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WWE 2015: The NXT Generation

WrestleMania 31

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro defeated The New Day, Los Matadores, and The Usos to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships at 9:58.
Hideo Itami of NXT last eliminated The Big Show to win the 2nd Annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at 18:05.
Daniel Bryan defeated Bad News Barrett, R-Truth, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, Dolph Ziggler and Stardust to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship in a Ladder Match at 13:47.
Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins at 13:15.
Triple H defeated Sting at 18:36 in a No Disqualification Match.
AJ Lee and Paige defeated The Bella Twins in a tag team match at 6:42.
John Cena defeated Rusev to win the WWE United States Championship at 14:31.
Bray Wyatt defeated The Undertaker at 15:12.
Seth Rollins cashed in the Money in the Bank contract, and defeated Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at 16:43.


WWE Roster
Adam Rose
AJ Lee
Alicia Fox
Bad News Barrett
Big E
Big Show
Bo Dallas
Bray Wyatt
Brie Bella
Brock Lesnar
The Bunny
Cesaro (WWE Tag Team Champion)
Christian (Inactive)
Curtis Axel
Damien Mizdow
Daniel Bryan (WWE Intercontinental Champion)
Darren Young
Dean Ambrose
Dolph Ziggler
Erick Rowan
Eva Marie
Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
Jamie Noble
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Joey Mercury
John Cena (WWE United States Champion)
Kane (Director of Operations)
Kofi Kingston
Luke Harper
Mark Henry
The Miz
Nikki Bella (WWE Divas Champion)
Paul Heyman
Randy Orton
Roman Reigns
Rosa Mendes
Seth Rollins (WWE World Heavyweight Champion)
Sheamus (Returning Soon)
Sin Cara
Stephanie McMahon (Chief Brand Officer)
Summer Rae
Tamina Snuka (Inactive)
Titus O'Neil
Triple H (Chief Operating Officer)
Tyson Kidd (WWE Tag Team Champion)
The Undertaker
Xavier Woods
Zack Ryder


NXT Roster
Aiden English
Alex Riley
Alexa Bliss
Angelo Dawkins
Baron Corbin
Becky Lynch
Blake (NXT Tag Team Champion)
The Brian Kendrick
Bull Dempsey
Cal Bishop
CJ Parker
Colin Cassady
Dana Brooke
Dash Wilder
Enzo Amore
Finn Bálor
Hideo Itami
Jason Jordan
Kevin Owens
Marcus Louis
Mojo Rawley (Inactive)
Murphy (NXT Tag Team Champion)
Sami Zayn (Inactive)
Sasha Banks (NXT Women's Champion)
Sawyer Fulton
Scott Dawson
Simon Gotch
Sin Cara
Solomon Crowe
Sylvester Lefort
Tye Dillinger
Tyler Breeze


List of Weekly Shows
Monday Night RAW - Mondays, 9-11:05 p.m. ET - USA Network (Subject to Overrun)
Main Event - Tuesdays, 8-9 p.m. ET - WWE Network
NXT - Wednesdays, 8-9 p.m. ET - WWE Network
SmackDown! - Thursdays, 8-10 p.m. ET - SyFy

Superstars - Fridays, 9-10 p.m. ET - WWE Network

List of Upcoming Pay-Per-Views
Extreme Rules - April 26, 2015 - Rosemont, Illinois
Payback - May 17, 2015 - Baltimore, Maryland
NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable - May 20, 2015 - Winter Park, Florida
Money in the Bank - June 14, 2015 - Columbus, Ohio
Battleground - July 19, 2015 - St. Louis, Missouri
SummerSlam - August 23, 2015 - Brooklyn, New York


Hi So... yeah. Booking is basically the equivalent of crack for me and I have decided to start up a new venture here after my 2005 thread went to pasture. I enjoyed that thread... but I wanted a bit more of a challenge. Thus, I will be doing current era booking.

The route I'm going to take here is that RAW will be 2 hours, just like SmackDown, and we'll say it was something that was built up at the start of 2015 and recently started again.

As you can see as well, I made two tweaks to the WrestleMania 31 card.

One thing upset me more than the other (That being Big Show winning The Battle Royal. Big Show can ) but I felt with what I have going that I wanted to tweak the other thing there.

NXT will be in full on a weekly basis unless I get too burnt out. In that case, it will be in recapped form.

I can say though, right now, that I have 90 percent of the build done to Extreme Rules {as I'm doing this same project elsewhere...} and that I have 100 percent of the build done to NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable from an NXT perspective.

Hope you all enjoy this.
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Re: WWE 2015: The NXT Generation

Can't wait to see what you've got lined up for the main roster, so much awesomeness waiting to happen there. I'm even more excited that you're booking NXT though. My body is ready willing and Gable.

Couldn't find the time to get myself up to speed with your '05 thread so it was hard for me to leave feedback, but I'll be watching this like a f'n hawk, and I'll try to leave feedback as much as I can.
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Re: WWE 2015: The NXT Generation

Originally Posted by WWE.com

BREAKING NEWS: NEW WWE Champion to kick off RAW

Last night, the undisputed future of WWE, Seth Rollins, shocked the sports entertainment world when he cashed in the Money in the Bank contract during the main event of WrestleMania 31 and thereby going on to win the WWE Championship away from Brock Lesnar and 2015 Royal Rumble winner Roman Reigns.

Tonight in San Jose, WWE.com has learned that Rollins will be addressing the crowd at the SAP Center to begin the Monday Night RAW telecast. There's no telling what Rollins might have to say, and there's also no telling who might be hunting after The Architect.

Will Roman Reigns look for revenge for taking the biggest moment of his career away from him? Is an angry 'Beast Incarnate' waiting in the wings? What about 'The Viper' Randy Orton, who defeated Rollins earlier in the telecast?

Don't miss what should be an intense and memorable opening to Monday Night RAW tonight on USA Network at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT.
Originally Posted by WWE.com

Bella Twins issue challenge to AJ Lee and Paige

In light of their loss last night at WrestleMania, Divas Champion Nikki Bella and her twin sister Brie have informed WWE.com that they are throwing down the gauntlet.

Just as they did recently, Nikki and Brie are issuing a challenge to AJ Lee and Paige for one of the powerful divas to take on the Divas Champion tonight on RAW.

Nikki, however, will not be putting the Divas Championship on the line in the match.

AJ and Paige will be addressing this challenge during the broadcast. Stay tuned for more updates.
Originally Posted by PWInsider
WWE is said to be very, very pleased with how WrestleMania 31 turned out. There was a lot of criticism leveed on them as the event drew closer with how the build came into fruition. Much of that was very much deserved and it's said that the creative team went to great lengths to churn out the event in the best way possible.

The next time WWE will be on Pay-Per-View will be April 26th when Extreme Rules takes place in Rosemont, Illinois. A source from within the company tells PWInsider that this might be the final edition of Extreme Rules for the same reason that the Elimination Chamber event was discontinued. They want to save gimmick matches for special purposes and feel that they are losing their luster. The same source tells us that, for the same reason, Hell in a Cell and TLC are on the chopping block as well but Money in the Bank is here to stay.

There's some talk about Night of Champions running its course as well. The event certainly served a purpose when there were multiple title belts on the RAW and SmackDown! brands, but with just five on the slate now it may also be scrapped, per the same source.

Regarding AJ Lee, her status with the company remains what it has been since she returned from her sabbatical late last June. There was some talk that she might ask for her release prior to her return from injury earlier this month but AJ decided to stay the course. Her contract is up after SummerSlam this year and so far there's been no word on the negotiations.

Bayley, Sasha Banks, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Adrian Neville were seen spotted backstage at Monday Night RAW at the SAP Center this afternoon. Take that for what it's worth.

Triple H has been campaigning internally for a change in how women's wrestling is perceived on the main roster given the overwhelming success of it in the NXT brand. With the #GiveDivasAChance social media movement ongoing and AJ Lee's comments to Stephanie McMahon about wages, change might very well be on the horizon for the women's division. As always, we'll hold out before anything happens.

Sheamus is due back from injury soon.

The Undertaker, much like he did with Brock Lesnar a year ago, was a focal point in ensuring that Bray Wyatt would go over last night at WrestleMania. Undertaker is a personal fan of Bray and campaigned for him to get the rub at the event. It also might be the final time we see The Phenom at the mega-event, but as we've learned with The Undertaker, nothing is ever certain, especially if he were to face Sting next year in Dallas, which Sting reportedly wants.

Speaking of Sting, he thanked the locker room and Vince McMahon before yesterday's show. Word is that his time in WWE may be up for 2015.

Finally, The Authority might be taking a step back in terms of their on-camera presence to let Seth Rollins shine as the face of the group. We'll see how that plays itself out.
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Re: WWE 2015: The NXT Generation

Welp, here goes nothing. Enjoy the ride folks A few surprises in this show. I hope you like it.


WWE RAW – March 30, 2015

WrestleMania 31 Recap Video

Opening Video

No Pyro, Instead…

***THE SECOND COMING*** The NEW WWE Champion, Seth Rollins, enters the SAP Center to a THUNDEROUS ovation. Despite being a heel, San Jose is smark-city tonight, and the new champ is here, live in Technicolor.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking live at the man that SHOCKED the world in front of over 76,000 fans that packed Levi’s Stadium last night in Santa Clara. Seth Rollins, ‘The Architect,’ and ‘The Undisputed Future of WWE’ is the NEW WWE Champion!

John Bradshaw Layfield: I couldn’t believe it, Michael. Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar spent over 20 minutes beatin’ the daylights outta each other. Roman Reigns looked like he was ready to take over the throne. He had Brock on his heels, which was the first time anybody’s seen him look that vulnerable. And then Seth came flyin’ down the ramp with the briefcase in tow, and STUNNED a worldwide audience! It was BRILLIANT!

Michael Cole: You’re not kidding about that worldwide audience, JBL. Not only was the WWE Universe talking about it. ESPN, USA TODAY, Sports Illustrated, the Internet was a BUZZ last night about the entire event! WrestleMania 31 was a humongous success, but the headline grabber was this man.

Rollins, in the ring, has a microphone, with the WWE Title on his shoulder.

Seth Rollins: HAHAHAHAHA!

Mixed reaction.

Seth Rollins: For months and months, everybody questioned me. Everybody questioned my motives. You people… you told me that I sold out. And everybody thought that Roman Reigns was going to be the one to rise above out of The Shield and become the face of World Wrestling Entertainment…

Seth lets out a smile.

Seth Rollins: Well guess what?

Seth holds up the WWE Championship.


The crowd lets out another mixed reaction for Seth, who is beaming right now.

Seth Rollins: I was The Architect of The Shield. I was the man behind the madness. NOT Roman Reigns, and certainly not Dean Ambrose either. YOU all told me that I sold out when it was I who bought in. And NOW, here I stand, (holds WWE Championship belt) as YOUR W… W… E… CHAMPION!

Emotional, Rollins lets out a nod, and a “Yeah!” off mic.

Seth Rollins: And this title belt? It PERSONIFIES excellence. It MAGNIFIES everything that I’ve said and that I’ve done since June of 2014. It DIGNIFIES me as the BEST in this company. Yeah, that’s right. The BEST in WWE. Stack me up against them all. I don’t care! I’m BETTER than them all! Roman Reigns? I’m better than him. Dean Ambrose? I’m better than him. Randy Orton? Randy Orton beat me, but I got the last laugh because I’M the WWE Champion. So I’m BETTER than Randy Orton. John Cena?

BOOOOOOS from the smarks. Seth laughs.

Seth Rollins: John Cena WISHES he could be me. John Cena WISHES that he could be the WWE Champion, but guess what? He’s NOT! I AM! And Brock Lesnar?

HUGE cheers from the crowd.

Seth Rollins: Brock Lesnar might be “The Beast Incarnate.” Brock Lesnar might be the one in 21-1. Brock Lesnar was once known as “The Next Big Thing.” But do you wanna know who Brock Lesnar ISN’T?

Seth pauses, and brings the mic down… before bringing it up again.

Seth Rollins: Brock Lesnar is NOT Seth Rollins! Brock Lesnar is NOT the WWE Champion! Brock Lesnar is no longer "The Next Big Thing." I AM! And that means that I’m BETTER than Brock Lesnar!

The Future kisses the championship belt that he’s so rightfully propelled high in the air…

***RETALIATION*** The mood changes inside the SAP Center as attention is diverted over to the stage.

It’s Dean Ambrose!

Michael Cole: The SAP Center has come unglued! It’s “The Lunatic Fringe!”

John Bradshaw Layfield: Typical of this crazy man to come out here during a special moment like that. I, for one, appreciated what Seth had to say.

Rollins looks a bit irate that the party was crashed, and Dean walks around the ring, clad in a leather jacket and jeans. He grabs a microphone from ring announcer, Lilian Garcia.

Dean Ambrose: You done yet, pal?

Seth Rollins: What the hell do you want?

Dean Ambrose: What do I want? Hmmm…

Dean begins to march up the steps.

Dean Ambrose: World peace… maybe a bottle of Coca-Cola… and most of all the fifteen pounds of gold that’s slapped on your shoulder right now.

Dean climbs in the ring as Seth scoffs.

Seth Rollins: Who the hell do you think you are, Dean?

Seth shakes his head.

Seth Rollins: Really. You have the audacity right now to interrupt my moment in the sun? This is EXACTLY why there’s such a difference between you and I. I’m here, celebrating, and basking in the moment. And your petty jealousy is causing you to interrupt the biggest day of my career.


Dean Ambrose: Jealous? Of you? No Seth… I’m not jealous of you at all. You’ve got it all wrong.

Ambrose approaches Rollins.

Dean Ambrose: I’ve only wanted to do one thing and one thing only since June of last year and that’s get back at you for stabbing me in the back.

Some cheers as an ‘AM-BROSE’ chant rings out around the venue.

Dean Ambrose: And until I do that? Well, you can expect me to remain as a thorn in your side for the foreseeable future.

Some more cheers, as Rollins’ face reddens with anger.

***THE TRUTH REIGNS*** The attention’s diverted over towards the stage again.


John Bradshaw Layfield: Uh oh…

Michael Cole: To borrow a line from a Hall of Fame announcer, I think business just picked up, JBL!

Reigns is PO’ed and for good reason. He eyes Seth the whole way who doesn’t appear fazed at all. But that’s until Roman climbs into the ring. THEN, Seth climbs on out, shouting, “I don’t need to prove anything!”

Roman then takes a few steps towards the apron.

But DEAN impedes his path!


Michael Cole: Wait a minute here…

John Bradshaw Layfield: Trouble in paradise?

Dean looks on at Roman, not blinking nor batting an eye. Roman cocks his head and tries to step to the left… but Dean matches! Roman goes to his right, and Dean matches that too!

Michael Cole: The Juggernaut wants a piece of the WWE Champion, Seth Rollins… but The Lunatic Fringe might want a piece of him, first.

John Bradshaw Layfield: WWE Champion’s got some enemies but he doesn’t look too bothered by this right now…

No, he does not. Our Texan-born color commentator picks up Seth smiling snidely as he backs up the ramp, watching on as his two former allies might be turning into enemies before our very eyes…

Commercial Break

Michael Cole: Welcome back. Ladies and gentlemen during the break, The Authority made a HUGE matchup scheduled for later tonight.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns nearly came to blows before the break. Later tonight, they’re gonna get the opportunity!

Michael Cole: The Juggernaut’s going to go one on one with The Lunatic Fringe here tonight on RAW!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Not only that, Michael, but we’ve got ourselves an enormous main event planned.

Michael Cole: The Intercontinental Championship will be on the line. Daniel Bryan will defend his newly won prize against the FORMER Intercontinental Champion, Bad News Barrett!

John Bradshaw Layfield: We’re gonna have so much fun tonight!

***SWISS MADE*** The Brass Ring Club enters the fray to a very positive response. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, the WWE Tag Team Champions, armed with Natalya at their side, promenade down the ring with their newly won titles.

Michael Cole: The Intercontinental Championship isn’t the only title that will be on the line either. The WWE Tag Team Championships are about to be put on the line!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd retained those titles last night on the WrestleMania 31 preshow in a Fatal Four-Way Match and now, tonight, they’re gonna go head-to-head, straight up.

***SO CLOSE NOW*** After performing the Siva Tau, The Usos make their way to the ring, looking to avenge their loss to Cesaro and Kidd at FastLane last month in Memphis.

Match #1: WWE Tag Team Championships Match

The Brass Ring Club (w/ Natalya) © vs. The Usos
As you might expect, Cesaro, Kidd, Jimmy and Jey all bring it in the first match out of the gate on the first show after The Granddaddy of Them All. An action-packed encounter ensues that serves as a nice throwback for the tag team purists out there. Late in the matchup, Jimmy looks to take advantage of a groggy Cesaro. Jimmy slingshots into the ring but falls victim to a HUGE European uppercut! The Swiss Superman then grabs Jimmy and sets up for The Neutralizer… and CONNECTS! Cesaro floats him over and goes for the cover, but suddenly is stomped on the back… by KOFI KINGSTON! The crowd boos as Kingston begins to stomp all over the back of Cesaro as we see BIG E clothesline the HELL out of Jey Uso on the outside! The referee renders no other decision but to call for the bell.
WINNERS: The Brass Ring Club via disqualification at 12:22. The Brass Ring Club RETAIN the WWE Tag Team Titles.

XAVIER WOODS then appears on camera as he barks out orders to Kofi and Big E who are terrorizing their fellow tag team division peers in and out of the ring. Big E grabs Jey, this after clotheslining him, and FALLAWAY SLAMS HIM BACK-FIRST INTO THE BARRICADE! Inside the ring, Kofi grabs Jimmy Uso and whips him off to the ring… and connects with TROUBLE IN PARADISE ON HIS RETURN!

Big E then grabs Tyson Kidd on the outside as Natalya begs and pleads for the big man not to harm her husband… but he doesn’t listen. BIG ENDING ONTO THE RINGSIDE FLOOR!

Back in the ring, Kofi sizes up Cesaro.


Xavier Woods then scampers over and grabs the microphone from Lilian Garcia and walks into the ring along with Big E. Woods and E stand next to Kofi as Xavier then takes centerstage…

Xavier Woods: It’s a New Day… … … YES IT IS!

Michael Cole: Can you believe this?

John Bradshaw Layfield: The power of positivity, Michael! It’s shining bright for The New Day!

We cut backstage.

Renee Young is standing by in the interview pit.

Renee Young: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time… Paige, and AJ Lee.

Applause from the crowd watching via the TitanTron as Paige and AJ Lee, ‘Freaks and Geeks,’ stroll on screen.

Renee Young: Ladies, last night at WrestleMania you both were victorious over The Bella Twins but… apparently, business is left unfinished with you all.

AJ Lee: You’re SO right about that, Renee. The Bellas have been tormenting me, Paige, and the rest of our Divas division since Survivor Series when for… (looks at Paige with befuddlement) whatever reason, the two of them decided to band together again and fool me by planting a kiss on me. Which, hey, Brie, I’m flattered but both of us are kind of… you know, off the market.

AJ smirks.

Paige: And since then, they’ve done nothing but terrorize the division fah’ faw’ months now.

AJ Lee: Which is why WE have decided to bring a special… friend of ours here tonight to help us out a little bit.

AJ and Paige smile.

AJ Lee: See, as you know, Renee. The Bella Twins told WWE.com earlier that they wanted one of us, one-on-one here tonight and that we had to choose who it would be. Now, of course, we did that a couple of weeks ago…

Paige: …And while it would be nice to have the spotlight…

AJ Lee: …We’re going to give… another diva… a chance. Tonight.

The “Freak” and “Geek” nod their heads.

AJ Lee: Because it’s time for a change around here. The Bella Army, as they like to call it, isn’t going to last much longer. Their downfall… continues… tonight.

Paige and AJ then march off of screenshot as Renee smiles.

Commercial Break

We go to the back and see Triple H inside of his office.

Walking into the office, and screenshot… is the seven-foot monster, The Big Show!

Triple H: Show, what’s up man? Can I help you?

The Big Show: Oh, you’ll be able to help me, Hunter.

Show glares down.

The Big Show: You’re the father… of NXT. It’s your baby. You look after it. Well I want you, the next time that you’re down there in Orlando, to tell that punk, Hideo Itami, that I’m not going to forget any time soon what he did to me in the Battle Royal last night at WrestleMania.

HHH digests the message.

The Big Show: I’ve spent over two decades in this business. Never before have I won a major battle royal. I didn’t win last year because Cesaro picked me up and threw me out of the ring. I’ve never won a Royal Rumble. Hell, I never even won the 60-man battle royals at World War 3 in WCW. I had my chance last night. It was a golden opportunity. And Hideo… took it right from under me.

Triple H: Hey, hey, Show, take it easy.

The Big Show: No.

Show glares down again.

The Big Show: You heard what I said. You tell him what I said… or I’ll come down to Orlando to do it myself.

With that, Show walks out of the office, as Triple H shakes his head…

Back to ringside…

***SHOOT FOR THE STARS*** The inspirational Bo Dallas comes out with a broad smile on his face, a microphone in his hand, and the trademark ‘BO LIEVE’ shirt on.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Have you BOlieved at all today, Michael?

Michael Cole: John I really can’t say I have, no.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Well it might be about time to. You could learn a thing or too.

Dallas climbs into the ring.

Bo Dallas: Y’know… any normal man might be disappointed by the fact that I wasn’t involved in a feature match at WrestleMania.

Bo looks around at the crowd.

Bo Dallas: So it’s a good thing that I’m not a normal man. No, I inspire. I aim for greatness. And just because I wasn’t in a feature match at WrestleMania 31… doesn’t mean that I won’t be next year at WrestleMania 32!

The crowd is a tad bit amused.

Bo Dallas: Just like… it doesn’t matter that the San Jose Sharks have never won a Stanley Cup before.

Cheap heat.

Bo Dallas: That doesn’t mean that they’ll always choke. That doesn’t mean that they’ll always come up short. They just have to… shoot for the stars, and keep their heads held up high!

Bo nods, feverishly.

Bo Dallas: And most of all. All that they, just like I need to do… is BOLIEVE!!!

Bo raises his fist up in the air.

Lilian Garcia: And his opponent…


Michael Cole: Wait a minute!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Oh yeah!

Running out on stage… is Adrian Neville! The former NXT Champion is on RAW!

Michael Cole: It’s Adrian Neville! Adrian Neville is here on Monday Night RAW!

John Bradshaw Layfield: I cannot believe this. This is great! The longest-running NXT Champion is in the big leagues!

Bo Dallas: Hey! Hey wait a minute! Wait a minute, cut the music!

Neville cracks a tiny smile as he reaches the bottom of the ramp. A thunderous “N-X-T!” chant rings out in the SAP Center as Bo looks on, beside himself.

Bo Dallas: Adrian Neville… WHAT in the WORLD are you DOING HERE?!

Neville leaps up onto the apron, rather effortlessly, as Bo keeps the microphone up.

Bo Dallas: I mean you… you took my NXT Championship away from me last year at NXT ArRIVAL. You… you one-upped me as the longest-reigning NXT Champion in history. Now… (shakes his head) now what?!

Adrian grabs a microphone from a crewmember.

Adrian Neville: Ah’ll be glad to tell ye’ what I’m doin’, Bo. As long as ah don’t make you cry or anything.

Laughs, as Bo stomps his foot on the mat.

Adrian Neville: Ye’know… ye weren’t wrong with anything ye’ just said. Ah did beat you last year at NXT ArRIVAL in a ladda’ match. Ah did become the longest-reigning NXT Champ’yun until ah lost the title to Sami Zayn.

Huuuuuge pop for the name drop.

Adrian Neville: So ah thought to myself… ye’know, ah’ve done awl that ah could down in NXT. And even though NXT is THE STANDARD fah wresslin’ right now…


Adrian Neville: A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do ta’ sah’vive. And so … ah’ve decided to spread me wings, and fly here to San Jose, California… (cheap pop) and Triple H, and The Authority, have decided to keep Adrian Neville here on Monday Night RAW and in the WWE fa’ the fa’seeable future!

Dallas shakes his head as the crowd goes into a tizzy.

Adrian Neville: And well… it seems ta’ me that ah might’ve stolen yer’ thunda’ here. So Bo, Bo… listen. Here’s what we’re goin’ ta’ do. Ah’m goin’ to ask the fans here in San Jose a question… and depending on their answer, we’ll go from there. Okay?

Bo Dallas: … … … Fine.

Adrian Neville: Okay. (Looks at the crowd) San Jose… do you want to see ‘The Inspirational’ Bo Dallas… against ‘The Man That Gravity Fa’gawt,’ Adrian Neville, right here, right now on Monday Night RAW?

The question is answered with an OVERWHELMING cheer from the crowd, and subsequently they join in with a ‘YES!’ chant.

Adrian Neville: Well, Bo, the people… the WWE Universe has spoken. So ah guess we’ve gawt ourselves a match now don’t we?

Bo Dallas: You… you’re gonna pay for this…

Neville peels off his signature t-shirt and Bo does the same as a referee enters the ring.

Michael Cole: We’re going to have ourselves a little bit of a throwback to NXT here now!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Get a good look, ladies and gentlemen. The future is now…

Match #2: Singles Match
Bo Dallas vs. THE DEBUTING Adrian Neville
Dallas is aggressive to start the match as he has felt embarrassed too often as of late and especially so with Adrian Neville, the man who took his NXT Championship away from him last February in the first NXT live special. Neville weathers the storm though and displays his high-octane, high-flying and high-intensity offense that’s been marveled for many months ever since he hit the scene last Orlando. Late in the matchup, Bo goes for the Bo-Dog, but Neville shoves him off! Dallas hits the mat and with him down, The Man That Gravity Forgot takes a look at the ringpost. The crowd rises to their feet and Neville rises up… LOOKING FOR THE RED ARROW… but DOESN’T CONNECT! DALLAS BRINGS HIS KNEES UP! Dallas then scampers over and maneuvers into an Oklahoma Roll. 1… DALLAS GRABS THE MIDDLE ROPE! 2… 3!!! BO DALLAS STEALS THE WIN!
WINNER: Bo Dallas via pin fall at 8:22.

Michael Cole: And Bo Dallas steals one! Bo Dallas has spoiled the debut of Adrian Neville!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Well that’s the glass half-empty approach, Michael. Neville impressed the heck out of this crowd and me. He just didn’t believe – or BOLIEVE as much as Bo Dallas could. And to echo the thoughts of the late, great Eddie Guerrero – if you’re not cheatin’, you’re not tryin’!

Bo, THRILLED with the proceedings, pumps his fists as he goes up the ramp. Neville, meanwhile, looks on and shakes his head as he was snuck up on by the antics of ‘The Inspirational’ Dallas.

We head backstage.

DANIEL BRYAN, the Intercontinental Champion, has arrived to the arena!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Look who’s arrived!

Michael Cole: The man that’s going to be in tonight’s main event is in the building! The Intercontinental Champion, Daniel Bryan is here!

Commercial Break

***ONE MAN BAND*** Heath Slater strolls out to the ring for action tonight, getting a pretty favorable reaction from the San Jose crowd. Slater plays air guitar after getting inside the ring and jumps up and down, waiting for what’s next.

***REBORN*** Curtis Axel walks out and eyes the ring before sauntering down to the remixed version of his late father’s ring entrance music.

Match #3: Singles Match

Heath Slater vs. Curtis Axel
We’re set to get underway here when all of the sudden…


Michael Cole: Oh no…

John Bradshaw Layfield: Oh no is right…

RUSEV, flanked by LANA, stomp down the ramp in bitter, bitter moods.

Axel thinks smarter of it and gets the heck out of dodge, leaving Slater susceptible to a beat down.

And Rusev doesn’t waste any time and absolutely clobbers Slater across the throat with a HUGE clothesline!

Lana stands and watches on as Rusev picks Slater up and SLAMS him down on the mat. He scoops Slater up and does so AGAIN and then runs off the ropes and SPLASHES DOWN on Slater’s back!

The camera then darts to Lana.

“RUSEV!” She shouts. The Bulgarian Brute turns his head.


Rusev then grabs Slater and slaps on The Accolade! Slater toils in the hold for quite some time as Lana climbs into the ring with a microphone in her hand.

Lana: Внимание! Внимание! Внимание! (ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!)



Finally, the brute lets go of the submission hold.

Lana: John Cena…


Lana: You make a BIG, BIG mistake last night at WrestleMania…

Lana leers into the crowd.

Lana: Вы возмущены (You angered) Rusev…

The Ravishing Russian scowls.

Lana: И теперь вы будет… (And now you will be…)

And then leers into the camera.


Lana brings the mic down as Rusev grabs Slater again and hits a swinging side slam! The Ravishing Russian nods her head at The Super Athlete as the pair exits the ring.

Michael Cole: Message sent loud… and clear… to the new United States Champion.

John Bradshaw Layfield: John Cena better hope he doesn’t rue the day that he won that title because that is one angry, angry Bulgarian Brute…

Rusev and Lana make it to the top of the stage as Rusev lets out a cry and a roar…

We cut backstage and see Bad News Barrett shadow boxing in preparation for his main event match with the Intercontinental Championship on the line.

Michael Cole: Well, shifting gears here, as we know, later tonight Bad News Barrett will be taking on Daniel Bryan, the new Intercontinental Champion, with that Intercontinental Championship on the line.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Bad News Barrett’s already cashing in his rematch clause and I don’t blame him. We’ll see if in a different environment, one where another has to pin someone to the mat for the count of three, or make them submit, changes the complexion of how things go for the Intercontinental Championship.

Michael Cole: But up next – ‘The Lunatic Fringe’ Dean Ambrose is going head-to-head… with ‘The Juggernaut’ Roman Reigns!

Commercial Break

***RETALIATION*** Dean Ambrose appears for the second time tonight as this time he’s dressed to compete in… the same clothes he had on earlier tonight.

Michael Cole: Y’know JBL you have to imagine that this matchup right here tonight could go a long way into determining who could be next in line for Seth Rollins and the WWE Championship.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I might agree with you under different circumstances, Michael. But the fact is we’re still waiting for the appearance of what’s sure to be a pissed off Beast Incarnate…

***THE TRUTH REIGNS*** Roman Reigns walks through the entranceway again, shying away from his usual crowd entrance tonight, and locks eyes with his fellow former Shield running mate.


Michael Cole: Oh boy…

SETH ROLLINS, the WWE Champion, now armed with J&J Security at his side, waltzes down to the ringside area as Reigns and Ambrose stare at their former friend and ally. Seth, Jamie and Joey take a front row seat to the action as the bell then sounds…

Match #4: Semi-Main Event; Singles Match
Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns
Combining two surefire main-eventers and combustible elements brings us a dandy of a television match. Ambrose and Reigns have no problem picking each other apart as Roman looks real good after his bad luck last night in the main event. However, Ambrose targets the ribs that were internally damaged by the likes of Brock Lesnar, whose name gets floated around and awful lot during this match. Rollins enjoys what he sees from the ringside area, knowing full well that the gold he has in his possession is driving a wedge between the two men that are scrapping away inside the ring. Late in the matchup, Seth gets up from his chair and draws the attention, and the ire, of the competitors inside the squared circle. With his back turned to the ramp, Seth talks trash. The crowd then cheers loudly as someone taps Seth on his shoulder. IT’S RANDY ORTON! Orton starts to pound away at Seth as J&J scramble over to protect their guy. But The Viper is ready and takes both men down with right hands! Seth, then, kicks at Orton and lands squarely at his groin! Meanwhile, inside the ring, Roman goes for the Superman Punch on Dean, but Dean dodges the bullet. Roman turns around, and Dean kicks him in the gut. DIRTY DEEDS CONNECTS! 1! 2!! 3!! AMBROSE PINS REIGNS!
WINNER: Dean Ambrose via pin fall at 11:06.

But Ambrose’s celebration doesn’t last very long as Rollins jumps into the ring and starts to rain down rights and lefts on Dean’s back! The crowd gets on Rollins for his behavior as he then picks Ambrose up and runs forward. POWERBOMB ONTO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!

… CURB STOMP TO DEAN AMBROSE! Rollins stands tall as Orton then jumps into the ring! Rollins takes him on as the two exchange lefts and rights and Rollins rakes at Orton’s eyes. The Viper staggers and walks in…


John Bradshaw Layfield: You’ve gotta be kidding me!

Michael Cole: An RKO to Randy Orton! Seth Rollins just RKO’ed Randy Orton!

Rollins, FEELING IT, gets up and beats his chest a few times.



Michael Cole: OH MY GOD!!!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Seth wants to know who can stop him? He might just be about to find out!!

BROCK LESNAR IS HERE! The Beast Incarnate and former WWE Champion STORMS through the curtain and looks down the ramp at the man who screwed him out of his prize a night ago in Santa Clara.

Rollins, though, doesn’t look the least bit intimidated, and crouches down and readies himself for what’s to come.

Michael Cole: Rollins isn’t backing down. Rollins isn’t backing down! This is about to be a VOLCANIC ERUPTION!

Lesnar stomps and then LEAPS UP onto the apron in a single bound and hops into the ring as Seth strikes!

Rollins coldcocks Brock in the head a number of times, bringing Lesnar into the corner. But as Seth soon finds out, little damage is being done! Lesnar grabs Seth by the throat! Lesnar HURLS SETH ACROSS THE RING!

But Rollins gets up and shakes off the wounds and comes back for more! He charges ahead as Lesnar is ready, and ducks the bullet, and grabs Seth from a go-behind.


Seth bounces off the mat and, perhaps smartly, rolls out of the ring as Brock glares at The Architect. Seth grabs his WWE Championship and stands at ringside, watching on as Brock patrols the scene with Ambrose, Orton and Reigns still down.

Michael Cole: Well if there was any doubt, Brock Lesnar is one PISSED OFF individual tonight. And if there was any doubt, Seth Rollins is a man with a target slapped across his back!

John Bradshaw Layfield: A man of many enemies, Michael… and they all want the same thing…

We cut backstage to find The Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, on the left and right respectively, strolling through a hallway.

Michael Cole: Well, somehow, someway, we’ve gotta find a way to calm down after that explosive scene. But the fireworks are likely to continue in just a few moments.

John Bradshaw Layfield: The Bella Twins are on their way to the ring, and AJ Lee and Paige are promisin’ that a new diva is gonna get a chance. Who will it be?

Michael Cole: We’re gonna find out – NEXT!

Commercial Break

***YOU CAN LOOK, BUT YOU CAN’T TOUCH*** The Divas Champion Nikki Bella and her twin sister Brie walk out on stage. Nikki does her patented twirl as she holds the Divas Title up in the air as Brie claps for her sister on the way down the ramp.

Michael Cole: Well I’d imagine that The Bella Twins are none too pleased right now. Not only did they lose to AJ Lee and Paige at WrestleMania 31 but it appears that AJ and Paige have outsmarted them with the task they threw down at them.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Has not been a good 24 hour-period for Nikki and Brie and if trends continue, it’s fixin’ to not get any better now…

***LET’S LIGHT IT UP*** San Jose bellows out a loud cheer as AJ Lee skips her way out to the stage. Curiously, AJ has a zip-up hoodie on to go along with her jean shorts and Converses as she then heads to the left.

***STARS IN THE NIGHT*** Paige is next up out of the chute and she, too, gets a positive response from the SAP Center crowd. There’s nothing all too curious about what she’s rocking, as it’s the usual black leather jacket with fishnet stockings and black boots on. She, then, walks to the right.

…Some time passes…

Michael Cole: Well, who is it?

***TURN IT UP***

Michael Cole: You’ve gotta be kidding me!!!!!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Hahaha!

A THUNDEROUS hometown reaction rings out around the SAP Center…

Lilian Garcia: And her opponent… from SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA… it’s BAYLEY!!!!

BAYLEY frantically rushes out from behind the curtain and looks around at the crowd, FEEDING off of the palpable buzz that’s generating around them all. She claps her hands and jumps up and down at the sight of AJ Lee and of Paige.

Michael Cole: It’s one of the faces of the NXT Women’s Division… the absolutely lovable Bayley!!

John Bradshaw Layfield: Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, Michael!

Bayley nods her head feverishly, and SHOOTS HER HANDS UP HIGH!



John Bradshaw Layfield: YES! The tube men, Michael! The tube men are in the buildin’!

Michael Cole: What an INCREDIBLE reaction from this crowd here in the SAP Center for the hometown girl! She looks ECSTATIC! And who could blame her!?!

The trio of ladies reaches the end of the ramp as Nikki angrily takes her letterman jacket off and her hat and calls on them all to get into the ring. Bayley looks at AJ Lee and Paige, who take a look at each other, as Nikki and Brie bark at them all to get inside the ring.

Suddenly, AJ unzips her hoodie and Paige rips off her jacket—


Bayley is BESIDE herself, and soon after, the trio dives into the ring and takes on The Bellas! Paige goes after Brie as AJ and Bayley fight with Nikki. At first it looks like The Bellas can weather the storm, but the numbers game works to AJ, Bayley and Paige’s advantage! Paige throttles Brie with a hard clothesline, toppling her over the top rope, and AJ whips Nikki over to Bayley, who… gives her a hug?

Nikki breaks free! She’s disgusted. But Bayley then clotheslines her too! Nikki rolls out of the ring as the SAP Center is going BONKERS!

“BAY-LEY!” “BAY-LEY!” “BAY-LEY!” “NXT!” “NXT!” “NXT!” “NXT!”

Michael Cole: We’ve still got a match to take place!

John Bradshaw Layfield: This is great! I absolutely love it! The sign of unity! AJ and Paige have themselves one heck of a new diva to give a chance to!

Michael Cole: Don’t go away, everybody. Bayley takes on Nikki Bella when we return!

Commercial Break

Match #5: Non-Title Singles Match

Divas Champ, Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella vs. Bayley w/ AJ Lee, Paige
We’re back from the break a few minutes later and, for the moment at least Nikki Bella has subdued Bayley and the San Jose crowd. She has the lovable hugger locked in a sleeper hold but the crowd’s intensity is giving Nikki’s opponent a boost of energy. Bayley eventually elbows free and knocks down Nikki with a series of running forearms, and then goes for a scoop slam, but Nikki expertly counters, and connects with a belly-to-back suplex. The Divas Champion then taunts Bayley and the crowd, generating heat, as AJ and Paige slap the apron to try and will their friend back into the mix. Nikki gets Bayley into the corner and drives her elbow into the face of Bayley. Nikki charges in, looking to squeeze her against the turnbuckles but the hugger dodges the bullet! Bayley then turns around and connects with a series of right hands, followed by a series of shoulder thrusts. With Nikki staggering, Bayley walks over to the other corner, and charges in… and reams her shoulder into Nikki’s ribcage! Bayley then tumbles backwards… runs forward, leaping up, and her elbow connects right into Nikki’s face! Bayley then catches Nikki and hits an Exploder Suplex! 1… 2… KICK OUT by the Divas Champion. The two continue to battle with both looking evenly matched. Late in the match, Bayley has Nikki on her heels again and walks into the corner. Nikki follows in, as Bayley grabs the top rope, leaps up onto the second, springboarding, and comes down with an arm drag! Bayley springs up after and sizes Nikki up, and goes for the BAYLEY-TO-BELLY, but Nikki breaks free! Nikki then pulls Bayley up for the Rack Attack, but Bayley pops free out of that! Nikki swings and misses and Bayley then grabs her again. BAYLEY-TO-BELLY! 1… 2… 3!!!
WINNER: Bayley via pin fall at 9:09.

Michael Cole: Bayley’s won it! Bayley has won! Bayley has pinned the WWE Divas Champion!

John Bradshaw Layfield: What an unbelievable showing! This ain’t no upset either, partner! Bayley absolutely has what it takes to survive in this business. And she just showed why.

Michael Cole: An incredible moment for this NXT diva who has made a huge impact in her first-ever appearance on Monday Night RAW!

Brie, enraged on the outside, grabs Nikki’s Divas Championship and retreats with her sister up the ramp as AJ, Bayley and Paige share a hug inside the ring. Bayley then goes for air high tens with the crowd, and, as expected, they play along with the hometown girl.

Commercial Break

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW. We’ve had an unbelievable night tonight in San Jose, California and we’re excited to announce a couple major happenings for the rest of this week.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Tomorrow night on Main Event, Xavier Woods will be taking on Jimmy Uso in light of what happened earlier tonight during the Tag Team Title match. I gotta imagine though that Tyson Kidd and Cesaro are gonna have their eyes on that one.

Michael Cole: And coming this Thursday night on SmackDown, ‘The Celtic Warrior’ returns! Sheamus is back and will be in action!

John Bradshaw Layfield: That’s not all either, Cole. John Cena, the WWE United States Champion’s scheduled as well. Is Cena going to respond to Rusev’s message that he sent to him loudly and clearly tonight on RAW?

Michael Cole: And this one, JUST ANNOUNCED: AJ Lee will be in singles competition against Brie Bella!

John Bradshaw Layfield: The Bella Twins are on the brink of somethin’ bad. And it’s gonna be on Brie to get them off the pine.

We cut backstage after the series of graphics, and see Tom Phillips standing by at the interview pit.

Tom Phillips: Ladies and gentlemen, the WWE Intercontinental Champion… Daniel Bryan.

HUGE POP! Daniel Bryan walks on screen with the belt adorned on his shoulder.

Tom Phillips: Daniel, in just a few moments, you’ll be taking on Bad News Barrett in tonight’s main event – your first title defense as Intercontinental Champion. Given all that you’ve been through in the last calendar year, what are your thoughts as you go into this match?

Daniel Bryan: Tom… you’re right. It’s been one heck of a year for me. Last year at WrestleMania Thirty, I achieved my dream of becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Then… it turned out I needed to undergo surgery for a serious neck injury. I didn’t quite get to where I wanted to be after being eliminated at the Royal Rumble, but this…?

Bryan grabs the Intercontinental Title.

Daniel Bryan: THIS… is an awesome consolation. I’m so proud to hold a title belt that Ricky Steamboat, Stone Cold Steve Austin, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart, and The Rock among dozens of the greatest men to ever compete here in WWE have held as well.

Bryan smiles.

Daniel Bryan: Bad News Barrett… he was a great champion. I have had my battles with him in the past. I respect him above all else. But tonight… ‘The American Dragon’ rises again. YES!

‘YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!’ chants ring out as Bryan strolls away.

Michael Cole: Bryan – Barrett – the Intercontinental Championship – our main event is NEXT!

Commercial Break


***REBEL SON*** Bad News Barrett, the former Intercontinental Champion, slowly paces onto the stage and down the ramp, looking extremely focused.

***FLIGHT OF THE VALKYRIES*** An EXPLOSIVE reaction, perhaps the pop of the entire night, filters out. Daniel Bryan, the Intercontinental Champion, walks out with a smile broadly slapped across his face. He orchestrates the ‘YES’ chant on his way to the ring, before turning his focus to Barrett inside the squared circle.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the WWE Intercontinental Championship! Introducing first, the challenger. From Preston, England. Weighing in at 246 pounds… Bad… News… BARRETT!!!

Mixed reaction, as there’s some international flavor here.

Lilian Garcia: And, his opponent… from Aberdeen, Washington. Weighing 210 pounds… he is the WWE Intercontinental Championnnn… Daniel… BRYAN!!!

Another extraordinary reaction fills the SAP Center. Bryan unstraps the Intercontinental Championship from his waist and hands it to the official.

Match #6: Main Event; Intercontinental Championship Match

Daniel Bryan © vs. Bad News Barrett
Even though the English contingent is in his corner, BNB is definitely not the overwhelming crowd favorite in this match. That would be AmDrag, who has the crowd in the palm of his hand. A near-20 minute main event commences, as Bryan and Barrett look spectacular despite the beatings both men took last night at WrestleMania 31 in the ladder match. Late in the matchup, Bryan is teeing off on Barrett’s chest with his patented kicks. He then runs to the ropes looking for a final shot, but Barrett gets up and THRASHES BRYAN with a decapitating clothesline. Bryan flips in the air and lands on his stomach and Barrett then picks him up. BNB lifts his knee into Bryan several times and hits a sitout powerbomb. 1… 2… Bryan kicks out! Barrett doesn’t relent and picks Bryan up and shoots him to the ropes. Bryan rebounds and winds up in Barrett’s clutches who hits the WINDS OF CHANGE! Barrett doesn’t go for the pin, and instead pulls down his elbow pad, calling for the Bull Hammer. He readies himself in the corner, and as AmDrag gets up, Barrett charges forward. BULL HAMMER-NO! Bryan ducks it and hits a HARD backhand chop across Barrett’s chest. Bryan rares back and scorches Barret’s chest with another, and another, and another and another! Barrett clutches the area in pain and heads to the corner as Bryan runs ahead. SPLASH! Barrett staggers out as Bryan runs off to the ropes. BUSAIKU HE NO HIZAGERI! 1… 2… 3!!!
WINNER: Daniel Bryan via pin fall at 19:41.

Michael Cole: Daniel Bryan retains the title! What an amazing match! The American Dragon has reigned supreme here tonight in San Jose!

John Bradshaw Layfield: A championship FIGHT from both of these two men and it was a championship EFFORT from the Intercontinental Champion to get the victory. You cannot question this man’s heart, Michael. It’s the size of a thousand mountains!

Bryan gets up and begins to do the ‘YES’ taunt as the sold out SAP Center joins in unison.

Michael Cole: After almost a year removed from winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Daniel Bryan is standing tall here in northern California as the Intercontinental Champion. And it is a pleasure to see this man be so—


A loud STIR rings out around the arena…

The lights come back on!


Michael Cole: Oh my God, it’s—

John Bradshaw Layfield: It’s ‘The New Face of Fear’ …



Michael Cole: Sister Abigail… to Daniel Bryan by ‘The New Face of Fear’ …

The Eater of Worlds crawls over, and fixates his eyes on the Intercontinental Championship.

He sits down, Indian-style, and seizes the championship belt, and stares…



Current Card for WWE Extreme Rules
April 26, 2015
Rosemont, Illinois

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Re: WWE 2015: The NXT Generation

Only right that Seth kicks off the show, and his promo was pretty much everything you'd expect from him, which is good. Didn't expect Ambrose to come out, expected Lesnar or Orton for obvious reasons, but that's a good thing, and I'm happy that you're bringing him to the top of the card by reviving his beef with Rollins. Loved the end of the segment with Ambrose standing in Reigns' way, a nice departure from real life, and I'm really interested to see what you do with their relationship going forward. Big match to give away on Raw, can't wait though.

God, I miss the UpperCats nice, long tag title match to solidify the strong start to the show. Glad that you're not wasting any time in turning New Day heel, interested to see if you're going to be presenting them more seriously than IRL though, since they just fucking destroyed the champs and the Usos. I normally don't want things to be the same as they are IRL, but I hope you write New Day as their goofy, hilarious selves. #tricepmeat

Giving another Diva a chance? Now why do I have a sneaky suspicion who that might be?

Big Show/Itami? Alright. This was around the time that Itami/Breeze was being done to death on NXT, so I'm glad you're pulling him away from that, even if it is with Big Show. I hope Hideo shows up on Raw, as opposed to Show stinking Full Sail out with his presence.

Loved Bo's promo, especially the dig at the Sharks, that part was so Bo. Fuck yes @ Neville. His part in the promo was solid, given that he's never been the best on the mic. Didn't expect Neville to lose on his debut, but I guess this way he's got a feud that he can come out on top in straight away, which is better than just floating around, and it gives Bo something to do too, yay!

Rusev getting dat heat back after 'Mania. Reminded me of his attack on Breeze and Woods at ArRIVAL. No signs of dissension between Lana and Rusev, so I'm guessing you'll be keeping them together, which is the way to go IMO.

Wow, did NOT expect Ambrose to go over Reigns, and clean no less. Should cool Reigns down even more, not sure what you've got planned for him now, since he doesn't really fit in the world title picture now with two losses in two nights, whereas Ambrose is definitely in the thick of it now. Loved the post-match mayhem, I was wondering what you were going to do with Brock, whether or not you were going to do what WWE did IRL and write him out for a few months on this show, but after that it seems like he's not going anywhere, which is awesome news. Looking forward to seeing what you've got planned for Extreme Rules, with Brock, Orton and Ambrose all looking like challengers for Seth.

Writing Bayley into your first Raw, colour me surprised The wacky waving inflatable arm waving tube men on Raw is the stuff of dreams, and DIED at AJ and Paige wearing I'm a Hugger shirts. Didn't see Bayley going over Nikki at all, I expected her to lose in a valiant effort before heading back to NXT, but then I remembered she's your sig and avi Doesn't make Nikki look great, losing to a debuting NXT Diva, but she's hardly the most legitimate champ. But yeah, sure looks to me like Bayley is sticking around, which is good, since the Diva's title scene needed some fresh blood at this time. Fully expecting your inner hugger to put the title on Bayley ASAP.

A near-20 minute match for the Intercontinental Championship main eventing Raw you're really putting your own stamp on the WWE product early, aren't you? Bryan/Bray revisited - with a title in the mix this time - should be awesome. Definitely more enticing, at least for me, than the Bryan/BNB feud being carried over up to Extreme Rules, especially since Bray is coming off the biggest win of his career at 'Mania.

Overall, I had a blast reading this, just like I thought I would. Lots of surprises, fitting for a post-'Mania show, and you're already starting to improve things greatly, with the Tag, Diva's and Intercontinental title scenes looking really exciting. If I had to question anything, it would be the absence of Cena (never thought that would be a concern of mine), unless you're trying to make Smackdown his show, in which case I kind of understand. But yeah, great show man, can't wait for more.
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Re: WWE 2015: The NXT Generation

I enjoyed reading that, and I'm excited to see where this goes. Keep it up
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Re: WWE 2015: The NXT Generation

WWE MAIN EVENT – March 31, 2015

Opening Video


Summer Rae defeated Alicia Fox in the opening match of Main Event at the 5:52 mark after hitting the Summer Crush. Rae showed a bit of aggressiveness during the contest that head PxP commentator Michael Cole noted reminded him of what he saw from her during her time in NXT.

Zack Ryder grappled with and defeated Adam Rose after Rose tried to get him to join The Rosebuds at 6:52 after hitting the Rough Ryder.

Byron Saxton interviewed the Bella Twins about their recent missteps in the backstage area. Nikki Bella calls it the worst 24-hour period in the Bella family’s history and the two both vow revenge for the stunt that AJ and Paige pulled on Monday night.

Los Matadores defeated The Ascension at 7:37, after Diego hit Konnor with the hammerlock legsweep DDT.

In the main event (of Main Event), Xavier Woods defeated Jimmy Uso after hitting his Lost in the Woods finisher at 10:25 in a pretty good encounter. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd tried to get revenge on The New Day after the match but the numbers game worked in New Day’s favor, as Big E gave Tyson Kidd the Big Ending again in the ring and Kingston landed Trouble in Paradise on Cesaro. The New Day posed with the WWE Tag Team Titles to end the broadcast.


Spoiler for Matches Taped for SmackDown!:
AJ Lee vs. Emma
Bo Dallas vs. Goldust
Luke Harper vs. Sheamus
The Miz vs. Ryback
Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton - Non-Title Match

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Re: WWE 2015: The NXT Generation

WWE NXT – April 1, 2015

Opening Video

***TOKIWAKITA*** The Full Sail Live crowd reacts strongly to the introduction of Hideo Itami. The man who won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal walks out with the large trophy in his hands, showing it off to the crowd before making his way down to the ring. He climbs inside, and grabs a microphone.

Hideo Itami: Thank you… thank you very much.

‘HI-DE-OH!’ chants ring out.

Hideo Itami: I am very honored. I am very honored to represent NXT this past weekend at WrestleMania.

And now, ‘N-X-T!’ chants ring out.

Hideo Itami: I came here to be on the best wrestling stage in the world. I came here to be in best wrestling promotion in the world. So far… I have achieved what I have set out to achieve.

Some more applause for the Japanese superstar.

Hideo Itami: But… apparently, I have angered some people. Including a Giant. The Big Show…


Hideo Itami: Big Show… he mad that he did not win the battle royal. He mad that Hideo Itami won instead of him. Well, Big Show… I win, you lose, that means I’m better than you.

Itami nods as the crowd chants his name again.

Hideo Itami: But I heard what you say on RAW. How you want Triple H, our leader, to come down here to NXT to tell him that you are looking for me. Big Show… I can see you, and I can hear you loud and clear.

Itami looks around.

Hideo Itami: So… as old saying goes. You want some… come get some.

Itami smiles as the Full Sail crowd goes into a tizzy. Itami drops the mic and hoists up the trophy again.

Suddenly, the party’s crashed. Itami’s struck from behind…


Prince Pretty attacks his rival with a couple of hard shots to the back in an ambush that has the crowd very much upset.

Breeze then eyes the trophy, and grabs it… and then BREAKS IT ACROSS ITAMI’S BACK!

The King of Cuteville then grabs Itami and shoves him into the corner. Hideo ricochets off and Breeze then catches his rival WITH THE BEAUTY SHOT!

Breeze stands tall over the wreckage and looks down with a scowl at Itami who is knocked out in the center of the ring.

Commercial Break

We come back to the broadcast and our announce team of Rich Brennan and Corey Graves informs us that NXT General Manager William Regal made our main event of the evening during the break – ‘Prince Pretty’ Tyler Breeze will take on none other than the man he laid out – Hideo Itami.

***BLISSFUL*** Alexa Bliss saunters out to start the in-ring portion of the episode. Bliss high fives a few fans on her way down to the ring and walks up the steps and climbs in, and it soon becomes evident she’ll definitely have her hands full tonight.

***SKY’S THE LIMIT*** The NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks goes through the motions of her signature entrance, drawing mixed reactions from the Full Sail faithful. Banks holds up the NXT Women’s Championship above her head as she stands on the apron, and then turns over to the stage…

…Where number one contender Becky Lynch stands! Sasha glares at her former running mate as she folds her arms, wanting a front row seat for her future opponent.

Match #1: Non-Title Singles Match
Alexa Bliss vs. NXT Women’s Champ Sasha Banks
With the number one contender looking on from the stage, Sasha and Alexa tangle in a pretty good opening contest where both ladies are allowed to work without many limitations. Though Alexa has seen improvement throughout the last few months, she proves to be no match for The Boss, who shows why she’s NXT’s Women’s Champion. Late in the match, Alexa is mounting a rally. She leaps off the top rope, scoring with a cross body but Sasha rolls through it and hoists Bliss up! Banks then brings her over to the corner, and crushes her with a double knee drop. She then drags Alexa by her hands to the center of the ring and slaps on the Bank Statement. It’s a wrap a few seconds there as Bliss is forced to tap out to the pressure.
WINNER: Sasha Banks via submission at 6:25.

Banks gets up after winning the match and has her hand raised by the referee. She then requests her coveted title belt and looks on as Lynch applauds. Sasha tells Becky that she better be clapping for her and Becky, perhaps sarcastically, claps even harder… before gesturing around her waist that the title’s coming to her. Sasha shakes her head and raises the title up again.

Commercial Break

Upon returning from the commercial break we get a hype video for one of NXT’s newest competitors, ‘The Total Diva’ Dana Brooke, who will be making her debut soon.

***HOLLOW TIP IN THE CLIP*** The NXT crowd watches on as Tye Dillinger strolls out of the gate, looking to be a bit disgruntled with how things have gone for him in recent weeks. Brennan and Graves go over what happened on February 25th, when Jason Jordan, Dillinger’s tag team partner, walked out on him and was then subsequently destroyed by Baron Corbin.

***GUITTAR FIRE B*** Jason Jordan saunters out with a microphone in his hand as Dillinger looks at him from inside the ring.

Jason Jordan: Tye, Tye… listen, man. I don’t mean to get your hopes up but…

Jordan looks around as some heat is present.

Jason Jordan: But I… did not come out here… to fight you, tonight.

Dillinger shakes his head.

Jason Jordan: You’re annoyed. You’re passionate. That’s cool, man. But the fact is, there’s a reason that the two of us aren’t tagging anymore. Look at us. I’m a young, talented, good-looking and athletically gifted individual. You? Well… I don’t need to go any further, do I?


Jason Jordan: But. I’ve got good news for you, bro. I’ve got an opponent for you. Like me, he’s athletically gifted, too. And talented. In fact, he was an Olympian for the United States of America in 2012.

Jordan nods.

Jason Jordan: So, Tye, NXT Universe, please welcome… Chad Gable!

Striding out on stage in a black singlet, knee pads, and boots is CHAD GABLE, evidently, who nods at Jordan and then walks down to the ring and hops onto the apron.

Match #2: Singles Match
Tye Dillinger vs. Chad Gable w/ Jason Jordan
So we get a look at Gable who displays an artistic ability at technical prowess in front of the live crowd. Brennan and Graves do back up Jordan’s claims of his newfound ally being an Olympian as well as a graduate of Central Michigan. Dillinger works hard to combat Gable’s tenacity and in-ring prowess. Jordan, however, doesn’t take all that kindly to it, and with the referee’s back turned he delivers a HARD right hand to Dillinger’s jaw. Gable then kicks Dillinger in the gut and hits a CAPTURE SUPLEX! 1! 2!! 3!!!
WINNER: Chad Gable via pin fall at 4:42.

Jordan gets in and raises the hand of Gable, and points to him proudly and high-fives him. As Dillinger licks his wounds, Jordan stomps down on him a few times before the newfound allies walk up the ramp with smiles on their faces.

Commercial Break

We go backstage and find Devin Taylor standing by at the ringside area.

Devin Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, Sawyer Fulton and Angelo Dawkins.

The tandem of Fulton and Dawkins walks into screenshot.

Devin Taylor: Guys, you requested this time to make an announcement?

Angelo Dawkins: Pretty lady, that’s right. Fulton and I haven’t been teamin’ for too long now, but we’ve got our eyes laid upon the NXT Tag Team Titles. Blake and Murphy? We’ve got respect for them, but we believe that—

???: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Walking into screenshot… are none other than Aiden English and Simon Gotch – The Vaudevillains!

Simon Gotch: Pals, pals. It’s a wonderful day down here in merry old Winter Park. But that doesn’t mean you can go and outlandishly proclaim that you want the Tag Team Titles? This isn’t some high-strung haberdashery. No, this is NXT, and The Vaudevillains are—

???: Hey, hey!

The camera widens, as Sin Cara and Kallisto appear!

Kallisto: As the FORMER NXT Tag Team Champions, The Lucha Dragons are the team that TRULY belongs next in line for the titles.

???: Okay, okay, hold on a second here!

The familiar accent draws the attention of everyone… it’s The Realest Guys, and Carmella!

Enzo Amore: Cass, help me out here.

Colin Cassady: Sure thing, Enzo.

Enzo Amore: Dawkins and Fulton, whadda they?

Colin Cassady: SAWFT!

Enzo Amore: How bout Gotch and English? Whadda they?

Colin Cassady: SAWFT!

Enzo Amore: Sin Cara, and Kallisto? How bout ‘dese guys here?

Colin Cassady: Well… ‘dey are the former NXT Tag Team Champions. ‘Dey got my respect…

Enzo Amore: …BUT!

Colin Cassady: BUT on any otha’ day than today, I’d say ‘dat. Today, ‘dey are… SAWFT!

The words of Enzo and Big Cass appear to draw the ire of the three other teams around them…

***TOKIWAKITA*** For the second time tonight, Hideo Itami makes his way to the ring. He’s seen favoring his back after taking a brutal attack at the hands of his opponent tonight via the Andre The Giant Memorial trophy, which is now reduced to nothing but shattered bits.

***#MMMGORGEOUS*** ‘The King of Cuteville’ Tyler Breeze saunters out, going through the motions of his extravagant entrance. ‘Prince Pretty’ scoffs at Itami, who waits for his rival to get into the ring, and naturally, Breeze takes his sweet time.

Match #3: Main Event; Singles Match
Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze
With it being a three-match card tonight, Breeze and Itami get a boatload of time to show off their skills, and they make the most of it in a dandy of a main event match. Itami battles with Breeze for nearly 15 minutes with Breeze targeting Hideo’s wounded back while the international superstar tries to feed off of his self-made momentum to make magic happen and win another big match. As the match nears its conclusion, Itami is working on the comeback trail. He fights his way out of a sleeper hold locked in by The King of Cuteville. He runs off the ropes a couple of times, knocking hos opponent down each time with a shoulder block. Itami then runs ahead, as Breeze turns on his belly. Itami rebounds, and Tyler gets up and HITS THE SUPERMODEL KICK! The Gorgeous One plops down atop Itami and hooks both legs. 1… 2… SHOULDER UP by Itami! The NXT Universe bursts out into cheers as Breeze hits the mat a few times in frustration. Breeze then takes his frustration out on Itami and after he connects with a few hard rights, he pins him again. 1… 2… SHOULDER UP AGAIN! Breeze is livid and then calls for the Beauty Shot. Breeze bides his time and just as Hideo gets up, Breeze goes for it… but Itami ducks out of the way! Breeze isn’t 2-for-2 with the Beauty Shot tonight, and Hideo Itami then grabs his opponent and props him up high onto his shoulders… GO 2 SLEEP BY ITAMI!!! 1! 2!! 3!!!
WINNER: Hideo Itami via pin fall at 12:45.

Itami’s winning ways continue! Favoring his back, Itami celebrates the hard-earned victory as he holds himself up with the ropes and pumps his fist. The NXT Universe gives him a standing ovation as he gets on the second rope in the corner and blows kisses and bows to them respectfully as this action-packed edition of NXT comes to a close…


Current Card for NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable
May 20, 2015
Winter Park, Florida

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Re: WWE 2015: The NXT Generation

SmackDown! – April 2, 2015

Opening Video


Tom Phillips: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Save Mart Center in Fresno, California, the home of the 2005 Royal Rumble and tonight’s edition of SmackDown! And what a show we’ve got for you here tonight featuring the return of ‘The Celtic Warrior!’

Jerry Lawler: That’s right, Tom! Later tonight, Sheamus returns to the ring! It’s been months since we’ve seen him in action and I can’t wait to see what he’s got in the tank.

Tom Phillips: But we’re gonna start it off with divas action!

***LET’S LIGHT IT UP*** AJ Lee, armed with her pals Paige and Bayley, skips down to the ring. She dusts off her Chuck Taylors before climbing inside the squared circle as Paige and Bayley walk around the ring and stand by her at the ringside area.

Tom Phillips: AJ Lee and Paige have turned the tables on Nikki Bella, the Divas Champion, and her twin sister Brie in the last few days but perhaps nowhere was that more indicative than what we saw on Monday night.

Jerry Lawler: Oh, yeah. It was bad enough for The Bella Twins that they were beaten at the hands of AJ Lee and Paige on the grand stage at WrestleMania 31 in Santa Clara. But the next night on RAW, they outsmarted the twins and brought Bayley from NXT along to take on Nikki Bella. And she won! She pinned the Divas Champion!

Tom Phillips: The Bellas are certainly in need of righting the ship…

***YOU CAN LOOK, BUT YOU CAN’T TOUCH*** Nikki and Brie Bella make their way out to the stage. Unlike usual, the Divas Champion doesn’t go for her patented twirl. Instead, she has a microphone.

Nikki Bella: Y’know, credit given when credit is due, ladies. At WrestleMania, you beat us, fair and square, in the middle of the ring.

The Bellas clap.

Nikki Bella: Monday night… you hoodwinked us. You made us believe that we were going to face one of you two. And instead… you brought your friend, Bayley, from NXT, up to the big leagues. And Bayley… you beat me, 1, 2, 3, fair and square in the ring.

Bayley is shown on camera, as the lovable hugger smiles and nods her head.

Nikki Bella: You know what though? There’s a reason that I’m standing here with the Divas Championship on my shoulder, and why the rest of you down there have no hardware to display. You outsmart me one day… I outsmart you the next.

Nikki smiles.

Nikki Bella: So tonight… you were scheduled to face my sister, Brie. But… you know what? Instead, you’re going to face… someone else.

Brie nods her head as AJ raises her eyebrow.

Nikki Bella: So, ladies and gentlemen, give it up for AJ Lee’s new opponent tonight… … … EMMA!

***#EMMALUTION*** AJ Lee coys her head and looks on as Emma strolls out onto the stage. The camera then fixates itself on Bayley… who glares, as she and the Australian diva have had their fair share of bad blood in NXT.

Tom Phillips: Well, not only have the Bella Twins outsmarted AJ Lee, Paige and Bayley this time around, but they might have gotten under the skin of the hugger here as well.

Jerry Lawler: No doubt about it, Tom. Bayley and Emma have been agitating one another on NXT as of late. The Australian native has been pushing for Bayley to be a little bit more aggressive lately and it’s eaten away at her psyche. And now having her here in the ring? Well… this could be a bit of a bad recipe.

Tom Phillips: Well, don’t go away, ladies and gentlemen. When we come back, Emma’s gonna go one-on-one with AJ Lee.

Commercial Break

Match #1: Singles Match

AJ Lee w/ Paige and Bayley vs. Emma w/ Nikki and Brie Bella
We come back to the broadcast and see that AJ, for the moment, is struggling with Emma after being baited and switched by The Bella Twins who, from ringside, look on as they can see their plan so far is working to perfection. Meanwhile, Paige and Bayley look in the ring and try to rally AJ, while Bayley can be seen trying to control her emotions as Emma frequently taunts her from inside the ropes. The match wages on and AJ soon remembers that she’s a three-time Divas Champion and has the ability to check with most of if not the entire roster. AJ appears to have some pretty good chemistry with Emma as the two work a pretty good match that nears the 10-minute threshold, showing that, maybe, just maybe, the booking team’s getting its act together when it comes to #MainRosterDivas. AJ puts Emma on her heels and looks for the Shining Wizard, but Emma gets up and WALLOPS her with a hard lariat! Even Nikki and Brie look to be impressed as AJ Lee looks to be dazed and confused. Emma grabs her by the legs and catapults her… before FASTENING ON THE EMMA LOCK! AJ is TRAPPED in the center of the ring. Her allies bang on the mat with their hands in hopes that she can break out of the hold but… it’s all for naught. AJ LEE TAPS OUT!!
Winner: Emma via submission at 8:32.

Tom Phillips: And AJ Lee has NO CHOICE but to tap out! The Bella Twins’ plan has come into fruition!

Emma’s music hits as she lets go of the hold. She gets up and gets her hand raised, smiling at the fact that she just made the three-time Divas Champion submit and looks over at Bayley and snidely smiles and taunts her.

The San Jose native’s had enough of Emma’s games, though! She leaps into the ring, but Emma slyly rolls out of the ring and retreats up the ramp. The Bella Twins are waiting at the top and they bang fists with the Australian. Paige and Bayley look after their fallen comrade who is slow to get up after being entrenched in the vicious submission hold. As they say, turnabout’s fair play, and The Bella Twins just one-upped their enemies. Big time.

We see Renee Young, microphone in hand, standing by the office of The Authority. Triple H then makes his way out of the room.

Renee Young: Hunter, I understand you have some news about tonight’s main event?

Triple H: That’s right, Renee.

Hunter takes a breath and exhales.

Triple H: Tonight, there will be a WrestleMania rematch. The WWE Champion, the future, and the face of World Wrestling Entertainment Seth Rollins will go one-on-one… with ‘The Viper,’ Randy Orton.

Some applause is let out from the fans watching in the arena.

Renee Young: Thank you, Hunter. Ladies and gentlemen, you won’t want to miss our action-packed main event. We’ll be right back.

Commercial Break

Tom Phillips: Welcome back to SmackDown, ladies and gentlemen. One of the biggest stories coming out of WrestleMania 31 this past Sunday was the win that ‘The American Dragon’ Daniel Bryan picked up, and in turn, becoming the Intercontinental Champion.

Jerry Lawler: But… unfortunately for Daniel, the honeymoon didn’t last very long. He quickly learned that he was a man with a target on his back.

Tom Phillips: That’s right, King. At the conclusion of Monday Night RAW (Replay footage shown) Bryan was abruptly attacked by ‘The New Face of Fear,’ Bray Wyatt who was coming off of a humongous victory of his own in taking down ‘The Phenom,’ The Undertaker.

Jerry Lawler: Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt had a battle last year prior to WrestleMania Thirty. This time, however, it appeared to be very clear that Bray not only wants to take down Daniel Bryan… but wants the Intercontinental Championship as well.

Tom Phillips: And while we aren’t ever sure what ‘The Eater of Worlds’ has up his sleeve, we can tell you that this Monday night, Bray Wyatt is scheduled to appear on Monday Night RAW and will likely have a lot to say about his victory over The Undertaker, as well as his attack on the Intercontinental Champion.

We go backstage and see Roman Reigns walking in a hallway. He stops and walks into a locker room… where Dean Ambrose is!

Ambrose looks on at Reigns as The Juggernaut approaches him.

Dean Ambrose: You got somethin’ to say to me, big guy?

Roman Reigns: I wanna know… what your deal was on Monday.

Dean Ambrose: My deal?

Dean lets out a small smile.

Dean Ambrose: I’m fighting the same battle as you, pal. Only problem is there’s only one of what we’re both chasing…

Reigns stares into the eyes of his ally… and then rubs his clenched fist, and checks his vest, as if to say, “If that’s how it’s gonna be… that’s how it’s gotta be.”

Commercial Break

We come back to the ring, and Goldust is waiting inside…

***SHOOT FOR THE STARS*** Bo Dallas walks out with a brimming sense of confidence and a wide smile on his face whilst carrying a microphone.

Bo Dallas: Y’know, Fresno… it’s a good day to be me.


Bo Dallas: It might not be the best day for Adrian Neville, no. He might be having a very, very bad day. He tried to have the biggest and best debut on Monday night… but I spoiled the festivities.

Bo stops, smiles, and continues on.

Bo Dallas: But don’t worry, Adrian. You just have to… do… the same thing you have to do, Goldust. You see, it’s funny to me. One of your signature moves… is called… Shattered Dreams. But…

The Inspirational One lets out a laugh as he climbs up the stairs.

Bo Dallas: Your dreams don’t have to be shattered! No!

Bo climbs into the ring.

Bo Dallas: No! They just have to be realized! And all that you have to do…

Bo raises his fist up in the air and lets out a wide grin.

Bo Dallas: Is BOLIEVE!!!!

#2: Singles Match
Bo Dallas vs. Goldust
Dallas kicks off the match aggressively as he goes right after the veteran with an armada of tenacity. Goldust does eventually turn the tide and doesn’t make it completely one-sided, though. After getting some offense in, Goldust goes for the Shattered Dreams that was alluded to earlier, but Dallas gets himself out of trouble and whacks Goldust in the face with a Polish hammer! Dallas takes control of the match after the tide-turning maneuver and, near the 6:30 mark, delivers the Bo-Dog to Goldust for the 1-2-3.
WINNER: Bo Dallas via pin fall at 6:18.

Tom Phillips: And Bo Dallas’ winning ways continue will continue. Two matches, two victories in a row for the youngster.

Jerry Lawler: I guess Bo’s been BOlieving in himself more lately. He was going through a bit of a dry spell but it looks like he’s getting back to business and trying to get taken a little more seriously.

Dallas runs around the ring and then heads up the ramp with his fists up in the air, elated with his winning ways over the past week.

We jump backstage to find AJ Lee, Bayley and Paige recuperating after their misfortunes earlier tonight. AJ is favoring her neck as we see Bayley and Paige trying to keep her in check.

Then, Stephanie McMahon appears.

Stephanie McMahon: Ladies. Good to see you.

The trio looks on with AJ wearing the sharpest of glares.

Stephanie McMahon: I can certainly understand the disdain the three of you have for The Bella Twins and… for Emma, as well for you, Bayley.

Bayley lets out a nod.

Stephanie McMahon: Y’know… there’s been a lot said lately about giving the divas division a chance. Now… a chance can be a lot of things. But, from the inside, what I can interpret this as is the three of you wanting a chance not only to get revenge on your rivals but… also the chance to win the WWE Divas Championship.

Stephanie lets out a shrug.

Stephanie McMahon: Am I in the ballpark?

AJ Lee: Might be close.

Stephanie McMahon: Oh, good, AJ. I’m glad to hear that. Because I’ve got some news that will interest the three of you.

Steph smirks.

Stephanie McMahon: This Monday night on RAW, when we’re live in Austin, Texas, the three of you WILL get a chance to fight for the WWE Divas Title. Because, AJ, Bayley, Paige, the three of you will be competing in three separate ‘Beat The Clock’ matches.

The trio of ladies looks at one another.

Stephanie McMahon: The woman that wins in the fastest time becomes the number one contender to Nikki Bella’s WWE Divas Championship. Simple as that.

Steph keeps the smirk on her face.

Stephanie McMahon: None of you are afraid of a little competition, are you?

Paige: Absolutely nawt.

AJ Lee: No way.

Bayley: Nah uh.

Stephanie McMahon: Good. Then good luck to you all.

Stephanie strolls away as Paige, AJ Lee and Bayley all glance at one another again with the stakes now being hoisted up high for all three from a personal and professional standpoint for this Monday night.

Commercial Break


Narrator: This week on an all-new edition of NXT…

“Worlds Apart” by CFO$ plays as rapid shots of Sami Zayn are shown.

Narrator: For the first time since NXT Rival, Sami Zayn will be in action.

More shots of Zayn.

Narrator: As his quest for revenge over the NXT Champion, Kevin Owens continues on.

A shot of Kevin Owens with the NXT Championship and then some more of Zayn.

Narrator: Don’t miss NXT, on the WWE Network, Wednesday night at 8 p.m.


***SWAMP GAS*** Luke Harper stomps out onto the stage, making his first appearance since WrestleMania 31.

Tom Phillips: Well, as we get set for this next match we do want to echo the sentiments of the video package that just played as we returned from the break. This coming Wednesday night, on the WWE Network, Sami Zayn will return to the ring for the first time since being viciously attacked at NXT Rival two months ago.

Jerry Lawler: That Kevin Owens… y’know, I know a lot about him, and I can’t say I’m too surprised by his smarmy behavior down there in Winter Park, Florida. I can’t wait for Sami Zayn to eventually get his hands on him.

***WRITTEN IN MY FACE*** For the first time since November, SHEAMUS walks out onto the stage, receiving a rather positive reaction from the Fresno fans.

Jerry Lawler: And here he is!

Tom Phillips: For the first time in five months, SHEAMUS is back on WWE programming!

#3: Singles Match
Luke Harper vs. THE RETURNING Sheamus
As one might expect, these two brawlers get physical right away after stepping into the ring as Sheamus picks right up from where he left off several months ago. The two physically imposing bastards go head to head for nearly ten minutes, beating the living piss out of each other in a match that the crowd eats up for the most part. Towards the conclusion of the encounter, Luke lifts Sheamus in the air and hits the Truckstop! Following that, he looks for his finisher – the Discus Clothesline, but Sheamus ducks underneath, runs off the ropes and scores with the BROGUE KICK! 1! 2!! 3!!!
WINNER: Sheamus via pin fall at 9:20.

Tom Phillips: And Sheamus caps off his return with a victory! Adding a feather in his cap, ‘The Celtic Warrior’ has defeated Luke Harper!

Jerry Lawler: What an absolute fight that was! And Sheamus was somehow able to come out on top. All the credit in the world can go to Luke Harper though, who managed to come out looking good from that as well.

We then cut backstage.

A camera rises on a figure wearing black sneakers… jean shorts…

It’s the WWE United States Champion, JOHN CENA!

Tom Phillips: Well, it appears that the champ is here and we’re gonna hear from him real soon. John Cena, the new United States Champion is on his way to the ring!

Commercial Break

~ WWE REWIND: John Cena defeats ‘The Bulgarian Brute’ Rusev at WrestleMania 31 to win the WWE United States Championship for the fourth time in his illustrious career.

***MY TIME IS NOW*** The U.S. Champion brings the crowd to their feet in a positive AND negative manner as the mixed reaction we’ve grown accustomed to fills the Save Mart Center. John Cena marches out, rocking a brand new ‘THE CHAMP IS HERE’ t-shirt, akin to the one he wore roughly 10 years ago, except this one is a black t-shirt with the United States flag colored into the text.

Cena climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone.

John Cena: Fresno, California it feels good to say this… THE CHAMP… IS… HERE!

A LOUD mixed reaction reverberates.

John Cena: It’s been a minute since your boy’s been the United States Champion on a Thursday night. So lemme try to get acclimated here…

Cena loosens up a little bit…

John Cena: The last time John Cena was United States Champion on a Thursday night… Michael Cole and Tazz were callin’ rocketbustas’ after rocketbustas on the best brand in sports entertainment on a week-to-week basis.

Cheers for the nostalgia.

John Cena: The last time John Cena was United States Champion on a Thursday night, yours truly was wearing throwback jerseys, chainlock necklaces and Reebok Pumps.

An even BIGGER cheer bursts out. Cena cracks a smile.

John Cena: The last time John Cena was the United States Champion on a Thursday night, we had a dude named Heidenreich comin’ out here and tryin’ to master the art of poetry.

Some laughter.

John Cena: Last time John Cena was the United States Champion on a Thursday night, Carlito’s Cabana was a hotter talk show than Maury Povich.

Cena nods, saying that it’s true.

John Cena: But lemme tell you somethin’ that hasn’t changed since John Cena was the United States Champion on a Thursday night…

Cena puts the title belt on her shoulder.

John Cena: John Cena is STILL the chief ass-kickin’, no name takin’, Five Knuckle Shufflin’, Attitude Adjustin’, never givin’ uppin’ SON OF A GUN that will NEVER back down and NEVER QUIT!

The champ looks out into the crowd.

John Cena: I am the face that runs this place, and I am here as your United States Champion and I don’t plan to absolve myself of the duties I have any time soon. Apparently though, this has rubbed off poorly on other people…

He begins to pace.

John Cena: Super-athletes, to be specific. One in particular. The man that walked around here with the bravado that he rightfully deserved but, apparently, couldn’t handle when it got thrown in his face after he lost fair and square in the middle of this ring in Santa Clara this past Sunday.

Cena points down at the ring mat.

John Cena: Rusev…

Cena turns to the stage.

John Cena: I’ll make this short and sweet for you. You want this United States Championship back? You name the time, you name the place, and I’ll be there to defend it against you. But you had betta’ knock, that you will need to bring the kitchen sink—no, no—you will need to bring that tank that you rode on to the ring at WrestleMania to take this championship away from me, jack.

John nods as the reaction percolates around him.

John Cena: You want some…? Come… get some.

Cena’s music hits as the new U.S. Champion has sent a simple message to the former champion that he’s ready on all accounts for another encounter with The Bulgarian Brute.

Commercial Break

***I CAME TO PLAY*** The Miz, reviled by many, makes his way out on stage with a microphone as we return from commercials.

The Miz: Really??


The Miz: I partake… in this Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal last Sunday night… and some loser from Japan steals my spotlight and wins it? Really???

More boos.

The Miz: And to make matters worse… my worthless sidekick stunt double makes a name for himself and eliminates me?

Huge pop.

The Miz: REALLY???

Miz spikes the microphone down as he angrily climbs into the ring.

***MEAT ON THE TABLE*** Ryback storms out onto the stage and stares down at his opponent, who looks to be in a very foul mood. The Big Guy trudges down the ramp, eyes on his opponent, and jumps up onto the apron and into the ring, and the fight begins!

#4: Singles Match
The Miz vs. Ryback
Miz takes his aggression out on The Big Guy early in the matchup as our commentators dissect what’s going on through his head after finally having the tables turned on him this past Sunday night at WrestleMania. Miz takes a bit too long to gloat and to taunt at Ryback, and the Las Vegas native then starts to gather momentum. However, Miz swings the matchup back in his favor after a nice counter on the apron of a suplex. Miz then grabs him by the neck and delivers a SICK hangman’s neckbreaker down onto the apron and Miz lands cleanly on his feet afterwards. He rolls The Big Guy back in the ring afterwards and goes for the cover, but Ryback kicks out after the count of two. Miz, again, lets his aggression and anger fly as he berates the referee and tells him to count faster. A few seconds later, Miz goes for the Skull-Crushing Finale, but Ryback counters! Miz is sent staggering and walks in as The Big Guy heaves him up onto his shoulders and drops him with the Shellshock! 1! 2!! 3!!!
WINNER: Ryback via pin fall at 7:26.

Tom Phillips: And Miz’s troubles will continue! Ryback gets the win!

Jerry Lawler: And we thought that The Bella Twins were having a bad week. Poor Miz…

Soon after the match ends, as Ryback has walked up the ramp, Miz gets up, wearily, holding his neck in pain as he starts to berate the crowd.

The crowd, then, rises to their feet and in decibel volume.



Sandow, getting a boisterous reaction, stands over his former tag team partner. He looks around at the crowd and feeds off of them, and then leaves the ring putting his former running mate in a world of hurt and trouble…

We cut backstage to see JoJo standing at the interview pit.

JoJo: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time is ‘The World’s Largest Athlete,’ The Big Show.

The camera widens to see the seven-footer, towering over our interviewer.

JoJo: Big Show, this past Monday night on RAW you informed Triple H to put Hideo Itami, The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner on notice. Well, as it turned out, last night on NXT, Hideo Itami not only responded to what you had to say, but he also invited you to come down to NXT. Is there anything you’d like to say in response to his challenge?

Big Show: Yeah, JoJo, there is something I’d like to say.

Show glares down at JoJo.

Big Show: That punk… is going to get exactly what he wants.

JoJo: (Eyes widen) So, if I’m to understand this right, Big Show, you’re going to go to NXT to accept Hideo Itami’s challenge?

Big Show: Yeah. I am.

Sparse cheers from the crowd watching on.

Big Show: But it’s not going to be on Hideo’s terms. It’s going to be on my terms. So Itami, you better have your head on a swivel. In the next few weeks, I’m going to inflict the kind of pain on you… that’s going to make you wish you never set foot in a WWE ring.

With that, the giant Big Show marches off screen.

JoJo: Well guys, it looks like Big Show is going to be paying a visit to Full Sail University sooner or later. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t go away because later tonight Randy Orton will take on the WWE Champion Seth Rollins in the main event. Stay tuned.

Commercial Break

We return from our commercial break to find ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton taping up his wrists and hands as in mere moments, he’ll be taking on the WWE Champion Seth Rollins in a rematch from WrestleMania.

We then jump to the announce table.

Tom Phillips: Well, ladies and gentlemen we’ve just gotten word of a few big announcements in regards to this Monday’s edition of RAW.

Jerry Lawler: ‘The Beast’ is back again. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman will both be in attendance in Austin, Texas so we’ll be hearing from them both for the first time since Lesnar lost the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 31.

Tom Phillips: And speaking of returns – Dolph Ziggler will be back in action for the first time since WrestleMania 31.

Jerry Lawler: Ziggler’s a true fan favorite, Tom. I bet Austin is going to explode when he comes out.

Tom Phillips: We’ve also gotten word of the three ‘Beat The Clock’ matches that we’ll be witnessing as the race to become the number one contender for the WWE Divas Championship is on.

Jerry Lawler: Oh yeah. Check this out. AJ Lee will go head-to-head with Natalya, Paige will take on Naomi, and Bayley is gonna face… Emma! What a tripleheader that is going to be!

Tom Phillips: Bayley and Emma has to be the most intriguing of the three encounters scheduled for Monday night at the Frank Erwin Center because there’s a lot of bad blood between those two ladies as we mentioned earlier in the broadcast when the Australian diva was up against AJ Lee.

Jerry Lawler: I have a feeling that it’s going to be like if Oklahoma went to Texas to take on the Longhorns. The tension between those two dangerous divas is going to be as high as a mountain!

Tom Phillips: Well, while we can’t wait to bring that production to you this Monday night, we must first hit our main event.

We cut backstage and see the champ, Seth Rollins, stomping through the hallway.

Tom Phillips: …And there’s one half of it. Seth Rollins and Randy Orton will meet in the ring when we return!

Jerry Lawler: Don’t go anywhere!

Commercial Break

***VOICES*** ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton enters the arena to a warm reception from the fans inside the Save Mart Center. Orton goes through his typical mannerisms as he makes his way to the ring.

***THE SECOND COMING*** A mixed reaction rings out as the WWE Champion, Seth Rollins, enters the fray armed with no J&J Security or The Authority. We get a cutaway to all of them looking on inside their office, entrusting the WWE Champion with the utmost confidence that he can go it alone tonight.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a non-title match scheduled for one fall, with TV time remaining!

Smattering of applause.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing first! From Saint Louis, Missouri. Weighing in at 250 pounds… he is ‘The Viper,’ RANDYYYY ORTON!!!

Orton leans back and does his destiny pose.

Lilian Garcia: And, his opponent! From Davenport, Iowa, weighing in at 218 pounds… he is ‘The Undisputed Future’ of WWE, and the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Championnnn… SETH ROLLINNNNS!!!!

Seth raises the WWE Title high, proudly at that, and points to Randy and tells him point blank that this doesn’t belong to him and it never will again.

#5: Main Event; Non-Title WRESTLEMANIA 31 REMATCH
WWE Champ, Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton
Seth shows no sign of ring rust or jitters after four (coughtwocough) days away from the ring after shocking the world in the main event of The Showcase of the Immortals. The Future and The Viper put on a pretty dazzling display in front of the Fresno crowd that just about rivals their first encounter, with heavy emphasis put on the fact that Rollins is going it alone without any sign of The Authority. Late in the match, Randy tries to surprise Seth with an RKO, but Seth grabs hold of Orton by the throat from behind and drops him with a Reverse DDT! Rollins then opts not to go for the cover but instead mounts atop his opponent and wails on him with a few right hands. Seth shouts at Orton that he’s better than him, and mocks him by doing the destiny pose after to a lot of heat. Suddenly, Orton rolls Seth up! 1… 2… KICK OUT! Seth doesn’t look like he appreciates the fact that he nearly got caught napping, and charges ahead at Orton who lifts his knee into Seth’s gut. He then grabs him by the gut and props him up on his shoulder… and delivers an elevated neckbreaker! Orton then stalks the prey and goes for yet ANOTHER RKO but Seth shoves him into the corner! Randy protects himself and gives an elbow to Seth as he comes charging in. The Viper then walks in grabs Seth by the head, and gives him an inverted backbreaker! Both men are a little bit gassed to this point as we’re nearly 15 minutes in. Randy gets up to his feet and goes for a swing, but Seth blocks it and kicks him in the gut. Rollins then loads Randy up… POWERBOMB INTO THE CORNER! Orton staggers forward as the champ runs off… CURB STOMP TO ORTON! 1! 2!! 3!!!
WINNER: Seth Rollins via pin fall at 15:23.

ROLLINS WINS CLEANLY OVER ORTON! The WWE Champion couldn’t look better in his first match since becoming the head honcho around World Wrestling Entertainment and he gets up and has his hand raised by the official.

The party doesn’t last too long however.


TACKLE TO ROLLINS! Dean goes berserk over his former friend, taking his aggression out on him and showcasing the type of target that The Architect has on his back.

As Rollins and Ambrose continue to scrap, the camera turns its attention away…


The Juggernaut slides inside as Rollins and Ambrose throw haymakers at one another.

Reigns soon grabs both men’s attention as he then surges forward.



Rollins narrowly avoids a catastrophic event as he grabs his WWE Title belt and puts it on his shoulder and looks at the ring. A similar scene has played itself out again from Monday night.

Seth, the hunted man, leaving relatively unscathed as the myriad of contenders, combatants, challengers and the like have clawed at one another with one goal in mind…



Current Card for WWE Extreme Rules
April 26, 2015
Rosemont, Illinois

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Re: WWE 2015: The NXT Generation

Superstars – April 3, 2015

R-Truth defeated Fandango via pin fall at 6:22.

We were treated to a recap video of the happenings in the Diva Division this week, focusing in on AJ Lee and Paige’s battle with The Bella Twins, Bayley’s debut, and Emma working with The Bellas on SmackDown.

Natalya and Naomi defeated Cameron and Rosa Mendes at 5:32 after Natalya used the Sharpshooter on Cameron.

Seth Rollins’ wild week is recapped for us prior to Superstars’ main event.

Jack Swagger defeated Sin Cara in the main event at 10:21.

Originally Posted by PWInsider

- While it's four months away from now, WWE is said to be making plans for SummerSlam already. A source inside WWE tells PWInsider that several matches are already being discussed for the mega-event, including Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler, John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose, and a WrestleMania rematch between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. Plans, of course, are subject to change given the frenetic pace within creative at times, as well as the fact that the event isn't until August. That said, it's still indeed possible that these matches occur.

- Speaking of Ziggler, his current contract with WWE expires this September and so far there's been nothing doing on the renegotiation front.

- Bayley is expected to continue working in NXT for the foreseeable future. Her "call-up" is described as a "soft" one in that they are testing her on the main roster. Her feud with Emma is expected to run on both the main roster and on NXT.

- Meanwhile, Neville is expected to stay on the main roster and the main roster alone.

- After Hideo Itami used the GTS on Tyler Breeze, social media was abuzz since that used to be CM Punk's finisher. Punk took to Twitter and had this to say:

- There's been apparently talk of broadcasting house shows on WWE Network. We can only speculate that they will be broadcasting from some of the bigger venues around the country, such as Madison Square Garden, an arena that WWE only runs house shows in nowadays due to high rent costs.

- Additionally, Tuesday Night Titans might be unearthed in the near future.

- WWE officials have been enamored with Kevin Owens in his opening run down in NXT.

- Finally, WWE could become major players for a few more independent talents whose contracts are expiring soon, including Samoa Joe and Roderick Strong.

Alright, so, just gonna give a quick update here. I'm three matches through Extreme Rules (how many matches will Extreme Rules have? You'll have to see for yourselves ). I expect it to be done by mid-October but anything can happen from here on out. That said, the ENTIRE build up to the PPV (as well as the entire build up to NXT Unstoppable) is 100% completed. So be on the look out for shows every 3-5 days or so until then.

Hope y'all are enjoying this.
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