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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

after reading this very detailed and excellent shows of Raw and SD. I will begin my try at these new shows. I will have draft like rosters for Raw and SD. Starting August 7 I will bring you the raw edition and on the 8th SD edition. it may not be good as this one atop but I will try my best.
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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Good to see new Talent getting inspired..... always good to see.

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

excellent shows...I really like the summerslam card. I will definitly read it.
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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Thanks Yankeesman77, I’m glad that we inspired you, and orton17, I hope that my SummerSlam can be like you’re PPV as for now here is Raw for August 9th

August 9th

Heat Matches

Gail Kim defeated Ivory
Hardcore Holly & Tommy Dreamer defeated Raven & Perry Saturn


The show kicks off with footage of last weeks, 20 Man over-the-top rope Battle Royal. The winner of which was a returning Bill Goldberg, he is the 6th Participant in the Elimination Chamber Match at SummerSlam.

Raw pyro explodes throughout the whole Arena.

J.R Welcome to Monday Night Raw, the last before this Sunday’s Pay-Per-View, extravaganza SummerSlam. Jim Ross alongside Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and King we saw it. Last Week, right in front of our very eyes was the return of Goldberg to the WWE

KingJ.R that’s not all, he’s going to be in the World Heavyweight Title Match at SummerSlam. I’m sure Eric Bischoff is not happy about this.

J.R Eric Bischoff was forced to take the night off by our Chairman Vince McMahon after Bischoff refused to back down from the fact that the WWE Title will be fought for, inside the Elimination Chamber.

KingThe General Manager of Smackdown! Shane McMahon made the match a few weeks ago on Smackdown. This did not settle well with our General Manager prompting some harsh words from our General Manager.

J.RLet’s take you back to Raw, Last Week and the Confrontation between Mr McMahon and Eric Bischoff.

The Camera points to the TitanTron as Footage from Raw, Last Week is shown.


Vince – I gave my Son permission to use the Chamber.

Eric – But Sir…….Mr McMahon……The Elimination Chamber is exclusive to Eric Bischoff’s Monday Night Raw.

Vince – Eric, The Match is made. The Smackdown Main Event at SummerSlam will be decided INSIDE the Elimination Chamber, as Brock Lesnar will take on The Undertaker.

Mr McMahon tries to climb out of the Ring but Bischoff stops him.

Eric – Vince, I will not let the GM of another rival show, try and steal the Main Event of SummerSlam. I booked the match first therefore I should get the Main Event.

Vince – Do you know what Eric Bischoff? When I look into your beady eyes all I see is GREED. And it was GREED that put wCw out of business, MY GREED, but I will not let you challenge my authority again Eric Bischoff, Do you hear me?

Eric – Vince, you put me in charge of Raw, face it without Eric Bischoff in charge Raw would collapse.

Vince – Is that right Eric? Alright Eric Bischoff I am going to give you the night off, Ladies and Gentlemen may I please introduce your Interim General Manager for the night…ME.

Eric- Alright Vince, I’ll take the night off, but I will be back next week to survey the damage you have done to my Raw.

Vince – Let’s get a little song going for Mr. Bischoff…NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA, HEY HEY HEY, GOODBYE!!

The Cameras point back to J.R and King

J.RThe embarrassment that Eric Bischoff must have gone through, King I can’t bare to imagine.

Eric Bischoff’s Theme Plays

KingJ.R, do you know what you are talking about. If I were you I would keep your mouth shut when talking about the Man that employs us.

J.R – I’m just doing my Job, I’m talking about everything that is going on, on Raw.

An irate Eric Bischoff walks quickly to the Ring, picks up the microphone and is about to speak

EricCut the music, cut the Damn music. Now unfortunately owing to Business Arrangements, Vince McMahon cannot be here with us to honour Eric Bischoff’s Monday Night Raw, but I tell you what, things are going to change around here.


Eric - One thing, one thing. Could you shut the hell up!

Crowd Chants get even louder; Bischoff waits until they die down

Eric I have some left over business to attend to from Last Week, so without further ado let me get on with this. Vince McMahon decided to give The World’s Greatest Tag Team, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin a shot at the World Tag Titles

J.RWe have new Champs!

EricWell in my book, you don’t just get a Title Shot like that, so at SummerSlam we will see the return match from last week, as the New Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin will defend The Tag Team Titles against the Former Champions La Resistance. Vince McMahon also decided to bring back Bill Goldberg to Raw, well Goldberg, listen in. I have special plans for you soon so don’t worry about that. As I said, Vince McMahon destroyed my Raw, and I am going to have to pick it back up.

King J.R, the boss is back. He is leaving no stone unturned.

J.RWhat did Bischoff mean that he has ‘Special Plans’ for Goldberg in the upcoming future?

KingI don’t know, but I know one thing J.R. Raw tonight has already been chaotic, and we’ve only just started!

Commercial Break

J.RWe are in the Kingston Memorial Centre here in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 6 days ahead of SummerSlam. Eric Bischoff is back and he promises that things will ‘change’ around here.

Lilian GarciaThe Following Match is scheduled for One Fall.

Scott Steiner approaches the Ring

J.RScott Steiner has vowed to ‘End the Career of Matt Hardy’ at SummerSlam

King That’s right The Hardcore Title will be on the line. We don’t even know if Matt Hardy will even make it to SummerSlam. Matt Hardy did seem pretty certain of the fact he will walk out of the Air Canada Centre come Sunday Night, the New Hardcore Champion

Scott Steiner picks up a microphone in the Ring

ScottMatt Hardy, I know you’re sitting at Home watching Raw right now but let me tell you something. If you haven’t been watching Raw these past weeks. I have won every single match that I have been in. I beat down Rob Van Dam last week. Matt I put you where you are today. AT HOME! I hope you don’t turn up on Sunday Night, Hardy because if you do I WILL MAKE SURE YOU NEVER TURN UP ON RAW AGAIN. So this goes to my P.I.M.P Friend Matt Hardy. Holla If Ya Hear Me!

Steiner throws the Microphone back to Lillian Garcia

LillianAnd here is his challenger…Tajiri

Tajiri’s Theme hits the Arena

KingHere come the Japanese Buzzsaw Tajiri.

MatchScott Steiner v Tajiri
FinishScott Steiner holds the carcass of Tajiri 6 feet above the Ring. He then drops him causing Tajiri to fall flat out horizontally. Steiner goes for the pin but only manages to get a two count. You Suck chants begin to Ring around the Arena. Steiner starts to get mad as he paces the Ring. He picks up the lifeless body of Tajiri and sets him up for a Belly-To-Belly. He gets it locked in perfectly. Tajiri lands awkwardly onto the canvas. Steiner covers Tajiri and the Referee gets the 3 count.

Here is your winner – The Hardcore Champion Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner remains in the Ring, he sees that Tajiri is trying to get up, using all his strength to pull his weight up. Steiner gives Tajiri a gruesome look and kicks him in the face. Tajiri remains on the floor. Scott Steiner then applies the Steiner Recleiner.

J.RHow does Scott Steiner sleep at night? The match is won, Stop this attack, someone please, stop it…

Matt Hardy’s Theme Plays

J.RKing, it’s Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy is here

KingJ.R, I can’t believe it. Hardy was not expected in Canada tonight.

Scott Steiner breaks the hold, Hardy runs into the ring and attacks Steiner. He runs at him and kicks him in the Groin, following this up with a Twist Of Fate.

J.RTwist Of Fate by Matt Hardy, if he gets this in on Sunday we could have a new Hardcore Champion

Hardy then goes out of the Ring to get a Steel Chair. He rolls into the Ring and hits Steiner once in the Back with the Chair. He proceeds by putting the Chair on Steiner’s Ribs and climbing to the Top Rope. He looks for the Leg Drop but Steiner rolls out of the way. Steiner then grabs the Chair and hits Hardy flat out in the Head. He then throws the Chair away and proceeds to put the Steiner Recleiner Submission Hold on. Hardy fails to tap. Officials from backstage come out to break up the hold. Hardy lies unconscious in the Ring.

J.RWhat has Scott Steiner done to Matt Hardy?

KingJ.R, Matt Hardy decided to come out and attack Scott Steiner, he didn’t have to. He could have just stayed at home and watch Scott Steiner mock him, over and over.

J.R Matt Hardy will need a miracle to win at SummerSlam

[/I]Don’t Try This At Home Commercial[I]

Eric Bischoff is in his office, La Resistance enter.

GrenierMr Bischoff we are so happy to see you back. We don’t know what we did to Mr McMahon we just knew that we had to defend our Titles and we lost them. When you came back, we knew that Raw would be turned back around. The best General Manager in the History of the WWE can do anything.

EricSylvan, thank you very much. I know that I can count on you to regain the Tag Team Titles back at SummerSlam. But I was thinking of something else tonight, well I was thinking more along the lines of two Singles Matches because it will be you Sylvan Grenier going one-on-one with Shelton Benjamin and Rob Conway will face Charlie Haas, but guys I want you to promise me this. I want you to beat down The Tag Team Champions Tonight, and I want you to beat down the Tag Team Champions on Sunday.

Backstage A Limousine rolls up in the Parking Lot. It stops and out comes Goldberg. Coach pulls out the Mic.

CoachGoldberg, why are you here tonight, what were you’re reasons for returning to the WWE?

Goldberg stares at Coach

GoldbergI will reveal that, later on tonight.

La Resistance member Rob Conway is already in the Ring awaiting the arrival of Charlie Haas

Charlie Haas Theme Plays

J.RHere comes one half of the new World Tag Team Champions, but after General Manager Eric Bischoff made the return match at SummerSlam, you have to ask yourselves, Is the Title reign premature?

KingLa Resistance, the French associates have enough Talent in themselves to win back the Titles.

J.RThe World’s Greatest Tag Team have now won both the Smackdown and Raw Tag Titles.

MatchCharlie Haas v Rob Conway
FinishCharlie Haas goes for a Top Rope Elbow Drop, he misses and lands very badly on his elbow. Conway gets a School Boy and Pins one half of the Tag Champs.

Here is your winner – Rob Conway

KingWhat a shock J.R

J.RWill this see a repeat pattern, will Sylvan Grenier defeat Shelton Benjamin later on tonight?

Backstage Randy Orton bumps into Stone Cold Steve Austin

AustinIt takes a man to stand up to Vince McMahon, that’s why I have done so, so many times.

OrtonWhat, have you been drinking too much of that beer, Steve?

AustinI drink, until I get drunk. Your punk ass probably hasn’t even tasted beer yet.

Austin walks off leaving a baffled Orton standing alone

Promos are shown announcing the return of Kevin Nash to Raw in 2 weeks.

The Ring is set is up as the Highlight Reel is up next

Chris Jericho’s Theme Plays

J.RHere comes Y2J who will be a participant in the huge 6-Man Elimination Chamber Match at SummerSlam

KingThe Highlight of the Night, is making his way to the Ring.

JerichoWelcome to Raw is Jericho!!!! Chris Jericho is back in Canada for all the Jerichoholics in Kingston, Ontario. Let’s get down to business, my guest tonight is a returning Superstar. I have not seen eye to eye with him in past years but everyone is dying to know, why this man returned, so without further ado, may I please welcome my guest for tonight, Goldberg.

Goldberg’s Theme Plays

We see him emerge from his Dressing Room. The Goldberg Chants begin. Goldberg enters the Ring and picks up the Microphone

JerichoWow, Bill, You’re for real. I thought I was dreaming last week

Crowd Laugh

JerichoSo, anyway, Goldberg, why did you return to the WWE?

GoldbergWell, Vince McMahon gave me a call, asked me if I wanted to work with him again. The money was right, and I made my return last week in Pennsylvania.

JerichoWas the lure of a World Heavyweight Title opportunity at SummerSlam even more of a reason to return.

GoldbergI knew that when I returned I would be challenging for that Title, and at SummerSlam I will walk out of the Elimination Chamber the new World Heavyweight Champion.

JerichoWell Goldberg, I know that if it’s you and me as the Final two, I won’t go down that easily.

Eric Bischoff’s Theme Plays

EricMr Goldberg Welcome Back. How nice of you to join us. Vince McMahon has bringed back a very important addition to the Raw Roster, well Bill Goldberg, you will be in action tonight, in 6 Man Tag Team Action. As you will team up with Edge and Stone Cold Steve Austin to face the Team of Randy Orton, Kane and Triple H. As for you Chris Jericho, don’t think that I have left you out. You will team up with The World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit to face a Surprise Team. And Jericho you’re match

Bischoff looks at his Watch


Commercial Break

J.RAnd we’re back live from the Sold Out Kingston Memorial Centre, where Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit will take on Mystery opponents in a Tag Team Matchup

Chris Benoit makes his way to the Ring.

LillianAnd here are their opponents – Mark Henry and Viscera

J.ROh My God

KingThis is the beginning of the end for both Jericho and Benoit

MatchChris Benoit and Chris Jericho v Mark Henry and Viscera
FinishChris Benoit manages to land a Headbutt on Mark Henry. Jericho swings Viscera into the Guard Rail on the outside injuring his right arm in the Process. Benoit applies the Crossface onto Mark Henry. Henry is stuck in the middle of the Ring and taps after about 15 seconds

Here are your winners – Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho

J.RBenoit and Jericho had to work together tonight but come SummerSlam, these two men will be competing against each other, for what Chris Benoit currently holds. The World Heavyweight Championship.

Backstage Randy Orton walks into Triple H’s Dressing Room

OrtonOnce we were a team. We were Evolution. Don’t forget Hunter that we are still that team. Don’t forget that I will always have you’re back

HHH Randy, Evolution was back then. We are no longer Evolution. I concentrate on what is mine, and right now what is mine is the World Heavyweight Championship, so if you will excuse me, I have something to do.

Shelton Benjamin and Sylvan Grenier are in the Ring

MatchShelton Benjamin v Sylvan Grenier
FinishShelton gets the Splash in the corner turnbuckle. Grenier falls flat on the floor. Benjamin picks him up, runs to the rope and superkicks Grenier. He goes for the cover and Benjamin gets the 3 Count.

J.RThe falls are tied at 1-1. The SummerSlam fall will mean the most because it is that match which is for the Tag Team Titles.

Smackdown Rebound showing footage of the Rope Match, the victory for Brock Lesnar and the aftermatch which involved The Undertaker chokeslaming an EMT.

J.RAnd we are back live Ladies and Gentlemen as we are only 6 days away from SummerSlam. The World Heavyweight Title will be defended in a 6 Man Elimination Chamber Match, Goldberg, Kane, Triple H, Steve Austin and Chris Jericho are all looking to take away the Title from the Champion Benoit. The Intercontinental Championship is on the line as Edge takes on Randy Orton, this was a match made last week by Vince McMahon and will be The Final Encounter. The Tag Team Titles will be on the line as Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin defend against La Resistance. And finally, the Hardcore Title will be on the line as Scott Steiner defends against Matt Hardy.

KingAll this and much more at SummerSlam!

The 6 Man tag Match, all 6 men come to the ring

MatchRandy Orton, Triple H and Kane v Edge, Stone Cold and Goldberg
FinishTriple H goes for the Pedigree on Edge, Goldberg clotheslines him. Orton looks for the RKO on Goldberg but instead lands Triple H. Kane comes in and attacks Edge forcing them to both fight on the outside. Orton stands in the Ring looking shocked. Goldberg spears Orton then throws him out of the Ring. Stone Cold stunners Triple H. Goldberg then Jackhammers Triple H. Goldberg goes for the cover. Goldberg gets the 3 count.

Here are your winners – Goldberg, Stone Cold and Edge

J.RWhat a win for Goldberg, he is undefeated in his current WWE stint.

Goldberg and Stone Cold celebrate in the Ring with a beer. Stone Cold goes up to a turnbuckle and gives the one finger salute. When Stone Cold turns around Goldberg gets the SPEAR


Goldberg grabs a Microphone

GoldbergThat was for WrestleMania XX


The Show ends with Goldberg raising his hands on the Ramp with Austin lying flat out in the middle of the Ring

Match Results

Scott Steiner defeated Tajiri
Rob Conway defeated Charlie Haas
Shelton Benjamin defeated Sylvan Grenier
Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho defeated Mark Henry and Viscera
Goldberg, Stone Cold and Edge defeated Triple H, Randy Orton and Kane

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

good show....I liked the heat between Goldberg and Austin. Randy Orton/Austin bit was good too. The event had a good card and I liked the main event. 8.5/10. Still looking forward to Summerslam.
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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Great line up between Austin and Goldberg, could be an interesting fued, didn't see Bischoff getting fired, that was a shock for me. Also I think I see and Orton/ McMahon fued happening soon.

Hope you use Goldberg and Austin fued well, I can see it being a big one.

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Smackdown as usual will be up on Thursday. So for then keep you're SummerSlam predictions coming in, if you want!

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Brilliant build up for SummerSlam. Fantastic show. Love this tension between Austin and Goldberg at the moment, could really be an all time great feud.

This really is one of the best threads going. The realism is perfect. Also, I will make my SummerSlam predictions after Smackdown.

10/10 for a superb show.
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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Just a quick note, those of you waiting for Smackdown!, I have been informed that it will be up ahead of schedule, so it will be up tomorrow. Hopefully I will have a full SummerSlam preview up after that.

Once again thanks to all for the flattering comments! Wolf Beast, Grendrill, orton17 to name but a few, really appreciate it
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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Looking forward to SD!, should be a rippa!

Oh and all those comments.... I was just making u feel good...... (j/k)

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