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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

tnaks for feedbakc


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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

Hey man, Loved the Rumble. The Haas/ Shelton thing was asome. Thats got to hurt. Can't wait for High Voltage.

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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

The TV Title Match can be described in one word: classic. The aftermath of the match sealed the deal. Without a dobut, match of the year canadiate so far. Chris Benoit wins the rumble was a good move. All in all, a classic. 10/10
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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

thanx for feedback kid o mac and sirsledge

this week High Voltage will be on wednesday...... card is as follows

DoomsDay Cage Match

Skull, Crush, Hardyz & Dudleyz vs Mark Jindrak, Chuck Palumbo, Mike Sanders, Reno, Shawn Stasiak & Johnny Stamboli w/ Sean O'Haire

Singles Match

AJ Styles vs Konnan

Tag Match

Sting & Maven vs Lance Storm & Christian


Rey Mysterio vs Paul London vs Jerry Lynn vs Psicosis

Plus Stone Cold & Randy Orton Confrontation!


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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

I loved the ending of the Rumble. Sad that Rhyno lost but Benoit was my second choice. Haas and Benjamin, IMO, was the MOTY and MOTN. Keep it up and I will be watching High Voltage on Tuesday. I will give you 95/100.

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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

thanx 4 feedback guys, high voltage will be up on wednesday, its a wednesday special


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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

Even better. Looking foward to it.

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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

great, high voltage will be great following the awesome royal rumble
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High Voltage Wednesday Special Results

JR: Hello and welcome to the sold out Igloo here in Pittsburgh, Pensylvania, where we have the massive 6 on 6 DoomsDay cage match! Plus much more including the highly exciting Austin/Orton confrontation!

King: Wow, this at this place JR, its completley packed!

JR: It sure is, just 3 days after the Royal Rumble, it will be Benoit vs Bret Hart for the WIWA heavyweight title at Wrestlemania!

King: I was actually impressed with the efforts of John Cena, Razor Ramon, Maven, The Rock and Chris Jeicho on sunday JR, and they are all FACES!! this is scary.

JR: It is indeed, but you are right, they did the best in the rumble.

King: Yet none of them won!

JR: That all came down to Rhyno and Benoit and when all was set and done, Benoit was the winner.

Then Rhyno's music hits and the crowd errupts, he plays to the crowd and has a mic in hand, he steps in the ring and poses for more pops.

Rhyno- Thank you all for being behind me on Sunday, unfortunatley.............I lost......

(crowd boos) *RHYNO* chants get going.

Rhyno- But atleast one of my best friends, Chris Benoit won it! (loud pops) Yeah! So I am out here to say, that I sometime down the road, deserve a title shot! (crowd roars)

Then *MY TIME* hits and the crowd goes crazy as John Cena walks down to the ring, playing to the crowd.

Cena- Hey hey big man, back down. I have summin I wanna get off my chest................... I want a title shot, because I put in the best effort at the rumble. (crowd errupts loudly)

*CENA* chants get going.

Rhyno and Cena start talking trash to each other then *METALINGUS* hits and out comes Edge to a chorus of boos.

Edge- Woa, did I hear you 2 correctly? You 2 think you guys should have a title shot? WHAT ABOUT ME? I was screwed all the way back at the end of march by DIESEL! I deserve my title shot!

Rhyno- The hell you do, we desrve it more than you! (crowd pops)

Edge- HA funny one Rhyno, you I would congratulate you on winning the rumble.......o wait you didnt win!

JR: What the hell is going on here, these 3 are all wanting title shots!

*MILLENIUM* hits and out comes Jericho.

Jericho- WELCOME TO HIGH VOLTAGE IS JERICHO! (crowd roars) You see I was the first WWE undisputed champion, so that shot is gonna be mine!

*MEDAL* blasts over the speakers and out comes Kurt Angle. As he walks to the ring he starts talking.

Kurt- First of all lemme tell you guys something I think you will find very truthful, you all SUCK! (mixed reaction) I mean come on, have any of you been the man? NO! And I Kurt Angle have been the man all my life, I won a medal at the 1996 olympics, I was WWE Champ, US, Intercontinental, Hardcore, Tag, European and hell even WCW champ for a bit, so dont tell me about deserving title shots, I am the first in line!

Cena- Shutup baldy! No one cares about you whining, because as these fans tell you every time you make your way out here, they chant !YOU SUCK! and that because you do, you SUCK!

Kurt- Is that so? Lets see about that.

All 5 men look like they are ready to start hammering away at each other but then *VIVA LA RAZA* hits and the crowd rises as one as Eddie Guerrero comes down with a mic in hand and stands on the stage.

Eddie- What is this eh? You 5 think you deserve a title shot? Eses, I was the FIRST WIWA cham, and I have not since invoked my rematch clause, well that is until now!

Rhyno- Wait in line Eddie!

Cena- Yah, Cena is the next champ!

Eddie- Thats not right, Eddie is next!

All 6 men are now face to face, sharing words, when Paul Heyman shows up on the ramp to a mixed reaction.

Heyman- Well let me be the first to announce our second match at Wrestlemania will be.................Rhyno vs John Cena! (crowd pops) the winner of this match will face the champ at Hog Wild for the title........... O wait there are 4 more of you! Right sorry I have a better idea. At Wrestlemania it will be Rhyno vs John Cena vs Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle vs Edge in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match! (crowd errupts)

Edge, Kurt- WHAT?

Rhyno, Jericho, Cena and Eddie are all smiles as we fade to a commercial break

Commercial Break

Streets Ice Cream
Big W
Sacred PC Game
Bad Santa on DVD
Amytiville Horror now in cinemas

JR: Welcome back folks and what an announcement made by the GM Paul Heyman just before the break! 6 Man Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania for a contract to face the champ anytime in the next year!

King: Thats huge news JR, we are still 3 and a half weeks away and there are 2 matches on the card already!

JR: Lets get set for tag team action!

Match 1: Tag Team Match
Participants: Sting & Maven vs Lance Storm & Christian

Storm and Christian come out with a canadian flag. Huge boos circle around the arena. Then Mavens theme hits and the crowd errupts as Sting and Maven come down with an American flag. Maven starts off with Storm. He hammers him with rights, rolls him up 1---------------------------2------------no! Storm kicks out. Sting gets tagged in, he cleans house. Storm hits Sting with a chair and gets them DQ'd. Christian and Storm continue the assault on Sting and Maven. Storm then brings the American flag in the ring as Christian goes under the ring. He comes out with a kettle of kerosene and matches! Storm lays the American flag down in the ring and Christian pours kerosene all over it. Then Christian lights the match and drops it on the flag, which stest alight. The crowd starts booing and throwing rubbish in the ring as Storm and Christian taunt the crowd and stomp on the burnt flag. Heyman comes down with soem firemen and they put it out.

Heyman- I bet you 2 think that was funny huh? Well lets see how funny this will be, at Wrestlemania it will be Sting & Maven vs Lance Storm & Christian, but not in any normal tag match, in a FLAME THEIR FLAG MATCH! (crowd pops) Just incase no-one knows what I am talking about the losing team has to watch their flag be set on fire by the winners! (crowd pops)

Match Time: 3m 09sWINNERS: Sting & Maven via DQ

JR: O my another blockbuster match added to Wrestlemania, flame their flag tag!

King: That will be truly awesome!

JR: And lets hope Sting and Maven will get the job done, because I would love to see them see their own flag being burned to cinders!

Camera pans backstage and we see The Rock talking with some backstage officials. Then the Ultimate Warrior walks into view and brushes straight into the Rock, not even caring. This knocks the Rocks water on his shirt. Rock stops warrior and turns him around.

Rock- Excuse me? Did you just bump into me on purpose? Huh? Now the Peoples Water is all over the Peoples Merchandise! (crowd pops)

Warrior- O I saw where I was going, you punk, you think you are such a success.....well lemme tell you summin mister, I didnt get famous by making movies and singing AWFUL, and I mean AWFUL concerts, I wrestled to be the man I am today.

Rock- Well obviously you didnt wrestle for very long! (crowd laughs) You think you can barge into me because you are a legend, well sir I am not just a legend but I am an icon! And I am the undisputed PEOPLES CHAMP! (crowd pops)

Warrior- I see, so how many Wrestlemanias did you headline in your pathetic wrestling career huh? 1, 2?

Rock- From 1998-2004, 6 in a row, 3 times for the WWE title.

Warrior- Well I see you beat Hulk Hogan as well, but so did I, and I did it in the biggest match of Wrestlemania history!

Rock- You know what? You keep talking about headlining Wrestlemanias, well how about headlining one more with the ROCK! (crowd errupts)

*ROCKY* chants start up.

Warrior- O yeah?

Rock- HELL YEAH, The Rock will whip your CANDY ASS in New Orleans, all over the sold out SuperDome!

Warrior- Your on punk! (crowd errupts)

JR: O my GOD! The Rock vs Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania, in the sold out SuperDome in New Orleans!

King: O baby, we've seen The Rock vs Austin, The Rock vs Hogan, Ultimate Warrior vs Hogan, Austin vs Bret Hart, HBK vs Benoit vs HHH, Hogan vs Andre the Giant, but this is another chapter in the book of Wrestlemania history!

JR: I cant wait, 3 matches made on 1 night, what an unbelievable PPV it will be! Up after the break, Fatal-4-Way lightweight action!

Commercial Break

WWE One of a Kind
WWE 2005: After of Wrestlemania 21
WWE: Rise of Glory
WWE: Breakdown

Match 2: Fatal-4-Way Match
Participants: Rey Mysterio vs Jerry Lynn vs Paul London vs Psicosis

Great action. Mysterio starts off with Psicosis, they trade rights before Psicosis kicks Mysterio in the gut. He hits a hurricanrana on Rey. Lynn slides into the ring and starts attacking Psicosis. He stomps away at him in the corner. Paul London stays on the outside for another 5 minutes before Lynn dives through the ropes with a baseball slide and knocks London into the barricade. Lynn chops away at London as Mysterio hits a bronco buster on Psicosis in the corner in the ring. Small *LONDON* chants get going. Mysterio plants Psicosis with a bulldog and covers 1-------------------------------------------2------------------------------no! Lynn drops a leg on Mysterios head to break it up. Lynn whips Mysterio to the ropes and goes for a backbreaker but Mysterio counters it into a spinning headscissors! Mysterio covrs Lynn 1---------------------- kick out by Jerry Lynn. Paul London hops in the ring and clubs away at the back of Psicosis. He then plants him with a reverse DDT. Cover 1------------------------------------------------------------------2------------------------------------------no! Psicosis gets th shoulder up. Mysterio comes across and armdrags London a couple of times, then hits a hadscissors on London. Mysterio dodges Lynns attack and trips him onto the second rope. He hits the 619 on Lynn but as Mysterio gets up for a springing attack Psicosis dropkicks Mysterio off the ropes to the floor. London grabs a dazed Lynn and rolls him up 1------------------------------------------------------2---------------------------------------------no! Psicosis dives across the ring and breaks things up.

Lynn has locked Psicosis in a neck lock and has him bridged shoulders down. Cover 1-------------------------------------------------------2---------------------------------------no! London pulls Lynn away and plants him with a slam. He climbs to the top looking for the 450. Mysterio rushes across the apron and leaps up, headscissoring London down onto the floor and taking Mysterio with him! *HOLY S*** chants get going. Psicosis climbs up top and goes for a body splash but Lynn gets his knees up. Lynn covers Psicosis 1----------------------------------------------2----------------------------------------------no! Psicosis kicks out. Mysterio gets up on the apron and hits a West Coast Pop on Lynn 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------2--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no! London breaks it up. London whips Mysterio off the ropes and goes for the clothesline, Rey ducks it, London though waits for Rey to come back off the other side and hits him with a standing moonsault. Cover 1-----------------------------------------------------2---------------------------------- Lynn grabs London and rolls him up 1-----------------------------------------------------------------2-------------------------------------------3! Lynn steals it, London cant believe it.

Match Time: 10m 35s
WINNER: Jerry Lynn

JR: Lynn stole it! London had the match won, but thats great ringwise strategy by Lynn.

King: Classic showing of why you need eyes in the back of your head.

JR: Very much so, well folks up after the break, the Kliq award ceremony.

Commercial Break

IGA Specials
Local Weather
Sports Update
WIWA Wrestlemania

We come back live to find Paul Heyman standing with a microphone, in front of a ceremonial table, with medals on it.

Kliq music hits and the crowd errupts as out come Razor Ramon, Diesel, HHH, HBK and Syxx Pac. The New Age Outlaws also come out behind them. They enter the ring, crowd chant *KLIQ* loudly.

Heyman- Well fellas, congratulations on being perhaps the most controversial group in wrestling today, entertaining the fans for the past 15 years or so with your onstage and backstage antics.

Heyman then grabs the medals and puts them around the necks of each of the Kliq members. They pose to the crowd, but then from no-where the Natural Born Thrillers attack through the crowd, armed with lead pipes! The Outlaws try to intervene but Stasiak and Sanders assault them. They continually beat down all 7 guys before leaving. Reno stops and grabs a mic.

Reno- You call this a great, controversial group of wrestlers, you aint even close. We are GREAT, we are CONTROVERSIAL and we sure as hell are wrestlers, these guys are used, past their prime and time athletes, we are the future not just of this business but of wrestling!

Crowd boos heavily as the NBTs exit, leaving the Kliq to be attended to by medics.

JR: What a sick, sadistic assault from the NBT's, they had no right!

King: No right? They can do what they want, they dont have to abide by the rules.

JR: Its disgusting!

Match 3: Singles Match
Participants: AJ Styles vs Konnan

Styles runs to the ring, ducks Konnans clothesline and rolls him up 1---------------------------------2-----------------------------------3!

Match Time: 0m 06s

Charlie Haas' music plays as Konnan leaves in a fit, and he is wearing a posh suit. He gets booed so heavily he cant start to talk.

JR: What can this lowlife possibly want now?

Haas- Well well well, if we arent in Pittsburgh(crowd pops), the home of Kurt Angle! (crowd boos) Ha. Funny. You people are so pathetic you dont even follow your home towners! Thats sad. You see I was released from prison yesterday, I only had to spend 2 nights in prison, then I was paid bail, and I left, god I love the American justice system! I mean I could shoot someone in broad daylight and be out within a week if I played my cards right. But I am not here to talk about that. I am here to say how proud I am that I hospitalized Shelton Benjamin. Shelton, change your theme song buddy, there are ways of stopping you! (crowd boos) I sent him flying into a concrete wall, locked in an ambulance. He was crushed, and almost died. Unfortunatley the word is almost. (crowd boos)

Haas drops his microphone and starts o head up the entrance, when the titantron fades out to the carpark and shows a flash sports car show up. The man takes off his hat and turns around and its Shelton Benjamin! (crowd errupts) Haas looks up at the screen. Shelton grabs a baseball bat, and heads over to a red sports car. Shelton looks up at the camera.

Shelton- Is this your car Charlie?

He smiles and then repeatedly swings the bat at Haas'car. He smashes all the windows, then knocks off the mirrors, opens the door, smashes the insides, then pushes out a knife and slashes the leather seats. Shelton then manages to get the spoiler off and drives it through the boot. Shelton snaps off the stearing wheel and tosses it away. He opens the glove compartment and takes Haas' money! He takes the Mercedes Benz badge off the front of the car and stomps on it. He spits on the car, then walks back over to his.

Haas is looking completley mad and about to snap. Shelton pulls out a can of petrol and a packet of matches! He pours the whole can of petrol over the car, then lights a match, steps back and then throws the match on the car! (crowd errupts) The car lights on fire as Haas sprints towards the back. Shelton hops back in his car and whispers.....

Shelton- AINT NO STOPPING ME NOW! (crowd pops)

Shelton speeds off as Haas gets back to his car, we cut to a break.

Commercial Break

GMC Motors sales
Big W sales
Wendys Icecream
NFL Scores

We come back live to find Paul Heyman sat on a stool, 2 chairs either side of him with mics on them and Orton posing on the turnbuckle. His music dies off and the crowd await the arrival of the rattlesnake.

*GLASS SHATTERS* hits and the crowd gives perhaps the biggest ovation Austin has ever gotten. He walks with a purpose down the ring, talking and the whole lot. He gets on the buckles and salutes the fans, who errupt every time he does.

Heyman- Now, guys lets not result to violence here, this is a confrontation not a backalley brawl! (crowd boos)

Austin and Orton stare straight through each other, not budging.

Heyman- Steve, would you like to say summin?

Austin- Well Im not much for words so will this do?

Austin kicks Heyman in the gut and gives him the Stunner! Austin then jumps at Orton and starts pummeling away at him. Security rushes down to break them up, and Austin destroys them all! He then stomps a mudhole in Orton and gives him the Stunner. Austin grabs some beers then drinks them down. He then holds up Heyman in the corner.

Austin- Now see here boy, on Friday, I want this pansy (points to Orton) in a match, should you not accept my request, consequences will follow!

Heyman-You know I cant do that Steve.

Austin- You know I can do this.

Austin gives him the finger and another Stunner, before giving another one to Orton! Austin then pours beer all over Ortons nice suit, and then sprays it on Heyman. He leaves with the crowd going crazy.

JR: O my Austin just destroyed our GM, Orton and about 20 security personel!

King: Hes a nut JR, he shouldnt be able to abuse our GM like he does these days!

JR: Of course Heyman dosent deserve it does he?

King: No he dosent, Austin is a violent, drinking swearing man, bad image of America!

JR: Whatever King, just start praising Hyeman if you want to.

Match 4: DoomsDay Cage Match
Participants: Hardy Boyz, DOA, Dudley Boyz vs NBT w/Sean O'Haire.

Lillian Garcia- Ladies and gentlemen the following contest scheduled for one fall is the DoomsDay Cage Match! (crowd errupts) In this match the winner will be declared when a pinfall or submission occurs, and no-one is allowed to leave the cage until a winner has been declared!

The cage lowers, you can see all types of weapons pinned to it, chairs,trash cans, kendo sticks, road signs, tables, the lot really.

Dudleyz music hits and the crowd errupts as the Dudleyz, Hardyz and the DOA come out to huge cheers, they get in the ring and are dressed in street clothes, ready for a fight. *NBT* hits and the errupts with a chorus of heavy boos as the NBT's six members chosen to wrestle come out, Sean O'Haire follows as he is not involved in the match.

The NBT enter the ring and the beating begins. Matt flies off the top with a crossbody onto Reno, starts hammering him with right hands. Bubba hits Jindrak with the trash can repeatedly, until Jindrak falls down and starts bleeding. Crush whips Stasiak off the ropes and elevates him onto his downed buddy Sanders, who then gets an elbow from D-Von. Skull hammers Stamboli in the corner then he and Jeff Hardy do the Poetry in Motion to Stamboli, while Bubba holds a chair infront of Stambolis face! Stamboli starts bleeding badly. Jeff then gets DDT'd by Palumbo but Palumbo gets a BubbaBomb from behind. Bubba covers 1---------------------------------------------------------------------------------2--------------------------------no! Jindrak breaks it up. Skull then plants Jindrak with a full nelson slam onto a chair. Jindrak holds his head in pain. Crush is getting double teamed by Sanders and Stasiak, but D-Von hits them both with a kendo stick from behind. Skull and Crush then wrestle the security railing off the cage! They set it up and drop Reno chest first onto it, before whipping Sanders hard into it then dropping Palumbo on his testicles!

Matt then hits Palumbo off the railing with a trash can lid. Cover 1------------------------------------------------------------------2------------------------------------------------------------------no! Kick out by Palumbo. Bubba goes for a backdrop on Jindrak who counters and levels Bubba with the Million Dollar Left. Jindrak thn goes to hit it on Jeff Hardy, but Jeff gets a trash can lid up and blocks it. Jindrak holds his hand, shaking it in pain. Reno whacks D-Von with a chair but dosent stop, hitting him repeatedly. Cover 1----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2------------------------------------------------------------no! Crush breaks it up. He gets the ladder off the cage and powerbombs Reno into it. Reno holds his back and arches it. Jeff hits him with a Swanton onto his exposed ribs. Bubba does his dancing elbow smash on Palumbo, then goes for a suplex, but Palumbo counters and drops Bubba ribs first into the railing, which is still stood up in the center of the ring. He then knees Bubba in the head to knock him off it.

Jindrak clotheslines down Skull and starts hammering away, but Skull grabs him by the throat and Chokeslams him down hard. Matt and Jeff then unhitch a table from the cage and set it up. Matt plants Stasiak with a Twist of Fate, then Jeff Swantons Stasiak through the table! *Huge ECW* chnats get going. Sanders hits Crush and Bubba with a trash can, then gives Matt a backbreaker.

D-Von gets up and hits a diving shoulder block on Reno. D-Von then grabs the fire extingusiher from the cage and clocks Palumbo with it. Palumbo starts bleeding. Jeff rams the ladder into Sanders and Stamboli. Jeff then hits a neckbreaker on Stamboli. Cover 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------2--------------------------------------------------------------------------no! Stamboli kicks out. Jeff whips Stamboli to the ropes, but Stamboli ducks Jeffs clothesline and plants him with a spinebuster onto the ladder. Cover 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------no! Matt breaks things up. Reno gets a chair and clobbers everyone on the opposition with it. The NBT stand tall over their downed opponents.

Then the *KLIQ* music hits and the crowd goes crazy as out come Razor, HBK, HHH, Diesel, Syxx Pac, Billy and Road Dogg. Everyone except HHH enters the ring, HHH goes after O'Haire who is trying to get away. HHH Pedigrees him through the spanish announcers table!

In the ring the Kliq and the Outlaws all put the NBT's down with their finishers and as we fade to a close the Kliq and Outlaws are standing tall to recieve huge ovations!

Match Time: 19m 34s
WINNERS: Hardy Boyz, DOA, Dudley Boyz via Interference


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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

good job, wrestlemania will be great,funny thing is, that my and your wrestlemania will both be in new orleans at the Superdome, well looking forward to that flame your flag match, that is a good idea. also, the rock vs ultimate warrior should be good too. about the money in the bank ladder match, i cant see rhyno,cena, or angle in a ladder match but hopefully you will make it a great match. loved the Doomsday Cage match, great idea. good job and good luck on the road to wrestlemania
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