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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Thanks alot Psycho Jay, it's always a plus to read really positive things.

Raw will be up tomorrow, and I will post an Unforgiven Preview after that.
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Making James Ellsworth GET MY BAGS
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Raw is going up now so I have more time to write Unforgiven


Jeff Hardy defeated Raven

Randy Orton w/Mr. McMahon defeated a Jobber

Shawn Michaels defeated Scott Steiner via DQ (Non-Title)

Raw – 6th September

The Show starts with footage from the Tag Team Main Event, and Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash defeating Kane & Scott Steiner

Raw Pyro lights up the Kay Yeager Coliseum in Wichita Falls, Texas

J.R – Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to Monday Night Raw right here in Texas. Jim Ross alongside Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and King this is the debut of Raw in Wichita!

King – These fans are going to be treated to the first ever Raw in Wichita Falls, and what a Raw it promises to be!

J.R – The World’s Greatest Search enters the Semi – Finals stage tonight, and King who do you think is going to win?

King – That’s a very tough question J.R, but to be honest I don’t know. I’m going to have to go with the New Age Outlaws.

J.R – The New Age Outlaws making their return to Raw last week, and instantly making an impact in their Tag Match against Rosey and Jamal.

King – But J.R do you know what I’m looking forward to…?

J.R – No…

King – Rob Van Dam getting his ass kicked in a Handicap Match against Triple H and Chris Jericho!

J.R – This match is scheduled to be a Tag Team Match, not a Handicap Match…

King – So tell me J.R, have you seen Chris Benoit today?

J.R – No, I haven’t.

King – There you go, more proof that RVD will be on his own tonight, also it's the return of the Highlight Reel with Special Guest none other than Triple H!

Tommy Dreamer’s Theme Plays

Lillian – The following Match is scheduled for one fall and is a Semi-Final match in the World’s Greatest Search. Introducing at a combined weight of 513lbs, Tommy Dreamer and Hardcore Holly

New Age Outlaws Theme Plays, huge cheer

Lillian – And their opponents, at a combined weight of 503lbs, the Road Dogg Jesse James and Mr. Ass, they are The New Age Outlaws.

J.R – What a way to kick off things on Monday Night Raw, the last Raw before Unforgiven

King – Mr. Ass is in the Ring, J.R do you have respect for the Assman?

J.R – What kind of question is that? Of course I have respect for Billy Gunn

King – But not for Mr. Ass??

J.R – Let’s just get on with the match

World’s Greatest Search – Semi Final
Tommy Dreamer & Hardcore Holly vs. The New Age Outlaws

FinishHolly tries to hit the Oklahoma Slam for the win, but he misses resulting in Mr. Ass landing the Fame-Asser for the easy 3 count victory.

Here are your winners and finalists in the World’s Greatest Search – The New Age Outlaws

King – Mr. Ass and Billy Gunn are in the Finals!

J.R – That’s right, good luck to them, but there is still one semi – final to go and now we know that it will be Right To Censor vs. William Regal & Eugene.

King – I can’t wait…!

J.R – What a night this promises to be, and we’re only just getting started…

Commercial Break

The New Age Outlaws are backstage after their victory over Dreamer & Holly.

Dogg – The D-O double G and The Assman are in the Finals of the World’s Greatest Search.

Mr. Ass – We’re going to win this Tournament, beat The World’s Crappiest Tag Team at Unforgiven, becoming the New World Tag Team Champions.

They start laughing until they bump into the World’s Greatest Tag Team accompanied by Theodore Long.

Long – Let me holla at ya playas!

Haas – We’ve seen one of the most successful Tag Teams in the history of the WWE win their place in the final of our search…

Shelton – So we would just like to say…

Long – Good Luck in the final, you’re going to need it, Believe dat!

Both Teams shake hands…

Long - Because you can’t go wrong, with Theodore R. Long. Now that deserves a holla, holla, holla

The World’s Greatest Tag Team and Long walk off leaving The New Age Outlaws puzzled rooted to the spot.

King – J.R, Theodore is the best thing that could have ever happened to The World’s Greatest Tag Team, I love Theodore Long!

J.R – King, you love everyone…

King – I love you too J.R!

J.R – Oh I’m sure you don’t, but I’m sure you’re going to love this as later on tonight it will be the return match from last week’s Women’s Championship Match as the Champion, Trish Stratus takes on Molly Holly.

King – Oh I love Trish!!

J.R – I’m sure you do….

A Promo with these words comes onto our screens…

These people were brave but in their own minds were cowards,
These people sent out thousands to fight hundreds,
My Grandparents fought for our rights,
But lost,
Now I’m coming to vanquish the suffering that this has caused,

Hirohito is coming…

King – J.R, what was that all about? Somebody coming to ‘vanquish the suffering’. This is weird.

J.R – I’m with you King, but we will probably find out more sooner than later.

King – Wasn’t Hirohito some sort of Japanese Emperor?

J.R – I think your right, Hirohito was a Japanese Emperor…

Chris Jericho’s Theme Plays

J.R – Well anyway we are all set for the Highlight Reel with tonight’s guest being none other than Triple H.

King – The Game and Y2J on the Highlight Reel, this is better than anything that Smackdown can produce!

Lillian – Please welcome, Chris Jericho

Y2J – Welcome to Raw Is Jericho! The sexy beast has decided to make an extra appearance for all you first time Raw fans here in Wichita FALLS…Oh I’m sorry Wichita Fails, here in the lone star state of Texas.

Crowd Boo slightly

Y2J – Now my guest tonight is a multi-time WWE Champion, he has been you could say one of the most successful wrestlers to ever step foot in a Ring, but of course he still prays to God saying, please allow me to be just half as good-looking as the 1st ever Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho!

Crowd Laugh

Y2J – Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby give to you, Triple H

Triple H’s Theme Plays

HHH – Jericho, so you think that you’re funny huh?

Y2J – Hunter, it was a joke! So anyway, how much are you looking forward to tagging with the sexiest man on Raw!

HHH – You? The sexiest man on Raw? Give me a break Jericho!

Y2J – You should be privileged that a man like me, has the time to tag with someone like you, I do remember that your wife is a…Filthy, dirty, disgusting, brutal, bottom feeding, trash-bag ho.

Crowd Cheer

HHH – That’s enough, Jericho you’ve humiliated me enough. I’ve had it; I’m leaving this set…

Rob Van Dam’s Theme Plays

J.R – Things are about to pick up around here.

RVD runs to the Ring, he attacks both Triple H and Jericho, hitting Triple H with a Microphone and Jericho with a clothesline over the Top Rope. They both scatter. Meanwhile…

Eric Bischoff’s Theme Plays

J.R - Well, here's a stain on the underwear of life

Eric – RVD, I’ve just received news that Chris Benoit will not be here tonight therefore you will be facing Triple H and Chris Jericho in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match.

RVD looks angry, crowd boo

Eric – But I also have some more news for you. I suggest that you don’t burn yourself out tonight, because in 6 days time at Unforgiven, it will be one-on-one, Rob Van Dam against Chris Jericho

King – RVD, wont even make it to Unforgiven!

Eric – Good Luck!

Commercial Break

J.R – And we’re back live on Monday Night Raw, what a show it has been already! Our General Manager just assigned another match for Unforgiven…

King – This one has been brewing for a few weeks now, as it will be Rob Van Dam going one-on-one against Chris Jericho.

J.R – But our Main Event tonight will be a Handicap Match as Rob Van Dam has been placed on his own against both Triple H and Chris Jericho!

Lillian – The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWE Women’s Championship

Trish Stratus’ Theme Plays

Lillian – Making her way to the Ring, she is the WWE Women’s Champion. Trish Stratus.


Molly Holly’s Theme Plays

Lillian – And introducing her challenger, she is the number one contender for the Women’s Title, Molly Holly

King – J.R, I love Trish!

Women’s Championship Match
Trish Stratus © vs. Molly Holly

FinishTrish Stratus is in total control, until Molly gets a reversal from a wristlock. Molly then backdrop’s Trish and looks for the three count. She can’t get it. She is furious so she climbs to the Top Rope in search of landing the ‘Molly Go Round’. She lands it. She goes for the cover, but again only gets a 2 count from her finishing move. She is completely furious and takes it out on the referee. Meanwhile, someone has entered the Ring. I’TS DDP. HE THEN DIAMOND CUTTER’S TRISH! He slides out and hides under the Ring. Molly gets the cover and wins. DDP then climbs from under the Ring and hugs Molly Holly.

Here is your winner and the New WWE Women’s Champion – Molly Holly

J.R –Diamond Dallas Page has just cost Trish Stratus the Women’s Title

King – DDP is back in the WWE.

J.R – And he’s back with Molly Holly

King – What happened to my lovely Trish?

J.R – She lost her title thanks to a non-welcome interference by Diamond Dallas Page on behalf of Molly Holly, that’s what happened! I cannot believe what I just saw

Don’t Try This At Home Commercial

J.R – Well King, I don’t know about you, but I’m shocked at the return to Raw of DDP just moments ago.

King – J.R, I’m sure that Trish won’t let this one go down that easily…

Edge & Christian are in the Locker Room with a few other WWE Superstars…

Christian -…. So I was like, yeah, I’m Christian off of Raw…

Edge -…And I was like, yeah, I’m his brother Edge off of Raw…

Christian –…And then we were both like, yeah, we’re brothers, what about you?

Edge - …And do you know what she said…?

Suddenly Randy Orton and Mr. McMahon barge into the Dressing Room

Orton – Blah, blah, I said, yeah, blah blah, she said, blah blah. We don’t care what they said.

Edge – Why? Randy Orton, do you not like…girls???

Christian – Hey everyone, Randy Orton is gay!

The Locker Room laugh

Orton – Oh I’ve had more girls in bed with me then you can even imagine, and as for Mr. McMahon well they do say that the older you are, the more experienced you get…

Edge - …Mr. McMahon, I didn’t know that you’ve had experiences with Randy Orton!!

Mr. McMahon looks around furiously and then punches Edge. All the Superstars try and separate the four of them, Christian then shouts, ‘I’ll see you at Unforgiven’

King – Mr. McMahon and Randy Orton, J.R, I don’t even want to think about those two together…as you say J.R, Orton could have got whipped like a Government Mule!!!

Lillian – The following match is the 2nd Semi – Final in the World’s Greatest Search

Eugene’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Introducing first, at a combined weight of 503lbs, William Regal and Eugene

Right To Censor’s Theme Plays

Lillian – And introducing their opponents, at a combined weight of 493lbs, Steven Richards and Val Venis, Right To Censor.

World’s Greatest Search – Semi Final
William Regal & Eugene vs. Right To Censor

FinishWilliam Regal gets Steven Richards in the Regal Stretch however Val Venis interferes. Eugene then Stunners Venis, and Rock Bottom’s Richards out of completely no-where! He then gets the People’s Elbow on Richards and William Regal covers Steven Richards. The referee starts counting, and Eugene and Regal win with the 3 count.

Here are your winners and finalists in the World’s Greatest Search – William Regal & Eugene

J.R – So The New Age Outlaws and William Regal & Eugene will battle it out on Heat in the Final of ‘The World’s Greatest Search’ to determine who will face the Tag Champs at Unforgiven.

Commercial Break

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Theme Plays

J.R – Well folks here comes the Texas Rattlesnake who this Sunday will be facing Goldberg for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Austin – Now Stone Cold saw Bill Goldberg make the last fall of our match Hell In A Cell and I’m fine with that, but Stone Cold is here to make the third and final stipulation in our match. Now we’ve already got a Chain Match, Hell In A Cell but the last match should hopefully be the last match for me, as it will be Last Man Standing.

J.R – So we’ve got a Chain Match, a Last Man Standing Match and Hell In A Cell!!

Austin – So Goldberg, guess Who’s Next…I’m Next!

Eric Bischoff’s Theme Plays

King – J.R, look who’s back out again!

J.R – The Man who doesn’t realise that his Underwear is stained…. on all of us…this man is as sad as Drew Carey on a WWE PPV.

Eric – Now Stone Cold, I need you to sign the contract that I have with me in my hand, and I request the presence of the World Heavyweight Champion, Bill Goldberg as well. So please Mr. Goldberg, make your way to the Ring.

Goldberg’s Theme Plays

Eric – Stone Cold, I need you to read the contract, see that you are happy with it, and then sign at the bottom

Austin reads it, signs, then hands it over to Goldberg

Eric – Goldberg, I need you to do exactly the same, please sign at the bottom.

J.R – There are no profanities strong enough that can fully describe this man…known as Eric Bischoff.

Goldberg takes a little longer to read the contract; he then looks over the Table at Austin who is smiling. Goldberg then signs the Contract

Eric – Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s it. The World Heavyweight Title will be decided at Unforgiven between Goldberg and Stone Cold.

Austin and Goldberg look at each other in the eye, Austin then extends his hand. Goldberg thinks about shaking it then does so. Austin then stunners Goldberg leaving him lying in the middle of the Ring. He then stands on the Ramp and celebrates with a few beers.

Don’t Try This At Home Commercial

Kane walks into Eric Bischoff’s office.

Kane – I want a match at Unforgiven.

Eric – I have the man just for you. You have been having a few issues with Shawn Michaels lately; well let’s see if we can sort these out because at Unforgiven it will be Shawn Michaels vs. Kane.

Kane – I like it, I like that idea.

Eric – I’m glad you like it, take out Shawn Michaels once and for all

J.R – What a suck up…

Kane laughs with his evil laugh as Bischoff smiles evilly

Smackdown Rebound

· A.J Styles winning the Cruiserweight Title
· Grand Master Sexay appointing Taka Michinoku as his new Tag Partner
· John Bradshaw Layfield winning the Fatal Four Way for the No.1 U.S Title Contendership.
· The Undertaker tombstoning The Rock through the Announcers Table

J.R – Folks we are only days away from Unforgiven. Unforgiven comes to you live from the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon.

King – Unforgiven is going to be headlined by Goldberg vs. Stone Cold for the World Heavyweight Title. This will be no ordinary match though; it will be a 2-out-of-3 falls match. The first fall being a Chain Match, the second being a Last Man Standing Match, and the third if it comes to it will be Hell In A Cell.

J.R – Randy Orton will defend his Intercontinental Title against Christian. Both men will have respective people by their side; Orton will have the Chairman of the WWE, Mr. McMahon whilst Christian will have his brother and former champion Edge.

King – The WWE Hardcore Title will be defended as Scott Steiner looks to continue his 100% winning streak against a returning Kevin Nash.

J.R – This one should be one for the ages, as Chris Benoit takes on the Game, Triple H. Will Benoit be 100% going into the event?

King – Chris Jericho will face RVD, in a match that has been brewing for weeks.

J.R – The World Tag Team Champions will defend their Titles against either The New Age Outlaws or William Regal & Eugene.

King – And a match just made a couple of minutes ago, as Shawn Michaels will go up one-on-one with Kane.

J.R – And we’ve just heard that on Heat it will be The New Age Outlaws up against William Regal & Eugene, the winners of which will face The World’s Greatest Tag Team at Unforgiven.

Commercial Break

J.R – It’s Showtime everybody

Lillian – The following match is scheduled for one fall and is a 2-on-1 Handicap Match

Triple H’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Making his way to the Ring, from Greenwich, Connecticut. Weighing in at 265lbs. Triple H.

Chris Jericho’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Introducing his Tag Team partner, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Weighing in at 247lbs. Chris Jericho.

Rob Van Dam’s Theme Plays

Lillian – And introducing their opponent, from Battle Creek, Michigan. He weighs in at 236lbs, Rob Van Dam.

J.R – You know, I think that RVD has got a chance. I can’t see Y2J and Triple H being on the same page at all hell I don’t think that they are even reading the same book!

Handicap Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Triple H and Chris Jericho

FinishRob Van Dam seems to be working twice as hard in this Handicap Match, and the strain is already beginning to show. Triple H is in the Ring. He applies an Armbar. This is to take out the strength from the upper body therefore not allowing RVD to execute any high – flying moves. Chris Jericho is shouting for the Tag. Triple H picks up RVD and takes him towards the corner. He then makes the Tag to Jericho. Jericho swings RVD into the ropes and looks for a clothesline. RVD ducks, but inadvertently hits the Referee. The official is knocked down. RVD goes to check on the official but when he turns around Triple H enters the Ring and Pedigree’s him. But there is no referee to make the count. Jericho and Triple H are now launching vicious assaults on RVD, until suddenly CHRIS BENOIT’S MUSIC PLAYS. Benoit runs to the Ring. German Suplexes Jericho, then snap Suplexes him. This leaves Benoit with HHH. HHH goes for a Sucker Punch but Benoit reverses it into the Crippler Crossface. RVD gets up and 5 Stars Triple H. Then 5 Stars Jericho. Benoit scatters to the outside. RVD covers Jericho. The referee gets the three count!

Here is your winner – Rob Van Dam

The show ends with Chris Benoit and Rob Van Dam shaking hands over the bodies of Chris Jericho and Triple H

Match Results

The New Age Outlaws defeated Hardcore Holly and Tommy Dreamer and advance to the final of ‘The World’s Greatest Search’
Molly Holly defeated Trish Stratus to become new Women’s Champion
William Regal and Eugene defeated Right To Censor and advance to the final of ‘The World’s Greatest Search’
Rob Van Dam defeated Chris Jericho and Triple H in a Handicap Match

Current Unforgiven Card

Show – WWE Unforgiven
Venue – Portland, Oregon
Date – 12th September 2004
Official Theme Tune – By My Side by Three Doors Down

Announced Matches

2 out of 3 Falls, World Heavyweight Title Match
1st fall will be a Chain Match
2nd fall will be Last Man Standing
3rd fall will be Hell In A Cell

Goldberg © vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Intercontinental Championship

Randy Orton © w/Mr.McMahon vs. Christian w/Edge

WWE Hardcore Championship

Scott Steiner © vs. Kevin Nash

World Tag Team Titles

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin © vs.??? (Tune into Heat at Unforgiven to find out)

Triple H vs. Chris Benoit

Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho

Kane vs. Shawn Michaels

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

great Raw 9.5/10, Great to see DDP back and the finals of the WGS is going to be great. Unforgiven looks spectacular. great show keep it up.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

great raw man it was awesome can't wait for Unforgiven

p.s. hopefully we will see that impact we were talking about
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

great show man 10/10 Unforgiven is looking to be kick ass can'y wait


"2008 Year of the Balkans"
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

great show man

cant wait for Unforgiven..Stone Cold vs Goldberg should be off the hook...but you gotta kno that its gonna go to Hell In a Cell..wich should be brutal

cant wait for NAO / Eugene and Regal vs WGTT...hopefully NAO can re-capture there gold

"Pardon my French, but this is real life sh*t." - Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds First Basemen

Couldn't have said it better myself Joey. Great to see you back.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Great Show as always, Unforgiven is going to be fantastic!
Nice build up to the matches at the ppv.

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Brilliant show. Perfect build up to Unforgiven!! Especially cant wait for 3 Stages of Hell. Austin vs Goldberg, a match for the ages indeed.

Should be interesting to see Hirohito's impact on RAW, Loving the feuds set for Unforgiven!!

It's gonna be one hell of a show!! I'm predicting TWGTT to retain still.

I'll post my full set of predictions tomorrow!!

P.S. Please check out my RAW, should be up in thirty minutes or so. Thanks.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

^^ Sure thing

I hope to have an Unforgiven Preview up either tonight or tomorrow so you can wait until then if you want!

btw - Thanks for all the comments
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

quality show.

I don't know whay but I had a feeling it would be last man standing .
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