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Impact Wrestling on Destination America

Impact Wrestling on Destination America

Back Story

Impact Wrestling will soon begin a new era when it returns to TV on Destination America. The IWC has determined that the creative team has been replaced in its entirety. Whether this new batch of bookers will serve up sleep-inducing boredom, face-palming hilarity or some genuinely good wrestling, nobody can be sure. I guess we'll have to wait and see...


- After the official, updated roster was released it was noted that the Knockouts Division has been completely scrapped. All female talent, apart from Christe Hemme, has been released. There has been a mixed reaction to this, some saying it had potential, some voicing concern only over the fact that their bathroom break may have been eliminated.

- With the freed up cash from cutting knockouts and some investment from Destination America, Impact Wrestling have teased a mystery big name signing as well as a few smaller ones through social media.

- British Bootcamp finalists Dave Mastiff, Grado, Noam Dar and Rampage Brown will appear at the Maximum Impact Tapings as well as, the winner, Mark Andrews who will also be at the New York shows.

- "IW: Xplosion" will air on Saturday nights at 11PM. Its air time will be reduced to half an hour. It will now be fully devoted to new content, rather than recap.

- "IW: Unlocked" will be the recap show, hosted by Mike Tenay. He will comment on the state of wrestling as a whole.

- The advertising for Impact's debut has been based on Kurt Angle's return to action and Bobby Roode defending his world title against an unnamed opponent.

- Homicide, Eric Young, Mr Anderson and Bragnus have been advertised to appear on Xplosion's Destination America debut.

- In, perhaps, the biggest news yet, Dixie Carter revealed in a press conference that Impact Wrestling will be live, starting with its debut on Wednesday the 7th. This big investment from Destination America shows faith that the show can deliver ratings.


Austin Aries
Bobby Roode
Crazzy Steve
Davey Richards
Eddie Edwards
Eric Young
Garret Bischoff
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Jessie Godderz
Kenny King
Kurt Angle
Low Ki
Mark Andrews
Matt Hardy
Mr Anderson
Robbie E
Rockstar Spud
Samoa Joe
Samuel Shaw
Shark Boy
The Freak
The Great Sanada
Tigre Uno

The first show will be up in a couple of days. Reviews, comments or any response will be appreciated. I am also happy to work on a review for review basis.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Impact Wrestling on Destination America

Oooh! Awesome, a current TNA thread! I'm a massive fan of TNA but ever since 2006 they've been oh so horrible! I hope this thread last & good luck!

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Impact Wrestling on Destination America

Impact Wrestling - 7th January - Live! from the

sold-out Manhattan Center, New York

- The show opens on a raucous, sell-out crowd chanting TNA!

Josh Matthews - Welcome to Impact Wrestling's live debut on Destination America! I'm Josh Matthews here with Taz!

Taz - Great to be back, my new partner. If there's one thing better than Impact Wrestling, it's Impact Wrestling live!

- Kurt Angle's theme comes on to a massive pop!
He walks down the isle in wrestling gear, playing to the crowd and posing on all six turnbuckles to a pop every time.

Taz - This New York city crowd is goin' nuts for Kurt Angle's return to action!

- "BOOM!" Bro Mans' theme hits to a decent amount of heat. DJ Z, Robbie E and Jessie Godderz all walk down to the ring in their usual obnoxious style.

Kurt Angle vs Robbie E w/Bro Mans

Before the bell rings, Jessie Godderz slides in to the ring and charges at Angle...and right into a belly-to-belly suplex. DJ Z jumps to a the top turnbuckle, leaps off and flies at Angle...who catches him...belly-to-belly suplex!

Both of Robbie's team-mates roll out to the ring and down to the floor as the bell rings and the crowd chants "Lets go Angle! Bro Mans Suck!". E looks petrified as Angle tells him to come at him.

Robbie E locks up and Angle goes-around and German suplexes him with ease. He stands up as the fans pop. Robbie charges in frustration, Angle ducks the clothesline and then levels him with a right hand. Robbie gets back up and Angle knocks him down with another right.

This happens three more times before Jessie and Z pull Robbie out of the ring. They start to help him up the aisle to boos when Angle follows them. DJ Z runs at Angle and is turned inside out, landing gruesomely on the ramp, by a clothesline. Jessie drops Robbie and runs at Angle, right into a back body drop on the ramp. The crowd pops as Angle drags Robbie back to the ring and rolls him in. Robbie staggers to his feet...Olympic Slam!!!

Angle makes the cover; ...1...2...3!

- The crowd pops for Angle as he celebrates atop each corner.

Josh Matthews - An impressive return to the ring for Kurt Angle. No ring rust there.

- "E!...C!...3!!!" ECIII's theme interrupts Angle's celebration to great heat. He swaggers down to ringside with Tyrus close behind. He has a mike in hand.

ECIII - Congratulations! Congratulations! It seems too long since the olympic gold medalist graced the ring and wrestled for the victory. Why is that?... *Booos!*
Oh that's right, they remember, it's because yours truly, The Hardcore American Icon, Ethan Carter the Third put that particular American Hero out of action! *Boooooos!*
I destroyed the very body that won that Olympic gold medal, that won those five world titles, that won every title in this company at the same time. *Boooooooos!*
Me! EC3!!! The Hardcore American Ic-

Kurt Angle - Shut the hell up! *Cheer!!!*

- Angle now has a mike. He stares down at ECIII and Tyrus on the outside of the ring.

Kurt Angle - You came down here to run your mouth and tell everyone just how great you are, well guess what!?! That's not how it's gonna work! You don't get to hide behind the microphone! Because February first, when Impact Wrestling returns to Pay-Per-View, it's gonna be Kurt Angle versus Ethan Carter The Third!!!

- Angle drops his mike as the fans pop and ECIII shouts to Tyrus and the fans about how "he can't do this!" and "this isn't fair!".

Josh Matthews - Wow! Kurt Angle versus EC3 when we return to Pay-Per-View!! Angle finally gets a chance at revenge! Stay tuned for more on Destination America!

Commercial Break

- Jeremy Borash stands with Low Ki in the interview area.

Jeremy Borash - Welcome back to Impact Wrestling on Destination America! I'm here with X Division champion Low Ki. Now, Ki, what do you think lies in store for the X Division in this new era of Impact Wrestling.

Low Ki - Jeremy, other than a long title reign from myself, you can expect the X Division to be as exciting, innovative and competitive as it was back when this company first began. I see a lot of talent; current, former and future, looking at my title. So you can consider the X Division to become the hottest commodity in the whole of Impact Wrestling.

Jeremy Borash - Are there any names in particular that you think will be challenging for your title soon?

Low Ki - I'm about to head down to ringside to scout the competition up close and personal. Maybe you'll have your answer by the end of the night.

- Low Ki walks away as Borash looks on with an unsure facial expression.

Jeremy Borash - Back to you guys.

- We cut back to ringside, the commentators table is now a simple breakable table with a black cloth over it.

Josh Matthews - Low Ki said he would be at ringside to scout competition. What he was referring to was the X Division Six Man Tag about to take place. We have Manik and Sanada already in the ring, awaiting their tag partner.

- "HAIL SABIN!!!" Chris Sabin's theme hits to a big pop from the surprised crowd. Sabin walks down to the ring confidently.

Taz - Could this be the big signing teased on twitter? That's a former Tag, X Division and world champion right there!

Samoa Joe, Brian Cage and Tigre Uno vs Manik, Sanada and

Chris Sabin

Joe receives a good pop upon entering. Cage receives a decent one, from unsuspecting fans. Joe and Sabin start in, as Low Ki looks on from ringside. Before they even lock up, chants of "Lets go Sabin! Lets go Joe!" start up. They move in close about to lock up...blatant low blow from Sabin!!!
The fans boo in disappointment as the referee shouts at Sabin and tells him to tag out.

Josh Matthews - The referee clearly showing some lenience so that this match can get underway. If that had been later on in the match-up there might have been a disqualification.

Sabin tags The Great Sanada in as the boos continue. The heat is amplified when Sabin ironically poses on the apron with a smug expression. Sanada and Manik take control of Joe for a while, making use of quick offense and frequent tags.

Joe soon hot tags Cage who takes on Sanada and Manik with his mix of speed and strength. At the end of their encounter, Cage hits a Northern lights suplex on them both before landing a double jump moonsault on Manik (legal man).

He makes the cover ... only for it to be broken up by Sabin at 2. Uno rushes in, throws Sabin out of the ring, bounces off the opposite ropes and then hits a corkscrew plancha on Sabin!!! A great pop and then a feint "Holy Shit!" chant.

As the dust settles, Cage gets back up and points to the corner to a pop. He repositions Manik, walks to the corner... Double Jump Moonsault...misses! Manik Rolled out of the way.

Commercial Break

The match slows down as the heels take control of Cage, who nearly tags on many occasions, before finally managing to dive for a tag to Joe. Joe storms into the ring and levels Sabin repeatedly with right hands. He throws Sabin into the corner then hits a CCS Enziguri. Sabin tries to fall over but Joe pushes him up and lifts him tot he top turnbuckle.
He looks to position him for a Muscle Buster when the referee intervenes. He tells Joe he didn't see the tag.

Taz - It looks like Sanada had the referee distracted in his corner, when Joe made the tag: The ref didn't see it!

The ref tries to make Joe leave the ring, but he refuses. Sanada gets in the ring and dropkicks Joe, sending him through the ropes and out of the ring. Sanada, bounces off the opposite ropes, runs and suicide dives out onto Joe!
Sabin tags Manik who drags Cage back into the ring for the pin; ...1...2....450 Splash! Uno hits a 450 Splash onto the back of Manik to a big surprised pop.

He rolls Manik over and puts Cage's arm on top of him for the pin; ...1...2...3!!!

- Uno has his arm raised by the referee to a good pop from the crowd.
Low Ki slides into the ring and has a short stare-down with Uno...before offering a hand shake. Uno accepts.

Taz - Well, a great show of respect here as Low Ki shakes the hand of Tigre Uno.

- SPINNING HEEL KICK TO THE GUT!!! Ki betrayed Uno! Ki lifts Uno back to his feet...Ki Krusher! The fans give great heat for Ki who stares down at Uno.

Josh Matthews - What! What the hell just happened!

- Ki raises his X Division title in the air to even more heat.

Taz - It seems that Low Ki doesn't take as kindly to competition as he might have had us believe, Josh.

- A Video Package recaps Bobby Roode winning the Impact Wrestling World Title

- MLK (MVP, Lashley and Kenny King) are walking backstage when a camera catches up to them. They stop to talk to the camera.

MVP - We saw all the previews, we heard all the hype, we know that Bobby Roode is defending his title tonight and we want to know who it is.

Kenny King -
And if it ain't one of us, there might just be a little trouble. Kenny King is ready to become world champion and anyone who steps in front of his or MLK's way is gonna get trampled.

MVP - That's right, Kenny King has spent years proving his worth to this company and he deserves a title shot. Not to mention MVP, the most valuable player. I quite frankly find it to be ridiculous that I am still a virgin to championship gold around here.

Lashley - Hey, I haven't even had my rematch yet, if anyone deserves a shot at Bobby it's The Destroyer himself.

Kenny King - Lashley, you had your reign! We stood by you, watching your back and fighting your fights for months while you wore the gold around your waist. Maybe you should pay back the favor.

- King and Lashley stare at each other in a confrontational manner. After a second MVP stands in between them.

MVP - Boys, we're gonna sort this out and make sure one of us goes home champ' tonight. But whichever one of us it is, he's gonna have his hand raised by his two best friends. Okay?

- King and Lashley look at each other, seeming content and trusting. They nod at each other.

Kenny King - Okay. Now lets go see what's goin' on.

- MLK walk off.

Josh Matthews - MLK will take to the ring after the break. Stay tuned for more Impact Wrestling.

Commercial Break

- MVP's theme comes on and MLK cockily make their way down to the ring to great heat.

MVP - It's great to be back on Impact Wrestling! A shame that we had to have our debut in New York. *Boooos!*
But that wasn't our decision. A lot of things aren't our decision and that's a shame. If MLK was still running this place then not only would we emanate live from a nicer location... *Boooos!*
...but someone as lacking in talent as Bobby Roode would never have become champion. *Booos!*
Regardless, as I say, we don't run things anymore. The question is; who does? With my let-down replacement Kurt Angle back in the ring; who is the next successor? Who takes the reigns at the helm of this company? Who will come out here and tell us which member of MLK will challenge Bobby Roode for the Impact Wrestling World Title? *Boos*

- Some unknown hip hop music comes on...

...Teddy Long steps out onto the ramp!!!

Taz - Oh my god! Is that-

Josh Matthews - That's Teddy Long!

- The crowd pops for Teddy Long as he dances a little to his music. After a few moments, the music stops and the crowd can be heard chanting "Teddy Long!". He takes in the chants before lifting his mike to his mouth.

Teddy Long - Holla' if ya' hear me! *POP!*
You playas wanna know who's in charge around here? Well there's a new general manager in town and I'll give you three guesses who.

- The crowd chants "Teddy Long!" again. MVP lifts his mike, about to speak.

Teddy Long - No, no, no, they got it first; the answer is Teddy Long! *Pop*
And there will be a Impact Wrestling World Title Match tonight. And it will pit Bobby Roode!!! ...*POP!*

...against...Austin Aries!!! *POP!*

- MLK look outraged as MVP asks "who is this guy?!?".

Teddy Long - But don't worry, I'm not gonna leave you guys outta the show. Because, right now, there's gonna be a six man tag team match!!! *POP!*

- The crowd chants "Tag team playa!". Long looks around at the crowd and the chant gets louder.

Teddy Long - That's right, playa. *Pop!*
And it will put MLK; Lashley, Kenny King and MVP, against Gunner...*Pop!*
..and The Hardy Boys! *POP!*
And that match will take place...right now! *Pop!*

- "CREATURES!" The Hardys' theme hits and they come out alongside Gunner. They bump fists and make their way down to the ring, Gunner staring at the competition, The Hardys slapping the hands of the fans. Teddy walks away backstage.

Josh Matthews - Six man tag action, coming up live on Destination America! Don't miss it!

Commercial Break

The Hardys and Gunner vs MLK

As the show returns, the bell rings and Jeff Hardy and Lashley lock up. Lashley tosses Jeff across the ring a couple of some times to some heat. Jeff comes back with some running attacks which only stagger Lashley, not managing to knock him down. Lashley pushes Jeff back into his corner and charges but Jeff sticks his boot up into Lashley's face before tagging Matt. Matt gets in the ring, they size Lashley up and double drop-kick him. Lashley stumbles all the way to the other side of the ring.

King tags himself in. Lashley looks slightly annoyed but then nods and leaves the ring. King squares up to Matt. They trade punches and engage in a very physical battle. Matt starts to take control. He goes for a Twist of Fate but King pushes him away and drops him with a high kick when he turns around.
He drags Matt to his corner and makes the tag to MVP. MLK proceed to wear Matt down in their corner. After a while, Matt breaks MVP's headlock by pushing him into Lashley. He then runs and tags Gunner.

King tags MVP. King springboard in...and Gunner catches him! Body slam. The fans cheer for Gunner, who lifts King back up for a few consecutive scoop slams. He bounces off the ropes and hits a running splash; ...1...2- Kickout! Gunner hits a suplex and then goes to the top rope. At the last second, King sees and rolls away to his corner to good heat.

Lashley gets back to the apron and tags King. He and Gunner square up before trading punches. They test each others' strength for a while, without either of them getting knocked down. When they lock up for a last time, Lashley manages to force Gunner back into MLK's corner. King and MVP barrage Gunner with kicks and punches from the apron. The referee gets them off when Lashley hits a massive clothesline sending Gunner over the top rope and out of the ring, crashing down to the floor.

The Hardys run in and charging forearm MVP and King off the apron. They barrage Lashley with punches, push him into the corner and hit two consecutive Poetry in Motions. Lashley stumbles into the middle of the ring and they kick him in the gut and hit a Double Twist of Fate!

Lashley is felled for the first time in the match. Gunner gets onto the top turnbuckle to a pop. King and MVP rush in but Jeff and Matt stop them with kicks to the gut and hit a Twist of Fate each. Gunner goes for the Diving Headbutt...and hits it to a big pop!!!

He hooks the leg; ...1...2....3!

- Gunner's theme comes on and he and The Hardys celebrate. MLK are laid out in the middle of the ring. The fans cheer for the winners.

Commercial Break

- The Revolution are somewhere dark.

James Storm - Abyss, Manik, The Great Sanada, Khoya, James Storm. These are the names you will hear as Impact Wrestling enters a new era. These are the names that will shape its very future. I speak of domination and of gold. I speak of a Revolution.
There will always be oppressors, men who stand in our way. These are fools who will not prosper. We will strike them down with the same disregard for mercy which they show this company. For they wish to see Impact Wrestling follow a dark path, fall into the hands of people we cannot trust.
Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards; these are two men who wish to take our gold away from us. They wish to stop our movement in its tracks. They will not succeed...

- We cut back to the commentators.

Josh Matthews - Earlier tonight, Kurt Angle mentioned that Impact Wrestling would return to Pay-Per-View on February 1st and that he would face EC3 at the event. I can now confirm that we will present The Last Laugh 2015 on February 1st, Live on Pay-Per-View!

Taz - And speakin' of landmarks, hashtag: Tag Team Match was trending worldwide just before the break.

Josh Matthews - I think it's fair to say Impact Wrestling is on the rise.

- The Wolves' theme hits and they enter to a good pop.

Taz - Looks like we're gonna get a sneak preview of one of The Last Laugh's match-ups.

Josh Matthews - That's right, The Wolves will get their rematch when they take on Revolution for the tag team titles, February 1st.

Davey Richards w/ Eddie Edwards vs Abyss w/James Storm and Khoya

Revolution get some heat when they enter. Abyss is barraged by a series of striking attacks from Richards as the match begins. Abyss stays strong at first but the relentlessness of Richards wears him down. The fans pop for some of Richards' key moves fairly early on.

When Richards goes to the top turnbuckle, Khoya jumps to the apron. Richards delivers a diving axe-handle onto the apron, knocking Khoya off. Richards is then suddenly sent flying off and into the barricade by a big boot from Abyss. Eddie checks on him, but Abyss pushes him away and then throws Richards into the ring-steps and then rolls him back into the ring.

Eddie squares up to Abyss but doesn't touch him as he knows it will cause a DQ. Storm knocks him out with a Last Call! Out of nowhere! Richards sees this, bounces off the ropes and suicide dives, taking himself and Storm into the barricade. Khoya instantly starts stomping Richards and then throws him back-first into the apron and slaps him on the chest.

Josh Matthews - Khoya clearly didn't take well to his ring-leader James Storm being attacked like that.

Taz - Too right, Richards had no reason to attack Storm like that.

As the referee calls for the bell (a DQ victory to Davey Richards) , Abyss and Khoya lay into Richards.

They roll Davey into the ring to tonnes of heat. Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam as Khoya gets a table out and throws it into the ring. Abyss sets it up...Chokeslam through the table!!! More heat as Abyss, Khoya and James Storm celebrate in the middle of the ring.

- Austin Aries is backstage.

Austin Aries - Why me? Why Austin Aries? Out of the whole Impact Wrestling roster, why did Teddy Long decide to give Austin Aries a chance at the world title? Why not Eric Young, or Kurt Angle, or Jeff Hardy, or Mr Anderson, or one of those MLK morons.
It's simple. Whilst they are all great men, none of them are the greatest man alive. And however talented Bobby Roode may be, he isn't either. Austin Aries is. That's why Teddy Long picked me to challenge for the title, live in the main event in front of a sold-out Manhattan Center. And that's why I'm walking out the Impact Wrestling World Champion tonight.
This is A Double's era...

- Ausin Aries walks off.

Josh Matthews - After the break it's Bobby Roode versus Austin Aries for the Impact Wrestling World Title. Live on Destination America.

Commercial Break

- As we return, Jeremy Borash introduces the championship match and Austin Aries' them hits to a big pop. He does his usual cocky entrance as the crowd continue to cheer. He gets up onto the top turnbuckle and signals that he will be champion.

Bobby Roode's theme hits to a slightly bigger pop. He walks down to the ring looking hyped and focused.




Wrestling World Championship

As the bell rings, Aries and Roode stare off.

Josh Matthews - These two men have competed for the title before. It's always been an evenly contested match and tonight will be no different.

They square right up to each other as the crowd cheers.

Taz - Bobby Roode has never defeated Austin Aries for the title. Can he change that fact tonight?

They strike each other at the same time. They trade punches and come out equal. They trade clotheslines and come out equal.

Stare down. Roode throws a punch, Aries ducks and drop-kicks. Roode falls to the floor, elbow drop; ...1 - Kickout. Roode gets up to his feet. Aries throws a kick, Roode catches, throws it away, scoop slam; ...1 - Kickout.

They both get up as the fans cheer.

They lock up a few times, trading mat-wrestling victories. Aries hits a suplex, then a scoop slam. Roode hits a suplex and then a scoop slam.

More even exchanges take place. Different slams and suplexes are landed with neither man ever getting on top.

Aries snaps off a suplex. Roode tries the same...Aries holds steady, hooking his leg around Roode's. Aries lifts Roode up...BRAINBUSTER!!! *POP!!!*
He hooks the leg; ...1...2...- NO! *Ooooooohhhh!*

Roode kicks out. Aries wastes no time. He lifts Roode up to his feet. Positions him in the air for another Brainbuster...Roode kicks his legs until he lands down on his feet, boots Aries in the face and rolls out the ring...suicide dive through the bottom ropes!!!

Josh Matthews -
This world title match will continue, live after the break.

Commercial Break

As we return, Aries presses the advantage with a sharpshooter.

Josh Matthews -
It's been all Aries during the break as he pushes on in the attempt to become new world champion.

Aries dominates Roode for the next big portion of the match with all the moves in his arsenal, suplexes, dives, holds and slams earn Aries two count after two count.

"Austin Aries! Bobby Roode!"

After a missile dropkick, Aries rushes right back up to the top turnbuckle and signals a 450 Splash to a pop. Roode leaps up to his feet and then to the middle ropes. Repeated punches in the head. Roode grabs Aries around the waist...SUPER SPINE BUSTER!!! Roode pivoted in mid-air and slammed Aries to the mat; ...1...2.... - No!!!

Roode rolls away as the referee starts the ten count. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8....

...Roode gets to his does Aries...they slowly trade punches...*Ooohhh!*...*Aaaahhh!*...*Ooohhh!*...*Aaaahhh!*...Roode staggers back...
...Aries bounces off the ropes and charges Roode, who lifts him up onto his shoulders... ROODE BOMB!!!

Out of nowhere; .....1.....2........NO!!!

Aries kicked out!!! The fans counted along and were shocked at the kickout. Roode lies down and the ref starts the count; ...1...2...3...4...

...5...Roode gets up by climbing up the referee. He goes to the top rope to a pop. He signals for a 450 Splash to a big confused pop... unknown theme music comes on, distracting Roode...It sounds Mexican...Roode gets off the turnbuckle and leans on the ropes looking up the ramp...

...Roode gets turned around...ENZUIGIRI!!!



Aries staggers to his feet...Enziguiri to Aries!!!

The referee calls for a


- The fans start to give massive heat as Rio super kicks the referee.
Rio raises his arms and smiles in the middle of the ring as if to spur on the
mass of booing.



That's the first show in the books. Feedback is appreciated. Review for Review.
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Re: Impact Wrestling on Destination America

It's really good to see a current TNA thread, but I have some constructive criticism, the layout looked a lot better in the opening post than in the first show, but that's just me. Apart from that the show was good, good luck on this!
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Re: Impact Wrestling on Destination America

IW: Xplosion - 10th January from the sold-out Manhattan Center, New York
- The show opens with brand new opening credits featuring explosive graphics which present the high-flying and exciting nature of the Impact Wrestling Product, finishing on Austin Aries delivering a 450 Splash to Low Ki.

- Fade into panning shots of the up-beat crowd.
Jeremy Borash - Welcome to Xplosion! I'm Jeremy Borash here with guest color commentator: Mr Anderson!
Mr Anderson -
That's right, you're watching Xplosion's Destination America debut here with MISSTERRRRR AAAANNNNNDDERRRSOONNNNN!!!
Jeremy Borash - Wow! That was...loud.
- Eric Young's theme hits to a good pop and the fans start to chant along to the theme "EY!EY!EY!"
Garret Bischoff is already in the ring.

Eric Young vs Garret Bischoff

Young locks up, gets a head-lock and hip tosses Bischoff to a small pop. Bischoff gets up and they lock up again, Young goes around and German suplexes Bischoff, who crawls away to the ropes.
EY follows but the referee holds him back and Bischoff sneaks a poke in the eye to a little heat. Bischoff scoop slams Young and goes for the pin for an instant kick out. He pulls Young to his feet but Young punches him in the face, kicks him in the gut...Spike Piledriver. *Pop*
EY goes to the top turnbuckle...Diving Elbow Drop! *Pop!*
Hooks the leg; ...1...2...3
- Young has his arm raised to a decent pop.
Jeremy Borash - Text-book win for EY!
Mr Anderson - I'd expect nothing less.

- The Menagerie, minus Rebel, are backstage.
Knuxx - I don't know what to say guys. It's been a hard couple of months. With no money from Impact, Rebel gave up on our dream. She's gone. And we're a long way from raising the cash we need to relaunch the circus.
But that doesn't mean we can't put on our show. There's a sold-out crowd just waiting for entertainment, for our show. So let's go give it to them.
- Crazzy Steve honks his horn and they leave looking hyped.

- Bram and Magnus enter to the ring to decent heat.
Magnus - My name is Magnus!!! You may have forgotten as it seems, Impact Wrestling management has been doing its best to forget both me and my partner, Bram. Did you forget that I am not only a former world champion, but the first ever British Impact Wrestling World champion.
I have a history with this company and it will not be forgotten. *"Booriinngg!"*
Oh this bores you does it? You don't like history, well let me enter the present. Myself and Bram here are about to decimate two of Impact Wrestling's biggest clowns. Is that boring or-
- The Menagerie's theme hits and they come down to the ring with their usual theatrics. They get a small pop.

The Menagerie w/ Crazzy Steve vs Bragnus

Knuxx starts in with a pissed-looking Magnus, still mad at being interrupted. Magnus takes it right to Knuxx, dominating the first portion of the match with a violent set of strikes and slams. He tags in Bram who delivers more of the same. Knuxx whips Bram off the ropes to get out of a headlock and hits a back body drop.
He tags Freak, to a small pop, who runs in and delivers a series of clotheslines to Bram and thew interfering Magnus. He and Knuxx hit a double suplex on Bram for a two count. Freak pulls Bram to his feet only to receive a flurry of punches to the head. Bram runs Freak's head into the turnbuckle then hits The Brighter Side of Suffering (Lifting DDT).
He hooks the leg;...1...2...3!

- Bram and Magnus celebrate to a small amount of heat.

Commercial Break

- A video package gives a 30 second recap of Impact's main event. A narrator then hypes the fallout on next week's edition where El Patron will debut, facing Austin Aries in the main event as well as another addition to The Last Laugh's card.

- We cut back to the ring as Samuel Shaw enters the ring to decent heat. A scattered "Creepy Bastard!" chant starts up.
Mr Anderson - There he is, the Creepy Bastard himself.
Jeremy Borash -
Now you spent months battling Samuel Shaw before finally sending him to an insane asylum. And since he returned he's seemed at least as deranged. What are your thoughts on seeing him tonight?
- Homicide enters to a good pop, as he makes his return in his home town.

Mr Anderson - I'm excited to see Homicide kick the crap outta him, Jeremy.

Homicide vs Samuel Shaw

They square up to each other and Shaw seems to sniff Homicide. Homicide pushes him away. Shaw steps forward right into a drop-kick. Homicide gets off to an explosive start. "Homicide!" chants start up as he uses high-pace, high-flying offense to dominate the match.

The tide turns when he dives off the top rope into a fist to the throat from Shaw. *Booo!*

Shaw takes control with ground and pound. He focuses on winding Homicide and damaging his neck with some brutal strikes and locks. He locks in the Katagatame... seems like there's nowhere for Homicide to go...Homicide runs them towards the ropes, jumps and slides out of the ring through the middle and top rope, forcing Shaw to break the hold.

Shaw exits the ring and Homicide pushes him back into the apron then throws him into the opposite barricade. He gets back in the ring, plays to the crowd to a pop, bounces off the ropes...charges...somersault suicide dive!!!

Homicide lands on his feet, pushing Shaw back hard into the barricade. After taking in the cheers, Homicide rolls Shaw back into the ring and goes to the top turnbuckle...Frogsplash; ...1...2...3!!!
- Homicide has his arm raised to a good pop.
Jeremy Borash - A win there, not only for Homicide, but, for the X Division as he proves that they really do have no limits.
- The show goes off the air as he raises his arms atop the top turnbuckle.
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Re: Impact Wrestling on Destination America


- Impact got a viewership of 263,000 on Destination America. Xplosion got 79,000. All relevant parties are apparently happy with these as a starting point.

- Xplosion ratings will most likely vary based on the matches or talent advertised. Impact ratings should increase based on the positive reviews and word-of-mouth the debut received.

- El Patron's cliff-hanger ending was a popular decision on every level. Allegedly, he originally refused to come to Impact but Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe convinced him to join in person.

- #TagTeamMatch trended worldwide after Teddy Long's surprise debut. This, achieving social media success, is seen as the most positive feat of the week.

- El Patron, Brian Cage, Theodore Long and Chris Sabin have all been added to the roster page.

This week's Impact's advertising is based on El Patron vs Austin Aries in the main event. Low Ki will be in action in the opening bout.

- Xplosion's advert hyped The Hardys vs Bragnus and Mark Andrews' debut.

- Impact's link with House of Hardcore has been shown once again. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Eric Young, James Storm and Abyss have all been confirmed to appear at HOH VIII.
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Re: Impact Wrestling on Destination America

Impact Wrestling - 16th January - Live! from the sold-out Manhatten Centre, New York
- A brand new opening video shows the company's top stars posing and entering to up-beat music, ending on Bobby Roode celebrating with the title.

- A short video package recaps last week's main event where, after a closely contestes title match between Roode and Aries, El Patron forced a no-contest via shock interference, laying out both competitors and the referee.

- Low Ki enters to a strong reaction, mostly boos with scattered cheers.

Josh Matthews - The fans unsure what to think about Low Ki's unprovoked attack on Tigre Uno last week.
- Homicide enters to a good pop.

Homicide vs Low Ki

Homicide and Low Ki lock up. Some classic X Division wrestling as they chain wrestle for the first good portion of the match, trading strikes, running attacks and minor suplexes and slams. After they trade arm drags, they dropkick at the same time then get back up to their feet and stare at each other, to a pop.

Taz - It's hard to see what might break the deadlock here, I mean, what an even match!

Low Ki swiftly sweeps Homicide's legs then kicks into his right leg. The fans boo.

Josh Matthews -
That just might do it.

Low Ki targets the right leg viciously. Homicide nearly gets momentum a few times, only to be stopped suddenly by Low Ki's cutting strike offense. Ki has to be pushed back by the referee a few times for continued strikes after Homicide reaches the ropes. This happens for a three times in a row, Ki refusing to stop hacking away at Homicide's leg.

Josh Matthews -
This is vulgur! Low Ki just not letting up.

Taz -
Why whould he? That's what makes a good champion.

Josh Matthews -
It's a rope break forgodsake!

Ki rushes back to Homicide who leans, standing, against the ropes. Homicide quickly lifts Ki up and over the top rope. Ki lands on the apron...and Homicide knocks him off with a big right hand. Ki crashes to the floor. Homicide favors the leg as the fans chant "Homicide!". Homicide nods his head to the beat of their chants, bounces off the ropes...somersault suicide dive!!!

He sends Ki crashing into the barricade as he lands on his feet and the fans pop. Homicide only stays standing for one short second before his leg buckles under his momentum. He favors his leg again for a moment. Another "Homicide!" chant wills Homicide back up to his feet. He rolls Ki back into the ring and climbs to the apron. He starts to climb the turnbuckle but stops with a foot on the middle and top rope each. He wobbles and favours his leg.

Taz - Ki's work has paid off! I'm not sure he can get to the top!

Homicide gets up to the top rope and wobbles again. Ki capitalizes on the time taken for Homicide to make the climb by leaping to his feet and high-kicking Homicide's right leg causing him to get crotched. The fans boo as Ki pulls Homicide off the turnbuckle and onto his shoulders...Ki Krusher!!

He hooks the leg; ...1...2...3!

- The fans continue to boo, as they had been since the Ki Krusher. Ki has his arm raised and is handed his title. After a few moments his music stops and he looks down at Homicide. He stomps Homicide's bad leg!

Josh Matthews - This is sick! Stop!
- Ki continues to good heat before lifting Homicide up and onto his shoulders...
...Tigre Uno's music hits to a fairly good pop. He sprints down to the ring and Ki drops Homicide. Uno and Ki trade punches. Ki goes for a spinning heel kick but Uno catches it, throws his leg down and snaps off a hurricanranna!
Ki stumbles back up to his feet and Uno dropkicks him, causing him to tumble through the ropes and out of the ring.
Uno's theme hits to another fairly good pop. He stands up on the top turnbuckle and points down at Ki who backs up the ramp.

Josh Matthews -
Tigre Uno coming to the aid of Homicide! We'll have more X Division action later on, but after the break we'll hear from MLK live!

Commercial Break

- Low Ki walks backstage looking sweaty and fatigued. A camera catches up to him. Low Ki turns to it to speak.

Low Ki - You want me to explain my actions from last week. I know, a lot of people do. You just didn't notice that I already explained them.
Last week I said I would restore the high level of competition that the X Division was born with. That's all that I did. These new guys don't have the bite, the hunger or the ferocity that we did back in the day. I'm here to pull that out of them, to show that if they don't have the motivation to fight and to win, then they shouldn't be here.
And if I have to ruffle a few feathers and break a couple of bones to put the spark back into the X Division: So be it.

- Cut to ringside. MVP's theme come's on and MLK walk down the ramp to a lot of heat. They swagger into the ring and MVP is handed a mike. The fans continue to boo loudly.

MVP - Save your opinion for later, my business is more important. *Louder Boos!!*
Fine. If you insist on pointlessly continuing then I will just have to ignore you, for you are irrelevant. The man I wish to speak to is Teddy Long. You see, last week, Teddy Long forced myself, Kenny King and Lashley to compete in an unscheduled match, without any warning whatsoever. *"You can't wrestle!"*
I, on behalf of MLK, seek an apology and a promise that such a wrong-doing will not occur again.
- MVP waits for a second as the fans continue to chant "You can't wrestle!".
Teddy Long's theme hits to a big pop. He enters to the top of the ramp, dances a little and then gets ready to speak.

Teddy Long - Ladies, gentleman, playas!
- Kenny King takes the mike from MVP.
Kenny King - Hey! Adress us, not them. They no longer exist. *Booo!*
Teddy Long - Nope. If they didn't exist I wouldn't be able to hear them booing you, now would I? *Pop!*
- King paces the ring looking pissed.
Teddy Long - In fact, Kenny, your career wouldn't exist if it wasn't for these fans! So how about you show a little respect.
King is furious.
Teddy Long - And you say you want an apology? Don't bother holding your breath. I won't apologize for you losing your match last week. That's why your out here; to make excuses. *Pop!*
But don't worry, I'm gonna give you a chance to rectify your mistakes. And I'm gonna do it by putting you in a tag team match!!! *POP!*
- Teddy walks off as the fans cheer. Kenny King is fuming in the ring but MVP calms him down.
Mr Anderson's music comes on and he walks out to the ramp to a decent pop. Gunner's theme follows to another decent pop. Eric Young's comes on next to a slightly better pop. The fans start to chant along to his theme "EY!EY!" as the three men walk down to the ring to take on MLK.

Taz -
Another unscheduled match? That can't be fair!

Josh Matthews -
They're wrestlers Taz, so ; surprise, surprise, they're gonna wrestle!
MLK will take on Mr Anderson, Gunner and "Show Time" Eric Young, live on Destination America after the break!

Commercial Break

Mr Anderson, Gunner and Eric Young vs MLK

Josh Matthews - During the break "hashtag tag team match" started trending world-wide for the second week in a row. If you want to discuss Impact on twitter, in general, we encourage you to use the hashtag "Impact Wrestling".

King and Lashley have an argument over who should start in. King graciously lets Lashley start. Gunner and Lashley square up to each other and then lock up. They are completely even until Lashley knees Gunner in the stomach. He then pulls him into MLK's corner. He deals out shoulder thrusts. King tags himself in. Lashley is annoyed. MVP calms the situation down.

King lays into Gunner's head with right hands. He says "This is how you do it!" to Lashley when Gunner pushes him back. King stumbles back then charges at Gunner, right into a boot. Gunner runs and clotheslines King then tags in Mr Anderson who gets a small pop for coming in the ring.

Anderson takes control of King. For the next while, Anderson, Young and Gunner hit some key moves on King, not letting him tag, for some close two counts. Gunner, tags Gunner, hits a powerslam on King. Gunner goes to the top rope. The fans cheer for the potential Diving Headbutt.

MVP rushes in and pulls Kenny King back towards their corner. He doesn't get far before Young runs into the ring to intercept...SPEAR! Young was speared out of nowhere! Gunner waits on the top turnbuckle as Anderson enters the ring and trades punches with Lashley. MVP pulls King back to their corner, gets out onto the apron and tags him self in.

MVP then rushes towards Anderson to help out Lashley...diving shoulder block!!! Gunner took MVP out with a massive diving shoulder block. He goes goes for the pin; ...1...2....No! Lashley ducked Anderson's punch then axehandle'd the cover. When Lashley turns back round Anderson goes for the Mike Check...Lashley pushes him backwards and forces him over the top rope and out of the ring!

MVP rolls back to his corner as Gunner and Lashley square up to each other. The crowd pops as they begin to trade stiff punches. Gunner starts to win out when Lashley levels him with one big punch. Gunner gets back up and Lashley kicks him in the gut and hits a suplex. Lashley tags himself in on MVP, putting one foot on the apron.

Taz -
The Destroyer tags himself back in, I think he's ready to finish this one off.

He then paces the ring like a predator, waiting for Gunner to get to his feet. Gunner stages to his feet...tag! King tags in, jumps to the top turnbuckle...diving somersault neck breaker!

Josh Matthews -
What a move from Kenny King! But Lashley doesn't look to pleased.

Lashley pulls King's arm and starts shouting at him. King shouts back. Lashley pushes King lightly. King delivers a fierce right hand to the head of Lashley! *Oooooohh!!!*

King lays in three more right hands and then s super kick, sending Lashley over the top rope and crashing down to the floor.
A big mixed reaction from the crowd as King looks down at Lashley's crumpled body.

King turns around, small package; ...1..2...3!!! Gunner got the win!!!

- MVP rushes back into the ring and asks what the hell happened as King shouts and points outside to where Lashley is. MVP seems shocked and unsure what to make of things. King paces the ring a little as MVP stares at him dumb-founded...

...SPEAR!!!! LASHLEY SPEARS KING! The crowd gives a big pop as Lashley stares down at King's mangled corpse.
MVP looks on in complete shock as Lashley walks away and up the aisle. The fans continue to cheer as the show fades out.

- A limo pulls up outside the arena. The chauffuer opens the door and El Patron walks out in a classy black suit.

Josh Matthews - There he is! The man who shook Impact Wrestling to its very core last week! He'll face "The Greatest Man Alive" Austin Aries in our main event.

Commercial Break

- We cut to the commentators upon return.

Josh Matthews - Before the break we saw rifts in MLK turn into a slug-fest which ended with Lashley spearing the life out of King.
Taz -
Not to mention; the man who shocked wrestling fans all over the world in last week's main event is here!
Josh Matthews -
That's all tonight, but on February first, Impact Wrestling will return to Pay-Per-View. And we already know that Revolution will defend their tag title gold against The Wolves and that Kurt Angle will finally get the chance to face EC3.
Taz -
I can't wait for that one, Josh.
Josh Matthews -
But what we can now announce is that Feast or Fired will return at The Last Laugh. Four brief cases will be on offer. You can get either a title shot or a pink slip.
Taz -
That match has the potential to make and break careers.
Josh Matthews -
The difference this time, is that you must announce that you will cash in for your title shot at least 24 hours in advance.
Taz -
Except for the brand new golden case, Josh.
Josh Matthews -
That's right. A fifth and sixth case have been added into the equation. The fifth is a golden case which lets you cash in for a title opportunity on the world champion at any time!
Taz -
Imagine the power that comes with that case!
Josh Matthews -
You could do a lot of things with that type of power, Taz. The sixth and final case is a second tag team title shot case. That means your partner has to be whoever pulls down the other case, it could be anyone!

- Revolution's theme comes on and they make their way down to the ring to good heat.
The Menagerie enter next to a very small pop.

The Great Sanada and Manik w/ Revolution vs The Menagerie w/ Crazzy Steve

Sanada and Knuxx start in. Knuxx goes to lock up, when Sanada slides through his legs. Knuxx turns around and Sanada kicks him in the gut. Sanada drops Knuxx with a super kick. He tags in Manik. Manik hits a few running attacks on Knuxx, who just stumbles around the ring, unable to get any offense.

Manik hits a springboard back elbow, droping Knuxx. He tags Sanada who goes to the top turnbuckle...Moonsault!

He makes the cover; ...1...2...3!!

- Revolution's theme comes on to a little heat.
Taz - An immpressive win in, what was that? Just over a minute?
- The music stops as Storm orders hims men to continue the attack. Khoya and Abyss attack Freak and Steve who were checking on Knuxx in the middle of the ring. They stomp them down to some heat. James Storm grabs a mike.

James Storm - This is a warning! An example! Wolves, you felt the pain that we bring to naysayers of the revolution. But just in-case our message wasn't clear, let us show you again!
- Abyss and Khoya double chokeslam The Freak to some heat. Sanada continues the attack on Steve. Manik looks on disapprovingly. Khoya exits the ring, retrieves a table and throws it in. Abyss sets it up next to the corner and puts Steve on top of it. Sanada and Khoya push Freak and Knuxx out of the ring with their feet.

James Storm - Manik, show The Wolves what happens to oppressors. Show them how we deal with threats.
- Manik stands, shakes his head then appeals to Storm.
James Storm -
Manik! Remember what you were taught. To achieve our goals, to bring justice in the future, some crimes must be committed in the present.
- Manik shakes his head.

Josh Matthews -
Manik seems unwilling to join in with this unprovoked beating.
- A tense pause as Storm swuares up to Manik and stares down at him.

James Storm -
Sanada! Show Manik what must be done.
- Sanada goes to the top turnbuckle...Diving Moonsault...Sanada crashes through the table!!!
Manik pulled Steve off the table.
Revolution are stunned for a moment. Storm commands Abyss and Khoya to take out Manik and they start to walk towards him...Manik readies himself for a fight as the crowd continues to make noise...Steve gets up to his feet and stands with Manik to a pop...
...The Wolves' theme hits!! The crowd cheers as they sprint down to the ring...The Wolves charge at Khoya and Abyss...Revolution retreat!
Storm pulls Sanada out of the ring as Abyss and Khoya evade the Wolves.

Josh Matthews -
The numbers game finally against Revolution! They run, scared!
- The fans cheer as The Wolves' theme comes back on and they take to the turnbuckles to celebrate. Steve checks on his team-mates.
Manik leans against the ropes and stares down at his now former faction. Storm points and shouts at Manik and The Wolves as Revolution back-pedal up the ramp.

- Austin Aries is with Jeremy Borash in the interview area. Aries looks pissed off.
Jeremy Borash - My guest at this time; Austin Aries. Now Austin, what do you have to say about the shocking events that took place in last week's main event?

Austin Aries -
I have to say; Alberto El Patron, last week you made the biggest mistake of your life by holding me back from my destiny, and that is the Impact Wrestling World Title. I don't know your your game, I don't know your motives, I just know that I get my revenge tonight in the main event.
Jeremy Borash -
So you'll go on the record to say that you would have defeated Bobby Roode, had Alberto El Patron not interfered.
Austin Aries - Of course I will. Make no mistake, "The Greatest Man Alive" Austin Aries would be world champion right now if it wasn't the invasion that took place. Alberto El Patron is the one accountable for the lack of gold in this outfit and tonight I punish him for his crimes!
- Aries walks off looking focussed.

Jeremy Borash - That was Austin Aries. Stay tuned for the main event where he'll take on Impact Wrestling's newest superstar: Alberto El Patron.

- Kurt Angle's theme hits and he enters to the ring to a big pop. He plays to the crowd for a bit before..."E!...C!...3!!!", ECIII's theme comes on and he swaggers down to the ring with Tyrus.
Josh Matthews - After the break, Kurt Angle will take on Tyrus, live on Destination America!

Commercial Break

Kurt Angle vs Tyrus w/ECIII

The bell rings. They lock up a few times and Kurt Angle lands minor suplexes and slams to wee pops. Tyrus gets frustrated and next time, just before they lock up, kicks Angle in the gut then clubs him on the back until he collapses to the mat. Tyrus gets decent heat as he tosses Angle around the ring for a bit. He hits a scoop powerslam, a body slam and then a running splash.

Taz -
You gotta wonder whether Angle can compete with someone as physical as Tyrus. I mean, he can't be quite a hundred percent since his return.

Tyrus pins for a short two count. He lifts Angle to his feet and punches him n the head. Angle returns the favor. They trade and Angle starts to win out. Tyrus drops Angle with a head-butt. He locks in a chin lock and keeps Angle grounded...until Angle slips out and hits a German suplex! He holds the grip...another German suplex...and another German suplex!

Angle lets go, gets fully to his feet and pulls down the top straps of his gear and then waits for Tyrus to get back to his feet. The fans pop.
ECIII gets up onto the apron. Angle runs and forearms him off. Angle looks down at ECIII for a second before turning back to Tyrus...Clothesline!

The fans boo as Tyrus levels Angle. Angle seems out of it when Tyrus goes to pick him up...Angle hangs onto Tyrus' leg...Ankle Lock!! He locks in the Ankle Lock and Tyrus has nowhere to go... *Cheer!*

ECIII rushes into the ring and Angle drops him with a right hand. As ECIII rolls out one side of the ring, Tyrus rolls out to the other, getting to safety.

Angle looks annoyed. He follows Tyrus out. When he gets out, Tyrus quickly grabs him by the head and smacks him head-first into the ringpost.

Tyrus retreats into the ring, getting heat as Angle favors his head on the outside. Angle gets back into the ring at a 6 count. Tyrus pulls him to his feet and then hits a T-Bone suplex.

Tyrus makes the cover; ...1...2.No!

Angle kicks out. He groggily gets to his feet and Tyrus locks in a Tongan Death Grip...

Josh Matthews -
We've seen this before. If you don't tpa out he'll turn it into a Chokeslam.

Angle looks in severe pain as Tyrus applies all the pressure he can. After a few moments, Tyrus lifts him up for a Chokeslam...but Angle drops down to his side...Olympic Slam!!!

The crowd cheer as Angle makes the cover; ...1...2...3!!!

- The crowd pops as his theme comes on. ECIII rushes into the ring and Angle rolls out. He favors his neck a bit then laughs and points at ECIII. He slaps some of the fans hands on the way up the ramp as ECIII looks on, livid.
Josh Matthews - Angle silences any critics by once again showing that there's no ring rust whatsoever.
Taz - I have to agree with you there; Angle in classic form right there.

- Bobby Roode is with Jeremy Borash in the interview area.

Jeremy Borash -
My guest at this time; the world heavyweight champion, Bobby Roode!
Now, Bobby, earlier on I was with Austin Aries and he stated that, had it not been for Alberto El Patron's interference, he would have beaten you and become the new world champion. Would you dispute this?
Bobby Roode -
JB, the mere fact that you have to ask that is an injustice. Myself, Austin Aries and the wrestling world was robbed of the conclusion to that match. And now my title reign is in disrepute.
No. There would not have been a new champion and in due course I will prove that I am a deserving champion.
Jeremy Borash -
Strong words there and I'm sure that both Austin Aries and Alberto El Patron will be looking to put you to the test on that. But, I must ask. When Alberto's music came on, you were on the top turnbuckle. Were you about to attempt a 450 Splash?
Bobby Roode -
I've been asked that, as much as anything else, all week. Austin pushed me to my limits and I needed to shake up the game. I needed something that would finish him off. So, yes, that's what I had in mind.
Jeremy Borash -
Wow! Talk about putting your body on the line. One last question; will you be watching the main event tonight?
Bobby Roode - You're damn right I will.
- Roode walks off.

Commercial Break

- Chris Sabin's theme comes on and he enters to a good amount of heat. Rockstar Spud enters to a big pop.

Rockstar Spud vs Chris Sabin

A "Rockstar Spud!" chant starts up as the tow men lock up. Spud grabs Sabin's arm and twists it, Sabin cart-wheels out of his grip and slaps Spud in the face to big heat. He laughs before Spud kicks him in the shin. Sabin doubles over and Spud hits a sunset flip;...1...2..No! Sabin kicks out and knees Spud in the stomach.

He takes control of the match, using basic slams and snap suplexes. Spud tries to gain momentum as the crowd wills him into the match but Sabin always puts an end to him before he can get any offense.

Sabin gets cocky, taunts the fans (to big heat) and goes out onto the apron. Sabin springboards in...dropkick! Spud dropkicks him in mid-air!
The crowd cheers and then claps a beat as Spud gets to his feet. Sabin stumbles up and Spud downs him with a crossbody, the same happens a second and third time. Sabin gets up again and Spud hits a tornado DDT!

He hooks the leg;...1...2...Kickout!

Spud goes to the top turnbuckle to a big pop...Frogsplash...No!! Sabin got his knees up! Spud writhes in pain.

He stumbles to his feet as Sabin gets to his...kick in the gut...he lifts him up...Cradle Shock;...1...2...3!!!

- The fans give great heat for Sabin who laughs as the referee raises his arm.
Samoa Joe's theme comes on to a big pop. He comes down to the ring with a mike as the fans chant "Joe's gonna kill ya!".

Samoa Joe - Chris. We go back a long way. We were both at the heart of Impact Wrestling as it grew into what it is today.
We're two of the most decorated X Division stars ever. *Pop!*
When you returned, I thought it was a good thing for the division, because whether I've liked you or hated you, you've always been one of the best athletes in the industry. *Pop*
But after you showed me the disrespect you did last week in your "grand return"...I don't know whether returning to Impact Wrestling is a good thing for this company...but it's certainly a very bad thing for you. *"Joe's gonna kill ya!"*
Lets cut to the chase; I want you one on one at The Last Laugh so that I can pay back that same disrespect. *Pop!*
Chris Sabin -!
- Sabin goes to walk away with a smug smile when Joe turns him around and kicks him in the crotch!
Samoa Joe - I thought you might say that. That's why I asked Teddy Long for the match earlier tonight. See you February first! *Pop!*
- Joe's music comes on and he poses for the fans. Sabin favours his crotch on the floor, looking up at Joe in horror.

Josh Matthews -
Another match added to the packed card for February first! It'll be Samoa Joe one on one with Chris Sabin! Stay tuned for our main event after the break, live on Destination America.

Commercial Break

- Graphics advertise Xplosion this Saturday night. The main event is cited as The Hardys vs Bragnus. Mark Andrews' debut is also teased.

- Alberto El Patron's theme comes on and he enters, stopping at the top of the ramp to bath in the mass of heat. He then runs down and slides into the ring before posing in its center, putting his arms out, causing the heat to grow louder. He gets handed a mike.

Alberto El Patron -
Before I compete, in the main event, I want to tell you the reason that I came to Impact Wrestling. I want to tell you why-
- Austin Aries' theme interrupts to a big pop and he walks quickly down to the ring looking pissed off. Patron slides out of the ring, smirking as Austin poses up on the turnbuckle to a big pop then points and shouts at Patron.

Austin Aries vs Alberto El Patron

Patron gets back in the ring. Aries starts towards him but the ref pushes him back. The bell rings and Aries charges at Patron. He throws multiple fists at Patron's head before Patron can evade by putting himself between the middle and top ropes. The fans cheer for Austin's enthusiasm but boo as Patron takes his time to get back in the match.

Patron uses the ropes to evade Aries a few more times as Aries grows more and more furious. Finally, when he lets go of the ropes, Aries throws a clothesline which Patron ducks. Patron chops Aries multiple times. Patron takes control with some chops, stomps and submission holds which focus on Aries' left arm. The crowd boo Patron's long series of slow offensive maneuvers. Patron smirks at them.

Josh Matthews - As much as this crowd might not like it, Alberto El Patron has very successfully turned Aries' aggression against him.

Patron has Aries in a sleeper hold...The fans start to clap Aries along as he makes his way to his feet...he elbows Patron in the gut...elbow...elbow...German Suplex!
Patron let go of the hold and German suplexed Aries hard! *BOO!*

Patron smirks...small package by Aries!...1...2...Patron kicks out and both men get to their feet...kick in the gut...Aries lifts him up...BRAINBUSTER!!! *POP!!!*

Josh Matthews -
Aries just dropped Aries on his head with that Brainbuster out of nowhere!

Taz -
But can he capitalise?

After a couple of seconds, Aries turns to Patron and drapes his arm over his chest;...1...2..No! *"1...2...Ooooh!"*

Josh Matthews -
Stay tuned for the continuation of out main event!

Commercial Break

Aries and Patron are just getting to their feet, Patron a little quicker. They trade punches slowly to "Oooh"s and "Aaah"s.

Josh Matthews -
This whole match has been all El Patron, but after that Brainbuster, things have evened up a little.

They trade harder and Aries hits three right hands in a row...he seems to be taking control...Patron kicks Aries in the arm! Aries drops to his knees, favoring the arm, Patron super kicks! But Aries ducks down...jumps to his feet...and drops Patron with a discus elbow smash!

Patron stumbles back to his feet...Aries lifts him onto his shoulders...rolling fireman's carry slam!

Patron staggers up...forward Russian leg sweep!

Patron gets up even slower this time as Aries dashes out onto the apron...Patron runs at him...Aries with a fore-arm, knocking Patron down...slingshot corkscrew splash!

A big pop as Aries makes the cover; ...1...2...Kickout!

Taz -
I thought he had it there.

Aries wastes no time, he pulls Patron back up to his feet...and Patron snaps off a head scissors. He keeps the hold locked in on the mat. *Booo!*

Aries does a handstand, steps out of the hold and dropkicks Patron in the face! *Pop!*

Patron's head bounces back up...dropkick to the face! *Pop!*

Patron's head bounces back up more dropkick to the face! The crowd pop with Patron grounded. The cheers grow louder as Aries climbs to the top turnbuckle...he points at Patron angrily then makes a title symbol on his stomach to another pop...450 Splash!!! But Patron got his knees up!!! *OOOOOHHHH!*

Aries holds his body in pain whilst on his knees for a moment, when Patron pulls him by the arm...and locks in an Arm-Bar!!! *BOOOO!*

AS the fans recognize Alberto's old finisher, Aries sells the arm big, shouting as Patron applies as much pressure as possible. He reaches towards the ropes...but can't make it...

Josh Matthews -
Alberto El Patron has been working on that arm all match and now he might just capitalize on it!

...he pulls Patron as hard as he can towards the ropes...

...Aries grabs the ropes! *Cheer!*

The ref counts to four before Patron lets go. He tries to pull Aries back into the hold but Aries pushes him away...Patron moves back towards him...discus elbow Smash!!! *Pop!*

Patron stumbles back...bounces off the ropes...stumbles back towards Aries...Enziguiri!!!

A mix of shock and massive heat as Aries falls flat on his face and Patron instantly rolls him over and hooks both legs for the cover;...1...2...3!!!

- Patron's theme comes on to massive heat form the fans. He gets up and smirks at the fans, despite selling great fatigue, whilst the referee raises his arm. He poses on a few of the turnbuckles to more big heat.
Then he is handed a mike.

Alberto El Patron -
Before I was so rudely interrupted by the self-proclaimed "Greatest Man Alive"...

- Patron looks down at Aries, laid out on the mat, and laughs to big heat.

Alberto Del Rio - ...I was going to tell you why I'm here in Impact Wrestling... *BOO!*

- Patron laughs a little more as "Shut the Fuck Up!" Chants grow almost too loud for him to be heard. He speaks a little louder.
Alberto El Patron - I came to Impact Wrestling to become Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. But unlike the ignorant, plethora of professional wrestlers who came here for the same reason; I came here with a guarantee.

- The chants die down as they wait for Patron to speak.

Alberto El Patron - That shut you up, didn't it! You all want to hear how the people's champion, Bobby Roode's days are numbered. You want to know how Alberto El Patron knows that he will assume Roode's position at the top of the ladder. *Massive Heat*
I know, because when I signed my contract I was guaranteed a world title shot. *Big Heat*
And I also know that that tile shot comes on February The Last Laugh! *Big Mixed Reaction*

- Patron's music comes on and he takes back up to the turnbuckle to pose for big heat.
His music is then cut out by Bobby Roode's. Roode steps out onto the ramp.

Josh Matthews -
Bobby Roode coming out to show his opponent on February first, he isn't scared! Tune in next week to Impact Live for the next step on the road to The Last Laugh!
The two men stare off from afar as the show fades out...


This was up a little late due to computer problems. Sorted now. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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Re: Impact Wrestling on Destination America

IW: Xplosion - 17th January from the sold-out Manhatten Centre, New York

- Opening intro.

- The crowd chants "TNA!" as Xplosion opens.

Josh Matthews -
My guest commentator this week...Taz!
Taz - Not such a guest to the announcing table, but sure.
- Some unknown up-beat music comes on...Mark Andrews comes down the ramp to a small pop, slapping the hands of fans on his way by.
Ace Vedder (Trent Barretta) is already in the ring.
Josh Matthews - Ace Vedder has appeared at a few of out One Night Only events with varying success. Whereas Mark Andrews, winner of British Bootcamp Series 2, is set to make his Impact Wrestling debut!
Taz - You can expect some big things from this kid in my opinion.

Mark Andrews vs Ace Vedder

They go to lock up when Vedder slaps Andrews in the face to some heat. Andrews quickly returns with a punch to the face, two more and then a whip off the ropes. Vedder returns and Andrews goes to the mat, letting Vedder runover him and bounce off the opposite ropes. Vedder returns again and Andrews snaps off a hurricanranna.

Vedder slowly gets back up...another hurricanranna...Vedder gets back up...another hurricanranna...Vedder gets back up...
...Vedder clothes-line attempt, ducked...Dragon Suplex.

Andrews holds for the pin; ...1...2...Kickout!
The crowd cheers and claps at this offensive series. Andrews goes to the top turnbuckle. He plays to the crowd, telling them to make some noise and they do...Shooting Star Press!!! *Pop!*

Taz - What a debut!
Josh Matthews - Andrews makes light work of Ace Vedder.
Taz - You can say that again.
Josh Matthews - Our main event, on the other hand, can be expected to be a very close contest. We'll see Bragnus take on The Hardys. You won't want to miss it.

- Samuel Shaw stands somewhere dark, backstage.

Samuel Shaw - Lust is defined as an intense desire. A craving. An urge. Lust is what I feel for the mystique, the risk, those tantalizing, playful metal cases...
...they tease me. I must have one. Anybody who enters Feast or Fired should be aware that they will face Samuel Shaw. I will be determined. I will be transfixed. I will have one of those cases...I won't be responsible for the damage I do to get one.

Tigre Uno vs DJ Z w/ Bro Mans

Uno gets a decent pop upon entering. Bro Mans get a similar level of heat. They lock up and Uno hits an arm drag. They lock up again, Uno hits an arm drag. Another lock up, another arm drag. They both pause and Uno gets a small pop. DJ Z complains about not being ready. They lock up and,just as they do, Z stomps Uno's foot. He then hits his own arm drag and poses to the crowd to a fairly good amount of heat.

He goes over and leans back on the ropes. Jessie and Robbie get up onto the apron and take selfies with him. The crowd boo a bit until Uno, bounces off the ropes, runs and hits a cross body, knocking Robbie and Jessie off the apron, whilst Z falls through onto the apron himself.

Z gets up as Uno bounces off the ropes again, returns and running dropkicks him off the apron onto Robbie and Jessie. Uno gets a decent pop. He points up in the air then down at Bro Mans, bounces off the ropes, runs...CORKSCREW PLANCHA!!!

A good pop as Uno takes out all three Bro Mans members. Uno lands on his feet and takes in the cheers, slapping the hands of one or two of the fans.

He rolls Z back into the ring. Robbie gets up and turns Uno around. He throws a punch, Uno catches it and head scissors Robbie, sending him flipping onto the outside mat, hard. Uno gets back up onto the apron. Z staggers t his feet...Uno springboard crossbodies onto Z, hooking both legs upon landing; ...1...2...Kickout!

Uno drags Z to his feet and Z grabs his mask. Uno pulls away, when he turns back to Z he is nailed with a dropkick to the face. Z rests on the mat as Uno favors his nose.

The referee counts up to six, when both men get up. They briefly trade punches. Z kicks Uno in the gut, Uno kicks Z in the gut...sunset flip! ...1...2...Kickout!

Uno goes to the top turnbuckle to a pop.

Josh Matthews -
We know what comes next...


Taz -
Corkscrew 450!!!

Uno makes the cover; ...1...2...3!!!

- The fans give a good pop as Uno poses for them on the top turnbuckle.

Josh Matthews - Uno building some momentum, these past couple of weeks.

- Jeremy Borash stands in the iterview area with Eric Young.

Jeremy Borash - My guest at this time: Eric Young. Eric, I heard you have an announcement.
Eric Young - I do Jeremy. In 2014 I became a world champion for the first time ever. That was the best moment of my career by leaps and bounds. The most satisfying moment of my life. I haven't been able to recapture the title since that first title reign.
But now, I see the golden opportunity: Feast or Fired. My feast will be a second world title reign. And you might say "Eric, what if you get fired?". Well, that isn't going top happen, because I'm putting all my focu into pulling down that golden case. The one that gives you a world title opportunity any place, any time.
You thought 2014 was a good year for Eric Young? Wait till you see 2015.

- We cut to the commentators' table.

Taz - EY looking to obtain the ultimate feast at Feast or Fired. I wouldn't put it past him. On a good day, EY can take on any challenge.
Josh Matthews - That's true, but he'll have some stiff competition. Four new entrants have just been announced and they'll be in our main event next.
Taz - You mean...
Josh Matthew -
...Bragnus and The Hardyz will both be in the Feast or Fired match. Stay tuned.

Commercial Break

- Bragnus enter to fairly good heat.

- The Hardys enter to a good pop.

The Hardys vs Bragnus

Matt and Bram start in. They have a very intense, physical battle which the New York crowd really get behind. They battle in and out the ring, using the barricade and the announcers table to their advantage. Bram even sets up a spare chair then smacks Matt's head off of it. The ref shouts at Bram from inside the ring.

Josh Matthews -
I think we might be looking at a disqualification here.

Suddenly, Matt gets up and smacks the Bram in the face with the chair to a big pop. The referee shrugs as if to say that makes them even.

Taz -
What are you talkin' about Josh, this is New York City for cryin' out loud.

Matt rolls Bram into the ring and covers for a two count. He goes up to the top turnbuckle and plays to the crowd for a cheer. He jumps off for a Diving Leg Drop...but Bram rolls out of the way!

Matt crashes and burns! Bram and Matt slowly get up...and tag their partners...Mangus and Jeff storm into the ring to a pop. Jeff immediately takes control with a combination of running attacks, suplexes and semi-highflying attacks, not stopping to take a breathe. The fans get well on his side.

He lines Magnus up for a Twist of Fate...Magnus sweeps his legs, pulls Jeff towards him and locks in the Cloverleaf!

The fans boo loudly as Magnus applies pressure. Jeff tries to get towards the ropes but can't reach. Matt runs in and Bram hits him with a clothesline, taking them both over the ropes and out of the ring. Jeff rolls over and pushes Magnus away with his legs. Magnus charges him...kick in the gut...Twist of Fate! *Pop!*

Jeff goes to the top turnbuckle. The fans cheer as he sets up for the Swanton Bomb.

Suddenly, Bram jumps up onto the apron and punches Jeff in the head repeatedly. Bram gets up onto the second rope, but Jeff kicks him off and he crashes down to the outside.

Now Magnus jumps up to the middle turnbuckle with Jeff. He punches him a few times in the stomach...Super Tormentum!!! (A twisting Samoan drop off the top rope)
Magnus hooks the leg; ...1...2...3!!

- The fans boo as Magnus's music comes on and Bragnus has their arms raised. Bram then throws the referee out of the ring, sending crashing to the outside in a heap.

He goes and gets two chairs, giving one to Magnus upone his return. The fans boo loudly. They wait for Jeff to groggily get back up to his feet. They charge from either side of Jeff and swing!!! ... But Jeff moves!!! ... The chairs smack off each other and both men stumble back, hurt.

Matt slides into the ring. He and Jeff Twist of Fate Magnus and Bram respectively. They head to the top turnbuckle.

The lights dim as The Hardys freeze, looking confused. Samuel Shaw sprints down to the ring in ripped black jeans and a white T-Shirt which seems to have blood on it. He has a metal baseball bat in hand.

Jeff dives off the top rope at Shaw...head-first into a swing of the baseball bat. The fans give big heat as Jeff rolls out of the ring along with Bram and Magnus.

Matt jumps off too and Shaw hits him in the stomach with the bat. Matt drops to his kneet. Shaw backs off...takes a run-up...and swings hard!! A strong connection with Matt's face and the bat. The fans give a lot more heat. Matt is bleeding, laid out flat on the mat. Shaw stands over him.

Josh Matthews - Samuel Shaw just...laying waste to The Hardys here...we'll be back next week...

- Silence and some lingering heat join this image as the show fades out.
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Re: Impact Wrestling on Destination America


- Impact got a viewership of 402,000 this week, not far from doubling that of last week. Impact and Xplosion were both well-received by critics. Xplosion got 108,000. The increase achieved was even better than hoped or expected.

- Bobby Roode vs El Patron has been deemed a good main event by the IWC. The return of Feast or Fired has had a less positive response, with optimists saying that it will only work if booked exceptionally well.

- #TagTeamMatch trended worldwide again. Another positive step, however the goal is to move onto other, less sarcastic trends.

- Ace Vedder has not been added to the roster page. It has been rumored however that more "One Night Only talent" will appear on TV and perhaps even fill out the roster for Feast or Fired.'s new description of Feast or Fired said "Who knows who will enter themselves for the opportunity to feast?".

- This week's Impact's advertising is based on the main event: Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Mr Anderson and Eric Young versus MLK and El Patron. The show will open with a match to decide who will face Low Ki at The Last Laugh.

- Xplosion's advert hyped Samuel Shaw vs Matt Hardy in a street fight. The use of blood in Xplosion last week was praised. Xplosion's later time-slot allows for blood. There has been no report, however, that Destination America won't allow any blood on Impact.
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Re: Impact Wrestling on Destination America

Impact Wrestling - 23rd January

- Live! from the sold-out

Manhatten Centre, New York

- A recap of last week, focusing on MLK's civil war and Alberto El Patron defeating Austin Aries, then announcing his title match at The Last Laugh.

- Intro Video Package.

- A few shots of a noisy crowd as the show opens up.

Josh Matthews - Welcome to Impact Wrestling Live on Destination America! I'm Josh Matthews here with Taz.
- Tigre Uno's theme hits to a fairly good pop.
Taz - As promised, we're starting the night off with a number one contenders match, which will decide who challenges Low Ki for the X Division title at The Last Laugh.
- Brian Cage's theme comes on and he enters to a fairly decent pop.
- "BOOM!" Bro Mans' theme hits and they obnoxiously make their way to the ring to fairly good heat.
- Homicide enters to the best pop yet.
- Rockstar Spud enters to a very slightly better pop than even Homicide.

Taz - Well, we didn't know who was gonna be in this match-up, and it turns out there's five competitors! The title shot is up for grabs, my friends.

Tigre Uno vs Brian Cage vs DJ Z w/ Bro Mans vs Homicide vs Rockstar Spud

All five men stand in corners of the ring, unsure of whether they should attack first. A fairly clear "Rockstar Spud!" chant starts up. DJ Z bursts into the middle of the ring and shouts "BUR! BUR! BUR! BUR!" to good heat. All attention turns to Z. Homicide running dropkicks him, Z stumbles into an Alabama slam from Cage, Z bounces up, favouring his back into a tornado DDT from Rockstar Spud. Uno jumps to the top turnbuckle as Z lands...

...the fans continue to pop, half for Spud, half for the anticipated diving move...when Jessie and RObbie get onto the apron and push Uno off the top, sending him down to the mat. Spud and Cage nail Jessie and Robbie with fore-arms knocking them down to the outside...they bounce off the ropes, opposite...suicide dives!!! They land suicide dives on Robbie and Jessie to a pop. All four men, messily get up to their feet...summersault suicide dive!!! Homicide takes out all four men...the fans cheer as all five men get back up again and start to trade punches in a chaotic cluster...Uno gets up, bounces off the ropes CORKSCREW PLANCHA ONTO FIVE MEN!!!

A "This is Awesome!" chant booms as six men lie in a heap on the outside.

Taz - You're damn rightt it's awesome!!!

As they slowly get up...Z climbs to the top turnbuckle...he shouts "Bur Bur Bur Bur!!!" to heat, when Tigre Uno leaps up to the apron, ladders the ropes and...super hurricanrannas Z into the ring! A pop as he hooks the leg...for a two count.

Uno works Z over for a bit with high-flying offense, getting the crowd on his side as well as some close falls. Homicide re-enters and throws Z out of the ring. He and Uno engage in some chain wrestling, each coming out on top an even amount of times.

Homicide hits a Gringo Cutter out of nowhere to a good pop; ...1...2...Spud!

Spud breaks it up. Spud forearms Homicide in the back a few times, Homicide pushes him off and Spud takes Homicide down with a running crossbody. He goes up tot he top turnbuckle to a good pop...Frogsplash!! He makes the cover;...1...2...Diving Elbow Drop!!

Cage from the top turnbuckle. Spud favors his back big time as Homicide rolls out of the ring. Cage lifts Spud up to his feet...sets up for the Weapon X (Gory special transitioned into a reverse STO)...and hits it!!!

Spud is out cold; ...1...2...No!

Josh Matthews - I thought he had it!

DJ Z squirms his way back into the ring to break up the pin. Cage spends some time, throwing Z around the ring whilst showing his agility too to a few pops. He looks to set up for the finish when Robbie runs into the ring and grabs Cage in a waist lock. Jessie charges...Bro Down!!

Cage is down as DJ Z makes his way to the top turnbuckle...450 Splash; ...1...2...NO!!!

Homicide breaks it up with a lethal dropkick to the head. Robbie and Jessie start stomping him but Homicide comes out swinging. He delivers right hands to them both then bounces off the ropes and crossbodies...Bro Mans catch him and star to laugh...Uno gets onto the apron...springboard missile dropkick to Homicide's back knocks him down on Bro Mans!

Uno goes to the top turnbuckle...lines up for a move on DJ Z...Sabertooth (450 Corkscrew) Splash!!!

He hooks the leg as the fans cheer;...1...2...Homicide pulls Uno off.

Uno gets straight to his feet. Homicide swings his right arm at Uno, Uno ducks...Tiger Suplex; ...1...2...3!!!

- Uno's theme comes on to a good pop. The referee raises his arm.

Josh Matthews -
There it is! Tigre Uno will face Low Ki at The Last Laugh!

- Uno poses at a few turnbuckles then returns to the centre of the ring. Low Ki runs in and drops Uno with a rolling heel kick. *HEAT*
Uno gets to his feet and Low Ki dismantles him with a Krush Kombo (Two shoot to the followed by a roundhouse to the head of the now kneeling opponent). *Heat*
Uno is out cold on the ground. Ki goes up to the top rope...Warrior's Way! (Diving Double Footstomp) *Ooohhh!*

Josh Matthews -
Another unprovoked attack on Uno by Low Ki...supposedly in the name of competition...

Taz - What d'ya mean supposedly? He's restoring the great name of the X Division.
- Low Ki stands in the middle of the ring with the title raised in one hand to good heat.
Josh Matthews - Stay tuned for more on Destination America...

Commercial Break

- Austin Aries is in the doctor's office. A doctor is examining his arm.

Doctor - There doesn't seem to be any overly serious problem, but I'd recommend that you don't compete for at least a couple of weeks.
Austin Aries - No way. I'm not missing my match, let alone The Last Laugh.
Doctor - Austin, if you perform then you could seriously aggravate the injury. Whilst it's only a minor one right now, if you hurt your arm again, it could put you on the shelf for months.
Austin Aries - Every time I perform I put my body on the line. I can deal with a little extra risk. Especially for the sake of the main event.
Doctor - If you go through with this tonight, will you at least consider resting up after that. Just a couple of weeks is all I'm suggesting. I heard you aren't booked for our Pay-Per-View yet. Just give it a miss and return at full steam at the next one. Austin Aries - I'm glad to say that you heard wrong doc. Thismorning I was officially booked for Feast or Fired. And I'll be damned if I don't feast.
- Aries pats the doctor on the shoulder.

Austin Aries - Thanks for the advice doc.
- Aries walks out. The doctor still looks concerned.

- We cut to the announcers' table.

Josh Matthews - A revelation there. Austin will join Eric Young, The Hardys, Bragnus, Samuel Shaw plus a lot more by entering Feast or Fired. And you can see a preview of that by tuning into Xplosion this Saturday night. It'll be Matt Hardy and Samuel Shaw, settling their differences, in a street fight!
Taz - But how about what we just saw? Austin Aries isn't a hundred percent?
Josh Matthews - Yeah, I heard earlier tonight that Austin had suffered a minor sprain to his right arm after Alberto El Patron cranked the pressure on that Arm Bar last week. Austin of course has said that he will compete anyway in tonight's main event which will pit Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Mr Anderson and Eric Young against Alberto El Patron and MLK.
Taz - But can MLK co-exist after that brawl last week?
Josh Matthews - I haven't heard a word on the situation. I was under the impression that they had split up after King punched Lashley, who retaliated with a massive spear.
Taz - I guess we'll just have to see tonight.
- Teddy Long's theme hits to a very good pop and he comes to the ring.

Teddy Long - Ladies, gentleman, playas! *Pop!*
Now I've come out here tonight to make an announcement. A lot of ya'll have been wondering just who is going to be in Feast or Fired.
You know that Eric Young has entered! *Pop!*
You know that The Hardys have entered! *Pop!*
You know the newly named, Bragnus have entered! *Boo!*
You know that Samuel Shaw has entered *Boo*
And finally, you know that "The Greatest Man Alive! Austin Aries has entered!! *POP!*
That's seven superstars. Now, we have six cases. So, by my estimations, we have a lot more spots to fill. *Pop*
In fact, I have decided that there will be twenty five entrants, meaning that eighteen are still to be let me announce them...*Pop!*
...Mr Anderson... *Pop!*
...The Menagerie, Brian Cage, Homicide...*Pop*
Bro Mans...*Boo*
Shark Boy...*Pop!*
...British Bootcamp Season two winner, Mark Andrews...*Pop*
... and finally...Gunner!!! *Pop!*
Josh Matthews - An exciting line up there, but...was that enough names...
Teddy Long - Now, for the mathematicians in the audience, I'll admit that that was only twenty names. The final five are MYSTERY ENTRANTS! *Pop*
None of them are current roster members, but all of them could be soon if they win the right brief-case. *Pop*
Taz - There you go, Josh! Mystery Entrants!
Teddy Long - Oh! And before I go...I'm also going to make...*The Audience say the next part with him*
The participants have already been informed...and that match is going to be...*Audience speaks along again*
- Teddy Long walks out as The Wolves' theme comes on and they run down to the ring to a good pop.
- Bragnus come out next to fairly good heat.

Josh Matthews - Stay tuned for The Wolves vs Bragnus, live!

Commercial Break

The Wolves vs Bragnus

Richards and Bram start in. Bram wins out with some brutal striking moves at first, but Richards soon retaliates with dynamic offense. He and Edwards tag in and out, taking control of Bram with innovative tag offense to cheers from the crowd. After a while, they hit a Super Kick/German Suplex Combo and Magnus breaks the pin just in time.

Magnus stomps Richards (who made the cover) down hard. Edwards runs at him and Magnus uses his momentum to send him over the ropes and out of the ring. Magnus hits a pile-driver on Richards. Bram gets a two count then tags Magnus in.

Magnus beats Richards down and then Bragnus start to dominate. RIchards can't get to his corner to tag for a good while before he drops down behind Magnus during a suplex attempt, turns him around and super kicks him. Richards hot tags and Edwards charges around the ring, taking out Bram and Magnus with a series of running attacks and suicide dives at either side of the ring. He rolls Magnus back into the ring.

Suddenly we hear the Revolution whistle. James Storm walks down looking mad, followed by Khoya, Abyss and The Great Sanada. Edwards readies himself and Richards for a fight. Richards bounces off the ropes, runs and suicide dives out onto Revolution.

Edwards goes to do thee same...gut kick...Tormentum!!!


- The fans boo as Magnus seals the victory. His music comes on for only a few seconds as more action starts to kick off. He and Bram slip away up the ramp.

Revolution are now stomping Richards into the ground on the outside. Khoya gets a table and throws it in the ring as Sanada and Abyss beat down Edwards in the ring. Outside, Storm shouts at Richards...who slowly gets up...Last Call!
Edwards is put on the table which is set up near the corner. Sanada is commanded to go to the top rope by Storm and he does so. The fans boo this beat-down.
A big pop as Manik sprints down. Edwards rolls off the table and Manik pushes Sanada through. Manik goes to the top tunbuckle and diving crossbodies Khoya to the mat. Abyss charges at him and Manik trips him with a dropkick to the knee. Storm comes up from behind Manik...super kick!!
Edwards duper kicked Storm! Edwards and Manik slip out of the ring as Revolution try to gather themselves.
The Wolves and Manik walk up to the ramp and The Wolves' theme comes on to a big pop. Abyss helps Storm to his feet and hands him a microphone.

James Storm -
CUT THE GOD DAMN MUSIC!!! Manik! You have crossed the Revolution! You have aligned yourself with The Wolves, these cynics, these defeatists who do not believe there can be change. They revel in the current system which holds us back!

You have betrayed us! We will have justice! At The Last Laugh you can face The Great Sanada for your crimes.
- Sanada is now propped up by Khoya.

James Storm - And trust me, you will regret your foolishness.
- Storm drops the mike. Manik nods confidently.

- Alberto El Patron steps out of his limo and is immediately faced by a camera.

Alberto El Patron - Please, please, get that thing out of my face. Tonight I will do all my talking in the ring, when I show that I, Alberto El Patron, am better than four of Impact Wrestling's top stars put together.
- Patron walks away.

- MLK are backstage in front of the camera. They look confident and don't seem phased by last week's conflict.

MVP - Let me adress the situation, or - in actual fact - lack there of. You see, last week, people seemed to get the wrong impression. The ignorant concept of MLK breaking up formed and I'm here to put it to rest. MLK is not breaking up.
Yes. Lashley and Kenny did get into some words. Yes. Lashley and Kenny did trade a few punches. Yes. There is regret on both sides. No. MLK are not breaking up.
We will continue to dominate. We will continue to prove that we run this company. A run of bad form and some petty squabbling will all be forgotten once we step into the ring in the main event, where we belong, and one of us pins the world champion, Bobby Roode.
Last week you saw us fight. Do you know who else fights? Brothers. And that's what we are: brothers. Brothers don't walk away from each other. Right?
- MVP sounds confident, yet like may be reassuring himself.
Lashley - Right.
Kenny King -
Damn right.

- King and Lashley shake hands and then MLK walk off.

- Cut back to ringside. Samoa Joe's theme comes on to a really good pop. He enters looking determined, slapping a few hands.
Samoa Joe - Tonight I get my hands on Chris Sabin nine nights early. Chris is gonna get a taster of what's to come. A preview of what will make him realize that coming back to Impact Wrestling and showing a Submission Machine who emanates from Samoa is a bad idea. *Pop!*
This is not how the X Division should be treated and this is not how I will be treated. *Pop!*
So we each got to choose a tag team partner and I decided to pick someone how symbolizes the exact opposite of Chris Sabin. Chris Sabin, who's come back cocky, looking to cut corners. I chose a young, hungry future star who'll break his own body to prove himself...*Pop!*
...I chose someone who wants to show he can be the best and who can continue the long line of performers who have brought legitimacy and pride to the X Division...*Pop!*
...I chose Mark Andrews! *Pop!*
- Andrews' theme hits and he comes down to the ring looking pumped. The crowd give a fairly good pop. Joe shakes Andrews' hand and hands him the mike. He lifts it to his mouth...
...Chris Sabin's music hits to pretty good heat and a few cheers. He walks out ot the ramp cockily.

Chris Sabin -
I'm sorry: Did I interrupt this millennial who's about to wrestle his second match in the company? Did I, Chris Sabin, triple crown winner and ten time champion in Impact Wrestling stop Mark Anderson from sharing his thoughts. *Booo*

Guess what kid! You're thoughts don't matter and you don't matter! I matter! Compared to you, even Samoa Joe matters! *Booo!*
Mark Andrews - What matters is who beats who, so why don't you come down to this ring so we can find out? *Pop*
Chris Sabin - You're British! Need I say more?!
- Sabin chuckles to himself as the crowd gives an oddly mixed reaction.

Chris Sabin - Let me introduce my partner, former X Division and Tag Team Champion and the only other Motor City Machine Gun in the world...*POP!*
- Alex Shelley steps out to the Motor City Machine Guns' old theme and a massive pop. Sabin hands him the mike.

Alex Shelley - Well, it's nice to be back in TNA! *POP!*
They told me to call it Impact Wrestling but I didn't want to vomit in my mouth so...*Laughs/Pop*
Call it what you want, for three years this company's been missing something and that something is Alex Shelley. *Pop!* *"Alex Shelley!*
But not to worry, the world-wide thirst for Alex Shelly can finally be quenched because this isn't a one night thing, Alex Shelley is making a full time return! *Pop!*
And I'll have a brief case to prove it soon enough. Oh, sorry Teddy, was that meant to be a mystery? *Pop!*
Taz - Wow! It looks like Alex Shelley is entering into Feast or Fired, Josh!
Samoa Joe - Alex, I don't care who kicks your ass at The Last Laugh, I care about making you tap tonight! *Mixed reaction!*
- Alex Shelley goes to speak into his mike but it's no longer on. Small heat.
Josh Matthews - I guess the time for talking is over. Samoa Joe and Mark Andrews will take on the returning Motor City Machine Guns after the break!

Commercial Break

Samoa Joe and Mark Andrews vs The Motor City Machine Guns

Samoa Joe starts in with Alex Shelley. A loud "Alex Shelley! Lets go Joe!" chant is in full swing. The two lock up several times, coming out even. Some chain wrestling harkens back to the old X Division days as the fans continue to be split down the middle. After a long encounter of reversed holds and minor slams and strikes, Shelley pokes Joe in the eye to big heat. He hits a back-cracker and tags Sabin.

A "Motor City!" chant grows as the Machine Guns control Joe for the next portion of the match, using some of their classic manuevers including the Doomsday Dropkick, Bullet Point (Baseball slide (Shelley) followed by a Hesitation Dropkick (Sabin) in the tree of woe) and an Inverted Atomic Drop/Dropkick/Bridging Reverse Chinlock/Dropkick combo series.

Taz -
Vintage Motor City Machine Guns!

Joe comes back and seems to single-handedly deal with both opponents on several occasions, but MCMG always snap off a double team move to quell the comeback. The fans pop big for all of the above. They go for a double super kick to Joe (kneeling) but Joe ducks it and works his way up to his feet, chopping both opponents. He hits a double dropkick to a pop and then hot tags Mark Andrews.
Josh Matthews - Mark Andrews, finally going to get into this match.

A decent pop as Andrews storms the ring, taking Sabin and Shelley on a ride as he floors them with running attack after running attack and springboard after springboard.

Andrews hits a Dragon Suplex on Shelley then goes to the top rope (With Sabin on the ground)...Shooting Star Press...misses!!! Andrews writhes in pain after Sabin rolls out of the way. Andrews gets to his feet, still in pain, and The Motor City Machine Guns, with great Fluidity come together to hit a Made in Detroit!! (Sitout powerbomb(Sabin)/Sliced Bread(Shelley) combo)

Sabin hooks the leg; ...1...2...3!!!

- The Motor City Machine Guns theme comes on to a big mixed reaction. Joe rushes into the ring just too late as MCMG quickly get up and have their arms raised.

Josh Matthews - A valiant effort from Mark Andrews and Samoa Joe, but The Motor City Machine Guns get the win.
- Joe pulls Andrews out of the ring, looking up at MCMG with contempt.

Commercial Break

- Cut to the announcers' table.

Josh Matthews - We are a week and two days away from our return to Pay-Per-View in the form of The Last Laugh which will emanate from another sold out Manhatten Ballroom.
Taz - I do love New York city! I don't ever wanna leave here.Josh Matthews - And although tickets are sold out, we did hold back ten tickets. These tickets will be on offer through a competition. All you have to do is tweet using the hashtag "Last Laugh Live".
Taz - "Last Laugh Live"! Don't forget it!
Josh Matthews - We encourage you to use this hashtag to discuss the upcoming Pay-Per-View as well as throwing your name into the hat for the random draw for the opportunity to win one of those tickets.

- Bobby Roode is backstage in the interview area with Jeremy Borash.

Jeremy Borash - My guest at this time: the Impact Wrestling world heavyweight champion, Bobby Roode.
Now, Bobby, how do you feel about the announcement that you will face Alberto El Patron at The Last Laugh with the title on the line. Bobby Roode - You know what Jeremy, it saved me a lot of time. Because if that match wasn't already in his contract, if he hadn't already arranged the match then I would have had to do it myself. Because one way or another, after what he did to me and Austin Aries two weeks back; I wanted my match.
No, i need this match to prove that I am the undisputed best wrestler in this company. Because if I can't prove that then I don't deserve to have this belt.
Jeremy Borash - And were you impressed at El Patron's win over Austin Aries in last week's main event.Bobby Roode - Any time you beat Austin Aries you impress me. That one could have gone either way, for sure, but if he hadn't already been on my radar, he would be now.
Jeremy Borash - And how do you feel about the eight man tag main event tonight, where you will team with Aries, Eric Young and Mr Anderson to take on El Patron and MLK?
Bobby Roode - I'm gonna be in there with seven of this industry's greatest performers. I'm gonna prove that I'm greater. And if I can get a few shots in at Alberto before The Last Laugh then that's the icing on the cake.
Jeremy Borash - Thanbk you for your time.
Bobby Roode - Any time, Jeremy.

- We cut back to ringside. Gunner's theme comes on and he enters to a fairly good pop.
"E!...C!...3!!!" ECIII's theme comes on and he enters to very good heat. Tyrus walks behind him.

Gunner vs ECIII w/Tyrus

Gunner starts off strong, winning the test of strength, then knocking ECIII down multiple times with punches and clotheslines before moving onto a couple of scoop power slams. He then lifts ECIII up in the air for a suplex...holds him...holds him...and lands the suplex!
Taz - Gunner just showing his brute strength early on in this match up.

ECIII kicks out of a pin attempt then rolls out to Tyrus. Tyrus holds him up as ECIII catches his breathe. Gunner slides out of the ring and chases ECIII a little, who scrambles away. Tyrus turns Gunner around and they square up to each other to a scattered pop.

Gunner levels Tyrus with a big right hand to a decent pop. ECIII rolls into the ring and Gunner follows him. ECIII hits repeated right hands to Gunner's face. Gunner scoops him up and powerslams him to a fairly good pop.

ECIII gets to his knees, favouring his back.

Tyrus jumps up onto the apron Gunner drops him off it with a right hand. He turns back to ECIII...One Percenter!!!

ECIII pulled him into the One Percenter.
He rolls Gunner over and hooks the leg;...1...2...3!!!

- A mix of shock and heat from the fans as ECIII's theme comes on and he has his arm raised by the referee. Gunner gets up after a few moments, favoring his head and looking disappointed.
Tyrus gets into the ring and raises ECIII's hand. ECIII says something into his ear and Tyrus immediately turns to Gunner. Gunner sees this, half gets up and trades punches with Tyrus. Tyrus wins out, forcing Gunner fully down to the ground. He bounces off the ropes and hits a running splash!
He bounces off the ropes again...Kurt Angle's theme comes on!
Angle runs down the aisle and enters the ring. ECIII immediately duck out of the ring. Angle trades with Tyrus and quickly wins out, whips Tyrus off the ropes...German suplex. Tyrus staggers back up...Olympic Slam!
ECIII looks outraged on the outside as the crowd chants "Angle!Angle!".

Josh Matthews - That could be Ethan Carter the Third himself, laid out in the middle of the ring in nine days time when he'll go one on one with Angle at The Last Laugh.

Commercial Break

- Austin Aries' theme hits to a big pop and he enters to the ring looking determined. He slightly favours his arm which has some extra tape wrapped around it.

Mr Anderson's theme comes to a good pop on and he walks down to the ring chewing gum and playing to the crowd.

Eric Young's theme comes on to a really good pop. He plays to the crowd and they start to chant "EY!" along to his song.

Bobby Roode's theme hits to a really big pop and he enters, looking serious but still slapping the hands of fans. He gets into the ring, poses at one of the corners to another big pop and then meets his partners in the middle of the ring.

Josh Matthews - An absolutely star-studded team in the form of Austin Aries, Eric Young, Mr Anderson and the Impact Wrestling World Champion himself: Bobby Roode!

- MVP's theme hits and MLK walk down the ring to really big heat. King is shouting smack talk at his opponents from on the ramp. MVP says to the camera "stronger than ever, baby!". Lashley looks determined as always. They get down to just outside of the ring and then stop.

El Patron's theme comes on to even more heat than MLK. He cockily strolls down to MLK. He shakes MVP's hand.

Taz - You wanna talk about star-studded? MVP, Kenny King, "The Destroyer" Lashley and, in my mind, the next Impact Wrestling World Champion: Alberto El Patron!
That, my friend, is star-studded.

- The faces tell the heels to get in the ring and come at them. MVP, Patron and King, laugh it off and take a step back. MVP barks something at the referee. The fans boo loudly.

Suddenly, Lashley jumps up onto the apron to a pop. MLK tell him to come down but he ignores them and gets into the ring and tackels Anderson to the floor. The fans pop big for Lashley who starts to get over-whelmed by the faces who push him off of Anderson.

King, MVP and Patron slide in after Lashley to help him out, although look annoyed. An eight man brawl commences. Roode and Lashley, MVP and Young, King and Anderson and Patron and Aries all trade punches to a really big reaction from the fans.
Taz - This is absolute chaos!

After Young follows an evasive MVP outside, Anderson clotheslines King and himself over the top rope and Patron and Aries tackle each other to the outside; Roode and Lashley trade in the center of the ring.

"Ooohhh!"s and "Aaaahhh!"s from the crows as they evenly battle.

Roode bounces off the ropes and clotheslines Lashley, back-pedaling him. He bounces off the ropes again and returns to be met by a big shoulder block, leveling Roode. The fans boo. Lashley stomps him a little, lifts him up for a powerslam, Roode drops down behind him and spinebusters him!!

A big pop for Roode as Lashley rolls over to the ropes, getting back to his feet, too. Roode clotheslines him over and out of the ring to another big pop! The fans' joy is quelled when MVP slides into the ring and attacks Roode from behind. Repeated fore-arms garner a lot of heat before EY storms into the ring, knocks MVP down with a few clothes lines and then lines up for a suplex. Roode joins on...double suplex!

A decent "Canada!" chant starts up. Oustide, King drops Anderson head-first onto the barricade from the fireman's carry. He then rolls back into the ring, unaware of Roode and EY. He turns around to see them, looks reluctant for a second, then charges, ducks a double clothesline, bounces off the ropes...crossbody...King gets caught by Roode and Young. They lift King above their heads...and throw him out onto Lashley!

Another pop. Roode and Young play to the crowd a little and when EY turns around...Enziguiri! El Patron knocks EY out cold with the Enziguiri. Roode turns to fight Patron. They square up to each other for a few moments when MVP nails Roode on the back with a chair shot. Big time heat as MVP and Patron lay the boot to Roode.

Patron stops and laughs at the crowd. He lets MVP continue and goes out, poses on the middle ropes and then stands on the apron. The referee gets the match in order weith most of the participants standing on the apron.

Josh Matthews -
We'll return for our eight man tag main event live, after this short break!

Commercial Break

Austin Aries, Mr Anderson, Eric Young and Bobby Roode vs Alberto El Patron and MLK

MVP and Roode are in the ring and trhe bell rings when we return. MVP jumps Roode and continues the beat-down from before the break. Roode still hand't fully gotten to his feet. MLK work well together to beat Roode down for a while. They offer Patron a tag on numerous occasions, but Patron refuses then laughs at the crowd to heat each time.

Josh Matthews -
Alberto El Patron, again, refusing to enter the match. I guess he's saving himself for The Last Laugh?

Taz -
It's clever, Josh. He gets to stand and watch the man he'll face for the world title in nine nights get taken apart by MLK.

King tags in Lashley and they pull Roode out of the corner. They take a few steps back and then go for a double clothesline...but Roode ducks. They turn around and Roode connects with multiple right hands to each of them.

They both back pedal, King charges and Roode back body drops him. Roode and Lashley evenly trade punches as the fans show support for Roode. Roode wins out, Lashley stumbles back, bounces off the ropes...

...SPEAR!...But Roode dove out of the way! Lashley speared King!!!

MVP is in shock. Lashley realises what he has done and before he can react, Roode spinebusters him. Roode hot tags Eric Young as Lashley tags MVP. Young gets a pop as he dominates MVP (who seems very flustered from seeing Lahley spear King) with some running attacks and then a swinging neckbreaker. He plays to the crowd for a good pop, waits for MVP to get up...and...Spike Piledriver!

Young is about to go to the top rope, but instead tags Anderson. Anderson goes to the top turnbuckle to a pop...and...Senton Bomb!

Anderson tags Aries who goes to the top turnbuckle...450 Splash!!!

Aries hooks the leg;...1...2...No!

Patron stomped Aries' arm. He repeatedly punches Aries' arm before Young storms the ring and trades punches with Patron. Patron kicks Young in the gut, then backs off...SPEAR! Lashley spears Young from out of nowhere!

Anderson gets in the ring and is about to go to work on Lashley...when...Enziguiri!!!

Patron knocks him out cold!

The ref gets Lashley and Patron away. Aries gets up and pulls MVP to his feet...MVP punches Aries in the arm, arm drags him, stomps the arm repeatedly and then stumbles over to tag Patron!

Patron gets in and forearms Aries (grounded) repeatedly in the bad arm. The fans boo as Patron continues this for an exessively long time. Patron then pulls him to his feet, grabs thed arm and goes for the Cross Armbreaker...but Aries slips out before Patron can pull him down. Patron sits up and Aries dropkicks his head. They both get up fairly slowly.

Aries bounces off the ropes...MVP kicks Aries' arm as he bounces...Aries stumbles towards Patron favouring his arm massively...Enziguiri!!!

Aries falls flat on his face. Patron hooks the leg;...1...2...3!!

- Massive heat from the fans as Lashley and MVP hold off Roode from breaking the cover. They beat him down with forearms then toss him out of the ring. MVP, Lashley and Patron celebrate in the middle of the ring to massive heat.

King slides back into the ring abrubtly...lifts Lashley up on his shoulders...ROYAL FLUSH!!!

The fans give a really big pop! MVP looks shocked and outraged. He shouts at King, who pushes MVP and walks out. A "Kenny King!" chant starts as he does so. MVP checks on Lashley then angrily pursues King (who is no longer in sight).

As Lashley rolls out of the ring, Patron smiles in the middle of the ring and claps his own performanceto big heat.

Suddenly, Roode slides back into the ring with the title and squares up to Patron. They get right in each others' faces (Roode looking angry and competitive, Patron looking arrogant). The crowd chant "Fight!Fight!Fight!".

Roode looks round at the crowd then nods his head to a big pop. He takes a step back, throws the title to the side and yells "Right here! Right now!"

Patron shakes his head and rolls out of the ring. Roode looks mad. Patron smirks as he back-pedals up the ramp.

The show fades out on this image, the fans booing.


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