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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Raw - 23rd August


Charlie Haas defeated Raven

Gail Kim defeated Ivory

Raw – August 23rd

The show starts with footage from the end of Raw last week, and the return of Christian to Monday Night Raw, helping out his brother, Edge.

Raw pyro lights up the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California

J.R – We are completely sold out here in the Arrowhead Pond, the home of WrestleMania XVI, the ‘Millennium WrestleMania’ as WWE Raw rolls into town. Your hosts for the night Jim Ross alongside my broadcast colleague Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and folks, what a night we have in store for you.

King – J.R, I haven’t been looking forward to a show like this in a long time!

J.R – King tonight is going to be one hell of a night, I can assure you that!

The World’s Greatest Tag Team’s Music Plays

Lillian – Please Welcome, the World Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

J.R – King, these two young men have devised a Tag Team Tournament, similar to the old, ‘King Of The Ring’ knockout Tournament whereby the winners will go onto face the Champions at Unforgiven.

King – J.R, don’t you think that that is being a little to over confidant, I mean look; these men are putting together a tournament where they wont know who the winners are, until a couple of weeks time, they won’t have any scouting time.

Shelton Benjamin picks up the microphone and speaks

Shelton – When we were on Smackdown and we were the WWE Tag Team Champions, Charlie and myself had to wrestle many different Tag Teams. We didn’t walk into Smackdown every Thursday and find out that we were wrestling the same guys over and over; no we had many different opponents. That is why we decided to come up with this Tournament, that we like to call ‘The World’s Greatest Search’

King – The Worlds Greatest Search, I like it!

Haas – That’s right Shelton, we are going to have knockout Tag Team Matches every week on Raw, running up to Unforgiven. And the winners of this search, well they get to face, The World’s Greatest Tag Team.

Shelton – Now, as Tag Partners, we have always found something missing. You see, when we were at Smackdown, we had a motivator, we had Kurt Angle by our side, but on Raw, we’ve got no-body. So as a team, we have decided to find ourselves a manager, and we would like to bring this Man out here for you all to see.

Haas – Please Welcome, The World’s Greatest Manager…

King – Who’s it gonna be?


Theodore Long comes out to the World’s Greatest Tag Team’s Music

J.R – Theodore Long is the new manager of The World’s Greatest Tag Team!

Both men are standing in the Ring clapping their new mentor

Shelton – On behalf of the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Welcome

They embrace as Long is given a Microphone

Long – Let me holla at ya playas! Now, Theodore Long has had his times on Raw, we’ve seen ‘Back The Mack’ we’ve seen the ‘5 Minute White Boy Challenge’ but what you haven’t seen is Theodore Long be the manager of a Title winning Tag Team. These men got some serious thuggin’ and buggin’ going around here! Now, my aim is to get these two young men higher then where they are now. Higher then they have ever been. Higher then the sky! These two men have picked the right man to take them further, and if you like it then you better holla,holla,holla!

Long gets a Holla, Holla, Holla chant going

J.R – Things are about to pick up with Theodore Long as the manager of The World’s Greatest Tag Team

King – J.R, he’s no ordinary manager, he’s the World’s Greatest Manager.

A Dark Black Limo pulls up in the Parking Lot. Out step Mr. McMahon and Randy Orton from the back of it. Todd Grisham catches them.

Todd – Mr. McMahon, Mr. Orton. How are you going to address the situation that has arisen, with Christian trading shows from Smackdown to Raw?

Orton – Todd, we don’t need to tell you anything do we?

Todd – Mr. McMahon?

Vince – I suggest you keep quiet before you lose your job.

They walk past the camera and are out of sight

Commercial Break

J.R – We’re back live as Rob Van Dam is scheduled to face Chris Jericho, one-on-one.

King – There’s still some tension left in these two men from last weeks Tag Team Match, let’s see if they will release some tonight.

Rob Van Dam’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Making his way to the Ring, from Battlecreek, Michigan. Weighing in at 235lbs. Rob Van Dam.

J.R – Here comes the high flying, RVD, who wrestles with a somewhat unorthodox style.

Chris Jericho’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Introducing the challenger, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, he weighs in at 245lbs, Chris Jericho.

J.R – Jericho already has a pin-fall victory over RVD, from last week.

King – J.R, Chris Jericho is the man, he’s the sexy beast!

Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho

FinishJericho swings RVD into the Steel Steps on the outside. Referee keeps counting to 10. Jericho enters the Ring forcing the count to be broken. He grabs RVD and tries to slingshot him into the Steel Post but RVD worms his way out and pushes Jericho into the Post. RVD worms his way back into the Ring leaving Y2J lying outside. Mike Chioda gets up to an 8 count. Jericho crawls back into the Ring. RVD lifts him up planning for a Fisherman’s Suplex, but Jericho gets a Roll-Up, and a 3 Count!

Here is your winner – Chris Jericho

J.R – King, Jericho stole one.

King – J.R, you could say that it was…destiny!

Chris Benoit is in his Locker Room. Triple H enters.

HHH – Benoit, I know how you feel, to have something so close to you then get it taken away, just like that, with no warning.

Benoit steps up to Triple H’s face

Benoit – Triple H, what you fail to realise, is I don’t care how you feel about yourself and especially how you care about me. I am the Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit; YOU are the Game Triple H. In that sentence I don’t think that I heard your name being associated with my name.

HHH – Benoit now you listen to me. Mr. Crippler, Mr. I’m too good for anyone else. Benoit, you might have beaten me countless times before, weather it was title or non-title, but I want to face you at Unforgiven, to settle this once and for all. Now I’m gonna go to Eric Bischoff’s and I’m gonna DEMAND this match. Benoit I’ll see you, at Unforgiven.

Don’t Try This At Home Commercial

Triple H enters the General Managers Office

Eric – Triple H, what can I do for you?

HHH – I want Chris Benoit at Unforgiven

Eric – You…You what? You want Chris Benoit at Unforgiven?

HHH – You heard me right Bischoff. I want Benoit at Unforgiven

Eric – Are you serious?

HHH – Does it look like I’m joking?

Eric – This is absolutely great! I want to see how Smackdown and Shane McMahon are going to cope with this, Triple H you’ve got your match because at Unforgiven it will be Triple H going one-on-one against Chris Benoit.

Triple H openly laughs whilst the camera fades back to J.R and King

King – J.R, The Game and The Wolverine at Unforgiven! I can’t believe it, is our General Manager a genius or what?

J.R – I’ve got to hand it to Bischoff, he’s made one hell of a match in Triple H vs. Benoit.

The World’s Greatest Tag Team’s Theme Plays

J.R – The Tag Champions are back out again

King – And look who’s with them, it’s the World’s Greatest Manager!

J.R – Theodore Long, the new manager of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas.

King – J.R, they’re coming to join us.

J.R – Folks we are now being joined by The World’s Greatest Tag Team and The World’s Greatest Manager.

T. Long – That’s right .JR, do I hear a holla, holla, hollla?


T. Long – That’s right King, get with the flow!

J.R – Why are you guys gracing us with your presence at this moment?

Shelton – Well, we’re here to scout out the first two teams in the World’s Greatest Search.

Haas – We believe that the first team will be La Resistance, whom we beat at SummerSlam to regain our titles.

J.R – That’s right La Resistance, will be the first guys to participate in what you call ‘The World’s Greatest Search’

La Resistance Theme Plays

Lillian – The following Match is a Match in the ‘World’s Greatest Search’ introducing first from Quebec, Canada. At a combined weight of 465lbs, Sylvain Grenier and Rob Conway. La Resistance.

J.R – These cocky Frenchmen are Anti-American and do not belong in this country.

T. Long – That’s where I agree with you J.R. In the World’s Greatest Tag Team, we see pure American blood. Do ya hear me playa?

Eugene’s Theme Plays

Lillian – And introducing their challengers, at a combined weight of 488lbs, William Regal and Eugene.

T. Long – I’ve seen lot’s of Eugene and I think that this man is Championship challenge, believe that!

Knockout match in the ‘World’s Greatest Search’
La Resistance vs. William Regal & Eugene

FinishLa Resistance are in complete control of the match. Regal is being beaten on by Rob Conway. The World’s Greatest Team leave their positions at the Commentary Table and approaches the Ring. La Resistance is distracted by this and both men leave their respective opponents and hurl abuse from outside the Ring, suddenly Eugene comes out from no-where and Stunners Sylvain Grenier, he then lands a Spinebuster on Rob Conway followed by a People’s Elbow. He puts the lifeless body of William Regal on top of Sylvain Grenier and stops Rob Conway from interfering in the count. The referee gets the 3 count as TWGT clap Eugene on.

Here are your winners and the advancers to the next round – William Regal & Eugene

King – I can see some great times ahead for the Tag Champs; they’ve got one hell of a manager!

Commercial Break

Edge is walking backstage he bumps into Christian.

Edge – Hey, dude I’ve been looking all over for you, now I’ve been thinking, seeing as Edge and Christian are finally back together, we can do some of the stuff that we used to do…

Christian – What do you mean by, used to do?

Edge takes out his glasses

Edge – Now, seeing as we are in California! I want to give all of these fans a traditional ’10 second pose’ so that the people of California can get their own pictures of Edge and Christian.

Christian – Dude, I think…that’s a great idea; I’ll go and get myself ready!

Christian walks off whilst Edge has a smile on his face

Shawn Michaels is backstage with Jonathan Coachman

Coach – First of all welcome back HBK to Raw, and how do you feel going into tonight’s match?

HBK Chants begin

HBK – Thanks a lot Coach, never thought that I would here something like that come from your mouth. But yeah, I’ve been out of action for a couple of months, I’ve seen the Hardy Boyz reunite, and I was truly worried. Scott Steiner is one S.O.B and he is not scared of doing whatever it takes to take out each Hardy, but whenever The Heart Break Kid is around, he won’t let that happen…

Both Hardy’s approach HBK

Jeff – Now, look Shawn we’re really flattered that you are helping us, but let’s do our talking in the Ring, later tonight.

Cameras turn back to J.R and King

J.R – The return of Shawn Michaels to the Ring later on tonight. He will team up with the Hardy Boyz to face the Team of Kane, The Hardcore Champion Scott Steiner and another partner of their choosing.

King – Any news on their partner J.R?

King – I honestly have no idea on who it is.

Hardcore Holly’s Theme Plays

Lillian – The following Match is a knockout match in the ‘World’s Greatest Search’ introducing first, at a combined weight of 502lbs Hardcore Holly and Tommy Dreamer

Maven’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Making their way to the Ring, at a combined weight of 430lbs, Maven and Tajiri.

Knockout match in the ‘World’s Greatest Search’
Hardcore Holly & Tommy Dreamer vs. Maven & Tajiri

FinishTajiri locks the Tarantula on Holly. Dreamer breaks this up. Maven dropkicks Dreamer from behind knocking Dreamer onto the outside. Maven runs to the Ropes and Baseball Slide’s Dreamer. Meanwhile in the Ring, Tajiri has already been forced by the Referee to break the Tarantula. Tajiri has set Holly up for a Super-Kick but Holly scouts him out and lands the Oklahoma Slam, cover, and gets the 3 count.

J.R – Out of no-where, Hardcore Holly got the Oklahoma Slam on Tajiri, what a close match.

Here are your winners and the advancers to the next round – Hardcore Holly & Tommy Dreamer

Holly and Dreamer are celebrating in the ring, suddenly…Stone Cold’s Theme Plays

J.R – Here comes the Texas Rattlesnake, and the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Austin clears the Ring of both Dreamer and Holly and then grabs a Microphone.

Austin – Now Stone Cold Steve Austin, has had to do some thinking over the past week, but Stone Cold has gone to Eric Bischoff and has asked him something. You see Stone Cold wants to be able to choose what match he picks, and what order it will be in. So can Bill Goldberg for that matter. So Stone Cold has been thinking, what match are we going to have first? Then Stone Cold came up with the idea of having this match. Because Stone Cold has decided that the first match, in the best of 2-out-of-3 falls World Heavyweight Championship Match will be…

King – What’s it going to be??

Austin – A CHAIN MATCH!!!

J.R – Austin and Goldberg in a Chain Match to start their 2-out-of-3 falls match at Unforgiven.

King – J.R, somebody is not going to walk out of Unforgiven, I can guarantee that!

Commercial Break

Smackdown rebound involving…

- The Rikishi/Grand Master Sexay Tag Titles Debate.
- The Styles/Chavo feud
- The incident involving JBL/Cena
- The WWE Title match between The Undertaker and The Rock

Lillian – The following Match Up is a 6 Man Elimination Tables Match. When a participant has been put through a Table he must leave the Match, the last man not to be put through a Table will be declared the Winner.

King – J.R, there’s Tables all around the Ring, I’ve never seen so many tables!

The Hardy Boyz Theme Plays

Lillian – Introducing first, from Cameron, North Carolina, at a combined weight of 460lbs, Matt and Jeff, the Hardy Boyz

Shawn Michaels Theme Plays

Lillian – And introducing their partner, from San Antonio, Texas, weighing in at 247lbs, The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels.

Kane’s Theme Plays

Lillian – And introducing the challengers, firstly weighing in at 320lbs. Kane

Scott Steiner’s Theme Plays

Lillian – Introducing his Tag Team Partner, from Bay City, Michigan, weighing in at 295lbs, he is the WWE Hardcore Champion, Scott Steiner.

J.R – Here are two of the three participants, I wonder who the third one is going to be?

A brief pause then Mark Henry’s Theme Plays

Lillian – And introducing their Tag Team Partner, He is the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry.

J.R – Oh My God, this is going to be disastrous.

King – Shawn Michaels, did you remember to reserve your spot in the hospital? Because after this match, you’re going to need it!

J.R – We’ll be right back after this short break!

Don’t try this at Home Commercial

6 Man Elimination Tables Match
The Hardy Boyz & Shawn Michaels vs. Kane, Scott Steiner & Mark Henry

Key Moments - Scott Steiner grabs one Table from outside the Ring. He rolls it into the Ring. The Hardy Boyz are already on the Ramp working on Mark Henry. Shawn Michaels is in the Ring, being beaten down by Kane. Steiner sets up the Table. Kane lifts up Michaels for Steiner to grab hold of him. Steiner looks to get a Powerbomb on Michaels but HBK wriggles out onto the floor, Steiner turns around and when he does HBK gets the Sweet Chin Music on Steiner. Steiner is knocked senseless. Meanwhile Kane looks to Chokeslam HBK, but HBK reverses this into a Scoop Slam. He slams Kane hard onto the Table but the Table doesn’t break, instead he climbs to the Top Rope and jumps of with a Diving Elbow! Kane crashes through the Table!

Kane is eliminated; we are left with The Hardy Boyz & HBK vs. Steiner & Mark Henry

Shawn Michaels is lying on top of Kane. Kane then sits up and proceeds to get another Table. He sets it up outside the Ring. He grabs HBK from inside the Ring, and sets him up for a Chokeslam. Kane chokeslames HBK through the Table, but Kane is no longer in the match therefore this doesn’t count.

Meanwhile Mark Henry has taken total control of the Hardy Boyz. He swings Jeff into the Steel Steps and Matt into the Ring Post. He then walks around to the other side to start to work on Shawn Michaels. HBK is still down after that illegal Chokeslam by Kane after he had been eliminated by HBK. Henry goes to get a Table placed near the Timekeepers slot. He sets up the Table on the outside and Goes to do the ‘World’s Greatest Slam’ on Michaels. Jeff Hardy appears out of no-where and takes out Henry. Jeff then proceeds to look under the Ring. He finds what he is looking for. A 15FT LADDER! Hardy puts this ladder into position. Michaels superkicks Henry onto the Table. Jeff climbs the Ladder, gets into position and Swanton Bombs Mark Henry from a 15ft Ladder through a Table.

The crowd chant HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT, as Lillian announces that Mark Henry has been eliminated from the Match. It is now, The Hardy Boyz & HBK vs. Scott Steiner, 3-on-1

Jeff Hardy is lying senseless on the outside. Steiner sees HBK about to get up. He climbs out of the Ring, stands on the Ring Apron and jumps with a Double Axe Handle. Michaels is knocked to the floor. Matt Hardy comes to the aid of HBK as Steiner stomps on him furiously. Hardy grabs a Table from under the Ring and hits Steiner in the head with it. He then tosses the Table in the Ring, followed by the carcass of Steiner. Matt then crawls into the Ring, opens the Table and places Steiner on it. If he lands this, the match is over…He goes for the leg-drop but misses, he puts himself through the table but this doesn’t count. Steiner rolls out of the Ring, takes another Table and places it against the Turnbuckle. He then picks up Matt, and tosses him right through the Table, like a slingshot.

Matt Hardy is eliminated. We are down to Jeff Hardy & HBK vs. Scott Steiner

A bloody and battered Shawn Michaels enters the Ring; he fends off two punches by Steiner then lands a clothesline of his own. Jeff Hardy brings another two tables into the Ring. Steiner clotheslines him before he can set them up, Steiner does this himself, one at either end of the Ring. Shawn Michaels tries to land another Superkick, Steiner grabs his leg, picks him up and Press Slam’s him through one of the Tables. The impact is shuddering.

Shawn Michaels has been eliminated. We are left with Jeff Hardy vs. Scott Steiner.

Steiner tries to use his strength to put Hardy through the remaining Table, but Hardy compensates with his lack of strength by using his quick agility. Steiner tries to Suplex Hardy but Jeff counters with a DDT. Steiner gets back up and tries to Pumphandle Slam Jeff, but Jeff counters into the Twist Of Fate, through a table!

Here is your winner – Jeff Hardy

]Jeff Hardy celebrates in the Ring, meanwhile Steiner gets back up and tosses a Table into the Ring. He Low-Blows Jeff, and sets him up for the Frankensteiner through the Table. SUDDENLY…


Nash casually walks to the Ring; Steiner drops Jeff and looks in terror. Nash climbs over the top rope and Jeff pushes Steiner into the clutches of Nash. Nash then picks up Steiner and Jacknifes him through the Table, sending a message to the Hardcore Champion.


Commercial Break

J.R – What a night it has already been.

King – J.R, we’ve still got Edge and Christian’s photo pose to look forward to, and it’s coming up next!

J.R – But Ladies and Gentlemen we are only 3 weeks away from Unforgiven, a Raw only production, which will be headlined with Goldberg defending his World Heavyweight Title against the number one contender Stone Cold Steve Austin.

King – This match will be 2-out-of-3 falls, and Stone Cold announced that the first fall will be a Chain Match!

J.R – And King, this one has just been made by General Manager, Eric Bischoff, it will be Scott Steiner defending his Hardcore Title against the returning Kevin Nash.

King – Triple H will meet Chris Benoit in what should be one for the ages!

J.R – And the World Tag Titles will be on the line as The World’s Greatest Tag Team will take on the winners of ‘The World’s Greatest Search’

King – That’s right, and they will be cheered on by their new manager, Teddy Long! And don’t forget to listen to our theme song ‘By My Side’ by Three Doors Down.

J.R – That’s Unforgiven, 12th September on Pay Per View.

Edge’s Theme Plays. Both Edge and Christian come out together

Edge – Now, for all of our fans here in California, we would like to give you 10 glorious seconds of Edge and Christian, so get your cameras ready

Christian – Let the countdown begin…

Both of them strike funny poses, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2…

Randy Orton’s Theme Plays

J.R – What does this self-centred S.O.B want?

King - Someone's out to spoil the party!

Orton – Christian, what makes you think that we won’t take you down like your former ‘Champion’ and brother, Edge. Hell, I don’t need to stand out here with you jackasses, I’m going back to the Hotel, enjoy the rest of your night, I’m out of…

Eric Bischoff’s Theme Plays, he comes out with a Microphone

Eric – Randy, you’re not going anywhere, you see I have you booked here tonight, for my Main Event. You see, I have it going down like this; it will be, in that very Ring, Randy Orton against…CHRISTIAN. And Randy if Christian wins, it will be Randy Orton vs. Christian at Unforgiven for the Intercontinental Championship. And that match…

Looks at his watch

Eric – Is up now!

Randy Orton vs. Christian

FinishRandy Orton goes for the R.K.O and lands it. The Referee is counting but Edge puts Christian’s foot on the Bottom Rope. Orton goes outside the Ring and chases Edge, but after 9 seconds is forced to enter the Ring, or he will be counted out. On entry, Christian gives Orton a Rake to the Eye followed by an Impaler. Mr. McMahon runs to the Ring, but Edge spears him on the outside. The referee counts to three.

Here is your winner and the number one contender for the Intercontinental Title - Christian

Christian grabs the Title belt from outside the Ring, and knocks Orton out with it.

The show ends with Christian raising the Intercontinental Championship in one hand, and Edge’s hand in the other, whilst both Mr. McMahon and Randy Orton are knocked out

Match Results

Chris Jericho defeated Rob Van Dam
William Regal & Eugene defeated La Resistance therefore proceeding to the next round of ‘The World’s Greatest Search’
Hardcore Holly & Tommy Dreamer defeated Maven & Tajiri therefore proceeding to the next round of ‘The World’s Greatest Search’
Jeff Hardy defeated Scott Steiner to win the 6 Man Tag Team Elimination Tables Match
Christian defeated Randy Orton to get a Title shot at Unforgiven

Current Unforgiven Card

Show – WWE Unforgiven
Venue – Portland, Oregon
Date – 12th September 2004
Official Theme Tune – By My Side by Three Doors Down

Announced Matches

World Heavyweight Title Match - 2 out of 3 Falls,
1st Fall will be a Chain Match

Goldberg © vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Intercontinental Championship

Randy Orton © w/Mr.McMahon vs. Christian w/Edge

WWE Hardcore Championship

Scott Steiner © vs. Kevin Nash

World Tag Team Titles

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin © vs.???

Triple H vs. Chris Benoit



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Re: WWE: Afterlife

10/1o loved that Raw. Teddy Long as WGT manager is cool and Nash retunring was also. I am really taking a liking to teh Unforgiven card it has a great line up thus far. Great show!
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

RAW was awesome!
I love this whole concept of the Worlds Greatest Challenge Tournament. Nice idea!
Good to see Dreamer getting some airtime. The Christian and Edge segments were great.
I didn't expect Nash to attack Steiner, but It should be a great match at Unforgiven.
The Card so far is awesome, should be a great night!

Well done on the show

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Great Raw. Nice to see the return of Henry and Nash as well as Theodore Long being the WGM. I like the Worlds Greatest Search as well as Edge and Christian reuniting, I just hope you don't drag them into tag team matches.The Austin/Goldberg match should be fantastic as well as Benoit/Triple H and Orton/Christian.

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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Yeah, suprerb Raw, definetly pumped for unfergiven after reading that.

twgtt I though had a very strong week and came outlooking very good, and I'm loving all this E+C stuff, just do what A-dust says and have them as ally's rather than tag team partners.

Also, very cool choice as far as the chain match goes should be good.

10/10 this week for, I thought it was great .
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Great show, one of the best if not the best.

Like the TWGTT angle.

Can't wait to see the rest of the match types in the Goldberg/Austin match.

Pumped for next week's Raw and Unforgiven. They should be great.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Loved the show as usual. Not often we see a Chain Match,so that will be spectacular!!!
Great to see Long as TWGTT manager, Long is DA MAN!!
Have to say, I wish I could have seen La Resistance, along with Regal & Eugene, and have them in separte matches on RAW. (Dunno if that makes sense)
But everything here is great. Looking forward to next week already!!!
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Great show dude, what did I tell ya?

I pretty much back up what everyone else has said and I'm too tired t ogive a better reveiw, if I feel better tomorrow I'll point out the good and bad.

The guy who's been around for a fucking long time...
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Fantastic RAW, Great One, l can't wait for the Chain Match, l think Unforgiven is going to be AWESOME, 9.5/10 for you.
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Re: WWE: Afterlife

Yo, thanks to every single one of you

I'm glad that you all enjoyed this week's Raw, Hopefully next week's will be just as good if not better!!

Just to inform you all that there will be no Raw preview from now on (Due to lack of time) and that Smackdown will be up as scheduled on Thursday.

Early Unforgiven predictions are welcome as are opinions on anything we've written
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