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Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon

Bret Hat should be the Champion. YAYYYYY
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Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon

^^^^Your a funny mofo. Anyway, I am typing my 3rd week of UWEF Horizon and I wil post it tonight so keep alert.

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Making James Ellsworth GET MY BAGS
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Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon

I will, and will the 3rd stipulation be announced tonight
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Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon

Let's find out, shall we?

The UWEF Signature plays and the pyros go out)

UWEF Horizon
Las Vegas, Nevada
MGM Grand

(We pan to signs like "Y2J: NExt UWEF Champion", "If I can be serious for an hour......", Triple H's face on a donkey's butt, and a sign with the UWEF Global Warming logo, etc.)

JR: Welcome to UWEF Horizon and what a night do we have in store for you..........

(On the Vs. thread, we see Eugene, Tagiri, and Regal pose)

King:.........Oh, yeah. Tonight it will be Eugene vs. Tagiri with William Regal, guest refereing. After that slap Eugene gave Regal, anything can happen tonight........

(On the vs. screen, we see Randy Orton and Edge w/ Trish posing)

JR:............also, Orton gets ready as he faces the Canadian Connection's Edge...............

(We see Paul Heymen pose)

King..........and if that's not enough, after last week's sit down and brawl, Heymen has an announcement. That means it could mean he might choose the third stage.

JR: Live, tonight.

(Backstage, we see Todd Grisham and a limo driving by. The limo driver comes out and goes to the side back of the limo to open the door but the door quickly opens the door with the limo driver KO'd. It was Triple H and Ric Flair. HHH has two little white bandaids. Grisham, stupidly, goes to HHH for an interview.)

Grisham: HHH, after last week, ho-

(Before he can finish, HHH punches Grisham out. HHH picks him and throws him in the tables. HHH is still not through and suplexes Grisham on solid concrete. Flair picks up Grisham and HH, violently, nails Grisham in the head with a chair. HHH is still not thru as he then gets a table and picks up Grisham. He kicks his guts and puts him in Pedigree form. He pedigrees Grisham to the table, causing a "Holy sh**" chant background. HHH picks his mic up.)

HHH(angry): If you're asking how I feel, then you made a bad turn. Jericho won't come out of Nevada alive when I find him!

(He and Flair walk out of the area and to their locker.)

JR: Well, let't take you back last week. Lance Storm made two announcements that made us gasp and one particular one that has hit news over from Canada to Mexico. To Japan all the way the New York. Listen to what happened.

Lance: HBK! You think superkicking me was gonna work? Well, HBK, Has Been Kid.......

(The crowd boo and chant massively, "Lance Sucks")

Lance: ........on your best day, (yelling) ON YOUR BEST DAY, YOU COULD NEVER BEAT ME!

(The crowd give a gigantic heat to him)

Lance: HBK, I have issued a challenge. May 7th, at St. Louis, Missouri, at Global Warming, Lance Storm vs. Shawn Micheals.

(The crowd pops for that and chant, "HBK".)

Lance: Go ahead, chant all you want.........

(They chant "HBK" more loudly)

Lance: HBK, I have a surprise for you, at Global Warming, I will have a special star on my corner. His name, Shawn, you should know very well. He is the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be. Joining us via satellite from Montreal, Canada, Bret "the Hitman" Hart!

(The crowd pops abruptivly and we see Bret "the Hitman" Hart in his home, sitting down, with a microphone earpiece on him.)

Bret: Thank you, Lance. It would be an honor for me to join you at my corner. I am sitting at my home watching UWEF on my TV, watching some talent. Shawn, I know you are listening to me. At Global Warming, I'm gonna screw you over like you did to me at Montreal but the diference will be that you'll be screwed over with diginty!

(HBK's music w/o titantron plays and HBK is in his suit as well! We get a lot of chants but surprisingly, we hear a small portion of "You screwed Bret" chants. He does his entrance posing as usual. Then he stops mid way in the ramp as uses his mic)

HBK: Enough with the jokes. So, Lance Storm vs. HBK with Mr. Canadian over there at Global Warming? All right but I must warn you, if I screw you over, promise not to spit on my face.

(Crowd chuckles but some fans are getting annoyed and are booing.)

Lance: You think you're funny, eh? Well, maybe if you're good, I'll give you a sharpshooter.

(Crowd boos)

Bret: Shawn, listen to me real clear. At Global Warming, I will do everything in my power, to make sure you feel how I feel. Shawn, nobody's here to save you. The Cliq aren't here to save you. Vince McMahon isn't here to save you. Nobody's here to save you. In my eyes, you are a open target.

(Crowd gives a mixed reaction but mostly cheers)

Lance: Bret, don't worry. In my eyes, HBK is nothing more than a loser. You know, it just hit me. HBK stands for Has Been Kid.

(Crowd boos)

HBK: You know, kid. I could walk away, but me kicking your ass is much better!

(With that said, HBK walks to ring, taking off his coat and tie and gets in the ring. Lance takes off his coat and tie too. HBK then goes with punches on Lance. HBK Irish whips Lance and does a poweslam. HBK then does a piledriver to Lance. HBK gets in position, stomps his right foot, and gets ready for a Sweet Chin Music. Christian then comes out and gets in to the ring but HBK punches him. Christian gest up and a Sweet Chin Music to him getting a major pop. Suddenly, a black ninja-dressed person get in the ring, has a hockey stick, and gets in the ring. HBk knows this and clotheslines him. HBK then does a DDT on the ninja dressed person, dropping his hockey stick. Lance Storm picks it up, and swings it on HBK's head, knocking him out cold. The black ninja dressed man Irish whips HBK to Lance and Lance does a deadly Superkick on HBK! the crowd gives him huge heat as Lance, Christian, and the mystery man walk back to the ramp.)

So, at Global Warming.............

(We see Shawn Micheals doing his signature pose behind a picture of the Arc of Missouri)

JR:.............The HeartBreak Kid, Shawn Micheals.......

(We see Lance Storm doing his signature pose behind a picture of the Arc of Missouri)

JR:............will face the leader of the Canadian Connection.......

(We see Shawn Micheals doing these poses on the left side: his ramp pose, a Sweet Chin Music, and the WM 21 signature pose. Then it loops in that order. On the right side, we see these Lance Storm poses: His entrance ramp when they play his titantron, his Canadian Anthem pose, and his Superkick. Then it loops in that order. Next to Lance Storm is a still picture of Bret Hart, his WWF Generation picture. In the middle center, the VS. text spins around slowly, counter-clockwise. The far background is that picture of the Arc in Missouri. On the bottom center, it says, "Lance Storm w/ Bret Hart vs. Shawn Micheals". On the top left corner, the PSP logo is on there. On the top right corner, the UWEF logo is on there.)

JR:..................and the man behind Lance's Corner is none other than Bret "the Hitman" Hart.

(We see Lance Storm on the phone with Bret.)

Lance: All right. So you'll be here tonight?

(The crowd explosively pop for that.)

Lance: All right. See you then!

(He hangs up the phone and walks out of the locker as we fade to a commercial break.)

(Eugene's music plays and Eugene gets a huge pop but a tiny portion boo.)

Finkel: Coming to the ring, Eugene!

(The crowd throw a huge pop at him and Eugene is doing his normal stuff and is happy. Then Tagiri's music plays and the crowd gives a light pop)

Finkel: Making his way to the ring, he is one half of the UWEF Tag Team champions, Tagiri!

(Crowd pops lightly as Tagiri does poses on the turnbuckles. Eugene is mad and wants to fight but the ref holds him back. William Regal's heel song plays.)

Finkel: The special guest referee of this match, one half of the UWEF Tag Team champions, William Regal!

(Crowd pops more for him than Tagiri but still too lightly. Regal looks at both Eugene and Tagiri. He signals the bell and the bell rings.)

MATCH ONE: Eugene vs. Tagiri /w Special Guest Referee William Regal

(Eugene full charges on Tagiri and does some punches on Tagiri. Eugene then Irish whips Tagiri and does a neckbreaker. He pins Tagiri and Regal counts. 1, 2, but Tagiri kicks out. Eugene picks up Tagiri and does a powerslam. Eugene then does a leg drop but Tagiri moves out and gets up. Tagiri goes for his low kicks very quickly. Tagiri does a dropkick sending Eugene outside. Eugene is angry and starts to go on his angry mode. Tagiri Irish whips himself and tries a Suicide Dive but Eugene knees Tagiri's head and makes Tagiri hurt. Eugene is smiling as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. Eugene Irish whips Tagiri to the steel steps making Tagiri hurt his spine. Eugene then picks up Tagiri and puts him in the ring. Eugene gets in the ring and does a HBK elbow drop getting some pops. He then picks up Tagiri to do a weak Rock Bottom. He then puts Tagiri on the turnbuckle. Eugene goes to the turnbuckle as well and picks up Tagiri for a thunderous Rock Bottom. He covers Tagiri. Regal counts. 1, 2. Tagiri kicks out. He then picks up Tagiri and Irish whips him for a poweslam but Tagiri slides down beteen Eugene's legs and does a Reverse DDT. Tagiri picks up Eugene and he then Irish whips Eugene and he does a Spinning Wheel Kick on Eugene's face. Tagiri then does an armbar but Eugene grabs the ropes. Tagiri then tries a Moonsault. He Irish whips himself then he jumps and stands on the ropes but Eugene pushes Tagiri all the way outside to the crowd on some empty chairs. Eugene then laughs at him as the crowd boos at Eugene heavily and Regal starts the countdown on Tagiri.)

JR: My god. What was Eugene thinking? Can Tagiri get back up before the 10 count? We'll find out when we come back from the MGM Grand at Carson City, Nevada on UWEF Horizon.


JR:We're back live as Tagiri is still injured by what Eugene did.

(They show what happened during the commercial break with Eugene doing a DDT on Tagiri outside then they show what happened before the break. Eugene then does a Stalling Suples on Tagiri and Tagiri is flat out down. The crowd gives a mixed reaction. Eugene then does a legdrop on Tagiri. Regal looking if the match has been fair. Eugene then gets up on Regal's face and talks smack to him. Regal keeps walking away from Eugene untill Eugene turns him around to keep talking smack. Eugene then smacks Regal in the face as the crowd does their "ooooooooooooo" and boo to Eugene. Tagiri from behind does a Roundhouse kick on Eugene's head. Tagiri then does his Bouncing Rope Moonsault he tried earlier and nails it on Eugene. The crowd is pumped. Tagiri then goes to the turnbuckle and does a spinning moonsault. The crowd blissfully cheer for that. Tagiri then tries the Green Mist on Eugene but Eugene ducks his Mist and it hits Regal instead blinding him. Eugene then lowblowed Tagiri. The crowd boo for him. Eugene then goes outside of the ring and gets one part of the UWEF Tag Team belt and gets back in the ring. He missed the belt on Tagiri and Tagiri does a side mid kick on Eugene and dropkicks him out cold. Tagiri then sees his belt in the ring and holds it. Regal is not affected with the mist, sees Tagiri with the belt and Eugene out cold and Regal then tells Tagiri why did you do that. Eugene then dropkicks Regal onto Tagiri. Eugene then waits for Tagiri and tries a stunner but Tagiri reverses it and does a low mid kick on Eugene. Tagiri gets ready for his special kick move but Eugene lowblows Tagiri quickly as Regal is still down. Eugene gets up and wait for Tagiri to turn around. Tagiri then turns around and Eugene does a Stone Cold Stunner, which gets a massive pop from the crowd, on Tagiri. Regal then tells Eugene to watch what he does but then Eugene lowblows Regal and does a Stone Cold Stunner for Regal, that gains a lot of pops from the crowd. He then covers Tagiri but Regal is down. He then takes Regal's hand and forces it to make Eugene cover Tagiri and Eugene wins the match! The crowd boos and Eugene give a lot of middle finger for the crowd that make him gain a lot of heat. He then orders the mic for him.)

Finkel: The winner of this match, Eugene!

JR: Why!!!! Why did he do it? He sold out and you know it, King?

King: Even I'm surprised but He now has joined the dark side.

(Eugene tries to speak but the crowd chant "sellout" and they boo at him while Regal and Tagiri are still down.)

Eugene: Well, well, well. It has come to this, Regal. You think that I was a retard, huh? HUH!? Well, Regal, you and your slave have gotten what you've wished for. Regal, Tagiri, I will make sure you will never do this to me again. See, I am not as dumb as you. In fact, I went to Heymen's office and told him I wanted a singles match at Global Warming and he accepted. He said that it will be Eugene vs. William Regal, one on one. Regal, I am not your stepping stone, I am not your follower. At Global Warming, I have a desire that will make sure that you will respect my authority. Just to make sure I'm not lying, here's a preview!

(Eugene waits for Regal and Regal gets stunnered by Eugene fastly and the crowd heat them for that as they play Eugene's theme. They boo Eugene and Eugene smiles very evilly.)

JR: What has happened to Eugene?

King: He's cool. That's why he's gonna be the winner of that match, JR! I can feel it now.

(As Eugene poses in the ramp, we pan backstage to Triple H, still pissed off, walking around and Simon Dean behind him tries to talk to him.)

Simon: HHH, I know how you feel. Come on, cheer up. I still can find one thing to make you healthy. My new Simon System. The system that can get all that blob from your wife, Steph, and make her into the lady she was seven years ago.

(Triple H clotheslines Simon hard on the ground. HHH then sees the bolier room and goes there. He find a sledgehammer and swings it on Imon's forehead. Simon is down and knocked out will blodd spilling over. HHH is not done. He finds a chair and places Simon's head on it. He gets another chair and violently, constantly, nails the chair on Simon's head. He keeps doing this untill Flair stops him. We hear "whooooooo" from the crowd.)

Flair: What are you doing!??

HHH: I have had it! Just because Jericho got the better of me last week, doesn't mean crap! I'm going down that ring and demand Heymen to say the third stipulation or else I will make him!

(HHH walks out as Flair follows. We camera pan to where Simon is lying on the floor in a puddle of blood.)


(One of them is a teaser promo for Global Warming.)

(The narrator can't be seen but he is sitting in the chair, turning the way we can't see him. As the narrator talks, we see a volcano in red color as we pan closer, then we fade to a big glacier in blue color)

Narrator: Some say the world will end in fire.....

(We see Triple H pose with his UWEF title in the turnbuckle in red color)

Narrator:...........Some say in ice........

(We see Jericho do his signature pose in the dark in blue color)

Narrator:............From what I've tasted of desire........

(HBK doing his religious pose in the ramp in gold color)

Narrator:...........I hold with those who favour fire...........

(Lance Storm superkicking Maven in Dark Red color)

Narrator:...............But if it had to perish twice................

(Shelton Benjamin Stinger splashing Edge in light blue color)

Narrator:..................I think I know enough of hate.............

(Randy Orton doin an RKO on Simon Dean)

Narrator:................To say that for destruction ice.......

(We see the volcano erupt violently and then we pan to HHH doing a pedigree on Jericho and then we pan to Jericho doing a Pedigree on HHH)

Narrator:.............................Is also great and would suffice!

(We see the glacier break down and start to make a wave and we see HBK Do a SCM on Lance and Lance's superkick on HBK. On the bottom middle, you can see a little bit of text saying "Card Subject to Change")

(The narrator turns his chair around and it's Paul Heymen. He does his signature evil smile.)

Heymen: We're invading May 7th. Beware, St. Louis!

(He laughs very evilly. We see a transparent globe with the UWEF and the PSP logo zooming in and there is fire that turns into the word "WARMING" and then wind comes in to make the word "GLOBAL")

Another Narrator: .....UWEF & PSP presents Global Warming, live May 7th, from St. Louis, Missouri, live & exculsively on Pay Per View!

JR: Welcome back to UWEF Horizon and we are live at Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand Arena. Next week, we invade the E Center at Salt Lake, Utah.

King: Can't wait. Seeing as HHH will be dominating at Global Warming and it won't be no different at the E Center, next week.

(HHH's music plays and the crowd is abruptively booing as HHH does not do his ramp poses and heads straight to the ring.)

Finkel: Coming to the ring, accompanied by Ric Flair, the UWEF Heavyweight Champion, Trip-

(HHH snatched Finkel's mic and was pissed. The crowd chant Y2J and HHH is pissed.)

HHH: I HAVE HAD IT! I have been asked why did you let Jericho get that pedigree you? My answer was nothing more than a brutality beating. If ya don't believe me, ask Simon Dean and Todd Grisham!

(The crowd boo and say "U Suck")

HHH: I am pissed and whoever gets in my way, their ass is mine! Jericho, if you look at me, your ass is mine! If you talk to me, your ass is mine! If you touch me, your ass is mine. Hell, if I find you walking, talking, or even standing, YOUR ASS IS MINE!!!!!!

(The crowd boo heavily untill Heymen comes out and we hear mixed reactions.)

JR: Heymen is here and we are wondering if his stipulation will be said tonight.

King: It doesn't matter because HHH will remain champion and Jericho will be crying again. I can see that in my future.

Heymen: HHH, there is a line between beating and killing. Now, I saw what you did to Simon and Todd. I am not happy with that result which has made my decision final at Global Warming. The 3rd stage for you and Jericho will be.....................announced in due times.

(The crowd eruptively boo for that)

Heymen: But tonight, I'll do you one better. How about tonight, live at Las Vegas, Nevada.........

(The crowd massively cheer)

Heymen:............Triple H and Lance Storm vs. Shawn Micheals and Chris Jericho!!!!!!!

(The crowd love it and pan to a sign saying "HHH: Homo Hugging Hypocrite". Then we pan back to the ring.)

King: Has Heymen lost it?

JR: I think that would be a great main event tonight and the crowd agrees too.

King: It doesn't matter what the crowd thinks!

Heymen: So, HHH, do you like that better?

(HHH smiles Evily)

HHH: Paul, you don't even know how happy I am.

(HHH's music plays and he walks out with an evil grin and walks to the ramp and looks back at Heymen. He then walks back to the ramp, heading to the backstage. we are shown a VS. card with Randy Orton and Edge /w Trish posing.)

JR: Well, Orton gets ready for Shelton at Global Warming, but up next, he faces Edge with the lovely Trish Stratus at his corner. It's all next!

JR: Welcome back to UWEF Horizon and this portion of UWEF Horizon is sponcered by.............

(They show the logos each one)

JR:......... And by M&M. Chocolate is better in color.

King: Also by Jade Empire. It's Rated M for Mature and is coming out soon. Only for XBOX.

JR: And by the new PSP system. You can play games, music, TV, and movies in there as well. Available in stores now.

(We hear Randy Orton's Evolution Instrumental song play and the crowd boo heavily. Randy does his usual stuff in the ramp an walks down.)

Finkel: Coming to the ring, he is from Evolution, Randy Orton!

(The crowd boo heavily and he does his signature pose. Shelton's music plays and Orton's jaw is dropped as Shelton's in his casual clothes, a black silk shirt and black kahki pants. He's holding the belt in his shoulder. The crowd loves it and give the Ironman champion a massive pop. He looks straight at Orton as if he wants to fight. It looks like he will join JR and King for commentary.)

JR: And we are joined by the UWEF Ironman champion, Mr. Benjamin.

King(sarcastic): Oh yeah. What an honor it is for you to join.

Shelton: Great to see you, too, King.

(The Canadian Connection song plays and Edge w/ Trish come out and the crowd boo at them as usual.)

Finkel: Coming to the ring, accompanied by Trish Stratus, he is from the Canadian Connection, Edge!

(We see a transparent globe with the UWEF and the PSP logo zooming in and there is fire that turns into the word "WARMING" and then wind comes in to make the word "GLOBAL")

JR:Well, UWEF & PSP presents Global Warming, live May 7th, from St. Louis, Missouri, live & exculsively on Pay Per View!

(They boo and chant "We want Hart" and "USA". Edge does some negative poses to the crowd and the crowd give some massive heat. Trish is at ringside and the bell rings.)

MATCH TWO: Randy Orton vs. Edge w/ Trish Stratus

(Edge and Orton walk around untill they meet and start to grappple. Edge does a standing armbar but Orton is down. Edge distracts the ref as Trish from behind does a Chick Kick on Orton. Edge goes outside and Irish whips Orton to the steel steps but Orton reverses it and Edge gets nailed on the steel steps. Orton rolls himself back to the ring, posing, getting massive heat from the crowd. Edge gets back int the ring, dizzy, and Orton dropkicks Edge's face. Orton then wait for an RKO. He runs to Edge but Edge ducks and blindly, Trish slap Orton and Edge does a spear to Orton. Edge pins Orton. 1, 2. Orton puts his ankle on his bottom rope. Edge then takes Orton's ankle and stomps it. Orton is aching and angusihed on it. Edge then tries to elbow drop on the ankle but Orton moves it. Orton then does a gut punch on Edge's guts and Orton does a leg sweep. Shelton says that Orton doesn't know his skills but he knows Orton's. Orton then does his pose in front of Shelton. Edge tries a clothesline but Orton moves and does a powerslam. Orton then goes for a Scorpion Deathlock but Edge reverses it and gets up. Edge then does a running neckbreaker, taking Orton down forcefully.)

JR: Orton's aching as Edge has control in this match. Folks, don't go anywhere. We'll be back live from the MGM Grand Arena at Las Vegas, Nevada, here on UWEF Horizon!

(Commercial BREAK)

JR: We're back live as Shelton is joining us for commentary.

(Orton puts Edge in Boston Crab position and does the Boston Crab to Edge. Edge tries to crawl but Orton drags him back, adding more to the pain. Trish claps for Edge and Edge reverses it and he gets back up but has a back problem. Orton Irish whips Edge for a forklift but does a spinning DDT on Orton and the crowd pops lightly. He clotheslines Orton. Orton gets back up but is clotheslined by Edge. Orton gets up but Edge does a swinging Neckbreaker. Edge then does an Irish whips on a corner of a turnbuckle and Edge tries a mini spear and nails Orton. He Irish whips Orton again on another corner of a turnbuckle and does another mini spear. Edge gets ready for a spear but Orton with a high knee lift on Edge' head. Orton poses for the crowd with mixed reactions. Trish is at the edge of the ring and taunts Orton. Orton walks up to Trish and Orton looks at her evilly and does a Gullotined RKO and Trish then falls from the edge of the ring to the concreate floor, making her head bouunce. Edge then does a rapid, violent spear on Orton but Orton ducks and got the spear on the ref instead. Edge turns around but Orton with a deadly RKO on the ring. Orton sees the ref out cold and gets out of the ring. He then reaches for a ring bell. Shelton gets up from his announcer table spot and stop Orton but Orton nails Shelton with the bell ring. Orton gets in the ring as Edge, slowly gettting up, tries to get up. As Orton is getting to use that thing, Shelton, bleeding from the head, stops him and starts his stiff hits on Orton. He Irish whips Orton and does a spinning wheel kick. Orton turns around and Shelton puts him in Exploder mode but Orton does a reverese and nails an RKO on Shelton. Edge, using his time to recover, waits for Orton to turn around. Orton hugs the ring bell, as Edge does not know this. Edge goes for the spear and Orton nails Edge with the ring bell. Orton is smiling as he knows he is gonna win this. Shelton, from behind, does the Stroke on Orton, on the ring bell. Orton is out cold. Shelton rolls out of the ring, knocked out. Suddenly, Christian runs from the entrnace and carries Edge over Orton but Batista comes out and fights with Christian. Christina kicks Batista's guts but Batista clotheslines Christian, outside. Batista then drags Orton over Edge. Tomko then runs out from the entrance and comes to the ring. Tomko and Batista fight one on one. Batista clotheslines Tomko, and himself outside. Orton, bleeding seriously, gets up, but Shelton, bleeding seriously, comes back in the ring and does the Exploder on the ring bell. Shelton rolls out of the ring. Edge crawls back and covers Edge. The ref then slowly counts. 1..........................................2.......................................................3 ! Edge wins the match and is getting up dizzy. The Canadian Connection song plays and Edge, with Christian, Tomko carring Trish, walk out of the ring.)

JR: What a Hellacious match. Blood everywhere. Bodies everywhere. Weapons everywhere.

Finkel: The winner of this match, Edge!

(Orton is still KO'd from the match as Batista carries Orton out. As he does, the crowd gives a massive boo. As for Shelton, he looks very injured as he has passed out and needs some medical help. Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, officers, Dean Malenko, and referees come running to check on Shelton. EMTs rush down and Shelton is seriously hurt as he hasn't made a move. The crowd is in silence and shock. They cannot believe what they are witnessing. We fade to black.)


(We are back as we are still with Shelton and putting him on the strecher. He is strapped in the strecher and he is being rolled away. The crowd is in a massive satnding ovation and we pan to some fans (mostly women), crying as to what they seen. We also are hearing "Benjamin" chants. As Benjamin gets rolled away, Kurt Angle's theme plays and Angle gets light booing because of the Bejamin incident. Angle does his usual ramp poses.)

Finkel: Coming to the ring, he is Kurt Angle!

(The crowd is still booing as we look at what happended between Angle and Shamrock.)

JR: That's what happened between the two.

King: Lucky that Angle already had a match or Shamrock would have wished he was back at the UFC.

(Angle takes the mic and the crowd starts the "U Suck" chants. Angle gets angry.)

Angle: Shut up! (massive booing). Ken, you were lucky that I had a match or else I would have made you tap out! (crowd makes a more powerful boo). Shamrock, now I'm ready, I'll hurt you so bad that I will make you wish you were back at your stupid UFC! (the crowd chants "you suck" as we pan to a sign saying Kurt Angle SUCKS Medals!) Now, Bring me my opponent!

(The Hurricane's music plays and he runs down to the ring and does his signature pose until Angle does a German spulex on Hurricane. The bell rings.)

MATCH THREE: Kurt Angle vs. The Hurricane

(Kurt Angle stomps on Hurricane and does hs"Whoooooo" taunt, getting heat from the crowd. Then JR comments that they will have an update on Shelton's condition next time on UWEF Horizon. Angle Irish whips Hurricane but Hurricane ducks and Hurricane gets a clothesline to Angle. Hurricane gets in the turbuckle and does a flipping moonsault on Angle, getting a light pop. Hurricane counts. 1. Angle easily kicks out. Hurricane then does a dropkick taking Angle outside. Angle gets up, trying to think untill Hurrican Irish whip himself and does a Flying Splash but Angle picks him up and literally throws him in the pole. Hurricane is aching. Angle then puts him back into the ring. Angle gets in the ring and gets up Hurricane, trying to do an Angle Slam but Hurricane does a Snap DDT on Angle, getting another light cheer. Hurricane and Angle starts to get up but the Hurricane does a chokeslam and he actually did it. Hurricane then does another moonsault and nails it on Angle perfectly. Hurricane does an Ankle Lock but Angle reverses it. Angle quickly gets up and snap clotheslines the Hurricane hardly. Angle then waits for Hurricane and Irish whips him in a turnbuckle. Angle then lifts him up the top turnbuckle and Angle gets there too. He then puts Hurricane on an Angle Slam position and Kurt Angle puts the Hurricane way high and does an Angle Slam from the top turnbuckle! The crowd goes crazy and starts chanting some "holy shit" chants and majorly pop for that. Angle and Hurricane are down. Angle gets up a bit, still dizzy, and takes his sraps down. He grabs the Hurricane's ankle but the Huricane reverses it to a Hurricarana. The Hurricane then gets ready for Angle and does a Snap STO. Hurricane is still up dizzy. The crowd start to give the Hurricane a grand pop. Hurricane does a Frogsplash and nails Angle with the thunderous splash. The Hurricane pins Angle. 1, 2. Kick out by Angle. Hurricane gets in a corner and waits for Angle as he is ready for the Shinning Wizrad. Angle kneels down and Hurricane runs for the Shining Wizard but when he puts his leg almost to Angle's head, Angle takes the ankle of it and does a painfull Ankle Lock. He waited for about two minutes and five seconds but Hurricane had no choice but to tap out. The crowd boo heavily and Angle's music plays. The bell rings.)

Finkel: The winner of this match, Kurt Angle

(As Angle does his winning pose, Shamrock comes from the crowd, wearing his shirt cuts and casual black pants and he gets in the ring behind Angle. Angle turns around and Angle gets punches by Shamrock. Shamrock does a clothesline. Angle then gets a DDT on Shamrock. Angle then takes Shamrock's Ankle but Shamrock reaches into Angle's ankle and snaps it really tight and Angle is screaming like hell. Angle is trying to not tap but Angle taps and the crowd mark out for that as JR comments that Shamrock originally did the Ankle lock. Shamrock lets go of Angle's ankle. His song plays and people chant "Shamrock" as Shamrock does his angry signature pose to the crowd, getting pops. Then we pan to the VS. screen and we see still poses of Chris Jericho and HBK vs. Lance Storm and Triple H.)

JR: Well, it's the main event. The game, Triple H and the Canadian Shooter, Lance Storm face HBK, Shawn Micheals and Y2J, Chris Jericho. It's gonna be live! It's gonna be the main event. It's gonna be next! Right here at the MGM Grand Arena at Las Vegas, Nevada on UWEF Horizon!

JR: Well, it's time for the main event. The game, Triple H and the Canadian Shooter, Lance Storm face HBK, Shawn Micheals and Y2J, Chris Jericho!

(HHH's music plays and the crowd is abruptively booing as HHH does his ramp poses and then heads straight to the ring.)

Finkel: Coming to the ring, accompanied by Ric Flair, the UWEF Heavyweight Champion, Triple H!

(The crowd are still booing as HHH is evilly smiling.)

JR: Triple H is known for having a sick mind and he showed that tonight.

King: Damn right! I told you Triple H wasn't gonna take any crap from anybody, anytime tonight!

(The Canadian Connection song plays and Lance Storm coming out and the crowd boo at him as usual.)

Finkel: Coming to the ring, he is the leader of the Canadian Connection, Lance Storm!

(They boo and chant "We want Hart" and "USA". Storm does some negative poses to the crowd and the crowd give some massive heat. Triple H is in the ring looking at Lance.)

JR: Well, our main event is now when we come back, live at Las Vegas, Nevada!

(HBK is already in the ring with his song still playing and posing for the crowd. Jericho's music plays and that made a massively pop and Jericho has new titantron. He has blue and black mixed in his tights with his signature pose in sihlouete mode on his sides. The crowd chant "Y2J" as Jericho does his usual poses in the ring.)

Finkel: Coming into the ring, the number one contender for the UWEF Heavyweight title, Y2J, Chris Jericho!

(The crowd is up at their feet as we pan to crowd signs like "Y2J: King of My World", "Jericho is the Horizon", "Move Out, Hogan. Jericho's here!". Jericho shakes HBK's hands and then goes into HHH's face and spits on him. HHH charges but the ref backs him up. HHH and HBK will start it off as the bell rings.)

MAIN EVENT: Triple H and Lance Storm vs. Chris Jericho and Shawn Micheals

(HHH and HBK walk in front of each other and stare at each other, getting a standing ovation because of their history. HHH and HBK lock up and grapple. HHH goes behind HBK, holding his hips but HBK reverses behind doing the same thing HHH did and does a backdrop. HHH is down as HBK picks up HHH and does some chops, getting "Whooooooo" chants. HBk with some more chops and HHH goes down, face first. HBK picks up HHH and does a suplex on HHH. HBK does his worship taunt, getting light pops. HBK gets up and clotheslines HHH outside the ring and is down. Ric Flair gets up HHH and tries to talk some sense. HHH tells the ref to back up HBK. HHH slowly enter the rings. HHH and HBK grapple but HHH does a knee lift on HBK's guts and HBK heaves over. HHH Irish whips himself and does a knee lift on HBK's head. HHH drags HBK to a corner of a turnbuckle and stomps HBK senseless and violently. HHH then runs back to the opposite side of where HBK is at and runs his knee on HBK's head. HHH does his signature pose getting heel heat. HHH tags Lance and Lance goes to the opposite corner and does a dropkick on HBK's face. He then does the arm version of a middle finger on Jericho, getting heat. Jericho comes to the ring but the ref pulls him back. As the ref is distracted, Lance and HHH stomp on HBK violently and start kicking him, also violently. Lance tags HHH as the ref is now focused. HHH Irish whips HBK and does a Fork Lift on HBK very high and HBK falls back flat on his back. HHH tags Lance and Lance Irish whips HBK and does a flipping dropkick. He then does some taunt, getting heel heat. Lance talks smack on Jericho and Y2J slaps Lance as HBK does a rolling pin. 1, 2. Lance kicks out. HBK tags Jericho and Jericho tackles down Lance with some hard punches and stuff. Jericho then dropkicks Lance. He punches HHH, taking him outside. Lance does a knee lift from behind but Jericho moves and Lnace hits his knee on the top turnbuckle very hard. Jericho clotheslines Lance outside but Lance tries to stay on the edge of the ring but Jericho gets on top of the turnbuckle and dropkicks Lance outside of the ring, making him fall on HHH and Flair. Y2J does his signature pose and Irish whips himself to do a Suicide dive on HHH and Lance and is down. Jericho, easily, gets up and goes into the ring, posing some more, getting some Y2J chants.)

JR: Jericho is standing as the King of the World. Can HHH and Lance get it together? We'll find out when we come back!

(We're back on UWEF Horizon as Jericho does and Irish whip on Lance and then does a spinning wheel kick. Jericho then legdrops Lance. Jericho goes to the top turnbuckle and tries to do a Elbow Drop but misses as Lance rolls over. Lance then tries a Single Boston Crab as Jericho tries to crawl to the ropes and is so close to the ropes but Lance drags Jericho all the way back. HBK dropkicks Lance to stop the submission. Jericho then tags HBK and HBK punches Lance over and Irish whips hims and does a violent clothesline that makes Lance flip over and land on his neck. Lance tags HHH and rolls outside. HHH rushes to HBK but HBK does an elbow drop and HHH is down. HBK is now getting HHH up and does some chops on him. HBK Irish whips HHH but he reverses HBK and does an Irish whip to the corner. HHH with a thunderous clothesline to HBK. HBK falls knees first then face first. HHH then picks up HBK and puts him in a Sideslam position but tries and does a backbreaker on HBK's back. HBK yells in pain. HHH tries another backbreaker and does it again, making HBK ache in pain. HBK tries to tag Jericho but HHH drags HBK with HBK's left leg and does an elbow drop on HBK's back. As the ref is distracted by HHH's innocent looks, Flair chokes HBK crazy getting heel heat and some "Whooooooooooo" chants. Jericho runs after Flair but Lance clotheslines Jericho when Y2J gets to the heel side. HBK tries a clothesline but HHH ducks and does a quick knee lift on HBK's back. HBK's hand is on his aching back. The ref tells him if he wants to stop but HBK refuses and HHH does a flying knee drop on HBK's back. HHH then does his angry taunt to the crowd as the crowd tell him "U Suck". HBK is aching as HHH does another Flying Knee Drop on HBK. HHH then does a very violent, hard, brutal Irish whip to a turnbuckle corner, flipping HBK up and his back hurting and flipping back down. HHH, from behind, does a Backdrop and HBK is hurting badly.)

JR: HBK is in pain? Can HBK try to fight in this match?!

King: Yes. Look at HBK. He's about to be a cripple again. HHH is back, baby!

JR: Who asked you! We'll be back as this is our final commercial break and we'll be back from Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand Arena, live on UWEF Horizon!!!!!

(We're back from UWEF Horizon and HHH is doing a knee stretch on HBK's back as he is aching and is feet away from the rope. Jericho claps for HBK and the crowd follows as well and HBK is getting the momentum from the crowd. HBK does some elbow punches on HHH's head and escapes. He crawls to Y2J but HHH rams his fists on HBK's back and HHH drags him back to the middle of the center and goes for the pin. 1, 2. HBK kicks out. HHH picks up HBK and Irish whips him and gets ready for a powerslam but HBK ducks and Irish Whips himself to do a flying punch, getting some pops and lies down. HBK tries to do his headspring but botches it because of his back. Some laughed at it. HBK then goes on the ring as HHH walks over to HBK but HBK nails the Sweet Chin Music on HHH and they are both down. The crowd are giving a standing ovation as they chant "HBK". HHH crawls slowly and tags Lance as HBK is 2 inches awy of Y2J for a tag but Lance picks up HBK's leg and HBK does an Enzuguri. HBK crawls and tags Y2J to a eruptive pop. Jeircho punches Lance down. And Again. And Again. Jericho Irish whips Lance and Y2J nails a dropkick. Y2J does a dropkick. Y2J Irish whips himself but Flair holds Jericho's leg and falls down. The ref saw that and he goes outside of the ring, arguing with Flair and tells him to go backstage, getting massive pop and Flair goes in crazy mode. Y2J does a running bulldog on Lance. HH goes under the ring and finds a sledgehammer. Jericho goes to the ropes for a Lionsault. As he gets to the point where his feet are in the ropes, HHH nails Jericho with the Sledgehammer. Flair leaves and the ref goes back to the ring. HBK does a clothesline to HHH from behind, taking him down. Jericho is bleeding, serverly. Lance then goes to a turnbuckle, signaling a Superkick but HBK gets in the ring and gives Lance a SCM on the face. Jericho, still bleeding, slowly gets Lance's legs and turn them for the Walls of Jericho as Lance is crawling but Jericho drags him back and Lance can't take the pain. HHH tries to get in the ring but HBK holds HHH's legs and Lance taps out and the crowd eruptively gets up and massively pop for Jericho. The bell rings and Y2J's music plays.)

Finkel: The winner of this match, Chris Jericho and Shawn Micheals!

(Jeirhco gets out of the ring and fight HHH and tosses him to the crowd. Jericho goes on the top of the rail and does a clothesline to HHH taking them both down. Lance gets up but HBK comes and stomps down Lance. Then he Irish whips Lance and does a spinebuster. HBK gets ready for a Sharpshooter, getting mixed reactions untill Bret Hart from the crowd comes in the ring, getting the most cheers of the night and tackles HBK. Bret gets up HBK and does a spinebuster. Bret then does an Irish whip and legdrops HBK. Bret then Irish whips HBK and Lance nails a sidekick on HBK. Bret then puts him in a Sharpshooter position and the crowd chant "Bret" and he smiles, turns HBK around, and does a painful Sharpshooter on HBK and HBK's back feels like it's gonna break and cripple him. Referees come out and break Bret's hold as Bret holds it strong and HBK is tapping like crazy.)

JR: What is Bret doing here? Why is he doing this to HBK?!

King: Gee, it starts with "Montreal" and ends with "Screwjob", JR! Get with the program!!

(The UWEF credits fade in on the bottom left corner)

JR: Damn it, Bret! Stop this or your gonna break the man's back. Folks, we'll see you at the E Center at Salt Lake, Utah, next time on UWEF Horizon. Good night, everyone! Damn it Bret, let go of that Sharpshooter!!!!!

(The UWEF logo zooms in and fades out)

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Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon

Excellent Show... 9/10. The promos and matches were fantastic.The main event with Bret's return was the best. And btw look out for my btb thread also. Ohh and you didn't announce the third stipulation... Ah! well I guess the suspense is worth it. All the best and lookin forward to your next show
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Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon

^^^I was gonna announce it but I wanted to make the suspense on the last UWEF Horizon till GW so we have a great match. Eugene vs. Regal will happen. Ssj4rohan, if you loved Bret's UWEF debut, you'll love this.........UWEF Horizon Preview

Last time's Horizon was an explosive on the MGM Grand Arena. Bret Hart made his UWEF debut and made a sharpshooting impact by putting the Sharpshooter on HBK, Shawn Micheals! This week, live at the E Center at salt Lake, Utah, Heymen has made an explosive match. It's Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit as the main event.

Plus we are one week away till Global Warming and HBK has a serious back problem. Will HBK not make it to Global warming?

Plus, another big announcement. It will be a Six men Survival match for John Cena's International title at Global Warming. Who will be in the match? The first three have been confirmed: the Hurricane, Maven, and Kurt Angle. Who are the other three?

Also, we will have an update on Shelton's condition and if he will make it to Global Warming? Plus Randy Orton is in action. All that and much more on UWEF Horizon!

Preview Matches:
Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit
Six Man Survival Match for John Cena's International Belt
Randy Orton in action!


-Ron "the Truth" Killings will be out of action for 2 months as his ankle is injured by the Ankle Lock.

-Ken Shamrock is rumored to be in the Six Man Survival match to set a fued between Ken Shamrock and John Cena or lose and set up Shamrock and Angle.

-Despite a shoulder injury, the Hurricane wrestled well at UWEF Horizon and got a lot of respect in the lcoker room.

-Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) is rumored to make his debut after Global Warming.

-Triple X (Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper) are expected to fued with Tagiri and Regal when they debut.

-Eugene's name is now Nick Dinsmore and he is rumored to have a push to fued with Shelton Benjamin.

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Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon

Wohhhh Man, Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit. I can't wait for it. To put it in JR's words It's gonna be a slobberknocker
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Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon

^^^^You seriously are funny!

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Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon

One Question, would Global Warming be up on the actual May 7th or before it?
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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Loved the last show, your presentation is great, it makes it alot better to read. Love how you write your matches, and how you use your roster. Benoit vs Bret Hart should be great, i'm looking forward to that one. Overall a really good show 9/10
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