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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Here we go. The Aftermath of Global Warming.

(The UWEF intro plays and there is no Horizon intro because we fade to Global Warming and we see every high point in Jericho vs. HHH in the Three Stages of Hell match with Jericho winning the belt. We then fade to Paul Heymen on a podium in the entrance with a microphone.)

Heymen: Welcome to a special night that will forever change the face of UWEF. Tonight is the First ever Free Angent Lottery Draft. Tonight, six free agent superstars will become a UWEF superstar. They will be choosen from this rolling bag and they will become a current UWEF superstar.

(The crowd love it as we now play the Horizon intro and we cut to the crowd as the pyro comes out and we pan to major babyface signs and major heel signs as we are live at the Mobile Civic Center in Mobile, Alabama.)

UWEF Hoirzon
Mobile, Alabama
Mobile Civic Center


JR: Ladies and gentlemen, we just came out from UWEF Global Warming and boy, what a Pay Per View that was. We had new champions!

King: Yep. Randy Orton is the new UWEF International Champion and John Cena is the still the UWEF Ironman Champion!

JR: But the biggest one of them all was when Chris Jericho defeated Triple H for the UWEF Heavyweight Championship! A memorable night is was and tonight........

(We pan to a clip of Jericho's celebration in the ring from Global Warming)

JR: The new Heavyweight Champion will come out to make his awaited speech.

King: Just because Jericho won it, you make it a big deal? Geez, if it wasn't bad enough you yelling his name, now your ass kissing it!

JR: Jericho had belief and he won it! Admit it, King! Stop moaning about this!

King: FINE! Congrats to him but Triple H is gonna get back that title very soon!

(Triple H's music plays as the crowd are booing as Triple H comes out very angry and has his face messed up. You know, like how he would look injured in a hellacoius cage or cell. Anyway, with him are Evolution and he does no taunts or poses and just walks very fast to the ring.)

Finkel: Coming to the ring, Evolution!

King: Boy is Triple H in a foul mood. I told you. Mess with the game and you'll have to pay for it.

JR: Triple H lost his UWEF-

King: JR, shut up! You have said that like three times. They know it, I know it, and you know it, all right? Let's just put it to rest.

(Triple H takes Finkel's mic as the crowd chant " Y2J " and Triple H is pissed as hell)

Triple H: You know, don't get use to those chants because it will only be a matter of time untill I get back my Championship belt. (Massive booing) Last night, I will admit, Jericho was the better man.........(Massive pops).....for only ONE NIGHT! (Massive pops) I AM NOT IN A GOOD MOOD! OF ALL THE NIGHTS WHERE EVOLUTION WAS THE LEADER, THEIR OWN LEADER LOST HIS TITLE BECAUSE OF THAT PUNK! Let me tell you something....

(Triple H looks at his Evolution members, starting with Batista)

Triple H: Batista, at Global Warming, made the biggest impact I have ever seen in my life! (Light booing as Batista smiles) This man is now the Number one contender for the UWEF International Championship. He didn't matter if it was Mufasa....(crowd laughs as that was an assault to Shamrock).......Tony the Tiger........(crowd laughs as that was an insult to Angle)........or Emenem..........(Normal pops as it was a Cena insult)........he would demolish Chris Benoit and now he is the impact player!

(Triple H moves onto Randy Orton)

Triple H: Mr. Legend Killer, the Future, Randy Orton is the new UWEF Ironman Champion. (massive booing) You see, ever since he was the WWE Intercontinental champion and the World Heavyweight champion, I said that this will be the man to lead the WWE untill it died. Now that Orton came to UWEF, he crushed little Shelton like Orton owned him as a puppy kicked from the streets! (Massive booing) Folks, this is Evolution and this will be your solution because-

(Ric Flair snatches Triple H's mic)

Flair: Okay, lets cut the crap. Triple H, I guess you haven't learned from my speech days ago, huh? Orton and Batista won major at Global Warming and you are telling me that, after we even helped you, you failed the objective? (Massive pops for Flair as Triple H looks dissapointed) Hell, Batista and Orton won even without your help! (Triple H faces himself down untill Flair slaps him, getting more exploding pops. Ric Flair takes off the coat as the crowd are loving it.) YOU LISTEN TO ME SON! I HAVE TAUGHT YOU EVERYTHING AND FOR YOU TO LOSE THE BELT WAS A SLAP TO MY FACE! (Triple H looks angry as he looks to be about to hit him but Batista and Orton stand in front of Triple H) Triple H, if you can't destroy the problem, then we'll do it ourselves! Look at you. You lost a title who is more inferior than you and these two won it without your help! SON, UNLESS YOU CAN PROVE TO ME THAT YOU ARE WORTHY OF GETTING BACK TO SHAPE, FROM NOW ON, LET EVOLUTION BE EVOLUTION, WITHOUT YOU!

(Flair drops the mic to HHH as him and Batista and Orton leave the ring with Triple H disspointed and pissed as Flair walks to the ramp, telling Triple H to shape up.)

JR: Folks, I cannot believe what we just heard. Evolution, for the time being, has just walked out on Triple H!

King: Flair, you idiot. Now Evolution is no more as dominant unless the Game is there!

JR: Well, coming up next, Heymen picks our first free agent from the draft. We'll be right back from the Civic Center on UWEF Horizon!

(Commercials: WIWA Wrestlemania Promo: Kliq vs. Natural Born Thrillers, JLA Fully Loaded, XWE by Danomac, Taco Bell, Metro PCS, three local commercials, and WWE: Breakdown)

(Paul Heymen's music plays as he comes out with some mixed reactions but with some jeers. Paul gets on the podium, smiling.)

Heymen: Well, folks, it's time for our first lottery draft. Let's get started!

(Paul Heymen spins the crank as the balls keep mixing and bouncing and then he stops. Heymen opens it and takes one ball Heymen start to smile very widely.)

Heymen: Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the first member to join the UWEF family..........Mr. Monday Night, ROB........VAN.......DAM!

(The crowds is estatic as RVD's music plays and RVD comes out and he does some of his signature poses to the crowd as the crowd chant "ECW" very loudly. RVD and Heymen shake hands as Heymen hands RVD a UWEF shirt and wears it very proudly. The crowd is still going nuts as Heymen starts to speak.)

Heymen: Well, Mr. Monday Night, welcome to UWEF Horizon and since the crowd is chanting your name, would you consider to wrestle tonight because if you do, you can choose who you want to wrestle.
(RVD takes Heymen's mic and is about to speak but the crowd chant "RVD" as he is smiling)

RVD: Well, tonight, I do feel like the fan deserve to see some RVD! (The crowd erupts) So, tonight I would like to face........................Randy Orton for the UWEF Ironman title!

(The crowd erupt for it untill Randy Orton's music comes out with a chorus of boos, holding his prestigious Ironman belt and smiling)

Orton: Well, first off, I would like some gratitude after winning my belt. (The crowd is booing as RVD claps for Orton) Secondly, Heymen, I would like you to know that this lottery is more of a mistake than ECW when it was on TNN! (The crowd are massively booing as Heymen and RVD are in anger) You like that huh? RVD, you want my title? You just come barging in here, demanding for a shot at my title? You know what? You're on! (The crowd are estatic again as RVD smiles) Just as soon as I take break from this week and then we'll talk. I don't even think you deserve a shot because remeber how I got my first ever WWE Intercontinental Championship? Defeating you! (The crowd are booing as RVD is smiling and is telling him to bring it.) You want my title? Than you better earn it!

(Randy Orton is about to talk some more untill Shelton Benjamin's song plays and he gets a huge pop as Shelton comes out from the crowd, with a mic, and talks from the ringside.)

Shelton: I agree that there should be Ironman Championship match tonight! (Crowd cheers) But let's face facts, against RVD? That is a joke, like you, Orton. (Crowd give Shelton mixed reactions) If anyone deserves a match against Orton for the Ironman Championship, it should be me! (Normal Heat for Shelton) I proved that I could have beaten Orton but Batista and that old guy came out and screwed me. Heymen, I have a rematch clause and I am using it tonight against Orton for the UWEF Ironman Championship! (Normal Cheers)

RVD: Shelton, you may have a rematch clause but you need to wait in line! (Crowd cheer for RVD) See, Shelton, I have unfinished business with the so called, Legend Killer, and you were just my stepping stone so I could have my time to get back what's mine. (Crowd do "ooo" chants as Shelton is pissed) Tonight, it's RVD vs. Orton for the UWEF Ironman Championship and there is not a damn thing you can do about it! I am Mr. ECW, Mr. Pay Per View, Mr. Monday Night, RVD, Rob(crowd says with him)......Van.......Dam!

(Shelton makes his way to the ring and gets in the ring, into RVD's face)

Shelton: Not a damn thing I can do about it? Tell me something, Rob Van Dam. Have you ever won an ECW Heavyweight Championship? Have you won an WCW Heavyweight Championship? Hell, have you won the WWE Heavyweight Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship? If you haven't won any of them, knowing you now, maybe you probably won't win the UWEF Heavyweight Championship. Also let's not forget, RVD, weren't you Randy Orton's bitch in 2003 when you lost your WWE Intercontinental Championship? (Crowd do heavy "oooo"'s for that as Shelton smiles) That's what thought. RVD, you are just a shell of your former ECW self. You are not only a disgrace to the ECW days, history, and or wrestling, but also to yourself. I think you just need to do what is best for you, your legacy, and your fans and stay out of my business or else you'll become a part of it!

(Shelton slaps RVD hard on the face as RVD turns around, dropping his mic, and gets pissed. The crowd chant " ECW " as he then just smiles and takes his mic that he dropped and starts to speak.)

RVD: Well, Shelton, then I guess I'm a part of your business!

(RVD drops his mic and does some punches on Shleotn Benjamin and then Irish whips him and nails Shelton with a Spinning Wheel Kick. RVD picks up Shelton but Shelton with a low blow and Shelton does a sidekick on RVD. Shelton keeps on beating up RVD very hard and RVD rolls over Shelton and beats him down untill referees and officials breaks it up. We pan to Orton, on the rail, laughing as Shelton and RVD are being held back!)

Heymen: You two stop it! Stop it now! If you want to beat each other so badly, then tonight, it will be Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam, vs. the Former UWEF Ironman Champion, Shelton Benjamin!

(Randy Orton laughs at the situation untill Heymen looks at Orton laughing and then looks at Orton)

Heymen: And hey, Orton, to make you get some action, the winner will be the Number One Contender for the UWEF Ironman Championship!

(Randy Orton's laugh goes into an angry state and drops his jaw as Shelton and RVD smile at each other and try to fight again, making the officials and referees hold them back as we fade to commercial)

(commercial break)

JR: Welcome back to Horizon and this portion of UWEF Hoirzon is brought to you by........

(Wee see each logo)

JR: M&M's. Chocolate is better in color.

King: And by "XXX: State of the Union" starring Ice Cube and Samuel Jackson. Rated PG-13 and is opening theaters now.

JR: And by UWEF Magazine featuring Y2J on the cover and how he has trained to be one of the best!

(We are back as Heymen is on the podium again)

Heymen: Sorry, folks about what happened but I hope we can get a good match rolling. Here we go. The second draft pick of the night and this next one will get to wrestle and choose who TO wrestle. Now, let's get rolling!

(Heymen rolls the thing, stops and opens the thing. He grabs one ball and reads it with interest)

Heymen: Well folks, this should be good. The second pick that has been drafted to the UWEF family is.......Frankie Kazarian!

(The crowd give full heat as Kazarian's music plays and Kazarian comes out with his cocky attitude. Kzarian shakes Heymen's hand and he wears the UWEF shirt as Kazarian ignores the crowd's heat. As the wears the shirt, the crowd are still giving him heat as Kazarian takes the mic from Paul Heymen and starts to speak with a gleaming but confident smile on his face.)

Kazarian: Thank you Heymen for this oppotunity and trust me, you won't be dissapointed. Hicks and Rednecks........(crowd are giving Kazarian full on heat)......trust me, you will see some impact by me and you know why? Because I want to challenge someone I know I can beat! I am a winner unlike some redneck slobs here in....(says in a funny redneck accent).....Alabama! (Massive booing from the crowd) On to the point, the person I want challenge on my UWEF debut is............Chris Benoit! (Massive cheers)

(Kazarian then rushes to the ring and waits for Chris Benoit for ten seconds and after waiting, Chris Benoit's music plays and he comes out with a determined face and has some bandages on his waist from the tables match. Chris Benoit does some poses for the crowd in the ring as the crowd love it untill Kazarian attacks Benoit from behind.)

MATCH ONE: Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Benoit

(Frankie Kazarian hits Benoit from behind and hammer punches Benoit down to the corner. Frankie Kazarian then stomps on Benoit's waist as Benoit aches in pain and Frankie Kazarian shows off, getting huge heat from the crowd. Frankie Kazarian then picks up Benoit and does some stiff punches and Irish whips Benoit to do a Missle Dropkick to Benoit. Frankie Kazarian then stands over Benoit and slaps him in the head about seven times. Frankie Kazarian then picks up Benoit and tries a clothesline but Benoit ducks, goes through another Irish Whip, and does a Shoulder Block, taking Frankie Kazarian down. Frankie Kazarian gets up but gets massive knife edge chops by Benoit, which causes the crowd to do Ric Flair's "Whooo" in each chop. After Benoit is done chopping, Benoit then Irish whips Frankie Kazarian and does a stiff clothesline on him. Frankie Kazarian holds his chest but Benoit picks up Frankie Kazarian and does a gut stomp on him. Benoit then does a very vicious Snap Suplex, making Frankie Kazarian roll out of the ring and catch some breath. Frankie Kazarian then leans on the rail, rethinking his plan. Benoit, sneakingly, slides outside and nails Frankie Kazarian with some hammer shots to the back. Benoit then Irish whips Frankie Kazarian to the steel pole but Frankie Kazarian reverses it and Benoit gets nailed on his head by the pole as Frankie Kazarian catches breath and taunts the crowd, getting more heel heat. Frankie Kazarian then takes Benoit and Irish whips him to the steel steps, making Benoit lands on his waist. Frankie Kazarian then has a grin on his face and tosses Benoit to the ring. Frankie Kazarian then goes on the apron and jumps on the top rope and lands a mid air legdrop. Frankie Kazarian gets a pin. 1=====2===. Benoit with a shoulder up. Frankie Kazarian then picks up Benoit and does a Russian Leg Sweep on Chris Benoit and does a Leg Bend Hold on Benoit and releases on four. Frankie Kazarian then picks up Benoit and does a twirling hurricaran, getting some impresses from the crowd. Franke Kazarian then picks up Benoit and does a Double Arm DDT very hard on Benoit. Frankie Kazarian covers Benoit. 1=====2=====. Benoit quickly kicks out as Frankie Kazarian gets nauseous and angry. Frankie Kazarian then picks up Benoit and Irish whips him to the corner and then rushes over to Benoit and nails Benoit with a clothesline. Benoit goes down and sits on the corner. Frankie Kazarian, randomly, stomps on Benoit and then he thinks about something. Frankie Kazarian jumps up, holding the ropes and his feet on a straight line angle, and then rams his feet straight to Benoit's waist, making Benoit roll back outside and hold his sides, aching very badly. Benoit then tries to get up but Frankie Kazarian does a Baseball Slide on Benoit, making him go all the way back to the rail and hit his waist on the rail. Frankie Kazarian sees that Benoit is still starting to get up and Frankie Kazarian Irish whips himself and does a Backflip to Benoit from the ring to outside, but Kazarian hits his knee on the rail as they are both down aching. We then pan to the TitanTron to see the moonsault Frankie Kazarian did to Benoit and how he hit his knee. We then cut back to Frankie Kazarian, limping a bit form the moonsault, doing an Irish whip to Benoit and nailing a Powerslam. Frankie Kazarian then stomps on Benoit with his other foot and then he chokes Benoit with his feet and releases at four. Kazarian lets go and then just stomps on Benoit's face. Kazarian picks up Benoit but Benoit does a hard gut punch and another. Benoit then does a Hammer Shot on Frankie Kazarian's back and gets a German Suplex onFrankie Kazarian. Benoit then does his throat slashing taunt and climbs on the top turnbuckle. Frankie Kazarian grabs the ref and, purposely, pushes him to the ropes, making Benoit fall on his groin and pause. Frankie Kazarian then climbs on the topturnbuckle and nails Benoit with a Super Hurricarana, making Benoit land very hard on the back. Benoit then aches and rolls as Frankie Kazarian picks up Benoit and does a Snap DDT on Benoit, like a bullet and Benoit lays down as if he were dead. Frankie Kazarian then covers Benoit. 1=====2====. Benoit kicks out. Frankie Kazarian is in shock and pins in him again. 1=====2====. Benoit kicks out. Frankie Kazarian then waits for Benoit to get up. Benoit gets up as Frankie Kazarian hold him for his " Wave of the Future " but Benoit does a Shoulder Shot on Frankie Kazarian and another and another and another. Frankie Kazarian lets go of Benoit as Benoit does a German Suplex but Benoit has Frankie Kazarian and gets another German Suplex. Benoit still has Frankie Kazarian and gets another German Suplex, releasing the hold from Frankie Kazarian. Benoit does his throat slashing taunt, again, and climbs on the top rope and nails the Diving Headbutt on Frankie Kazarian as Frankie Kazarian is down. Benoit pins Frankie Kazarian. 1====2===. Frankie Kazarian gets his leg on the ropes. Benoit then picks up Frankie Kazarian and Irish whips Frankie Kazarian for a clothelsine but Frankie Kazarian ducks and does a painful backbreaker. Frankie Kazarian then goes to the corner and climbs on the top turnbuckle, waiting for Benoit. Benoit gets up as Frankie Kazarian does a Molly Go Round on Benoit and gets a pin. 1====2===. Benoit kicks out as Frankie Kazarian is shocked and is getting angry. Frankie Kazarian picks up Benoit for the " Wave of the Future ", but Benoit reverses it and tries a Crossface, trying to take down Frankie Kazarian. The referee is checking on it but Frankie Kazarian, sneakfully, does a lowblow with his leg, making Benoit release the hold. Frankie Kazarian then waits for Benoit to turn around. Benoit turns around and Frankie Kazarian, for a third attempt, does the " Wave of the Future " on Benoit very painfully. Frankie Kazarian said he's not done. Frankie Kazarian drags Benoit near a corner as Frankie Kazarian climbs the top turnbuckle and does a Cannonball Flip on Benoit's waist. Frankie Kazarian covers Benoit. 1=====2=====3! Frankie Kazarian wins his first UWEF debut over Benoit as the crowd boo very huge for the win as Frankie Kazarian keeps proving to be the best. Frankie Kazarian then orders for the mic.)

Kazarian(almost out of breath): I'm sorry, people, but this was no challenge for Frankie Kazarian. (The crowd start booing) Hell, I got so bored, that I cut Chris Benoit some slack by German Suplexing me a couple of times! (The crowd chant " U Suck " as Frankie Kazarian does the chin and hand version of the bird) Anyway, Paul Heymen, please, I'm begging you. Give me a real challenge next time I wrestle because I came here to wrestle, not dance with a X-Men member. (The crowd are still booing for Frankie Kazarian untill Paul Heymen comes out with a mic)

Heymen: Well, I was gonna name the third pick but seeing you begging gave me more reason. Fine, Kazarian, next time on UWEF Horizon, it will be Frankie Kazarian vs.............(Kazarian nods happily).....................KEN SHAMROCK!

(The crowd pops for that hugely as Kazarian has a scared face and looks around the ring and he rolls outside . He looks scared as he leaves with the crowd. We then fade to a commercial break.)


(We are back with Heymen on the podium again.)

Heymen: What a night this has been, am I right, folks. (Massive pops) Well, let us find out who is coming to UWEF with our third pick.

(Heymen rolls the thing, stops and opens the thing. He grabs one ball and looks it with interest again but before he can announce it, the Axis Powers's music plays, getting one of the biggest heat tonight. Hassan and Dupree have their belts on their waist and Daivari accompanies them to Paul Heymen. Obviously, Hassan has a mic and is about to speak untill USA chant begin. When they start to quiet down, he begins to speak.)

Hassan: Paul Heymen, we have a problem. Now, before you even say the third pick for this lottery draft here tonight, I want to make something clear to everybody. If the state wasn't digusting enough......(Crowd chant " USA " explodingly).....making us defend our titles rarely is worse. See, we won the titles and for what? To just wear shiny belts? NO! We deserve some respect from you, from this hell hole, and from the disgraceful United Staes of America. Also, we want-no. We DEMAND a match tonight because we are the best Tag Team in this UWEF business and you know it, Heymen! You know it!

(Heymen grabs Hassan's mic)

Heymen: So you're saying that you want to defend you titles tonight, right? (Hassan and Dupree nod their heads) Well, sure. How about this? The third and fourth pick will team up to face you for the UWEF Tag Team Championships. Is that okay? (Hassan and Dupree agree) All right, then. Well, the third pick joining the UWEF Family will be..................The Rock!

(The crowd gives one of the biggest pops of the night as The Rock comes out with his signature sunglasses and Rocky-like clothes and waves to the fans and takes the UWEF shirt and wears it over one of his Rock merchandice shirt. He then takes the mic from Heymen, politely.)

The Rock: Finally, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO MOBILE, ALABAMA! (The crowd goes wild and a "Rocky" chant begins as he smells the air and tension as he is about to speak again)Now I have a question for you and only you, jabroni! Tell me just one thing! What is your name?

Hassan: It is Muhammed-

The Rock: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU NAME IS! (The crowd cheer hugely for the Rock as Hassan and Dupree are getting angry with Daivari calming them down) See, The Rock has watched you guys from the WWE and here in UWEF and it is the same crap after crap with you guys every show. And the millions........(Crowd: And millions).......of fans, especially the Rock, himself, are gettng sick of it! So the Rock has one thing for you to do. All I know is that if you think you are a superstar, then you gonna have to step up to the People's Champ, IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAOW! WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!

(The crowd erupt for the Rock untill Hassan gets very angry and grabs The Rock's microphone)

Hassan: You know, Rock. You think I am nothing but crap? Well, if anyone knows about crap, it's you, considering your movies as of late. (The crowd gives "oooo" and boo for Hassan as the Rock, slowly, takes off his glasses and looks at Hassan seriously) You played a King that wanted to destory our kinds like us. It's also not my fault that you lost to Stone Cold Steve Austin.....TWICE AT WRETSLEMANIA, NOW IS IT! (The crowd boo for Hassan as the Rock still gives him that cold serious look) Now, Rock, People's Champ, Rocky, whatever the hell you call yourself nowadays, you're gonna have to fight the UWEF Tag Team Champions, me and Rene Dupree, being the best Tag Team Champions in this UWEF business, unlike your piss poor Rock n' Sock Connection, in this god forgiven place here in Mobile, Alabama and looks like you have no partner. So Rocky, pick you partner, pick the draft, and maybe we might let you and your partner that you pick shine our titles after we beat the holy hell out of you and your partner!

(Hassan slaps the Rock very hard as Hassan smiles. The Rock then turns around and takes Hassan's mic)

Rock: So you think you can talk about the Rock's movies like if they were crap, you say your the best Tag Team in the UWEF business, and you just did the biggest mistake of your life, slapping the Rock...in his face. (The crowd boo very heavily as Hassan nods and smiles) Look at you, smiling like Ryan Seacrest. (The crowd laugh and cheer havily as Hassan is angry at the Rock) Well, since the fourth pick has to be my partner, let me pick the person, Heymen, if you don't mind.

(Heymen doesn't mind as the Rock rolls the cage and he stops rolling and opens the cage. He picks up a ball and he looks at Hassan with a light smirk on his face)

Rock: Well, Hassan, Dupree, and that Muppet Friends puppet over there, it seems that I am gonna get a partner that will help me win those titles. Ladies and gentlemen, the fourth pick of the draft and is now a member of UWEF...........Latino Heat, Eddie Gurrero.

(The crowd go crazy as Eddie's theme plays and he comes out and he shakes the Rock and Heymen's hand and wears the UWEF shirts on him as Eddie takes the mic. "Eddie" chants begin)

Eddie: Hola, vato Rocky. Hey, what up Alabama!? (The crowd is estatic for Eddie) You know, it feels great to come to UWEF and get more possibilities at titles and more people to fight against, ese. But, as I see it in my face, there is one problem. I see we have Hassan and Dupree as the UWEF Tag Team Champions, man. (The crowd are booing as Hassan and Dupree nod there heads)You talk about disrespect? The only thing I heard from you is your hate of America, holmes! (The crowd boos as Hassan and Dupree tell them to shut up but "USA" chants begin untill they quiet down for Eddie to keep on talk.) And now, eses, you want to challenge the People's Champ and Latino Heat in a Tag Team match for the UWEF Tag Team Championship Belts? Well guess what, man? All I have to say is...........BRING IT ON, HOLMES!

MATCH TWO: Eddie Guerrero and The Rock vs. The Axis Powers (Muhhamed Hassan and Rene Dupree w/ Khosavori Davari) for the UWEF Tag Team Championships

(With that said, The Rock and Eddie start hitting punches on Hassan and Dupree and Hassan and Dupree, with Daivari, go into the ring, trying to run from the Rock and Eddie but the Rock and Eddie follow them. Eddie and The Rock keep landing punches on Hassan and Dupree. Eddie dropkicks Dupree outside, taking himself outside too. Hassan is in the ring with the Rock as the Rock does some of his punches on Hassan before Hassan goes down and the Rock stomps on Hassan very violently. Hassan catches breath as the Rock picks up Hassan and does some Irish whips and nails his special clothesline. He takes off his UWEF shirt, getting screams from the ladies, and he Irish whips Hassan again and does a Forklift on Hassan. Dupree comes in the ring but the Rock does his own punches on Dupree and the Rock Irish whips Dupree and the Rock follows Dupree and clothesline him outside of the ring. Hassan gets a cheap shot to the Rock and Irish whips the Rock. Hassan bends down but the Rock kicks Haasan's face up and the Rock does a Jumping Clothesline. The Rock then does an Elbow Drop and covers Hassan. 1=====2====. Hassan kicks out. The Rock then tags Eddie Gurerro, getting massive pops. Eddie gets in the ring and he stomps on Hassan very hard. Eddie then picks up Hassan and Irish whips him to do a dropkick on Hassan's jaw. Hassan holds his jaw as Eddie picks up Hassan but Hassan with a gut punch and a Snap DDT. Hassan then taunts the Rock as the Rock gets in the ring but the referee backs up the Rock as Hassan and Dupree team up on Eddie by stomping them, getting heel heat. As the referee pays attention again, Hassan then tags Dupree and Dupree picks up Eddie and does a Sidewalk Slam. Dupree does his little "French Tickler", getting massive heat. Dupree then tosses Eddie over the top rope as Dupree distracts the ref. Daivari picks up Eddie and Irish whips Eddie to the steel steps, making Eddie arch his back in pain. The Rock chases Daivari around untill he goes to Hassan and Dupree's side. The Rock helps up Eddie as Eddie rolls back to the ring. Dupree picks up Eddie and Irish whips Eddie. Dupree does a thunderous Powerslam. Dupree then tags Hassan and Hassan does a leg drop on Eddie. Hassan rushes to the Rock and then does an Elbow Hit on the Rock, making the Rock land on the concrete as Hassan smiles. Hassan then focuses on Eddie and picks him up. Dupree Irish whips Eddie and tries a clothesline, but Eddie ducks it and does a Spinning Clothesline. Eddie feels the momentum and goes for a Frogsplash but Hassan moves the ropes, affecting Eddie's balance and Eddie gets dropped in the groins. Dupree gets up and he climbs on the top turnbuckle and does a high elevated Superplex and Eddie is flat out down. 1=====2==. Eddie kicks out and the crowd is in shock. Dupree tags in Hassan and Hassan picks up Eddie but Eddie with a gut punch and another and another and another. Eddie Irish whips himself and gets a clothesline. He does his chest pride slap as the crowd are chanting " Eddie ". Eddie picks up Hassan and does a Suplex but holds him in Suplex position still, signaling the Three Amigos. Eddie gets up wih Hassan and does another second Suplex and has him in Suplex position still. Eddie has Hassan in Suplex position but Hassan punches Eddie's sides and punches his sides again. Hassan tries a neckbreaker but Eddie reverses it and gets a third Suplex. Eddie starts to crawl as the Rock extends his hand. Dupree crawls and tags Hassan. Hassan gets in the ring and does a punch at the Rock again, taking him out of the apron. Hassan then goes back to Eddie and does an Elbow Drop. Hassan covers Eddie. 1=====2===. Eddie kicks out. Hassan then picks up Eddie and does a Russian Leg Sweep and puts it in a Mexican Surfboard Stretch Hold. Eddie tries to hold it in as the crowd are chanting "Eddie" and stomp and clap for him. Eddie crawls his way and eventually gets to the ropes. Hassan can't believe this and he lets go of the hold at four. Hassan then tries to rush to the Rock for another cheap shot but the Rock does a punch of his own and Gullotines Hassan. Hassan holds his neck and turns around, for Eddie dropkick Hassan to the corner. Eddie then Irish whips Hassan and tries to clothesline Hassan but Hassan has the same idea and have a collision on each other. The crowd love this match as they chant "Eddie" and "Rocky" as Eddie starts to crawl to the Rock. Hassan is still down and gets up. Eddie is two inches away untill Hassan grabs Eddie's leg. Eddie stands on one leg and does an enzurguri on Hassan and Hassan goes down. Eddie crawls to the Rock and tags the Rock, getting an explosive pop. The Rock gets in and does a cheap shot to Dupree as Dupree goes down and hits his head to a . Hassan gets up and the Rock does his multiple fast punches on Hassan's head untill the Rock spits on his hand and slaps Hassan again, taking down Hassan. The Rock picks up Hassan and does his special clothesline to Hassan. Dupree gets in the apron but the Rock grabs Daivari's collar and flips him in the ring, making him go down. Daivari gets up but the Rock Irish whips Daivari and does his Spinebuster on Daivari. Daivari rolls out of the ring as Hassan does a Backdrop to the Rock. Eddie gets in the ring and does some punches before Eddie does a Bullet DDT, knocking out Hassan. Dupree gets in the ring and Elbows Eddie's back and turns him around to do the Au Revoir. Dupree does a "French Tickler" taunt as the Rock handsprings himself and copies Dupree's "French Tickler", getting laughing from the crowd. Dupree turns around and the Rock gives him a painful Rock Bottom. Daivari gives Hassan a Tag Team Belt as the referee checks on Dupree. Hassan swings the belt but the Rock ducks and gives Hassan a Rock Bottom. The Rock covers Hassan but the referee is distracted by Dupree. Daivari has the other belt and comes in the ring but then thinks. Eddie gets in the ring but Daivari throws the belt to Eddie as Daivari throws the Rock outside and Daivari goes outside with him. The referee turns around and sees the scenrio. Eddie holds the belt while Hassan is knocked out. The referee and Eddie argue. The Rock hits Daivari's head on the table, knocking him out. Dupree grabs the ring bell and gives it to Hassan as Hassan hugs it. The Rock gets in the ring and picks up Hassan. The Rock then tries to do the Rock Bottom on Hassan but Hassan nails The Rock with the ring bell, with the referee still arguing with the referee. Hassan picks up the Rock and does a fast STO. Dupree grabs Eddie's legs and drag them outside as Dupree stomps on Eddie. Hassan throws the ring bell and covers the Rock as the referee counts. 1=====2=====3! Hassan and Dupree are still UWEF Tag Team Champions as the crowd explode with heat and they hold their titles with their song playing. The Rock is Knocked Out and is not moving and Eddie has a angry face while being knocked out.)

Finkel: The winner of this bout and still UWEF Tag Team Champions, Mohhammed Hassan and Rene Dupree, the Axis Powers!

JR: How is this right? The Axis Powers steal another win. Damn it!

King: This is a travesty. The referee needs to look at the replay because they cheated to win

(We see the replay of the match finish. We then cut to Hassan and Dupree smiling at the ramp to a KO'd Rock, with Eddie Gurerro checking on the Rock and looking back at the Axis Powers, shouting and angry, as we pan to RVD, who is doing Yoga-like stretches.)

King: Well, here's Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam who is facing Shelton and after Shelton's performance at Global Warming, this will be a great match!

JR: Indeed, folks. Ladies and gentlemen, Rob Van Dam, RVD, faces Shelton Benjamin for a chance at Randy Orton's Ironman Championship Belt and it's tonight but up next, Heymen has to pick his fifth wrestler!

(Commercial Break)

(We come back from commercial and we see the UWEF Move of the Night as we cut back to Randy Orton's Super RKO on Shelton Benjamin at Global Warming and they show it five times in different angles. We then fade back to Heymen at the podium.)

Heymen: Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are down to two more picks. Now, let's find out our fifth pick, shall we?

(The crowd agrees as Heymen does the whole routine. Heymen opens the cage and he picks up a silver ball and he is happy)

Heymen: Well, ladies and gentlemen, get ready to survive the serengetti because the UWEF family has picked.................."The Alpha Male", Monty Brown!

(Monty's song plays as the crowd give him massive heat and does his junglelike pose entrance and Heymen extends a hand to Monty but Monty slaps it back to him, throws the shirt down, and rudely takes Heymen's mic.)

Brown: I want everybody to listen to the Alpha Male. (Massive booing to Monty Brown and gets into Paul Heymen's face) Paul Heymen, now you look here, fat boy! I don't work for you.........I don't work for UWEF.......I don't work or could care less about the fans.......(gets massive heat).........because Monty Brown works for one person and that is MONTY BROWN! (More boos from the crowd) See, the Serengetti is a Veeeeeeeery dangerous place to live in. See, I only came here because every since TNA and Destination X.........(light heat).........I had to join that Toby Keith retard, Jeff Jarrett. So then I told TNA that ENOUGH WASS ENOUGH AND I LEFT TNA BECUASE THE ALPHA MALE, THAT I MADE, WAS DEAD! (Light pops) But now that the Alpha Male is alive and now that I have joined UWEF and Horizon, now the Alpha Male sees the ring as the jungle with preys and targets scattering around the place. I don't care if your.........(does a funny version of Kurt Angle's spinning taunt).......Kurt Angle or............(does a funny version of Triple H's signature taunt and says it funny).............Twipule Whach or..................(does Y2J's signature taunt)............Chris Jericho, if you are on my jungle, your ass is gonna get hurt by the Enforcer of the Serengetti. You talk about impact Heymen? Well, this impact I am making is simply this........

(Brown drops the mic and smiles and then sprints to Heymen and does a major pounce on Heymen, taking him out and looks as if he was dead. The crowd chant "Monty Sucks" as Monty takes Heymen's mic off his hand and smiles and almost breathless.)

Brown: Like The Alpha Male said, the predator works alone and hunts his prey, no matter what power it has or what history it had. You want impact. You got it because when I hunt anybody and everybody down, they will feel the POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEE!

(Monty drops the mic on Heymen's body and walks back but stops and grabs the mic from Heymen's body)

Brown: Period!

(Monty walks off as Heymen is down, flat out cold as we fade to a commercial break)

(Commercial Break)

(We fade back to what Monty Brown just did to Paul Heymen and we see that during the break, Heymen is in a strecher, going to the hospital and leaving the arena.)

JR: Well, welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. Monty Brown is a psychotic man as he pounced Heymen out of him and now he is going to be hospitalized.

King: Then, what does it mean because we still have one more pick to go and what will happen without a GM?

(RVD's music plays and gets exploding pops as he comes out and does his siganture pose on the ramp and while doing it, purple pyros come out. The crowd is excited as he rolls out of the ring and plays with the crowd.)

JR: A talented man that can have a chance at the UWEF Ironman Championship.

King: Let's not forget about Shelton. He has a rematch clause and this is it. Also, he made a great performance so it is hard to root for who will win.

Finkel: The following is for one fall. Introudicng first, from Battle Creek, Michigan, he is RVD, Rob...........Van..........Dam!

JR: Can RVD do it? Can he meet Orton for the Ironman Championship?

King: Well, JR. Let's find out.

(Shelton Benjamin's song plays as RVD's song fades out. Shelton gets light boos from earlier and he just focuses on RVD. He gets in the ring and does his signature pose in all four corners. While he's doing his poses, we see a clip of what has happened today between the two and cut back to Shelton doing the taunt on the fourth turnbuckle. RVD looks at Shelton very focused as Shelton gets down from the turnbuckle and stares at RVD. The bell rings as the crowd get ready.)

MAIN EVENT: Shelton Benjamin vs. Rob Van Dam for a #1 Contenders Spot for the UWEF Ironman Championship

(RVD and Shelton look at each other and they grapple. Shelton goes behind of RVD in a German position but RVD goes behind Shelton and puts him in a German position and does an amateur takedown on Shelton as Shelton tries to get up but RVD's strength prevents him. Shelton then starts to get up and does an Elbow punch to the gut. RVD bends down as Shelton is up and Irish whips him and goes for a clothesline but RVD ducks and nails Shelton with a high air kick. RVd covers Shelton. 1===. Shelton, easlily, kicks out. RVD picks up Shelton and Irish whips him but Shelton jumps on RVD's shoulders and does a straight hurricarana. RVD goes down as Shelton feels pumped. Shelton picks up RVD and does a Powerslam. Shelton then does an Elbow Drop to RVD's head. 1===. RVD kicks out. Shelton picks up RVD and Irish whips him but RVD delievers a Spinning Wheel Kick to Shelton. Shelton gets up and RVD does a Spinning Kick. Shelton is down and gets up again, but RVD does another Spinning Kick. Shelton gets up as RVD does Mounted punches to Shelton all the way to the corner and does multiple mid karate kicks on Shelton untill Shelton goes down, sitting. RVD then runs around the ring untill he goes to Shelton's and does a forced dropkick on Shelton's face. RVD then runs to the opposite corner and tries another low dropkick but Shelton ducks, making RVD hit his knee on the ropes. Shelton gets up and RVD gets up. Shelton gives RVD a Suplex and covers him. 1=====2===. RVD kicks out as Shelton quickly gets up RVD and Irish whips him and gets a Spinning Wheel Kick of his own to RVD. Shelton Irish whips himself, jumps on the top rope, and does a moonsault to RVD and gets a pin. 1=====2=====. RVD kicks out as we cut back to a slow motion of Shelton's moonsault to RVD. We cut back to Shelton Irish whipping RVD and tries a Spinning Kick but RVD ducks, jumps on the top rope and does a dropkick to Shelton. RVD then legdrops Shelton and gets a pin. 1=====2=====. Shelton kicks out as RVD goes to the apron, waiting for Shelton. Shelton gets up and turns around. RVD jumps on the top rope, looking for a Hurricarana but Shelton, while RVD is in midair, does a Spinning Kick to RVD's head, knocking him out. 1=====2====. RVD kicks out. Shelton then stomps on RVD a lot and picks up RVD. Shelton slides RVD hard, under the low rope and down the floor, making him land on his head. Shelton waits for RVD to get up. RVD gets up as Shelton runs to a corner, jumps on the top turnbuckle, and as RVD turns around, Shelton does a high body splash as they are both down. RVD and Shelton are down as we take a look of Shelton's Splash to RVD. We then cut back to Shelton Irish whipping RVD but RVD reverses it and Shelton flips over and hits his back on the steel steps. RVD, holding his back, picks up Shelton and RVD does some more mounted punches to Shelton, sending them fighting over the ramp. RVD then takes Shelton's head and smashes Shelton's head to one of the smaller titantrons on the entrance as Shelton goes down. RVD then notices a table as the crowd chant "ECW" and RVD smiles and runs to the table. RVD picks it up and runs back to Shelton, who is trying to get up. RVD sets up the table and Shelton gets up but RVD does a Spinning Kick on Shelton, taking him down. RVD then picks up Shelton and puts him in the table. RVD then runs to those ladder pillars and starts to climb on them as the crowd is going crazy. RVD then goes all the way and is on top of the big titantron, as the crowd are chanting "RVD". RVD does his signature pose and does a Five Star Frog Splash from the top of the Titantron to the table where Shelton Benjamin was laying down, as you can hear the table break violently as the crowd go wild and they chant "ECW" and "RVD". RVD and Shelton both squirm a lot as they are sacrificing their bodies for a number one contender's spot for the Ironman Championship. RVD and Shelton stop squirming and they are down, not moving. We cut back to RVD's wonderfull Frogsplash five times in different angles. We then cut back as we see RVD and Shelton getting up from the spot that RVD did his Frogsplash to Shelton. We cut back to a replay of RVD's spectacular splash. We then cut back to Shelton getting up, dizzily, and RVD using the ladder pilars to get up. Shelton walks up to RVD and does a weak punch and RVD delievers a weak punch. Shelton with another weak punch but RVD blocks it and does a stonger punch. Shelton is a bit dizzy but goes for another punch but RVD blocks it and does another punch. Shelton gets turned around and starts to walk back to the ring but RVD follows and eventually catches up to Shelton and takes his head and mashes it to the rail. Shelton goes down but doesn't fall down almost. RVD then tries a Spinning Kick but Shelton ducks and RVD hits his leg on the rail. Shelton then sees RVD's leg on top of the rail and kicks the leg up the air, making RVD hurt himself. Shelton then picks up RVD and rolls him into the ring. Shelton then goes into the apron and then jumps on the top rope and tries a Front Flip but RVD rolls out and Shelton hits his back on the canvas in full impact. RVD then starts to get up and sees Shelton down. RVD Irish whips himself and does a powerful Rolling Thunder, getting major pops from the crowd. RVD then covers Shelton. 1=====2=====. Shelton has a shoulder up as the crowd give light pops and RVD is shocked. RVD then drags Shelton to the center and climbs the top tunbuckle. He does his signature pose, getting major pops untill Shelton does a high Enzurguri on RVD, making RVD slump on the top turnbuckle. Shelton starts to climb on the top turnbuckle and picks up RVD and does a powerful BrainBuster to RVD, signaling to the crowd that it is over. Shelton and RVD are both down and Shelton gasps for air while RVD goes down and knocked out. After ten seconds, the referee starts a coundown. 1===========2==========3==========4==========5. RVD is still down as Shelton shows movement. 6==========7==========. Shelton grabs the ropes to get up. 8==========. Shelton is up, stooping the count and covers RVD. 1=====2=====. RVD puts his leg on the ropes as Shelton has a shocked face and the crowd pop for that. Shelton then picks up RVD and does a Snap Suplex. Shelton taunts the crowd, getting some mixed reactions. Shelton then takes RVD's legs and does a Texas Cloverleaf on RVD, as RVD screams in pain on this. RVD holds his hair, trying not to feel the pain but Shelton pressures it every moment. RVD is going crazy by scraching the canvas to avoid thinking the pain. Shelton is still pressuring it on RVD's back. RVD then starts to crawl to the ropes but Shelton puts more pressure to it by dragging RVD far from the ropes. RVD is going crazy, not knowing to do anything. RVD then tries a couple of times, but twist his legs to make Shelton break the hold and Shelton breaks the hold, getting majore pops. Shelton then gets up and stomps on RVD's back. Shelton then picks up RVD and goes for an Exploder but RVD reveres it and Irish whips Shelton to the corner and does a cartwheel, a backflip, and an elbow punch on Shelton. RVD then does a Monkey Toss on Shelton and Shelton lands on his back. RVD then does a Split Leg Moonsault on Shelton and covers Shelton. 1=====2=====. Shelton gets a shoulder up. RVD and Shelton get up but RVD with a Jumping Spinning Kick. RVD then smiles as the crowd knows what is about to happen. RVD gets on the top turnbuckle for a Five Star Frogsplash but the crowd ar booing heavily as Orton comes out from the stage and climbs on the apron, talking trash to RVD but RVD does a dropkick to Orton, making him go down. RVD gets up but Shelton turns him around and tries another attempt of the Exploder but RVD reverses it and tries a Spinning Kick, but Shelton holds the leg and turns it around to do his special version of the Standing Spinning Wheel Kick on RVD. Orton gets up but Shelton goes out of the ring and starts to beat the holy hell out of Orton. Shelton then Irish whips Orton on the steel steps. Orton arches his back as Shelton exposes the mats outside and brings out the concrete. Orton gets up but Shelton does an Exploder on Orton to the concrete and Orton is down. Coming from the crowd, Batista waits for Shelton to turn around. Shelton turns around and Batista does his vicious clothesline, knocking out Shelton cold. Batista then picks up Shelton and rolls him back in the ring. RVD starts to get up and doesn't know what just happened but doesn't care. Rob Van Dam jumps on the top turnbuckle and does his signature pose. RVD then lands a thunderous Five Star Frog Splash! The crowd loves it as RVD holds his stomach and crawling around the ring and then starts to cover Shelton as the referee counts. 1=====2=====3. The bell rings as the crowd explode for RVD as RVD stands up proud and smiling. The crowd chant RVD)

FInkel: The winner of this match and the Number One-

(Orton turns around RVD from behind and nails a painful RKO to RVD. The crowd are on their feet, massively booing for Orton. Orton tells RVD that he will never be like Orton and slaps RVD and spits at his face as the crowd boo. Orton and Batista leav the ring and go to the stage, looking back at RVD and Shelton, down on their faces as we fade to a commercial break)

(Commercial Break)

(We are back as we see Paul Heymen in his office, after being treated well from Monty's pounce but with some bandages on his face and wrists, relax and he then takes his steel bag and pull out a silver ball and reads it and he has a big eyed stare and is shaking from his body. We then go back to the arena as Stone Cold Steve Austin's song plays and he comes out to the biggest pop of the night as Austin walks down with a mic and goes in the ring.)

King: What the hell is that beer SOB lunatic doing here? We need security. Who knows what that idiot will do?

JR: King, I don't think Austin gives a rat's ass about your opinion because it looks like he has something to say. At Global Warming, Austin made his UWEF Debut by rasing hell over the Canadian Connection.

JR: Don't expect Austin to do that again because he was lucky, JR!

(Austin does his signature pose on the fourth turnbuckle and his song fades as he is about to speak but "Austin" chants emerge.)

Austin: You know, I didn't come out to bitch and moan about my debut at UWEF Horizon but I came out here to give Bret Hart and his Maple Leaf jackasses a message. (Crowd cheer and explode for Austin) See, Stone Cold still remembers Wrestlemania 13 when I lost to you. (Crowd boos) Stone Cold was very upset and dissapointed. Bret, you talk about being screwed over, huh? Well, you know what, Bret, you screwed with Stone Cold Steve Austin and that's something you don't do! (The crowd are popping for Austin) So, Bret, you got three choices. I want some revenge and I want it on you! Your first choice is that at June 4th, at Highway to Hell, Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart in a Submission match, (Crowd goes wild), you vs. me right now, or I can go backstage and whoop your Red and White Colored ass here in Mobile! (Crowd goes wild and chant "Austin" untill Bret Hart's music plays and comes out alone with the biggest heat ever and has a mic.)

Bret: Well, well, well. It's Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rattlesnake, the toughest SOB in WWF history, the beer drinking, middle flippin son of a gun! Well, Austin, you might have had an upperhand but I promise you that will be your last! (Crowd explodes with boos to Bret) See, the reson these people are cheering you is because your one of them, a REDNECK! (The crowd boos very loudly and chant "Bret Hart Sucks" as Bret gets angry) How about this, though. At June 4th, how about the Candian Connection vs. Austin in a Handicap match? (The crowd are booing as the now chant "Bret screwed Bret")

Austin: Boy, if you don't decide one of my choices I gave you, I'm gonna wipe that smile off your face and shove it up your ass![/color]

(The crowd goes wild as Bret Hart smiles more)

Bret: No, Austin, I think your ass is gonna get whooped and you know why? Because Bret Hart said so!

(Lance, Edge, and Christian come from behind and gang up on Austin and Bret runs to the ring and joins the gang up on Austin. Austin is defenseless and tries some punches but to no prevail as the Canadian Connection are too powerful. Then the crowd are esstatic as Shawn Micheals and Chris Benoit comes from the stage and gets in the ring. HBK and Benoit help Austin by fighting them but the numbers game is a bit strong as Edge and Christian team up on Benoit, HBK and Lance are fighting, and Austin and Bret are fighting. Suddenly, Vince McMahon's song plays and Vince comes out to a gigantic pop from the Mobile crowd. Vince tells someone to come out and his song fades. Razor Ramon's WWF song plays and the crowd gives Razor Ramon, (NOTE: Scott Hall has lost his weight and has formed back his Razor Ramon body and dyed his hair black again and has his hair again.) the second biggest of the night and he gets in the ring. Edge charges at Razor Ramon but Razor does his punches and a DDT. Razor then picks up Edge and puts him inhis Razor Edge position as the crowd goes wild. Razor picks Edge up and does the Razor Edge, getting major pops. Razor then picks up Edge and then clotheslines Edge out of the ring and Edge goes down. Benoit nails a German Suplex on Christian and Christian rolls out of the ring. HBK Corner Irish whips Lance and then nails a Sweet Chin Music on Lance's face, knocking him out. HBK then picks up Lance and throws him out. Bret then starts to get up and Austin nails a powerful Stunner on Bret and rolls out. Vince then walks down to the ring and takes a mic from the floor.)

Vince: Bret, I guess you haven't gotten the message? This is the new Corperation Team and together, whether your a good or bad guy, you'll have no chance in hell! Bret and you Candian morons are in for one hell of a ride!

(Vince throws the mic on Bret's body as the crowd go nuts. Vince does his signature pose and all four men do their signature pose to the crowd as we see the replay of this whole segment of where Razor came out. We then see the Corporation on the stage and they leave as we go to commercial break.)

(Commercial Break)

(We come back as Jericho's music comes out and the crowd stand up with exploding pops and Y2J comes out with his wrestling gear on and has some stitches from his face and body, from the Three Stage of Hell match at Global Warming. He also has his UWEF Heavyweight Championship belt on his waist.)

JR: Here is the new UWEF Heavyweight Champion, Y2J, Chris Jericho!

King: His win was a fluke and again, it's only a matter of time tilll Triple H gets back his title!

Finkel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the new UWEF Heavyweight Champion, Y2J, Chris Jericho!

(The crowd pops for Jericho)

JR: Well......

(We see a Tower Bell come out of nowhere and it zooms in with the "Highway to Hell" text all Judgement Day fontlike as the "Highway" text on the left, the "To" text is on the bell, and the "Hell" text is on the right with the X Box logo on the top left corner, the UWEF logo on the top middle, and Dr. Pepper logo on the top right corner. The background comes out all foggy like.)

JR: ..........X-Box, Dr. Pepper, and UWEF presents Highway to Hell. Highway to Hell comes to you live June 4th at the Oakland Colliseum in Oakland, California on Pay Per View!

(Jericho is in the ring with the mic as the his song fades and gets "Y2J" chants)

Jericho: Welcome to a new era of UWEF, Jerichoholics! (Massive pops) I have always wanted to hear a chant or cheer like this and.......(massive "Y2J" chant)....thank you. You know, after I beated Triple H at Global Warming for the UWEF Heavyweight Championship, my wife was happy and was proud of me. Hell, I even showed it to my baby son and he was smiling a bit untill he threw up on it. (Laughter is heard) Anyway, I don't know who is next but I will defend this title no matter what and will entertain the fans and claim victory for the Jericho-

(Triple H's exit music plays and he is still angry and has a sledgehammer as Jericho smiles)

HHH: I have had it with you! not only did I lose my title, I have also lost my team because of you! I have a rematch clause and if anyone is gonna have a title shot against you, it's me but I want to soften things for me because now, the game is over!

(Triple H slowly walks to the ring as Jericho is ready but something is happening from the crowd. Anyway, Triple H gets in the ring but Jericho punches him and he goes down. Jericho then gut kicks HHH and suplexes him. HHH is aching from his injuries and gets up. Jericho then does his running bulldog on Triple H and nails his lionsault as well as Triple H rolls out of the ring. Suddenly, Monty Brown comes from the crowd and without Jericho noticing, he gets in the ring, Irish whips himself, and does a painful Pounce on Jericho, knocking him down. Monty taunst the crowd, getting a vareity chorus of boos as he and Triple H, coming back in the ring, look at each other and talk a lot of crap to each other. They then look at Jericho and gang on him as Monty holds him for HHH to mount punch him a lot, making blood come off from Jericho's head. Jericho is lying down is a small pond of blood. Triple H then picks up Jericho and does a Pedigree on Jericho's UWEF Heayweight CHampionship belt. Paul Heymen comes out, still aching, who still has that silver ball from backstage.)

Heymen: Guys, you need to listen to my sixth pick! You better get out of that ring or-

HHH: Shut up, Heymen! You screwed me at Global Warming from my Heavyweight Championship title and from Evolution and you got your wish! Well, now, I am gonna get back some redemption!

(Monty snatches HHH's mic)

Brown: You want more, fat boy! Well, you don't scare Monty Brown! Hell, nobody does because Monty Brown is the Alpha Male and he rules the Serengetti!

Heymen:You need to listen. The my sixth and final pick for this draft is-

HHH: Why don't you shut up and get the hell out of here or else you're gonna join Chris Jericho!

Brown: And whoever you picked is not is threat to the Alpha Male because Monty Brown is not scared of no-

(The lights go out and the gong is heard as the crowd give that the biggest pop of the night. The TitanTron then shows the birth and legacy of the Undertaker from the deadman to minstry to biker to recent and then it shows a message saying "RIP" and a tombstone . Blue and Purple lights come out as Monty and Triple H are scared and are confused. The ropes are then covered by fire as there is no way out. We see Triple H scared and bugging out as Monty is concerned about the ropes and a bit nervous. The UWEF copyright credits appear on the bottom left corner and we fade to black in five seconds as we see the UWEF logo zoomes in and faded out.)

Writer's Note: Again, sorry about the lack of matches but as you can see, I was busy so I hope my matches entertained you. Peace.

UWEF Horizon Preview

After the aftermath of Global Warming, UWEF goes to Madison Square Garden for some UWEF action and what a lineup. The Undertaker made his presence felt over Monty Brown and Triple H, will The Undertaker appear? Plus, Frankie Kazarian acted like a pro here in UWEF, but he bargained more he can make. Kazarian faces Ken Shamrock, who is angry after his match at Global Warming. Will Kazarian prove something or will he be all talk? Plus, a main event has been signed. It will be Edge and Christian vs. Shawn Micheals and Chris Benoit. Also, what was with Vince and a new Corporation? Will they dominate over the Candian Connection? Plus Randy Orton and Monty Brown are in action. All this and more at the Madison Square Garden, live at UWEF Horizon. Don't miss it!

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

well that was decent considering, lack of matches. But the promos made up for it. Austin is in the UWEF! One thing confused me though, you said Austin gets the biggest pop of the night, then later on Undertakers gong got the biggest pop of the night, that confused me. I hate to do this, but the lack of matches, brought your score down. 7.5/10



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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Trust me, someguy999. It won't happen again. It was due to the draft.

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

no!!! this weeks horizon was not that bad!!! 8.5/10 due to lack of matches but other than that GOOD WORK
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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Thanks. I know I'm gonna get some low scores but it's all right. At least I won't do that again.

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

no problem mr wrestlemania. By the way when is highway to hell gonna be on air?
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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

June 4th.

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

I think that thats a fair amount of time away to build some feuds, continue with others, and produce some good shows.


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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

Horizon will be up by Wednesday or Thursday.

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Re: UWEF: United Wrestling Entertianment Federation

good, Im sure it will be a good read.


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