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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Good Show. Taboo Tuesday is gonna be great, anyone can win in the main event. I enjoyed the commentary from Coach/King.

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Fantastic show, great RAW. Liked the Hirohito promo, although cant say I care for the man whp portrays him.....
Awesome spot with Kane and Abyss, would have been awesome to see.
Taboo Tuesday looks to be shaping up as a hell of an event, should be great.
Loved the Benoit segment too, very good.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Taboo Tuesday is looking GREAT, Orton is unlucky, he has 2 matches, lol.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

I'm sorry to say this but it doesn't look like Smackdown will be up tonight. It'll most probably be up tomorrow, if not then on Saturday.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

*Looks away in distress*

Looks like I will have to confront you in school lol
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Great Raw, I agrre loved the Abyss and Kane spot and Taboo Tuesday will be off the hook. 9/10

Pitty Smackdown wont be posted tonight.....
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Quite a short Smackdown......

Footage from No Mercy is shown.

The Smackdown pyro and music hits.

Cole – Good evening folks and welcome to Smackdown! I’m Michael Cole and alongside me is Tazz. 4 days have passed since the spectacle that was No Mercy.

Tazz – And what a spectacular show it was Tazz. Neither the Undertaker nor the Rock were buried alive. Instead we saw Paul Heyman get what we’ve all been wishing for for many years. He was put 6 feet deep.

Cole – But unfortunately Heyman was dug out by the EMTs and other helpers from backstage and was sent to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

Tazz – Let’s hope he never comes back.

*Shne MacMahon’s music starts* Shane MacMahon comes out

Tazz – Here comes the boss of Smackdown.

Cole – Here must be here to talk about No Mercy. What a hell of event it was.

Shane – The first think I’d like to do is thank all you fans for making No Mercy the great event it was last Sunday.

Crowd cheer

Shane – And the second thing I’d like to do is address the happenings in the main event from No Mercy. Last Sunday, we all saw the Rock bury Paul Heyman under 6 feet of dirt.

Crowd cheer

Shane – But don’t threat, Heyman was dug out and hopefully he’ll be fine and no damage will be done.

Crowd boo

Shane – But you fans should be angry by the actions of the Rock. Last Sunday the Rock put himself and the company at risk by burying Paul Heyman. Heyman could sue both the Rock and the WWE for damages, possibly causing the WWE and the Rock to become bankrupt. Because of this, I would like the to exchange some stern words with the Rock, right now. So Rock, get out here!

Tazz – Woah, Shane looks really angry. I wonder what he’s gonna say to the Rock.

*The Rock’s music starts* The Rock comes out

Cole – Well we’re about to find out because here comes the Rock!

Rock – Shane, before you say anything, the Rock would like to say this. The Rock has realises what he’s done, how he’s put the company’s existence in jeopardy. And because of this the Rock would like to do something he doesn’t like to do. The Rock would like to apologise and accept his punishment.

Tazz – What’d you think his punishment is going to be?

Cole – I have an idea of what it might be, but let’s just hope my idea doesn’t become truth.

Shane – Rock, your actions at No Mercy were irresponsible and reckless. You’ve put yourself and the company at risk. Because of this, there is only one thing I can do…..

Cole – Uh oh. I think it’s about to happen….

Shane – Rock….. YOU’RE…. going to face the Undertaker tonight for the WWE Championship!!!!!!

Loud crowd cheer

Tazz – Woah!!!! What a punishment!!!!!

Shane – You’re actions are just what we expect here on Smackdown from our superstars! Plus it’s about time that Paul Heyman got what he deserved!

Crowd cheer

Rock – WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH!!!!!!! So you mean the Rock is getting rewarded for burying Paul Heyman at No Mercy? Well then the Rock would like to take back his apology!!!!! Instead, the Rock is going to apologise to the millions (AND MILLIONS) of Rock fans for not burying that son of a bitch sooner!!!!

Crowd cheer; Rocky chant starts

Rock – And the Rock will do one for thing for the People. Tonight, the Rock will finally reclaim the WWE Championship for the People!!! IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL…. WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’!!!!

Tazz – Woah, did you see what just happened Cole?

Cole – Of course I did! It’s going to be the Rock and the Undertaker for the WWE Championship, tonight!

Commercial break

Cole – Last Sunday at No Mercy we saw A.J Styles beat Dean Malenko to retain the Cruiserweight title.

Tazz – What a match it was Cole. Malenko looked sure to clinch the win, but Styles turnt it around.

Styles/Malenko match from No Mercy is shown

Tazz –Malenko may have lost that match but I doubt he’ll let Styles get away scot-free.

*Dean Malenko’s music starts* Malenko comes out

Cole – And here comes Malenko for his match.

*Nunzio’s music starts* Nunzio comes out

Dean Malenko vs. Nunzio

Malenko gets Nunzio to tap out to the Texas Cloverleaf.

Cole – Malenko’s won this match, but he doesn’t seem satisfied. He’s signalling for a mic.

Malenko – Styles, I hope you don’t think I just gonna let you get away with that win at No Mercy. I haven’t finished with you yet. I’m sending out a challenge your way. Next week, It’ll be you me once again for the Cruiserweight title. I would make it for tonight but I want you to have a week’s rest so you can be at your best, even though your best won’t help you. So next week, it’s gonna be you and my in this ring, so be prepared.

Tazz – Wow, Malenko and Styles, next week! Do you think Malenko will finally take the title of Styles’ hands?

Cole – Well Malenko looks really prepared for this match. We could possibly see the title chance hands next week.

WWE Smackdown Down and Dirty Tour Promo

Camera goes backstage to show Kurt Angle walking around backstage and then bumps into JBL.

Angle – JBL, how’s it going?

JBL – Don’t talk to me like were buddies Kurt. Who’d you think you are, interrupting my match at No Mercy? What makes you think I needed your help? I could have won that match easily without your help!

Angle – Calm down JBL. Do you know who you’re talking to? Not only am I an Olympic Gold medallist, but I beat Ric Flair in a submission match with his own freaking submission! I beat the man, so now I am the man.

JBL – So you think that gives you the right to interrupt my championship match?

Angle – I thought I’d do you a favour. Your faction only had 2 people on the outside, Eddie’s had 3. You were outnumbered, so I thought I’d even it out.

JBL – The American Dream Team doesn’t need you!

Angle – What’s an American Dream Team without the American Gold Medallist? Face it JBL, you need me. But it’s your team, it’s your decision. You know where to find me when you change your mind. WHEN, you change your mind.

Tazz – Kurt sending a message to JBL. I looks to me like Kurt really wants to join the American Dream Team.

Cole – Well in my opinion the American Dream Team would really go places with a person like Kurt in their team. But if he joins, it’s gonna be even tougher for the LWO to take them out.

*Too Cool’s music starts* Rikishi and Grandmaster Sexay come out

Tazz – Well here come the traitors.

Cole – Last Sunday at No Mercy, we saw Rikishi screw Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay screw TAKA Michinoku to become partners and get the tag team titles.

Footage of Rikishi/GMS match and aftermath from No Mercy

GMS – Say hello to the new tag team champions and the new Too Cool!

Crowd boo

GMS – Finally I’ve managed to get back what’s rightfully mine. But I bet you didn’t think I’d get it back the way I did. You all thought I hated Rikishi didn’t you? But there something me and Rikishi shared that made it hard for me to take the title away from him. We both shared a hatred for Scotty 2 Hotty!

Crowd boo

Rikishi – That’s right. We’re both tired of Scotty get all the lime-light in tag matches. We’re both tired of all the Scotty posters and t-shirts. We’re both tired of all the Scotty chants.

A “Scotty” chant starts

GMS – Shut up! You can chant all you want, but that’s not gonna change the fact that we hold the tag team titles!

*Too Hot’s music starts* TAKA Michinoku comes out

Cole – Here comes Grandmaster Sexay’s former partner, TAKA Michinoku.

GMS – TAKA, what you doing here? Don’t you understand I’m no longer your partner? Hasn’t it stuck in your head yet?

TAKA – I have special guest for you.

GMS – Oh yeah? Well who is it?

Scotty climbs into the ring and attacks GMS from behind. Rikishi attacks Scotty, then TAKA makes his way to the ring and helps Scotty, taking out both Rikishi and GMS.

Scotty – You know what I’m gonna do Sexay? I’m gonna what you claimed you were gonna do, make Too Hot the tag team champions!

Crowd cheer while Scotty and TAKA celebrate in the ring.

Tazz – Woah, everyone’s switching teams so fast I don’t know who’s in what team!

Cole – Well it seems to me that the new Too Hot could win the titles of the new Too Cool. Well next on Smackdown we’ve a mixed gender 3 man tag team match/ It’s going to be Madusa and the Dudley Boyz going up against Harlem Heat and Chyna. Harlem Heat and Chyna will be looking to get some retribution against their opponents after No Mercy.

*Harlem Heat’s music starts* Harlem Heat and Chyna come out

*The Dudley Boyz’ music starts* The Dudleyz and Madusa come out

The Dudley Boyz + Madusa vs. Harlem Heat + Chyna

The Dudleyz and Madusa manage to beat Harlem Heat and Chyna. After the match, the Dudleyz 3D Chyna from the command of Madusa.

RAW Rebound:
Jazz’s Return
Hardy’s Boyz attacking La Resistance + announcement of tag team match for next week
Announcement of fatal four way match at No Mercy
Kane throws Abyaa off the Titantron
Kane takes out Randy Orton, Y2J and RVD

Don’t Try This At Home Commercial

Cole – What an eventful Raw we’ve had on Monday. It seems to get better and better each week.

Tazz – It makes it hard for Smackdown to compete, but I think we can keep up.

Cole – Well up next we’ve got Konnan representing the LWO going up against Sean O’Haire representing the American Dream Team. The fued between these two factins is really growing intense.

Tazz – But since the LWO have the advantage by numbers, I think they could come out on top.

*The American Dream Team’s music starts* Sean O’Haire comes out with JBL

*The LWO’s music starts* Konnan comes out with Eddie Guerrero

Konnan vs. Sean O’Haire

Sean O’Haire pulls off the win after interference from Kurt Angle.

JBL confronts Kurt Angle in the ring. Kurt offers his hand to JBL, and JBL accepts. Kurt joins the American Dream Team.

Cole – Well the numbers are now even. The LWO are gonna have their work cut out for them now.

Tazz – I sure hope they’ll be able to take out the American Dream Team.

Cole – Well the time has finally come for the match we’ve all been waiting for. The Rock and the Undertaker will be going at it once again for the WWE Championship, right after the break.

Tazz – Something’s gonna happen Cole, I can feel it!

Commercial break

*The Rock’s music starts* The Rock comes out

*The Undertaker’s music starts* The Undertaker comes out

WWE Championship
The Undertaker © vs. The Rock

The Rock wins by disqualification after interference from Chris Jericho.

Cole – It’s Y2J! Y2J is on Smackdown!

Tazz – What’s he doing here?! He’s ruined everything! The Rock was so close!

Jericho beats down on the Rock, making him tap out with the Walls of Jericho. Smackdown ends with Y2J posing onto of the Rock.

Dean Malenko defeated Nunzio
Dudley Boyz & Madusa defeated Harlem Heat & Chyna
Sean O'Haire defeated Konnan
The Rock defeated The Undertaker by disqualification

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

nice smackdown man...wasnt expecting Jericho to interfere

looks like we may have a little inter-brand fued starting

"Pardon my French, but this is real life sh*t." - Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds First Basemen

Couldn't have said it better myself Joey. Great to see you back.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife



October 12th 2004

Kane continues to make his presence felt on Raw and followed this up last week by taking out four men. Abyss, Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton were all taken out by Kane. Can Kane continue this charge as for the first time ever, Raw emanates from Manchester, England?

You have been voting all week, and you have chosen RVD to face Kevin Nash for the Hardcore Title at Taboo Tuesday. What will Nash have to say about this, and what will RVD say about having to fight two matches in one night?

Chris Benoit continued to play mind-games with Triple H from his home in Edmonton, Alberta. Benoit telling ‘The Game’ that he did not show Benoit the respect that this business demands and that when Benoit returns, HHH will have hell to pay.

However the biggest shock of last week came as Chris Jericho made appearances on both No Mercy and Smackdown, both appearances targeting ‘The Great One’ The Rock. On Smackdown this past week, Jericho even cost The Rock the WWE Title. How will Y2J address this volatile situation?

Also in action are The Hardy Boyz who will take on La Resistance, as well as The World Tag Team Champions, TWGTT w/ Theodore Long taking on Rosey and Jamal.

All this and a whole lot more as the WWE brings Raw to you from the Manchester Evening News Arena, in Manchester, England.

Note: Raw will be shown on Tuesday

Announced Matches

The Hardy Boyz vs. La Resistance
The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Rosey & Jamal
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Nice Smackdown interesting with Jericho making an appearance on Smackdown. The opening promo had a good twist to it, and the fueds are continuing nicely.

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