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Re: NWF: New Wrestling Federation


Hmm, I'll post your newest show and catch up on it.

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Re: NWF: New Wrestling Federation

NWF NEWS: Four New Signings, Title & Roster Update, Bret rumored to retire

-Gangrel, Julio Dinero, and Frankie Kazarian have been signed to a one year deal to NWF. The rumor is that Paul Heymen wants Gangrel, Julio, and Frankie to create a Vampire/Devil stable to add a mix in the midcard. Julio is to be reffered to as Dinero and Kazarian will be reffered to as Maestro. Gangrel will be..........Gangrel.

-Another signing is Randy Orton as rumors is that he will be in the uppermid/main event scene event often. The reason it didn't happen quickly because HHH and DDP with their fued were holding him back to even do it.

-These are the titles for NWF:

*NWF Heavyweight Championship
*NWF International Championship
*NWF Hardcore Championship
*NWF Tag Team Championship

-Here is the current NWF Roster


Chris Jericho

Randy Orton

Chavo Guererro
Chuck Palumbo
(Julio) Dinero

Jeff Hardy
(Frankie) Maestro
Matt Hardy
Shelton Benjamin

None Announced

The Hardy Boys (Jeff and Matt Hardy)
Mexican United (Chavo Guererro and Psicosis)
Vampire Stable (Dinero, Gangrel, Maestro)

-Bret Hart hasn't signed any deal with NWF because rumors are reporting that Bret Hart is considering to retire this year.

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Re: NWF: New Wrestling Federation

NWF NEWS: First House Show, Four New Signings, Lita/Edge/Hardy Boyz

-The first NWF show I will post will actually be a house show called NWF Neo as part of the NWF Neo Tour. It begins one week from now until the thrid week of July, which is the week NWF Horizon is back. It will be one week from this Friday and it will be in the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Here is the scheduled card:

*The Hardy Boyz vs. Mexican United in a tables match
*Dinero vs. Chuck Palumbo
*Shelton Benjamin vs. Gangrel
*Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho
*An appearance by Hakeem Johnson\

-Raven has signed with NWF for one year and will be in the Hardcore division and also will be pushed as well.

-The Naturals, Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas, have also been signed to NWF after they had been mistreated at TNA and Douglas even said that him and Sabin had some backstage altercations.

-Edge has signed again with NWF and he will now have his "Rated R Superstar" persona but will not be with Lita. He will be involved in the Hardcore division/Main Event division

-Lita has not been signed or called to NWF yet. Edge and Matt Hardy wil be kept apart just in case old problems rise up again. The reason also why Lita also hasn't been signed is because Matt Hardy is requesting it. Jeff Hardy had no comment about it.

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Re: NWF: New Wrestling Federation


NWF have just announced that they have made a deal with Fox's cable relative, FX. FX contains original shows like NipTuck, It's Always Sunny in Philadephia, and Rescue Me and have Fox shows like That 70's Show, King of the Hill, and the classic Married With Children.

"I think this was a great deal," said NWF founder and owner Hakeem Johnson, "I mean, wrestling is such at a vunerable state right now and it's shocking to even hear that a network will sign a wrestling promotion. I think this should spice up the compettiton for a while."

For the time being, they will not go head to head with FX's rival, Spike TV, which has NWF's rival, TNA, Total Nonstop Action.

" I think FX will be a great home to show wrestling fans, new and old, that will capture the meaing of what the New Wrestling Federation is all about." said former UWEF/NWF champion Chris Jericho.

NWF Horizon will air there in the first week of July on Fridays right after reruns of a That 70's Show marathon. The show is expected to garner leftover ratings of new fans and even old fans of UWEF.

-Here is the poster that is being promoted for the first house show to kick off the NWF Neo Tour(sorry for it being small):

-Also, here are new pictures of the NWF logo and NWF Horizon logo:

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Re: NWF: New Wrestling Federation

Some nice news, but the roster is till looking thin, and needs to have more main eventers added.


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Re: NWF: New Wrestling Federation

Definitely some great news, poster and logos. The main event and uppercard definitely needs improvement. Anyways, can't wait to see your first show.

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Re: NWF: New Wrestling Federation

Definitely glad to see you're back in BTB, RRS. But it seems like the NWF is now a new fed, and if that's the case, why not just start a new thread?

Nevertheless, best of luck bro, and here's hoping ya do great with your return.

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Re: NWF: New Wrestling Federation

NWF NEWS: Offical Roster, House Show

Here is the official roster for NWF:


Chris Jericho
Christian Cage
Big Show
Shawn Micheals
Brock Lesnar

Perry Saturn
Bam Bam Bigelow
Harry Smith
Randy Orton
Rob Van Dam
Abizmo Negro

Chuck Palumbo
Shelton Benjamin
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy

Andy Douglas
Chase Stevens

Rodrigo Nogueira
Rogerio Nogueira


Jose Maximo
Joel Maximo

Chavo Guererro

Carlos Colon
Johnny Stamboli
Sonni Siaki
Nick Mondo
Quiet Storm
Robbie Lawler

Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy)
Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens)
The RN's (Rodrigo and Rogerio Nogueira)
Mexican United (Chavo Guererro and Psicosis)
The SAT's (Jose and Joel Maximo)
New Brood (Gangrel, Dinero, Maestro)
The FBI (Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli)

Brandon Robinson

Hakeem Johnson

Paul Heymen

-Although the house show says it will be on June 23rd, that doesn't mean I post it on June 23rd. So, when I am done, or close to, I will let you know and post it.

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Re: NWF: New Wrestling Federation


NWF NEO House Show
June 23rd, 2006

( ) - General information
* * - My thoughts
< > - Random information

*Now, keep in mind, a house show is shorter than a TV show so expect this to be shorter than usual*

(The lights starts to bright up and the crowd are estatic. We are live in the American Airline Center in Dallas, Texas as there are crowd signs everywhere. The stage is set up like a mini stage. An entranceway with a flat ramp. There are no announcers except a ring announcer, who is Dave Pensar.)
NWF Goes Hardcore

(Suddenly, a instrumental version of "Made You Look" by Nas hits the PA system and I, Hakeem Johnson, come out to a grand pop from the crowd, remembering me from the UWEF days. I strut down to the ring and I stand in the middle of the ring as "Thank You, Hakeem" chants start to begin and I remininsce the moment.)

Hakeem: Thank you for the welcome, ladies and gentlemen.


Hakeem: Man, this crowd is on Mavericks fever tonight.

(The crowd gives a huge cheap pop for the Dallas Mavericks mention)

*The Dallas Mavericks are in the finals against the Miami Heat*

Hakeem: Now that we have that out of the way, tonight begins a new era of professional wrestling. The UWEF you all knew and loved is no more.....

(Light boos)

Hakeem: ......but the life and birth of the NWF, New Wrestling Federation, has begun!

(Big pops)

Hakeem: That's right, no more wrestlers who use their egos to get what they want. No more politics are gonna be allowed in this federation. No more failed promises or lies from us anymore. No more old talent trying to get over by sqaushing new talent, brother.

*A shoot on to Hulk Hogan*

Hakeem: This is their time. This is your time. THIS IS OUR TIME!!!!

(Loud pops)

Hakeem: Now, tonight, we have some great matches tonight in our house show in Dallas, Texas. Those matches include Chavo Guererro and Psicosis of Mexican United.......

(Mild heat)

Hakeem: .....taking on a tag team who will debut in UWEF/NWF history. They are one of the most popular tag team of the 90s. They are Matt and Jeff, the Hardy Boyz!!!

(Gigantic pop as they are on their feet.)

Hakeem: However, this match won't be just a regular tag team match, hell, it won't even be tornado. This match will be decided in a Tables match!!!!

(Big pops)

Hakeem: Then, for the main event, "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton......

(Huge heat)

Hakeem: ....will take on former UWEF Heavyweight champion, Y2J, Chris Jericho!!!!

(Giagntic pop as Y2J chants start to begin.)

Hakeem: Now some of you are going, what about NWF Horizon? Are we gonna have a TV show? What channel and time? Let me just make sure you know right now that NWF Horizon will be coming back in July on the FX channel.

(Huge pop)

Hakeem: More on that on our next house show. Also, well, I might as well announce it. I have a new title that will replace the UWEF Atlantic belt and people, this is a title that most of you remember from the WWF Attitude days. It's the NWF Hardcore title!!!!

(Huge pop)

Hakeem: And on NWF Horizon in July, I am going to determine the champion in a Falls Count Match. Next week, two matches will take place and the winner of those two will face each other in the NWF Horizon debut. Thank you all and enjoy the rest of--

(Before Hakeem can finish, "On This Day* by Metallingus plays and Edge comes out to mixed reaction. He is wearing sunglasses, a black trenchcoat, black jeans, and a white shirt. They remember him in his Brood gimmick last but since going to Japan for a while, he has developed some heat and has gotten a "Rated R Movie Superstar" like gimmick. Edge comes to the ring and smiles all cocky. He has a mic.)

Edge: Sorry to interupt your interview, "boss", but I couldn't bear to overhear that you have just reinstated the Hardcore title to the NWF.

Hakeem: Yep, that's right, Edge.

Edge: Well, "boss", let me tell you something. Nobody in this crappy, second-rate arena, whether from the back or any of these Maverick losers in the crowd, deserves that Hardcore belt.

(Grand heat)

Edge: I am the most hardcore person you'll get in this company.

Hakeem: Oh, really, Edge? Is that right?

Edge: That's exactly right! Me, beating all the top talent in this promotion will be like Shaq dominating the Mavericks by himself!

(Biggest heat of the night so far)

Edge: SHUT UP, you two cent rated pieces of crap!

(More heat)

Edge: Anyway, "boss", let me just tell you what I have accomplished in the business. See, I have made the TLC and Ladder matches what they are today. I just came back from Japan and fought that crazy bastard Mick Foley in a Japanese Death Match. I took tacks, Hakeem. Pointy, sharpended tacks, stabbing my back every second. Everyone in this arena knows that I am, without a shadow of a doubt, am the most hardcore wrestler ever and the most hardcore wrestler you got and guess what, I bet you I am more hardcore with my fingers than anybody here with their own body.

(A "Shut the hell up" chant begins as Edge looks around the crowd and is angry.)

Hakeem: Edge, after hearing all those accomplishments and, hell, even fighting Mick Foley in a Japanese Death Match, I think you really do deserve the Hardcore belt and that you really are the most hardcore person I have ever heard of or met.

Edge: You're damn right I am. See, Hakeem, you give me the belt and I wll rake in ratings. I'm a different and more original person than anyone who has been a champion in this promotion. See, I won't need the opening twenty minutes of the show to make my points and arguements.

(Some go "oh")

Edge: I won't need to go in an undefeated and overrated streak to get people to pay attention to me and my skills.

(More "ohs" from the crowd)

Edge: Hell, I won't even need to bring a freakin' guitar for every one of my matches and need it to finish my opponents, just to hold the belt for a million years!

(some fans start to laugh)

Hakeem: Well, it looks like you just earned my decision to make you the NWF Hardcore champion. I have no doubt that you will represent the NWF Hardcore title and this promotion.

(More boos as Hakeem is "shocked" at the response but Edge ignores it.)

Edge: Thank you, boss. I knew you'd see it my way.

(Edge is about to leave untill Hakeem pauses him to stop.)

Hakeem: Hey, Edge, wait. You know what, I was kinda thinking about someone who is equal to or close as hardcore as you are. Now, I'll admit it, you are one tough hardcore bastard but I mean, I wonder what HE has to say about that.

(Edge is clueless untill *Quote the Raven* plays and Raven, wearing a Raven T-Shirt and his short jeans. His hair is still the same like now but he has lost a lot of weight but just a little chubby. He comes out and gets into the ring and asks for a microphone. The crowd give him a mild pop as Edge has a half hearted scared look on his face.)

Edge: Well, well, well. Look what the heymen dragged out.

(Edge laughs only to himself as Raven doesn't move or have a defined expression.)

Raven: That is pretty funny, Edge. You know, I heard you say just now that you were the most hardcore wrestler in this arena.

(The crowd boo as Edge smiles arrogantly and nods his head.)

Raven: Well, just like your surfer gimmick, that's full of crap!

(Huge pop as Edge is shocked and pissed at the same time.)

Raven: Just because you went to Japan and were in a brutal and unforgiving hardcore match with Foley doesn't even make you in the least, in my view, considered hardcore. Let me tell you a story, blondie. Every day when you go to the ring in a hardcore match and when you bleed every single, agonizing minute in the ring, when you get whacked with a steel chair on your head multiple times, when you're put through flaming, wooden tables, when you're being powerbombed through those devastating, parallel tacks and pipes, when your face is being stapled with a stapler and after all of the excruciating pain, when the next day begins, do you wake up in the morning, take that first yawn and say to yourself, "I feel great."? I do. You know why. Because that's my life, Edge. Pain is my wife and fear is my friend. Probably the friend that is flirting with my wife. Quote the Raven, Edge, nevermore!

(Huge pop as Edge is freaked out by this and Hakeem is silent.)

Edge: You're pathetic, Raven. You're a pathetic, fat, and lonely hobo trying to say you're hardcore because you were in (mockingly) ECW. But you know what, Raven, I could care less of your "wife" and your "friend". That doesn't make me scared or shiver in fear. The only thing that scares me when I look at you is your weight.

(Boos as Raven doesn't smile or get angry but stays calm.)

Edge: See, Raven, I'm the Rated R Superstar of this promotion. I have main evented mutiple times for the WWE and Japan so much, it's equivalent to how many times ECW were losing money.

(More boos as Edge is gaining heel heat.)

Edge: And you? All you did was probably eat more and became a more pathetic midcarder in that promotion down south that has a midcarder as the Heavyweight champion, a fat Samoan as a crusierweight champion, and, oh yeah, Brokeback Mountain as your tag team champions.

(Boos and "ohs" as Raven gets in Edge's face as Hakeem is actually smiling from the insults.)

Raven: Edge, you just don't get it. I mean, sure, you don't give a damn about my "wife' but hey, at least I didn't cheat on mine.

(Ohs and pops from the crowd as Edge sarcastically acts scared.)

Raven: Let's get to the point, Edge. If you're that hardcore like you say you are, then why don't you prove it right now in this ring.

(The crowd cheer as Edge looks in cowardness untill Hakeem steps in)

Hakeem: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Gentlemen, I know you guys want to get extreme by any means necessary but this is the first show back from April and I can't risk any injuries.

(Crowd boos that we won't get to see the fight.)

Hakeem: But, I'll tell you what, if you two really want to go wild then you guys will get an opportunity. You two will be in the hardcore matches starting next week. It will be Raven, Edge, and two surprise emtrants as well. Is that all right?

Edge: Fine with me, because after next week, I'll finally get rid of that cancer that has been breathing around "hardcore" for so long. Raven, by next week, you'll be "nevermore".

(The crowd boos as Edge's song hits as he goes under the first rope and leaves the ring as Raven and Hakeem look at Edge. Edge has a cocky smile as the crowd give him heel heat . After Edge's song is done and Edge is backstage, Raven then exits the ring and gets an average pop and mild "ECW" chants begin. After Raven goes backstage, Hakeem then exits the ring and gets a grand pop. Hakeem gives some high fives to the crowd as he leaves to head backstage.)
(The crowd now is waiting for something to happen as the ring announcer, Dave Pensar, gets in the ring.)

Pensar: The following match is for one fall.

(Generic music plays and Chuck Palumbo comes out to little reaction. Maybe only the WCW fans know him. Palumbo is only wearing blue aqua short trunks.)

Pensar: Introducing first, weighting in 280 pounds. From Providence, Rhode Island, he is Chuck Palumbo!

(Palumbo plays to the crowd but the fans don't care for him and just wait for the match up to happen Suddenly *Brood* with a remix feel plays and the crowd cheer for the music and are surprised untill they see red smoke fill the stage and we see a man who is wearing a red long sleeve shirt and black gothic jeans. His hair goes down and is black and looks to have sharp teeth. He comes to the ring with little reaction as to who is he.)

*The gothic man is Julio Dinero, partner of CM Punk from TNA's Gathering with Raven, however, he is simply known as Dinero here.*

Pensar: And his opponent, weighting in 232 pounds. From the alleys of darkness, he is Dinero!

(Dinero gets in the ring and gets in a stance that resembles a praying mantis on the mat as Palumbo is feeling weird about him.)

Chuck Palumbo vs. Dinero

Match: The bell rings and Palumbo and Dinero circle around the ring. They both grapple and Palumbo has Dinero's left arm and twists it back before Dinero rolls forward and twists sideways and reverses the hold onto Palumbo. Dinero smiles as Palumbo, with the more strength, elbows Dinero's face several times and then irish whips Dinero to the ropes and does a Monkey Toss. Dinero goes down as Palumbo picks him up. Palumbo then tries for suplex but Dinero slids behind Palumbo and puts him in a German position. Dinero then does a wrestling takedown and gets back up. Dinero then plays to the crowd by smiling devilishly at the crowd, and the crowd aren't much responding. Dinero picks up Palumbo and does about four chops on his chest and then does a scoop slam. Dinero irish whips himself and does a dropping knee drop and covers. 1===2=. Palumbo kicks out. Dinero then picks up Palumbo by his hair and puts him in a Piledriver position but Palumbo, again with the more strength, flips over Dinero to the mat. Palumbo is pumped and tries to pump up the crowd, but gets little reaction. Dinero gets up but Palumbo does a hard clothesline. Dinero gets up but Palumbo does a harder clothesline. Dinero, again, gets back up and Palumbo tries a clothesline but Dinero ducks and tries a superkick from behind but Palumbo holds Dinero's feet and does a clothesline. Palumbo covers Dinero. 1===2==. Dinero kicks out just in time. Palumbo, then picks up Dinero and puts him in the top turnbuckle. Palumbo then goes to the opposite corner and runs towards Dinero to do a High Belly to Belly from the turnbuckle and that woke up the crowd, as Palumbo is ready for the Jungle Kick. Dinero gets back up as Palumbo then goes for the Jungle Kick but Dinero ducks and wraps his arms around Palumbo's neck and......bites his neck with his sharp teeth?! Palumbo is in pain and faints down to the mat, face up. Some of the crowd can't believe what they just saw as Dinero wipes his mouth and goes onto the top turnbuckle. Dinero, facing his back towards Palumbo, does a moonsault, colliding their chest in the process. Dinero pins Palumbo with his right hand on Palumbo's face. 1===2===3!

Winner: Dinero via moonsault

Aftermath: *Brood* plays as Dinero looks down at Palumbo and looks at the crowd and smiles as the crowd actually give him some light heat. Dinero leaves the ring and wipes his mouth again. Palumbo gets back up and is dazed from the "bite". Palumbo looks at the crowd, who give him a little applause. Palumbo then simply leaves the ring and goes backstage. Suddenly, some crew members run from the stage and go under the ring and start pulling out tables, which gets the crowd excited and knowing the tables match is next. However, the crowd have to wait for three minutes untill this house show gets going.
<3 minutes later>

*This crowd has been great so far and even gave an opener match some reaction. I like Dinero's character and the "bite" "vampire" gimmick. Palumbo, hmm, I don't know about him yet.*

(After the three minute 'break", ring announcer Dave Pensar comes back again in the ring and gets ready to announce the next match.)

Pensar: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is a tables match!

(The crowd are ready as *Lie, Cheat, and Steal* plays and Chavo Guererro and Psicosis are wearing matchin attires. They are wearing a mexican flag t-shirt, Chavo is wearing a color mix of green, white, and red (mexican colors) on his long tights. As for Psicosis, he just has black parachute-like pants with a big green line on the sides. They go to the ring and start doing Eddie's turnbuckle taunts as the crowd boo for them using Eddie's taunts.)

Pensar: Introducing first, weighing in a combined weight of 410 pounds, they are the team of Psicosis and Chavo Guererro, Mexican United!

(The crowd give huge jeers as Chavo just flicks his hands to them, ignoring them while Psicosis smiles. Their theme song fades as we get a ten second adredaline pause as the crowd chant "Hardy", awaiting the reuinon of the Hardy Boyz in NWF. *Team Extreme* plays and the crowd are off their feet and give a thunderous pop as we see Matt Hardy come out, along with his brother, Jeff (who is doing his low position walk.). Matt is wearing a black shirt with black pants while Jeff is wearing his green and purple tanktop shirt with black pants as well. Matt and Jeff give out high fives for the crowd while Mexican United simply smile arrogantly.)

Pensar: And their opponents, from Cameron, North Carolina, in a combined weight of 440 pounds, they are Matt and Jeff Hardy, the Hardy Boyz!

(The Hardyz do their classic turnbuckle taunts as Mexican United are at ringside, looking at the Hardy Boyz as Matt gets down and Jeff does a backflip, showing he is in better health than he was in the "other" promotion.)

Tables Match
Hardy Boyz vs. Mexican United

Match: The bell rings and the crowd are still estatic of the Hardy return as kids and women chant "Hardy" as Chavo and Psicosis get into the ring. Matt is in the ring as Chavo and Psicosis talk and decide Chavo will go first as well. Matt and Chavo start us off as Matt walks around the ring while Chavo jogs a bit around it. Chavo and Matt shake their own hands and grapple and start a fast paced chain wrestling as Chavo goes under Matt's arm and gets behind Matt but Matt elbows Chavo's forehead. Matt irish whips himself but Chavo does a drop toe hold. Chavo tries an elbow but Matt gets out of the way. Matt now tries an elbow on the fallen Chavo but Chavo moves out of the way. Matt gets up quickly as Chavo tries a clothesline but Matt ducks behind and gets behind Chavo and tries a German suplex but Chavo flips up and then goes for a spinning wheel kick but Matt carries Chavo in the position and lifts him up to make Chavo flip and they get into their fighitng stance as the crowd give a huge standing ovation. Matt and Chavo circle around the ring and get ready to grapple but Chavo does a poke to the eyes of Matt as the crowd jeer Chavo as he smiles and looks all innocent but when he turns around, Matt is loaded with right and lefts on Chavo's head as the crowd are behind Matt's side. Chavo is irish whipped by Matt Hardy against the ropes and Matt does his own drop toe hold. Matt then irish whips himself and does a leg drop on the back of Chavo's head. Matt drags Chavo as he tags his brother, Jeff, who gets a hig pitched squeal from the kids and women of the crowd. Jeff picks up Chavo and does his unique punches. Jeff then irish whips Chavo, then himself, and collides with Chavo by doing a front missle dropkick on Chavo's face. Jeff then picks up Chavo and hits a crooked looking suplex on Chavo. Jeff then gets on the turnbuckle but Chavo rakes Jeff's eyes when he got back up. Chavo then jumps on the second turnbuckle, then on the third one to do a hurricarana on Jeff to take him down. Chavo then goes to ringside and starts to grab one of the tables from the ringside. Matt tries to stop it but Psicosis nails Matt with a knee to his back, driving Matt to the rail. Chavo and Psicosis set the table up in the center of the ring. Chavo and Psicosis pick up Jeff Hardy and try a double suplex through the table but Matt moves the table just in time as Jeff gets double suplexed. Matt gets to Psicosis and starts fighting with him and tosses him out of the ring. Chavo sneak attacks and nails Matt with a forearm elbow to his back, sending him through the ropes. Chavo turns around, only to see Jeff get a clothesline on him. Jeff takes off his shirt, getting a huge reaction from the women in the audience. Jeff then grabs a table and sets it up on the center of the ring. Chavo gets up as Jeff does a kick to Chavo's gut and sets him on the table as he does punches on Chavo's chest. Jeff then goes on the top turnbuckle to try and do a Swanton Bomb but Psicosis from behind pushes Jeff maybe six feet from the table and goes frontflipping on the mat as Chavo gets off the table and tags in Psicosis, finally. Psicosis jumps on the top rope and does a legdrop on Jeff's head. Psicosis then looks at the crowd, who just boo at him and Psicosis spits at them, gaining more heat. Psicosis then picks up Jeff and suplexes him but gets him up and does another suplex. Psicosis is doing the three amigos, Eddie's finisher. Psicosis gains heat from that as well as Psicosis then places Jeff in the table and goes on the top turnbuckle. Jeff looks to be out of it as Psicosis taunts the crowd as he goes for a frogslash but Jeff gets out of the way and Psicosis frogsplashed the table!!!! However, Jeff nor Matt did not do that to Psicosis so the match continues. Jeff starts getting up as he tags in his brother. Chavo gets in the ring but Matt takes him on. Matt does a clothesline on Chavo. Chavo gets up but Matt does a drop toe hold on the corner, making Chavo hit his head on the second turnbuckle. Matt gets on all fours as Jeff gets on the opposite corner and they do the Poetry in Motion move while Chavo's head is on the 2nd turnbuckle. The crowd is eating this up as they then toss Psicosis, who is still out of it. Matt and Jeff Hardy then grab another table from under the ring and then tosses it in the ring. Matt and Jeff set up the table and get ready for Chavo. Chavo takes a while to get up but before the Hardy Boyz can do their move, Psicosis has a chair with him in the ring. Psicosis nails the chair on the back of Matt Hardy's head. Matt goes down as Jeff does some chops on Psicosis and does a scoop slam. Jeff backs up, just enough for Chavo to do a low blow, as the crowd boo. Chavo then does a DDT on Jeff with the chair. Chavo and Psi then place Jeff on the table and get on opposite top turnbuckle corners to each other. Psicosis does a leg drop on Jeff's head while Chavo does a frogsplash on Jeff and they do it on the same time. The table violently breaks and we have ourselves the winners.

Winners: Mexican United by aereal Legdrop/Frogsplash combo

Aftermatch: The crowd given them many heat as *Lie, Cheat, and Steal* play. Chavo and Psicosis look at their fallen foes and just walk out all arrogantly. Jeff Hardy needs some help as Matt Hardy, holding his head, picks up Jeff, who is wobbily, as they get a huge standing ovation and a "Hardy" chant. Matt smiles and thanks them as they leave the ring and Matt is still carrying Jeff. The stage crew come back and clean up the messes.
<2 minutes later>

*Now the place is unmessy. I liked this match a lot and it could lead into a fued between those two. Jeff showed some great athleticism but Matt looked fatigue.*

It's His Destiny

(Dave Pensar comes back when *Burn In My Light* plays by Mercy Drive and everyone knows that song and starts booing immediately as Randy Orton comes out. He is wearing a blue silk shirt, collar up, and black busniess pants. Some women screech but it's mostly boos. Randy walks down cockily as the crowd keep booing.)

Pensar: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Randy Orton!

(More booings ensue as Orton is in the ring and ask for the mic. He grabs one and before he can talk, "Get Out" chants begin.)

Orton(sarcastic): My fans. My lovely fans.


Orton: All right, let's cut to the chase. The last time you all saw me was when that spot monkey RVD injured me in our ladder match at Epidemic.


Orton: Now I'll admit it, I was beaten by Rob Van Dam fair and square but I kept saying to myself on that night that if I was going to hell in this match, RVD would be going with me as well.


Orton: Sure, RVD won that match but trust me, on my father, that will never happen again.


Orton: Now tonight, I have to face another legend that is a waste of time to me, Chris Jericho.

(Pops for Jericho's mention)

Orton: Yeah, well, after tonight, when I beat Jericho in this very ring, I will become a threat to the Heavyweight title. I'm gonna do something the Dallas Mavericks haven't done in a while. Win a championship.

(Thunderous heat as Orton smiles arrogantly)

Orton: Now, in July, NWF Horizon returns to television on FX. That's when this whole Heavyweight title scene will be decided. Well, from the looks of competition here, I am more worthy of holding the belt than Christian, Chris Jericho, Edge, or any body in this building.

(More boos)

Orton: Go ahead and jeer but come July, get use to hearing the phrase "Randy Orton, NWF Heavyweight Champion!"


(The crowd look around to who is talking until they see Chris Jericho on the stage and give him the biggest pop of the night so far. Jericho has a Highlight Reel vest on with his Highlight Reel wrestling long tights.)

Jericho: Orton, you say you deserve that belt more than anyone yet you couldn't even keep it for two months.

(The crowd pop as Orton is fusing.)

Orton: You better have a damn good excuse on why you're interupting me.

Jericho: Well, I do, Randy boy. See tonight we have a match and it could decide who gets the belt and who doesn't. Orton, you don't have Triple H, Batista, or even, Flair to back you up anymore. See, monkey, you're easy pickings for me and when I beat your ass tonight here in Dallas, Texas, I will become the new UWEF Heavyweight Champion.

(Huge pops)

Jericho: You say it's your "destiny" to win it or it your chance to "shine"? Well, every time I hear that crap from your mouth, that just makes me believe more and more that you were Triple H's bitch more than Flair ever was.

(More huge pops as Orton smiles)

Orton: Cute, Jericho. Sure, you were the UWEF Heavyweight Champion but let me ask you something, after you lost the belt, what did you do? At No Way Out, you got screwed by an Alpha Male and lost another opportunity. At Starcade, you didn't even main event while I, Randy Orton, made my triumphant return and RKO'd Triple H's ass. Come on, Chris, now that was low even for a former Heavyweight champion like yourself. That's why tonight is my destiny. That is why tonight you'll have to live with the fact that the Legend Killer, Randy Orton, defeated Chris Jericho!

(Biggest heel heat of the night as Jericho gets serious)

Jericho: Randy, you're pretty good with that craphole you call a mouth. But tonight, we'll see if that mouth can back you up. You know, I didn't want to make this personal, but after tonight, I'm gonna put you back in that hospital and make the nurse put on the FX channel and you'll see me, Chris Jericho, the first NWF Heavyweight Champion and for you Randy, all you'll do in the hospital, is moan and scream, except it'll be you instead of your nurse! Come tonight, the Jerichoholics will rejoice as Chris Jericho, in July, will become the first ever NWF Heavyweight champion!

(Crowd loves this as they pop for Jericho as *Break The Walls* plays. Jericho smiles towards Orton while Orton just smirks off the comments. Jericho then goes to the back while Randy Orton starts leaving the ring and is on the ramp as the crowd booing him to the back. Dave Pensar, still in the ring, gets ready to introduce us to the next match.)
Pensar: This match is scheduled for one fall.

(*British Bulldog* is played as the crowd are somewhat shockened by this untill Davey Boy Smith's SON comes out of the stage to little reaction. Davey Smith is wearing thigh-covered tights, like Lashley's, with the British flag on the back and a mix color of blue, red, white on the front. Harry gets into the ring.)

Pensar: Introducing first, weighting in 251 lbs, from London, England, he is Harry Smith!

(The crowd then pop for Harry since he is Davey's son. Harry warms up untill *Brood* plays again and the crowd look at the stage to see red smoke filling it up untill we see that it is Gangrel. The crowd give him heat as Gangrel still has that golden cup.)

Pensar: And his opponent, weighting in at 240 lbs, from the alleys of darkness, Gangrel!

(Gangrel gets on the apron and drinks some of the "blood" in the cup. Gangrel then spits the "blood", showing red mist. Gangrel has on his gothic shirt with black long tights with a red cross on the sides. Also, he has sharp teeth, like Dinero. The "blood" is dripping from Gangrel's mouth, which gets on his shirt. Harry Smith is weirded by this and focuses on himself.)

*Shelton Benjamin is not wrestling tonight and was replaced with Harry Smith because Shelton had some independent commitments to still work on. Besides, he is a heel and so is Gangrel.*

Harry Smith vs. Gangrel

Match Notes: Smith cicrles around the ring while Gangrel just stands there. Smith then stops and tries to grapple with Gangrel, but Gangrel moves out of the way and gets him from behind. Gangrel holds him into a German position but Harry rolls forward and Gangrel goes down and hits his throat on the second rope. Harry irish whips himself and jumps his whole body on Gangrel's neck. Harry picks up Gangrel and does a sideslam and then goes for a pin. 1==. Gangrel easily kicks out as Harry still keeps his focus on Gangrel. Harry Smith irish whips himself to do a spear but Gangrel rushes and does a knee smacked onto Harry's forehead. Gangrel uses his hands and chokes out Smith's neck untill the ref counts to four. Gangrel then does it again and only to realease it at four. Gangrel picks up Harry and attempt a suplex but Harry's power makes Gangrel fail. Harry then does a suplex of his own and Gangrel is down on his back as Harry irish whips himself and does a legdrop. He gets the cover. 1===2. Gangrel kicks out as Harry gets a bit frustrated at the kickout. Harry gets up and waits for Gangrel to get up. Harry then tries a kick to the gut but Gangrel holds it and does a dragon twist on it. Gangrel then positions Harry in the corner and places his head on the lower tunrbuckle. Gangrel goes on the opposite corner and does a one leg dropkick on Harry's face as Harry slimps down to the ropes. Gangrel drags him away from the ropes and covers Harry. 1===2=. Harry kicks out. Gangrel is obviously not happy about that as he picks up Harry and irish whips him to a corner and Harry's back smacks into the corner. Gangrel tries a running charge but Harry moves out of the way and Gangrel hits his chest on the top turnbuckle. Harry is behind Gangrel and does a Full Nelson Bridge and gets a pin. 1===2=. Gangrel kicks out as the fans are behind Harry, as they chant "Harry". Harry then does forearm smashes on Gangrel's face and then tries to go for a powerslam, his dad's finisher, but Gangrel slids behind Harry and does, quickly, a Russian Leg Sweep. Gangrel then gets his knee and shoves it on Harry's face, as the ref counts and Gangrel stops at four. Gangrel then smiles devilishly and the crowd give him good heat. Gangrel then starts to go on the apron and onto the top turnbuckle untill Harry gets up and does a forearm punch on Gangrel's face and gets up with him as well. Harry then has him in a Perfectplex position and does a Northern Lights from the TOP TURNBUCKLE!!! The crowd pop huge for that as they applaud for Harry as Gangrel's back is arched from the pain. Harry then gets on the top turnbuckle and does a frogsplash, kinda bad though, and pins Gangrel. 1===2===THR-NO! Gangrel, somehow, kicks out. The crowd is getting very hot in this match as Harry then picks up Gangrel and does a snap suplex and then does a drop fist on his forehead. Harry then does a double stomp to the mat, signaling his finisher. Harry picks up Gangrel and has him in a powerslam position and gets on the second turnbuckle to do a Super Powerslam untill the lights in the arena become red and they flash constantly. Maybe about fifteen times untill the arena goes pitch black. After ten minutes, we see Harry Smith, laying down in the center of the ring, with his body covered completely in blood. The crowd, again, are surprised of what they have seen as Gangrel smiles and laughs. Gangrel then covers Harry as the ref, who is also surprised, makes the count. 1===2===3!!! Gangrel gets the win.

Winner: Gangrel by bloodbath KO

Aftermatch Notes: Gangrel takes some of Harry's blood and starts licking it as Gangrel then uses his hand and signals for the lights to be in red again and they are again. Suddenly, two figures, who we can't see clearly, come from the crowd and get into the ring. It looks like they are Dinero and Maestro, formerly known as Frankie Kazarian. They face towards Gangrel and get on their knees and bows down to Gangrel. Gangrel smiles as he "pets" them in the head and they look at Harry Smith. They carry Harry up above their heads in a "cross" position. The Vampire then, slowly and in a pattern, walk backstage with their victim. After that, Dave Pensar announces intermission for ten minutes.
<10 mins later>

*The match was good as Harry Smith showed his unique moveset. As for Gangrel, a bit better from his last run in the WWE but still isn't that good. I love the new Brood faction as it keeps all of them busy*

The Whole Damn Show....Is Ruined

(*One of A Kind* by Breaking Point plays and the crowd already cheer as RVD comes out to street clothes. He is wearing one of his RVD shirts and is wearing short light blue jeans. RVD does his signature pose to the crowd many times.)

Pensar: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Rob.....Van.....Dam!!!

(RVD does his signature pose when introduced. He finally gets in the ring as huge RVD chants begin. RVD has a microphone in his hand.)

RVD: I appreciate the love, dudes.


RVD: Now, it just wouldn't be a NWF show without "THE" Whole Damn Show, Rob...Van...Dam!!!

(The crowd chant with RVD as they pop again.)

RVD: Now, I have been in some sort of dilema here tonight. I mean, I would like to fight for the NWF Heavyweight Championship but apparently Orton and Jericho are occupying it.

(Mild boos)

RVD: I could also go for the Hardcore Championship but I doubt that I will be in the drawing next week so that is out of the question.

(More mild boos)

RVD: Also, the Tag Team Championships would be nice but I don't have a partner to get one so I guess that's another one crossed out of the list.


RVD: So, that leaves me with one championship left to grab and take and it's name is the NWF International Championship!

(Mild pops)

RVD: See, I was the UWEF Atlantic Champion before UWEF closed and I think I have enough credentials to deserve that belt. I don't care if I have to earn the belt, be given the belt, or hell, even cheat to get the win. Rob Van Dam brings in the ratings and RVD is the real deal and there is not a damn person anyone can do to stop me.

(Huge pops)

RVD: Now, next week, we got another house show going and you know what, I demand a match next week to just prove how real I am. To prove to the fans worldwide that Rob Van Dam just isn't some guy who has a limited vocabulary and only does a frogsplash from a turnbuckle. Edge said earlier he wants to represent NWF. Well, I plan to do the same for this company as well, only I'll do better and I will become the People's champion.

(Huge pops)

RVD: Thank you. So, Hakeem, boss, please come out because I deserve a match up right now!

(Huge pops again but Hakeem doesn't come out nor do we hear his music. The crowd boos.)

RVD: Come on, boss. Tell me you're not afraid to show true talent in your promotion.

(As RVD turns around, a fat guy, covered with a NWF shirt, black judolike pants, and he has a black covered helmet covering his head. The person gets in the ring as RVD turns around. The fat guy does a rampage tackle to RVD as RVD holds his ribs. The fat guy irish whips himself and does a jumping splash on RVD's body as RVD is crunching in pain. He's not done as he irish whips RVD to a corner and RVD falls back and lands down. The fat guy then takes off his helmet and reveals himself as.......BAM BAM BIGELOW!!! The crowd are stunned as majore heat are given to him as people still remember him. Bigelow is not done as he gets out of the ring and grabs a kendo stick and a table from under the ring. Bigelow puts them inside the ring and gets in the ring. Bigelow sets the table onto the center of the ring. RVD starts to rise up but Bigelow has the kendo stick and WHACKS the stick on RVD's skull. RVD is KO'd as Bigelow is whacking the stick on RVD's head and back as the crowd chant "You Suck" Bigelow then stomps on RVD's head and picks him up. Bigelow wraps the stick around RVD's neck, choking him and then does a Russian Leg Sweep. The crowd give Bigelow more hear as Bigelow smiles towards the crowd at his ways. Bigelow then picks up RVD and places him towards the table. Bigelow gets his kendo stick and whacks RVD on the head and chest, just in case RVD starts to move or get out of the way. Bigelow drops the kendo stick and then starts climbing towards the second turnbuckle. Bigelow gives out a yell and then does a elevated body splash from the 2nd turnbuckle to RVD ON THE TABLE!!! The crowd are stunned and shocked as some rise to their feet to see if RVD's okay. Bigelow, then, constantly yells to RVD "I am the true talent, Rob!" Bigelow leaves, smiling at the carnage he just gave to RVD. Bigelow walks up towards the stage and backstage as RVD lays there, motionless. Some staff members and low carders like Sonny Siaki, Robbie Lawler, and Carlos Colon come out and in the ring. They roll RVD out of the ring and carry him. RVD is dropping weight but tries to move, as the crowd cheer for RVD and chant "RVD". The crowd then waits for five minutes as more crew members clean up the mess that just occured.)
<4 mins later>

(The ring is cleared as it is time for our main event! *Burn In My Light* plays again and Randy Orton comes out to heat from the fans and screeches from the women. Randy Orton is wearing only light orange trunks. Orton, arrogantly, walks down to the ring.)

Pensar: The following is for one fall. Introducing first, weighting in 261 lbs. From St. Louis, Missouri, he is the Legend Killer, Randy Orton!

(He is in the ring and does his natural pose on all four corners as the crowd jeer each taunt. Orton then walks back and forth in the ring as he waits for his opponent. *Break The Walls Down* plays and chris Jericho comes out but doesn't do his special stage taunts. He just walks to the ring and focuses on Orton in the ring. Jericho gets in the ring and does his special taunt, getting a pop from the crowd.)

Pensar: And his opponent, weighting in 231 pounds. From Manhasset, New York, he is Y2J, Chris Jericho!

Main Event Match
Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

Match Notes: Orton and Jericho are in the ring and get face to face with each other. Orton and Jericho bump their foreheads into each other. Orton backs off but then slaps Jericho's face as the crowd give major heat. Jericho rubs his face and smiles calmly. Jericho then turns and slaps Orton in the face too and from there, Jericho gives Orton some punches. On the seventh punch, Orton goes down. Jericho then picks up Orton and does some nice uppercuts on Orton. Jericho then irish whips Orton to the ropes but Orton reverses it and tries a clothesline but Jericho ducks and comes back with a missle dropkick and Orton is rolling under the bottom rope and all the way outside. Orton holds his head as "Orton Sucks' chants begin. Jericho opens between the top and middle ropes to "let him in". Orton is mad as the chants get louder. He tells them to shut up but they get louder. Orton gets on the apron and makes the ref tell Jericho to back off. The ref back Jericho up as Orton, carefully, gets back in the ring. Orton then circles around the ring as Jericho does the same. They both grapple and Orton gets in a headlock and holds it for ten seconds before Jericho backs up to the ropes and irish whips him and tries a clothesline but Orton does one first. Orton irish whips himself but Jericho ducks and gets up. Orton comes back for a clothesline but Jericho ducks and is behind Orton. Jericho gets in a backdrop on Orton and goes for a cover. 1==. Orton kicks out. Jericho picks up Orton and tries a suplex but Orton pokes Jericho's eyes. Orton then irish whips Jericho and gets in a monkey lift. Orton irish whips himself and drops a knee on Jericho's face. Orton then covers Jericho while puuting his wrists in Jericho's face. 1==. Jericho kicks out with ease as Orton then starts choking Jericho and lets go at three. Orton then picks up Jericho and does his trademark uppercuts. Orton then irish whips Jericho into a corner and tries to follow up with a splash but Jericho ducks. Jericho irish whips himself and does a clothesline to takes Orton down. Jericho then sticks his foot down Orton's throat as he lets go at four. Jericho then picks up Orton and irish whips him to a corner. Jericho gets on the apron and on the top turnbuckle. Jericho puts his legs behind Orton's head and does a reverse hurricarana from the top rope as Orton flips back!!! The crowd love it and haven't seen Jericho do that before. Jericho then covers Orton. 1===2=. Orton kicks out as the crowd boo for that. Jericho picks up Orton by the hair and then goes for a suplex. Jericho then tries to irish whip himself but Orton holds Jericho's ankle and trips him. Orton then gets to his knees and then does elbow drops on Jericho's back leg. Orton gets up and jumps up and knees Jericho's back leg. Orton then picks up Jericho and does a snap suplex and rolls backwards to do a pin. 1===2. Jericho kicks out but his leg is in pain. Orton sees this and stomps on the back of Jericho's leg. Orton then drags Jericho to the ropes and wraps his leg around the bottom rope and keeps doing it until the ref breaks it up at four. Randy Orton then stands on the leg and then jumps from it and makes an impactful sit on the leg as Jericho holds his leg and screams in pain as Orton plays to the crowd, getting major heat. Orton then puts Jericho on the top turnbuckle and follows him. Orton then tries to go for a suplex but Jericho punches his ribs. However, Orton slams Jericho's face on the top turnbuckle and then is able to do a Super Suplex from the top! The crowd chant for Jericho to get up as Orton gets in a pin. 1==2=. Jericho kicks out as Orton is surprised. Orton then picks up Jericho and irish whips him for a clothesline but Jericho clotheslines him and Orton rolls out to the apron and gets up. Jericho jumps on the top turnbuckle and then dropkicks Orton and makes him hit his head on the rail. Jericho holds his leg as he gets up. The crowd are behind him as Jericho waits for Orton to get up. Orton is up, holding his head, and Jericho irish whips himself and does a frontflip over the top rope and on Orton from outside. The crowd love it as a very light "Holy $#!+" begins. Jericho recovers as he gets up and tosses Orton to the ring. Jericho then gets in the ring and gets up. Jericho irish whips himself and tries the Lionsault but Orton lifts a knee. Luckily, Jericho lands on his feet. Orton is up and tries a clothesline but Jericho ducks and gets the Flashback. Jericho then covers Orton. 1===2==. Orton kicks out to the surprise of Jericho and the fans. Jericho then picks up Orton and then irish whips him and tries a clothesline but Orton ducks and when Jericho turns, Orton nails the RKO! The crowd are amazed but then boo heavily as Orton does his special taunt and covers Jericho. 1===2==NO! Jericho kicks out as the crowd erupt with cheers as Orton holds his head in anger. Orton then leaves the ring and grabs a chair from under the ring. Orton gets in the ring as Jericho gets up. Orton then tries to swing the chair but the ref pulls it away from him. Orton gets in the refs face as Jericho then, from behind, does a school boy from behind. 1===2===NO! Orton kicks out. The crowd were pumped as Orton get up and tries an RKO but Jericho toe holds him and turns him around for a Walls of Jericho and Orton is trapped. Orton is trying to drag him towards the ropes but Jericho drags him back towards the center and Orton has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Chris Jericho via Walls of Jericho

Aftermatch: Chris Jericho gets up and raises his hands as the crowd pop with joy. Jericho gets out of the ring and gives high fives to the crowd. Jericho then heads towards the stage and does his pose before going backstage. Orton has two referees around him as the crowd boo and chant "You Tapped Out" as Orton is being carried out of the ring and towards backstage as the crowd boo him out. Pensar then thanks the fans for coming and tells them to buy some official NWF gear before heading out.
(End of show)

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Re: NWF: New Wrestling Federation

I'll review tomorrow, but what are you doing? Why aren't you just writing out shows like you used to, really, who cares if you liked the match or your thoughts on these guys, people don't wanna read that kinda thing mate.

So, your feelings in the show are a no no

Really, it ruined the flow of the house show.


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