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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

cool poster, did you make it yourself? or did you get somebody to make it for you?
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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Yes, I did make the poster.

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Thats a nice poster. 9/10.

PLease review my Wrestlemania 22.
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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Nice poster man Horizon should be pretty good
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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Dude your poster is sweet, I thought you got people to do your posters? Weird. This is a little rare but rep added for poster, and cannot wait for Horizon!
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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

UWEF NEWS: Starcade, Horizon

-UWEF Starcade looks to maybe being posted later than April 8th. Folks, just because it says it will be live April 8th, doesn't mean it will be posted ON April 8th.

-UWEF Horizon should be posted by Thursday. I had some Wrestlemania fever in the weekend so I couldn't really accomplish much.

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Horizon will be up tonight.

EDIT: Oh, and I forgot to mention that QuikStop will start this week starting on Sunday.


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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Let me warn you that I wrote a long ass Rhyno/Abizmo match but my computer was shut down because here in Calfironia, we are having strange weather and shutted down the thing I did. So it won't be here but it has been scheduled for next week. Sorry for the inconvience. This is why I said two instead of one OHaire match.

(The UWEF video plays and we recap of the Steel Cage match between Steve Austin and Bret Hart only from last week's Horizon. We see the highlights of Austin and Bret in the cage, even Monty getting in the match. We see Austin climb up and almost to be crowned UWEF Heavyweight Champion when suddenly, a returning Razor Ramon comes out and smacks Austin with his golden jewlery rings. Austin goes down as Bret climbs up and gets out of the cage. Bret and Monty beat down Austin untill HBK comes out and fights Bret and Monty and cleans house. He raises Bret's belt up to Bret as he wants the belt.)

(The Horizon video plays and then we fade to the crowd in Fargo, North Carolina at the FargoDome. We pan to signs as "Why, Razor, why?", "Bring back Heenan", "RVD", "Bret "the Hit and Run" Hart.)

UWEF Horizon
Hosted By JR ad The King
Fargo, North Carolina

JR: Hello, ladies and gentlement and welcome to UWEF Horizon as we are live in Fargo, North Caorlina here at the FargoDome as the crowd looks ready to go.

King: Yep and tonight, we got a Beat the Clock Matchup. Abizmo Negro will faces Rhyno. If Abizmo loses, his spot will go to Rhyno and Abizmo will take Rhyno's spot.

JR: Plus, the Tag Team Champions, Edge will go one on one in a non title match against the debut match of Bobby Lashley and Jay Lethal of the Men In Black.

(*Big Red Machine* plays and Kane comes out to decent pops. He has the 2003 mask back on as he walks down to the ring.)

Finkel: The following is for one fall. Introducing first, he is the Big Red Machine, KANE!

(Kane is in the ring and then does his arm lifting and does a grand explosion as all the lights turn default white. Kane then waits for his opponent. *Ultamite* plays and Shamrock comes out to decent pops as the crowd start a light "UFC" chant.)

King: Yeah, expect an unknown state like North Carolina try to be popular by chanting that garbage of a promotion.

JR: I think that the UFC have been doing a great job. Now, if you want to talk about garbage, it's the promotion being carried by the UFC.

King; JR, you devil.

MATCH ONE: Ken Shamrock vs. Kane

Begin Notes: Kane and Shamrock lock up at the bell as the crowd just look on. Rude Awakening on Ken Shamrock by Kane. Kane hits a stump piledriver on Ken Shamrock. There's a two count on the pin. Ken Shamrock fights out of a grapple. Ken Shamrock snap suplexes Kane. Bodyslam by Shamrock. There's a two count on the pin. Ken Shamrock plants Kane with an exploder suplex. Hooks the leg for a close fall. Flying shoulder tackle by Shamrock sends Kane to the mat. Kane ducks a clothesline attempt. Nice piledriver on Shamrock. There's a two count on the pin. Death valley driver by Kane, Ken Shamrock got planted. Pinfall attempt gets a 2.9999. All of a sudden, he's up and Shamrock has an advanatage on Kane's arm as he twists it untill Kane does an uppercut on Shamrock's throat. Kane then takes his two hands, wraps it around Shamrock's neck, and tosses him to a corner and does uppercut thrusts on the neck on Shamrock. Kane irish whips Shamrock to the opposite corner and does a Big Splash. Kane then takes Shamrock and goes for the Tombstone already but Shamrock reveses behind him and starts doing some of his UFC kicks on Kane's leg. Shamrock then does a jumping back wheel kick, a Van Daminator, on Kane and covers but Kane kicks out.

Mid Match Notes: Shamrock then starts stomping on Kane as the crowd chant for Shamrock more than for Kane. Shamrock irish whips Kane and does a bellt to belly suplex on Kane at the center and covers but Kane kicks out. Shamrock then tries a kick on Kane's rib but Kane catches it and takes him down with a powerful clothesline. Kane then chokes out Shamrock and then starts to pick him up. Kane puts him in a snake eyes position and drops Shamrock on the top turnbuckle, hitting his head.

Ending Notes: Kane then signals for the chokeslam. Shamrock is up and turns around as Kane snaps his hand around Shamrock's neck and tries for a chokeslam but Shamrock gets it into an armbar as the crowd are astonished by the reversal as Kane tries to find the ropes. Shamrock then gets up and picks up Kane. Shamrock puts him in a suplex position and gets in a Brainbuster. Flying shoulder tackle by Kane sends Shamrock to the mat. Chanelling the spirit of Misawa, Kane uses a forearm to the face. Shamrock ducks a wild right hand. Bodyslam by Shamrock. Belly to belly off the top rope, Kane got folded up big time. Ken Shamrock moves in for the kill. Here it comes - Belly To Belly. Shamrock then roars and yells, getting major fan support. Shamrock then takes Kane's ankle and starts putting on the Ankle Lock on Kane. Kane tries not to tap but eventually does. Shamrock wins this decent but boring match.

WINNER: Ken Shamrock
TIME: 5:59

Aftermatch Notes: Shamrock celebrates his victory untill Sean O Haire comes out. Sean O'Haire comes running down the aisle with a chair and into the ring! Shamrock turns...and is dropped by a vicious chair shot! Sean O'Haire has left Shamrock down and bloodied. Ohaire picks up Shamrock and does a belly to belly on Shamrock. OHaire then starts beating him down untill Daniel Puder, who comes out to light boos and cheers, comes out with his own chair and gets in the ring. OHaire gets out of the ring as Puder swings and misses Ohaire just by much. Ohaire is in the stage and smiles at what he did at Shamrock as Puder grabs the mic.

Puder: Ohaire. We are sick and tired of your shenanigians and we are sick and tired of you trying to inerfere in our business. If you wanted a fight, then you should have asked for one.

(Decent pops)

Puder: How about next week, huh, Sean? You vs. me one on one.

(Ohaire laughs because of Puder's talent as some of the crowd join in too.)

Puder: You think I'm funny? Well, you were pretty scared of me because of how I came out.

(Ohaire shouts "It was a chair, not you!" but the crowd "You're a p*ssy" at him and he gets angry.)

Puder: How about it, Natural Born Killer? Because if you step in the ring, I will make you suffer.

(Sean OHaire is about to come down there untill Mr. Stasiak comes out to a decent amount of light pops.)

Mr. Stasiak: Excuse me, gentlemen. Need I remind you that we are UWEF, not a backyard wrestling promotion.

(Decent pops)

Stasiak: So, Sean O Haire, I will grant the match ONLY if you agree to it.

(Ohaire looks at Puder and the crowd really dont care.)

Ohaire: I accept. Let me just be clear on something. You better be going to your local church service and pray to God you don't die next week because when I fight you next week, I will destroy you, just like last month.

(Ohaire then has a sadistic face and leaves the stage and heads up as Puder has an angry stare at him.)


(We see Batista and Ric Flair drinking coffee and chatting HHH attacks Batista from behind. Flair is shocked as HHH throws Flair to a closed door. Batista has hot coffee all over himself as HHH throws Batista head on the garage door. Batista is starting to show some blood again as HHH then picks up Batista and rams him on the wall. Batista is down as HHH holds his head.)

HHH: You thought you could attack me just like that, huh Dave? You thought being a masked assailant was gonna throw me off? I'm not dumb, Batista!

Batista(breathing hard): Get off of m....

(HHH starts punching Batista some more and then has a chair. HHH takes off Batista's suit and starts to whack the chair on Batista's bare back as Batista shouts in pain. Security starts coming and pulls HHH from Batista.)

HHH(yelling as security pulls him from Batista): This isn't over, Dave. This isn't over.

(HHH is gone as Batista starts to scream in pain and is confused.)


JR: Well, Triple H isn't really happy now.

King: He damn well should be angry. That guy should be arrested for battery.

JR: Nonetheless, we were shocked last week in the Stone Cold vs. Bret Hart Steel Cage match for the UWEF Championship untill, well, look at this.......

Originally Posted by Last Week on UWEF Horizon - Stone Cold vs. Bret Hart in a Steel Cage Match for the UWEF Heavyweight Championship
Austin starts going towards to the door and the door is opening. Austin's hands are in the floor but his feet must be on the floor as well. Bret, however, is holding Austin's legs together and Austin is struggling to get down. Bret then drags Austin back untill Austin's head is on the door. Bret goes to the door and smashes the door on the top of Austin's head. Austin looks to be out and is holding his head, selling in his own unique way. Bret then smiles and starts to climbing the steel fence. Bret is close but, somehow, he is stuck on the cage top of the fence. Austin starts to regain consciousness and shakes the cage. Bret starts to lose balance and falls off the fence top and Bret is down. Austin is up and looks at the fence top and then the door. The crowd chant "Climb the cage" as Austin smiles and starts climbing the cage. Suddenly, Monty Brown comes running down the stage.

Monty orders the ref to open the cage and he does. Monty gets in the ring and shakes the cage and starts to make Austin fall. Austin climbs down and starts fighting Monty as the crowd cheer on for Austin to win. As Monty and Austin are fighting, Bret has a key for the cage door and locks the cage fence door. Austin then gets lowblowed by Monty. Monty irish whips himself and tries the Pounce but Austin moves out of the way and Monty nails himself on the cage. Austin then does a Stone Cold Stunner, getting crowd support and the cheers. Bret then realizes that the steel pipe that Austin brought in the match is still here. Austin turns around and Bret tries to swing the pipe on Austin but Austin ducks and gets in the Stone Cold Stunner on Bret. The crowd goes ballistic as Austin then heads for the door but remember, Bret locked it earlier. Austin, tired and exhausted, then starts climbing the steel cage and is on the top but suddenly, RAZOR RAMON~! comes out of the steel cage to huge pops and has some gold knuckles. Razor climbs the steel cage opposite to Austin and nails the gold knuckles on Austin's forehead about three times viscously,making Austinf all off the cage fence as the crowd give Razor the biggest heat of the night. Razor has shcked the wrestling fans as Razor then starts doing his NWO taunts and then starts walking back as Austin is laid out and is down. Monty is still down as Bret starts moving and gets up woozily. Bret sees Austin down and does know what happened but doesn't care as he starts climbing the steel cage fence. He is over the top and climbs down and then lands on the floor, and Bret has won the steel cage match, remaining the UWEF Heavyweight Champion. The cage rises up as the crowd boo hardly at Bret but mostly on Razor, who just went backstage.

WINNER AND STILL UWEF Heavyweight Champion: Bret "The Hitman" Hart
TIME: 23:43

JR(in JR mode): What the hell was that about!!! What the hell did Scott Hall, or Razor Ramon, just do to Austin?

King: I'm just as shocked as you are, JR but Bret Hart escapes the cage match.

JR: Oh, Bret Hart is the luckiest man in Madison, Wisconsin on the night and every damn fan knows it!

King: Lucky? No. It was pure faith for Bret Hart

Monty is up and joins Bret on the beatdown as Bret then takes Austin's legs and does a sharpshooter on Austin as Austin bleeds with no movement.

JR: Oh, great. We're reliving the I Quit match all over again.

Bret puts in more pressure as Monty stomps and kicks Austin's head untill *Sexy Boy* plays and the crowd goes wild as Bret turns to the stage shokced, still on the sharpshooter as Shawn Micheals, wearing a UWEF starcade shirt and blue jeans, comes running down and into the ring. MOnty takes assault on HBK but HBK fights back, getting momentum from the crowd. HBK does his flying forearm on Monty and NIPS UP! HBK then waits for Monty to get up as he does and nails a Sweet Chin Music to Monty, getting gigantic pops. Bret gets out of the Sharpshooter but HBK nails Bret with punches and then clotheslines him over the top rope. HBK stands tall as HBK then notices Bret's belt on the floor. HBK then picks up Bret's belt, as Bret gets up, and raises it up high, indicating what he wants from Bret as Bret stares down on him.
JR: Well, tonight, Razor Ramon will be here in the building to explain his action.

King: Why should Razor be the only one? HBK should have some explanations as well.

JR: Well, HBK wants Bret's belt. The video proves it. Razor never did a damn thing to explain himself.

King: Well, Shawn always was a hothead back in the days and it's goning to come back and haunt him one day.

JR: Well, later tonight, Abizmo Negro will be defending his TLC Order spot against the Manbeast Rhyno tonight one on one

King: I thing that since Abizmo Negro has the final spot to come out of as last, he will certainly become an ideal threat to the matchup at Starcade.

JR: Plus, the Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian, will face Lethal and Lashley of The Men In Black in a non title matchup.

[Commercial Break]

(We're back as *The Playa's Club* plays and Johnathan Coachman comes out to no reaction and comes off cocky.)

JR: Well, he proclaims himself as the player of UWEF.

KIng: No, dog, it's play"a", hence the a.

JR: Nah, homey don't play that.

King: What in the blue hell did you just say? Too much UPN, huh, JR?

(Coach gets into the ring and starts showing off untill *Olympic Hero* plays and Kurt Angle comes out to great cheers. Angle does his usual stuff as Coach gets worried.)

MATCH TWO: The Coach vs. Kurt Angle

Match Notes: Angle and Coach grapple as Coach does a twists on Angle arm but Angle does an elbow thrust on Coach's head and starts to beat him down. Coach starts toi ache as Angle smiles and laughs at the Coach. Caoch gets up and Angle does some german suplexes on Coach about seven times. Anglre gets pumped and starts to bring down the straps of his singlet as the crowd go wild. Coach crawls in a humerous way out of the ring but Angle grabs Coach's ankle and drags it to the center. Angle picks up Coach and then smiles at the Coach. The Coach pats Angle's shoulder untill Angle, out of nowhere, does the Angle Slam. Coach is out as "Angle" chants begin. Angle, however, is not done. Angle picks up the Coach again and does another Angle Slam. The Coach cannot move and starts to scream in pain. Angle then grabs Coach's ankle, that he dragged earlier, and makes the Ankle Lock. The Coach is yelling as Angle locks both of his legs on Coach's leg while he twists his ankle. Coach starts tapping.

WINNER: Kurt Angle
TIME: 3:03

Aftermatch Notes: We see the two Angle Slams and Ankle Lock as Angle celebrates and heads to the back as the Coach holds his ankle in pain.


(We are backstage as Edge and Christian are with Scott Hudson.)

Scott: Edge, Christian, tonight you will be in a non-title match against The Men In Black but two weeks ago, the Mexican United destroyed you guys and Trish as well.

Edge: Scott, I'll admit, what Chavo Guererro and Psicosis did to us two weeks ago was something we didn't see coming. They one upped us that week but that will be the last chance they will ever get.

Christian: To add on that, Scott, those two lawn mowers are looking for their 15 seconds of fame and they are hunting for us and trying to make a name for themselves for the first time. You see, it seems to me that Chavo milking off Uncle Eddie's name just wasn't working anymore.

(Crowd does big "oooo"s and decent boos as well.)

Christian: And then he had to bring one of his "eses" to help him come and take our titles. Then two weeks ago he thought he could take us out but he didn't it. Ryse, however, they did take out and we don't know when she's coming back. But I promise you, Chavo and Psicologist, or something like that, we aren't going to lie down to your attack. Seems to me the Tag Teams belts haven't been put up for grabs at Starcade so I sugest that at Starcade, we end this once and for all. At Starcade, we challenge you guys and we'll defend our UWEF Tag Team Championships on the line as well. We will make you guys pay for what you did to us, what you did to Ryse, and what you did to our image!

(Edge and Christian leave from here as we fade to black)

[Commercial Break]

(We're back as we see the Starcade Teaser Promo.)

(After the promo, *Da Bad Guy Is Back" plays and it's a mixture of Razor Ramon's theme and the nWo "shoutouts" in the nWo black song. The crowd boos massively as Scott Hall does his squat walk with his arms spread wide and wiggling his fingers. Scott Hall is wearing the same identical clothes he wore when he debuted on Nitro. Razor Ramon comes down with a mic and taunts the crowd as they give him more heat.)

JR: Well, I can't say that he should be welcomed back because last week was.....wow.

King: Yeah, what a return Razor made. He returns and costs Austin the UWEF title he was close to winning.

(Razor is in the ring and his song fades out as he stand in the ring and the crowd give him more heat added to the heat he already has. Razor just smiles with his toothpick. He finally speaks.)

NOTE: If you see any mispelling in Razor's promo, it is on purpose for his dialouge.

Razor: Hey.............yo!

(The crowd give a light pop for the flashback but turns into large boos.)

Razor: Why, Razor, why? Dat's all I've been asked las week. I jush wanna make one thing clear. From's now on, don't refer to me as Razor Ramon because really, I'm sick of it, ese. From now on, you call me..........Scott Hall.

(More boos as the crowd chant "Razor" as Scott gets mad and happy at the same time.)

Hall: Now, las week, I came back and kinda inerfered in the cage match. Now, when you saw me knock out Stone Cold Steve Austin last week, yous all saw that as unfair. Well, las week, I's called it as revenge. You see, let's go back to memory lane for a bit. The year was 1995 when I left (mockingly) dubya duyba eff and went onto (mockingly) dubya see dubya and it was for one reason.........money. Me, Hogan, and Nash formed one of the biggest faction in the history of professional wrestling and we did it for one reason.............money. WCW became the most watched wrestling show for eighty weeks because of the nWo and why................money. Well, while me and Big Sexy dominated the french fries and chicken nuggets of dubya see dubya, up north, seemed like the fans forgot about us and moved onto better talent like The Rock.......(loud pops)..........Triple H..........(mixed reaction).............Shawn Micheals...........(loud pops).............oh, and (mockingly) Stone Cold Steve Austin...........(loudest pops out of the list). Yeah, yeah. Well, after Ted Turner's "wrasslin" company shut down along with that other two bit hardcore company, the dubya dubya eff were back. Then Vince McMahon had an idea, how about you bring the nWo to the WWE and I said why not? I could use some.................money. So, No Way Out in 2002, we made our return but you knows, I noticed something when we was walking to the ring. It seemed like you people forgot about who the hell the nWo was! (loud boos) So we destroyed Austin and Rocky Balboa or The Rock, if he calls himselfs that. At Wrestlemania Eighteen in 2002, I finally figured out everything. You people never cared for Razor Ramon. You people never cared about the nWo. It was ust a "cult", as you kids say these days, to you. You people never cared about Scott Hall. Well, fast forward to 2005 I came here to the (mockingly) you dubya e eff. Wow, that's a name stealer. Anyway, I came as a partner for Austin against Bret Hart's army and it was just step one to my plan. Now, I was injured for my time being but then that's where we come to last week. I came back for one reason and this time it wasn't about the money. It was about getting something that I have never won in my whole career. Ladies and gentlemen, that would be the UWEF Heavyweight Championship. There's your reason of last week. I knew that if Austin was the champ, Bret would have went for it again, backseating me for another three freaking months. Well, that wasn't going to happen, Austin and I one upped ya. So, Austin, now that you can't get another shot for it again, looks like you got me to deal with. So looks like since we are two weeks away till Starcade, I might as well lay it out. At Starcade, I will finally show everyone that I am a guy you don't forget. Austin, you may be the toughest sob in the business but at Starcade, I plan on making that myth dissapeat. Now, Austin, this is probably the part where your music will play, you'll drive your truck to the ring, get on top of it, and attack me but see, we gonna do this my way. Scott Hall's way. So Starcade, April 8th, in Houston, Texas, Scott Hall.....(boos) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin.............(loud cheers)..............and ese, I'm gonna show you how I'm gonna (using his hands as if he is slashing someone with a knife)carve................you....................out.

(Scott drops the mic and leaves, getting loud boos. Hall gets out of the ring and heads to the stage, looking back one last time at the crowd and gives his famous smirk.)


(We see Bret Hart and the CC in the back untill Triple X comes into the scene.)

Daniels: Well, well, well. Looks like the Candians finally got what they deserved.

Low-Ki: Aint that a damn shame.

Elix: You got lucky, Bret. Otherwise, Austin would have whooped your ass last week.

(Benoit and Roode go forward untill Bret Hart backs them up.)

Bret: You're Elix, right? Aren't you the guy who lost a title shot at No Way Out?

(The CC laugh as Elix smiles wisely.)

Elix; Oh, so you got jokes on me, huh? Well, if I recall, didn't you get screwed out of a title shot?

(Bret gets pissed and then smiles.)

Bret: You know what, Elix, you seemed to be pumped so tonight, I'm gonna do something I haven't done. You will face the greatest UWEF Champion of all time tonight........for the UWEF Heavyweight Championship. Or refuse my offer and go for your once a year shot at that title shot.

Elix: You know, I may not have won my title match at No Way OUt but I was a winner out there because of my loyal and dignity in that matchup. You cheated your way out of three people to keep (touches Bret's belt) that belt. So, tonight, I will accept your offer and I will represent a champion with honor of the company.

Bret: Fine. Tonight, you vs. me for the UWEF Championship but Elix here's a little fact.......

(Bret backslaps Elix on the face as XXX comes but CC blocks their way and halt. Bret gets into Elixs face.)

Bret: This will be your biggest match in your whole career or your embarassing match in your whole career.

(Bret and CC leave as XXX consolt to Elix, who has the adenaline face on him.)

[Commercial Break]

(We're back as we take a look back at what just happened during the break.)

JR: Well, Elix Skipper has a chance to win the most prestigous belt in the business and that's the UWEF Heavyweight Championship but must beat Bret Hart.

King: It should be a good match for Bret Hart to warm up, making sure he is a dominant champion.

JR: What about Elix?

King: What about him? You know he isn't winning that championship. If he does, then I suppose that Triple H will be a jobber.

JR: You never know.

King: Do you need a slap back to reality, JR?

JR: While you do that, it is now time to announce our fourth inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.

King: Well, let us see who we have so far.......

King: ........ah, the fat Wild Samoans are going to be inducteed to the Hall of Fame.

JR: Well, thanks for the respect. They are the cornerstones of 80's Tag Team wrestling and it's great that they will be inducted.

JR: Plus, the great Mr. Fuji will be inducted as well. A great manager and, in his time, a great wrestler.

King: All right. Enough with the foreplay. Who is the next inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame.

JR: Let's find out, King. Here is the fourth inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame.

(We fade to black as we hear some soothing music and see some WWE Hall of Famers: Hulk Hogan, The Grand Wizard, Andre the Giant, Iron Shiek, Gorilla Monsoon, and other Hall of Famers as the narrator says.....)

Narrator: This year, UWEF has brought back the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006 to inductee five icons in the WWE every two years. So now, UWEF proudly brings you the next 2006 WWE Hall of Fame inductee.

(In black background with white text, it says....)

*He is the greatest fan favorite of all time to never had gotten a Heavyweight belt*

*He is a former Intercontinetal Champion*

*He was considered at the time most likely to become WWE Champion*

*His name is..........*

(We hear Ricky Steamboat's song as we see images of him in the WWF.)

*Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat!*

(We see his early years in the WWF all the way to his classic IC title win against Randy Savage at Wrestlemania. We also see his "Dragon" character too.0

HHH: Ricky Steamboat, um, one of the best in his time in the WWE.

Shelton Benjamin: He was somewhat of an icon to me when I was a teen.

Bret Hart: I had the chance to meet him in several occasions and he is really one of those wrestlers that should have deserved a WWE title.

Steve Austin: He really was a pure example of a guy who got over with the crowd and didn't need the Heavyweight belt to prove it.

(We see some of his last runs in WWE as a more "dragon" gimmick.)

Narrator: With his great skills in the ring and great personality, it is our honor to inductee Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat into the WWE Hall of Fame.

(The crowd give huge pops for Steamboat's induction than they have for the Wild Samoans and Mr. Fuji.)

King: OH MY GOD! Ricky Steamboat. THE Dragon himself?? Can Starcade get any better than this?

JR: In my opinion, the best babyface in the WWE to never win the Heavyweight Championship.

(*Reek of Awesomeness* plays and Edge and Christian come out and aren't here to fool around and are serious.)

Finkel; The following is for one fall and is a non title matchup. Introducing first, they are the UWEF Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian, the Brood!

(Edge and Christian get in the ring and pose with the belts. Suddenly *Ain't No Stopping Us* plays and Jay Lethal and Bobby Lashley come out with the UWEF International Champion, Shelton Benjamin, who get decent boos.)

Finkel: And their opponents, they are accompanied by the UWEF International Champion, Shelton Benjamin, they are the team of Jay Lethal and Bobby Lashley, The Men In Black!

MATCH THREE: Non-Title Match: The Men In Black vs. The Brood

Beginning Notes: Edge and Lashley will start off. Lashley does some chops on the chest to Edge untill Edge blocks them and starts doing some of his forearm punches. Edge then picks up Lashley and does a scoop slam onto him. Edge drags Lashley to his corner and tags in Christian, who gets a marvelous pop. Christian does some punches to Lashley and suplxes him. Christian covers but Lethal breaks it up. Shelton cheers his team on as Christian picks up Lashley and does a DDT. Cover but no pin.

Mid Match Notes: Christian slams Bobby Lashley. Lashley is hurt and quickly crawls to Lethal and makes a tag as Edge is tagged by Chistian. Big backdrop on Lethal, executed well. There's a two count on the pin. Now, being smart, tags to Christian. Edge and Christian whip Lethal into the corner. Edge whips Christian in for a hard clothesline to follow-up. Hooks the leg for a two count. Big dropkick by Christian, who got good elevation. Christian walks into a trip. Lethal crushes Christian with a big legdrop. There's a two count on the pin. Tag between Jay Lethal and Lashley. Christian takes a hurrancarana from Abizmo Negro. Hooks the leg for a close fall. Driven DDT by Abizmo Negro. The ring shook violently, instantly making it better at selling than some of the current roster. Abizmo drops an elbow...but misses. Fate can be so cruel.

Ending Notes: Gut buster, Abizmo hits hard. Tag between Christian and Edge. Stiff chop lights up Abizmo. Tag to Jay Lethal. Bodyslam by Edge. Mexican United run down the aisle and into the ring, carrying chairs! Edge turns...and gets floored with a chair to the head! Christian comes in to save, but also gets dropped with a chair shot! The referee has no choice but to call for the bell! Disqualification!

WINNER: The Brood by DQ
TIME: 8:56

Aftermath Notes: Mexican United don't look like they've finished! They continue to beat down on Edge and Christian until a host of referees and officials run out to pull them off! They shout out "You stupid vato!" and "We'll see you at Starcade!"

[Commercial Break]

(We're back as during the commercial break, we see Steve Austin arriving backstage. Austin is pissed but then is stopped by Joey Styles.)

Styles: Hey, Austin. Look, I know you're pissed but I cannot risk you injuring Scott Hall in his return so I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. You, however, do get Scott Hall at Starcade.

Austin: So you want me to leave but I get that piece of crap at Starcade. Well, fine, Styles. You win but next week, don't expect this kind of Steve Austin. Expect the Steve Austin that will come in this arena, get my pipe, and bash it on that head to damage any brain cells he has left. And that's the bottom line because Stone Cold Said So!

(Austin leaves, getting boos from the crowd.)



(We see Triple H arrested by the security for his actions earlier as Mr. Stasiak is in his face.)

Stasiak: The hell is wrong with you? You know what, don't answer it. Mr. Styles has sent me here to tell you that at Starcade, you will face a mystery partner. If you win, you get a title shot. If you lose, well, let me say this.......

(Stasiak sings "Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye" as the crowd joins via background. HHH breathes hell hard but smiles sadistic.)


(*The Best There Is* plays and Bret Hart comes out to loud negative reaction from the crowd.)

Finkel: The following is for one fall and is for the UWEF Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first, he is the UWEF Heavyweight Champion, Bret Hart!

(Bret gets in the ring and plays to crowd for mixed reaction. *Primetime* hits and the crowd give him a huge reaction. Elix has great faith in him.)

Finkel: And the challenger, he is one third of the team Triple X, he is Primetime Elix Skipper!

MAIN EVENT: UWEF Heavyweight Championship: Bret Hart(c) vs. Elix Skipper

Begin Notes: We start as Elix chants begin. Elix and Bret grapple as Elix chops Bret and Bret takes a flying neckbreaker from Elix Skipper. Lightning kick by Skipper on Bret. Hooks the leg for a two count. Bret takes the advantage after a i-block-your-punch-you-don't-block-mine routine. Bret hits some punches. Back elbow connects, Skipper staggers backward. Bret then does a snap suplex as he smiles to the crowd, getting a mixed reaction with boos. Cover for a two count. Elix gets up but Bret scores with a big spinebuster. Pinfall attempt gets a 2. Bret with a spinning neckbreaker on Skipper. Skipper counters a backdrop attempt with a kick to the face. Super frankensteiner on Bret, who hit hard.

Mid Match Notes: Elix then picks up Bret and slaps his chest and then clotheslines him down. Elix tries to do Bret's own Sharpshooter on Bret but Bret gets out and is shocked as the crowd chant "Elix got you!" Bret then gets up, pissed, and tries a clothesline but Elix ducks and does a kick to his back and does a piledriver. There's a two count on the pin from Elix on Bret. Vicious kick to the teeth from Elix Skipper. Pinfall attempt gets a 2. Flying elbow from Elix Skipper. Elix Skipper scores with a back heel kick on Bret. Bret, then, ducks a wild right hand. Big backdrop on Skipper, executed well. Bret scores with a standing spinebuster. Elix Skipper hooks up a suplex, but it is blocked. Bret scores with a low blow, without the ref looking, then turns it into a small package!

Ending Notes: Elix kicks out as Bret then picks up Elix and does a clothesline to Elix. Bret then grabs the legs and does a Sharpshooter. Elix then starts crawling to the ropes and after a minute, he grabs the ropes. Bret is shocked the Elix lasted the Sharpshooter. Bret then chokes out Elix for a while. Bret then tries a elbow drop but Elix rolls out of it and Bret hits his elbow on the mat. Elix does a standing moonsault on Bret and gets a two from that. Elix then picks up Bret and does the Play for the Day. Bret is out as Elix covers and the crowd thinks he's gonna win. The cloe two count pin makes Elix and the crowd shocked. Elix gets on the top tunrbuckle and tries a moonsault, but Bret has some golden thing on his foot and puts the foot up the air and knocks out Elix as Bret then covers Elix. 1, 2, 3!!!

WINNER AND STILL Heavyweight Champion: Bret Hart
TIME: 13:45

Aftermatch Notes: Bret walks out with the belt and has a mic.

Bret: Shawn, this will be the last time you try and screw me over. Next week, Shawn, I want your scrawny ass in the building and I am gonna end this crap once and for all. Next week, Shawn Micheals will be a thing of the past.

(Bret drops the mic and leaves going back.)

JR: Man, Bret really wants......wait a minute, something is happening backstage. Let's take a look.


(John Cena is backstage in his locker room getting beaten up by Lance Storm and he attacks. They begin brawling around the room. Frankie Kazarian comes in too, and he joins in the attack on Cena. The two-on-one attack leaves John Cena down in his own locker room. Cena is being stomped in by Kazarian and Storm. The security back out Kazarian and Storm offscreen as Cena is out and cannot be able to breathe. The crowd are mixed on this as the UWEF credits appear and we fade in and out in five seconds.)

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Ken Shamrock vs. Kane-A decent match to kick off the show with Ken Shamrock getting the victory on Kanw before getting attacked then saved and now we got a good match scheluded for next week.

A good promo and I don't think the masked guy was Batista.

The Coach vs. Kurt Angle-A squash for Angle winning by the Ankle Lock.

Razor Ramoan's Promo-A good promo with Scott Hall announcing that he will take on Steve Austin at StarrCade.

A good promo with a nice match made for later tonight in Elix Skipper vs Bret Hart.

It is great to see Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat in the Hall of Fame.

The Men In Black vs. The Brood-Nice tag match with The Brood winning by DQ thanks to Mexicans United's interefernce.

Steve Austin has to leave ,but I wonder if he will come back?

Bret Hart(c) vs. Elix Skipper-Good main event for the show. And I great challenge for Bret saying he wants HBK next week.

Good way to end the show with a beatdown on John Cena.

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Thanks for the review, CGR. Rep added.


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