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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

thanks for the feedback Jushin, be lookin back at JLA soon.......get the next JLA show up! Well High Voltage may be up before Wednesday, but Im pushed for time this week..


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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

Skipper winning the match thanks to Bret was a good move. Nice potryal of Bret as a heel too. Maven/Sting v. Thrillers had a lot of moves and flowed nice, good finish too with Thrillers cheating to win. Good to see the Hass and Benjamin feud continuing, and Hass as a maniac is brilliant. Rock/Jarret could have been a tad bit longer, but Jarett winning thanks to Hart and Neidhart again was great. I'm liking how this seems to be going in the favor of the heels tonight. Austin/Orton-I Quit. Excellent. Not much to say about the ECW Rules Match, expect it could have been longer. Good match though. I don't know how you're going to pull off a steel cage match between Edge and Rhyno, but I have a feeling you have something up your sleeve. Great main event and ending. 90/100. A! As for the idea, I'll see if KOP V.1 is for it. 1!

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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

Hey, someguy. I'll give full review later.

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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

Good show man. I've just started reading some other shows on here and it's all good. I like the whole super show idea between WIWA and UWEF. Should be good stuff. I'll give your show an 8/10. Solid.
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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

Okay. I liked all the matches and great to have Bret be involved in Nash and Rock's matches. The Haas/Benjamin and Orton/Austin fueds continue, which is good. The I Quit match will determine the better man. The ending was awesome as it was predictable but old school. Clearly one of your best shows so I give this 9/10.

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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

alright thanks for all the feedback, High Voltage is almost done, and Damonac will now have a new reader.....


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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

WIWA High Voltage
Pavelló Olímpic de Badalona, Barcelona, Spain

JR: Everybody, its WIWA in Spain! We are live from Barcelona, and this spanish crowd is going nuts, its aboslutley off the page!

King: What a vocal and loud crowd here tonight, and they wont be dissapointed will they Ross?

JR: Definatley not, we've got 2 more "Next Contender" matchups, the Hardcore title is on the line, Styles gets his shot at Kidman, the tag invatational continues, plus big 6 man tag as The Rock, Kevin Nash & Chris Benoit take on Bret Hart, Christian and Storm!

King: Its gonna be crazy JR, what a night it will be!

"Next Contenders" Tournament QuaterFinals Match
Eddie Guerrero vs ???

*VIVA LA RAZA* hits and the crowd boos loudly as out comes the cold looking Eddie Guerrero. He takes no notice of the crowd, he just slides in the ring and gazes into the crowd, ignoring the *EDDIE SUCKS* chants.

*CAN YOU DIG IT.............SUCKA!* fills the soundsystem and the crowd raise to their feet as out comes Booker T! He does his shaking thing with the hand and lets the pyro fly to get a big pop from the crowd.

Booker was in control early, but Eddie's lying, cheating and stealing got the better of Booker in the end.

Finish: Booker counters Eddies suplex and hits Eddie with one of his own. Booker then chops at Eddie, Eddie knees Booker in the ribs and plants him with a DDT. Cover for a near fall. Eddie places Booker in the corner and hits him with some rights, then whips him to the ropes. Booker ducks the clothesline and hits Eddie with a calf kick! Booker then nails a clothesline, then elevates Eddie over the shoulder. Booker then hits a running knee drop to Eddie. Cover for 2. Booker then goes for the scissors kick, Eddie moves then dropkicks Booker in the face. Eddie climbs up high and teases the crowd. He soars off the top rope and hits the Frog Splash......NO! Booker raises the knees! Booker then hits the scissors kick to Eddie. He then sees the 5 time on his hand, and does the Spinarooni. Booker then sets up Eddie for the Book End, but Eddie counters with a hurricanrana. Both men down again. Both men slowly get up to their feet. Eddie whips Booker to the ropes and hits him with a knee lift! Cover 1-2-NO! Booker kicks out. Eddie evily stares at the ref, then starts wailing away at Booker. Eddie then slaps his chest and does the Latino Shake. The crowd boos Eddie. Eddie sets up Booker for the 3 Amigos, Booker blocks the suplex and rolls Eddie up 1-2-NO! Eddie just kicks out. Booker then catches Eddie coming in with a Book End.

Booker covers but again its damn Neidhart distracting the referee. Booker sees Hart with the chair and superkicks it back into Harts face! Storm then slides in the ring and nails Booker with the chair across the skull! Storm drags Eddies arm over Booker, the ref counts 1-2-3!

Winner and advances to the SemiFinals - Eddie Guerrero

JR: Damn it, the damn CC made their presence felt tonight aswell, again screwing over a man in the winning position!

King: Bret Harts gonna pay for this later tnoight when the 3 men he screwed over in the last week will beat him down!

JR: Yeah and they'll take his cronies with them.

King: We can only hope......

Backstage we see Charlie Haas in the locker room. He looks sadistic as always. We hear laughter all of a sudden as the DOA walk into the locker room. They see Haas and uneasily walk past him. Haas raises his head, after looking at the floor for a while, with an evil smirk on his face. He reaches into his locker and pulls out a crowbar. Haas then whacks Skull across the back of the head with it, then Crush in the ribs. Haas then hits Skull on the head, picks up Crush and DDT's him on the floor. Haas stomps on Skull for a while, then locks in the Haas of Pain on Crush. Backstage officials get back and break it up, they haul Haas out of the locker room and into Paul Heymans office. They handcuff Haas to the chair, then seat him down.

Heyman- What the hell are you doing, its bad enough you put Shelton in the hospital back in oz, now you mug one of my tag teams with a crowbar, what do you want?

Haas- I want Shelton, I want him..........I want to kill him......I hate him!

Heyman- You want another go with Shelton?

Haas- Yes, now, tonight!

Heyman- No way, Shelton is nursing his ribs at home in Orangesburg. But.....

Haas- But this, everyday you delay my match with Shelton, someone else gets hurt!

Heyman- Now please Charlie, lets not get too sadistic, you know I cant give you Shelton again, he beat you twice in 2 PPV's.....

Haas- If I dont get Shelton.......soon......then the locker room will feel the real rage of Charlie Haas.......and NO-ONE will be spared!

Heyman- (sighs) Alright, in one last match, at Hog Wild, Shelton Benjamin vs Charlie Haas.............in a Miami Street Fight! But Charlie if you lose, you can no longer challenge for the TV title while its around Sheltons waist....

Haas- Fine with me......

Haas is taken out by security as we see Heymans look of fear develop as we fade to a commercial

Commercial Break
WIWA Hog Wild
UWEF Highway2Hell

JR: Well folks just before the break it was announced, that at Hog Wild, live from the DC American Airlines Arena, it will be a Miami Street Fight as Shelton Benjamin faces off against Charlie Haas one last time!

King: God, just look back at the history, a Stretcher match at Royal Rumble, Ambulance Match at WM, now a Miami Street Fight at Hog Wild, its nuts!

JR: Folks, judging by the music, its time for the tag invatational!

Tag Team Championship Match
Dudley Boyz vs Mike Sanders & Shawn Stasiak (c)

Sanders and Stasiak await their opponents.

*DROP DA BOMBSHELLS* hits with the pyro and the crowd pops loudly and out come the Dudleyz!

Finish: Sanders hits a backbreaker to D-Von. Cover for 2. Sanders then tries to go for the fishermans suplex, D-Von counters into a cyclone DDT! Bubba and Stasiak tagged in. Bubba sideslams Stasiak, then hits Sanders with a dancing forearm. Bubba powerslams Stasiak, then dodges a Sanders shoulder block and throws him to the outside. Stasiak clubs Bubba from behind and whips him to the ropes, Bubba comes back and avalanches Stasiak. Bubba then scoop slams Stasiak. D-Von climbs up high, its Wazzup time! D-Von soars off and connects with it, Stasiak writhes around on the floor. Sanders chops out D-Vons leg, then gets some punches from Bubba. Sanders rolls out to the floor. Stasiak throws D-Von out to the floor. Stasiak then gets a Bubba Bomb from Bubba. Cover for 2. Bubba irish whips Stasiak to the turnbuckle. He then goes to charge in, but before he gets there Stasiak charges out of the tunrbuckle and connects with a knee to Bubbas head. Sanders turns around and gets flapjacked on the floor. D-Von slides in and goes for a clothesline, Stasiak ducks, then pulls some brass knux out of his trunks and decks D-Von with them. Stasiak then throwd the knux out of the ring. Bubba gets up and gets the Meat Ginder. Cover for 3.

Winners and still Tag Team Champs - Mike Sanders & Shawn Stasiak

JR: Well, once again, the NBT have resulted to cheating to pick up the win, brass knux straight to the head of poor D-Von Dudley, he is bleeding badly.

King: It is a thing of genius though Ross, these 2 men are unbelievably smart...

JR: And spineless, if they have to cheat to win, they arent very good wrestlers!

We are now back in the locker room of The Rock, Nash and Benoit.

Nash- Hey guys I know in the past we may have had our differences, but tonight, we are gonna have to work together, to get something back at Hart and his backup.

Benoit- You guys worry about Storm and Christian, leave Hart for me.

Nash- Hell no, we all get Hart, isolate him then work on him.

Rock- The Rock can feel it now, the Peoples music will hit, the People will explode with *ROCKY* chants, the Peoples Champ will layeth the smacketh down on all Canadian ass, then the Crippler and Big Sexy will join in, and the CC will go home with sore backsides from the ass whipping we deal them out............................................IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.......WHAT THE ROCK....................................IS COOKING!

Rock walks out.

Nash- That guys loopy man, he always referes to himself in 3rd person, its annoying.

Benoit- Dont worry, hes just having some fun, which is what we will be having when we pin or make Bret Hart submit!

Nash- Yeah

Benoit slaps Nash on the chest then exits with Nash scratching his head....


Nash then tries to do the Rocks eyebrow, then mimics his tunrbuckle taunt, smelling the air and raising the hand. He then stops and laughs

Nash- Man how can you do that damn eyebrow?!?

The camera fades out on Nash as he tries to do the Peoples eyebrow.

JR: Well it looks like the team of Rock, Nash and Benoit are ready for later tonight.

King: Its gonna be a huge 6 man tag JR, HUGE!

JR: Here we go folks, the second "Next Contenders" matchup.

"Next Contenders" Tournament QuaterFinals Match
Kurt Angle vs ???

*MEDAL* hits and the crowd gives a mixed response to Angle as he comes out. There is a *YOU SUCK* chant going, but its lighter then usual. Angle looks focused as he stares at the curtains.

*ALPHA MALE* fills the soundsystem, out comes Monty Brown. He charges to the ring and here we go.

Monty was overpowering Angle, but Angle used his mat skills and worked on Monty's leg for most of the match.

Finish: Monty blocks a belly to belly from Angle, and hits him with a huge belly to back slam! Angle holds his back in pain. Monty gets up and goes for the Pounce, but Angle ducks it, then hits Monty with 3 german suplexes. Angle then tugs down the straps of his wrestling gear, and goes for the Anglelock. Monty instantly uses his massive leg strength and powers Angle out through the middle ropes. Angle slaps the mat on the floor, hen slides back in. Angle stomps on Monty but Monty still gets to his feet. Angle hits Monty with some rights then whips him to the ropes, only to get a Pounce from Brown! Cover 1-2-NO! Angle got the shoulder up. Monty Brown cannot believe it. Brown goes to the corner and sets Angle up for another Pounce. Angle to his feet, Brown charges, Angle moves and drop toe holds Monty onto the turnbuckle. Angle then hits an Olympic Slam to Monty Brown. Cover 1-2-NO! Brown kicks out. Angle then sest Brown up for another Olympic Slam, but Jim Neidhart and Bret Hart run down to the ring. Neidhart distracts the ref as Hart slides in and lowblows Angle. Brown then uses Angles own momentum, whips Angle to the ropes and nails him with another Pounce! Cover 1-2-3!

Winner and advances to the SemiFinals - Monty Brown

JR: Damn Bret Hart! He just interfered again, this time costing Kurt Angle the match! Monty Brown advances none the less but Angle did have that match won!

King: Well I know your no fan of Angles, but what you said then is all true, Angl had the match won, then Bret Hart interfered, thats the 4th man he has screwed out of advancing in the tourny!

JR: Bret Hart dosent want to face the men that are set to win, he wants to face the men that scrape through, that means he dosent want to lose the damn title, he would rather wait till July before defending the title.

Angle looks at Hart with disgust as Hart and Neidhart walk up the ramp taunting Angle.

*LOS ANGELES IS BURNING* fills the soundsystem and out comes the owner Someguy to a huge pop from the crowd. He shakes his head as he walks past Hart and Neidhart and continues to the ring. He steps in the ring and grabs a mic.

Someguy- Ok, thats it, I have had enough of this S**t! (crowd pops) Bret, that was the last straw buddy, you crossed the line. You have shifted all the results to your liking, you dont want to face someone at Hog Wild, you would rather wait till Survivor Series wouldnt you? Well thats too bad, because I thought about this hard ever since the night after WM when you screwed Benoit over. At Hog Wild its gonna be Bret Hart vs.................Chris Benoit! (crowd pops) No no, thats not all Bret, Here it is, Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit vs The Rock vs Kevin Nash vs Booker T vs Kurt Angle in an Elimination Chamber for the WIWA Heavyweight title! (crowd explodes)

Bret- You cant do this to me dammit, I am the WIWA Heavyweight champ!

Someguy- Nah nah nah, shutup Bret, I OWN YOU! So at Hog Wild, you're a deadman! If you dont like, then your fired, I strip you of the belt, and your booted out the door.

*LOS ANGELES IS BURNING* hits again and Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart are livid on the stage as Someguy smiles at them, then waves bye bye to Bret as we cut to a commercial.

Commercial Break
Local Sport
Barcelona FC Ad
UWEF Highway2Hell
JLA LiveWire

JR: Were back, and by god, before the break, it was announced that at Hog Wild it will be an Elimination Chamber for the WIWA Heavyweight title!

King: Thats gonna be a brutal match, and lets hope that Bret Hart loses it, I cant stand him as champ!

JR: O hell yeah as Stone Cold would say......

*GLASS SHATTERS* hits and the crowd explodes with a massive ovation and out comes Stone Cold. He gets in the ring and flips the finger, saluting the crowd to big pops.

King: Speak of the devil JR!

JR: Well I think business just picked up!

Austin- Now it seems to me, that Randy Orton dosent like losing, but he dosent like losing, why is he challenging me to an "I Quit" match, when I will take his 3rd generation ass and whip it all over Miami! (crowd pops) What the hell are you.......

*BURN IN MY LIGHT* hits and the crowd boos as out comes Orton in a nice looking suit.

Orton- Steve, Steve, Steve. Are you sure thats your mind talking, or is it the 20 beers you've drunken in the last hour?

Austin- Hell boy, I dont what comes out of my mouth, because I, drunk or not, am gonna beat you senseless again!

Orton- No, your not, this is Randy Ortons time to shine, soon Steve, you will be added to the list of legends fallen before Randy Orton!

Austin- Shut your mouth you little punk, unless you want me to cram my foot down there! (crowd pops) Orton, I dont care how many legends you have beaten, you havent beaten me, and by god son you never will becuase.....

Orton- Thats all about to change though Steve soon, you will, be added to the list, and then Orton can chase the title and not have to think, gee, I still havent got that old bald bastard on my legends list!

Austin- Son, if your interrupt me again you wont live to regret it!

Orton- Ooh Im so scared, do you thik you'll be able to hit me when your that drunk, Im surprised you can even see where I am, wait hold, Ill hold up my hand, can you see me now? No? OVER HERE!

Austin- I warned you boy....

Austin drops the mic and hops out the ring, then charges up the ramp and he and Orton trade rights to a huge pop from the crowd. Austin gets the better of Orton and goes for the Stunner, but Orton blocks it and RKO's Austin on the floor! Orton then taunts then exits.

JR: Wow, Orton just RKO'd Austin on the stage, these 2 cant stand each other, they are tear each other apart at Hog Wild!

King: Austin lost his temper and Orton got the better of him, simple tactics!

JR: Now its time for some Lightweight action, AJ Styles takes on Billy Kidman!

Lightweight Singles Match
AJ Styles vs Billy Kidman

*PHENOMINAL* hits and the crowd roars, out comes AJ Styles.

*DONT CARE* hits and there is little reaction as out comes Kidman.

Finish: Kidman dropkicks Styles as Styles goes for a crossbody. Cover for 2. Both men look exhausted. Kidman goes for a snap suplex, Styles blocks it and hits Kidman with a DDT. Styles then covers for 2. Styles whips Kidman to the ropes and hits him with a hurricanrana. Cover for a near fall. Styles looks for an Orange Crush, Kidman counters and puts Styles in a backslide 1-2-NO! Styles just gets out of it. Kidman chops at Styles, then its him with a couple of rights. Kidman scoop slams Styles, then climbs up top for the Shooting Star. Kidman soars off the top rope, but Styles gets the knees up! Styles then keeps his knees up and rolls Kidman up in a package 1-2-3!

Winner - AJ Styles

Styles raises his hand, winning a hard fought match. Kidman dosent like it. He gets up and plants Styles with a reverse DDT. Kidman then connects to Styles with a Shooting Star press before leaving to a big booing wave from the crowd.

JR: Styles wins an awesome matchup, but damn Kidman couldnt hack it and assaulted Styles after the match was over, thats just bad sportsmanship there....

King: Kidmans the better man JR, its just that Styles had to cheat to win!

JR: As if Styles cheated, he pinned him fairly in the middle of the ring.

*BAD GUY* fills the speakers and the crowd erupts as out comes Scott Hall! He plays to the crowd, then gets a mic from Lillian Garcia and rolls in the ring.

Hall- You know, HHH has a big mouth, and a damn sure little penis! (crowd laughs) Anyways, we all know that Hunter is a sore loser, and just couldnt hack it when he was mugged by the NBT's at WM. But hey, HHH has been a jackass all his life so its no shock to me! (crowd laughs) I came out here for something though, because I want something, and Soct Hall always gets what he wants, and this is what I want..................Scott Hall............HHH..................Hog Wild...............1 on 1! (crowd pops)

*THE GAME* plays and out comes HHH to some massive heat.

HHH- Scott, I dont thik you know what you're getting into here

Hall- O your dead wrong, I do know, thats why I issued the challenge.

HHH- Obviously you lost some brain cells during that War Games match, because I know you, and you dont want to do this.

Hall- Well you dont know me very well then, because if your "The Game" then you will accept the challenge.

HHH- Alright then, you want me, you got me, but Scotty, Im gonna give you a chance to reconsider.....

Hall- Blah, blah, blah. Stop running your mouth, thats what little girls do for attention, lets see if the "Game" has the "Balls" to face Scott Hall.

HHH- Bring it on Scott, Ill be ready for it you little punk!

*THE GAME* hits and HHH exits as we fade to a commercial with Scott Hall smiling.

Commercial Break
Sony Ericsson
Barcelona FC Ad

JR: Well folks we got another big matchup added to Hog Wild, Scott Hall vs HHH one on one, that will be a match!

King: So will this 6 man tag!

6 Man Tag Match
The Rock, Chris Benoit & Kevin Nash vs Bret Hart, Christian & Lance Storm

Rock, Nash and Benoit had control, but with Neidhart at ringside, the CC isolated Benoit with some help.

Finish: Christian goes for a reverse DDT, Benoit counters into a jawbreaker. Both men down. Benoit tags in Nash, Christian tags in Storm. Nash hits an elbow to Storms head, then boots Hart, knocks Neidhart off the apron, then sideslams Storm. Hart and Christian then attack Nash from behind, but The Rock comes in and takes Hart away. Rock lays down the smack on Hart in the corner, then whips him to the ropes and nials him with a backelbow. Nash knees Storm in the gut then goes for the Jacknife. He gets Strom up, but Christian chops out Nash's leg. Nash crumbles to the mat holding his leg Storm then locks on the Maple Leaf lock on Nash. Benoit stomps on Storms back to break it up. Benoit ducks Christians clothesline, hits him with a german suplex. Neidhart then drags Benoit out by the oot and whips him into the steel steps. This brings Booker T out from the back. Booker clotheslines Neidhart into the crowd.

Rock spinebusters Hart and sets it up for the Peoples Elbow. He hits off the ropes but Storm connects with a superkick to Rock, sending him through the ropes. Benoit comes off the top rope with a diving headbutt on Hart. Christian goes for the Unprettier but Nash pushes him into the ropes then hits him with a big boot sending him out to the floor. Storm then tries to superkick Nash, but Nash blocks and Jacknifes Storm to the mat. Cover 1-2-3!

Winners - The Rock, Chris Benoit & Kevin Nash

JR: By god what a match, we gotta go, we'll see you on Friday for Explosion, from Germany!

The screen fades with Rock, Benoit & Nash celebrating with Booker T in the ring, with the CC down on the outside.


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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

High Voltage

-Having a show from Spain.
-Having Eddie Guerrero go over Booker T in the tournament.
-Nice to see Charlie Haas with a push and a gimmick. I could see this leading to a feud with Shelton Benjamin after Haas put him out on the shelf.
-It's good to see Mike Sanders and Shawn Stasiak around. Not to sure about them being Tag Team Champions, but it should work out. With a win over the Dudley Boyz they should do well as champions as they have beat an established team.
-A good promo with the Rock, Chris Benoit and Kevin Nash. It seemed to me like Benoit and Nash were too friendly if they've had their differences in the past, but a nice piece of comedy in there with Kevin Nash. It's also good to see Kevin Nash around.
-Build up between Kurt Angle and Bret Hart.
-Good to see Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart around, as long as you do not have Hart wrestle.
-A good Elimiantion Chamber announced, apart from Bret Hart being in the match because he is unable to wrestle.
-Good build up between Randy Orton and Steve Austin.
-Good to see AJ Styles going over Billy Kidman.
-Nice to see Scott Hall versus Triple H at Hog Wild.
-Good to see Kevin Nash, Chris Benoit and the Rock go over Bret Hart, Christian and Lance Storm, although it looks to be a good push for Christian and Storm.

-Not to sure about having Crush and Skull around. This could however be a good thing.
-Hvaing Monty Brown advance over Kurt Angle. I just feel it would have been better if Angle went over. It did however put Monty Brown over as a better wrestler.
-Not necessarily a negative but if you have Hart wrestle it would be because he can not wrestle.
-Steve Austin wrestling, because he can not wrestle either.

A good show but having Steve Austin and Bret Hart wrestle to me brings the show down on realism. You do however have some good pushes going on with Charlie Haas, Christian and Lance Storm and it's nice to see you using some older superstars like Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.

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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

thank you very much for those comments A-Dust, its good to a have a legendary booker reviewing, I have Austin and Hart wrestling because this is a Fantasy Booking thread.


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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

Having Eddie win Booker was excellant. I'm a fan of both stars but having Eddie advance was the right desicion.

I love the way your using Charlie Haas, finally he's being used right. His upcoming feud with Shelton should be great, I can wait for the finall match.

S and S beasting the Dudley's was okay, having them win the match by cheating always had to be done. A win against the Dudleys though will get them even more over than they already are.

Angle vs Mony Brown was a good match. I would of like to have seen Angle vs Guerrero in the finals but i'm looking forward to what your going to do with the Alpha Male. Having Hart cost the match for Angle should be the start of something special, good job.

I like the Orton and Austin segmant with Orton getting the better of Austin and finishing him with the RKO. This is an interesting one, I could really see this building to a great feud.

AJ vs Kidman is a match i'd kill to see. Th ending could build to a feud which would be a blessing. This could really work if you use it right.

HHH vs Scott Hall should be good, the segmant was cool and it flowed really well.

The main event was great. Finally the CC get what they deserve. I love the way your using the faction, you've wrote for them really well, good job. Looking foward to the next show from Germany. Also I love the European tour thing it works really well.

Overall another great show i'll give it a .......8/10
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