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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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TNA 2015: Not On The Verge Of Death......Again

TNA 2015: Not On The Verge Of Death......Again


Austin Aries

Bobby Roode

Chris Melendez

Crazzy Steve

Davey Richards

Eddie Edwards

Eric Young


Jeff Hardy


Kurt Angle

Low Ki

Mark Andrews

Matt Hardy

Matthew Sydal

Mr Anderson


Rockstar Spud

Samoa Joe

Tigre Uno

Brooke Tessmacher

Gail Kim


Taryn Terrell



Big Rob T

Bobby Lashley



Ethan Carter III (EC3)

Great Sanada



James Storm

Jessie G

Kenny King




Robbie E

Samuel Shaw


Angelina Love


Madison Rayne

Velvet Sky


TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode
Former Champion: Bobby Lashley

TNA X-Division Champion: Matthew Sydal
Former Champion: Low Ki

TNA Tag Team Champions: The Revolution (James Storm & Abyss)
Former Champions: The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards)

TNA KnockOuts Champion: Taryn Terrell
Former Champion: HAVOK

Tag Teams:

The Beat Down Clan: MVP, Bobby Lashley, Kenny King, Hernandez & Homicide
The Revolution: James Storm, Abyss, Great Sanada & Manik
The Wolves: Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards
The Beautiful BroMans: Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, DJ Z, Rob Terry, Angelina Love & Velvet Sky
The Hardy Boys: Matt & Jeff Hardy
The Menagerie: Knux, Crazzy Steve & Rebel
Team America: Mr Anderson & Chris Melendez
United: Bram & Magnus
EC3 & Tyrus
The Bootcamp: Rockstar Spud & Mark Andrews

TNA Pay Per Views/Sunday Destination Specials

Final Resolution (January 25th)
Against All Odds (February 22nd)
Victory Road (March 22nd)

Lockdown (April 26th)
Sacrifice (May 24th)
Slammiversary (June 28th)
Turning Point (July 26th)
Hard Justice (August 23rd)
No Surrender (September 20th)

Bound For Glory (October 25th)
Genesis (November 22nd)
Destination X (December 27th)

Happy Retirement Kris F*ckin Travis!
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: TNA 2015: Not On The Verge Of Death......Again

TNA Impact!

Ladies & Gentlemen welcome to TNA live from Destination America! We open the show with a hype video showing several stars arriving to the building, then they all brawl after MVP says thereís no time to waste making a statement. They all fight into the arena and into the crowd, then security tries to break it up but they keep going as Kurt Angle makes his way out. Kurt screams at security and says they are in New York City, and this is Impact Wrestling, so if they want the fight to continue, theyíve got it. He calls for Low Ki, the X Division Champion, and says he will defend his title, as well as Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell and Tag Team Champions James Storm and Abyss.

Kurt puts all champions on notice and says he expects Roode vs Lashley to be match of the year, and he has one more announcement but MVP cuts him off. MVP taunts him and says 1996 Kurt was an athlete and a wrestler, but now Kurt wears a suit and heís washed up, so if heís going to step down from his position, heís in trouble. Kurt says he won't resign as the DWO because that would mean TNA is once again chopping & changing to another authority figure. However Kurt has made a special Street Fight for tonight as MVP will face...... Kurt Angle! Right now!

Street Fight
MVP vs Kurt Angle

MVP tries to back out but Kurt decks him as we go to a break, then we get back to see MVP kick Kurt in the face before he clotheslines him. Kurt comes back with three German suplexes and goes for an Angle Slam, but MVP kicks his knees and rolls through into a leg submission. MVP hits him with a chair and goes for a powerbomb, but Kurt rolls through into an ankle lock before MVP rolls under and locks in a side choke. Kurt throws several punches and goes back to an ankle lock, but MVP steps over and whips Kurt into the turnbuckles. MVP goes for a Drive By, but Kurt sidesteps and hits an Angle Slam for the win, but MVP looks to have gotten his shoulder up and debates the decision.

MVP finds Kenny King and screams at him backstage for not being there, and King says he was with the girls backstage. MVP says he doesnít care and King should have been there, because he had to face Kurt alone. King says he didnít know, and Kurt only had one leg, but MVP says thatís over and Kurt is dangerous regardless. MVP says he needs to go find Lashley, and he might need to remind him why he was champion in the first place.

Ethan Carter III tells the cameras that he is upset they havenít featured him yet, and he was just talking about resolutions with Tyrus. He says heís coming after Rockstar Spud, and Tyrus holds up some hair clippers and a piece of Spudís hair, and Ethan says heís taking the whole thing tonight.

TNA Tag Team Championship
The Wolves vs James Storm & Abyss (w/ The Revolution) (c)

The Hardys walk to the ramp before the match can begin, and The Wolves start things off with suicide dives to Storm and Abyss on the floor. The Wolves run back and forth and hit THREE more suicide dives into the barricade, then Davey connects with a diving forearm before Eddie sets up a powerbomb. Abyss pulls Davey outside and chokeslams him on the apron, then Storm hits Eddie and whips him in the corner. He charges the corner but and gets caught with an elbow, then Eddie connects with some clotheslines before Abyss hits him in the back. Eddie comes back with an enziguiri, then Storm tries to head up top but Eddie kicks him and hits a backpack stunner for two. Abyss goes for a double chokeslam but both Wolves float over and superkick him, then Storm misses a Bronco Buster and Eddie hits a backbreaker off the ropes. He hangs Storm up and Davey hits a double stomp for two, then Manik causes a distraction and Storm hits a DDT for two. Davey tries to connect with a handspring back elbow but Abyss counters with Shock Treatment, then Sanada and Manik try to get involved but Matt and Jeff run in and connect with a Side Effect and Twist of Fate. Abyss throws Matt out of the ring and Jeff tries to stop Abyss from swinging a cowbell, but Abyss lets it go and Jeff inadvertently hits Eddie with it, and Storm superkicks him for the win.

MVP finds Lashley in his locker room and runs him down for not helping him earlier, and MVP says Kurt Angle and the rest of TNA donít care about him. MVP says he took Lashley farther than anyone, and there would be no title runs or MMA career without him. He screams and says he runs this group, then Lashley finally has enough and shoves MVP into a wall, and says this is about him, not MVP. Lashley says this is about getting his title back, then King tries to get involved but quickly backs away, and MVP finally leaves and sarcastically says good luck.

Jeremy Borash is shown in the ring talking about how heís been there since day one, then Ethan Carter III cuts him off and says itís time for important business. Ethan taunts the crowd and mocks JB, then he says he promised Rockstar Spud he would take him apart piece by piece, so Spud should come get whatís coming. Spud is thrown down the ramp by Tyrus, then Spud slaps him a few times but Tyrus shakes it off and scoop slams him on the ramp. Tyrus throws him in the ring and Ethan says he will finish taking all of Spudís hair, and chants for a scalping until JB stands in the way. Ethan screams at him to stand down, but JB ends up slapping the hell out of him, and Tyrus whips him in the corner. Tyrus splashes him and Ethan says thereís a change of plans, then Ethan shaves JBís head as Spud is held back and screams.

TNA X-Division Championship
Low Ki vs Matthew Sydal

Sydal armdrags Ki after they tie up, then they trade chops before Ki kicks him on the apron and Matthew hits a plancha dive. Sydal connects with a missile dropkick, then Matthew hits a Standing Moonsault and calls for a Shooting Star Press, but Ki counters with Bite of the Dragon. He locks it in but Sydal gets to the ropes, so Ki takes him up top but Matthew headbutts him back off the top rope before hitting a Shooting Star Press for the win & to win the TNA X-Division Championship.

Knockouts Championship Battle Royal

DJ Z walks down with Jessie during The Beautiful Peopleís entrance, and he hypes up the return of Robbie E! Robbie comes back to a pop and he says he didnít win a million dollars, but he still looks like it, and itís not his fault, itís his ex-girlfriendís. Robbie calls Brooke a loser, then Taryn makes her entrance to cut him off and the bell finally rings. Angelina kicks Rebel right in the face, then Taryn kicks Angelina as Madison tries to chop Havok. She runs at her but Havok sends her to the apron, and Madison lands on her feet and waves, but Havok punches her in the back to eliminate her. Gail hits Eat Defeat before Jessie taunts Taryn on the apron, then Angelina tries to attack her but Taryn flips her over the ropes and clotheslines her for the elimination. Gail and Taryn gang up on Havok in the corner, then Havok shoves them back slams them into the turnbuckles. Havok takes control and hits them a few times before she tries to choke Gail and shove her over the ropes. Gail ties her up and tries to use a hurricanrana to take Havok over the ropes, but Taryn runs over and dumps both of them outside to retain.

Havok runs in and attacks Taryn from behind, then she lifts Taryn and chokes her before kicking her in the ribs a few times. Havok hits a spinesbuster as the lights go out, then they come back on and we see Awesome Kong standing in the ring! Kong gets right in Havokís face as the crowd chants Ďholy shití, then a group of referees get in between them and Havok ends up leaving. One of the refs screams at Kong to leave and she doesnít like it, so she ends up chokeslamming him and playing up to crowd.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Bobby Lashley vs Bobby Roode (c)

Lashley and Roode start slugging it out before Lashley slams him down, then he takes Roode outside and hits him in the back. Roode comes back with some strikes before dropping Lashley with a clothesline, then the match continues as we see footage of MVP and King backstage. They walk in and are initially refused, but they force their way in as Lashley slams Roode on the floor. We get back from a break to see Lashley ground Roode with a waistlock, then Roode throws some elbows and follows with a clothesline. Roode hits another after Lashley shakes the first off, then Lashley psyches himself up and dares Roode to hit him again, so Roode tackles him. Roode snapmares Lashley and heads up top, then he connects with a neckbreaker for two before he hits a spinebuster for two. Roode calls for a Roode Bomb but Lashley shoves him in the corner, then he turns and hits a powerslam for two. Lashley sets Roode up top but Roode knocks him back, then Lashley comes right back at him with his own firemanís carry bomb before calling for a spear. Roode sidesteps him and spears him for two, then MVP makes his way out with his guests as Roode applies a Crossface. Lashley grabs the ropes & MVP tries to interfere but the Director Of Wrestling Operations Kurt Angle made the save with a Angle Slam. As Roode is watching this Lashley hits a massive Spear but referee Brian Hebner is down after MVP attacked him. The 2 stars brawl up the ramp & Roode starts to get the upperhand & goes for a Roode Bomb onto the ramp but Bobby reverses into a DDT! Brian wakes up & starts counting both men out. 1! 2! 3! Both men are still down. 4! 5! Both men start stirring & crawling to the ring. 6! 7! The Bobby's get up to there feet & start trading blows! 8! Lashley with a Superman Punch! 9! Bobby L rolls into the ring as Roode is out! 10! Lashley wins by countout but doesn't win the World Title! Lashley started arguing with Brian & threatened to attack him until Roode & Lashley started brawling again! wait a minute, Kenny King & 2 masked men run down & attack Roode! MVP joins in the beating & the 5 men beat down Roode until Kurt Angle & Austin Aries try & make the save but the smaller masked man low blowed Angle. The 2 masked men unmask & it's Hernandez & Homicide from the Latin American Xchange! LAX start attacking Aries while Kenny King & MVP assaults Kurt & Lashley beats down Roode. Homicide hits Aries with a Gringo Killa! Hernandez deadlifts Austin up into a Border Toss! Kenny picks up Angle & hit a Royal Flush! MVP hit the Play Of The Day to Angle! MVP, King & LAX stomp on Bobby until MVP & Hernandez picks up Roode for Lashley to Spear Roode out his boots! Bobby grabs the downed Roode & ends the show with the TNA Championship above his head.

Happy Retirement Kris F*ckin Travis!
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