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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

Hey man, great show. I was chearing for the Canadian Conection, but it all good. You keep writin'; I'll keep readin'.

Originally Posted by breaksilence View Post
Hey.. this isn't where I parked my car.
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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

nice show, great to see maVen getting a push. maVen has talent, he just sucks at mic skills, but anyways i loved that 5 man Tag Match. Excellent!!!!
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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

Great show man, keep it up. Great to see Juventud Guerrera and La Parka, too bad the match was stopped to have Syxx Pac call out CM Punk.
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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

thanx for the feedback guys, Maven will be getting a BIG push soon captcharisma and the lightweights will too.
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Friday Night Explosion Results

Video of the Americans beating the Canadians via DQ on Tuesday was shown.

JR: Welcome to the sold out Conseco Fieldhouse here in Indianapolis, Indiana and we have a tremendous show for you all tonight as the DOA take on the Dudley Boyz, Scotty 2 Hotty takes on Amazing Red, Maven and his mystery partner take on Storm and Christian, also RVD, Y2J, D-Lo Brown and Ron Waterman take on the 4 men who assaulted them at ROR, the NBT! ,plus in the main event AJ Styles vs Test vs Perry Saturn vs New Jack for the Hardcore title! Its gonna be a sensational night and sorry folks but I forgot to introduce my commentary partner, Jerry "The King" Lawler....

King: Bloody hell Ross if you had gone on any longer I may have cut your mic out! But your right tonight is gonna be a wild ride!

JR: So strap yourselfs in folks because after our first ever commercial break, we find out who the 30 men in the Royal Rumble matchup will be.

Commercial Break

Paul Heyman's music hits and he is greated by a loud chorus of boos. He struts down the ring looking very happy, smiling and even shaking hands and slapping high fives. He grabs a mic and smiles, looking around the sold out Fieldhouse.

Heyman- Well I hope you are all ready for some blockbuster entertainment tonight! (crowd pops fairly well) Ok well here we go, bring on the barrel!

Two really hot blondes in mini skirts and see through mesh tank tops make their way down to the ring, with the male fans going nuts. HUBBA HUBBA chants going around the arena as they wheel the entrance barrel up the stairs and manage to lift it into the ring.

Heyman- Wow, folks please thank our beautiful hostesses! (crowd hollas with dog barks and HUBBA HUBBA chants) OK the list is like this

1.Hulk Hogan
2.Tony Mamaluke
4.La Parka
5.Ultimate Warrior
7.Ken Shamrock
8.Razor Ramon
12.Ron Waterman
15.Kurt Angle
16.The Rock
17.Jerry Lynn
18.Juventud Guerrera
20.Mike Sanders
21.Stone Cold Steve Austin
22.Mark Jindrak
23.Scott Norton
25.Savio Vega
26.Shark Boy
28.Macho Man Randy Savage
29.Chris Benoit
30.Eddie Guerrero

Heyman- Yes there are 2 spots left and I will award them to whoever I see fit to have them, so let the show begin!

JR: Well thats a blockbuster Rumble, and its only 3 weeks and 2 days away.

King: Yeah, look at some of the stars in that thing.

JR: Uhuh well now its time for Mavens turn to get his hands on his former, backstabbing anti-american partner Christian and his lap dog Lance Storm.

Match 1: Tag Team Match
Participants: Maven & Savio Vega vs Lance Storm & Christian

Maven got a good pop from this crowd, he looked pumped with a mic in hand as he walked down the aisle. Maven looked at Christian coldly in the eyes, then at Storm, then back to Christian.

Maven- Well it was a tough time finding one man to help me out, and no-one in the backstage could cut it! So last night I took the liberty of calling my partner up all the way down in Tijuana, Mexico. Ladies and gentleman please welcome...............SAVIO VEGA!

JR: WHAT? My god I dont believe it I havent seen this man since early 1998 in the old days of the WWF! Savio Vega is back!

King: Shutup Ross, he's just one man, but I'm glad that Maven at least found a partner!

Savio's old Los Boricuas music hits and he gets a fairly good pop. The fans are on their feet, clapping on the returning Savio Vega. He shakes Mavens hand then they both charge towards the ring and the bell rings as both teams exchange right hands. Maven and Savio take control and send their opponents out of the ring before playing to the crowd. The referee restores order and Savio starts things off with Storm. They go for a test of strenght but Savio plants a boot in Storms gut, then slaps Storm and bad mouths Storm and says USA! MEXICO! out loud to the delight of this crowd. Storm goes to swing at Savio but Savio moves aside and crushes Stoms arm with repeated elbows. Savio takes Storm over and Savio tags in Maven. Maven plants a boot in Storms gut then hits Storm with a right hand you could hear down in Mexico. Maven waits for Storm to get up before planting him with a standing dropkick. Maven covers for 2. Maven slams Storm and drops a couple of elbows before tagging back in Savio. Savio knees Storm in the face and covers him but Christian breaks things up. Savio says some unsavoury things to Christian then suplexes Storm and leg drops him. Storm still kicks out, he has been busted open from that knee Savio gave him earlier. Tag back into Maven. Maven pummels Storm in the corner and talks him through it. Maven whips Storm off the ropes then goes to rebound off the other side, but the veteran Christian pulls down the top rope and Maven goes crashing backwards to the floor. Christian attacks Maven as Savio complains, Chrsitian whips Maven hard into the steel steps. Christian then introduces Maven to our announce table before rolling Maven back in. Storm tags out. Christian slaps and spits on Maven some more, then clotheslines him down but Maven kicks out at 2. Christian distracts the referee as Storm chokes Maven with the tag rope. Storm is tagged abck in and he waists no time choking out Maven again. Maven then tries to make a tag but Storm dropkicks him in the back of the head. Storm then drops a knee and covers Maven 1-2- kick out. Savio gets the crowd behind Maven and starts urging Maven on by hitting his hand on the top turnbuckle. Maven gets up out of Storms armbar and counters into a spinning DDT! Both men down.
Maven tags in Savio to a good pop as Savio cleans house. He takes Storm and flapjacks him then throws him out and works over Christian with repeated chops in the corner. Christian flops out and down to the floor. Savio spits on Christian and then calls him a "Canadian Pig". The crowd errupted at that. Storm attacks Savio from behind and Maven makes a save by missile dropkicking Storm from the top. Maven plays to the crowd but as he does Christian drives him down with the Unprettier. Christian dosent celebrate long as Savio gives him the Los Mexicos, an inverted face first piledriver. Savio pins him and the ref counts 1-2-3!

Match Time: 12m 59s
WINNERS: Maven & Savio Vega

JR: What a way to kick off Explosion, with Maven and the returning Savio Vega beating Storm and Christian.

King: Savio looks in great shape JR and I wouldnt be surprised if he gets a look in for the Royal Rumble after that performance.

JR: Thats a good point King, still 2 spots left in the 30 man classic. After the break Roger Walker talks to Stone Cold, dont go anywhere!

Commercial Break


Roger- Well Steve tonight you learned that you will have a chance to get a title shot at the WIWA champ at our PPV after the ROyal RUmble, War Games, as you were entered in the 30 Man Royal Rumble in 3 weeks time, what do you have to say about that?

Austin- WHAT? (crowd errupts)

Roger- I said th...

Austin- Shutup I heard what you said you idiot, gimme that mic, now piss off! (crowd errupts with laughter) You see in 3 weeks (WHAT!) at the Royal Rumble (WHAT!) on PPV (WHAT!) Stone Cold and 29 other men (WHAT!) go at it for the chance to face the champ (WHAT!).....Austin smirks at the capacity crowd as they keep chanting WHAT......And I will enter that match (WHAT!), get in that ring (WHAT!) and OPEN A CAN OF WHOOPASS! (WHAT!)

Austin walks off.

JR: Well Austin looks all pumped and we are still 3 weeks away!

King: Well I dont doubt the fact that he's gonna be one of the favourites in that match, he's already won it 3 times!

JR: Thats right King, well up now we have Lightweight action as Scotty 2 Hotty takes on the Amazing Red!

Match 2: Singles Match
Participants: Scotty 2 Hotty vs Amazing Red

A brilliant match with 2 of the best Lightweights in our company showing off with all the moves in the book. Scotty had been in control for some time when Amazing red fought out and dropped Scotty with a calf kick. Both men were clapped to their feet as they exchanged right hands. Scotty came off the ropes and planted Red and got feeling a little wormy! The crowd were on their feet. Just as Scotty was about to connect Red rolled out of the way and when Scotty got back up came off the top with a hurricanrana! Red rolled through and held a leg as the ref counts 1-2-3!

Match Time: 7m 10s
WINNER: Amazing Red

Scotty and Red shook hands after the match and walked out the ring together, playing to the crowd as they left.

Syxx's music then hit and he got a fairly good pop from this crowd as he came down to the ring looking angry. He got a mic then rolled into the ring.

Syxx- Well its time to see if our Lightweight champ is a man or a pussy, Punk I want my shot at that title TONIGHT!

CM Punk's music hits and the crowd goes wild. He has a mic and he stands on the ramp.

Punk- Well as you can see I'm not dressed to wrestle tonight....

Syxx- O so now your a coward as well!

Punk- I'm not done Syxx calm down. What I am proposing is that you wait 3 weeks till the Royal Rumble, then I will gladly defend my title against you there and then, live on PPV.

Syxx- Well OK I guess, but you had better keep to your word!

Punk- O believe me, I will

Punk exits then does Syxx.

JR: Well a great match between Scotty and Red, followed up by our 2nd announced match at the Royal Rumble; CM Punk defending his Lightweight title against Syxx.

King: I have a slight feeling that Syxx will be able to beat Punk at RR, but we will have to wait and see.

JR: Well folks after the break, big 4 on 4 tag!!! It's NEXT!

Commercial Break

Match 3: 4 on 4 Tag Match
Participants: RVD, Chris Jericho, Ron Waterman & D-Lo Brown vs NBT members Mark Jindrak, Chuck Palumbo, Reno & Sean Stasiak w/ Mike Sanders & Sean O'Haire

Although it was supposed to be 4 on 4, it really turned out to be 4 on 6 as the NBT's kept cheating and lying and getting away with it all. They had isolated D-Lo for quite some time, working on his back. Finally D-Lo got an opening when he gave Stasiak the Sky-High. Both men were down. D-Lo tagged in Waterman and then big man cleaned up on all 6 of the NBT's. It didnt take long for him to become out numbered and this is where the brawl errupted. Waterman gave Stasiak the Aquadriver then the illegal Sanders a Water Bomb. Chuck Palumbo came in and hit Waterman with the super kick. He then put Stasiak on Waterman but Waterman kicked out. Palumbo came back in irrate and got a running enziguri from Y2J. But when Jericho turned around, Reno nailed the Roll of the Dice on Jericho. RVD planted both Reno then Jindrak with heel kicks and went up top for the 5 star, but O'Haire, the other illegal man pushed RVD off the top rope to the floor outside. In the ring Waterman gets to his feet dazed and is met by a Meat-Ginder by Stasiak who pins Waterman 1-----2-----3! After the match the 6 men cleaned out their opponents and their so called leader Reno grabbed a mic.

Reno- You see that, you see this, this is what we do week in and week out and if anyone thinks they can mess with us or beat us, then they are dead wrong, DEAD wrong!

The NBT's leave the ring to a chorus of boos and jeers from the crowd.

Match Time: 14m 29s
WINNERS: Mark Jindrak, Chuck Palumbo, Reno & Shawn Stasiak (The NBT's)

JR: Wow this group is gonna be a force, thats for sure.

King: Definatley JR, with 6 men they could take over, literally

JR: Well I understand that Roger Walker is standing by with the Rock


Roger- Well yes JR I am indeed standing by with the peoples champ, the brahma bull, the great one, the Ro....

Rock- Ahhhh shut your mouth jabroni dont call the Rock that there are only few people that may call the Rock what you just called him. Actually only JR and King, our ring announcer Lillian Garcier, how you doin honey? You still want a piece of the peoples strudle? (crowd errupts, Lillian laughs) and the third and most important thing on this list that can call the Rock those names are.......THE PEOPLE! (crowd errupts, ROCKY! chants circle around the ring as Rock takes all the electricity in from the crowd)
Yes the Rock is in the Rumble with 29 other men, but let me tell you this, you better say your prayers, eat you vitamin C because the Rock is gonna whip all YOUR CANDY ASSES!.......................IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLL.....WHAT THE ROCK.........IS........COOKING!

JR: Well the Rock is ready for the Rumble in 3 weeks time, and after the break its the DOA vs Dudley Boyz!

Commercial Break

We return to see Maven and Savio Vega chatting backstage.

Savio- Thank you man, I really wanted to get back into wrestling and this was just a great way to return

Maven- No worry's man, I can only hope you will be a force here

A backstage official interrupts them

Official- Excuse me gentlemen but Mr. Heyman has told me to get Savio and bring him to his office

Savio- O yeah what for?

Official- I dont know, but apparently its a good thing

Maven- What about me?

Official- He said you are OK, just needs a quick word with Savio

Maven- O OK catch you later Sav

Maven walks back to his locker as Savio and the official exit and start heading down through the corridors.

Savio knocks on Heymans door and enters

Heyman- Ah Savio, I was watching your match earlier, and I have got to say that that was a very impressive victory you and Maven notched up earlier, and because I was so impressed with your performance, I would like to offer you 1 of the 2 remaining spots in the Royal Rumble!

Savio- Thank you Paul, from the bottom of my heart, thank you

Heyman- Just dont make me regret this decision in the future

Savio- I wont

Savio leaves Heymans office with a huge smile on his face.

JR: Well now that Savio Vega has taken one of the last 2 spots in the Rumble, who will get the other 1?

King: I dont know but Heyman may have made a mistake by putting Savio in that Rumble.

JR: O yeah how do you figure?

King: I dunno the guy just returned.

JR: That dosent mean anything, he could win the damn thing, that would shut you up wouldnt it?

King: Calm down JR, Im just speaking my mind.

JR: OK whatever, well folks are you ready for tag team action?

Match 4: Tag Team Match
Participants: Skull & Crush (DOA) vs Dudley Boyz

Skull and Crush squashed D-Von for some time but eventually Bubba got the tag and the Dudleyz isolated Skull. They worked on his head and neck area with a variety of holds, suplexes and DDT's. Every time it seemed Skull would make a tag the Dudleyz used their experience to get the better of DOA and the ref. But they made one mistake and it was enough for Skull to take a chance at. D-Von taunted Crush and Skull hit D-Von with the low blow as the ref was restraining Crush. The crowd clapped on Skull and he tagged in Crush.
Crush destroyed both Dudleyz with clotheslines. He then tossed D-Von outside, whipped Bubba to the ropes and met him with a big boot. Crush then hooked up Bubba for a clothesline but Bubba elbowed his way out and gave Crush the Bubba Bomb. Skull got back in and hit his powerbomb on Bubba, but D-Von wrapped the DOA's chain around his fist and went to hit Skull, but Skull ducked and D-Von hit the ref. D-Von turned around and got a high impact spinebuster. Skull covered D-Von but the ref was down and out. Skull tried to revive the ref but Bubba attacked him from behind. Bubba did his dancing elbow combo on Skull then flapjacked the big man down. Crush got up and started beating on Bubba in the corner. Another referee ran down and started officiating the match. Crush set up Bubba for a chokeslam but D-Von saved his partner. The Dudleyz then set Crush up for the 3D but Skull tackled Bubba to the floor. Crush jumped off D-Vons shoulders and chokeslammed D-Von. Crush hooked a leg as the ref counts 1---2---3!

Match Time: 9m 54s
WINNERS: Skull & Crush (DOA)

JR: What a tag team match King, the DOA in the end get the better of those damn Dudleyz.

King: Very good, I wouldnt be surprised if 1 of these teams gets a title shot soon.

JR: Yeah that will be a good chance for them, but now we are going to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

We come back live in the office of the Director of Authority, Stephanie McMahon.

Steph- Well its seems like Paul Heyman has awarded Savio Vega with a spot in the Royal Rumble, but for the final spot, this man will have to earn it! So tomorrow on Full Throttle, 8 man over the top rope elimination match and the winner gets the final spot. I will announce the competitors tomorrow night, so everyone not already booked in the Rumble, be ready tomorrow, have a nice night everybody!

JR: Well theres a main event for you tomorrow, 8 man battle royal for the final Rumble spot. That should be an absolute slobberknocker!

King: Definatley should Ross, battle royals are great entertainment, and this one shouldnt dissapoint tomorrow.

JR: Its now time for tonights main event, Fatal-4-Way for the Hardcore title!

Match 5: Fatal-4-Way Match for the WIWA Hardcore Championship
Participants: AJ Styles vs Perry Saturn (c) vs New Jack vs Test

New Jack and Styles didnt wait for the other 2 men to get down to the ring as Styles dived through the ropes with an elbow attack on New Jack. Styles covered but Jack kicked out. Styles took Jack and threw him into the barricade. Test's music hit and he charged towards Styles and caught him with a big boot. Test pinned Styles but it was broken up by New Jack, who dragged Test off Styles. Test countered New Jack and whipped him into the steel steps. Saturns music hit and he got a fairly good pop. He had a kendo stick with him. He went right at Test and smacked him on the back, then the back of the head. Saturn pinned Test but Styles broke things up. Styles got a fire extinguisher from under the ring and sprayed it in the face of Saturn. Staurn was blinded, Styles took advantage and clotheslined Saturn over the barricade into the crowd. Test powerslammed Jack on the floor and pinned him but Jack kicked out again. Styles stomped on Saturn then threw him back to the ringside area. Styles balanced himself on the barricade and lept off onto Test with a crossbody. Styles covered Test but the big man powered out. Test picked up Styles and went to drive him into the ring post but Styles countered and Tests head smacked off the post as he fell to the ground motionless. Test started to bleed. New Jack rolled Saturn into the ring and grabbed some trash cans from under the ring and threw them in the ring. Jack kept one with him and he hit Styles over the head with it. New Jack then got in the ring and Saturn unloaded rights and lefts on him. Saturn whipped him to the ropes and gave New Jack the spinebuster, pinned him but Jack kicked out. Saturn went for the DVD but Styles dropkicked Saturn in the back. Saturn dropped Jack and Styles delivered the StylesClash to Saturn on a trash can. He covered but New Jack dropped an elbow on Styles then pinned Saturn himself for a close call. Jack couldnt believe it. He grabbed a road sign from under the ring and hit Test with it as he was getting back up. Test stumbled backwards into the barricade. Jack stomped and choked away at Test. In the ring Styles went for Saturn but Saturn pulled some brass knux from his tights and clocked Styles with them. He then hit Jack off the apron, covered Styles and got the 3!

Match Time: 11m 37s
WINNER: Perry Saturn

After this match Paul Heyman came down to the ring and said that at the Royal Rumble, Saturn would defend his title in a 5 man matchup, elimination style, but that wouldnt be it, it would be an ARMED ASSYLUM matchup, where the crowd bring anything they want and the wrestlers can choose to use them if they want.

Heyman exited and Saturn didnt look to happy but thats what he gets for being champ.

JR: Well Saturn is still the champ, but after the Rumble in 3 weeks he may not be, and also will it be Syxx's time to be Lightweight champ, as he challnged CM Punk to a match.

King: Well I cant wait 3 weeks, lets have it in 2 days!

JR: Too bad King, we'll see you tomorrow for Full Throttle!

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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

The Texas Wrestling Alliance is better than this
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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

I dont give a flying fuck if you think Flyman30's TWA is better than this jengacard, dont post that crap here, comment on my show, and yes Flyman 30 has been around longer so his thingy gets more views, I dont give aabout your opinion
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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

ur shows arent that bad, keep it up.

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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

Hey man, I like the rumble list. Keep up the good work.

Originally Posted by breaksilence View Post
Hey.. this isn't where I parked my car.
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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

thanx guys, not u jengacard
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