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The National Wrestling Federation

This is an exclusive creation of mine surrounded with my ideas of innovation and inclusion. The NWF will consist of a super roster combining the best from WWE, NXT, TNA, and ROH. With that being said, it won't be some ridiculous super stacking of Brock Lesnar, The Rock, John Cena, ect. I want to give you a combonation of all of the best from every promotion who are not limited to just main events and superstar status. This will mostly consist of mid-carders, but will have a main eventer here and there. Also, it will include completely custom wrestlers created by me. Their backstories and appearances will be described in full length below. I hope you enjoy the ride.

The National Wrestling Federation is a brand-new wrestling promotion based out of Los Angeles, CA. Aaron Kendrick(Chief Executive Officer) has vowed to bring you the very best in both pro wrestling and sports entertainment. The NWF executives have teamed up with World Wrestling Entertainment, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and Ring Of Honor to create a never-before-seen working relationship to bring you dream matches that you will not see anywhere else on the globe.

NWF wil bring you exclusive monthly events starting in the month of June with their unique NWF: Initiation pay per-view extravaganza emanating from the home of the Lakers, The Staples Center in Hollywood. Join us on June 14 for this exciting event.

In addition, every Saturday night, we bring to you a thirty-minute talk show special, hosted by "The Professor" Mike Tenay of TNA and WCW fame. Mike is known for his extensive knowledge in the art of professional wrestling and we are excited to have him on board with us to bring to you, NWF: Saturday Night. Our debut episode of Saturday Night is to be held this Saturday, May 23, with Mike's first guest, the CEO of NWF, Aaron Kendrick. Also to be held will be a very specia tribute to the career of Owen Hart.

While bringing in all the top talents from WWE, TNA, and ROH, we are excited to bring to you two brand-new stars fresh on the scene, Lojax and Derek Levy.

From Parts Unknown, Lojax is a force to be reckoned with in the NWF. Standing 6'10 and weighing in at 350 pounds, he is a relative unkown. Lojax's past is not a familiar one, as he apparently has no friends, no family, or even a home. Our accomplished team of experts here at NWF could not find any background on Lojax. He showed up to the NWF headquarters where he was measured and weighed, and then showed up for his photoshoot wearing black latex trunks, red latex knee pads with black (thin) pads underneath, tall black leather boots, and had his fists taped black. Lojax has his name written in bloody lettering on the back of his trunks. He has long, black hair, pale white skin, and a large tribal tattoo covering his entire back.

From Celebration, Florida, Derek Levy is a legitimate business man with credentials in the stock market and in local wrestling promotions. Once a stunt double for Liam Hemsworth, Levy is destined for the leading man role. He claims not to want fame in Hollywood, but in the squared circle. Standing 6'2 and weighing 245 pounds, sporting highlight blonde spiked hair, he wears long black tights with "matrix themed" designs. He uses black knee pads and plain black kick pads. He tapes his wrists black and has a large elbow pad on his left arm.

We look forward to seeing Levy and Lojax in action in the coming months here at NWF. It has been announced that Initiation will be stacked with three championship matches. Aaron Kendrick has determined that there will be a number of championships here in the promotion. The ones announced to be decided at Initiation will be the Tag Team, World Television, and World Championships. In-depth title histories will be listed below along with the rosters.

The National Wrestling Federation thanks you for supporting us as we get started in this wild ride in the business known around the world as one of the most popular forms of entertainment.

Pay Per-Views:
June- Initiation

Weekly Show:
Saturday Night

NWF World Champion- TBD
NWF World Television Champion- TBD
NWF Tag Team Champions- TBD

Aaron Kendrick
AJ Styles
Alberto El Patron
Alex Riley
Austin Aries

Big E
Bobby Roode
Bray Wyatt

Christopher Daniels
Chris Sabin
Chris Jericho
Colin Cassidy
Curtis Axel

Davey Richards
Dean Ambrose

Eddie Edwards
Enzo Amore
Ethan Carter III

Finn Balor
Frankie Kazarian

Hideo Itami

James Storm
Jay Brisco
Jay Lethal
Jeff Hardy
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso

Kenny King
Kevin Owens
Kofi Kingston
Kurt Angle

Low Ki
Luke Harper

Matt Hardy
Matt Sydal

Randy Orton
Roderick Strong
Roman Reigns

Sami Zayn
Samoa Joe
Seth Rollins
Sin Cara

Tyler Breeze
Tyson Kidd


Xavier Woods

Zack Ryder

Female Roster:

Angelina Love
Awesome Kong

Becky Lynch
Brie Bella
Brooke Teshmacher



Eva Marie

Gail Kim

Madison Rayne
Maria Kanellis

Taryn Terrell

Velvet Sky

Announce Team:

Joey Styles

Colour Commentator-
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Backstage Colleagues-
Renee Young
Jeremy Borash
Kevin Kelly
Terry Taylor

NWF Officiating:

Andrew Thomas
Brain Hebner
Earl Hebner
Mike Chioda
Paul Turner
Rudy Charles
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: The National Wrestling Federation

NWF Presents: NWF Saturday Night May 23, 2015

Hosted by: Mike Tenay

Special Guest: Chief Executive Officer of NWF, Aaron Kendrick

Tonight, the inception of the National Wrestling Federation took place as “The Professor” Mike Tenay hosted Saturday Night LIVE from the NWF studios in Los Angeles, California. Tenay sat down behind the desk and peered into the hearts of wrestling fans across the country as he spoke of the late Owen Hart.

Hart, who was an accomplished professional wrestler for his father’s promotion at home in Calgary, Alberta, made his name in the World Wrestling Federation as he was a multiple time Tag Team Champion, King Of The Ring, Intercontinental Champion, as well as being the recipient of many other accolades in the industry. Tenay said it best when he proclaimed, “There’s never been another professional athlete who accomplised so much that was taken too soon.” Owen was tragically killed in an accident on live television sixteen years ago today.

Next, Mike Tenay was joined by the CEO of the National Wrestling Federation, Aaron Kendrick. Kendrick came in all smiles as he got to sit down with his favorite commentator and inspiration for learning the knowledge of professional wrestling. We have an exclsusive diary of the entire interview below:

Key: MT- Mike Tenay, AK- Aaron Kendrick

MT: Ok, here we go with the first exclusive interview for the National Wrestling Federation and I couldn’t be more thrilled for it to be with my new employer(Tenay laughs), a great young mind and entrepenuer, Aaron Kendrick. Aaron, thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to sit down with me here tonight on Saturday Night.

AK: Thank you very much for agreeing to this gig! There’s not a man I’d rather sit down here and talk to our audience than “The Professor.” And speaking of our audience, how about the talk going on in the online wrestling community about the NWF already. So much talk about Initiation coming up in June. And with the announcement of our super roster combining WWE, TNA, and Ring Of Honor, as well as the inclusion of two original NWF creations, Lojax and Derek Levy. So much going on, Mike. It’s my pleasure to be here to talk about it all with you.

MT: You pretty much went down my list of topics to discuss right there. And of course, the roster is packed full of athletes from the big three promotions in the country... My question to you is- Why? What is the purpose of bringing in WWE, TNA, and Ring Of Honor talents instead of your own?

AK: Well, right now, we only have Derek Levy and Lojax as our “home-grown” guys. But, and that’s the word of the night, I am also going to be an in-ring talent. Our sister promotion, Pro Wrestling Syndicate is where I also ply my trade. I’m a three-time World Champion, and I plan to repeat some of that past right here in NWF. As for bringing in WWE, TNA, and ROH, it’s all about giving the fans what they want. If you want AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan, you may get it. If you want Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Roode, you may get it. If you want Kurt Angle vs. Sami Zayn, you’re going to get it.

MT: We are?

AK: Yes. I am proud to announce the first match officially signed for NWF Initiation- Kurt Angle, TNA World Heavyweight Champion taking on the sensational Sami Zayn from NXT. You’ve got arguably the greatest of all time taking on the future of the business. That’s the kind of thing you’re going to get from NWF.

MT: I can’t wait for that. Aaron, you announced that we will crown four champions including two Tag Team Champions, a World Television Champion, and a World Champion. How will these championships be decided?

AK: Well, we don’t have all of the participants lined up for each contest yet, but I will say that included in the TV Title Match will be both Derek Levy and Lojax, along with eight other athletes. The TV Title Match will be contested in Turmoil fashion. The rules to the Turmoil Match are simple; Two men start, and the winner of that match faces another participant, and this pattern continues until all ten participants have entered and nine have been defeated.

MT: Certainly a creative way to find out who can handle the most time on TV with the man lasting to the end of the segment, so to speak.

AK: Absolutely. The Tag Team Championship Match will be decided in a Four Corners Elimination Tag Team Match with the last team standing being crowned Champions, and the World Championship Match, well, that one takes on a different approach.

MT: How so?

AK: It’s all about finding the one man that can put this company on his back and taking us to levels that others can’t. It’s about finding THE man. How do you do that? You level the crops. Let’s put everyone in there worthy of a shot and see who outlasts everyone else. We will have a thirty man Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal. When it narrows down to the final two participants, the Battle Royal ceases and the World Championship will be lowered from the ceiling and those two gentlemen will then commence in a Ladder Match.

MT: Wow. That sounds very interesting, and I can definitely see the pattern of the “survival of the fittest” being the theme of the night.

AK: The key to being initiated into this company is survival of the fittest. This is where the best come to be the best. That is NWF Initiation.

MT: Aaron, what’s next from here? What about after Initiation?

AK: We will have another Pay Per-View in July, there’s no question. But right now, Initiation is what we’re focussing on. And Mike, I can’t wait. I can’t wait for everyone to see what happens.

MT: No question about that. Aaron Kendrick, thank you very much.

AK: Thanks for having me.

Special thanks to everyone who saw the show tonight. Be sure to tune in next week as Mike Tenay sits down with a heavy supporter of the National Wrestling Federation, Bret “Hitman” Hart.

All views and opinions of the real-life talent are completely fiction.
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Re: The National Wrestling Federation

NWF Presents: NWF Saturday Night May 30, 2015

Hosted by: Mike Tenay
Special Guest: Bret Hart

NWF Saturday Night opens with a brief recap of the previous installment, featuring NWF Owner, Aaron Kendrick. Now, a brief video package plays of Bret Hart.

Bret, a multiple-time World Champion and tag team specialist is the guest of honor this week in the NWF studio. Mike Tenay walks on camera and gives a warm welcome.

Tonight, Tenay and “The Hitman” talked about a plethora of different things, mainly the first upcoming Pay Per-View spectacular, NWF Initiation. Bret announced that he will in fact be at the event to referee a special attraction match. That match was announced on Saturday Night to be “The Phenominal” AJ Styles taking on one of the absolute greatest, and most cerebral of all time. Bret Hart will officiate a wrestling match between AJ Styles and Triple H.

Could there possibly be a bigger match for wrestling on the planet? Three-time “Mr. TNA” taking on the Chief Operating Officer of WWE. And where else can you get that but right here at the NWF.

Going along with this monumental news, we found out tonight that Triple H will be the guest next week right here on NWF Saturday Night. You can’t miss this.
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Re: The National Wrestling Federation

NWF Presents: NWF Initiation June 14, 2015

Main Event Steel Cage Match for the WWE United States Championship:
John Cena(c) vs. Kevin Owens

Special Attraction:
Sami Zayn vs. Kurt Angle

The COO Versus the Face of the Indies
Triple H vs. "The Phenominal" AJ Styles

NWF World Television Championship Turmoil Match
RULES: Two men start the match. Whoever wins the one-on-one encounter will now face another opponent. This continues until ten men have entered. The last man standing at the end of the contest wins the Turmoil and the NWF World Television Championship.

Derek Levy vs. Lojax vs. Zack Ryder vs. James Storm vs. Magnus vs. The Brian Kendrick vs. Roderick Strong vs. Johnny Mundo vs. Abyss vs. Dolph Ziggler

NXT Showcase
Finn Balor vs. Hideo Itami

Extreme Rules Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Aaron Kendrick

Card Subject to Change

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Re: The National Wrestling Federation

Interesting idea.
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