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Learning to break kayfabe
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TNA 2016

November 2015 - While World Title Series and other matches taped in July are
every week on IMPACT,TNA President Dixie Carter told Sports Illustrated that they’re done at the end of the year with Destination America and it doesn't looks like they signed a new tv deal with another network.Maybe they just wait to finish their contract with DA (same thing they did last year with Spike,until announcement about new tv deal).Rumours are every day..

December 2015 - TNA had a tour in India from December 2nd through December 4th with the final show on the tour airing as a "One Night Only: Mumbai" pay-per-view that Friday night, live in India and on tape-delay in the United States. The Mumbai special is replacing the recently canceled "One Night Only: Battle of New Orleans" event that was nixed for Halloween weekend.On Twitter,Dixie Carter announced that first 2 days will be tapings
for Impact and Xplosion.The arena from Mumbai was sold out.

Here are the results from World Title Series
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2 December - After TNA roster arrived 2 days ago (in this time,they signed
autographs,do press conference),here we are! The first taping after 5 months.In first day will be 2 episodes from Impact and in second day 2.

IMPACT (airing on 6/01/2016)
Network : ??
Commentators : Josh Matthews and Pope (from TNA Headquarters live)
Ring Announcer : Jeremy Borash,Christy Hemme
Backstage Interview : Jeremy Borash,Christy Hemme

*Ethan Carter III kicks off the show with Tyrus.The arena is full and it is a very hot crowd,not boring as on Impact Zone or US for TNA.EC3 announces
that he will win next week,in Main Event,his semi final match against Tigre Uno and he will be crown the BIGGEST TNA WHC IN HISTORY.Matt Hardy interrupts him and they insult each other,until Dixie comes out and
announces that the winner of this tournament will face Tyrus,the number 1
contender,at Genesis.And then,we go on a commercial break.

The first match of the night is a Fatal 4-Way match for Number #1 Contender
at X-Division Championship.
Dj Z def. Manik,Mandrews and Crazzy Steve after a pin on Crazzy Steve.
This was a X-Division match,so match as always.

Backstage,Eric Young looks like he is looking for someone.

The second match is a Knockouts match,Gail Kim and Velvey Sky go for a good match,who ends in a No Contest after The DollHouse (Terrell,Marty Belle,Jade & Rebel) attack both.

Backstage,Jeremy Borash interviews EC3 and Lashley comes around,EC3
looks scared and he goes out.

Bobby Roode def. Mister Anderson in a short match.Mister Anderson challenges Roode to a rematch next week,which Roode accepts.

*Recaps from World Title Series are showing

Joseph Park returns to TNA and he finds EY in backstage being very weird.
Eric Young looks at Joseph Park with big eyes and then,he comes out.

Mahabali Shera def. Bram in about 12 minutes,Mahabali Shera has a big pop
from crowd as it was excepted.

*Recaps from Bound For Glory Main Event are showing

Lashley vs Matt Hardy is next.After a little boring match (15 minutes),Matt Hardy in ready for a high flying move,but.....5 masked guys attacked the
ref and both competitors,so this match is over,Lashley and Matt Hardy don't
advance in the final....this means that ETHAN CARTER III VS TIGRE UNO,NEXT
WEEK,WILL CROWN THE NEW TNA WHC! (episode will be taped in same day)

But who are this masked guys?What is going on with EY & Joseph Park?
Will Ethan Carter III win this tournament? STAY TUNNED!

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: TNA 2016

IMPACT (airing on 13/01/2016) - taped on 2 December in Mumbai,India

A huge battle royal for Number #1 Contender at King of Mountain kicks off the show,with wrestlers making their way to the ring.
Aiden O'Shea,Bram,Chris Melendez,Eli Drake,Dj Z,Tigre Uno,Mandrews,Manik,
Crazzy Steve,Jessie,Micah,Robbie E,Rockstar Spud,Mahabali Shera and 2 local
indians (Pathani Pattha #1 and Pathani Pattha #2 ).The final four are Mahabali
Shera,Rockstar Spud,Bram and Robbie E,with Bram winning.

Backstage,Eric Young is looking at a video with him and Joseph Park

The DollHouse are next and they talk about Knockouts and how pathetic Gail Kim,Velvet Sky,Angelina Love and "Fat" Kong are.
Gail Kim is out and she challenges the DollHouse to a 4 on 4 Knockouts Elimination match at Genesis! The DollHouse accept and they attack the Knockouts Champion,but only for a few seconds because Awesome Kong and Velvet Sky make the save!

Backstage Interview with Jeff Hardy,who announce that Matt Hardy and
Lashley are injured and he will find who are this guys.

Bobby Roode def. Mister Anderson in a good match.

Mahabali Shera is making Shera Suffle in backstage,as a masked man comes and attacked him.

The Wolves are next and they do an Open Challenge and they put their titles on the line.7-8 masked guys go out and the 2 are outnumberd.The masked guys attack the tag team champions and the match started.One guy speared
Davey Richards and 1,2,3....2 strangers win the Tag Team titles.Everyone is in shock.

*Highlights from last week attack on Lashley,Brian Hebner and Matt Hardy and next is the Main Event of the evening.

Ethan Carter III agains the X-Division Champion,Tigre Uno,the winner is the new TNA WHC.50-50 match,this 2 have a good chemistry.Tigre Uno is ready for a Sabertooth Splash,but....once againt,the masked stable is here and they distract the ref and Tyrus punches Tigre Uno,EC3 with One Percenter....
ONE,TWO,THREE....AND WE HAVE A NEW TNA WHC! EC3 and Tyrus are a little scared about the masked stable,but the guys go out after the match,so the new champ celebrates and the show comes to an end.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: TNA 2016

IMPACT (airing on 20/01/2016) - taped on 3 December in Mumbai,India

*Highlights from last week's show : EC3 wins TNA WHC,the masked stable attack
different wrestlers and Bram is the new number #1 Contender at KOTM.

Dixie Carter kicks off the show and is clearly unhappy because of this masked guys and she invites them to the ring to talk.EC3 and Tyrus appear and The TNA WHC says to Dixie TO SHUT UP,because he was the champ when she screwed him at Bound For Glory,alongside with Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy.He says that Matt Hardy & Lashley received exactly what they deserved and Jeff Hardy is next.Dixie is very angry and she announces that TNA WHC will be vacant if he's implicated in this stable.A loud voice started to speak over the arena then,with the following message : "WELCOME TO DIXIELAND!"The lights go off and come back with Dixie Carter disappearing.EC3 and Tyrus are shocked and they run away.

Backstage,Bobby Roode and Bram confront and Bram says "see you at Genesis!"

Eric Young def. Rockstar Spud and after the match,he calls out Joseph Park.
His former tag team partner arrives and EY says that he was an idiot when he attacked Bobby Roode last year and he wants to reform their tag team.
Joseph Park asks for more time,which EY accepted.

Aiden O'Shea,Eli Drake,Jessie & Crazzy Steve vs Micah,Chris Melendez,Tigre Uno & Mister Anderson is next.Tigre Uno pins Aiden O'Shea to win this match.

Backstage Interview with Mahabali Shera who said that he's ok,but wants revenge.

Velvey Sky def. Rebel in a match with some interferences.

MAIN EVENT : Ethan Carter III vs Bobby Roode in a Champion vs Champion match.EC3 gets the win after the interference of Tyrus.After this,the show comes to an end.

Instead of a second episode of Impact taped,TNA run a house show with the following results :

DJ Z def. Manik
Mahabali Shera def. Mister Anderson
Velvet Sky & Gail Kim def. Terrell & Jade
Bobby Roode def. Tyrus
Ethan Carter III def. Jeff Hardy

Tomorrow,One Night Only episod ends the TNA's India tour.Also,it was announced on TNA site a big press conference when TNA come back in US.
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