bigelow beat his chest

Announcer: ...and as icons become champions!

We see Edge, telling the camera to "bring it!" We then cut to Hakeem Johnson in front of the columns.

Hakeem: The dream becomes a reality...again!

We see the NWF Starcade graphics with PPV and ticket text information.

NWF Starcade 20: The 20th Aniversary of a Dream, live December from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, only on Pay Per View.

We cut back to Styles and Coach

Styles: Well folks welcome back. This crowd is still in shock of what they have just seen between Edge and Christian in one of the most classic bloodiest matches of all time. Unfortunately, Christian's career may be over as a result.

Coach: Well, hopefully, we'll find out if he's okay by this week but Edge still remains the NWF Hardcore champion. As I boldly predicted.

We see a vs. screen between Jericho, Orton, and Lesnar

Styles: Well, it is time for the main event. Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, and Randy Orton will compete in a triple threat match for the NWF Championship. Who will walk out as the first ever NWF champion?

Coach: It sure as hell won't be Jericho. Two young blue chippers in Brock and Orton have more determination than Jericho, who is aging and plodding. Plus, Lesnar and Orton have agreed to take out Jericho. Jericho has no chance in hell!

Styles: Well, as Coach predicts that misleading prediction, let's take you back on how this all culminated!

Video Package of Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton rivalry
NWF Neo House Show: Orton cuts a promo. Jericho challenges him to a match later. Orton vs. Jericho. Jericho wins.
NWF Neo House Show: Jericho cuts a promo. Brock Lesnar debuts, debates with Jericho. Orton interupts. All want to be contender for NWF championship. Jericho vs. Lesnar. Lesnar wins via Orton interference. Orton RKOs Brock after.
NWF Horizon (Week 1): Jericho does an interview. "Lesnar" enters Jericho's locker. Jericho laid out as Orton leaves the scene quickly.
NWF Horizon (Week 2): Orton and Lesnar claim they're innocent. Jericho looks for revenge. Orton revealed as culprit. Brock and Orton laid out by Jericho.
NWF Horizon (Week 3): RVD vs. Jericho. Lesnar tries attack but Jericho rebounds. Orton attacks Jericho. Brock attacks Orton. Lesnar stands tall.
We cut backstage to Orton warming up in his locker room and leaves. The camera follows him as he makes his way through the locker rooms, production area. We cut to the stage as *Burn In My Light* plays and Randy Orton comes out to huge heat as Orton does his signature pose on the stage. Orton is wearing his black Orton-designed trunks, long black boots, and white wristband tape.

Penser: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is a triple threat to determine the NWF Champion! Introducing first, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighting in at 245 pounds, Randy Orton!

Styles: Well, this is it. We have been waiting all night for this match. Who will be crowned our first ever NWF champion?

Coach: If I had to make one prediction on who will become the NWF champion, it has to be Brock Lesnar. Lesnar has the intensity, the brute force, and the youth to become the champion.

Styles: I would have to go with Chris Jericho, Coach. He is the veteran in this match and has made great accomplishments in his career. Plus, he looks as motivated as ever.

Coach: *sighs* Joey, Jericho is a nobody. A hack. A loser. This isn't WCW. This isn't the WWE. Hell, it ain't even UWEF anymore, for that matter. This is the future of professional wrestling here in NWF and Jericho is trying to steal that spot from young talent that actually need it.

Orton gets in the ring and does his pose on the turnbuckle corner as he stares down the NWF championship, which is sitting near the ring bell table next to Penser. We cut from the ring to backstage as Lesnar is finishing up his push ups. Lesnar gets up and exits the locker. The camera follows him as he walks past people and head to the production area behind the stage. *Here Comes the Pain* hits and the crowd give huge pops as Lesnar comes out with his traditional black trunks and black boots.

Penser: His first opponent, weighting in at 265 pounds. Minneapolis's own, Brock Lesnar!

Thunderous pop as Brock smirks arrogantly, having the home field advantage

Coach: Look at the fans, Joey. These fat, out of shape inbred hogs are now finally praising Brock Lesnar because they wish to be him but can never be him. This is your next NWF champion!

Styles: Well, granted, this is his hometown here in Minneapolis so maybe that's why he's getting this reaction.

Coach: You don't know what you're talking about. Brock Lesnar has just inspired many of people around the world just by his presence alone.

Lesnar enters the ring as pumps himself up as the crowd are still cheering loudly and chant "Lesnar". We cut to Jericho finishing up tying his boots. Jericho then slaps his boots for good luck and exits his locker. Jericho then starts heading to the production area. The lights go off as the countdown begins. After the countdown, *Break The Walls Down* plays as Jericho does his signature pose. The crowd give another huge pop as Jericho turns around and pumps his fists.

Penser: And his second opponent, weighting in at 225 pounds, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Y2J, Chris Jericho!

Coach: This guy is in the worst shape of his life. Look at him. I think those are love handles, Joey! *laughs*

Styles: Why are looking at them so interestingly, Coach?

Coach: Whatever, Styles. Let's try to be mature and professional here. Jeez.

Styles: Jericho walks down the ramp with no title in hand. Could that all change tonight if he can pin one of his opponents and become the NWF champion?

Jericho enters the ring as Brock and Orton look at him manically. Brock and Orton look to trap him as Jericho checks his sides. The bell rings.

Main Event
NWF Championship
Triple Threat Match
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho

Orton and Brock inch close each second as Jericho is looking back and forth between the two. Jericho then rushes and attacks Orton as Brock rushes ahead. Jericho goes to Brock and whacks chops, sending Brock down. Orton comes in but Jericho does a clothesline. Brock is up but Jericho kicks his gut and nails a couple more backhand chops, sending the monster down. Orton is back up and tries a clothesline but Jericho ducks and does a missile dropkick, sending Orton throughout the ropes. Brock is up and Jericho irish whips Brock and does a backhand chop, sending Brock down. Jericho picks up Brock and hits a suplex. 1=======. Brock lifts up Jericho. Jericho, then, irish whips himself but Orton, from the outside, holds Jericho's legs and Jericho falls face first. Lesnar is up and starts to stomp Jericho as Orton enters the ring and joins the attack. Lesnar and Orton pick up Jericho and irish whip him to the ropes and both execute a double back toss!!! Lesnar orders Orton to pick up Jericho, which he does. Orton then upper cuts Jericho to the turnbuckle corner. Randy Orton then rushes and nails a powerful clothesline on Jericho. Brock then rushes and does a follow up clothesline, which was twice as powerful. Orton and Lesnar keep teaming up as they pick up Jericho and do a double suplex. Jericho is down as Lesnar and Orton look at each, reminding each other that they'll eventually have to meet. Brock picks up Jericho and knee lifts Jericho's gut a couple of times before nailing a snap suplex. Orton then has his turn as he picks up Jericho and does another uppercut on Jericho. Jericho falls on one knee but Orton rises him up and does a scoop slam, followed by a stomp to the face of Jericho.

Orton taunts the crowd as the crowd give huge heat. Brock picks up Jericho and irish whips him to the turnbuckle corner. Brock then irish whips Orton to Jericho as Orton executes a running elbow strike, followed by a couple of stationary elbow strikes to the side of Jericho's head. Lesnar then rushes to Jericho and does a knee strike to Jericho's gut. Brock then goes under and does a couple of shoulder thrusts to Jericho's gut, each thrust more powerful than the former. Jericho starts holding his gut as Orton rushes for a clothesline but Jericho ducks and dropkicks Orton towards Brock as both go down. Jericho, still hurting a bit, dropkicks Brock through the ropes. Orton gets back up but Jericho, furious, back hand chops Orton very roughly, as Orton's chest gets red quick. Jericho irish whips Orton and nails a back toss. Lesnar tries getting on the apron but Jericho baseball slides him all the way back outside. However, as Jericho gets up from the outside, he turns around and Orton does a snap clothesline on Jericho on the outside padding. Orton then picks up Jericho and slams his face on the steel steps. Orton, feeling like he is in control, grabs Jericho and tosses him, back first, to the steel steps. Orton then picks up Jericho and tosses him to the steps again, gaining more heat. Orton then looks at Lesnar, still down, and tosses Jericho to the ring. Orton crawls in and covers Jericho. 1==========2===. Brock, who is up, pulls Orton's leg, causing Orton to go outside. Brock enters the ring and covers Jericho. 1==========2====. Jericho kicks out.

Orton gets back inside and argues with Lesnar. Lesnar and Orton get in each other's face. Jericho is back up, though, and does a dropkick to both men, one leg for each man. Jericho, trying to think a game plan, looks to see who to attack first. Orton is up as Jericho clotheslines Orton over the top rope. Lesnar is up and Jericho lays out a fury of hammer punches on the back of Lesnar. Lesnar however lifts up Jericho and drives Jericho's back to the turnbuckle pads. Brock, once again, does a numerous amount of shoulder thrusts. Brock then lifts Jericho onto the top turnbuckle pad. Jericho is dazed as Brock climbs up and does an overhead belly to belly from the top! Jericho lands back first as Brock covers. 1==========2===. Orton drags Lesnar's legs off of Jericho. Orton covers Jericho. 1==========2===. Brock picks Orton off. Orton and Lesnar then get in each other's face again. Orton then pushes Lesnar back. Lesnar then pushes Orton back. Orton then pie faces Lesnar back. Lesnar then tackles Orton down and nails a couple of punches to the face of Orton. Orton gets back up but Lesnar does a snap powerslam suplex! Lesnar then picks up Orton and tosses him over the top rope. Lesnar turns around and Jericho nails an enzuguri. Brock goes down one knee as Jericho executes another enzuguri. Brock goes down and Jericho goes for the cover. 1==========2===. Brock kicks out!

Orton, from the outside, starts to get up and when he does, Jericho, from the ring, does a crossbody over the top rope onto Orton!!! The crowd cheer for Jericho as Orton goes down and Jericho gets back on the apron. Brock is up as Jericho jumps on the top rope for another cross body but Brock nails a vicious one arm spine buster!!! Brock covers Jericho. 1==========2=======. Jericho gets a shoulder up. Brock then picks up Jericho by the hair and carries him in a military press position. Brock has other ideas, though, as he does a rib breaker on Jericho but holds the position. Brock does another rib breaker on Jericho but still holds the position. Brock then highly lifts Jericho and nails a third rib breaker!!! Jericho goes down as Brock Lesnar smiles in pleasure. Lesnar turns around but Orton clotheslines Brock down. Orton then does a snap stomp on the arms of Brock Lesnar. Orton starts yelling at Lesnar to get up as Brock does indeed get up. Orton jumps up and goes for an RKO but Brock pushes him off and Brock tries a clothesline but Orton ducks and does an inverted back breaker!

Orton covers Brock. 1=========. Jericho drop kicks the head of Orton's. Jericho then picks up Orton and scoop slams him in the center of the ring. Jericho then looks to go for the Lionsault but Orton moves as Jericho sticks his landing. Jericho nails a spinning wheel kick on Orton. Jericho then goes for the Lionsault again but Brock picks up Jericho on his shoulder and drives in the shoulder breaker. Brock covers Jericho. 1==========2=====. Jericho kicks out. Orton gets up and punches Brock's gut and nails a swinging neck breaker. Orton then irish whips himself and does a dropping forearm smash on Brock. Orton then stands over Brock and drops a knee to the face of Brock. Orton then does another knee drop to the face. Orton covers Brock. 1=========2=====. Brock kicks out. Orton gets back up but Jericho, from behind, does a German suplex pin. 1==========2======. Orton gets out of the hold. Brock gets up and tries rushing to Jericho but Jericho ducks and dropkicks Lesnar out of the ring. Lesnar gets back up quickly and gets really frustrated! Brock starts disassembling the NWF announcer table. As Brock turns around, Jericho leaps over for a crossbody but Brock ducks and drives Jericho towards the NWF announcer table, breaking the table!!! The crowd are chanting "What the f*ck" as Brock gets back in the ring. Jericho looks to be out.

Brock gets in the ring and knees Orton in the gut and goes for a powerbomb but Orton lays down some punches. Brock eventually goes down as Orton covers him. 1==========2=====. Brock kicks out. Orton then knees Brock's face a few times before going for another cover. 1==========2======. Brock kicks out. Orton then locks in a chin lock on Lesnar. While Orton applies the hold, we cut to Jericho, still not moving from the table break spot earlier. We cut back to the action, somewhat, as Orton still is applying that hold on Lesnar. Brock starts to get the strength back as the crowd show huge support, being the hometown hero. Lesnar gets up and does a back drop on Orton. Both men are down as Orton and Brock try to get up. The referee starts the count. 1==========2==========3==========4==========5==========6==========7==========8. Brock and Orton are up. Brock and Orton exchange punches until Orton lifts the knee on Lesnar's gut. Orton then grapples Brock in a headlock position but Brock, with his amateur wrestling skills, does a northern lights suplex, holding the position for a pin. 1==========2=====. Orton kicks out. Brock picks up Orton and irish whips Orton and does an overhead belly to belly suplex. Brock looks at Jericho, who still hasn't moved and smiles wickedly as Brock picks up Orton and goes for an F-5 but Orton gets out of the hold and looks for an RKO but Brock pushes him aside and goes for a suplex but Orton goes from behind, turns Brock around, and nails the RKO out of nowhere.

The crowd groans, feeling that this match is over. Orton covers Brock. 1==========2=======. Brock kicks out. Orton can't believe it as Brock starts to get up. Orton gets up and looks for another RKO but Brock pushes aside and ricochets Orton to the ropes and picks up Orton to twirl him for a nuclear F-5!!! Brock and Orton are both down. Brock crawls to Orton and covers him. 1==========2=======. Jericho, out of nowhere, stops the cover. Jericho falls back down as all three men are down. The referee starts the count. 1==========2==========3==========4==========5==========6==========7==========8=======. Brock gets to his feet and picks up Jericho for an F-5 but Jericho rolls and does a sunset pin! 1==NO! Jericho turns it into Walls of Jericho!!! Brock is looking for the ropes but Jericho holds it tight and drags Brock back into the center of the ring. Brock is livid in pain within his back but all of a sudden, Orton nails the RKO on Jericho! Jericho goes down as Orton goes for the cover. 1==========2=======. Jericho puts his foot on the bottom rope. Orton cannot understand it as he crawls to cover Brock. 1==========2=======. Brock kicks out. Orton is pissed as he kicks Brock out of the ring as he gets on all fours and viciously taunts Jericho, looking for another RKO! Jericho is slowly getting up as Orton is foaming spit off his teeth. Jericho is up and Orton looks for an RKO but Jericho pushes him off and nails the Flashback on Orton!!! Jericho hooks the legs and goes for the cover. 1==========2===. Orton kicks out.

Jericho then goes up on the top turnbuckle and waits for Orton to come up. Orton gets up and Jericho does a missile dropkick. Orton goes down, back first as Jericho looks and goes for a Lionsault and nails it! Orton holds his gut as Jericho looks at Orton and goes for the middle rope again. Jericho, for a second time, does another Lionsault. Jericho goes for the cover. 1==========2=====. Brock interrupts the pin. Brock picks up Jericho, by a leg, and does a Muffler Stretcher on Jericho. Jericho is wailing in pain as Brock drops him on his head. Brock then starts stomping on Jericho's hurt leg. Brock then picks up Jericho and nails a powerbomb but holds the position and hoists him up again. Brock does another sickening powerbomb but hoists him up once again. Brock looks for a third powerbomb but Jericho rolls through and does a sunset flip pin. 1==========2====. Brock kicks out. Jericho gets up as Brock clotheslines Jericho back down. Orton gets back up but Brock does a belly to belly suplex! Brock then drags Orton near the corner and goes up the top turnbuckle. Lesnar looks around, as the crowd pop huge, thinking he may try to do his infamous Shooting Star Press. Brock, instead, does a body splash on Orton, which gets decent heat for the tease. Cover. 1==========2=====. Jericho breaks up the pin.

Jericho picks up Brock and chops him consistently down the corner. Jericho then irish whips Brock but Brock reverse the whip. Brock looks for a clothesline but Jericho grabs the arm and locks in an arm bar, in standing position. Brock tries to reject the hold but eventually gives in the hold. Jericho's arm bar weakens Brock all the way down to a ground position. Jericho locks the hold stronger as Brock looks to tap. Brock raises his other arm and is about to tap but Orton grabs Brock's arm and holds it from tapping. Jericho keeps holding the arm bar while Orton prevents Brock from tapping. Brock is grunting in pain. Jericho lets go and does a basement dropkick on Orton. Jericho picks up Orton and irish whips him but Orton reverses it. Orton heaves over but Jericho kicks Orton back up. As Orton holds his face, Jericho, from behind, does a one arm bulldog. Jericho pumps up the crowd, not capitalizing fast enough.

Eventually, he goes for his Lionsault but Orton lifts his knees and Jericho's gut meet them. Jericho goes down. Brock gets up, holding his arm. Orton twists Brock's arm towards his back and tosses Brock's shoulder to the turnbuckle pole! Brock holds his arm in pain as Orton nails another suplex. Orton signals the end is near. Orton then puts Brock on the outside side of the apron and brings Brock through the middle ropes until letting the ankles hang over the middle rope. Orton grapples Brock in a head lock position. Orton looks to hit the middle rope snap DDT move but Jericho jumps on the middle rope next to Orton and does a flip reverse DDT on Orton while Orton indirectly does the middle rope snap DDT on Brock! The crowd are cheering that move, getting a standing ovation. Jericho, Brock, and Orton are all down, once again.

The ref looks to count but Jericho gets back up and so does Orton. Orton goes for a knee lift but Jericho sweeps the legs. Brock, however, does a German suplex on Jericho from behind. Brock goes for the cover. 1==========2========. Jericho kicks out. Orton is up and rushes to Brock for a running crossbody but Brock moves out of the way, colliding with the referee!!! The ref goes down as Brock picks up Orton but Orton does a punt kick on the groin, or "jewels"! Brock crashes down as Orton goes outside and grabs the coveted NWF Championship belt. Jericho rises back up but Orton whacks the belt on Jericho. Brock starts rising up but Orton whacks it on Brock as well. The crowd give thunderous heat as Orton ignores the heat and evilly smiles. Orton tosses the belt and wakes up the referee. The ref slowly starts to wake up as Orton covers Jericho. 1==========2========NO!!!!!!!!!! Jericho gets a shoulder up as Orton covers his face in disbelief and anger.

Orton then starts slapping the mat in frustration. Orton picks up Brock, who is near dead weight. Orton taunts Brock before looking for an RKO but Brock reverses it with an F-5 position. Brock goes near the ropes and Brock F-5s Orton over the top rope to the outside!!!! Orton is out as Brock picks up Jericho and tries for another F-5 but Jericho sticks his landing when Brock tried twirling him. Jericho picks up Brock's legs and locks in the Walls of Jericho!!! Brock is struggling in pain and is crawling to the belt, which is still in the ring, and the ropes. Brock is holding the belt and grappling it, not wanting to let go! Brock, with the belt, tries grabbing the ropes. Jericho, however, drags Brock to the center of the ring! Brock grabs the belt as if his life and career depended on it. Brock looks into the belt while Jericho switches up the Walls of Jericho into the legendary, signature Liontamer!!! Jericho digs his knee on Brock's back tightly as Brock grits his teeth. Orton slowly, very slowly, tries crawling back into the ring to stop the submission but before he can even get in the ring, Brock taps out like a drunken man and the bell rings!!!! ITS OVER! Chris Jericho is the first ever NWF Champion!!!

Winner and NEW NWF Champion: Chris Jericho via Liontamer

Styles(yelling): OH MY GOD!!! HE'S DONE IT!! HE'S DONE IT!! Chris Jericho is the NWF Champion!

Coach(yelling): This is a travesty!!! This is not how this was suppose to end!!! No freaking way!!! Jericho is already devaluing that belt just by touching it!!!

Styles: Chris Jericho, in every promotion, has won a major, big title! The streak continues as he wins the most prestigious title of them all, the NWF Championship!!!

Aftermath Notes: We look at the recap of the match as *Break Down The Walls*. Jericho is awarded the belt as Jericho looks at it and cries. The crowd give a huge pop as Jericho gets on his knees and hugs the belt. Confetti starts exploding, along with pyro, all around the ring as Jericho stands on top of the middle rope and raises the belt up as the crowd give a standing ovation. Jericho leaves the ring and high fives the crowd and actually goes inside the crowd. The fans crowd around him, celebrating with him. Jericho then leaves the crowd and walks up the ramp!

Coach: NWF is the future but Jericho isn't the future. Don't worry Styles. Jericho will be a paper champion soon enough. He'll be a transitional champion. He won't last!

Styles: Well, that is to be determined but tonight, what can be determined is that Chris Jericho is the NWF Champion! Folks, thank you for joining us tonight as the NWF has arrived! Good night, everybody.

Jericho is on stage doing his signature pose with his back in front of the camera and the title around his shoulder as the NWF No Boundaries credit logo shows up. We fade out and the NWF fades in for eight seconds and fades out!

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Re: NWF: The Return

NWF News: Superbrawl Poster, Banner, News, No Boundaries Updates
Originally Posted by 411mania.com
-There are some huge news for Superbrawl. First off, nwfwrestling.com have created the Superbrawl page. They have also created their poster and banner for the event. Check out the graphics:

-As you can see in the graphics, Superbrawl will be taking place at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio, Texas is the hometown of Shawn Michaels, so expect something big to happen for him.

-Hakeem Johnson has also stated, as rumors have been stated, that for Superbrawl, he wants to bring back the World War 3 Rumble concept. The winner of that match would head to Starcade with an automatic NWF Championship title shot against the NWF champion. This would be a good way to build up the challenger throughout the rest of the year.

-After No Boundaries, Jericho stayed in the ring and celebrated his title win. Chris Jericho then invited a couple of fans to celebrate with him. Jericho then autographed their items and headed backstage.

-Edge and Christian suffered minor pains from their Hardcore match. Edge is scheduled to be back for Horizon this week while Christian will take some time off to rest the injuries and finish the final scenes from his movie he's in from New Line Cinema.

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Re: NWF: The Return

*I realize I missed the deadline last Friday but after all the Michael Jackson drama over the weekend, I just had to take a break from anything wrestling related. I will post the next two Horizon shows before Global Warning next Tuesday and next Friday. Horizon will be up later tonight.*

On this week's episode of Horizon, we explore the fallout of No Boundaries and how it affects all those in the long run.

Three men sought to become the first ever NWF champion. The Next Big Thing, Brock Lesnar, is proclaimed to be the youngest prospect in the business. Did he become a champion? Chris Jericho, the veteran and the King of The World, has been claimed as a washed up wrestler with no more energy. Did he prove his critics wrong? Randy Orton, the Legend Killer, isn't even in his prime yet and has proven he can hang with the best. Can the kid make history become the NWF Champion?

Plus, Shawn Michaels fought for his right to be a contender for the NWF Championship. However, he had to go through the Big Show? Did HBK finally realize his chance or did Big Show stop the dream? Plus, what did Hakeem do or say about the decision?

Also, a surprise debut at No Boundaries as AJ Styles made his NWF debut. Despite having a few words with Abismo Negro, Jim Cornette, NWF General Manager, said that at this week's Horizon, AJ Styles will publicly sign his contract.

All this and more fall out from the big event, No Boundaries, all on this week's edition of Horizon live this Friday at 8/7c on FX!

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Re: NWF: The Return

NWF Video Plays

NWF No Boundaries Recap
-Abismo Negro becomes the NWF Lightweight champion
-The Hardyz win, The SAT win with the Brood's bloodbath afterwards
-Rob Van Dam beats Bam Bam Bigelow in Kendo Stick match
-Shawn Michaels loses to Big Show after accidental interference from Hakeem Johnson, HBK SCMs Hakeem
-Edge and Christian have brutal hardcore match, Edge retains NWF championship, Christian checked on afterwards
-Chris Jericho becomes NWF champion, defeating Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton

NWF Horizon
Assembly Hall
Bloomington, Indiana

Breaking The Doubts Down

After the recap, we cut straight into the arena as *Break Down The Walls* hits and the crowd pop huge as Chris Jericho, the newly crowned NWF champion, walks down to the ring with blue jeans and an Y2J tshirt. Jericho does his usual apron taunt in the ring before entering the ring. Once entering the ring, Jericho lifts the belt as the crowd pop huge. Jericho's song fades and he has the mic but the constant cheers and "Y2J" chants preventing him from speaking. After Jericho soaks in the admiration, he begins speaking.

Jericho: Welcome to a new era of professional wrestling, this is Horizon...IS...JERICHO!!!

Loud pop as Jericho smiles in delight

Jericho: Well, it's clear that the Jericholics are in the building tonight. Especially the one with those huge flotation devices she calls breasts.

Crowd rowdly cheer around a mid-20 looking girl who has on Y2J's tshirt and her "flotation devices". She starts getting excited when she notices she's on the titantron.

Jericho: Yeah, baby, that's right. Maybe after the show...*dirty laughter*...you know?

Crowd starts laughing

Jericho: In all seriousness, at No Boundaries, I fought not one, but two jackasses in a grueling match and it is my great joy to say to you Jerichoholics that tonight I stand before you as the NWF champion!

Thunderous pop as Y2J chants begin again

Jericho: I made a promise to myself, a promise to you fans, and a promise to the people in the back that I would walk out the NWF champion and I would go through anything and go through anyone to make that possible.

Huge pop

Jericho: You know, there were critics, there were haters, there were doubters that said that Chris Jericho couldn't do it. That Jericho is washed up and isn't the young scrappy wrestler he use to be. That Jericho is a hack, a failure, a loser..........

Crowd boo huge for those critics as Jericho nods in agreement

Jericho: You know, I have always mentioned myself as the man that became the first Undisputed champion. I always mention that I was a former UWEF champion. I always had to say that because I didn't want to become irrelevant. I didn't want to be forgotten. I didn't-

Crowd interrupt Jericho chanting "You still got it" as Jericho soaks up the impact

Jericho: -didn't want to become a former wrestler who's doing some minimum wage paying job. I was feeling all those emotions...........until last Friday at No Boundaries!

Huge pop

Jericho: I showed all those assclowns that Chris Jericho still remains the Highlight Reel! That I am a man of skill and honor. That I am a sexy beast! That I am a worthy competitor! And all of those past accomplishments, all of those past titles, pale in comparison to what I have accomplished last week as I became the NWF champion!!!

Huge pop

Jericho: I want Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton to remember that I am-

Jericho is explicitly interrupted as *Crank It Up* plays and the Big Show comes out with black pants and his one arm singlet tucked in. The crowd largely boo as Big Show has a mic.

Show: Jericho, what you need to do, other than shutting your mouth, is to realize that I'm not Randy Orton and I'm not Brock Lesnar. I'm the number one contender, the Big Show!

Huge boos

Jericho: No, you're the one that ate my double quarter pound cheeseburger I left sitting in my locker room earlier.

Crowd cheer and laugh as Show get frustrated and checks his breath

Show: Hey, don't change the subject! Let me tell you something, you may have luckily racked up a win and that title but you're about to have the shortest reign ever for that NWF title. Tonight, I'm challenging you for the NWF Championship!

The crowd pop for that match as Jericho moves around and looks for approval

Jericho: Well, I'll tell you what, I accept your challenge only if stop eating my damn food. I mean, sexy beasts have to eat too, you know?

Show: Yeah, that's right. Keep making jokes, Jericho. The only joke around here is you being the NWF champion!

Crowd boo largely as Jericho just smiles at the statement

Show: You know and these people know that if I was added to that match last Friday, I would have destroyed you and I would be the NWF champion. You know why? Because I am unstoppable. I defeated and humilated Shawn Michaels at No Boundaries!

Big Show gets huge heat for that statement as we cut to pro-HBK signs

Show: Shawn Michaels is finished! He drove off to that part of his life where he realizes that his time is up! That he is no longer needed. And now that I have finished him off, my next plan is to finish you off and become the NWF champion!

Jericho: Blah blah blah, Shawn Michaels, blah blah blah, NWF championship, blah blah blah, fat ass, blah blah! That's all I hear! Why don't you do me a favor and go back to the locker room and when you're done acting like a blubbering fat bastard, come back out and try again!

The crowd cheer and pop loud as Big Show is starting to show frustration. Before Big Show can say anything, *Here Comes The Pain* plays and the crowd go into a booing frenzy as Brock Lesnar comes out with gray jogging pants and a Lesnar t-shirt. Lesnar has a mic and stands next to Big Show on the other side.

Lesnar: YOU?! You still got it? Well, I say you still suck!

The crowd give major heat to Lesnar as Jericho laughs

Jericho: And I say that you tapped out!

The crowd pop and laugh heavily as the crowd starts chanting "You Tapped out!"

Lesnar: Let me tell you something, you washed up son of a bitch!...

Huge heat

Lesnar: ...last Friday, you got one over me. You got lucky for once in your pathetic career but I promise you...no, no, no,...I guarantee you that it will never happen again!

Huge heat

Lesnar: Now, I came out here because Big Show challenged you for the NWF Championship. I think that's full of crap. This is a man that beat Shawn Michaels with assistance from the owner of this promotion and he's seven foot tall and over five hundred pounds.

Show: So what? I'm the number one contender! You had an opportunity to become the champion but not only did you lose, but you tapped out!

Crowd starts chanting "You tapped out" to Lesnar again as *Burn In My Light* starts playing and Randy Orton comes out from the crowd with the microphone. He's wearing a nice shirt and black slacks.

Orton: You know what you three don't have? Intelligence. Intellect. Smarts. Big Show, your fat ass had to be assisted by the owner of this business. You are the largest athlete in the business and you needed help. I don't care if your the number one contender or the number one fatass, you failed!

Crowd show a surprising mixed reaction for Orton

Orton: Shut up, I'm not done! *crowd gives major heat* Brock Lesnar, the Next Big Thing, you not only lost, but you tapped out like the little bitch you are! You're not the next big thing, you're the next big bitch!

Crowd pop loud for that as Lesnar shows anger in his face.

Orton: And Jericho, this washed up hack of a wrestler, is carrying what is rightfully mine, the NWF championship. I wasn't pinned, I didn't tap, I was the most impressive wrestler in the match. Jericho, you may have been lucky but tonight, if you're not as dumb as you look, you'll put that title on the line against the future of this sport, Randy Orton!!!

Crowd give huge heat to Orton as Jericho smiles

Jericho: Well, if you three stooges are done talking, let me choose. Hmm. I may need a lifeline for this one. Should I pick the Fat Bastard?

The crowd boo hugely for that as Big Show starts yelling loudly

Jericho: Hmm. Should I pick the caveman?

The crowd boo hard for Lesnar as Lesnar tells them to shut up

Jericho: Or should I pick the metrosexual homosexual?

The crowd burst out laugh and give a mixed reaction as some start chanting "Metro, homo" Orton starts showing his face in anger

Jericho: Well, it looks like I've made a decision and-

Before Jericho can even speak, *Horizon* hits and Jim Cornette comes out to a loud reaction from the crowd.

Cornette: Okay, I've heard enough name calling to last me a lifetime. Now, I am the man that makes the decisions around here and tonight, I'm announcing two huge matches! First off, since the Big Show did defeat Shawn Michaels in a number one contender's match at No Boundaries, he is the number one contender.

Huge heat as Big Show smiles happily

Cornette: So tonight, the Big Show will go one on one against Chris Jericho for the NWF Championship!

Mixed reaction as the crowd are excited for the match but jeer because it's the Big Show. Lesnar and Orton are seen visibly upset and angry.

Cornette: But that's not all, folks. Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton, though you may not have accomplished your missions as becoming champion, you will get another chance as Brock Lesnar will take on...Randy Orton!!!

The crowd pop once again as Lesnar and Orton agree

Cornette: And the winner of that match between Lesnar and Orton will face the NWF champion at Global Warning!!!

The crowd are impressed at Cornette's way of making matches as they cheer loudly.

Cornette: So gentlemen, good luck with your matches tonight and may the best man win!

*Horizon* plays again as Cornette leaves. Show stares down Jericho while Orton stares down Lesnar. We fade out to a commercial break.


We fade in to the announcers' table

Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to NWF Horizon, I'm Joey Styles, alongside with The Coach, and tonight is going to possibly be one of the best Horizon shows ever!

We go to a vs. screen of Chris Jericho and Big Show

Styles: Tonight, the newly crowned NWF champion, Chris Jericho, will take on the Big Show in our main event!

Coach: How dare Chris Jericho insult the intelligence of the Big Show, Brock Lesnar, and Randy Orton?! Tonight, the Big Show will shut his mouth up and if Jericho gets lucky again, he'll have to face Orton or Lesnar! There is no way out for Jericho!

We go to a vs. screen of Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton

Styles: Speaking of Lesnar and Orton, they will square off against each other. The winner of that match will face the NWF champion, whoever that may be, at Global Warning!

Coach: Two top athletes. Two excellent talents will square off in the ring. Either man will give the champion a run for their money. These two are the future and they will prove why.

We go a screen of AJ Styles with a contract next to him

Styles: Also, tonight, the newest addition to the NWF roster, AJ Styles, will be here and sign a contract, making him an official wrestler in NWF.

We cut to the arena as *Ain't No Stopping Me* hits the soundstage as Shelton Benjamin comes out to light heat. Shelton is wearing his red short tights.

Pensar: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighting in at 230 pounds, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, he is Shelton Benjamin.

Styles: Shelton Benjamin, a man of pure athleticism. Shelton competed in the Lightweight Tournament and made it pass the first round but was eliminated by Carlos Colon in an upset.

Coach: Styles, Shelton is a great wrestler. He should have beaten Carlos. Think about it. Shelton vs. Abismo for the Lightweight title? That would have rose Pay Per View buyrates through the roof.

Shelton enters the ring with his cocky attitude and smiles, seemingly waiting for his opponent. After about five seconds of silence, *Radicalz* plays, getting a huge pop for the nostalgia music. Perry Saturn comes out with his tattoos and his red trunks with white boots. The crowd pop as Saturn looks straight at Shelton with a menacing look.

Pensar: And his opponent, weighting in at 235 pounds, from Boston, Massachusetts, he is Perry Saturn!

Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, believe the hype. Because we've been believing it for over a month. Perry Saturn has arrived. Saturn is an ECW Original of course and also wrestling for WCW and WWE.

Coach: Hasn't this guy pass his prime? Saturn use to be a dominant force back in the olden days but this guy has nothing that makes me want to spend five dollars to see him.

Styles: Well, why don't you tell him that yourself? I'll cover you.

Coach: *stutters* He's got a wrestling match, Styles. It's rude to interrupt a match, Joey.

Saturn goes in the ring and looks around the arena with no change in his face as the crowd chant "Welcome Back". Shelton has a nervous but determined look on his face.

Match One
Perry Saturn vs. Shelton Benjamin

Overall: A decent match for a returning Perry Saturn as he had the most offense. Shelton got some in but Saturn had the most offense.

Finish: Saturn picks up Shelton and irish whips him to nail a belly to belly suplex. Shelton goes down. Saturn goes for the cover. 1==========2======. Shelton kicks out. Saturn picks up Shelton and goes for a back toss but Shelton slides under Saturn and dropkicks him from behind, sending Saturn to the middle rope. Shelton runs and does a knee jump on the back of Saturn's neck. Shelton picks up Saturn and nails a back suplex. Cover. 1==========2========. Saturn kicks out. Shelton irish whips himself but Saturn is up and nails a swift mid kick to Shelton's gut followed by a leg sweep. Saturn then become enraged and picks up Shelton. Saturn lifts him up and nails a devastating Death Valley Driver, getting a huge pop. Saturn stares down Shelton, looking dissatisfied. Saturn then kneels down and locks in the famous Rings of Saturn. Shelton is struglling and within seconds, Shelton taps out rapidly.

Winner: Perry Saturn

Styles: Coach, I think NWF has been put on notice. Perry Saturn is here to stay.

Coach: I don't know, Joey. Saturn looked rusty out there and Shelton obviously out wrestled him. Saturn made him tap. Whoop dee do. It's gonna take more than one win to be something in this promotion.

Styles: Nonetheless, Saturn has certainly made a statement with this win tonight and something tells me that we're going to expect even more from Perry Saturn.

Waiting For The Kid, Part I

We cut to the parking lot as we see Todd Grisham

Grisham: Thanks, Joey and Coach. I'm standing out here, waiting to get the first words from Shawn Michaels. I tried to get some statements from HBK last Friday at No Boundaries after his actions towards Hakeem Johnson but HBK said nothing. Tonight, we have been told that Shawn Michaels will, in fact, be here tonight and once he shows up, I will get the word from Shawn himself.

Styles: Well, thanks Todd.

Coach: Tell him to go get a decent haircut. That whole spiky hairdo was four years ago, kid.

A Rumble For The Little Guys

We cut to Cornette's office as Carlos Colon, Andy Douglas, Chase Stevens, Nunzio, NOSAWA, and Sonny Siaki are inside his office, asking what is going on and why they are here. Cornette enters the office and sits on his chair.

Cornette: Thanks for coming into my office, gentlemen. As you know, Abismo Negro is the NWF Lightweight Champion...

Huge heat for Abismo as Carlos Colon is seen dissapointed

Cornette: ...and as a man that looks for the buyrates, the ratings, the money, I feel these fans deserve a piece of action. I want to see which one of you have what it takes to step up. I want to know which one of you people will have the guts to take an opportunity. I want to find out who will take it to the next level. So, next week, you all will show me who will be a rising star.

All the men start feeling confident and look around certain wrestlers

Cornette: So, next week, I am making a match. But not just any ordinary match. We are going to have ourselves a ten man battle royale match.

Crowd gives decent pops as the wrestlers look around their opponents and feel confident. Sonny Siaki, however, interrupts.

Siaki: Yeah, yeah, that's all good and all, but if my math serves me correct, there are only six men in here. Who are the rest?

Cornette: I'm glad you asked that. Well, one of the participants in the the battle royale will be...The Phenomenal AJ Styles!

Huge pop for AJ's name mentioned as some wrestlers are excited and others are indifferent

Cornette: Unfortunately, he is getting ready for his contract signing so hence the reason he's not here tonight. The other three, however, will be surprise entrants for next week so you'll have to be there to find out. So, with that said-

???: Mr. Cornette!!!

Armando and Abismo enter the screen with decent heat.

Armando: Mr. Cornette, how dare you make decisions involving Abismo's title without informing the great Abismo. How-

Cornette: NO! How dare you barge into my office and think you're some sort of big shot walking around this company!

Huge pops

Armando: Apparently, with Abismo being the Lightweight champion, I am somewhat of a big shot. Aren't I?

Huge heat

Cornette: Well, if you must know, these men in this office, along with AJ Styles and three surprise entrants, will be gunning for Abismo's title as they will be in a 10 man battle royale. The winner will meet Abismo Negro at Global Warning for the NWF Lightweight Championship!

Armando tells Abismo a condensed version of what Cornette says in Spanish. Abismo laughs arrogantly and speaks in Spanish, looking around his future opponents.

Armando: Abismo says that there is nothing to be worried about. Abismo is the greatest wrestler in the business today and will prove it at Global Warning!

Armando and Abismo exit the office as Cornette shakes his head in dissatisfaction

Cornette: With that said, good luck to you all and please...take that belt off that damn arrogant punk!

All the men agree as they exit the ring in a rowdy fashion as we cut to a vs. screen of The Big Show and Chris Jericho with the NWF Championship in the background.

Styles: Cornette scheduling a huge royale for next week but later tonight, Chris Jericho will face the Big Show for the NWF Championship. Can Jericho retain his belt or will his reign be very short lived?

Coach: You new champion, The Big Show. Jericho has no chance in hell.

We see a vs. screen of Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton

Styles: Well, Cornette scheduling a huge battle royale for next week but coming up next, Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton will square off for a chance to meet the NWF champion at Global Warning! Who will it be?

Coach: Aw, man, I don't know who to choose, Styles. I'm confused as hell right now.

Styles: Well, make up your mind because that match is up next! Stay tuned!


Waiting For The Kid, Part II

We cut back with Todd Grisham and the parking lot.

Grisham: Welcome back to Horizon as I still am waiting here, outside the parking lot, for the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn-Wait, here he is!!!

A white limo starts driving in the parking lot. The limo driver leaves the car and opens the far side door of the limo. However, it's not Shawn Michaels. It's the owner of NWF, Hakeem Johnson, coming in with decent heat. Hakeem does not look happy as he has on his white suit and pants. Hakeem has a small bandage on his jaw.

Grisham: Um, excuse me sir but at No Boundaries last Friday, Shawn Michaels didn't win his contendership spot due to, what some fans say, your unwanted interference and as a result, deserved what HBK did to you afterwards. Any thoughts?

Hakeem tries to restrain himself but then acts calmly

Hakeem: You know, Todd, I understand what the fans are saying and you know what, they're right. I came in there because HBK was going to use a weapon on the Big Show when he clearly didn't need to. I just wanted HBK to realise that he can win the right way. Fact is, I let go of the chair, making HBK knocked out for a while. That's my fault. I did deserve a Sweet Chin Music from Shawn. Shawn has every right to be frustrated with me. However, that doesn't change the fact that I am the owner and boss of NWF.

Mixed reaction

Hakeem: Although I deserved it, Shawn should have shown the professionalism that he knows he has and restrain from doing what he did to me. Did you know he made a cut under my jaw? It took at least fifteen stitches to put it back together. See, this is what I'm talking about with Shawn. I told him his ignorance and arrogance will never let him reach to the top. He could have fought Chris Jericho for the NWF Championship tonight but his pride and arrogance cost him that chance. I'm not a bad guy. I'm just a man that calls things the way I see them.

Another case of mixed reaction as Hakeem holds his jaw

Hakeem: Now, I've heard that Shawn Michaels will be making an appearance here tonight at Horizon. Well, unfortunately, that's not going to happen tonight.

Huge heat for Hakeem

Hakeem: I cannot have an unstable, unpredictable, uncontrollable wrestler coming in this arena and attacking staff, security, or wrestlers to take his anger off his loss at No Boundaries. I cannot allow it. I will not allow it. So, I am ordering security to bar Shawn Michaels from entering this arena.

More huge heat for Hakeem

Hakeem: I am doing this for the sake of this company and I will not let Shawn Michaels ruin what I have built. Now, Shawn, if you're watching or listening, if you want to talk about your anger issues, then come to me like a professional and talk but tonight, you are banned from this arena. If you enter this arena by someway, I promise there will be some serious consequences and reprecussions!

Thunderous heat for Hakeem

Hakeem: Now, Todd, you can stay here and all and even try to get a word in but Shawn will not be allowed into this arena. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to get ready to make a couple of announcements concerning Global Warning and future events for NWF.

Hakeem walks away, still holding his jaw. We cut back to the arena as *Here Comes The Pain* plays, garnering huge heat as Brock Lesnar comes out with his black trunks.

Pensar: The following is scheduled for one fall and the winner of this match will face the NWF champion at Global Warning! Introducing first, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, he is the Next Big Thing, Brock Lesnar!

Styles: Well, here comes the pain! Brock Lesnar, earlier tonight, complained about Jericho's claimed "fluke" win. I think Brock is just being a sore loser.

Coach: Excuse me? Jericho got lucky. Brock had an off night and Jericho, like a snake he is, capitalized on it. Tonight, though, he looks focused and motivated. Looks like the only thing that's going to be sore is Chris Jericho by tonight.

Brock enters the ring, jumping on the apron. Brock looks around the arena, shouting out insults to the crowd as the crowd give huge jeers towards the next big thing. After a few seconds, *Burn In My Light* plays, getting decent heat but some pops as well. Orton comes out with his trademark black trunks, doing his signature pose on the stage.

Pensar: And his opponent, weighting in at 245 pounds, from St. Louis, Missouri, he is Randy Orton!

Coach: And then there's this man! The future, along with Brock Lesnar, of wrestling. It is a shame that neither men are holding the NWF championship and have to look at the disgusting sight of the NWF Championship around the chunky, washed up waist of Jericho's body.

Styles: Whether you like it or not, Jericho's the champ for now. He'll meet Big Show later tonight in his first title defense. However, if he can beat the Big Show tonight, he'll face Lesnar or Orton at Global Warning for the NWF Championship!

Coach: I'll keep saying it untill Jericho gets it. He has no chance in hell! None whatsoever!

Orton enters the ring and does his signature pose on the turnbuckle. The crowd give a mixed reaction as Brock looks on, disgusted.

Match Two
Contendership Match - Winner meets Chris Jericho at Global Warning for NWF Championship
Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton

Overall: A decent match, with Brock outwrestling Orton due to his amateur background. Brock went for the powerhouse game but Orton would always take him down and use chinlocks and leglocks to weaken Lesnar.

Finish: Orton picks up Lesnar and nails a vicious uppercut on him. Lesnar stumbles to the turnbuckle as Orton rushes and does a clothesline. Orton lifts up Lesnar on the turnbuckle and does a super suplex off the turnbuckles. Orton covers Lesnar. 1==========2=====. Lesnar kicks out. Orton picks up Lesnar and looks for a suplex but Lesnar sustains it and nails a quick snap suplex on Orton. Lesnar picks up Orton and goes for an F-5 but Orton slides out and does a back suplex on Lesnar. Orton then irish whips himself and drops a knee on Lesnar's face. Orton irish whips himself and does another knee drop to the face of Lesnar. Orton then goes on the ground and locks in a chinlock on Lesnar. Lesnar is starting to fade away but in a matter of seconds, Lesnar grabs his strength and lifts himself off the ground. Lesnar gets up and does a belly to belly suplex on Orton. Orton's legs hit the bottom rope as Lesnar picks up Orton and lifts him up to nail the F-5!!! Orton, however, becomes smart by rolling out of the ring. Lesnar leaves the ring and picks him up but Orton pulls Lesnar and lets Lesnar's face smack on the pole! Lesnar starts wobbling as Orton turns him around and nails the RKO on the ringside padding. Lesnar is down like dead weight as Orton, very tryingly, picks up Lesnar and rolls him in the ring. Orton covers Lesnar. 1==========2=========THR-NO!!! Brock gets his leg on the bottom rope. Orton then smacks the mat in frustration as he lurks around Brock like an animal, setting up another RKO. Brock, still very dazed, gets up as Orton looks for the RKO but Brock pushes Orton onto the ropes and nails a German Suplex pin. 1==========2=======. Orton kicks out. Lesnar then picks up Orton and goes for an F-5 but Orton reverses it into a sunset flip pin. 1==========2=======. Brock kicks out. Orton then rushes to Brock but Brock tosses Orton to the turnbuckle. Lesnar lifts up Orton and looks to nail a suplex but Orton pokes Lesnar's eyes and punches Lesnar's gut a few times. Orton then nails a thuinderous RKO from the turnbuckles onto Lesnar!!! Orton and Lesnar are both down as the crowd pop for the move. Orton crawls onto Lesnar and covers him. 1==========2==========3! Randy Orton wins the match and is going to Global Warning to face the NWF Champion!

Winner: Randy Orton

Coach: What a match, Joey. These two are what NWF is all about. Heart pounding, adrenaline rushing, nonstop action. Orton wins this match and will be the NWF champion at Global Warning.

Styles: Well, I don't know about him winning the title but Orton will meet the NWF champion, whomever that may be, at Global Warning for the NWF Championship.

We see a recap of the match and afterwards, Orton looks around the arena, then looks at the camera, telling Jericho that the belt will be his as he makes the title waist motion. We cut backstage to AJ Styles, wearing a red long sleeves shirt and black pants. AJ Styles leaves the locker room and starts walking through the production area.

Styles: There he is. The self proclaimed "Phenomenal" AJ Styles. He's coming out to sign his NWF contract, next!

Coach: Look at him trying to copy my wardrobe!


A Phenomenal Contract Signing

We fade back into the ring and Jim Cornette is already in the ring with a table and contract papers on top.

Cornette: Well, welcome back to Horizon as we are live in Bloomington, Indiana!

Cheap pop but a huge one, nonetheless

Cornette: You know, we have made a couple of signing here in NWF and you'll find out who has joined when they feel it's appropriate. However, this was the first man to sign a NWF contract when we started handing them out. Now, this man has made a lot of accomplishments in wrestling.

Decent pop as the crowd know who he is talking about.

Cornette: When he accepted my offer, quite frankly, he told me that the company that he was formerly in was starting to get stale. That when he joined that company, he joined because it was young, fresh, and vibrant. But now, it's stale, unpromising, and overtooken by the same damn stars that already had their time!

Decent heat for a shot at TNA

Cornette: He told me personally that he joined because he felt that this company will excel in giving the young talent the recognition they deserve! And that he wants to help with that progress. Well, let me not babble on any further. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor and pleasure to welcome, to the NWF roster and to all of you NWF fans, "The Phenomenal" AJ STYLES!!!

All of a sudden the lights go out and blue lights appear with a spotlight on the stage. Suddenly, *Touched* by VAST plays with the slow, anticipating intro. Once the song reaches to the climax of the song, AJ Styles comes out with a thunderous pop. AJ Styles does his phenomenal pose on the stage as the crowd are on a frenzy.

Styles: Listen to the deafening standing ovation that AJ Styles is receiving from this electrifying crowd. AJ Styles, dare I say it, truly has made an IMPACT here on Horizon!

Coach: I gotta say, AJ Styles is already looking like a future main eventer here in the NWF. Styles already has his fans and it looks like they are here in full force. But I gotta ask, is AJ related to you, Joey?

Styles: No relation, unfortunately.

Coach: Because AJ looked like he has the cool gene while you had the, how can I say this, dork gene. It's okay, a few, like myself, are blessed with a cool gene.

AJ enters the ring and does his pose on all four sides of the ring as the crowd just keep cheering him on. AJ then shakes the hand of Jim Cornette as his song fades out. Styles looks for the mic as the crowd chant "AJ Styles". AJ looks around the arena and thanks them. Styles tries speaking but the crowd cannot keep quiet and continue cheering him.

AJ: Thank you. Thank you. No, thank you. This truly does mean a lot to me.

Huge pop

AJ: I just want to say thanks to Jim Cornette for offering me a chance to join this company. So, thank you Jim.

The crowd give a huge pop for Jim as Jim mouths off youre welcome

AJ: I also want to thank Hakeem Johnson for building this company and giving the young talent and up and comers a chance to shine.

The crowd give a mixed reaction for Hakeem's mention

AJ: Now, before I sign this contract, I just want to say that I am proud to be a part of this company. You know, I've been watching Horizon on FX, cheap plug I know.

Crowd laughs

AJ: But, I've been watching Horizon and I am just astonished at how wrestlers, no wait a minute, at how true wrestlers put their bodies and careers on the line to entertain the fans.

Huge pop

AJ: This company has potential to be the best company that people have ever witnessed. See, I've been with a certain company for about eight years.

Huge heat for that indirect mention of TNA as AJ tries to calm them down.

AJ: Now don't get me wrong, this company, when it first started up and when I did its first show, it showcased young talents. It provided upstarts and optimistic wrestlers that this promotion will be a cornerstone to their future success. Then we fast forward to eight years later. You know, I have friends there, you know, like Chris, Joe, and Nelson. But then, last year and even this year, something happened. Suddenly all of these old stars came into TNA and started ruining the magic that it once had.

Huge heat

AJ: I had to wear a crown on my head and portray myself as a damn idiot for eight months!

More huge heat

AJ: That is not what AJ Styles does. So I told the man in the back that this is ridiculous and I told him to improve on the shows. Only, the shows got worse. My friends and I over there continually fell victim to the AARP club in each and every single main event, show after show, pay per view after pay per view. So I had enough and spat at the man and told him, it's over!

Huge pop as AJ looks around the arena and nods

AJ: Afterwards, Jim gave me a call and sympathized with me the direction I was going in that company and offered me a deal, a three year deal, to join NWF.

Huge pop

AJ: Now, I had to think about it and if it was worth it. Once I thought about it, I said, yes, I'll be happy to sign.

Standing ovation for AJ as the crowd chants AJ

AJ: So tonight, all that frustration, all that hate, all that negativity for that company will all go away as I sign the contract and join the new face of wrestling, NWF!

AJ Styles gives the mic to Jim as Cornette gives AJ the pen. AJ picks up the contract and looks through the contract. Before AJ can even sign his name on the dotted line, *Metalingus* plays, garnering full heat as Edge comes out with a Rated R t-shirt and blue jeans. Edge has on some bandages on his face and walks with little pain on his body. The NWF Hardcore title is around his waist.

Styles: Damn it, of all places and times, Edge has to go and interupt a special moment in AJ's career.

Coach: What? Edge was bored of AJ talking. Just like I did. No wonder he was so popular. It wasn't his talking skills. If he didn't have any wrestling skills, he would be a bumbling redneck at the gas station, filling up my brand new Mercedes car.

Edge smiles as the enters the ring. AJ looks really miffed as Cornette is shaking his head in anger. Edge grabs a mic.

Cornette: What the hell do you want? How dare you interrupt a special contract-

Edge: Now, wait a second, Jim. Hold on. First off, I just came out here to say that I have some shocking first off. I've been told that Christian is going to be out indefinitely for quite some time.

Some boos for Christian being out as Edge smiles

Edge: Well, who cares about Christian? The shocking news is that Edge is still alive and breathing from that hellacious match at No Boundaries. I know, you people are asking "How does he do it?" Well, folks, even I can't answer that. I'm just simply amazing. I've tooken out Mick Foley, Raven, Rhino, and Christian all in a span of two months!

More huge heat

Cornette: Okay, we get it. Fine but what does that have to do with you coming out here?

Edge: Well, the second reason I came out here to introduce myself to AJ Styles! See AJ, my name is Edge and I am the NWF Hardcore champion!

Huge heat as Edge turns to AJ

Edge: See, AJ, what you need to understand is that I agree with you. Seriously, I agree with you in what you said. See, when I was starting out in the WWE, I was a hot commodity, let's be honest. But the same damn geezers kept keeping their spots, in different ways. Once I finally had somewhat of a chance, WWE was done and UWEF started, and I was in the same damn position!!!

Huge heat as Edge gets intense

Edge: So we are similar. The only difference between me and you is that I actually have talent

Major heat as AJ starts getting frustrated

Edge: See, ever since entering the NWF, I have already won the NWF Hardcore Championship. What have you done lately, AJ? Losing to every single member from the Orlando Retirement Home? Oh, that's impressive. AJ, let's be clear. You are nothing compared to me. I've earned my spot and I'll be damned to let some second rate backyard wrestler, at best, take my spot while I flourish out the main event scene again! Never will-

AJ snatches the mic off from Edge as the crowd pop

AJ: Wah, wah, wah. Is this all you do, Edge? You cry? You know what it sounds like? It sounds like you're jealous. It sounds to me that Edge is afraid of losing his spot!

The crowd cheer as Edge starts to get serious

AJ: Who can blame them? Since watching Horizon, all I've heard from you is defeating, this person, defeating that person. Now, you are a great wrestler, I'll admit that, but you have never, EVER, met an athlete like AJ Styles!

Thunderous pop as Edge smirks off that remark

AJ: I'm not like Mick Foley, or Raven, or Rhino, or Christian. I am a whole different style of wrestling. Edge, compared to me, you're just not that good.

A lot of "ooo" come out as Edge starts to get pissed off

AJ: So, before you get on your soapbox and talk about being the best, just remember that compa red to me, you'll never be phenomenal!

Edge then smiles and starts to walk off but kicks AJ's gut and lays a punch. Edge irish whips AJ and looks for a clothesline but AJ ducks and nails a striking Pele on Edge. Edge rolls out of the ring as AJ wants more by tearing off his dress shirt, getting women to cheer loudly. AJ then grabs the contract and signs the papers with fury. AJ then grabs the Hardcore belt and throws it to Edge as Edge backs off, saying to AJ to watch his back.

Styles: AJ Styles proving to Edge that he is here to stay and that he will not back down from any wrestler.

Coach: Edge just wrestled a brutal match last Friday and for AJ to attack a legendary champion is out of line. This is not a good start for AJ Styles here in NWF.

Styles poses to the crowd again as the crowd keep cheering. We cut backstage with Rob Van Dam doing his leg stretches in the locker room.

Styles: Well, Rob Van Dam came out of a great victory at No Boundaries against Bam Bam Bigelow.

Coach: A tainted one.

Styles: Nonetheless, he's set for action, here, next on Horizon. Stay tuned.


Brock's Out Of Control

We see Scott Hudson backstage with a livid Brock Lesnar

Scott: I'm here with Brock-

Brock snatches the mic and violently pushes Scott off screen

Brock: This is an outrage. I have been screwed on a constant basis! Jim Cornette, Hakeem Johnson, who ever is making the decisions. Let me tell you something! I am a hot commodity in this sport. I am the future of this company! Do you hear me?! I want my damn title shot!

Brock starts yelling and throwing equipment around

Brock: I will not be ignored. I am the most talent-

All of a sudden, RVD walks in the screen as Brock is confused and pissed at the same time.

RVD: You know, maybe if you actually talked less, improve more, and...*sniffs Brock*...shower more, maybe you'd get somewhere. Just wanted to drop my opinion on you, courtesy of Rob..........Van..........Dam!

RVD walks off the screen as Brock is filled with anger. We cut to the stage as *Brood* plays and the crowd gives decent heat as the lights go red. Gangrel comes out with his goblet, full of blood. Dinero and Maestro are not far behind. Gangrel's attire consist of black tights and Gothic white shirt.

Pensar: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighting in at 264 pounds, from the depths of hell, accompanied by the New Brood, he is Gangrel.

Styles: Well, that was an interesting confrontation between RVD and Brock Lesnar.

Coach: What the hell is going on here? Jericho's the champ, Michaels isn't here but will probably show up like a wild man, and now RVD insults Lesnar? Where's the respect from these washed up losers?

Gangrel spits out his blood as the New Brood relish the mist. Gangrel enters the ring as *One Of A Kind* plays. The crowd get on their feet and cheer as RVD comes out with a smile on his face. RVD's attire is his blue trademarked singlet

Pensar: And his opponent, weighting in at 237 pounds, from Battle Creek, Michigan, he is Rob Van Dam!

Coach: Answer my question, Joey! Why does RVD show srespect to a future star?

Styles: Oh, stop. RVD just told Brock to shut up...and take a shower.

Coach: Like RVD has any room to talk. He needs to take a shower to wash the stench of failure every day because I always smell it.

RVD enters the ring and does his taunts on the ring. The bell rings.

Match Three
Gangrel vs. Rob Van Dam

Overall: A decent match that mostly showed RVD's skills. Gangrel had some decent offesne but not effective. Gangrel did have advantages whenever the New Brood would interfere. Gangrel would takes momentum with a vicious DDT!

Finish: RVD irish whips Gangrel and tries to back toss Gangrel but Gangrel gets a knee up. RVD is wobbiling and Gangrel clotheslines RVD over the top rope. Gangrel distracts the referee as Dinero and Maestro attack RVD. Dinero and Maestro continue the beating and rolls RVD back in the ring. Gangrel picks up RVD and does a cradle pin. 1==========2======. RVD kicks out. Gangrel then does a headlock on RVD as RVD is down and dazed. RVD tries to get out but Gangrel squeezes the head more. RVD is starting to fade as the crowd cheer him on. The referee picks up the arm and RVD's arm drops for one. The referee lifts his arm again, only this time, RVD has the arm up! Gangrel can't believe it as RVD elbow thrusts the gut. RVD then escapes and irish whips himself, only for Gangrel to stomp on the gut and nail a swinging neckbreaker. Gangrel covers. 1==========2=====. RVD kicks out. Gangrel then signals for the Blood of Sin, Impaler DDT, but RVD reverses it and does a sidekick, stumbling Gangrel. RVD then irish whips Gangrel on the turnbuckle and does two shoulder thrust, backflips himself, and does a monkey flip. RVD rushes to the ropes and nails a Rolling Thunder. Cover 1==========2=======. Gangrel kicks out. Dinero distracts the referee as RVD knocks himdown. Maestro, from behind, does a knee drive on the back of RVD. Maestro stands over him until the SAT, from the crowd, rush to the ring and attack Maestro and throw him over the top rope, onto Dinero. The New Brood get up but the SAT, simutaneously, do a frontflip plancha over the top rope on the New Brood. Gangrel is back up and goes for the Blood of Sin but RVD gets out of the hold and does a northern lights suplex. RVD then heads on the top turnbuckle and nails a Five Star Frogsplash on Gangrel!!! The cover from RVD! 1==========2==========3!!!

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Styles: RVD, despite all the nonsense, has defeated Gangrel as Rob Van-hey look out!!!

As RVD gets up, Bam Bam Bigelow comes out and attacks him. Bam Bam picks RVD up and nails a powerbomb! Bam Bam is getting huge heat as Bam Bam goes under the ring and picks up a table! The crowd pop as BBB sets the table up ringside. RVD starts to get up but BBB, in the ring, nails a quick Greetings from Ashbury Park!!! RVD is flat out done. BBB then smiles and picks up RVD! BBB has RVD in a powerbomb position and rushes near the ropes and powerbombs him on the table from the ringside! The crowd is going nuts as BBB yells at RVD with hatred!

Coach: That's what you get for waking up a monster, Rob. He is the beast after all!!! RVD shouldn't have cheated last Friday.

Styles: Will you shut up? BBB assaults RVD and puts him through the table. How dispicable is Bigelow!?

BBB walks out of the ring and heads to the back as RVD is rolling around, covered with table debris as we cut to Hakeem Johnson, on the phone with someone.

Styles: Well, our boss, Hakeem Johnson has some announcements to make and he'll make them, next on Horizon!


The Boss Is The Law/Waiting For The Kid, Part III

We cut back to the stage as *Made You Look* plays, getting heat from the crowd. Hakeem Johnson comes out with a white suit and pants. Hakeem looks down to business today as the crowd are just booing him.

Pensar: Ladies and gentlemen, making his way to the ring, he is the owner and CEO of New Wrestling Federation, Hakeem Johnson!

Styles: Well, Coach, here he is. The boss. The owner of NWF. Earlier tonight, he banned Shawn Michaels from entering the building but we haven't seen Shawn anywhere so who knows?

Coach: Mr. Johnson did the right thing, Joey. When you have a washed up lunatic running wild in your promotion, I would have done the same thing! Hell, I would have fired his ass!

Styles: Hakeem Johnson is a businessman first. Remember that. Last Friday at No Boundaries, Hakeem indirectly caused HBK his match and HBK proceeded with a whomping sweet chin music to the face of the boss.

Coach: Look at that bold, handsome face Hakeem has. You can't replace perfection like that.

Hakeem walks in the ring and takes a microphone

Hakeem: Ladies and gentlemen, before I start off with my announcements, I have a stern warning to give to Shawn Michaels...

Pop for his mention

Hakeem: As I stated earlier, I deserve the attack that HBK applied to me. I interfered when I shouldn't have and Shawn has every right to be angry and frustrated at me.

Huge pop as Hakeem doesn't like the instant agreement so much

Hakeem: However, I am the boss of NWF, I am the owner and I will not tolerate such behavior. So for that action Mr. Michaels did last Friday, I have banned him from entering this arena tonight.

Thunderous heat for that announcement as Hakeem tries to calm down the crowd but the heat gets louder

Hakeem: Please, folks, understand that I know this is not the popular decision. I understand that. However, I feel that it is the right decision. If Shawn Michaels comes near this building, let alone enter the building, there will be some serious repercussions!

Loud heat as Hakeem rolls his eyes as he tries to calm down the crowd

Hakeem: Now, with that said, we have some announcements. First off, what just happened earlier tonight with RVD and Bam Bam Bigelow will finally end next week. It will be Rob Van Dam going one on one against Bam Bam Bigelow.

Huge pop for the match being made

Hakeem: However, it just won't be any regular match, oh no! This match will be contested under table rules so this rivalry can be settled once and for all.

Huge pop for the match

Hakeem: Now onto Global Warning, our next Pay Per View event taking place. Now, currently, we have six tag teams in this promotion. Six tag teams!!! At Global Warning, we will be crowning our first ever NWF Tag Team Champions!!!

Decent pop

Hakeem: So, starting next week, we will be starting an innovative structure called the Mountain Count Tournament. Next week, the six tag teams will be in tag team action. The winners of those matches will advance into the final week of Horizon until Global Warning. There, the remaining three teams will be in singles action. The two teams that garner the most wins will square off at Global Warning for the newly made Tag Team Championships. If all three teams tie, then all three teams will compete for the title.

Decent pop for this new innovative match.

Hakeem: All right, now finally, as Jim Cornette has stated, it will be Chris Jericho and The Big Show squaring off one on one next for the NWF Championship. Now, Randy Orton has earned his spot earlier tonight, defeating Brock Lesnar. So, I am making this match for Global Warning official. The winner of the Jericho and Big Show match, will defend the NWF Championship against Randy Orton!

Loud reaction for that match

Hakeem: So with that in mind-

*Sexy Boy* plays, getting a thunderous cheer from the crowd as Hakeem is in shock and surprise. We wait for HBK as the song keeps playing. Hakeem drops the mic and leaves the ring. Hakeem powerwalks up the stage and heads backstage. We cut to backstage as Hakeem runs towards the parking lot.

Hakeem: Where's Shawn?!

Todd: Sir, I don't know. He's not anywhere near the parking lot.

Hakeem: He's playing games. Okay, Shawn, have it your way. *turns to security* I want you guys to cover the whole arena, call reinforcement if you have to. DO IT NOW!!!

Security start scrambling as we close up to Hakeem's face looking mad and nervous as we see a small graphic on the corner saying Chris Jericho and Big Show for NWF Championship is up next!


Styles: Welcome back to NWF Horizon and just a few minutes ago, Hakeem Johnson, the boss, made some announcements for NWF until Shawn Michaels's music played. Now, HBK is banned from the arena tonight and as we can tell you, security has the arena secured tightly.

Coach: You see, Joey, Shawn Michaels thinks this is 1995. He thinks he can use his seniority and pull to get whatever he wants. He forgets one thing though. This is the NWF, this is a new era of professional wrestling and Shawn can't stand the fact that he is going lose his spot. Guess what? That's just too damn bad.

Styles: I don't know if he is afraid of losing his spot but nonetheless, we have now arrived to our main event. Chris Jericho, the NWF champion, will take on the challenger, Big Show for the NWF Championship.

Coach: Chris Jericho has been riding his lucky express ever since winning the NWF Championship! He got lucky for one night but the Big Show demolished HBK last week! So now we come to tonight, where the Big Show will crush the lucky, narrowminded reign of Chris Jericho!

*Crank It Up* plays and the pyro explodes as Big Show enters the ring with a smile on his face. Big Show is wearing his black one shoulder singlet as the crowd give him a good amount of heat.

Penser: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and is for the NWF Championship. Introducing first, weighting in at 485 pounds, from Aiken, South Carolina. The largest athlete in professional wrestling, The Big Show!

Coach: Look at the smile. Look at the determination. Look at that confidence he represents. You're telling me that Chris Jericho is going to defeat this guy. Never! Hell no!

Styles: Well, he defeated two men in one night for the title. Never say never in professional wrestling.

Big Show goes over the ropes into the ring and raises his arm, which gets him more jeers. After his song fades, Big Show waits for about ten seconds until *Break Down The Walls* hits and the crowd go on a frenzy as Jericho poses on the stage with the NWF Championship.

Penser: And his opponent, weighting in at 225 pounds, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, he is the NWF Champion, Y2J, Chris Jericho!

Styles: Chris Jericho is a success story, in my opinion. This man has traveled throughout many places worldwide and now he adds the NWF Championship to his accomplishments!

Coach: But, Styles, he's a nobody now. Sure he has a shiny belt that he can say makes him a somebody but compared to the raw talent here, he is a no body. A hasbeen. A piece of garbage. Tonight, Jericho's joke of a reign comes to an end.

Jericho gets in the ring and poses with the belt some more. Big Show looks on with that confident smile on his face.

Main Event
NWF Championship
The Big Show vs. Chris Jericho(c)

Overall: A decent match with Jericho doing most of the carrying. The Big Show controlled most of the match, at times, getting Jericho in near pin falls. Jericho would make some comebacks but Big Show stopped them immediately.

Finish: Jericho irish whips himself and goes for a dropkick but Show picks up Jericho and nails a powerslam. Big Show goes for a cover. 1==========2====. Jericho gets his foot on the ropes. Big Show starts to get frustrated as he picks up Jericho and scoops slams him back. Big Show then irish whips himself and goes for a leg drop but Jericho rolls out of the way. Jericho then gets up and dropkicks Show back down as he was trying to get up. Jericho then goes up top to the turnbuckle and nails a moonsault. Jericho covers Show. 1==========2======. Show kicks out. Show gets up angry as Jericho irish whips himself and looks for a move but Big Show violently clotheslines Jericho down. Big Show then signals that's it as Big Show picks Jericho up and looks for the chokeslam but Jericho reverses that into a hurricarana. Big Show goes down as Jericho nails the Lionsault. Jericho looks to go for the pin but all of a sudden, Randy Orton comes out to a mixed reaction and gets on the apron. Jericho sees him and nails a dropkick onto Orton. Big Show is up as the referee tries to calm Jericho down. Big Show looks for the Knockout Punch but Jericho ducks and hits the referee all the way to the outside of the ring. Jericho goes for a forearm punch but Big Show ducks and nails a vicious chokeslam on Jericho. Big Show goes outside and looks to wake up the referee until *Sexy Boy* plays again for the second night and the crowd, for the second time, goes crazy as Big Show looks at the stage, waiting for Shawn Michaels. Hakeem Johnson comes out with about twenty or so security men with their hats. Hakeem grabs the microphone.

Hakeem: Due the unconsciousness of the referee and interference of Randy Orton, I declare this match a no contest. Chris Jericho is still the NWF Champion!

Winner: No Contest; Chris Jericho retains NWF Championship

Chris Jericho rolls out of the ring with the belt as Randy Orton heads to the stage, cowardly backing up. Jericho sets his eyes on Orton. Meanwhile. twenty men hold back Big Show as Hakeem keeps his distance.

Hakeem: Wait, Big Show! Wait!

But Show doesn't listen and tries charging towards Hakeem but he escapes out of the ring with the rest of the security following him...except one security man standing behind Big Show with a nightstick. Big Show turns around and the security man nails the stick on Big Show a couple of times until Big Show is down on both knees. The man then backs up and nails a sweet superkick on Big Show, getting a thunderous pop. The man removes his hat and...IT'S SHAWN MICHAELS!!! Hakeem turns around and sees Shawn as though he saw a ghost as HBK gives the DX taunt to Hakeem, smiling. Hakeem shouts at security to get him. Shawn escapes the ring and runs through the crowd with Hakeem and the security pursuing him. We cut backstage as HBK runs towards his car with Todd Grisham chasing him.

Todd: Shawn, what are you-

HBK: Hakeem, if you're going to make my life a living hell, then you better try to stop me!

HBK looks back and Hakeem and security are gaining close distance as HBK enters his car and starts the car and drives off very fast. Hakeem has a pissed off look as the NWF credits show and we fade in and out with the NWF logo.

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Re: NWF: The Return

Obviously, the new champion opens the show, but instead of thanking the fans, he starts by insulting somebody with big boobies. And then he hits on her. Nice. Then comes the confrontation with the No. 1 Contender. The challenge for tonight was unexpected, as well as Jericho’s “stop eating my food” gag. Didn’t seem all that funny, imo. And then, of course, after Jericho panders around about Show’s weight, Lesnar comes out and opens with the line: “you suck, you washed up son of a bitch.” And then, to mix things you, you have Orton come out and call Big Show a fatass… twice. What is with everybody and these fat jokes? And I rarely hear Orton use the word bitch, even if he is ranting about losing. I like how Cornette points out all this ignorant name-calling shit. Gets everybody nowhere. Pretty blockbuster move having Orton and Lesnar fight, even though heel v. heel doesn’t sell.

Joey Styles, AJ Styles? Coincidence?

You almost made it seem like Saturn just went into a fit of rage and squashed Benjamin. He is how old, by the way? I don’t know why you chose to put him over Benjamin, but you’re booking this stuff.

I’m sorry, but how old is Carlos Colon again? That’s right: old enough to not be in the lightweight division. AJ Styles should own, tbh. He’s new and starting out and losing your debut match just doesn’t sit well with your popularity. Armando coming in and jumping bad with the boss? Nope, doesn’t work well. And especially when he says “I am somewhat of a big shot,” and it seemed like Cornette backed down after that.

“Jericho has no chance in hell.” Coach making the McMahon reference was just… wow. I can’t even put it in words.

Hakeem playing himself off as a good guy. “I did deserve a sweet chin music.” Oh wait, never mind. He went into the bad guy role again. False alarm. I love how he screwed the fans out of seeing Shawn Michaels. This plays off really well in what will end up likely being a Hakeem v. Michaels match… with a stipulation. Book it plz.

Pretty solid showdown, although I don’t understand why it’s only match two. This should’ve been match three, four, or five. Everything looks tops, except I’ve never seen Orton hit a sunset flip. Weird. Epic ending with the super-plex turned into the RKO. What a finish. I honestly expected Lesnar to win and get that one-on-one with Jericho, but Orton would make a good contender too, I guess.

You’re playing AJ Styles off as a big signing and you’re making it like you’re gonna give him the Jesus push. ROFLMAO. You slay me, bruh. Styles is in the lightweight division. Cornette wouldn’t be one to take a cheap shot at TNA, him of all people. He has more dignity than that. And of course, AJ comes out and sells NWF as a huge company that’s all amazing and stuff. And what’s this? Style’s takes a cheap shot too? And it wasn’t a reference to TNA, it was a blatant cheap shot directly at TNA!! He even mentioned TNA’s name. That threw me off. The Edge-u-cator is the first to welcome the new guy, huh? Hopefully my boy Christian can make an epic return (please). Edge showing no remorse for his brother plays off really well to his maniacal bitch-ass self. I like how you’re trying to compare AJ and Edge. Love how AJ mentions that he’s not like anything Edge has ever faced, because Edge has never faced anyone from TNA. And, of course, AJ gets in the last word. No need for Edge to spoil Styles’ coming out party.

Um, yeah, RVD pissing off Lesnar after his lost just sets up for RVD getting screwed and Brock is getting into a feud with him. I can honestly say that RVD was in the wrong with what he said. He provoked Brock and he gets what he deserves… oh wait. RVD gets the clean victory? That sucks. Well, actually, it’s not really clean because a whole lot of people came in and messed everything up. That’s why Brock didn’t come out. That, and the fact that Bigelow wanted his payback. I can understand that.

Hakeem restating Michael’s position hints the HBK will probably make an appearance. Notice how he said “with RVD and Bam Bam Bigelow will finally end next week. You just dropped the bomb and told us that their feud is coming to a close. And of course, no feud can end without a stipulation added. I can see Lesnar getting involved and Bigelow getting the win to save face. Six teams, huh? Way to get things going in that division. I pray you make it a three-team match, which would cause mucho action and more confusion. And finally, to close out the segment, you have Hakeem state the obvious: Orton v. Jericho or Big Show. And… wait! What’s this? Could it be!! Shawn Michaels? Oh wait no. False alarm. He’s just playing mind games.

And now we come to the main event and Jericho’s first title defense, coming just days after winning the damn thing in the first place. Messed up finish, however. Orton didn’t really need to go to the apron to threaten Jericho. He could’ve just watched the match from the stage/ramp. Anyhow, I just love how Big Show got played by Hakeem. And this brings us to Shawn Michael’s appearance. But seriously: who does a nightstick anymore? Drat! That dirty bastard Michaels got away!! You’ll get him next time, Hakeem!! NEXT TIME!!!!!

All in all, not a bad fallout show. I can see you tried to establish a lot of new feuds, and you did a pretty okay job of it. Still, I’m kinda wondering why RVD instigated Lesnar. Major repercussions for messing with the Next Big Thing. Anyway, don't stop writing, bruh. Us created fed writers have to stick together.

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