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Learning to break kayfabe
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World Class Wrestling


Debut Episode: Tuesday - April 21

Network: Tru TV

Time: 9-10pm E/P

Roster and other info to be released within the next 24 hours!

* It's important to think of the wrestlers in World Class in their respective primes. Some wrestlers have had moves added to their offense.

(This promotion is not to be confused with World Class Championship Wrestling.)
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: World Class Wrestling



'Nature Boy' Ric Flair
Finisher: Figure 4
Entrance Music: 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' (Theme from '2001: A Space Odyssey')

Dynamite Kid
Finisher: Diving Headbutt from the top rope
Entrance Music: 'London Calling' by The Clash

'Wildfire' Tommy Rich
Finisher: Sitout Suplex Slam
Entrance Music: 'Rocky Top' (Univ. of Tennessee fight song)

Steve O
Finisher: TBD
Entrance Music: 'Hand Jive' by George Thorogood

Tito Santana
Finisher: Double Flying Forearm Smash
Entrance Music: Mariachi Music

'Longrider' Bill Irwin
Finisher: Bicycle Kick to the face
Entrance Music: 'Nevada Fighter' by Mike Nesmith

'Mr. Wonderful' Paul Orndorff
Finisher: Piledriver
Entrance Music: TBD

Rick Martel
Finisher: Swan Dive
Entrance Music: TBD


'American Gigolo' Buff Bagwell
Finisher: Buff Blockbuster (Diving Neckbreaker)
Entrance Music: 'Call Me' by Blondie

'Living Legend' Larry Zbysko
Finisher: Larry Land Dreamer (Guillotine Choke)
Entrance Music: 'I'm The Man' by Anthrax

Don Muraco
Finisher: White Trash Compactor (Inverted Piledriver)
Entrance Music: Theme from the original 'Hawaii Five-O'

'Cowboy' Bob Orton
Finisher: Superplex
Entrance Music: 'Desperado' by Alice Cooper

Finisher: Diving Splash
Entrance Music: 'Cry of the Vatos' by Oingo Boingo

Nord The Barbarian
Finisher: Flying Leg Drop/Front Powerslam
Entrance Music: 'Deaf Forever' by Motorhead

The Spoiler
Finisher: Iron Claw
Entrance Music: TBD

Desmond Wolfe
Finisher: TBD
Entrance Music: TBD


Sheik Adnan El-Kaissey (Kamala)

Kimchee (Kamala's Handler)


Match Commentary: Tony Schiavone & Mark Madden

Ring Announcer/In-Ring Interviewer: Craig Johnson

Backstage Interviewer: Scott Hudson


4 PPV's a year (Debuting in the late fall 2015/early winter 2016)

2-Hr. TV Specials

2 annual specials to air on Tru TV (Debuting in late summer/early fall 2015)
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: World Class Wrestling

WCW MAYHEM - EP. 1 - DAYTON, OH - HARA ARENA - 4-21-15 (Live)

(Show Intro)

(Crowd Shots/Pyro)

(In-ring: Fans were already going wild for the debut episode of 'Mayhem' as the show began and they grew even louder when the theme from '2001: A Space Odyssey' blared over the p.a. system.

Ric Flair walked out on the entrance stage and the crowd nearly blew the roof off the building. He was in an expensive suit and looking as only he could as he made his way to the ring with mic in hand. Flair climbed into the ring and briefly walked around and soaked in the rabid crowd reaction. Flair then opened his suit jacket and spun around and styled and profiled to the delight of the crowd.

RF: "Somebody told me that the only place to party tonight was Dayton, Ohio! Whoo!"

Crowd popped.

RF: "World Class Wrestling marks a new chapter in the great history of the greatest sport in the world, professional wrestling! We're not sports entertainers here in World Class! We are wrestlers...period! Unlike in some leagues where all sorts of wild and crazy antics take precedence over the wrestling, in World Class, the wrestling is gonna take center stage! Whoo!"

More roaring crowd approval.

RF: "Here, we take the word wrestling seriously! That's what we do! And we're not ashamed of it! What happens in this squared circle is gonna define us here in World Class! That's gonna be the bottom line! This is a sport; not a long-winded soap opera! You wanna watch a soap opera...then you know who you can turn on!"

Fans cheered.

RF: "When approached with the opportunity to be part of this ground-breaking promotion, there was no way the 'Nature Boy' could say no! The roster being assembled here definitely fits the company name, World Class Wrestling! And I intend to style and profile as only I can on my way to the top of the mountain! Whoo!"

Crowd cheers suddenly shifted to boos when Larry Zbysko, in street clothes, came to the ring with mic in hand.

LZ: "Hey, Flair! Hey!"

Zbysko climbed into the ring as the booing continued.

LZ: "It's fitting! Only people who live in an armpit like Dayton, Ohio would boo a 'Living Legend' like Larry Zbysko!"

More boos.

RF: "What do you want, Zbysko?"

LZ stalked around the ring for a moment.

LZ: "Flair, let me let you in on a little known fact! In all my years in this business, I have never lost a match in Dayton, Ohio! I am undefeated in this cesspool of a city!"

RF: "That's just great, Larry. You're undefeated in Dayton. Is that all?"

LZ: "No, Ric. That's not all. You see, I'm standing backstage and listening to you blather on as only you can. You say World Class has top-tier talent. Well, I am the top tier!"

RF: "You are, huh?"

LZ: "Is there any doubt?! These idiots out here, their opinions don't count! They don't know greatness! If they did, they would be cheering me and booing you!"

RF: "Is that so..."

LZ: "Yeah! That's so! And I intend to prove it to these clowns...tonight! Ric Flair! I'm willing to put my Dayton winning streak on the line against you!"

RF: "You want a match with me tonight?"

LZ: "You bet!"

RF: "You're serious?"

LZ: "Am I serious?!"

Zbysko then reared back and stunned Flair with a slap to the face that led to Flair dropping his mic. Zbysko looked on as a now pissed Flair took off his suit jacket and tossed it aside picked up his mic.

LZ: "How's that for ser..."

Flair got right in Zbysko's face. Flair's face was red and his eyes were bulging out.

RF: "Zbysko, dammit! You want a match with me tonight! You got it, pal!"

Crowd popped as the two stared each other down briefly in the ring before Zbysko coolly turned and started to leave. As Zbysko climbed out on the apron, Flair had one more thing to say.

RF: "I'm gonna be the man who deals you your first loss in Dayton! Whoo!"

Zbysko looked back at Flair as Flair glared at Zbysko. Zbysko then dropped to the floor and headed back up the aisle as Flair ran into the ropes on all four sides to the delight of the fans.)

(Announcers Tony Schiavone and Mark Madden, from the ring announcer's position at ringside, welcomed viewers to the debut episode of WCW 'Mayhem'. They briefly talked about it being a new era that was about to be launched for professional wrestling. They then ran down the card: Ric Flair vs. Larry Zbysko; Steve O vs. Kamala; and coming up after the break: 'Cowboy' Bob Orton vs. Dynamite Kid.)


(Backstage: In the backstage interview area, interviewer Scott Hudson interviewed Steve O.

SH: "Hello, wrestling fans. I'm Scott Hudson, your backstage interviewer for 'Mayhem'. Would you please welcome my first-ever guest here in the interview area, Steve O."

Steve O, in his ring gear, walked into the interview area.

SH: "Steve, welcome to World Class Wrestling."

O: "Thank you, Scott. It's great to be a part of this groundbreaking promotion."

SH: "Steve, I think we need to clarify something for the fans at home. Even though your ring name is Steve O, you are not the same Steve O of 'Jackass' fame."

O: (Chuckles) "That's right. I am not the guy from 'Jackass'. My full name is Steve Olsonoski. But I go by the ring name of Steve O. You won't see me jumping naked into a pit of broken glass or anything crazy like that, I can assure you."

SH: "Alright. (Laughs) Tonight, Steve, you are thrown into the fire right away as you face the always unpredictable Kamala the Ugandan Headhunter. What are your thoughts heading into this match."

O: "Kamala can be a real wildcard in that ring. However, one thing people wil notice is that his handler, Kimchee, and his manager, Adnan El Kaissey, have trained the big man very well. Kamala may be from the wild. But he can suprise you with the actual wrestling he knows. But, like anything from the wild, he can also try and tear his opponent apart. That can work for him or against him. While I can't go in that ring and be intimidated and too conservative in my approach, I will have to pick and choose my spots carefully because, one wrong move with Kamala, and I could be in serious trouble."

SH: "Thanks for your time, Steve. Good luck tonight. Tony and Mark, back to you.")

Match 1
Dynamite Kid vs. 'Cowboy' Bob Orton

(As Orton came to the ring to 'Desperado' by Alice Cooper, the fans did not seem to know what to make of him. Orton was wearing his cowboy hat, blue tights, black wrestling boots with horseshoes on the outside of each boot. The puzzler was his shirt. As Orton made his way down the aisle, many fans cheered Orton because he was wearing a red Ohio State national college football champions t-shirt. That went over well with the Dayton fans. Orton showed off his shirt to fans while comng down the aisle. He then climbed into the ring and walked to all four sides and pointed at his shirt so the fans noticed what he was wearing. Many fans were cheering Orton.

Orton then walked over by the ropes and gestured for the ring mic and was handed it.

BO: "How about this, huh? The 'Cowboy' is wearing the shirt of the college football national champions...your Ohio State Buckeyes."

Many fans cheered.

BO: "And I just wanted to show you what I think of Ohio State and Ohio itself."

Orton walked over to the corner and placed his hat on the top of the ring post and placed the mic on the mat. Orton then walked back to the center of the ring and took off the OSU shirt, blew his nose in it, threw it down on the ground and repeatedly stomped on it. Now the crowd was strongly booing Orton as Orton picked up the shirt and tossed it out of the ring down to the floor and Orton started laughing.

'London Calling' by The Clash played over the p.a. system and the fans popped as the Dynamite Ked came to the ring. He was in leg-length tights that were red, white and blue, the colors of the Union Jack. His boots were red with small Union Jacks on the outside of each boot. His ring jacket was white with blue trim around the wrists and the neck and the Union Jack emblazoned across the back and his name emblazoned in red block letters under the flag.

DK slapped hands with fans on the way to the ring. He then climbed into the ring and waved to the crowd.

DK took off his ring jacket and turned to hand it down to a ring attendant when Orton tried to Pearl Harbor DK but DK moved out of the way.

Ref called for the bell.

DK blasted BO with a series of European uppercuts. DK whipped BO into the ropes and caught BO coming off with a dropkick that dropped BO. BO got to his feet and was greeted with another dropkick. BO got up in the corner and DK moved in a caught BO with a monkey flip. As BO got up, DK moved in and stunned BO with a lariat. BO went down again and rolled out on the ring apron. DK came over and reached over the top rope and pulled BO to his feet. DK went to suplex BO into the ring but BO twice blocked the move and instead suplexed DK from the ring to the floor. DK down. BO jumped off the ring apron down to the floor as the ref started the 20-count. BO stomped on the downed DK. BO then pulled DK up and sent DK hurtling towards the ringside barricade. DK slammed into the barricade and was down in a heap. BO pulled DK up and slammed DK's head into the ring apron and threw DK back in the ring. BO then snatched DK up in a side headlock and backed into the corner. BO blasted DK with a running bulldog. BO for the cover. 1...2... DK kicked out. BO and DK got to their feet and BO caught DK with a solid right to the head and whipped DK into the corner. BO went for another bulldog only this time DK shoved BO off and BO crashed to the mat. Both men down briefly and started to get to their feet. BO charged at DK and went to nail DK with a clothesline but DK ducked the move. BO spun around and walked right into an inverted atomic drop. BO crashed to the mat. DK backed up against the ropes as BO sat up. DK nailed BO with a low flying dropkick to the chest. DK for the quick cover. 1... BO kicked out. DK snatched up BO and whipped BO into the corner. DK backed up and came at BO with a running high knee to the chest but BO moved and DK crashed knee-first into the top buckle. DK stumbled back and went down. BO moved in and put the boots to DK. BO then picked up DK and bodyslammed DK in the corner for a turnbuckle move. BO mounted the middle buckle facing the crowd. BO bounced up and down a few times on the ropes and then went to nail DK with a slingshot splash but DK got his knees up and BO crashed gut-first into them. BO, still on his feet, stumbled back while grabbing his gut. DK made it to his feet and moved in on BO. BO went to punch DK but DK blocked the punch try and blasted BO with a series of European uppercuts that staggered BO. DK then snap suplexed into position for a turnbuckle move. Crowd buzzing. DK went out on the apron and climbed to the top buckle. After a brief pause, DK launched himself high into the air and came down and pulverized BO with a diving headbutt. DK covered BO and hooked the leg. 1...2...3! Fans cheered the DK victory. After DK, had his hand raised in victory, DK left the ring and slapped hands with fans on the way back up the aisle.

WINNER: Dynamite Kid - Pinfall - Diving Headbutt - 6:07)

(Anns. Schiavone and Madden discussed Dynamite Kid beating Bob Orton. Then sent it backstage.)

(Backstage: Scott Hudson interviewed Sheik Adnan El-Kaissey.

SH: "Please welcome my guests at this time, Sheik Adnan El-Kaissey, Kamala and Kamala's handler Kimchee."

The trio walked into the interview area. Kaissey was dressed immaculately in an expensive gray suit with white dress shirt and red tie. He was also wearing the traditional male Arab head scarf and had pricey rings on two fingers on each hand and a gold chain bracelet on his wrist. Kamla was in his loin cloth and wearing his traditional hand carved large African face mask. he had symbols painted on his belly. Kimchee was dressed in a short sleeve safari shirt and safari shorts and pith helmet. He was also wearing a brown and white pro wrestling-style mask and carrying a riding crop. Kamala was moving around in the interview area and looking at Scott Hudson. Kamala started slapping his belly. Hudson was uneasy.

SH: "He's already making me nervous."

Adnan: "Allah Akbar! Scott Hudson! You have nothing to worry about as long as Kimchee and myself are with Kamala! We are the only two men on earth who can control him and keep him from reverting to his brutal, savage, jungle ways!"

SH (sarcastically): "That makes me feel better."

Kamala kept shifting around and slapped his belly again. Kimchee was standing beside Kam and gesturing for him to remain calm.

Adnan: "I am a man of great wealth from the nation of Iraq! And I am investing some of my fortune in building a wrestling power! Kamala is a beast! And tonight is the first night of many that the beast will be unleashed on the other wrestlers here in WCW! He is the most unpredictable wrestler in the entire world! What will he do in that ring?! No one knows! If Kimchee and myself weren't around, who knows what kind of destruction Kamala would leave in his wake! Only we have the power to reign him in! Let that be a warning to WCW! You don't want to get on our bad side! Or we might just send Kamala to the ring alone! May Allah have mercy on us all if that happens! Steve O! You might be a good wrestler! But you have never faced anyone like my soldier, Kamala! He is the..."

SH: "What do you mean soldier... HEY!!!"

Kamala suddenly reached over and grabbed Hudson by the shoulder and started pulling Hudson towards him. Kimchee stepped in and grabbed Kamala's arm that was on Hudson's shoulder and frantically shook his head 'no' and waved his free hand in Kamala's face. Kamala wouldn't let go.

SH: "Stop him!"

Kimchee finally got Kamala to let go and Kaissey signaled for the three to leave the interview area. Kamala briefly continued to stare at Hudson through his tribal mask before Kimchee was able to lead him out of the interview area.

SH (shaken up): "Tony and Mark. Back to you.")

(Schiavone and Madden discussed the Hudson interview with El-Kaissey, Kamala and Kimchee. Hyped Flair vs. Zbysko was still to come. Said Steve O vs. Kamala was up next.)


Match 2
Steve O vs. Kamala (W/ El-Kaissey & Kimchee)

('Hand Jive' by George Thorogood played over the p.a. system as O came out to a modest reaction from the crowd. O was wearing a blue ring jacket with 'Steve O' written in white cursive letters on the back, blue tights and white boots with blue trim. O slapped hands with fans on the way to the ring.

After O got in the ring, 'Cry of the Vatos' by Oingo Boingo played and out came Kamala, Kimchee and El-Kaissey to a modest amount of boos. The trio got in the ring and Kimchee removed Kamala's African tribal mask revealing a painted face. Kamala slapped his belly. Kaissey had a few words for Kamala and then he and Kimchee left the ring.

Kamala charged out of the corner and attacked the stunned Steve O in the corner.

Ref called for the bell.

Kamala hammered away on O with a series of chops to the top of the head. Kamala then whipped O into the opposite corner and charged at O loooked to nail O with a big splash but O moved out of the way and Kamala crashed front-first into the buckles. Kamala turned around and O blasted Kamala with a series of punches, whipped Kamala into the ropes and caught Kamala coming off with a high dropkick that staggered Kamala. O then blasted Kamala with another dropkick and Kamala was now even more wobbly. O then nailed Kamala with a third dropkick and the big man crashed to the mat. El-Kaissey and Kimchee concerned at ringside as the fans started to rally behind O. Kamala got to his feet and was greeted with another series of punches. O whipped Kamala into the ropes and looked to catch Kamala coming off with another dropkick but Kamala grabbed the top rope and held on and O crashed to the mat. O got to his feet and walked right into a 2-hand throat thrust from Kamala. O stumbled back into the corner. Kamala nailed O with some more chops to the head and then started choking O. Kamala only broke the choke at the count of 4 because Kimchee signaled for him to do so. Kamala looked briefly at his handlers and then pulled O out of the corner, whipped O into the ropes and caught O coming off with a savate kick. O crashed to the mat. Kamala reached down and started to pull O up by the hair and briefly glanced over at his handlers when O stunned Kamala by catching him in a small package. 1...2... Kamala kicked out. Crowd groaned. Both men to their feet. Kamala went to nail O with another chop to the head but O moved and Kamala's hand hit the top buckle. Kamala swung wildly with another chop to the head try but O moved again, swung around behind Kamala, grabbed the big man around the waist and ran Kamala into the ropes and rolled up Kamala from behind for the pin try. 1...2... Kamala again kicked out. Both men to their feet, O was a short distance from the corner. Kamala stunned O with a short-running splash in the corner. O staggered out of the corner and went down. Kamala picked up O and bodyslammed O in the middle of the ring. Kamala looked out at Kimchee as Kimchee made a gesture. Kamala ran into the ropes and came off and blasted O with a diving splash. Kimchee gestured for Kamala to stay on top of O. 1...2...3! Ref called for the bell.

After the match, Kimchee and El-Kaissey got into the ring. Kimchee signaled for Kamala to get off of the defeated O. Kamala got up. Kimchee geatured it was time to leave the ring and he and Kaissey started to leave. Kamala looked at the downed O for a few seconds. Kimchee and Kaissey now out on the apron. Kimchee gestured it was time to go. Kamala instead reached down and pulled O up by the hair. Kimchee got back in the ring and wildly gestured for Kamala not to do anything else. Kamala looked at Kimchee and then went to bite O's head. Kimchee poked Kamala in the chest with the riding crop and shook his head 'no'. Kamala went to feast on O's head again. Kimchee again gestured 'no' and raised the riding crop. Kamala held O for a few more seconds before letting him go. O fell back to the mat and Team Kamala made their way out of the ring and back up the aisle.

WINNER: Kamala - Pinfall - Diving Splash - 3:48)

(Announcers discussed the win by Kamala and that Steve O gave him quite a fight before losing and Kamala looking to turn O's head into a snack. Said Flair vs. Zbysko was coming up. Then sent it backstage to Scott Hudson.)

(Backstage: Hudson interviewed 'American Gigolo' Buff Bagwell.

SH: "It's been quite an opening night for World Class 'Mayhem'. And our main event should really cap off what has been a great evening.

"Would you now please welcome my guest at this time, 'American Gigolo' Buff Bagwell."

Bagwell and three attractive, lust-filled women entered the interview area. Bagwell was wearing a black sweatsuit and the jacket was unzipped revealing no shirt underneath. Bagwell kissed all three women on the lips.

SH: "Buff Bagwell, next week right here on 'Mayhem', you will be making your World Class debut. But you seem to have your hands full right now."

The women were all over Bagwell and giggling and purring.

BB: "Scott, my hands are gonna get a lot fuller later tonight. Right, ladies?!"

The women just kept giggling, purring and touching Bagwell.

BB: "Heh heh heh. Man, I have the two greatest jobs in the world. One of which can't air on television. But as for my other job, next week people are gonna get to see the perfect male work his magic in the ring. It doesn't matter who they put in the ring with me, baby. I'm Buff Bagwell. And as you know...Buff is the stuff! Haha!"

More kissing and touching between Bagwell and the girls.

SH: "Well, for your more, ahem, family-friendly job, what are your goals here in World Class Wrestling?"

BB: "I only have one goal here, man. And that's to be number one. I'm already the number one gigolo. It's now time for Buff to step up and be the number one wrestler in the sport. It's like this, Scott."

Bagwell leaned over and whispered something in Hudson's ear. Hudson looked stunned.

SH: "I don't think you can say that on the air, Buff."

BB: "Hey. My time is money and these sexy ladies are still on the clock. We're outta here! Until next week, Scotty!"

Bagwell and the three ladies walked out of the interview area.

SH: "That's 'American Gigolo' Buff Bagwell. Tony and Mark. Back to you.")

(Schiavone and Madden discussed the Buff Bagwell interview. They then intro'd video footage from ealier in the evening of the Flair-Zbysko confrontation. Video aired. Hyped Flair vs. Zbysko was coming up next!)


(Anns. Schiavone and Madden hyped for next week on 'Mayhem': 'Wildfire' Tommy Rich vs. Nord The Barbarian; and the debut of 'American Gigolo' Buff Bagwell.)

Match 3
Ric Flair vs. Larry Zbysko

(Announcers said they would stay with the match to its conclusion. Also said that Flair is the master of the figure 4 and Zbysko the master of the guillotine choke.

Zbysko came to the ring to the song 'I'm The Man' by Anthrax. He was in his black ring jacket with the initials 'LZ' in cursive lettering across the back, black tights and black boots with his initials 'LZ' also in cursive gold lettering on the outside of them. Zbysko was firmly booed by the overwhelming majority of the crowd. Zbysko had words with fans on the way down the aisle to the ring. Zbysko got in the ring and went and stood on one of the middle buckles and raised his arms victoriously in the air to more boos.

After a brief pause, the theme from '2001: A Space Odyssey' played over the p.a. system. Fans started cheering loudly right away. The cheers grew louder as Flair came out on the entrnace stage and made his way down the aisle. Flair was in his flowing black and white robe with silver sequins on it and 'Nature Boy' written in cursive on the back. Flair entered the ring and removed his robe and handed it off to a ringside attendant. Flair was in his powder blue tights with a cursive 'RF' above the left thight and his powder blue boots with white trim with 'RF' in print initials on the outside of each.

Ref called for the bell.

The two men came out of their corners and circled one another. Just as they prepared to lock-up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, Flair suddenly pulled back, ran his hands through his hair, did the Ric Flair strut and yelled 'Whoo!' and the crowd responded in kind. The two men briefly sized each other up and locked up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up. After a brief struggle, Flair gained the advantage and shoved Zbysko to the mat. Zbysko slammed the mat with his hand and then got back to his feet. The men locked up in a collar-and-elbow again and once again Flair shoved Zbysko down to the mat. Zbysko popped to his feet and was not a happy camper. Flair went to move in on Zbysko, but Zbysko bailed from the ring and dropped to the floor to the boos of the crowd. Flair went to go after Zbysko but the ref intercepted him and ordered him to stand back. Ref started the 20-count. Zbysko walked around on the floor a little more and then started having words with fans at ringside. Flair ignored the ref and left the ring and dropped to the floor. Zbysko was facing ringside when Flair came up behind Zbysko, spun him around and blasted away on Zbysko with a series of stiff chest chops. Fans 'Whoo!'d the chops. Flair grabbed the staggered Zbysko and threw him back into the ring. Flair climbed back into the ring as Zbysko was getting up. Zbysko backed up and Flair moved in and was caught with a kick to the gut. Zbysko then caught Flair in a side headlock which Flair countered into a belly-to-back suplex. Flair then dropped a couple of elbow smashes on the downed Zbysko. Flair backed into the ropes and came off with a kneedrop attempt to the head but Zbysko rolled out of the way and Flair crashed to the mat. Flair got to his hands and knees and Zbysko nailed Flair with a couple of stiff kicks to the side of the ribs. Zbysko snapped Flair up, whipped Flair into the ropes and caught Flair coming off with a spin kick. Flair crashed to the mat and rolled over by the ropes. Zbysko came over, grabbed the top rope and nailed Flair with boots to the body. Zbysko snapped Flair up, whipped Flair into the buckles and followed Flair in with a blistering series of shoulder blocks to the mid-section. Flair hurting in the corner. Zbysko pulled Flair out of the corner and blasted Flair with a swinging neckbreaker. Zbysko went for the cover and placed his feet on the bottom rope for leverage. 1...2... Flair got a shoulder up. Zbysko went for the pin again and once more placed his feet on the bottom rope. 1...2... Ref saw Zbysko's feet on the bottom rope and ordered a break in the pin try.

Zbysko got to his feet and had words with the ref. Flair started to recover as Zbysko suddenly shoved the ref. The ref shoved Zbysko back and Zbysko stumbled backwards and Flair caught Zbysko with a roll-up from behind for the pin try. Flair, channeling his inner heel, grabbed a handful of Zbysko's tights. 1...2...2-1/2... Zbysko kicked out. Crowd groaned. Zbysko up as Flair was getting up. Zbysko moved in to try and kick Flair but Flair caught Zbysko's leg and took Zbysko off his feet. Flair quickly moved in and caught Zbysko in the figure 4. Crowd popped like corn. Zbysko briefly struggled in the hold before being able to move close enough to the ropes to get his hand on the bottom rope to force a break in the hold. Zbysko got to his feet next to th ropes and Flair nailed Zbysko with a knee to the gut and then another round of blistering chest chops. Zbysko walking down stagger street. Zbysko staggered into the corner. Flair grabbed Zbysko by the back of the head and rammed Zbysko's head into the top buckle three times. Zbysko spun around and Flair mounted the middle buckle over Zbysko and nailed Zbysko with a series of head shots. Zbysko grabbed Flair and went to nail Flair with an inverted atomic drop but Flair blocked the move and tackled Zbysko to the mat and popped Zbysko with more punches to the head. Flair then went to place the stunned the Zbysko in the figure 4 again, but as he was applying it Zbysko was able to kick Flair off. Flair slammed front-first into the buckles. Zbysko came up behind Flair and nailed Flair with a two-fisted backsmash. Flair started to walk out of the corner when Zbysko moved in locked Flair in the abdominal stretch. Zbysko locked in tight on Flair. Ref moved over and asked Flair if he submitted. While that was going on, Zbysko grabbed the top rope for leverage out of the ref's line of sight to add pressure to the hold. Ref looked over just as Zbysko let go of the top rope. Ref turned his attention back to Flair and Zbysko once again grabbed the top rope for leverage. Flair in great pain but not submitting. Once again, Zbysko let go of the top rope just before the ref looked over. Zbysko held the hold on for a few seconds longer before Flair was able to power up and hip toss Zbysko and free himself from the hold. Flair dropped to his knees and Zbysko was down. Flair got to his feet as Zbysko was still laying there. As Flair reached down to pull Zbysko up, Zbysko reached up and grabbed Flair's head and attempted to lock Flair in the guillotine choke.

Madden: "If Zbysko locks his legs around Flair's waist then this is over! Tap city, baby!"

The two briefly struggled as Zbysko tried to wrap his legs around Flair's waist and Flair kept resisting. Flair maneuvered his foot near enough to the bottom rope and get his foot on it and force a break in the hold. Flair on his hands and knees by the ropes. Zbysko grabbed the top rope and nailed Flair with a series of knees to the side of the ribs. Zbysko then grabbed Flair by the hair and threw him out into the middle of the ring. Zbysko went out on the apron as Flair made his way to his feet. Zbysko made his way to the top buckle. Zbysko came off with an attempted double sledge to the head but Flair stunned Zbysko with a gut shot. Flair found the strength to then light Zbysko up with another series of rapid-fire chops. 'Whoo!' with every chop. Flair then grabbed Zbysko and stunned Zbysko with a shin breaker. Zbysko crashed to the mat as Flair held onto Zbysko's left leg and locked in the figure 4. Crowd roaring. Zbysko fighting not to submit. Zbysko fought with all he had to try and reverse the hold. Zbysko almost got the move reversed when Flair was able to shift his weight and maintain a firm grip on the hold. A few seconds later, Zbysko tapped out as the crowd erupted. Ref called for the bell. Zbysko prone and hurting on the mat. An exhusted Flair made it to his feet and had his hand raised in victory as the program went off the air.

WINNER: Flair - Submission - Figure Four - 12:17)

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