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Renegade™ 03-07-2005 04:35 AM

WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

Owners: Eric Bischoff, Paul Heyman & Shane + Stephanie McMahon
Director of Authority: Stephanie McMahon
Marketing Chief: Shane McMahon

WIWA Championships

WIWA Heavyweight Championship
WIWA Lightweight Championship
WIWA Hardcore Championship
WIWA Atlantic Championship
WIWA Tag Team Championships

Weekly Shows

Tuesday Night - High Voltage
Friday Night - Explosion
Sunday Night - Full Throttle

Note: Full Throttle is the equivalent of Velocity/HEAT

Pay Per Views

March- Revolution of Retribution
April- Royal Rumble
May- Wrestlemania
June- Hog Wild
July- Survivor Series
August- World War IV
September- Sould Out
October- Halloween Havoc
November- Bash At The Beach
December- No Mercy
January- King Of The Ring
Februrary- Road Wild

WIWA Roster

John Cena=H
Stone Cold=F
The Rock=F
Scott Hall=F
Kevin Nash=F
Justin Credible=H
Lance Storm=H
Triple H=H
CM Punk=H
Paul London=F
Shelton Benjamin=F
Chavo Guerrero=F
Ultimate Warrior=H
Road Dogg=H
X-Pac Pac=H
"Bad Ass" Billy Gunn=H
Hardcore Holly=F
"Y2J" Chris Jericho=F
Juventud Guerrera=N
AJ Styles=F
Jeff Hardy=F
Randy Orton=H
Chris Benoit=F
Eddie Guerrero=F
Tommy Dreamer=F
Rob Van Dam=F
Bubba Dudley=N
D-Von Dudley=N
Bret Hart=H
Cactus Jack=F
"HBK" Shawn Michaels=F
Kurt Angle=H
Matt Hardy=F
Savio Vega=F
Billy Kidman=H
Hulk Hogan=F
Rey Mysterio=F
Perry Saturn=N
Jerry Lynn=H
Ken Shamrock=N
Ron "H20" Waterman=F
Scott Norton=N
Mike Sanders=H
Shawn Stasiak=H
Chuck Palumbo=H
Mark Jindrak=H
Sean O'Haire=H
Johnny Stamboli=H
Petey Williams=H
Monty Brown=H
Diamond Dallas Page=H
Scott Steiner=F
Brock Lesnar=H
Booker T=F
Charlie Haas=H
Kid Kash=H
Giant Bernard=H
D'Lo Brown=F
Steven Richards=H
Chris Nowinski=H
Bull Buchanan=H

Buff Bagwell=H

Stables & Tag Teams

Renegade™ 03-10-2005 02:49 AM

Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance
We came to Miami, Florida for the 1st ever WIWA PPV and 19364 people jammed the DC American Airlines Arena for what was to be a sensational opening PPV.

First off Paul Heyman entered right after the fireworks to announce the matches for tonights show. He didnt dissapoint the fans either as they errupted when he announced that Hulk Hogan,Sting,Ultimate Warrior,Diesel,Edge,Eddie Guerrero,Chris Benoit,HBK,Randy Savage and Randy Orton would compete in a 10 Man Gauntlet match to crown the 1st ever WIWA Heavyweight champion. Also Razor Ramon would face Y2J,RVD and Christian in a Fatal 4 Way for the International Championship. The tag team titles would be on the line when DX2000's Road Dogg & Syxx Pac meet the Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz in a 3 Way Ladder Match. A Hardcore Title Invatational would also happen where anyone willing to compete in it will enter. And last but not least the WIWA Lightweight title would be on the line when Chavo Guerrero,Paul London,CM Punk,Blitzkrieg,La Parka,Psicosis,Amazing Red and Rey Mysterio go at it in an 8 Man Top rope battle royal!

Then we were taken backstage to Road Dogg,Syxx Pac,Billy Gunn and Konnans locker room as Billy and Konnan revved their boys up for the tag team ladder match. Billy then said he would represent DX2000 in the hardcore title invatational

1st Match: Lightweight Championship Battle Royal
Participants: Chavo Guerrero,Paul London,CM Punk,Bitzkrieg,La Parka,Psicosis,Amazing Red and Rey Mysterio.

All 8 men recieved pops when they entered but the crowd was clearly behind CM Punk and Rey Mysterio. The bell rang and Blitzkrieg charged at Chavo but Chavo dodged and sent Blitzkrieg over the top rope!
Everyone paired off while Chavo stood there taunting Blitzkrieg. CM Punk chants from all over the building. Psicosis went for a high flying manouver but was attacked from behind by Chavo and pushed to the floor to eliminate Psicosis from the Battle.
Blitzkrieg was now back up on the apron and shouting abuse at Chavo.
Chavo came over and socked Blitzkrieg when from behind La Parka lifted Chavo over the top rope and eliminated him!
This sparked a brawl between Chavo and Blitzkrieg with the fans clearly behind Chavo. They poured out into the back before being seperated from each other by security.
Back in the ring Mysterio nailed the bronco buster on La Parka as CM Punk and Paul London were trying to get rid of Amazing Red who kept ahold of the ropes and eventually London and Punk turned on each other. La Parka whipped Mysterio to the ropes and went for a wheelbarrow suplex which was countered into an unbelievable bulldog. Mysterio went for Punk but Punk knocked him down with a superkick. Paul London dropkicked Punk and Punk stumbled over the top rope but managed to hold on. London turned around and Amazing Red nailed a hurricanrana on him. Everyone but Red was down and Red dragged La Parka to the corner were he then signaled for the Infa-Red!
Red nailed it and then London picked up an unconscious La Parka to eliminate him from the match.
There were now 4 left, London,Red,Punk and Mysterio. They all stared each other down before pairing off. While Punk hammered Mysterio in the corner London gave Red a DDT then mounted the top rope looking to hit the 450 splash but Red rolled out of the way and London crashed THROUGH the ring!
This counted as an elimination and had the whole crowd chanting HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!. As the medic team came out to stretcher London to the back, Mysterio and Red nailed a double dropkick on CM Punk and then took each other down with clotheslines. Punk was first to his feet and picked up Red and went to throw him out when Mysterio came from behind and lifted Punk over the ropes to eliminate both Punk and Red and be crowned the FIRST WIWA Lightweight champion. The crowd were on their feet cheering and clapping as Punk and Red returned to the ring and shook hands with Mysterio as all three got amazing reactions from the fans.

Match Time: 16m 34s
Order of Elimination: Blitzkrieg,Psicosis,Chavo Guerrero,La Parka,Paul London,Amazing Red,CM Punk
WINNER: Rey Mysterio

The maintenance crew come down and repair the whole in the ring before the next match starts.

We were then taken backstage were Razor and Diesel were talking about their matches tonight when Christian walked up and told them that they were old, used and past their prime stars while Christian will rise to the top soon and see the Kliq fall to the bottom. Razor had enough and socked Christian with a right hand. Diesel and Razor walked off leaving Christian with a foul taste in his mouth.

2nd Match: 3 Way Tag Team Championship Ladder Match
Participants: Road Dogg & Syxx Pac vs Dudley Boyz vs Hardy Boyz

The crowd went nuts for the reunion of the Hardy Boyz who are the masters of the ladder. They also went nuts when Road Dogg and Syxx came down to DX music and did the 4 crotch chop SuckIt! with the X pyro. The Dudley Boyz came down to no reaction but throughout the match there were constant WE WANT TABLES chants.
The match started and no-one made any sudden oves. The three teams just caustiously observed their foes. It was the Hardyz that made the first move when they went for the Dudleyz and started pummeling them in the corners as Dogg and Syxx just stood there waiting till the Hardyz sent the Dudleyz out of the ring. Dogg knocked down Jeff then teamed up with Syxx to nail a double suplex. Then DX went for the ladder only to creamed with chair shots from the Dudleyz. Bubba then went for the ladder but Matt cut him off and sent Bubba into the steps before D-Von hit him in the back with the chair. D-Von realised a chance to grab the belts so he set up the ladder only to have Jeff climb up the other side and pummel him with right hands. D-Von then blocked a right hand and superplexed Jeff from the top of the ladder to the mat below. That got some more HOLY SHIT! chants going around. As D-Von went back up for the belt Syxx nudged the ladder and D-Von landed stradling the top rope, gasping for air as he may have damaged his testicular area. Syxx then dropkicked D-Von off the ropes to the floor.
Dogg then cut Bubba off with a pumphandle slam and then DX did a mockery of the GET THE TABLES! thingy the Dudleyz do. They set up two tables next to each other on the outside but the Matt came around and took Dogg away into the barricade. Syxx turned around and Jeff Came running around the barricade and splashed into Syxx.
Back in the ring Bubba brought another table in and positioned it in the corner only to have Matt attack him from behind and knock him out of the ring. D-Von then got up on the apron and gave Matt a stunner like manouver on the ropes which had Matt gasping for air. D-Von got halfway up the ladder when Dogg came back in and powerbombed D-Von off the ladder! Jeff took Dogg down and dropped a leg into his balls. Syxx then hit the X-Factor on Jeff. Bubba was dazed on the outside as Syxx looked to the crowd to see if they wanted him to jump. Of course they said yes and when Syxx went for a top rope flip, Bubba moved and Syxx crashed through the Spanish announcers table!
Bubba got back in the ring but Dogg knocked him down with a Shake Rattle and Roll combo. D-Von then gave Dogg the Saving Grace and started to climb the ladder with Jeff on the other side. But Matt, not realising Jeff was on the ladder, got up and pushed the ladder over, sending D-Von and Jeff crashing through the two tables set up by DX earlier!
Lots of HOLY SHIT and ECW chants going around
Dogg brought a second ladder into the ring and set it up. Dogg,Bubba and Matt where the only men left moving. They all started to climb when from his pants Dogg produced a miniature hammer and cracked Bubba over the head with it. Bubba wobbled and eventually fell backwards crashing through the table in the corner. Matt and Dogg then exchanged right hands. Then from no-where Maven and Christian ran down and pushed the two ladders over, sending Dogg all the way to the outside and Matt crashing into the turnbuckle.
Maven and Christian then climbed the ladders and took the belts!!!
The whole arena was confused as Maven and Christian walked back up the ramp. But before they could get away Razor Ramon and Rhyno knocked them down and left the belts in the ring.
Paul Heyman came down and said he had a plan on Friday Night Explosion with what to do with the vacant titles.
As the teams went back to the dressing room they recieved huge ovations from the fans, acknowledging all the pain and suffering they went through in that match.

Match time: 19m 21s
WINNERS: None (vacated by Paul Heyman for future plans)

Then ring anouncer Roger Walker informed us of a dark match coming up between Val Venis and Ron "H20" Waterman.

Match 3: Singles Dark Matchup
Val Venis vs Ron "H20" Waterman

Pretty basic stuff here.Venis won with the Money Shot

Match time: 4min 48s
WINNER: Val Venis

We now are in the presence of Paul Heymans office and he is talking on the phone. As soon as he hangs up, DX, the Hardyz and the Dudleyz barge into his office demanding to know what is going on with the tag team titles. Heyman calmed all three teams down and said that on Friday Night Explosion it would be DX vs Dudley Boyz vs Hardy Boyz vs Maven & Christian in a four corners match for the tag titles. None of the teams were pleased but as Heyman said "Thats the way it is".

Match 4: Hardcore Title 10 Minute Battle Royal
Participants: Billy Gunn,Rhyno,Hardcore Holly,Maven,Perry Saturn,Jerry Lynn,Low-Ki,Crowbar,New Jack,Tommy Dreamer,Cactus Jack,Raven,8-Ball,Buff Bagwell,AJ Styles,Michael Shane,D-Lo Brown,Tony Mamaluke,King Kong Bundy.

Notes: Everyone started after Bundy from the bell, but Bundys large size managed to knock everyone away. Immediatley the brawl spilled out all over the arena; the ring,the crowd,backstage,up the ramp,at ringside. Billy Gunn went right for Maven and pummeled him for a while before he was sandwiched by Bundys into the guard railing. Bundy went for a pin but it was broken up by Rhyno. Bundy got to his feet but was GORED into the ring steps!
HOLY SHIT chants ringing around the DC arena. Rhyno should have gone for the pin but instead turned around and was creamed by Maven with a chair.
Buff Bagwell was dominating Holly in the corner but Holly nailed Bagwell with the Alabamaslam to become the Hardcore champ for about 5 seconds.
Instantly 8-Ball smashed a letterbox over Hollys head from the top rope and 8-Ball became Hardcore champ.
Saturn was clearing out everyone with a stop sign before he had himself knocked out by Raven who got the pin and was the champ
6 minutes left. Action all over the place. Most of the men were bleeding. Raven grabbed a framed painting and crashed it over the head of Michael Shane. Bagwell in the mean time was powerbombed through the french announcers table by Bundy and Bundy became the champ. Everyone ganged up on Bundy and eventually Crowbar pinned him after Cactus Jack,Billy Gunn,Low-Ki and AJ Styles had demolished Bundy. Tony Mamaluke got the StylesClash on the steel rampway and Styles was the new champ.
2 minutes remaining. We were taken backstage were Tommy Dreamer and New Jack were brawling much to the delight of the fans back there. Tommy Dreamer drove New Jacks head through a popcorn machines front and pinned New jack to become the champ. 30 seconds left and Dreamer was hiding out in the mens room counting down. Billy Gunn gave Rhyno a Fame-Asser but the timer ran out before the ref could get the 3 count.

Match Time: 10m 2s
WINNER: Tommy Dreamer

Match 5: Fatal 4 Way International Championship Matchup
Participants: Razor Ramon,Rob Van Dam,Chris Jericho,Chrisitan

It was a fairly average matchup. There were HUGE RAZOR chants going around which put off RVD and Y2J who were also used to crowd support. So many near falls but after RVD had been given the Unprettier and Y2J was tied up in between the ropes Razor seemed poised to get the 3 after a Razors Edge to Christian but Tatanka came in and hit Razor with the chair. Y2J untangled himself from the ropes and crawled over Razor and covered him for the 3. After the match Tatanka stood on the ramp smirking at Razor who was bleeding pretty badly.

Match Time: 9m 53s
WINNER: Y2J Chris Jericho

We were then announced that the Championship match was up next. The crowd roared.

Match 6: 10 Man Gauntlet Match for the WIWA Heavyweight Championship
Participants in Order: 1.Hulk Hogan, 2.Edge, 3.Randy Savage, 4.Diesel, 5.Sting, 6.Chris Benoit, 7.HBK, 8.Randy Orton, 9.Ultimate Warrior, 10.Eddie Guerrero

The crowd was electirc from the very start. Hogan and Edge were good buddies before this match, although throughout the opening two minutes Edge constantly mocked Hogan. Both men couldnt get a foothold on each other. Just before the third man entered both men knocked each other down with clotheslines.
Enter Randy Savage.
Savage came down to almost a bigger pop than Hogan and went to work on both men with clothesline and elbow smashes. Savage slammed Edge and delivered the elbow drop although Edge kicked out to the shock of Savage. Hogan got back up and suplexed Savage from behind then went for the leg drop but Savage rolled away. Hogan got up but Edge speared him down.
Enter Diesel.
The crowd went nuts when the Horn of Diesel sounded and Big Daddy Cool charged towards the ring destroying all three men. Diesel gave Savage a sidewalk slam, clotheslined Hogan to the outside hen drove elbow after elbow into Edge in the corner. Diesel then told Edge to SuckIt but Edge came out and speared Diesel down, hammering him with right hands. Hogan got back in and pulled Edge off Diesel. Hogan body slammed Edge but Savage came from the top rope with a double axe handle onto the back of Hogan. Edge got up and speared Savage. Then as he taunted Diesel got up and Jacknifed Edge and pinned him for 3!
Edge is eliminated
Enter Sting.
Sting enters from the rafters above and clobbers Diesel with the baseball bat but Diesel kicks out at two. Hogan is hulking up on Savage and pummels him with right hand after right hand. Hogan whips Savage to the ropes and gives him the boot but before he could get the leg drop in Sting whacks the bat on the head of Hogan, who rolls to the outside and bleeds badly. Edge wakes up and is furious. He lurks around ringside kicking and cursing as Diesel demolishes Savage and Sting in the ring. Diesel signals for the Jacknife on Savage but Edge comes in and spears Diesel! Sting rolls over and pins Diesel for 3 as Edge smirks and glares evily at an unconscious Diesel.
Diesel is eliminated
Everyone is down in the ring as Diesel chases Edge to the back
Enter Benoit
Benoit enters to a huge pop like everyone else but Edge. He immediatley latches the Crossface on Savage and Savage taps out!
Randy Savage is eliminated
Benoit then tries to latch the Crossface on a bloodied Hogan who fights back with a big boot and the leg drop. Sting covers Benoit but Benoit kicks out.
Hogan is looking in a bad way, he can barely stand up straight as Sting gives him the stingers splash in the corner. Sting then stomps away on Hogan before Benoit comes from behind and chops Sting repeatedly until Stings chest goes red raw. Benoit then tries to put the sharpshooter on Sting but Sting counters into a small package for another close call for Benoit.
Enter HBK
The females go nuts as HBK goes down towards the ring. Huge HBK chants sounding around the arena, followed by chants for Sting, Hogan and Benoit. HBK gives Hogan Sweet Chin Music before Benoit knocks HBK down with an attack. Sting then puts the sharpshooter on Hogan but Hogan refuses to tap. Benoit then puts the Crossface on Hogan and now Hogan is screaming but still holds off the sharpshooter and the Crossface. Then HBK grabs Hogans spare arm and puts him in a fujiwara armbar! Hogan tries to hold off but the three submissions get the better of him and he finally faints out.
Hogan is eliminated
The crowd give Hogan a standing ovation as he is helped to the back by two referees
Enter Randy Orton
Orton enters and the crowd go nuts, especially the females. He hits anything in sight before going after HBK and clotheslining him over the top rope. Orton then gets HBK and whips him hard into the stairs. In the ring Sting and Benoit trade chops and right hands before they both knock each other down. Stings chest is charred red raw from all the chops he has recieved tonight. Orton goes to slam HBK on the floor but HBK counters and catapults Orton into the ringpost. Orton starts bleeding badly. HBk gets back in the ring and starts to tune up the band for Sweet Chin Music on Benoit. Benoit blocks and puts HBK in a modified STF but HBK wont tap. Benoit lets go and goes for the sharpshooter but Hbk kicks Benoit through the ropes to the outside.
Enter Ultimate Warrior
Another Huge pop this time for Ultimate Warrior who charges down to the ring and gives Sting a headbutt and HBK a powerslam. Gets back up on the apron but Warrior knocks him off into the barricade. Warrior then slams Sting and gives him the running splash and got the 3 count on Sting.
Sting is eliminated
Warrior still is in control of HBK and Benoit but Orton gets back in the ring and hits Warrior with the RKO! Warrior just kicks out to the shock of Orton.
Orton gets a steel chair and brings it in the ring only to have HBK Sweet Chin Music the chair into Orton. HBK pins a bloodied Orton for 3.
Randy Orton is eliminated
Benoit then tries to put the Crossface on Warrior who counters and gives Benoit a sideslam.
Enter Eddie Guerrero
Eddie enters and the crowd chants EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE!
He puts the Lasso from El Passo on HBK and HBK taps!
HBK is eliminated
Its now down to Eddie, Warrior and Benoit. Eddie and Benoit start to double team Warrior but Warrior comes back with a double DDT. All three men are down. The crowd claps everyone back to their feet. Warrior takes a wild swing at Benoit who gives Warrior a trifecta of german suplexes. Benoit pins Warrior on the third one but Warrior again kicks out. We were then informed that the winner will face Bret Hart on Friday Night Explosion for the title! Eddie and Benoit share chops but fatigue starts to take its toll on Benoit who been in there for a while. Eddie gives Benoit the three amigos suplexes then mounts the top rope for the Frog Splash but Warrior hits Eddie with a dropkick and Eddie crashes off the apron to the outside. Warrior taunts and the crowd reacts with a huge cheer. Then from no-where Benoit puts the Crossface on Warrior and after almost a minute in the Crossface Warrior taps out!
Ultimate Warrior is eliminated
Eddie crawls back in the ring and Eddie and Benoit stare each other down while the crowd are confused and cannot choose which superstar to go for.
Back and forth action for over five minutes before Benoit gives Eddie a german and signals for the headbutt. Benoit jumps but Eddie moves and Benoit smacks into the mat. Eddie then gets up on top and nails a Frog Splash and gets the 3 to become the first ever WIWA Heavyweight Champion!
Benoit is eliminated

Match Time: 32m 48s
Order of elimination: 1.Edge,2.Diesel,3.Savage,4.Hogan,5.Sting,6.Orton,7.HBK,8.Warrior,9.Benoit
WINNER: Eddie Guerrero

Renegade™ 03-11-2005 05:58 PM

Friday Night Explosion Results
The crowd was going nuts for the debut of Explosion from the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, California. 18952 had bought tickets to see Explosion.

We were introduced to our announcers who happened to be none other then JR and the King. They got a standing ovation from the crowd.

Tonight Diesel was up against Edge, the man who controversially speared Diesel to eliminate him from the Gauntlet in Miami. Also Chavo and Blitzkrieg would see who the better cruiserweight is in a one on one matchup. Razor Ramon was looking for payback on Tatanka and a partner of Tatanka's choosing and Paul Heyman said find a partner. Razor chose Rhyno. Also the main event was the 4 corners tag team title matchup between Dudleyz,DX,Hardyz and Maven & Christian. But up first it was going to be 4 vs 4 tag.

JR: Im pumped for this matchup King, 4 on 4 its gonna be a slobberknocker.

King: Yeah JR team Psicosis will get the win in the end because they have the better superstars.

JR: I dunno King team Holly has a mix of everything, we'll just have to watch and find out.

Match 1: 4 vs 4 Tag Team
Participants: Hardcore Holly, Tony Mamaluke, Ron Waterman & Juventud Guerrera vs Psicosis, Charlie Haas, Akio and Low-Ki.

Notes: Hardcore Holly's music hit and the crowd errupted for team Holly. Complete opposite for team Psicosis.
Waterman started things off with Akio. Akio tried to push Waterman into the corner but Waterman over powered Akio and powerslammed him hard. Waterman then stomps away and tags in Mamaluke. Mamaluke instantly works on the back with a camel clutch. Then delivers a backbreaker followed by a stretch across the knee. Akio refuses to tap. Mamaluke whips Akio to the ropes and nails a couple of arm drags before going into an armbar. Mamaluke then drags Akio to the corner and holds open Akio's gut as Holly is tagged in to a huge cheer. Holly beats the hell out of Akio and nails a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Holly then tags in Juventud who gives Akio a wheelbarrow suplex followed by a roll up for two. Juventud goes for a hurricanrana but Akio counters into a powerbomb. Akio tags in Low-Ki who goes to work on Juventud in the corner with kicks and chops.
Low-Ki puts Juventud on the top rope and gives him a superplex. Low-Ki covers for a long two. Tag made to Charlie Haas. Haas puts the sleeper on Juventud and Juventud fights back with elbows. Haas then dropkicks Juventud down and then distracts the ref as Psicosis clotheslines Juventud down. Haas then puts the sleeper on Juventud again who's been isolated for quite some time. The crowd clap Juventud on as he battles back to his knees and delivers a back suplex on Haas. Both men go down.
Juventud tags in Waterman who cleans house on everyone. Then he is overun but Holly and Mamaluke help out Waterman. Holly knocked Low-Ki to the outside and whipped him towards the steps but Low-Ki countered and Holly crashed shoulder first through the steps. Mamaluke now tried to fight off Low-Ki and Akio but couldnt do it. Juventud went for Psicosis but Psicosis moved and Juventud went over the top. Waterman grabbed Psicosis and gives him the Aquadriver but Low-Ki comes in and nails the Kicrusher 99 on Waterman and got the 3 count.

Match Time: 10m 32s
WINNERS: Psicosis, Charlie Haas, Akio & Low-Ki


Roger Walker enters DX2000's locker room to interview Road Dogg and Syxx but there was no-one there. On his way out Roger bumped into Maven who then bragged about himself and Christian becoming the new tag team champs.

A video is shown of how Chavo and Blitzkrieg came to be opponents tonight.

Match 2: Singles Match
Participants: Chavo Guerrero vs Blitzkrieg.

Chavo gets a huge pop as he charges towards Blitzkrieg and the match gets underway. Both men trade rights and chops before Chavo pokes Blitzkrieg in the eyes to the delight of the crowd. Chavo chops away then whips Blitzkrieg hard to the buckle. Blitzkrieg comes back but Chavo rolls him up for 3!
Blitzkrieg cannot believe it and throws a tantrum as Chavo celibrates with the fans.

Match Time: 2m 9s
WINNER: Chavo Guerrero

JR: I cant believe it, Chavo Guerrero beat Blitzkrieg in just over 2 minutes!

King: Yeah well Chavo got lucky because next time he shouldnt cheat to win.

Match 3: Tag Team Matchup
Participants: Razor Ramon & Rhyno vs Tatanka & Raven

Razor and Rhyno recieve huge pops. Tatanka is booed and so is Raven when he is introduced as the mystery partner.
Very basic and fairly boring matchup had nothing until the last couple of minutes which is were i take you now.
Rhyno has been isolated for some time and Raven charges at Rhyno but Rhyno gives Raven a rolling spinebuster. Both men are down
Razor gets tagged to a huge pop and kicks the crap out of Tatanka and Raven. He throws raven over the ropes and catches Tatanka in a fallaway slam. Cover for 2. Razor picks up Tatanka and slams him to the mat. He signals for the Razors Edge but Raven hits Razor with a chair and gets disqualified. Rhyno comes in and looks for the GORE! but Raven sidesteps and cracks him with the chair. Tatanka and Raven hammer away until eventually security and referees break up the brawl. Razor and Rhyno are stretchered out of the arena and loaded into an ambulance.

Match Time: 9m 36s
WINNERS: Razor Ramon & Rhyno via DQ

The crowd are in a shocked silence but errupt when Diesels music hits. Diesel gets halfway to the ring when edge comes from behind with a singapore cane and hammers the crap out of Diesel then put the Edgecator on him for close to a minute before again security and referees break things up. The match never got started much to the dissapiontment of the fans. Diesel is then loaded into another ambulance as it speeds away towards the hospital where Rhyno and Razor were taken a couple of minutes ago.

JR: I cannot believe the nerve of Edge, Tatanka and Raven. What a hayness, dastardly assault I hope they get whats coming to them one of these days!

King: Are you kidding Ross? Diesel, Razor and Rhyno got what they all deserved, the ass kicking of their lives!

Now we were backstage and Perry Saturn had a kendo stick and was looking for Tommy Dreamer. But when he rounded the corner into Dreamers locker room Dreamer was already down and out. The referee said he got pinned by AJ Styles! Saturn rushed to AJ's locker room but AJ had already left the building.

JR: Well the Hardcore title is doing its usual 24/7 rule damage.

King: Yeah JR and AJ Styles is our new Hardcore champ.

JR: Coming up next we got our main event, 4 corners tag teag title match.

Match 4: 4 Corners Match for the Tag Team Tiltes.
Participants: Road Dogg & Syxx Pac vs Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz vs Maven & Christian.

Road Dogg and D-Von started things out. They lock up in the cnter of the ring and Dogg pushes D-Von to DX's corner. He then hammers away on D-Von then tags in Syxx. Syxx gives D-Von a couple of kicks then whips D-Von to the ropes and hits a japanese armdrag. Syxx then attacks the arm with an armbar, then drops his knees onto the arm. D-Von gets up and puts Syxx in an armbar of his own. Syxx is whipped into the ropes but Jeff Hardy grabs Syxx and tags himself in. Jeff gets a knee in the gut and is put in the sleeper.
Jeff looks out but fights back up to a vertical base and behind the ref's back gives D-Von a low blow. D-Von needs a tag. Jeff tags in Mavena nd Bubba was tagged in by D-Von. Bubba cleans house on EVERYONE. Bubba sideslams Maven, clotheslines Dogg, sends Christian to the buckle and splashes him, gives Syxx a flapjack and a back body drop on Jeff. Matt comes from behind but Bubba gives him that jab and elbow combo. Bubba is then attacked by Maven and Christian and knocked outside.
The brawl spills out everywhere. Matt gets whipped into the barricade. Bubba fights off Maven and Christian the gets back in the ring and recieves a Twist of Fate. Maven then gives Jeff Hardy his double knee falling backbreaker. D-Von then nails a Saving Grace on Maven. Christian gives D-Von the Unprettier. Christian and Maven are poised to become new chmaps if Chrisrian can get a cover.
Then Billy Gunns music hits and the crowd goes wild. Christian stared up at the ramp in shock, but Razor didnt come down. From no-where Matt Hardy rolls up Christian and scores the 3!

Match Time: 11m 57s
WINNERS: Hardy Boyz

JR: What an unbelievable night King

King: Your telling me JR i cant wait for Friday Explosion

JR: We have new Tag Team and Hardcore champs tonight, Im Jim Ross alongside the King and we'll see you on Friday for Explosion.

Renegade™ 03-12-2005 03:16 AM

Full Throttle Taped Results
The fireworks go off and the crowd roars in the SuperDome, New Orleans, Luoisiana. We had 21954 fans crammed inside and what a show it would be with 3 big matches. Y2J would defend his International Championship against
Rob Van Dam. Also the Hardcore title would be on the line when AJ Styles takes on Perry Saturn. And the main event was 5 on 5 tag team action, plus we would get a medical update on Razor Ramon, Rhyno and Diesel after they were assaulted 2 nights ago.

Roger Walker was standing by with Edge, Tatanka and Raven backstage.


Roger- Guys why did you do what you did on Friday, i mean it was completley out of hand.

Tatanka- Well Rog, you see as the King said they got what was coming to them.

Edge- Yes Diesel ruined my chance at the title by UNFAIRLY Jacknifing me!
You here me Diesel? YOU SCREWED ME!

Raven- Rhyno you think your this really Hardcore superstar after your time with ECW and the fact that the fans have grown to like you. But i invented ECW single handedly, you were just another fish in a small pond.

The trio walked off as we crossed back to the ring were Perry Saturn made his way down the ring to challenge the Phenomanal AJ Styles for the Hardcore title. AJ's music hit and the crowd went crazy.

Match 1: Singles Match for the Hardcore Title
Participants: AJ Styles vs Perry Saturn

AJ walked down with a kendo stick in hand. Saturn charged up the ramp to meet him but AJ drove the kendo stick into Saturns ribs, then cracked it over Saturns back and covered him for 2. AJ whipped Saturn into the barricade the elevated Saturn over the shoulder onto the floor below. AJ then got a trash can and hit Saturn with it. AJ pinned Saturn 1-2-3! AJ didnt celebrate for long as Tommy Dreamer, disguised as a popcorn vendor whacked AJ with the tray and became Hardcore champ. Then from under the ring Maven lept out with a frying pan and hit Dreamer in the back of the head. Maven got the 3 and ran up the ramp but Rhyno appeared from no-where and GORED! Maven and got 3. Rhyno still had his ribs taped up as he ran into his car and drove off.

Match Time: 2m 31s

We are now taken backstage to Hardcore Holly's locker room were he is being interviewed by Roger Walker about who he has picked in his team for tonight. Holly said that he got Ron "H20" Waterman, Juventud Guerrera and D-Lo Brown, but could not find a 5th man. Roger said he had better hurry up because his match was after the International title matchup.

Match 2: Singles match for the WIWA International Championship
Participants: Rob Van Dam vs Y2J Chris Jericho

The crowd were confused as of who to go for. RVD and Y2J chants kept cancelling each other out. RVD and Y2J shook hands much to the crowds appreciation. Both men locked up in the center of the ring. Neither man could get an advantage on the other. RVD went for a kick to the gut but Y2J caught it and tripped RVD down and went for the Walls of Jericho. RVD fought out and rolled away. Close call there for RVD.
Both men locked up again but RVD whipped Y2J to the ropes and Y2J sent RVD down with a shoulder block. Jericho pinned RVD for 2. Jericho picked up RVD and RVD fires back with right hands then a spinning heel kick. he then signals for the 5 Star frog splash but Y2J rolls out of the ring. RVD charges at Y2J but Y2J elevates him onto the spannish anouncers table were he clubs away at RVD's chest. Y2J then slams RVD's face into the table before putting him back in the ring. Jericho starts to go after RVD's legs, which is smart because RVD will not be able to use his legs as an offensive manouver.
Y2J has constantly been softening up RVD's legs for a good 5 minutes now, and you can tell its taking its toll on Mr. Pay Per View. Y2J then goes for the Walls of Jericho again but RVD counters and rolls up Y2J for 2. Y2J knows how close he came to losing right then. He goes for the Walls again but RVD uses his legs an springs Y2J out to the floor. Y2J has smacked his head hard and may be out cold. The ref utelises the 10 count. He gets up to 8 when Y2J crawls into the ring. He charges at RVD but RVD smacks him in the jaw with a spinning kick. RVD then goes to the top rope and nails the 5 Star frog splash. RVD crawls back over to Y2J and the ref counts 1........2......
What the hell is this? Ken Shamrock pulls the referee out and socks him with a right hand. Shamrock then gets in the ring and puts the Anckle Lock on RVD. RVD is screaming in pain and tapping. Y2J sees what is going on and goes for Shamrock who dodges the clothesline and give Y2J some Belly to Belly suplexes. Shamrock is snapping in the ring. 5 referees rush into the ring and Shamrock demolishes them all until 8-Ball comes from behind and starts pummeling Shamrock much to the crowds delight. 8-Ball clotheslines Shamrock to the floor and then makes sure Shamrock goes to the back. The referee disqualifies Y2J for outside interference but Y2J is still the champ. After the match RVD, Y2J and 8-Ball all shake hands and leave together.

Match Time: 12m 59s
WINNER: Y2J Chris Jericho via DQ

Now the medical update came through for Razor, Diesel and Rhyno. Rhyno had some punctured ribs, Razor a badly bruised left arm and two sprained fingers and Diesel had a cracked rib and internal bleeding.

It was now time for the main event, 5 on 5 tag.

Match 3: 5 vs 5 Tag Team Match
Participants: Hardcore Holly, Ron "H20" Waterman, Juventud Guerrera, D-Lo Brown & Scott Norton vs Psicosis, Edge, Johnny Stamboli, Buff Bagwell & La Parka.

Holly's team was still a man down as they made their way down the ramp to a fairly good pop. D-Lo was making his debut and so was Holly's 5th man. Holly's team got in the ring and the brawl began, team Psicosis was in control until music hit and it the crowd could not believe who came down, making his debut in WIWA it was the 364 pound Scott Norton. Norton instantly came in and destroyed everyone. Norton gave Parka a powerbomb, Bagwell a shoulder breaker, Edge a powerslam, Stamboli a backbreaker and Psicosis a Jackhammer and pinned Psicosis 1-2-3!
A dominant win and return for Scott Norton.

Match Time: 5m 34s
WINNERS: Hardcore Holly, Ron "H20" Waterman, Juventud Guerrera, D-Lo Brown & Scott Norton.

End of show with Paul Heyman getting Norton to sign a 3 year deal with WIWA!

Renegade™ 03-12-2005 07:46 PM

Live Show Results from the Continental Airlines Arena
Match 1: Singles Match
Particiapnts: Shelton Benjamin vs Maven
Match Time: 11m 34s
WINNER: Shelton Benjamin via Pinfall

Match 2: 6 Man Tag Team Match
Participants:Road Dogg, Syxx Pac & Billy Gunn vs Tatanka, Edge & Raven
Match Time: 15m 28s
WINNERS: Road Dogg, Syxx Pac & Billy Gunn via Pinfall

Match 3: Fatal-4-Way for the Hardcore Title
Participants: Tommy Dreamer vs Rhyno (c) vs Perry Saturn vs Crowbar
Match Time: 21m 51s
WINNER: Tommy Dreamer via Pinfall

Match 4: Singles Match
Participants: Chavo Guerrero vs Blitzkrieg
Match Time: 7m 9s
WINNER: Chavo Guerrero via DQ (Blitzkrieg hit Chavo with a chair 4 times!)

Match 6: Singles Match
Participants: Scott Norton vs King Kong Bundy
Match Time: 8m 36s
WINNER: King Kong Bundy via Pinfall

Match 7: Singles Submission Match
Participants: Edge vs Bret Hart
Match Time: 17m 29s
WINNER: Bret Hart via Sharpshooter

Match 8: Tag Team Match for the Tag Team Championships
Participants: Hardy Boyz (c) vs Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas
Match Time: 13m 46s
WINNERS: Hardyz Boyz via Pinfall

Thats all folks!

I The Man 03-12-2005 07:50 PM

Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance
Well, it would of been better if you wrote out the matches

Renegade™ 03-15-2005 01:34 AM

Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance
i am already writing out 3 shows a week, plus PPV's so fuck doing live events i will just write out results because there is no story to live events.

Renegade™ 03-17-2005 06:01 AM

Friday Night Explosion Results
JR: Welcome everybody to the sold out Pepsi Center here in Denver, Colarado and my god King do we have a show tonight?

King: You bet JR the Pepsi Center is in for a treat tonight!

JR: I personally cannot wait for the main event, 6 man tag when Razor Ramon, Diesel and Rhyno take on Edge, Tatanka and Raven.

King: Yeah and dont forget Chavo Guerrero, Blitzkrieg, CM Punk and Paul London all have a chance to face Rey Mysterio at Revolution of Retribution as they got booked in a Fatal-4-way tonight!

JR: Its gonna be a rowdy night with a rowdy crowd here in Denver, Colarado and we are kicking things off with the Hardcore title on the line.

Match 1: Singles Match for the Hardcore Tilte
Participants: Tommy Dreamer (c) vs Perry Saturn

Huge cheer for Tommy Dreamer and no reaction for Perry Saturn. Dreamer had brought a whole metal trash can full of weapons. There was the bin itself and its lid, a kendo stick, frying pan, stop and road signs, a tree branch and a 2x4 with barbed wire!
Saturn went to meet Dreamer but Dreamer smacked Saturn with the bin lid and threw everything into the ring. Dreamer whacked Saturn with the lid again and got a 2 count. Dreamer stomped away then put the trash can in the corner and whipped Saturn hard into it. Saturn stumbled out holding his back and Dreamer went for the DDT, but Saturn countered into a northen lights suplex for 2. Dreamer was down as Saturn picked up the kendo stick and cracked it across Dreamers back. Saturn covered but again Dreamer kicked out. Saturn goes for the DVD but Dreamer counters and DDT's Saturn on the bin lid! Dreamer almost got the 3 count. ECW chants going around now. Saturn is busted wide open. Dreamer sends Saturn to the outside and grabs a road sign. Dreamer repeatedly cracks it over Saturns head until Saturn goes down. Dreamer covers but Saturn kicks out again. Dreamer looks in shock at the ref. Dreamer then turns back to Saturn who gives Dreamer a low blow and then whips him into the steps. Both men are down.
Whats this? Hardcore Holly has disguised himself as a popcorn vender and cracks his tray on Saturn and pins him for three. Holly gets up to celebrate but Tony Mamaluke chops down his ankle and puts the Sicilian Crab on Holly, who has no choice but to tap out. Mamaluke gets up and jumps for joy and scrambles to the back, where his limo is wating for him. He goes to tell the driver to get the hell out of here but his driver isnt there. Then from out of no-where his limo driver rams Mamalukes head through the window of the limo and pins him to become the Hardcore champ. The limo driver cannot believe it and runs away from Tommy Dreamer who has found the driver backstage. The driver runs through the corridors but from no-where in the shadows jumps Cactus Jack with a chair and whacks it on the limo driver. 1-2-3 and Cactus Jack wins the title. Cactus turns around and New Jack hits him with a wine bottle. Cactus is pinned and cannot kick out, New Jack gets the title. New Jack then gets caught by Hardcore Holly who Alabamaslams New Jack through the snacks table and Hardcore wins the Hardcore title. Holly then hops in his car and he's out of here!

Match Time: 7m 51s
WINNER: Hardcore Holly eventually

JR : What an absolutley unbelievable way to kick things of King, more title changes then a first draft novel!

King: You're right Ross, all these men trying to take advantage of the 24/7 rule, and its working like a charm.


Roger Walker is now standing by with Razor Ramon, Diesel and Rhyno.

Roger- Guys its been a week now, how are the injuries, are you 100%?

Razor- What the hell are you talking about Roger, are...are.. are you on crack Rog?, are you on crack because thats the type of question a crackhead would ask! Hell no we aint 100% after the brtual assaults we got last week, i love to lye to everyone here and say that yes we are feeling great and the injuries are fully healed but they aint and after tonight, those 3 punks are gonna have some injuries of their own

Roger- Well actually you guys look really bad from this angle, how badly are you hurt?

Diesel snatches mic from Roger

Diesel- Shut the hell up Roger, go cower in the corner. Now as for Tatanka, Raven and ESPECIALLY Edge you boys better get ready for the ass whipping of your lifetime because when the Outsiders and the Manbeast enter through the curtain, thousands of fans will go nuts, when we walk down that ramp, you will get butterflies in your stomache, and when we get in the ring we will punish you!

Razor, Diesel and Rhyno walk off.

JR: Well King I cant wait to see that match, did you see the intensity on those 3 mens faces?

King: Yes I did JR, now I think that Edge, Tatanka and Raven may have some trouble with those 3.

Match 2: Fatal-4-Way for Lightweight title Number 1 Contendership
Participants: Chavo Guerrero vs Paul London vs CM Punk vs Blitzkrieg

As Punk and London stood in the ring, Chavo came out to a huge pop. He had his left elbow bandaged after what Blitzkrieg had done to Chavo at the Live Event from the Continental Airlines Arena. Chavo stood in the ring and when Blitzkriegs music hit he charged up the ramp to meet him, but Blitzkrieg didnt show up. London and Punk went at it in the ring. Chavo kept waiting for Blitzkrieg when from the crowd Blitzkrieg jumped the barricade and assaulted Chavo, working on his left elbow. Blitzkrieg then suplexed Chavo on the ramp before putting him in an armringer. Punk went for a pin on London but London kicked out in the ring. Blitzkrieg then pulled a saftey sign off the barricade and smacked Chavo over the head with it. Blitzkrieg smirked at the damage he was doing to Chavo. Blitzkrieg then ran to the ring and hit both London and Punk with the sign, but when he pinned them they both kicked out. Blitzkrieg signaled for the tumbleweed on Punk but London pushed Blitzkrieg off the top rope and into the barricade. Punk then rolled London up from behind but London kicked out. Punk whipped London to the ropes and nailed a spinning wheel kick on London. Punk covered again only to get 2. Blitzkrieg got to his feet and went to go back in the ring but Chavo was up and he pulled Blitzkrieg out and DDT'd him on the floor. Then Chavo looked under the ring and brought out a table, much to the crowds delight. London and Punk smacked into each other and both of them went down. Chavo then grabbed the trash can lid from earlier and pummeled Blitzkrieg with it. He placed Blitzkrieg on the table then went under the ring again and this time pulled out a ladder! Another huge cheer from the crowd. Blitzkrieg got up and Chavo whacked him with the bin lid again. Chavo set up the ladder on the inside of the ring near the ropes. He climbed it to the top and jumped off the ladder with a Frogsplash that drove Blitzkrieg through the table! Both men down and huge ECW and HOLY SHIT chants echoing throughout the arena. Lodnon climbed the ladder and did a moonsault onto Punk. Punk was down and London signaled for the 450 splash! He got up but Punk was playing possum and Punk ran up and kicked London on the head. London fell into the ring and then Punk nailed a guillitine leg drop and pinned London but somehow London kicked out. Punk picked London up and suplexed him then signaled for the tumbleweed! He connects and the ref counts 1-2-3! CM Punk will face Rey Mysterio at Revolution of Retribution!

Match Time: 11m 11s

JR: What an absolutley unbelievable matchup King, I hope Chavo and Blitzkrieg are OK.

King: I'll agree with you on that JR, Chavo brought the crowd alive with that Frogsplash off the ladder.

JR: A match of the year contender there folks!

Video package of the rivalry between the 6 man tag is shown

Match 3: 6 Man Tag
Participants: Razor Ramon, Diesel & Rhyno vs Edge, Tatanka & Raven

Huge pops when the Wolfpac music is played and all three men come out. The crowd are going absolutley nuts, the noise is defening. Edge, Tatanka and Raven look so tense and I dont blame them. All of a sudden the Wolfpac runs down to the ring and things get under way.
Wolfpac cleans house and gets another huge cheers from the crowd.
Rhyno will start with Raven. Both men lock it up and Rhyno uses his strenght and shoves Raven down. Rhyno flexes and the crowd goes nuts again. raven charges at Rhyno and Rhyno gives him a spinning spinebuster. Rhyno tags in Razor. Crowd goes nuts again. Razor socks Raven repeatedly then gives him the fallaway slam. Big razor chants going around as Razor gives raven a spinning right hand and down he goes. Razor then motions to tag in Diesel. The crowd goes wild. Tag is made.
Diesel comes in and gives raven elbows, forearms, knees and the a big boot and Raven flops to the canvas as cant get up. Diesel signals for the jacknife but Raven scurries out and tags in Tatanka. Diesel gives Tatanka a sideslam and then motions to Edge that he's next. Diesel throws Raven out and then pummels Tatanka before tagging Razor back in. Tatanka tries to back off but Razor has none of it and socks Tatanka down. Razor whips him off the ropes and gives Tatanka a back body drop. Tatanka crawls away and wants to tag out but Razor drags him back to his corner and hammers away. Rhyno gets the tag and GORES! Tatanka into next week. Edge then spears Rhyno illegally. Diesel then gives Edge the Jacknife. Raven superkicks down Big Daddy Cool then Razor throws Raven out and does the Razors Edge on Tatanka. Razor then attacks Raven on the outside as Rhyno pins Tatanka 1-2-3!

Match Time: 9m 37s
WINNERS: Razor Ramon, Diesel & Rhyno

JR: Well theres your result King, a one team ass kicking

King: Yeah I cant wait for Full Throttle on Saturday!

JR: Neither can I. Im Jim Ross alongside the King we'll catch you on Saturday for Full Throttle!

Renegade™ 03-18-2005 09:10 PM

Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance
JR: Ladies and gentleman welcome to the New Haven Colliseum here in New Haven, Connecticut. A huge show for you tonight including the start of a tournament were 8 men will face off one on one, four men will advance and four men will be eliminated, and its for the right to face Eddie Guerrero at ROR! The competitors facing off tonight are newest WIWA signing from the WWE- Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton and Chris Benoit vs Ultimate Warrior.

King: Its gonna be a wild ride and can you hear me over this defeaning crowd here in New haven JR?

JR: Just barely King, just barely. Coming up now is 8-Ball vs Ken Shamrock.

Match 1: No DQ Singles Match
Participants: 8-Ball vs Ken Shamrock

8-Ball gets a nice pop. Shamrock gets some major heat. 8-Ball brawls with Shamrock on the rampway and suplexes him on the ramp. Shamrock holds his back in agony. 8-Ball picks a trash can from under the ring and the crowd errupts. 8-Ball cracks it on Shamrocks head putting a major dent in the bin. Shamrock is bleeding and is thrown back in the ring and covered for 2. 8-Ball whips Shamrock to the ropes but Shamrock comes back and chops out 8-Balls leg. Shamrock controls the leg for about 10 minutes! but cannot put 8-Ball away. This frustrates Shamrock who waves to the back and out comes Buff Bagwell, and the wrestling returns of the Big Bossman and Test! They all mug 8-Ball until the old DOA( Disciples of Apocalypse ) music hits and out come Chainz, Skull and Crush on motorbikes, armed with lead pipes. They enter the ring and clean house. 8-Ball and Chainz deliver a double DDT on Shamrock as Skull and Crush watch to make sure no one hops back in to interfere. 8-Ball covers 1-2-3!

Match Time: 13m 52s
WINNER: 8-Ball

JR: Unbelievable King, the DOA are back!

King: Yeah JR but so are Test and the Big Bossman!

JR: I am told now that Roger Walker is now standing by with Chris Jericho.


Roger- Jericho how do feel being entered in the WIWA Heavyweight Tournament, but you still hold the International title? Whats going on?

Y2J- Well you see Rog, Y2J is going to become the first ever dual champion in our buisness, and all the Jerichoholics will be behind Y2J all the way!

Crowd errupts

Y2J walks off

Match 2: Singles Match in the WIWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Participants: Randy Orton vs Kurt Angle

Orton gets a huge pop, Angle gets some major heat and the usual you suck chants as well. Both men lock it up and Orton gets the advantage and takes down Angle with an armbar. Couple of armdrags then back to the armbar. Orton flips up and Angle rolls out of the ring. Angle looks in disbelief as Orton tanuts and the crowd goes wild. Angle comes at Orton from behind but Orton has it scouted and whacks Angle with a clothesline. 1-2- Angle gets the shoulders up. Orton hits a german suplex on Angle, then a second, then a third with a bridge, it almost gets the 3! Orton then does a suplex and then a belly to belly and Angle rolls out of the ring again holding his back and staring at Orton in disbelief! Orton taunts Angle to come get him some and Angle says NO and starts to walk up the ramp. The ref counts to 10 and Orton wins via count out. As Orton climbs the buckle and taunts Angle comes back down with a steel chair and viciously assaults the leg of Orton, crushing it with another chair, then putting on the angelock before giving Orton the Olympic Slam! Angle walks up the ramp with an evil smile on his face as the EMT's come down to attend to bloodied and bruised Orton.

Match Time: 3m 18s
WINNER: Randy Orton via countout

Orton is put on a stretcher and taken backstage for further treatment. The crowd is dead silenced and give Orton a standing ovation as he is stretchered off.

JR: I cant believe that Kurt Angle, just because someone out wrestles you at the start of a match dosent give you the right to do what he did to Orton, Orton may not make it Friday in his condition!

King: I'll agree with you there JR, but why did Angle get counted out in the first place, he had a chance to win that match and advance.

JR: Its just poor sportsmanship and the lack of goodness inside that man.

Match 3: 8 Man Tag
Participants: Road Dogg, Syxx Pac, Billy Gunn & Konnan vs Dudley Boyz, Maven & Christian

DX2000 gets a massive pop, Christian and Maven get heat, Dudleyz get no reaction. Syxx starts things off with Maven. Both men trade chops and right hands then Syxx unleashes his kick combo and that knocks Maven down. Maven tags in D-Von. Syxx kicks away and buckles D-Von's leg. D-Von egts up and takes Syxx down and stomps away. D-Von slams Syxx then tags in Chrisitan. Christian gets a wheel kick and Christian tags in Bubba. Syxx is taking everyone down. Bubba overpowers Syxx. Bubba gives Syxx a clothesline, powerslam, back body drop, flapjack, elbow smash and a sideslam and pins Syxx but Gunn interferes to break up what would have been a 3 count. Syxx gets dominated for about 8 minutes.
Maven blocks a kick by Syxx but Syxx counters into a dragonwhip, which has both men down.Crowd claps for Syxx to make a tag which he does to Billy Gunn.
Billy comes in and cleans house throing clotheslines everywhere. He sends Christian over to the outside and powerslams Bubba. Then he gives D-Von the Fameasser. Maven attacks Billy from behind but Billy hoists Maven up in a military press and throws Maven out onto Christian. Bubba gives Billy the Bubba Bomb and the brawl breaks out all over the arena. Maven and Christian seem to be in control but from under the ring the Hardy Boyz put out with ladders! The Hardyz then clean out Mavens team leaving Road Dogg to pumphandleslam D-Von and got the 3!

Match Time 13m 46s
WINNERS: Road Dogg, Syxx Pac, Billy Gunn & Konnan

JR: What a great match King, the Hardyz getting some revenge from the other week when their triangle ladder match was interrupted. They destroyed all of DX's opponents with their ladders leaving Road Dogg with an easy pinfall to make!

King: Yes JR but the Hardyz shouldnt have gotten involved, they arent on the card tonight. I expect both the Dudleyz and Maven & Christian to retaliate will full force though!

A video package is shown of how Benoit made Ultimate Warrior tap out at our first ever PPV in the 10 Man Gauntlet match for the WIWA Heavyweight Championship, later won by Eddie Guerrero.

Match 4: Singles Match in the WIWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Participants: Ultimate Warrior vs Chris Benoit

Benoits music hits and the crowd errupts, Warriors music hits and you could hear the ovation from the other side of the world! Crowd are confused who to cheer for. Both men shake hands at the start of the match, which is much appreciated by the fans. Benoit immediatley goes to work on Warriors left arm. Benoit smacks it against the turnbuckle and then does a jumping armbreaker from the top rope. Right after this he locks in an armbar and then drives some knees into Warriors arm.
Warrior fights out and is now overpowering Benoit. Warrior goes for the body press but his left arm gives way and Benoit puts in the Crossface on Warrior. Warrior screams and yells in pain and manages to reach the ropes. Benoit breaks but immediatley tries to latch the Crossface on, only to have Warrior elbow Benoit on the jaw. Benoit is bleeding from his lips. Benoit goes for the Crossface again but Warrior uses his power and thrusts Benoit to the outside. Warrior gets some recovery time and when Benoit gets back on the apron Warrior suplexes Benoit back into the ring. Warrior pins and gets a 2 before Benoit kicks out. Warrior goes for the body press again but Benoit takes Warrior down by the arm and locks in the fujiwara armbar. Somehow Warrior gets up and gives Benoit a sideslam. Warrior gets up holding the arm and starts slamming Benoit repeatedly, this includes a wheelbarrow suplex at the end of about 7 scoopslams. Benoit kicks out at 2. Warrior gets Benoit up but Benoit fights out and chops away at Warrior before Warrior clotheslines Benoit down.
Both men have pummeled each other for over 10 minutes now and fatigue is setting in.
Benoit goes for the sharpshooter but Warrior rolls Benoit up and almost gets the 3. Benoit looks at the ref and realizes he was almost gone from the tournament. Benoit knocks down Warrior with repeated attacks then goes for the Crossface but Warrior counters into a chokeslam! Warrior puts an arm over Benoit but Benoit just kicks out. Warrior cannot believe it. Warrior nails the body splash and covers Benoit but again Benoit kicks out. Warrior looks at Benoit in disbelief and then goes for another body splash, but this time Benoit gets his kness up and blocks it. Warrior is holding his ribs as Benoit hits the triple german suplex combo and signals for the diving headbutt. Benoit gets up and glides through the air, crashing his head onto Warriors weakened left arm. Benoit covers but Warrior kicks out and the crowd errupts.
Benoit cannot believe it. Benoit wants to put the sharpshooter on again but Warrior pushes Benoit through the ropes to the outside with his tremendous leg strength. Both men are down. 22 minutes and running. A classic matchup here.
Warrior is up and Benoit chops out the knee and puts the sharpshooter in. Warrior has taken over a minute in the sharpshooter before he grabs the bottom rope. Benoit breaks and looks for the Crossface only to have it countered into another sideslam. Warrior then powerbombs Benoit and looks like Warrior has it done. Cover. 1----2---- Benoit raises the shoulder off the canvas! Warrior slaps the ring repeatedly and shows the ref how to count to 3. The ref said he got 2. Warrior gets Benoit up for the body press and he gets it. Then Warrior gets him up for another body press but Benoit pokes Warrior in the eyes and locks in the Crossface again! Warrior withstands almost 3 minutes in the Crossface before he finally taps out. The New Haven Colliseum errupts. Chris Benoit will advance in the tournament. Both men get to their feet clearly fatigued and injured, both are bleeding also. Warrior extends his hand to Benoit and Benoit shakes it then they hug.What a moment. The crowd claps them as they both taunt in the ring together. Moments like these are priceless in wrestling.

Match Time: 31m 44s
WINNER: Chris Benoit via submission

JR: That is without a doubt one of the greatest matches of all time, in any wrestling company period!

King: Absolutley unbelievable JR, thats an instant classic and a definate match of the year contender for us

JR: No doubt King, we'll see you next week for Explosion folks

A-Dust 03-19-2005 02:00 PM

Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

-Using the Big Boss Man (Rest In Peace).
-Return of the Disciples of the Apocalypse
-Chris Jericho interview, way to short.
-Randy Orton and Kurt Angle match only lasting 3 minutes.
-Having DX return, just without Triple H and Chyna.
-Ultimate Warrior back.
-Lack of promos/interviews.

-Build up between the Hardyz and the Dudleyz, Maven and Christian.
-World Title Tournament.

It was an okay show, but there are people on the show who I think shouldn't be. The obvious one being Ray Traylor (Big Boss Man), who unfortunately passed away last year. Not to mention the Ultimate Warrior and the DOA, but I think that when it comes to the Pay Per View I think that you will have sorted out some problems, or at least what I think are problems.


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