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Progress Wrestling: A New Chapter


Progress Wrestling is a British independent promotion founded in 2012 and based in London, England. Between regular shows at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, developmental ENDVR shows every other month, and the recently established ProJo wrestling school, the promotion has become adept at showcasing the best of British wrestling talent as well as developing its own.

For 609 days, the company’s only singles championship was held by Jimmy Havoc, a former deathmatch wrestler who had since evolved into one of the most well-rounded figures on the Progress roster, as well as one of its most detested. During his near two-year reign, Havoc had beaten the likes of Prince Devitt, Mark Andrews, Will Ospreay, Noam Dar and more, overcoming the very best of British talent across a plethora of matchtypes, with his Regression stable behind him.

Showing his distaste for the Progress crowd, its management, and any wrestler put in front of him, Havoc’s reputation as a “cunt” would eventually catch up with him and on July 26th, 2015, Will Ospreay would finally win the title after a feud between the two which had been building for over a year. Ospreay, who had beaten the likes of Roderick Strong and Zack Sabre, Jr. on the way to his third shot at Havoc’s title, would get the job done at last and dethrone the longest reigning Progress Wrestling Champion at the promotion’s twentieth Chapter show, ‘Thunderbastard: Beyond Thunderbastard’.

Ospreay’s victory is the point from which this diary kicks off. With the new Champion carried out on the shoulders of fellow roster members to one of the loudest ovations in the promotion’s history, the road to Chapter 21 begins.

Key Figures

Spoiler for Key Figures:

Jim Smallman

Along with Glen Joseph and Jon Briley, Jim Smallman is one of the co-owners of Progress Wrestling as well as its ring announcer.

Will Ospreay

The newly crowned Progress Wrestling champion, Essex-born Will Ospreay has also won the company’s first annual Thunderbastard match as well as the first annual Super Strong Style 16 tournament.

Jimmy Havoc

The former Progress Champion and one of the company’s most recognisable and hated figures, Jimmy Havoc has built up a reputation since Chapter Nine as someone who will sink to any level in the name of self-preservation or success. Having assaulted co-owner Jim Smallman with a chair, threatened to set then-Champion Mark Andrews on fire in order to receive his original title match, attempted to torture Will Ospreay and threaten beheading him with an axe, Havoc has shown there is no limit to what he would do in a Progress ring. Whether alone or alongside fellow Regression stablemates Paul Robinson and Isaac Zercher, Havoc remains a constant threat to anyone he shares a ring with, Champion or not.

Mark Haskins

Having won the company’s second annual Thunderbastard match, Mark Haskins was rewarded with the right to a title match whenever he wanted it, provided it was agreed with Progress management in advance. Haskins chose to cash in this clause immediately for a match at Chapter 21 against whoever happened to be Champion at that point, and now stands as the number one contender to Ospreay’s newly won belt. The man who spent much of his early time in the company lurking amongst the Screw Indy Wrestling stable has since won over the Progress crowd with consistently impressive performances, and at Chapter 21 he receives his first shot at the promotion’s only singles title.

The Sumerian Death Squad

Comprised of Dutchmen Michael Dante and Tommy End, the Sumerian Death Squad are the current Progress Tag Team Champions, having won the titles on the second day of the company’s inaugural Super Strong Style 16 tournament. In lieu of belts, the team hold Progress’s tag shield, originally designed alongside the now retired Progress Championship staff.

‘Flash’ Morgan Webster

Winner of the company’s second Natural Progression Series – a tournament held over a number of Chapter shows amongst new Progress talent – Morgan Webster holds the right to a title match whenever and wherever he wants it.

Full Starting Roster
Red dictates heel alignment, blue dictates face.

Chuck Mambo
Damo O’Connor
Damon Moser

Dave Mastiff
Eddie Dennis
El Ligero
Isaac Zercher

James Davis
Jimmy Havoc
Kyle Ashmore
Mark Haskins
Marty Scurll

Michael Dante (Progress Tag Team Champion)
Morgan Webster (Natural Progression Series Winner)

Nathan Cruz
Noam Dar
Pastor William Eaver

Paul Robinson
Rampage Brown
Rob Lynch

Sha Samuels
Tom Irvin
Tommy End (Progress Tag Team Champion)
‘Wild Boar’ Mike Hitchman
Will Ospreay (Progress Champion)

Zack Gibson
Zack Sabre, Jr.

Starting Teams/Stables

GZRS (Sebastian & Tom Irvin)
The London Riots (Rob Lynch & James Davis)

The Origin (Nathan Cruz & El Ligero)
Regression (Jimmy Havoc, Paul Robinson & Isaac Zercher)

The Sumerian Death Squad (Tommy End & Michael Dante)
Sweet Jesus (Chuck Mambo & Pastor William Eaver)

Notes and Things

Spoiler for Notes and Things:
  • I have never done a diary for a promotion other than WWE before. I have definitely never done a diary for an indy fed before. There are a lot of ideas I have that I may find difficult to convey at first via a solely written format, but hopefully you will be patient while I find my feet with this.

  • The subtitles for the Chapter 21 and 24 shows are the titles that Progress have given them, as they were the two that had been announced when preparations for this diary began. I will choose subtitles for other Chapters myself. Chapter and ENDVR dates will be kept true to those already arranged by Progress, listed on their website here.

  • Chapter shows will be written out in full, ENDVR shows in recap form. Other shows that affect the diary may be written out in full or as extracts, depending on what is required at the time. PTNTL shows will not be covered.

  • All reviews and ratings will be returned within a week, or when your next show is published. If any reviews or ratings are not returned, it is not because I have chosen to avoid it, I am far more likely to have just forgotten or been busy with other things. Simply send me a PM to nudge me about it and I’ll hunt down your latest show in order to return the favour as soon as I see your message.

  • Lastly, I am aiming not to be too indyriffic with this diary, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t planning to make the most of the chance to be a bit more creative and inventive with moves, storylines, promos and crowd reactions. We’ll see what happens, and feel free to call me out on anything that seems a bit too unbelievable or over the top.

  • I am going for quality over quanity with this, so don't expect me to be super-quick getting shows written up, but I have a good long-term plan which should keep me busy for a while. I've got a card together for Chapter Twenty-One and will be beginning writing it tomorrow, but I wanted to get the thread made now as an incentive to crack on. I'm hoping to have the Chapter done in the next week or two, and I will have a post up announcing the full card when I'm about half way through.

Cheers, and hope you enjoy this attempt to turn what is perhaps my favourite promotion in the world right now into something a little new for the BTB section.

Originally Posted by PikachuMan
Anyway, I doubt this is the end or anywhere near the end of Eugene. Vince/Umaga did a number on him, but he can show up next week like nothing happened. Maybe with a special hat or something.
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Progress Wrestling: A New Chapter

Full Show Schedule
Shows will be struck off as they're completed


6th September – Chapter 21: You Know We Don’t Like To Use The Sit Down Gun – The Electric Ballroom, Camden
13th September – ENDVR 12 – The Garage, Islington
18th October – Chapter 22 - The Electric Ballroom, Camden
1st November – ENDVR 13 – The Garage, Islington
29th November – Chapter 23 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden
6th December – Chapter 24: Hit the North! – The Ritz, Manchester

3rd January – ENDVR 14 – The Garage, Islington
24th January – Chapter 25 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden
14th February – Chapter 26 – The Ritz, Manchester
13th March – ENDVR 15 – The Garage, Islington
27th March – Chapter 27 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden
10th April – Chapter 28 – The Ritz, Manchester
24th April – Chapter 29 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden
15th May – ENDVR 16 – The Garage, Islington
29th and 30th May – Chapter 30: Super Strong Style 2016 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden
19th June – Chapter 31 – The Ritz, Manchester
26th June – Chapter 32 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden
17th July – ENDVR 17 – The Garage, Islington
31st July – Chapter 33 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden
14th August – Chapter 34 – The Ritz, Manchester
28th August – Chapter 35 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden
11th September – ENDVR 18 – The Garage, Islington
25th September – Chapter 36 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden
16th October – Chapter 37 – The Ritz, Manchester
30th October – Chapter 38 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden
13th November – ENDVR 19 – The Garage, Islington
27th November – Chapter 39 – The Electric Ballroom, Camden
11th December – Chapter 40 – The Ritz, Manchester

Originally Posted by PikachuMan
Anyway, I doubt this is the end or anywhere near the end of Eugene. Vince/Umaga did a number on him, but he can show up next week like nothing happened. Maybe with a special hat or something.
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Re: Progress Wrestling: A New Chapter

A Progress BTB, you have my interest.
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Progress Wrestling: A New Chapter

As something of a test, and as an abridged introduction to how I'll be conducting this BTB, I'm going to post what is, at this point, the introductory segment to Progress Chapter Twenty-One. For those not familiar with Progress shows, they tend to start with an extended promo from Jim Smallman; welcoming fans to the show, running through the main matches, and generally dealing with what needs to be dealt with at the start of a Progress show. Now, I want to capture as much of the Progress experience and atmosphere as it's possible to capture through a solely written medium, and therefore these promos will be something I try to stay true to and open shows with as well.

The here issue is that I am attempting to write introductions that would usually be written by a man who is both a wrestling promoter and a stand up comedian, whereas I am neither of these things. It may be a hard thing to replicate. Therefore, I have found a way to make Chapter Twenty-One's introduction a brief one, introducing the concept while easing myself in a bit to attempting to emulate what is often an unpredictable opening to a Progress show.

Also important, and I should have said this in the first post: in attempting to stay true to the "Progress atmosphere", there will be strong language throughout the shows I write, both in promos and fan chants. If this sort of thing is not something you enjoy or approve of, I apologise in advance but I have no plans to censor anything in this BTB. Cheers.

With that out of the way, here is a sneak preview (of sorts) of the show that will kick this diary off. It might end on a bit of a spoiler for those who follow British wrestling particularly closely. Sorry for the relative lack of formatting but I can assure you that the finished show will be a more colourful and generally fancier affair.




*The Electric Ballroom crowd pops loudly and clap along with the music as Jim Smallman paces around the outside of the ring*


*A few fans sing along as Smallman continues pacing, only coming to a stop as the song ends*


*Smallman enters the ring to loud applause, as the sold out Ballroom begins clapping along with the music once more. It fades out slowly, leaving a loud “This is Progress!” chant in its wake, which Smallman allows to peter out before greeting the fans in attendance*

Smallman: ‘Ello you lot!

*Another loud cheer, as fans on one side of the ring commence a loud “Smallman Section” chant, quickly echoed by a “Briley Section” retort from the opposite side of the ring*

Smallman: Oh, you fuckers are never letting this go, are you?

*Smallman laughs as the chants increase in volume, joined by a “Jazz Hands Section” chant as a tribute to third co-owner, Glen Joseph*

Smallman: And there’s our Jazz Hands Section. <Laughs> Fuck, this is going to happen at every single show now and there’s nothing we can do. Quick question here, who’s at their first ever Progress show tonight?

*Scattered cheers from across the audience, met with a loud chorus of “It’s your round!” chants from the rest of the fans in attendance*

Smallman: <Laughs> Well, welcome to Progress, home of simultaneously the most mental and brilliant fans on the planet. Oh, and newcomers, it is a rule that you have to buy the rest of the fans here a drink.

*The chants resurge drawing laughs from those newcomers in the audience*

Smallman: Now, before we get started, for newcomers and established fans alike, we have one rule here in Progress Wrestling, one cardinal rule that applies to each and every person in this building today. There are seven hundred of the most batshit insane wrestling fans that Britain… or Italy… has to offer here today, seven hundred of you lovely people who I’m sure will spend the next few ours drinking, chanting, and having a lovely time. But the cardinal rule which you must not forget to ensure that this is a fantastic show for everyone involved or attending, the one rule that I’ll say every show and you’re all going to say it with me now…

Smallman & Fans: DON’T BE A DI-


*Jimmy Havoc emerges onto the stage, flanked by his Regression stablemates and met with loud boos which quickly fade off into chants of “Dick!” as the former Champion makes his way down to the ring, Zercher and Robinson in tow. “Jimmy, you’re a cunt!” chants fill the room earning a one-fingered salute from the interrupting Havoc*

Havoc: Hi, Jim!

*Smallman grins, shrugging off the attempted intimidation from the three Regression men*

Smallman: Hi, Jim! <Giggles maniacally> Oh, that never gets old.

Havoc: <Laughs sarcastically before flipping Smallman the bird> Now you might not realise it, Jim, but this is the part where you shut the fuck up. <To the crowd> And you as well! Now Jim, it might not surprise you that I am still not in the fucking mood to be messed around, especially since last time we were here, you let that cunt Will Ospreay steal my fucking title that I held for almost two fucking years.

*The crowd roars into life once more with a “Jimmy’s not the champ!” chant, to the same tune as their previous effort, with Robinson and Zercher trying to silence them as Havoc stares daggers*

Havoc: You think you’re funny too, I guess. You think you’re all so fucking hilarious, laughing at my expense after I was robbed at Chapter Twenty. But let me tell you what I find funny. Let me tell you what I find fucking hilarious. Because this isn’t Chapter Twenty anymore, this is Chapter Twenty-One. And if you think that I’m done for or that I’m finished, this is not going to be a very fun show for any of you.

*Small jeers*

Havoc: Now I-

Smallman: Just hold on one second there Jimmy because there is a pressing issue here, because like you say… you’re not the champ anymore!

*Fans along one section of the front row set off party poppers in unison, met with furious reactions from Regression and loud cheers from the 690 other fans in the building*

Smallman: Oh, I’m so fucking glad that worked! During the intro I had to make sure all those guys were ready to go and I’ve been terrified it wouldn't, well… a round of applause to all of you

*Jim gives a small golf clap to the front row, with other fans following suit*

Smallman: Anyway, yeah, Jimmy, you’re not the Champion anymore, and-

*Another solitary party popper goes off, to even louder cheers*

Smallman: -and to add to that, you’re not even fucking booked tonight mate, so I have no idea what you’re doing out h-

Havoc: Shut. The fuck. Up, Jim. I am here for one simple reason, because apparently you didn’t see fit to fulfil my rematch clause and instead you’ve given Mark fucking Haskins the first shot at Will’s title. Well I-

Smallman: Look, first off Jimmy, you don’t fucking have a rematch clause, so I don’t see what you have to complain about there. So I hope your next point is a really fucking good one, otherwise I’m going to have to ask our fine security team to escort you from the building, aren’t I?

*More jeers directed at an infuriated Havoc*

Havoc: <Mockingly> Well first off, Jim, I’d like to see your fine security team fucking try to escort me anywhere, and secondly I really don’t give a fuck what you say because like I said in advance of this show, it’s more than just Will Ospreay who signed their death warrants at Chapter Twenty. I came out here to issue a warning to you, to the fans, and to everyone in the back. I saw the cunts that came out to celebrate with Ospreay at the last show, to share in his beautiful little moment and feel like they were a part of something.

*Robinson spits on the mat as Havoc draws nearer to Smallman*

Havoc: Mark my words when I say that every one of those cunts is going to fucking regret it.

*Sarcastic “oooooh!”s ring out from across the crowd, as Havoc goes to exit the ring, coming to a pause just after putting one foot through the ropes and re-entering*

Havoc: And actually, now that I come to think about it… You were one of those cunts too, weren’t you Jim?

*Smallman’s originally gleeful facial expression changes to one of panic as Zercher and Havoc close in, before Robinson blindsides him and knocks him down to the mat. Zercher pounces to rain down a hail of forearms with the Progress co-owner desperately protecting himself from the blows, as Robinson lashes out with kicks to Smallman’s legs. Havoc rolls out of the ring and throws Glen Joseph to the floor as he tries to help out, shoving one fan in the front row aside and forcefully taking his chair, turning back towards the ring as new entrance music hits*


Originally Posted by PikachuMan
Anyway, I doubt this is the end or anywhere near the end of Eugene. Vince/Umaga did a number on him, but he can show up next week like nothing happened. Maybe with a special hat or something.

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Re: Progress Wrestling: A New Chapter

I hope it isn't considered necroposting to resume this, it's been a while since I've had time to dedicate to this but I don't want it to fall apart before it's begun. I also ended up not wanting to work on it too much until the real Chapter 21 show was done, so I could avoid doing the same things that happened on the show for real. I've changed a couple of the finishes I had planned based on this - not for the reasons I ended up holding off, but still. This will be posted as soon as I can get it all written up, and for now you can have the match card for the Ch21 show.

Hello, Progress fans!

With three weeks to go until we return to the Electric Ballroom with ‘Chapter Twenty-One: You Know We Don’t Like to Use the Sit Down Gun’, we can officially announce the matches that will be joining our main event where Will Ospreay defends the Progress Title against our second annual Thunderbastard match winner, Mark Haskins.

First up is the second match in our third Natural Progression Series, featuring a man who has already made a name for himself as one of our most talented ProJo graduates. Pastor William Eaver was invited back by previous winner Morgan Webster to take part in this year’s tournament, and will be up against a Progress newcomer in the form of Jack Sexsmith! Sexsmith made his Progress debut at ENDVR:10, and on September 6th he makes his Electric Ballroom debut as the fourth entrant in this year’s Natural Progression Series. It’s certainly a clash of ideals between Sexsmith and the Pastor, and we couldn’t resist pairing these two up in a first round match.

Our second match announcement today is between two men who have been on fire in Progress so far in 2015, with Marty Scurll meeting Dave Mastiff in a rematch from our Super Strong Style 16 tournament quarter finals. ‘The Bastard’ Dave Mastiff has requested this match due to the questionable ending of their first encounter, and Marty has agreed to the rematch which will now take place at Chapter Twenty-One.

Elsewhere, there is another SSS16 rematch with the Origin meeting the Sumerian Death Squad once more for the Tag Team Championships. Nathan Cruz and El Ligero lost the titles to the SDS in their first defence, after seizing possession of the shields the day before from former Faceless allies Danny Garnell and Damon Moser. In further tag team action, we can announce the long-awaited return of Project Ego – Martin Kirby and Kris Travis – to Progress Wrestling! Kris Travis is finally returning to the ring after making a speedy recovery from his cancer battle, and the two men have requested a match against Regression members Paul Robinson and Isaac Zercher in their return to the Electric Ballroom. This is not going to be one you’ll want to miss!

In singles action, we will see Eddie Dennis meet Bubblegum while Rampage Brown has requested what is set to be an absolutely massive collision with Belfast’s Damo O’Connor. Both men put in great efforts against two of America’s finest at our SSS16 tournament, and while Roderick Strong and Tommaso Ciampa would get the best of them on that weekend, we could not resist the chance to have them face off at Chapter Twenty-One.

Our final match features our second Progress debutant of the day, in the form of a man who has built up a fearsome reputation across Europe. ‘Bad Bones’ John Klinger has stood out in wXw over the past year, and we are proud to bring him to the UK in the midst of a massive wXw tour exclusively for this show, to square off with ‘Liverpool’s #1’ Zack Gibson.

‘Chapter Twenty-One: You Know We Don’t Like to Use the Sit Down Gun’ sold out in just EIGHTEEN MINUTES, and we are overjoyed to be able to bring you such a packed card for this show. Thank you for your absolutely magnificent support. We truly can’t say it enough.


Chapter Twenty-One; You Know We Don’t Like to Use the Sit Down Gun – Full Card
PROGRESS Championship match: ‘The Aerial Assassin’ Will Ospreay (c) vs. Mark Haskins
PROGRESS Tag Team Championship match: The Sumerian Death Squad (c) vs. The Origin
Natural Progression Series first round match: Pastor William Eaver vs. Jack Sexsmith
‘The Bastard’ Dave Mastiff vs. ‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll
Project Ego vs. Paul Robinson & ‘The Omega’ Isaac Zercher
‘Liverpool’s #1’ Zack Gibson vs. ‘Bad Bones’ John Klinger
‘The Pride of Wales’ Eddie Dennis vs. Bubblegum
Damo O’Connor vs. Rampage Brown

Originally Posted by PikachuMan
Anyway, I doubt this is the end or anywhere near the end of Eugene. Vince/Umaga did a number on him, but he can show up next week like nothing happened. Maybe with a special hat or something.
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Re: Progress Wrestling: A New Chapter

Any results from Chapter 23?
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Re: Progress Wrestling: A New Chapter

Heard only good things about this is progress. Which event shall I watch first to get me into it.
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These DVDs are no longer available to buy from Progress Wrestling and were sold in limited amounts.

World Cup show For the final time, PROGRESS returns to its spiritual home at the world-famous Highbury Garage for a farewell show.
At the PROGRESS World Cup, 8 of the top talents in Britain will compete for the glory of their respective nations... with the added prize of a shot at the PROGRESS Championship for the tournament winner!

Competing will be:
Paul Ryker - Canada
Noam Dar - Israel
Grado - Scotland
Rampage Brown - England
Tommy End - The Netherlands
Darrell Allen - Jamaica
RJ Singh - India
Jimmy Havoc issues open challenge which is accepted by Finn Balor in last UK appearance before WWE!

Progress Wrestling Chapter Six -
Filmed at The Garage, Islington on Sunday 31st March 2013,

featuring Dave Mastiff vs Noam Dar
Paul Robinson vs MK McKinnan (Natural Progression Series)
Nathan Cruz vs Jimmy Havoc
London Riots vs Hunter Brothers
Loco Mike Mason vs Mexican Eagle
Team DEFEND vs Bhangra Knights
El Ligero vs Ricochet

Progress Wrestling Chapter Nine -
Filmed live at The Garage, Islington on Sunday September 29th 2013:

Dave Mastiff vs Tommy End
Eddie Dennis vs Paul Robinson
Ricochet vs Zack Sabre Jr vs Mark Haskins
Stixx vs Nathan Cruz
Bhangra Knights and Grado vs Project Ego and T-Bone
Rampage Brown vs Doug Williams

Progress Wrestling Chapter Ten -
Filmed at The Garage, Islington on Sunday November 24th 2013

Mikey Whiplash vs Tommy End
Project Ego vs Mad Man Manson and Grado
Nathan Cruz vs Doug Williams
Mark Haskins vs Adam Cole
Bhrangra Knights vs London Riots
Rampage Brown vs Stixx
Mark Andrews vs Paul Robinson (Natural Progression Series Final)

Progress Wrestling Chapter 12 -
Filmed at The Electric Ballroom, Camden on Sunday March 30th 2014

Paul Robinson vs Tommy End
Grado vs Mad Man Manson
Will Ospreay vs Zack Gibson
Bhangra Knights vs London Riots (Street Fight)
FSU vs Project Ego vs Screw Indy Wrestling
Doug Williams vs Dave Mastiff
Jimmy Havoc vs Marty Scurll vs Rampage Brown vs El Ligero

Progress Wrestling Chapter 13 -
Chapter 13: Unbelievable Jeff! Filmed live at The Electric Ballroom, Camden, London on Sunday 18th May 2014.
Rampage Brown vs Darrell Allen
Pete Dunne vs Robbie X
Eddie Dennis vs Michael Gilbert
Swords of Essex vs London Riots vs Project Ego vs Screw Indy Wrestling
El Ligero vs Tommy End
Prince Devitt vs Zack Sabre Jr
Jimmy Havoc vs Mark Andrews (Ladder match)

Progress Wrestling Chapter 16 -

Filmed at The Electric Ballroom, Camden on Sunday November 30th 2014

FSU vs Screw Indy Wrestling (Tag Team Titles match)
Zack Gibson vs Ali Armstrong (Natural Progression Series semi-final)
El Ligero vs Michael Gilbert (Street Fight)
Stixx vs RJ Singh (Career vs Career)
Paul Robinson vs Will Ospreay
Marty Scurll vs Noam Dar
Jimmy Habvoc vs Rampage Brown vs Dave Mastiff (PROGRESS Title match)

Progress Wrestling Chapter 17 -

Flmed at the Electric Ballroom, Camden on Sunday January 25th 2015.
Mark Andrews vs Eddie Dennis (Tag Team Titles match)
Rampage Brown vs Mark Haskins
El Ligero vs Marty Scurll
Tommy End vs Dave Mastiff
Paul Robinson vs Noam Dar
Zack Gibson vs Flash Morgan Webster (Natural Progression Series final)
Jimmy Havoc vs Will Ospreay (PROGRESS Title match)
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