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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Dark Match

The World’s Greatest Tag Team w/Theodore Long defeated Two Jobbers (non-title)


The Hardy Boyz and Lita defeated La Resistance and Gail Kim

Raven defeated Tajiri

Diamond Dallas Page defeated Maven

Raw – August 30th

The show starts with footage from last week’s Elimination Table Match, and the return of Kevin Nash to Raw.

Raw Pyro explodes around the Cow Palace in San Francisco.

J.R – We welcome you to the Sold Out, Cow Palace here in San Francisco for Monday Night Raw, Jim Ross alongside The King, and King what a match up we have scheduled for tonight as Shawn Michaels will team up with his returning buddy Kevin Nash to face Kane and the Hardcore Champion, Scott Steiner.

King – J.R, this could be one of the most explosive Main Event’s we’ve ever had on Raw!

Rosey and Jamal’s Theme Plays

Lillian – The following Tag Team Match is scheduled for one fall and is a ‘World’s Greatest Search’ Match introducing first at a combined weight of 726lbs, Jamal and Rosey.

J.R – Last Week we heard from the World’s Greatest Tag Team that their knockout Tournament will be called the World’s Greatest Search…


J.R – Yes King, and both Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin appointed Theodore Long to be their new manager…


Lillian – And their opponents…

Mr. Ass’ Theme Plays, crowd go wild

Lillian – Making their way to the Ring, at a combined weight of 506lbs, the Road Dogg Jesse James, and Mr. Ass, the New Age Outlaws!!!

J.R – King, I can’t believe it, the return of the Outlaws to Raw!

King – Mr. Ass is back!

Road Dogg spits his water on the Ramp, Rosey and Jamal look irate in the Ring.

World’s Greatest Search Match
Rosey & Jamal vs. The New Age Outlaws

FinishRosey goes to the top Rope looking for the Splash onto Road Dogg. Mr Ass punches him and then climbs up to get to him. He climbs up one rope, then the other. Rosey is still dazed from what seemed like a knockout punch by Mr. Ass. Mr. Ass then superplexes Rosey from the Top Rope to the Canvas below. The referee is counting up to 10. Both partners are expecting a Tag. Mr. Ass the crawls to his corner and tags in Road Dogg. Road Dogg picks up Rosey and lands a few jabs in, followed by a right hook knocking the big man to the floor. Jamal the comes into the Ring. Dogg ducks under the clothesline and lands one of his own. He then tags in Mr Ass, Ass then lands the Fameasser on Rosey. Dogg runs and attacks Jamal. The referee counts to three.

Here are your winners who progress to the next round – The New Age Outlaws

J.R – The New Age Outlaws go through to the Semi-Finals along with William Regal & Eugene and Hardcore Holly & Tommy Dreamer.

King – That’s right, we’ve only got one more match left in this knockout phase, join us later on tonight for that one…

Eugene is backstage with William Regal, he bumps into Eric Bischoff


Eric – Well if it isn’t my own nephew Eugene, what can Uncle Eric do for you?

Eugene – Uncle Eric did you see Eugene last week, me and William beat La Resistance in The World’s Greatest Search.

Eric – I did see that Eugene, and did you know that Uncle Eric was so proud of you!

Eugene jumps up and down clapping his hands

Eric – Now Eugene I know that you’ve got an important match next week, and Uncle Eric doesn’t want to leave you with any Ring Rust does he? So I’ve got a special match for you later tonight! Just for you!

Eugene – Just for me!

William – Bischoff what’s this supposed to be all about?

Eric – William this has nothing to do with you, this is between my nephew and me. Now Eugene I have a very special friend backstage who has been dying to have a match tonight so he’s going to have one against you!

Eugene – Who is it Uncle Eric???


William – What??? You can’t do that to the dear boy! Randy Orton and Mr. McMahon will tear him to shreds; I’ve got to be there…

Eric – You see, William you won’t be there…because you’re banned from ringside.

William – What are you playing at? Are you insane Bischoff???

Eric – I’m just doing what’s best in the interests of my nephew Eugene…isn’t that right Eugene.

Eugene does a Mr McMahon stroll

Eugene – Uncle Eric, Randy Orton has killed legends, but what about Eugene?

Eric – Oh I’m sure that Randy Orton will kill the legend of Eugene…Good Luck!

Bischoff walks off leaving an angry William Regal and a confused Eugene in the corridor

Commercial Break

A promo appears of a Japanese Warrior, saying that Raw will be invaded soon…

Todd Grisham is backstage with Chris Benoit

Todd – Chris, at Unforgiven you will face Triple H. What strategies are you going to employ to try and defeat The Game?

Chris – Todd, I have shown the whole world that on any given day I can beat Triple H. Let me see, I did it at WrestleMania XX, I did it at Backlash, oh and I did it at Vengeance. They say that lightning never strikes twice in the same place, well it happened three times to me, what’s going to stop me from making it a forth time?

Todd – We’ve seen Triple H proclaim that he is going to beat you, is there anything else that you have to say to Triple H.

Chris – Well listen up Triple H, all I have to say is this…

Suddenly out of nowhere Triple H hits Chris Benoit with a Steel Chair knocking him to the floor. He then launches punch after punch on the Head of Chris Benoit, lastly hitting him with another vile chair shot to the forehead.

J.R – Triple H has launched a sickening attack on Chris Benoit

Eric Bischoff arrives on the scene

Eric – Now that’s what I’m talking about!!

Triple H – Bischoff, I want a match tonight.

Eric – Well Triple H I’m going to give you a match because it will be one-on-one Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam.

Triple H – WHAT?

Eric – Don’t worry I’ve got it all planned out; there is NO way that you are going to lose.

Eric Bischoff walks off whilst a dazzled Triple H stands near the unconscious body of Chris Benoit and many EMT’s

J.R – Folks, we hope to have an update on the condition of Chris Benoit as soon as we get it.

Don’t Try This At Home Commercial

J.R – Folks next up we have the Women’s Championship Match.

King – The beautiful Trish Stratus is going to defend her title against the well…. not so beautiful Molly Holly.

J.R – Trish Stratus defeated Jazz for the Title at a House Show in Winnipeg a few weeks ago. Since then Jazz has been out of the WWE.

King – Trish must have injured her real bad J,R.

Lillian – The following match up is scheduled for one fall and is for the Women’s Championship.

Molly Holly’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Introducing first, the challenger. Molly Holly

Trish Stratus’ Theme Plays

Lillian – And introducing the Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus

Women’s Championship Match
Trish Stratus © vs. Molly Holly

FinishMolly tries to land a Dropkick after being on the offensive throughout the whole match, but Trish dodges the Dropkick. This gives her some breathing time. She gets back up and lands a Stratusfaction onto her opponent. Molly is out, and the Referee counts, 1…2…3.

Here is your winner and still Women’s Champion – Trish Stratus

King – J.R, Trish done it!

J.R – Trish has retained her Women’s Title here in San Francisco.

Edge and Christian are backstage

Edge – Dude, I don’t know why Bischoff hasn’t given us a match tonight?

Christian – I know why, because we totally reek of awesomeness!!!

Edge – Christian, you are so totally right! And you know what else, you’re gonna beat Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Title at Unforgiven.

Christian – Edge, Portland, Oregon are going to be treated to one Edge-cution.

They both laugh as they walk off.

J.R – Folks just to give you an update on the condition of Chris Benoit. He has been taken to the nearest medical facility for MRI scans. He will not be returning to Raw tonight, and King, he might not even make it to Raw next week.

King – That was one brutal attack, I do hope that Chris Benoit is all right.

J.R – Our heart felt condolences go out to Chris Benoit,and the Benoit family.

Commercial Break

Lillian – The following match is scheduled for one fall.

Rob Van Dam’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Making his way to the Ring, from Battle Creek, Michigan. Weighing in at 240lbs, Rob Van Dam

Triple H’s Theme Plays

Lillian – And his opponent, from Greenwich, Connecticut. Weighing in at 275lbs, Triple H.

Singles Match
Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam

FinishTriple H swings RVD into the Ropes following this up with a Knee Strike. Triple H runs to the Rope and tries to drop the knee onto the Ribs of RVD, but he rolls out of the way. Both men are down as the Referee gets up to a 6 count. Finally Triple H makes it to a vertical base followed by RVD. Triple H then goes for a running clothesline however this is countered into a dangerous DDT by RVD. RVD follows this up with a Rolling Thunder. Triple H is down. RVD is about to climb to the Top Rope to try and land his finishing move, The Five Star Frog Splash, until suddenly Chris Jericho appears on the Ramp, casually walking in the direction of the Ring. RVD looks furious and bad mouths off to RVD. Y2J takes this all in his stride and doesn’t seem to notice that he is interrupting the match. Meanwhile Triple H has got up. Jericho then signals to RVD to look behind him, Jericho has planted a trap as Triple H lands the Pedigree and with that the victory. Chris Jericho shows us a nasty smirk as Earl Hebner raises Triple H’s arm

Here is your winner – Triple H

After the match RVD looks on at Chris Jericho with a look of resentment on his face. Eric Bischoff’s Face appears on the Titantron.

Eric – I’ve had enough of this, Triple H, you want Chris Benoit so bad? Jericho you want RVD so bad? Well I’ll tell ya what. Next week live on Eric Bischoff’s Monday Night Raw, it will be Chris Benoit teaming up with RVD to face Triple H and Chris Jericho.

J.R – King, will Benoit even be at Raw next week?

King – I don’t think so; RVD will probably have to face these two men in a handicap match!

J.R – Folks we are only 13 days away from Unforgiven and what a show it’s going to be.

King – That’s right J.R, for the first time ever the WWE will host a show in Portland, Oregon.

J.R – A World Heavyweight Title Match between the Champion Goldberg and the Challenger Stone Cold Steve Austin will headline the card.

King – That’s right J.R. Stone Cold picked the first stipulation of a Chain Match last week, but what will Goldberg pick later on tonight?

J.R – The Intercontinental Title will be on the line as Randy Orton takes on Christian

King – Will these two men have a straight fight or will the two men at ringside cause any disruption?

J.R – The Hardcore Title will be on the line Scott Steiner takes on Kevin Nash.

King – Scott Steiner is undefeated on Pay Per View as Hardcore Champion but Kevin Nash is out looking for some gold.

J.R – The ‘World’s Greatest Search’ will enter the semi-final stage next week, who will prevail to challenge the World’s Greatest Tag Team at Unforgiven?

King – J.R, this next one is going to be brutal

J.R – That’s right King, this next one is going to be one for the ages as Chris Benoit takes on Triple H.

King – These two men have wrestled four times in the past year on PPV against each other, Benoit prevailing each time, but who will win this encounter?

J.R – What an Unforgiven this is shaping up to be, folks tune into Monday Night Raw to find out if any more matches are going to be made for Unforgiven.

Smackdown Rebound

· Grandmaster Sexay splitting up with Too Cool
· John Bradshaw Layfield beating the Big Show
· A.J Styles and Chavo’s feud intensifying
· The Rock beating Paul Heyman

Goldberg’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the World Heavyweight Champion, Goldberg

Goldberg – Now, Stone Cold Steve Austin is not here tonight…

Crowd Boo

Goldberg – But your World Heavyweight Champion is here to decide his stipulation for the match at Unforgiven

Crowd Cheer

Goldberg – Now, I’ve been thinking about what I want. And seeing as Stone Cold Steve Austin said that I could pick my stipulation in whatever order I want, well I want my match to be last.

King – That’s cool, last match…

Goldberg – You See, the last time I was in the WWE, I had tough matches, but I never had hell…HELL IN A CELL!!!

Crowd Cheer

Goldberg – So Austin, the third match in our two-out-of-three falls match, will be HELL IN A CELL!!!!


King – Now I know for sure that one of these men if not both of these will not be able to make it out of Portland, Oregon…

Commercial Break

J.R – King, I’m still in shock from the announcement made by our World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg, that the last fall in his match will be Hell In A Cell.

King – J.R, but you need to remember, this match might not need to go to a third fall, either Austin or Goldberg could win it after two.

Lillian – The following match up is scheduled for one fall and is a match in the ‘World’s Greatest Search’

Right To Censor’s Music Plays

Lillian – Introducing first, at a combined weight of 503lbs, Steven Richards and Val Venis, Right To Censor

Mark Henry’s Theme Plays

Lillian – And introducing their opponents, at a combined weight of 880lbs, Mark Henry and Viscera

World’s Greatest Search Match
Steven Richards & Val Venis vs. Viscera & Mark Henry

FinishSteven Richards is tagged in by Val Venis. He goes to work on Viscera who is standing on the apron. He knocks him off with a shot to the head. Richards then manages to find the strength to pick up Henry and lift him up for the Fireman’s carry. Henry lands with an enormous thud. Richards goes for the cover but only manages to get a two count. Richards can feel his back after that Fireman’s Carry but manages to get up on two feet. Viscera comes from the outside and charges at Richards, but Richards counters with a Steviekick. He tags in Venis. They both throw Viscera out of the Ring, and double DDT, Mark Henry. Venis then climbs to the top Rope and delivers one hell of a Money Shot on a stricken Mark Henry. Venis looks to have hurt his Ribs in the process but hooks the leg of Mark Henry. The referee counts to three, 1..2…3… and we have winners.

Here are your winners who proceed to the next round – Steven Richards & Val Venis

J.R – So folks we have our semi – finalists in the ‘World’s Greatest Search’ which will resume again next week.

King – Right To Censor, The New Age Outlaws, Hardcore Holly & Tommy Dreamer, and William Regal & Eugene are all through to the semi-finals next week

J.R – Speaking of Eugene, he’s in action against the Intercontinental Champion, right after this…

Don’t Try This At Home Commercial

Kevin Nash is in his Locker Room, Shawn Michaels enters

HBK – Kevin, look I’m really glad that you returned to Raw, and I would just like to say welcome back, we’ve missed you

Nash – Shawn, thanks man. I mean without your support, I don’t think that I would have been able to make it back into the Wrestling business.

Coach enters the Locker Room

Coach – HBK, Kevin Nash, sorry to interupt...but what are your thoughts going into tonight’s Main Event against Kane and Scott Steiner?

HBK – Coach, our thoughts?? Well we’re going out there to win, no more, no less. Kevin let’s go.

Camera’s turn back to the Ring

King – That’s a smart strategy that they’ve got…to win! I would never have guessed that they were aiming to do that….!

Lillian – The following match is scheduled for one fall.

Eugene’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Making his way to the Ring, weighing in at 240lbs. Eugene

Randy Orton’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Making his way to the Ring, being accompanied by the Chairman of the Board, Mr. McMahon, from St Louis, Missouri weighing in at 245lbs, he is the Intercontinental Champion, Randy Orton.

Singles Match
Eugene vs. Randy Orton

FinishRandy is in complete control of the match. He has Mr. McMahon standing by at Ringside, but Eugene has no-body for William Regal, his friend has been banned from Ringside by Eric Bischoff. Regal has an armbar executed on the Right Arm of Eugene. Mr. McMahon stands right in front of Eugene’s face and starts to taunt him, this makes Eugene start to go mad. He gets up, and walks around the Ring, pulling his hair with a demonic look on his face. The Referee is warning Orton about an earlier incident. Eugene then runs full speed at Orton looking to nail him with a ‘Clothesline From Hell’ instead Orton ducks and he catches the referee. The official is knocked senseless. McMahon then tosses a chair from outside of the Ring. Orton waits until Eugene is about to turn round however…EDGE LANDS A SPEAR OUT OF NO-WHERE ON ORTON. McMahon is furious and tries to confront Edge, however Christian stands behind the Chairman with the Intercontinental Title, McMahon doesn’t realise who is behind him, he turns around…and gets clobbered with the Title. Meanwhile Eugene gets the Rock Bottom on Orton, he’s got the cover…but the referee is down! A new official runs to the Ring. He starts counting…1…2…3…Eugene wins!

Here is your Winner – Eugene

The cameras show HBK and Kevin Nash making their way to the Ring together, then Kane and Scott Steiner making their way to the Ring separately.

J.R – The Main Event is coming up next!

Commercial Break

Lillian – The following match up is a Tag Team Match.

Shawn Michaels’ Theme Plays

Lillian – Making his way to the Ring, from San Antonio, Texas. Weighing in at 237lbs, he is The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels

Kevin Nash’s Theme Plays

Lillian – And introducing his Tag Team partner, from Detroit, Michigan weighing in at 356lbs, Kevin Nash.

Kane’s Theme Plays

Lillian – And introducing the first of their opponents, weighing in at 320lbs, Kane

Scott Steiner’s Theme Plays

Lillian – And his Tag Team Partner, from Bay City, Michigan, weighing in at 275lbs, Big Poppa Pomp, the Hardcore Champion, Scott Steiner

Tag Team Match
Scott Steiner & Kane vs. Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash

FinishKane is annihilating Shawn Michaels. Kane, Irish Whip’s him into the Turnbuckle. Shawn’s back seems to have taken a turn for the worse, he doesn’t look to good as he wriggles around and squirms on the floor in pain. Kane takes his time, knowing that Shawn isn’t going to get up that quickly. He lifts him up by the throat and lifts him high up in the air, ready to squash him down hard on the floor with a Chokslam. Kevin Nash has to make the save by taking out Kane at the knees. This forces Scott Steiner to enter the Ring, but on sight of the angry Kevin Nash, he turns back and moves out of the Ring. Nash proceeds to do the same but is attacked from behind by Kane, when Kane turns around HBK is ready to deliver some Sweet Chin Music on Kane. He attempts the pin. Steiner enters the Ring, but is clotheslined, then Jacknifed by Kevin Nash. They get simultaneous pinfalls. The referee counts the three count.

Here are your winners – Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash

The show ends with Kevin Nash and HBK celebrating in the middle of the Ring, as Raw fades off the air.

Match Results

The New Age Outlaws defeated Rosey and Jamal to advance to the semi-finals of the ‘World’s Greatest Search’
Trish Stratus defeated Molly Holly to retain the Women’s Championship
Triple H defeated Rob Van Dam
Steven Richards and Val Venis defeated Mark Henry and Viscera to advance to the semi-finals of the ‘World’s Greatest Search’
Eugene defeated Randy Orton
Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash defeated Kane and Scott Steiner

Current Unforgiven Card

Show – WWE Unforgiven
Venue – Portland, Oregon
Date – 12th September 2004
Official Theme Tune – By My Side by Three Doors Down

Announced Matches

2 out of 3 Falls, World Heavyweight Title Match
1st fall will be a Chain Match

3rd fall will be Hell In A Cell

Goldberg © vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Intercontinental Championship

Randy Orton © w/Mr.McMahon vs. Christian w/Edge

WWE Hardcore Championship

Scott Steiner © vs. Kevin Nash

World Tag Team Titles

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin © vs.???

Triple H vs. Chris Benoit


Chris Benoit & Rob Van Dam vs. Triple H & Chris Jericho

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

excellent show. Liked to see the outlaws return.

The 2/3 falls match at Unforgiven will be a classic. I love this worlds greatest search and I think the Outlaws will win it.

All in all a Raw. 9.5/10.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

^^^^ I'm with orton17. Great show and I think NAO will win the tag search!

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

kick ass show man hope nao win the search and i hope nash wins the hardcore title


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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Great RAW GTO!

I'm loving this Worlds Greatest Search!

And the hell in the cell is sure to be great!


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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Good show. Unforgiven is shaping up to be a great PPV. I think TWGTT will retain the titles.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Good Raw. I liked the Eugene/Eric segment. The whole show was sound and Unforgiven is looking great.

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Another top quality show G108. It gets better every week.

Nice to see the return of the NAO, and Nash seems to have been a welcome edition to the roster.

I still expect to see WGTT retain though at Unforgiven, perhaps in the final with NAO.

HIAC will be a spectacle to end all spectacles!!! Thats for sure!!!

Looking forward to next weeks show already!! 10/10!!
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

you, are all wrong .

Yeah, it was a great show and stuff, but Regaln and Eugene are gonna win the world's greates search .

Yeah, good show, maybe not as good as last week's but I really enjoyed it, so good job.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Arco Arena
Sacramento, California
2nd September 2004

Footage of the Rock/Paul Heyman match and of the Rock posing with the WWE Championship.

The Smackdown music and pyro starts, along with huge cheering from the audience.

Cole – Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Smackdown and welcome to Smackdown. For those who are first time viewers, I’m Michael Cole and alongside me is Tazz and what a show we have for you tonight here in the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California.

Tazz – That’s right Cole. Tonight you can expect to see the Cruiserweight title go on the line as Chavo Guerrero goes against A.J Styles in the rematch from SummerSlam.

Cole – Not only that, but tonight we may see Grandmaster Sexay choose his new partner and try and win the tag titles away from his old team-mates, Too Cool.

Tazz – That’s right Cole. I wonder who it’s gonna be.

Cole – It could be you Tazz.

Tazz – No, I’m too good for the tag team titles.

Cole – I’m not sure about that Tazz….

*Rey Mysterio’s music starts* Rey Mysterio comes out to a good pop

Tazz – Well it’s time to get this show on the road.

*Jamie Noble’s music starts* Jamie Noble comes out

Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble


Jamie Noble backs Mysterio into a corner and unleashes on him with a barrage of punches. He then kicks Mysterio till he sinks to the ring mat. Mysterio crawls out of the corner and slowly gets to his feet and then receives a bulldog. Noble then climbs to the top rope and waits for Mysterio to roll over. Mysterio turns over, and Noble leaps from the top turnbuckle and attempts a leg drop. But Mysterio rolls out of the way and out of the ring. Noble slowly manages to get to his feet and looks over the rope for Mysterio but he is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, Noble receives a dropkick to the back sending into the ropes. Noble’s head rests on the second rope. Mysterio then rebounds off the opposite ropes and lands a 619 on Noble, sending him into the centre of the ring. Mysterio then waits on the apron for Noble to get to his feet. Noble gets up and receives a West Coast Pop-into-pin. 1…2…3 Mysterio wins.

Camera goes backstage to shows a door which reads “Partner Wanted” and a line of wrestlers outside. The door opens to show Grandmaster Sexay sitting at a table reading Booker T’s reseme while Booker T stands there.

Sexay – Hmmm, let’s see your achievements…. 5 time WCW Champion…. WCW Television Champion…. WCW United States Champion…. I don’t see any WWE Title achievements.

Booker T – I was the Intercontinental Champion back when I was on RAW.

Sexay – Alright. You got any tag team experience?

Booker – Yeah, check the back.

Sexay – Hmmm, WWE Tag Team Champion with Goldust and Rob Van Dam….. 3 time GWF Tag Champion with Stevie Ray…… 11 time WCW Tag Champion with Stevie Ray… You and this Stevie Ray character seem to be a good tag team. Too bad I’ve never heard of you two.

Booker – WHAT? You did’t just say that. TELL ME you DID NOT just say that!!! How can you have never heard of the greatest tag team in WCW history?

Sexay – And just like WCW, you are history. NEXT!

Commercial break

*JBL’s music starts* JBL comes out to boos

Cole – Welcome back to Smackdown and self-proclaimed “only true American in this business” is about to enter the ring.

Tazz – This must be about the United States title again. Each time he asks, Shane McMahon gives him a match, but not for the United States title, but for his number one contendership for the title. When will JBL learn?

JBL – Last week, I yet again proved to Shane McMahon and the nation that I deserve to be the United States Champion when I overcame the challenge of the Big Show. So I am out here yet again to request my title shot. I know you may all be wondering why do I continue to ask Shane McMahon knowing good and well that he detests me and would do anything to stop me from getting the United States title? Well the reason is what divides me from all of you, I’m just plain better than all of you.

Crowd boo; “You Suck” chant starts

JBL – You people are too scared to take risks. When a problem arises, you just run and hide behind your sofas. But me, when I see a problem I face. I know that I’m the true United States Champion, and so does Shane. That’s why he doesn’t want me to get a title shot. So Shane, if would kindly make your way to the ring…

*Shane McMahon’s music starts* A happy Shane comes out to loud cheers

Tazz – Here comes our boss. He looks happy.

Cole – It seems JBL may have picked the right time to ask for a title shot.

JBL – Shane, I know how you feel about me, but that’s never gonna stop me from requesting a title shot at the U.S Title. I will persist to ask until you finally realise that I am the true United States Champion!

Shane – JBL, I admit it. You do deserve a shot at the United States title, and you’ll get that shot next week on Smackdown.

Crowd boo

Tazz – You heard it folks, next week on Smackdown the two John’s will go at it for the United States title!

Shane – Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t like you. I’m not smiling because of you. I’m smiling for two reasons. First being, I have managed to sign a whole bunch of Divas to Smackdown, who should all debut next week!

Crowd cheer

Tazz – Did you here that Cole? A whole new range of divas, to debut next week! I can’t wait!

Cole – Neither can I.

Tazz – You’re a perv Cole….

Shane – But that’s not what I’m so happy about. Next week you’ll see something even better.

Tazz – What could be better than seeing divas?

Cole – Look who’s the perv now….

Tazz – Still you.

Shane – Next week on Smackdown, we’ll see the return of Eddie Guerrero!

Crowd cheer

Tazz – He’s finally coming back Cole. Eddie has managed to get his thoughts together and is coming back next week!

JBL – WHAT! Next week?! No! I gotta shot at the United States Title next week and Eddie chooses to come back then. He’ll probably try and cost me the title!

Shane – Not so fast JBL. I forgot to mention something. You’ll get your title shot next week…. If you can win the fatal four way match for the number one contendership of the United States title, tonight!

Crowd cheer

JBL – This is an outrage! I…

Shane – And that match is up right now!

Crowd cheer

Cole – A fatal four way match, up next! Who do you think’s gonna be a part of it Tazz?

Tazz – I don’t know but we’re about to find out!

*Batista’s music starts* Batista comes out with Ric Flair

*A-Train’s music starts* A-Train comes out

*Test’s music starts* Test comes out

Cole – I’m gonna assume that these people weren’t picked out of a hat…

Tazz – You got that right. Batista, A-Train, Test. Shane really doesn’t want JBL to be the number one contender.

Fatal Four Way Match – U.S. Title Number One Contendership
John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Batista w/Ric Flair vs. A-Train vs. Test


A-Train lies on the ring mat with JBL on the outside while Batista works away on Test in the turnbuckle. He hits Test with multiple shoulder thrusts to the midsection. Batista whips Test into the opposite turnbuckle and lands a spear. Batista then goes to grab Test but receives a double axe handle to the back by A-Train, sending Batista to his knees. A-Train then continues to stomp on Batista as he gets to his feet. Batista gets to his feet and A-Train whips him into the ropes. Batista rebounds and ducks a big boot from A-Train. Batista rebounds again and lands a spinebuster on A-Train. He goes for the pin. 1…2… A-Train kicks out. Batista sees Test still in the turnbuckle and walks over to him. But Batista receives a boot to the face, followed by a sidewalk slam. Test goes for the pin. 1…2… JBL breaks up the pin. JBL hits Test with a mix of stomps and elbow drops. JBL lifts Test to his feet, kicks him in the midsection and then places Test’s head between his legs and prepares to give him a Jackknife Powerbomb. But Test reverses it, sending JBL over him. Test then turns around and sees A-Train coming towards him with a clothesline. Test ducks just in time, and A-Train inadvertedly knocks out the ref. A-Train turns around and gets suplexed by Test. Test then turns around and receives a clothesline from Batista. Batista then notices JBL getting to his feet and goes over to him. He lifts him over his head, walks over to the ropes and tosses him over. Batista then looks down at the damage. Suddenly, Flair starts to shout at Batista, telling him to turn around, Batista turns around and receives an Angle Slam from Kurt Angle. Angle then slides out the ring and he and Flair begin to battle outside the ring. Test then makes it to his feet and rolls A-Train out of the ring. He then helps bring the ref back to lift and then goes to pin Batista. 1…2… JBL breaks up the count. Test gets to his feet and begins to exchange punches with JBL. Test then manages to grab JBL and goes to whip him into the ropes, but JBL reverses it and lands a Clothesline From Hell on Test. He goes for the pin. 1…2…3 JBL wins.

Cole – Well yet again JBL has managed to overcome the attempts from Shane McMahon to take away his United States title number one contendership. It looks like JBL will get his title match next week.

Tazz – That’s right Cole, and I doubt Cena will be leaving Smackdown next week with the United States title around his waist. Not only that, but this Angle and Flair business seems to be getting intense. I wonder how far it’s gonna go.

Cole – Folks, we’re going on a short break but stay tuned, we’ll be checking on the progress of Grandmaster Sexay’s Tag Team Partner Search.

Tazz – Erm, Cole, I’ve gotta go and check something in the back, I’ll be right back…

Cole – What, where are you going?

Tazz – I’ll be right back…

RAW and Smackdown Live in the UK Commercial

Camera goes backstage to GMS’s room.

Sexay – NEXT!

The next person comes in. It is a masked wrestler.

Sexay – Who are you?

??? – Ta… (coughs) Zzat (changes voice)

Crowd laugh; “Tazz” chant starts

Sexay – Zzat…. Never heard of you.

Zzat – Yeah, I’m new to the WWE.

Sexay – Ok, any achievements?

Zzat – I’ve been a tag champion in ECW, I’m a WWE announcer…

Sexay – I thought you were new to the WWE?

Zzat – Huh? Oh, I meant I beat up a WWE announcer. I think his name was Tazz….

Sexay – Right……

Zzat – So did I get the job?

Sexay – No, I’m looking for someone a with a little more experience, someone a little more ruthless, hardcore…. Like Tazz for instance.

Crowd start up “Tazz” chant again

Zzat – But wait, I’m….

Sexay – NEXT!

Zzat leaves the room.

Commercial break

Cole – Cole were back on Smackdown and were getting ready for the SummerSlam rematch for the Cruiserweight title when Chavo Guerrero puts the title up against A.J Styles. Styles managed to… well welcome back Tazz. Where have you been?

Tazz – Oh, I had to go and take care of something backstage.

Cole – Right….. Erm Tazz, you’ve still got the Zzat mask on….

Tazz – What? Oops.

Cole – Too good for the tag titles ay Tazz….

Tazz – Let’s just go onto the next match, shall we…

*A.J Styles’ music starts* Styles comes out to loud cheers

*Chavo Guerrero’s music starts* Chavo Guerrero comes out accompanied by Chavo Classic

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
Chavo Guerrero © w/Chavo Classic vs. A.J Styles


Chavo has Styles in a leg lock and holds the ropes to get more power into it. The ref sees and starts the illegal move count. Chavo lets go. Chavo then stomps away at Styles. Chavo then taunts the crowd a little and then goes to lift Styles, but Styles pushes him off. Styles then lands some punches to the face and then whips Chavo into the turnbuckle. He runs at him but Chavo moves out the way. Chavo then sends him to the floor with a head scissor. Chavo then climbs the turnbuckle and lands a frog splash. He goes for the pin. 1…2… Styles kicks out. Chavo then gets to his feet and gets ready to finish the match with his signature DDT. Styles gets to his feet, and Chavo kicks him in the midsection and goes for the DDT, but Styles pushes him off, gives him a kick to the midsection and lands a neckbreaker. Styles then goes to the top turnbuckle and gets ready for a Shooting Styles Press. But Chavo Classic grabs his leg and holds him down. Styles manages to kick Chavo Classic off but Chavo Jnr is already getting to his feet. So Styles leaps off the top turnbuckle and lands a missile dropkick. Styles then lifts Chavo to his feet, gives him a kick to the midsection. Styles then lands the Styles Clash and pins him. 1…2…3 Styles wins the Cruiserweight title.

Cole – He's done it! A.J Styles has finally won the Cruiserweight title! His first title in the WWE!

Tazz – No doubt this will be the first of many title wins for Styles. Let's just see how long Styles can hold on to the title.

Camera goes backstage to Grandmaster Sexay's room

Sexay – Am I ever gonna find a partner? None of those losers lined up out there are good enough!

Knock on the door

Sexay – Come in.

Someone enters, but their face cannot be seen on the camera.

Sexay – Oh my God.... It's you.... you're perfect! No, there's no need to introduce yourself, I know who you are! You've got the job!

Cole – Who'd you think Sexay's new partner is Tazz?

Tazz – I don't know Cole, all I know is it could never be me, I'm to good!

Cole – Whatever. Aren't you gonna take off that ridiculous Zzat mask?

Tazz – No, I like it, I think it's cool!

Cole – Anyway, up next we've got Too Cool go against the Dudley Boyz in a non-title matchup.

*The Dudley Boyz' music starts* The Dudley Boyz come out

*Too Cool's music starts* Too Cool comes out to loud cheers

Too Cool © vs. The Dudley Boyz


Bubba Ray has Scotty in a headlock on his knees. Scotty battles his way back up to a vertical base, but Bubba releases him, gives him a kick to the midsection and then sends him to the floor with a neckbreaker. He goes for the pin. 1…2… Scotty kicks out. Bubba Ray lifts Scotty to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle. Bubba Ray runs at Scotty and attempts a flying forearm, but Scotty moves out the way and Bubba Ray lands on the turnbuckle head first. Bubba Ray stumbles out of the turnbuckle and stumbles into a bulldog from Scotty. Scotty then prepares for the Worm. Suddenly Grandmaster Sexay and TAKA Michinoku run through the curtains and towards the ring. The slide in and beat down on Scotty. The ref signals for the bell. Too Cool win by disqualification. Rikishi runs in to save Scotty but also gets beat up.

Sexay grabs a mic.

Sexay – Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, my new partner, TAKA Michinoku!

Crowd boo

Tazz – What?! He chose TAKA Michinoku over Booker T and me, ummm I mean Zzat!

Cole – Well TAKA is an established cruiserweight wrestler. He was the first Cruiserweight champion in the WWE. He’s had tag team experience in the tag team Kaientai with Funaki. He’s even invented his own finishing move.

Sexay – I used to be apart of this babyish team Too Cool, but now I’ve grown up. TAKA, tell them who they’re dealing with.

TAKA – You are dealing with…. TOO HOT!

Crowd boo; TAKA and GMS raise their hands in triumph.

Cole – Well we have a new tag team in the WWE, Too Hot. Do you think they’ll be able to take the tag titles from Too Cool?

Tazz – Well Too Cool have more experience, so I doubt it.

Cole – Well folks stay tuned, well be back up next in a match asked for by Paul Heyman, the Undertaker will go up against Funaki in a match made to send a message to the Rock.

Tazz – Boy I’d sure hate to be Funaki right about now…

Eric Bischoff booking Eugene in a match with Randy Orton, and Edge helping Eugene win the match.
Goldberg picking a Hell in the Cell match as the third fall match in his match against Stone Cold.
HBK and Kevin Nash teaming up to beat Scott Steiner and Kane.

Commercial break

*Funaki’s music starts* Funaki comes out

*The Undertaker’s music starts* The Undertaker comes out with Paul Heyman. Heyman grabs a mic.

Heyman – Rock, I hope you’re watching backstage, and I hope you know that you’re lucky to be backstage instead of in the ring right now with the Undertaker. Instead of you, we’ve got poor old Funaki in here. The Undertaker is going to send a message to you, through Funaki. And you better watch carefully because this is going to be a lesson you’ll never forget!

*The Rock’s music starts* The Rock comes out to loud cheers

Cole – Oh oh, here comes the Rock. What’d you think he’s gonna do?

The Rock makes his way to the announcer’s table.

Tazz – He’s coming to the announcer’s table! Come on Cole, smarten yourself up, you’re in the presence of the Great One!

Rock – Good evening Cole, Tazz, can the Rock take a seat? Of course he can, he’s the people’s champ!

Tazz – We’re gald you can join us Rock, but what are you doing out here?

Rock – The Rock has come to scout the competition close up. The Rock would rather be out here with the millions and millions of Rock fans than in the back.

Cole – Well it’s honour to be out here announcing with you Rock, I’m a big fan.

Rock – Who in the blue hell are you? No, don’t cry, the Rock’s only joking with you, I know who you are Cole. The Rock is a big fan of the Rock too Cole, thanks.

The Undertaker © w/ Paul Heyman vs. Funaki


The Undertaker lets loose on Funaki in the corner. He then grabs his arm, climbs the turnbuckle and goes “Old School”.

Cole – Well the Undertaker’s clearly dominating Funaki in this match. So are you learning a lesson from this match Rock?

Tazz – Don’t speak to the Great One like that Cole, he deserves respect.

Cole – Well I was only asking a …

Rock – It’s alright, the Rock forgives you. How is the Rock supposed to learn a lesson when the Undertaker chooses to face jabronis like Funaki? If he wants the Rock to learn a lesson he should call the Rock into that ring and beat the Rock 1 2 3.

The Undertaker lifts Funaki to his feet but receives a shot to the midsection. Funaki punches Taker once and he buckles but he stays on his feet. He punches again and he buckles again but he stays on his feet. He punches again and he buckles but he stays on his feet. Then Funaki runs to the ropes, rebounds and goes for a flying forearm, but receives a Big Boot to the face. Taker then grabs Funaki’s neck and lifts him to his feet. He kicks him in the midsection and puts his head between his legs. He points to the Rock and then lands the Last Ride on Funaki. He pins him. 1…2…3 The Undertaker wins. The Undertaker then stares at the Rock.

Tazz – Woah, it looks like the Undertaker wants a piece of you, Rock!

Rock – The Undertaker can stand in the ring, he can rolls his eyes in the back of his head, he can stick his poo-tang licking tongue out all he wants, but the Undertaker knows that the Rock doesn’t go looking for ass to whoop. The Rock’s brought the whooping to ringside, but he needs the Undertaker to bring the ass. If he wants some, he can just bring it!

The Rock stretches his arm and signals for the Undertaker to “Just Bring It”. The Undertaker climbs out of the ring and goes over to the Rock. They begin to exchange punches. The Undertaker manages to knock the Rock off his feet. Heyman then runs over and give the Undertaker the title. The Rock gets to his feet and Taker hits him in the face with the title. Taker then begins to empty the announcer’s table and tells Tazz and Cole to move away. Taker then takes the Rock onto the table and lifts him to his shoulder and then puts him into position for the Tombstone. The Rock goes through the table. Taker stands over the Rock in triumph.

The show ends showing the Rock laying motionless on the floor.

Rey Mysterio defeated Jamie Noble
John Bradshaw Layfield defeated A-Train, Batista and Test in a Fatal Four Way
A.J Styles defeated Chavo Guerrero to win the Cruiserweight title
Too Cool defeated The Dudley Boyz by disqualification
The Undertaker defeated Funaki

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