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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

thx for feedback guys


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High Voltage Results

Pyro blasts around the arena, crowd roars in anticipation

JR: Hello and welcome everybody to a sold out Dunkin Donuts Center here in Providence, Rhode Island and King we are just 5 days away from the Royal Rumble, I cant believe its here already!

King: No neither can I, so far 4 great matches have been booked and more may still come!

JR: And King what about our main event tonight, its huge, explosive 8 man tag when Stone Cold, John Cena, Rhyno & Shelton Benjamin take on Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, Raven & Charlie Haas!

King: I cant wait, but thats not all because Sandman has challenged Saturn for the Hardcore title, following on from Saturdays events and I wonder if Saturn will be able to get to the Rumble as champ!

JR: Also Maven takes on Lance Storm and Y2J Chris Jericho defends his International title against not just Christian but AJ Styles too! Its gonna be an awesome night.

Camera fades backstage and Austin is walking through the hallways. He stops and stares at someone or something in his way. The camera spins around and there waiting against the wall is Randy Orton.

Orton- Well well well, Hello mister Austin, are you ready for the big match tonight?

Austin- Whatcha talkin 'bout boy I have been ready to whip your ass for a whole damn week now and I can finally do it tonight.

Orton smirks

Austin- O is summin funny is pretty boy? Maybe Stone Cold will come over there and stomp a mudhole in your 3rd generation ass! (crowd pops)

Ortons smirk changes to a stern look

Orton- There is but no, and I mean no legend I cannot kill, and Austin, tonight, I will add you to the long list of those who have fallen before me previously.

Austin- Just out of curiosity is the Undertaker on that list?

Orton- O he will be, all in due time.

Austin- Speaking of the time, do you have the time?

Orton- What? No I dont.

Austin then raises his wrist to his ear.

Austin- Well you see my wrist band is tellin me its ASS WHOOPIN time!

Orton stares at Austin for a while, then turns and walks away.

Austin then walks out of view as we fade to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

WIWA Royal Rumble Advert
Local Sports and Weather Report
Tim Tam Indulgence Selection
Lynx Deoderant
Smoking Kills Commercial

JR: Welcome back folks, and we are back just in time for our first matchup which sees Maven take on Lance Storm.

Match 1: Singles Match
Participants: Maven vs Lance Storm w/Jim Neidhart & Edge

Maven gots a pretty big pop, he plays to the crowd on his way to the ring. Then the Canadian Connection theme hits and out comes Lance Storm with Neidhart and Edge! Maven looks put of by this as the 3 make their way to the ring. Storm hops in and Maven hits him with a dropkick sending him out to the floor. Storm seems annoyed by this and starts to go insane, but Edge and Neidhart calm him down and tell him to be cool, yeah right. Storm gets a couple of cheapshots on Maven. He works on Mavens leg, perhaps setting him up for the MapleLeaf leg lock, better known as a single leg boston crab. Storm then taunts the crowd as Maven holds his leg. Storm stomps on the leg, then drops an elbow and puts it in a leg lock. The crowd clap Maven back up as he fights out with sharp kicks to the back of the head. Maven then hits some arm drags then a flapjack and both men are down. Maven goes off the ropes and hits a clothesline, followed by another. Maven is building up momentum and the crowd love it. Storm stops this with a chop block to the leg. Storm goes for the MapleLeaf lock, but Maven counters and rolls him up 1----------------2------------no! Storm just kicks out. Storm gets up and Maven hits a DDT on him. Maven covers but the ref is being distracted by Neidhart. Storm is up to his feet a bit groggy. Edge then slides in the ring behind the refs back and goes for the Spear on Maven, but Maven dodges and Edge Spears Storm! Edge turns around cursing and not happy with him self and Maven hits the Mavenator (double knee backbreaker) on Edge, then does a springboard dropkick on Neidhart, covers Storm and the ref counts 1---------------2--------------3!

Match Time: 7m 42s

JR: Yes well done Maven, he pretty much had to fight 3 men in that match and he did it.

King: Well Im not a fan of Mavens, but that was quite impressive.

JR: It sure was, and the crowd is loving it, Maven is waving the American flag around much to the crowds delight.

King: Im happy that Storm lost, could you imagine Storm saying a victory speach, man that would be boring.

JR: That would indeed be boring.

The camera fades out to the match card so far for the Royal Rumble.

JR: Wow thats gonna be a blockbuster night, especially the 30 man Royal Rumble, its gonna be a slobberknocker!

King: I cant wait to see the New Age Outlaws lose the tag titles to Sanders and Stasiak JR, they deserve to be the real tag champs.

JR: Also what other matches will be added to the card? We will have to find out.

The camera now pans back to Heymans office, he is drinking coffee and watching the Maven vs Storm replay on TV. All of a sudden the Hardyz, Dudleyz and the DOA barge in.

Heyman- Hey, hey you 6 have you ever heard of knocking, I may have been doing something private.

Crush- Whatever, listen to us we are not happy about last week, when all 7 members of the NBT ended up in the ring, and cost us our fair shot at the tag team titles!

Heyman- OK, so you guys want another chance?

Bubba- The hell we do, we want 6 of those fairies in a match, 6 on 6! (crowd pops)

Heyman- What? Your kidding me right, 6 on 6!

Matt- No Paul we aint kiddin and if we dont get the match then we will go to the NBT locker room now and make sure they dont make it to their RR tag shot!

Heyman- Is that so?

Skull- Will you give us what we want?

Heyman- OK, how does this sound? High Voltage, just 2 days after the Royal Rumble, you can have your 6 on 6 match, in a STEEL CAGE! (crowd errupts)

DOA, Hardyz, Dudleyz- YEAH!

Heyman- I thought you would be pleased.

DOA, Hardyz and Dudleyz exit as Heyman looks happy with himself.

JR: What a blockbuster match for next week on High Voltage, 6 on 6 match in a steel cage!

King: Wow I cant believe it! And Heyman just signed 12 mens death warrants their pretty much dead!

JR: Folks dont go anywhere because after the break triple threat for the International title!

Commercial Break

Breaking News
Jack Daniels
BTB Special Previews.....
Texas Wrestling Alliance
UWEF Horizon Wrestling
JLA Wrestling
WWE One of a Kind
Dunkin Donuts

Match 2: International Championship Triple Threat Match
Participants: Chris Jericho (c) vs AJ Styles vs Christian

Christian gets booed heavily, Styles gets a good pop, then *Millenium* hits and the crowd errupts as Jericho comes out playing to the crowd. Huge Y2J chants going around. Styles and Christian are already brawling in the ring as Jericho takes his time and plays to the crowd. Styles whips Christian off the ropes and dropkicks him out of the ring. Jericho slides in and attacks Styles from behind, clubbing him on the back then hitting the double underhook babckbreaker. Christian pulls Jericho out and goes to whip Jericho to the steps but Jericho counters. Styles then slams Jerichos head into the barricade then chops him. Jericho fights back with repeated chops then goes for a suplex on Styles. Styles counters and lands on his feet then thrusts Jericho face first into the ring post. Christian then kicks Styles in the ribs and rolls him back in the ring. Crowd gets a C....L....B chant going followed by Y2J chants and an AJ rules chant. Styles back drops Christian. Cover 1------------2-----kick out by Christian. Styles sends Christian to the corner. Christian goes for a counter to leap frog back over Styles but Styles has it scouted and dropkicks Christian, sending him to the floor. Jericho comes back in and nails a flying forearm on Styles. Cover 1-----------2----kick out by Styles. Jericho then plants Styles with the bulldog but Styles gets the knees up when Jericho goes for the lionsault. Christian comes in from behind and covers Jericho 1-----------2---------no! Kick out by Jericho. Christian then hits a reverse DDT on Jericho and cover again 1-------------2----------no! Styles drops an elbow on Christian at the last moment. Styles kicks Christian in the gut and connects with the StylesClash. Styles then goes for a hurricanrana on Jericho but Jericho counters it into the Walls of Jericho. Styles screams in pain. He is about to tap when Christian pulls ericho off and goes for the Unprettier, but Jericho counters into a backslide 1-------------2--------------3!

Match Time: 12m 56s
WINNER: Chris Jericho

JR: Jericho wins, Jericho is still International champ!

King: No no Christian got he shoulder up! He got the shoulder up!

JR: Well regardless of what the King says, the says that Jericho is the winner and you cant dispute a refs decision.

Camera fades out and we see HHH and Razor Ramon talking backstage. (crowd pops loudly)

HHH- How are you? Its been a month almost since that crazy match.

Razor- I feel great, I cant wait to get to the Rumble.

HHH- Well if you win, then the Kliq will put on a match of the ages at Wrestlefest.

Razor- Damn sure will.

Diesel walks into view

Diesel- Hunter. Razor.

HHH- Big D.

Razor- Kevin.

Diesel- Well Hunter I heard what you said, and yes when I win the Rumble, we will put on a match for the ages at Wrestlefest.

Razor- Woa woa big fella, perhaps you didnt hear me correctly, I said I was going to win, me, chico, Razor Ramon. (loud pop)

Diesel- Yeah I heard you.

HBK then walks into the picture.

HBK- Well take it from a man who has been in some awesome matches with HHH, I know that I win that Rumble, then theres another classic on the HBK vs HHH card.

HHH- No doubt about that.

Syxx Pac then shows up.

Syxx- Well well well, what have we here, is this the Kilq reunion show or summin?

HHH- Its turning out like that.

HBK- Are you ready for Sunday Syxx?

Syxx- Damn straight, Im walking in, then walking out Lightweight champ! (crowd pops)

Razor- Well I guess we are all just gonna have to see who gets to face HHH.

Paul Heyman then walks up to the Kliq.

Heyman- Ah just the men I was looking for! Fellas I wanted to tell you that High Voltage, 2 days after the Royal Rumble, next week, you 5 will be celebrated as one of the most entertaining, giving and true to wrestling groups when I have aranged for a Kliq celebration party, just a little thank you to all the hard work you 5 men have put into sports and entertainment over the past 15 years or so.

Diesel- Really? A party, for us?

HHH- Whats the catch?

Heyman- No catch, just show up and bring your NAO buddies with you!

Heyman walks off and the camera shows the faces of the Kliq before cutting to a commercial break

Commercial Break

NFL Scores
WWE Backlash
The Simpsons up after WIWA High Voltage
Eminem Encore CD
The Sims 2 PC Game

JR: Welcome back folks and its time for Sandman and Saturn to tussle for the Hardcore title!

Match 3: Hardcore Championship Singles Match
Participants: Perry Saturn (c) vs Sandman

Sandman comes in through the crowd, drinking beer and smashing it on his forehead until he bleeds. Staurn assaults Sandman from behind in the crowd. Saturn clotheslines Sandman over the security railing and Sandman smacks off the concrete floor. Saturn then jumps off the railing onto Sandman with a body splash. Saturn hooks a leg 1-----------2---kick out by Sandman. Saturn picks up Sandman and hits him with some right hands, then whips him into the security railing, then stomps away at a downed Sandman. Saturn then chokes Sandman and bad mouths him. Saturn takes Sandman back to ringside and throws him over the barricade. Saturn then hops over and drops and elbow on Sandman before looking under the ring. Saturn throws a singapore cane, some road signs, trash cans and a steel chair into the ring. Sandman gets up and tackles Saturn into the steel steps. Cover 1--------2---kick out by Saturn. Sandman then grabs a road sign from the ring and hits Saturn with it a couple of times, then covers Saturn again but Saturn rolls out before the ref can start a count. Saturn goes in the ring and so does Sandman. Sandman gets the steel chair but before he can use it Saturn hits the singapore cane into the chair and its smacks off Sandmans skull. Saturn covers 1--------2---------3!

Match Time: 8m 17s
WINNER: Perry Saturn

[B]JR: Saturn is still the goddam champion, this man cannot be beaten!

King: So who has he beaten now, Cactus Jack, New Jack, Sandman, Tony Mamaluke, AJ Styles, Hardcore Holly, Test, Tommy Dreamer, the mans beating anyone who challenges him.

JR: Hes doing very well for himself, but this Sunday the crowd bring the weapons, and another 4 men are gunning for that title!

King: It may finally be the end of saturns long reign as Hardcore champ!

Just as JR goes to say somethig Bret Harts music hits and he gets massive heat from the crowd. He has a mic and gets in the ring.

Bret- You know, we have a heavyweight belt, and yes someone does have it around their waist, but since they have won it, they havent defended it! Now this is just disgusting because its the biggest prize in our industry, yet it is not being defended! So I have come out here looking for a title shot on Explosion against our cowardly champ!

*The Game* hits and the crowd errupts as HHH walks out onto the ramp with the title around his waist and a mic in hand. Before HHH can say anything crowd starts chanting USA! and HHH!.

HHH- Thank you thank you. Bret you speak about disgusting, yet what you say and do about America, thats fine to you, while not having a title shot is disgusting, I think you got that the wrong way around. Im sure everyone here would hate to see you as champ! (crowd pops to that) So you want a title shot on Explosion, well OK but only if you give your Royal Rumble spot up to a man of my chosing.

Hart thinks for a long time then

Bret- OK fine I will give up my Rumble spot, but you must introduce who is replacing me right now!

HHH- Fine but you aint gonna like it.

*Sexy Boy* blasts over the speaker and the crowd errupts as HBK makes his way out onto the ramp.

Bret- Woa woa, wait just a damn minute, there is no way that punk is getting my spot in the Rumble.

HHH- Fine then no title shot for you on Friday.

Bret- Wait, OK, fine. HHH you and me 1 on 1 on Friday, agreed?

HHH- Cant wait.

HHH walks off leaving HBK staring at Bret Hart and vice versa as we fade to our final commerial break

Commercial Break

WIWA Royal Rumble Advert
UWEF Global Warming Advert
Garnier Shampoo
Adidas Sportswear

JR: O boy folks welcome back, and can you spell slobberknocker, because thats what this HUGE 8 man tag is gonna be, just huge.

Match 4: 8 Man Tag
Participants: Stone Cold, John Cena, Rhyno & Shelton Benjamin vs Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, Raven & Charlie Haas

Austin makes a bee-line for Orton as they start brawling on the ramp. Cena and Haas seem to have started it out in the ring. Cena fires the right hands then whips Haas to the ropes and elevates Haas over his shoulder. Cena then picks up Haas and slams him before tagging in Rhyno to a huge pop. Rhyno just destroys Haas with his power. Raven tries to come in but Rhyno drops him with a powerslam. Rhyno whips Haas to the buckle and drives a huge running shoulder into him. Rhyno then plays to the crowd and waits for Haas to get up. Rhyno holds Haas open and tags in Shelton, who gets some free shots on Haas' exposed ribs. Shelton then gives Haas a backbreaker followed by a cover 1--------------2----------kick out by Haas. Shelton then goes for the T-Bone Exploder but Haas counters into a T-Bone of his own. Haas then tags in Angle. Angle goes to work on Sheltons legs straight away, then tries for the anklelock but Shelton kicks Angle until Angle lets go. Angle then grabs Sheltons leg and kicks it a couple of times. Angle then holds the leg as he tags in Orton. A huge chorous of boo's great Orton as he is tagged in. Orton drops an elbow to Sheltons leg then one to the ribs, followed by a cover 1-------------2--------kick out by Benjamin. Orton then gtes up and taunts Austin to come get some. Austin hops in and hits Orton but the ref restrains Austin and as he does so raven gets in illegally and DDT's Shelton. Cover 1------------2-----------no! Shelton just kicks out. Raven then slams Shelton into the turnbuckle and the 4 men double team Shelton. Haas comes off the top rope with a clothesline followed by a cover 1----------------------------------2----------------------------no! Austin pulls Haas off. Haas then puts Shelton in the sleeper. Austin and Cena get the crowd to clap Shelton on. The ref grabs Sheltons hand and drops it for 1, he grabs it again and drops it for 2, he brags it again and drops it but Shelton stops it from hitting the mat as he gets to his feet and drives elbows into Haas' midsection. Shelton then sends Haas to the ropes and goes for a kick, but Haas grabs Benjmamins leg. Haas gives Shelton the finger but Shelton counters and hits Haas witht eh Dragon Whip! The crowd pop for the athleticism of Shelton as he manages to tag in Austin to a massive pop. Austin hammers away on everyone. He hits Angle and Raven off the apron then grabs Orton and throws him in the ring. Austin then somps a mudhole in his ass and walks it dry as the crowd chants along WHAT, WHAT, WHAT. Raven then tries to sledge Austin from behind but Austin kicks Raven in the gut, gives him the middle finger then the Stunner! Crowd pops. Orton then attacks Austin from behind with Haas and then all hell breaks loose as Cena and Rhyno come in to make the save. Angle comes in from behind and gives Rhyno the Olympic Slam! Shelton Benjmain then charges at Angle and clotheslines him out over the top. Shelton turns around and Haas puts him in the Haas of Pain. Shelton screams in pain but cant tap because hes not the legal man. Cena comes in with a shoulder block and knocks down Haas of the hold. Cena then bounces of the ropes and hits the 5-Knuckle Shuffle on Haas. Orton then gives Cena the RKO! Orton turns around and Rhyno boots him down. Rhyno then goes out and pummels on Angle. Haas gets up and turns around into the Stunner! Austin hooks the leg but moves when Orton comes flying off the top lookig to connect with the flying elbow drop. Orton ends up hitting Haas with the elbow. Orton cannot believe it and turns around into a Stunner which sends Orton to the outside. Austin then pins Haas 1----------------2-----------------3!

Match Time: 21m 45s
WINNERS: Stone Cold, John Cena, Rhyno & Shelton Benjamin

Camera fades out with Austin, Cena, Rhyno and Shelton having a beer bash in the ring.


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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

I loved how you mentioned my booker and others in your commercial. Bret vs. HHH should be good. I'm looking forward to it. 9/10.

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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

thanks for mentioning my btb during a commerical. anyways great high voltage and that 6 on 6 man tag cage match will be awesome. great main event and cant wait til the royal rumble
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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

thx guys for feedback, yes I will make that 6 on 6 cage bloody awesome!


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Friday Night Explosion Card

Explosion will be airing live from the sold out Key Arena in Seattle, Washington

Confirmed matches are as followed

WIWA Heavyweight Championship Singles Match

vs Bret Hart

Singles Match

Stone Cold
vs Randy Orton

6 Man Tag Team Match

John Cena, Rhyno & Ron Waterman vs Test, Billy Kidman & Edge

Tag Team Match

Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit vs Jim Neidhart & Lance Storm

Plus Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas Confrontation.

will be up by midday friday

i would just like to note finally the roster, heel and face changes, PPV changes, TV shows changes and firing of the useless divas have all been finally updated on the WIWA card at the start of this thread.


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Friday Night Explosion Results

JR: O yeah folks welcome to Explosion, coming to you live from Seattle, Washington inside the sold out Key Arena for our final pitstop before the Royal Rumble! And King what about our main event, HHH vs Bret Hart for the title?

King: O boy I cant wait to see the game plant Hart with a pedigree in the center of this ring!

JR: And another one I am well looking forward to is the first one on one match between Stone Cold and Randy Orton.

King: Yes its finally happened, and if my prediciton is right then RKO will walk out of here with a win and a name to add to the long list of befallen legends he has beaten before.

JR: We get to kick things off with tag team action as 2 long friends Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit take on Jim Neidhart and Storm!

Match 1: Tag Team Match
Participants: Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero vs Jim Neidhart & Lance Storm

Eddie and Benoit both get huge pops. Then the Canadian Connection music hits and the crowd boo as Storm and Neidhart come out with the Canadian flag and an upside down American flag. The camera shows the look of disgust on the faces of Eddie and Benoit as Storm and Neidhart tease the American crowd. Benoit goes to work straight away on Lance Storm. He grapples him and pushes him into Benoits corner then chops away before tagging in Eddie. Eddie gets a huge pop when he is tagged in. Eddie chops away at Storm, then suplexes him. Eddie then plays to the crowd and tags back in Benoit. Eddie holds Storm open as Benoit boots Storm in the gut. Benoit then hits Storm with a neckbreaker and a cover 1-------------2---------kick out by Storm. Benoit whips Storm to the ropes and smacks into him with his double arm attack. Benoit then tags Eddie in and does a backbreaker on Storm, but keeps him balanced over his knee as Eddie climbs up high. Eddie plays to the crowd then leg drops Storm while the backbreaker is still in. Eddie covers 1---------2---------no! Neidhart pulls Eddie of Storm and hits him with a huge spinebuster, while the ref tries to get Benoit out of the ring Neidhart drags Storm to his corner and tags himself in. Neidhart then man handles Eddie around, throwing him from one side of the ring to the other. Neidhart then drops repeated elbows on Eddie then drives him down hard with a powerslam.
Neidhart then covers Eddie 1-----------2---------no! Eddie raises the left shoulder off the canvas. Neidhart tags Storm back in who walks right into an enziguri.
Crowd claps Eddie up and he tags Benoit, Storm tags Neidhart. Benoit hits Neidhart with repeated attacks then ducks Storms clothesline and nails him with a german suplex. He then does the trifecta to Neidhart. Benoit then climbs up top and launches himself at Neidhart and connects with the headbutt. Neidhart writhes around in pain. Storm hits Benoit from behind but then Eddie comes in and clotheslines himself and Storm out to the floor. Benoit then puts the Crossface on Neidhart who taps almost immediatley!

Match Time: 12m 52s
WINNERS: Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero

JR: What a win for Eddie and Bnoit, gaining momentum as they head towards the Rumble this Sunday!

King: Thank god they beat those anti-americans JR, imagine if Storm had won and given us a victory speach, people wouldnt need sleeping pills anymore, they could just listen to a Lance Storm match winning speech!

JR: I hope we never hear a Storm speech.

Camera fades back and shows DX in their locker room.

Road Dogg- Hunter, you got to know man, we got your back out there, especially if those other members of the CC get involved, then DX will kick some ass!

Billy Gunn- Yeah dont sweat those others, we got them.

HHH- Thanks guys, I just hope I didnt make the mistake of accepting Brets challenge, I mean imagine if I lose, I havent held this belt for that long, nor have I got to defend it.

Syxx- IF, and thats a big IF, you lose, you can invoke your rematch clause, remember?

HHH- O yeah, I forgot about that.

Billy Gunn- But hey you aint gonna lose Hunter so liven up, go get ready for your match, we'll worry about the rest of the CC.

HHH- OK, Im off.

HHH leaves the room and we fade to our commercial break

Commercial Break

WIWA World International Wrestling Alliance Advert
UWEF Horizon Advert
WWE One of a Kind Advert
JLA Wrestling Advert
TWA Wrestling Advert
Being the Booker Advert
WWE: Rise of Glory Advert
WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment by 10mikebibby10

JR: Welcome back folks well just before we cut to our commercial break we saw DX tell HHH that they will be there for him tonight, no mtter what.

King: They will have to be especially if Hart brings the rest of the CC with him.

JR: I am told that Roger Walker is standing by with the Rock!!!


Roger- Well Rock in just 2 days you will enter the Royal Rumble match, at the sold out United Center in Chicago, IL, and I gotta wander what do you think your chances are in the rumble?

Rock- FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO SEATTLE! (crowd pops) You see on Sunday the Rock is in the rumble match, when the peoples music hits, the people rise as one, the peoples champ walks through that curtain and down that ramp, into that ring and whips ALL THE CANDY ASS! The Rock has many friends and many enemies in the rumble, you see my other pics to win this thing are Razor Ramon and Kurt Angle (boos for Angle, pop for Razor) Yeah thats right the Rock picked Razor and Angle, the American Bad Guy and the American BALD Guy! (crowd laughs) But you see the Rock, along with the MILLIONS (crowd yells) AND MILLIONS! Of the Rocks fans, backed the Rock to walk in with nothing and walk out winner! (crowd pops) IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK................IS.........COOKING!

The Rock walks off

Roger- Well the Rock seems confident, back to you JR.

JR: Thank you Roger and King, the Rock seems to be full of confidence heading into Sunday, but I must say, hes not the only huge crowd favourite in there, I mean Hulk Hogan, Austin, HBK, RVD, Razor Ramon, Sting, Diesel, Rhyno, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho are also in it, thats alot of fan favourites, and I really dont know whos gonna win this bad boy!

King: There is no way you could pick just one man JR, you would have to pick 3 or 4, and you still probably wouldnt be right!

JR: And folks its time for big 6 man tag!

Match 2: 6 Man Tag Team Match
Participants: John Cena, Rhyno & Ron Waterman vs Billy Kidman, Test & Edge

Waterman gets a decent pop, Rhyno gets a huge pop, then *My Time* hits and the crowd go ballistic as Cena comes out wearing a Seattle Mariners jersey. Crowd chants for Cena. Waterman, Cena and Rhyno all shake hands. Test and Waterman will start things out. Both men lock up. Neither man can budge the other. They go for the lock up again but Test boots Waterman in the ribs. Waterman then fires lefts and rights and knocks Test down. Waterman then clotheslines Test, followed by a cover 1---kick out by Test very quickly. Waterman whips Test to the buckle then charges at him with a shoulder barge and squishes Test between his shoulder and the turnbuckle. Waterman then plays to the crowd and tags in Rhyno to a huge pop. Rhyno powerslams Test. Rhyno then plays to the crowd saying *Who's Da Man?* He then kicks test a couple of times, then whips him off the ropes and hits him with a reverse elbow. Cover 1---------2-kick out by Test. Crowd chants RHYNO! repeatedly. Rhyno then holds Test and tags in Cena to a massive pop. Cena hammers away on Tests exposed ribs then does the *You Cant See Me* wave and socks him in the face. Cena then hits the 5-Knuckle Shuffle and covers Test 1-----------------------2-----------------no! Test kicks out just in time. Cena then goes for the FU but as Edge distracts the ref, Kidman hits Cena in the face with a dropkick. Test then uses this to his advantage, countering it into a powerslam. Test then tells the crowd to shove it and tags in Edge to a chorus of boos. Edge grabs Cenas head and lays into him with right hands, and telling him that he aint nothing. Edge then starts choking Cena behind the refs back. Cena fights out and hits Edge with a right hand, then goes off the ropes but Kidman pulls the top rope down and Cena stumbles out to the floor. Kidman and Test start mugging Cena as Rhyno and Waterman try to get the ref to turn around. Kidman and Test double suplex Cena on the ground. We fade to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

WIWA Royal Rumble PPV Advert
UWEF Global Warming PPV Advert
Local News
Bad Boys II coming up after WIWA Explosion
Skittles Sours

We come back live to see Kidman in control of Cena with a sleeper hold applied. During the break Cena was driven shoulder first into the ring post. The crowd and Cenas teamates urge him on, as he fires elbows into kidmans ribs, then springs off the ropes and knocks Kidman down with a diving shoulder block. Both men down.

Cena tags in Waterman who hits Kidman with 3 clotheslines, then elevates Edge over the shoulder and knocks Test off the apron into the french announcers table. Edge tries to go for a Spear on Waterman but Waterman puts a big boot in Edges face. Kidman gets to his feet groggily and Waterman hits him with the Aquadriver. Waterman covers 1-------------------------------------------2---------------------------------------------no! Test pulls Waterman off Kidman and hits him with a pumphandleslam. Rhyno then comes in and GORES! Test down and out. Rhyno then goes after Edge on the outside. Cena comes back in and plants Kidman with an FU. Waterman gets to his feet, crawls over and covers Kidman 1-----------------------------------------------------------------------2-----------------------------------------------3!!!

Match Time: 17m 59s
WINNERS: John Cena, Rhyno & Ron Waterman

JR: Yes! Its over, Rhyno and Waterman getting some momentum going into the rumble match this Sunday! And another win for John Cena.

King: Damn, thats not right! Kidman was putting in such a good effort too.

JR: He did indeed and hes gonna be part of the Rumble this Sunday too!

King: So are Test and Edge, Kidmans partners for tonight.

JR: Very impressive indeed.

Camera cuts back and we see Randy Orton walking down the hallway ready for his match. He stops and checks out a really hot womans butt. He keeps staring until the girl turns around then walks off with a grin on his face. He then looks behind him, then turns around and goes smack into someone. That someone was Stone Cold!

Orton- Whoops, sorry didnt see you there, or maybe you didnt see me, because after all you must be drunk, drinking all that beer! Bloody redneck.

Austin- WHAT!?! (crowd pops) That was my final beer boy, apoligize.

Orton- I aint appologising to you, you spilt beer on my shirt!

Austin- No YOU spilled MY beer on YOUR shirt. Now either you apologize, or Im gonna show you why I am the toughest son of a ***** to ever lace wrestling boots!

Orton- O yeah, you couldnt even hit me your so drunk, you would probably swing and hit the wall!

Austin looks down at the ground and holds his chin, stroking his mustache. Austin then looks up at Orton and gives him the finger, and hits him with a right. They start trading blows to the delight of the crowd. Austin gets the upper hand, but then Heyman shows up with a ton of security and backstage officials.

Heyman- Escort them both off the premises, no match between them tonight (crowd boos) If I here you 2 have touched each other before the Rumble, I will fine you both 1million dollars! Get them outta here.

JR: Damn it! The match was cancelled because Orton didnt want to apoligize to Austin, all he had to do was apoligize!

King: Orton dosent bow down or listen to anyone! He the Legend Killer not the Legend Asskisser!

JR: Well then.........

Just as JR goes to say something Charlie Haas' music hits and he comes out to some heavy heat.

JR: What in the hell is this?

King: Quite JR, Haas is gonna say summin.

Haas gets in the ring and looks around at all the people booing him.

Haas- Go on, admit it, you people love me! (huge boos) You cant have a show without me! (more boos)

JR: We were having a damn good show without you so far Haas!

Haas- O please show me some respect, I mean, if I was an average slob like you people here in Seattle, then I would love to see someone as good as me grace the wrestling ring every week, it would be the highlight not just of that show, but of the whole damn company! But I didnt come out here to brag about how good I am.

JR: Are you sure? Goddam I wish someone would shut him up!

Just then JR gets his wish as Shelton Benjamins music hits and the crowd pops loudly as Shelton comes out to the ramp with a mic.

Shelton- Charlie, Charlie, I, I think these people are telling you to SHUT UP! (crowd roars) You see here punk, lemme remind you of summin, you aint nothin, 5 foot nothin, 200 pounds of nothin, and I would whip that skinny behind of yours with the click of my fingers boy! (crowd pops loudly)

Haas- SHUT UP! You think you hard, you think you tough because you grew up on the streets of Orangesburg? Well I would take your homeless persona and make it tap to the Haas of Pain!

Shelton- Huh, is that so?

Haas- O yeah it is, and your wearing something I want Shelton, I want your TV title this Sunday at the Rumble!

Shelton- O do you, well you aint gonna get it in a normal match, I already proved that I can win in a normal match, then you put me in a stretcher..................

Shelton thinks for a while then grins evily.

Shelton- OK, you want my title at Royal Rumble?

Haas- Hell yes, I am gonna take it from you!

Shelton- Well if you want it, your gonna have to beat me in a .................................................................................................... .................................................................................................... .................................................................................................... ............... STRETCHER MATCH! (crowd errupts)

Haas- What?

Shelton- You heard me punk, Ill see you on Sunday!

JR: O my god, a stretcher match for the TV title at the Royal Rumble! Haas got what was coming to him there!

King: Wow can this PPV get any bigger?

JR: I dunno but folks up after the break, we got more buisness to transact as HHH defends his title against Bret Hart, and its gonna be a slobberknocker!

Commercial Break

Local Lottery Results
Blockbuster Video
Lynx Deoderant
Recycling Campaign
Rugby 2005 for Ps2 and X-Box

Match 3: NoDQ Heavyweight Championship Singles Match
Participants: HHH (c) w/ DX vs Bret Hart w/ CC

Bret Hart as expected, comes out with all members of the CC, to a massive wave of heat. Then Run DMC, Motorhead and Rage Against the Machine play the DX anthem and the crowd goes nuts. Syxx, Road Dogg and Billy walk out first then point up the ramp and out comes the champ to a huge pop. They all stand on the stage and let the DX pyro fly. HHH cautiously enters the ring and he and Hart stare down for some time before Hart kisses his hand then slaps his butt and points to HHH (told him to kiss his ass) HHH tells Hart to SUCK IT! Hart takes offence to this and they start trading rights, as the crowd goes nuts. HHH gets the better and knocks Hart down and continues to pummel him. Storm gets up on the apron and HHH knocks him down. HHH chops away at Hart, Hart fires some back at HHH, HHH boots Hart in the ribs and goes for the Pedigree but Hart counters and goes for the Sharpshooter. HHH uses his leg strength and sends Hart down. Both men then roll to their respected corners and their stables start to psyche them up.

HHH outmuscles Hart and takes him to the corner and hits him with rights and chops. Hart counters with some of his own chops, but HHH puts a knee in the gut of Hart and again goes for the Pedigree, but Hart counters and catapults HHH into the turnbuckle, followed up by a roll up 1------------------------- Hart puts his feet on the middle ropes!--2-------------Road Dogg kicks Harts feet of the ropes and HHH raises the shoulder. Hart turns around and tries to spit at the Road Dogg, this earns him alot more heat. The crowd start chanting "GO BACK NORTH!" to Hart. Hart hits HHH with a piledriver. Cover 1--------------------------------------------------------2--------------------------------------no! HHH kicks out. Hart whips HHH to the ropes and HHH ducks Harts clothesline and comes back with the his signature facebuster followed by a clothesline of his own. HHH then suplexes Hart and puts him in the Sharpshooter! Hart winces in pain and finally crawls to the bottom rope. Edge and Neidhart get up on the apron and start to complain to HHH, HHH hits them both off onto Storm and Christian. HHH turns around and Hart plants him with a DDT. Hart covers 1--------------------------------------2--------------------------no! HHH kicks out. HHH is bleeding now. Hart works on HHH's injured wound, then turns his attention to the left leg of the game.

Hart has literally destroyed Hunters left leg by now, HHH can barely walk on it. HHH fights out of the leg lock hes in with some rights and kicks Hart to set him up for the Pedigree, but in doing so his left leg crumbles. Hart falls down on both knees. HHH hits him with more rights. HHH then whips Hart off the ropes and connects with his high knee. HHH again though has hurt himself. We leave it there and fade to our final commercial break.

Commercial Break

WIWA Royal Rumble PPV Advert
UWEF Global Warming PPV Advert
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Big W Sales
Weather Update

We come back to see Hart again in control, crushing HHH's leg with his knees
and slapping HHH, who is in a great deal of pain. Road Dogg and Billy start slapping their hands off the canvas and Syxx tells the crowd to start clapping.
They do just that, and HHH feeds off the crowd, hitting Hart with some hard rights. Hart releases the leg lock and springs off the ropes but HHH catches him with a HH spinebuster! Both men down.

Both men up at the same time. Hart kicks HHH in the gut and connects with a Pedigree on HHH! Cover 1-------------------------------------------------------------------2------------------------------------------------------------------no! HHH just raises the right shoulder. Hart complains to the ref it was a 3 but the ref waves it away. Hart then goes for the Sharpshooter but HHH counters with a small package 1-----------------------------------2-------------------no! Hart just springs out. What a match we are witnessing here. Hart goes for HHH but HHH socks Hart in the ribs then goes for a Pedigree, but Hart counters and elevates HHH over the shoulder. Hart then locks on the Sharpshooter! HHH screams in pain, he crawls over to the ropes but Hart drags him back to the center of the ring. HHH again crawls over to the ropes but again Hart brings him back to the center. HHH is about to tap when Billy hops in the ring with a chair and plants Hart with a FameAsser on the steel chair. All hell then breaks loose to the delight of the crowd as DX and the CC start brawling with each other. The crowd is loving it.

HHH manages to get to his feet and Lance Storm hits him with a superkick! HHH stumbles backwards and a groggy Bret Hart rolls up HHH 1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3!!! The CC help Hart up the ramp as the crowd lob their rubbish at them, and boo very loudly. DX are helping up Hunter in the ring, who is bleeding badly and may need some stitches. The crowd give HHH a standing ovation as he is helped out by the New Age Outlaws and Syxx.

Match Time: 28m 43s
WINNER: Bret Hart (New WIWA Heavyweight Champion)

JR: No no no! Bret Hart won thanks to that damn Lance Storm! Goddam it its not right.

King: Ahhhhhhhhh this is not good for the WIWA or sports and entertainment in itself!

JR: Well folks we will see you Sunday for the Royal Rumble and by god its gonna be a slobberknocker!



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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance


30 Man Royal Rumble

1.Hulk Hogan
2.John Cena
4.La Parka
5.Ultimate Warrior
7.Ken Shamrock
8.Razor Ramon
10.Lance Storm
12.New Jack
15.Kurt Angle
16.The Rock
17.Chris Jericho
18.Savio Vega
20.Juventud Guerrera
21.Stone Cold Steve Austin
22.Mark Jindrak
23.Scott Norton
25.HBK Shawn Michaels
26.Ron Waterman
27.Eddie Guerrero
28.Tony Mamaluke
29.Chris Benoit

TV Title Stretcher Match

Shelton Benjamin (c)vs Charlie Haas

Tag Team Championship Match

New Age Outlaws (c) vs Mike Sanders & Shawn Stasiak

Hardcore Championship ARMED ASSYLUM Match

Perry Saturn (c) vs Raven vs Cactus Jack vs Hardcore Holly vs Tommy Dreamer

Lightweight Championship Match

CM Punk (c) vs Syxx Pac

Will hopefully be up by Sunday Aussie time
Feedback would be great in the meantime


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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

You rule. Thank you again for adding my PPV and TV show on your adverts. Can't wait for the strecther match and also can't wait for the Rumble. GO RHYNO!!!!

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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

great show, but wheres EDDIE GUERRERO, he won the championship and then was not on any of the following shows.
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