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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

I can't wait either

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Let's hope.


More info on the UWEF/WIWA PPV event, Two Worlds Collide. Since some superstars are under contract on both shows, a draft is expected to happen. UWEF has already chosen four stars to stay on UWEF for the whole month on August who are: Randy Orton, The Rock, Bret Hart, and Lance Storm. Look out on the WIWA thread to see who will be staying on the WIWA show for the whole month of August.

Abizmo Negro will be coming to UWEF after Highway to Hell to help a superstar win in a huge fued at H2H.

Kevin Nash and Goldberg have been confirmed to appear in WCW: Golden Road this year. The problem is that Nash was always a political booker, like Hulk Hogan. Wrestlemania and Heymen have talked to Nash abut this since he was also responsible about killing WCW in late 2000.

Simon Dean has been released after a money dispute. Simon Dean will get 2,000 upon his release.

Finally, UWEF Highway to Hell has been rescheduled to June 11th so don't let the banner confuse you. The Horizon coming this Friday will be the last Hoirzon.

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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Hey man, can't wait for your PPV, I have ring side seats! I hope I get on tv. lol

i'm excited for Abizmo Negro to come. He'll be a great member of UWEF.

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Thankls. Im working on Horizon and I hope I can post it even today.

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

(The UWEF intro plays as we fade to the highlights between Orton and RVD last week and The Corporation/The Canadian Connection fued. We then fade to the Corporation locker room where Vince McMahon is scared and Austin notices this.)

Austin: Well, it looks like you're worried and don't lie to Austin because he'll whoop you wrinkled old ass right now!

Vince: Come on, Steve. I am not a wrestler, I am a businessman! Bret just wants some revenge.

Austin: Well no doubt, Sherlock. Vince, I don't do this often but I'll Tell ya what. I'm gonna train you and I'll transfer you from a ugly ass Saved By the Bell geek into a Powerhouse Son of a b***h. That's the bottom line because Stone Cold Steve Austin said so!

Vince: Well, as much as I don't trust you, I'll go at it. Let's go, Steve!

(Austin and Vince leave the locker room as we play the Horizon intro as we are live and the pyros come out)

UWEF Horizon
Continental Airlines Arena
East Rutherford, New Jersey

JR: Welcome to UWEF Horizon. Man today it's gonna be one hell of a slobberknocker.

(We see Triple H and Shelton Benjamin posing on the VS. screen)

King: Yes indeed. Today is the day Triple H is gonna be back on his game cause tonight Triple H goes one on one against Shelton Benjamin.

(We see Eddie Guererro and Rene Dupree pose on the VS. screen)

JR: Plus, as of what the Axis Powers did to the Rock last week, Eddie Guererro faces Rene Dupree, one on one tonight.

(The Axis Powers's song plays as the crowd are loudly booing as Hassan and Dupree with Daivari come out in their wrestling gear. Hassan has a microphone as the crowd chant "USA".)

Finkel: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing The Axis Powers!

(The crowd are still chanting USA as Hassan has the microphone)

Hassan: You know, why would you boo me and hate me when your own New Jersey Nets didn't even make the playoffs? (The crowd are booing explsoively) No, that's not it. It's because I destroyed the Rock and put him out so bad, he is too coward to come show his face to us tonight! Well, Rock, you have made a wise ecision because if you showed up, it would have been embarassing to come out here for another beatdown. (Crowd boos loudly) Rock, you think you are the People's Champ? Well, from the way I see it and how I made you weak last week, I say you're more of the People's b***h. (The crowd chant "U Suck" very loudly as we pan to Rock signs from the crowd and then we are back to Hassan and the Axis Powers) Rock, last week, you got what you deserved. You could have stayed away from our challenge and we wouldn't have to mess with you but if you think you are the best Valuable Wrestler in UWEF, then you are dead wrong! Last week, I did every thing in my power to destroy you and I did. If you want a street fight, then you got one but let me warn you. After this match, you will not be known as the Most Electrfying Man in Sports Entertainment but you will be the Most Embarassing Man in Sports Entertainment because at Highway to Hell, I'm gonna sell you to Satan and you will feel the wrath of The Axis Powers. Also Rock, as for your little Chiwuawa Eddie Guererro.......(crowd explode for Eddie's name)............he can join you at the hospital once Rene Dupree is through with him. Whoever wants us, can come get us.

MATCH ONE: Rene Dupree vs. Eddie Guererro

(The crowd are booing chanting "Rocky" as Hassan and Daivari get out of the ring and stand at ringside as Dupree warms up. Eddie's song plays and the crowd goes wild. Eddie runs with a metal steel pipe down to the ring as Dupree rolls out of the ring and the ref stops Eddie on his tracks to ask him to put away the pipe. Eddie does and puts it away and is fired up. The crowd chant "Eddie" as Dupree stands there, telling Eddie to back up. Eddie does as Dupree goes to the apron and goes under the top rope and is in the ring. The match is officially underway as the bell rings. Dupree and Eddie circle around the ring and grapple each other. Eddie has the strength as Eddie pushes Dupree to a corner and let go of Dupree but does savage knife edge chops on Dupree's chest untill his chest is light red. Dupree falls down as Eddie covers Dupree and the referee starts to count. 1=====2=. Dupree kicks out as Eddie gets up. Eddie gets up Dupree and Irish whips Dupree and Forlifts him very high as Dupree holds his back. Eddie gets up Dupree but Dupree pokes Eddie's eyes and gets some air. Dupree wanders around the ring but Eddie dropkicks Dupree all the way to the ropes as Dupree gets some rest. Eddie doesn't let him as Eddie clothesline Dupree out of the ring by going over the ropes. Dupree goes down face first in the mat as Eddie does a heart pounding taunt, getting some pops from the crowd. Dupree gets up, tired, and gets in the ring as Eddie rushes over to Dupree but Dupree Forklifts Eddie almost to the outside but Eddie sticks his feet on the apron and as Dupree turns around, Eddie does a Knee Lift on Dupree's gut and takes his head and hits it on the top turnbuckle. Dupree covers his face as the ref checks on him. As Eddie is still standing on the apron, Hassan qucikly uses his arms and hands and sweeps Eddie's feet from the apron and making Eddie hit his jaw on the apron as the crowd are extremely booing for Hassan as Hassan talks some smack to a fan and the fan does the same. Daivari picks up Eddie and rolls him back to the ring. The ref checks on Eddie and tells Daivari and Hassan if they were involved. Obviously, Hassan and Daivari say they are innocent. Dupree then covers Eddie. 1=====2==. Eddie kicks out from Dupree. Dupree, then, gets up and stomps away on Eddie as Eddie is tired and weak. Dupree picks up Eddie and does some Mounted punches and then Irish whips Eddie to nail a Belly to Belly Suplex, vertically. Dupree then covers Eddie and the referee is counting. 1=====2====. Eddie barely kicks out as Dupree is a bit angry. Dupree does his "French Tickler", getting some heel heat from the crowd as Hassan and Daivari clap as they are amused. Dupree uses his boot and chokes Eddie very violently. The referee tells Dupree to let go and Dupree does at the count of four. Dupree then gets Eddie up and Cross Corner Irish whips Eddie and does a High Knee Lift on Eddie's head and Eddie goes down, sitting. Dupree picks up Eddie and puts him up on the top turnbuckle. Dupree then gets up to the top turnbuckle and puts Eddie in a FallAway Slam position. Dupree then does a Super Fallaway Slam on Eddie from the top turnbuckle. Eddie goes down rolling as Dupree is down and the ref checks on him. Hassan and Daivari have their chance as they both stomp violently on Eddie, as the crowd are chanting "Rocky". Hassan then picks up Eddie and does a Snake Eyes on Eddie to the Steel Pole. Hassan then quickly picks up Eddie and rolls him back to the ring. Dupree then covers Eddie again as the referee is counting. 1=====2=====. Eddie gets his leg on the ropes. Dupree gets up and does about four to five Jumping Knee Drops on Eddie's head. Dupree then gets Eddie's head up and does a Modified Headlock but using Eddie's right arm to twist his neck and plant a Headlock there somewhere. Eddie is spitting spit and come are dripiing as he tries to hold in the pain but Dupree has it in locked. Eddie then is starting to fade away and then, eventually, fades away. Dupree still has it locked as the referee checks on Eddie and then starts to raise his hand. The referee raises Eddie's hand and it goes down for one. The referee raises Eddie's hand and it goes down for two as the crowd are a bit dissapointed and Hassan and Daivari smile and cheer on Dupree and Eddie to drop his hand. The third one would decide Eddie's faith. The referee raises Eddie's hand as the crowd chant "Eddie" loud and stomp their feet. Eddie holds his hand halfway as the crowd goes wild and is starting to shake his legs. Eddie uses his feet and climbs the ropes and flips over Dupree to do a Reverse Impaler on Dupree. Eddie and Dupree go down as the crowd stomp and clap for Eddie to rise up. Eddie pushes himself up as the crowd is cheering and Dupree is up and punches Eddie and Eddie punches Dupree. Dupree punches Eddie and Eddie punches Dupree. Dupree punches Eddie but Eddie blocks it and punches Dupree and again and again and again and for a several times until Dupree backs up to a corner. Eddie does several Knee Lifts on Dupree and then climbs on the middle ropes and does the 10 punches routine untill at six, Dupree grabs Eddie and moves away from the corner and Flapjacks Eddie's jaw on the top rope. Dupree is now ready for Eddie as Eddie gets up and Dupree picks up Eddie to do the Au Revoir but Eddie reverses it and clotheslines Dupree but Dupree ducks and Eddie clotheslines the referee down, knocking him out. Dupree sees this and lowblows Eddie very hard as Eddie goes down. Dupree then goes outside and takes Eddie's pipe he brought out early and gets in the ring. Dupree waits for Eddie as Eddie gets up. Dupree swings the pipe but misses Eddie and Eddie does a German Suplex on Dupree. Eddie then does the heart pound taunt and goes up the top turnbuckle but Hassan goes up the apron and pushes Eddie from the top turnbuckle, making Eddie land on his head and he goes down. Hassan and Daivari get in the ring. Hassan picks up Eddie and does his STO move on him. Hassan, Daivari, and, getting up, Dupree, gang on Eddie and stomp on Eddie, viciously as the crowd are explodingly booing loudly and chant "Rocky". The referee is getting up as Hassan and Daivari go out of the ring and Dupree covers Eddie. 1==========2==========. Eddie gets his arm up, getting explosive pops from the crowd. Dupree is mad and having an attitude fit. Dupree picks up Eddie but Eddie does a Small Package on Dupree and the referee counts. 1=====2=====3! The crowd goes wild as Eddie has won the match. The bell rings as Eddie's song plays.)

Finkel: The winner of the match, Eddie Guererro!

King: Eddie did it. He shutted those three stooges up finally!

JR: A great match from Eddie Gurerro!

(Eddie gets up and is standing tall untill Hassan and Daivari gang up on Eddie again as Dupree gets the pipe and nails it on Eddie's head. Hassan and Daivari with Dupree stomp on Eddie as Eddie is seriously bleeding. The Rock's song plays as The Rock furiciously runs down the ring as the crowd is going Hogan wild. The Rock gets in the ring as Hassan rolls out. Daivari and Dupree runs to The Rock but the Rock Clotheslines them both. The Rock picks up Daivari and slap punches him, savagely, and trap him to the ropes as The Rock clothesline Daivari out of here. Dupree gets up and turns around but the Rock does the Rock Bottom on Dupree very hard and Dupree rolls away from the ring. The crowd are loving it as The Rock and Hassan have a staredown far away from eachother and excahnge words. The Rock then checks on Eddie.)

JR: Thank god for the Rock. These three cowards savagely beat down Eddie and think they are huge. Guess what, Hassan? The Rock is here to come take you out at Highway to Hell!

King: I couldn't have said it better, JR! Hassan will get his punishment at Highway to Hell. I promise you that!

(We cut to Triple H, from the backstage area, as he is heading to the ring.)

JR: Well there is Triple H and it looks like he is gonna come our way, next!

King: Oh, boy!

(Commecial Breaks: WIWA Wrestlemania: All the high Fueds showcased advert, JLA Fully Loaded, UWEF Highway to Hell: The Canadian Connection vs. The Corporation, three local adverts, Taco Bell and PSP)

(The Game's song plays as the crowd are booing loudly. Triple H comes out in his suit mode and does no taunt and just comes walking down to the ring.)

Finkel: Ladies and Gentlemen, Triple H!

(Triple H comes in and stands in the center with a microphone. We see some negative HHH signs from the crowd.)

HHH: You know, I feel........naked. (The crowd laughs a bit but Triple H is a bit angry) Shut up and listen! You know why I feel naked? Because I'm not wearing my UWEF.........Heavyweight .........Championship............belt. (The crowd boos as the crowd chant "Y2J") See, what happened at Global Warming was a fluke so much, Y2J actually thought he was winner since he beat me. Now, I have lost titles back in my days but this title loss has to be the lowest for me and from a guy who has a band called..............um called...........something but anyway, that's not the point. The point is that Jericho has my title and it's about damn time I get it back! (The crowd are booing very loudly) Boo all you want but you know the truth. You all know that Triple H is the real champion to carry this business and if you don't believe me, look back at the WWE and tell me something different! (The crowd is booing very loudly as HHH is angry) Jericho, you know very damn well that you can't lead this Busineess very well. You couldn't in WWE, you couldn't in WCW, you couldn't in ECW, you couldn't in Japan, hell, you can't even lead your own band very well! (The crowd are "oooo"ing and booing) So, Jericho, as you know, I have a rematch clause and guess what, I want that rematch to be............at Highway to Hell on June 11th! (The crowd pop very loudly) Jericho, I will make sure you will know what is right for this business and what is wrong for this business and at Highway to Hell, I will take out that Wrong thing! And there is not a damn thing nobody can do about-

(Tupac's Still Ballin, an Instrumental version, plays and OMG! Mr. Wrestlemania comes out with a white suit and black and white shoes and is wearing sunglasses and starts walking down to the ring. The crowd give Mr. Westlemania almost the pop of the night as we see some fans do the bowing down thing for Mr. Wrestlemania. HHH is smiling and confused as WM gets in the ring with a mic.)

Wrestlemania: So, I see that you have a rematch for Jericho's title, huh? Well, here is the pros and cons for that. The pros is that at Highway to Hell it will be Triple H vs. Chris Jericho for the UWEF Heavyweight Championship. (Triple H is smiling very bright and pats WM on the shoulder) Yeah but here is the negative part. You see, I don't think you are ready for Jericho as you don't look very......serious. (Triple H starts to frown) So, here is the deal, tonight is the last week till Highway to Hell and I want this to be good and not like Lesnar and Goldberg at Wrestlemania 20. (The crowd are laughing as Triple H agrees) So, if you can defeat Shelton Benjamin tonight, I will let you advance for that Championship but..............if you fail and get pinned by your opponent, that opponent that pinned you will take your spot and face Chris Jericho at Highway to Hell for the UWEF Heavyweight Championship! (The crowd are popping loudly as HHH is getting angry)

HHH: With all due respect, Wrestlemania, I think You are now agreeing with Heymen and.....(goes close to WM)...............IS TRYING TO SCREW ME OVER AGAIN! You listen to me, without me, UWEF is probably digging its own grave. WM, don't be like Jericho and become an assclown. You automatically put me in that match with Jericho or I will-

Wrestlemania: YOU LISTEN TO ME, YOU TAPE RECORDING LITTLE BASTARD! I run UWEF, I made UWEF, I created UWEF, and I perfected UWEF and if you think you can just talk to me like that, then you must be a dumb piece of crap. I am the authority and you will respect it. Now, since you want to be challenge me, tonight, it will be Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin vs............Kurt Angle for the #1 Contender spot for Jericho's title! So, Triple H, since you wanted to yell at me like you were Somebody, Evolution will be banned from tonight match's or else Evolution will pass away...FOR GOOD!

(Wrestlemania's song plays as the crowd loves it and Triple H stands there very angry and annoyed. We fade to a commecial break)

(Commercial Break)

(We pan to Triple H with Evolution in their locker room)

HHH: Mr. Wrestlemania can't do that to me! I am Triple H and I'm that damn good. Now I have to worry about Shelton and Kurt tonight and also Evolution has to be banned and I'm about to-

Flair: HUNTER! Shut up! (crowd pops for that) I asked Mr. Wrestlemania to ban us from your match because We know you can do this alone. You don't need Orton or Batista or even me. Triple H, you are the greatest wrestler alive and I want you to prove it!

(Triple H thinks and calms down)

HHH: All right. I will make sure I go to Highway to Hell as the UWEF Heavyweight Champion!

(We fade back to the ring as Kazarian's song plays and Frankie Kazarian comes out to a chorus of boos. Kazarian acts cocky and walks down to the ring)

Finkel: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, he is called the Coolest Guy on the Universe, Frankie Kazarian!

King: This guy impresses me every week, JR. He defeated Chris Benoit on his debut and now he's gonna win this match!

JR: Well, you're right about Kazarian. This guy has a lot of charisma. Folks........

(We see a Tower Bell come out of nowhere and it zooms in with the "Highway to Hell" text all Judgement Day fontlike as the "Highway" text on the left, the "To" text is on the bell, and the "Hell" text is on the right with the X Box logo on the top left corner, the UWEF logo on the top middle, and Dr. Pepper logo on the top right corner. The background comes out all foggy like.)

JR: ........X-Box, Dr. Pepper, and UWEF presents Highway to Hell! Live June 11th at the Oakland Colliseum in Oakland California, live on Pay Per View!\

(We see Frankie Kazarian stretch a bit untill Chris Jericho's WWF song plays and comes out the usual.)

Finkel: And from Montreal, Canada, he is the UWEF Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho!

MATCH TWO: Non-Title match: Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Jericho

(Chris Jericho gets on the apron posing untill Kazarian shoves Jericho out, making him hit his jaw. Kazarian goes outside and takes Jericho's head and smashes it on the rail as Jericho goes down. The belt is still around Jericho's waist as Kazarian stomps on Jericho very hard. Kazarian picks up Jericho and tosses him back to the ring and Kazarian goes in as the bell rings, making this match official. Kazarian takes off the belt from Jericho and starts to Hammer Punch Jericho's back very hard as Jericho's back gets very red. Kazarian Irish whips himself and Jericho ducks and Kazarian Irish whips himself again and Jericho Flapjacks Kazarian, face first. Jericho covers Kazarian as the referee counts. 1=====2====. Kazarian kicks out as Jericho gets up. Jericho then does some Elbow Drops and then picks up Kazarian and puts him up on the top turnbuckle as Jericho runs to the opposite corner of where Kazarian is at and runs to Kazarian to do a Hurricarana but Kazarian holds Jericho in to do a Powerbomb and pins him as the referee counts. 1=====2=====. Jericho barely makes it by putting his foot on the ropes. Kazarian then picks up Jericho and Irish whips him to a corner and does a Somersault and then a clothesline on Jericho as Jericho goes down sitting. Kazarian then uses the ropes and flies his legs vertical and then rams them on Jericho's Chest called Future Shot. Kazarian Handsprings himself as the crowd boos at him. Kazarian then picks up Jericho and does some Mounted punches. Kazarian then goes close to the ropes with Jericho. Kazarian tries to Suplex Jericho over the ropes but Jericho lands on the Apron. Kazarian turns around and Jericho takes Kazarian's head and slams it on the turnbuckle Kazarian wonders off in the ring as Jericho jumps on the top rope and Does the Hurricarana on Kazarian and Kazarian goes down. Jericho covers Kazarian. 1=====2=====. Kazarian barely kicks out. Jericho then picks up Kazarian and Irish whips Kazarian and bends down but Kazarian with a kick up to Jericho's face and nails a violent clothesline. Kazarian drags Jericho's body to a corner and Kazarian bounces to the top turnbuckle and then nails a Spinning Legdrop on Jericho. Kazarian then covers Jericho with his legs on the middle rope. 1=====2=====. Jericho kicks out as Kazarian is angry and starts to have a fit. Kazarian takes Jericho's head and puts a Sleeper Hold on Jericho as Jericho is about to pass out but Jericho shakes his arms and legs as the crowd tries to pump Jericho up. Jericho then starts to get up and does Elbow Thrusts on Kazarian's gut and is free from the hold. Jericho Irish whips himself and goes for a Clothesline but Kazarian does a Mid Kick on Jericho's gut and tries a Monkey flip but Jericho reverses it with a Clothesline. Kazarian starts to get up but Jericho Irish whips himself and nails Kazarian with his bulldog. Jericho does one of his taunts and goes for the Lionsault but Kazarian rolls away but Jericho sticks and lands very well. Kazarian gets up and does a Hard Left Punch on Jericho's gut and tries a Wave of the Future but Jericho reverses it and nails the Flashback. Jericho grabs Kazarian's legs and is about to do the Walls of Jericho untill Ric Flair comes out with mixed reaction and goes on the apron to distract the referee but Jericho goes jumping on the top turnbuckle and dropkicks Flair from the apron. Kazarian gets up but Jericho does an Enzurguri very hard on Kazarian. The boos get louder as Randy Orton and Batista come out as Jericho gets out of the ring and grabs a steel chair and heads to Orton and Batista's way. Orton and Batista back out as Jericho stands there, telling them to back off. Jericho drops the chair and goes back to the ring and goes for the Lionsault but Flair goes back to the apron, distracting the referee. Jericho is sick of it as he is about to nail Flair again but Triple H comes from the crowd with a Sledgehammer and gets in the ring. Jericho turns around as Triple H is about to nail the sledgehammer on Jericho but Jericho ducks and does some well rounded gut kicks, making Triple H drop the Sledgehammer. Jericho then does a Bullet DDT on Triple H as Triple H rolls out from the ring. Kazarian gets up and does a quick Wave of the Future on Jericho and gets the pin. The referee is about to count. 1=====2====. Jericho gets a hand up as Evolution and Kazarian are shocked. Kazarian then picks up Jericho and tries another Wave of the Future but Jericho puts in the Walls of Jericho in as Kazarian might tap. Triple H gets up from the concrete floor with his sledgehammer and gets in the ring. Jericho has the Walls of Jericho locked untill Triple H is in the ring and nails that sledgehammer on Jericho's head as the referee calls for the bell. Frankie Kazarian rolls out of the ring, being smart. The crowd are booing loudly as Triple H takes Jericho's head and does very Mounted punches on the head. Jericho is bleedng mildly as Triple H gets out of the ring and grabs the top portion of the steel steps and throws it to the ring. Triple H then gets back in the ring and places the steps on the center. HHH picks up Jericho and they climb up and HHH kicks Jericho's gut and nails a powerful Pedigree. So powerful, Jericho's skull can be heard cracked. Triple H then does the signature pose over Jericho as the crowd are booing.)

JR(in his serious voice): Folks........I don't........I don't really know what to say about what we have just seen right now. That.....that man has just damaged Jericho's skull and who knows if Jericho will even make it to Highway to Hell.

King(in a serious voice as well): Um, JR. I have to agree. Th.......This was just going over the line and it looks like Triple H has just crossed that. I'm..........I'm..............I"m very speechless right now.

JR(serious): Noneless, Triple H will face Kurt Angle and Shelton Benjamin for the #1 Contender Spot for the UWEF Heavyweight Championship and right now, I need some space. Take a commercial break, please.

(We see Jericho unconsious and bleeding unstopful as Triple H and Evolution runs to the back as we fade to a commercial break)

(Commercial Break)

(We are back as we see Jericho on a strecher, getting healed and is almost to the ambulance. The strecher folds lower as Jericho gets into the ambulance.)

EMT Helper: All right. Driver, take Chris Jericho to the nearest Hospital.

EMT Driver: Um, I have a better route. Why don't I just drive him.............(The driver turns around and it appears to be Triple H, smiling very wide as you can hear boos from the background)................STRAIGHT TO HELL!

(The EMT helpers run away from the ambulance truck as Triple H gets out from the truck with a sledgehammer. Triple H drops the hammer and drags Jericho's strecher from the truck roughly. HHH unstraps Jericho from the strecher and picks him up from the strecher. Triple H suplexes Jericho on the hard concrete floor. HHH then punches Jericho's head till Jericho is senseless. Triple H then finds a fire extinquisher and nails it on Jericho's back. Triple H then smiles and picks up Jericho. Triple H then does the Pedigree very violently as Jericho's face is covered with blood with no skin showing. Triple H then whistles from somewhere and Evolution comes out of nowhere. Orton and Batista drag Jericho on the truck with no stretcher. Orton gets on the truck while Batista and Triple H ride behind where Jericho is. Orton drives it untill we are at an empty parking lot. Orton, Triple H, and Batista leave the truck as Triple H runs to somewhere. Orton and Batista are confused untill they smile very wide as Triple H and Ric Flair are in a Monster Truck, with Triple H driving. Triple H talks some smack to Jericho, who is in the truck untill Triple H drives the truck very fast and the closer it got to the truck, the faster the impact. Finally, Triple H drives over the truck with the monster truck's big wheels untill it lands back on the concrete.)

JR(yelling): Damn it! Those sons of bitches! Those delusional sons of bitches! Evolution have single handedly destroyed Chris Jericho!

King: Come on, JR! Stop yelling. Remember that heart failure. Let's not have another one!

(Triple H smiles with Flair as they get off the monster truck. Triple H and Flair join up with Batista and Orton.)

HHH: Looks like Jericho is gonna be an easy obstacle.

Orton: Triple H, with Jericho's condition, he might as well give you that title. Guys, I got to go deal with some buisness. See you guys later.

Flair: Bye. Triple H, I was wrong, you ARE The Game and at Highway to Hell, you will get back that title.

HHH: Of course I will, because I am that......damn...............good!

(Triple H grins widely as we cut backstage to Paul Heymen walking to the incidnet that happended untill Kazarian cuts him short)

Kazarian: Heymen, I need to have a word with you.

Heymen: I DON'T HAVE THE TIME! There is a UWEF Heavyweight Champion who just got trampled by a monster truck! And you want me to stop going there just to talk to you?! What is it?!

Kazarian: I think I should get a chance. I have been a great crusierweight and I should be the UWEF International Champion! Give me that Championship belt!

Heymen: Right now, I am in no mood but fine. Since John Cena has been stripped from the UWEF International Championship title, at Highway to Hell, it will be a Fatal Four Way match for the UWEF International Championship belt. It will be Frankie Kazarian vs.............Kurt Angle..............Ken Shamrock........................and BATISTA! Now get out of my way!

(Kazarian's jaw drops as we fade to a commercial break)

(Commmercial break)

(We're back as Monty brown's music plays and comes out with a chorus of boos. He is wearing his lepard fur jacket over his wrestling gear.)

King: Look who is here, JR. It's the Alpha Male, Monty Brown! He's here to protect his serengetti.

JR: All I can say is that this man has made quite an impact as he punced Paul Heymen on his debut in the draft and has been threatened by the Undertaker.

Finkel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Alpha Male, Monty Brown!

(The crowd keep booing and small "Taker" chants from the front row can be heard. Monty Brown grabs the mic as we pan to Undertaker signs from the crowd and then pan back to Monty Brown.)

Monty: I have had it with the mind games! I am sick with the teases! I am annoyed by these kiddy tatics. Undertaker, if you want Monty Brown, then come to Monty Brown. (The crowd are booing as "Taker" chants can be heard) SHUT UP and listen! (More boos) Undertaker, you might be the Deadman, the Son of Satan, Mr. 666, a former WWE Champion, and 12-1 at Wrestlemania, giving it you having the longest winning record in Wrestlemania history but I am the Alpha Male and I am the enforcer of this here jungle. If you think that the dark and smoke scare me, then you're just a sad attempt of Freddy Krueger! (Booing can be heard) The Alpha Male is not afraid of noone and nothing! I will show the Undertaker how the Deadman will get POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNCED all the way back to the cemetry! That is why I am challenging the Undertaker at Highway to Hell, June 11th! (The crowd go nuts for that) I will make sure that his yard get trimmed and evole into a jungle because-

(The lights go out as the crowd go nuts. We see some clips from Undertaker's evolution from deadman to minstry to biker to current. And then we see Paul Bearer in the TitanTron as the lights are purple and blue.)

Bearer: OH, NO! (The crowd go nuts as Monty Brown is a bit surprised) Monty Brown, you think that the Undertaker is like a Boogeyman. It will just go away when you turn on the lights. Well, Monty, you haven't met the Undertaker. (The crowd are popping loudly as Monty is saying words to Bearer)Monty Brown, you want to challenge my associate, The Undertaker, at Highway to Hell at June 11th? Well, why don't you ask him yourself?

(Monty Brown is a bit confused as the lights go out and the gong is heard four times as the crowd is going nuts. The smoke comes out as The Undertaker's Old School song plays and The Undertaker comes out, with his old school gear. He has his long hair again with the black leather jacket, purple gloves, thick black tights, and a black T-Shirt with the arm parts cut as usual. The Undertaker walks slowly untill he walks the steel stairs and stands to the steel stairs and raises both of his arms and the lights are back on as the crowd is still going nuts. Smoke is starting to spread in the ring as Monty Brown is a bit confused but looks unscared. The Undertaker gets in the ring and goes in front of Monty Brown with that stare. Monty Brown ain't afraid as he is talking a lot of stuff to him untill The Undertaker snatches his mic, getting huge pops.)

Undertaker: Darkness is a fear only for those who are mortals. Darkness is for people who are not in any way..........a mortal. I have been in more matches than the Devil can count on his own. Monty Brown, I am darkness. I am fear. I am.........not a mortal. (The crowd goes nuts) Monty Brown, you are not the first to challenge me or fight me as I have tooken souls one way.........................or another. Monty Brown, I am the thing that keeps you up at night, I am the thing that is in your dreams and nightmares and I am the thing that cannot be stopped. As for the challenge, I accept, Monty. (The crowd goes wild) Although, don't forget that I will make you Rest.......(The crowd joins with Taker in unison).............In.........................Peace!

(Monty Brown snatches the mic from Undertaker as the crowd give huge heat.)

Monty: Now listen here, Deadman, you may be the "thing" but I am the "one" and that "one" will destroy and put to rest the "thing" at Highway to Hell. Taker, you are nothing but a joke and I will prove it!

(Monty Brown slaps the Undertaker as Taker turns around and the crowd explode with full heat. The Undertaker turns his head quickly and does a lot of uppercuts on Monty as Monty goes all the way to the corner. Undertaker then does his unique punches on Monty untill he does a Knee Lift on Taker's gut and the Undertaker leans down on the center of the ring. Monty Brown then Irish whips himself and does a wicked Pounce on the Undertaker. Monty Brown then does his special pose untill the Undertaker rises up from the crowd and making Monty Brown shocked and picks up Taker and Irish whips him but Taker reverses it and Monty is Irish whipped and Taker does a Big Boot on Momty. Monty then starts to get up. Monty turns around but only for Taker to do the Chokeslam to Monty Brown very hard. The crowd loves it as Undertaker kneels down to do his worship pose as the blue and purple lights are seen again as the crowd love it.)

JR: The Undertaker has returned to UWEF to raise hell.

King: JR, I'm scared. Hell, I might as well not go to Highway to Hell on June 11th.

JR: Don't go, then. I can finally relax.

King: I was being sarcastic.

JR(sarcastic): Wait, you were serious?

King: JR, you're an idiot!

JR: Let's go with that, King.

(We see RVD lacing his boots untill Paul Heymen comes to him)

Heymen: Hey, RVD? (RVD: Sup?) I want you to know that you will be facing Randy Orton for the Ironman Championship at Highway to Hell.......(The crowd loves it)........but I want to make sure you're ready. So, next, you will face................Rhyno in an "ECW Rules" match! (The crowd goes nuts as solid "ECW" chants begin)

RVD: Well, since R...........V..............D made E....................C................W, why not? Me vs. Rhyno should be no problem.

(RVD walks away as he pats Heymen in the shoulder as we fade to commercial break)

(Commercial Break)

MATCH THREE: Rob Van Dam vs. Rhyno in an ECW Rules Match

(RVD's song plays as the crowd goes wild. RVD comes out, doing his special pose with purple pyros coming out untill Rhyno comes out with a chair and slams the chair on RVD's back. Rhyno does his heart pounding taunt, getting a fair pop from the crowd. Rhyno picks up RVD and does punches to RVD, making RVD go all the way towards the ring. Rhyno then puts RVD into a Belly to Belly Suplex and does the Belly to Belly Suplex on RVD into the steel steps, making RVD land on his back. Rhyno then looks under the ring and grabs a Garbage Can, getting some fair pops and some " We Want Tables " chants. Rhyno is about to hit RVD on the head with the can but RVD does a Spinning Back Front Kick on Rhyno with the can in front of Rhyno's face as the crowd loves it. Rhyno goes down as RVD grabs the Trash Can and starts using it as a chair and repeatedly hits Rhyno with it a few times untill Rhyno wasn't moving. RVD then covers Rhyno. 1====2. Rhyno kicks out as RVD is a bit surprised. RVD then goes under the ring and starts to pull out a Kendo Stick as the crowd moan as they want more. RVD uses the Kendo Stick and is about to hit Rhyno in the head with it but Rhyno uses his hands and holds it tight and Rhyno then, using his feet, does a Monkey Toss to RVD on the rail, making RVD ache his back on the rail. Rhyno then covers RVD outside. 1=====2==. RVD kicks out. Rhyno then, dizzy, gets up and rolls into the ring as RVD starts to make his way into the ring. Rhyno picks up RVD and takes him back to a corner where Rhyno repeatedly stomps on RVD untill RVD goes down sitting. Rhyno then goes outside and brings back the Kendo Stick RVD brought out and goes back in the ring. Rhyno then uses the stick and slams it on RVD's head senseless as some sort of blood is starting to show. Rhyno then picks up RVD and does a Suplex and covers RVD. 1=====2=====. RVD gets a shoulder up as Rhyno is a bit dissapointed. Rhyno then goes back outside and grabs the already dented Trash can. Rhyno throws it in the ring amd goes back in the ring. Rhyno then picks up RVD and puts him on top of the top turnbuckle. Rhyno then tries to put RVD in a Samon Drop format but RVD reverses it into a Super Powerbomb on the Trash Can! The crowd goes crazy and starts the "ECW" chants as RVD and Rhyno are layed down splat. The referee cannot start a countdown since this an ECW Rules match so he checks on both men. RVD starts to move and uses the ropes for leverage as Rhyno starts getting up by himself. RVD rolls out of the ring and starts to seach under the ring and grabs.............A TABLE as the crowd go nuts. RVD then sets up the table outside and rolls back to the ring. RVD picks up Rhyno and does some closed punches and then Rhyno does his unique Monkey Toss. RVD looks back and does his Split Legged Moonsault on Rhyno and covers Rhyno. 1=====2====. Rhyno kicks out. RVD then picks up Rhyno and is about to throw him over the table but Rhyno does a Elbow Thrust on RVD's gut and Rhyno uses RVD's head and shreds it on the top rope as RVD holds his face. Rhyno then positions himself for a Gore but, out of nowhere, Randy Orton gets in the ring and has a Kendo Stick with him. Orton nails the Kendo Stick on Rhyno's head several times untill RVD does a Hammer Punch on Orton's head as the crowd are going nuts. RVD does some more rapid and harsh Hammer Shots on Orton's back untill Orton lowblows RVD and RVD kneels down. Orton then does some hard kicks on RVD's face untill he looks at the table RVD setted up outside. Orton then picks up RVD and takes him to the rope that is closest to the table. Orton tries to do a Suplex on the table from the ring but RVD lands on the apron and does a quick German Suplex to Orton on the table, making him land on his head, not on his neck! The crowd goes wild and they chant " Holy $#!+ " very explosively as RVD gets back in the ring but Rhyno is running to RVD for a Gore but RVD moves away and Rhyno hits his head on the middle turnbuckle and turns around for RVD to use the Trash can and nail it on Rhyno's head but Rhyno is still up so RVD does it again but Rhyno is still up so RVD drops the can and does the Van Daminator on Rhyno and Rhyno finally goes down. RVD then jumps on the top turnbuckle. RVD does his special pose one more time and does a high elevated Five Star Frogsplash as the crowd goes wild. RVD then holds his stomach for a while and quickly starts to crawl to Rhyno and covers him as the referee is counting. 1=====2=====3! The crowd goes wild as RVD stands up tall. RVD's song plays and the bell rings as " RVD " chants begin.)

Finkel: The winner of this match, Rob Van Dam!

JR: What a hellacious match. Orton inerfered but it costed him as he has been knocked the wind out of him!

King: Orton payed what price? RVD should have left Orton alone and then he wouldn't suffered this atrocity. Man, our Champions have been either stripped or destroyed today. Chris Jericho, our UWEF Heavyweight Champion, got trampled by Evolution, John Cena has been stripped from the UWEF International Championship, and now Randy Orton, our beloved UWEF Ironman Champion, has been knocked out by that stupid ECW hasbeen, Rob Van Dam!

JR: Well, nonetheless, we have Triple H vs. Kurt Angle vs. Shelton Benjamin still to come.

(We see Shelton Benjamin warming up in his locker room untill Kurt Angle comes in the room)

Shelton: Whta do you want, Kurt?

Angle: Well, seeing as tonight we have to fight Triple H in a Triple Threat match, I wondered we should team up on Triple H, if you remembered the deal I gave you at Global Warming.

Shelton: Listen, I'm not working with you. I'm doing this for me. Kurt, have you ever beaten Triple H three nights in a row? No. I might have lost my Ironman title but I haven't lost my opportunity. This is it. I don't care if it's you or Triple H I have to beat. I will meet Chris Jericho for the UWEF Heavyweight Championship, one way or another! So, if you excuse me, I have to warm up.

Angle: Fine, but let me tell you something Shelton, I will make sure you become a cripple because if you're not with Kurt Angle, you're against Kurt Angle. Oh, it's true. It's damn true!

(Kurt Angle walks away as Shelton shakes his head and continues to warm up. We then pan to the Canadian Connection locker room with Bret, Edge, and Christian talking untill their door is being knocked.)

Bret: Who is it?

Security Personel: Security Personel. Paul Heymen needs to talk to you about the War Games match.

Edge: Let's go. He might actually postpone it and know that we are the dominant team to beat around here.

Christian: Yeah. I mean, seriously. Vince McMahon wrestling? That's much as much shocking as how the New Jersey Nets lost Jason Kidd. (The crowd are booing loudly)

Bret: We'll see about that.

(Bret, Edge, and Christian leave the locker room but only to see that HBK, Benoit and Razor Ramon have ambushed the team as HBK is beating Bret to a bloddy pulp, Benoit Suplexes Christian, and Hall does hard punches to Edge. Eventually, the CC are down and HBK, Benoit, and Razor walk away. Some officials see this and the officials rush to the CC to help them. We fade to commercial.)

(Commercial Break)

(We're back as Triple H's music plays and he comes out with a lot of boos. Triple H does his usual stuff.)

Finkel: This match is for one fall and is for a title shot at Chris Jericho's UWEF Heavyweight title at Highway to Hell, June 11th! Introducing first, he is the Game, Triple H!

(The crowd are throwing beer cans and using signs to hit Triple H as HHH walks down to the ring with a great smile.)

JR: To say that he deserves a rematch for Jericho's title is a lie. Folks, we're not gonna show the footage of what Triple H did due to graphic content but Triple H used a Monster Truck to trample over Jericho while he was in the ambulance.

King: Even I'm agreeing with you. Triple H went too far and even I wish Jericho a speedy recovery and let's hope he makes it to Highway to Hell.

(Triple H does his taunts and then when his song plays, Kurt Angle's music plays and gets fair heat as Angle does the usual as well and does the point high taunt with his pyro coming out.)

Finkel: Coming to the ring, he is the Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle!

King: Well, this is a man that can lead UWEF to a great year. Not the Rock, not Stone Cold Steve Austin, not Chris Jericho, but Kurt Angle!

JR: Well be as that may........

(We see a Tower Bell come out of nowhere and it zooms in with the "Highway to Hell" text all Judgement Day fontlike as the "Highway" text on the left, the "To" text is on the bell, and the "Hell" text is on the right with the X Box logo on the top left corner, the UWEF logo on the top middle, and Dr. Pepper logo on the top right corner. The background comes out all foggy like.)

JR: X-Box, Dr. Pepper, and UWEF presents Highway to Hell! Live June 4th at the Oakland Colliseum in Oakland California, live on Pay Per View!

(Kurt Angle gets in the ring and does his spinning taunt and then looks at Triple H with fire on his eyes. The two stare until Shelton Benjamin's song plays and Shelton comes out with a huge pop and very very light boos. Shelton comes out and runs to the ring.)

MAIN EVENT: Shelton Benjamin vs. Kurt Angle vs. Triple H for the #1 Contender Spot for the UWEF Heavyweight Championship at Highway to Hell

(Shelton gets in the ring and clotheslines both men. Triple H gets up but Shelton does some right hands and then does Elbow Thrusts on Triple H. Shelton then does an Irish whip on Triple H and does a Monkey Toss. Angle gets up and Shelton does some kinfe edge chops on Angle and does some mid kicks on Angle's gut. Shelton then Irish whips Angle and Shelton does a Forklift on Angle. Triple H gets up but Shelton does a violent clothesline on Triple H to the outside. Angle, from behind, does a Double Axe Handle on Shelton's back and does the German Suplex. Shelton goes down as Angle does some stomps on Shelton's back. Angle then goes outside and does some closed punches on Triple H. Angle then Irish whips Triple H to the rails as Triple H is arching his back, signaling pain. Angle goes back to the ring and picks up Shelton. Angle does a Belly to Belly Suplex on Shelton, making Shelton's feet richochet from the bottom rope. Angle then picks up Shelton and tries a Suplex but Shelton reverses it into a Rolling pin. 1=====2. Angle kicks out as the crowd are dissapointed. Shelton then picks up Angle and does some hard punches on Angle and Irish whips Angle. Angle reverses it and tries a Belly to Belly Suplex again but Shelton does a Cross Body Splash on Angle. Shelton covers Angle. 1=====2==. Triple H drags Shelton's feet out of the ring. Triple H then picks up Shelton and does a Suplex on Shelton on the concrete. Triple H then does a Jumpinh Knee Drop on Shelton's face. Shelton covers his face and rolls around as Triple H goes back into the ring. Triple H picks up Angle and does some Elbow Thrusts on Angle's neck. Triple H then does a Stalling Suplex as Angle feels the impact on his back. Triple H smiles as the crowd is booing heavily. Triple H covers Angle. 1=====2==. Angle gets a shoulder up. Triple H then takes Angle's head and starts doing some savage Mounted punches. Angle is down eventually, knocked out. Shelton eventually gets up from the outside and goes into the apron. Triple H sees this and rushes to Shelton to punch him out but Shelton ducks and does a Headbutt to Triple H's gut and does the Sunset Pin. 1====. Angle does an Axe Handle Punch on Shelton to intterupt the pin. Angle picks up Triple H and does a Belly to belly Slam on Triple H and tries to go for the pin butb Shelton, from behind, does a bulldog to Angle. Shelton then bounces to the top rope and does a Moonsault on Angle, getting huge pops from the crowd. Shelton covers Angle for the pin. 1=====2====. Angle gets a leg on the bottom rope as Shelton is a bit angry. Shelton then sees Triple H up and goes for an Exploder but Triple H does some Elbow Thrusts on Shelton's head and then when Shelton turned around, Triple H goes for the Pedigree but Angle does an Angle Slam on Triple H from behind. Angle is about to cover Triple H untill Shelton does a Northern Lights Pin. 1=====2===. Angle kicks out as the crowd is dissapointed. Shelton then picks up Angle and does an Angle Slam on Angle but Angle reverses it and goes straight for the Ankle Lock on Shelton's left ankle. Shelton is yelping in pain as Angle has the lock very tightened. Triple H gets up and pushes Angle from Shelton. Triple H picks up Angle and does an Arn Anderson Spinebuster very hard on Angle. Shelton gets up and does an Exploder to Triple H as the crowd goes nuts. Shelton then covers Triple H. 1=====2==. Angle does a Double Axe Handle on Shelton to break up the pin. Angle then starts to get up with Shelton and does an Irish whip to a corner. Angle then puts Shelton on the top turnbuckle. Angle then is about to go to the top turnbuckle untill Batista is walking slowly with his evil smile. The crowd are booing as Angle is talking smack to Batista. Batista just stands there, smiling at Angle. Shelton, from the top turnbuckle, does a Tornado DDT, getting the crowd pumped as Batista smiles wider. Shelton gets up but Triple H kicks Shelton's gut and does a massive Pedigree. Triple H thinks and throws Shelton out of the ring. Triple H then picks up Kurt Angle, who is knocked down, and does a massive Pedigree on him as well. Triple H covers Angle. 1=====2=====3! The bell rings as Triple H's song plays. Triple H does his signature pose on top of Angle as he smiles very widely.)

Finkel: The winner of this match and the number one contender for the UWEF Heavyweight title, Triple H!

JR: Damn it! You have to be kidding me!

King: You have to admit, JR. Triple H just busted his ass in this match!

JR: My ass! Can't believe this!

(We see the match finish. We then cut back to Triple H and Batista leaving as the UWEF copyrights appear.)

JR: Triple H, don't worry! At Highway to Hell, you will get your punishment! You can bet on that!

(We fade to the UWEF logo in five seconds)

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

what a show, fullreview coming your way in an hour or so...


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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

opening segment with Austin/McMahon was quite funny and good, interesting to see Austin and McMahon back together again....

Hassan/Dupree promo was all in character with Hassan. The match between Eddie vs Rene was a good opener, very well written, and The Rock returning and whoopin un-american ass was great fun.

HHH promo was good, in character and all, interesting to see if it will be just a regular non-stipulation match...

Mr.W coming down and alying down the law to the Game was great, no-one tells off the boss!

HHH/Flair was also good, short but it got the message across.

Jericho vs Kazarian was really good, nice reading, and then those Evolution bastards stuck their heads in business.

OUCH! is all I can say for that assault segment, I was shocked, that was crazy! I hope Jericho is OK after that!

Shamrock vs Angle vs Kazarian vs Batista will be an entertaining matchup at Highway2Hell, Im looking forward to that one.

Undertaker/Monty Brown is gonna be great, looks very good, the segment was well done

ECW! ECW! ECW! Brilliant match, I love both Rhyno and RVD, that match was the match of the night for me, screw the main event. ECW! Awesome Hardcore action.

Shelton/Angle was short but was clear of what was going to happen, a tiny bit out of character for Angle but who cares really?

Corporation vs CC will be classic, I cant wait for that either.

Shelton vs Angle vs HHH was really good, I take the comment I made back in the ECW match, it was ALMOSt as good as the ECW rules match, best wrestling match of the night.

Realism- 9/10
Length- 10/10
Booking- 8.5/10
Grammar- 9.5/10

What a score, thats a whoppin 37/40, scorching! Great show, one of the best you have ever done.


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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

hey man, pretty good show, liked the triple threat even though we knew who would win. the hardcore match was good too. But one of my favoritest parts was the Rock coming back and whooping the Axis Powers Candy Ass!!! Very good show, good job
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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Thanks. Anyway, I'm going to Oregon today so no Horizon and don't expect to see me untill Mon-Wed. H2H will be on June 10-15.


Scott Hall, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rhyno, John Cena, Sting, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho are all confirmed to be at the WIWA brand for the upcoming Two Worldz Collide PPV (UWEF and WIWA combined). The following new ones have been comfirmed(new ones in bold):

Randy Orton, The Rock, Bret Hart, Lance Storm, Edge, Maven, Rob Van Dam, Shawn Micheals, Abizmo Negro, and Christian. Check UWEF and WIWA for the updated roster for the PPV.

The Ironman Championship is now the Atlantic Championship.

Chris Jericho suffered a broken rib. It is not known if he will compete at H2H. As for Orton, he had a concussion but will be ready for H2H to face Rob Van Dam.

Mr. Wrestlemania has confirmed that at Last Man Standing, in Toronto, Canada, there will be a Hart Foundation Memorial at the beginning at the show.

Christopher Daniels, "Primetime" Elix Skipper, Amazing Red, and the Great Sasuke were at backstage on Horizon.

Finally, a King of the Ring Tournament will happen to find out who will be facing the UWEF Heavyweight Champion at Last Man Standing.

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

great, can't wait till last man standing and really cant wait till 2 Worlds Collide
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