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Re: JLA Wrestling

JLA LiveWire

"My Sacrifice" plays as the JLA Superstars show what they can do. Red Fireworks blast around the arena creating a big pop from the crowd. The video ends with Eric Bischoff smiling creating boo's from the audience.

We then see footage from The Bash At The Beach PPV. The clips show the main event between Sting and HHH. The footage ends with Triple H holding his new JLA World Heavyweight Champion.

"Time to play the game" Triple H enters the ring alone with the JLA Title wrapped aroung his shoulder. The Crowd jeer as he stands dead centre in the ring, with a simle spread across his face.

Triple H- Last night was one of the biggest matches in my career. I was fighting against one of the best wrestlers in the game, for the biggest prize in the game. I lost pints of blood, the liquid stained on the canvass, as I hit the most deadlyest move in the history of proffesional wrestling, the pedergree. I planted Sting's face into his own blood, resulting in the greatest three count ever made. When Earl Hebners hand smacked the canvass, every wrestling fan watching on TV new that the JLA had a champion they could be proud of. A champion that could stay strong even when he's been broken every bone in his body, a champion that would never stand down even if his opponent was 15 foot tall, 700lbs, could bench press two fully grown elephants, it doesnt matter because i'll beat them all.

"I'm Bad" Eric Bischoff enters the ring holding a JLA mike. The General Manager stays cool even when faced with the champ.

Eric Bischoff- First of all Game, I want to congratulate you on your victory at the Bash. I knew you'd do it. Now, this being LiveWire, the greatest show on earth. I have to think of are main event for tonight. And there's only one man i want in it, and that's you Game. Tonight the JLA World Champion will have a non title match with......Well you'll have to wait and see.

Triple H- What do you mean, I wanna know Eric i've got to get ready.

Bischoff leaves the ring smiling leving Triple H looking worried in the middle of the ring.

JR- Who will HHH be fighting King.

Jerry Lawler- I dont know JR, How can Eric Bischoff put Triple H in a match just 2 days after he's defended his title, and he doesnt even know who he's fighting.


We comeback with the Hardy Boys already in the ring.

"Stand back there's a Hurricane coming through" The crowd go nuts as the Superheroes run to the ring, looking happy as always.

The arena goes black with the sounds of heavy breathing. A ring or fire appears with Edge and Christian appearing through the ground. The crowd jeer and boo as the Brood strut to the ring.

Kaien'tai enter the ring to good reaction as they wave the Japanese flag, and shouting in japanese straight into the camera.

The Hardy Boys vs Kaien'tai vs The Superheroes vs Edge and Christian- Elimination Match

Match- The mach kicks off with Taka Michinoku and Hurricane Helms. They hook up with Taka hitting a quick toe kick into the gut, followed by some forearms to the back. An Irish whip is reversed by Helms creating a clotheline on Taka. Helms hits a DDT followed by a snap suplex, with Taka down Helms makes a tag to Rosie. Rosie stops Taka from getting to his corner by grabbing his feet and dragging him to his corner. Rosie pounds on the chest using rights and lefts softening Taka up for a Samoan drop. With Michinoku on the floor Rosie hits a Big Led Drop, followed by a tag back to Hurricane. Helms is welcomed by a lats gasp right hand by Taka followed by a left. The cruiserweight Taka begins to build up momentom as he swings lefts and rights on the Hurricane, resulting in a dropkick to the head. With Helms down Taka makes a pin to the closest man to him which is Jeff Hardy. Jeff hits a DDT as soon as he enters the ring planting the green hair of Hurricane into the canvass. After an elbow Jeff hits a snap suplex followed by a leg drop, Jeff makes the pin 1...2.Rosey breaks the count by stomping on Jeff's head. Jeff stares at Rosey setting him up for a school boy pin by Helms 1...2...3. The Hardys are eliminated, they leave the ring in a huff. Edge enters the ring to hit Hurricane square in the jaw, the force knock Helms to the floor. Edge picks him to his feet and irish whips him into the ropes setting him up for an elbow to the head. Edge drops an elbow before hitting a vertical suplex on the cruiserweight. Edge makes a pin 1...2..Rosey breaks another count. Rosey is warned by the referee, as Edge hits a DDT. Edge makes a pin to his partner Christian who fly's in with a clotheline. Hurricane looks tired as he is hit with chop after chop with an Irish whip following. The whip has Rosey making a blind tag which Christian is unaware of, unlike the ref. Christian hits a clothesline on Hurricane but turns straight into Rosey who connects a Samoan drop. Rosey is on fire as he hitts a clotheline after clothesline on the resillient Christian. The clotheline's take their toll on the Brood's member as he his hit with a belly to belly suplex. Christian gasps for air as he is pinned by Rosey 1...2..Edge breaks the count. Rosey squares up to Edge who doesnt back down from the 300 pounder. Both men stare eye to eye, Rosey concentrated on Edge and doesnt realise Christian behind him who hits an unprettier. Christian makes the pin as Edge knock Hurricane off the apron 1...2...3. The Superheroes are eliminated. Funaki runs into the ring looking to hit a clotheline. Edge ducks the arm and hits a dropkick forcing Funaki to the floor, Taka runs in and is also greeted by a dropkick. Christian runs in to throw Taka over the top rope, he follows him. Chritian looks for a clotheline outside the ring on Taka who ducks and hits a Michinoku Driver on the mat. Edge runs at Funaki looking for a deadly sphere, Funaki dives out of the way resulting in Edge going through the middle ropes. Taka is filled with momentom after his finisher on Christian, and decides to hit another on Edge which he does so with great efect. Taka rolls Edge back into the ring with Funaki making the pin 1...2...The referee is dragged out of the ring.

JR- Gangrel has just dragged The referee from the ring, Funaki was gonna get the 3 count.

Gangrel enters the ring and hits a crucifix DDT on Funaki, Taka enters the ring to help out his partner but to no avail, Gangrel hits a dropkick on Michinoku resulting in him going over the top rope and falling hard on the outside mat. Edge hits an Edgecution on Funaki. Gangrel pushes the referee back into the ring, the official makes a slow count 1...2...3.

Winners- Edge and Christian

JR- They've cheated there way to victory.

Jerry Lawler- Whatever JR, they won that match fair and square, and you know it.

Edge, Christian and Gangrel celebrate in the ring to a defening aray of boos.

Winners- Edge and Christian


Interview with Taz.

Michael Cole- Taz, you had one hell of a match with Rikishi at the Bash at the Beach, resulting in you winning the Intercontinental Championship. My question is now you've beaten Rikishi, who will be challenging you next for your new title.

Taz- Michael Cole, i've shown everyone that i can beat the fat oath Rikishi, I've shown it does'nt matter if you weigh the same size as an elephant....I can beat you. I can beat any in that locker room be it The Undertaker, be it Sting, be it Tajjiri I can beat them to a bloody pulp. So i'm letting anyone who wants to give it a shot, have a match with me for my Intercontinental Title. Next week on LiveWire... I'll stand in that ring and i'll wait and i'll wait... i'll wait for some poor victim to walk down that isle and i'll beat them, i'll beat them so badly that they'll cry like little babies. I'll beat them so badly that when they lie in their hospital bed eating there food from a tube, they'll be haunted by there time in the ring with me. There memories will be like a dagger in there back, continuesly thrusting it's jagged ends into your flesh. So for that pour soul that thinks he can beat me, it's nothing personal....Your just another victim.

A dont try this at home advert is show.

Ultimo Dragon walks to the ring with a huge reaction.

JR- Ultimo Dragon was unlucky not to win the Cruiserweight title at The Bash at the Beach. It took a great performance from Rey Mysterio to stop him.

Akio walks to the ring slowly, looking cautios of Akio.

JR- Akio, what a coward he cheated at The Bash against Jushin Liger because he knew he'd lose.

Match- Ultimo attacks Akio as soon as he enters the ring, he stomps hard on his back with force until he Irish Whips him setting him up for a spinning backbreaker. Akio screams in pain, Ultimo pulls him to his feet and hits a vertical suplex. Ultimo drops an elbow followed by a DDT. Ultimo makes a cover 1...2.Akio kicks out. Ultimo hits a snap suplex, with Akio down he climbs the turnbuckle. He reaches the top and hits a beutifull moonsault. Akio reacts quickly and raises his knees to block the force and cause pain in his opponents ribs. Ultimo screams in pain as Akio slowly gets to his feet. Akio kicks Ultimo straight in the stomach, causing Ultimo to roll violently on the canvass. Akio Irish whips Ultimo to the ropes setting him up for a clothesline. Akio hits a snap suplex followed by an elbow drop to the jaw. Akio looks confident as he hits a DDT, Akio makes the pin 1...2..Ultimo kicks out. Akio pulls Ultimo to his feet, Ultimo stumbles to the ropes, Akio see's this and hits a dropkick. The force of the kick results in Ultimo going over the top rope and hitting the outside mat. Akio goes off the ropes and hits a suicidal dive over the top rope. Both men lie on the floor, until Akio rises to a loud reaction of boos. Akio feeds of the critiscm and smiles in satisfaction, he begins taunting a fan who shouts obcenities. Akio is surprised when he is backdropped onto the mat. Ultimo pushes Akio into the ring. With his new found anvantage, Ultimo hits a vertical suplex. After an Irish whip Ultimo connects with a hip toss. Ultimo looks to the crowd and shouts "he's done," the crowd go nuts. Ultimo pulls his opponent to his feet, Akio smels his fate and hits a blatent low blow in front of the referee. The ref signals the bell resulting in Akio being dissquallified. Ultimo falls to the floor holding his nuts and groening. Akio begins to argue with the ref.

JR- Akio deserved to be dissqualified, he knew what he was doing.

Akio punches the referee aquare in the jaw

JR- what the hell, whats Akio doing he cant hit an official.

Akio throws the referee out of the ring, and follows him straight after. Akio looks under the ring and finds his weapon, a solid steel chair. The crowd begin to jeer and shout obbcenites. Akio slides into the ring armed with the chair.

JR- what is this sick SOB thinking about doing. The damn match is over, you lost fare and square Akio.

Akio lerks behind the injured Ultimo Dragon as he struggles to get to his feet. Ultimo reaches his goal stil unaware of the stalking Akio. Akio looks to swing the chair with full might at the head of Ultimo. Akio swings with might but to no avail, the chair is pulled apart from his hands.

Jerry Lawler- What the hell, Jyushin Liger has took the chair off Akio.

JR- Thank God for Jyushin Liger.

Akio see's Liger armed with the chair, he is quick to react and runs out of the ring. Jyushin stares at Akio as he aids Ultimo to his feet.

JR- It's a good job Jyushin Liger came out here, or who knows what might have happened.

Winner- Ultimo Dragon- By DQ

Jerry Lawler- I dont think this is over JR.


We come back to the ring with The Undertaker and Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman- At the Bash at the beach, we saw Triple H winning the JLA Title. We saw HHH holding the belt with pride. Triple H, take good care of that belt, because by associate The Undertaker.... is taking it.

The Undertaker- Triple H, your time as champion is coming to an end. Your reigh will be short and sweet. You should be proud, you've got your name in the history books, your the first JLA World Heavyweight Champion. Now H, it's time to step aside and give that belt to the true champion. The champion that will rise as the greatest champion in the history of pro wrestling.

Paul Heyman- So Eric Bischoff get your ass out here and make the match.

"I'm Bad" Eric Bischoff stands on the Titon Tron.

Eric Bischoff- Paul, you want a Title shot for your client, I understand. But, I wasnt very pleased with your tone. I'm not just going to give Taker the match, he has to earn it. So next week, on LiveWire we're going to have a number one contedors match for the JLA Title. The Undertaker will be fighting......Brock Lesnar.

JR- Brock Lesnar, what a match.

Jerry Lawler- And it's to be the number one contendor for the JLA Title.

The Undertaker and Heyman looked shocked as Bischoff makes the news.

We go backstage to the DX locker room.

HHH- did you guys find out who's my opponent?

Road Dogg- i'm sorry H. Bischoff's keeping it tight.

HHH- what do you mean, I need to win this match tonight. I cant lose 3 days after my JLA Title match.

Road Dogg- but it's not even for the title.

HHH- It doesnt matter, i'ts about pride, something that you dont have. So go out there and find out who's my god damn opponent.


We come back with Viscera already in the ring.

Steve Blackman follows looking focused as always.

Match- The match kicks off with Steve Blackman hiting an aray of kicks on Vis. Blackman Irish whips Viscera into the ropes giving more momentom into the spining wheel kick. Viscera is hit by an elbow drop, softening him up for an axe kick. Blackman locks in the excruciating arm lock. The pain is too much for Viscera and he taps out.

Winner- Steve Blackman

JR- Steve Blackman has just destroyed the big Viscera.

Jerry Lawler- Not many people can do that.

JR- It's time King, the main event is here.

Jerry Lawler- Who's Triple H's opponent JR.

JR- we'll find out now King.

"Time to play the game" Triple H does his same routine as he walks to the ring. He stands anxiosly in the centre of the ring .

The arena goes silent.

"I think i'm cut, I know i'm sexy"

JR- It's Shawn Michaels. The man Triple H injured to get to the final.

Match- Shawn Michaels runs to the ring with HHH looking horrified. Michaels hits lefts and rights hitting HHH in the head. An Irish whip sets up a big clothesline followed by a dropkick. Michaels feeds of the crowd as he hits a snap suplex. The crowd get louder and louder with every move michaels does. A chop frenzy takes place with HHH taking the first 3, HHH fights back hitting 4 of his own. The red marks on both competitors look painfull, just like the vertical suplex HHH hits. HHH smiles as he hits a DDT, followed by an elbow. Hunter Irish whips Michaels into the ropes, he runs with momentom and hits with a shoulder barge. The bulldog plants Shawns face into the canvass, HHH makes the pin 1...2.Michaels kicks out. HBK is side walked slamed into the ground causing great distress. His lower back isnt helped when HHH pulls off a backbreaker. A pin follows 1...2...HBK kicks out. Triple H Irish Whips him hard into the tunbuckle, he runs with force yet again. HHH rund straight into a Sweet Chin Music.

JR- A sweet chin music, a sweet chin music.

HBK covers HHH, but the referee cant make the count.

JR- The referee has been pulled out of the ring by Bad Ass Billy Gunn.

Billy Gunn enters the ring and walks straight into the Sweet chin Music. X Pac is next to be hit by the finisher.

JR- Michaels is cleaning house.

Road Dogg screams in pain as he is hit by The Music. HBK cleans the ring with HHH the only one left. Triple H see's HBK and hits a toe kick into the mid section, he looks for a Pedigree, but to no avail HBK pushes Triple H over his shoulders resulting in the JLA Champion falling hard onto the canvass. Triple H gets to his feet, but only to be knocked back down by a Sweet Chin Music. HBK hooks the leg 1...2...3.

JR- Michaels has won the JLA Champion. He's took out all of DX too.

HBK celebrates in front of his loving fans. With HHH limping to the background with out the help of DX.
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Re: JLA Wrestling


-The Brood
-The Tazz promo, sounded too much like Triple H's for me.
-You said the main event was a non title match, yet JR said that Shawn Michaels was the JLA World Champion.

-Having Undertaker earn a shot.
-The matches on a whole.
-Using Cruiserweights.
-Using Viscera.

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Re: JLA Wrestling

no i wrote he has won the world champion (Triple H.) Not that he had won the JLA Title.

Anyway thanks for taking the time to post love to hear any veiws on my show. Thanks.
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Re: JLA Wrestling

great show you write really well and loved the use of cruiserweights and Viscera, someone you dont see too often. Very good 8.5/10
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Re: JLA Wrestling


"My Sacrifice" plays as the JLA Superstars show what they can do. Red Fireworks blast around the arena creating a big pop from the crowd. The video ends with Eric Bischoff smiling creating boo's from the audience.

We see clips from the end of last weeks LiveWire showing HBK winning against the Game Triple H in a non title match.

JR- Hello Ladies and Gentleman we've got one hell of a show for you tonight.

Jerry Lawler- I cant wait JR, tonight were gonna have a number one contenders match for the JLA Title between Brock Lesnar and the Phnom....Yes the Undertaker folks.

JR- It's going to be a great match King, i can feel it.

Edge and Christian vs The New Age Outlaws- Tag Team Title Match.

"Oh you didn’t know" Road Dogg and Bad Ass Billy Gunn walk to the ring with Road Dogg rapping all the way. The trademark rhymes of Road Dogg cause the blood of every fan in the arena to slowly boil.

The Tag Belts glisten through out the arena as Edge and Christian of the Brood slowly rise from the ground through a ring of burning fire. Edge and Christian are also booed although not as much of a majority as usual. The thought of them fighting the Outlaws can change anyone's opinion.

Match- Bad Ass Billy Gunn and Edge start the match off in a test of strength. Billy Gunn narrowly wins the test and begins work on the ribs, using a toe kick to help. An Irish whip sets up Edge for a momentum filled dropkick by Billy. Bas Ass has early control of the match and connects with a couple of right hands softening his opponent for a DDT. The devastating manoeuvre earns a pin 1...2.Endge kicks out. Billy Gunn makes the pin to Road Dogg, who meets Edge with another dropkick. Edge looks tired as he is thrown into the turnbuckle, Road Dogg runs at force at Edge who runs out of the way. Road Dogg sees this and stops casually and taps his head "one step ahead, one step ahead baby." He turns straight into a clothesline by Edge.

JR- He wasn’t one step ahead of that one, was he King Ha ha ha ha ha.

Edge lunges at Christian to make the pin. Christian runs into the ring with momentum hitting Road Dogg with clothesline after clothesline. An Irish whip sets the Degenerate up for spinning backbreaker, crushing the lower back into the knee of Christian. Christian runs at Billy Gunn and throws a right hand knocking him off the canvass, Christian then cover the injured Road Dogg 1...2..Road Dogg raises a shoulder to the amazement of his opponent. Christian hits a couple of forearms weakening Road Dogg more for the DDT, followed by a big elbow drop. Christian then makes the tag to Edge who now looks refreshed. The fresh Edge looks for what looks like a powerbomb until Road Dogg uses his strength to push Edge over his shoulders. Both men stay still on the canvass. Both competitors are helped by the constant push by there tag team partners. Road Dogg is the first to reply and makes the tag to Bad Ass Billy Gunn. Mr Ass stops the crawling Christian from making the tag by holding his lifeless legs. Billy Gunn laughs as he drags Christian to his corner, the smile remains as he stomps continuously on the shoulder of his opponent. Christian looks hurt as he is hit by a beautiful vertical suplex. Bad Ass looks confident as he locks a sleeper hold. The hold slowly weakens Christian resulting in Earl Hebner making the count. The senior official reaches 2 when Christian begins to power out. A couple of elbows to the stomach results in an Irish whip. Christian looks for a dropkick, Mr Ass reacts quickly and holds onto the top rope, having Christian bouncing hard onto the canvass. Mr Ass looks at the crowd and begins taunting them using the "Suck It" sign to anger the fans. Edge runs at Billy Gunn looking for a clothesline from the edge of the ring, Bad Ass ducks and hits a dropkick, knocking Edge hard to the mat. Bad Ass turns to see Christian struggling to his feet, Mr Ass runs at the bent over Christian and hits a magnificent Fame-Asser. The finishing manoeuvre is followed by a pin 1...2...3.

Jerry Lawler- The New Age Outlaws retain there titles, is there any one that can beat them.

JR- They've certainly put on a good show tonight King.

Edge and Christian struggle there way to the backstage while DX torment the fans with there usual celebratory rap.

Winners- The New Age Outlaws- Retain Tag Team Titles

We see a "Don’t try this at home advert with the JLA stars giving there opinions."


We return with Bad Ass Billy Gun and Road Dogg celebrating there win backstage with champagne.

Roag Dogg- Oh man what a Fame-Asser, did you see Christians face when you got the three count, man that was priceless.

Billy Gun- I know....Is there anyone that can at least give us a challenge, this is getting waaaay to easy.

The Tag Champs walk straight into the Dudley Boys who stare intently at both DX members.

D'Von- You want a challenge, we'll give you a challenge.

Road Dogg- wowww wait a minute there D'von, we don’t want a match, we've just defended are Titles. Anyway, we beat you guys just two weeks ago, why should we give you another match.

D'von- You two little bitches didn't beat us at the Bash, you cheated to keep those belts and you bastards know it.

Road Dogg- we didn’t cheat.....biatch; we beat you little hillbillies fare and square.

Bub Buh Ray- YYYYYYou hit mmmmmmmmme with a ccccccchair.

Road Dogg and Bad Ass begin to laugh.

Road Dogg- whats that Bub Buh ha ha ha ha ha.

D'von- You won't be laughing at No Mercy when we beat both your asses for the Tag Team Titles.

Mr Ass- yeah like that’s gonna happen. Your not getting another title shot Dudley’s, you'll be lucky if you have the privilege to step in the same ring with us.

D'Von- We've just ....."discussed" it, with Eric Bischoff, it's signed The New Age Outlaws vs The Damn Dudley Boys for the Tag Team Tiles, how do you like that biatch.

The New Age Outlaws stand stunned as the Dudley’s walk away smiling.

JR-Did you hear that King, The Dudley will face The Outlaws for the tag Titles.

Jerry Lawler- I can't believe them Damn Dudley’s, I bet they threatened Eric Bischoff for the title shot.

JR- Well they deserve another shot, they got screwed out of there other title match.

Interview with Brock Lesnar.

Michael Cole- Brock your match with The Undertaker is not that far away. What do you think your chances are of winning tonight.

Brock Lesnar- Michael Cole, tonight The Undertaker will feel my pain as I begin to pound him with my fists. The Undertaker will scream in pain as I take my lingering frustration out on his nose. The number one contender’s spot is just a cherry on the top.

Michael Cole- Do you believe that your x manager being at ringside will cause a distraction.

Brock Lesnar- I'm not gonna lie, Paul Heyman hurt me when he joined The Undertaker. The pain still hurts when i see him at the Undertakers side. But Heyman, I'm not a writer, I cant write my pain on paper and see it float away. I'm a fighter, and I’ll lose this pain my causing as much as I can to your precious Phnom. You say that The Undertaker was born to be a Champion, we'll i was born to fight.... and by God am I gonna fight. If Paul decides to risk it at ringside, well then he can get a front row view of me beating the Undertaker, and then he can watch on TV as I beat Triple H for the JLA Title. It will make my victory sweeter seeing that son of a bitches face when I show him my new World Title.


We are welcomed back with a clip from last weeks LiveWire showing Akio hitting an official and trying to hit Ultimo Dragon, we then see Jyushin Liger intervene and take the chair off Akio.

Jyushin Liger and Ultimo Dragon walk to the ring with Liger's music trying to drown the sounds of the fans cheers.

Akio walks down to the ring with Tajjiri, this time the music is fighting for air space with jeers and boo's.

JR- Akio is I sick human being who doesn’t deserve to be fighting in a JLA ring.

Jerry Lawler- Oh your such a drama queen JR, Akio is a very smart wrestler who is just looking out for himself.

Match- Tajjiri and Ultimo Dragon start the match with Ultimo starting off well with a toe kick. Lefts and rights weaken Tajjiri to the ground, Ultimo begins stomping on The Japanese Buzz saw. Ultimo Irish whips him to the ropes and connects with a drop toe hold, followed by a sleeper hold. Tajjiri fights out of it quickly only to be hit by an enzigure by Ultimo. After an elbow to the head Ultimo Dragon makes the tag to Jyushin Liger. Liger runs at Akio only to be stopped by the referee, Jyushin Liger pushes the referee out of the way only to be stopped by Tajjiri with a dropkick to the back of the head. Tajjiri begins some stomping only to be stopped by the official who uses his body to part both competitors. Tajjiri pulls Jyushin to his feet and an aray of kicks from head to toe weakening Liger to the floor. Tajjiri makes a tag to Akio who is greeted by defining jeers. Akio hits a straight shot to the gut followed by some vigorous stomping. Jyushin screams in pain as he is hit by a snap suplex followed by a quick leg drop. Akio smiles a sick smile as he connects with a Pele kick straight to the head of Liger, knocking him down to the floor. Akio hooks the leg as the referee makes the count 1...2..Jyushin kicks out. Akio looks intently at Ligers red mask as he begins to shoot straight hands to the head. After five heavy blows Akio picks Jyushin to his feet and hits a spining wheel kick. Akio makes the tag to Tajjiri. Tajjiri silences the boo's of the fans by hitting an enzigure on Jyushin. Tajjiri begins to shout obscenities in Japanese to the crowd before hitting a straight kick to the head of Jyushin Liger. The force of Tajjiri's boot has Liger falling hard to the canvass. Tajjiri connects with a hurricarana causing Liger to lose focus of the match, with Liger stumbling The Japanese Buzz saw connects with a dropkick. Tajjiri makes the tag to his partner Akio. Akio works on the extremely tired Jyushin Liger planting lefts and right setting him up for a side walk slam. Ligers looks extremely tired as he is pulled to his feet, Akio hits a toe kick making a perfect position for a powerbomb. With the masked legend on his shoulders, Akio stumbles to regain balance. He isnt helped when Jyushin Liger begins to use lefts and right to good effect on the base of his head. Akio's legs weaken and finally he begins to fall flat on his back, Jyushin remains pounding on Akio's head. The fans go nuts as Jyushin uses his momentum to hit the intruding Tajjiri with a right hook. The stumbling Akio is hit by a running enzigure from Liger knocking him straight to the floor. Liger stumbles to his corner and makes a tag to his partner Ultimo Dragon. Ultimo walks into the ring and uses a snap suplex, causing great pain in the back of Akio. Ultimo throws the limp body of Tajjiri out of the ring before hitting a belly to back suplex on Akio. He signals the crowd and cuts his throat. Ultimo picks akio to his feet and connects with a Ultimo Dragon DDT pulling off an amazing flip in the air. Ultimo hooks the leg 1...2...3.

JR- Ultimo gets the three count, he and Jyushin Liger win the match. Finaly they get some revenge on Akio.

Jyushin Liger celebrates in front of the crowd as Ultimo looks under the ring, he reappears with a steel chair in hand.

Jerry Lawler- what the hell is Ultimo thinking.

Ultimo enters the ring for him to be stopped by his partner Jyushin Liger.

Jyushin Liger- He's not worth it man, we got the win just leave it.

Ultimo looks at the chair then looks at Akio who is still flat out on the canvass. Ultimo swings the chair at full force at his partner and friend Jyushin Liger.

JR- what he hell is Ultimo doing, that’s his freind.

Ultimo continues to smash the lifeless body of Jyushin Liger without remorse. Road agents finally enter the ring to stop the enraged Ultimo.

JR- finally Ultimo has stopped this harness act, I don’t know whats got over him. I'm shocked King I truly am amazed. I never in my wildest dreams could of imagined this happening.

Ultimo leaves the ring after dropping the steel chair on the frail body of Jyushin Liger. He leaves in a sea of defining boo's.

Winners- Ultimo Dragon and Jyushin Liger


We return with the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels standing in the centre of the ring, wearing a black tank top and a wild smile spread across his face. The crowd’s cheers finally die out queuing Michaels.

Shawn Michaels- Last week, I finally got some sweet, sweet revenge on Triple H's ass. (the crowd go nuts.) Now, most people would be happy with beating Triple H 1...2...3. but there's only one problem, sadly that World Heavyweight Title is still strapped around HHH's waist. I've been on the sidelines for 4 long weeks, and in that time I've had to watch Triple H, the man that injured me to get to the final, win the JLA Title. I've had to sit back and clench my teeth and listen to Triple H shout his gob about how he is born to be the JLA Champion. And now, I have to watch Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker battle it out for a number one contender contract. Well pardon my language but I’m pretty pissed off. I deserve to have a title shot, not The Undertaker. So Eric Bischoff, I want you to get your ass out here and put me in the next match.

"I'm Bad" Eric Biscoff remains on the titon tron with a JLA mic in hand.

Bischoff- Shawn, sadly I cant enter you in the next match between Lesnar and The Undertaker. It's just too short notice. I'm sorry Shawn, maybe next time.

Bischoff quickly leaves backstage without a word of notice.

Shawn Michaels- Bischoff get your ass back out here. Fine then you dont wanna come back out, i guess I’ll have to find you.

The crowd go nuts as Michaels runs backstage without looking back.

We then see the move of the week- The winner is Triple H's Pedigree on Sting to win the JLA Title.

Jerry Lawler- What a move, that move won Triple H the JLA Title.

JR- It also gave Sting a severe concussion. I hope your feeling better Sting, and we cant wait for you to return.

Jerry Lawler- I can.

Brock Lesnars music blasts over the PA causing a big pop from the crowd. He walks slowly to the ring looking focused. As he enters the ring his opponent’s music enters the airwaves.

Taker walks slowly to the ring accompanied by his manager Paul Heyman with a cold reaction from the crowd.

Match- Both men’s eyes stay locked on each other as they circle the ring. Both men lock up with The Undertaker shoving a knee into the stomach of Lesnar. A right hand has Brock stumbling and a left has him on the canvass. He quickly returns to his feet and hits a righ of his won followed by a left hook which has the same affect of the Phnom’s. Taker gets to his feet and retreats back to his corner, he looks at his manager Paul Heyman and looks startled by Lesnars strength. Taker shakes it off and lock up once again with Lesnar, this time lesnar pushes Taker to the turnbuckle and hits him with a knee. With Taker trapped Lesnar begins to pound lefts and right into the stomach. After a minute of punishment Lesnar lets The Undertaker stumble straight into a clothesline which knocks him hard to the floor. Lesnar gives no time to Taker and pulls him to his feet and hits him with a couple of forearms. The shots set the Phnom up for a sloppy vertical suplex. The sheer weight of Taker makes it hard for a perfect suplex but the move takes some affect. With Taker shaken Lesnar pulls off a scoop slam which has Taker reaping in pain. Lesnar points at Heyman and shouts "your next bitch, your next."

JR- A few word of warning from Lesnar to Heyman.

Brock hits a chop across the chest followed by a massive dropkick, the force of the kick has The Underteker going over the top rope and landing on his feet. Taker looks amazed at Lesnar and hesitantly slides back into the ring. As soon as Taker enters Brock begins stomping on his back followed by some elbows to the back. Taker uses his instincts and uses a low blow to full affect. Lesnar falls to the floor as the Undertaker is warned by the referee. Taker walks over to Lesnar with a smile on his face, and is surprised when Lesnar hits a toe kick out of nowhere. The kick sets him up for a DDT which plants the Phnom’s head into the canvass. Lesnar Irish whips Taker into the ropes and looks flying elbow which Taker ducks, this results in the full force of Brocks elbow being embraced by the senior official. Lesnar tries to help the referee back to his feet and whilst doing this Paul Heyman slams with his full force the steel chair over his back. Lensar fall to the floor as Heyman slides back out of the ring. Taker stands and picks Lesnar to his feet, he slams his gigantic hand around the throat of Lesnar and connects with a cokeslam. The Undertaker hooks the leg, and after some bating the referee slowly makes the count 1...2...3

JR- I cant believe it, Brock has been screwed out of his title shot by Paul Heyman and the Undertaker.

Jerry Lawler- The Undertaker did it, he's going to No Mercy.

The Undertaker and Paul Heyman quickly leave for backstage with Brock Lesnar sill out on the mat.

Winner- The Undertaker
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Re: JLA Wrestling

JLA Livewire

-Having the New Age Outlaws and Edge & Christian together.

-Dudleyz getting a Title shot at the next Pay Per View.
-Brock Lesnar interview.
-Ultimo Dragon turning heel
-Continuing the feud between Akio and Jushin Liger, with Ultimo Dragon getting involved.
-Having the Undertaker win the match against Brock Lesnar.

Another good show, and made better with Ultimo turning heel. I just hope this keeps going.

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Re: JLA Wrestling

Thanks A-Dust dont worry it will keep going, and it will get even better.
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Re: JLA Wrestling

JLA LiveWire

"My Sacrifice" plays as the JLA Superstars show what they can do. Red Fireworks blast around the arena creating a big pop from the crowd. The video ends with Eric Bischoff smiling creating boo's from the audience.

We see clips from last weeks main event showing The Undertaker winning Brock Lesner in a number one contenders match.

JR- Welcome to LiveWire ladies and Gentleman, where only two weeks away from No Mercy and we already know are main event.

Jerry Lawler- Of course JR, and what a main event it will be, The Undertaker vs Triple H for the JLA Title. Man what a match.

The Undertakers music hits the airwaves. He walks to the ring accompanied by his manager Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman- Last week, right here on LiveWire, the Undertaker took his first steps to greatness. His next steps will be taken at No Mercy, where he will be crowned JLA Champion. Triple H's reign will be short, and if he's lucky his life will not take the same route. So.....

"Time to play the Game" Triple H enters the ring with the JLA Title over his shoulder.

Triple H- Heyman, you think you can scare me....You think you can syke me out before No Mercy. Do you know who your talking to Heyman, your talking to the syribrel assassin. I am the master of mind games jackass. Heyman, you say my reign will be short, that Taker will win my title off me at No Mercy. Well Taker, nobody can beat me, I am the Game I am Triple H I am the best damn wrestler in the JLA. And no one and I mean no one can beat me!

"You think I’m cute" Shawn Michaels walks to the ring looking angry as he stares at the JLA Champ.

Shawn Michaels- Triple H will you please, just for one fraction of a second....just shut the fuck up. I've had to sit on my arse for four agonising weeks hearing you rant and rave about how your the best in the business. Well H, I've got news for you, your not unbeatable, your not the best in the business, your a lying cheating son of a bitch. And what makes me even more pissed, is that your holding that JLA Title like you deserve it. Well you don’t deserve it, you don’t deserve shit. And that’s not all, oh yeah there's more. After beating your ass two weeks ago, I have to watch another undeserving SOB challenge you for the title.

Paul Heyman- Wooooooow hold on a second there Shawn...

Shawn Michaels- Heyman, you say one more word my foot will be lodged in the back of your throat. You come out here shouting your mouth about how Taker's the Phnom, how he's destined to be Champ. Well here's a thought, why don’t you let the "Phnom" speak for himself. And oh yeah...

HBK hits sweet chin music on Paul Heyman with the force taking the Phnom’s manager over the top rope. Taker lunges at Michaels only to be hit by some more of the Music. Triple H is next in line as he is hit by lefts and rights followed by another super kick to the face. The Undertaker and Triple H lie cold on the canvass with Heyman outside of the ring unconscious.

Eric Bischoff runs to the titan tron with mic in hand.

Eric Bischoff- What the hell are you doing Shawn. You cant just come out here and take out two of are biggest stars. Like I told you last week, your not getting a title shot...And that’s final.

HBK stands in the centre of the ring looking bewildered by Bischoffs announcement.


We return with Viscera in the ring.

Raven enters the ring with the hardcore belt strapped around his waist. He doesn’t let the crowds boo's affect him as he enters the ring and gets straight to work on Viscera.

Raven vs Viscera- Hardcore Title Match.

Match- Raven begins the match planting lefts and rights to the face of Viscera. An Irish whip creates momentum into the dropkick. With Viscera down, Raven looks under the ring and reaches for a metal trash can. He enters the ring with the can in hand, the now standing Viscera is surprised by the trash can as it is smashed at full speed across his head. Raven continues to hit Viscera with the can until Big Vis falls to the floor. Raven returns under the ring and begins to throw an assortment of objects into the squared circle. He slides under the ropes with the ring filled with an array of weapons. The Hardcore Champ picks up a stop sign and uses it to full affect, he hits 3 blows to the head until the sign breaks in two. Raven looks surprised at the broken sign, and with that moment of distraction Viscera hits a clothesline which takes Raven to the floor. Viscera takes his advantage to pick up a fire extinguisher which he uses to smash over the head of his opponent. Vis begins to stomp on the now frail body of Raven softening him up for a scoop slam. Viscera taunts the crowd giving Raven time to get to his feet. Raven manages to regain balance until Viscera hits a Samoan drop, taking the wind straight out of him. Raven gasps for air as his leg is hooked to make the pin 1...2..Raven manages to raise a shoulder. Viscera looks hard at the ref signalling a 3 count but to no avail. With his attempts failed, Viscera looks for another weapon. He finds a baseball bat which he grasps in both hands. He swing at Raven, who ducks to miss the blow, Viscera turns with the bat still in hand straight into a toe kick into the mid section. Viscera drops the bat as he is hit by an even flow DDT. Raven covers Viscera for the ref to make the count 1...2...3

Jerry Lawler- Raven retains his title, what a wrestler.

Ravens arm is raised in triumph as he holds the belt in his right. He walks to backstage with a smile on his face as Viscera still lies on the canvass.

Winner- Raven- Retains Hardcore Title

Post match Interview with Raven.

Michael Cole- Raven congratulations on your successful Title defence. How do you feel after beating Viscera to retain the Hardcore Championship?

Raven- Michael Cole, I cant be beaten. I am the greatest Hardcore Champion that there is....and ever will be. Look at me, just look at me...I've just been in a hardcore match against the big 500 pound Viscera...and I've not got a scratch on me!

Michael Cole- Well they are some strong claims, there are allot of great hardcore wrestlers out there. Do you believe you can beat them all?

Raven- I know I can beat them all, you know what I'll prove it. I am so confident that I’ll will make an announcement. From this minute, my hardcore title will be on the line 24/7. I don’t care if it's in the middle of the night I’ll defend it. On the crack of dawn I'll defend it, anywhere anytime. How do you like that Michael Cole. If you can get an official referee to make the 3 count, even you can win the title.

Michael Cole- A huge announcement from are Hardcore Champion. His title will be on the line 24 hours a day 7 days a week anywhere, anytime!


We return with Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross at ringside.

JR- A huge announcement from Raven.

Jerry Lawler- A stupid announcement more like it.

JR- Anyway, two weeks ago Taz made an announcement of his own stating that he will put his Intercontinental Title on the line against anyone who dared to fight him. Well Taz is in the ring now folks so lets join him.

Taz- I've been waiting here for 3 minutes and still no one wants to fight me, does no body backstage want to give it a go. Who knows you might last a couple of minutes ha ha ha ha.

A number 20 appears on the titan tron screen which goes to a 19 then to an 18. The numbers keep counting down until it reaches 1. A huge explosion blinds the crowd for a good 5 seconds and takes 10 for the gold sparks to clear. A figure appears on the titan tron with his back to the crowd and his arms at full stretch at shoulder length.

JR- It's Chris Jericho, Chris Jericho is here in the JLA.

Jerry Lawler- What the hell is he doing here. He's not a JLA superstar.

Y2J walks to the ring with the crowd going nuts.

Taz- Who the hell are you? You know what it doesn’t matter because I will still kick your ass!

Chris Jericho- Taz, will you please shut the helllllllllllllllllll up. You wanna know who I am Taz, I am the the iyya tola of rock an rollllla. The focus of every Jericholic here, I am Y2J.....Chris Jericho.(The crowd go mental with the rising chant "Y2J" filling the arena.)

Taz- It doesnt matter what your name is, because to me your just another victim.

Taz vs Chris Jericho- Intercontinental Title Match.

Match- Taz surprises Jericho with a right hand knocking him to the ground. Jericho gets to his feet to be pounded with more fists to the face, the blows have Jericho finding refuge on the ropes, only to be Irish whipped setting him up for a big clothesline. Taz gives Jericho no time to breath as he hits with a belly to belly suplex, followed by an arm bar submission. The hold is held for a good long 2 minuites until Taz decides to stomp on the same weary arm. He stays focused on the right arm, dropping 3 knees one after another. An arm bar take down results in another arm bar submission, which has Y2J franticly trying to find the ropes, he reaches the bottom rope and breathes a sign of relief. The reassurance doesn’t last long as he is hit with a vertical suplex. Taz makes a pin 1...2.Chris Jericho raises a shoulder to stop the count. Taz's anger fuels the upcoming snap suplex, which has Y2J cringing in pain. The Intercontinental champion shows no mercy on his opponent as hits right after right to the unprotected skull. The ref stops the savage assault, only for Taz to hit a belly to back suplex. Taz looks at Y2J and begins shouting straight into his face "who are you, who are you?" An Irish whip into the right turnbuckle knocks the air out of Y2J, Taz pushes him to the top rope. Taz follows resulting in both competitors staggering on the top rope. 3 punches soften Y2J up, as he locks his muscular arms around the body of the newcomer.

JR- No, he cant do it, it will kill him god damn it.

JR's pleads fall on deaf ears, as Taz connects with a belly to back suplex off the top rope. Taz's smug face angers the crowd and he irritates them even more as he makes the pin 1...2...Y2J raises a shoulder. Taz looks astonished as he looks down on his strong willed opponent. The IC champ snaps back to reality and try's to pull Y2J back to his feet, Jericho grabs hold of Taz's legs and turns to connect with a Walls Of Jericho.

JR- A walls of Jericho, the Walls Of Jericho is locked in as tight as a pickle jar.

Taz tries franticly to get to the ropes and slowly inches closer and closer. The bottom rope looks imminent until Jericho pulls Taz away from his goal keeping the finisher locked in tight. Taz screams in pain as his back is bent in shapes not meant for the human anatomy. With the pain still shooting in his back, Taz once again tries to get to the ropes. He drags himself slowly, inch by inch looking at the ropes the whole time. He reaches his goal to the crowds disappointment, when he finally grasps the bottom rope. Y2J takes no time to work on Taz as he drops an elbow to the back of the head. Y2J builds up momentum as he hits a German suplex, followed by a dropkick to the chest. Jericho's fans scream with enthusiasm, as he hits a running enzigure. Jericho looks for a back suplex for Tax to land steadily in his feet, he surprises Jericho with a deadly Tazmission which he locks in tightly.

Jerry Lawler- He's got it locked in, the Tazmission is locked in, Taz is going to retain the title.

Taz jerks Jericho's head violently looking for Y2J to give up. Jericho stays standing and hits an elbow to the gut of Taz, but the submission stays locked in. Jericho manages to hit another resulting in Taz releasing the hold. Taz looks for a clothesline which is ducked by Jericho who immediately sweeps the legs and locks in another Walls of Jericho. The crowd go buzzurk as Jericho strains the back of Taz. The Brooklyn born Taz screams in pain as his back is forced to bend in an inhumane position. The Intercontinental champ manages to force his way to the ropes until Jericho pulls Taz back into the middle of the ring. The IC champ shakes in pain as he once again tries to get to the ropes, but to no avail. The pain remains and now even stronger than before, Taz looks at the ropes like they where miles away. Then once the pain became to much, Taz begins to tap. Y2J releases the hold and drops to the canvass. The referee holds his hand up in triumph and he is given his new won Intercontinental Title.

JR- Chris Jericho has won the JLA Intercontinental Championship on his first night here on LiveWire. I can’t believe it King.

Jerry Lawler- I'm stunned JR, I can’t believe that Y2J Chris Jericho has won Taz. How the hell did he do it.

Winner- Chris Jericho- New Intercontinental Champion.

We see a "don’t try this at home segment" with the JLA superstars giving there thoughts.


We return to see footage from last weeks LiveWire showing Ultimo Dragon turning his back on Jyushin Liger and hitting him with a steel chair. The footage creates a loud reaction of boos from the crowd.

As soon as the footage ends Ultimo Dragon enters the ring accompanied with Akio. Defining jeers engulf the arena as Ultimo and Akio shake hands in the middle of the ring.

Akio- Ladies and Gentleman the one and only Ultimo Dragon.

Ultimo Dragon- I know there will be lots of question you want to ask me. The first being why? Why did I hit my "freind" Jyushin Liger? Why did I turn my back on Jyushin Liger? You want to know why? Because I don’t need Jyushin Liger. I don’t need Liger helping me, I am a legend. And I am loved where ever I go, the fans love me. The crowd used to chant my name wherever I went, they used to hold up sign saying the same. But then I fight Rey Mysterio jr and everything changed, the crowd weren’t just chanting my name anymore, they where chanting Mysterio's. I lost that match against Mysterio, and when I did the crowd still cheered for Mysterio. But I let by gones be by gons, and I just left it because I'm a nice guy. And then talk about adding salt to the wormed, Jyushin Liger thinks he can help me when I'm in a little trouble. He thinks he can swoop in and become a hero. Well Liger I'm sick of it, I've had to stand in your shadow for nearly all of my career. When I was risking my life every night, for every one of you fans. People forgot about me as soon as liger hit the ring. I despise you Liger, I hate you. My career has meant nothing compared to yours, you are the God of wrestling and I'm just second best. I've had to listen to that for all of my wrestling life. I hate you Liger, I hate you, you son of a bitch. And you think you can change my mind by helping me, I don’t need your help Liger, I can win anyone, I don’t need anyone’s help.

Ultimo then hits a super kick straight into the face of Akio, He begins pounding on the face of Akio causing blood to pour onto his face and onto the canvass. After the savage beating Ultimo holds Akio's head to the canvass with the gash on his head still spouting blood. Ultimo looks at the camera and says "your next Liger, you son of a bitch, your no legend Liger, and I'll show everyone."

JR- Ultimo Dragon has snapped, he's completely lost it, he's just beaten Akio to a bloody pulp.


We return with Raven who is in the cafeteria drinking a cup of coffee. Suddenly we see Steve Blackman lunge at the Hardcore Champ planting an elbow to the face. Blackman begins to punch Raven in the face until Raven powers out. He grabs the cup of coffee and throws the hot liquid in the face of Blackman. With Blackman blinded Raven runs with his Hardcore belt towards the parking lot.

Jerry Lawler- I'm guessing that Ravens rethinking his decision to have his title defended 24/7. Hey JR.

JR- I agree King, we were close to having a new Hardcore Champ there.

"Oh you didn’t know" The New Age Outlaws walk to the ring with the Tag Team Belts wrapped around there waists.

Road Dogg- I'm pretty sure that all of you know that the Greatest Tag Team In the world....Us. Will be fighting the Dudley Boys. Now I bet your think that we'd be scared about defending are titles against Bub Buh and D'Von. Well we're not, you see we've already beaten the Dudley Boys once before and we can do it again. Now personally I don’t think we should have to waste are time again by facing the Dudley's, but sadly Bischoff was forced to make the match. Well we're out here to tell the Dudley’s something, so get your asses out here.

The Dudley’s arrival creates a big pop from the crowd.

Both Tag Teams have a stare off in the middle of the ring before Road Dogg interrupts.

Road Dogg- Hey Dudley’s, we don’t mind that you've forced Bischoff to make another Tag Team Match. But it's getting boring beating you guys all the time. So we have a proposition for you, we will give you the chance to choose the stipulation of the match you want, but if you lose the match at No Mercy which you will...you can never fight us for the Titles again. What do you say?

D'Von- You guys have got yourself a deal. We will beat you at No Mercy in a Tag Team Table's Match.

JR- Oh my god, a tag team table match, what a match it will be.

The Dudley’s are attacked as they leave the ring by the New Age Outlaws, the Dudley’s react quickly and begin planting lefts and right on the DX members. Both Road Dogg and Mr Ass are knocked to the canvass, resulting in D'Von collecting a table from under the ring. Bub Buh stands the table on all fours, the stumbling Road Dogg is picked up by D'von and The Dudley’s hit a big 3D through the table.

JR- Oh my God, a 3D through the table, will we see new Tag Team Champions Crowned at No Mercy.

Jerry Lawler- No way JR, No Mercy will be The Dudley Boys last Tag Team Title match, I can assure you of that.

We go backstage to Eric Bischoff office where the Undertaker has entered.

Eric Bischoff- Hello Taker, what can I help you with.

The Undertaker- I want Michaels now.

Eric Bischoff- What? No way, Michaels isn’t stable, he's focused on Triple H and the JLA Title, who knows what he'll do to you.

The Undertaker- I don’t care, no one cheap shots me, and I mean no one. So you make the match or I'll take my frustration out on you!

Eric Bischoff- Okay i'll make the match.

JR- Oh my God, Shawn Michael will be fighting the Undertaker.

Jerry Lawler- And thats next JR.


We return with The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels already in the ring, with Paul Heyman giving encourigment at ringside.

The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels

Match- The match kicks of with The Undertaker getting the advantage with a low toe kick. A right hand has HBK on the floor, followed by an elbow to the head. Taker keeps Michaels to the canvass with a sleeper hold, which has HBK franticly fighting to be released. He reaches his goal after an elbow to the head, HBK's advantage doesn’t last long with a clothesline by Taker. A leg drop has HBK gasping for air, followed by an excellent vertical suplex. The Phnom looks confident as he hits a big kick to the face after an Irish whip. Taker looks for a clothesline only its ducked setting Taker up for a dropkick. The crowd go nuts as Michaels builds momentum hitting an atomic drop. HBK hits an enzigure knocking the taste straight out of his mouth. Shawn Michaels feeds off the crowd as he climbs to the top turnbuckle. The crowd know whats coming next and Michaels proves them right, he hits an elbow off the top creating a great pop from the crowd. HBK walks to the turnbuckle to tune up the band, with every stomp Michaels makes the crowd get louder. Finally the Undertaker makes it to his feet to be hit with the Sweet Chin Music. Heyman knows Taker's in trouble and disstracts the ref by standing by the ropes and complaining. HBK walks over to Heyman and knocks him with a right hand. With Heyman out of the picture Michaels makes the pin 1...2...3

JR- HBK wins, he's got the 3 count against the Phnom!

Shawn Michaels hand is raised in victory when HHH enters the ring to hit him with a steel chair. The force of the steel crashing against his back has HBK crashing to the ground. After 3 big blows to the head, HHH works on his next opponent The Undertaker. Triple H is merciless as he hits Taker with the solid cold steel, over and over again. LiveWire finishes with The Undertaker in a bloody pulp with Triple H showing him the JLA Title shouting "you'll never get this you son of a bitch."

Winner- Shawn Michaels

Jerry Lawler- Oh my God, No Mercy's main event is really heating up.

JR- It's gonna be a slobber knocker, see ya next week folks.

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Re: JLA Wrestling

Wow man, I didn't realize how good this really is. The matches are written very well along with the commentary. A little work on the interviews, try to make them a little more real. but hey they are still great. I'll start reviewing your shows as well after your next one. Keep up the great work man.


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Re: JLA Wrestling

Thanks man!
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