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Learning to break kayfabe
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Casino Wrestling Federation

The top three promotions in North America (WWE, TNA & ROH) have been bought out by the Atlantic City based casino mogul Richard D. Dreyfus. He formed a new wrestling organization called the Casino Wrestling Federation (CWF). Although a lot of big name wrestlers came across to the CWF quite a few were happy to wait it put and see whether or not the CWF was a success before joining.

Randy Orton
Brock Lesner
AJ Styles
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
James Storm
Bobby Roode
Cody Rhodes
Michael Elgin
Roderick Strong
Jack Evans
Steve Corino
Jimmy Uso
Jay Uso
Nick Jackson
Matt Jackson
Kofi Kingston
Tyson Kidd
Yoshihiro Tajiri
Mikey Whipwreck
Christopher Daniels
Doug Williams
Bad News Barrett
Eddy Edwards
Davey Richards

Tag Teams
Beer Money (Storm & Roode)
Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray & D-Von)
American Wolves (Edwards & Richards)
English Knights (Barrett & Williams)
Tajiri & Whipwreck
The Usos
The Young Bucks (The Jacksons)

The Sinister Minister (Tajiri & Whipwreck)
William Regal (English Knights)
Natalya (Tyson Kidd)
Tamina Snuka (The Usos)

Jim Ross (Meltdown, Specials & PPV)
Tony Schivone (Power Hour, Specials & PPV)
JBL (Meltdown & PPV)
Nigel McGuinness (Power Hour & Specials)
Mike Tenay (Meltdown & Power Hour)

Renee Young

Current Schedule
There are four kinds of shows hosted by the CWF:
Monday Night Meltdown: The A-show held every Monday night in large arenas across the world. 2 hours.
Power Hour: The B-show held every Tuesday night in smaller arenas across the world. 1 hour.
Specials: An irregular event held 3 or 4 times a year. Saturday event. High profile matches. 2 hours.
Pay-per-views: There are 5 PPV events a year: The Beginning of the End, Last Rites, The Garden Classic, Total Elimination and The Grand Finale. 3 hours.

Year 1

W1 Meltdown: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USA

W1 Power Hour: Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

W2 Meltdown: XL Center, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

W2 Power Hour: MassMutual Center, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

W3 Meltdown: Scotiabank Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

W3 Power Hour: Moncton Coliseum, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

W4 Meltdown: HSBC Arena, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

W4 Power Hour: Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

W5 Meltdown: Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois, USA

W5 Power Hour: U.S. Cellular Coliseum, Bloomington, Illinois, USA

W5 Special 1 Road to the Gold: Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan, USA

W6 Meltdown: Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

W6 Power Hour: Kellogg Arena, Battle Creek, Michigan, USA

W7 Meltdown: Quicken Loans Area, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

W7 Power Hour: James A. Rhodes Arena, Akron, Ohio, USA

W8 Meltdown: Wells Fargo Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

W8 Power Hour: Hersheypark Arena, Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA

W8 The Beginning of the End I: Verizon Center, Washington, D.C., USA

W20 Last Rites I: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA

W30: The 1st Annual Garden Classic: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USA

W42: Total Elimination I: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

W52: The Grand Finale I: MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA

Monday Night Meltdown
Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USA

Meltdown begins with a huge fireworks display above the ring. Howard Finkel then announces to crowd to help him welcome the Commissioner of the CWF... Bret 'Hitman' Hart! Bret Hart made his way to the ring to a huge ovation. Bret took the microphone...
"Thank you, it's great to be back in the greatest arena in the world. Tonight is the beginning of a new era in our great sport. We will begin the road to new champions.
Four teams will start on that road tonight and that road ends in Detroit at the 1st CWF Special.
At the end of tonight we will also be closer to finding out our 1st CWF World Heavyweight Champion. The winner of tonight's battle royal will go to The Beginning of the End on PPV to wrestle for CWF World Heavyweight Championship. The other wrestlers who make the final five of the battle royal will enter a knockout tournament for the right to face battle royal winner in Washington D.C.
I hope you enjoy tonight, a new era begins and we kick off with a six man tag."

The American Wolves & Jack Evans v Yoshihiro Tajiri, Mikey Whipwreck & Tyson Kidd
As you would expect from a match involving six of the quickest wrestlers in the world this match was an aerial exhibition. Bodies flew everywhere and the action rarely staying in the ring. The match settled down somewhat with The Sinister Minister's trio getting Eddy Edwards stuck in their corner. Edwards managed to escape the corner and make the hot tag to Jack Evans who clears house. As The American Wolves brawl with Tajiri and Whipwreck at ringside Kidd and Evans exchange near falls in the ring. Kidd looks set to put the Sharpshooter on Evans when Tajiri climbs on the ring apron and motions for Kidd to let him spray the mist at Evans. Kidd holds Evans while Tajiri gets ready to spit the mist but Evans ducks out of the way and the mist blinds Kidd instead. Tajiri is pulled off the apron by Richards while Evans hits Kids with a super kick before heading to the top and hitting the 630 Senton for the win.
Evans and the Wolves high five their back to the dressing after a quick breakdance from Evans. The action in the ring hadn't ended though as Kidd and Tajiri squared up in the ring having to pulled aside by their respective managers. (12:53)

Renee Young was introduced as the backstage interviewer for the CWF. Her first interviewee was none other than the 7 foot Big Red Monster himself; Kane. Renee (looking rather nervously at Kane) asked why he had chosen to don his mask again. Kane's response:
"Because human beings fear what they can't see. The only thing scarier than seeing the monster is knowing it's there but not being able to see its true face. Michael Elgin is going to understand fear first hand tonight..."

Kane v Michael Elgin
As soon as Kane stepped over the top rope Elgin took the fight to him. Elgin used his incredible strength to suplex and throw Kane about the ring but Kane eventually gained the upper hand thanks hitting Elgin with a big boot. A Tombstone later and Kane was victorious. He stood over the unmoving body of Michael Elgin, lifted his arms and set off his pyro from the four turnbuckles. (8:13)

CWF World Tag Team Championship: Qualifying Semi-Final
Beer Money v The Young Bucks
Before Beer Money could make it to the ring The Young Bucks got hold of the microphone and started running down their opponents and everyone in MSG. Before they could carry on though Beer Money ran down to the ring and the match was under way. The Young Bucks tried to keep a fast pace and took the advantage getting Roode on their corner. Roode managed to escape and tagged Storm. As Storm and Nick Jackson brawled Jackson went for a cross body off the top rope but Storm nailed him with a Last Call super kick for the win. (7:49)

We head backstage as a furious Tyson Kidd and Natalya barge in to Bret Hart's office.
Bret: "What do you think you are doing?"
Tyson: "Do you see what that Japanese idiot did to me? Why did you put me on that team anyway? I'm better than all those guys anyway!"
Bret: "You had a great opportunity tonight opening the show. Look, if you want a match against Tajiri then you can have one next Monday but don't go expecting favours just because we're family."
Tyson: "Hey, that's all I wanted to here."

JR, Mike Tenay and JBL plug tomorrow night's Power Hour from Poughkeepsie to be headlined by Jack Evans v Yoshihiro Tajiri. Also, Randy Orton and the English Knights will be in action.

CWF World Tag Team Championship: Qualifying Semi-Final
Dudley Boys v The Usos
The Usos spend most of the match attempting to get a foot hold but the experience of the Dudley's prevents The Usos from gaining a sustained period of pressure. Eventually Bubba pins Jimmy after a 3D to sent the Dudley Boys to a match for the CWF World Tag Team Championship at the CWF Special 1: Road to the Gold in Detroit against Beer Money. (5:10)

CWF World Heavyweight Championship: Qualifying 22-man Battle Royal
Randy Orton, Raven, Undertaker, Christian, Rhyno, Brock Lesner, AJ Styles, Steve Corino, Bad News Barrett, Doug Williams, Roderick Strong, Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston, Christopher Daniels, Kane, Michael Elgin, Tyson Kidd, Jack Evans, Yoshihiro Tajiri, Mikey Whipwreck, Eddy Edwards & Davey Richards

Before the main event begins Howard Finkel introduces the wrestling legends sat at ringside for the event including Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and Jake Roberts who all get a huge ovation.
All 22 men make their way to the ring and as soon as the last man (Undertaker) gets into the ring the fight begins. Tyson Kidd is the first mam out after his attempt to get Tajiri out is prevented when Mikey Whipwreck tips out Kidd. A furious Kidd gets back in and eliminates both Tajiri and Whipwreck with the three brawling their way to the back.
Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong (former partners and then enemies in ROH) form an uneasy alliance to eliminate Kane and Corino. Strong charges Elgin when he turns his back but Elgin senses it coming and pulls down the rope to eliminate Strong.
After several eliminations we end up with six men in the ring: Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Christian, Michael Elgin, Undertaker and Christopher Daniels. Christian is the unlucky sixth man as AJ Styles hits him with a Pelé kick when he is on the apron to eliminate him. An irate Christian grabs AJ Styles and yanks him over the top rope. Three referees finally separate them. Christian is out of the running but Styles is in the Road to the Gold tournament.
The four remaining men pair off with Lesner going at it with the Undertaker and Elgin with Daniels. Lesner eliminates the Undertaker when the Dead Man goes for Old School and Elgin flips Daniels over the rope at the same time. Lesner and Elgin get their breath before marching towards the centre of the ring and stare each other down knowing one more elimination would send them straight to a title match. The 20,000 strong crowd is behind Elgin as the two go back and forth. Elgin comes within a hair of eliminating The Beast but Lesner holds on. Lesner then gets Elgin on to his shoulders and flips over the top rope to get the win. MSG gives Elgin, a relative unknown at the start of the night, a huge ovation and Lesner celebrates, motioning to his waist as Meltdown goes off the air. (25:06)
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Casino Wrestling Federation

Power Hour
Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

As Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness and Mike Tenay run down tonight's card they are interrupted by 'The Sinister Minister' James Mitchell.
Mitchell: "You three imbeciles have had your air time so keep you mouths shut. Tonight, my pet Tajiri will destroy that break dancing fool Jack Evans. The only dancing Mr. Evans will be doing after the match will be the death twitch! And don't think we've forgot about that ignoramus Tyson Kidd. I stress that both you and that blonde harlot you call a wife watch closely tonight. It is not every day you have the chance to witness your future."

Roderick Strong v Dale Garvin
The cocky Roderick Strong made short work of Garvin using the match as an exhibition to show seemingly every variation of the backbreaker you could think of before making Garvin tap to the Strong Hold. (3:02)

The English Knights v Creed Columbia & Darrell Harvard
William Regal led his two brutish Brits to the ring. When they got to the ring Bad News Barrett grabbed the microphone:
BNB: "I'm afraid I've got some bad news! You see, a tournament for the tag team titles began yesterday but, for reasons unknown to human beings with a modicum of intelligence, me and my esteemed colleges were left out. This is bad news for us but also bad news for whoever wins the titles because all they have in their future is a Bull Hammer! Thank you very much!"
The English Knights did as expected and brutalised their opponents. A pin by Williams after a Chaos Theory won it for the Brits. (2:30)

Tony Schiavone made a massive announcement before the next match. Commissioner Hart had decided the brackets for the Road to the Gold tournament, the winner of which would face Brock Lesner for the world title at The Beginning of the End. AJ Styles will face Daniels next Monday on Meltdown. The following week will see the Undertaker versus Michael Elgin. In the meantime Elgin is set for a rematch with the brother of the Undertaker; Kane next Monday night while Tyson Kidd locks up with Yoshihiro Tajiri and Bubba Ray Dudley takes on Robert Roode. Also, Commissioner Hart is speculated to make a huge announcement in regards to the CWF 's tour of South America in a few weeks time.

Randy Orton v Dave Leamington
Orton had a disappointing night on Meltdown being eliminated early on in the battle royal by Brock Lesner. Orton decided to take it out on young Dale Leamington by beating him from pillar to post before hitting him with a vicious RKO for the 3. (2:15)
After the match Renee Young made her way to the ring to get a few words from the Viper.
Renee: "Congratulations on an impressive win Randy. After your early elimination in the battle royal this Monday night though what are your short term goals in the CWF?"
Randy: "At the end of the day Renee I let myself down last night. Perhaps I was overconfident or unprepared. After all, like everyone here I'm facing an almost entirely new roster of superstars. This is not the WWE, this is the CWF. I'm going to raise my game from now and put myself back in the hunt for gold."

Yoshihiro Tajiri v Jack Evans
Our main event featured two of the men who participated in the six man tag team match that opened the show in MSG the previous night. Jack Evans made his way to ringside with his usual laid back attitude before busting a few moves in the ring. Then the ominous music of The Sinister Minister hit as he lead out Mikey Whipwreck and the Japanese Buzzsaw, Tajiri. With two men at ringside it was obvious this would be an uphill battle for Jack Evans.
It didn't take long before Evans was being caught out by the numbers; as Tajiri had the referee pulled aside James Mitchell distracted Evans at ringside. Whipwreck snuck behind Evans and delivered a roundhouse kick to the back of his head. Evans barley made it into the ring on time but the match carried on with Tajiri having complete advantage for a solid 5 minutes before Evans ducked an attempt at the Buzzsaw Kick to nail Tajiri with a dropkick. Mitchell and Whipwreck distracted the referee more as Evans attempted to hold the advantage. A stray kick from Tajiri hit the referee who fell out of the ring which began a mass mugging in the ring by his three adversaries.
Luckily for Evans though the music of Tyson Kidd hit as he took out Whipwreck and chased Mitchell out of the ring. Evans managed to down Tajiri and hit the 630 Senton for another big win. While Evans celebrated an irate Tajiri stared down Kidd who smirked at him from the stage. (14:31)

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Casino Wrestling Federation

Week 2
Monday Night Meltdown
XL Center, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

The show begins with introduction of Commissioner Bret Hart who has a huge announcement for the crowd and the locker room.
Hart: "In two weeks time Meltdown will be coming live from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in what will be an historic show. That will be the night when the CWF will see its first champion. 8 men will compete in a straight knockout tournament in which the winner will become the first ever CWF Americas Heavyweight Champion. Over the next week I will watching all matches closely to decide who deserves to be in the championship bracket. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the show."

Bubba Ray Dudley v Robert Roode
One half of the Dudleys took on one half of Beer Money in a match that was all about momentum. The momentum ended up in the favour of boys from Dudleyville thanks to a Bubbabomb after a physical back and forth match. (6:00)

Renee Young is backstage with Randy Orton.
Young: "Tonight you take on Jay Uso. What are your thoughts on this match?"
Orton: "The Usos are both amazing athletes but tonight is about me showing that the Viper is still here. Plus the news that there will be a new champion being crowned in a couple of weeks. I'm officially putting my hat into the ring for the Americas Championship tournament. If I can't be the world champion yet then I'll just have to RKO three opponents in Rio."

Yoshihiro Tajiri v Tyson Kidd
With all the water under the bridge so far between Tajiri and Kidd it was no surprise this match descended quickly into a brawl. As Tyson Kidd managed to get the upper hand though both Whipwreck and Mitchell got in the ring to beat down Kidd. As the referee rang for the disqualification Natalya pleaded with demented trio to stop but it only made the feeding frenzy worse. Whipwreck brought a chair in and was about to hold it next to Kidd's head for Tajiri to hit his Buzzsaw Kick but before he got the chance the entrance music of Jack Evans hit. He ran down to ringside with a chair and nailed Whipwreck on the top of the head with it as Mitchell and Tajiri bailed. They dragged Whipwreck out of the ring and made their way up the ramp angrily. Kidd came round and after a few moments he shook Evan's hand and they both left with Natalya. (3:56)

Randy Orton v Jay Uso
Jay Uso tried to use his quickness and aerial ability to outmatch Orton but Randy was razor sharp reversing every head scissor and every cross body. Orton won the match with a scintillating RKO from an attempted springboard shoulder block. After the match Randy motioned a title belt on around his waist. (3:33)

Renee Young is backstage with Michael Elgin.
Young: "Last week you came close in both your match against Kane and the battle royal and you certainly made people sit up and take notice. With the Undertaker waiting for you next week though how crucial is your rematch with Kane tonight?"
Elgin: "This match is crucial. Redemption tonight means the Undertaker will have to take me very seriously."
Before Renee could ask anything else Roderick Strong interrupted.
Strong: "Haha! I forgot how funny you could be big fella. Let's not kid ourselves though, you'll never make that big step up. You'll be back to carrying my bags again soon enough. Best of luck haha!"
Strong walked off laughing while Elgin stood there fuming until his music hit and he stalked off with a purpose to the ring...

Michael Elgin v Kane
The mood for the match was set early on when Elgin marched straight up to Kane for an intense stare down. Kane raised his arms and set off his signature pyro but Elgin didn't even blink. After a few moments Kane went for an uppercut which Elgin blocked and the two began to brawl. Elgin dominated most of the match, ramming Kane into the steel steps and the ring post. Kane launched a brief comeback but Elgin blocked a chokeslam attempt and hit a Revolution Elgin Bomb. Instead of pinning Kane though he picked up the Big Red Monster for a 2nd and a 3rd before getting an impressive 3 count. (8:27)
After the match, as Elgin's hand was raised, the lights went off and the voice of the Undertaker filled the arena...
Undertaker: "Michael Elgin. You may have beaten my estranged brother but have you really got what it takes to beat the reaper of souls? Next week I will reap your soul and you will rest in peace!"

The Young Bucks v The Rock 'n' Roll Express
As reported on The Young Bucks had made a challenge to the legendary tag teams of the world and the first team to answer the challenge are NWA legends Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson; The Rock 'n' Roll Express. Despite a good effort from Morton and Gibson they couldn't stop the high flying youngsters who beat Gibson with More Bang For Your Buck. (4:16)

Renee Young is backstage with AJ Styles:
Renee: "Tonight AJ you face a man you have faced more times than anyone in your career and with a world title shot on the line, what is your strategy to beat Daniels?"
Styles: "Strategy? That goes out the window tonight. Me and Christopher know each other too well for that. Tonight is instinct completely. Understand though, I will beat Daniels tonight and show everyone watching just why they call me phenomenal!"

Prior to the main event JR reminded the viewers that Michael Elgin takes on the Undertaker in the 2nd Road to the Gold semi-final next Monday night in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Also, James Storm and D-Von will go one on one and the team of Jack Evans & Tyson Kidd will take on Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck. Tomorrow night on Power Hour the main event will be a tag team match putting The English Knights against The American Wolves.

Road to the Gold: Semi-final
Christopher Daniels v AJ Styles
As soon as both men get in the ring they meet in the middle of the squared circle. AJ extends his hand but Daniels slaps him in the face and the fight is on!
Styles and Daniels exchange punches, chops and kicks until a Pelé kick out of nowhere sends Daniels scurrying out of the ring to regroup. After a cool down period the match settles down into a wrestling match with holds exchanged. Daniels makes the first genuinely near fall with a Best Moonsault Ever (BME) after Styles missed a splash in the corner. AJ had Daniels in trouble with a Boston Crab but the Fallen Angel made the ropes in time.
In the final moments it looked like Daniel had it in the bag with an Angel's Wings but Styles kicked out. A frustrated Daniels argued with the referee and went for the BME but Styles rolled but of the way towards the turnbuckles. Daniels noticed in mid air and landed on his feet and attempted to clothesline Styles who ducked and kicked Daniels in the gut and hit the Styles Clash for a massive win. As Meltdown went off the air Styles climbed into the stands to celebrate with the fans. (18:37)
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