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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Good Show's but why is this stickied?
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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Because we're that damn good!!
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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Originally Posted by CM Fanatic
Because we're that damn good!!
Hmm, I'm a damn good legend at this, Iz never got a sticky
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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Awwwwww poor event...... Am I a legend too? or just a veteran?

Anyways GO08 nice RAW's I like the was it's going at the moment also CM Fanatic is also doing a great job as well. Liking the storylines and rosters you've got going, only thing I hope his that Steiner remains and Undefeatable Monster with the Hardcore Title.

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Nice to see you both using Bold and Italics, good stuff.
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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

This is great 3 pairs of Bookers going head to head with shared shows!
All three are great!
Really enjoying your storylines!
Keep it up!
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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

PLEASE NOTE: TheGreatOne08 has gone on holiday for three weeks and it may be hard for him to find a computer so there may not be any activity in this thread for some time.
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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

nice couple of shows..really intense..my fav parts are the Undertaker-Brock Lesnar part from the recent SD! show. Wicked shows cant wait for more.

Been so long since I've been here

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

On Holiday so havn't really been up to date with what's going on, this is a shortish Raw using a notepad + pen. As you can see I am ahead of schedule so the next Raw will be posted on August 2nd. As always opinions and SummerSlam predictions are welcome.

Raw – July 26th

The show kicks off with footage of Chris Benoit being pinned by Kane as a result of a ‘screwjob’ by the Special Guest Referee, Triple H.

Pyro goes off around the arena

J.R – We are in the sold out, American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida for Monday Night Raw. Jim Ross alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler and King, what a wild night it was last week, as Kane got a pinfall victory over The World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit.

King – That’s right J.R, but what a clever man Triple H is! He had Benoit wrapped around his little Finger.

J.R– King, The Game was sent out there to do a Job…

King- Correct! He was told to do a ‘Job’ and he did that ‘Job.’

J.R- Triple H was supposed to referee a match, but instead he thought of himself, as he always does and decided to screw Chris Benoit out of an obvious victory, For God’s sake, Kane was tapping from the Crippler Crossface.

King – However, he didn’t win the match, did he J.R?

J.R – That’s right.

Triple H’s Theme plays

J.R – Here comes the former World Heavyweight Champion, who lost the title to Benoit at WrestleMania XX

Triple H enters the Ring, ‘You Suck’ chants erupt

HHH – In the last 7 Days, people have come up to me in the Streets, in Restaurants, in Shops, virtually everywhere and have said, “Hey Hunter, Why? Why did you screw Chris Benoit last week? You were supposed to be a ref. and call the match straight down the middle. You told Benoit everything was going to be fine.” And do you know what I told them, I said to each and every one of them, I DIDN’T SCREW CHRIS BENOIT! CHRIS BENOIT SCREWED CHRIS BENOIT! You see ever since Benoit beat me for my World Heavyweight Title, there has been something missing in my life. I need to be at the top. I need to be Champion. I am The Game. So Eric, get your ass out here and give me my title shot.

Crowd boo, a pause follows

HHH – Come on Eric, I haven’t got all Year.

Chris Benoit’s Theme plays, Triple H looks mortified

J.R – There is the World Heavyweight Champion with a huge Plaster on his forehead, the result of an attack last week by the ‘Referee’ in his match against Kane, Triple H.

Benoit- So you think that you can screw with me, Triple H? Can’t take it that I have beaten you not once- not twice- but 3 TIMES? Triple H, you’re time as champion is over. I will never defend my title against you again

Crowd cheer, Benoit chants are heard. In the midst of this Kane’s music plays.

J.R – There Folks, is the man who got the pinfall victory over Chris Benoit, Kane.

King – What a partnership. Kane and Triple H tore Benoit to shreds last week.

J.R – Maybe, Benoit had to fight 2 men at the same time, and if he did he would have got Disqualified anyway. He was in a Lose/Lose situation.

Kane – You’re right Benoit, you will not have you’re next title shot against Triple H.

HHH – What are you talking about?

Kane – You will defend you’re title against me!

J.R – Oh my. What a bold statement by Kane.

HHH – Kane, I was the one who got you the victory therefore I should be challenging Chris Benoit.

Kane – You had your chances, and you blew each and every one of them.

Crowd cheer, A fuming Triple H squares up to Kane. Bischoff’s Theme plays

Eric – Hold it right there, I don’t want my Superstars fighting.

Crowd Boo

Eric – I understand both of you’re claims to challenge for The World Heavyweight Championship, And I will grant you both an opportunity to face Chris Benoit for the Title.

Triple H has a smirk on his face, Crowd boo even more.

Eric – But you see, now I come to my Big Announcement.

King – Get ready J.R!!

Eric – Triple H, the Board of Directors will not allow me to grant you another Title shot, one on one with Chris Benoit. So, I have come to a compromise. At SummerSlam the Raw Main Event will be decided in a 6 Man, Elimination Chamber Match.

Chris Benoit looks furious, Crowd don’t know whether to boo or cheer

Eric – Our first 3 competitors are, The World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit.

Huge Pop for Benoit

Eric – ‘The Game’ Triple H, and The Big Red Monster, Kane. The next Superstar to be entered is a man of the utmost intelligence, he was the first Undisputed Champion, he is CHRIS JERICHO!

J.R – Wow King, Y2J has been added to the match.

Eric – And later on tonight our Main Event will feature Chris Benoit teaming up with Chris Jericho to face the team of Triple H and Kane. And I will guarantee you this, by the end of the night one more person will be added to the match, Thank You very much.

J.R – What a Main Event for SummerSlam, an Elimination Chamber match, but King did you hear what Bischoff said, one more person will be added before Raw goes off the air Tonight.

King – I heard that alright! This is going to be great.

Commercial Break

William Regal makes his way to the ring, after that Val Venis approaches the Ring.

Val Venis starts on the offensive, with 3 punches he knocks Regal down. Venis throws Regal into the ropes and executes a Big Back Body Drop. Scoop Slam by Venis follows. Fireman’s Carry by Venis then follows it up with a Boston Crab.

Crowd get a big Regal chant going

Regal gets a Backdrop in and a stiff punch to the forehead of Venis, followed up with a Delayed Vertical Suplex.

Steven Richards comes down to the Ring and stands on the Apron.

Val Venis gets Brass Nuts from his shoe whilst Regal is distracted by Richards. The Ref is distracted. Regal then turns around but ducks a punch and lands a DDT on Venis. Regal then gets the Nuts and hits Venis with them and then puts them into his shoe. Covers Venis and the Ref. counts to 3.

Here is you’re winner: William Regal

Regal quickly escapes the Ring as a shocked Richards stands over the unconscious body of Val Venis

King – Did you see that J.R? Regal with the Brass Nuts!

J.R – But he didn’t bring them into the Ring, he took them off Val Venis who tried to hit him with them.

Don’t try this at Home Commercial

Coach - I’m standing here alongside the Former Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton and Randy, I am shocked- along with many other people- that the Legend Killer has been pinned Twice by someone who, I don’t even consider to be a Legend.

Orton – Coach, are you joking? That man was in the First ever Tables, Ladders and Chairs match! He has been countless times a Tag Team Champion, but I have KILLED LEGENDS. I beat the Legend of Mick Foley not only at WrestleMania but at Backlash as well, since then there has been no sign of him in the WWE. With Edge, I haven’t been beaten by a Legend. I have been beaten by a Freak!

Backstage Aid tells Orton that Bischoff wants to see him.

Orton – Excuse me, Coach.

Commercial Break

Eric – Randy, I wanted to see you because I have something to say which concerns you. As you know, as of right now we have 4 Participants in the Elimination Chamber match at SummerSlam, but live next week on Eric Bischoff’s Monday Night Raw, we will have ourselves a 20 Man, Over The Top Rope Battle Royal in which the winner will get a spot inside that Elimination Chamber for a “once in a lifetime” opportunity alongside 5 other guys to challenge Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Orton looks at Bischoff with a smile on his face. SummerSlam promos air

The next match is Maven v Scott Stener, both men are in the Ring.

The match starts with Maven trying to land a few punches in but Steiner turns around and Clothesline’s him flat out. He then picks him up by the throat and gives him a huge Gorrlia Press Slam, the followed by a Belly to Belly Suplex. Steiner then climbs back out of the Ring and brings a Steel Chair into the Ring but the Referee takes it back off him and back to the outside, whilst this is happening Maven gives Steiner a Low Blow. He then goes for his trademark Dropkick but Steiner moves out of the way. He then gets the Steiner Recliner locked in. Maven can’t reach the Ropes and has to tap.

Smackdown Rebound is shown with the disturbing footage at the end of the show, showing a gravestone with Brock Lesnar’s name and date of birth/death saying that he will die, at SummerSlam

6 man tag match with La Resistance & Randy Orton facing The Worlds Greatest Tag Team and Edge

The match starts with Sylvain Grenier and Edge in the Ring. Edge starts on the attack with 2 Snap Suplex’s Edge then tries to land the Spear early on but Grenier moves and Edge gets a Shoulder full, of the Turnbuckle. Grenier then gets the tag to Conway who who works on the injured Right Shoulder. Conway lands a Hip-Toss takedown then into an Armbar. Edge tries desperately to reach one of his partners but he still cannot quite get there. After a SuperPlex off the top rope, Conway tags in Orton. Orton is now working on the Back of Edge with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker followed by a Sidewalk Slam. Orton follows this up with a Body Slam on a groggy Edge. A rollup by Orton only manages to get him a 2 Count. Finally Edge gets some offense in when he counters a Suplex into a DDT. Finally he makes it to his corner and tags in Shelton Benjamin. Shelton immediately knocks both La Resistance men off the Apron. He then gets his trademark, ‘Splash in the Corner’ onto Randy Orton. Charlie Haas then comes into the Ring and him and Shelton, Double-Flapjack Orton. Benjamin then distracts the ref. whilst Haas gets the ‘Haas of Pain’ locked on Orton. Benjamin then gets the ‘Super Kick’ on Orton. Haas and Edge then distract both La Resistance men as Benjamin gets the 3 Count on Orton.

Here are your winners: The Worlds Greatest Tag Team and Edge

J.R – What a match King!

Benoit goes to Bischoff’s office

Benoit – Eric, who is the 5th Person in the Chamber match going to be.

Eric – Chris, all will be revealed in due course

Benoit remains rooted to the spot looking anxious as Bischoff has a smirk on his face.

Main event: Jericho and Benoit come to the ring, followed by Triple H and Kane.

The match starts with Kane and Y2J in the Ring. Kane lands a Big Boot onto the Jaw of Y2J. Y2J is down and Kane climbs to the Top Rop and waits for Y2J to get up. Kane then manages to connect with the Clothesline off the Top Rope. Kane makes the Tag to Triple H. Triple H taunts Benoit and Benoit tries to get into the Ring, but the Referee stops him. Triple H picks up Y2J and swings him into the Ropes looking for a Knee Strike, but Y2J counters with a Spinning Heel Kick. Both men are down, both men then make it to their respective corners. They both make the tag and Benoit and Kane are in the Ring. Kane runs at Benoit but Benoit manages to duck the Clothesline and gets the 3 German Suplexes in. He then ‘slits his throat’ in signal for the Headbutt. Benoit gradually climbs to the top Rope but Triple H pushes him off. Kane then makes the Tag to Triple H. Triple H then mocks Benoit until out of no-where Benoit gets a Drop Toe Hold into the Crossface locked in on Triple H. Kane then breaks the Hold. Benoit then makes the tag to Y2J. Y2J then lands dropkicks on both Kane and Triple H. Meanwhile Benoit pulls Kane from the Bottom Rope onto the outside and they start fighting. Jericho knocks down Triple H and follows this up with a Lionsault. Jericho can only get a 2 Count in. Jericho then gets the Pedigree in!!! He then follows this up with a Walla of Jericho. Triple H tries desperately to reach the bottom Rope but Jericho pulls him back. Triple H finally has to tap out.

Here are your winners: Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho

J.R – What a Main Event King!

King – You’re….

Glass Shatters

J.R – Oh My God, The toughest S.O.B in the history of the WWE is in town.

King – Look J.R! He’s heading straight to the Ring.

Tired looking Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit stand at separate Turnbuckles each staring Stone Cold in the Eye. They then slip out of the Ring and walk up the TitanTron facing Stone Cold still. Triple H finally manages to make it to his feet and stands with a smirk on his face looking at both Benoit and Jericho. At the blink of an Eye, Stone Cold Stunners Triple H. Jericho and Benoit laugh.

J.R – I think that we have our 5th Elimination Chamber member. Join us folks for Raw next week when we will find out after our 20 Man battle Royal, who will be the 6th and Final Member. Goodnight, Everybody.

The show ends with Stone Cold celebrating with two open Cans of Beer over the Body of Triple H.

Match Results

William Regal defeated Val Venis
Scott Steiner defeated Maven
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team and Edge defeated La Resistance and Randy Orton
Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho defeated Triple H and Kane

Current PPV Card- SummerSlam

Date: 15/08/2004

Venue: Toronto – Canada

Theme Tune: Ill Nino – This Time’s For Real

Announced Matches:


World Heavyweight Championship – Elimination Chamber Match:

Chris Benoit © v Triple H v Kane v Chris Jericho v Stone Cold v ?

Hardcore Championship Match: Scott Steiner © v Matt Hardy


WWE Title : Undertaker v Brock Lesnar

The Rock v Booker T

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Can't wait for the Chamber match!
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