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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

good, I enjoyed reading the news page, and this was while I ripped into that loser byrd.
Keep up the good work, a Canadian Stampede match sounds interesting, havent seen them for a while.


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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertainment Federation

Just keep telling him to back off and eventually, he will.


-There is more bad news for UWEF as two people are asking for their notice.........Maven and Simon Dean. Maven wants his releases since he hasn't gotten much pay as of the rest have. Maven was said to be upset and Heymen is negociating with him to make him stay. As for Simon Dean, Raven and Sandman talked with Simon about joining TNA and SImon has been thinking. We are not sure whether these are true.

-Here is the PPV List of 2005:

May: Global Warming
June: Highway to Hell
July: Last Man Standing
August: Epidemic
September: WCW: Golden Road (A WCW Reunion)
October: One Way
November: War Games
December: World Domination (A PPV where we will have a Royal Rumble of 25 people coming from different countries and the winner wil take the UWEF WorldWide Cup Trophy and might get a contract to UWEF)

-Scott Hall has been well respected since he has quit his alcolhol and drug problems.

-Hulk Hogan, in a recent radio station, jokingly challenged Bret Hart but Heymen and Wrestlemania have personal problems with Hogan and feel that if he comes to UWEF, he will demand a lot of stuff and have political power like WCW but they won't let him in.

-Eddie Guerrero has been talking with Abizimo Negro about coming to UWEF but the problem is that AAA, the promotion Negro works for, has rights to his name. We'll keep you updated.

-Rumors from IGN.com are saying that in December 2005, UWEF Horizon will be made into a video game, also featuring WCW and WWE and even ECW items and legacy.

-Last but not least, if it is okay with someguy, UWEF and WIWA might start a Supershow at the end of 2005.

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

(The UWEF and Horizon intro plays as the pyros go off and we pan to babyface signs as we are live in New York City at Madison Square Garden)

UWEF Horizon
New York City, New York
Madison Square Garden

JR: Welcome to Madison Sqauare Garden live on UWEF Horizon and what a lineup we have for you!

(We see Edge and Christian and HBK and Benoit posing on the VS. screen)

King: That's right, HBK and Benoit go against Egde and Christian. After Bret got assaulted by Vince's new Corporation, Bret needs to get back at them!

(We see Ken Shamrock and Frankie Kazarian pose in the VS. screen)

JR: Plus, he asked for it and now he's got it. Frankie Kazarian goes one on one against Ken Shamrock!

(We cut back to the arena as Randy Orton's song plays and has his title around his waist. The crowd boo very loudly as we get ready for some one on one action!)

King: Get a look at greatness, JR because there he is. The UWEF Ironman Champion, Mr. Legend Killer, Randy Orton!

JR: Well, we know that, RVD, Rob Van Dam, will be the number one contender for Orton's title but Randy has a match right now.

Finkel: This match is for one fall. Introducing first, from St. Louis, Missouri, he is the UWEF Ironman Champion, Randy Orton!

(Randy Orton poses in all four corners, getting huge heat from the crowd. He then wants his mic and he is about to talk untill "RVD" chants begin.)

Orton: You know, this is where at Wrestlemania 20 I killed the legacy of the Rock and Mick Foley and........(Crowd boo very loudly).......if RVD wants my belt, he'll have to fight me for it......again. (Crowd boos) Let me tell you something. I hate to say and admit this but Shelton Benjamin pointed something out very important about RVD last week on UWEF Horizon. Has Rob Van Dam ever won the WCW, ECW, WWE, or World Heavyweight Championships? Hmmmm. No! Has Rob Van Dam ever even gotten a big win from the WWE since the aftermath of the ECW/WCW Invasion? NO! While Rob Van Dam was on Smackdown being in crappy tag team matches, I, the Legend Killer and UWEF Ironman Champion, was making history left and right from RAW and in the WWE! (Crowd chant "U Suck") I'm tired of repeating it but I'll keep saying it so you people here can get the damn message! I was the youngest, I said, YOUNGEST World Heavyweight Champion ever! Rob Van Dam, I even won the Intercontinental Championship and wore it for seven months but RVD, you remember how I got that belt, do you? Rob Van Dam, the point is that, you will never be the UWEF Ironman Champion while I'm wearing it and being around here. You are not a threat to nobody anymore because you are just a washed up ECW hasbeen! Your legacy and days of wrestling are over. YOU.....ARE........FINISHED!(Crowd are giving him major heat) But let's get back to tonight. I guess I'm having a match with somebody Paul Heymen assigned here. Probably a nobody, hasbeen, idiot, jobber, or worse...........a Yankee. (More massive heat as we pan to fans with Yankee Gear and we pan back to Randy Orton) Oh well, I guess they will fall to the greatness of Randy Orton, the Legend Killer and UWEF Ironman Champion. Bring out the merciless and forotten opponent!

(The Rock's song plays as the crowd are exploding with cheers for The Rock as Randy Orton has a shocked look and looks like if he is about to pee in his pants. The Rock comes to the apron and to the top turnbuckle, doing his pose, getting explosive pops from the crowd. The Rock then gets down to the apron and goes in the ring and has a mic already in his hand as Randy Orton looks spooked. The Rock, then, is about to speak but the crowd chant "Rocky" loudly here in Madison Square Garden as Orton tell the fans to shut up but the chants ger even louder. The Rock, then, talks when the crowd starts to be quiet.)

Rock: Before, I deal with your monkey ass, FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO-

Orton: OH, shut the hell up, you stupid Hollywood egomanicial acting piece of trash. How about I just stop you right there, Rocky or The Rock. See, if you gonna fight greatness, you are gonna talk to me like a mature adult, not like a busted ass Tape Recorder. (Crowd boos as The Rock is irate and turns around to look at the fans untill Randy Orton slaps The Rock very hardly) You look at me when I am talking to you, you piece of Samoan trash. (The Rock keeps looking at Orton very angry as the crowd are giving exploding heat to Randy Orton) Now you listen here, we are both third generation superstars, but guess what? My father, who is in the Hall of Fame, and my grandfather were twice as better wrestlers than your dead grandfather and weak father ever wished to even be! (The Rock gets serious and looks at Orton very angry) So guess what, Rocky, you're not only a loser and piece of Samoan crap, but you are disgrace to the own Maivia fam-

MATCH ONE: The Rock vs. Randy Orton

(The Rock slap punches Randy Orton hard and very angryily as Randy Orton goes down in every punch and tries to block but fails. The Rock then stomps on Randy Orton's body and keeps doing it till Randy Orton rolls out of the ring. The Rock stands on the middle rope, waiting for Randy Orton. The Rock then goes outside and picks up Randy Orton and throws his head on the steel pole, causing Randy Orton to go down. The Rock is angry and feels the pump as the crowd are behind him 100 percent. The Rock does mounted punches on Randy Orton and Randy Orton is down and dizzy. The Rock does not give Randy Orton air to breathe as The Rock throws Randy Orton to the crowd as the crowd are cheering and some of the fans are pouring beer on Randy Orton. The Rock climbs over the rail and he clotheslines Randy Orton down the concrete. After that clothesline, The Rock takes a fan's beer can and pours it on Randy Orton. The Rock then picks up Randy Orton and throws Randy Orton's head on the stairs on the crowd as Randy Orton is aching, holding his head. Randy Orton then walks to the backstage area until The Rock takes Randy Orton's head and smashes it on a door that is locked. Randy Orton is trying to walk away from The Rock but The Rock keeps following Randy Orton. The Rock grabs Randy Orton's head but Randy Orton with an Elbow Gut Shot on The Rock's gut. Randy Orton then does five knee lifts very hard on The Rock and throws him into the boiler room as The Rock is rolling in the room. Randy Orton picks up The Rock and throws him to the fence, making The Rock get some scratches from the fence. Randy Orton keeps stomping on The Rock and then picks up The Rock. Randy Orton then takes The Rock all the way back to the stage entrance, getting major booing when coming out. Randy Orton does a Snap Suplex on The Rock on the ramp as the Rock arches his back, aching in pain. Randy Orton then picks up The Rock and throws him to the rail, as some of the fans pat the Rock on the back as the Rock arches his back again, signaling extreme pain. Randy Orton then does foot face kicks on The Rock when down. Randy Orton then picks up The Rock and rolls him back to the ring. Randy Orton gets in the ring and picks up The Rock. Randy Orton does an Irish whip on The Rock and clotheslines him down. Randy Orton then covers The Rock. 1=====2====. The Rock kicks out as Randy Orton is mad and does more mounted hard punches on The Rock. Randy Orton gets up, Irish whips himself, and does a Knee Drop on The Rock's head. The Rock holds his head as Randy Orton gets him up and does some very hard uppercuts and does a Cross Corner Irish Whip on The Rock and rushes to The Rock but The Rock puts up a foot on Randy Orton's head. Randy Orton holds his head, turns around, and The Rock clotheslines Randy Orton very hard. The Rock goes down as well and the referee starts the countdown. 1==========2==========3==========4=========5==========6==========7==========8==========. The Rock does a handspring, cancelling the count and he is up. Randy Orton gets up and The Rock does his slap punches. On the last one, The Rock spits on it, and slap punches Randy Orton with it. The Rock then Irish whips Randy Orton and gets a Spinebuster. The Rock stands over Randy Orton and takes off his left elbow pad to the crowd as the crowd try to grab it and massively pop for it. The Rock does the Finger Swing and does the People's Elbow on Randy Orton. The Rock gets up and gets ready for the Rock Bottom. Randy Orton gets up, still a bit dizzy, and turns around. The Rock gets ready for a Rock Bottom but Randy Orton Elbows his head as The Rock turns around. Rock turns around again and Randy Orton does a devistating RKO on The Rock, getting massive heat. Randy Orton and The Rock are both down and we have the referee start the countdown again. 1==========2==========3==========4==========5==========6==========7==========8==========9. Randy Orton crawls to The Rock and Randy Orton puts his arm over The Rock as the referee counts. 1=====2====. The Rock kicks out. Randy Orton is shocked and angry but smiling crazy and gets up to RKO The Rock again untill Rob Van Dam's music hits and the crowd explode for that as Rob Van Dam's pyros come out with the crowd excited but no Rob Van Dam, getting dissapointment from the crowd. Randy Orton turns to the entrance, waiting. After about seven seconds of waiting for Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton just turns around but The Rock is up and does the Rock Bottom on Randy Orton! The Rock covers Randy Orton as the referee is counting. 1=====2=====3. The bell rings as the crowd are off their heads and feet, explodingly poppingly for The Rock as The Rock wins with his hands up the air. Randy Orton is down, showing very lttile movement with the referee checking on him as The Rock looks at Randy Orton down and just spits on Randy Orton's chest and The Rock walks away from the ring, high fiving the crowd as The Rock passes through. .) The Rock

Finkel: The winner of this match, The Rock!

King: Damn you, RVD! He's just jealous because Orton is a winner and champion and not him!

JR: Orton had it coming for him.

King: Orton was just wrestling and RVD's stupid music plays, getting Orton distracted.

(The Rock goes on the ramp, posing for the crowd, getting major pops untill Muhammed Hassan comes out with a chair and hits The Rock from behind with it. The crowd are heavily booing as Hassan picks up the Rock and does his STO on he ramp, making the Rock's head bounce. Hassan does his Allah taunt as the crowd are majorly booing and chanting "USA". Hassan smiles at his dirty work and walks back to the entrance as we fade to the commercial break with ads like WIWA Wrestlemaina: Chris Benoit vs. Bret Hart advert, JLA Fully Loaded: *S*O*D vs. Mysterio, Akio, Liger, and Psychosis, KFC, UWEF Highway to Hell advert, two local commercials, and XWE by Danomac)

(We are back as we take a look at the outside of Madison Square Garden)

JR: We're back live on UWEF Horizon as you can see the Garden in all it's glory.

King: Be as that may........

(We see a Tower Bell come out of nowhere and it zooms in with the "Highway to Hell" text all Judgement Day fontlike as the "Highway" text on the left, the "To" text is on the bell, and the "Hell" text is on the right with the X Box logo on the top left corner, the UWEF logo on the top middle, and Dr. Pepper logo on the top right corner. The background comes out all foggy like.)

King: X-Box, Dr. Pepper, and UWEF presents Highway to Hell! Live June 4th at the Oakland Colliseum in Oakland California, live on Pay Per View!

(We fade to Maria with Monty Brwon, angry as the crowd are giving heat from the crowd.)

Maria: Monty Brown, last week on Horizon, you were drafted by Paul Heymen? What are your plans here in UWEF?

(Monty looks at Maria weird and snatches her mic)

Brown: Are you retarded, Maria? I have said it once and I'll say it again. My plans are to be the Top Dog in the business. I don't care if your Triple H, Kurt Angle, Bret Hart, Stone Cold, The Rock, Shawn Micheals, Chris Jericho, or anybody else. If you step into the ring with me, you are on my property and if you are tresspassing, I'm gonna escort your ass out of my premises because the Alpha Male is hungry. He survives by picking it's prey carefully and then leaping over them. The Serengetti is the Alpha Male's and for the Alpha Male alone. If you claim the serengetti, you're gonna have to go through me and I'm gonna just give you a POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNCCCCCCCCE! Period!

(Maria takes Monty's mic)

Maria: Well, are you scared at all that the last pick was the Undertaker?

(The crowd exlpode for Undertaker's mention as Monty snathces the mic again from Maria)

Brown: Scared? More like sorry. I feel sorry for a deadman freak who can't change his wardrobe for over a decade. Undertaker, you say that the ring is your yard. Well, I guess tha Aplha Male decorised your yard into a jungle because you are not a threat to me. You are just like prey to me. You hide and mind your own business untill the predator comes and eats it's prey alive. Undertaker, that ring out there is not your yard but it's my jungle and the Alpha Male is the enforcer because when you decide you show, you'll feel the POOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNCCCCCCCCCCCCE!

(He leaves as Maria looks to be scared but Monty comes back)

Brown: PERIOD!

(Brown leaves as Maria looks disgusted as we hear Frankie Kazarian's music play, getting normal heat as he comes out with a smile and walks down to the ring)

King: Well, besides Orton and Cena, here's another future champion in UWEF, Frankie Kazarian!

JR: Well, that's still remains to be proven.

Finkel: This match is for one fall. Introducing first, he is proclaimed the "Coolest Guy in the Universe", Frankie Kazarian!

King: Well, Finkel said it right. Frankie Kazarian is the coolest and he'll prove it!

JR: We'll see if he can survive Shamrock!

(Frankie is still posing as the crowd are booing. Frankie's song fades as Shamrock's begins to play and the crowd go wild as Shamrock is angry and runs down to the ring and tackles down Kazarian.)

MATCH TWO: Frankie Kazarian vs. Ken Shamrock

(Frankie Kazarian is still posing as the crowd are giving massive heat to Frankie Kazarian. Frankie Kazarian's song fades as Ken Shamrock's begins to play and the crowd go wild as Ken Shamrock is angry and very mad and runs down to the ring to pose and tackles down Kazarian.)Ken Shamrock tackles down Frankie Kazarian and does swinging mounted punches on Frankie Kazarian untill Frankie Kazarian blocks them. Ken Shamrock gets up with Frankie Kazarian and Irish whips Frankie Kazarian to do a high Forklift. Frankie Kazarian arches his back as Ken Shamrock picks him up again and does a Sideslam, getting pops from the crowd. Ken Shamrock then lays out Frankie's left arm and does a Knee Drop to the arm. Frankie Kazarian holds the arm as Ken Shamrock stomps on the arm. Frankie Kazarian rolls out of the ring as Ken Shamrock waits for Frankie Kazarian. Frankie Kazarian relaxes the arm outside as Ken Shamrock slides outside and sneak attacks Frankie Kazarian from behind as Frankie Kazarian goes rolling down. Ken Shamrock then picks up Frankie Kazarian and Irish whips him to the steel pole, arm first on Frankie Kazarian as Frankie Kazarian is in extreme pain. Ken Shamrock goes to Frankie Kazarian and stomps on the arm very hard and fast and then picks up Frankie Kazarian to smash his head on the rail a couple of times. Ken Shamrock then rolls Frankie Kazarian in the ring. Ken Shamrock goes to the apron but Frankie Kazarian knee crawls and pushes Ken Shamrock's feet, making Ken Shamrock hit his jaw on the apron. Frankie Kazarian relaxes on the corner as Ken Shamrock is rolling, holding his jaw very carefully. Frankie Kazarian goes outside and picks up Ken Shamrock to do a gut kick and then football tackles Ken Shamrock to the rail, making Ken Shamrock arch his back in extreme pain. Frankie Kazarian gets up in the apron and waits for Ken Shamrock. Ken Shamrock is up as Frankie Kazarian does a Flying Clothesline to Shamrock from the apron. Frankie Kazarian and Ken Shamrock are both down as Frankie Kazarian shows a bit of movement. Frankie Kazarian gets up and picks up Ken Shamrock. Frankie Kazarian then Irish whips Ken Shamrock over the Steel Steps, making Ken Shamrock hit his knee on the Steel Steps. Frankie Kazarian is happy and the crowd are chanting "U Suck". Frankie Kazarian then stomps on the knee and jumps on it as Ken Shamrock screams in extreme pain. Frankie Kazarian then rolls Ken Shamrock in the ring as Frankie Kazarian gets back in the ring. Frankie Kazarian puts Ken Shamrock's knee on the bottom rope and Frankie Kazarian Irish whips himself and does a jumping sitdown on Ken Shamrock's knee as Ken Shamrock holds the knee and rolls around in pain. Frankie Kazarian then drags the knee and puts it close to the steel pole inside. Frankie Kazarian holds both legs and pull them fast and cloes to the Steel Pole on his groin as the crowd are feeling Ken Shamrock's pain and Frankie Kazarian takes Ken Shamrock's knee and slams it on the Steel Pole. Ken Shamrock screams in more pain as Frankie Kazarian drags Ken Shamrock out of the ring and slams his head on the rail. Ken Shamrock is starting to bleed as Frankie Kazarian stomps on the head and then picks up Ken Shamrock to do a Backdrop on Ken Shamrock on the concrete floor. Ken Shamrock goes down as Frankie Kazarian taunts the crowd. We take a commecial break as we fade to the commercial breaks. We then come back as we recap the high points of the match in the replays. We see Frankie Kazarian Irish whipping Ken Shamrock and drops kicks Ken Shamrock down on the floor. Frankie Kazarian then picks up Ken Shamrock and Irish whips Ken Shamrock to try a Powerslam but Ken Shamrock does a Spinning Wheel Kick. Frankie Kazarian goes down to the crowd's delight as Ken Shamrock gets up and legdrops Frankie Kazarian very hard. Ken Shamrock then drags Frankie Kazarian's arm and does an Armbar. Frankie Kazarian is aching and tries to use his right leg to put on the bottom rope but Ken Shamrock's Armbar makes it worse for Frankie Kazarian. Frankie Kazarian, after thirty seconds, gets his leg over the bottom rope, barely. Ken Shamrock releases it and does some Elbow Drops and then covers Frankie Kazarian. 1=====2=====. Frankie Kazarian kicks out just barely. Ken Shamrock then picks up Frankie Kazarian but Frankie Kazarian pushes Ken Shamrock's head to the inside of the turnbuckle as Ken Shamrock goes down. Frankie Kazarian gets up and goes to the opposite corner to do a Knee Lift on Ken Shamrock's back. Ken Shamrock turns around and Frankie Kazarian does a painful Enzurguri on Ken Shamrock's head as Ken Shamrock sits down having extreme pain. Frankie Kazarian then jumps vertically in mid air with his legs on mid air and then rams them to Ken Shamrock's gut and handsprings himself up to taunt the crowd, getting huge heat. Frankie Kazarian then does a Standing Low Dropkick on Ken Shamrock's face and covers Ken Shamrock with Ken Shamrock's legs on the middle rope. 1=====2=====. Ken Shamrock kicks out as Frankie Kazarian is shocked and is mad as heck. Frankie Kazarian then waits for Ken Shamrock to get up as the crowd are booing for Frankie Kazarian. Ken Shamrock turns around and Frankie Kazarian kicks Ken Shamrock's gut and gets ready for the "Wave of the Future", but Ken Shamrock does a T-Bone Suplex to reverse it. Ken Shamrock then does his angry signature pose, pumping the crowd with pops for Ken Shamrock as Ken Shamrock waits for Frankie Kazarian. Frankie Kazarian gets up as Ken Shamrock does very hard punches to Frankie Kazarian and Irish whips Frankie Kazarian to do a Spear. Ken Shamrock then covers Frankie Kazarian as the crowd are cheering and the referee is counting. 1=====2=====. Frankie Kazarian cancels it with his left leg on the middle rope as Ken Shamrock is shocked. Ken Shamrock then has a crazy look and turns Frankie Kazarian around for an Ankle Lock. Frankie Kazarian tries to resist it but has a lot of pain on himself. Frankie Kazarian, after thirty seconds, reverses the Lock by rolling forward, making Ken Shamrock hit his head on the middle turnbuckle very hard as Frankie Kazarian waits for Ken Shamrock to get up. Ken Shamrock is up as Frankie Kazarian does the "Wave of the Future" on Ken Shamrock. Frankie Kazarian taunts the crowd, saying it is over as the crowd are massively booing. Frankie Kazarian covers Ken Shamrock. 1=====2=====. Ken Shamrock with a shoulder up, getting the hot pop from the crowd as Frankie Kazarian looks like he wants to rip off his hair. Ken Shamrock starts to get up, very dizzly, and turns around but only for Frankie Kazarian to do another "Wave of the Future", getting dissapointment from the crowd. Frankie Kazarian gets up, breathless, doing a thinking taunt and going to the top turnbuckle, slowly from behind. Suddenly, while Frankie Kazarian taunts the crowd on the top rope, Ken Shamrock, from behind, pulls the ropes, making Frankie Kazarian hurt his groin very badly. Ken Shamrock does hard shots on Frankie Kazarian as Frankie Kazarian is feeling weak. Ken Shamrock then climbs behind Frankie Kazarian to the top turnbuckle. Ken Shamrock puts Frankie Kazarian in a German position and Ken Shamrock does a high elevated German Suplex, getting the biggest pop of the match as "Holy $#!+" chants start to begin. It was so high, Ken Shamrock had to release the German Suplex and making Frankie Kazarian fall on his neck. Ken Shamrock and Frankie Kazarian are both down and are exhausted. After about ten seconds of waiting, The referee starts the countdown. 1==========2==========3==========4==========5=========6. Ken Shamrock starts to show little movement as Frankie Kazarian is not showing any. 8==========9=====. Ken Shamrock crawls and covers Frankie Kazarian. The referee starts to count. 1=====2======. NO! Frankie Kazarian with a shoulder up, getting huge dissapointment from the crowd. Ken Shamrock is shocked as we hear tiny "Kazarian" chants. Ken Shamrock gets up Frankie Kazarian but Frankie Kazarian does a gut punch and rolls Ken Shamrock into a little package. 1=====2=====. Ken Shamrock kicks out. Frankie Kazarian is tired and shocked as Frankie Kazarian picks up Ken Shamrock and tries a third "Wave of the Future", but Ken Shamrock reverses it into a skilled Russian Leg Sweep and leading it up to a painful Ankle Lock as Frankie Kazarian is hurting and is trying not to tap. Frankie Kazarian tries to crawl and Frankie Kazarian is two and a half inches away from the ropes but Ken Shamrock drags Frankie Kazarian far away from the ropes. Frankie Kazarian grabs his hair very wildly and after forty-four seconds, Frankie Kazarian taps out immediately and the crowd go crazy as Ken Shamrock has won the match. Ken Shamrock's song plays and the bell rings, getting the crowd chant "Shamrock" amd we pan to a sign saying "Luck of the Irish: Ken Shamrock" with a picture of Ken Shamrock.)

Finkel: The winner of this match, Ken Shamrock!

JR: What a powerful match between both men.

King: It looked like if Frankie Kazarian had the win at some points in the match. Shamrock, unfortunately, won the match!

JR: I will admit tha Frankie Kazarian has impressed me and is a youg talent, but Ken Shamrock wins this match.

(We see the high points of this match leading up to the match finish on the replay. We then cut back to Ken Shamrock giving the angry taunt to the crowd, getting explosive pops. We then cut back to the Rock in the medical center in the arena with an icepack on his head. Maria stands there with the Rock.)

Maria: Rock, tonight, how do you feel as it looked like Muhammed Hassan had the upper hand over you and-

The Rock: Upper hand? You want The Rock to tell you how I feel? Well, that jabroni did get the upper hand tonight but ONLY.....for tonight. Muhammed Hassan, you want to challenge the Rock? Muhammed Hassan, see, you think you are a big shot, looking for sympathy when you clearly are an ***hole who tries to be The Rock's b***h! Hassan, if you want to challenge The Rock, then you got The Rock because The Rock is gonna take you to the Smackdown Hotel, located at Jabroni Drive and Strudel Boulevard. The Rock is gonna check you in and then The Rock is gonna stick his boot, that is covered with Peanut Butter and Jelly and it's turned sideways and shined up real nice, up your candy ass! (The crowd explode for The Rock) So, Hassan, if you want The Rock, then JUST-

(Before he can finish, Hassan and Dupree ambush the Rock as they jump him. Hassan does mounted punches on The Rock as Dupree stomps on him. Hassan grabs some chair and nails the Rock with it on the head. Hassan then takes The Rock's mic he was using.)

Hassan: You want me, Rocky? Then you got it. The only problem will be that you'll be just like America when I defeat you. Weak and beaten!

(The crowd are massively booing as Hassan drops the mic and walks out with Dupree as the Rock is knocked down and officials come to check The Rock. We then cut back to Triple H at the Evolution locker and watches the match finish at Global Warming and looks at it disgustingly untill Ric Flair comes in and looks at him dissapointedly.)

Flair: Now listen here, Hunter. I just talked with Paul Heymen and he said that next week it will be Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin but I don't even think you can even beat him since you beated you three times!

(Triple H gets up from his chair and looks at Ric Flair irate)

HHH: Let me tell you something. When I wanted you as a mentor, it was because I didn't want any mutiny and betrayal on my team and I had a legend who knew the business very well. We all know you are the Nature Boy. You might have been a sixteen time Heavyweight Champion but I'm the one who brought you back and I can easily take you out and back to the retirement home. Ric Flair, this is my team, this is my era, this is my Evolution and if you're not with me, then you're against me. (Crowd boos as Flair is scared) Now get the hell out of my locker room before Evolution will pass you by and the light in the sand will become more bright for you.......VERY SOON!

(Ric Flair leaves as Triple H looks back, angry, as we fade to Commecial Break)

(Commercial Break)

(We pan back to see The Rock be in a stretcher and being tooken to the Hospital Van as Paul Heymen is checking on The Rock. We see Eddie Guererro come in, getting huge pops.)

Eddie: What happened to The Rock, ese?

Heymen: Obviously, The Rock got assaulted by Hassan and Dupree. (He think for a moment) You know what, I'm gonna make it official. It will be Muhammed Hassan vs. The Rock at Highway to Hell........in a Street Fight!

(Eddie is a bit happy but is angry)

Eddie: That's cool and all but, for The Rock, let me kick Hassan's racism ass! I want to demolish him, holmes!

Heymen: Well, [i]ese[i], I can't do that tonight but here's a treat. Next week on UWEF Horizon, it will be Eddie Gurerro vs...............Rene Dupree!

(Eddie is a bit dissapoined and so is the crowd)

Eddie: But I don't want his little slave. I want Hassan so badly that I feel like sticking my boot up his-

Heymen: AS I was saying, it's either you vs. Rene, next week at Horizon, or no deal.

Eddie: Fine, holmes. I'll fight Rene but if Hassan inerferes in that match, expect his ass to be lying on a pool of his own blood.

(Eddie walks away as Heymen shakes his head. Monty Brown's music plays, getting very huge heat as Monty does his taunts on the ramp with his pyro's coming out. We see that Maven is already in the ring)

King: Here he is. The Alpha Male, Monty Brown! It's his world and that ring is his serengetti!

JR: This man is a dangerous and psychotic man who thinks he is like an animal!

Finkel: Coming to the ring, from the Serengetti, he is the Alpha Male, Monty Brown!

(Monty gets in the ring and warms up.)

MATCH THREE: Monty Brown vs. Maven

(Monty Brown and Maven start the grapple as Monty Brown does a Knee Lift and does a Two Hand Neck Toss on Maven in the canvass. Maven goes down as Monty Brown picks up Maven and does a Stalling Suplex on Maven and covers him. 1=====2====. Maven kicks out. Monty Brown then Cross Corner Irish whips Maven and tries to do a powerful clothesline but Maven ducks and Monty Brown hits his body on the turnbuckle and Maven does an Inverted Reverse DDT and covers Monty Brown. 1===. Monty Brown easily kicks out as Maven stomps on Monty Brown and then does Knee Drops on Monty Brown's head. Maven then eye gouges Monty Brown's eyes. Maven then take Monty's leg and does a Wishbone on Monty Brown until Monty Brown twirls his leg and makes Maven twist as well. Monty Brown starts to get up, limping from the Wishbone Maven gave him, as Maven Irish whips himself to do a Forearm Shove on Monty Brown. Maven then does an Face Twist with his foot on Monty Brown. Maven then does some choking on Monty Brown as the referee tells Maven to release the hold or else Maven will be disqualified. After hearing that, Maven listens and releases the chokehold on four. Maven then chokes Monty Brown again and the referee tells him to remove the chokeold and Maven does at the count of four. Maven gets up Monty Brown and does a Backdrop on Monty Brown as his head lands as well. Maven then goes to the top turnbuckle and does a Legdrop on Monty Brown and covers him. 1====2. Monty Brown kicks out. Maven then does a dropkick to Monty Brown's head. Maven then picks up Monty Brown and Irish whips Monty Brown but Monty Brown reverses it and Irish whips him and does a Spinning Belly to Belly on Maven, making him ache. Monty Brown then picks up Maven to do a Powerslam. Monty Brown does his signature pose and picks up Maven. Monty Brown Irish whips him as Monty Brown goes to Irish whip himself next to Maven's Irish Whip and nails a wicked Pounce on Maven, making Maven land on the neck. Monty Brown does his own signature pose again. Monty Brown shakes his head and picks up Maven and stands Maven in the center of the ring. Monty Brown Irish Whips himself and pounces on Maven again, making Maven completely knocked out for the match. Monty Brown then covers Maven. 1=====2=====3. Monty Brown wins as the bell rings. The crowd give Monty Brown huge heat and and chant "Monty Sucks" as Monty Brown is not done and stomps on Maven as Maven is pretty much defenseless. Monty Brown picks up Maven and is about to pounce Maven for the third time but the lights go off and the gong is heard as the crowd are exploding with pops for that. The lights are then blue and purple and we see, from the roof of the arena, a casket with a cross on it. Monty Brown looks scared but is confident. The casket finally makes it's way to the center of the ring as Monty Brown gets close to it. Monty Brown tries to open it as the crowd chant "Taker". Monty Brown finally opens it and sees himself in the casket but it's a dummy version but looks exactly like him. Monty Brown is scared as the crowd are exploding with huge pops. Monty Brown starts to run to the ramp but Monty Brown sees the fire immediately burining on the casket as Monty Brown is eye bulging and backs all the way to the backstage area as we fade to a commecial break.)

(Commercial Break)

JR: Welcome back as UWEF Horizon is sponcered by..........

(They show the logos)

JR: ..............PlayStation 2. Live in our world, we'll live in yours.

King: Also by Pepsi Lime. The great taste of Pepsi, now in lime flavor.

JR: And by Dr. Pepper. The great taste of Dr. Pepper.

(Chris Masters's song plays as he does his usual ramp entrance and the crowd are lightly booing as Chris Masters walks down to the ramp after his usual entrance. The bell rings.)

King: Well, JR, here comes the Masterpiece, a Masterpiece better than Van Gogh and Picasso ever dreamed of matching.

JR: I don't know if I should agree with you but nonethless, Chris Masters is great talent.

Finkel: Introducing first, he is the Masterpiece, Chris Masters!

(Chris Masters gets in the ring with some light heat. His song fades as we hear RVD's song play and RVD comes out with an explosive pop as RVD's pyro comes out while doing his taunts. RVD goes to the ring as he does some RVD poses untill Chris Masters attacks from behind.)

MATCH FOUR: Chris Masters vs. Rob Van Dam

(Masters stomps on RVD as RVD is a bit defenseless and Masters Irish whips RVD and tries a clothesline but RVD ducks and does a Back Spining Kick as the crowd loves it. RVD picks up Masters and Irish whips Masters and followed him to do a clothesline and sends Masters outside, hitting his body outside. RVD waits for Masters to get up. Masters gets up semi standing and RVD Irish whips himself and flys off the ring with a Cannonball Flip on Masters and they are both down on the floor as we hear some "RVD" chants. RVD starts to get up and picks up Masters but Masters does an Elbow Shot on RVD's gut and does some uppercuts on RVD and then takes RVD's head and throws it to the steel steps and RVD goes down. Masters taunts some fans who were wearing "ECW" shirts and slapped them. RVD saw it and came to Masters from behind with some Hammer Shot and then leading up to a High Roundhouse Kick on Masters as Masters goes down. RVD does his signature taunt, getting explosive pops untill Masters, from behind, does a Hammer Shot on RVD's head and takes him back inside the ring. Masters goes inside the ring and picks up RVD to do a Spinning Belly to Belly on RVD and RVD is arching his back, signaling extreme pain. Master covers RVD. 1=====2=====. RVD kicks ot as Masters grins and the crowd chant "U Suck" and Masters tell them to shut up but the chants get louder. RVD gets up but Masters with more Hammer shots and Irish whips RVD and nails a steady clothesline, knocking out RVD. Masters then stomps on RVD's head as RVD tries to block them. Masters then goes outside and grabs a chair, getting normal heat, and brings it in the ring. Masters waits for RVD to get up and is about to hit RVD with the chair but the referee tries to stop Masters but RVD gets up with a Spinning Dropkick on Masters with the chair in front of his face. RVD picks up Masters and does his punches and then RVD does a Spinning Axe Kick. RVD then Irish whips himself and does a Rolling Thunder. RVD then make the cover over Masters as the referee starts to count. 1=====2=====. Masters kicks out and RVD gets up. Masters aches as RVD picks up Masters and tries another Standing Spinning Wheel Kick on Masters but Masters picks up RVD and does a powerful Side Powerbomb as RVD is laying flat out. As the action between these two are continuing, we see Randy Orton, who is still mad from his match he lost to by RVD, drinking water in the Evloution locker room and watching RVD's match as he smiles evilly and Orton, then, throws his waterbottle and leaves the locker room. While we are back in the ring, Masters puts in a headlock as RVD is trying to hold on and he is stomping his feet and the crowd is right behind him. After all the clapping and stomping from the crowd, RVD gets up and does some Elbow shots on Masters's gut and Irish whips himself but Masters does a hard Double Axe Handle on RVD's head. RVD goes down, flat out as Masters signals the end for RVD, getting more heat. Masters is about to put RVD in a Masterlock but RVD does a Flip Kick, sending Masters all the way to the ropes and RVD then Irish whips Masters and does a Spinning Axe Kick. RVD then drags Masters close to the corner and jumps on the top turnbuckle to do his Split Leg Moonsault on Masters. RVD then does his signature taunt, signaling a Five Star Frogsplash. RVD jumps up, ready for a Five Star Frogsplash untill Randy Orton's theme song plays but no Orton comes out. RVD isn't that stupid and ignores the tease and is close to the Five Star Frogsplash but Randy Orton suddenly comes out and RVD drops down to the ring and goes outside. Orton starts walking fast to RVD's direction and RVD does the same to Orton's direction and they both start landing punch to one another and RVD suplexes Orton but Orton reverses it and does a Suplex to RVD. The referee does a countdown. 1==========2==========3==========4==========. RVD gets up and tries a Spinning Kick but Orton picks up the leg and low blows RVD and then does an RKO on RVD on the ramp. The referee is still counting. 6==========7==========8==========. RVD is crawling a bit and is close to the edge of the ring. 9==========. RVD is touching the edge of the ring but RVD fainted and falls down, unconcious. 10. The crowd are booing very loudly as Masters's song plays and the bell is rung. Orton smiles at his work on RVD and does his signature tanut.)

Finkel: The winner of this match as a result of countout, Chris Masters!

JR: Orton has just inerfered on RVD"s match. How degrading and ruthless can this man get?

King: Well, what about RVD's little scene in Orton's match, huh JR? Stop trying to make RVD look like he had nothing to do with this.

JR: But RVD didn't even do nothing to Orton in his match! RVD's music was played and Orton got distracted. RVD didn't do nothing like this to Orton!

King: Trust me, RVD was a scaredy cat, thats why. Orton is perfection and-

JR: Wait, King. I have some word that something is going on backstage. Let's take you there!

(We see The Canadian Connection, Christian, Bret, Edge, Tomko, and Lance gang up on HBK and Benoit, who are weak and bloddy, as the security are trying to break up the scenario. Benoit and HBK are down and out as The Canadian Connection grab weapons and beat them with it. Paul Heymen comes in and tries to talk to them.)

Heymen: That's it! THAT IS IT! I'm tired of you guys trying to think you control UWEF. Well, guess what? YOU DON'T! I DO! Obviously, HBK and Benoit are not gonna compete thanks to you guys......(crowd is booing).........but I will do this. Tonight, the main event. It will be...................(Heymen looks at the Canadian Connection untill he points at Lance Storm) Lance Storm, since you are an ECW talent I remember, I need you to face another ECW talent I knew.

Lance: Trust me, the talent ECW had didn't even compare to my athletism. I promise that I will defeat the talentless hasbeen! So who is it? Rhyno? Eddie? Jericho?

Heymen: Actually no. Because tonight, the main event will be you facing....................Steve Williams aka...........STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!

(The crowd go crazy as Lance Strom's jaw drops and Bret is gettng angry as we fade to a commecial break)

(Commercial Break)

(We see some vignettes promoting the return of DDP and, then, we return with Lance Storm already in the ring, worried and looking like he is about to die. "SHATTER" Austin's music plays as the crowd gives that the biggest pop of the night and Austin looks extremely pissed as he goes into the ring and goes after Lance Storm.)

MAIN EVENT: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Lance Storm

(Austin does some stomps on Lance as Lance Storm is trying to block them. Austin picks up Lance and smashes Lance's head on the top turnbuckle numerous times as the crowd go "WHAT?" everytime. Austin then Irish whips Lance and does a Spinebuster and Austin gives the crowd some positive bird taunts as the crowd are loving every minute of it. Austin picks up Lance but Lance with a Judo Punch to Austin's gut and more of them and then gets up and does some knife edge chops, getting "Whoo" chants and Lance Irish whips Austin but Austin reverses it and Austin waits for Lance but Lance ducks and nails a Spinning Wheel Kick. Lance then stomps on Austin and uses his foot to choke on Austin's throat. The referee tells Lance to stop and Lance lets go at the count of four. Austin tries to inhale some air as Lance keeps stomping on Austin. Lance picks up Austin and does some mounted punches on Austin and then Lance Irish whips Austin and Lance does a Standing Missle Dropkick on Austin, taking him down. Austin then tries to get up but Lance dropkicks Austin's head and Austin goes down. Lance picks up Austin and Lance throws Austin outside, getting huge heat to Lance from the crowd. Lance then goes on top of the turnbuckle and does a Moonsault to Austin and they both go down. Lance and Austin are down as the crowd are chanting very loudly "Austin". Lance then starts to get up as Austin does little moving. Lance picks up Austin and Irish whips Austin but Austin reverses it and Irish whips Lance on the steel steps. Austin catches more breath as Lance's back is arched. Austin picks up Lance but Lance pulls Austin's tights and throws him forward to the steel steps. Lance is getting up and going inside the crowd as Austin starts to get up and follows Lance. The fans block Lance's way and Austin catches Lance and fights him in the crowd. Lance tries to fight back but Austin has more stronger defense. Austin then Suplexes Lance on the empty chairs as Lance is in pain. Lance then starts to crawl to the backstage area but Austin stomps on Lance and picks him up. Austin smashes Lance's head on the wall and then picks up Lance and throws him on the floor, leading to the backstage area. Lance then starts to smile and runs away from Austin and Austin follows Lance. Another camera angle sees Lance running into The Canadian Connection locker room. Austin runs and sees the CC locker room. Austin isn't dumb and grabs a chair and goes in. Austin is in and he sees Lance in a corner and Austin drops the chair and beats down Lance with a Mudhole Stomping untill Bret Hart from behind uses the chair Austin brought and nails it on Austin's back. Austin goes down as Edge, Christian, and Tomko come in and gang up on Austin. The whole Canadian Connection picks up Austin and they take him to the ramp from the arena and then to the ring. The Canadian Connection then gang up on Austin in the ring as the referee calls for the bell. The crowd give the Canadian Connection the biggest heel heat of the night as they keep ganging on Austin untill Razor Ramon comes out and he tries to help Austin but The Number's Game is too much. Suddenly, HBK and Benoit with Vince McMahon, who were injured earlier, come out and come in the ring. Razor, HBK, and Benoit fight off the Canadian Connection as Vince cheers them on and Austin recovers and goes for Bret. The crowd go wild as the Corporation fight off the Canadian Connection. Bret and the CC leave the ring and bail and Bret grabs a microphone.)

Bret: That's it! I have had it with this crap! Austin, you want me? Well, guess what? Let's make this interesting. How about at Highway to Hell........June 4th............The Canadian Connection vs. The Corporation in a Survivor Series Match!

(The crowd goes wild as Stone Cold Steve Austin smiles and grabs the mic)

Austin: So you want us to whoop all your red and white colored Maple Leaf asses at Highway to HelL? Well, it's fine with us because Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Corporation are gonna whoop your sorry Canadian asses back to Canada!

(The crowd goes wild as Bret is angry and begins to speak.)

Bret: You would like to do that, would you, ya redneck bastard! Well, it's gonna be Bret Hart, Lance Storm, Christian, Edge, and Tyson Tomko vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Razor Ramon, Chris Benoit, Shawn Micheals, and...........(Bret smiles evilly and laughs)...............Vince McMahon!

(The Corporation are shocked as Vince's jaw has dropped and is scared and we pan back to The Canadian Connection laughing and smiling. Vince is scared as the UWEF Copyright Credits appear and we fade to black with the UWEF Logo.)

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

umm, may I just say something, that was AWESOME! The best show of Horizon you have EVER produced, EVER!

The Rock vs Randy Orton was good, especially RVD costin Orton the match. Its great to see the Rock getting a victory.

Shamrock vs Kazarian was excellent, good length, and well described. Very good match, Shamrock coming up tops is a good move, I see a match maybe developing between the 2 at a PPV.

Rock, Dupree and Hassan segment was done well, Rock vs Hassan at Highway to Hell in a street fight will be unreal, I hope you do well with this match.

Not alot of HHH tonight, but the segment was good enough. It felt something was missing, but you did well.

Eddie vs Dupree next week, I hope Eddie kicks Duprees ass! Good booking.

Maven vs Monty Brown. Well done. Brown destroying Maven was immenet from the start, although I feel that Maven should be pushed away from the jobber position, still the part with the casket on fire was good, Undertaker vs Monty feud is building well.

RVD vs Masters was a good match, damn that Randy Orton! O well, I hope RVD gets him good next tim, the match was decent as it is hard tp write a match for Masters.

Austin vs Storm. Match of the night, brilliant stuff. Razor, HBK, Benoit and Vince getting involved at the end was also good, and a 5 on 5 elimination tag at Highway2Hell will be off the charts. I really hope you make this match a classic.

Length- 9/10 Good length for this show, as I said your best EVER
Realism- 8.5/10 A little off beat but still good
Booking- 10/10 Well done in every way



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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Hey man, great show. I loved how you had RVD come into the Rock/ Randy match. The Kazarian/ Shamrock match was nicely writen, It even made me cry because of it's beuty . I can't wait to see what happens between Taker and Monty next week. God job having Orton "return the favior by interfering in the RVD/ Masters match. Also having Razor, HBK, Vince and Benoit interfering, I just love the Canadian Connection
I give it a 9.2/10. Great show.

Originally Posted by breaksilence View Post
Hey.. this isn't where I parked my car.
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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Thanks for the replies. I know, somguy999, that there wasn't much HHH but I wanted to build up some of the uppermid card fueds. I will get back HHH next week.

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

I agree with Someguy999 this was one of your best show yet and you've wrote some good one's.

The Rock vs Randy Orton was a great way to kick things off. Great to see Rock winning. Randy vs RVD is going on nicely, good work.

Shamrock vs Kazarian was one of the best matches of the night for me. I think you made the right move with Shamrock winning as its more believable and will help him, due to his loss at GW. Maybe a feud with these two would be good, it's something differant and we don't get that enough around here.

Rock vs Hassan should be a good match, a street fight topps it off. The segmant was okay your building this match up nicely.

I believe concentrating on the mid card feuds is a great decision. Thats what WWE dont do and it costs them. We dont whant to only have the main event have a storyline and a good build up running up to it. Good decision MR Wrestlemania. Great to only see a little bit of HHH, at least he's not taking up the whole show.

Eddie vs Dupree next week should be okay, Eddie should win and if he doesn't i'll be seriously ******.

Monty Brown vs Maven was a good match. Great to see Maven in a jobber posistion. IMO he's just nothing special and as a jobber role is where he's best. The fire/casket thing was cool, Taker vs Brown is one i'm personally looking forward to.

Maters vs RVD was cool, again Randy vs RVD should be good.

Austin vs Lance Strom was an excellant match. Highway2hell is looking great and the 5 on 5 elimination tag should be great.

Length 10/10- great length cant say anything bad.

Realism 9/10 - all seemed good, cant think of anything too extreme.

Booking 8/10 - Some match's could of been a bit better, but overall it was okay.

You can do the maths, even I can see it's a good score. Once again man this was an excellant show keep it up.
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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Thanks, man. Hey, I'm waiting for LiveWire soon, buddy.

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

very good show, sorry i havent replied in awhile i've been really busy but here is my review

Good Orton segment to kick off with and then turning it into Orton vs The Rock to open the show was great. Very good match. RVD interfering was also good. Have a feeling that you can top their real match they had at Armageddon '03.

Shamrock vs Kazarian was probably one of the best wrote out matches you have ever done. Shamrock did deserve the win due to him losing at GW like Jushin said

Rock vs Hassan in a Streetfight???? WHOA!!!! How better can this PPV get? should be a good match though

Very good to not see too much of Triple H, i thought that was a smart move by you and it turned out to be good

Dupree vs Guerrero, hmmm....intresting, Eddie better win this match, if he doesnt, his career has officially been shattered

Brown vs maven, good match, always like when maven is put on shows, the dude has talent, he's just never able to showcase it.

Masters vs RVD, ok match, best part was Orton coming out and getting revenge

Storm vs SCSA, good match and i love the idea of the 5 on 5 elimination match

at first i said there was no way you could top global warming but after reading this, this might as well be your best PPV ever!!!!!

good job
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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

I wouldn't go too far with H2H being better than GW but I will try to make another PPV of the Month.

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