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Asking SCOTT STEINER for Wrestling Advice
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WWE 2007

(This will be a new thread in collaboration with declandimi13, just as the title says, we also have made a new roster split along with vacating all titles, starts off January of 2007 <3)

(Blue Denotes Smackdown and Red denotes Raw
Ashley Massaro
Balls Mahoney
Beth Phoenix
Big Guido
Big Show
Bobby Lashley
Brian Kendrick
Candice Michelle
Charlie Hass
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chris Masters
CM Punk
Dave Taylor
Elijah BurkeElijah Burke
Gregory Helms
Jamie Noble
Jeff Hardy
Jimmy Wang Yang
Joey Mercury
John Cena
Johnny Nitro
Kelly Kelly
Ken Kennedy
King Booker
Lance Cade
Layla El
Little Guido
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Michelle McCool
Mickie James
Paul London
Randy Orton
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam

Shannon Moore
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Super Crazy
The Miz
The Undertaker
Triple H
William Regal

WWE: Vacant
Intercontinental: Vacant
World Tag Team: Vacant
Womens: Vacant

World Heavyweight: Vacant
US: Vacant
Tag Team: Vacant
Cruiserweight: Vacant

PPV Schedule:
New Years Revolution- Raw January 7th
Royal Rumble- Raw and Smackdown- January 28th
No Way Out- Smackdown- February 18th
Wrestlemania- April 1st
Backlash- Raw April 29th
Judgement Day- Smackdown May 20th
Vengeance- Raw June 24th
The Great American Bash- Smackdown July 22nd
Summerslam August 19th
Unforgiven- Raw September 16th
No Mercy- Smackdown October 7th
Cyber Sunday- Raw November 4th
Survivor Series November 24th
Armageddon- Smackdown December 16th

Credit to chibinova for the awesome sig!
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2007

Matches Set For New Years Revolutions (As of New Year, Still 1 Raw Left)

Main Event: Finals of 4 Man Tournament for WWE Title

??? vs ???

Finals of 4 Man Tournament for IC Title

??? vs ???

Finals of 4 Man Tournament for Tag Titles

??? vs ???

Finals of 4 Man Tournament for Womens Title

??? vs ???
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2007

Raw Results - January 1st 2007

We go through the opening package as we cut to the crowd as we hear Jim Ross talking about what the New Years Raw is shaping up to be!

We then see the arena turn gold, as Chris Masters makes his way out to boos, as he flexes at the top of the ramp before making his way to the ring.

Then the sound of someone spitting plays over the PA as the crowd cheer as Carlito makes his way out with his trademark apple as he gets ready to face off with Chris Masters for a spot in the IC Title Tourney Final.

Match 1: IC Title Tourney Round 1: Carlito vs Chris Masters

They start with a lock up, as Masters backs Carlito into the corner before cheap shotting him as he throws Carlito out of the ring to boo’s as he throws Carlito into the ring post, knocking him silly before throwing him back into the ring hitting a backbreaker before locking in a headlock. Carlotta started to mount a comeback with some clotheslines before Masters shut it down with a Big Boot.

He then started pummelling Carlito in the neck, trying to soften it up for the Masterlock submission move before hitting 2 Samoan Drops until Carlito reversed the 3rd one, sliding off, before back dropping Masters to the outside of the ring buying himself some time before Masters made it back in, going for a clothesline, but Carlito ducked and started hitting repeated dropkicks as he went for a pin 1..2..Kick Out! He then picks up Masters and hits a Floatover DDT but Masters kicks out at 2 again! Carlito starts getting frustrated, as he waits for Masters to get up so he could hit the Backstabber, but Masters moved, before locking in the Master Lock for the win

Winner - Chris Masters - 8:26


It is announced that the Main Event will be John Cena vs Randy Orton for a spot in the WWE Title Tourney Final

Match 2: Tag Title Tourney Round 1: Rene Dupree and Rob Conway vs Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

This match is a first time ever between these two tag teams as it starts with Haas and Dupree locking up, as Dupree knocks Haas over, stomping on him as he gloats to the crowd, before bringing him back up and hitting him with a powerslam as he takes Conway in as he double back body drop him. He lifts him up and sets up for a DDT, but Haas reversed, kicking Conway but could not make it to his corner.

His grabs Haas and takes him to his corner, where he tags Dupree back in as they hit a double clothesline, knocking Haas down as he goes for a pin 1….2…Kick Out by Haas. He brings Haas back to a standing level before Haas starts to mount a comeback, repeatedly punching and kicking Dupree before making the tag to Shelton! Shelton comes in with a full head of steam, knocking over Conway and Dupree before they set up Conway and hit him with the Broken Arrow 1…..2……Kick Out by Conway! Dupree then runs in the ring as Haas throws him back out, as Shelton brings Conway up to his feet before hitting him with a T-Bone Suplex 1….2…3

Winners - Worlds Greatest Tag Team - 10:47

We then cut backstage to see Shawn Michaels and Triple H next to each other walking as they face the camera, saying that Shawn Michaels will defeat Edge and win the WWE Title.


Match 3: Women Title Tourney Round 1: Jazz vs Mickie James

They go to lock up, but Mickie just kicks Jazz, and starts picking her apart with kicks and punches as the ref pulls her off, before she lifts up Jazz and goes for the Mick Kick, but she ducks tackling James to the floor and pummelling her as she throws James back in and goes to lock in the elevated chicken wing, but she can’t as Mickie gets out of it before she can fully lock it in. Mickie then surprises Jazz as she hits the Mick Kick 1…2….Kick Out by Jazz. Mickie then goes for another but Jazz catches her leg and hits a sit-out face buster 1…2…3

Winner - Jazz - 3:21

After Match: Jazz Grabs A Mic

J: See what just happened, I am the most Bad Ass woman in the WWE, so whoever my opponent is this Sunday…You do not even want to turn up.

She drops the mic as she leaves the ring to boo’s after a dominate performance


We come Backstage to see Shawn Michaels walking to gorilla position as he gets ready for his match with Edge

Match 4: WWE Title Tourney Round 1: Edge vs Shawn Michaels

They lock up, as Edge knocks Shawn over as he cheap shots him as the ref is back him off. Shawn gets up and starts to pummel Edge, as the ref backs him off, before Shawn throws out of the ring. Edge then played possum as he threw Shawn into the steel steps before both men got back to the ring before the count of 10. Edge then began to take control, as he started working on the back of Shawn, hitting countless body slams before locking in the sharpshooter, but HBK made it to the ropes.

He then locked in the Edgecator, before HBK again made the ropes! Edge then lifted him up before hitting a forearm splash before going for the pin 1…2….Kick Out by Shawn. Shawn is bleeding after that forearm smash, as the camera zooms into it as Edge gloats to the crowd. He then goes back on the attack, Hitting a Northern Lights Suplex 1…2…Kick Out. Edge is starting to get frustrated as he can not put him away, Shawn starts to mount a comeback, as he hits many clotheslines and knocks Edge over, before hitting his famous Elbow Drop as the crowd cheers as he starts setting up for the Sweet Chin Music.

He starts to tune up the band and goes for it but Edge hits the spear! 1….2….3

Winner - Edge - 13:26

Edge is pacing around like a mad man as he celebrates over the fallen Shawn Michaels as the doctors attend to his nose


Match 5: Womens Title Tourney Round 1: Melina vs Ashley Massaro

Ashley goes straight on the attack, hitting a Head scissors take down as she goes for a pin 1…2…Kick Out by Melina. Melina gets back up first and kicks Ashley in the gut, before throwing her to the corner and hitting a spin kick 1…2….Kick Out. Melina gets back up and punches Ashley, before hitting a giant swing 1…2…Kick out by Ashley. Ashley again gets up first and goes for a spear, but Melina reversed and hit a Mule Kick 1…2…3

Winner - Melina - 2:40


Match 6: Tag Title Tourney Round 1: Umaga and Finlay vs Cryme Tyme

This match was a weird one, as a team wrestling their first match together against a team who debuted recently. It started with the two bigger men Shad and Umaga. Umaga Dominated the early stages, hitting Shad with devastating uppercuts until Shad hit a big boot with Umaga being knocked silly. Shad then pulled him up, before Umaga hit a massive punch to the throat as Shad fell over before Umaga tagged Finlay.

Finlay then got straight into the attack, stomping on Shad then going for a pin 1…2…Kick out from Shad, Finlay lifts him up, before hitting a hard kick to Shads knee, before going for another pin 1..2..Kick Again. Finlay then picks Shad up and brings him to his corner as he tags in Umaga before slamming Shad as Umaga splashed him. 1…2…Kick out from Shad as he shows some resiliency as Umaga goes to the top rope, as he prepares for a bigger slam, but he misses, as the crowd pops, JTG gets a hot tag as he punches Umaga before hitting a dropkick that knocked him out of the ring as Finlay runs straight into a massive clothesline from Shad, as Shad lifts Finlay onto his shoulders before JTG comes off the top top with a clothesline as Shad stops Umaga from getting into the ring. 1…2…3

Winners - Cryme Tyme - 8:47


Match 7: IC Title Tourney Round 1: RVD vs Jeff Hardy

They start off with a handshake, before Hardy hits a dropkick as he goes for a quick pin 1…2…Kick out by Rob. Hardy then locks in a quick Headlock, which RVD reverses before hitting a mule kick to Hardy’s stomach which knocks the wind out of him.

Hardy rolls to the outside to try to catch a breath but RVD jumps over the top rope and hits a plancha as the crowd cheered. RVD threw Hardy back into the ring, before Hardy got back to his feet and dropkicked RVD in the stomach, before hitting repeated punches as he lifts RVD up and backs him into the corner and hits a running dropkick before hitting a whisper in the wind 1…2…Kick Out by RVD.

RVD then starts to build up a comeback and does after hitting a spinning heel kick 1..2…Kick out by Jeff. RVD then climbs the top rope, but Hardy meets him up there, but RVD pushes him off and goes for a Frog Splash and hits in 1…2…3

Winner - RVD - 12:39


Match 8: WWE Title Tourney Round 1: John Cena vs Randy Orton

The Winner of this match will face Edge at New Years Revolution

They start off with a lock up, before Orton locks in a headlock before being pushed into the ropes and hits a shoulder block, before gloating to the crowd as Cena gets up behind him and hits a standing dropkick, he goes to lock in the STF but Orton wriggles out to the outside as we go to a commercial


We come back to see Orton in control, as he stomps on Cena as Cena is sitting in the corner before hitting a dropkick to the sitting Cena. He lifts him up and goes to throw him out of the ring, before keeping hold of him and hitting a rope hung DDT 1…2…Kick out by Cena as the crowd cheers the Kickout. He then brings out a meaner side of him, as he starts to repeatedly punch and kick Cena before the referee has to drag him away before running and going for a punt kick, but Cena moved out of the way and lifted up Orton and hit an FU 1…2…3

Winner - John Cena - 9:14

After Match: After the match, Cena was celebrating his victory as Edge snuck up behind him and hit a spear to stand tall as we went off of the air

New Years Revolution Match Card (MORE TO BE ADDED)

WWE Title: John Cena vs Edge

IC Title: Rob Van Dam vs Chris Masters

Tag Titles: Cryme Tyme vs World Greatest Tag Team

Womens Title: Jazz vs Melina


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